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Caleb Bailey

20 Best Video Games of 2022 — So Far

video games short essay

2022 has been an… interesting year for video games. Several highly anticipated titles dropped throughout Q1, but remasters and re-releases have largely dominated Q2 and Q3. Many triple-A titles like God of War Ragnarok and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will drop near the end of the year — when the odds of breaking sales records and snagging awards are at their best. 

In the meantime, gamers are largely left with two options; play through Elden Ring for the zillionth time or scour the internet for something new to play. If you fall into the latter category, you’ve come to the right place. Plenty of fantastic titles are available on home consoles, PC, and even mobile devices. You just have to know where to look. These are the best video games of 2022 (so far). 

Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course

video games short essay

Cuphead originally debuted in September 2017, and the gaming industry hasn’t been the same ever since. This loving homage to old-school shoot ’em up games and vintage 1930s cartoons charmed (and stressed out) millions of players across the globe. The Delicious Last Course DLC, which dropped on June 30, 2022, is the encore to this one-of-a-kind title.

Players will find more of everything that they loved about the base game; more challenging bosses, more enthralling hand-drawn animation, and even more immaculately composed music. At $7.99 USD, this expansion is easily worth your hard-earned coins. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

video games short essay

Alright, here’s the scenario; it’s the late-1990s/early-2000s, and you’re heading to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate someone’s birthday. You’ve got $10, maybe $12’s worth of tokens jangling in your pocket. What’s the first/possibly only game you play? Why the frustrating yet incredibly additive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game of course!

Shredder’s Revenge is a send-up to the brutal, yet thrilling titles that Konami developed back in the day. Up to six players can raise shell together via offline or online co-op. This title also boasts a soundtrack composed by Tee Lopes, Johnny Atma, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon (The Chef), and Mega Ran! 

video games short essay

Stray generated tons of buzz at Sony’s Future of Gaming showcase back in June 2020 — and how could it not? This game lets you explore an abandoned futuristic city as a cat. I spent my first 30 minutes with this title napping, scratching trees and rugs, nuzzling other cats, and solving puzzles… and I deeply enjoyed every last second. 

BlueTwelve Studio has delivered one of the most mesmerizing experiences that the PS5 has to offer. Stray’s setting is moody and dirty, yet enticing all the same. The game also frequently uses non-verbal storytelling to build its compelling narrative. 

Horizon Forbidden West

video games short essay

2017 was an extremely stacked year for games; titles like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Cuphead, Super Mario Odyssey, and many more all made headlines throughout the year. Nevertheless, Guerilla Games stood out from the crowd with Horizon Zero Dawn — aka the game where you hunt mechanical dinosaurs. 

Horizon Forbidden West builds upon everything that its predecessor established. Alloy’s story continues to unfold in dramatic fashion and there are more robotic dinosaurs to hunt. The market is virtually flooded with open world titles (case in point, this list), but many struggle to stand out. Horizon Forbidden West does not have that problem.

video games short essay

Never judge a book by its cover — or a game by its art style. Tunic might look like a cuddly children’s game on the surface, but this Zelda-inspired action adventure game from Andrew Shouldice and Finji is easily one of this year’s most hardcore offerings. 

There’s no hand-holding here; no giant blinking arrows to tell you where to go, and all of the NPCs speak in a cryptic, unknown language. Certain players might find this title outright inaccessible, while others will adore the challenge.  

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

video games short essay

I’m pretty sure it’s mathematically impossible to make a bad Kirby game. Kirby’s Dream Land topped several sales charts upon release, and several spin-off games such as Kirby Air Ride attained cult classic status over time. 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the latest and greatest in this long-running franchise. Up to two players can explore sprawling open worlds as Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee (esquire). Forgotten Land is a family-friendly title through and through, though there’s also plenty of challenging content for older/more experienced players. 

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

video games short essay

Pokémon took the world by storm in the 1990s and has never really let up ever since. Games, movies, TV shows, trading cards — the Pokémon franchise has basically done it all over the last 26 years. Yet Game Freak, the Japanese game developers behind Pokémon , somehow find new ways to surprise long-time fans.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus dares players to “catch ‘em all” in a pre-historic land with five distinct biomes. A poignant storyline might not be one of this title’s selling points, but it wins big in terms of immersion. Arceus really captures the scale of the 242 Pokémon that currently comprise its roster. The vast amount of content on offer makes this title one of the best video games of 2022.

video games short essay

Martial arts films have been a major part of my life since I was in diapers. Have Sword, Will Travel (1969), Fist of Fury (1972), and Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991) are some of the first movies that I ever saw. Playing through Sloclap’s latest title Sifu makes you feel like you’re playing through a classic kung-fu film.

This game’s all about combat; swarms of enemies will bear down on you all at once, so it’s KO (via the array of intricate techniques at your disposal), or be KO’d. And should you fall, your character will advance in age — prompting you to finish your campaign before you’re too old to fight. Sifu isn’t only one of the best games of 2022, it’s also one of the most unique. 

Gran Turismo 7

video games short essay

Authenticity has always been one of the hallmarks of the Gran Turismo series. The first game in the franchise wowed players and critics alike despite the comparatively limited capabilities of Sony’s first Playstation system. Gran Turismo 7 continues to set the standard for high-quality racing sims, even if its monetization scheme isn’t ideal.

GT7 is jam-packed with content; Career Mode will keep you engaged as you slowly but surely rise through the ranks, while Legendary Circuits will push your driving skills to the limit. A modern-day GT title wouldn’t be complete without a Car Collection mode — of which, there are over 420 cars to collect and purchase in-game. 

Rogue Legacy 2

video games short essay

Failure isn’t an option in roguelike games — it’s practically guaranteed. Players will only progress so far in a dungeon before they perish and start another adventure. Cellar Door Games’ 2013 title Rogue Legacy played into this concept; each time players failed, they’d start a new journey as an heir of their previous character.

Rogue Legacy 2 follows in its predecessor’s footsteps while also bringing plenty of new features to the fore. The heir system makes a return, albeit with interesting twists and turns. New classes, environments, and 2.5D mechanics sweeten the deal and cement Rogue Legacy 2 as one of the best games of 2022.

video games short essay

I’ve never seen anything quite like Neon White , and I’ve been gaming since 1997. Over the years, I’ve played utterly mind-boggling titles like Killer 7 , Godhand, SMT: Nocturne, Bloodborne and most of the Kingdom Hearts franchise . Yet somehow, Neon White manages to be a refreshingly unique experience with its own vibe and gameplay.

I’d describe this title as an FPS /Platforming hybrid, but even that fails to fully encapsulate everything Neon White has to offer . Players must race through a variety of surreal levels while using guns as both weapons and puzzle-solving tools. This is easily one of the most challenging, stylish, abstract, and freaky games of the year — and possibly the 2020s. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

video games short essay

Once upon a time (i.e. the 1990s/200s), Japanese Role-Playing Games (i.e. JRPGs), dominated the gaming industry. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes me back to that time in a way, embodying many of the best — and not-so-best — qualities of JRPGs. 

Players can explore over 150 hours worth of content and immerse themselves in the incredibly eccentric world of Aionios. The story doesn’t always make sense and the characters that comprise your party can feel very archetypal, but XC3 has charm and heart in spades. 

video games short essay

NORCO is a much-needed reminder that high-end graphics and massive budgets alone don’t make a great game, let alone a good one. This pixel art point-and-click adventure game garnered tons of praise when it was released in March. Months later, pundits still hail NORCO as a potential Game of The Year nominee. 

Players will help Kay traverse a heavily cyberized version of Norco, Louisiana as she searches for her missing brother. Along the way, they’ll encounter awe-inspiring religious imagery, hostile human and non-human threats, and a narrative that critiques the oil industry’s impact on New Orleans. 

OlliOlli World 

video games short essay

Skateboarding games were all the rage throughout the 2000s; new Tony Hawk titles were released each and every year from 1999 to 2010. A house party wasn’t a party unless someone had Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 on deck. Roll7’s OlliOlli franchise hearkens back to those halcyon days, and OlliOlli World is their latest release.

Like its predecessors, OlliOlli World blends 2D platforming with frenetic, hyper-stylized skateboarding. Combos are the name of the game; the more tricks you can string together, the higher your score will skyrocket. This visually charming title is easy to learn, but very hard (yet oh so satisfying) to master. 

