how to write an essay about pollution

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how to write an essay about pollution

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how to write an essay about pollution

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how to write an essay about pollution

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Essay on Pollution

As the world embraced urbanization, mother nature witnessed the greener lands getting transformed into modern cities and metropolises. What followed is a trail of natural disasters signalling that something is wrong with the planet earth. Pollution is increasingly asked under the writing section in school and college tests as well as competitive exams . This is because it is a relevant environmental issue today. This blog aims to help you with the necessary knowledge as well as tips and tricks to draft a well-written essay on pollution.

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What is Pollution?

Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. These materials are called pollutants. They can be created by human activity like trash and natural like volcanic ash. Pollutants damage the quality of water, air and land. Pollution is a global problem. Air and water carry pollution into the ocean currents and migrating fish. Pollution is among the many things that harm our planet- once greener and healthier than it is now. Pollution is a dangerous phenomenon that is contributing to an array of health issues.

Types of Pollution

In simple terms, pollution is defined as the contamination of the physical and biological constituents in the earth’s atmosphere. It affects human life and the natural environment to a very great extent. It degrades our natural resources, from the water we drink to the air we breathe. While writing an essay on Pollution, you must mention the major four types of pollution which are as follows:

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Causes and Health Effects of Pollution

You can include various causes and health effects in your essay on Pollution from the following table:-

Add the causes and effects in your essay on Pollution depending upon the word limit allowed to you.

Format for Essay on Pollution

Before writing an essay on Pollution, students must be familiarised with the format of essay writing. The key elements of the essay format are Introduction, Body of Content and Conclusion. Take a look at the following paragraphs which delve deeper into the details of these features as per a 200-250 word essay:

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Sample Essay on Pollution in 250- 300 Words

The biggest threat plant earth is facing is pollution. Unwanted substances leave a negative impact once released into an environment. There are four types of pollution air, water, land, and noise. Pollution affects the quality of life more than any human can imagine. Due to air pollution, even teenage kids have developed various respiratory diseases. Water pollution has led to diseases in children. The waste we humans dump on the land or chemical fertilisers which are put on the land for agricultural purposes causes land/ soil pollution. If the soil quality gets deteriorated due to such practices, the soil will become infertile and no crops could be grown in future. The government has launched various schemes over the years to fight pollution but individual efforts can also play a vital role. Start by replacing plastic bags for shopping with cloth bags, stop littering on roads and stop wasting water are some of the basic things to start with that can lead to big changes in the environment.

Sample Essay on Pollution in 300-350 Words

One of the most critical threats faced by our planet in the present day scenario. Environmental pollution is a global issue affecting people around the world. It is occurring in different forms, whether by affecting the air we breathe or the water resources we utilise for several purposes. Air pollution came into being with an increase in the level of carbon dioxide, with the increase in pollutants which are contaminating the air and causing breathing discomfort as well as skin diseases to human beings. Talking about the other aspect, there is no life without water. The water bodies are polluting and becoming unsafe for drinking or any other use because of industrial development, rapid urbanisation and various other reasons. Due to air pollution, diseases that can occur to human beings are asthma, various skin diseases, cancer, etc. Therefore, it is the essential need of the hour to take serious steps to reduce pollution to its core. At a personal level, we can minimise environmental pollution by taking public transport or carpools to reduce vehicular smoke, avoiding firecrackers at festivals and celebrations can also cut down on air and noise pollution, not using fertilisers and pesticides which can cause both water and soil pollution, and switching over to organic farming. The government can also bring strict rules and regulations to lessen industrial pollution.  To sum up, any type of pollution is harmful to the environment with serious consequences like global warming, uneven climatic changes, etc. Due to our greediness and illegal human activities, the innocent lives of animals are lost. The time has come to join our hands and work towards preserving and protecting the environment for the present as well as future generations.

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Tips on How to Write an Essay on Pollution

Before you start writing your essay on Pollution, make a note of the following things:-

How to Reduce or Prevent Pollution?

Everyone has a responsibility to take action to prevent pollution after learning about its negative impacts. Every preventive measure that can be taken to lessen pollution should be known to us. For example, to reduce air pollution, we should refrain from lighting fireworks during festivals, take public transportation or carpool, limit the use of loudspeakers, and reduce noise pollution by honking in public. This circumstance should always be on our minds so that we can respond appropriately. In the beginning, it is up to us to exercise caution and to raise awareness among those around us. We should take environmentally beneficial measures, such as increasing tree planting, lowering plastic usage, utilising more sustainable household products, etc. Always keep in mind that every tiny action now will have a greater effect tomorrow when discussing global pollution.

Tips on Reducing Pollution

How Often Does an Essay on Pollution Come in School Exams?

In your school exams, an essay on Pollution will come in your English language paper. Environmental Science is a subject every school teaches so you can pick up some points from the chapters on Pollution and add them to your essay. An essay on Pollution is asked very often if not every year (with one or two other choices of topic) because of its significance in today’s world.

Hence, we hope the blog that this blog has assisted you in comprehending what an essay on pollution must include. If you are struggling with your career choices and need expert guidance, our Leverage Edu mentors are here to guide you at any point of your academic and professional journey thus ensuring that you take informed steps towards your dream career.

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how to write an essay about pollution

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how to write an essay about pollution

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how to write an essay about pollution

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how to write an essay about pollution

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how to write an essay about pollution

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how to write an essay about pollution

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How to Write Essay on Pollution

How to Write Essay on Pollution? Examples and Topics

Does your heart sink a little at the thought of having to compose a pollution essay for the midterms? There is no need to hit the panic button just yet. If you have too much on your plate and if you do not know how to compose an essay on pollution, then this post can be of great help.

We have compiled the ultimate guide to help you compose an impressive pollution essay, and have handpicked some of the most compelling topics prompts to get you started right away. You will also find some useful Assignment Writer tips for your pollution essay that will hone your writing skills and help you to turn in an impeccable essay that fetches excellent scores in the midterms.

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Great Topic Prompts for Pollution Essays

For selecting a topic to write your pollution essay, you need to narrow your perspectives. Think carefully and pick any one of the areas within the broad spectrum of pollution, and then conduct a bit of background study on the same. You will be able to uncover the nuances and details of the concepts that will help you to choose a topic with ease.

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In case you have trouble choosing a topic for your pollution essay, here are a few prompts to get you thinking in the right direction.

Topics for Air Pollution Essay

Air pollution levels across the world – a study of alarming global conditions

A study of air pollution-induced diseases in current times

How can one reduce air pollution?

A brief overview of acid rain in an area of your choice

Causes and effects of air pollution in a country of your choice

Topics for Water Pollution Essay

Topics for Environmental Pollution Essay

Topics for Noise Pollution Essay

Topics for an Essay on Pollution Factors

How to prevent pollution – an essay on lifestyle and policy measures

Negative effects of pollution – an essay on the impact of pollution on soil, air, and environment

A legal study of pollution control all over the globe

Analyzing the pollution control and prevention policies of a country of your choice

How pollution is contributing to the decline in global health standards

Writing an essay on pollution or related topics is pretty relevant in modern times. However, not many know how to compose one perfectly. From learning how to structure it well to top it off with a fantastic conclusion, writing an essay on pollution is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are a few of the most essential techniques to write an essay on pollution.

Know the structure

First things first. You will need a thorough knowledge of your essay structure when writing an essay on pollution. Structuring your essay is essential for it helps to convey your thoughts coherently to the readers. Paragraphs containing arguments and examples, tables, graphs, and bulleted lists always bring out the tone of the essay a whole lot better than drab, plain text formats. Suppose you are writing a “how to reduce air pollution” essay, then here is how you can structure it.

Introduction: an air pollution essay introduction must have a hook sentence, describe the topic briefly, and may start with a quote or anecdote to draw in the readers

Body paragraph 1: the first body paragraph must start with a topic sentence, and elaborate on that idea further. End with a linking sentence to the next paragraph

Body paragraph 2: the second body paragraph should also start with a topic sentence and end with a linking sentence

Body paragraph 3 : the final body paragraph (you can use more than three if the topic is too complex or lengthy) must also contain a single topic sentence, supporting evidence of your argument, and end with a linking sentence

Conclusion : must have a brief summary of the topic in your air pollution essay conclusion along with a compelling call to action for the readers

Prepare an outline

After you have an idea about how your essay should look once you finish it, it is time to decide what goes where. You have collected all the information, gathered the relevant examples and formed an idea about how to start and end your essay. Now you have to prepare the outline for your essay. Preparing an outline is all about knowing which arguments to present. Take a blank piece of paper or Word doc and write down all the ideas and examples that you have collected. Next, sequence the arguments as per the level of relevance to the topic. Start with the least important argument and end with the most compelling one. The outline can serve as the draft on which you build your essay.

Chunk up the task

If writing the entire essay at one is too much for you (and it should, given the complexity and vastness of the topic), then chunk it up into manageable portions. Schedule your writing tasks in such a way that you get to write a bit every day. This ensures two very essential things. Firstly, you manage to stick to the schedule and end up finishing the essay much earlier than you had planned. Secondly, you will not feel overwhelmed by the pressure of having to finish the essay in one go. Helping you tackle all essays with ease, chunking up is a great technique that you can use for other tasks.

Check for the flow and tone

When you are done composing the essay, you have to be careful with the tone and flow of the arguments. At the pre-editing stage, you should read your essay thoroughly. You need to be on the lookout for disparities in arguments and logical flaws in your essay. Check if there are topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph and whether each of them ends with a continuation sentence that takes the flow of the essay to the next paragraph. You should also be checking whether the tone of the essay is suited to your academic pursuit. If you are writing for your professors, you need to assume a different tone than that of presenting your essay at a seminar.

Revise and edit with care

Never turn in essays without giving them a final round of revisions and editing. Most professors and eminent academicians are of the opinion that the editing and proofreading bit in your entire essay writing task is of utmost importance. It is through this stage that your essays get another chance at becoming way better than they initially were. Edit and proofread with patience and care, and you will know how to turn in a brilliant essay. If you have written a “causes of pollution” essay, check if you have included all the crucial elements in your essay and whether all the major causes of pollution like deforestation and industrialisation have been mentioned.

