Compare and Contrast Essay: Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

A lot of people like to debate what type of schooling is best for their children. Public schools provide an environment with different types of people and help students adapt to what the world is like. Students learn very useful social skills and practice them every day to be prepared for future opportunities. Homeschooling, on the other hand, seems like a better option for many students as they struggle to balance their schedule, more often at the high school age. Now, especially with the pandemic going around, many parents are switching their children to the homeschool option. 

Money can very often be an issue when parents decide on their child’s schooling. Public schools are typically less costly than homeschool curriculums. The reason why many parents can’t get homeschool, even if they want to, is mostly because of the cost. It is very stressful juggling a job and children in need of an education, and it just seems simpler to send them to public school.

Something that moves parents to deciding on homeschool for their children, is concern for their safety. Public schools may have drugs going around and people getting discriminated against and bullied. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 high school students reportedly experienced school bullying. That leads to a higher risk of suicidal thoughts and even attempts. And parents are trying to keep their children feeling safe in their home. 

Being able to socialize in a healthy way is important to learn from a young age, so we can apply those skills in the future when you need to apply for a job interview. Public schooling includes more socialization than homeschool. Homeschool can teach some skills, but in public schooling it is “built in”, as students are pretty much required to communicate with classmates and teaching personnel. Some homeschooled students tend to feel very lonely. I myself have no friends, and sometimes think to myself that it would be way better to actually learn to socialize in a social setting instead of cooped up in a home sitting at a desk.

Schedules can be very important for teens as they start to be more involved in activities and even work. Public schools are on a pretty tight schedule and everything is laid out specifically by hours. While in homeschool, the schedule is very flexible and changeable. Having a pretty flexible schedule also helps with job opportunities. If a restaurant wants you to work from 8 to 10 AM, on a weekday, it would be really hard to juggle this and public school. While for homeschool, you can just watch the daily lessons later in the day. 

Though there are many differences in homeschooling and public schooling, they both teach relatively the same subjects. Sometimes more or less, as it depends on if it is a religious based homeschool or public school. They both offer the basics, such as math, science, reading, writing (English in older grade levels), and also foreign language can be an option for older grades. In many homeschool curriculums there are plenty of options for Performing Arts and Family and Consumer Science. Though public schools may offer more in terms of elective courses, variety of sports and other extracurricular activities. Also, both options may use many types of media and sources to teach in a more fun or “hands-on” way. If it is alright with your on-site teacher, you can get creative while doing homeschool too. It isn’t as boring as some people perceive it to be. There are plenty of classes like art and science that offer hands-on activities. 

Both schooling options can have downsides, and great sides to them. Money, safety, being social, and scheduling are all important factors in a healthy school experience, but at the end of the day, I believe what matters most is what you feel like fits you best and what makes you most comfortable.

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Homeschooling Versus Public Schooling essay

This paper discusses the differences between homeschooling and public schooling and the effects on the students and families. The paper shows research that homeschooling is a more beneficial form of education than public schooling. Arguments opposing homeschooling will also be addressed.

Parents take into account many factors, and there are many reasons to consider home education, but one of the major ones is the amount of time they will get to spend with their children. Parents of homeschoolers teach their own children, and because of this parents and children spend more time interacting with one another than they spend apart. In contrast, Public school children spend more time at school than they do with their own parents. More time together means more time to establish and build good relationships. According to Zakaria, homeschoolers generally have better and closer relationships with their parents and with their siblings (2017). This is very important and becomes increasingly so in the teen years when conflict arises. If children and parents have a good foundation for their relationship, they will be better able to work through conflict and maintain a healthy relationship and respect for one another despite disagreements. Also, if children learn how to build good, healthy relationships at home, they will be able to use this valuable skill in every part of their lives until they die.

Of course, the main function of any school system is how it functions academically. Here homeschooling and public schooling are fundamentally different. In public schools, all students do the same work, on the same schedule, in the same environment. Homeschooling, on the other hand, has a completely customizable schedule and can be done anywhere. It’s adaptable on a day to day basis, based upon the needs of both the child and the parents. Homeschoolers go on field trips frequently, as even a trip to the grocery store is considered an opportunity for education. The child is able to learn at his or her own speed in the best environment for the child’s needs. They also have a parent mentoring them one on one in each subject as needed. This is beneficial for all students but especially for students with disabilities. The system can be modified to fit a child’s particular style of learning, helping them to learn more efficiently than the one size fits all system used in public schools. Because of this, homeschoolers excel academically. According to Smith, homeschoolers score 15 to 30 points higher on standardized tests in all subjects than did public schoolers, and their scores were not correlated to the parents’ level of education. This means that even parents with a lower level of education can successfully homeschool their children and watch them achieve great levels of education. Homeschooling even has health benefits. These are often linked to the flexibility of the homeschool environment. One such area is sleep. According to a study done by Meltzer, Shaheed, and Ambler, homeschoolers have better sleep habits and sleep longer than public school students (2016). Sleep is vital for life and for success in school, yet teenagers are known for being tired and for consuming large amounts of caffeine to stay awake. Such a crucial part of development cannot be ignored. Sleep even impacts mental health. In the same study, Meltzer found that public school students, who got less sleep on average than the homeschooled students, had higher rates of depressive symptoms than did the homeschool students. One reason homeschoolers can get more sleep is because they have a flexible schedule. They can begin schoolwork at a later time than public schools begin, allowing them to sleep later.

Many stigmas and stereotypes have been placed on homeschooling which deter people from adopting the practice. One very common stigma is that homeschoolers are unsocialized or socially awkward. According to Smith, homeschoolers are actually better socialized than their public-school peers. This may be due to the previously mentioned relationships between homeschoolers and parents. Homeschoolers also have access to extra-curricular activities just like public schoolers. Some take part in sports and after school clubs provided by public schools. Others take part in other activities like dance or music lessons. Co-ops also contribute to extracurriculars and social activities for homeschoolers. Co-ops consist of groups of homeschool families that meet once a week and form their own group classes. These can be anything from art to band to history to physical education or cake decorating. The classes are usually based upon one parent’s area of expertise. That parent will teach the class and sometimes send the students home with homework to do during the week. This gives students an opportunity to interact with other homeschoolers and to participate in activities they might not have had in a home setting with no classmates.

A part of homeschool education that is not included in the public school system is the idea that anything can be a learning experience. Homeschool families take every opportunity to learn something new. When I was homeschooled, my mom would take my siblings and me grocery shopping with her. While she shopped, she would teach us how to find the best price on an item. She would also teach us about budgeting. She would tell us how much money was in the budget for that shopping trip and the kids would be in charge of adding up the total as we added each item to the cart. As we got older, she also taught us how to account for sales tax to make sure there were no surprises when we reached the register. These trips taught me the importance of budgeting and gave me the skills to do so for myself. They also taught me to be very fast and accurate at adding decimal numbers in my head and at rounding prices up or down. This is just one example of the attitude towards learning that homeschooling gives to students. Every part of life is a learning experience, if only we choose to learn. Homeschool families recognize this and their children reap the benefits.

