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miércoles, 4 de junio de 2008

Problem & solution essay: "depression", 1 comentario:.

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Depression and Solutions in Psychiatry

Depression is a state where a person has low moods and a person’s concentration is derailed. This affects a person in several ways including thoughts, behavior, personal well being, and feelings. People in such situations usually feel sad and worried. At times, they may feel helpless, restless, and worthless. Depressed people lose interest in their daily life activities and will always have problems embarking on their daily activities (Rowe, 2003). This is harmful to personal health as they are likely to have a change in eating habits, way of life, and relationships with other people. For instance, depressed people at times overeat while others lose appetite. This would bring change in their body mass and size.

Several centers are available that offer specialized treatments for depression across the globe (Lambert, 2010). For instance, the most renowned centers include McLean hospital, Massachusetts general hospital, and the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Doctors in the stated centers have categorically stated that they attend to different patients at different levels (Gotlib and Hammen, 2010). They are deeply concerned with the health of the patients as it is their core priority. The people who are mostly involved with such patients work in the psychiatry department. First, they consider the patient, have lengthy talks and evaluate the situation. With various sessions of gathering information, they can find better ways of dealing with the case.

According to Gordon (2009), some people are depressed in society but are oblivious to the situation. This is due to the wide range of causes. Depression results from several factors, which depend on the events in a person’s life. For instance, depression could be caused by childbirth and the death of close family members. Some other life events that could contribute to depression include loss of employment, natural diseases, troubled relationships, separation, and financial inconsistencies (Lam, 2012). Secondly, depression could be brought by medical treatments. Some treatments in the medical profession are also known to bring depression to patients. These include hepatitis C therapy and high blood pressure.

According to Moragne (2011), psychiatrists consider finding a lasting solution to avoid an increase in the number of depressed patients Since these activities are common in the world, psychiatrists are finding various ways of ensuring they will not affect the population. For instance, government bodies are concerned with the levels of depression in the patients. This is likely to affect the entire country since an increase in the number of depressed patients will mean the government has to spend more resources in treatment (Honos-Webb, 2006).

In averting such scenarios, psychiatrists have to conduct concrete research to reflect the situation. For instance, psychiatrists are considering a therapy where people are taught how to deal with catastrophic situations (Roy, 2005). For instance, death is a hurting occurrence, but it occurs more often. Therefore, people should learn how to deal with such occurrences. For instance, the selection of the McLean hospital was based on the different techniques used in treatment. The psychiatrists use different theories to ensure patients are treated to full recovery. The trained professionals have the required experience in dealing with the cases.

Depression is a condition that could affect a large part of the population if it is not controlled (Morrison, 2012). For instance, an earthquake occurring in a place could affect many people. In the end, they will be depressed and will seek treatment. However, looking for ways of preparing people on how to deal with depression is appealing. This will reduce the number of people who could be affected.

Gordon, J. S. (2009). Unstuck: your guide to the seven-stage journey out of depression. New York, NY: Penguin Books.

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Rowe, D. (2003). Depression: The way out of your prison . New York: Psychology Press.

Roy, J. R. (2005). Depression. New York: Marshall Cavendish.

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Teen Depression Problem Solution Essay

problem and solution essay depression

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College essay on teenage suicide.

Each year, thousands of teenagers die, not from accidents, cancer, illness, or diseases but by their own hands. Children have begun turning to suicide for a way out. Teenager is becoming a larger problem in today's society. There are certain groups of people are higher risk than others, there are many different reasons people turn to suicide, and many warning signs that are easy to pick up on to help someone in need.…

Depression In Adolescence

According to the University of North Carolina’s mental health nurse Linda S. Beeber, depression is a conventional term used to express a “psychological disorder, transient feelings, and a health problem characterized by a group of related symptoms.” This disease can be caused by an imbalance of the dopamine hormone in the brain, passed down to children biologically, or it can be followed by external experiences leading into depression; which is a major cause of suicide and suicidal tendencies. The National Center for Health Statistics reports the annual number of deaths resulting from suicide being approximately the same number as deaths caused by the transmission and effects of AIDS. While people of all ages and geographic regions are susceptible to acquiring this disorder, teenagers are the most common group to be documented and affected by the disease. Some of this can be contributed to the pressures and changes brought about with adolescence and puberty during this time in a person’s life, but conditions become gradually worse when in a low income family, and in turn a low socioeconomic class; for the lack of access to the variety of existing resources for depression and limited admittance into educational institutes – among other inequalities; which ultimately lead to personal lowering of future ambition and…

Teen Suicide

Untreated depression and other mental disorders are a key component to teen suicides. Depression, especially, can be triggered by several events in a teenager’s life such as problems at home, breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and dealing with sexual identity (Will). Maureen Underwood, a social worker who has written suicide prevention school curricula and who works with the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, states these “triggering events could push someone off the edge” (Harpaz). Unlike adults, who have the capacity and skills to overcome such obstacles, teenagers have not reached the level to do so. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, at least 90 percent of people who kill themselves have a diagnosable and treatable psychiatric illness (“AFSP: Risk Factors”). Therefore, the awareness of student’s actions and emotions by parents, teachers, and other adults are imperative.…

