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Essay on Homelessness in Ireland

Homelessness means more than just sleeping rough. Sleeping in hotels, hostels, on a friend’s couch is also included in the definition of homelessness which I will explain more about at the start of my essay. In this essay I am going to be discussing Homelessness in Ireland and within that topic I will be discussing the homeless crisis in Ireland, social housing and the housing first policy. I will be looking at statistics within homelessness, the HAP scheme and what it is, the causes of homelessness and solutions for homelessness.


The definition of homelessness can be split between three different types of homelessness, such as visible homelessness – these are people sleeping rough on the streets, hidden homelessness- people who are couch surfing and sleeping in emergency accommodation, and at risk of homelessness- these are people who have a house but who are at risk of losing it due to the economy (Focus Ireland, 2020).

The number of homeless people has risen drastically over the past 10 years. In late December 2019 there were 9,731 people homeless across Ireland and 3,442 of those are children. In 2011 a special census was done to see how many people in Ireland were homeless, this included hidden and visible homelessness. There were 3,808 people homeless in Ireland when the census took place (Census, 2011). Homelessness is more common in males than in females as males are more inclined not to ask for help or to admit that they are struggling. In the 2011 census statistics you can see that the percentage of men living rough or in accommodations is much higher that it is for women. There was 2,539 men were homeless where there was 1,269 women (Census, 2011). People who are homeless are more likely to have mental health problems and are more subjectable of getting an addiction problem. A homeless person’s average life expectancy is only forty years old which is half the life expectancy of somebody who isn’t homeless. Homeless people are 17 times more likely to be a victim of violence. One in three people who are sleeping rough on the streets have been a victim of violence (Crisis, 2020).

Causes of Homelessness

A lot of people become homeless due to not being able to pay their rent any more or being unable to afford any sort of accommodation as the costs of accommodation is rising and is unaffordable to a lot of people. People end up sleeping rough due to unemployment, poverty, or marriages breaking down. Some people after they leave the army, care, or prison have nowhere to go when they get out or leave so they end up having to sleep on the street. For women who end up on the streets there is a high chance it has happens due to escaping a toxic or abusive relationship (Crisis, 2020).

Housing First Policy

The housing first model was conceived in 1992 as a response to people with mental health issues who were living on the streets. The target group for this model is people who have been sleeping rough or who have been using emergency accommodation for a long period of time, who have mental health and addiction needs. Housing first offers the provision of affordable and permanent accommodation (Rebuilding Ireland, 2018). They try to do this in the quickest way they can. Housing first will house the person who needs it the most first. They don’t have to be in remission or sober to be given a house. The housing first policy looks at who is in need of a house and who needs it the most. If a person in housing needs mental health or addiction services to help them, they will be provided with the necessary services after they have been placed (Rebuilding Ireland, 2018).

Housing First Europe Hub

The EU housing first hub is a network of organizations, foundations, and public authorities who are working to scale up housing first around the EU. The hub was established in Finland by a group called the Y-foundation in December 1985. It was also founded by the FEANTSA (European Federation of National Organizations Working with Homeless People), along with more than 15 partners in July 2016. There are four organizations in Ireland involved in the housing first EU, these include, Focus Ireland, The Simon Community, DePual and Respond (Housing First Europe Hub, 2020).

Organizations within the Homeless Sector

Focus Ireland is an organization who tries help families or individuals experiencing homelessness, and if someone is already experiencing homelessness, they provide the best supports possible for that individual or family. It will also help families and individuals from ever having to experience homelessness again (Focus Ireland, 2018).

irish essay on homelessness

The Simon Community provides medium and high supports for homeless people who are unable to live independently on their own. They also provide independent accommodation for families, couples, and also individuals. The Simon Community provide lots of services such as addiction aftercare, alcohol detox, counselling services, Residential Stabilization Respite and much more (Dublin Simon Community, 2020). They do their best to hep as many homeless people or families as they can and they do a lot of fundraising for homeless such as sleep outs, runs, and charity shops.