As stated at the beginning of this paper, Doctor Ray found that homeschooling is growing rapidly in the United States (2015). I believe that this trend will continue into the future as people learn more about homeschooling and the social stigma is destroyed. My hope is that people will learn about the benefits homeschooling has for relationships, academics, and health and begin to homeschool their own children. As homeschooling spreads, children will grow up to be better educated, intelligent, healthy adults, resulting in an overall healthy society whose members are better capable of forming healthy relationships with each other. One significant struggle parents have with homeschooling is an inability to pay for a curriculum and support the family with only one working parent. I believe this could be easily solved if the money that would be given to a public school for the child to be educated were instead given to the parents to support their endeavor to homeschool. Perhaps someday this will be the case and homeschooling will become the norm instead of the exception. Until then, may it continue to grow, and may homeschoolers continue to transform our society for the better.

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Homeschooling vs Public School (Argumentative Essay)

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Public Schooling versus Homeschooling

Education is viewed as an essential commodity to the future of every child. Parents’ desire is to give their children the best education in a favorable environment. In an attempt to give their children the best education, parents have to choose the best schooling system they feel best considering the abilities of their children. Amongst the choices available are the public education and homeschooling. Homeschool are led and managed by the parents while public schools are governed by the government. Parents make their decisions depending on their social and economic beliefs and other factors depending on the experience they have had with schools. Some parents believe that homeschooling is better than public schooling and reverse is also true to some parents.

Public schooling is the oldest education system in the educational system. It has preferences to homeschooling by some parents. In public school apart from uniforms and other requirements the government pays most of the tuition fees. Payment of tuition fees by the government guarantees most children education, whether from rich or humble backgrounds. This is not the case with homeschooling as parents are forced to buy everything from books to teaching services in homeschooling.

In public school the level of socialization is high. Children meet and interact with other kids from different parts of the country. Children get to know how to communicate to various groups of people from different parts.

Public schools have enough funds to enable students to participate in extra-curricular activities like clubs, bands, and sports. These events make the child grow up physically healthy and with confidence.

Homeschools are gaining popularity due to their advantages over public schools. Many parents see the expenses of homeschool as less than that of public schools. In a homeschool, there are no uniform requirements, and this reduces its expenditures. Also, there are no mandatory fees in homeschooling.

In a homeschool, there is family togetherness. Every child grows up knowing their family values and cultural practices. The family does most of the chores together, which is viewed as an essential part of learning. Each child is given a chance to show his worth and role in the family; this makes children feel part of the household.

Academically, the quality is enhanced in homeschools. The parents choose what curriculum best fit their children depending on children’s ability. Most parents have had education in public schools, and they have their good and bad experience about the quality of academics in public schools. Also, in a homeschool teacher-student ratio is reduced and every student can be attended by a teacher at persona levels, unlike public schools.

In a homeschool the environment is safe, and parents feel their children are secured. The children are free from the danger of drugs, unwanted religion by the parents, bullying, etc., which might not be the case in a public school. With such threats out of mind, the students are safe.

Education quality is essential to the future of each country. Therefore, all efforts and funds should be directed towards quality education. The high quality of teaching in homeschooling makes it have an advantage over the public schools. This implies that the homeschooling should be encouraged and where possible its expenses subsidized by the government. Funding the costs alone may not be enough, but a combination of it and other activities like inter school sports will see homeschooling a great success and a better option.

persuasive essay on homeschooling vs public schooling

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Homeschool vs Public Schools

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Education has always been an important factor for many people in today’s society. For some being able to have a higher education is very important. There are two forms of general education homeschooling and public schools. Homeschooling is taught at home in an isolated place with a personal instructor. Students are requiring to study without the surrounding of other children. Public school are different children are able to connect and grow with others. This is the most general way students study.

Both homeschooling and public school has its advantages and disadvantages such as relationships, achievements, and some risk of danger.

One of the main differences between homeschooling and public schools is the daily environment. Difference between Homeschooling and Public Schools People have been homeschooling their children for many years. Some people believe that homeschooling is best choice to go. Homeschooling there are no distractions from other children, because students are studying at their own risk. This is no communicating face to face with friends.


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It causes less trust and little memories. Students do not have the advantage of going to prom and walking across the stage, with fellow classmate. In homeschooling student are not stable mentally.

Many students need the advice that can help organize the values from teachers. A young adult needs the attention and require serious communication among instructors and followers. Students have a hard time with reality from advice, on what is required. This causes them to be more confused. While public schools offer students the chance to develop relationships.

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Friends are able to meet and create wonderful memorable times. They will be necessary existence towards each other. Therefore, teachers can counsel from personal experiences. It helps and intensifies fellowship.

The disadvantages for Homeschooling Academically homeschooling and public schools; both provide him or her with general education. Each of them has qualified and professional instructors to help with learning experience. Generally grade, awards and achievements are good significant points. Many things can distract homeschooling students from concentrating on home studies. With the technology of internet, face book, and video games can be a major distraction. People don’t realize how much time and energy are spending on the internet alone. The stress that it will have on family is homeschooling causes confusion.

Parents have to prepare a lesson plan on every subject. This will be so that the parent is comfortable answering questions on different topic. A huge amount of work goes into teaching at home, but there is still question on how the lesson is represented. If the child is struggling to understand, it might cause a conflict between the parent and child. Disadvantages for Public Schools When we cosign children to public schools, we feel satisfied that they are receiving the right quality of education. Parents always like to know if they are getting their money worth. More importantly if their children are safe at a public school.

Students have a chance to socialize with others young adults. Some students are getting bully every day in public schools. This can result in suicidal thoughts or depression, because of the high stress level. It leave parents with concern of did I make the right decision for my child. School environment are ways peers interact with one another and develop different attitudes. A homeschooling environment brings in a more a natural social environment. There is little long- standing knowledge among regular school goers, because most things are learnt for mainly exams. With children there is no correlation of fact with life.

It can be why parents are more comfortable with homeschooling their children at home. Public Schools Public schools, despite all of their bad press, are still the most popular way to educate a child. Like most services consumers deal with in their daily lives, there are outstanding public schools and some that can receive a failing grade. Students attend school for the primary purpose of learning and that’s what any school should be judged on most heavily. Looking at the average of performance in some schools are very poorly, but comparing a public school to the other option isn’t entirely fair.

