Taking Responsibility: 3 Simple Tips to Take Control and be more Responsible


A useful guide to responsibility: What it is, what does it mean to be a responsible person, how does it benefits us, how I can be a more responsible person. Discover the difference between responsibility and guilt, and everything you need to know about social responsibility.

What do we mean by responsibility? If you stop to think, this concept, surely, has been hovering over our heads since we’re kids. Almost from the moment, you get to decide whether to follow the rules and obey or “challenge authority” (mom and dad) we have heard the words “You have to be responsible”.

If you ask a child what it means to be responsible, he or she will say something like “do the right thing”, “do what Mom and Dad say,” or “do my homework”. Adults use the term responsibility to make children understand and assume that they must behave well and do the tasks adults request of them.

Do you think the term responsibility involves more than just obligations? What comes to your mind when you think of responsibility?

What does it mean to be responsible?

If we look at the etymological origin, the meaning of responsibility is not so much related to the tasks performed or the obligations, but rather with commitment involved.

Becoming a responsible person means being able to consciously make decisions, conduct behaviors that seek to improve oneself and/or help others. Most importantly, a responsible person accepts the consequences of his or her own actions and decisions.

The word responsibility comes from the Latin “responsum” (the one who is forced to answer to someone else). The verbs “Respondere and Spondere” are closely related and were widely used in the legal field. The first meant defending or justifying a fact in a trial and the second meant swearing, promising or assuming an obligation.

Therefore, we can define a responsible person as one who accepts the results of the decisions he or she makes. Oxford dictionary defines responsibility as:”The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.

This definition of responsibility emphasizes the need for the person to comply with the negative consequences of his or her actions.

From what we can see, it is a term that has different evaluations and can be quite abstract, but we use it regularly in our daily lives.

Why is it important to be responsible?

Being responsible brings us many benefits. It can help you achieve your goals and objectives in any area of your life. Responsibility allows you to create principles, morals and helps you to lead your life. Being a responsible person helps us to:

The value of responsibility

Responsibility is taught from childhood. Both in families and in schools , the aim is to educate in values and morals.

It is clear that everyone wants a committed and responsible partner, responsible children who don’t get into trouble, responsible parents and teachers who take care of the children , professionals who do their work responsibly. Why is that?

Because having people like that around us generates confidence, gives us security. We think,”yes, he is a responsible person, he will do it and things will work out. Feeling safe is one of the basic necessities in Maslow’s pyramid .

This is one of the reasons why in our society, responsibility is so positively and highly valued because it gives us security, confidence, and a certain stability.

How can I be more responsible?

There is no magic formula that makes us more responsible. However, responsibility can be trained.

If you want to fulfill your purposes, your obligations, and commitments, what you need is, to a large extent, predisposition and motivation. Now, if you’re still reading this then it’s a sign that you do want to be more responsible so here are some guidelines for you:

I’m not going to trick you, becoming a responsible person will not come overnight. It requires effort and a commitment. Remember, the key to success is consistency. I encourage you to focus and get it.

You can start by writing your final goals in capital letters and their subtypes or sub-objectives with minuscules. It begins little by little, assuming responsibilities and step by step.

Remember the responsibility for your actions (not the arbitrary consequences). If one day you don’t get the result you were expecting or you haven’t found the clues to using your willpower , don’t punish yourself. Analyze, think that you are on the right track because you are realizing the difficulties and accept the challenge again.

Responsibility & guilt

Guilt is not the same as responsibility. Being responsible for something doesn’t mean guilty. This stuff that seems so basic but how many times have you been surprised saying: “It’s not my fault!”

To understand each other, I’m going to tell you a story, which may even look familiar:

“You found a WhatsApp message just as soon as you got up. You have to finish and deliver the project by 13.00h. In addition, it is essential to be on time to the meeting and to do things perfectly, because it is a very important client. You invest all morning in this assignment, all your effort. When you leave the house, you take the subway, but it’s late. “I should’ve left earlier, I’m gonna get caught.” You’re already five minutes late. You leave the subway and there is a rally that crosses the avenue “I can’t believe it! Did it have to be today?” You’re going to the other sidewalk, you’re 15 minutes late. You get to the office, wait for the elevator. When you get upstairs, you look at the clock before you go in but you are 20 minutes late. The client’s gone, your boss is going to kill you.”