Summing It Up

Whether you need help with writing a stellar pollution essay introduction or have no clue about how to write an impressive pollution essay conclusion, then you can benefit loads from this post. Use the tips discussed in this post when you need help with a pollution essay, and you will surely come up with a brilliant one all by yourself. Keep practising your writing skills and read up all you can on the topics so that you can use them in your pollution essay. Take a cue from the topics mentioned above to create an essay on pollution that leaves your professors and peers in awe of your analytical and writing skills. Good luck with your essay writing tasks!

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how to write an essay about pollution

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how to write an essay about pollution

23 Hot & Evergreen Environment Essay Topics to Write About in 2023

how to write an essay about pollution

Topics for an Essay on the Environment in the Climate Change Context

This cluster of topics deals with the most debatable aspect of environmental issues – global climate change. If you yearn to craft an extended ‘how to save the environment’ essay, you should find a relevant topic right here.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is used across multiple industries, with more or less success. While the range of technology application extends by leaps and bounds, people are still struggling to realize the full potential of AI and how to use it at maximum efficiency. As many experts predict the next AI quantum leap in the nearest future, you could elaborate on how current and prospective AI capabilities can help humans maintain sustainable development and find ways to adapt to intensifying climate change.

The greenhouse gas issue has been discussed for years, and various emission-reducing measures have been taken, but unfortunately, they only have temporary and limited effects. As of today, no viable solution is in sight. While scientists are looking for ways to avoid catastrophic levels of global warming, you might want to write an essay about how countries and international organizations can improve the control efficiency of the already implemented measures, as violating them is a global problem.

The question of whether an individual or small-collective effort to reduce the carbon footprint has an impact – if any – on preventing or minimizing global climate change is always interesting to discuss. It also has so many aspects that students should easily find an individual yet compelling angle to the issue that will echo in many souls. One of such angles is actually measuring a particular individual’s carbon footprint in order to then reduce it more effectively.

Contrary to the previous carbon-related topic, this one fits great not for individuals but for entire industries. Capturing carbon directly from the air is today absolutely cost-ineffective; however, this is virtually the only perspective method of reducing the amount of this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and turning it into useful products like polyurethane or synthetic fuel. There are plenty of interesting things one might be able to write even in a short essay on environment protection through inventing cheaper and more efficient ways to capture and store carbon.

As countries around the world experience the impacts of climate change, understanding how it affects global economics is essential. The thing is, due to ever-increasing globalization, climate-related issues or solutions applied in one part of the world can affect the supply chains or final products on another side of the planet. Also, this essay could discuss how extreme weather events, changing precipitation patterns, and other environmental factors can impact various economic sectors, i.e., agriculture and energy systems, to name a few.

Urban Environment Pollution Essay Topics

Urban spaces with industrial enterprises are one of the major sources of environmental pollution. Taking this into account, you can consider writing a protect environment essay on one of the topics highlighted below.

Air pollution can have devastating consequences for human health and local ecosystems, especially in developing countries that use primarily fossil fuels across industries. Hence, it is vital to implement effective prevention measures to reduce emissions from plants and vehicles where possible. This topic could discuss possible strategies that governments may consider in order to reduce air pollution levels in their respective countries or regions.

In recent years, green building has become quite popular not only among private homeowners but also urbanists and industrial architects. Erecting separate buildings, entire blocks or communities, and plants that are environment-friendly might be the solution to many problems of modern cities (for example, the above-mentioned air pollution issue) and also a way to partially fight worldwide deforestation. As a result, there are lots of aspects to this topic you can elaborate on and craft an outstanding piece.

Improper waste management may cause severe pollution of urban spaces, potentially posing health risks to cities’ inhabitants. In case you decide to write an essay about this issue, you can discuss existing waste management systems available globally (landfills, incinerators, recycling centers), as well as emerging technologies like plasma gasification or conversion, etc. Apparently, the piece should focus on developing eco-friendly solutions aiming at reducing human-produced waste.

To bring about a healthier planet, we need to be able to monitor and measure ongoing processes. Technology has made it possible with distributed networked sensors that give us real-time data about the environment, be it vast ocean spaces or cities. When writing about environmental sensors, you can describe how they help track pollutants and acidification levels in air and water, reduce waste by tracking water and energy usage within buildings and enable greater sustainability more than ever before.

Essay Topics About the Environment & Economics

Whether we want it or not, the environment and economics are closely tied. In the context of coming up with an interesting and current environmental essay topic, this provides a wide pool of ideas to develop into a full-fledged paper.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today, and understanding its economics is essential for finding solutions. This topic could analyze how different countries have responded financially to climate change mitigation efforts and what new strategies might be developed in order to better address the issue in the future.

With the global shift to renewable energy sources, the economy faces yet another challenge. The thing is, present-day energy storage solutions (i.e., lithium-ion batteries) are great for the short term. But what about longer stretches when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind dies down? Students interested in this aspect of environmental protection and sustainable development can write about prospective methods of long-term energy storage, like molten salt, thermal batteries, integrating solar and wind power production with innovative storage solutions, etc. If these technologies can be perfected, we could wave goodbye to astronomical power prices and enjoy a more sustainable global economy.

Organic farming involves using natural methods without chemicals or genetic modification and contributes greatly to environmental protection. Using new technology – for example, drones – to help improve “the old farming ways” can be an extremely engaging and fruitful topic for an environmental essay.

Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases – and about a quarter of its global emission is attributed to agriculture. An essay about methane should discuss improving the technologies (i.e., scrubbers and biodigesters) used to capture emissions from cow farms. It should also cover emerging practices such as composting organic waste.

Graphene is the latest revolution in planet-saving materials, and it’s much more than just a trend. Just one atom thick yet stronger than steel and thinner than paper, graphene has incredible conductive powers that can be applied to water filtration systems and superconductors for transferring energy with minimal loss over long distances, to name a few. This revolutionary material could prove to be the keystone of revamping Earth into a sustainable home.

Topics for Essays About Water Consumption & Preservation

Water is the source of life on Earth. However, if humankind doesn’t take care of this precious resource, it could beshrew all living creatures on the planet. The importance of water for the environment gives you plenty of topics to write about in the forthcoming year.

Increased ocean acidification results from high concentrations of carbon dioxide, which gets absorbed into the water. This effect can have far-reaching consequences not only for marine life but also for humanity as a whole since oceans play a crucial role in regulating temperatures on Earth. This topic could discuss potential solutions or ways to mitigate ocean acidification and its planetary-scale adverse impacts on the environment.

Freshwater scarcity is an increasingly pressing issue around the world due to growing populations consuming more than nature can sustainably produce. A paper on this topic could look at how different countries are addressing water scarcity issues through conservation efforts such as desalination plants or aquifer recharging systems.

As sea levels continue to rise in different parts of the world, this topic could explore ways affected communities are preparing for potential flooding by implementing adaptation strategies such as coastal defenses and mangrove reforestation efforts.

Around 70% of the world’s freshwater is used in agriculture, and this volume has to be reduced if humankind expects to survive in the already foreseeable future. Developing an essay on this topic could talk about capturing and storing water methods, drought-tolerant crops, dry farming, compost and mulch, and conservation tillage techniques.

Essay Topics About Renewable Energy Sources and Related Technologies

It is impossible to imagine how humankind can resolve looming global environmental issues without including renewable energy sources as a critical part of the solution. Due to the variety of existing sources, this segment offers multiple topic options, all of them being interesting, innovative, and potentially groundbreaking.

Renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power are today widespread and efficient enough to pose an alternative to fossil fuels. However, implementing each technology in real life has many nuances and technical complications. Hence, it might be really interesting to research the topic and estimate whether entirely switching to renewable energy sources from oil, coal, and natural gas by the end of the 21st century is reasonable.

Nuclear fusion has the potential to become a true game-changer in power generation. Based on fusing hydrogen into helium, this process is an incredible source of renewable energy that runs the Sun and is tried to be mimicked here on Earth. What makes this especially attractive is its zero-carbon emissions and no radioactive nuclear waste — two big environmental benefits we need more than ever before. You can delve into the details of this topic and explain to your readers how nuclear fusion can save the world for future generations.

Lately, hydrogen is becoming more and more important for power generation. This is directly connected with the development of renewable energy sources that are increasingly used to obtain hydrogen from water. Also, you can explore and write about the fact that hydrogen plays a crucial role in storing renewable energy. Overall, hydrogen usage in terms of environment, sustainable development, and energy transition offers many aspects you can craft your essay about.

The growth of solar energy has been extraordinary in recent decades, with solar cells now capable of producing more energy than ever. An essay about solar power may explore the advances in the technology – for example, solar glass – meant to increase its efficiency and broaden the sphere of its usage

We are now living in the electric vehicles boom era. However, the vast majority of them are produced today for private use. An eager student can write an extended essay about the effects the massive introduction of public electric transport and long-distance transportation trucks will have on protecting the environment. On the other hand, you can also describe challenges people might face during the such transition and suggest ways of overcoming them.

As you can see, there are plenty of interesting environment essay topics to choose from for your next college paper in 2023. Depending on what your interests are, there’s sure a topic on this list that will get your creative juices flowing. Yet, should so happen that you wouldn’t find anything worthy of your attention, you can always look up more topics in online databases with 100% free essays . Whichever topic you choose, make sure to write with passion and creativity – your readers will thank you for it!

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how to write an essay about pollution

Essay on Environmental Pollution

The environment is the surrounding of an organism. The environment in which an organism lives is made up of various components like air, water, land, etc. These components are found in fixed proportions to create a harmonious balance in the environment for the organism to live in. Any kind of undesirable and unwanted change in the proportions of these components can be termed as pollution. This issue is increasing with every passing year. It is an issue that creates economic, physical, and social troubles. The environmental problem that is worsening with each day needs to be addressed so that its harmful effects on humans as well as the planet can be discarded.