Public schools are charged with educating all students in a class size of 25 or more students. However, public schools offer more than academic. Homeschooling doesn’t offer the same opportunities in the arts, athletics and other activities that students get in a public school. A study in Chicago found student who participate in the arts, achieve higher test scores then those who did not. Although these types of classes and activities are offer in private and homeschooling environments, they aren’t offered at the same level of many public schools.

Homeschooling There is no doubt that researchers speaks very highly of homeschooling. Not only is it cheap compared to other education options, but the results are generally better. Most parents who homeschool spend less than $600 per year. In a public school parents are spending $10,000 way more in the public school systems. However parents who homeschool still pay a percentage of 10,000 expenses. Surprisingly, spending such a low amount on a child’s education produces impressive result.

The averaged homeschool outperform student out preformed the average homeschool student the average public school students by roughly 30 percentile points. The largest drawback mention by opponents of homeschooling is that kids are lacking socialization once they enter college. Homeschoolers are no less socialized than other children. Just like public schools, the quality of the homeschooling experience depends on the drive of the drive and motivation of the teacher. It takes a discipline, motivated and intelligent person to homeschool his or her child.

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Homeschool vs Public Schools

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Essay Service Examples Education Homeschooling

Arguments for Home Schooling: Persuasive Essay

Introduction –

Education systems around the world are commonly viewed as a vital factor that plays in shaping the futures of today’s generation. So why does a vast amount of families choose to undertake the route of homeschooling? This idea to conduct teaching in one’s home environment has evolved internationally over a course of time to later become part of today’s modern world, analysation gathered shows UK’s homeschooling system has increased by 40% over three years and since 1999 the figures of home-schooled children in the USA have doubled. But are those who participate in home-schooling particularly benefiting from it? Tradition education provides many advantageous elements that support a child’s development in learning, individuals can master skills efficiently through an interactive classroom and the facility of having face-to-face teaching with a qualified instructor. Conversely, homeschooling does not offer the same standards of teaching, the following arguments that will be raised surrounding thus topic can often be considered to affect a child’s capability to reach their full potential.

Arguments 1 –

Socialisation. The process of a student transitioning to school involves many opportunities to enhance skills within the communication and socialisation eras, these experiences play a critical role in today’s society and will help one’s preparation for the “real world”. Traditionally educated children encounter numerous situations that display how to appropriately behave when interacting with peers or teachers. This success can be reflected through an individual’s quality of life, primarily showing the importance socialization offers to young people. You may be wondering, are those who are home-schooled exposed to the same standards of socialization? A major talking point that tarnishes the reputation of homeschooling can be related to the concerns expressed by critics, their fears of behavioural skills developing at hindered rates can now be distinguished as a common occurrence found in children with such circumstances. Findings can reveal that due to tuition being confined at home many fellow home schoolers have experienced feelings of abandonment, isolation or “a disconnection from society”. Undeniably emotions like so are not appropriate for any child to experience, however this devastating truth does not stop here. Children in home education tend to become overwhelmed when the importance of having friends and to adequately socialize become a realization, those who feel like this have been known to blame parents. Needless to say, the highlighted issue surrounding home-schooled students present and future development is required to be tackled! Some would encourage the introduction of curriculums that are tailored to focus on emotional & social growth of a student.

Argument 2-

In some cases of home-schooling, the downfall of a child reaching their full potential can be partially related to the parent(s) carrying out the tuition. This can vary from different factors, however the most brutal reason that will take its toll on students’ fulfilment in education, can be home instructors lacking the necessary qualifications to teach effectively. This regulation needs to be met immediately if we want children involved in the home-schooling system to have their requirements fulfilled! According to responsible home education individuals willing to tutor children at home “should have at least a high school diploma or GED”. Yet often parents do not obey by this set standard. Those teaching are responsible in providing suitable education equipped for the child this can be accomplished by adapted lessons that suit and test your student’s ability, though homeschooling parent are not professional teachers! Anyone can perform home-schooling, but who is to guarantee the student is receiving the necessary education? Individuals who are certified in the teaching occupation have obtained various teaching methods that include a diverse approach, this is an area others simply cannot compete with. Points regarding this issue have even been raised through those deeply involved in the media! Neil Carmichael former MP and member of Conservative party said it is “very difficult” for teachers to help educate students who have been poorly home educated to catch up as they miss “huge chunks of time”. This saddened truth can determine the potential careers offered to those whom are/were attendants of home-school, parents truly need to understand what is best for their child for this matter to be avoided!

persuasive essay on homeschooling vs public schooling

Argument 3 –

In present day, when enrolling your child into public or private school you are essentially setting them up to learn a variety of skills that will assist them beneficially in the foreseeable future. Places of education have evolved remarkably over the generations. A place which was once considered to be a compilation of textbook work, can nowadays be described as the prime source of learning. This title can reflect on the countless resources/materials now available to students, the widened array of learning techniques suited to those who prefer social or solitary styles and the integration of technology in classrooms. This is just a small percentage of the many reasons why traditional education is the best source of learning. However, are these listed features applied in home-schooling systems? The truth is children who are educated at home often lack general resources that would be available to the average pupil, cases like so are really due to the costly amount that teaching materials total to. Home-schooling costs can range from a couple hundred pounds to easily £1000+ per year, considering many countries offer free tuition these figures can be seen as a significant amount. From this expense, parents are required to purchase essential supplies, books, excursions and materials equipped for learning purposes, these are no newcomers for adding to the financial cost. In surveys, parents expressed they were willing “to have their children enrol in public school on a part-time basis to take specialized courses” that were beyond available for home teaching – (education. findlaw). When referring back to home-schooling not allowing a child to reach their full potential this is definite reasoning that may prove so. Ultimately, these unfair circumstances need to be inquired by the government or local authorities if we want home-schoolers to receive an equal chance in the learning provided, this could be moderately done through fundings.

Counter Argument –

In contrast to this topic, many claim to differ w home-schooling is a beneficial method of educating children. From the disadvantages, I have thoroughly discussed some may argue attendants of home education perform better, indications for this can be students having fewer distractions, therefore, allowing them to focus more on learning. As students are provided with a more personal approach to schooling, e.g.curriculums, subjects and preferences of learning, their performance and work ethic has been known to reach positive standards.

Another point of topic worth mentioning is socialization, due to the contrast in interaction that traditional education offers compared at-home learning, this factor does not hold the best reputation. However, Despite this, many of those homes schoolers are prompted or giving many opportunities to join activities, support groups and programs that revolve around socializing with peers. Time predominately spent with adults can increase rates of maturity and other skills that set a child up for the future. While this may be true, it does not give confirmation of the bigger picture on whether homeschooling allows a child to succeed in reaching their full potential.