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

video games short essay

Monster Hunter Rise enthralled players with its deep customization and gripping (pun intended) Wirebug mechanic. Sunbreak amps up everything that you loved about the base game, fixes several long-standing issues and adds even more customization into the fray. 

The expansion kicks off when invasive monster species show up in Kamura. Players are invited to the Medieval-themed Elgado Outpost, where they’ll discover new friends and foes in spades. Sunbreak feels like a true expansion by adding more of what players loved about MH Rise and then some.


video games short essay

Who’d win in a fight, Shaggy and Velma or Batman and Superman? MultiVersus lets players discover the answer for themselves by pitting various Warnes Bros. characters against each other. This platform fighter was released with 19 playable characters right off the bat and plans to add many more through subsequent seasons. 

Now, a good chunk of you might be interested in this title for its sheer spectacle. Others might be tempted to write it off as another “Smash Bros. Clone” that won’t stand the test of time. Either way, consider this; MultiVersus is free to play and the devs seem genuinely passionate in the multiple vlogs/blogs they’ve uploaded. 

And c’mon, you know you wanna see LeBron James and The Iron Giant go at it.

video games short essay

2.5D fighting games are truly a spectacle to behold; they often combine cell-shaded graphics with slick animation to create a radically unique experience. Several of the most popular 2.5D titles in the world, such as Guilty Gear Xrd and DragonBall Fighter Z , are compliments of Arc System Works. DNF Duel , a spin-off of Neople’s MORG Dungeon Fighter Online, is Arc’s latest and greatest. 

Fundamentally, DNF Duel checks all the right boxes; gorgeous graphics, complex mechanics, and stylish characters are all here in the spades. However, puddle-deep storylines and noticeable balancing issues hold this title back. Here’s hoping Arc will update DNF Duel ASAP to cement its place as one of the best games of the year. 

Freshly Frosted

video games short essay

Simplicty has a quality all its own. Freshly Frosted is an accessible pick-up and play puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch. Its narrative is extremely straightforward; a woman lies down in a grass field and imagines a donut factory in the sky. 

From there, players will create all sorts of pastries purely for the sake of helping the woman relax. There are 144 puzzles available from the get-go that all vary in complexity and difficulty. If you get stuck, you can ask for a hint or even skip a particularly challenging puzzle. Freshly Frosted feels like a complete package upon release, though more donut-themed DLC would certainly be welcomed.

video games short essay

Supermassive Games has been in business since 2008, but the company really made a name for itself with Until Dawn in 2015. This title is an interactive horror film in essence, which means it emphasizes story and characters over gameplay. That description also fits Supermassive’s latest offering, The Quarry.

The fate of nine distinct and well-acted characters ultimately lies in your hands. The Quarry takes major cues from slasher films like Halloween and Friday the 13th . It’s much more over-the-top than Until Dawn , but player choice and a gripping narrative are just as pivotal as ever. The Quarry is a non-gamer’s game, and I mean that in the best of ways.

video games short essay

Was there ever any doubt that Elden Ring would grace this list? I wasn’t kidding about that “zillionth playthrough” bit in the intro. After sinking 300+ hours into this title and nabbing the Platinum trophy, I’ve (nearly) seen everything Elden Ring has to offer — and I’m still absolutely in love with it.

For many players, Elden Ring is their first FromSoftware game. It’s their first time getting crushed by a ridiculously challenging boss — and coming right back for more. It’s their first time getting invaded by some psychopath who practically lives for PvP. It’s their first time losing hundreds of times, yet earning the win despite it all.

Elden Ring is one of the best video games of 2022 and has already cemented itself as the Game of The Year in many players’ eyes.


video games short essay

Video Games Essay

video games short essay

Video Games : Video Game

English 132 9 March 2015 Video Games A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction to generate visual feedback on a video device. The word video in video game means any type of display device that can produce two- or three-dimensional images. The electronic systems used to play video games are called platforms; examples of these are video game consoles and personal computers. Platforms can range from small handheld devices to large computers. Some video games can become popular and

Video Games And The Video Game Industry

Video Games and the Video Game Industry The video game Pong was introduced in 1972 and can be considered the beginning of the video gaming industry. Unlike the game Pong, the controversies surrounding video games today are not quite as simple. Certain media outlets often portray video games to be bad for individual’s health and behaviour. There are still some people in the world that believe video games are contributing to the decline of today’s generation. However, video games and their industry

Video Game : Video Games

violent video games that are commonly played by boys and girls, young and old alike in today’s society. Many experts fear that this violence in video games increases violence in people in real life, causing people to act out as if they were in the video game, increasing aggressive behavior so much that it could actually escalate to shooting, stabbing, and killing people. There have already been many cases of these extreme examples of violence in the news that share a connection with video games. Eric

Video Games And The Video Game

The 2000’s and 2010’s has become the most transformative age for video games and the gamers who make them popular. Within the last 15 years the amount of gaming devices in homes has risen to eighty-eight percent. This is a large leap from where the original “Brown Box” console created by Ralph Baer in nineteen sixty-seven, but video games didn’t just go through a cut scene and magically appear in everyone’s homes. They have had it rough from lawsuits, heavy competition between companies, and even

others for the rest. When it comes the video gaming industry, companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have developed new ways for the population to enjoy new entertainment and hobbies. However, when these companies create new systems to be flawless, users always seem to find at least one problem. The problem is not the gaming consoles themselves, but the the violent video games that companies create for these consoles. Allowing children to purchase these games, are one of many reasons why the youth

Video Games and Violent Video Games' Effect

A video game is “an electronic game in which players control images on a television or computer screen” (Merriam-Webster). Video games have been entertaining and challenging gamers since the Game Boy to modern console games. Despite the simplicity of the definition of video games, a video game, especially ones containing violence can have a large effect on the gamer. Because of the realism and advancements in the video game industry, video games can influence the player, and can make the gamer more

Video Game Violence : Violent Video Games

Davis English III 27 March 2015 Video Game Violence Violent video games have been being created since the first console. Yet only recently have we been blaming them for aggression in the player. We as humans have a tendency to blame our violent behavior on other things rather thin ourselves. Now aggression is being defined in many ways in this situation but mainly people point to the anger that’s brought out in the real world after the game or maybe it’s the gamers’ tendency to have

Video Game : Violent Video Games

The video game industry possible causing behavioral problems for people of all ages. Video game violence isn’t breaking news for years people have played games with murder and sexual innuendos. People ask why violent video games are so attractive, maybe it’s a way to escape from real life or even therapeutic. History shows us that human being like violence, in roman time gladiators killed people and animals for sport with huge number of people as an audience. Today the video game industry has found

the mainstream video game industry has seemed to operate under the same apparent assumptions: girls don’t play big action games, boys like the sexualization of girls in video games and won’t play as a female character unless she is heavily sexualized, and that girls play video games for the attention of boys. These assumptions are what allows the gaming industry to continue to focus on their male players, particularly young men, despite the fact that the number of women playing games today may someday

The Causes Of Video Game Addiction In Video Games

Many people of our generation like to play video games in some point of their life, whether it is Pokémon Go, Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Mario, Sonic, Call of Duty, Minecraft, or Skyrim. Over the past few decades of their existence, video games have been a major form of entertainment. As time goes by video games improve in graphics, sound, and storyline. It’s only natural that people would become more and more immersed in them, and Many gamers will claim that videogames are not addictive, and even

this, but there was a time when video games were not around. Like a lot of things in the world that are distinctly human, video games were made out of a combination of innovation, necessity, and curiosity. The early video game creators would be making something that would seem clunky, and somewhat crude at first. But that would completely change in time by the innovators, and entrepreneurs to something that would some day be consider an art form. (Art of Video Games) According to the Entertainment

you ever played or owned any type of video game? Video games are very addictive, especially your favorite one. Call of Duty is a popular video game that is full of violence and shootings. The quality of this video game looks just like real humans, shootings, guns, cities, towns, roads, etc. Call of Duty started off as a simple video game and is now expanding into a whole series that people keep purchasing. Children of all ages are involved in playing this game, and most people are against it. Call

The Video Game Video Games

The first video games appeared in the 1960s.[1] They were played on massive computers connected to vector displays, not analog televisions. Ralph H. Baer conceived the idea of a home video game in 1951. In the late 1960s, while working for Sanders Associates, Baer created a series of video game console designs. One of these designs, which gained the nickname of the 1966 "Brown Box", featured changeable game modes and was demonstrated to several TV manufacturers, ultimately leading to an agreement