Causes of Environmental Pollution 

With the rise of the industries and the migration of people from villages to cities in search of employment, there has been a regular increase in the problem of proper housing and unhygienic living conditions. These reasons have given rise to factors that cause pollution. 

Environmental pollution is of five basic types namely, Air, Water, Soil, and Noise pollution. 

Air Pollution: Air pollution is a major issue in today’s world. The smoke pouring out of factory chimneys and automobiles pollute the air that we breathe in. Gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide are emitted with this smoke which mixes with air and causes great harm to the human body, flora, and fauna. The dry-farm waste, dry grass, leaves, and coal used as domestic fuels in our villages also produce harmful gases. Acid rain occurs due to an excess of sulphur dioxide in the air.

The Main Sources of Air Pollution are as Follows:  

Automobile pollution 

Industrial air pollution 

Burning garbage 

Brick kilns 

Indoor air pollution 

Decomposed animals and plants 

Radioactive elements

Water Pollution: Water pollution is one of the most serious environmental issues. The waste products from the growing industries and sewage water are not treated properly before disposing of the wastewater into the rivers and other water bodies, thus leading to water pollution. Agricultural processes with excess fertilizers and pesticides also pollute the water bodies. 

The Main Sources of Water Pollution as Follows:  

Marine commerce. 

Industrial effluents joining seas and oceans. 

Dumping of radioactive substances into seawater. 

Sewage is disposed of into the sea by rivers. 

Offshore oil rigs. 

Recreational activities. 

Agricultural pollutants are disposed of into the water bodies.


Soil or Land Pollution: Soil pollution or land pollution results from the deposition of solid waste, accumulation of biodegradable material, deposition of chemicals with poisonous chemical compositions, etc on the open land. Waste materials such as plastics, polythene, and bottles, cause land pollution and render the soil infertile. Moreover, the dumping of dead bodies of animals adds to this issue. Soil pollution causes several diseases in man and animals like Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid, etc.

The Main Causes of Soil Pollution are as Follows:  

Industrial waste 

Urban commercial and domestic waste 

Chemical fertilizers 

Biomedical waste 

Noise Pollution: With an increasing population, urbanization, and industrialization, noise pollution is becoming a serious form of pollution affecting human life, health, and comfort in daily life. Horns of vehicles, loudspeakers, music systems, and industrial activities contribute to noise pollution. 

The Main Sources of Noise Pollution as Follows:  

The machines in the factories and industries produce whistling sounds, crushing noise, and thundering sounds. 

Loudspeakers, horns of vehicles. 

Blasting of rocks and earth, drilling tube wells, ventilation fans, and heavy earth-moving machinery at construction sites.

How Pollution Harms Health and Environment

The lives of people and other creatures are affected by environmental pollution, both directly and indirectly. For centuries, these living organisms have coexisted with humans on the planet. 

1. Effect on the Environment

Smog is formed when carbon and dust particles bind together in the air, causing respiratory problems, haze, and smoke. These are created by the combustion of fossil fuels in industrial and manufacturing facilities and vehicle combustion of carbon fumes. 

Furthermore, these factors impact the immune systems of birds, making them carriers of viruses and diseases. It also has an impact on the body's system and organs. 

2.  Land, Soil, and Food Effects 

The degradation of human organic and chemical waste harms the land and soil. It also releases chemicals into the land and water. Pesticides, fertilisers, soil erosion, and crop residues are the main causes of land and soil pollution. 

3. Effects on water 

Water is easily contaminated by any pollutant, whether it be human waste or factory chemical discharge. We also use this water for crop irrigation and drinking. They, too, get polluted as a result of infection. Furthermore, an animal dies as a result of drinking the same tainted water. 

Furthermore, approximately 80% of land-based pollutants such as chemical, industrial, and agricultural waste wind up in water bodies. 

Furthermore, because these water basins eventually link to the sea, they contaminate the sea's biodiversity indirectly. 

4. Food Reaction

Crops and agricultural produce become poisonous as a result of contaminated soil and water. These crops are laced with chemical components from the start of their lives until harvest when they reach a mass level. Due to this, tainted food has an impact on our health and organs. 

5. Climate Change Impact 

Climate change is also a source of pollution in the environment. It also has an impact on the ecosystem's physical and biological components. 

Ozone depletion, greenhouse gas emissions, and global warming are all examples of environmental pollution. Because these water basins eventually link to the sea, they contaminate the sea's biodiversity indirectly. Furthermore, their consequences may be fatal for future generations. The unpredictably cold and hot climate impacts the earth’s natural system. 

Furthermore, earthquakes, starvation, smog, carbon particles, shallow rain or snow, thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions, and avalanches are all caused by climate change, caused entirely by environmental pollution.

How to Minimise Environmental Pollution? 

To minimise this issue, some preventive measures need to be taken. 

Principle of 3R’s: To save the environment, use the principle of 3 R’s; Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. 

Reuse products again and again. Instead of throwing away things after one use, find a way to use them again.  Reduce the generation of waste products.  

Recycle: Paper, plastics, glass, and electronic items can be processed into new products while using fewer natural resources and lesser energy. 

To prevent and control air pollution, better-designed equipment, and smokeless fuels should be used in homes and industries. More and more trees should be planted to balance the ecosystem and control greenhouse effects. 

Noise pollution can be minimised by better design and proper maintenance of vehicles. Industrial noise can be reduced by soundproofing equipment like generators, etc.  

To control soil pollution, we must stop the usage of plastic. Sewage should be treated properly before using it as fertilizers and as landfills. Encourage organic farming as this process involves the use of biological materials and avoiding synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility and ecological balance. 

Several measures can be adopted to control water pollution. Some of them are water consumption and usage that can be minimized by altering the techniques involved. Water should be reused with treatment. 

The melting icebergs in Antarctica resulted in rising sea levels due to the world's environmental pollution, which had become a serious problem due to global warming, which had become a significant concern. Rising carbon pollution poses a risk for causing natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, and other natural disasters. 

The Hiroshima-Nagasaki and Chernobyl disasters in Russia have irreversibly harmed humanity. Different countries around the world are responding to these calamities in the most effective way possible. 

Different countries around the world are responding to these calamities in the most effective way possible. More public awareness campaigns are being established to educate people about the hazards of pollution and the importance of protecting our environment. Greener lifestyles are becoming more popular; for example, energy-efficient lighting, new climate-friendly autos, and the usage of wind and solar power are just a few examples. 

Governments emphasise the need to plant more trees, minimise the use of plastics, improve natural waste recovery, and reduce pesticide use. This ecological way of living has helped humanity save other creatures from extinction while making the Earth a greener and safer ecology. 


It is the responsibility of every individual to save our planet from these environmental contamination agents. If preventive measures are not taken then our future generation will have to face major repercussions. The government is also taking steps to create public awareness. Every individual should be involved in helping to reduce and control pollution.

how to write an essay about pollution

FAQs on Environmental Pollution Essay

1. What do you understand by ‘Environmental Pollution’?  

Environmental pollution is the contamination of the environment and surroundings like air, water, soil by the discharge of harmful substances.

2. What preventive measures should be taken to save our environment?

Some of the preventive measures that should be taken to save our environment are discussed below. 

We can save our environment by adopting the concept of carpooling and promoting public transport to save fuel. Smoking bars are public policies, including criminal laws and occupational safety and health regulations that prohibit tobacco smoking in workplaces and other public places.  

The use of Fossil fuels should be restricted because it causes major environmental issues like global warming.  

Encourage organic farming to maintain the fertility of the soil.

3.  What are the main sources of soil pollution?

The main sources of soil pollution as follows:

Industrial waste

Urban commercial and domestic waste

Chemical fertilizers

Biomedical waste

4. What is organic farming?

 It is a farming method that involves growing and nurturing crops without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Ocean Pollution Essays

Plastic pollution in the ocean.

All pollution is bad for the ocean and all the creatures in it. However, there is one material that is highly potent to the ocean, and that is plastic. It has many immensely negative effects on the ocean’s wildlife. Thousands of marine animals die each year because of plastic debris. There are many ways that plastic can get to the ocean than you know. This has been an ongoing problem and still has not been stopped. Plastic was founded in […]

Ocean Pollution as a Major Problem

The Ocean is one of the major reasons why humans survive in this world. The Ocean provides us with water to drink and the fresh air we breathe. That’s why the issue of ocean pollution is important and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We depend on the ocean for so much in our life. Ocean pollution is becoming a major problem. Trash is piling up in our oceans but the question is, where is the trash coming […]

Mercury Pollution in our Ocean

Mercury pollution is everywhere, it’s in the air that animals breath and we breath as well. It’s also in our land and inside of our beautiful sea. Mercury is a metal that’s heavy and is cycled throughout the earth. Mercy pollution is world wide and a global problem. The reason mercury pollution is an issue is because it hurts fish. The fish and shell fish breath in the water through there gills which is inside of the water that they […]

Should the Government Regulate Ocean Pollution?