What’s going on here?

Everything you did was with good intentions, effort, and interest. However, different factors have caused you to fail to deliver the project on time.

Guilt carries implicit components that don’t help us at all. For example, it is not the same being responsible for a decision as being guilty of a decision. What does guilt involve?

It is important that we bear this in mind because sometimes we take responsibility for things that we cannot control, that we could not change even if we wanted to change it with all our might. Feeling guilty for events, results or situations that do not depend on us affects our mood , frustrates us and often angers us.

The same thing happens when they make us feel guilty. We see it as unfair because what has happened was not in our plans either. Before blaming someone, ask yourself if the negative results obtained have been intentionally sought by the other person or not. Make sure you have done everything in your power to fulfill your responsibility.

Responsibility: Why do I feel bad when I’m not responsible?

In social psychology , Wiener’s theory, the theory of attributions refers to the explanations given by each one of us to the causes, reasons or results of what happens to us. Attributes have a strong influence on the way we feel, how we relate to others and even how we act. And of course, it influences us when we take on responsibilities.

Clearly, a person’s attribution style can have a great influence on their self-esteem , their self-concept and, why not, their happiness. For example, someone who does not take responsibility for his or her accomplishments out of excess modesty will have a low self-concept. Giving the impression that his accomplishments never depend on him. On the contrary, a person who always takes credit for his or her merits will give the impression of being a self-righteous, arrogant , and narcissistic person.

What do you think will happen if we use internal attributions for negative and external results for positive ones? Exactly the same.

We must be consistent and objective. It is good to follow our principles and take responsibility for the consequences of the things we do wrong, but for the things we do well. This will give us emotional balance and promote our self-confidence.

3 tips to be more socially responsible

When we speak of social responsibility, we are referring to certain specific guidelines that are set in a given society, with the aim of ensuring that co-existence is correct, peaceful and leads to well-being.

Social responsibility affects relationships with others, but also with oneself:

Tip 1: Commitment

One of the angles of social responsibility is commitment. We commit ourselves continuously. In our work, with family, friends, partners, etc. Commitment means making a promise to someone and keeping it.

It’s funny because on many occasions, we make promises to ourselves and we skip them. “On Monday I will start eating healthy for sure”, ” I’m going to the gym three days a week, no excuses”. I am absolutely sure that one of these promises rings a bell for you, and I am also sure that one of them has not been fulfilled. Don’t you think it’s strange that even though we’re committed to ourselves, we don’t carry out our promises?  Imagine what would happen if you made those promises to someone else:

Why do responsibilities and commitment towards others seem more important than to ourselves?

Tip 2: Obligations

The second angle of social responsibility is obligations. They’re the ones that are taught from childhood. At every age and at every stage of life , it is up to us to learn and incorporate into our repertoire different tasks, in order to adapt ourselves to the society. These are our responsibilities and/or obligations.

Many times, these obligations are not said out loud, they are just assumed. We have certain activities that become a part of our obligations. For example, Mom always puts the washing machine in, Dad always does the shopping, my brother always takes out the dog , I set the table.

What if one day Mommy gets off work late? No clean clothes

What if one day my brother forgets to take the dog out? He pees inside the house

What if dad doesn’t have a car to go shopping that day? No food

They may seem extreme examples, because in general, what happens is that responsibilities rotate. However, sometimes this happens and we find ourselves in situations like “Mom, I don’t have any clothes!” Dad, you haven’t bought me the cookies I like!”,”John is grounded because the dog has peed!”

I invite you to consider examples in which the people around you had implicit obligations and responsibilities, not agreed upon, have failed to fulfill them, and it has become a conflict when it comes to assuming the consequences. Whose responsibility is it? Whose fault is it?

Tip 3: Willpower

Willpower could be defined when we continue to make efforts and sacrifices to achieve a goal or objective, which will bring us great satisfaction in achieving it.

This becomes more relevant when they are short-term goals. It’s easier to maintain willpower. Therefore, it is good to set small goals when the effort has to be very constant over a long period of time.

