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Body Of Report On Information Security Information Technology Essay

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Body Area Network Project Information Technology Essay

Body Area Network, project performed by Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems is a mean that let patients to live their everyday life with their family life while being observed i.e. the health status and report can easily be accessed by the physician online using mobile device like PDA.

The BAN technology requires a wireless network through which sensors attached to the patient’s body are assimilated hence making the sensors as a part of the internet network such that any internet compatible device can simply download the transmitted data. This FOKUS project has granted the physician the viability of future preparation for any emergency cases.

The medical and healthcare sector such as hospitals, home care services, healthcare centers, sports medicine are the realm where the diversified range of FOKUS solutions are set up enthusiastically. Some of the examples are the IPcom project from the Smart Environments division, the I-Net project from the 3G beyond division and many more. FOKUS mainly delve into portable communication systems pro wireless and build up the building blocks required for flawless uninterrupted integration and communication involving technologies and end devices.

2.2.2 Human++ project

Human++ research program is conducted by IMEC that develops standard technologies to improve the functions of therapeutic and diagnostic devices. The basis of this research program understands the communication among the sensors/ actuators of a body area network along with a personal digital assistant to scrutinize a person's health. The various challenges undertaken by Human++ project are briefly stated below:

Increase the interaction among sensors and actuators

Extend devices with chemical and biological features, creating a biocompatible systems

Put in intelligence to the devices

Basically understand computing medical phenomena

Increase the lifetime of battery-powered devices

Incorporate and enclose diverse components

2.2.3 A WBAN of intelligent motion sensors for computer assisted physical rehabilitation

This is a project conducted by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Alabama.

A new enabling technology for health monitoring, WBAN is an archetype which allows the integration of miniature, lightweight, ultra-low power, and intelligent monitoring devices. The attributes of WBAN are standard ZigBee compliant radio and a common set of physiological, kinetic, and environmental sensors. Here, a real time analysis of sensors' data is executed, providing direction and feedback to the users along with generation of warning based on environmental conditions, activity level and user state. The recorded information then can be incorporated into research database and electronic medical record of the user as well as can be transmitted to medical server by means of internet. For the inexpensive, unobtrusive, ubiquitous technology many exigent issues should be determined like:

configuration and customization

system design

faultless integration

security, privacy and social issues

further utilization of common off-the-shelf components


2.2.7 CodeBlue: Wireless Sensor Networks for Medical Care

CodeBlue project, supported by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Army, Sun Microsystems, and Microsoft Corporation, is developed by Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University.

Acute emendation of computation in the physical environment with data gathering is allowable by sensor networks. The CodeBlue project is a wireless sensor network technology application including pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency care, disaster response, and stroke patient rehabilitation. The technology let collect the essential signs automatically during the study of reinvigorate care to be fully integrated into the patient care record and furthermore, to use for real-time triage, correlation with hospital records, and long-term observation.

The areas focused by the research are listed below:

Hardware architectures for ultra-low-power sensing, computation, and communication

Congestion control, adaptive resource management and bandwidth provision in wireless networks

Interoperation with hospital information systems; privacy and reliability issues

Wireless ad-hoc routing protocols for critical care; security, robustness, prioritization

Amalgamation of medical sensors with low-power wireless networks

2.2.10 UbiMon

The department of Computing, Imperial College London, UK developed a monitoring system called UbiMon (i.e. Ubiquitous Monitoring Environment for Wearable and Implantable Sensors) to capture momentary but life threatening events of patients. This continuous and unobtrusive monitoring system is funded by DTI and embodies a coherent cross-disciplinary integration of various proficiency of the association, bringing together computing, electronics, bioengineering and medicine. The cardiovascular disease, which is the major reason of mortality in the industrialized world despite significant progress in its prevention and treatment, is the main motivation factor for the project. Hence, the aim of UbiMon is addressing common issues related to use of wearable and implantable sensors for distributed mobile monitoring.

The main objectives of the project are:

To develop various procedures for mobile interactions with embeddable sensors and interventional devices.

To build up a prelude medical assessment for organization of patients with ischemic and arrhythmic heart disease.

To develop a wearable communicator performing automated methods for multi-sensory data leading to an intervention strategy.