DePaul is a charity who supports couples, families, and individuals experiencing homelessness. Their mission is to end homelessness and to change the lives of people who have been affected by homelessness. According to DePaul they have helped 4000 people in the past year. There are five main sectors within DePaul, these include, families and young people, health and rehabilitation, housing, high support accommodation and prevention (, 2020).

Social Housing is for people who can’t afford their own accommodation. The housing is allocated based on the needs of the family or individual and the rent rate is based on the ability on being able to pay it. For people to be able to qualify for a social house the must need a social house and be eligible for one. You will only be assessed for a social house if the authority believes you are eligible for one meaning you are at need of one and meet the criteria.

Eligibility for Social Housing

There are three maximum thresholds that apply to different housing authorities. Every county in Ireland has a different threshold and there are also different thresholds for if you are applying for social housing alone or if you are applying with a family. There are three different bands in which a person can fall into. The bands are the maximum amount of income a single individual in a single household can earn. There is an allowance of 2.5% extra per child in the house and 5% per extra adult in the house hold, e.g band one for a single individual is €35,000, with one child it would be an additional €875 because of the 2.5% added on (The Irish Government, 2016).

HAP stands for Housing Assistant Payments. HAP is provided by all local authorities and it is a social housing support scheme. HAP means that anyone that qualifies for social housing assistance can be supported by the local authorities; this also includes Rent Supplement recipients (Housing Assistance Payment, n.d.) HAP aims to let their tenants keep their housing supports while still working full time and allow all social housing supports to be accessed through one body which would be the local authority. Anyone who hasn’t been housed by their own local authority and who qualifies for social housing support can apply for HAP.

How Does HAP Work

HAP tenants must find their own accommodation within the private rented market themselves after they have qualified for the HAP scheme and have been put on the local authority housing waiting list. After they have found their own property the landlord of that property must agree to rent it out to the HAP tenant. The local authority will make a monthly payment to the landlord which will be on the last Wednesday of every month. The payment is subject to terms and conditions including rent limits, and that the HAP tenant pays their rent contribution to the local authority. The rent contributions are usually made through the An Post’s household budget scheme. If the HAP tenant stops paying their rent contribution, then HAP will suspend their payments to the landlords and will eventually stop the payments all together. If this happens then the tenant will be fully responsible in paying their own rent (Housing Assistance Payment, n.d.).

In conclusion I have discussed that there are three different types of homelessness, hidden homelessness, visible homelessness and at risk of homelessness. That in 2019 there were 9,731 people homeless across Ireland which is a huge number and is a number that needs to be decreased drastically. There are more men on the streets or in emergency accommodation than there are women. There are many reasons for homelessness in Ireland such as divorce, alcohol abuse, addiction and much more. The housing first policy helps many people find homes and they don’t care if you are suffering from addiction or have mental health issues. They give their houses to the people who need them the most first which are important. They provide services for people who are suffering from addiction or who need mental health services after they have been housed. There are many organizations in Ireland such as Focus Ireland and DePaul, who are involved in helping the homeless and who do great work such as charity events etc. I also discussed social housing which is for people who can’t afford their own house or rent. They can get this through the HAP scheme or their local authority but they must be eligible for social housing. Homelessness is one of the biggest crises in Ireland and there is a lot that needs to be done to fix it and it will take years. I don’t think it will ever be one hundred percent fixed but I think if the government work hard and if everyone can do what they can to help the cause then a big difference could be made in a few years. A lot of young people voted Sinn Fein this year in the election as they promised to lower costs of housing and rents and to build 100,000 new houses over the next five years (, 2020).


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irish essay on homelessness

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Irish Homelessness Essay Example

Homelessness is a problem of Irish individuals, which includes personal and structural factors contributing to an individual becoming homeless. In Ireland, over the years, the government has tried to address the causes of homelessness with various strategies.