It also helps to wonder why. Why did I decide to do this? Do I still want that? What do I have to do to get it? Answering these questions will give you strength and make you reaffirm your decision, prompting you to continue forward!

As always, I invite you to comment below, what did you think? What do you do to be responsible? If you have any questions or want to share your opinion, go ahead.

This article is originally in Spanish written by Patricia Sanchez Seisdedos, translated by Alejandra Salazar.

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Responsibility Essay

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Personal responsibility is holding myself accountable for my actions and accepting the outcome of those actions. Any decisions I make, no matter how significant they are, will affect my life and those around me. To me, accepting personal responsibility is the first step in taking control of my life. Someone who demonstrates personal responsibilities achieves academic success. My college success depends on my personal responsibility. This relationship exists because being responsible for my actions will directly affect my education. As a student, I need to have self-discipline or self-control.

The ability to be in control of my emotions and actions will show great results in my academic success. The lack of self-control could lead to showing up late in class, turning in the assignment late, or being absent from class. This could also lead me to such as dropping out of school and not being able to accomplish my goals. As an adult, I have many responsibilities and decisions to make.

Doctor Jennifer

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“ Thank you so much for accepting my assignment the night before it was due. I look forward to working with you moving forward ”

Some of these responsibilities are taking care of the household, running my own business, staying healthy and getting a college degree.

When paying my mortgage, insurance, and utility bills, or paying taxes for my company, I am taking action and accepting responsibility to pay those bills on time. Also, managing my own business takes much commitment, dedication and self-discipline. I also need to keep myself healthy by doing regular exercise and eating healthy food. Keeping my health top notch will help me do my daily routines. To stay on top of my responsibilities, developing a plan, writing down my goals, and setting a date keep me on track.

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Plus, keeping everything organized helps me focus on achieving my other goals. The other goal I want to achieve is to finish my education and earn a college degree. As an adult student, I understand accepting personal responsibility is the key to success. Also, having a better understanding of personal responsibility will guide me through to my academic success. To become a successful student, I need to create a study plan, practice time management and set realistic goals. Creating a study plan is a good way to complete my goals in school. Time management is also critical; setting a schedule to study will keep me on the right course. Setting realistic goals for myself that are attainable can motivate me to do better in school. Planning ahead of time will help me through my academic success.

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Responsibility Essay

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Being Responsible Essay

i am responsible essay

Show More There are many different aspects that factor into defining me as a responsible person. My family is quite the bunch with a wonderful mother, stepdad, six kids plus me, and my dogs who my mom seems to love more than her kids. In my life, there are many elements that play a part in me being responsible such as living in a large family , balancing school and cheerleading, and babysitting. Growing up, these key components have helped me learn my true meaning of responsibility. My definition of responsibility is being accountable and helpful to others. To begin with, living in a large family can be very complicated. For example, vacations are a very stressful and long process to prepare for. Family vacations take not just my parent 's responsibility in packing and preparing for it, but it requires my assistance too. While on vacation, there is a day assigned to each family member in which they do certain chores. My responsibility was shown when I had to mop all the floors in the house. Also, each family is responsible for cooking a meal and cleaning up …show more content… Babysitting requires one beinging responsible because people leave me in charge of their kids. I am responsible by keeping them safe in many ways. For example, I make sure they wear their seatbelts in the car and wear their life jackets when they go swimming. When babysitting, keeping the kids safe also consists of keeping them in my sight at all times. I also show responsibility by taking them to their extra curricular activities. Getting the kids to their activities on time can be quite the task. They must be wearing the proper attire and have all their essentials for that specific event. Keeping the children safe and running them around to their destinations can be difficult at times, but if I am not responsible I will lose my job. As frustrating as babysitting may be, the challenges it has put upon me has helped me develop the characteristic of

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Responsibility Essay: How To Become The Responsible Person

i am responsible essay

From the childhood, the parents learn their children to be responsible for their actions. But what is the responsibility? What does it mean for everyone?

The responsibility is the understanding of the consequences, which can be caused by the actions of the person.

Benefits of the responsibility

The evolution of the responsibility

When children are little, they do not have a lot of responsibility, but when they grow up, they understand, that a lot of things in their life depend on their actions and they are responsible for the consequences. The responsibility helps to develop such qualities as freedom and confidence.

