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Online Shopping Argumentative Essays Samples For Students

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Regardless of how high you rate your writing abilities, it's always an appropriate idea to check out a competently written Argumentative Essay example, especially when you're dealing with a sophisticated Online Shopping topic. This is precisely the case when WowEssays.com database of sample Argumentative Essays on Online Shopping will come in useful. Whether you need to think up an original and meaningful Online Shopping Argumentative Essay topic or survey the paper's structure or formatting peculiarities, our samples will provide you with the necessary data.

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Argumentative Essay On Online Shopping

Online shopping, good example of argumentative essay on the good and bad of the internet sales tax, internet sales tax- should there be one or not, does technology make us more alone essay, is technology making us more alone.

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Argumentative Essay on Online Shopping

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Here you have an Argumentative essay on online shopping with pdf. You can download it from here and take advantages of many more essays. Let’s Start!


Purchasing goods and services from internet shops is known as online shopping. Since the advent of the World Wide Web, marketers have been eager to sell their products to Internet users. Buyers can visit web stores in the comfort of their own homes and shop while sitting in front of a computer.

Buyers buy a variety of items in online stores. People can buy almost anything from companies that offer their products online. Books, clothing, household items, toys, hardware, software, and health insurance are just some of the hundreds of products consumers can purchase online.

Many people choose to shop online because of their fitness. For example, when a person buys a brick-and-mortar store, he has to drive to the store, find a parking space, and walk to the store until he has located the products he needs. After seeing the items he wants to buy, he may have to wait in line at the store for a fee.

In contrast, online shopping helps consumers avoid these adverse situations. One goes online, visits a store website, and selects personal items with online shopping. Items are stored in a visible shopping cart until it is ready to purchase. The consumer can always wear pajamas as he goes shopping, and the process can be continued very early or late into the night. Online stores are not closed – they are open 24 hours a day.

Except for easy online shopping, not everyone buys goods and services online. Some people like the idea of ​​going to a physical store and experiencing the shopping process. They love the commercial touch, try on costumes, and be, among others. Online shopping does not allow consumers to touch products or have social media. And it does not let them take the goods home on the same day they buy them.

Some people may worry about shopping online because they fear that their credit card information details will be compromised. With the need to provide credit card information when purchasing products online, people worry that they may be victims of identity theft. Some customers are put off from shopping online as a result of this.

Another reason why some consumers avoid buying online because they worry that the products they are buying are not displayed correctly in the website image. They fear that the idea of the object may look the same way, but the real thing may look completely different – perhaps of lower quality. It is also not possible to try on clothes when shopping online.

The buyer should rely on body measurements to ensure that the clothes fit properly. If the goods arrive by mail and are too small, the buyer must return the item. This is an issue that some consumers may not want to deal with.

Benefits of Online Shopping

Outstanding Fitness:  Compared to a brick-and-mortar store with fixed hours, online shoppers can choose any time of the day or night to go online and shop. This is especially helpful for mothers with young children, people at home, or during periods of inclement weather.

Price comparison:  When you visit a store, you probably have to pay whatever the seller puts in the item. Not so with online shopping – you can compare prices from hundreds of different retailers (see Comparison Buying Sites on the Top Nine).

Endless option:  Shelf space in a brick and mortar store is limited, which means your variety of materials is limited. Not so with the online store. Also, if you do not see what you are looking for in one online store, you can move on to the next one – you have the power to do just that.

Easy access to consumer reviews:  Easy to access consumer reviews for any product you can think of online, making shopping more informative.

No pressure sales:  We are all poorly targeted by aggressive marketers. You do not have to endure that online.

These are some of the advantages of shopping online. Is something wrong? Let’s look at a few things that might prevent some customers from buying goods online:

You can’t try things. When you buy an item of clothing, you cannot feel it, try it, and see how it is made. Unless you know your standards and are familiar with the type of clothing offered, this could end up being a bad idea.

You can’t talk to someone right away. If you have a question about something you’re seeing, you’ll most likely have to wait at least 24 hours for an answer (however, many sites have “instant chat” allowed to take care of this issue).

Privacy and security:  Privacy and security are a legitimate concern for any online consumer, but there are safety measures you can take to ensure that your activity is secure. For example, paying attention to HTTPS protocols, installing free spyware tools, being able to detect scams and online tricks, anonymously filtering, and keeping your web usage private are all innovative ways to deal with any privacy and security issues.

Bad experiences for online shopping


Usually, when we shop at a regular store, we can see the item and check it to see if it looks right. You can choose the color size and talk to the seller to clarify doubts about the item. I feel so bad about online shopping that we do not see the thing until it arrives. You may have seen it in a nearby shopping mall, but some part of your order may have a defect. Misrepresentation or misunderstanding of online purchases is a common problem. Usually, the picture of things you see online is much better than when you already have items in front of you.


Once you have ordered, the waiting game starts. You have to wait a few days for something to arrive, which can be very frustrating. Many experts believe that we are delighted with your “purchase” for the first few days, so when your item arrives, you will probably not be pleased and get the item on the day you made the payment.


What if something you did not expect will happen, you will lose out on a series of calls to the seller and the courier company. What if you were not at home during the delivery and the courier company left the parcel at your door, and the passerby decided to steal it? What if the shipping company breaks your belongings and be careful after opening them when the courier man is already gone. The seller may tell you that you broke it.

4. Shipping Fees:

Only a few sites offer free shipping; some will be shipped for free only if your total purchase price exceeds a certain amount. Shipping costs often discourage online shoppers.

5. RETURNS For Sale:

Even if the seller agrees to return the damaged item, you will usually have to pay for the return. Additionally, you should call and reassure people about the reason for your return. Some good sites have an excellent return policy, but not everyone.

Comparing Online Shopping with Offline Shopping

Offline shopping is becoming easier. Customers want the service, or actually * do not * want * the service. It is not that consumers are unclear about what they want to buy. It is just that they are clear about why they are buying. They may have a purchase in their mind, or they may be buying more as a treatment, and they may wish to communicate with goods. Customers have reached a point where if the purchase tends to be completely self-sufficient and not subject to the terms, they find * inexpensive * sales assistants to enter the store. As they grow professionally, customer respect and patience with sales assistants diminishes.

So the changes I see are a marked distinction between goal-oriented and experienced consumers. Buyers with a specific purchase in mind recognize the time and demand the service as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible price. Professional shoppers find marketing assistants annoying and inappropriate. And I think the internet and online shopping contribute to this polarization process.

Pdf of argumentative essay on online shopping

If you want to Download the pdf of Argumentative essay on online shopping then click on the given link it is free of cost.

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shopping online argumentative essay

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Sample Argumentative Essay on Online Shopping versus In-Store Shopping

Get homework help on this topic - check the quality of writing from this sample, if you are looking for assignment help on this topic or similar topic, click on order now button to submit your details. once we have your order details, your assignment will be assigned to one of our best writers, who will then proceed to write your paper and deliver it within your specified deadline. thank you for choosing us today.

The present society has modified its approach to shopping. The major cohesive forces to the preferred shopping are simplicity and convenience. Rather than shopping online, a majority of the shoppers prefer buying products that they can see and not simply pictures since they can discern the quality of the products. These consumers easily compare the cost of the purchasing the product. In-store shopping besides offers more employment opportunities to the young people, thereby improving the economic status of the society. By visiting In-stores, buyers are likely to prevent the spread of fake products since they can choose their preferred products. Online buyers, on the other hand, prefer purchasing products at their comfort. The study argues that In-store shopping is better than online shopping.