I’ve been playing video games and watching various forms of animation for years. I started to play video games on my Sega Genesis, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star. From then on, I advanced in gaming platforms and experienced games from Nintendo since the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and from Sony on the first PlayStation. I spent countless hours playing video games. However, I also spent a fair amount of time watching animation. I’d wake up on Saturday mornings to watch shows like

Video Games People will be surprise for what I am going to talk about. To start I have to tell a little bit about the topic “video games”. Video games is any electronically game played with the help of controller and consoles connected to a television or a computer. People can find different kinds of video games as action, shooters action adventure, and management simulation, role playing games, strategy and racing. The first video games were created by scientist and programmers after the Second

revolutionary way of entertainment which was the video game. It all started with Atari’s first console, which only had a simple game of tennis. Since then, many other companies released game consoles such as the Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo 64. Although many adults participated in this association, children were the main crowd of this attraction, in the next following decades, children that play video games will gain remarkable techniques. As a result, video games have positively influenced children that

Have you ever played a video game and wonder? How does this thing work? Who invented it? Well you’re in luck because I have all the information that you’ll need to know all about the history of video games. How video games have advanced right along with technology that we use in everyday life. If you ask people. When video games did first came out? Most people would say in the 1970 's and they would be wrong. "In 1958, William A. Higginbotham, an engineer working for the United States government

In the year 2016, the video game industry hit an important milestone. As seen in this 2015-2019 analysis, the industry hit a market value of over $100,000,000,000: (“THE GLOBAL GAMES MARKET REACHES $99.6 BILLION IN 2016, MOBILE GENERATING 37%”). Just like today, 1983 was looking great for the future of video games. However, unlike today, 1983 did not go great for the video game industry, it went awfully. In 1983, the video game industry crashed and has not fully recovered to the value of the market

Video games are a part of our entertainment industry and are more accessible than they have ever been. The video game industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. economy. According to Wallace (2014), the video game industry generated about $78.5 billion in revenue and only fell behind the film industry at $88.2 billion. As the industry continues to expand, so does the technology that gives the games more realism and immersion. Games depicting violence is becoming more graphic and detailed

Video Games : The Video Game Industry

The video game industry is one that continues to grow exponentially with consumers spending over $22 billion dollars on the gaming industry in 2014 (association, 2015). This popularity brings the opportunity to produce a stream of games that continue to expand in their nature and impact on their audience. Video games are now artistic, social and collaborative, with many allowing massive numbers of people to participate simultaneously (htt). The collaboration of the video gaming industry doesn’t stop

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Video Games Essay | Essay on Video Games for Students and Children in English

January 18, 2021 by Prasanna

Video Games Essay:  Video games are electronic games that requires a user interface, input device (it can be joysticks, controllers, motion-sensing devices, keyboard, etc.) that generates visual feedback for the player or players, an output device that is either a two or three-dimensional display device (like TV monitor, touchscreen, VR headset, etc.).

Video games also are augmented with audio feedback using either headphones or speakers. Other types of augmented feedback systems of video games include haptic technology.

You can also find more  Essay Writing  articles on events, persons, sports, technology and many more.

Long and Short Essays on Video Games for Students and Kids in English

We are providing students with a long essay sample of 500 words and a short essay sample of 150 words on the topic Video Games in English for reference.

Long Essay on Video Games 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Video Games is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Video games have undeniably become an imperative part of most of our life, either as a form of entertainment and even hobby. Video games came into existence through the invention of the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device by Thomas T Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann in 1947. And in 1948 they got the patent for their invented device with knobs and buttons used for stimulating airborne enemies. It was not until the 1970s, and 1980s those video games reached the mainstream popularity.

One of the biggest technological evolution examples is that of what is seen in video games. Over the years there had been massive changes and several creations since the first released video game. Before the age of Playstation, Xbox, or even computer games, people used to be engrossed in playing video arcade games and later the 8-bit video games using consoles, joysticks, and other controllers. Now we have video games with much higher graphics, better storyline, and even more options. This makes the gaming experience more thrilling and enjoyable; however, it does not change the fact that video games have turned almost an entire generation into couch potatoes.

It is no news that video games are fascinating and because of the graphics along with sound effects gives the player a real-like experience. The video game industry has also started experimenting with virtual reality resulting in even more realistic games which give the player the sensation of truly witnessing the activities of the game. Bur we all know that technology is both a good and a bad effect. The condition is not much different when it comes to video games as well. There are several benefits of playing video games; similarly, there are also adverse effects of the same.

The positive effects of video games include developing one’s skills, like strategic thinking, quick learning, cooperation, creativity, etc. Simulations which are based on the similar technology behind video games are used for training purposes (like shooting, golfing, driving, etc.). Simulations have helped in reducing the risk of accidents occurring during training by allowing the user to practice longer without the requirement of frequent maintenance.

However, there are also some very destructive negative effects of video games. Firstly, children and young adults often get very addicted to playing video games and end up wasting a lot of time and becoming socially isolated. Another aspect of video games which has affected the players immensely is the increase in the violence and aggressiveness in them while trying to imitate the competitive traits of the game.

As intelligent beings, we must use our wisdom and self-control to spend our time wisely and efficiently while avoiding things that have the potential of causing us harm. The gaming industry should monitor the type of games being manufactured and restricting the game for the age for only which it is suitable. Players too should understand the negative impacts of excessive video game playing and addiction. Hence, it can be concluded that the effect of video games depends a lot on the player.

Short Essay on Video Games 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Video Games is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

The electronic games that involve the user interface interacting with a human that results in generating feedback onto the video device are called video games. The platforms are the electronic devices used for playing various video games. The size of platforms or gaming units can range from large mainframe computers to even small handheld devices. The trend of playing video games became prominent from the late 1970s and has only increased over time with the advancement of technology. At present, the global value of the video game industry is stated to be USD 152 billion approximately.

The large scale engagement of youth and people of other age groups as well has turned video games into a trend factor. However, there has been a lot of debate on the matter of the positive and negative impact of games on people. Thus, both the industry and the user need to monitor the content of the games being made, and the amount of time being spent on it, respectively.

10 Lines on Video Games in English

FAQ’s on Video Games Essay

Question 1. Mention some positive effects of playing video games.

Answer: Some positive effects of video game playing includes the following-

Question 2. Which is the most iconic video game character of all time?

Answer:  Mario

Question 3. What is the first invented video game?

Answer:  Tennis for Two is the first video game, and it was created in 1958.

video games short essay

Free Video Games Essays and Papers

video games short essay

Video Games

Video Game Effects Around sixty-seven percent of U.S. households play video games and average almost eight hours of weekly playing time. The video game industry has grown tremendously over the past decade. Thanks to new technological advances, millions of people play video games on their phones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. Most of the people who play video games are adults, but younger children and teenagers are being introduced to gaming. The effects that video games have on children

male, people have blamed video games. They say that video games make people violent. But that isn’t true. Video games may make people violent while playing them but that violence never leads any further than yelling at the television screen. Video games should not be put down. In fact video games help people better their motor skills, the military uses video games for training exercises, and a lot of people use video games to relieve stress. A lot of people view video games as being bad and say that

Video games

censorship would impact the videogame industry tremendously. During the past years there has been the first ever videogame court case called Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association, trying to pass a law against selling or renting violent games to minors (Scholssman, Para 1). This case has been going on for several years and has recently escalated all the way to the Supreme Court. The morning of November 2, 2010, the United States Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments for this case

Video Games and Violent Video Games' Effect

A video game is “an electronic game in which players control images on a television or computer screen” (Merriam-Webster). Video games have been entertaining and challenging gamers since the Game Boy to modern console games. Despite the simplicity of the definition of video games, a video game, especially ones containing violence can have a large effect on the gamer. Because of the realism and advancements in the video game industry, video games can influence the player, and can make the gamer more

people knew about video games and how to play them. Since first video game was made in 1947. At that time no one was interested in these things. But nowadays, video games have become more popular than any time before. Not only young adults or teenegers have become addicted to video games, it is possible that older people also have been hooked . For this reason, this topic be worthy of doing an research about it.The specific motive of this research to detect whether video games have impact on players

video games

The Effects of Video Games on the Body In households with children, sixty seven percent of them own a video game system. The game industry’s worldwide video game annual sales reached over 25 billion at the end of 2004. So the concern for the health of video game players is increasing. Video games have many different effects on the health of people. Some experiments have found video games to have a dramatic effect, while other experiments have found them to have little or no effect at all. While some

changed society individually and mentally for the reality for the future. However, technology has change entertainment in the manner of video games. Development to create games has been a phenomenal. Making beautiful digital graphics, wonderful story-lines, and human graphic characters that can talk to an individual through certain scenarios. Although video games are a great revolution for the future it has brought negative influence upon people of all ages in high problems leading into transition

