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You may realize the importance of honesty in daily life; it can be an uphill task when it comes to writing an essay. So, if you’ve been assigned to write an essay on honesty , and you’re not sure how to go about it, you’re at the right place. We have some useful information and essay samples to help you write a piece that compels the reader.

We understand how challenging it gets to write an essay on easy topics. Students get nervous that their writing may sound ordinary. However, if your ideas are unique and you explain them interestingly, your piece is sure to impress. All you need is to follow a basic structure of an essay when writing an essay on honesty:

  • Introduction.
  • Conclusion.

Make sure you write a thesis in your introduction that will help the reader understand what you are going to discuss in the body. Besides, each paragraph must contain a separate idea or argument. And, to support them, you can give real-life examples, either your personal or a situation you have observed around you.

Short Essay About Honesty

essay on importance of being honest

The saying’ honesty is the best policy is probably heard by everyone. However, it is hard to be honest with everyone around, and even more, it takes a lot of courage to be honest with yourself. On the other hand, a parent cannot expect their child to be honest in life if they are not honest to themselves. Hence, it would not be unfair to say that honesty is a two-way street. But even if the other person is being dishonest, one should stick to the policy of being honest. The reasons why honesty is the best policy are discussed below.

First of all, honesty is an attribute that helps you develop other traits such as kindness and moral integrity in your personality. Truthfulness is a trait that is instilled in your personality as a kid, and it only works in life if the people around you are truthful with each other. It also helps you to be courageous and say whatever your heart believes in. It also makes you and your opinions authentic. If you are honest, people will rely on you and your opinions if they ever need one.

However, it is very easy to lie to people, but there is no way you can do that to yourself because it will never sustain. You can only have peace of mind if you are truthful in your day-to-day happenings. It fosters a trustworthy relationship between people and helps in bringing people together.

Therefore, honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure, and it’s the first chapter of life when it comes to wisdom. Thereby, one should make an effort to leave a legacy of honesty and truthfulness for their generations to come.

Essay Sample on Why Is It Important to Be Honest

why is it important to be honest essay

Honesty is the best policy, they say. But, certain situations in life leave you wondering whether or not you should tell the truth. In situations like these, many people say, often go with the fabricated story. It is because they find it easy to get away with things this way. But is it the best way to handle complicated situations? Certainly not because no matter what the consequences may be, being honest should be the only option. This essay will discuss how honesty can take you places in life.

The important reason why is it important to be honest is that it’s the easiest thing to practice to be successful, happy from within, and fulfilled. For instance, if someone is caught in a situation where they have done something wrong and are afraid to tell the truth to their parents when asked, telling lies and deceiving the parents would only make things worse in the long run. They may get away with what they have done, but their conscience will keep nagging them. Besides, if the parents somehow find out the truth later, they may not trust their child anymore. On the other hand, if the child is honest, the parents will probably scold them, but eventually, they will support them and help them get out of any situation they are in. Being honest can cause a moment of discomfort for many people, but talking the truth eventually makes the situation in their favor. Moreover, their honesty would increase their respect in others’ hearts, and they will likely get rewards for being honest. All in all, honesty is about being true to yourself and others about what you want and who you are. It helps promote openness and enables people to establish consistency in how they present the truth.

On the contrary, lying is equally damaging whether people do it to themselves or others. When they lie, they delude themselves into believing what they are saying. Even if it’s a tiny lie, it is damaging, as it will keep getting bigger over time. People who lie confuse themselves and confuse others. Moreover, they lose credibility and put themselves in jeopardy. Frequently, people lie to themselves to do something that they know is wrong. For instance, if they convince themselves to steal from a wicked person, they have probably lied that it is okay to steal from bad people and they need it. It may produce temporary pleasure, but it won’t take the wrongdoer anything.

On the other hand, when people are dishonest to others to create a good image of themselves, they damage their credibility in the long run. For instance, if someone wants to impress their employer in the first interview by deceiving them, it could later harm their work life. Sooner or later, they may find out the truth, and the liar will be in trouble or may have to tell more lies to build up a facade personality. Doing so may help them succeed in the short run, but they can’t go places where honesty and truthfulness can take them.