Teen Depression

Jessica Portner explains that teenage depression is a silent epidemic (2008, p. 15). Teen depression is one of the greatest tragedies of this century since depression is increasing dramatically. With Portner’s studies and experiments she predicts that by the year 2020, when children reach adulthood, depression will rank as the second leading cause of “lost years of healthy life” (2008, p. 31). Depression can afflict people who are stuck in the situation; it can be confusing, disturbing, and painful – both emotionally and physically. Parents with teenagers facing depression are seeking for help desperately and they are not too sure where to get the help needed to comfort their teenager. There are many warning signs and symptoms that many parents should have the knowledge of, so they could be aware. Also parents also need to learn what causes teen depression, how to prevent depression and how to help their teenager seek help if suffering from depression. Depression brings people down to a joyless state in which they do not see the positive side of any concept. However, with proper medications and treatments, they can be brought back to normal emotion levels.…

Adolescent Depression and Suicide: Early Detection and Treatment the K

Only in the past two decades has depression in adolescents been taken seriously. Depression is an illness that involves the body, mood and thoughts. It affects the way a person eats and sleeps, the way one feels about oneself, and the way one thinks about things. Therefore it comes to no surprise to discover that adolescent depression is strongly linked to teen suicide. Adolescent suicide is now responsible for more deaths in youths aged 15 to 19 than cardiovascular disease or cancer (Blackman, 1995). Despite this alarming increased suicide rate, depression in this age group is greatly under diagnosed and can lead to serious difficulties in school, work, and personal adjustment, which may continue into adulthood. How prevalent are mood disorders and when should an adolescent with changes in mood be considered clinically depressed? Brown (1996), has said the reason why depression is often overlooked in adolescents is because it is a time of emotional turmoil, mood swings, gloomy thoughts, and heightened sensitivity. It is time of rebellion and experimentation. Blackman (1996), observed that the "challenge is to identify depressive symptomatology which may be superimposed on the backdrop of a more transient, but expected developmental storm."…

Mental Health of Young Australians, Focused on Depression in 12-24 Years Olds and Variations of the Disease in Young Australians.

Although mental health disorders are the leading burden of disease in young people the mortality rates are quite hard to quantify. A symptom associated with depression is thoughts of sadness and worthlessness leading to thoughts of self harm (4). The leading cause of death associated with depression is young people taking their own life and committing suicide (2). In 2007 10 per 100,000 15-24 year olds committed suicide (Table 1). Data associated…

Suicide In Kansas City High School

But with 20% of teens dying from suicide, mental illness isn’t a subject to laugh off. I struggled with suicidal thoughts in middle school, and suffered from depression throughout my sophomore year. Eventually I did attend a group therapy and self-help program, drastically improving my mental health. But we need more programs to not only educate the community on mental health and illness, but offer practical tools for identifying and treating mental…

Suicide Final Draft

Sadly one in ten high school students will commit suicide. This is the new dilemma our society faces. No matter what the reason attributed to teens taking their life, teen suicide is now the latest epidemic plaguing our society. However, the true victims in this tragedy are the parents, loved ones, and friends. These individuals are left with feelings of denial, shock, guilt, anger, and depression. These are the cries go untreated and unheard by those who choose to end their life so tragically.…

Johnson Clinical Depression Summary

In the United States, 2.5% of children and 8.3% of adolescents suffer from depression…. More than 7% of depressed adolescents later commit suicide as young adults.…

Informative Speech - Teen Suicide

Teen suicide is a growing health concern in the US as it is the third leading cause of death among young people [Linn-Gust, 2001].…

Suicide: Causality and Outline General Subject

Central Idea:Teen suicide is a growing health concern in the US as it is the third leading cause of death among young people [Linn-Gust, 2001].…

The Third-Leading Cause Of Suicide In The United States

Suicide is the act of intentionally terminating one’s own life. The suicide rate among American adolescents has intensely increased during the last fifty years. Adolescent suicide has become an epidemic, attempted suicide is even a greater epidemic. “For every adolescent who commits suicide, four hundred teens report attempting suicide, one hundred report requiring medical attention for a suicide attempt, and thirty are hospitalized for a suicide attempt” (David M. Cutler, 2001). Each year in the United States, thousands of adolescents commit suicide. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suicide is the third leading cause of death between the ages of fifteen to nineteen, and the sixth leading cause of death…

The recent research has shown that suicide is the “third leading cause of death among young people fifteen to twenty four, fourth leading cause of death for ages between twenty five to forty four, the eighth leading cause of death for ages forty five to sixty four” (2012). Over all suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. One of the main questions about suicide is why. The research shows that the “number one reason of suicide among youth is untreated, undiagnosed or ineffectively treated depression”(Gould).…

