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how to write an essay on your name

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How to Write an Essay About My Name: Structure and Useful Tips

Updated 26 Apr 2022

This type of assignment is a short piece of writing that includes a subjective point of view of the writer. Today it is an important part of academic education, and students are taught to write an essay from the very beginning. One of the most interesting topics offered by teachers to young people is an essay about name.

How To Write An Essay About My Name

A work with such topic is an interesting task, in which the annotated bibliography writer should speculate on the topic of his own name. This might be the origin it, importance from the historical point of view, you can also mention who else was called this way including some famous people like actors, scientists, inventors, models and other, it will be also nice to find the translation and its pronunciation in different languages.

The topic may seem a little too narrow. But there are numerous ways how to make my essay about name really exciting.

Common Mistakes in Writing an Essay about Name

These are the most common mistakes students make writing an essay about my name. They do not wish to invent something and have found some information about their name they put the whole piece into the text. And even if there any efforts to analyze anything or express the opinion, it appears to be incomplete and with some poor mistakes.

How to Write an Essay about My Name?

There is nothing special in writing this work as it has the same structure as most of the others.

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Here Are a Few Useful Tips on How to Write an Essay About My Name

The list of such tips can be incredibly long. These are just a few most important points to keep in mind. These practical hints from EduBirdie experts on how to make your “my name essay” more efficient and custom can help you to create an outstanding work, so follow our reflective essay writing services if you have a similar objective.

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how to write an essay on your name

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Essays About Your Name: Top 5 Examples and 6 Prompts

Every person’s name is special. Read the following essays about your name for examples and prompts to discover how you can create a thoughtful and personal piece.

Whether given or chosen, names have a powerful hold over each person. They can be curious mysteries, reminders of painful pasts, fond monikers, or personal treasures. Like our faintest scars and mental states, they also have deep histories ingrained into our very being. They can become means by which we trace our ancestors, create opportunities, or cherish our present situations. Your name is more than a means of calling your attention. It can convey an abstract idea of your personhood, experiences, and beliefs.

For example, what comes to mind when you hear the name Marilyn Monroe ? Most people think of the iconic blond bombshell from the 1950s to the early 1960s. Depending on how much you know about her, you may know her as a bright and determined woman or a sweet but ditzy character, which she often played in TV and film roles. Her name alone indicates her accolades, skills, and perceived personality.

5 Essay Examples

1. long essay on what’s in a name by prasanna, 2. the story of my name by rong xiaoqing, 3. the mystery of carl miller by sarah miller, 4. name and identity by jennifer wang, 5. call you by your name by roxanne krystalli, 6 prompts for writing essays about your name.

“In a deep sense what creates the true meaning and power of a name is the worth of the individual or thing as reflected in the outer world.”

Prasanna divides her essay into three parts, explaining how people receive their names, how these monikers affect their identities, and how powerful names can be. The essay title was lifted from William Shakespeare’s “ Romeo and Juliet ,” reiterating Juliet’s profound line, “What’s in a name? What we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This script refers to the reality that names’ importance is directly related to the unique qualities someone possesses.

For help with your essays, check out our round-up of the best essay checkers .

“Those who read my name did not know how to pronounce it, and those who heard it did not know how to write it.”

Rong shares her struggles of being a Chinese American and the complications of her name. Her name contains two of the most complicated Chinese characters that she found difficult to write when she was young, plus it was hard to pronounce in English. However, when Rong learned the meaning of her name, she fell in love with it.

In the next section of her essay, she talks about instances where names are more than names, referring to cases such as a parent losing custody of their children for giving them Nazi names. Rong also includes relevant studies that connect names and race and the times people deliberately mispronounced her name to be cruel. She concludes that she’s still growing and has all the time in the world to learn more about herself.

“The last name Miller says nothing about me, but if pressed I would say I appreciate the way it evokes a beautiful neutrality, and the way it reminds me that all of us could so easily have been someone else.”

The author, Sarah Miller, only knows part of the story behind her ancestors. In her essay, she shares a few facts about her father’s birth and what she knew of her grandmother, then she recalls how she often asked about her grandfather, Carl Miller. The essay focuses on the author’s curiosity about Carl Miller and her emotional journey about accepting that she might never learn more about him.

“No others show me being stretched between two very different cultures and places—the ‘Jennifer’ clashing with the ‘Wang,’ the ‘Wang’ fighting with the ‘Jennifer.’”

