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Free NYU Stern MBA Essay Samples ARINGO consultants are the top in the world!

Ceaft a Killer MBA Essay

The Stern School of Business, founded in 1900, is one of the oldest business schools in the world. The following MBA essays were written by ARINGO MBA candidates who got accepted to New York University Stern School of Business MBA program over the past few years. Read these free NYU Stern MBA Essay Examples to get a sense of what they are looking for at the NYU Stern MBA Program. Contact ARINGO MBA Admissions for help with your NYU Stern MBA essays! To read more about NYU Stern School of Business visit the NYU Stern MBA page

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Nyu stern mba essay example #1---question: your stern experience: (500 words) we take great care to shape the stern community with individuals who possess both intellectual and interpersonal strengths. we seek individuals who are highly intelligent, collaborative, and committed to flourishing as stern leaders. please answer the following questions: (a) what is your personal experience with the stern community tell us what actions you have taken to learn about us. (b) describe what most excites you about stern from both an academic and extracurricular perspective. (c) how do you anticipate making your mark on the stern community be specific about the roles you will take on and the impact you hope to achieve..

A) My personal experience with Stern started about a year ago. While researching one of my most exciting interests, the investment world, I stumbled upon the great webcasts of an NYU professor named Aswath Damodaran, who was speaking about company valuations. I was fascinated by Prof. Damodaran’s thorough understanding of the finance world and the way he delivered such complex content in a clear and understandable manner. So when I decided to pursue an MBA degree, NYU was the first school that came to my mind.

I then spoke with a current Stern student who told me about Stern’s great community, the endless opportunities the school opens to enhance its students’ careers and the exceptional and flexible curriculum that allows students to customize coursework to meet each individual’s goals.

B) Besides being excited naturally to take Prof. Damodaran’s Corporate Finance class, I am looking forward to taking on the NYC Case Studies initiative program that includes a unique experiential learning process in real-life businesses at the heart of the world’s business center – New York. Applying theoretical material learned in the classroom to practical real-life business problems will prepare me to handle the complex business situations that I will surely face in my post-MBA positions.

NYU Stern’s Consulting Corps program is another program I would like to take part in. Analyzing a business and giving consultation along with helping the community seems very exciting and enriching. Also, engaging with mentoring consultants who will help me to understand how to improve a business can prepare me for it.

In exploring the extracurricular activities that Stern offers, I was amazed by the number that attracted me personally. One example is The Association of Investment Management (AIMR), where I can enhance my knowledge in the field of Investment, share my thoughts from my own past experience, and learn from others what makes them prefer one company over the other. I definitely plan on participating in the Stock Pitch Competition and company visit events the AIMR arranges. Seven years ago, after listening to an uninformed bank investment advisor, I decided to take control of my own portfolio, and have never looked back. During this time I read several books in the field of investment, daily finance newspapers, and opinion columns of famous investors. Today I have developed a high enough level of expertise to help family and friends to compose and mitigate risk in their own personal portfolios, and I would be happy to share my knowledge with fellow members.

Another club I’m keen to take part in is the Soccer Club. As a former referee and an amateur player for the last 15 years, soccer is one of my favorite pastimes. I will be happy to offer the Soccer Club members the benefit of my knowledge about game rules and would be thrilled to take part in the club’s tournaments.

NYU Stern MBA Essay Example #2---Question: Professional Aspirations: (750 word maximum) Think about the decisions you have made in your life. Please answer the following: (a) What choices have you made that led you to your current position? (b) Why pursue an MBA at this point in your life? (c) What is your career goal upon graduation from NYU Stern? What is your long- term career goal?

During undergraduate school, while focusing on finance, I also took a special interest in studying management. Constant interaction with people makes any type of management an ever-changing, thus interesting, occupation.

Towards the end of my first college year, I started working in my country’s largest mortgage bank. One of the first questions I asked during the job interview was whether the bank offers management training programs. Almost two years later, the organization’s training center publicized a tender for a new “Future Management Course”. The requirements included, among others, having commercial-banking experience, as well as a college degree – two demands I did not meet at the time. I did not let this stop me, however. Knowing that I wanted to become a manager, I was determined to apply for the program. My supervisor supported this and gave me a recommendation for the tender, yet, he claimed that in such a large organization, applying without fulfilling all requirements was pointless. I had to persuade the admissions committee that I could handle participating in the program while completing my college education, and overcoming gaps in professional knowledge. The effort paid off. I was accepted into the program, thus creating two precedents: I became the first person to be accepted into this program before completing a college degree, and the first to do so without any previous experience. The program required that I move from the Mortgage Department to the Commercial Division, where I am currently employed as a Private Accounts Manager.

During college, I decided that when the time was right, I would acquire an MBA education. Now is the perfect time for me to do so. On the one hand, I have gained several years of work experience. On the other hand, I am still at the beginning of my career and believe that an MBA degree from a world-class business school such as Stern will help me mold an effective managerial style.

In addition to these considerations, I would like to make a career change. In my current, position I recruit new clients and market financial products. In the future, I hope to engage more with the essence of finance, rather than the marketing of it.

Upon completing my MBA, I hope to work as a financial consultant in a leading investment bank such as Goldman-Sachs or JPMorgan. More specifically, I would like to help companies develop their equity structure and financial strategy in order to maximize their financial utility. As a consultant, I will gain experience developing economic strategies by doing financial analysis, profit-cost considerations, and research regarding competing firms.

I hope to grow within my organization and become involved in the financial management of the firm, eventually reaching the position of CFO. In this role, I will be called upon to set the financial agenda of the bank, determine policy and decide which industries to get involved in. I will be required to successfully manage dozens of people, having to motivate and guide them toward executing our strategy. Yet my aspirations do not stop there.