It has become necessary to review the implementation of all such acts and the impact of such interferences on the homeless problem. Though it is difficult to research homelessness causes still students can take help from the solutions for the homeless in Ireland. However, if the students fail to prepare a knowledgeable essay paper then they can take help from expert assignment makers of Ireland.

 Irish Homelessness Essay Example on Housing

Leaving state care such as psychiatric hospitals without any safeguards is a bigger factor in an individual becoming homeless.  Focus Ireland, a leading voluntary organization divided homelessness into three broad categories namely; the hidden homeless, the visible homeless, and those at high risk of homelessness.

People who are at high risk of homeless are those who have housing but due to economic difficulties may become homeless. The students can ask can you write my essay on homelessness in Ireland to the team of trained assignment writers.

What are the major causes of Irish homelessness?

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How the pandemic leads to an increase in homelessness in Ireland?

To overcome the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic , social distancing is a must. However, for thousands of people living in refuges or emergency homeless accommodation, maintaining social distance is not easy.

Homelessness in Ireland statistics 2020 shows a rapid increase due to the impact of the pandemic. A more radical approach is required to overcome the major causes and factors contributing to homelessness in Ireland.

Homeless in Ireland 2019, figures show around 10,338 people were homeless and currently, the cases are far much higher. To achieve the major objectives of providing appropriate accommodation to inefficient numbers and reducing social housing, it is essential to establish critical strategies. The Irish government must pursue efficient proposals in 2020 to eliminate Irish homelessness and promote housing to people.

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Sample essay on Irish homelessness

Title: Is there any solution to homelessness in Ireland? With the increase in the homeless problems, focusing on critical solutions is quite difficult. Successive governments have failed to help homeless people in Ireland. The services provided by Focus Ireland are becoming stretched beyond the bounded capacity still; a number of people are sleeping on the streets. With the affordable rents and ease to pay conditions can overcome homelessness in Ireland compared to other countries. The topmost approach is to provide homeless people with shelter and support some housing projects.

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irish essay on homelessness

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Homelessness in Ireland

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What is Homelessness

The Housing Act 1988 defines a homeless person as somebody who has no reasonable accommodation to live in or lives in a hospital, institution or night shelter because of a lack of home.

Human Dignity Issue

Shelter is a basic human need, yet throughout the word there a people looking for a place to live with dignity. Being homeless is more than just not having a roof over your head – it usually means that a person’s security and belongings needs are also not met.

You can become homeless for many different reasons. These could include:

* Being evicted * Losing your job * Health problems * A disaster such as fire or flooding

In 2009 there were up to 4,000 people reported to be homeless. 800 of them were children and two hundred of these children were under the age of 12.

Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, designed a pyramid to explain the basic needs required to protect human dignity. In this pyramid he not only names shelter as a basic human need but also names the need for security.

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Security needs include the need to be safe and protected when if homeless, is broken. To protect human dignity the local authorities have to take action.

Duties of Local Authorities towards Homeless People

While the 1988 Act does not impose a duty on housing authorities to provide housing to people who are homeless, it does clearly give responsibility to the local authorities to consider the needs of homeless people and expands their powers to respond to those needs.

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For example authorities may house homeless people from their own housing stock or through arrangement with a voluntary body. (Simon Community, St Vincent de Paul) The Act also enables the local authority to provide a homeless person with money to source accommodation in a non -governmental institution. In addition to the provisions relating to direct responses to people presenting as homeless, Section 10 of The Act enables local authorities to provide funding to voluntary bodies for the provision of emergency accommodation and long term housing for people who are homeless.

The 1988 Act requires that local authorities carry out recurrent assessments of the number of people who are homeless in their administrative area, as part of their housing needs assessment. The Health Service Executive (HSE) has responsibility for the health and in-house care needs of homeless people. In terms of funding, this means that local authorities are responsible for the costs of providing accommodation while the HSE Areas will provide funding for homeless persons’ care and welfare needs, including in-house care.