In this short essay, Wang describes her internal confusion between her two cultures, disclosing how she struggles to be in the United States as a Chinese woman. She remembers how she wandered toy aisles looking for dolls with the same skin tone as hers and how she turned to shun her Asian heritage because she didn’t understand it. While the essay centers around Wang trying to introduce herself, her writing echoes the dilemma many young immigrants still face today.

“By the time I went to college, Roxani had been left behind. I was fully Roxanne by then, until one day my roommate beckoned: “Rooooox, do you want to watch an episode of something with me?” My father had an aversion to nicknames and never called me anything short of my full name: Roxani.”

Krystalli talks about how her name transitioned from the Greek Roxani to Roxanne to several other variations and then back again. She shares her life experiences and thoughts about these names as she grew up and gained new monikers. By the end of her essay, Krystalli tells the reader how she yearns to become Roxani again and reconnect with her Greek roots.

1. The Power of Nicknames

Your nickname has a history that is as unique as yours. Nicknames are unpredictable and can sometimes be challenging to accept. For example, some children often pick nicknames based on their peer’s appearance, particularly if something stands out to them. However, nicknames can often be a sign of affection; naming someone with a nickname can be a way to show your friendship and close bond.

With this prompt, share how you dealt with any given nicknames you didn’t like. You can also speak about a short backstory of how others chose these nicknames. Explain your thoughts when you felt like you had no choice but to take other people’s nicknames for you. 

2. My Unique and Interesting Name

Whether your parents got creative in naming you or you chose a one-of-a-kind name for yourself, those with unique names share distinct experiences. For example, people may rarely pronounce or read it correctly. Others may have difficulty spelling your name when they need to write it down. 

In this prompt, share your experiences that connect to your unique name. Talk about the most interesting and memorable instances you remember and if you expect them to happen again.

3. What It’s Like Being Named After Popular People

Essays About Your Name: What it’s like being named after popular people?

If your parents are die-hard fans and decided to name you after their favorite book character, musician, or public figure, your name can feel like a borrowed one. Although some enjoy sharing names with well-known people, others would rather have a unique name. 

Delve into people’s reactions when they learn your name in your essay. Discuss how you’ve handled their jokes, or share the questions you already anticipate once they realize where your name came from.

4. Why I Chose This Nickname

Your name can change people’s perception of you, and choosing a nickname gives you control over that. This prompt is excellent if you have a nickname that has no connection with your given name. It’s also a great conversation starter. In your essay, explain why you chose that moniker and what it means to you. 

You can also add how people reacted before and after they learned the history of it. Your nickname doesn’t have to have a deep history. It can be as simple as earning the nickname “Cookie” because you like to eat cookies.

5. Cultural Names and Their Meanings

Essays About Your Name: Cultural names and their meanings

In some cultures, people still practice giving traditional names or nicknames to children, and you may belong to a culture that does the same. If you want to share this experience with your readers, discuss your name in this essay. Explain the language your name comes from, what it means, and why you received it. You can also give other examples, like the nicknames of your siblings, cousins, or ancestors.

6. My Name If I Were From a Different Place

Appreciation of another culture can push us to ponder what we’ll be called if we were from that group. If you’ve had an intense interest and appreciation for another culture or country, you may have already thought about how you want to be addressed. Share the name you chose, its meaning, and why you picked it. This also extends to fictional or fantasy worlds or cultures. 

Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead. For help picking your next essay topic, check out our 20 engaging essay topics about family .

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how to write an essay on your name

Maria Caballero is a freelance writer who has been writing since high school. She believes that to be a writer doesn't only refer to excellent syntax and semantics but also knowing how to weave words together to communicate to any reader effectively.

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Essay about My Name

My name My name is bob marley. My name came from my mom. She wanted Lexey even though it’s a common name, so she spelled it like I’ve never seen before. Most people spell it l-e-x-I-e or l-e-x-I but I spell mine l-e-x-e-y. I like my name because I never met or heard someone spell it like mine. I probably never change my name if I had a chance. I think it’s unique. If my name was a color it would be blue or green, I couldn’t decide. They are my two favorite colors. If my name was a song it would be “no faith in Brooklyn”. This song is like one of my favorite songs. The first time I listen to it, it fit my life story like no other song. If my name was a food it would be chocolate! Chocolate isn’t really a food but it over runs my other favorite foods, so I picked chocolate. I love the way it melts in your mouth. One kind of chocolate I don’t like though is dark chocolate. It’s so gross. If my name was one word or phrase I would have to be “I like it like that” it’s off of a kids bop CD in a song and it’s really funny I think. If my name was a car it would be a mustang GT. They are my favorite cars. The color would be black or a bright blue. The only thing is about I don’t like is the price. Honestly nobody does! If my name was any place in the world I would say California. That’s where I was born. I have always liked California. The weather is nice, no humility, and lots of beaches. If my name was a sport it would definitely be softball. That has been the sport Show More