After gaining expertise in capital and equity finance, and acquiring leadership experience, my dream is to man senior positions in the public financial sector. I was raised on values such as actively contributing to my country’s security and future, therefore I would like to build up its financial strength by developing its capital markets. I hope to assume leadership roles in such bodies as the Ministry of Treasury or the Securities Authority. The path of gaining experience and expertise in international financial institutions, and then taking positions in the public sector, has been followed by a number of key figures.

NYU Stern MBA Essay Example #3---Question: Your Stern Experience: (500 words) We take great care to shape the Stern community with individuals who possess both intellectual and interpersonal strengths. We seek individuals who are highly intelligent, collaborative, and committed to flourishing as Stern leaders. Please answer the following questions: (a) What is your personal experience with the Stern community? Tell us what actions you have taken to learn about us. (b) Describe what most excites you about Stern from both an academic and extracurricular perspective. (c) How do you anticipate making your mark on the Stern community? Be specific about the roles you will take on and the impact you hope to achieve.

About a year ago, during a trip to New Zealand, I decided I want to pursue an MBA, preferably in New York. When the trip was over I visited my neighbor, who was considering the school, to borrow a brochure of the school. In the following weeks, I took some time to read the brochure and search for specific courses and activities on the school’s website. It was then that my interest in Stern grew considerably.

Several months later, I decided to visit Stern, in order to learn more about the school, its students, and community life. I made contacts with 3 first-year students and they agreed to accompany me on my visit. Visiting Stern last month was a great experience for me. I joined a class in “Foundation of Finance”, where I learned about optimal portfolios with multiple risky assets and attended an information session, where I discovered that up to 25% of all classes can be taken at NYU graduate schools other than Stern. When I came back home I participated in another information session, hosted by Heather Daly. I was especially impressed by Daly’s remark that Stern offers 22 specializations in various areas.

What most excites me about Stern academically is the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, and particularly the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab. I know that this lab, together with the variety of other courses and activities the center offers, will greatly improve my entrepreneurial experience by pointing me in the right direction as to working on a venture during my years at Stern.

From an extracurricular perspective, what most excites me is the Technology and Media Group student club. I believe that the firsthand experience of meeting leading executives in technology companies as part of the club’s career treks will be very beneficial to my long-term career goal of becoming a CEO at a large software company. I am also excited about the Office of Career Development, which I believe will be a great asset for me in finding my post-MBA dream job.

As a student at Stern, I would like to leverage my extensive teaching experience, which includes among others positions as a volunteer tutor and a university TA – to leave a mark that will live on long after I graduate: something that will contribute not only the Stern community but also the New York society. I plan to establish and lead a club devoted to tutoring high school children from New York who cannot afford to take private lessons, helping them pass their matriculation exams.

My vision is of a club that would aim not only at providing the children with free tutoring sessions to improve their academic performance but also at enriching their minds, by allowing them to interact with Stern students and exposing them to new fields they may not have been aware of. I believe that with my experience and ambition to succeed, the club will quickly become very active.

NYU Stern MBA Essay Example #4---Question: Professional Aspirations: What are your short and long-term career goals? How will the MBA help you achieve them?

Having first-hand experience assisting global financial organizations to resolve complex issues in the regulatory dimension, I intimately understand the severe lack of effective corporate governance in today’s businesses. I am passionate about ensuring that financial institutions lead with the highest moral standards and exhibit ethical behavior to better uphold their social responsibilities. I take great pride in my work because I believe it upholds the security and strength of the global financial system. Pursuing an MBA from NYU Stern would equip me with the necessary skills to be a more effective consultant and place me in an environment where I can succeed.

Upon graduation, I plan to continue my career as a consultant, specializing in corporate governance and implementing strong controls to prevent corporate misconduct for financial institutions. Because the need for strong governance is crucial to the future of the global financial system, my long-term goal is to establish a private-sector company with the finest and most sophisticated governance practices to better assist banks in this specific field.

Working with a global financial institution in today’s complex regulatory environment requires comprehensive knowledge of legal and moral obstacles across various cultures. Stern classes such as “Strategic Management of Global Risk” would offer me the key managerial and legal skills necessary to succeed as a consultant. I plan to complement my work experience by joining the Government and Business Association to build upon my understanding of financial institutions and the role of federal regulators.

Additionally, the Stern Consulting Corps is the ideal program to develop my problem-solving skills, given my interest in and experience with consulting. I plan to contribute to my project team by developing and implementing innovative solutions to difficult problems, as I have done in my current role as a consultant with Promontory Financial Group. Because I am passionate about seeing the real-world changes my work produces, participating in the NYU Impact Investing Fund would align seamlessly with my interests and prior experience. I am confident that I could offer a unique perspective on financial institutions’ social responsibilities to the group.

The entrepreneurial and leadership skills I developed at Stern will be invaluable in achieving my long-term goal of creating a company that specializes in the regulatory work that drives and motivates me. I have worked closely with many financial institutions and have witnessed the success – and failure – of their efforts to combat white-collar crimes and the need for more experts with the drive to assist them. Classes such as “Foundations of Entrepreneurship” would be the perfect courses to learn more about company creation in a classroom setting, and the Entrepreneur Experiential Immersion would provide the perfect opportunity to learn more about how to help small businesses grow and succeed in practice. The experience of working hands-on with entrepreneurs would serve as an essential step in preparing me to start my own business.

Through NYU’s Summer Session Program and campus visits, I was amazed to see how I could easily fit into Stern’s unique culture. I had the opportunity to speak with current Stern students, including Katie Cowling (MBA ‘XX), and was overwhelmed by the positive energy at NYU and genuine interest they had in me as a person. I was particularly struck by how enthusiastic Katie was about the MBA program and how eager she was to discuss the various classes and programs she has been involved with, including the “Doing Business in” courses and the Management Consulting Association.