Suicide and the Media

In 2005, one young person in the United States committed suicide every two hours. That’s approximately 4,500 teen suicides! Of those, 100 to 200 teens died in clusters. In many cases, the additional victims were friends of the teen or identified strongly with something about his story reported in the news.…

Adolescent Depression, Anti-Depressants and Suicide

The New York Times states that, “Adolescent depression is a disorder that occurs during the teenage years, and involves persistent sadness, discouragement, loss of self-worth, and loss of interest in usual activities, ("Adolescent depression," 2010, p 1/para. 1). This has become the newest epidemic sweeping across the nation, not only affecting teens but hindering children as well. In fact, surveys have shown that, one in every five adolescents suffer from depression, and that 15 to 20 percent of teenagers will experience an episode of major depression before the age of 20, (NIMH, 2007). With suicide being a major concern with adolescents and teenagers that suffer from depression, early detection is imperative. There are various forms of treatment such as medication and psychotherapy, however each comes with pro’s and con’s. In today’s pill popping society, antidepressants are becoming the number one method of treatment, yet how safe are they if their number one side effect is suicide? Much research has been conducted and has shown a link to antidepressants and suicide. There is also evidence that the suicide rate could be decreased with proper diagnosis, early detection, and supervised treatment when dealing with adolescents and teens that suffer from depression.…

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problem and solution essay depression

Essays About Depression

The epidemic of depression among students and teenagers.

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The Effects of Depression in Your Body and Its Treatment

The issue of depression and its reality nowadays, overview of biological predispositions and risk factors associated with depression, how to overcome depression and anxiety, depression: definition, risks, symptoms and treatment, the best way to help someone who is depressed, the issue of depression: mental battle, what is a depression, living in depression: a firsthand account, teen depression - symptoms and causes, adolescent depression and its contribution to teenage suicides, the issue of depression and its affect in an emerging adulthood, depression: definition and ways of resolving caused problems, depression in teenagers: causes and ways to overcome, depression and its main causes, genetic disorder report: clinical depression, the way teachers can help their students to overcome anxiety and depression, depression and its effects of mind and body, the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt) for treating individuals with depression and anxiety, how to overcome teenage depression, depression as the reason of serious health problems and suicide, a depressing world with different obstacles, the link between self-esteem and adolescent depression, darwinian psychology and depression: the gender differential hypothesis, prevention of depression, anxiety and burnout in resident doctors – a systematic review, dysregulated processing of negative and positive responses in depression, the connection between internet addiction and depression within adolescents, a report on depression in university students and how to overcome it, overview of electronic problem-solving treatment (epst) system to treat depression, feeling stressed about your essay.

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Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression.

The Greco-Roman world used the tradition of the four humours to attempt to systematise sadness as "melancholia". This concept remained an important part of European and Islamic medicine until falling out of scientific favour in the 19th century. Emil Kraepelin gave a noted scientific account of depression in his 1896 psychology encyclopedia "Psychiatrie".

Several factors that can play a role in depression are: biochemistry, genetics, personality, and environmental factors.

Low mood, aversion to activity, loss of interest, feeling worthless or guilty, difficulty thinking and concentrating, changes in appetite, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, thoughts of death or suicide.

Most common ways of depression treatment are: medication, psychotherapy, Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), self-help and coping.

Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, it is estimated that 5.0% of adults suffer from depression. Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease. More women are affected by depression than men. Depression can lead to suicide.

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problem and solution essay depression

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Essays About Depression: Top 8 Examples Plus Prompts

Many people deal with mental health issues throughout their lives; if you are writing essays about depression, you can read essay examples to get started.

An occasional feeling of sadness is something that everyone experiences from time to time. Still, a persistent loss of interest, depressed mood, changes in energy levels, and sleeping problems can indicate mental illness. Thankfully, antidepressant medications, therapy, and other types of treatment can be largely helpful for people living with depression.

People suffering from depression or other mood disorders must work closely with a mental health professional to get the support they need to recover. While family members and other loved ones can help move forward after a depressive episode, it’s also important that people who have suffered from major depressive disorder work with a medical professional to get treatment for both the mental and physical problems that can accompany depression.

If you are writing an essay about depression, here are 8 essay examples to help you write an insightful essay. For help with your essays, check out our round-up of the best essay checkers .

Top 8 Examples

7 writing prompts on essays about depression, the final word on essays about depression, faqs on essays about depression, 1.  my best friend saved me when i attempted suicide, but i didn’t save her  by drusilla moorhouse.

“Just three months earlier, I had been a patient in another medical facility: a mental hospital. My best friend, Denise, had killed herself on Christmas, and days after the funeral, I told my mom that I wanted to die. I couldn’t forgive myself for the role I’d played in Denise’s death: Not only did I fail to save her, but I’m fairly certain I gave her the idea.”

