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Biology EE Topics: How to Choose, Plus Good Examples

antony w

by  Antony W

September 3, 2022

biology extended essay topics

Have you scoured the web for Biology EE topics but came out empty? Or maybe you’ve considered writing an EE in the subject but you still have no idea what to focus your research on?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the best biology extended essay topic to explore in your assignment. In addition, we’ll give you some topic ideas as well as teach you how to treat the topic you choose.  

What’s the Purpose of a Biology Extended Essay? 

An extended essay in biology allows you to apply biological knowledge while conducting research on a topic of personal interest within the area of biology.

A concentration on biology within the framework of a broader scientific research is what defines the nature of a biology extended essay.

How to Choose Biology EE Topics

The following are important considerations to make when selecting a topic for your biology extended essay:

1. Select a Topic Focusing Strictly on Biology

Biology is the scientific discipline concerned with living beings and biological processes. Therefore, a biology extended essay should contain biological theory and underline the subject's fundamental character.

It is essential that the emphasis of the extended essay be clearly biological and not more closely connected to another subject.

Although identical grading criteria apply to all extended essays in the experimental sciences, the topic you choose for a biology extended essay must provide a distinct biological perspective.

2. Avoid Topics That May Cause Harm

Certain topics are inappropriate for research due to ethical concerns. Investigations based on trials that are likely to cause pain or needless stress to living beings are ineligible for submission.

Investigations that are likely to have a negative impact on health, such as microorganism cultivation at or near body temperature, or that may require access to or release of personal medical information are inappropriate.

Some topics may not be acceptable for examination due to safety concerns.

You need to avoid experiments involving the use of poisonous or hazardous chemicals, carcinogenic compounds, or radioactive materials, unless proper safety equipment and trained supervision are available.

3. Avoid Obvious Topics

Other topics may be inappropriate because the conclusion is already well known and documented in standard textbooks.

Biology Extended Essay Writing Help

Are you finding Biology Extended Essay topic selection process tedious? Have you selected a topic but have no idea how to proceed?

Or maybe you have other overwhelming assignments waiting for you and you can’t find the time to complete an EE in this subject?

We’re here to help. 

You can  buy an EE in Biology online   from Help for Assessment and get professional writing help within your time limit Whether you have a week left before submitting your first draft or you’re planning to attend the last reflection meeting to present your final draft, our writers are here to help.

Our writing service involves topic selection, preliminary research, development of a research issue, and writing and editing.

The topic we select is strictly within Biology, and we come up with research issues that we can address within the scope of the Biology Extended Essay assignment. 

10+ Biology Extended Essay Topics

The following are 20+ examples of Biology Extended Essay topics. You can pick a topic from the list, modify it further, and share it with your supervisor for review.

Or you can use this list as an inspiration to help you come up with a topic that would suit your research.  

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How to Analyze Your Biology Extended Essay Topic

You should explain early in the essay how you formulated the research topic and, if applicable, how you narrowed it by briefly elaborating on any relevant elements.

You should develop one or more hypotheses, especially since a single, well-formulated inquiry can generate a handful of specific hypotheses.

It’s possible to base your biology extended essays on data obtained through experiments, survey, microscopic observations, biological sketching, fieldwork, or any acceptable biological method.

Alternately, you can base the essay on facts or information collected from literature, ideally from primary sources, then alter or analyze in an innovative way. 

If you’re working on an essay that requires laboratory or fieldwork test, you should provide a clear and brief description of the experimental methodology.

Explain how you chose the research technique and methodology, as well as any options that you investigated but rejected.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve given you a list of 10+ Biology extended essay topics, it should be easy for you to identify an area to explore.

It can be an area you’re always interested in or a topic that you’ve always wanted to explore.

You should do research for your essay under the direct supervision of a supervisor.

Regardless of where or under what conditions you conduct studies, you must demonstrate your personal contribution to the research methodology and selection of methodologies in the essay.

Generating and presenting data should not be a goal in and of itself. Remember, proper scientific analysis is vital.

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About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

We are available: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm CEST Sat 10-5pm CEST Sun 12-5pm CEST

100 IB Extended Essay Topic Ideas!

One of the biggest keys to the Extended Essay is choosing which subject you want to write your work in and developing that crucial research question. Read on to find inspiration for blog topics across a wide range of subjects.

Extended Essay: The Love/Hate aspect of the IB

Coming up with that idea and research question can be the toughest part of the entire process. Writing 4,000 words about something you are interested in is a big ask and it often feels impossible to narrow down your thoughts.

How to Begin Your IB Extended Essay

To make everything super clear, here are 100 Extended Essay Topics for you to draw inspiration from! Use these as a springboard to  create your own research question !

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10 steps to writing an extended essay.