Every year people get a lot of responsibility. For example, parents always are responsible for their children, the head of the organization is always responsible for the workers. If you need to write the personal response essay, you have made the right choice. You can order the essay on this site and we will be glad to help you with it.

4 methods to develop the responsibility

To be responsible for your future, it is the important quality of the successful person. The meaning is like : “ I said- I did it”. It means that such person will do everything, that he or she promised. Sometimes, teachers ask to write the responsibility essays at school to check the personal qualities of the pupils. It will show them if children are responsible and will help to communicate with the children in the better way.

What does the responsibility mean?

First of all it is setting goals and their reaching. It means to be responsible for all your words, actions and even thoughts. It is the responsibility for your improvement and professional development and of course, it is the responsibility for your health and body.

The possibility to promise something and to do it is one of the fact, that this person is reliable. It is the ground of the leadership and professional growth. If the person does not want to take any responsibility, it means, that this person cannot do a lot in the real life. These people will not be able to reach the success in this life or create the family , because the family is the huge responsibility. But people, that are not afraid of the responsibility and can take it are successful and can control the situation and even the life of other people. They increase their opportunities and they are doing their best to reach the success.

The interesting fact is, that even if the person is wise and have a lot of talents, but do not have the responsibility, he will not reach the success, because he will lose the support of other people, they will not trust him, because he is unreliable.

Check yourself

You need to answer to these 5 questions. The answer is only “Yes” or “No”.

If your answers to all the questions above were “YES”, it means, that you are the reliable person. But if you answered “NO” to any of these questions, it means that you have to work further to be the reliable person.

How to be the responsible person?

It is very difficult to be the responsible person, but you can be sure, that you will get the respect of other people if you are responsible. It will help you to change your life or to start your business, it will even help you to earn a lot of money .

But the responsibility is different for every person, because all people are different and understand the information in different ways. Because of it, everyone should realize, what exactly is the responsibility in his or her life. If you wish to get more detailed information about the responsibility, our professional writers will be glad to write for you the paragraph about responsibility, which you can order here . You can be sure, that you will be satisfied with the result.

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Responsible Person and Their Traits

Responsibility can be determined in a variety of ways, depending on the views of a person. As far as I am convinced, being responsible means being aware of the future outcomes of your current choices. My responsibility covers my words and actions in my personal sphere, as well as in the sphere of my civil duties, such as voting and preserving the environment. I am responsible for what I say and what I do, for this my free choice, and I can control this; I am not responsible for the reaction of others since I have no control over it.

To my opinion, being a responsible person is understanding the future impact of your current choices. Responsibility, like any other complicated issue, can be perceived and defined in different ways. Some people believe that they are responsible to God; hence responsibility means obedience to Him and willingness to take either punishment or reward for their actions. Others consider themselves a part of some group or system (family, government, etc.), and for them, to be responsible means to fulfill the duties that they bear as a part of that system or group. For me, being a responsible person means understanding that a choice one makes right now will have implications for future, and considering that fact before undertaking any actions. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility” (Roosevelt 11).

I am utterly convinced that, while I must feel responsible for my own actions and words, the reaction of others to those actions and words is not my responsibility . People perceive things that happen to them in such a variety of ways that there is no possibility for me to predict their reaction; therefore, I cannot be responsible for it. For instance, I am responsible for what I say to a person, and my responsibility is to make my speech clear and polite. However, if that person listened to me absentmindedly and understood me incorrectly because of that, I am not responsible for this. When the specific experience of that person makes my speech offensive to them, it is not my responsibility either, even if I apologize out of politeness or pity.

My responsibility does transcend the borders of my immediate environment such as family or school, for civil duties are included in the things I am responsible for . In fact, civil duties are the kind of things that I take even more seriously than my personal duties. It is my civil duty to make a right choice during elections, and it is more important than the choices related to my personal life since it affects the life of other people, including future generations. As for the latter, it is my responsibility to preserve the environment, consume the resources without wasting them, and take care of nature, thus making the life better for the future people, who will inherit this world.