Introduction A video game is an electronic game that uses additional means to generate a feedback from the player. Video games have become an essential means of entertainment. Today's games are becoming more realistic and technologically advanced. Moreover, social networking has made its way into the video game industry with online gaming. Most parents get rid of the burden of organizing their children’s leisure time by giving them a playstation or a computer to play with. This is mostly due to the

Introduction: Video games are a prime source of entertainment for teens in today’s world. These games are progressing every year, and as technology gets better so do the games, with more realistic sound effects, graphics and story lines. This trend is bringing the industry to produce more games than before. These games are becoming more realistic and violent. In recent years the production of video games centered around violence has increased with the release of games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This review is an experimental study on the way playing video games, against watching violent video games, effects children’s aggressive behavior. This study was conducted by Utrecht University students, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The research conducted, and article written was by Hanneke Polman, Bram Orobio de Castro, and Marcel A.G van Aken, and copy-written in year 2008. The hypothesis behind this article is how does playing a violent video, rather than just watching one, affect a child’s aggressive

Violence in Video Games

Video game violence has been a controversial subject for many years. Even the most simple, classic video games have had this topic pop up, dating back to the 1980’s, games like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong. But more especially in modern video games, such as the Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto series. Many investigations attempt to analyze the idea that video games are making people more prone to violence, and even point to violence related events, some of said research information

Benefits of Video Games

Studies show that video games can in fact, be beneficial to you. Many times when you hear people talk about video games, it is usually talking about how they ruin people’s minds. While there is little evidence to back up those claims, on the other hand, there is also evidence defending it. Video games can have many social, educational, and/or cognitive benefits. Not all video games are rated violent, such as the Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, or Battlefield. Instead there are games that are considered

Video Game Addiction

The controversial topic of video game addiction is what I have decided to focus my multi-genre research project on. Although a multitude of people do not even know of the existence of such a problem in today's society, I can assure you that this is becoming an increasingly greater problem effecting people around the world of all ages. Through my multi-genre project, I intend on proving the uselessness and detrimental qualities of playing video games, and I am going to explore some healthy alternatives

The history of video games began in 1947 when Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann filed a United States patent request for an invitation they described as a “cathode ray tube amusement device” which was later used in the first arcade game. Video gaming became popular in the 1970s and 1980s when arcade video games, home computer games, and gaming consoles were introduced to the general public. These games consisted of fighting other players and even committing crimes against police. In the

Have you ever wondered how games impact children? or why kids love to play them? Well your about to find out and the answer may be surprising. Video games were first introduced in the 1970s. By the end of that decade they had become a preferred childhood leisure activity, and adults responded with concern about the possible ill effects of the games on children. Early research on these effects was inconclusive. However, a resurgence in video game sales that began in the late 1980s after the introduction

Nathan plunged to his death from the top floor of his high rise apartment building after being up for 48 straight hours playing Assassins Creed. In Little Rock, Arkansas, twelve year old Braden ran away from home after his mother took away his Xbox games. Several months later, a short distance from his home, he was found dead. Sixteen year old Robert, from Orange County California, stabbed both of his parents to death when they took away his Xbox gaming system. In Los Angeles, California, fifteen year

No Video Games in P.E.

play video games. Schools are having a controversy on whether video games should be brought into schools as a replacement for regular physical education activities. Video games should not replace regular physical education activities in schools because they would become uninteresting/repetitive and they would not meet the minimum standards for the recommended daily exercise. Firstly, video games should not be in P.E. because they would get boring and repetitive. There are only so many games the

The Addiction of Video Games

Video Games Addiction Video games are electronic visual games that involve interaction through screen and devices. Video game players are required to press buttons via a controller to interact with a video game. In video games, players are requested to do certain activities in order to win by defeating the opponent or through enhancing their abilities in the game which called “leveling up”. Video games have evolved technologically and graphically. As the video game industry thrives, the harmful effects

Video Game Influence

Do you play video games? Or maybe your friend, your sibling, your child plays video games? From the earliest games, Pong and Pac-Man, to the most recent games, Star Craft II and Halo Reach, it has been about 40 years. Evolving with our technology, video games originally played on big arcade machines have moved to small consoles we see today, making it available to all those that can afford it. With the wide variety of old and new video games, it has become one of the most popular entertainment in

Video Games Negative

When a parent is asked about video games, the first thing that comes to their mind is that they are bad for everyone, and this has always been the case for several video games. In today 's world, video games are becoming more popular and accessible to everyone. Most of the games that are being played by players involve violence and with its increase in popularity, they are often portrayed as a plague to society by many for years. However, despite these drawbacks, they are still suitable for providing

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Essay about Video Games

Essay about Video Games

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Video games are an increasingly popular form of entertainment. In fact, the average gamer spends about six hours a week playing video games. Many people see video games as a waste of time, but there is actually much more to them than meets the eye. Video games can be educational and help improve hand-eye coordination, for example. However, some argue that video games are bad for your health because they encourage unhealthy habits like sitting too much or spending too much time indoors away from sunlight or other people. Others argue that video games can help relieve stress and anxiety while still being fun—and they’re right! So what’s the truth? Do video games have benefits or drawbacks? We’ll examine both sides in this essay.

Video game culture

Video games are a form of art. Artists use the medium to express their creative visions, and video games are no different. Video games can be used as a means of self-expression and self-discovery, which is why they’re so popular among teenagers and young people. They can also be used as a way to connect with other people through social networks or online communities. Some people use video games as an escape from reality by immersing themselves in fantastical worlds like Skyrim or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild where anything goes! And lastly, some people just enjoy playing video games simply because they’re fun 🙂

Problems with video games

Impact of video games on education..

There are many ways that these resources could be used in teaching children about different concepts. Students will be able to learn about these topics at their own pace when using these resources and they will also have fun doing so which ensures that they will pay attention more throughout the process.

Benefits of video games

Video games are not bad for you, they are engaging and can be very enjoyable..

Video games are not bad for you. They can be very enjoyable, engaging and a form of escapism.

You may think that video games are just mindless entertainment that keeps people from doing more productive things. But they can also be considered art or communication, as well as being entertaining pieces of technology.

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Video Games Essay

video games short essay

The Influence Of Video Games On The Video Game Industry

advancements in this day and age are endless. Constant upgrades are being made to all aspects of the video game world. Switching from console gaming to PC gaming is something that just keeps getting bigger by the day. The gaming industry constantly evolving has caused the technology of the film industry as well as the platform that games are being played to be propelled by gaming technology, this paper will examine, content distribution, how video games changed the film industry, and technological advancement. Now before we get into convergence, I will give an overview of the basics of the video game industry. 1. The first video game console was made in the early 1970s. There has been an endless amount of consoles made…

Video Games Influence

Video Games constitute a new phenomenon in modern society. With the advance of technology and graphic display, the content of video games has become more aggressive and disturbing. For the past few decades, since video games were first created, the gaming industry has been developing games that would surpass other games before it. Video games have incredibly changed over time. Before, graphic systems limited many features. Violence was not realistic and blood was not red. Nowadays with the…

Evolution Of Video Games

Starting Video games have been around for quite a while. Video games have been around since the early 1970s. According to the article, How video game systems work, the first commercial arcade video game, Computer Space by Nutting Associates, was introduced in 1971. Although video games date way back, the Atari introduced Pong to the arcades. Nolan Bushnell founded Atari Inc. Nolan is described as the father of the videogame industry. The game pong first introduced by Nolan’s company Atari,…

Video Games Controversy

Controversy of Video Gaming In the United States, spending time playing video games is widely frowned upon and looked at as a waste of time by many. There is still immense debate today on the affects video gaming has on the psychology of the human mind and whether or not it gives cognitive benefits. The world has improved in many progressive ways since video games first got released and are still benefiting people today. Video games have always allowed humans to have the capability of creating…