Before we look at specific topics for your essay, let's recap the 10-steps you'll need to follow to complete your extended essay.

1. Define the Topic and Draft the Research Question

2. create a timeline, 3. identify and gather sources, 4. set deadlines, 5. plan the structure according to the total word count, 6. evaluate, 7. independent research, 8. write the extended essay draft, 10. present.

By following the steps above, you should be able to produce a logical and coherent rationale to follow when writing the extended essay for your IB diploma programme.

The Ultimate IB Extended Essay Guide

By starting with a solid research question, you'll be able to put an extended essay of global significance together, from the research and writing process all the way through to your final submission with a favourable extended essay grade.

Below, we're sharing 10 topics across 10 subjects to inspire your next IB extended essay.

1. How the change of habitat affects an X organism?

2. How does climate affect the growth of X plant?

3. Can photosynthesis take place without sunlight?

4. What is the effect of age and gender on the photoreceptor cells in the human retina?

5. How is climate change impacting the appearance of coral reefs?

6. An evaluation of how  antioxidants  work in our bodies?

7. Does hand sanitizer, hand soap or antibacterial wipes have the greatest ability to inhibit the growth of E. Coli?

8. To what extent do live cultures in yogurts/milk/other dairy products reduce the concentration of lactose present over the course of a 2 hour incubation period at x°C?

9. What is the relationship between  population density  between X and population size of X?

10. What is the relationship between indoleacetic acid, a growth hormone, and the growth of X (a crop)?

11. How does human influence impact an aquatic ecosystem?

12. How can one organize a pollution check along a X canal in X?

13. What is the effect of the increased ecological footprint in the  Amazon ?

14. What are the forest and woodland restoration in Siberia, Russia and which one is most effective?

15. How does human interference cause ecological imbalances in an X city/country/continent?

16. What is the impact of urban development on the  bee population  in X city?

17. What are the differences in the conversation efforts in Yosemite National Park (California, USA) and the Lake District National Park (UK)?

18. To what extent have healthcare policies in X country influenced their human population curve?

19. How have changes in environmental systems influenced the value system of X country?

20. How has X landfill site affected the surrounding terrestrial ecosystem?

21. What is the profitability of  airline companies ?

22. How does unemployment affect the market?

23. Why did X recession occur?

24. How did the financial Policy affect the economy in X?

25. How effective are government policies in reducing overconsumption of alcohol (specifically hard liquor)?

26. To what extent are public buses and subways substitute goods in a country?

27. How did the tax reform in country x affect its growth and development? (many countries to choose from)

28. To what extent was weak government policy responsible for the Latin American financial crisis of 1997?

29. How effective is the  Big Mac Index  in measuring purchasing power parity?

30. To what extent would the UK suffer from leaving the European Customs Union if Brexit happens?

31. Is there an association between viewing violence on television and the display of violent acts?

32. What motivational climate should a coach employ in order to achieve optimal performance in athletes?

33. How does  X hormone affect human behavior ?

34. Compare theories explaining altruism in human behaviour

35. Discuss short-term and long-term consequences of exposure to violence

36. Why do relationships change or end?

37. Discuss how  social variables (poverty, parenting, educational environment) may the affect cognitive environment.

38. To what extent do mirror neurons play a role in empathy? (2014)

39. To what extent does Mindfulness help people cope with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)?

40. To what extent is drug therapy effective in the treatment of bipolar disorder?

41. Does the British Parliamentary reforms act of 1832 deserve its title as the great reform act?

42. To what extent are there similarities in Hitler and Mussolini’s Rise to Power?

43. To what extent did Mao’s tackle the problems which he faced?

44. Was Tsar Alexander II of Russia reforms a success or failure?

45. To what extent was the bombing of Dresden in 1945 justifiable?

46. To what extent can  Sweden be considered neutral during WWII ?

47. The impact of structural economic weakness on the collapse of the Soviet Union.

48. How were women treated differently in 1920s and 1950s Great Britain?

49. Why did Israel win the  Six Day War  of 1967?

50. What role did economics play in the unification of Germany from 1834 to 1871?

English Literature

51. What are the Compare and Contrast Jane Austen Books?

52. How does Joseph Conrad’s portray Racism in A Heart of Darkness?

53. How does Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman critique today’s capitalist society? The American Dream?

54. To what extent does Chris McCandless in Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild escape familial influence?