To conclude, my definition of responsibility is being ready to the future results of the choices you make. I am responsible for my words and actions in both personal and public spheres. However, I am not responsible for the reaction of others to my actions and words since I cannot control it.

Works Cited

Roosevelt, Eleanor. You Learn by Living: Eleven Keys for More Fulfilling Life . Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press, 1960. Print.

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Responsibility Essay

595 words 2 page(s)

Responsibility is one of the factors that indicate the rate or level an individual is willing to remain answerable to their duties and obligations. A responsible individual is in a position to engage in their duties with confidence, and they fulfill them on time (Skolnick, 2010). A person who serves in public office should display high levels of responsibility since they represent their employer. I believe that I will be responsible for the different positions I will hold while in service to the public. Responsibility is a personal issue since I have learned how to ensure I do what is required of me at home and other different capacities without the need to have a supervisor. With freedom, here comes a high level of responsibility, as one must learn how to work and produce results without the intervention of leaders (Weisburd & Neyroud, 2013).

For instance, I remember when I had to lead a group in class, which was supposed to present completed research. I had the responsibility of producing results, which meant that I had to become pro-active and help the team-members align with the goals and objectives. After a short time, we were in a position to present, and my team was quick to note that if I had not taken responsibility, then things would not have worked well. Therefore, I have a strong belief that I will undertake my responsibilities at the police department with the urgency it requires as well as commitment and dedication so that I can produce results.

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I believe that my safeguarding responsibility in the different departments at the workplace will need a responsible person who has the internal drive to produce results. It also means that I will uphold the virtues at the workplace so that I can produce results while being committed to the mission and vision of the police force (Skolnick, 2010). My aim is remaining responsible for each role I have to uphold at the workplace by engaging my colleagues. Hence, whenever I need assistance, I will gladly request for some so that I can fulfill my duties with ease as I aim to remain loyal and responsible towards the calling I have in the workplace. In addition, I will ensure that I perform my responsibilities on time so that I can have extra hours to rest or respond to emergencies in the workplace or in my life. It is also important to note that I will need to partner with like-minded who will help and push me towards remaining responsible for all my duties in the workplace.

I understand that in my quest to become a responsible person, I might disappoint some people who may want to pull me down. This means that as a responsible person, I will know how to guard my heart, mind, and the brain when interacting with my colleagues. This does not mean that I will not work in a team; rather, I will be selective on whom to deal with on a job based on their character and perception towards life (Weisburd & Neyroud, 2013). When I get duties to handle issues dealing with public affairs, I will be kind to follow up and show my responsibility and ability to resolve problems within the shortest time possible. It will help create a positive image about the police department while enabling me handles the needs of different people in the society.

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.


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    Being responsible brings us many benefits. It can help you achieve your goals and objectives in any area of your life. Responsibility allows you to create principles, morals and helps you to lead your life. Being a responsible person helps us to: Be more honest: When we tend to tell the truth and keep our promises, the people around us will ...

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    Personal responsibility is holding myself accountable for my actions and accepting the outcome of those actions. Any decisions I make, no matter how significant they are, will affect my life and those around me. To me, accepting personal responsibility is the first step in taking control of my life.

  3. Being Responsible Essay

    I am responsible by keeping them safe in many ways. For example, I make sure they wear their seatbelts in the car and wear their life jackets when they go swimming. When babysitting, keeping the kids safe also consists of keeping them in my sight at all times. I also show responsibility by taking them to their extra curricular activities.

  4. Responsibility Essay: How To Become The Responsible Person

    The responsibility helps to develop such qualities as freedom and confidence. Every year people get a lot of responsibility. For example, parents always are responsible for their children, the head of the organization is always responsible for the workers. If you need to write the personal response essay, you have made the right choice.

  5. Responsible Person and Their Traits

    As far as I am convinced, being responsible means being aware of the future outcomes of your current choices. My responsibility covers my words and actions in my personal sphere, as well as in the sphere of my civil duties, such as voting and preserving the environment.

  6. Responsibility Essay

    Responsibility is one of the factors that indicate the rate or level an individual is willing to remain answerable to their duties and obligations. A responsible individual is in a position to engage in their duties with confidence, and they fulfill them on time (Skolnick, 2010).