Moorhouse makes painstaking personal confessions throughout this essay on depression, taking the reader along on the roller coaster of ups and downs that come with suicide attempts, dealing with the death of a loved one, and the difficulty of making it through major depressive disorder.

2.  How can I complain?  by James Blake

“I wanted people to know how I felt, but I didn’t have the vocabulary to tell them. I have gone into a bit of detail here not to make anyone feel sorry for me but to show how a privileged, relatively rich-and-famous-enough-for-zero-pity white man could become depressed against all societal expectations and allowances. If I can be writing this, clearly it isn’t only oppression that causes depression; for me it was largely repression.”

Musician James Blake shares his experience with depression and talks about his struggles with trying to grow up while dealing with existential crises just as he began to hit the peak of his fame. Blake talks about how he experienced guilt and shame around the idea that he had it all on the outside—and so many people deal with issues that he felt were larger than his.

3.  What it’s like living with depression: A personal essay   by Nadine Dirks

“In my early adulthood, I started to feel withdrawn, down, unmotivated, and constantly sad. What initially seemed like an off-day turned into weeks of painful feelings that seemed they would never let up. It was difficult to enjoy life with other people my age. Depression made typical, everyday tasks—like brushing my teeth—seem monumental. It felt like an invisible chain, keeping me in bed.”

Dirks shares her experience with depression and the struggle she faced to find treatment for mental health issues as a Black woman. Dirks discusses how even though she knew something about her mental health wasn’t quite right, she still struggled to get the diagnosis she needed to move forward and receive proper medical and psychological care.

4.  I Have Depression, and I’m Proof that You Never Know the Battle Someone is Waging Inside  by Jac Gochoco

“A few years later, at the age of 20, my smile had fallen, and I had given up. The thought of waking up the next morning was too much for me to handle. I was no longer anxious or sad; instead, I felt numb, and that’s when things took a turn for the worse. I called my dad, who lived across the country, and for the first time in my life, I told him everything. It was too late, though. I was not calling for help. I was calling to say goodbye.”

Gochoco describes the war that so many people with depression go through—trying to put on a brave face and a positive public persona while battling demons on the inside. The Olympic weightlifting coach and yoga instructor now work to share the importance of mental health with others.

5.  Essay: How I Survived Depression   by Cameron Stout

“In 1993, I saw a psychiatrist who prescribed an antidepressant. Within two months, the medication slowly gained traction. As the gray sludge of sadness and apathy washed away, I emerged from a spiral of impending tragedy. I helped raise two wonderful children, built a successful securities-litigation practice, and became an accomplished cyclist. I began to take my mental wellness for granted. “

Princeton alum Cameron Stout shared his experience with depression with his fellow Tigers in Princeton’s alumni magazine, proving that even the most brilliant and successful among us can be rendered powerless by a chemical imbalance. Stout shares his experience with treatment and how working with mental health professionals helped him to come out on the other side of depression.

6.  I Can’t Get Out of My Sweat Pants: An Essay on Depression  by Marisa McPeck-Stringham

“Sometimes, when the depression got really bad in junior high, I would come straight home from school and change into my pajamas. My dad caught on, and he said something to me at dinner time about being in my pajamas several days in a row way before bedtime. I learned it was better not to change into my pajamas until bedtime. People who are depressed like to hide their problematic behaviors because they are so ashamed of the way they feel. I was very ashamed and yet I didn’t have the words or life experience to voice what I was going through.”

McPeck-Stringham discusses her experience with depression and an eating disorder at a young age; both brought on by struggles to adjust to major life changes. The author experienced depression again in her adult life, and thankfully, she was able to fight through the illness using tried-and-true methods until she regained her mental health.

7.  This is what depression feels like  by Courtenay Harris Bond

“The smallest tasks seem insurmountable: paying a cell phone bill, lining up a household repair. Sometimes just taking a shower or arranging a play date feels like more than I can manage. My children’s squabbles make me want to scratch the walls. I want to claw out of my own skin. I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is a solitary candle about to blow out at any moment. At the same time, I feel like the pain will never end.”

Bond does an excellent job of helping readers understand just how difficult depression can be, even for people who have never been through the difficulty of mental illness. Bond states that no matter what people believe the cause to be—chemical imbalance, childhood issues, a combination of the two—depression can make it nearly impossible to function.

8. Opening Up About My Struggle with Recurring Depression by Nora Super

“Once again, I spiraled downward. I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t work. I had thoughts of harming myself. This time, my husband urged me to start ECT much sooner in the cycle, and once again, it worked. Within a matter of weeks I was back at work, pretending nothing had happened. I kept pushing myself harder to show everyone that I was “normal.” I thought I had a pattern: I would function at a high level for many years, and then my depression would be triggered by a significant event. I thought I’d be healthy for another ten years.”

Super shares her experience with electroconvulsive therapy and how her depression recurred with a major life event despite several years of solid mental health. Thankfully, Super was able to recognize her symptoms and get help sooner rather than later.