55. What are the similarities and differences between J.K. Rowling’s characterization of Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

56. How does Yaa Gyasi use structure in her novel Homegoing to portray the evolution of time?

57. What is the impact of the social context on Holden Caufield and Huckleberry Finn?

58. How does Sylvia Path’s use of Inanimate objects in Bell Jar?

59. How is the empowerment of Feminine portrayed in the Lord of the Rings?

60. Compare the political rhetoric as used in the inaugural addresses of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

61. The design, construction and calibration of an apparatus for measuring lipid concentration in milk.

62. What is the effect of a change in the optimal lift on the horizontal gliding distance of an aircraft?

63. How does the sugar concentration affect the refractive index of water?

64. How does temperature affect the viscosity of X juice/soda?

65. Is the relationship between temperature and conductivity and insulators and conductors?

66. What is the Oberth Effect?

67. What is the temperature dependence of work performed on an AA battery?

68. How can the rotational frequency of a fan driven by a flame measure distance?

69. Do wine bottles of different shapes behave as Helmholtz resonators?

70. How does the diameter of a wheel affect stability in different weather conditions?

71. What factors influence the location of industries in country/city X?

72. An investigation into the significance of preserving the quality of water in a continent/country/city?

73. An investigation into the degree to which City X can be considered a Sustainable City/Community.

74. To what extent is Biodiversity being managed successfully in city X?

75. To what extent does the education and employment of women affect Country x’s fertility rate?

76. To what extent do gender, educational attainment, and working parameters influence obesity risk?

77. To what extent has urban development affected human thermal comfort levels in Country/city x (a country/city that has developed in a rapid rate over the past decades)?

78. To what extent is the Company x corporate waste management program effective, demonstrating environmental sustainability?

79. To what extent is biodiversity being managed successfully at National Park X?

80. What types of urban design encourage high rates of vandalism in X neighbourhoods?

81. The kinetics of Enzymatic Reactions.

82. How do Iron Intake Diets differ in X country?

83. What are the different factors that affect the iodine values in cooking oils?

84. What is the effect of standing time and temperate on the acid content in X juice or soda?

85. Can caffeine in tea or coffee be reduced?

86. What is the effect of temperature on the souring of milk?

87. What are the sources of error in calorimetry?

88. Does brushing your teeth affect the pH in your mouth after eating?

89. How does changing the concentration of the reagents affect the formation and spacing between Liesehang rings in the reaction between X chloride and X when conducted in a test tube?

90. What effect does the coating of aspirin tablets have on the hydrolysis of aspirin?

Social and Cultural Anthropology

91. How clothing relates to the cultural anthropology of X culture.

92. The extent to which social media networks affect different societies.

93. The relationship between ritual, myths and faith in an X society.

94. The history of rituals in X culture.

95. How different marriage rituals inform the cultural anthropology of X culture.

96. Climate change and its impact on the evolution of different creatures on the planet.

97. Understanding the social and cultural anthropology of the supernatural in X culture.

98. An analysis of body modification in relation to social and cultural anthropology.

100. Chaste systems and social ranks in societies.

There are so many class subjects that can form the basis of your extended essay, including these popular six subjects:

- Information technology

- Computer science

- Health science

- World studies

- Visual arts

- Business management

Extended essays are a great way to improve your writing skills in academic writing. Essays of a high standard that demonstrate critical thinking and in depth analysis can be submitted to academic journals. These have the potential to reach the global society.

Start Writing Your Extended Essay Topic

We hope this gave you some great inspiration for the variation of topics available for your Extended Essay . The research question you select is what will carry you through the entire process, so be sure to choose wisely!

Remember, if you are looking for more help with your Extended Essay, make sure to check out our guide which will tell you exactly how to plan, structure, research and write your Extended Essay!

Grab Free Extended Essay Resources!

No matter the subject groups in your diploma program, we're here to help all of our IB students. Whether you're writing about social and cultural anthropology, business management, design technology, or scientific methods for your IB diploma, Lanterna has you covered.

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30 Best Biology Essay Topics

Table of Contents

Best Economic Research Topics

Your essay writing can be fascinating if you select an appropriate topic of biology. You might have awesome writing skills, but a poor topic choice may be the reason for your failure. There are a few factors to consider when choosing the subject. First, are you familiar enough with the content addressed by the topic? Secondly, do you have access to resources regarding your research? One more thing to consider is a level of interest to your topic. It is essential that you take your time in picking the appropriate biology extended essay topics depending on the area you want to research on.

How to Select the Best Biology Essay Topic?

One of the biggest challenges students face in school is picking a right topic for their essays . Making the decision is in no way the simplest of things, considering the critical role which extended essay biology topics play in an essay. However, there are several ways you can pick an awesome topic, one that will steer you towards producing a great paper.

On the other hand, when writing on a topic that interests you, all your heart will be in it, and therefore you are likely to do it excellently. Lastly, be on the look for controversial biology-related stories. These are great areas to research and write your essays, as they already interest your readers in biology class.

Read more: How to Write a Good Biology Essay

List of Biology Essay Topics

Depending on the specific area you want to research, whether genetics, neurobiology, the immune system, behavior, and hormones, or ecology, here are some captivating and interesting topics you can choose. Go for the topic that interests you, and one that you are considerably conversant with, so you don’t run out of content to write about.