In-store shoppers have the benefits of buying real products anywhere and at any time, and not just have a picture of their chosen product. This limitation surrounds online shoppers, making it more complicated to enjoy purchasing products and see things in real life. Such shoppers are able to realize sooner than later that a product is a total sheer, thus making it easier to discern the quality of an item. Besides this, in-store shopping offers numerous forms of discount, which buyers can take advantage of. For instance, young people who are estimated as more consumers can take advantage of the student discounts that are usually available at the stores. It is also more fun to involve the sellers in a bargain. In addition, in-store shopping is about roaming carelessly having coffee or food with friends along purchasing. Since it is an enjoyable event, in-store shopping draws young people together. This allows buyers ask for the opinion of someone else on a given product. Buyers are therefore more satisfied with the in-store shopping since they can actually go back with the fitting size for clothing. In-store shopping further protects buyers against annoying shipping fees for the products bought. In addition, no high credit bills are associated with the ordering of the products. Also, in-store shopping is an additional source of employment for the emerging young generation. A majority of the sales associates work for commission. Thus, by visiting a shop, consumers assist sales associates to earn a little cash. The sales representatives always offer some help by ensuring that the client acquires satisfactory products within minimal time.

On the contrary, in-store shopping is annoying to the buyers and expensive in the long run (Tuttle 1). There is always signage inconsistency at the in-stores. A big banner may welcome the consumers to take advantage of the discounts. When they get to the stores, they are compelled to ask the salesperson concerning the promotions they saw online. Eventually, consumers end up paying for more, making them more disillusioned with the in-store purchases. Inventory inconsistency is another limitation of making in-store purchases. This is especially common among the shoppers who prefer to pre-shop at the online markets of stores. A product may be cheaper online but expensive at the store. This challenge is more prevalent among retailers who operate independently from their online websites. While it may be comforting to see security cameras, sensors, and beacons at the end of the columns in the shopping malls, it is at times frustrating to realize that the cameras monitor every movement of the consumers in the store, including every pause on the items. This is, on the other hand, contrary to the behavior of the same customers who have no issue with the more intrusive sophisticated online tracking they subject themselves to.

The case for online shopping really comes down to scale. Shipping of the products from the warehouse after production is more costly, in addition to the expense incurred in putting up retail stores. These additional expenses can be reduced according to the Tuttle (1). It has been established that shipping a two 20-pound package by overnight air uses 40% less fuel than driving 20 miles to the stores. The air transportation is the most energy extensive mode of delivery, whereas it is just a tenth of the entire energy used by a consumer when driving to the store. Personal vehicles tend to consume more miles per gallon than the trucks used for shipping. Therefore, online shopping is a better strategy for energy conservation as fuel costs calculated per the number of packages carried tends to be lower than fuel costs used in making in-store purchases.

Online shopping is besides useful as shopping is not restricted by regional constraints. Buyers have more comfort while shopping since they can do it from the comfort of their homes. This is an additional advantage, as buyers do not have to worry about time restrictions and location restrictions. Young people who make up the highest percentage of shoppers can still shop while attending to other duties such as schooling and working. With the advent of the online stores, buyers have the alternative of purchasing daily products such as groceries. With a touch of a button, buyers are accordingly, able to compare the prices of the products and buy the best quality at the best affordable price.

While online shopping may be beneficial, it is frustrating and confusing in some aspects. The price is always inconsistent with the in-store prices, frustrating the consumers. This price favoritism upsets most buyers who in turn resort to shopping in other store lines. Retailers at the online shopping websites tend to use different mechanisms to attract and retain their customers. One of these approaches is the use of coupons game. Shoppers may be enticed to locate a code that will offer free shipping or give a 10% discount. Mysteriously some of these codes do not work at times. This makes the excited shoppers annoyed as they feel played on when the codes fail to operate.

Whereas online stores are assumedly cheaper than in-store shopping, more packages are required for the online shopping than for the in-store shopping (Tuttle 1). The higher expense tends to be 2.5 times more than for the in-store shopping. It is thus more expensive in terms of online packages than for the in-store packages. Furthermore, consumers do not need to travel 20 miles round trip for every mile to the store by public transport cuts back the energy required to retrieve the products. If consumers are living in dense urban areas, then they are easily accessible to public transportation.

It is also noteworthy to mention that buying products at the retail stores promotes local goods and are more likely to be returned if they are not tried at first. This is essential for goods such as clothes. It is necessary for the public to promote their stores, pay associated local taxes and develop the surroundings to a more interesting and vibrant place. This is socially important but economically challenging to put a price tag to such efforts.

In-store shopping offers a range of products and brands in a single place. This is useful as buyers are able to explore a variety of designs and styles under one roof (Persad 1). Consumers are also able to save time, as they do not need to move from one street to the other in search of products. While shopping at the in-stores, buyers are usually entertained. This modern trend of including cinema halls and gaming zones at the shopping malls makes shopping more entertaining. Furthermore, consumers are treated to more discounts, compelling them to make more purchases.

In conclusion, both in-store and online shopping has made it more enjoyable for people to make purchases. These alternatives have also compelled the public to make choices based on personal tastes and preferences. Online shopping may seem a better option for the consumer who lives in the suburbs and has to drive for many miles. It is also a better option for the young who are meticulous about bundling online orders. For this case, it is advisable for the consumer to prefer shipping rather than overnight air to save more energy. On the other hand, In-store shopping is better since buyers can purchase their products from any place. They may have to walk or use some transportation to their desired store. Furthermore, consumers have the opportunity to see the real product rather than pictures and so get can immediately discern the quality of the product. In-store shopping offers more employment opportunities, especially to the young people. This is a useful strategy of improving the economic well-being in the society. In-store is besides useful to prevent widespread consumption of counterfeit and illegal products.

Works Cited

Persad, Michelle. “10 Reasons it’s better to Shop In-Store rather Than Online.” The Huffington

Post. 2015. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/online-shopping_us_55ad182be4b0caf721b34893 accessed on 7 February 2017.

Tuttle, Brad. “What’s Wrong with Online Shopping?” Business Times. 2010.

http://business.time.com/2010/05/04/whats-wrong-with-online-shopping/ accessed on 7 February 2017.

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PTE Academic Exam Practice Material

Online Shopping Essay

Read online shopping essay for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Know more about essay on online shopping in English for students in 300 words. What is the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping essay.

Online Shopping Essay

Online Shopping Essay 300 Words

With the advancement in technology and science, people can now do various things at the comfort of their homes and one such thing is online shopping. It has gained a lot of spotlight due to its ever-increasing demand and craze among people. Online shopping refers to the way of purchasing things online without actually going to the physical stores. People nowadays are busy earning their livelihood and they hardly get any time to go for shopping, however, with the advent of online shopping, they can now order anything be it clothes, footwear, gadgets, appliances and much more.

There are numerous advantages of online shopping, let’s take an insight into it.

Online shopping is the best option for people who do not have much time and are busy in their office and business work.

It is a convenient way for the people who cannot withstand crowded places and malls for shopping so they can sit at their home or office and can order anything anytime.

Online shopping offers a vast variety of options which is not possible with physical shopping. You can browse through different websites and can choose the product according to your requirements.

Online shopping does not require physical cash and you can make payments through your debit or credit cards although you have an option of cash on delivery.

Well, everything comes with some disadvantages as well. Although online shopping is easy and convenient, however sometimes it disappoints you as things ordered online may not seem the same when they arrive at your door, the colour, the size or something else can be different from the actual item. Also, there are some websites that are fake and provide you with great offers to tempt you and befool you at the end. So it is important that we should do online shopping wisely and with much care in order to avoid any kind of chaos later on.