When writing essays on depression, it can be challenging to think of essay ideas and questions. Here are six essay topics about depression that you can use in your essay.

1. What Is Depression?

What is Depression?

Depression can be difficult to define and understand. Discuss the definition of depression, and delve into the signs, symptoms, and possible causes of this mental illness. Depression can result from trauma or personal circumstances, but it can also be a health condition due to genetics. In your essay, look at how depression can be spotted and how it can affect your day-to-day life. 

2. How Is Depression diagnosed?

Depression diagnosis can be complicated; this essay topic will be interesting as you can look at the different aspects considered in a diagnosis. While a certain lab test can be conducted, depression can also be diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Research the different ways depression can be diagnosed and discuss the benefits of receiving a diagnosis in this essay.

3. Causes of Depression

There are many possible causes of depression; this essay discusses how depression can occur. Possible causes of depression can include trauma, grief, anxiety disorders, and some physical health conditions. Look at each cause and discuss how they can manifest as depression.

4. Different Types of Depression

Different types of depression

There are many different types of depression. This essay topic will investigate each type of depression and its symptoms and causes. Depression symptoms can vary in severity, depending on what is causing it. For example, depression can be linked to medical conditions such as bipolar disorder. This is a different type of depression than depression caused by grief. Discuss the details of the different types of depression and draw comparisons and similarities between them.

5. Who Is at Risk of Depression?

Certain genetic traits, socio-economic circumstances, or age can make people more prone to experiencing symptoms of depression. Depression is becoming more and more common amongst young adults and teenagers. Discuss the different groups at risk of experiencing depression and how their circumstances contribute to this risk.

6. Can Social Media Cause Depression?

Social media poses many challenges to today’s youth, such as unrealistic beauty standards, cyber-bullying, and only seeing the “highlights” of someone’s life. Can social media cause depression in teens? Delve into the negative impacts of social media when writing this essay. You could compare the positive and negative sides of social media and discuss whether social media causes mental health issues amongst young adults and teenagers.

7. Can Anyone Experience Depression?

This essay question poses the question, “can anyone experience depression?” Although those in lower-income households may be prone to experiencing depression, can the rich and famous also experience depression? This essay discusses whether the privileged and wealthy can experience their possible causes. This is a great argumentative essay topic, discuss both sides of this question and draw a conclusion with your final thoughts.

When writing about depression, it is important to study examples of essays to make a compelling essay. You can also use your own research by conducting interviews or pulling information from other sources. As this is a sensitive topic, it is important to approach it with care; you can also write about your own experiences with mental health issues.

Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

Is depression common?

According to the World Health Organization, about 5% of people under 60 live with depression. The rate is slightly higher—around 6%—for people over 60. Depression can strike at any age, and it’s important that people who are experiencing symptoms of depression receive treatment, no matter their age. 

What are the most effective treatments for depression?

Suppose you’re living with depression or are experiencing some of the symptoms of depression. In that case, it’s important to work closely with your doctor or another healthcare professional to develop a treatment plan that works for you. A combination of antidepressant medication and cognitive behavioral therapy is a good fit for many people, but this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone who suffers from depression. Be sure to check in with your doctor regularly to ensure that you’re making progress toward improving your mental health.

If you’re still stuck, check out our general resource of essay writing topics .

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Mental Health Problem Solution essay

As many know, mental illness has affected many individuals for quite some time, affecting individuals from every age spectrum, and for some disorders, every recorded era. Many have developed different ways to treat their illness. Some help and some showed no progress. But why is it still so relevant, yet irrelevant, in our current society? Many know it exists, yet, they stay narrowly-minded fixated to only physiological health issues. Many theorize that it may be because of some medical field’s views of such disorders and lack of empathy to invest time in researching alternatives for anti-depressants. Of course, such theories are flawed because of the large involvement in adolescent and child behavioral health but what about those who grew up with the system and still no change has happened? Even in their late adulthood? Using anti-depressants such as Haloperidol, Chlorpromazine, Depakote, Benzodiazepines, Tegretol, etc. for long periods of time can not only disturb all normal cognitive function, but also deteriorate character or personality, making it difficult to live their everyday lives.

Brief History: Antidepressants

Different branch.

Like many other drugs, once the user is consuming the product, the body grows an adaptation for the chemicals…not in a good way. In 2013 alone, over 16 million prescription long-term anti-depressant drugs were prescribed, nearing the recent opioid epidemic that is estimated to be at 22.6 million. A Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety have shown in 64% of cases, subjects aged from 19 to 67 years, 2.9 standard deviate side effects were reported. The side effects were predominately higher for patients with higher dosages, severe depression, and several psychiatric diagnoses. In other words, more than half of the patients being treated were getting worse than getting treated effectively or with good results. Ultimately, this brings the root of the question, what effect are these anti-psychic drugs really having on these patients? Why hasn’t one medical professional been able to say, “I’ve treated this patient solely on anti-depressants?” While one may argue there are many factors that contribute to the worsening of their disorder, they must be aware that such drugs worsen their cognitive ability to healthily communicate, socialize, or need to seek help, therefore, preventing alternatives that may help with their isolation or paranoia that negatively affects their entirety. Furthermore, one can not deny the clear evidence of intellectual inclination after long periods of dosages, these drugs provide a strong hold for the lives of patients, many go unheard of and the masses live their normal lives unaware of their cry for help.