Video Games And Bullying

It is true that violent video games can help a child increase their hand eye coordination and speed up their neural pathways. By playing video games children learn how to handle situations through hand eye coordination, by having to react quickly to what is being show to them on the screen. Because a child has to react so quickly this helps to speed up their neural pathways. According to Margaret Shotton, “This allows knowledge to travel around quicker, thus speeding up judgments and decisions,…

Violent Video Games

viewing and watching these types of entertainment. Where Some of these entertainment like video games has become the central part of the social word for many youths and adolescence. Which needs to be banned out for some reasons because these sources like violent video games have been regarded by many researchers as leading to the contribution of negative effects among the users who are more likely to be young teens? Violent video games lead young people to aggressive behavior, bad performance in…

Importance Of Video Games

There are many moments that I have enjoyed in life. Throughout those moments, they keep me motivated to stay in the right path and enjoy life and not worry about school. As weird as this may sound, collecting video games is one of my hobbies and I really enjoy doing it. Currently, I have over 500 video games and each one of them has a story in which how I was able to get ahold of it. The most memorable ones are probably the games that came from Limited Run Games. Limited Run Games is a company…

Sympathy In Video Games

are concerned with the underrepresentation of minorities in videogames, as well as the racism and sexism often involved in the production and gaming communities. Kimi Johnson acknowledged these problems during her presentation for the class, but she’s hopeful for the future of gaming. She pointed to indie games as a step in the right direction. This War of Mine requires moral decisions to be made and encourages empathy on the part of the player. This type of gaming encourages positive identity…

Video Games And Violence

Video games causing children to be violent has been a controversial topic for many years. Many people have questioned if video games are the reason why children are so aggressive. “The psychological group reports that more than 90% of children in the united states play video games. Among kids between the ages 12 and 17, the number rises to 97%. More important, 85% or more of video games on the market contain some form of violence.” Stated CNN. Even the games that you think are benign have some…

The Evolution Of Video Games

Why have video games become a big success? Back in the early 1900s, people didn’t have video games, they had simple games such as checker and chess. These two games are still widely played, but when computers and televisions started becoming a normal necessity, virtual games became more apparent. The concept of video games started with the first computer game. This game was a version of tic-tac-toe, created in 1952 by A.S. Douglas, a Cambridge university doctoral student (Hile) This simple, but…

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Essays About Video Games: Top 12 Examples and Prompts

Video games have revolutionized the way we have fun today. If you are writing essays about video games, check out our guide to inspire your writing.  

Few can contest the fact that video games have taken over the world. From the basic, almost “primitive” games of the 1970s like Pong to the mind-bending virtual reality games of the 2020s, they have been a source of entertainment for all. Moreover, they have proven quite profitable; countries like Japan and the United States have made tens of billions of dollars solely from the video game market.

Despite their popularity, much has been debated over the potentially harmful side effects that video games may have, particularly on children. One side argues that playing certain video games can lead to people exhibiting violence in the future, while others believe that video games teach players essential life skills. Regardless, they will continue to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. 

For engaging essays about video games, read the essay examples featured below for inspiration.

1. What electronic games can teach us by Kendall Powell

2. designers are imagining video games without guns by keith stuart, 3. playing video games all summer won’t make you feel worse by nicole wetsman, 4.  violent video games bad by andrea newman.

Writing Prompts For Essays About Video Games

1. video games: good or bad, 2. the benefits of video games, 3. what is your favorite video game, 4. do video games cause people to become violent, 5. video games in your life, 6. video games vs. traditional games, 7. is the video game rating system enough.

“In other studies, researchers found that gamers who trained on Tetris were better at mentally rotating two-dimensional shapes than those who played a control game. Students who played two hours of All You Can E.T., an educational game designed to enhance the executive function of switching between tasks, improved their focus-shifting skills compared with students who played a word search game.”

Powell explains a few possibilities of applying video games to education. As it turns out, certain video games can improve players’ skills, depending on the mechanics. Researchers are inspired by this and hope to take advantage of the competitive, motivational nature of gaming to encourage children to learn. New games are designed to help kids improve their focus, coordination, and resilience, and game designers hope they will succeed. 

“Imagine a game where you’re a war reporter seeking to capture the most iconic, representative images in a battle environment: You’d still get the sense of peril that audiences expect from action adventures, but your relationship with the environment would be more profound. It would be Call of Duty from the perspective of a creative participant rather than a violent interloper.”

The graphic nature of some video games is said to make kids violent, so it is only natural that some creators try to change this. Stuart writes that it is possible to maintain the fun that shooter-type games induce without using guns. He gives examples of games where you do not kill your enemy, simply stunning or capturing them instead. He also suggests photography as an alternative to killing in a “shooting” game. Finally, he suggests basing video games around helping others, making friends, and doing more peaceful, creative tasks.

“Any role video games play in skewing well-being that did pop up in the study was too small to have a real-world impact on how people feel, the authors said. People would have to play games for 10 more hours per day than their baseline to notice changes in their well-being, the study found.”

Wetsman counters the widespread belief that video games “destroy your brain.” Research done with a sample of 39,000 players over six weeks has shown that whether one plays video games for long or short periods, their mental health is not impacted much. There are some exceptions; however, there are not enough to conclude that video games are, in fact, harmful.

“Some people believe that the connection between violent games, and real violence is also fairly intuitive. In playing the games kids are likely to become desensitized to gory images;which could make them less disturbing, and perhaps easier to deal with in real life. While video games aren’t about violence their capacity to teach can be a good thing.”

In her essay, Newman writes about the supposed promotion of violence in some video games. However, she believes this violence does not cause people to be more aggressive later. Instead, she believes these games expose children to certain atrocities so they will not be traumatized if they see them in real life. In addition, these games supposedly promote connections and friendships. Finally, Newman believes that these “harmful” can make you a better person.

5. ​​ The health effects of too much gaming by Peter Grinspoon

“Gamers need to be educated on how to protect their thumbs, wrists, and elbows, their waistlines, their emotional state, their sleep, and their eyes. Simple education around taking breaks, stretching, eating healthy snacks, and resting and icing your thumb, wrist, or elbow when it starts hurting can address injuries early, before they become significant. For the eyes, gamers can try the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, try to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.”

Grinspoon discusses both the benefits and the health risks of gaming. Video games allow people to interact with each other remotely and bond over specific missions or tasks, and some research shows that they have cognitive benefits. However, some gamers may develop vision problems and hand and wrist injuries. Gaming and “staring in front of a screen the whole day” is also associated with obesity. Overall, Grinspoon believes that gaming is best done in moderation.

Many parents believe that their children’s “bad behavior” is because of video games. Based on your experience and others, decide: are video games good or bad for you? Make sure to read viewpoints from both sides and write an essay based on your position. Would you encourage others to play video games? Discuss these pros and cons for an interesting argumentative essay.

Like anything else, video games have both positive and negative aspects. Explain the good that video games can do for you: the skills they can equip you with, the lessons they can teach, and anything else. Also, include whether you believe their benefits outweigh the disadvantages they may pose. 

For your essay, write about your favorite video game and why you chose it. What is its meaning to you, and how has it affected your life? Describe the gameplay mechanics, characters, storyline, and general impact on the gaming community or society. You can write about any game you want, even if you have not played it; just ensure the content is sufficient.

Many claim that playing violent video games can make you violent in the future. Research this phenomenon and conclude whether it is true or not. Is the evidence sufficient? There are many resources on this topic; support your argument by citing credible sources, such as news articles, statistics, and scientific research.

Video games have been a part of almost all our lives. Recall a treasured experience with video games and explain why it is significant. How old were you? Why do you remember it fondly? How did this experience make you feel? Answer these questions in your own words for an exciting essay.

Essays About Video Games: Video games vs. Traditional games

There are stark differences between video and traditional games, such as board games and card games. For an engaging essay, compare and contrast them and write about which is more entertaining, in your opinion. Be creative; this should be based on your own opinions and ideas.

The video game content rating system is used to classify video games based on their appropriateness for specific ages. However, parents complain that they are not strict enough and allow the display of violent content to children. Explore the criteria behind the rating system, decide whether it needs to be changed or not, and give examples to support your argument.

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video games short essay

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video games short essay

Essays on Video Games

Video games can be beneficial for our health and brain.