Making a Difference There are many charities and voluntary organisations towards homeless people in Ireland such as:

* Simon Community * The Salvation Army * St Vincent de Paul * Sonas Housing * The Peter McVerry Trust

One of the biggest in known charities is Focus Ireland. Focus Ireland is a non-profitable organisation made specifically to help homeless people.

Ireland, though a relatively modern country has many people, even children ‘sleep rough’ every night and it is our responsibility to help them.


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Homelessness in Ireland

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Homelessness and the right to housing

Introduction, the right to housing, who is responsible for housing homeless people, housing policy, monitoring homelessness levels, further information.

Under the Housing Act 1988 you are considered homeless if one of the following applies to you:

In general, you may be considered homeless if you are:

Our document on housing and other supports for homeless people describes the services and supports that are available for homeless people. We also have a document that lists a number of agencies and organisations that provide services to people who are homeless as well as one that describes the particular arrangements for young people who are homeless .

There is no legally protected right to adequate shelter and housing In Ireland. However, local authorities have a responsibility to provide housing for adults who cannot afford it themselves, and Tusla must provide accommodation for children who are homeless or in need of care.

While local authorities do not have a statutory obligation to house people, they do have general responsibility under the Housing Act 1988 to provide housing for adults who cannot afford to provide it for themselves. They may help with accommodation either by providing housing directly or through arrangements with voluntary housing organisations and other voluntary bodies. They may also provide funding to voluntary bodies for emergency accommodation and for long-term housing for homeless people.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) has general responsibility for the health and in-house care needs of homeless people. In terms of funding, this means that local authorities are responsible for the costs of providing accommodation while the HSE provides funding for the care and welfare needs of homeless people, including in-house care.

Tusla (the Child and Family Agency) has responsibility under the Child Care Act 1991 for providing accommodation for children under the age of 18 who are homeless or in need of care. It may also provide aftercare facilities for young people aged over 18. Read more in our document on youth homelessness .

The government’s policy on homelessness is based on a housing-led approach. It aims to secure long-term housing for people who are homeless, with additional social supports if necessary. This policy is covered in a number of different plans and policies, see for more information.

The number of people who are homeless is monitored to ensure there are sufficient homeless services and to help develop housing policy. This is done in a number of ways:

In Dublin, the Dublin Region Homeless Executive is responsible for the co-ordination of services for homeless people. In Cork, the Cork City Homeless Forum has produced a guide to homeless services in Cork .

Focus Ireland lists the latest homelessness figures on the Focus Ireland website .

Read more about homelessness on the website of the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage .

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You can also contact your local Citizens Information Centre .

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Homelessness Irish essay

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irish essay on homelessness

Essay On Homelessness In Ireland

Public opinion on homelessness.

Public opinion and the media have the ability to influence the creation and implementation of homelessness policies due to the fact that “homelessness” encompasses such a vast area of policy domain related to social welfare. Similarly, the policy communities that can come about in support of this topic are numerous and can involve proponents of topics related to “poverty, lack of affordable housing, mental health and substance abuse disorders, and ability of individuals to cope with these factors” (O’Connell, 2003, p. 159). Birkland describes this concept as the interactions between actors in the policy process and subtly assumes that this can expedite and advance policy proposals.

The Homeless Population

Exploring the relationship between homelessness and health shows different types of connections. Some health problems are experienced before an individual becomes homeless and may later contribute to the difficulty in finding appropriate housing whereas other health issues are a consequence of homelessness. It also causes difficulties in finding appropriate treatment for illnesses. (Homelessness, health, and human needs, 1988) Homeless individuals are

Homeless Youth: A Case Study

Homelessness among adolescents in California is a prevalent public health issue. Many of these youth are without a home because of a variety of reasons including altercations with their guardians, abuse, PTSD or a combination of these and other issues. Being homeless in of itself is a health concern but a majority of the youth on the streets also face additional health concerns. Some of these health concerns include substance abuse, high risk of HIV, and PTSD from trauma. Homeless adolescents in California face a variety of health concerns, identifying and being aware of these issues is a public health priority.