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops

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Alok dedo id is alindo5756


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Essay on Online Shopping for Students in English | 500 Words Essay

December 20, 2020 by Karan

Essay on Online Shopping: Buying things on the internet is termed as online shopping. E-commerce has changed the way businesses are conducted, and retailers are selling goods and services over the internet and making high profits. Company sites, shopping portals and e-auction sites are very popular with customers. Online shopping also delivers goods at our doorstep with necessary charges. It saves a lot of time, money, and effort and avoids visiting the stores physically to purchase commodities.

Essay on Online Shopping 500 Words in English

Below we have provided Online Shopping Essay in English, suitable for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 school students.

Online shopping is a process in the form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to buy goods and services over the internet using a browser. It is also called as business to business online shopping. People can surf several web stores which offer a variety of products online from the comfort of the house. Shopping can be done through desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. The most popular among the online stores are Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Myntra.

The concept of online shopping was first introduced by Michael Aldrich in 1980. In March he started Redifon’s Office Revolution, which permitted consumers, agents, distributors and suppliers to be connected online. By using videotex technology, he designed, installed, manufactured, sold and supported many online shopping systems. The first-ever shopping store name was Tesco store.

As online shopping is gaining popularity rapidly, e-retailers have managed to segregate customers and target them accordingly. There are deal hunters who always seek discounts and offers and then buy a product. Such customers always try to shop during festivals. Then there are brand buffs that prefer a particular quality brand. These types of shoppers are not price-sensitive and buy a particular brand, even at a high price.

Other ones are the wish listers who keep on scrolling, searching, selecting and adding the products to the wishing list to buy them later. They keep on postponing their purchase for many reasons. The most special ones are the shopaholics who don’t care about the discounts, offers or whatsoever as they keep buying all-round the year and are still not satisfied and keep waiting for new arrivals.

Advantages of Online Shopping

Most online shopping stores offer lower prices as compared to offline stores. They also provide a great bargain deal and save more money . Price comparison is hassle-free and quick. Due to such low prices, more consumers get engaged in online shopping as don’t have to shell out extra money. The introduction of the discount system has brought great relief to consumers, especially to savvy shoppers who get motivated to buy more during discounts.

An online store is a platform for diversity. This means that it supplies goods with many varieties. Customers can choose and select from abundance as they find numerous options which suit their requirement and budget. From kids to adults there is variety in large numbers. The stores are open 24/7, which makes a purchase as easy as ABC. Consumers who are busy and are unable to visit offline stores can buy at night. It can be bought at any time of the day.

By one click you can make the purchase, pay online or through cash on delivery system and also gets the product delivered to your doorstep. The system of tracking order enables people to know the status of their product through shipping details and exact arrival date. Furthermore, if the received product is defective, damaged or wrong in size, it can also be returned easily without following long formalities.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

When it comes to electronics and clothes, customers find online shopping redundant as they cannot touch them and try them on to fit their perfect size. On some online stores, improper inventory management and long duration result in a delay of the product. Though selection, buying and paying is simple, but the product to arrive at your doorstep takes one to two weeks. The offline showroom sales attendant provides personal attention and guides us to choose the perfect one. Also, the service to speak to the sales representatives at times proves faulty as the lines seem to be busy all the time.

There is no facility to touch and feel and to examine the product closely. The images shown are sometimes misleading. The colour, size and appearance may differ in reality. After receiving the package, the product is broken, and you cannot return to the delivery agent unless you place a return request. Sometimes the product ordered never arrives, and a person will be exhausted in trying to reach the customer care and getting his/her problem solved. If the package is left with the neighbour because the customer is not at home, then there is a higher chance of stealing.

Home — Essay Samples — Business — Online Shopping — Advantages of Online Shopping

shopping online argumentative essay

Advantages of Online Shopping

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Advantages of Online Shopping Essay

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shopping online argumentative essay

shopping online argumentative essay

Argumentative Essay On Online Shopping

Paper #3 Going to the mall is like being at a zoo. Herds of inconsiderate teenagers crowd the walkways, girls fight over the best pair of shoes, and the merchandise is thrown all over the place. Imagine being able to have a stress free day of shopping without annoying kids running around and the ease of looking at perfect displays that have not been touched by the grimy hands of children. If you could eliminate the younger population from the mall, shopping would be much easier for everyone. Parents can enjoy their day out, girls-day won’t be interrupted by kids running a muck in the store, the employees jobs will be easier by not having to fix the displays that were messed up by children, and the amount of merchandise stolen will decrease if the younger population sticks to online shopping! Shopping …show more content…

In this essay, the author

Online shopping allows you to compare prices with other stores and endless sizes and colors are available to you that normally wouldn’t be in stores. The convenience of being able to check multiple stores prices without having to waste gas to drive to multiple stores to find the best price is just one of the many ways shopping online can save you money. We all know children grow at an exponential rate so having to go to the mall multiple times a month is frustrating and tiring. Being able to have someone deliver whatever you desire right to your doorstep is like receiving a gift. Another pro of online shopping is having access to customer reviews. Yes, you may be able to physically hold the item if you were buying it from a store, but by reading the customer reviews you can decide if the product is worth the price. You can even write your own review to inform other people of your opinion of the product. If you don’t like the product, most places allow you to ship it back hassle-free with a full refund or

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shopping online argumentative essay

Persuasive Essay On Online Shopping

Hunting persuasive essay.

Is hunting for sport (not food or survival) morally justified? At one point of time hunting was very crucial for survival but now some would say hunting is nothing more than a violent form of recreation that the majority of hunters do not need for subsistence. Those who support hunting may say it does more good than bad for economic reasons. Outsiders are more concerned with the pain and suffering and loss of life endured by the animals. A study conducted by a Yale professor concluded that 60% of Americans disapprove of sport hunting and about one-third of Americans favor a total ban on hunting (Achor 138). I believe hunting animals for sport and not for survival is completely wrong and should be illegal.

Persuasive Essay

The first attempt and success to climb Mt. Everest occured in 1953. Since then, almost 4,000 people have been able to scale the mountain, but over 230 people have not been able to climb it successfully. There is a chance of accident or death when climbing this mountain or any dangerous activity. All people should should have the right to rescue services even if they knowingly put themselves at risk because there is always a chance of an accident happening, rangers are there to save people in danger, and there are rescue vehicles being produced to be used in case of an emergency.

Freshman 15 Persuasive Essay

The Freshman 15 is a thought that crosses the minds of most future college students, but most say that it won’t happen to them. This fear of losing a toned body after graduating high school bothers some more than others. They realize after high school there are no longer athletics, and they’ll no longer be exercising regularly. Also, when they depart from their parents house and begin to live on their own their eating habits change. Responsibilities change when at college and this can cause stress and weight change. A change in diet and not eating properly can cause someone to gain weight. Not to mention that sleeping habits change dramatically when you go to college. The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear “freshman 15” is drinking alcohol, but this isn’t the only factor in the problem. This is a problem for these future students, and there isn’t just one solution to it. Many of the solutions to this problem are daily habits that could be changed easily while at college.

Gogo Injustice

Internet is used everywhere in today’s world. In US many people are making purchases online and beginning to take advantages of the online shopping at their fingertips and convenience. Online shopping has changed the way we shop in today’s world. Gone are those days when people had to wait in queue on special occasions. Today consumers can buy almost anything at any given point of time. With these advantages also come some disadvantages. There are cases of fraud and security breaches.

St. Labre High School Persuasive Essay

St. labre high school and middle school would be affected by the change of an eight period day to a seven period day, it would allow the high school to have more learning time in class but one less elective, it would allow the middle school to either continue to eat lunch with the high school or have another thing to do with the extra time.