The government should regulate ocean pollution due to the fact they are one of the contributing factors to ocean pollution. Ocean pollution affects more than just the waterways. Marine life is decreasing day by day due to the amount of trash that builds up in our oceans. Agricultural fertilizer and climate change have also been afflicted in negative ways by the inconsiderate attitude towards our environment namely the ocean. From nuclear bomb testing to creating the Great Pacific garbage patch. […]

Ocean Pollution: Plastic

The topic that I chose to write about is ocean pollution, specifically plastic. I found a very interesting article by National Geographic that makes me wonder just how much plastic we use daily, and how much it affects marine life. According to the article, the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP), comprising twenty-two aquariums in seventeen different states is pushing a campaign called “No Straw November”. The campaign is a push to eliminate single-use plastic including plastic straws, bottles, and plastic in […]

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Ocean Pollution for the most Wildlife

The ocean is home to the most wildlife in the entire world. Every day people are destroying life in the ocean by polluting it. There are many different endangered animals in the ocean. Every day they are being killed off by man-made pollutants. The ocean covers more than eighty percent of the Earth so we should protect it by, being more conservative, recycling, and cleaning out the ocean ( Plastic pollution is deeply reflected on humans; over half of the […]

Ocean Pollution and a “dead Zone”

There is a “dead zone” the size of New Jersey in the Gulf of Mexico in which aquatic life cannot survive . There is a garbage patch the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean. Dead zones and garbage patches are just some examples of the horrific effects that water pollution has on the life of all sorts. Every day, millions of sea critters, as well as humans, are victims to a harder life at the hand of pollution. With […]

About Water Pollution

Water is one of the few essential elements for humans and any living organisms to survive, and although the world’s surface is 71% water, only 2.5% of it is freshwater. Since water pollution has been an issue for more than 100 years- it is much harder for us to fix this problem. Those simple things such as leaving your garbage on the beach and car pieces on the street are one of the biggest causes of water pollution. Another significant […]

Pollution in the Pacific Ocean

Pollution has become an ongoing problem throughout the Earth. From air pollution to waste pollution, the Earth is getting destroyed from the carelessness of others. More importantly, plastic is one of the leading problems of waste pollution, as it can take hundreds of years to break down, if at all. As the plastic industries grow, so does the amount of waste that is created, and that trash has to go somewhere. Many don’t tend to think about where their trash […]

Plastic Pollution in Ocean

Abstract Use of plastic is a part and parcel of modern life .Because of the non-biodegradable nature, plastic garbage create hazards both on the surface and water in seas and oceans .Habitants of oceans are endangered due to the plastic pollution. Moreover the tiny plastic particle in the marine food chain also raises the question of human health and also food security. UN Environment Assembly took a resolution on Dec.2017 to eliminate plastic pollution in our seas Selectans oceans. A […]

Ocean Pollution to Marine Life

Each day, thousands of pounds of trash are dumped into our oceans. According to Scuba news, Over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed each year. Some of the debris ends up on our beaches or floating in our oceans, and a lot of the debris ends up being eaten by marine animals, who mistake it for food. Common man-made pollutants that reach the ocean include pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, detergents, oil, sewage, plastics, and other solids. Two […]

Kinds of Pollution: the Future of Environment

Can you stay without light in your life?! Our environment is our light. God created the surroundings in their most beautiful form, but when a shadow got here over this light, our surroundings grew to become darkish and this shadow is us. The environment includes the living and non-living things that an organism interacts with or has an impact on it. Living elements that an organism interacts with are known as biotic elements: animals, plants, etc., abiotic elements are non-living […]

Plastic Pollution in the Oceans

“There is more microplastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way” (McCarthy). Many Americans consume plastic throughout the year and do not recycle all of it. The beaches are getting dirtier and dirtier but there is not much change going on. The wastes on the beaches, streets, and air are going into the ocean and harming the species. Pollution in the oceans is affecting the sea creatures because surfers are exposed to pathogens, sea turtles develop […]

Plastic Pollution in Tho Ocean: Facts and Information

To many, the ocean may just serve as a place for water recreation and fishing. However, without the ocean, the Earth would not have the air we breathe. The ocean produces over half the world’s oxygen and absorbs fifty times more carbon than the atmosphere. Covering more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface we truly have only one “World Ocean”. Home to 97 percent of the planet’s water supply saltwater moves from one part of the ocean to another […]

Plastic Pollution in the Philippines

The top countries that dispose of the most plastic are all in Asia the Philippines is the third. What is the problem, the Philippines are using too many plastic objects. Who has the pollution affected humans, food sources including, land animals, crops, and wildlife? Solutions what can the Philippines do to help the water pollution and save their and our world. What is the problem? “The Philippines generates 2.7 million tonnes of plastic waste annually and 20 percent – or […]

Beach Clean-Up Study Shows Global Scope of Plastic Pollution

Have you ever been to the beach and seen trash laying there? Most people who see trash on the beach pick it up and throw it away. But, there are some people who see it and think “It’s just a little bit of trash, I’m sure it’s fine”. If you’re one of those people I suggest you stop. There is so much waste in the ocean that destroys the life of marine animals. Not only does it hurt them and […]

Fight against Plastic Pollution

 Do you ever consider the life of the shopping bag you use to transport your groceries or the plastic straw that seems to come standard now with most beverages? “A bag that is used on average for 15 minutes, yet it could take 100 to 300 years to fragment” according to These often one-time-use plastics do more harm than good when looking at their long half-life and the effects on our environment, even though their implementation into the market […]

Plastic Pollution of Earth’s Oceans

Introduction Approximately 300 million tons of plastic is produced every year (Cressey 2016). It’s disposable, yet long-lasting nature makes it critical to pose the question “where does all this plastic end up?” A large quantity of the plastic produced eventually ends up floating on the surface of the ocean- some even reach the seafood humans eat (Rochman, 2016). Plastic is a cheap, versatile, disposable material that does not degrade easily, making it a perfect candidate for a variety of uses […]

Plastic Pollution and its Effect on the Thermal Capacity of Seawater

The findings of this study indicate that as expected the natural albedo of seawater is susceptible to positive and negative forcing by pollution and natural agents. Comparison of oil and gas pollutants showed inverse temperature change profiles, with the oil sample heating more rapidly and cooling more slowly than seawater, while the plastic sample heated slower and cooled faster than the control. Regarding oil pollution, reports have shown that while a rainbow film of oil over the surface of the […]

The Negative Effect of Single Use Plastic

One of the largest producers of plastic wastes in Asia is the Philippines. According to PhilStar Global (2018), about 79 percent of branded plastic residual wastes came from food packaging, followed by household and personal care products with 12 and eight percent, respectively. One of the solutions that the researchers have in mind to minimize producing plastic waste is the banning of single-use plastic. The researchers envision their campus free from single-use plastic and free from its harmful effects on […]

 An Aquatic Mess: Plastic Pollution and its Consequences in Humanity’s Future 

Introduction Ocean pollution is a defining crisis of the twenty-first century. Considering even only the last decade, disasters such as the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill—one that leaked more than 200 million gallons of petroleum into the Gulf of Mexico, have already caused irreparable damage to our biosphere. Additionally, the millions of tons of trash, oil, fertilizer, sewage, and toxic chemicals that enter the ocean every year only exacerbate this burgeoning problem. Though humanity has prided itself on its mastery […]

Campaign against Plastic Pollution

Plastic has become a necessity in man’s life all around the world. Plastics are in everything; your toothbrush, mechanical pencil, cell phone, milk jug, and even your face wash. This “versatile, lightweight, flexible, moisture-resistant, strong, and relatively inexpensive” substance has dire consequences on the ocean environment because it is extremely durable and non-biodegradable (Le Guern, 2018). Consequently, plastic is found floating around in our oceans for decades. Some countries are enforcing taxes, laws, and bans on microplastics (such as plastic […]

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Essay on Pollution in 500 Words- Types, Effects, How to Reduce

Essay on Pollution in 500 Words – In almost each class, students will get an assignment or homework to write an essay on pollution. Students from class 1 to 12 can take help of this short essay about pollution taking important points. Students can take help of this short essay on pollution in English to complete their homework on time. To help students, we have provided a pollution essay in 500 words. Instead of using the exact words, students are suggested to modify the word and include more thoughts to make the essay on pollution more enticing. With the help of a well-phrased pollution essay, students will be able to get good marks in their final exams. Also read- Essay on Mahatma Gandhi

Essay on Pollution

Pollution is the presence of harmful substances in the environment. These harmful substances are called pollutants. There are various types of pollution that are Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise pollution and more. Because of the increase in population, pollution is also increasing on a daily basis. People are getting hazardous diseases with the increased level of pollution. Hence, everyone should be aware of the pollution, its effects and how to reduce it effectively. Also read- Essay on My School

Pollution- A brief

Like a balanced diet for a healthy body, our environment also needs every substance in a balanced proportion. If any substance increases more than its threshold amount then it pollutes the environment such as increased carbon dioxide, Nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere pollutes the air and adversely affects the health of humans. Also Read- Essay on Diwali

Types of Pollution

There are different types of pollution that affect different sections of the environment.

Effects of Pollution

Due to the pollution, people and the environment are getting affected in different ways. Here are some of the most recognised bad impacts of pollution.

How to Reduce Pollution?

People should join hands to reduce pollution. So that our coming generations can experience the healthy environment. To preserve the healthy living environment, people should take some precautions and measures. Check the below steps that can help in reducing the pollutants-

Essay on Pollution- How to Write Effectively?

While writing an essay on Pollution, students should keep a few tips in mind to get good marks.

Also Read- Essay on Internet

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Essay on internet for students (500 words), essay on diwali in 500+ words, दिवाली पर निबंध (essay on diwali in hindi), essay on mahatma gandhi in 500 words (english)- short essay, essay on my school in 500 words for class 1 to 10, 10 lines on my school in english, latest article.


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Essay on Pollution

Students are often asked to write an essay on Pollution in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word and 250-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Pollution

What is pollution.

Pollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment. It is a major problem in the world and has a negative impact on the environment and the health of all living things.

Types of Pollution

The most common types of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and noise pollution. Air pollution is the release of toxic gases and particles into the atmosphere, which affects the health of humans, animals, and plants. Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. Soil pollution is the introduction of toxic substances into the soil, which can affect the health of plants and animals. Noise pollution is the presence of loud and disruptive noises in the environment.

Causes of Pollution

The main causes of pollution are activities such as burning fossil fuels, industrial processes, and agricultural activities. Other causes of pollution include deforestation, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the release of hazardous materials, and the improper disposal of waste.

Effects of Pollution

Pollution has a number of negative effects on the environment and the health of living things. It can cause air, water, and soil pollution, which can lead to the death of plants and animals. It can also cause health problems in humans, such as respiratory and skin diseases.

Pollution is a major problem in the world today and it is important that we take steps to reduce it. We can do this by reducing the use of fossil fuels, following better agricultural practices, and disposing of waste properly.