Biology Essay Questions

One good thing about sciences is that questions are repeated now and again, and if they are changes, then it’s just a slight twist that has been made on the topic After reviewing the many biology questions we have come across, below is a list of 10 commonly asked questions we’ve compiled, questions that you are likely to come across in the course of your online biology class.

Cell Biology Essay Topics: 10 Simple Subjects

Biology Essay Ideas

Wondering what to talk about in your essay? Below are five essay ideas you can run with. Before picking a topic, check whether you’ve got access to the relevant information, you need to write a comprehensive paper. You can use books, journals and publications, and the internet.

If you need, you can always refer to biology essay examples . You can also use our reliable biology writing services for your essay . They are dependable and will relieve you of the worry of having to choose a topic and writing a quality paper from scratch. Moreover, we have well-versed academic essay writers , so it’s not a matter of chances, you can be certain of getting an excellent paper. Place your order today!

George Lynch

160 Biology Essay Topics

For most science courses, assignments are generally lab-based and rarely require much writing. However, all of that changes in biology courses when detailed essays must be written to highlight a student’s understanding of the subject. These essays are highly technical, with specific comments required to meet the factual nature of the subject.

In addition to meeting the factual requirements needed to complete the assignment, biology essays must also be written in a writing style that is informative and authoritative rather than subjective and personal.

These detailed specifics of writing a biology essay can make completing the writing difficult from the very beginning. Fortunately, we’ve created this guide to help students learn how to write a biology essay. In addition, we’ve also included 160 biology essay topics to help inspire the creative writing process.

How to Write a Biology Essay?

Writing a biology essay starts with choosing a topic. If your teacher has not already assigned a specific topic, then students must choose one that is broad enough to find credible resources and specific enough that the research won’t overtake the writing process.

To select a suitable topic for a biology essay, consider the type of biology class you are taking, the current and previous chapters studied, and the overall context of the course. These factors will help you select a topic that is likely to be relevant to your teacher’s needs and to the passing of your course.

Once students have selected a suitable topic, it’s time to research credible resources that will support the subject. To do this successfully, students need to consider the following:

For example, if you want to write a biology essay on protein synthesis and its regulation at the transcriptional level, research material would include books, articles, and other written works published by credible authors or publishers. While important, this material isn’t the only type of research that should be completed.

Students may also consider consulting medical and biology dictionaries, textbooks, online research databases such as PubMed or Medline, and professional organizations for biologists to find additional sources. Once the research has been completed, it’s time to create the first draft of the biology essay.

Biology Essay Introduction

Starting an essay is always the same. Students should open with a catchy hook statement that introduces an interesting fact, presents a unique perspective, or raises a thought-provoking question.

Once that sentence has been created, students can use the middle part of the introduction to introduce fundamental concepts and provide background details about the topic.

Once that information has been laid out, and the reader knows the necessary details to make the reading interesting and worthwhile, students should move into the final portion of the introduction that answers the question: WHY is this essay important? This question is answered in the form of a thesis statement that details the essay’s overall purpose.

Biology Essay Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs of your essay will contain the bulk of your research. Be sure that each body paragraph meets the following requirements:

Make sure that the body paragraphs only contain information pertinent to the subject or topic. Avoid fluff or filler words and phrases that don’t add any substance or value to the writing.

The number of paragraphs in the body may vary depending on the assignment parameters and the essay style. For example, an essay with a 1000 word limit won’t have as many body paragraphs as an essay with a high word count.

Additionally, a compare and contrast essay that examines the similarities and differences between two or more biology concepts may have more body paragraphs than an argumentative essay.

Biology Essay Conclusion

The final section of a biology essay is the conclusion. In this section, students need to summarize the major points of the essay and the overall purpose for writing it. The thesis should also be re-stated to recap what has been learned from the writing.

In addition to these sentences, students should include a final remark about their research and findings. This might be a thought that ties into the intro or another interesting angle that presents a new way of looking at your topic.

Once the conclusion is completed, students should edit and review their work. Make sure that the essay is free of grammar and spelling mistakes before submitting it for grading.

When it comes to choosing a biology essay topic, it is not always as easy as it seems. For students looking for help with writing a biology essay, we have compiled a list of 160 biology essay topics that will hopefully give you some great ideas.

Biology Essay Topics About Animals

Biology Essay Topics About Cellular Biology

Biology Essay Topics About the Ecosystem

Biology Essay Topics About Evolution

Biology Essay Topics About Genetics

Biology Essay Topics About the Human Body

Choosing any of these 160 biology essay topics will help students craft an informative and authoritative essay that is sure to earn them a passing grade.

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