Summary Of The Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell

Online retail has strong cost advantages in comparison to its offline competitors. It is rapidly taking precedence in many categories due to better pricing, selection

Essay On Modern Day America

I do not believe that the increased amount of technology in modern day America has negatively influenced peoples lives. Although some may argue that the lack of social interactions is detrimental to our society, due to attitude of people, and the lack of social experiences. I disagree, the reason being is that the social interactions it has destroyed, it has made new ones that are much more valuable and memorable. It is true that there are games that you would play alone, but the majority of games are multi player. Which means you are playing with real life people all around the world throughout your gaming experience. If you were to play a multi player video game for 30 minutes, chances are you would run into about two times the number of people that you would have run into at the grocery

Persuasive Essay On Information Technology

Technology is growing at a fast pace and every day we see a new product or service that is available. Many times it is hard to even keep up with the latest phone, computer, game console, or software. There are so many different gadgets to choose from and even the internet is on information overload. As a result, we can no longer truly expect to have privacy. However, does all this new technology really benefit us? Will we allow technology to overtake our world? We can already see the ramifications of so much technology. Adults and children have become stagnate which is affecting their health. On the other hand we can also see all the good technology can do.

Persuasive Essay On Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day is a day in which all people are encouraged to buy no goods for 24 hours. This day originated in Canada in 1992 as a means to increase awareness of extreme consumerism and expose the effects of overconsumption. Overconsumption can affect many aspects of our world today. These effects are not always positive. Buy Nothing Day should take place each year as a reminder to the people what overconsumption can cause and what possible environmental dangers lie in it.

Compare And Contrast Shopping Online And Online Shopping

Our first point of discussion is the dissimilarity between shopping at stores and shopping online is time. Shopping in the stores spend more time than shopping online. A trip to the mall could take two to three hours including transportation time. You must spend many hours looking for the right products or in the lines trying to just purchase it. In addition, comparing the product against other online store competitors also takes us a lot of time. This includes drive time to the stores locations, time to wait sellers bring products for us to take home and the time to check out. On the other hand, online shopping cuts out the time spent on transportation and walking from store to store. Comparing prices is faster online. Some websites, such as Lazada or Zalora, allow shoppers to compare product cost and customer satisfaction. Unlike shopping at stores, you do not have to wait in a line or wait till the shop assistant is ready to help you with your purchases. You can do your shopping in minutes,

Persuasive Essay On Online Education

I prefer online learning "its allows for learning in distant or disadvantaged locations, online education is easy to access and provides a convenient way to obtain course materials such as homework, exams, schedules, test scores and more" I say this because some students may need a little more time to understand the material that is getting taught. Another reason is fitting school into students ' schedules. Some people are lucky to go to school and be carefree. On the other hand, some kids have to work and help provide for their families and can 't afford to be at school all day. Well online learning can help with that in a major way.

Persuasive Essay: The Dangers Of The Internet

Internet can be a very good thing. But it can also be the most dangerous thing you´ll ever use. Do you really know who the person you´re talking to, is the one he says he is? How do you know you not being fouled by a man in India, trying to steal your credit card information? I´m going to write about some topics you might have to be extra bevare of when it comes to the internet.

Benefits Of Online Shopping Essay

Online shopping has nowadays become a widely spread way of shopping among people on different continents and in different countries. Its popularity is constantly on the rise considering the spread of Internet technologies and the increasing share of online shops in the retailing business. Online shopping activities are gaining wide spread as far as they tend to provide the consumers with numerous benefits and increase the convenience of buying without leaving the house. The popularity of online shopping grows due to a range of reasons, including its convenience as well as time- and money-saving potential.

Persuasive Speech On Online Shopping

More and more people these days prefer online shopping than shopping in malls because of so many advantages and benefits. People from all over the world have accepted online shopping sites because of the convenience provided like from shopping in their pyjamas to convenience for elderly and disabled. Not only this, online shopping sites also provides a wider choice of products, avoiding upselling or impulse buying, better prices, good for the environment, and

The Cause And Causes Of Online Shopping On The Internet

According to Amin & Noor (2013), the E-consumers generally refer to the purchaser of goods and services over electronic systems such as Internet and other computer networks. This new group of consumers is increasing in number over the years as on-line shopping become a trend and manifestation of modern life style.Based from the Paynter & Lim (2001), E-commerce would provide consumers with benefits such as interactive communications, fast delivery, and more customization that would only be available for consumers through online shopping. Product information in the Internet is more compact and it ranges from various sites. Users have more opportunity to choose and compare products they want to purchase or easily find and select specialized products. This kind of open market place would increase competition, provide benefit for industrial buyers as it will promote better quality and more variety of goods.

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Argumentative Essay On Shopping

Walmart's argumentative essay.

Right now, Wal-Mart is thinking about neighborhood stores as another arrangement. Likewise, we have utilized that organization to break down the transferability of Wal-Mart's upper hands.

A Summary of “the Science of Shopping”

A famous writer for the New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell has written an article, “The Science of Shopping”, which is based on Paco Underhill’s study of retail anthropology. The intention of a retail store is obvious- that is to attract customers and convince them to perchance as much as they can. There is so much knowledge that we can study, such that how the environment affects people’s thinking. These are tiny details that we don’t usually think about. The reason of how Paco Underhill success is because he notices these details. Details determine success or failure. Paco Undnerhill—a talent and passion environmental psychologist, provides us a new point of view of the science of displaying products,

The Science Of Shopping Malcolm Gladwell Analysis

Malcolm Gladwell’s piece, “The Science of Shopping”, causes his audience to fear retail anthropologists such as Paco Underhill. On the surface, Gladwell appears to write a short documentary of sorts about the manipulation of businesses and stores. Venturing deeper into the story provides the reader with vision of the importance businesses place on their layouts and strategies. Gladwell continues to assure his point that consumers are not mindlessly obeying what retailors want them to do. Store owners are required to accommodate to how their customers behave, and what their target market wants. Gladwell refers to significant moments with Underhill by directly quoting Paco. He also vividly describes different aspects of Paco’s practice.

The Surveillance Of Consumers By Retail Anthropologists

Thesis: Although some claim that retail anthropologists’ placement of surveillance cameras for consumers while shopping is manipulative, it is not in fact unethical because their actions are meant for the benefit of the consumers, the benefit of the producers, and most importantly, shoppers are aware of the surveillance cameras.

Surveillance Of Consumers Is Manipulative Or Unethical

We live in a society where we are watched constantly by social media, twitter, employers and even shopping surveillance cameras. Although each outlet has its different uses for watching, there are pros and cons. Social media may share life styles or events with users with just a touch of a button or click of a mouse. Twitter updates the user with instant news about certain individuals or celebrities and what is trending. An employer keeps a watchful eye on a new employee to make sure they are the right fit for the company or can also watch to make sure their assets are secure. Surveillance is mostly thought of as monitoring assets, but what about the true assets it monitors, the consumer at a store. Consumers are the bread and butter of the store, without the consumer there are no sales, and if no sales then there would be no store. I refute the claim that the retail anthropologists’ surveillance of consumers is manipulative or unethical. In fact, I think the surveillance of consumers can help both the retailer and the consumer. Surveillance can provide an overall good shopping experience for both consumer and retailer. The surveillance videos can show which products the consumer wants and buys, it can help the retailer place good products in good organizational areas, and provide not only the consumer, but the retailer with a good overall shopping experience.

Walmart Argumentative Essay

Walmart has grown from humble beginnings since Sam Walton first established his store in Bentonville, Arkansas. Over the last 50 years, that one store has become huge in the retail world with more than 11,000 locations, over 2 million employees and revenues in excess of $480 billion (Sharf, 2015). While impressive, the company has also courted considerable controversy of the years due to the way it operates. In fact, this paper will argue that Walmart has failed to adequately address employee concerns over wages, failed to stop hiring undocumented citizens, discriminate against women. As a result, Walmart has failed as a corporation because its employees are treated badly.