The most difficult solution to solving mental health issues is undoubtedly complex. How does one solve an issue that is entirely subjective? How can we make it affordable? How much would it all really cost? The current system of anti-depressants is clearly the best solution in terms of low cost, efficiency, and scope of treatments, in fact, it has helped many other folks get their life together at minimal cost. This fact may possibly be why the problem of long-term use is often overlooked. While these pros not only make a lot of money, they save lots too. It costs typically $54 dollars a day to keep a person jailed and $28 billion yearly nation-wide. Hence, why most people with depression can’t be kept somewhere for a long period of time (6 to 8 months if needed) to receive a very-much-needed comprehensive treatment.

Evolving to Chronic Illness

In the 1960’s, academic institutions have taught that depression was an episodic problem, but then data in the 1980’s began to claim it was a chronic problem. In 1985, the NIMH conducted a meeting to figure out what exactly was changing, or why it was changing. So instead of pointing out that the culprit of worsening, for some disorders, was indeed the drugs, the NIMH deemed that previous studies were “fraud” and they finally found a “new course of depression.” The only true difference between the new oncoming depressions, and the ones prior to the new depressions, is the form of treatment; medicated depression. In other words, there is change of perception in depression. “Most used to believe that most patients would recover from a major depressive episode. However, more extensive studies have disproven this, and it is now known depression is a recurrent and pernicious disorder.” (American Psychiatric Association. 1999.) Findings from the NIMH’s “STAR*D” study, which was the largest ever conducted, have shown that out of 4,041 patients in the study, only 38% have been remitted or stayed well during a 12-month trial. Such statistic should be eye widening for many, yet, it is still not put to justice nor to light. In any medical field, it is known that anything lower than 80% effectiveness is not an effective treatment, or medicine. So why do we continue to treat patients with such old-fashioned methods and medications? One theory is the simple fact that these methods are the less costly, or “quick fix” sort of plan. Since there isn’t really a pin pointed reason why depression exists, these methods are really the only “solution” patients have, especially those without money.

One more look

In a much more recent and smaller study, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health in 2004, 126 patients were treated with anti-depressants and given emotional and clinical support to specifically maximize clinical outcomes. In some of the results, only 26 percent of the patients responded to the anti-depressants and only 6 percent were remitted and then remained in remission for one year. In another study in 2009, in Minnesota conducted by the MN Community Measures, 23,887 patients were being reviewed to see the rate of remission and relapse. In the study, it was found only 1,131 were remitted out of the 23,887. The data here is showing what the faults our mental health system really has. In both studies, the anti-depressants are undeniably unreliable. In fact, most patients who begin new treatments eventually develop new disorders that weren’t there originally. This problem is very common for most patients with depression, and here is where new disorders, more medicine, and more destruction all come into play. Lastly, according to a few mainstream texts of today’s medicated depression, one third of all unipolar patients are non-responders to anti-depressants. This group is then sent into a chronic course. In other words, instead of being treated with a different approach, they are admitted to a specialized course where they will receive more medication and eventually, develop more symptoms possibly due to side effects. There is a deviated pattern here. If the medications aren’t working, you’re considered a chronic case, hence, more medication. In most psychiatric institutions, a major portion of those physicians concludes with this approach, when instead, the patient may have had an underlying body composition problem, that in turn, affects them mentally. Unfortunately, this is way often overlooked, adding another patient’s life to be enslaved by the drugs.

Mental health cannot be restored with the help of only a pill, while somewhat effective in a few incidences, it should not be depended on for restoring mental homeostasis. Numerous studies have shown revealed the illusions of anti-depressants. These errors are destroying many lives, much more than saving them in any account by far. There are many natural methods to explore and help with healing, yet, we shackle ourselves to the traditional way of abusing anti-depressants. Its rooted history continues to fund pharmaceutical companies with malicious accounts of money and there’s no clear opposition to stop it. Mental illness has affected and will continue to affect our society, but it is the duty of the people to find new ways of minimizing the pain and suffering of so many. If nothing is done, depression will continue to “evolve”, big-money industries will continue having their way, and the poor victims will eventually have nothing left but to rot away in silence.

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High School Depression

Persuasive essay on why school should start later.