250 Words Essay on Pollution


Pollution is a major environmental issue that has been plaguing our planet for many years. It refers to the contamination of the environment by introducing various pollutants that can have adverse effects on plants, animals, and humans alike. It can take many forms, ranging from air to water, soil, and noise pollution.

The primary cause of pollution is human activities. This includes burning fossil fuels, manufacturing and industrial processes, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the disposal of hazardous waste. Vehicle emissions from cars, buses, and trucks also contribute to air pollution. Agriculture is another major contributor, as it contributes to water and soil pollution.

Pollution can have a variety of adverse effects on the environment, such as reducing the quality of air, water, and soil. It can also damage ecosystems, leading to the loss of biodiversity. Air pollution can lead to respiratory illnesses and other health problems, while water pollution can cause water-borne diseases. Soil pollution can lead to the contamination of food supplies, leading to malnutrition and other health issues.

Prevention of Pollution

Preventing pollution starts with individuals, who can take steps such as reducing the use of fossil fuels, using public transportation, and avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Governments can also play a role by implementing policies to reduce emissions from industry and vehicles. They can also encourage the use of renewable energy sources and promote waste management.

In conclusion, pollution is a major environmental issue that is causing harm to our planet and the health of its inhabitants. It is caused by human activities, and can have a variety of adverse effects. To prevent it, individuals and governments must take steps to reduce emissions and promote the use of renewable energy sources.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

If you’re looking for more, here are essays on other interesting topics:

Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

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how to write an essay about pollution

Essays on Air Pollution

Air pollution: causes and effects, air pollution as a danger to humanity, how does air pollution effect on our health, problem of the air pollution, the move to reduce air pollution to preserve the human population, air pollution: causes, effects, and solutions, air pollution its causes and damaging effects, air pollution in china, human impacts on the environment, cases of air pollution in malaysia, the solution to the issue of air pollutants, the urgent problem of pollution in modern world, negative impacts of air pollution and steps that the usa is taking to curb this problem, environmental pollution in the transport sector and the benefits of electric cars to our environment, ways you can reduce air pollution from your business , factors influencing the climate change in california, emerging environmental issues in the big cities of pakistan, evaluation of the health impact of air pollution in america and china, assessment of the ecological problem arising from air pollutants, analysis of the bronx air pollutants problem and the responsibility of the government, trees against world pollution, pollution - a global issue that needs to be addressed with urgency by the citizens of the world, informative pollutions, their types, causes, impacts, and solutions, understanding the problem of air pollutants and its impact on temperature, the difficulties in mitigating the effects of climate change in the current world, analysis of the approach to better air quality and reduction of air pollution in the us, the problem of air pollution in china, review of the documentary "under the dome" and the risks associated with air pollution in china, negative impact of air pollution on taj mahal, air filter in thailand, feeling stressed about your essay.

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Air pollution is contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physical or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere.

Household combustion devices, motor vehicles, industrial facilities and forest fires are common sources of air pollution. Pollutants of major public health concern include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

Respiratory and heart problems, child health problems, mortality, global warming, acid rain, eutrophication, depletion of the ozone layer, negative effect on wildlife.

Policies and investments that support sustainable land use, cleaner household energy and transport, energy-efficient housing, power generation, industry, and better municipal waste management can effectively reduce key sources of ambient air pollution.

A child born today might not breathe clean air until they are 8. Inhaling air pollution takes away at least 1-2 years of a typical human life. Pollutants that are released into the air, as opposed to land and water pollutants, are the most harmful. Rising levels of air pollution in Beijing has brought a new disease – Beijing cough.

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how to write an essay about pollution

Stuck with an Air Pollution Essay? Here’s Your All-in-One Writing Guide!

Benjamin Oaks

Table of Contents

Air pollution is a complicated topic as so many man-made factors contribute to the poor quality of air today. Simply put, air pollution is caused by any physical, chemical, or physiological change that leads the environment to become polluted, putting people’s health and the lives of other creatures and plants in danger.

Concurrently, students studying at different departments are frequently assigned to write an air pollution essay on various subjects. Some essays on environment pollution deal with the primary aspect of the problem, with students assessing the cause, impact, and solutions in their texts. Furthermore, climate change, ozone layer protection, and numerous air contaminants are among topics that can be covered in an air pollution essay.

So, if you’re stuck with an air pollution essay, don’t worry; we’re here to assist and accompany you in your educational pursuits. In this comprehensive article, we covered all nuances and details of creating such an essay, including but not limited to:

Keep on reading to discover everything you need about writing this kind of homework from scratch, and you’ll be on your way to achieving academic success.

What is a Pollution Essay and How to Go About It

Pollution essay is a critical subject for students from an academic standpoint. Besides, an essay is among the most efficient ways to inform students about the state of the environment and the consequences of human actions. Also, an air pollution essay enables students to recognize the magnitude of the situation and encourages them to take measures.

However, not all students can write an informative essay on environment pollution because most of them are overburdened with academic tasks and may not have enough time to write high-quality essays.

That is why our experts present some key factors to consider so that students can cope with this task with ease:

These ideas are only a few crucial aspects of writing that can help students accomplish an engaging, clear, and precise essay.

How to Write an Air Pollution Essay Introduction

An introduction is commonly the first paragraph of your essay. The purpose of your introduction is to inform your reader about the contents of your work.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to making a decent start, an air pollution essay introduction should generally include the following:

1.Captivate the attention of the reader.

Start with a “hook” that attracts the reader’s attention and introduces the broad theme. Here are some ideas for how to come up with a “hook”:

2. Specify your main point of interest.

Following your “hook,” add a line or two outlining your paper’s precise subject. What is the topic of your paper? What is the significance of this topic?

This section of the introduction can offer background info about your issue to set the stage effectively.

3. Craft a thesis statement.

Lastly, establish your central thesis. The type of thesis you provide varies on the kind of essay you’re writing, but your thesis should generally include the following:

Your thesis ought to be simple to understand and easily identifiable. It’s usually the final paragraph or sentence of the introduction.

Definition of Pollution Essay and Other Things You Need to Know

An essay on environment pollution is a structured piece of writing exploring a concept, argument, and judgment concerning air pollution using evidence and research. Besides, there are various types of air pollution topics you can explore. Your course prerequisites, level, and field of study will determine its style and length.

Most university essays are more argumentative in nature, intending to persuade the reader of a particular stance or point of view on a topic. Furthermore, each level of your topic requires preparation, attention, and work. Therefore, it’s critical not to forget the essential steps when dealing with such a project at your university.

Obviously, the subject of air pollution is topical and well-known, so countless papers have been written about it, digging into every single aspect of this modern problem. However, there is always a way to make your work stand out; remember that your perspective is distinctive, and how you handle the topic will set your essay apart from other texts.

Can’t Choose a Topic on Air Pollution? Here Are 20+ Ideas to Choose From!

What is the most challenging aspect of your assignments? We know most of you will say “research,” but we don’t believe that’s the case. This is what determines the level of your paper’s quality and the ease with which you can go on writing it. Choosing a suitable essay topic is typically the most troubling step on which many students get stuck.

So, to help you jumpstart the process with a fresh and attention-grabbing topic, our professionals have compiled a list of 20 evergreen air pollution topics for you:

Final Checklist to Guarantee the Best Results

Although writing an essay about air pollution may not be your favorite academic task, our essay professionals are here to help you make it more manageable and enjoyable.

First, you need to determine the type of your essay. There are four primary types—persuasive, expository, argumentative, and analytical—and all have the same structure: an introduction, body sections, conclusion, and bibliography. Still, an approach to argumentation is different in each of the types, so you need to know the task’s specifics to structure your paper accordingly.

Next comes the essay’s length and depth of research. The more advanced your degree, the more complicated your essay format will be. While most high school learners conform to a five-paragraph format, undergraduate and graduate students write more complex and lengthy papers. Following this fundamental framework can help you achieve your desired purpose, regardless of the type of essay you’re writing.

Here are some tips to help you cover the air pollution essay writing quicker:

This ultimate checklist will give you all you need to exhibit your originality and unveil your knowledge while adhering to typical essay writing rules.

How We Can Help You Score Better

It may appear that writing an air pollution essay is simple, yet this is a frequent fallacy. Students are usually hampered by looming deadlines or a lack of creativity, leaving them unsure of where to begin or what to incorporate in an essay to score high grades. We are familiar with this issue because we have worked with thousands of students’ air pollution essays and know the common issues that arise while handling such a task.

Hence, if your mind is full or you don’t have any free time for substantial research and writing on air pollution, we can help. Simply contact our staff and explain your requirements; one of our professional writers will be on the job in a matter of minutes.

Also, if you don’t have enough time to complete all of your projects, don’t worry about it — with our assistance, studying may soon become stress-free and pleasant.

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Full Guide on How to Write History Essays

how to write an essay about pollution

Sample Essay on conflict

how to write an essay about pollution

How to Achieve Well-Organized Essay with Minimum Efforts

How To Write an Essay on Air Pollution?

How to write an essay on air pollution?


Environmental issues are often discussed in college, university, or high school. Students should understand what problems there are in our ecosystem and be able to analyze all the difficulties of this situation. Ecology is fascinating, but it seems boring and incomprehensible to many students. To write an essay about such a problem as air pollution , you need to understand why it happens, what leads to it, etc.

Table of Contents

Some Easy Ways to Write an Essay on Air Pollution

There is always a way that can help write an essay . Sometimes it depends on the type of written work because each needs an individual approach and a different writing style. For example, in an argumentative essay, fantasy is not included in the same way as a creative essay because its essence is to argue your point of view on the topic.

It is the same with a report on air pollution because there are many ways to spoil it if you write off-topic and do not describe the critical essence. The first thing to do is to understand why it is difficult for you to write this essay because it will be easier to find a way to make it easier to work on it. And when you feel ready to start, here are a few tips to help you write about air pollution and get a decent grade.

It is important to note that students sometimes turn to an essay writing service like EssayShark to get an excellent quality assignment and not worry about whether it will be unique and high-quality. This is because the service employs professional authors who can write an essay on any topic, regardless of the subject.