“The Science of Shopping” versus "The Signs of Shopping"- Two Sides of an Issue

Shopping has become a daily activity which happens a billion times in America and around the world. We cannot imagine how our lives would be affected if shopping was suddenly stopped. Malcolm Gladwell and Anne Norton both write articles about two sides of modern day shopping: how consumers have impacted the retail industry and how the industry influences consumers. In the article " The Science of Shopping," Malcolm Gladwell, a well-known writer and journalist, analyzes the shopping behaviors of customers and how retailers can lure customers; while Anne Norton, a professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania, in

The Signs Of Shopping By Malcolm Gladwell

Manipulation of consumers in stores and other establishments, is at a new high. Capitalism acts as the encouragement to large corporations to use these controversial practices. Norton uses blunt language and Gladwell explains the significance of retail to show how capitalism encourages manipulation. Norton used

Analysis Of Malcolm Gladwell's The Science Of Shopping

Ever wonder why the windows of stores are captivating that give you that desire to purchase their item? According to Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Science of Shopping,” individual named Paco Underhill studies the behavior of millions of American shoppers by looking at statistics and recorded footages inside the stores. Consumer researcher Paco helps increase the income of the retailers by providing a false sense of public space inside a shopping area by tracing the behavior of shoppers through the lens.

Every successful business have a bad side to it, such is Walmart, one of the top topic these days for cheating hours off their workers, low wages, and using public’s money (subsidies) for their business. There have been many reports against walmart, but we have rarely seen anything about it on the news or on any other popular site, and there have been too little thing done about it. Walmart have to be more in-check with the Union or the government, because walmart have done many things that hurt their employees and the community just for some profit, and get away with it. Some people might not see walmart as a threat of any kind, but walmart is a big trouble for our community, to small businesses, and our country’s economy.

Science Of Shopping

With technology gaining the ability to intrude upon each individual’s privacy, people are only recently becoming aware of the ways in which this is achieved—while many are focused on, for example, the NSA tapping into his or her phone, the biggest invasion of privacy comes from a system which we often turn a blind eye to: consumerism. In the article “Economic Citizenship and the Rhetoric of Gourmet Coffee”, Mathieu uses Starbucks as an example to show how one company can appeal so strongly to costumers that the consumer turns a blind eye to the company’s ethics. However, in the article “The Science of Shopping”, Gladwell analyzes the methods in which retailers try to appeal to their customers to maximize their sales.

“In the past few years Walmart has begun to face new challenges in addition to antisprawl activists and merchants, from labor unions, competitors, and other activists”(carroll607). The lawsuits for labor for Walmart’s labor practices have also increased over the years with the accusations of paying unfair wages, making employees work off the clock so they wouldn’t have to pay overtime, and discrimination against women. Due to Walmart’s financial impact on the U.S. it also has a huge economic impact on a state and federal level.

The Atlantic Summary

I remember having so much fun throughout the day as my step-mother was recording lots of it. At night, there were fireworks and my step-mother decided to take out her camcorder again to record those fireworks, and I just thought to myself, “Why can’t she just enjoy the moment right now instead of recording it.” As I would watch that video at home, I would realize that it just did not have that same feeling. Those are the type of moments that cannot be replicated. As technology advances, I feel like many people will be missing out on opportunities such as this and not living life to the fullest. There are also apps that can scan a barcode of certain food items at the grocery store, and show that the item is cheaper at another grocery store down the road. We are not empowered consumers because we have become pawns of advertisers more than ever before. I love using amazon, but the one thing that I do not like is that they like to track my interest. For example, I remember buying a new charger for my phone from amazon because my old one broke. The next day, I would surf Amazon just to window-shop; as I was looking at video games, recommendation for cell phone accessories kept popping up. There were car chargers, portable chargers, phone cases, screensavers, etc. For this reason, I stopped surfing Amazon, but sadly, these same ads would pop up on different websites I would leisurely surf. This

Wal-Mart Argumentative Essay

In her U.S. Catholic article, “Is Wal-Mart number one? Maybe when it comes to mistreating its workers” Caitlyn Schmidt discusses how Wal-Mart continues to manipulate its workers everyday. Wal-Mart neglects to compensate hundreds of thousands of their workers with health care benefits. The CEO of Wal-Mart, Michael Duke, earns $35 million a year while the standard worker makes $8.81 per hour. With this being said, Duke gains more money an hour than any worker brings in a year. Each year Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. faces thousands of lawsuits from prohibiting workers to unionize. Having already acquired a poor stature, nobody can oppose how abhorrent Wal-Mart respects their workers. In other words, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. brings in millions of

Retail Anthropologist Surveillance Of Consumers

Hi Riza! It seems that we are getting on the same page because I also refute the claim that retail anthropologist surveillance of consumers is unethical and manipulative. In my opinion, by applying the results from retail anthropologist, a retail store has facilitated their customers while they are shopping. For example, retail storeowners can reorganize their store in order to create more shopping space for their customers or diversify their products so that customers will save their shopping time. Moreover, retail stores can improve customer satisfaction as well as customer experience when they use information collected from surveillance of consumers. For instance, by looking at surveillance cameras, store manager will recognize the crowded

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Buying things on the Internet (Corrected essay)

Buying things on the Internet (Corrected essay)

Buying things on the Internet, such as books, air tickets and groceries, is becoming more and more popular. Do the advantages of shopping in this way outweigh the disadvantages?


You   should   spend   about  40  minutes   on   this   task.

Write   about   the   following   topic.  

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write   at   least  250  words. 


Sample essay written by Nguyen Yen

In recent years, there has been a growing trend that people tend to buy things on the Internet. This present both pros and cos, however, in my opinion, its benefits are much more significant than the drawbacks.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend that people tend to buy things on the Internet in online shopping . This present both pros and cos cons , however, in my opinion, its benefits are much more significant than the drawbacks.

The phrase “buy things on the Internet” is already used in the essay topic. Try to shorten it by using a suitable buzzword, such as “online shopping”

Words such as 'people' and 'ideas' have the potential to be vague. So, avoid saying “people tend to” if possible.

The second sentence in the introduction has too many commas. Break it into two simple sentences if necessary.

On the one hand, shopping online online shopping brings to the consumers some disadvatages. Initially, since people are unable to touch or to see the products they want to buy in reality, it is always hard for them to examine the quality of these products. As a result, they might purchase the items with poor quality. In addition to that, as the consumers do not feel happy with the items they had bought online, they tend to abandon these products or dont do not use them at all. This is definitely a watse waste of money. Moreover, buyings thing on the Internet often makes people confused since there are a great number of shops on the Internet. To be specific, the buyers might see the same products in several shops, but the prices for these items can be very different, ranging from reasonable to prohibitedly expensive price . Consequently, they will not know which products they should purchase.

The second sentence is too wordy, due to the fact that the words “ people ”, “ they ”, and “ them ” all have been used despite being unnecessary. Since the main focus here is the products, not the people using them, I suggest rewriting the whole sentence into passive voice .

Avoid using contraction (“ don’t ”) in an academic context.

The ideas and sentence structures being used here are kinda repetitive. Regarding of online shopping, there are many issues that are worth mentioning ( shipment delays, misleading online marketing, annoying advertises, etc)

On the other hand, I am of the opinion that shopping online online shopping brings people a number of benefits. First, shopping online online shopping allows the consumers to browse for products and checking comparing the prices between these online shops. In this way, people can make a better decision to buy what they like after taking prices, sizes and models of the products into consideration. To speak From my experience, I used to buy an elegant dress es at virtual shop s , which was cheaper compared to that of some shops near my houses. Second, buyings things on the Internet helps people save a great deal of time. That is to say, since people nowadays are often so caught up with work and study, shopping online online shopping is a wise choice which doesn’t does not require them to go the the stores. With a click of mouse With just a click , they can buy the things they need and the shippers will deliver their products to the customers as soon as possible. Third, since there is a high demand of buying things online, many people can realize their dream of starting up their own business and achieve success in the long rub run. This can be seen as a positive trend because it creates good job opportunities for the people and thereby help people to improve their income and well-being. This also contributes to boost ing the economy of a nation in general l .