As Homeschooling becomes more popular each day and further develops into today’s society, it’s existence can often be viewed in a negative manner based on many reasons. In regards to the widely face issue of homeschooled children not being able to achieve at there full potential, it is simply unacceptable. This is a concern that has alarmed many for a reasonable time span and undoubtedly needs to be addressed! No matter who or why is a participant in either homeschooling or traditional education every child deserves to have succession in the schooling taught. For this aspect of learning to change into a positive circumstance, it is essential to have the department for education acknowledge this error of equality received in the different styles of teaching. It is no surprise that Our generation is in desperate need for this education crisis to be resolved! The longer we do not act upon on this, the more damage that will be done to children’s futures.

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Education plays a vital and serious role in our cutting-edge society. Lots of parents are urged to begin tutoring their children at a very young age. Since, there is still a question which way of learning is progressively useful to them, homeschooling or public schools? Homeschooling and public schools are quite diverse types of education, both filled with advantages and disadvantages. Observing these two types, doubtless, public schools are more popular within our society. While both homeschooling and public schools...

Have you ever wondered why private tutoring is considered more and more often for educating today’s youth? I often hear mother’s/father’s telling me they feel compelled to homeschool their children, but my question is, what compels parents to consider private tutoring their young adolescents? Are public educational systems really that bad? Do children strive better in a homeschooling center, or is it just another fallacy? Well, here are some pros and cons of the homeschooling educational system. Let’s start with...

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persuasive essay on homeschooling vs public schooling

Persuasive Essay On Homeschooling

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Many schools have switched to year round schooling. In fact, there are 3,181 schools in the Michigan. With that 10% of those schools are public schools. Also, many schools with year round school have had high test scores and better rates. In year round school kids are showing more success and more understanding. The fact that many schools with year round school are showing better scores and more improvement from the student. Schools have year round school.

John Taylor Gatto: Against Mandatory Public Schools

In homeschooling, children are educated at home by a parent or a tutor. There are nearly two million homeschooled children in the United Stated with the number increasing by 10-12 % each year (Campbell, 2013). Parents who homeschool their kids, they do it because they do not trust the current school system and they feel their kids will do better if they take control of their education. Others do it because they want their kids to follow their religious or moral beliefs, or they are afraid for their children’s safety since in public schools they are exposed to drugs, bulling and violence. On the other hand, homeschooling has some negative aspects as well. Some homeschooled kids lack social skills since they do not have the opportunity to interact and form bonds with kids their own age. Besides, it is hard for a home to be as well-equipped as a regular school in terms of space and having the right equipment necessary for classes, labs and sports. Furthermore, it required for one of the parents to stay at home, but in today’s economic, it is hard since in most cases the family need two incomes to

Persuasive Essay On School Vouchers

With a recent increase in presidential power and a new presidential cabinet, concerns have began to arise regarding state rights and independence. One of these concerns is school choice in the form of school vouchers. The use of school vouchers has been a state decision, and Texas has always been a school voucher free state. Not only the national government favors private-school voucher legislation (with Betsy DeVos as the new United States Secretary of Education); so does Texas. Texas’ Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, urges the private-school voucher bill (SB 3) to pass the Texas House (as it has already passed the Senate).

Persuasive Essay: Why Students Shouldnt Have Homework?

There are around 365 days in a year, and in a school year, there are around 180 days. From the beginning of the school year to the end, the most common thing that students least like, is homework. Coming home after a long day of school, then having responsibilities to do at home, not to mention some students have after school activities which take up around 2 hours if not more. Homework for students is a barrier that makes it difficult for them to have any kind of social life, or spend time with their family. There are many reasons why students shouldn’t have homework, during this essay people will learn why having homework isn’t helping the student, except making things more difficult for them.

The Importance Of Homeschooling

Hill’s article on “How Homeschooling and the future of Public Education”, he believes homeschooling is one of the forces that will change public education. Paul T. Hill is a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution and a research professor for the Center on Reinventing Public Education, University of Washington. He writes about the pros and cons of homeschooling. At present, he reports there are 1.2 million home schools. Homeschooling is not new; in colonial days children were educated at home by parents, tutors and older children. The one room school house was created by families that got together and hired a teacher. Homeschools are more likely to join the charter movement than get back into the public school system. Most of these parents hope their children will attend college so they must learn how to assess their children’s progress against higher education admission standards (20). These parents must find resources and make effective use of scarce time and money. Critics say this effort is a waste and that all the new human capital developed at such cost can only duplicate what already exist in conventional public and private schools. Homeschoolers are not all recluses living in log cabins. A growing number live in cities and are educated. Large numbers of homeschoolers are Christian fundamentalists and Mormons, as well as other religions. Homeschoolers dread bureaucracy, unions and liberals. They complain about the teachers and

Common Core Persuasive Essay

Common core is a set of standards for English and math to teach kids k-12 “Nationwide 43 states and the district of Columbia have adopted the common core standards” -Tully. Many people oppose the standards and so do I “Republicans showed the highest opposition 76% with 38% of democrats says they oppose the standards.” -Osborne. Common core should be discontinued because instead of teaching the course, it teaches the test, there is less flexibility for teachers to adapt to how the students need to be taught, and it does not prepare them for college. If the common core standards are implemented some states will have to take a step back because their standards are actually better than the common core standards.

St. Labre High School Persuasive Essay

St. labre high school and middle school would be affected by the change of an eight period day to a seven period day, it would allow the high school to have more learning time in class but one less elective, it would allow the middle school to either continue to eat lunch with the high school or have another thing to do with the extra time.

Homeschooling Annotated Bibliography Essay

However, what homeschooling does provide are flexibility and freedom. The flexibility to choose materials the child is interested in learning more about and the freedom to choose where and when to spend family time together. Families are not held to an 8-3 school schedule with truants and late slips. They have the ability to plan vacations according to what works for their family, not what the school schedule allows for them. Many states have heavy regulations on homeschooling as far as the requirements and responsibilities go. However, the government in many places wants more regulations over homeschool education. Many want it to be outlawed altogether and the privilege to be taken away from families in order to have more control stating abuse and neglect on the parents part. Others want a more rigorous testing schedule and minimum educational requirements provided by the parent wanting to educate. Educational options serve to help the children not just be another number in the school system. They provide opportunities to engage students and nurture their interests in order to grow their knowledge of the working world they will eventually

Home schooling is a trending concept that is popular mostly in US and around the world. Home schooling preferred often by the parents that have environmental concerns, religious beliefs, lack of confidence to the education quality of the public and private schools and inadequacy of curriculum. They believe that they can give better education to their children at home.