The technical improvement of UbiMon is integrated local processing with remote long term trend analysis that can adapt to environment changes along with low power sensor coupling appropriate for long term implants. In addition, the major deliverables of UbiMon is to predict critical events and improve sensing and episode detection using intelligent data fusion and mining with inclusion of ambient sensors.

2.2.11 WsHC

Wireless communication system, a promising opportunity for medical systems in the operating room, is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative R&D project with prototype development in the following area:

Collection of sensor data (Bluetooth, Zigbee)

Data transfer to and from implantable probes

Distribution of data to health personnel

Communication between health personnel

In the last two points the communication among health personnel is carried out using GSM handsets for message passing, signaling and office synchronization. One of the scenarios for WsHC is when a person with a chronic disease suffers from a severe accident.

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THe BANs (Body Area Networks) is a combination of micro and advanced Nano technology components for to improve the speed and accuracy of data recording. Generally BANs consist of small but sensitive sensors and actuators for monitoring and log data, then data sent to base station for storage. Users can access to this data in base station via internet or by other mean. BANs are actually a modern invention and primarily design for health industry (doctor and other staff) to monitor the health s...

A Local Area Network (LAN) is a high-speed data network that covers a relatively small geographic area. It typically connects workstations, personal computers, printers, servers, and other devices. LANs offer computer users many advantages, including shared access to devices and applications, file exchange between connected users, and communication between users via electronic mail and other applications. It's introduces the various media access methods, transmission methods, topologies, and ... - Other Term Papers and Free Essays

Our Bodies, Our Technologies

Essay by Adeljunco1   •  April 18, 2016  •  Essay  •  416 Words (2 Pages)  •  1,363 Views

Essay Preview: Our Bodies, Our Technologies

Alfredo C. Del Junco

October 7, 2013

Mrs. McFadden

Unit 3 Assignment 1: Summary-Response Paper

On his essay ‘Our bodies, our technologies” Ray Kurzweil talks about a number of technologies, that in the future, will let us control our bodies in a biological position. He talks about: in the year 2020 is when technology will be able to us nanobots inside our bodies; the human intelligence will be beyond capacity with this new technology the fight against diseases will be easier to overcome.

Technology evolution it is taking a rapid process, as he appointed “Now computers are designed only in a few weeks” (4). Examples cell phones and pads, these devices are faster than a computer structured on the 90’s, now days with this electronics instruments we can do about everything (surf the web, emails, social networking etc.). Early in the next decade notebooks and PDA’s will disappear everything going to be virtual and integrated to our environment for example: nanobots will be into clothes, images will be written into glasses, our eye retinas and contact lenses.

“Another exponential process is miniaturization” (8) Technology will have impact on biology, nanorobotic white and red blood cells will be design to help on the cure of multiple diseases and help to reach locations on the human body never been reached before. Another nanobotic will be the neurons they will be helping to reproduce and replace the one destroyed by Parkinson’s disease.

Nanobots will be the future generation of the micro machines, will be able to sense and adapt to heat, light sounds and chemicals, make calculations, movements, communicate and work as a group. Nanobots are molecular assemblies that will repair and sense and adapt to heat, light, sounds, chemicals performs calculations, movements, communicate and work as a group. Nanobots are molecular assemblies that will repair to some extent replicate themselves, nanotechnologies already being used in clothes with stain-resistant also been used to deliver drugs to targeted tissue within the body. These technologies are underway in the areas of medical technologies, aerospace and auto computers, communication, energy saver, and lighting.

The next century will be very interesting with all new technology coming into effect. Cannot think about all the success might bring to society will make a lot of people happy, finally will be able to fight a lot of disease, will bring happiness to a lot people, families will be reunited cause of the healing of sickness. Just hope will not bring any controversy on the everyday way of life, god bless technology.

(2016, 04). Our Bodies, Our Technologies. . Retrieved 04, 2016, from

"Our Bodies, Our Technologies" . 04 2016. 2016. 04 2016 <>.

"Our Bodies, Our Technologies." ., 04 2016. Web. 04 2016. <>.

"Our Bodies, Our Technologies." 04, 2016. Accessed 04, 2016.


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