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how to write an essay on your name

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My Name Maria Benitez English 12 Mr.DeLeo Maria is Latin form of Mary, which is derived from the Hebrew Miryām, a name of debated meaning. Many believe it to mean "sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow." However, some sources cite the alternative definitions of "rebellion," "wished­for child," and "mistress or lady of the sea." The name is borne in the Bible by the mother of Jesus, the son of God My middle name Guadalupe is a Spanish place name, the site of a famous convent, which…

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first saw my name, you may have mistaken it for ‘Danielle’. But it’s not. It’s Daniele, pronounced ‘Dan-yell-lee’ in America and “Don-yell-leh” in Italy. And there’s nothing more in this world for which I am most proud. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced direct teasing or maybe just a handful of laughter after the teacher mispronounces it on the first day of school, and because of this my name has been a source of bullying, but more importantly, a source of strength in my life. Without my name I wouldn’t…

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My Name Analysis

“Jorje” by Jorje Chica & “My Name” from The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros develops a theme of build your own legacy. Both narratives discuss owning a name that embarrasses them when it pronounced out loud, but has a powerful or a personal meaning to them. For example, in “My Name,” Cisneros says “Esperanza. I have inherited her name, but I don’t want to inherit her place by the window.” This example shows that the narrator would not like to carry on the history of her name, from her great grandmother…

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how to write an essay on your name

my name Essays

How Has an Online Presence Impacted on Business Operations and Their Commercial Environment Table of content 1. Introduction 1 2. Traditional conditions and issues in business operations and commercial environment 1 2.1 Previous situations of operating business and the relevant environment 1 2.2 Issues generating along with time increased 2 3. The rise of online presence in modern business 2 4. One kind of online presence --- websites 3 4.1 Impacts of websites on business…

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Omar Cervantes Period: 1st 3/17/14 What Caused the Great Depression? In the Roaring Twenties, society changed drastically towards our Modern America. Women’s role in society was revolutionized in the 1920s by getting the right to vote and they started to act very rebellious as well. They also started to smoke, drink, getting an education, casual dating, dressing very boyish, and showing more skin in movies and on the streets. They stopped cooking so often or not at all for their husband…

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My name is Matias. I am an officer within the Guatemalan capital. My shift that I work is typically in the evening but I am now covering for a friend in the morning. My duties and responsibilities consist of trafficking and patrolling. In all reality my real job and real true income comes from exporting trafficking women. It is common knowledge among the locals that such things are done. Over the years the President who he himself openly spoke out against drugs, violence, and corruption in the government…

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Robert Alvarez Dr. Mary Pyron Engl 1301 December 6, 2012 The Impact Sports Have On America On April 15th, 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African American baseball player in the 20th century to play in Major League Baseball, that year he lead the Brooklyn Dodgers to the World Series. Why is this important? Decades before the civil rights movement racial and cultural barriers were being torn down in various sports stadiums across the country. In 1947 the Brooklyn Dodgers and their fans showed…

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heeeeeeeeeey my name is loolipop1987 lopgperjpoerj spjorejg;;;;;zlkffffffffffffffffffffodjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj- jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjgggggggggggggggggggg- gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg- ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn- nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnffffffffffffffffffffffff- ffnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnglfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff- ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff- ffffffffffffffffffearn…

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Concept of Spirituality in nursing Jesse Okonigbo Bowie State University Dr. Clark Abstract There is scientific evidence that the spiritual well being of a person can affect quality of life and the response to illness, pain, suffering and even death. This concept was described as a unique individual quest for establishing and, or, maintaining a dynamic transcendent relationship with self, others, and with supernatural being as understood by the person. Faith, trust and religious belief…

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My name is not real Essay

Laboratory Reports Guideline Laboratory reports serve a multitude of functions for the scientist. These include: Ÿ Observations leading to and rational for the experiment Ÿ Precisely how the experiment was performed Ÿ The results of the experiment Ÿ What the results prove or could mean Ÿ Communicate to others what was done and why Ÿ Allow others to repeat the experiment The report is written in a technical manner (3rd person omniscient, do not use “I” or “we”) and in the past tense…

Words 1101 - Pages 5


What Is My Name Essay

What's in a name essay.