Persuasive Essay On Education

Everyone involved in our life has helped raise and teach us about almost everything as they all played a role in our lives. But how exactly did they play a role in our lives? In my opinion, they educated us on things that our time in school did not. In school, they teach us the same four subjects each year: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. However, they are not teaching us things that we would have to learn from experience later in our lives. They are not focused on teaching us what to expect when we reach the age of adulthood, they are focused on teaching us about the subjects appointed by the Department of Education (DOE). This is the issue we face every day with the school system because although it is great to have a better understanding in these subjects, they should also focus on teaching us how to prepare for the real world. I strongly believe that they should be teaching us how to save money, how to be a better candidate for a job application, and how we are are going to need to be independent. Education should not just be about our academics or else we will never get anywhere. It should also be about how to prepare yourself for real-world problems.

Advantages Of Public School

Although this seems like it would be a parental issue but most children also worry about cost. Cost can scare a child and make them more stressed. If the student is not pressured as much then the student will improve faster. On average it costs about $900 per person for homeschooling while public school is included in taxes. And even the parents who homeschool their children have to pay the same amount of taxes(HSLDA). Not only is there a high cost in money but also a high cost in the mental sacrifice required. If a parent were to homeschool than planning the lessons, field trips, and to organize outdoor activities takes a serious toll on their mental state. This can be manually damaging for the teacher let alone the detrimental effects it would have on the student. One last cost that proves that public school is more beneficial is the physical cost. Without a regular gym class many students would not regularly exercise. There is a higher percentage of obesity in students that are homeschooled rather than public school. This is due to the non strict requirements of physical activities for

Persuasive Essay About School Choice

A child is struggling to learn at his/ school. He is more of a visual learner, like learning with pictures and shapes in front of him. His school, however, does not have the power and funding to do such things for him, which leaves him struggling and get bad grades. Now, why does he have to struggle in a school system which can’t even support his learning style?

It is essential that younger generations receive a quality education. Children all over the United States of America are being deprived of their schooling. Not all schools receive equal funding. Kids who grow up in less wealthy areas are less likely to receive a good education. Children are being set up for failure. They 're funding is based on the wealth of the area they live in. Kids who might have excelled in certain areas with the right tutoring will never get the opportunity to without the proper funding. This is a shame to see talent going to waste. Think of all of the possibilities that these children could have created for the world with the right education. The United States has to invest in the youth. Keep the chain going to better the standard of life. That 's what the future is all about. We must improve on our previous generations to make the world a better place to live in. The United States must rehaul the out of date education system to compete with other top nations to give children an opportunity to education with equal funding so they can learn to the best of their ability.

More about Persuasive Essay On Homeschooling

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Homeschooling vs Traditional Schooling: pros and cons

27 DEC 2021

As a vast majority of the world went remote in early 2020 at the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, students had to quickly adapt to remote learning from home. Due to this, many parents began to consider homeschooling for their child rather than return children to their traditional schooling methods. But what are the pros and cons of homeschooling versus traditional schooling?

Homeschooling: the pros

Homeschooling: the cons

Traditional Schooling: the pros

Traditional Schooling: the cons

While these are just a few of the pros and cons seen in traditional schooling vs homeschooling, I would like to remind you that there is no direct answer as to which option is better. A family needs to consider their own needs to make this decision, including their time, teaching capabilities, educational budget, location, future goals, and resources. Here at Crimson we are always happy to discuss these options and also work together to advise a hybrid model if necessary – where students may take some courses outside of school in addition to the courses in their regular schooling. The pandemic has made more families consider homeschooling after seeing how their child has been handling remote learning – but before you jump the gun, make sure to consider all the pros and cons thoroughly! 

Your friendly neighbourhood Rise blogger, 

Learn more about Crimson Rise’s strategic mentorship, academic support, and extracurricular coaching for young students, and request a free consultation on your child’s journey!

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How Does Homeschooling Compare to Public School?

persuasive essay on homeschooling vs public schooling

Sarah Garone, NDTR, is a freelance health and wellness writer who runs a food blog. 

persuasive essay on homeschooling vs public schooling

Cara Lustik is a fact-checker and copywriter. She has more than 15 years of experience crafting stories in the branding, licensing, and entertainment industries.

Rick Gomez / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Basic Differences

Test results, grade point average, college placement, emotional adjustment.

Many parents considering a homeschool education over a more traditional experience want to know how homeschooling compares to public school—especially when it comes to academic performance.

You're not alone if you've considered removing your children from regular school in favor of homeschooling. When you think of the advantages of teaching your kids at home , you likely envision the freedom of making your own schedule, focusing on particular areas of interest, and going at your child's pace.

But does a home-based education offer a leg up for kids in terms of scholastic advancement? It depends. Here's how educating at home stands up to public school for test results, GPA, college placement, and more. 

An education at home differs from a traditional public school education in some basic (but significant) ways that may impact academic performance. Individualized attention from a parent-slash-teacher can make a world of difference for a student who is struggling academically or has a learning disability , for example.

Working independently may also allow more advanced students to go at their own pace, not having to wait for others to catch up. On the other hand, depending on the challenge level of subject matter, you may have to learn about certain topics alongside your child (or access someone with the appropriate expertise).

Many factors you might expect to affect academic success at home have surprisingly low impact. Whether or not a parent has earned a teaching degree or certificate is not associated with their child’s academic achievement, and neither is the degree of government control in their state . Parents’ level of formal education and household income are also not correlated with children’s scholastic proficiency.  

While test results aren’t the only indicator of a child’s academic prowess, they can be an important benchmark of learning—and they do matter for college placement. The effects of homeschooling on test results are promising.

As far back as 1998, one study found that homeschool children’s median scores on standardized tests such as the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills landed in the 70 th to 80 th percentile.

Similarly, according to the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), students educated at home typically score 15 to 30 percentile points higher than public school students on standardized tests for academic achievement.

For Black students, the numbers are even higher. Black children who homeschool score 23 to 42 percentage points higher on standardized tests than their counterparts in public schools.

On the ACT, a test used nationwide for college admissions, composite scores for homeschooled students fluctuated between 22.3 in 2007 and 22.8 in 2014. (The highest possible score is 36.) Though not as high as scores from private school students, these rankings were 1.4 to 2.2 points above the average public school student.

Grade point average, or GPA, is another common point of reference for academic performance. Because many homeschool families don’t calculate GPA, limited data exists comparing grade point average between home and publicly educated kids. However, research has been conducted on the GPAs of college students who homeschooled during their K-12 years. 

One study conducted at an unnamed private university in the American Southeast found a statistically significant increase in the college GPA of students who were homeschooled versus those who were not.

In another study from an unnamed university in the Midwest, students who had homeschooled finished their freshman year of college with an average GPA of 3.37, compared with the 3.08 average GPA of other students.