To conclude, despite the temptation and ease of use, lying gets no one anywhere in the end. On the contrary, dishonest people stay right in their tracks or, much worse, go backward. This is why it is important to rewire the brain about its importance to stay truthful, regardless of the situation. Besides, it is equally important, to be honest with oneself and practice honesty in daily interactions.

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Honesty Essay | Essay on Honesty for Students and Children in English

February 23, 2023 by Prasanna

Honesty Essay: The importance of honesty has been instilled in us since the very beginning. Even though very preachy in its tone, it indeed is a wise thought. We were taught about it in the closed confines of our Moral Science classes in school; as we grew up, practical life taught us a lesson on the importance of being honest.

The quality of being truthful is an essential human quality. Not everyone dares to stand by and speak the truth always. People should garner this quality in themselves. The topic of Honesty is a popular topic among school students on which they are asked to write compositions. We have provided useful samples below.

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Long and Short Essays on Honesty for Students and Kids in English

A long essay of 450-500 words has been provided it is useful for students in classes 7, 8, 9, and 10. For the reference of students in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, a short essay of 100-150 words has been provided.

Long Essay on Honesty 500 Words in English

Benjamin Franklin once said a famous proverb that goes: “Honesty is the Best Policy.” The significance of this one proverbial phrase has been imposed upon us from right at the beginning. Back when we were kids, all of our parents and teachers taught us how to be honest and truthful under all circumstances. Back then, we might have found their preachings too wise to take into account, but the necessity and the consequences of being honest to have been realized over time. Over time, as we have grown up, life has taught us how immensely valuable the quality of honesty is, through various situations and dilemmas.

What exactly is Honesty, then? In simple words, Honesty implies being truthful to others; above all, it means being true to ourselves first. Honesty does not only mean speaking what is right; it means upholding the truth. Being an honest and wise person means standing by the fact, speaking it, embracing it, and always supporting it.

Often life poses before us certain circumstances that compel us to take the wrong way and speak a lie. We tend to get dishonest under certain situations. The path of dishonesty is a very alluring one. When one person realizes that they can get away with a misdeed owing to falsification, one tends to be dishonest repeatedly. Initially, it indeed is very tempting; however, in the grand scheme of things, the truth and the truth only find its way to glory. Being dishonest leads one down a spiraling hole, from which it is difficult to recline.

To err is human. All of us commit mistakes; nobody is perfect. Even the most honest of people can sometimes give in to dishonesty. One may find oneself in a very confused position in life that demands one to lie. It is very tough always to maintain an honest posture. However, one is forgivable if one realizes one’s misgivings over time.

Our conscience helps us to determine and consider that which is moral and that which is immoral. An inherently unwise person would repeatedly suppress the voice within themselves that asks them to tread a path of honesty. For their petty gains, they would resort to dishonesty. Such a deliberate attempt to tone down one’s inner voice to repeatedly falsify facts is not worth forgiving. It is neither of any benefit; because the truth always finds its way into the light.

There is one stark difference between being deliberately dishonest and fending white lies. White lies are lies that we all say once in a while to make up for situations we are put in. White lies do not have any casualties; they are harmless. White lies have no significant lousy impact on the one who tells it or the one who is said. They are justifiable.

However, under all circumstances, we should always try to remain honest. With honesty comes wisdom and peace of mind. The quality of being honest is very intellectual and one by which we all should abide.

Essay on Honesty

Short Essay on Honesty 150 words in English

Honesty is one such human quality that should be practiced and followed by everyone. The cannon of honesty ushers in other valuable cannons of trust and respect. With honesty, comes wisdom and boldness. The truth might not always be charming to hear or know; however, an honest person should always uphold it. Honesty requires boldness.

The power of truth is extreme; it tends to cripple a person. Thus, the act of being honest is a courageous one. Being dishonest and the act of repeatedly lying might seem like an easy way out of situations; it is not valid. The truth always triumphs overall. The truth glorifies the right and condemns the unjust. Being honest is an indication of being mature of standing by what is right.

10 Lines on Honesty Essay in English

FAQ’s on Honesty Essay

Question 1. Is being honest necessary?

Answer: Yes. Being honest is essential. There are no two ways to go about life without being truthful.

Question 2. How can one be honest?