While the second body paragraph is very long (216 words!), its quaility doesn’t appear much better than the first one. Try to write only 70 words, you will definitely see an improvement.

Many idioms are introduced in this paragraph: “a great deal of time”, “in the long run”, “to be caught up”, “to take in consideration”, “with just a click”. However, the attempt to use them isn’t really succesful, due to some spelling mistakes.

The vocabulary is kinda limitted here. However, there are a variety of connectives (“on the one hand”, , “first”, “in this way”, “thereby”, etc).

In conclusion, although buyings things on the Internet exerts some adverse aspects, the advantages can justify these.

Too short and unconvincing. Need to give more emphasis.

Words: 418 words

Overall: 6.5

Task Response: 7

✓ addresses all parts of the task (the essay has answer the required question, and write more than 250 words) ✓ presents a clear position throughout the response ✓ presents, extends and supports main ideas, but there may be a tendency to overgeneralise and/or supporting ideas may lack focus

Coherence and Cohesion: 7

✓ logically organises information and ideas; there is clear progression throughout ✓ uses a range of cohesive devices appropriately although there may be some under-/over-use ✓ presents a clear central topic within each paragraph

Lexical Resource: 6

✓ uses an adequate range of vocabulary for the task ✓ attempts to use less common vocabulary but with some inaccuracy (the writer uses very few topic-related words. And when they are used, mistakes are presented “shopping online” ) ✓ makes some errors in spelling and/or word formation, but they do not impede communication

Grammatical Range and Accuracy: 6

✓ uses a mix of simple and complex sentence forms ✓ makes some errors in grammar and punctuation but they rarely reduce communication (lots of the article “the” are missing, so I cannot give a 7 score here)


This essay is corrected by  Anh Tran  -   Let's Write Something Group .


Other sample essay

With the advent of technological advancement, 21st century has witnessed a boom in e-commerce. The number of online shopping websites is increasing exponentially. Shopping online has its upsides and downsides but the positives of this technological blessing far outweighs its negatives.

Firstly, online shopping saves one from travel and traffic problems. I live in the outskirts of Karachi and commuting to the city for buying stuff is not an easy task for me. Further, Karachi is an overly-populated city with the worst traffic situation, all this makes it more difficult to travel. This problem is hugely resolved by the e-buying facility. Everything is simply a click away, whether it is groceries, air tickets, clothes or books. Whatever I order is duly received at my doorstep, without my having to embark on long, hectic shopping-trips.

Secondly, buying things on the internet provides you with a wide range of options. Consider yourself in a gigantic super-mart having access to every type of item you can imagine! On the internet there is no physical space limitation, therefore the variety available for a single item is endless. Also, there are countless websites where you can compare product prices, specifications, extra features, deals and a lot more. One such website is Compare.Pk, where you can select an item and compare it with similar items of other brands for specifications and prices. All this not only provides convenience to customers but also exposes them to a very huge market for buying the most appropriate item.

In conclusion, it can be unambiguously agreed upon that the advancement in e-buying has resulted in convenience for buyers. One only has to select and order an item and it arrives at his doorstep. Also, the available options for a single commodity are endless, so that a person can compare and buy the best.

(Written by Narmeen Habib )

Corrected Essay:

With the advent of technological advancement, 21st century has witnessed a boom in e-commerce the number of online shopping websites is increasing exponentially. Shopping online has its upsides and downsides but the positives of this technological blessing far outweighs its negatives .   The positive impacts on online shopping undermine its negative sides because the advanced technology can save our time and give more options for purchasing .

The opening paragraph does not contain a clear thesis statement. It is important to tell what you are going to talk about and where you are positioning on the views.

Phrases ‘ a boom in e commerce’ and ‘ is increasing exponentially’ have similar meaning. It is better to keep it in short, but clear sentence.

Firstly, online shopping saves one from travel and traffic problems. Online shopping does not require people to travel . I live in the outskirts of Karachi and commuting to the city for buying stuff is not an easy task for me. Further, Karachi is an overly-populated city with the worst traffic situation, all this makes it more difficult to travel.   As living in Karachi, an over-populated city with its congestion problems, many citizens like me have to overcome difficult situation only for buying stuff in the city centre .  This problem is hugely resolved by the e-buying facility. Everything is simply a click away, whether it is groceries, air tickets, clothes or books. Whatever I order is duly received at my doorstep, without my having to embark on long, hectic shopping-trips .   This platform enables consumers to experience shopping activities in simple ways. Take the biggest e-commerce in the word, eBay which provides wide varieties of products, for example. As a student, I often ordered books, air tickets, and fashion items. Likewise, many housewives in my neighbourhood prefer to purchase groceries through this website. If eBay was never exist before, buyers like us might have to spend longer times taking long trips to get our shopping lists. This example tells about how an effective shopping is advantageous as a time saver.

Firstly is ommited as the topic sentence is not too clear enough to represent the main idea.

The use of ‘I’ in your example does not cover people’ problems in general, so I have changed ‘I’ into ‘ many citizen like me’

Everything is simply a click away needs to be elaborated . Please see the changes.

You only mention groceries, air tickets, clothes or books without giving explanation. If you want to score higher, it is your task to present your ideas in details. I have made some detailed explanations with this.

Secondly, Another benefit is that buying things items on the internet serves unlimited choices provides you with a wide range of options . Consider yourself in a gigantic super-mart having access to every type of item you can imagine! On the internet there is no physical space limitation, therefore the variety available for a single item is endless. Also, there are countless websites where you can compare product prices, specifications, extra features, and deals and a lot more . One such website is Compare.Pk, where you can select an item and compare it with similar items of other brands for specifications and prices. All this not only provides convenience to customers but also exposes them to a very huge market for buying the most appropriate item.

You need to link both main ideas in the first sentence using transitional phrase. But remember, reliance too much on this will score you lower. Use them when necessary .

The word ‘ things’ is a weak lexical resource. It is better to use some alternative vocabs like stuff, items, daily needs , etc.

A wide range of options have been mentioned in the intro, you need to paraphase it. Serves unlimited choices.

You do not need to use exclamation mark. Present your sentence in a smooth way.

Consider yourself in a gigantic super-mart having access to every type of item you can imagine!. This sentence also does not make a sense.

And a lot more is vague. You’d better omit this phrase.

In conclusion, it can be unambiguously agreed upon it is true that the advancement in e-buying has resulted in convenience for buyers. One only has to select and order an item and it arrives at his doorstep. Also, the available options for a single commodity are endless, so that a person can compare and buy the best.

You have to summarise your main points and reiterate your opinion. Some ideas presented are sidetrack.

Your opinion does not state your opinion clearly.

It can be unambiguously agreed upon is counted as 6 words. It is always good to be succinct and keep straight to the point.  

Let me give you an example of this: In conclusion, the disadvantages of e-commerce trend are overshadowed by the benefits resulting from modern technology. I am convinced that online shopping is one of great innovations of people doing transaction as it reduces time and provides more options.