Authors and writers write in many different types of genres, but that does not necessarily mean that all of them stand out in those genres. Studies show that less than one percent of submitted works are actually published. This is why pen names are so commonly used by authors and writers in literature. Pen names conceal authors’ identities, helping them avoid bias, giving them the opportunity to analyze their success and to produce more work as desired. Pen names are a great resort to authors and writers in need of help.

Jay Nordlinger's Children Of Monsters

A name is one of the first things we are defined with; it's a simple combination of words that becomes associated with our being. In Children of Monsters, Jay Nordlinger questions how much significance a name really holds.

Kaleb Research Paper

Do you know what your name means? The meaning of your name can say a lot about you. Some people base name of figures of authority or after someone they knew before. Most people have three parts to their name: first, middle, and last. This means that each on can describe you in different ways. – Each part of the name means and describes an attribute about you.

Who Give You Your Name

I quite like my name, and I won't change it for the world because it is unique. It's part of my identity, and it is meaningful to me.

Kaitlin Rose Mockaitis: Who Are We?

Kaitlin Rose Mockaitis is who people would like to think I am but they were wrong. Kaitlin never felt really like me. When people said my name I cringed and thought there has to be a nickname for me. Finally, one day one of my coaches in fifth grade called me Kate out of nowhere and it stuck. Kate suits me it defines who I am. Names identify who we are and if we are not really our names who are we?

Tom Adelman Research Paper

Names are important to us, as we grow up, our names and our personalities become intertwined, they are how people identify us. So when we adopt a new name, even for a brief period of time, we allow ourselves to essentially become a new person: we can change what we didn’t like about our old selves, and assume new characteristics that we admire in others. For some, it is freeing to embrace a new name, but for others it is comforting to go back to their old one.

Sheena Ailanie Williams: The Meaning Of The Word Name

According to the dictionary the meaning of the word name is ; a word or phrase that refers to or that can refer to a specific person (webster dictionary). A name is actually more than that. On December 13, 2000 I was born and given the name Sheena Ailanie Williams. My mom told me that while she was sitting in her bedroom, a movie came on the television screen.Sheena, The Jungle Queen was the name of the movie my mother named me after. For years people would ask me my name and responded with, “ Like the jungle queen!” sooner or later I started to think of myself as queen of the jungle. It made me feel important and special. People

Young Immigrants

Isn’t your name significant to who you are as a person? Most people believe that name reflects someone’s culture and heritage. It is not easy to relinquish their original name and response to the new name. Marcia Bahgban once suggests “one’s name is central to a sense of self” (Baghban). Based on that statement, Baghban explains that name is representing someone identity. Changing their name may cause them to forget who they are. This change may cause disorientation since they have been called by a certain name since born and now they are not. They may respond to their new name but they took some time before they can recognize those names as a part of

The Island Q & A Black Bird Metaphors

Its something most of us don't normally think of. But really you could be missing a big part in your book. Names take the meaning of words that did, or still do have a meaning, but not anymore. The origin of a name plays no role nowadays. However, it is necessary that

Mary Grace Reeves Research

A person’s name is their most important characteristic and is often comprised of hidden significance and centurial “hand-me-downs”. When I was assigned to research my name, I had never thought of the importance of the name my parents had given me. As a child, I always found it annoying when my peers turned to snicker at me each time our church’s music minister asked for the congregation to stand and sing “Amazing Grace.” Each time I heard the song “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, there was always someone near to ask, “Hey, where is your lamb?” After conducting research, though, I began to find little things that made me more appreciative of my name.

A name can say a lot about a person. Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. Most people know me, because of my mother. My mother made our family name popular around the area due to her random acts of kindness. Our family is well known around the town as the family that is supportive, the good example, and the helpful.

My Name: A Short Story Essay 'Cludo'

Everyone has to have a name. My name is Ciara. A name is meant to give you a sense of belonging, it is meant to have value. But my name, it isn't for me. It doesn’t describe me. It wasn’t picked for any particular reason. It means ‘ little dark haired one’. Although, I am not darked haired, nor am I short. I have blonde hair and stand tall. My name is always pronounced wrong. People call me see-air-ah, but do not know I have Irish roots and in Gaelic it's Key-rah. My name isn’t for me.