Developing personal relationships has been a hallmark of my leadership style, and I hope to contribute my perspectives on teamwork to my peers as a Leadership Fellow, which I learned about from a Stern alumnus. The benefit of being located in Manhattan, where many successful companies begin, is something of which I will surely take advantage. Earning an MBA surrounded by the largest global banks would be ideal, given my aspirations to continue working in bank governance. Additionally, I plan to utilize the strong and involved Stern alumni network when looking to create my own business.

While I plan to take full advantage of the programs, courses, and extracurricular activities at Stern, I also want to give back to the school community. I take pride in the social impact that my current work has by creating a safer financial system, and I want to further this impact by joining America Reads and Counts at NYU. As a former tutor, I understand the need for more individuals with the enthusiasm to improve the educational quality for inner city school children.

NYU Stern MBA Essay Example #5---Question: Professional Aspirations: What are your short and long-term career goals? How will the MBA help you achieve them?

During my time at the companies I worked for, I have gained deep experience in technology implementation projects and learned how a clearly defined business strategy (or lack thereof) is directly correlated to the success of these projects.

At one of the companies I worked for, the business goal was defined before I arrived: to use technology to simplify Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance for employers. Here, I learned the basics of leadership, strategic thinking, and stakeholder management while performing market analysis and developing requirements and use cases for Compliance Central, the 3-product software line designed to simplify ACA compliance for employers.

At another company, the business goals were more nebulous. In my first month on the job, I facilitated a global workshop to define the roadmap for re-platforming seven complex client services-related applications. During this experience, I developed my relationship managing and strategic thinking skills and applied them on a global scale. At my current employer, I am expanding my strategic thinking skills by advising a Fortune 500 company on how to implement a loyalty program that increases store spending and traffic.

While I could continue to manage similar technology transformation projects, I want to take my career in a new direction. I want to transition to a management consulting firm where I specialize in digital strategy, help clients re-imagine the customer experience, and help them answer 2 questions: “Is technology the right strategy for us? How can we use technology to target new customers, improve customer loyalty, and achieve our business objectives?” A Stern MBA will empower me to make this career transition, ascend to a partner-level position, and become a thoughtful, effective leader who sets high standards and is a hard-working teammate.

Outside of the office, I want to be on the board of a non-profit that advocates for parental involvement in children’s education, such as Project Appleseed. As a child, I was fortunate to have my parents involved in my education and believe that their involvement set me up for success. Getting involved with this type of organization and using my MBA to drive organizational success would be an awesome opportunity.

Stern’s first-year core courses such as Strategy, Operations Management, and Foundations of Finance will enable me to develop the necessary ‘hard skills’ all management consultants must possess. I look forward to taking two specific electives: Brand Strategy and Brilliant Execution. Through loyalty program implementation at Brierley, I have glimpsed how brands engage with customers. Taking Brand Strategy will allow me to get the bigger picture: how to develop a brand architecture and identity and how brand-building programs such as loyalty programs realize brand perception. I want to take Brilliant Execution because I have learned that success depends on brilliant execution. Together with courses like Education and Social Policy at the Wagner School of Public Service, I will be able to fulfill my career and public service goals. Finally, what I learn at Stern will be applicable throughout my career. When I connected with a Stern 1978 alumna, she told me that she still uses many of the organizational and analytical skills that she learned at Stern.

Outside of the classroom, activities such as the Monday Block Launches, the LAUNCH program, and the MBA Challenge would give me the opportunity to apply classroom learnings in the technology, consulting, and non-profit world. During my visit, Stern students spoke excitedly about both special interest and professional clubs; I am excited to participate in Stern Adventures, Strategy, and Operations club, and the Entertainment, Media, and Technology Association.

While visiting Stern, I learned about Stern’s “IQ + EQ” collaboration and leadership model. When I asked students why they chose Stern over similar programs, they specifically mentioned that Stern’s model fostered a sense of collaborative leadership that prepared them for their future careers in consulting, technology, or wherever their MBA took them. This resonates with me, as I believe that leadership not only requires intellectual strength but also the ability to connect with peers personally to realize the synergistic effects of collaboration.

Visiting New York City and the NYU campus, speaking with current Stern students, and attending a campus tour made me realize that New York City’s unique and dynamic intersection of culture, policy, technology, and business presents a huge opportunity for innovation, collaboration, and application of Stern classroom learnings. I believe that now is the right time to make the transition to management consulting, and a Stern MBA and Stern’s global alumni network will provide me with the experiences, network, and hard skills to make this possible.

NYU Stern MBA Essay Example #6---Question: Program Preferences: NYU Stern offers a portfolio of MBA programs designed to meet the needs of our applicants. Your program preferences are very important as you may be admitted to only one program. You cannot switch your program option after receiving your admissions decision. A. Primary Program Preference (250 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font) B. Alternative Program Preference(s) (250 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font)

When I started researching Stern’s program offerings, I considered both the Tech and Full-time MBAs. Both outlines appealed to me and seemed in sync with my goals and personality. However, when I attended an MBA Fair to meet with an alumnus, I discovered that the FT MBA is the best fit.

Professionally, the FT MBA will enable me to take courses in a wide variety of fields and the more diverse emphasis in its core studies will strengthen the less-developed sides of my business education. Additionally, due to the large class size, I will be part of a far more diverse cohort. Learning alongside Sternies from multiple backgrounds will surely broaden my perspective and improve my understanding of different industries. The FT MBA will also allow me to participate in an immersion week or do a summer internship, which can help me secure a position after graduation.