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The Effects of Video Games

Video games and its positive effects, how video games change our society, how video games are created, positive impact of video games on humans, the types of video games and the consequences of playing them too much, advantages and disadvantages of video games, risk factors of video games addiction, timeline of video games development, how video games can shape our brains and behavior, pros and cons of video games, benefits of video games for children, influence of video games on health, the social impact of video games on children, effect of video games on people's moods, influence of violence in video games, psychological effects of video games on children and young adults, stop blaming video games, benefits and detriments of playing video games, discussion on whether video games are bad or good for us, statement that video games cause violence is a misconception, the panic over video games violence in today's society, negative effects of video games on health, investigation of whether video games cause violence in children, the effects of excessive time playing video games on children, interacting with media: how video games have influenced storytelling, negative effects of video games: essay, answering the question on whether video games cause violence or not, an enduring debate on 'do video games cause violence', feeling stressed about your essay.

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A video game or computer game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface or input device – such as a joystick, controller, keyboard, or motion sensing device – to generate visual feedback.

The first video game prototypes in the 1950s and 1960s are simple extensions of electronic games using video-like output from large room-size computers. The first consumer video game is the arcade video game Computer Space in 1971. In 1972 came the iconic hit arcade game Pong, and the first home console, the Magnavox Odyssey.

Action (Fighting, Platform, Shooter, Survival, Battle royale), Action-adventure (Stealth, Survival horror), Adventure (Interactive fiction, Interactive movie, Visual novel), Gacha, Horror, Masocore, Massively multiplayer online, Role-playing (Action role-playing, Tactical role-playing), Simulation (Construction and management, Life simulation, Sports, Vehicle), Strategy (4X, Auto battler, Multiplayer online battle arena, Real-time strategy, etc.).

Arcade video game, Console game, Electronic game, Online game, Mobile game, PC game, Virtual reality game.

Minecraft, Dark Souls, The Witcher, Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft, Super Mario, The Sims, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Pacman, Tetris, Sonic the HedgeHog, Angry Birds, Skyrim, etc.

Super Mario characters got their names from famous musicians. Minecraft is the best-selling game ever. Burnout Paradise advertized Obama’s Campaign. The Gameboy was the first game in space. The youngest professional gamer was 11.

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video games short essay


Essay about Gaming is good

Gaming is good There are many kind of videogames such as role playing games, third person shooter, real time strategy and first person shooters. In all of these genres first person shooters and third person shooters are the most played game genre and it is also the most controversial. They are controversial because they are the most violent and censored games, but nobody stops kids from playing them. Some people say that these games make kids more aggressive and violence. Some people think that these games encourage other to start massacre like Adam Lanza did in Newtown school. Adam Lanza killed many kids from elementary school in Newtown. The main reason according to people he did it is he played violent video games mostly first person shooters a lot which encouraged him to do that. In 2011 there was a shooting in a Norwegian summer camp where the shooter killed many kids in that camp. When he was captured and asked in court why he did it, he answered that he was training for it by playing a lot of call of duty. But most people aren’t considering the minority of this kind of incident. Video games don’t promote violent behavior but they do benefit people many ways. If the one person gets the wrong idea about game and goes to do something horribly wrong, that doesn’t mean that everybody will go crazy which will affect whole gaming community. Video games are not always bad but in fact they have more benefits then dangers. For example, video games boost your hand eye coordination. Having perfect hand eye coordination can be useful in many daily tasks. Scientists have known since 1980s that playing video games even for a short amount of time will boost hand eye coordination. Many surgeons have to perform laparoscopic surgeries that require perfect hand eye coordination. According to Verena Dobnik of NBC news, the surgeons who play videogames at least three hours a week have 37 percent fewer mistake during the surgery and they also finish 27 percent faster than their counter parts. Dr. James "Butch" Rosser, 49, said “I use the same hand-eye coordination to play video games as I use for surgery,". According to him video games are the best way to improve our hand eye coordination even at his age. My cousin is also medical student, who usually comes across the surgeries in which they have to use robotic arms. I see him playing videogames a lot and when I ask him the reason to play video games he replies that their professors recommends playing video games to become better at robotic surgeries. The second benefit of the video games is speeding up one’s reaction time. studies have shown that playing video games especially shooter games will speed up your reaction time. I would consider myself a gamer because the fact that I play lot of video games. I always play first person shooter game named “call of duty” online with other players. During the gameplay, people playing have to make quick decisions and react quickly to stay alive in the game. Delay of half second could mean death in the game and in everybody else’ mind they would not want to die and wait for 5 minutes for next round to start so they will try hard to kill you and throw you out of the game. In this kind of situation, you will have to respond quickly to stay alive in the game. Research done by researchers at the university of Rochester shows that video game players develop a heightened sensitivity to what is going on around them, and this benefit doesn’t just make them better at playing video games, but it also improves other general skill like quicker decision and fast reaction. “It’s not the case that the action game players are trigger-happy and less accurate: They are just as accurate and also faster,” says Daphne Bavelier. “Action game players make more correct decisions per unit time. If you are a surgeon or you are in the middle of a battlefield, that can make all the difference.” Here Daphne says that the people who play shooter games and action Show More

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Essay about gaming: a search for good amongst the bad.

Greg Manley Terri Reisig English 112 February 7, 2013 Gaming: A Search for Good Amongst the Bad When the tragic event at Sandy Hook Elementary recently occurred, the blame was strongly placed on the mental state of the shooter. That he must of have been influenced by playing evil and violent video games as a reason for his disturbing actions. It is unfortunate that violent media, especially video games, is to blame for societal ills. The hysteria built up around this form of entertainment…

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video games short essay

Nt1310 Unit 1 Research Paper

For a game player, the specifications and performance of a gaming computer play an important role. A gaming PC is far from your common computer. Its hardware should be carefully selected to provide absolute reliability during gaming processes. The followings are the suggestions to a game player who wants to select the personal computer hardware components. Central processor The central processor is considered as the brain of a gaming PC, so you need to choose the right one. Intel and AMD are the…

Words 543 - Pages 3

video games short essay

Essay on Business Case on Nintendo

1. Nintendo is competing in the “Toy Industry”, and more sub level into “Electronic Gaming” Industry. Industry has shifted from traditional toys towards electronic entertainment to an complete entertainment solution provider. Customer preferences were changing. Gaming is not only for kid any more. Target audience for gaming became adults between 18-35. New customer audience needed more violence and better graphics in the games. Nintendo games were considered “dull”. Looking at industry using…

Words 1453 - Pages 6

Identity: Talk Radio and People Essay

spend a good amount of my free time gaming. There are wide verity of people who play games and getting to talk is always interesting. One thing people think about the communication in gaming is how so many people are just trash takers and just want to put other people down. In my experience most people don’t talk in game that much. I believe that playing Xbox online show you what some people will say when they are anonymous. People that don’t play games online think that the people who make gaming look…

Words 1008 - Pages 5

Essay On Video Game Addiction

Did you know that nearly 8.5% of children in the United states are addicted to video gaming. Video game habits have been going on for two decades. Video game addiction damages the human brain much more than we think. Going on in these next paragraphs I will tell you the damages this addiction can cause. Video games became popular in the 1980’s and has been used as a popular source of entertainment since. Video games attracts us to a fantasy world that lets us be the winner or a hero of our…

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Essay on Video Games

22 Oct. 2014 Are Video Games Good or Bad For Our Health? Gamer’s Perspective Video games are very popular among society today. People nowadays are overwhelmed with reality now and then, and at times find the need to escape to another world. Depending on the video game, one may find that the plot and development of the game is more interesting than life itself and release all of their stress to enjoy the ambiance of the game. A person who plays games can argue that gaming actually requires motor skills…

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Gamestop Essay

arisen from its competitive environment. The strategic objective we wish to accomplish in this analysis is to formulate a viable strategy that will continue GameStop’s growth in the industry to remain as the go to video gaming store for the video gaming enthusiast. The retail gaming industry is a relatively new industry but GameStop has shown tremendous growth since 2002. An external analysis of GameStop’s general environment will show threats to the industry that include age restrictions for rated…

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Video Gaming: Positive And Negative Impact On The Brain

Opinions vary when it comes to video gaming and the impact it has on the brain, there are different effects gaming has on the brain with evidence to reflect it, and further studies being done to support the evidence. There are many different types of video games and video gamers. There are also different types of effects video gaming has on the brain, which are both positive and negative. Even though the studies of the different effects on the brain are just now being discovered there are also…

Words 339 - Pages 2

Essay on Media Journal

company has announced a meeting with press and other visitors to for some brand new revelations. The meeting is to show the world Sony’s latest projects. Although nothing is known for sure about said revelations, speculations center around a brand new gaming system. The fans believe this meeting is to announce the coming of the Play Station 4, or code name Orbis as they often reference it as. The meeting is scheduled for February 20, 2013. The company has released a statement saying something along the…

Words 402 - Pages 2

Financial Analysis of Ea Games Essay

* Executives at EA games believe the gaming experience will be taken to a point beyond what consumers can experience from movies and TV shows. The Potential Entry of New Competitors: Threat of entry is weak due to the following factors: * Many of the independent game developers have built a strong relationship with the console manufacturers to develop games for their gaming console. * Learning curve will be more difficult, since most of the game…

Words 4944 - Pages 20

Video Game Essays

Can video games make you smarter.