The academic advantages of homeschooling continued throughout the college years. As seniors, the same students earned an average GPA of 3.41, compared to the 3.16 average GPA of non-homeschooled seniors.

Other, more in-depth research tells a somewhat different story, however. A 2016 study analyzed data from nearly 825,000 students at 140 colleges and universities and found that students who had been homeschooled did not achieve higher GPA in their first year of college, nor were they more likely to return for a sophomore year.  

For many colleges and universities, admissions are handled very similarly between students who have had a traditional education and those who have homeschooled.

With the rise in various nontraditional forms of education, even institutions like Ivy League schools have acknowledged the value a home-based education can provide their potential students. (However, many do not publicize statistics about their homeschool admissions.)

Homeschooled students may need to emphasize certain aspects of their education in a college application to improve their chances of admission. Applicants may need to provide extra information about their academic curriculum and take optional tests to establish their academic abilities.

On the other hand, because homeschoolers can often earn college credit before high school graduation, they may have an advantage for college placement—or, at the very least, for finishing a degree sooner than students from public school. 

A comparison between home and public education isn’t all about academics. Your child’s emotional development matters, too. Stereotypes about homeschool education may have you believe that homeschooled kids are more likely to be socially awkward or emotionally stunted. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case.

According to the NHERI, homeschoolers often rank above average in measures of social, emotional, and psychological development.

The degree to which your child grows emotionally will largely depend on the environment in your home and the activities you expose them to.

Consider how you might involve your child in volunteering, participating in academic or extracurricular cohort groups, playing league sports, or taking lessons on an instrument. These outside-the-home extras can all expose your child to other people of various backgrounds, as well as help them make friends.

A Word From Verywell 

Only you can decide if homeschooling is the best choice for your family. If you do choose to teach at home, there are no guarantees that this form of education will produce better results, academically or emotionally, for your child.

In large part, the success of homeschooling depends on you as an educator and your child as a learner. However, much of the research indicates that homeschooling can provide your child a greater likelihood of academic achievement.

Ray BD. Homeschooling: The Research . National Home Education Research Institute. 2020.

Rudner LM. Scholastic achievement and demographic characteristics of home school students in 1998 . Educ Policy Anal Arch. 1999:7(8). doi:10.14507/epaa.v7n8.1999

Ray BD.  African American homeschool parents’ motivations for homeschooling and their black children’s academic achievement .  Journal of School Choice. 2015; 9:1, 71-96. doi:10.1080/15582159.2015.998966

ACT, Inc. Trends in ACT composite scores among homeschooled students . 2015.

Almasoud S, Fowler SR. The difference in the academic achievements of homeschooled and non-homeschooled students . Home School Researcher . 2016;32(1).

Cogan M. Exploring academic outcomes of homeschooled students . Journal of College Admission. 2010;208:18-25.

Yu MC, Sackett PR, Kuncel NR. Predicting college performance of homeschooled versus traditional students . Educ Meas . 2016;35(4):31-39. doi:10.1111/emip.12133

U.S. News & World Report. How homeschooling affects college admissions . 2018.

By Sarah Garone  Sarah Garone, NDTR, is a freelance health and wellness writer who runs a food blog.

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Is Home Schooling Better Than Public Schooling?

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Is Homeschooling Equivalent To Public School

persuasive essay on homeschooling vs public schooling

Show More Is homeschooling equivalent to a public schooling education? Some people seem to think that homeschooling your child is not the best for them. Other people think that homeschooling is great for their child. Homeschooling vs public schooling has caused a bunch of controversy. When your child is being homeschooled, they can work at their own pace on lessons whereas in a public school they might get left behind. Homeschooling is not equivalent to public school because students spend less hours online than actual school, some curriculums might cost money while public school is free, when your kids are homeschooled they lack communication and socialization skills. There are three choices of an educational plan. Those three choices are home school, …show more content… Also, " Students may have more opportunities to choose what they learn with homeschooling, and they can learn at their own pace without having to keep up with more advanced students " ( Barrington ). Public school may be very hard for your child because they get left behind in class on a lesson and their grades might start to fall. " In most schools the class sizes average one to 20 students at the elementary level, and mile school and high school that can go up to 1:30 or more " ( Lewis ). This means that your child will not get the help that they need until they ask the teacher for help or get a tutor. " There is some costs associated with home schooling, mostly to buy the supplies that are needed, but they average about $500 a year " ( Lewis ). This allows you to find the curriculum plan that works best for your child but there are different plans out there that are …show more content… In the public schools that I have been going to there have been numerous amounts of people smoking pot and vaping in the school bathrooms. There is a large amount of bullying and fights that go on also. A lot of times when the student goes to guidance or the principal for help they don't get the help that they needed. Those things are not appropriate for K-12 ages, that is showing your children that it is okay to smoke when you are young and to do drugs in school and to bully others for their looks or their way of life. Every school has multiple bullies who pick on everyone and to me that is not appropriate. These bullies can really affect your child's learning too because they are so worried or sad about what the bully has said to them, so they might not do their work anymore and to give up on school. I have hated public school since 6th grade, that is when I first started to get bullied and hate school. You feel like you are alone because no one can help you and no one is there with you or for you. I have wanted to be homeschooled ever since because it was not an appropriate environment for me and still

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Poverty in schools.

Not all schools can teach the same amount of material at the same rate, so they can advance students, but they could also hinder students. It could mean that 180 days of school is irrelevant because of this. They need to think of a day less as an amount of time, but more as a unit of learning. A measurement of how much you learned, not how long you can sit in a desk chair. Schools have to change with culture…

Disadvantages Of All-Year Round School

Which means that now the parents are spending money that they wouldn’t have to spend if their kids were just in school. Another con about school year round is that kids that have traditional summers have time to learn things outside of school that the school might not teach. Another one is that some families might have two kids and each could be in a different district, so they might have different break schedules. Having different schedules can be hard for the parents to make plans when one kid might be in school at that time, and another might be at home. Some other disadvantages of school year round are that not having summer break means that kids can´t go to a summer camp.…

Homeschooling Persuasive Essay

Even a lesson on good behavior would be beneficial for the child ("Disadvantages of Homeschooling"). Some parents don 't take this information into account and that leaves the children at a detriment. Some parent teachers prove to be less than mediocre. They can be negligent when giving instruction to their child, unlike teachers giving instructions to a group of students. It is also important to keep records of the child 's progress so that when it is time to apply to college, they have the tools necessary to do so.…