Structural Functionalism And Homelessness

In the United States homelessness has been a substantial problem for decades. The reason for homelessness is greatly debated especially

A Rhetorical Analysis: The Effects Of Homelessness On Society

The article utilizes logos in order to prove that when actions are taken to reduce homelessness, society can see improvements within many different aspects of functionality. The article evaluates how homelessness functions in the world of healthcare, moral and ethical situations, incarceration, local economies and tourism, and within shelters or supportive housing. Through this, the article gives the topic exigence and shows the audience what’s ‘in it for them’. (SHOW

Solutions To Homelessness In America

The issue of homelessness in America is controversial because Americans have different views on the causes, conditions, and solutions to homelessness. Advocates for the homeless cite economic problems, a limited supply of affordable housing, and domestic violence as the main causes of homelessness, while opponents vehemently contend that homelessness in America is due solely to a lack of personal industry. Nevertheless opponents and advocates for the homeless are in agreement on the conditions of homelessness, but the solutions to homelessness are vigorously debated by both groups. Opponents cite personal responsibility (a steady job) as the main solution to homelessness, while advocates for the homeless cite a steady, well-paying job, and

The Epidemic Of Homelessness In America

According to the National Coalition for the Homelessness, approximately 3.5 million people experience homelessness in a given year. Over 500,000 people were recorded homeless in the United States in 2015. In just our 5 months into 2016, we have already doubled that number. There 's now well over 100 million homeless people in the US. Roughly 300,000 of those people are children. Homelessness alters people 's lives in many ways. It is an epidemic that is beginning to spread into the industrialized countries. “The world of the homeless is a tough and interesting world.” says actor Paul Dano.

Essay On Homelessness In America

The issue of homelessness in America has been evident since the early 1600’s. Across the country men, women and children spend their nights on the streets not knowing when or if they will ever find a permanent home. States and federal officials or city councils have tried to alleviate or at least reduce the number of homeless over the last several decades at a city, state or national level but it continues to be an ongoing problem. There is a multitude of factors that account for the growing homeless population that affects each state in the country differently. Though there are many contributing factors that contribute to the amount of people living on the street at any given night in the U.S. An effective way to address the problem of homelessness in America is to continue creating affordable housing, maintaining assistance programs, and continue creating workforce

The Homeless: Common Perception Of Homelessness

The issue of contemporary homelessness has took a huge shift from the common perception of homeless people. I am witnessing a shift from the image of ‘homelessness’ being a physically dirty, pan handling, poor, uneducated individual who does not have a physical home for shelter. Initially, I failed to recognize that ‘homelessness’ can be a temporary state on can live in. Not all homeless people are homeless by “choice”, sometimes people are homeless by “force”. Events such as natural disasters or even death of a parent/spouse are uncontrolled

Homeless Vulnerability

However, only an intensive attempt to guarantee jobs that manage a living wage, sufficient support for the people who are not capable of working, inexpensive housing, as well as access to healthcare will convey an end to homelessness. Poverty and homelessness are inextricably connected. Poor individuals are regularly not capable of paying for housing, childcare, food, healthcare, and education. Difficult alternatives have to be made at the time inadequate resources cover up merely a number of these necessities. On the other hand, lack of reasonable housing and the inadequate scale of housing aid programs contribute to the present housing crisis as well as to homelessness (De & Anderson,

Homelessness In Australia Case Study

The aim of this report was to investigate what disadvantages the homeless face in Australia, the steps that are taken by the government and other support groups to alleviate or eliminate these disadvantages and what still needs to be done in order to solve the homelessness epidemic in Australia.

Analysis Of Homelessness In Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

There are many circumstances that lead to homelessness. Homelessness has an issue in today’s society and is largely ignored. Everyplace you see around out urban society, parks and streets it is likely that you will witness a homeless person struggling to survive. Over the years, homelessness in the United States has become a dangerous social problem because of the choice made by a person, unemployment and lack of education, and addiction. In Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls explains how her parents led them to live a homeless life. Homelessness is something that we as a community need to address and get rid of completely.