As an international student moving my entire family to a foreign country, I am looking forward to the experience, including exploring the many options New York offers. For this reason, the a two-year full-time MBA is ideal, offering a longer time in which to take advantage of the school’s many clubs and as well as participate in the Doing Business in (DBi) program in Morocco, where my family came from. My wife is especially eager to join the Partners Club and become part of the NYU community, and we will both gain from two years to contribute within it instead of one.

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Yale MBA Essay Samples

We asked the NYU experts on our Stacy Blackman Consulting team, “What does NYU Stern Admissions look for?” They advised, “Excellence across academics, professional including depth of work experience and interpersonal: humility, leadership, and communication.”

SBC has several former NYU MBA Admissions Officer on our team. We know the nuances of applying to NYU Stern successfully. If you’d like to speak with one of our Principals about your candidacy, please request a free analysis here.

In the meantime, please see sample NYU Stern MBA application essays here from past successful Stern admits.

At the end of the Vietnam War, my parents, like most Vietnamese refugees, fled to America to escape communism. Similar to the political climate today, there was hostility towards the influx of immigrants. There are stories about how the Vietnamese started bringing egg rolls to their new neighbors in hopes of building a bridge between cultures. In my family, food has always been a unifying force. In a culture that is emotionally reserved, food is how my family expresses love and how we connect when words aren’t enough. Food greatly influences how I view the world, and its ability to bring understanding and acceptance is why I want to devote myself to that space.

Although I have always had an affinity for food, I never considered opportunities in that sector. After graduating with a business degree, I pursued finance at X. My responsibilities include performing analysis and finding innovative solutions to cut costs. Although I have a significant impact on X’s fiscal health, I became fascinated with finding ways to increase revenue rather than decreasing expenses. When I was chosen for the X Program, we built a new customer platform, and I saw how changing the design and user experience of the website shifted consumer interaction. I became interested in consumer motivation and how that leads to purchase decisions. Earning an MBA would allow me to pivot into marketing and pursue a brand management career.

After business school, I plan to work as an Associate Brand Manager for a CPG company in the sustainable food space because loving food is preserving it. I would love to work for Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods or bigger corporations transitioning to sustainable alternatives like XXX or YYY. The experience I will gain can eventually transfer and benefit smaller businesses. Long-term, I hope to start my own company specializing in marketing for sustainable restaurants. I want to change the way people eat and think about their food, and marketing sustainability as sexy will be my way of impacting the world.

Visiting Stern, I connected with so many diverse applicants willing to share their advice and experiences, which speaks to the people Stern attracts and the sense of community NYU instills. At Women’s Weekend, I met two panelists that pivoted from finance to marketing and gushed about the caliber of Stern’s marketing professors like AAA BBB who is a thought leader within the industry. I’m excited to join clubs at Stern like the “Social Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Food Business” and “Marketing Association” and continue to build on current organizations I work with like X. Living in X, I know Stern’s location presents endless opportunities, and my experience will be heightened by accessibility to the prominent speakers and businesses that come through NYU’s doors. The combination of Stern’s unique emphasis on EQ and community, fearless embracement of change, leadership in marketing research, and the connectedness of being in the most influential city in the world is why Stern is my school of choice.

“America is living in spin.” After watching the movie “Thank You for Smoking,” I knew what I wanted to do with my life: not become a lobbyist, but be the brains behind influencing consumers. Following graduation I joined Prophet to gain first-hand experience in understanding consumers.

At Prophet I have held four positions and worked with the world’s biggest CPG firms. I have learned about the research that develops marketing strategies, the need for dynamic approaches to compete, and the importance of relationships in forwarding initiatives. While I have learned so much, I desire to be closer to the products. I crave the ownership and execution that comes with brand management and am seeking a new challenge to push me beyond my comfort zone of analytics and recommendations. My ultimate desire is to be the CMO for a CPG company such as Unilever or L’Oréal. To attain this leadership position I hope to join the company following graduation as an assistant brand manager. An MBA is a prerequisite to this transition, and I am ready to shift my career. I have gained a thorough understanding of the CPG industry from Prophet, now I must broaden my business acumen, strengthen my global perspective, and hone my marketing and leadership skills to drive my career forward.

While an MBA is a prerequisite to my goals, I am seeking more than an MBA. I specifically want the Stern MBA as it uniquely provides academic rigor and a collaborative culture, all while being at the center of the bustling, cutting-edge environment that is New York City.

I first learned about Stern through Brenda Smith (Stern MBA ’99 alum) whom I consider both a mentor and an inspiration. Brenda is the type of leader that I hope to be: devoted to her team, engaged with her clients, and constantly seeking growth. In discussing my desire to obtain my MBA, Brenda shone light on her experience, opening my eyes to the natural fit that Stern would be for me. Brenda stressed Stern’s strong mix of both analytical and interpersonal learnings that guided the development of her leadership style; this instantly piqued my interest, and as I have researched further, I have become increasingly excited about Stern’s Leadership Development Initiative. I look forward to taking Leadership Models and practicing these classroom learnings in Leadership Simulations to refine my approach. I plan to apply these models in extracurricular pursuits such as leading the Graduate Marketing Association, which would allow me to continue refining the leadership tactics that will serve my pursuit of CMO.