It is a well known fact that teenagers in general need more sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation: “[teenage sleep] is as important as the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. It can even help you to eat better and manage stress of being a teen.” When schools start as early as 7 o’clock, it puts students health at risk. Adolescents already have a natural shift in their internal body clock, or circadian rhythm when it comes to sleep. Puberty allows this to happen, causing a “sleep phase delay” of about two hours. When teens can't fall asleep until late and school starts so early, they aren't getting nearly enough sleep. Lack of such, according to CDC, makes the individual

Argumentative Essay On School Start Time

By requiring teenagers to wake up early, school officials are basically neglecting the health of their student bodies in favor of making their lives simpler.

Changing High School Start Times

Some people may ask, “Why don’t teenagers just go to bed earlier, instead of having school later?” This is a common concern for parents and teachers as well. The fact is, adolescents have different sleeping patterns than adults do. Throughout the day, teenagers are most tired during the morning, and most alert at night (Cerve 4). “The body’s internal clock shifts after puberty, making it

High Schools Should Start Later In High School

Imagine going to school being half asleep,High Schools should begin later in the day to accommodate for students to get natural sleep they need, Teenagers usually are not aware during the day due to sleep schedules. Sleep also affects the health of teens who do not get enough rest. High schools should change their schedules to help students become more advanced in school.

Later Start Time Benefits

Imagine you are looking from the top of a sixth grader's room. It's almost 6:00 A.M. and it's still really dark out. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! He jumps up suddenly and glares at his alarm clock. It looks like he just wants to punch the thing right off of his nightstand. You hear him say, "Ugh, why do we have to get up so early, can't we have a later school start time?" Adolescents not getting enough sleep has been spreading, but in the year 2000 it has really begun to have an affect. Parents are saying that their child is tired when they get home. Now schools have been trying to solve that problem with later start times. The students at Middle School South Lake Zurich Illinois would like later start times. It won't cost much, it benefits the students and teachers. However, there are some problems. But still, there are lots of benefits.

Controversy Over School Start Times

The primary reason for attending school is for adolescents to get an education in hopes of getting a good job.  Attendance, test scores, and GPA’s all play an important role in a student’s success in school, and if they can all be improved by pushing the start time back, then this issue should be pushed further.  The root problem of students not performing to their full potential has to do with the inability to focus from drowsiness in class due to the lack of sleep they are getting.  To support this point, Carskadon, a professor of psychiatry and human behavior, and his team, “found that students showed up for morning classes seriously sleep-deprived and that the 7:20 a.m. start time required them to be awake during hours that ran contrary to their internal clocks” (Richmond).  In other words, Carskadon believes that current high school start times go against teens’ natural sleep patterns, making them be awake at a time where their bodies aren’t ready to get up yet.  This causes concentration issues making paying attention in class harder, and kids not getting the best grades they can.  Also, sleep won’t get any

Why Schools Should Start Later

Have you ever been really tired when you wake up for school in the morning? Sleep is very important to all teens, or it should be. Young adults should have 8.5-9.25 hours of sleep every night, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), in Sarah McKibben’s article “Wake Up Calls”. Unfortunately, two-thirds of teens are getting less than 7 hours of sleep each night, according to the NSF’s chart. This is causing a large number of schools and scientists to think that schools should start later in the morning. I fiercely disagree with this. Schools should not start later because starting later for high schools would cause too many negative consequences.

Schools Should Have A Later Start Time

There may be some of you out there who simply believe, “Why don’t they just go to sleep earlier?” The truth is, that the biological clock in adolescents can change on average two hours from middle school into high school, which means that they are supposed to go to sleep at 11 and wake up at around 8 (“Teens Need”). This time frame is not taken into account in high school start times, which suggest adolescents going to sleep at 9 and waking up at 6. The time suggested by the schools goes against a high schooler 's biological clock, leaving most teens going to sleep around 11 and waking up at an average time of 5:30; a mere 6 ½ hours of sleep is achieved with this time frame, 3 hours less than what has been recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (Maloney-Dunn). The American Academy of Pediatrics suggest a high school start time of 8:30 or later

Later School Start Time Research Paper

DING! DING! That awful sound of the alarm goes off. Sound familiar? For many middle school and high school students across America this is just a typical early weekday morning. This isn’t because teens are lazy, it is because of the school start times. I think teen students’ need a later school start time for many supported reasons. Although, schools starting later means school would end later and possibly interfere with extra-curricular activities, school times should be should be pushed back to later times because students will have a better sleep pattern, students health will improve, and students will have better academic performance.