Research Paper On Gillian Adkins

A person's name is something very special. A name is something that every person identifies with, and whiles the individual has no say in their name, names often correspond to a person's being or personality. Names are tell a story and everyone's story is completely their own.

Kiersten's Influence On My Life

I remember my mom telling me about why she named me Kiersten all because she didn’t like the name Kirsten. My full name is Kiersten Marie Mann. Kiersten means follower of Christ. Marie means-Many believe it to mean "sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow.” Mann means- a surname of Germanic Origin. My mom tells me all the time that if I came out as a boy they would've named me Harry like hairy man, but good thing I came out as a girl. I never liked my last name growing up because everyone would call me a man but no one does anymore, luckily. I don’t like my first name either, I always thought it didn’t fit in.

What 's A Name? Essay

What’s in a name? Names define us as individuals. We as people have a first name, a last name, sometimes a middle name, and also perhaps some nicknames used by different people. Names are important, but not just for people. In the Bible, there are dozens of different names used for God throughout the Scriptures. Many people might wonder why God needs so many names. I believe one of the primary reasons why God has so many names throughout Scripture is because they have to do with His nature and character. I feel that each of God’s and Jesus’ names in the Bible emphasizes a particular facet of Their character. As we understand how each of God’s names reveals another aspect of His character in the Bible, the more we will learn about Him. Let’s look at some names that were used to identify Jesus in the New Testament.

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Princeton Tutoring Blog

Results made visible..

how to write an essay on your name

“Hello, my name is Essay:” Writing a Gripping Introduction

Here are some tricks.

“What are the most prominent themes in To the Lighthouse and how are these expressed in the text as a whole?”

Do not begin your essay in the following textbook fashion:

“ To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf, has many themes. These include…”

2. Do consider beginning with a quote from the primary text you are analyzing, especially if you are analyzing a work of literature. For example:

 “ What is the meaning of life? That was all- a simple question,” Mrs. Ramsay ponders in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. Mrs. Ramsay’s inquiry gestures to the novel’s larger themes of existentialism and the passage of time.

3. Do try starting with another scholar’s argument, but only if you intend to argue against that or build off of it. Consider the following example:

John Smith considers To the Lighthouse to be a “pivotal text in the realignment of the author’s thoughts about her childhood, as figured in the character of Mrs. Ramsay” (Smith 100). Yet the novel’s investment in the character of Mr. Ramsay suggests that Smith’s argument is unsupported.

4. Do make sure your thesis statement is concise and evident. Remember: for a five-paragraph essay, it should be able to fit into one smooth sentence! Ideally, this should come at the end of your introduction, so that the next paragraph can jump right into your main points. For a refresher on the thesis statement, check out my recent postings on Thesis Statements and Motives.

5.   Do not open with a question, contrary to what your teacher might advise. This is a no-no in the arena of professional academic writing. You can, however, phrase your motive—the inspiration behind your thesis statement—as a question, which is often most helpful for students in formulating their motive/thesis pair.

6.   Do not begin with a personal anecdote. Personal experience also belongs to the category of subjects that are not academic essay material.

7.   Do not be afraid of ‘jumping right in!’ Sometimes you will find that the first paragraph you write is a mere ‘clearing of your throat,’ when in reality, it sounds much better to just get to the heart of the matter. Fearlessly starting with your problem, outlining your method of attack, and doing so in a concise and crisp manner will be much more effective in the long run.

8.   Do not begin with grandiose, generalizing statements, such as “In contemporary society,” or “Since the dawn of time,” or “In humanity.” These are overused and will not help you get to your main point efficiently.

9.   Do think about writing your introduction last. Did you hear me right? Yes! Sometimes you’ll only have a better idea about your main point after you have had a crash course through the first rough draft of your essay!

10.  Do make sure your introduction comes across as active and assertive. Pay attention to your word choice and verb constructions. Shorter, clearer sentences are always better than longer, rambling ones.

Still stuck? Try breaking down your introduction to the following “bare bones” and working up from there:

Remember: your introduction is the same as your first impression. Make it the best it can be!

Additional Reading:

Check out the last post in this 8 part series on writing academically:

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About the author: Kathleen McGunagle is a senior in Princeton University’s English department and Interdisciplinary Humanities Certificate Program. Concentrating in British Renaissance Literature, she will be writing a thesis this spring on Shakespeare and epistolary culture. Kathleen is an Academic Peer Adviser at Princeton, tutor through Princeton Tutoring, and avid performer. She has recently returned from a year of study at Worcester College, Oxford.