Having spoken with Stern recruiters at the Forte Forum and the MBA Women’s Joint Discussion, I was energized as they spoke about the diversity of opportunity available at Stern. MBA fairs were yet another moment where I recognized that Stern would be the best fit for me. I value that Stern invests in a diverse set of specializations; I would like to specialize in Marketing, Product Management, and Global Business as I believe this unique combination would prepare me to one day run a multi-national consumer goods organization. My online research also opened my eyes to Stern’s distinctive course set, which illustrates to me that studying marketing at Stern is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Unique classes like Luke William’s Creativity will train me to apply distinctive messaging to my branding endeavors, allowing me to thrive within brand management. In addition to the diversity of academic experience, Stern offers countless opportunities outside the classroom, which too will broaden my business acumen. Located in the world’s business hub, I want to capitalize on Stern’s unique connection to New York companies – the opportunity to intern at firms such as L’Oréal during the academic year would provide me with the insider knowledge needed to thrive at these corporations in the future. As strong as Stern’s connection is to NYC, my research also indicated that Stern’s networks expand far beyond New York; I want to take advantage of Stern’s HEC exchange program where I can experience foreign luxury branding and expand my international perspective.

Each opportunity that Stern provides is a stepping stone of development toward my ultimate goal of CMO, and I am ready for this next step. As I’ve taken the time to research, I have come to the resolute decision that Stern is unlike other MBAs – providing unique specializations, thorough leadership development, and year-round connections to the world’s leading businesses. Stern is the best MBA program for me, and is undoubtedly my top choice.

When I began researching my MBA, the first place I looked was the NYU Stern website. I was immediately drawn to the flexible first-year curriculum, the ability to choose preferred courses from the menu core, and the extensive options under the Marketing specialty. I talked with David Dune (‘16) regarding the Firm & Markets core and believe this will be especially helpful for the various pricing projects I’ll face in brand management. I also spoke with Karen Riley (’15), founder of Stern’s Hospitality Club, and learned that Professor Serdai’s Luxury Marketing presents many issues and challenges that apply to hospitality industries – my industry goal after graduation. Learning from her experience as an architect, and how to provide a space that provides both comfort and relaxation to consumers, will aid me in applying this knowledge to a hotel or airline company.

At the Forte Foundation in Dallas, I spoke with Laura Berk, Admissions Coordinator, regarding the Stern Career Development Center. As the hospitality industry does not recruit heavily on campuses, Laura helped ease my concerns, informing me that close to 50% of students work with career services to secure positions outside of on-campus events. Lastly, I spoke with Jamie Smith (’14) and he emphasized the connection among students and the collaborative nature of the Stern campus.

Ultimately, through my conversations with current students, alumni and staff, I know that Stern’s strong curriculum, combined with its collaborative environment and career management support, will be the perfect program to reach my career goals.

Sports have always been an integral part of my life. At the age of four I began playing soccer, and captivated by the skill and teamwork the game required, I progressed up the ranks through high school where I traveled the country playing for a nationally ranked team. My affinity for soccer helped me learn that sports matter beyond wins and losses, teaching me accountability, determination and resilience. Sports even helped in a broader context when my four cousins moved in with us after a family tragedy. Initially full of grief, we bonded over soccer after my dad installed a net in our backyard. I always knew I wanted to make sports an important component of my life, and this interest led me to the Notre Dame where I studied Sport Management and held internships with the Chicago Bears and sports marketing agency, Octagon.

After graduation, working at Comcast as an Account Executive, I learned how to effectively communicate with clients, problem solve, and develop and maintain relationships. Next, to build upon what I learned at Comcast I accepted an offer from entertainment marketing firm, Talented, where I took on increased responsibility and learned to fuse client objectives with communications principles. Here, I quickly earned a promotion to manage the company’s relationships with brand and agency partners, and grow those relationships to increase billings and exposure.

Through my experiences, I have learned a great deal about sales and implementing marketing and public relations programs, but I now desire to move to the marketing and strategy side of business. I have long had an interest in the intersection of marketing and sport/entertainment, and have observed how brands can market their products utilizing these mediums to reach and connect with passionate fans, helping to transfer that passion into affinity for, and loyalty to the brands. I am interested in developing how companies create that brand preference and loyalty.

My long-term goal is to lead a sport/entertainment marketing firm, such as IMG, where I will guide Fortune 500 companies on a sport/entertainment marketing strategy, including how to best achieve marketing objectives, grow brands and develop their business. To make this transition, I need an MBA combined with a post-MBA brand management position with a company that has a stake in the ~$500 billion global sport/entertainment business, such as PepsiCo or AB InBev. There, I will learn to solve the marketing and business challenges faced by a major sports industry stakeholder. In this role I will also learn in depth about consumer product companies, improve my leadership skills, and expand my network. An MBA from Stern is the best means to achieve my goals.

I have taken a number of steps to ensure that Stern is the best program for me. After thoroughly researching online and visiting in April 2014, I gained an understanding of the people, curriculum and facilities that make Stern unique. A General Management MBA with specializations in Marketing, Management and Strategy would prepare me for a brand management position, based on my conversation with Graduate Marketing Association Co-President, Jamie Smith (’14). Jamie also introduced me to Professors Scott Galloway’s Brand Strategy and Al Lieberman’s Business of Sport Marketing classes, which are perfect starting points for me to learn about the strategic side of sports marketing. Speaking with Tom Brady (’14), who, like me, came from an account role with a fast-growing marketing agency, I learned about the Entertainment, Media & Technology Association, which has relationships with Verizon and the NBA. I intend on taking a leadership role in the EMTA, which would benefit my transition into sports-focused brand management. I learned about the strength of the Office of Career Development from Emma Smith (’15), who spent her summer at Miller Coors with a global marketing internship. She spoke of GMA’s outstanding relationships with PepsiCo, Unilever and others, and how the OCD helped her every step of the way.