Home Education Vs Public Education

Firstly, some money will be saved that otherwise to be paid if a child attends public school. In addition, benefits of homeschooling (like deeper knowledge) ultimately will offset opportunity costs that are borne by one working parent. Safe environment that home schools provide may be one of the key points in favor of home education. Public schools cannot effectively address issues like bullying, racism, sexual harassment, that in their turn cause irreparable damage to the physical and/or emotional safety of a child. Especially, it is hard to totally eliminate bullying in public schools since there always will be students who need to feel powerful and in control.…

Should Guardians Be Required In Schools

A few children may feel humiliated to have their guardians volunteer in the school, so as children get more elder, the lower the rate of guardian involvement drops. When they were more modern, it may have been a great time or a benefit to see guardians in their school. However, once they get to secondary school, or once in a while center school, a few children feel like their guardians are keeping an eye on them or are making them look "un-cool" to their mates. More than just guardians feeling that their kid should have the capability to take on the task of getting their work done all alone. There is a probability that guardians might not know the topic, so they don 't offer help with homework.…

Synthesis Essay On Bullying In Schools

Students every day are bullied by students and around teachers and all they do is say be quiet and forget about everything that was said or happened. Many teachers are involved in bullying as well. In source B a mother named Christi describes a situation where her child was being bullied and the school knew of this happening. Her son ended up getting into a fight with his bully and she was told by the principal that because her child was the “smarter” student he should have been able to get out of the situation without fighting. Christi’s son was going to be punished but the bully who had already been in 20 fights that year and who had thrown the first punch was not going to be (source b).…

Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

When a child is forced into homeschooling that is not motivated that is when the outcome can In many cases, students bounce back and forth from public school to home school. This I the worst choice for a child educationally and emotionally. It makes it difficult for schools to assess where the child is at academically. Therefore, the child may have to retake classes previously passed. When a child is passed back and forth between schools they also have to leave the many bonds they have made with their peers and…

Small Class Size Classes

Children enjoy being actively involved and feel as if learning is a game, but if there are too many students teachers are restricted on what they are capable of doing. Space in the class becomes an issue when forty children are up and mobile, but with smaller classes this is not a problem. It can be a challenge to maintain focus when teaching small children, but this becomes a much bigger problem when faced with forty or more children rather than twenty. Due to these issues, teachers in larger classrooms typically do not engage in interactive activities. In a recent news report in the United Kingdom, two primary school teachers swapped classes for a day and then discussed how they felt.…

Is Homeschooling: Inevitable Alternative To Public Or Private School Education?

It is possible that the students are just disinterested in homeschooling. It is possible that the student would prefer to be educated in traditional schooling system and be able to experience it because most students in that age group are in public/private schools. Parents should not have the full authority on how their children should be educated because the children’s opinion matters too. If parents force their children to be homeschooled, it does not necessarily mean they will enjoy it and strive to do their best. Parental pressure on their children is a real issue and pressuring their children to only aim for A’s is stressful on students.…

Write An Essay About The Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a great alternative to public school when someone needs it. It is a lot different than people make it out to be, homeschoolers are not as different as they think. Some of the benefits of homeschooling are that the parents gets to control what their child learns when they want them to learn it. That is one thing that has been hard with public schools; one child might be picking up on the content quicker or slower than the other kids might, but that child still has to stay with his for her age group. With homeschooling, the parents are able to see how their child is doing and what they do not understand.…

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Essay about Home Schooling vs Public Schooling : Which One Is Better ?

Com 155 final paper.

Home schooling is another way that children can achieve an education in a smaller and more relaxed learning environment. It also allows children to go at their own pace and have more time to get their work done. Home schooling can be a better way for kids to get their education especially if the child has a problem with being around other kids or being away from home. Home schooling allows children to learn at home in familiar surroundings, which can have a positive effect on kids if they have trouble adjusting to a classroom and being around other kids. Being at home, doing school work also allows kids to work in a stress free environment by means of getting one-on-one attention if they are having difficulty understanding or solving a problem.

Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling Essay

In the other hand parents who choose to home school their kids are faced with a great deal of advantages. Home schooling a child means that a parent has to give 100 percent dedication into teaching there child. One great asset to home schooling is that children are often way ahead in their grade work as compared with their peers in public school. They learn to read much earlier and advance through their subjects much faster and in a more thorough manner, due to more individualized attention and subject-specific attention. By being taught at home, the student has immediate access to the "teacher", and can ask questions at just about any time without having to worry about other students and their learning habits. Parents don’t have to worry about the safety of their child when it comes to home schooling. The child is in the home and always being watched if something where to happen it would be the parents’ responsibility and the parent would know what to do

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Public Education Vs Home Schooling

Home schooling has its advantages and its disadvantages. For instance it has been proven that home schooled children are more socially and academically advanced as compared to private or public school children according to a study by the Fraser institute.(Basham,P.& Hepburn,C,October,2001). "In the past decade, home schooling has proven itself to parents and researchers to be a highly effective alternative to public and private schooling,"(Hepburn, 2001). It is good in the sense of that it allows you to be able to decide what your children are going to learn as compared to private or public schools where your child will learn everything put in the program even though he does not like it or it will not benefit him in the future. Furthermore in this type of schooling you are able to enjoy vacations at any time of the year unlike the scheduled school holidays. Positively you would also be able to shield your child from the negative influences outside your home. In addition it also is good as you are able to create your own schedule that will suit your needs. While on the same token it would be bad for your child as it might get lonely for them as they will not have as many friends as compared to a school where they can make new friends each and every day (Lamb,

Homeschooling Advantages

Homeschooling can offer many advantages those who choose this path. It offers parents many types of freedoms that they wouldn’t otherwise have. It gives parents the freedom to choose what curriculum their child uses, even

Argumentative Essay On Homeschooling

Homeschooling, not very well known, presents a new and affordable way to educate children. “Home school is a term used to refer to the education of children by their parents or guardians in a setting other than a public or private school” (Anderman & Anderman, p. 467). It has never been a new thing; it just has not been as popular as it used to be (Lines, p. 76). With this topic meaning so much to groups for and against the right for homeschooling and what should be legalized or not, the debate still rages on from local to even national government entities. Both sides of the argument have valid points, but ultimately it is the choice of the parents. There are many types of ways to educate children and that decision is difficult for both

Homeschooling Dbq

Being homeschooled gives you options for yourself and your surroundings. “They’ve had complete control over their bodies, minds and spirits almost all their lives. As a result, they know exactly who they are and what they’re passionate about” (Source B). Homeschooling makes you think outside of the box. Think learning on a new level, you can still

Causes Essay : The Effects Of Being Homeschooled On Children

Homeschool is a way for some kids to stay focused on their subjects and not have any distractions. Some kids have trouble with classroom settings, so the best option is for them to get away from others and focus on what is in front of them. Some kids have been bullied to the point where there is no other option but to be homeschooled. The effects of being homeschooled can be both good and bad and it can take a toll on what the child is feeling and also how they react to people and situations they encounter.A child that is being homeschooled can only so many social skills from their parents and the internet to the point that it will not be able to handle other people in the real world but that is false because most kids that I have met are actually very sociable. One effect being homeschooled can have is that the child has to learn everything from their parents or their tutor. This effect is a good one because a child that is learning from the same teacher will not be afraid to ask questions and voice their concerns about anything. Another effect of being homeschooled is that the child is focusing so much on the work they are assigned that can learn at their own speed and they do not have to slow down or speed up their learning from the others around them. A final effect of being homeschooled is that a child might always be stuck in their house and not get enough exercise.