Workflow Tips

Essay Content Advice

Although air pollution has reached a critical level, there are still ways to reduce emissions . You can write about:

Tips to Get Attention

You can always write a great air pollution essay if you know what to focus on, have experienced, and have a lot of time. If you can’t complete your assignment, you need to find a way to delegate it to turn it in on time and get graded. You can get help from professional writers to ensure the quality of your assignment. In any case, the main thing is to take responsibility for your assessments and find a solution on time!

Difference Between Tropical Grassland and Temperate Grassland

World rainforest day 2022: themes, history, and events, leave a reply cancel reply.

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Environmental Pollution Essay

how to write an essay about pollution

Environmental pollution essay explains how the earth and its natural resources are under the ever-increasing threat of pollution. All life on earth is threatened by this vicious process initiated by human intervention. The pollutants released from all kinds of human activity including industrial processes have had devastating effects on the delicate balance of nature. The most common forms of environmental pollution are air pollution, water pollution, and soil contamination. Environmental pollution has to be addressed as the most pressing problem facing humanity now and solutions have to be implemented before it is too late. Pollution has been causing damage to natural resources in every corner of the world for decades, but it seems that we have been shying away from taking any positive measures to mitigate its impact on the environment. This environmental pollution essay in English helps children realise these factors and advises them to conserve the environment and handle natural resources with the care they deserve.

Reasons for Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is a significant problem in the world today. Some industries release chemicals into the air, which cause harm to the ozone layer that shields us from UV radiation. Some industries produce emissions that contain harmful chemicals. These emissions can be carried by wind and rain and deposited on land or ocean surfaces.

Overpopulation is one of the primary reasons for massive environmental pollution. It has resulted in improper waste disposal, hazardous chemical emissions, an increase in the number of factories, and overuse of natural resources.

Suggested Article: Causes of Environmental Pollution

Measures to Avoid Environmental Pollution

With the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, it is possible to reverse global warming and reduce pollution at the same time. One of the leading causes of environmental pollution is the production, transportation and disposal of electronic waste. Companies should also install recycling systems for computers and cell phones to reduce their need for landfills.

One of the measures to avoid pollution is to reduce your use of plastics. This includes using fewer disposable containers, choosing reusable bags, and reducing the use of plastics. Another way to avoid pollution is by recycling more and disposing of waste responsibly.

Help kids learn how to write an essay on environmental pollution by asking them to read this essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important measures to avoid environmental pollution, what are the causes of environmental pollution, leave a comment cancel reply.

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how to write an essay about pollution

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239 Pollution Essay Topics & Essay Examples

The problem of environmental pollution is one of main subjects for discussion worldwide. Manufacturing, carbon emissions, plastic, etc. have the adverse impact of on air, water, soil entire the world. That is why it is crucial to understand the problem and develop solutions to mitigate our negative effects on Earth.

In this article you will find interesting research questions about pollution, ideas for your argumentative and persuasive papers, and essay examples to inspire.

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💡 8 Tips for Writing Essays on Pollution

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There is a rising interest in ecological awareness and an overall building desire to move towards sustainable living within society. Thus, a pollution essay requires much more than merely outlining cause and effect occurrences.

Tackling a topic that should be both conscientious and demanding may be a difficult task, but with these few tips below, you can quickly address all pollution essay topics. Here are some ideas on how to make your assigned essay more comfortable to write:

Do your research beforehand. This action will help you start on your bibliography, which you should begin by writing down every book and article that you hope to use.

Additionally, doing so will help you understand your subject better and be more comfortable when writing about it. Readers can always feel when writers are too vague because they want to avoid some aspects of a problem.

Introduce your issue from a historical viewpoint. You should explain the origin of your problem, outlining what changes began affecting the environment and why.

Doing so allows not only engaging your readers but also prevents needlessly confusing them by being evasive about your subject.

If some key terms and processes are not common knowledge, then you should explain them. Topics on pollution have tricky terminology, and you should allow your readers to read your essay while on the same level of knowledge as you.

For example, if you are writing about air pollution, then the terms you use may range from “particulate matter” to “hygroscopicity,” depending on the complexity of your essay’s subject.

The pollution essay thesis statement is a guiding line throughout your writing process. Every sentence you write should relate to your central argument and help advance it forward.

From when you start outlining until you write your conclusion and even when revising your draft, you should always ask yourself whether what you have written helps you uphold your thesis.

Use credible sources to support your writing. Book and journal titles, research papers, and even interviews with respected scientists are good examples of what you should include in a bibliography.

You may also use pollution essay quotations to demonstrate scientists’ opinions or statistical numbers. When you reference your facts, your readers trust your writing and accept it as credible and truthful, as well as shows a good understanding of the subject.

Give your essay an appropriate heading. Your pollution essay titles should clue your readers in on your argument. Using a “talking” title, which explains your subject at a glance, is a useful way of making your essay stand out among others.

If your subject ties together different issues, then you should think about using subheadings to make your essay more readable.

For example, when writing about nonpoint source pollution, you may need to mention its effects on both ocean and forest environments.

Doing so in different sections of your essay may help you structure your thoughts and bring together your arguments for a well-written conclusion.

Read sample essays written by others to help you understand your subject and essay structure better. Doing so will help you be consistent with your chosen citation style and immerse yourself in your research.

However, do not commit an academic offense by plagiarizing from the work of others.

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Air Pollution Argumentative Essay Example

Type of paper: Argumentative Essay

Topic: Disaster , Atomic Bomb , Human , Air Pollution , Energy , Pollution , Food , Life

Words: 2250

Published: 01/12/2020


Air pollution refers to the emission of harmful substances in form of particles into the atmosphere. There are many types of pollutants categorized as primary and secondary pollutants. The primary pollutants are the type of pollutants that directly pollute the air through their emission and the secondary pollutants are the ones that are formed from the interaction and reaction of the primary pollutants. Air pollution leads to the formation of the ozone layer hence, the causes of pollution of air include; sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and dust, just a few to mention. These pollutants have adverse effects on the environment and the health of all animals. The environment is tampered with and the people who suffer most from the existence of the air pollutants are human beings. In this case, it leads to cancer and other illnesses that are risky to human life. To remedy air pollution, it takes the initiative of both individual people and the government in place through legal regulations. However, the main participant in the control of air pollution is the government.

Air pollution is an issue that needs to be addressed with keen concentration. According to EDIS (par 1), air pollution is caused by human beings and trees. Hence, EDIS advocates for the use of trees to reduce pollution. The trees have the ability to make use of polluted air and emit pure air (Berkeley, par 3).ELSL supports the idea of the use of trees as an example of an application of science in an attempt to solve the air pollution issue. They say that, the trees can be used to reduce air pollution through the use of the leaves. The leaves have the stomata that take in carbon (IV) oxide and emit oxygen. In this case, through the use of the leaves’ stomata, the trees are able to use the air polluted in their growth and in turn produce clean air that is required for human breathing.OAR on the other hand, purports that, the use of trees is definitely a precise and the best way of dealing with air pollution since it is natural. In this case, the issue needs to be addressed amicably considering the aspects that could help in the reduction of air pollution. Since the effects of air pollution are adverse to the human existence and all animals in whole, the need of curbing air pollution would lead to the reduction of health problems (EPA, par 2).

Infoplease (par 1), asserts that, the use of trees would represent a good solution to curbing the emission of polluted air. It is evident that, causes and the effects of air pollution could be reduced through the use of a natural means, which include the use of trees. Critically looking at a hazard situation arising from a typhoon, the Philippines face a number of unanticipated events that render most of them homeless and many of the individuals end up as casualties as a good number die from the incident. In an occurrence of such a tragedy, the following usually occur; some people are caught at the sea unawares and cry for help, the inhabitants run to their rescue, a number of people drown due to lack of early rescue, those saved from the calamity suffer severe injuries, the inhabitants affected with the same have their homes blown away, their property are destroyed thus left with no homes and the same time no way of making a living (Delfin 78). In terms of detailed events and expected emergency action responses, necessary measures should be taken into account. In the event of the above scenario, there are a number of emergency actions taken.

First and foremost, the emergency agencies are expected to be there as soon as the incident happens in order to rescue the situation. The emergency agencies are often made aware of the kind of calamities prone to occur at specific places and take the responsibility of ensuring they are well prepared to face the situation in case it occurs (Earle 24). The measures taken by the emergency agencies build trust between them and the community. Thus, the emergency agencies keep in store food and materials that they distribute to the people in the occurrence of a natural hazard. For the people who drown in the water, they are rescued by both the inhabitants and the emergency agencies. The casualties are offered immediate medication by being given first aid then transported to Manila where they receive proper treatment. Those who have been rendered homeless by the occurrence of the unanticipated storm are given temporary homes to shelter which include camps, thereafter, the inhabitants are made aware of the occurrence of such incidents and told the measures to take to prepare them for such disasters. The measures include, living a distance away from the sea and making sure they are always ready to face such incidents by staying united and helping out each other at such times. The Filipinos are empowered through enlightening programs, which educate them on how to deal with environmental issues (Allen 23).

Looking at the above discussion, it is clear that natural hazards are inevitable especially to those locations around water catchments areas i.e. Philippine. The occurrences of such calamities are unpredictable and they come about with unanticipated aftermaths that greatly affect those involved. Food revolution is a bridge that connects several individuals in the agricultural sector. It has been researched and found out that, the food people take is full of synthetics and this has led to the widespread variety of health deficiencies. In relation to this alarming situation, it has been the concern of the agricultural sector to indulge in food revolution. This move is a way of saving the human kind from the dangerous risks that result from the consumption of organic food. The food that is mostly consumed in America is chicken. The production of chicken involves several groups of people: farmers, environmental activists, animal activists and consumers. Thus, the effects of organic food are far more dangerous than the profit anticipated from it. These groups of individuals lack the conscience that make them realize the price of organic food in terms health and not money.