Homeless In America Research Paper

“1 out of every 100 persons in Europe- or approximately 3 million people [are] homeless,” (Blair 21) states Cornelia Blair, the author of Homeless in America. Not only is this number extremely high, it only accounts to one country; Imagine the number across all 136 countries scattered across the Earth. And the homeless population is constantly on the rise, creating a fear for many who live dangerously close to losing everything. Homelessness is a predicament that affects all people, old and young, and can last from as little as a few days to as long as the rest of their lives. It is a serious problem caused by low income, domestic violence and abuse, and lack of Veteran care, but can be amended by child sponsorships, help from the government,

Homelessness In America

We call America, The Land of Opportunity. A phrase used to suggest that this is a place of many possibilities for people to earn a prosperous living. So why is there still a remarkable amount of homeless people living in the United States? Many people are enjoying the greater wealth and higher earnings in todays world. Unemployment rates are reported to be low and many are making profitable investments in today’s society Yet, it is still estimated that there are 3.5 million people in the United States who would fall under the category of homeless each year. (Alter, Stile, Doherty, Greenberg, pg. 3) Homelessness is a major issue and yet many of us don't even realize it. Society often misinterprets the cause of homelessness.

The Struggle Of Homelessness

This says that homeless people must progress through a continuum before they can become secure in their environment. In this experiment residents enter an emergency facility and complete the extensive work available there then they proceed to housing and complete the emotional/educational work required there, and then they move onto permanent housing that provides additional securing services. The process ends with these people becoming fully self-sufficient and being able to afford available housing. This shows how homeless find housing first, with support services offered at different times. This indicates that housing, in and of itself, provides stability. The Continuum of the Housing espouses that support services are helpful for long-term self-sufficiency, but are not initially crucial. “HomeAid chapters build and donate shelters to charities that understand the needs of their local homeless population and employ the model that best works for them and their

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Essays About Homelessness: Top 8 Examples Plus Prompts

Everyone has heard of homeless people at some point in their lives; if you are writing essays about homelessness, read our top essay examples and prompts.

Poverty is one of the greatest evils in the world. Its effects are seen daily, from people begging on the streets to stealing to support their families. But unfortunately, one of the most prominent and upsetting diversity is homelessness. Homelessness is a significant problem in even the most developed nations, including the U.S. and Canada. Despite all the resources used to fight this issue, countries often lack the means to reduce homelessness significantly. With the proper aid, homelessness can be entirely eradicated in the future. 

If you want to write essays about homelessness, keep reading to see our essay examples and helpful writing prompts.

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1. That Homeless Man is My Brother by Megan Regnerus

“But the subtext of my friend’s statement is really Why should I give money to someone who’s lazy; who isn’t willing to work for money like I do?’ And to that I say, her opinion that people who ask for money are freeloaders who could work but choose not to, is based on assumption. It relies on the notion that the two things that shape us into able-bodied adults who can hold down a regular job, nature and nurture, are level playing fields. And they’re not.”

Regnerus writes about a friend’s claim that the homeless are “lazy,” reminding her of her homeless brother. She cites genetics and circumstance as contributing factors to homelessness. Despite the other woman being her friend, Regnerus strongly refutes her belief that the homeless are non-disabled freeloaders- they should be treated with empathy.  

2. A journey with the homeless by Sujata Jena

“I realize that the situation of poverty and homelessness is a huge social problem around the world. But when I meet them, I face fellow human beings, not some abstract “social problem.” The very phrase, “What would Jesus do at this scene?” haunted me.  I ventured to ask their names, age, where they came from, where they live (street, bridges, cemetery) and the reason they are on the streets. Their stories are poignant. Each one has a unique story to tell about his/her reason to be homeless, how they were forced to leave distant rural villages to live on the city streets. I tried to listen to them with empathy.”