Everyone I have encountered on my numerous visits and interactions gave me a positive feeling about Stern’s culture. Students mentioned participating in clubs such as the Stern Culture Club, and collaborating on school and career work. I walked away knowing that Stern’s curriculum is perfectly suited for my interests, and that I would also fit well into the active and collaborative culture which Stern breeds outside of the classroom. For all these reasons, after becoming intimately familiar with Stern and its opportunities, I can confidently say the Stern MBA program is the ideal school for me.

There are many career paths that fulfill my ultimate goal of making a positive difference in the lives of children—but two appeal to me most. The first is to climb the ranks of a child-focused nonprofit, such as March of Dimes or Ronald McDonald House, from Marketing Manager to CEO. Using the network developed at Stern, I will leverage my marketing background, social impact focus and acquired business acumen to obtain a summer internship, resulting in a Marketing Manager role upon graduation. Effectively bolstering year-round volunteer advocacy, growing grass roots initiatives and building event fundraising platforms, I will aspire to grow into the role of VP of Marketing and eventually CEO.

While I intend to follow this first path, I am excited to search out new solutions to social problems. Should I uncover an innovative and executable resolution to a youth issue, I would be eager to launch my own nonprofit or social enterprise—much like Jane Smith (’12) and John Jones (’12) have done with their development of a special vitamin to reduce calcium deficiency among Asian women.

I believe both paths clearly relate Stern’s mission, as on both I will use 21st century technology to solve age-old problems—such as how to increase fundraising and strengthen community ties. For example, social media are often underused tools for generating donations and maintaining steady communication with supporters. However, since neither tools nor challenges remain static, I will continue to seek out and apply evolving solutions to maximize results.

Also relating to Stern’s mission, as either a nonprofit manager or an entrepreneur, I will be challenged by the ambiguity and uncertain terms of operating a socially-driven business. In both roles, I will embrace a broad perspective of viewpoints in appealing to a wide base of donors or investors. As a nonprofit manager, I will appeal to employees’ commitment to the mission, leveraging passion as a higher currency, to motivate without monetary incentives. As an entrepreneur, I will be challenged to create a compelling and actionable vision to spark support from backers.

Working for an existing nonprofit appears to be the more fluid and clear career transition, as it has an existing framework. Here I will achieve and exceed established goals, and network with coworkers to climb the existing ladder. However, which path I take will be determined by where I can provide the greatest impact.

If I devise a new solution that provides greater significant change for children, I am likely to spring into action to fill that void. However, I would not establish a new organization for the sake of being entrepreneurial—rather, only if I had a unique approach to an unmet need. Also, to launch a new social venture, I will need the support of others already established in the nonprofit community. As my professional experience in this area is currently limited, I may need to first prove myself before branching out on my own. Ultimately, these two paths may not be mutually exclusive, but rather intertwined.

nyu mba essay questions

SBC’s star-studded consultant team is unparalleled. Our clients benefit from current intelligence that we receive from the former MBA Admissions Officers from Wharton, Columbia CBS and every elite business program in the US and Europe.  These MBA Admissions Officers have chosen to work exclusively with SBC.

Just two of the many superstars on the SBC team: Meet Anthony , who served as the Associate Director of MBA Admissions at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he dedicated over 10 years of expertise.

Meet Erin , who has over seven years of experience working across major institutions, including University of Pennsylvania, Columbia Business School, and NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Tap into this inside knowledge for your MBA applications by requesting a consultation .

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nyu mba essay questions

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Latest Blog Post

Tips for a killer mba recommendation letter.

It might surprise you that many MBA applicants don’t invest time and attention in their reference letters. Most applicants select their recommenders, direct them to the proper forms, and hope for the best. Such ... →

2022 MBA Essay Questions: NYU Stern

2022 nyu stern full-time mba essay questions – class of 2025, nyu full-time mba round 3 is 1 month, 2 weeks ago (january 15) which gives you plenty of time to do a great job on this application.


A short question and two required essays for 2022 :

Short Answer – Professional Aspiration (150 words): What are your short-term career goals?

This is short and sweet, though much friendlier than what Columbia asks. This also maps perfectly with their Essay 1 and also their branding, which is acknowledging that dang, things are changing around us really quickly, so let’s be real about the fact that nobody knows what we’re going to be doing next month, much less in ten years!!

Here is a classic question that you should be prepared to answer for any school. Stern is inviting you to be direct and clear on why you’re interested in the MBA, by stating your intentions for a post-MBA career goal very directly. Our Career Goals App Accelerator can help you craft this answer very concisely!

Essay 1 – In today’s global business environment, the only constant is change. Using NYU Stern’s brand call to action, we want to know how you view change. Change: _____ it. Fill in the blank with a word of your choice. Why does this word resonate with you? How will you embrace your own personal tagline while at Stern? Examples: Change: Dare it. Change: Dream it. Change: Drive it. Change: Empower it. Change: Manifest it. Change: [Any word of your choice.]

Ahhhh, the “blank-it!” essay! How perfect! Stern shows its willingness to innovate yet again this year, and this is perfectly timed for the era we all are living in. This one should be fun! (And how tempting is it to use a swear word in this prompt!!)

Essay 2 – Personal Expression aka Pick Six: Describe yourself to the Admissions Committee and to your future classmates using six images and corresponding captions. Your uploaded PDF should contain all of the following elements: A brief introduction or overview of your “Pick Six” (no more than 3 sentences). Six images that help illustrate who you are. A one-sentence caption for each of the six images that helps explain why they were selected and are significant to you. Note: Your visuals may include photos, infographics, drawings, or any other images that best describe you. Your document must be uploaded as a single PDF. The essay cannot be sent in physical form or be linked to a website.   These directions could not be more clear. The best part is that this is your chance to share who you are. Time to sort through your social media feeds and find some good representations of that!! We recommend making this a 7-page PDF, create it in PowerPoint, write your caption in a large font, make it succinct, and use lots of white space so that the reader can skim through and see at a glance how you’re representing yourself. And have we mentioned The Strategy of Authenticity lately? Well, that applies to a visual essay too!