A positive change in the production of food could be made possible if, the people involved take an initiative of considering the implications of organic food on human beings (Striffler, 2005). The farmers are the people who are involved in the production process at the first level of production. However, the food activists are the ones who give the farmers a go ahead in the production process; they ensure the food produced is sufficient, clean and healthy for human consumption. The environmentalist ensure the environment where the process takes place is clean and would not result to health problems for those involved in the process and the consumers too. The consumers are also part of the production process hierarchy and they come last though their role is to approve or disapprove the food presented to them. Thus, through combined efforts, the groups involved in the production of food can fight against production of organic food.

According to Oxford (2009, p 94), nuclear refers to a single cell or battery of cells in which the energy of particles emitted from the atomic nucleus is converted internally into electrical energy. The nuclear batteries are divided into two; the high-voltage and the low-voltage batteries. A radioactive substance, Hyperion Power Module is a type of nuclear battery that consists of a sealed fission reactor and it is used to supply power over a small sized community. The battery technology on the other hand, refers to the use of Nuclear energy and it appears in several forms such as; nuclear battery, atomic battery, tritium battery, and radioisotope generator. Nuclear reactors refer to the substances that are used to produce electricity without the emission of carbon (IV) oxide because it constitutes of uranium based fuel. This is works in a manner that, during the production of the nuclear power, the emission of Carbon (IV) oxide occurs in the life cycle. It is also important to note that, the existence of nuclear power displaces the large amount of carbon (IV) oxide in the air and this outweighs the fossil fuel plants. There are two types of nuclear batteries, the high High-voltage type and the Cassini spacecraft's nuclear batteries. The high- voltage nuclear battery containing the B-ray source (strontium -90 or tritium) and is made up of materials that emit the power. In this case, due to the high power, the energy that is emitted is made up of very high cells that are involved in radio activity. Basing on the terms defined above, it is evident that the use of nuclear energy is attributed to so many sources such as the nuclear batteries. Hence, the emission of the nuclear energy can only be attributed to the emission that is made possible through the use of the batteries.

Nuclear energy has been considered as a substitute to electricity energy. This is because; it provides the energy that people would have got from the use of electricity. Nuclear energy appears in several forms such nuclear battery, atomic battery, tritium battery, and radioisotope generator, and all these devices are used in the emission of energy (Palliser, 2012, p 14). These devises work in different ways just to ensure the emission of energy takes place in a proper manner without the emission of unwanted gases. This in turn, makes the world to move round because the source of energy is not necessarily based on the availability of electricity but the nuclear energy comes in handy. It is evident that, Nuclear reactors produce electricity without the emission of carbon (IV) oxide because it constitutes of uranium based fuel. This is works in manner that, during the production of the nuclear power, the emission of Carbon (IV) oxide occurs in the life cycle (Gomes et al., 2011, p 529). It is also important to note that, the existence of nuclear power displaces the large amount of carbon dioxide in the air and this outweighs the fossil fuel plants. Thus has lead to the construction of more and many nuclear reactors and comparing this to the amount spent n natural gas and coal, it is clear that the use of nuclear power reactors are money saving (Buchan et al., 2011, p 1191).

However, the nuclear energy emitted is high in its power transmission. This is because the fuel that control, the emission of the nuclear energy is uranium based and thus, forms a very critical form of substance that is potentially risky to life. There are two types of nuclear batteries, the high High-voltage type and the Cassini spacecraft's nuclear batteries. The high- voltage nuclear battery containing the B-ray source (strontium -90 or tritium) and is made up of materials that emit the power. In thus ace, due to the high power, the energy that is emitted is made up of very high cells that are involved in radio activity (Grandin et al., 2010, p 28). On the other, hand, the Cassini spacecraft's nuclear batteries are used in order to provide a nuclear type that is of low voltage cells. The division of the photoelectric occurs in form of three kinds including; gas ionization, thermopile-type, and fluorescence. All these batteries are used in the production of the nuclear energy though they function differently. With the availability of these forms of batteries, they all contain high power voltages and thus in turn, it is risky when it comes to the provision of the energy to human beings. It affects radioactive waves as it hinders the avilabity of appropriate voltage power (Gorman et al., 2006, p 542). It is also important to note that, the existence of nuclear power displaces the large amount of carbon dioxide in the air and this outweighs the fossil fuel plants. Thus has lead to the construction of more and many nuclear reactors and comparing this to the amount spent n natural gas and coal, it is clear that the use of nuclear power reactors are money saving

Works Cited

Allen, K. Vulnerability reduction and the community-based approach. In Natural Disasters and Development in a Globalizing World. London: Routledge Publishers. 2003. Print Berkeley, Lawrence. Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Science. 2012. Web. 19 Nov, 2012. Delfin, F., G. A review of the nature and impact of environmental disasters in the Philippines. Philippine Geographical Journal .49(1–4). Pp. 7–44. 2005. Print Earle, T.C. Thinking aloud about trust: a protocol analysis of trust in risk management. Risk Analysis journal. 24 (3). Pp. 169-83. 2004. Print EDIS. Air Pollution Removal and Temperature Reduction by Gainesville's Urban Forest. 2012 Web. 19 Nov, 2012. Environmental Justice Coalition (EJC). Environmental Justice act of 2009. Washington: Environmental Justice Coalition. 2008 EPA. About the Office of Air and Radiation (OAR). 2012. Web. 19 Nov, 2012. Grandin, K., Jagers, P., Kullander, S., Institutionen för matematiska, vetenskaper, M.,S., Faculty of Sciences, Chalmers, T., H., Göteborgs universitet (more). 2010. Ambio. 39(1). Pp. 26 –30. Infoplease. Air pollution. 2012. Web. 19 Nov, 2012. Paret, P., Craig, G., R. and Gilbert, F. Makers of Modern Strategy from Machiavelli to the Nuclear Age. Princeton University Press Publisher. 1986. Print

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how to write an essay about pollution

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Writing Essay On Water Pollution

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how to write an essay about pollution

Everyone knows the phrase “water is life.” A human cannot survive without water for more than three days. Before the development of civilization, the cycle of water in the biosphere was balanced. But with the development of civilization, the natural cycle was violated. As a result of the irrigation of crops, evaporation from soil has increased. The rivers of the southern regions have become shallower. The pollution of the oceans and the appearance of an oil film on their surface have reduced the amount of water evaporated from the ocean. All this worsened the water supply in the biosphere. Droughts became more frequent, and centers for ecological disasters appeared.

The relevance of your water pollution research paper or essay should be substantiated by the fact that previously inexhaustible resource are becoming exhausted, and humans are to blame. Today, in many parts of the world, there is not enough water suitable for drinking, industrial production, and irrigation. In this article, we will tell you why this topic is important to talk about and share the best writing secrets.

Water pollution essay topics

Water Pollution Essay Writing Guide 1

Useful tips for writing of a water pollution essay or research paper

Follow these tips to create an A+ paper:

Water Pollution Essay Writing Guide 2

Water pollution essay outline

Start each paragraph by introducing one of the arguments outlined in the thesis statement. In the next few sentences, provide factual information that helps to explain the issue you are putting forward. After that, analyze the factual data and present your opinion if your professor allows it. Finish with a transitional sentence to move to the next point.

Water pollution research paper topics

Water Pollution Essay Writing Guide 3

Outline for water pollution research paper

Why water pollution is so dangerous?

Water Pollution Essay Writing Guide 5

Water pollution facts for an essay or research paper

how to write an essay about pollution

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What are the changes that you need to do so to avoid environment pollution caused by ions You will write an essay promoting how ions can pollute our environment need ko na Po Tamang sagot salamat


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How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

how to write an essay about pollution

What is an Abstract for a Research Paper?

An abstract is a brief summary of a research paper. Usually, an abstract is about 6-7 sentences long (approx. 150-250 words). There are many purposes that an abstract may serve. First and foremost, it gives readers a glimpse of your paper. This gives your readers an opportunity to make a decision whether or not your study is worth their full attention. Another purpose of an abstract is to prepare your audience for the details from your research, your arguments and your supporting evidence. And lastly, an abstract introduces the key points of your paper so that readers can keep them in mind while reading your research.

Very often, abstracts are found as descriptions for books and scholarly articles. They include the main ideas of a book or an article and give a general understanding of its contents and purpose. Sometimes, professors provide students with very specific guidelines for how to write an abstract. Make sure you follow these instructions, if they are available, in order to satisfy all the requirements. Let's go deeper with custom research papers writing service .

Types of Abstract

There are two main types of abstracts that are commonly used – they are descriptive and informative: A descriptive abstract presents readers with an outline of the points the author made throughout their research. This gives readers an opportunity to decide if they should read on, depending on how much they are interested in the subject. A descriptive abstract is similar to the table of contents in a book, although the format of an abstract uses full sentences combined within a paragraph. Unfortunately, a descriptive abstract cannot be a substitution for reading a paper, as it is merely an overview, which deprives the audience of having a full picture. Nor can it fill in the gaps that a reader might have after reading this type of abstract, as it lacks the important details needed for an evaluation of the paper. To conclude, a descriptive abstract:

just summarizes the job, but some researchers consider it to be more of an outline;

typically, is around 100 words—very short in comparison to an informative abstract;

gives a very brief description and is unable to fully satisfy the reader;

and omits results and conclusions.

An informative abstract is a detailed summary of the research itself. There are instances when readers rely on the abstract itself as a source of information. Therefore, it is extremely important to include all the specifics from a certain study. A well-presented, informative abstract can almost substitute the rest of the paper by itself.

An informative abstract usually follows a certain format. First, the author includes identifying information, supported by citations and other identifications of the documents. Next, all the main points are restated to ensure a better understanding of the research. This section is followed by the methodology and all the key findings of the study. Lastly, a conclusion presents the final findings of the research and concludes the informative abstract. Briefly, an informative abstract:

has a length that can vary, depending on the topic—but cannot be longer than 300 words;

has all the information—like methods and intentions;

provides evidence and potentially recommendations.