Answer: Honesty implies being truthful. By speaking the truth and doing what is right, one can become honest.

Question 3. Why is being honest important?

Answer: Being honest is important because being a dishonest person helps nobody in any way. The truth always finds away, and it suppresses the lies. Being false and dishonest has no bright prospects.

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Honesty Short Essay

short essay about honesty

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Honesty in the scarlett letter.

Lies are told around the world multiple times during the day. Everyone sitting in this room has probably once today, said a lie. Sometimes lying is understandable for someone’s protection but sometimes the truth is essential to the person. There are multiple things people say in a day that are seen as lies such as “That outfit looks really good on you!,” “It wasn’t me!” and “I’ll be with you in a few minutes.” Honestly is not always the best policy because in the end it does not make everything better. People tell little lies so that they protect someone they care about and not hurt the feelings of another person. Honesty not always being the best policy is showed in The Scarlet Letter, “Tell All The Truth” poem, the “He Lies” video,…

Social Care Practice Values

Secondly, the value of being truthful is one that I learnt to hold from childhood, mum and gran always used to tell me that telling the truth was usually the best option as to lie would make things harder to deal with. If you are not honest with people then you cannot build good relationships with others, these relationships are the things that you need to be happy and are what will help you through the bad times.…

Why Are Lies Wrong

Lies are commonly told to protect others emotions and their self-esteem, yet lies still are seen as wrong. So why is it so hard sometimes to handle the truth? Isn’t it better to be hearing the truth than being lied to your face? Maybe the problem is not the lies themselves, but we as a people lacking the ability to understand the truth and its effects that it can have. This would require that we learn better ways to resolve conflicts and the capabilities to move on from those situations. We need to question, “Would I rather be deceived right now and have the conflict become worse later, or get it over with right now?” Once we learn the benefits of telling the truth and become capable of understanding these benefits then we will be able to live in a society of complete honesty.…

Self Analysis Psy/285

I am honest. Telling the truth can be hard for people to do but not me. Telling the truth can be hard for people to hear. But it is the only way for us to better ourselves or to move past an event in our lives. I have seen the affects growing up of how my father lied to my mother and the damage that is can cause. Honesty allows us to build trust which is such an important bond that we build with our family, friends and even total strangers. As I am getting older I am realizing that honest is always the best policy but it matters on how you deliver the honesty.…

Ethics Essay

This essay will discuss ethics and why ethics is vital to an organization. From the very first day our parents taught why ethics is critical to how individuals are looked upon as citizens. The same ethics and moral principles taught to each person in the home is the same principles that organizations should strive to emphasize to their employees.…

The Insufficiency of Honesty

As Stephen Carter begins the essay, he begins the discussion with integrity. Although the essay is based on honesty, integrity is built up of multiple characteristics, including honesty. Carter begins to discuss how being honest does not necessarily mean you have admirable integrity. Being honest can lead to hurtful comments that do not refer to integrity. Carter explains, “[integrity] requires three steps: discerning what is right and what is wrong; acting on what you have discerned, even at personal cost; and saying openly that you are acting on your understanding of right and wrong” (Carter 338). The main reason Carter incorporates integrity into his essay is to display how honesty and integrity are two different things. To have integrity you must be honest, but to be honest you do not need to have integrity.…

Produce a Report That Explains Why Employers Value Particular Employee Attributes. Include a Table in Your Report That Summarises Your Findings.

Honesty is essential for most jobs. It is also very important when handling money, however, in some jobs, you might be more successful if you blur the truth sometimes, put a spin on something’s you want people to hear rather than tell them the complete truth, a job with this as an example would be an estate agent.…

Metaphors In The Crucible

When you tell something that is not the truth, something happens inside of that person,…

Essay On Truth Telling

Truth-telling is a moral issue or argument that has caused many problems in healthcare. That is why it is significant that people should truly understand what truth-telling means. Defined in the medical dictionary truth-telling is, a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as use of whole truth, partial truth, or decision delay to promote the patient's self-determination and well-being (Keane 175). According to Thomasma, in the article “Telling the Truth to Patients: A Clinical Ethics Exploration”, truth-telling to a patient is important because it is “a right, a utility, and a kindness,” but it can be trumped by more important values (Thomasma 141). According to Lipkin, in the article “On Telling Patients the Truth” he argues that because the stress of being sick can distort patients’ thinking and because they lack understanding of medical concepts, it is…

Stephen L. Carter links integrity and honesty. There are three constraints discussed in this essay. First, integrity does require a degree of moral reflectiveness. Second, Integrity may cause conflict that is must be resolved. It does not necessarily produce or protect interpersonal harmony. Third, a person who has integrity can be trusted. It does not avoid the restructuring of social structures and associations, because it leaves the matter to exercise of interpersonal authority.…

Why Is Honesty Important?