Overall: 7.0

·         Task Response: 7

✓ addresses all parts of the task (the author wrote 303 words)

✗ presents a clear position throughout the response (the way you present your idea in the intro is too generic)

✓ presents, extends and supports main ideas, but there may be a tendency to overgeneralise and/or supporting ideas may lack focus

·         Coherence and Cohesion: 6

✓ arranges information and ideas coherently and there is a clear overall progression

✓ uses cohesive devices effectively, but cohesion within and/or between sentences may be faulty or mechanical

✓ may not always use referencing clearly or appropriately

✗  uses paragraphing, but not always logically ( missing links between intro and conclusion)

Lexical Resource: 7

✓ uses a sufficient range of vocabulary to allow some flexibility and precision

✓ uses less common lexical items with some awareness of style and collocation

✓ may produce occasional errors in word choice, spelling and/or word formation

Grammatical Range and Accuracy: 7

✓ uses a variety of complex structures

✓ has produces frequent error-free sentences

✓ has good control of grammar and punctuation but may make a few errors


This essay is corrected by  Eddy Suaib .

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline

Matt Ellis

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that uses logical evidence and empirical data to convince readers of a particular position on a topic. Because of its reliance on structure and planning, the first step in writing one is often drafting a solid argumentative essay outline. 

Of course, drafting an argumentative essay outline can be just as daunting as actually writing one. Choosing topics is one thing, but organizing your thesis , research, reasoning, and conclusion is a whole other endeavor—and that’s all before beginning the first draft! 

So in this quick guide, we explain how to make an effective argumentative essay outline, covering all three major formats: Classical (Aristotelian), Rogerian, and Toulmin. We’ll also include argumentative essay outline examples and templates to help you understand what works. 

Communicate with confidence. Grammarly helps you communicate effectively Write with Grammarly

How is an argumentative essay structured? 

An argumentative essay uses facts, data, and logical reasoning to substantiate a specific stance on any given topic. They are typically structured to “build an argument,” with a clear thesis statement , unambiguous conclusion, and as much evidential support as needed.  

While all seven types of essays follow the same introduction-body-conclusion structure, argumentative essays tend to be more complex to fit all the necessary components of a convincing argument. For example, you may want to dissect opposing points of view to strengthen your own argument, but where would you put that section? Before your argument? After? Intermingled throughout the essay with each new piece of evidence? 

There’s no one right way to structure an argumentative essay; it depends on your topic, opposing viewpoints, and the readers, among other things. In fact, to accommodate different types of argumentative essay styles, three methods have emerged as the go-to formats: Classical (Aristotelian), Rogerian, and Toulmin, explained below.  

No matter the format or topic, a strong argumentative essay outline makes it easier to organize your thoughts and present your case in the best possible way. So before you get down to the actual essay writing , take a little time to prepare what you want to say in an outline. 

How to create an argumentative essay outline

Knowing how to write an outline is just half the battle. Because an argumentative essay outline requires extra structure and organization, it often requires more extensive planning than the standard essay outline . After all, the goal is to present the best argument for your topic, so you need to make sure each section is in the optimal place. 

As mentioned, there are three main options for how to structure an argumentative essay. Before we dive into the details, let’s look at an overview of each so you can decide which one best fits your essay. 

Classical (Aristotelian)

When to use it: straightforward and direct arguments

The most forthright approach, the Classical or Aristotelian format is closest to traditional essay structures. It follows a simple layout: explain your argument, explain your opposition’s argument, and then present your evidence, all the while relying on credibility ( ethos ), emotion ( pathos ), and reasoning ( logos ) to influence the reader. 

When to use it: both sides make valid arguments; your readers are sympathetic to the opposing position

The Rogerian format gives ample respect to opposing stances, making it a great “middle-ground” approach for representing both sides. This method is ideal if your thesis is a compromise between conflicting positions or an attempt to unify them. 

Likewise, this format is best if you’re writing for readers who are already biased toward an opposing position, such as if you’re arguing against societal norms. 

When to use it: complicated arguments with multiple facets; rebuttals and counterarguments

The Toulmin method is a deep analysis of a single argument. Given its methodical and detailed nature, it works best for breaking down a complicated thesis into digestible portions. 

The Toulmin method is rather nitpicky in a very systematic way. That makes it an ideal format if your essay is a rebuttal or counterargument to another essay—you’re able to dissect and disprove your opposition point by point while offering a more reasonable alternative.  

Classical argumentative essay outline template

Aristotle had a gift for explaining things clearly and logically, and the Aristotelian argumentative essay structure leans into that. Also known as Classical or Classic, the Aristotelian format is the most straightforward: the writer presents their argument first and then refutes the opposing argument. 

Let’s look at the details in this argumentative essay outline example for the Classical or Aristotelian format. 

I. Introduction

A. Open with a hook, something to keep the reader interested enough to read until the conclusion (known as exordium ) B. Give any background information or context necessary to understand the topic (known as narratio )  C. Provide a thesis statement explaining your stance and why you feel that way (known as proposito and partitio )

II. First reason 

A. Start with the least controversial reason to support your argument, explaining your point clearly as an overview 1. First evidential support of your reason (known as confirmatio )
2. Second evidential support of your reason, then third, and so on

B. Summarize your first reason again and tie it together with evidential support 

III. Second reason, etc. 

A. Continue to list your reasons in the same format as the first. List your reasons from least to most controversial 

IV. First opposing point of view

A. Explain the reasoning of the opposing side. Point out their defenses and evidence—what would they say if they were writing the essay?  1. Point out weaknesses and inconsistencies in their argument
2. Refute their points with evidential support (known as refutatio )
3. Reinforce your position as the more reasonable position

V. Second opposing point of view, etc. 

A. Continue to present and refute opposing points of view in the same format as the first 

VI. Conclusion

A. Reiterate your position and thesis statement, drawing on your strongest evidential support and rebuttals of opposing points (known as peroratio ) B. Wrap everything up with a thought-provoking ending or call to action (a suggestion you want the reader to take) 

Rogerian argumentative essay outline template

Of all formats, Rogerian gives the most attention to opposing arguments. Its goal is to create a middle ground between two arguments, pointing out the validity of each and finding a way to unify them as one. If positions on a particular topic are too polarized or unable to coexist, this format won’t work. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Rogerian argumentative essay outline example below and notice the concessions for opposing points of view. 

A. State the problem that needs to be solved and any context necessary for understanding it B. Explain the ideal solutions from your position as well as the ideal solutions from opposing positions (and point out any overlap) C. Make your thesis statement

II. Summarize the opposing position

A. Summarize the opposition’s point of view respectfully; consider their defense and reasoning  1. Present evidential support for the opposing position
2. Comment on or refute their support

B. Follow the same format for additional opposing points of view

III. Validate the opposing position

A. Show that you understand and/or sympathize with the opposing position 1. Explain the context and reasoning behind your opposition’s perspective
2. Elaborate on the evidence and data from opposing positions

B. Affirm the areas in which you agree with the opposition

IV. Present your position

A. Summarize your first reason for holding your position 1. Present your first piece of evidential support
2. Present your second piece of evidential support, and so on

B. Summarize your second reason for holding your position, and so on 

V. Bring both sides together (compromise)

A. Consider which aspects from each argument are most reasonable B. Propose a compromise that combines the best elements from each position
A. Reaffirm your respect for the opposing point of view B. Reiterate the areas in which the opposition can benefit from your argument and vice versa C. Summarize the earlier compromise and, if possible, end on a positive note

Toulmin argumentative essay outline template

Stephen Toulmin’s original purpose was to analyze the nature of arguments, but the application of his teachings has evolved into an argumentative essay format, especially for challenging existing arguments. It focuses on the six elements that make up a good argument: claim (thesis), grounds (data and reasons), warrants, backings, qualifiers, and rebuttals. 