Later School Times

Across America school starts on average, at eight o’clock in the morning. When walking through school hallways full of kids on a typical school morning, one may see sleep deprived and tired students not looking forward to their early morning classes, waiting for the bell to ring to signal them to go to class. Students brains are not at their full potential at eight o’clock in the morning because the brain is not yet fully awake. Starting school at eight o’clock is too early for students’ minds. David A. Sousa confirms, “Teenagers are not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation affects their ability to store information, increases irritability, and leads to fatigue, which can cause accidents” (Sousa 117). Starting school

Moving High School Start Time To 8-30

School districts expect us to wake up half an hour after the crack of dawn, go to school and while groggy and sleep deprived, and still expect us to surrender our full attention in each and every one of our 6 periods. Sending sleep-deprived teenagers to school as early as 5:30 is dangerously unhealthy, unsafe, and evidently counterproductive. According to the American Academy ofPediatrics, without receiving the appropriate amount of sleep teenagers find it 60% harder to focus in class. Lack of sleep can lead to excessive fatigue, emotional distress, laziness, obesity and a lowered perception of quality of

Persuasive Essay: Why School Should Later School Start Time

Scientists have tested and proved that teenagers need nine to ten hours of sleep each night, sadly that does not happen. Various studies from several sleep foundations have been conducted and they have found that teens do not get the amount of sleep they need. “68% of high school students sleep less than eight hours” (Bratsis). Out of all the teens in America only 14% actually gets the correct amount of sleep each night (Boergers 4). Schools are accepting these later start times to help their students with getting the sleep they need and so melatonin can not get in the way of how much sleep teens get. Melatonin is a big

Why Starting School Should Start Later

Most teens need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. Anyone who wants to succeed at what they are do must have the right amount of sleep. Unfortunately, many teens do not get enough sleep. Therefore, school should start later for teenagers. Heath professionals and sleep researchers have stated that starting school early is harming children in many ways. Lack of sleep can cause major heart diseases, diabetes and much more. Many studies show that sleeping less than 5 hours a night increases the risk of death from all causes by about 15 percent. When implemented, the solution would benefit the students and teachers. Both the students and teachers would be energized, and ready for their day. Continuing on, the time schedule

Why School Should Start Later

According to a recent study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 83.6 million Americans are sleep deprived (Almendrala). Among these sleepy Americans are teens, the most vulnerable to sleep deprivation, primarily due to demanding school schedules. For decades, school boards and administrators have contemplated the question of whether their school should start later. On the one hand, it is said that the change would interfere with parents’ work schedules, and transportation logistics, causing stress on families. It would also interfere with students’ extracurricular activities, after school sports, student employment, and reduce the time to access public areas such as libraries. On the other hand, a change

School Should Start Later

On average in today’s society most teens don’t like going to school that early in the morning. To have to wake up so early when they only get about seven hours of sleep, to have students be coming into school at 7:30AM or maybe even earlier in some other schools, is not right. Students need to have time at night to get work done, not only schoolwork but also non-schoolwork. Needless to say, the school schedule for high school students needs to be changed and be made where they go in later. That way they get their work done and get enough sleep because without much sleep students will not be getting high grades. A health survey that the University Health Center administered showed them that one in four students say that lack of sleep has

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The silent killer that takes lives without warning, punishment, or any sympathy; depression is truly one of the most prominent mental illnesses in the world. Depression is defined as a mental illness inducing a severe and staunch feeling of sadness. The term depressed is coined in English as a temporary sadness that everyone experiences in their life. Despite that depression is more active in women, it is still one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. It affects anybody, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic standing. Regardless of all these facts, surprisingly little is known about depression, however, scientists have been able to hypothesize major causes, effects, and treatments for the disability affecting over …show more content…

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It may even come abruptly, happening in just a few weeks or days. Nervous breakdowns are commonly associated with depression and are often identified due to the confusion and fear that depression brings. Depression heavily influences emotions and one’s outlook on life and more than often ends up changing a person’s life in a major way. People experiencing depression often feel sad every day and cry very often, making that too another daily routine. Even when participating in activities that used to bring joy, people begin to lose interest and begin secluding themselves from people and things they love. Depression still exists in the teen population and recently has begun increasing in numbers. Reports of depression in teenagers have shown different signs from those of adults. Physical complaints are very common in the younger crowd, including stomachaches and headaches. It also leads to or is in correlation with eating disorders or abnormality, social withdrawal, and of course, depressed mood. They may feel unenthusiastic about school and other activities. Their sleeping patterns become irregular and unhealthy, they may sleep more, but still feel an extreme lack of energy or enthusiasm. Elderly people with depression usually complain of physical rather than emotional …show more content…

People with depression may oversleep or sleep for fewer hours. Depression also influences one’s energy levels, regardless of the amount of sleep. Some depressed people may become nervous and easily agitated, pacing rapidly or constantly fidgeting. Many experience extreme lethargy, losing motivation and will to carry on. An incredibly common feeling is depression is the feeling of a burden too great. This may be standards of other people, social anxiety, or traumatic experiences. Depressed people may also have difficulty thinking, poor concentration, and problems with memory. The feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, guilt, and self-blame are those among the most commonly recorded. This leads to the major influence of depression on the world, suicidal thoughts and actions. At least fifteen percent of seriously depressed people commit suicide, successfully. In return, ninety percent of people who kill themselves have depression or a mental illness in relation to depression. In some severe cases, people with depression experience psychotic symptoms, including delusions and

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