Honesty has played a key role in my success in life. Throughout my childhood my parents would always remind me about the importance of being honest. In their opinion nothing was as important as having self-respect and being trustworthy. The saying “honesty is the best policy” perfectly sums up my belief about how people should interact with each other. For me, being honest in everything I do can be a very difficult thing, but I have found that as I follow this basic principle my life has become better for it.…

List Types Of Roles: Roger Ly, Kate Morris And Alexandria Murry

The focus of the situation explored - to see whether or not ones opinion could change the other opinions. As a result of being more honest, the character (mentioned above) turned out to have done better in life by the time met again. On the contrary, being completely honest in the demanding corporate would probably interfere with the sales and income of that business.…

Personal Code Of Ethics

I believe in honesty. I stand by the saying “Being honest never hurts anyone. Being a liar only hurts you.” When I have lied in the past I feel a sense of guilt and shame. I now strive to be honesty in all occasions of my life. Being honest sometimes seems like the more difficult thing to do and lying may be easier but in the long run it feels better to know you told the truth. I will take responsibility for all of my actions and be honest about what I have done and…

The Importance Of Telling The Truth

As an adolescent child at the mere age of six years old, discovering that lying temporarily prevented me from being punished for creating disturbance throughout the household, was a mind boggling revelation. I found myself lying more frequently to my parents, one white lie after the other. In first grade, my teacher introduced me to the story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Following the introduction of the story, I promised myself that I would try to tell the truth invariably. Since that interaction, I have seen myself evolve into a more honest person. Now, my parents and I have a much more sincere and honest relationship.…

media a cause of risky behaviour

There are people in this world who lie to harm. There are others who lie habitually, seemingly unable or unwilling to tell the truth. Most people do their best to tell the truth and find it difficult to lie, but end up doing so when circumstances seem to demand it--when they need to save face or "protect" themselves from punishment. The first type of person is best dealt with under the topic of "meanness," while the second type is best left to the psychoanalyst or psychologist. It's the third type of lying that belongs here, for that's the type that keeps us from enjoying our days for all that they're worth--an aberration in our behavior that pulls us down, makes us feel horrible, causes fear that wasn't there before, and has the potential to harm relationships that mean a great deal to…

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‘ Honesty is the best policy is a popular proverb. Truly honesty is the most commendable virtue. It is always appreciated irrespective of the circumstances. It cannot be compromised anyway. This quality is something that divine entities possess. So naturally, it has nothing negative aspects but constructive prospects. Honesty really turns a man into a human being in a true sense. Whoever holds this quality goes for an exceptionally good human being.

An honest person is accoladed by society. Everybody can trust him doubtlessly. He or she can be able to acquire a special place in people’s mind. Nobody forgets to respect him and showing him reverence. He is loved and welcomed by his family members as well as by his colleagues. Any kind of task is handed over to him with full faith. He is never subjected to thinking of a conspirator or swindler.

Honestly is good quality not only for spiritual existence but for physical wellbeing also. An honest man keeps honesty in all aspects of his life. As he is an honest man towards his family or society, so he remains honest towards his job. Whatever the field he works in, he is always excited to accomplish the duty with a hundred per cent exactness. Since he is loyal to his duty, his output will always be higher and richer. So, if a company can recruit such type of employees in a large number, then it will flourish more than any other that lacks such employees.

A student or a child must be trained or advised how to be an honest person. He or she must be given some moral lessons in order to make them rigid in evaluating the quality of honesty. He will neither try to cheat in the exam nor be careless in his studies anyway. So whatever we do, we should always get along with honesty to make our lives valuable and meaningful.

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