Informative abstracts are more common than descriptive ones. It is a result of their larger content that relates to the subject specifically. It is also suggested to use different types of abstracts for papers depending on their size: informative abstracts for longer and more complicated ones, and descriptive abstracts for shorter and simpler research papers.

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The Structure of the Abstract: Step-By-Step Instructions

r/students_essay_help - How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

Purpose and Motivation

Identifying purpose and motivation is one of the most difficult, yet important parts of your abstract. Let’s assume that your paper is about the importance of recycling plastic. Your primary job is to explain to readers why they should care about the contamination of plastics on land and in the ocean. You need to provide some solid arguments to keep your reader interested in continuing to read. It is crucial to answer these questions:

what is the goal of your study;

what is it you are attempting to achieve;

and why does your topic matter to you and to the rest of the world?

In order to make it sound more personal and motivational, make sure to include information about your individual interests in the subject of your paper, as well as how it relates to your life and humanity in general. In short, the first section should include the information on the importance of your research and how it might be useful for your readers.

The Problem of a Research

It usually focuses on the importance and significance of the subject of a paper. Going back to our topic regarding the importance of plastic recycling, the importance of the paper is to reduce plastic waste contamination by recycling your own plastic waste. Here, you need to answer the question – what problem does your study help to resolve on a global scale? Is it preventing global warming by reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in oceanic waters? Is it assessing global warming issues? Is it a solution for sea-life conservation? The possibilities are endless, so make sure to take the right direction to appeal to any audience, regardless of their background and interests. In this section, it is important to address the problem itself, indicate whether it covers something broad or specific, and present your argument.

Researching Approach

After you have explained the reasons behind your topic’s importance, your personal interest in the issue, and the problem discussed in your paper to your readers, it is time to showcase the methods you used to conduct all that great research. The description of the processes and methods you have used are as important as the research itself. It shows the readers the extent of your research and the professional approach you took regarding your subject. Describe where you looked for the information, what kind of sources they were, what type of research you did yourself. Did you do an experiment, a survey, an interview, a field study where you explored your local beach for traces of plastic pollution? A detailed description of the approach to your research is a great tool for showing your reader how academically capable you are of conducting serious scientific research. Your section that examines the approach you took for your research should include the details of your research, such as the specific studies and highlights from the most significant works you used.

Research Results

Finally, you get to present readers the results of your research. It is very important to be specific with your results. Using statistical evidence is much more impressive, as opposed to being vague and using abstract words. Instead of saying “a big portion of the ocean is polluted”, you can say something like “80% of the oceans are polluted with plastic”. This helps readers visualize the specific proportion of ocean which is contaminated and adds to the effect it makes on the audience. Some questions that should be answered in this section are: what are the results of your study in numbers and terms (be specific), did your results support your argument, and were the outcomes predicted or did they surprise you?

In the conclusion part of your abstract, you should focus on the argument you started off with and connect it to the results you received. It is crucial to give the reader a complete picture of what insights you've discovered in regards to the subject, but also whether you have found the solution for the problem you addressed. Explain, whether your research is sufficient to convince people to be more responsible in regards to their plastic consumption? Will it alter their behavior and their everyday habits? Your conclusion should tie it all together and not leave any uncertainties. After you’ve got all the structural details down, let’s move on to some helpful tips.

Final Tips and Recommendations

Research always comes first. It might seem that the abstract should be the first thing you write, as it is the summary of your whole paper, though, there are many advantages to choosing this sequence of actions when starting to work on your paper:

r/students_essay_help - How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

First, you can read through the entire article and have all the information fresh in your mind. Then you will be well able to condense the information into the abstract without forgetting important points.

Second, you can design the abstract to fit around your results — to demonstrate that you have achieved what you hoped to.

Always use past tense in your paper. As you have already conducted the research, you should refer to it in the past tense. Make sure to use clear and concise sentences. Avoid using jargon. A research paper is a piece of academic writing that should not be subject to any slang. Try not to confuse the reader. If there is anything the reader might not understand, explain it. For example, any abbreviations need to be defined at least once. Leave out lengthy background information ; you need to find the right balance of explaining enough without going into too much detail. Make sure you get straight to the point. Let someone else have a look; don’t be scared of someone else critiquing your work—your paper could get a lot of attention, so be ready! Let a fellow professional in a similar field, yet not related to your study, have a read. Let them summarize the research back to you to see if you have communicated it well enough throughout the paper.

If you need a psychology or political science essay , do not hesitate to contact us, our team of professionals is always ready to help you.

Research Paper Abstract Examples

Example 1: Insect Repellant Potential of Juniper Berry (high school) (pdf)

In the Southwest shrub variety of Juniperus communis (Juniper Berry) has an essential medicinal origin in the Native American culture that has not been found scientifically. One of the favorite uses of Juniper berries aside from its detoxifying effect is its potential to repel insects (purpose and reasons).

Example 2: An analysis of salmon management in the Yukon Delta (pdf)

The amount of salmon farmed across the US and Canada has led to many different involved companies and strategies either governmental or commercially owned. In the Yukon River, there are both forms of harvesting the fish. The local residence or the Yukip have been traditionally catching the fish for centuries. Declining populations have instigated scientific research into the causes and possible preventions for future conservation (purpose and reasons).

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    The environment is the surrounding of an organism. The environment in which an organism lives is made up of various components like air, water, land, etc. These components are found in fixed proportions to create a harmonious balance in the environment for the organism to live in.

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    Plastic Pollution is affecting the whole earth, including mankind, wildlife, and aquatic life. It is spreading like a disease which has no cure. We all must realize the harmful impact it has on our lives so as to avert it as soon as possible. Plastic pollutes our water. Each year, tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean.

  9. Ocean Pollution Essay Examples

    Ocean Pollution for the most Wildlife. Words: 679 Pages: 2 6728. The ocean is home to the most wildlife in the entire world. Every day people are destroying life in the ocean by polluting it. There are many different endangered animals in the ocean. Every day they are being killed off by man-made pollutants.

  10. Essay on Pollution in 500 Words- Types, Effects, How to Reduce

    Essay on Pollution Pollution is the presence of harmful substances in the environment. These harmful substances are called pollutants. There are various types of pollution that are Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise pollution and more. Because of the increase in population, pollution is also increasing on a daily basis.

  11. Essay on Pollution for Students

    Introduction. Pollution is a major environmental issue that has been plaguing our planet for many years. It refers to the contamination of the environment by introducing various pollutants that can have adverse effects on plants, animals, and humans alike. It can take many forms, ranging from air to water, soil, and noise pollution.

  12. Essay on Environmental Pollution for Students and Children

    Essay on Environmental Pollution - Environment is the surroundings in which we live. But the contamination of our environment by pollutants is environmental pollution. The current stage of the earth that we are seeing is the cause of centuries of exploitation of earth and its resources.

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    In writing an essay about air pollution, it is crucial to provide an efficient methodology and at least one solution that addresses your problem. If you take a look at any air pollution essay example, you will instantly notice that there are statistical bits and interesting facts that add more life to the writing. Ensure that you include these ...

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    How to Write an Air Pollution Essay Introduction 1.Captivate the attention of the reader. 2. Specify your main point of interest. 3. Craft a thesis statement. Definition of Pollution Essay and Other Things You Need to Know Can't Choose a Topic on Air Pollution? Here Are 20+ Ideas to Choose From! Final Checklist to Guarantee the Best Results

  15. Essay on Pollution

    Essay on Pollution - Sample 1 Pollution had existed long before humans evolved. For instance, volcanic eruptions commonly pumped massive amounts of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere, causing acid rain. The greenhouse gas, ozone, forms from natural, photochemical reactions in the atmosphere.

  16. Essay on Air Pollution

    Essay on Air Pollution - Sample 2 (500 Words) Air pollution may seem like the result of anthropological activities, however, it has been around even before humans evolved. Places which are naturally arid and have minimal vegetation are prone to dust storms.

  17. How To Write an Essay on Air Pollution?

    You can build your essay around air pollution's fundamental principles and how it happens. Write about the fact that humanity, in its production, during the combustion of fossil fuels, waste processing, etc., produces carbon oxides, which are then released into the atmosphere.

  18. Essay on Air Pollution for Students and Children

    500+ Words Essay on Air Pollution. Essay on Air Pollution- Earlier the air we breathe in use to be pure and fresh.But, due to increasing industrialization and concentration of poisonous gases in the environment the air is getting more and more toxic day by day. Also, these gases are the cause of many respiratory and other diseases.Moreover, the rapidly increasing human activities like the ...

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    Environmental Pollution Essay. Environmental pollution essay explains how the earth and its natural resources are under the ever-increasing threat of pollution. All life on earth is threatened by this vicious process initiated by human intervention. The pollutants released from all kinds of human activity including industrial processes have had ...

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    Your pollution essay titles should clue your readers in on your argument. Using a "talking" title, which explains your subject at a glance, is a useful way of making your essay stand out among others. Tip #7 If your subject ties together different issues, then you should think about using subheadings to make your essay more readable.

  21. Air Pollution Argumentative Essays

    According to EDIS (par 1), air pollution is caused by human beings and trees. Hence, EDIS advocates for the use of trees to reduce pollution. The trees have the ability to make use of polluted air and emit pure air (Berkeley, par 3).ELSL supports the idea of the use of trees as an example of an application of science in an attempt to solve the ...

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    Writing Essay On Water Pollution. Everyone knows the phrase "water is life.". A human cannot survive without water for more than three days. Before the development of civilization, the cycle of water in the biosphere was balanced. But with the development of civilization, the natural cycle was violated.

  23. What are the changes that you need to do so to avoid environment

    Answers: 2 on a question: What are the changes that you need to do so to avoid environment pollution caused by ions You will write an essay promoting how ions can pollute our environmentneed ko na Po Tamang sagot salamat

  24. How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper : r/students_essay_help

    Second, you can design the abstract to fit around your results — to demonstrate that you have achieved what you hoped to. Always use past tense in your paper. As you have already conducted the research, you should refer to it in the past tense. Make sure to use clear and concise sentences. Avoid using jargon.