They’ve also got an optional essay of up to 250 words, which is quite short, but it’s only to be used if necessary to lay out specific circumstance from your profile or explain something from your past that could not otherwise be captured within the application.

We cover it all in the Stern guide which has been refreshed for 2022.

Fashion / Luxury and Tech MBAs at Stern

If you’re in a hurry to get your MBA done, and you’re looking to take full advantage of the known strengths in specific sectors that Stern offers, one of these could be the perfect match for you.

The Tech MBA and the Fashion & Luxury MBA are both one year long, matriculating in May, so you can minimize your time out of the workforce in these fast-changing industries.

We’ve been coaching BSers to jump on the Stern advantage for these sectors for years, and now there’s an even more attractive opportunity to do so. We expect admissions to be somewhat more flexible for these two programs at least during this first year of inception, as the school builds momentum and app volumes. There are no other comparable programs to the Fashion MBA; Cornell has the Tech MBA which is the only other of its kind after this one at NYU.

Make the most of your chance and pick up our NYU Stern application guide for insights and strategies!

NYU Stern EQ Endorsements

(called Letters of Recommendation at other schools!) Stern uses semi-standardized requirements for recommendations, but to mix things up, they call their recommendation an “EQ Endorsement” which is a way to emphasize the value of EQ in their candidates.

In the two EQ Endorsements, Stern is asking the same questions that many other schools are asking and they have a unique Stern-specific one focusing on emotional intelligence. The questions are reasonably straightforward but you still may want to pick up our Recommender’s Instruction Sets for your recommenders to use, based on this difference.

Here’s the unique additional question that recommenders must answer for Stern ( full requirements available at the Stern site here )

IQ+EQ is a core value of NYU Stern, and we seek exceptional individuals who possess both intellectual and interpersonal strengths. Emotional intelligence (EQ) skills such as self-awareness, empathy, communication and self-management are at the core of our community of leaders. Please provide one specific and compelling example to demonstrate the applicant’s emotional intelligence.

If you’re stuck on who to choose, you can plan out your options and ask for input from EssaySnark with our Letters of Recommendation App Accelerator .

NYU Stern Deadlines 2022-2023

We don’t list last-round deadlines on the blahg because of the lower odds of acceptance. Even though Stern has been more viable in landing an admit than some other schools lately, this is proving to be a very competitive season. Hitting NYU F/T in one of their first three rounds offers your best chances. If you are coming in late in the season and want to try, submit as soon as you can – don’t wait for the deadline!

The NYU Stern SnarkStrategies Guide includes a discussion of these options.

EssaySnark Commentary

EssaySnark has reviewed a fair number of NYU essays on the blahg over the years. Here’s a couple from past seasons. Even if the questions are different today, the gist of your pitch will need to be similar:

NYU Stern Logo

Part-time MBA | Admissions


International Students

Video: Part-time MBA Admissions Overview

Application deadlines.

Eligibility to Apply

NYU Stern requires either the GMAT, GRE, or EA (Executive Assessment), unless you qualify for one of the test waivers.  

More info on Tests

Test Waivers

Business major test waiver.

NYU Undergraduate Test Waiver

Paul Blalock

Video: Student Voices

Class profile highlights, professional achievements, recommendation.

Feona Castro

Stern Chats logo

Stern Chats: Amanda Villarreal

Please note:.


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nyu mba essay questions

September 19, 2022

NYU Stern Executive MBA Essay Tips and Deadlines [2022 – 2023]

NYU Stern Executive MBA Essay Tips and Deadlines [2022 - 2023]

Reflecting the character of the university at large, NYU Stern has always sought applicants who bring not just requisite accomplishment, but also intellectual energy and engagement with the world – people who have a point of view and are willing to express it. Stern’s EMBA essay questions are consistent with these values. While they cover the standard concerns, they also draw out your ability to self-reflect and to understand yourself in relation to others and to the world. The key to acing these essays is to present a point of view, a message, a distinctive perspective that will enrich the EMBA community at NYU Stern.

NYU Stern Executive MBA application essays

Applicants are required to respond to essay prompts 1 and 2. The essay questions give you the opportunity to more fully present yourself to the Admissions Committee and to provide insight into your experiences, goals, and thought processes. Your essays should be written entirely by you. There is an optional essay if you wish to provide additional information.

All essays have a 500 word limit, double spaced. Word limits apply to the total essay question. For example, your response to Essay 2 should answer all parts.

NYU Stern EMBA essay #1

Describe your short- and long-term career goals and how the NYU Stern Executive MBA program will help you accomplish them.

One simple, straightforward, and effective way to structure this essay is to start with a recent achievement that reflects where you are in your career now. This opening sets the context and conveys a bit about your current situation, emphasizing what is impressive and/or distinctive about it. Then discuss how the EMBA education will enable you to achieve your immediate goals in your current role and later your intermediate and longer-term goals, which should logically build on this present role.

In describing your goals , clarify why you want to take that step or assume that role. Add more detail for your short-term and intermediate goals. In discussing how the program will benefit you, describe the skills and knowledge you need to acquire and how the program provides them. Also refer to the structure, curriculum, and/or special features of the program, noting how you will benefit from them. Finally, resist the temptation to detail your career progress — limit yourself to points relevant to your goals.

Applying to EMBA programs? Schedule a free discovery call to find out how Accepted can help you!

NYU Stern EMBA essay #2

NYU Stern is committed to helping students develop a deeper set of professional skills, and a broader perspective of the role of business in the world. a . What is a significant contemporary issue on which you, as a business leader, would like to have an impact? b . Why is it important to you? c . How could you leverage your skills and resources to address the issue?