Why I Homeschool : The Answers Change Almost As Fast As My Kids

In the article “Why I Homeschool: The Answers Change Almost as Fast as My Kids Do. But My Commitment to At-Home Learning Remains Strong.” Amy Thornton-Kelly initially home schooled her three children in order to spend more time with them. This was her only reason, or so she thought. Amy Thornton–Kelly explains the many reasons why homeschooling is the best decision she has made. First, she explains that once her husband and her considered homeschooling “the floodgates opened” to the many benefits of homeschooling. It alleviates stress, allows her kids to learn in a healthier environment and allows her to teach her kids in a more profound way. Second, Thornton-Kelly states that homeschooling allows her kids to better master subjects,

Homeschooling Sociology

Homeschooling, down to its essence, is just school done in the comfort of your home. Compared to regular schooling, there is far more interaction and one on one time with the teacher, and more dedication on the homeschooled and the homeschooled alone. This is great for those who cannot learn with others, be it that they cannot keep up with the rest of the group or they simply cannot focus on what is going on with a number of others doing the same.

Public Schooling On The United States Essay

Before presenting both the positive and the negative aspects of homeschooling it is worth mentioning that the deciding factor for parents choosing to homeschool as opposed to public schooling generally falls into a biased opinion of public schooling. As mentioned in an NPR radio interview, “the number one reason parents give is the desire to provide religious or moral instruction and that the second most popular reason, closely followed behind, was a concern about the school environment” Martin, M. (2013). These type of reasoning for home schooling presents some valid question, such as, who determines what the best approach or the best form of education? Is the quality of education

Homeschooling Is Inferior to Public Schooling Essay

Public schooling establishes a diverse atmosphere and stimulation for students to succeed. Student’s need more stimulation than any one parent can provide for their child. “Home schooling does not encourage and facilitate children to make peer relationships. In both public and private schools, children have the benefit of being grouped together in classes and activities, and in turn, they have an opportunity to get to know one another. Home school lacks this type of environment and can retard a child’s social growth” (Home Schooling – The Benefits of Learning at

Homeschooling Pasage Analysis

Acording to the reading the main disadvantages are the lacks of: knowledge, social interaction and curriculum. Children learn less in homeschool because there is less requierements to procede to a further level. Also they have a more limited group of people to interact with. And the curriculum that parents can offer is too narrow.

Homeschooling In The United States

According to thirty four percent of teenagers in the United States are home schooled. Some people believe that homeschooling is better for their children, in that they have more family time, better protected from bad examples, etc. As a retort parents have the ability to argue that being homeschooled is unfair to the children. Seeing that they are not exposed to real life situations that they could experience in public school, they will not be able to deal with difficult situations. Homeschooling is not the route to take if a child is expected to perform in real life situations.

What Qualifies Me To Adequately Educate My Children Analysis

Homeschooling allows me to teach my children life skills I feel are important. We garden, raise chickens, cook, and sew. They also learn to budget their own time. When they waste time, they have less time for their own recreational activities. From a young age, they have learned the importance of time management and

Persuasive Essay On Homeschooling

Homeschooling a child can drastically affect their lives in the future, and put them in a clouded state of mind for seeing what the world is. Schooling your child from home will hold them back from learning a wide variety of basic skills that can be easily provided in public or private school systems. Although some see homeschooling as a good way to shelter their children from the world they view as harsh, it is not giving them any chance to gain common social skills. Social skills cannot be taught to a child, they are something the child must learn from interaction with his or her peers. Furthermore, homeschool teachers are not required the level of training and experience that a teacher at a public school are required (Hudak). Diversity is something widely portrayed in school systems; however, homeschooling doesn't allow students to bear witness to the diverse nature found in school systems.

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    Homeschooling is led and managed by parents and public school is led by the government and qualified teachers. The real question is, which is better? While homeschooling has its benefits, public schooling is superior because it prepares children and teens for the real world in many ways.

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    Parents of homeschoolers teach their own children, and because of this parents and children spend more time interacting with one another than they spend apart. In contrast, Public school children spend more time at school than they do with their own parents. More time together means more time to establish and build good relationships.

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    Homeschools are gaining popularity due to their advantages over public schools. Many parents see the expenses of homeschool as less than that of public schools. In a homeschool, there are no uniform requirements, and this reduces its expenditures. Also, there are no mandatory fees in homeschooling. In a homeschool, there is family togetherness.

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    Homeschooling There is no doubt that researchers speaks very highly of homeschooling. Not only is it cheap compared to other education options, but the results are generally better. Most parents who homeschool spend less than $600 per year. In a public school parents are spending $10,000 way more in the public school systems.

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    Write a 1,050-to 1,250- word final draft of your compare-and-contrast essay. (Home school vs. public education). Introduction The differences between homeschooling and public education are huge but can be summarized along three lines: firstly, homeschooling is just that, where the parent or an employed governess teaches the child in a home, as compared to a, school setting.

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    Higher performance: According to ThinkImpact, public school students received an average score of 21 out of 36 on the ACT, whereas homeschooled students received an average of 22.8. As for the SATs, homeschoolers scored a nationwide average of 72 points more than their traditional schooled counterparts in the United States in 2020. Safety: The ...

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    Public schools have rules and discipline, therefore you have a better chance of being efficacious. Overall, public school is a better way of learning. In homeschooling, you don't have discipline nor time management. Public schooling, you get one-on-one help with your teachers. Public schools have better technology to improve your schooling.

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    For Black students, the numbers are even higher. Black children who homeschool score 23 to 42 percentage points higher on standardized tests than their counterparts in public schools. 3. On the ACT, a test used nationwide for college admissions, composite scores for homeschooled students fluctuated between 22.3 in 2007 and 22.8 in 2014.

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    Besides that, many homeschooling children turned out to provide better academic results and become more successful in life. That is also why the number of children being homeschool is increasing gradually each year. This report will discuss the benefits of homeschooling and substantiate how homeschooling is better than public schooling.

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