Video games make kids more intelligent. So many parents say that video games are bad for your brain. Little do they know that it has been proven that video games enhance your brain activity. Games like Fortnite, Destiny, Black Ops, Fallout, Skyrim, and Red dead Redemption can teach kids survival skills, what it is like to live in different time periods, and exercise reflexes. Survival skills are one of the most important things in life. In almost all video games, […]

Do Video Games Promote Violence?

The Internet is rife with articles about the potentially harmful consequences of play. Psychologists and parents have been arguing the pros and cons of this topic for decades now namely whether video games encourage violence, social isolation and obesity, or on the other hand, promote cognitive growth, perception, care, memory and decision-making. Questions flood our mind making it near impossible to truly answer that question: Can a video game truly promote a violent glimpse into a future reality? Summarized below […]

Future of Video Games

In many centuries, technology has been a big contributor to human history. It has helped humans advance in many different areas of life. It has provided us with the abilities to advance the human race, and gain more knowledge than our previous ancestors. Technology over the years has advanced rapidly. Not that long ago, the very first cell phone was an extraordinary invention that caught the world by storm. It helped talking with people from long distances remotely seem like […]

Negative Effects of Media on Teenagers  

Media is literally in every facet of teenage life, and it is having devastating effects on young people today. Cyberbullying pushed a teen in Texas to commit suicide. Brandy Vela was eighteen years old and cyberbully pushed her over the edge resulting in her suicide. Brandy told her family she was going to kill herself and her family watched her as she shot herself in the chest. Teenagers in Brandy’s high school made fake accounts of her and made comments […]

Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

 Imagine that you are a mother raising two beautiful little boys. One day, they get back home from school and they have received their grades, and both of them gets As for all their subjects so you feel happy. Then you want to surprise them and you know that they want a gaming console so you buy it and you surprise them. They download many video games and they play after you noticed that your boys become more addicted to […]

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The Impact of the Video Games on Children

In this paper I will explore the impact that video games has on children. I will discuss the research on the effect of violent video games on children in particular. At this moment gun violence and particularly school shootings are an extremely hot topic that has resulted in the speculation of different causes for this recent surge in gun violence. Violent video games is one of the leading reasons many are giving for these horrific acts. With all of these […]

Fortnite for me

Fortnite has been out for a year now and it has changed a lot with the release of the Battle Royale edition which was released on September 26th of last year.From map changes to weapons being vaulted and new skins with new seasons being in the game. Which today marks the first day of Season 7. Fortnite is the best game because of the pickaxes,skins,and emotes. Fortnite is a great game because of the great pickaxes. The Rainbow smash pickaxe […]

Right and Wrong

Ethics can be simply defined as the study of what is right and wrong. Sometimes, the decision between the two is not the most clear and can be difficult. An online environment may promote anonymity and privacy, but important settlements must be made regardless. In the short, graphic story “Anda’s Game” by Cory Doctorow, the theme of ethics is shown repeatedly when the main character, Anda, is faced with a decision between right and wrong. Anda is forced to think […]

Effects of Fortnite Games

Advances in technology since the 1980s has led to a rapid increase in the computer video gaming industry. Different categories of the online video games have been developed during the period including fortnite games which have become craze currently. From the study by Groves and Anderson (2013), the video game industry has been growing rapidly with market volume rising from 100million to about 4 billion in a five-year period between 1985 and 1990. Jones (2018) also finds that there has […]

Video Games and Their Impact in Sports

Introduction As an avid fan of Soccer and a fondness for the Fifa video game franchise, I was interested in delving deeper into the details and trying to find an arbitrary relation between the two. While the importance of physical abilities and motor coordination is non-contested in sport, more focus has recently been turned toward cognitive processes important for different sports. Coaches should be innovative in their methods and use concepts familiar to children. If that means allowing the next […]

Video Games – Game over

Anyone who has ever picked up a controller knows that “game over” is a temporary state of being. If a particularly challenging level bests you, most games give you an immediate chance to retry, now armed with more of the knowledge, experience, and skill needed to complete your quest. For many gamers, real-life works the same way. A team of 25 scientists from Europe and North America recently reported that people who played nine or more hours of video games […]

Virtual Violence and Video Games

Virtual violence in video games has become more and more realistic in recent years which has created an area of concern regarding whether the aggression and violent actions experienced during play have an impact on real-life situations. Over the past 15 years many studies have been conducted and significant research has been done that focus on the relationship between interactive, realistic, violent video games and violent behavior. This relationship is questioned in many of the studies, and the ultimate results […]

Ready Player One: Video Games

Video games have had a very important and everlasting impact on society. Whether it was through a small moment or the definition of a childhood, they have played a role in many lives. The art of video games would proceed to push the limits of the limited technology available in their period. Computing power has evolved drastically over the past few decades, allowing for creative minds to further push the limits. Video games are often portrayed and seen as unimportant […]

Sexism in Video Games

When someone thinks of video games, one would mostly think of men designing, playing, and streaming the game. However, there is a community of female players who are breaking this stereotype. Unfortunately, women are facing sexism, sexual harassment, triggering language, explicit pictures, and sexual assault from men who feel inferior that women are in the gaming industry as a player or developer. This isn’t current problem, sexism since 1982 when there was a leaked design for Texas Instrument’s,”Hunt the Wumpus” […]

Video Game Rating System

Video game rating system has come under attack considering the recent mass shooting incidents. Many believe that violence shown in the video games is responsible for these shootings and have called for governmental regulation of the video game industry. In the article”” The Video Game Ratings is an effective Regulation”” Patricia Vance argues that video game rating system created by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) is an appropriate mechanism to promote and regulate the video game industry. The ESRB was […]

The Sociology of Video Games do Video Games Provoke more Aggression

How do you feel about video games? Video games have been argued about broadly for decades. Ever since I was young, I have been around video games through my older brother being very into them, and my father collecting older type of consoles throughout different eras. I’ve noticed from all my years of playing and spectating that video games can range from competitive to violent, to social, and to even educational. Although my mother always believed that they made me […]

Video Games are not the Cause for Mass Shootings

Video games, one of the greatest sales in the entire world, are currently found as a threat. It is usually characterized to be evil and a bad influence on people around the world, especially to minors. It makes children more “”violent and aggressive”” (Laczniak 70). President Trump stated, “”Video game violence & glorification must be stopped””it is creating monsters!””. There have been many comments are arguments over this situation. But is all that true? All these stereotypes and miss understandings […]

Do Video Games Lead to Violence?