In her essay, Jena remembers the homeless people in Manila, Philippines. She can see them beyond some “aspect of society” as human beings. She empathizes with them extensively and recalls the words of Jesus Christ about loving others, particularly the neediest.

3. I Chose to be Homeless: Reflections on the Homeless Challenge by Emily Kvalheim

“I, too, have not been compassionate enough, and I have allowed my prejudices to distort my view of the homeless. One woman, who sat across from me at a feeding program, talking to herself erratically, may have seemed strange to me before the Homeless Challenge. But when I really saw myself as her equal, and when I took the time to watch her get up and laugh as she danced to the music playing in the background, I thought she was beautiful. She had found her own happiness, amidst despair.”

Kvalheim details her experiences during an immersion challenge with the homeless. She recalls both the discrimination and generosity she experienced and her experiences with other homeless people. She was amazed to see how they could stay positive despite their terrible circumstances. We should be thankful for what we have and use it to help others in need. 

4. My Experience Being Homeless by Scott Benner

“As my funds dwindled, and the weather got colder, I sought shelter at Father Bill’s in Quincy Ma. When you are homeless, sometimes very small things mean a lot. A dry pair of socks, shoes without holes, a pocketful of change. You begin to realize how much you value your personal space. You begin to realize other people want space too. A lot of people have issues or have suffered in one way or another and you can see their pain. I think that there are people who for a variety of issue are chronically homeless and a larger portion of homeless are transitioning through a series of bad events.”

Benner’s essay, written for the company ArtLifting, reflects on his experience of being homeless for a brief while. Then, he and his wife grew ill, and Benner sought refuge at a homeless shelter after his company shut down. After that, he realized how his struggles were very different from those of others and the value of the more minor things he previously took for granted. Luckily, he escaped homelessness by making art with the help of ArtLifting. 

5. What People Get Wrong When They Try to End Homelessness by James Abro

“The court denied my sister’s request and named me our mother’s legal guardian, but it appointed my sister as guardian of her property.  In 2009, when my mother passed away, my sister evicted me. The day I was scheduled to move out, I stood in a convenience store, dazed, as I stared at microwaveable meals.  These would be my new staple when I moved into the motel room. My phone rang—my sister.  She told me she needed me out of the house in a couple of hours—she was a real estate agent and a client wanted to see the house. ‘No hard feelings,’ she said.”

Similar to Benner, Abro narrates the circumstances surrounding his homelessness. After his mother’s death and a conflict with his sister led to his eviction, he ended up homeless. While his situation was unfortunate, he believes that there are many people worse off than him and that something must change to address the housing and poverty crises in America.

Top 5 Prompts On Essays about Homelessness

1. causes of homelessness .

Essays about Homelessness: Causes of homelessness

For your essay, it would be interesting to write about how people become homeless in the first place. Research the different causes of homelessness and elaborate on them, and be sure to provide sources such as statistics and anecdotes. 

2. How Can Homelessness Be Reduced?

What solutions to homelessness can you think of? In your essay, propose at least one way you think the homelessness problem can be solved or at least reduced. It must be concrete, realistic, and defensible; be sure to explain your solution well and defend its feasibility, backing up your claims with facts and logic. 

3. Mental Illness and Homelessness

Homelessness and mental health can be linked—research into declining mental health and how homelessness can impact a person’s mental well-being. Make sure to use research data and statistics to show your findings. Conclude whether poor mental health can cause homelessness or if homelessness causes poor mental health.

4. Reflection on Homelessness

You can write about what homelessness means to you in your essay. Perhaps you’ve heard stories of homeless people, or maybe you know someone who is or has been homeless. Use this essay to highly the effects of homelessness and how we can work together as a society to eradicate it.

5. Is Homelessness a “Personal Problem?”

Many say that homeless people “choose to be homeless” and are underachievers; otherwise, they would simply “get a job” and lift themselves out of poverty. Is this true? Research this topic and decide on your stance. Then, write about whether you agree with this topic for a compelling argumentative essay.

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