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how to write an essay on your name

how to write an essay on your name

Different academic writing websites offer a variety of essays to choose from. But our company is not like the others. We are unique thanks to our perfect team . All the detail information you can easily find on the website. Here you can also contact the custom support and ask any questions. You can see for yourself that for a relatively small amount of money you will receive written work of excellent quality . All our services are in front of you – choose any of them.  At any time we are ready to write essay for you .

Also in this section:

The role of the person’s name

Does the name influence on person’s fate or does everything depend on the person’s environment? It is really very difficult to answer this question. I think that both variants can be truthful. The name remains with us for the rest of our live. The sounding of your name is very important for you. There are some persons who constantly shudder when they are called by name and they always envy those who have more beautiful names. In such case it is better to change the name officially as you won’t be able to feel happy if you hate your own name and the way it sounds ( ). 

The person’s name keeps a lot of information: what profession the child can choose, how will the relationship develop, how will he/she raises the children, what negative character traits should be mitigated, muted by upbringing, and which positive ones, on the contrary, should be identified, consolidated, developed?

Every name has its historical roots

Each name has its historical past. It is not surprising that the names of great people now always associates with their acts and exploits. When people get to know about the achievements of their namesakes, they start to believe that they can also achieve a lot in life. I think that if you know history a little, you have noticed that most of the royal dynasties repeated the same name many times. It happened not by chance, but with the main aim – to have as successful and happy life as father, grandfather or uncle had.

Nowadays most of the persons have two names : the full name which is written in your passport and the short name which your friends, co-workers, relatives used in everyday life.

The name is the key to the human’s soul

From the ancient times, humanity has been reverent about the name. It was not given to person just like that. As a rule, it indicates the purpose of the child. The name reflects the character and propensities of its owner, determines the successes and failures, and affects the relationships with people. The God Himself gave an example, how the name can be chosen.  God shows that name means a lot to the owner. Reading the Bible, we can see that in some special cases the person’s name was changed according to demonstrate his new vocation. To such cases we can refer the change of these names: Jacob for Israel, Abram for Abraham.

Often the names contained wishes about some specific future qualities of the baby or the nature of his activity, or were given with the motivation to capture some events or cases related to the circumstances of the appearance of the child. For example, Moses means “saved from the water” that's why he was called as he was really taken out of the water. Samuel means “begged from God” and it was true, as his mother prayed a lot about the child.

For example, I read about one interesting situation connected with the choosing of the name. It happened many thousands years ago and written in the Bible. When one pretty woman gave birth to her son she had a great difficulties and she had to die. When the baby came to this world the mother gave him name Benoni, as it means son of grief. But the father immediately changed the name to Benjamin. The father was wise and he did not want his son to have the sad and difficult fate full of grief and misfortune ( ).

But at the same time we can see that ancient people with the same names had quite different fates. Today there are no restrictions on the choice of name for the child. You can call a child a foreign name or such as it is customary to call among your people. Sometimes it is really difficult for me to understand when people called their children names of negative characters from the same Bible, for example. I am sure that doing this, they want to demonstrate that don’t believe that name can change something.

From personal experience

My name is Julia and I am happy to have such a name. I am not sure, that choosing name for me, my mom read a lot of literature. At that time there were no Internet and it was not as easy to find the necessary information. My parents chose this name because they liked it. When I studied at school I firstly read the information about girls with name Julia. To tell the truth I was shocked. How can it be? Most of the facts were written just about me! Including even the smallest details such as Julia is fond of reading books and Julia can’t take it easy when she sees the blood. Maybe it is funny but with the last fact I always had problems as I passed out when I took a blood test. I am not going to tell you all the characteristic of my name , as you have your own and can read everything about it. Despite some nuances I think that I am lucky with my name.

Before the birth of my sister, we long and carefully chose the name. To be precise, we have the specific name in mind but we wanted to be sure that this name will not affect her fate badly. I spend a lot of time in the Internet reading the information on different websites about the same. I was interested in everything: what childhood have children with this name, are they healthy or not. And at last the choice was made. I hope it was successful.

It is difficult to explain how the name influence on us but mostly it happens.  I know such persons whose characterization of the name does not correspond to them at all. But I know exactly, if I will have the own child, I am going to approach responsibly to the choice of name for him or her. Well, I advise you to do this. Hope, that this essay about name convinced you that giving a name to your child, you determine his/her future. If this essay was useful, this cheap coursework writing service will be glad to do something like that just for you.

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