The argumentative essay outline example below shows the recommended order in which to put these elements: 

A. Open with a hook, if you can, to garner interest B. Explain the topic and its necessary context C. Make your thesis statement

II. Present the grounds (hard evidence) to validate your thesis

A. Present your first evidential support of data or logical reasons  B. Present your second evidential support of data or logical reasons, and so on 

III. Explain your first warrant (justification for your thesis)

A. Explain how the warrant relates back to your thesis B. Provide backing to support your warrant (could be more evidence or data or just logical reasoning) C. List any qualifiers that undermine or limit your warrant—the idea is to acknowledge any weaknesses in your own argument

IV. Explain your second warrant, and so on

A. Continue to explain your individual warrants as above 

V. Discuss opposition

A. Explain the first opposing point of view 1. Discuss the opposition fairly and transparently
2. Explain your rebuttal to defend your thesis

B. Explain the second opposing point of view, and so on 

A. Connect all your warrants and data together  B. Reiterate the opposing position and your rebuttals C. Draw a conclusion to make your final claim and reaffirm your thesis

Argumentative essay FAQs

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a short, nonfiction piece of writing that uses logical evidence and empirical data to convince the reader of a certain point of view. 

Argumentative essays typically include an explanation of the writer’s position (thesis), evidence supporting that thesis, opposing points of view, and rebuttals against that opposition. The order in which these sections are presented, however, depends on the format. 

What are some common ways to organize an argumentative essay outline?

The most straightforward approach to an argumentative essay outline is to first present your position, including the evidence and reasoning to back it up, and then address the opposing points of view. However, the more complex the topic, the more layers must be added to the outline. 

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Online shopping has become a popular shopping method ever since the internet has declared a takeover. There are many individuals that are looking for other amazing alternatives shopping and online shipping is just the fix for that. There are many advantages of online shopping; this is the reason why online stores are a booming business today. If there are advantages, most likely there will be disadvantages. Despite the success of purchasing through online shopping stores, there are still some disadvantages that most people complain about.

Shopping always has been associated with long, dragging lines, parking issues, and the hassle of driving around from store to store until we finally find what we need; but not anymore. Online shopping has given people the freedom to shop at home wearing only their pajamas and still get what they want. Although this might seem like the answer to prayers of many people, online shopping has its flaws as does traditional shopping. To facilitate this decision we have to see if online shopping can measure up to the purchasing power of traditional shopping.

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To do this we need to weigh both methods to see how they compare to one another. Online and traditional shopping offer choices to shoppers; knowing the risks and benefits of both alternatives is necessary for them to make a smart decision.

There are many advantages of internet shopping, firstly is it save time. Do you have the specific list that you want to buy? With just a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can purchase your shopping orders and instantly move to other important things, which can save time.

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Second is save fuel. The market of fuel industries battles from increasing and decreasing its cost every now and again, but no matter how much the cost of fuel are it does not affect your shopping errands. One of the advantages of shopping online is that there is no need for vehicles, so no purchase of fuel necessary. Third is save energy. We admit it, it is tiresome to shop from one location and transfer to another location. What is worse is that there are no available stocks for the merchandise you want to buy. In online shopping, you do not need to waste your precious energy when buying.

Forth is comparison of price, the advanced innovation of search engine allows you to easily check prices and compare with just a few clicks. It is very straightforward to conduct price comparisons from one online shopping website to another. This gives you the freedom to determine which online store offers the most affordable item you are going to buy. Fifth is available in any time. Online shopping stores are open round the clock of 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days. It is very rare to find any conventional retail stores that are open 24/7. The availability of online stores give you the freedom to shop at your own pace and convenience. Sixth is no need to waiting in lines. When buying items online, there are no long lines you have to endure, just to buy your merchandise. The idea of shopping online is cutting down those bad habits of standing in a long line and just waiting.

Every online store is designed with unique individual ordering features to purchase the item. Lastly is easy to search merchandise you want to buy. You are able to look for specific merchandise that includes model number, style, size, and colour that you want to purchase. In addition, it is easy to determine whether the products are available or out of stock.

There are few disadvantages of internet shopping despite of advantages. Firstly is personally check the item. If you are one of those shoppers who want to touch, see, and test the product personally, at online shopping, you are not able to do so. Online stores are only showing product description and photos of the merchandise, which can be a disadvantage for many online shoppers. Second is diminished instant satisfaction. Unlike buying at retail stores, you are able to use the product instantly after you buy it, which can be satisfying. However, online shopping requires patience to wait for the item to arrive at your door step about 2 to 3 days or even longer depending on the location you’ve ordered it from.

Online Shopping. (2016, May 28). Retrieved from http://studymoose.com/online-shopping-2-essay

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StudyMoose. (2016). Online Shopping . [Online]. Available at: http://studymoose.com/online-shopping-2-essay [Accessed: 4-Mar-2023]

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Online Shopping Versus In-Store Shopping essay

Nowadays, the development of technology including the internet brings people a lot of benefits. A lot of people use the internet to search the needed information, to learn something new, and to buy things. Therefore, this leads to the strong growing of online shopping. Madeline Farber stated on the Fortune News that “an annual survey by analytics firm comScore (SCOR, -1.73%) and UPS (UPS, +1.52%) found that consumers are now buying more things online than in stores.” Online shopping is better because it is more convenient, save more time, and save more money than in-store shopping.

Saving time is another advantage of online shopping. After a long day work, shopping at home seems to be less stressful. It gives people time to rest and spend time with family. They do not waste their time to drive, find parking, and go around to look for things. Besides, they can use the brake at work or at school to find items and products at a click of a button. People, who work extra hours, can shop online at night even when the stores are closed. In addition, they do not need to wait for a long line at the checkout. On the other hand, with in-store shopping, sometimes it is good to get out of the house, but it is sometimes also headache. Driving to the store and find parking is not always so great. During the holidays, going in the crowded store can be a bit stressful. Some items have been moved around, people are elbowing others out, and they also wait for a long time when checkout. Online shopping is not only saves more time, but it also saves more money for people.

Online shopping helps people save more money than shopping at store. It offers too many cheap sellers and gives people the price comparison, so they can choose the cheapest place to buy. There are always great deals and sales. It usually has discount for the first time shop online and a lot of discounts for online shopping only. Because they do not need to drive to store, they can also save money on gas. Otherwise, when people shopping at stores, the prices get marked up and not much sales going on as they should. Because some are not in-store, they have to drive to another stores, and this charges people too much on gas money. The little funny thing that people, especially women, waste their money on unnecessary things when they shop at stores. Consequently, saving money is one of the benefits of online shopping that people love to.

Shopping is a habit also a chore because everyone has to shop to buy the things that support for their daily lives. Consumers believe that online shopping is a new and better way to shop because it is more convenient, save more time, and save more money than in-store shopping. People need to know the differences between those to choose the suitable one and be a smart consumer.

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Cite this page.

Online Shopping Versus In-Store Shopping. (2020, Apr 21). Retrieved from https://papersowl.com/examples/online-shopping-versus-in-store-shopping/

"Online Shopping Versus In-Store Shopping." PapersOwl.com , 21 Apr 2020, https://papersowl.com/examples/online-shopping-versus-in-store-shopping/

PapersOwl.com. (2020). Online Shopping Versus In-Store Shopping . [Online]. Available at: https://papersowl.com/examples/online-shopping-versus-in-store-shopping/ [Accessed: 4 Mar. 2023]

"Online Shopping Versus In-Store Shopping." PapersOwl.com, Apr 21, 2020. Accessed March 4, 2023. https://papersowl.com/examples/online-shopping-versus-in-store-shopping/

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PapersOwl.com. (2020). Online Shopping Versus In-Store Shopping . [Online]. Available at: https://papersowl.com/examples/online-shopping-versus-in-store-shopping/ [Accessed: 4-Mar-2023]

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