President Donald Trump said Thursday during a White House meeting on school safety that the nation needs to address what young people are seeing. “I’m hearing more and more people saying the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts,” he said. “And then you go the further step, and that’s the movies. You see these movies — they’re so violent, and yet a kid is able to see the movie if sex isn’t involved.” Killing, […]

Violence, Addiction and Expenditure in Video Games

I am against video games because they promote violence, addiction and expenditure. Video games are good when life gets bored and monotonous with the same schedule every day, but people now have made gaming as their profession, which affects them adversely. I played video game for the first time when I was 12 years old. It was fascinating and easy to learn than any other of my course content so, I got addicted to gaming. I found myself depressed and […]

About Fortnite

I won’t tell you how much money I’ve spent in Fortnite, buying skins and pickaxes and stupid little dances for my character to perform. I’m not even very good at it, but I’ve lost track of the hours I’ve spent jumping out of that bus and getting shotgunned in the face. Fortnite was not a battle royale, to begin with, and it had a fairly slow start, perhaps due to being behind the paywall of owning the main game to […]

The First Video Games

Do you play fortnite pubg then you want to know how it all started with video games like pong,space invaders and,pacman.These are the first games ever created and they were also very popular. Pong was the first game ever created it was created and released in 1972 it was made by Atari and it as immediately popular.The game was simple and fun,the players were lines in the sides of the screen and there is a ball in the middle and […]

Youth and Different Factors of Aggression

Introduction The debate focusing on whether violent video violent cause aggression in youth or not is much more than just small talk at dinner among mothers. Concerns of the outcome on the youth when exposed to more violent video games has even faced the U.S Supreme Court, when Steven F. Gruel and Patricia A. Millett went head to head to argue whether or not these games should be restricted for minors. The “yes” argument, made by Steven F. Gruel, focused […]

Video Games aren’t a Bad Influence: Communication And Problem-solving Skills

It is often argued that the effects of gaming can be either good or bad, but in fact, it is not as bad as it seems but the common debate is that those who play video games will be prone to aggression to their behavior, addictiveness, and health issues. It definitely leaves a bad taste to the Video Games but there so much more in the gaming community that can prove wrong to this statement, but it all depends to […]

Research on Video Games and Violence

The day and age we live in are getting more violent and aggressive. Since 2013 there have been at least 300 school shootings. As of 2018, there have been at least ten school shootings. As a result, parents and others have blamed the increase of such horrific acts on violent video games. Some of these video games may include the widely known “Call of Duty franchise, “Halo, “Grand Theft Auto, and “Destiny. Though video games may be correlational to violence […]

Do Violent Video Games Make you Violent?

A common myth about violent video games is the user is more prone to become violent along with a whole lot more issues like desensitization and many other things. Many think this because it has been a big bad wolf for the media blaming things like school shootings and other horrible things on violent video games. I personally play violent video games and have been asked frequently if i feel violent playing the games. In a article by the washington […]

Are Violent Video Games Good or Bad for You?

Critical Preface I had an ever so slightly difficult time constructing the stakeholder essay, not because I didn’t know what or how to talk about my topic, but because I had to try to be as unbiased as possible. I actually researched this topic during my freshman year of high school. When I reread the essay that I wrote, I felt that I could have done this topic more justice, so I decided to tackle it again for my stakeholder […]

Violence in the Mass Media

Violence has been shown through movies, TV shows, and video games since the early 1900s. The nation that we live in today has changed due to an increased demand for violence. The amount of violence shown needs to be reduced to help this generation and the ones to ones to come, while many argue the media has caused teens to show an increase in aggressive behavior everytime they watch or play something that involves violence. People tend to blame the […]

Violence Video Games

The first video games emerged in the late 1970s with poor graphics and a low amount of depicted violence. Since then, video games have become much more violent with far more sophisticated graphics making the games seem almost lifelike. This has prompted concerns from the media and psychologists concerns that frequently resurface in the wake of school shootings. For example, following a 2006 school shooting in Montreal, the Associated Press reported that the shooter had been “fascinated by the video […]

Should Video Games be the Blame?

Have people wondered, why does video games in general have a major impact in modern society? As stated, many humans enjoy these video games, notably the male demographic, for entertainment purposes; however, some would argue that violent video games, especially the first-person shooters (FPS), are the blame for the actions depicted in the game like deaths to young and old people in modern society. For example, the Call of Duty series and the Grand Theft Auto series are considered the […]

The Effects of Video Games

The industry of video games has grown exponentially over the past twenty to thirty years, and the amount of games available to the public has skyrocketed (Green 2). The first video games were being made only 50 years ago. Access was not widely available, and content was limited to very simple games such as Pong, which in itself became popular. However, in a world where computers are becoming ever more essential to everyday life, the video game industry can only […]

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Essay on Video Games | Impacts of Video Games

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Video games are a big part of our culture. They help us connect with others, they give us time to relax, and they can even teach us new skills. But what do video games mean for our brains? How does playing them make us feel? And how much is too much? Read the following short and long essay on Video games, importance, impacts of video games on our life.

Essay on Video Games | Short & Long Essay on Video Games 

Essay Contents

Video games are computer or console-based games that allow players to assume the role of someone within the game’s environment and then guide that character through some sort of conflict.  The word video in video games means “with images,” and these images can be either fully computer-generated or captured from real life. It’s the perfect work of machine , science and technology.

Video games were first used as a training tool for the military, but they have since become a form of entertainment that millions of people have at their fingertips. Video games are played on everything from arcade machines to dedicated consoles, computers and even mobile phones.

Types of Video Games Today

There are many different types of video games, ranging from simple puzzle and platforming games to first-person shooters and massive multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs). Removing the boundaries between films and video games, some titles are now even being used as a basis for television shows and movies.

The most famous video game is not a big surprise. It must be “World of Warcraft” (WoW), the legendary online multiplayer game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Since the release of this game in 2004, WoW has gathered more than 11 million paying subscribers around the world. It caught on like wildfire, and now there are more players of this game than the population of some countries.

The second on the list is “League of Legends” (LoL), a real-time strategy game developed by Riot Games. “League of Legends” is a multiplayer online battle arena video game (again, a MOBA).

Video Games Development

Video game development is the process of creating a video game. The effort is undertaken by a game developer, who may range from a single person to an international team dispersed across the globe. Video game development has established itself as a vital and financially viable segment of the entertainment industry, and many professionals have come from other industries to reap the considerable benefits of working in a creative arena.

The development process starts with a game design document, which outlines the game’s concept and gameplay, and serves as a basis for the entire development process.

Impacts of Video Games in our Life

Today more than 2.2 billion people around the world play video games, and this number is growing with each passing day. And why wouldn’t they? Video games are fun, exciting and challenging. But is there anything wrong with this pastime activity? It seems not, at least according to science. Video games have an incredible influence on the brain, so being able to play them better might even help you work more efficiently at school or at work.

Do Video games impact studies?

Video games, especially those that stimulate the brain and require a lot of thinking, have a positive effect on memory. Excessive gaming causes depression , anxiety and frustration. A recent study has shown that playing action video games (a genre of video game typified by fast-paced, violent gameplay) can dramatically improve a person’s vision. Other research has demonstrated that playing video games can make people better at a wide range of cognitive functions, such as perception and task switching.

Impacts of video games on mental health

Video games might also affect the brain by changing how it responds to rewards. In certain cases it causes the promotion of crime among youths. Both video games and drugs of abuse activate the brain’s reward system by flooding it with the chemical messenger dopamine. Over time, the repeated release of dopamine while playing video games may lead to changes that make the games even more enjoyable and motivate a person to play them more often. Such changes may enhance the motivation to seek out other activities, such as solving a difficult math problem, that also cause dopamine to be released.

Worth of Video Gaming Industry Today

Video gaming is a $30 billion industry worldwide, and it’s growing at an astounding rate. In the US alone, more than 155 million Americans play video games, spending more than 26 billion hours gaming in 2011.

The most popular video game genres are shooters, action, role-playing games (RPGs) and sports. The top video game series across platforms in 2015 were Call of Duty, The Legend of Zelda, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Minecraft and FIFA. Shigeru Miyamoto has produced some of the most popular and well known video games over the years.

Video Games as a Career Option

Video game development is a great way to combine your love of art and computers to create interactive entertainment. There are many different roles in the video game industry, and because the video game industry is known for its creative, out-of-the-box thinking, there is no one set path that you will follow to become a video game developer.

The video games are the modern phenomena that has swept across the globe. It has both positive and negative sides, as discussed above.

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Essay on Video Games Addiction in English for Children and Students

Sri Chaitanya AITS


Video Games are fun to play when you are free. They bring interest and refresh our mind to get ready for work again. Their frequent use and that for a long time creates an addiction among the youth.

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Cause of Addiction

The video games entertain us. With every level, we pass the difficulty and the interest of the user increases together. Our interest increases to see the difficulty of each level. This interest later turns to be video game addiction.

Effect of Video Game Addiction

Video Game Addiction harms us physically and mentally. It weakens our vision, our body, and starts a pain in joints and fingers. It is also a reason for increasing depression, poor vision, high and low blood pressure, and also sometimes the case of paralysis. It may result in death too.

We can limit the use of Video Games. Play them only to refresh your mind, not to waste your time. Never stop your urgent work for playing video games, and decide duration for playing them.

Video Games are to entertain us, not to make us sick. Neither play them too much nor ask others to play. Social awareness is very important in this matter. It is not about our interest, but our health.

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