The most important advice here: select an issue that you truly care about (and are knowledgeable about). You may research some fine points, but responses to this question that are entirely constructed of research on a topic will seem like an academic exercise rather than an expression of engagement.

A simple and effective strategy for this essay is to follow the a-b-c structure set out in the question. First talk about the issue in personal as well as objective terms, i.e., how you came to learn and/or care about it, perhaps what experience you’ve had with it if relevant – make it anecdotal if possible . Take a stand; avoid being bland or abstract. Then describe how as a business leader you can address this issue in concrete terms. This last part will vary greatly from person to person – for some your work will directly address this issue; for others work will be divorced from it, and you will indirectly use your business leadership role as a bully pulpit, as a prominent and influential community leader/volunteer, etc. However, don’t make the mistake of just talking about your ideas and plans. Take this opportunity to weave in some actual experiences here to make or substantiate your points.

NYU Stern EMBA essay #3 (optional)

Provide any additional information for the Admissions Committee. This may include additional details on your academic/quantitative preparation for MBA coursework through educational or professional experience, further explanation of academic history, current or past gaps in employment, or any other information relevant to your application.

This question’s wording indicates that you can use it not just to explain a problem but also to present new material that you think will enhance your application. However, if you are making the adcom read more than is required, there should be a darn good reason – not just a nice-to-know.

First, succinctly explain any points that need explaining. Then, if there is something you feel is important that you haven’t had a chance to discuss elsewhere, write about it, noting why it’s essential to a full understanding of your candidacy.

For expert guidance with your NYU Stern Executive MBA application, check out Accepted’s  MBA Application Packages , which include comprehensive guidance from an experienced admissions consultant. We’ve helped hundreds of applicants get accepted to NYU Stern’s Executive MBA program and look forward to helping you too!

NYU Stern Executive MBA application deadlines for 2022 – 2023

Rolling admissions:

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis once they are complete. Candidates should ensure that the Admissions Committee has received all parts of their application by the earliest possible deadline.

Source: NYU Stern website

***Disclaimer: Information is subject to change. Please check with individual programs to verify the essay questions, instructions and deadlines.***


Cindy Tokumitsu has advised hundreds of successful applicants, helping them gain acceptance to top MBA and EMBA programs in her 20 years with Accepted. She would love to help you too.  Want Cindy to help you get Accepted? Click here to get in touch!

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nyu mba essay questions

NYU Stern EMBA Essay Analysis and Tips

NYU Stern EMBA Essay Analysis & Tips

NYU Stern EMBA Essay 1:

Describe your short and long-term career goals and how the nyu stern executive mba program will help you accomplish them. (approx 500 words, double-spaced).

This is a fairly straightforward goal essay question. But how can you be creative and add a little twist? You can start the essay with one of your recent accomplishments or by narrating a challenge that you have handled in your job, and then go on to explain to the admissions committee where you are in your career right now. Against the backdrop of this opening, explain your future career trajectory and show how an EMBA education from NYU will boost your chances of accomplishing your objectives way faster.

Your career goals should be rooted in the ground realities of your current job. Hence, explain in detail about your future job positions, industry, location and what do you aspire to do/achieve in those roles. Also, please mention what motivates you in the first place to achieve these goals instead of doing something else.

Finally, you should know about the NYU Stern program inside out. It offers a basket of opportunities to its students. It’s pretty easy to choose the areas such as electives, clubs, treks, conferences and so on in which you aspire to participate and hone your leadership skills. But the important thing is to do the appropriate research on the program to know about its various aspects rather than just browse the NYU website and pick some random activities.

NYU Stern EMBA Essay 2:

Nyu stern is committed to helping students develop a deeper set of professional skills, and a broader perspective of the role of business in the world. (approx 500 words, double-spaced).

a. What is a significant contemporary issue on which you, as a business leader, would like to have an impact?

b. Why is it important to you?

c. How could you leverage your skills and resources to address the issue?

The secret of writing a great essay is to select a subject which is truly close to your heart. Don’t try to pick a subject after searching some burning contemporary issues in Google. Your passion for a subject will not be as strong as it will be for one that you really care about. So please don’t try to impress the admissions committee by selecting global issues on which you have very little to say.

The best is to choose a subject that you have dealt with. For instance, do you work in a healthcare company in the US? If yes, do you have some fresh ideas on how the cost of healthcare in the US can be slashed using either emerging technologies or some process reengineering? In that case, you can certainly select this subject and craft a persuasive essay. This approach will help you to give a proper answer for Question B – why it is important for you.

Think carefully about what the basic problem that you have encountered and then give your opinion on how it can be solved or at least reduced. Write in detail about all the skills that you currently have or are going to have after your EMBA from NYU and how these will help you address it, perhaps not globally but within your sphere of influence.

Please don’t repeat content from Essay # 1.

NYU Stern EMBA Optional Essay:

Please provide any additional information of which you would like the admissions committee to be aware. this may include additional details on your academic/quantitative preparation for mba coursework through educational or professional experience, further explanation of academic history, current or past gaps in employment, or any other information relevant to your application. (500 word limit, double-spaced).

Please review my tips on optional application essays in the following blog post:

NYU Stern EMBA Application Deadlines & Class Profiles

Class Profile : Click here

Deadlines : Click here

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Private Equity Outlook – 2023 (Post-MBA Jobs)

Private equity industry outlook 2023 - slowdown in the industry after 2 years of growth.

On a wave of enthusiasm following the industry's record-breaking performance in 2021, private equity scored its second-best year ever in 2022. But throughout the year's second half, dramatic declines in deals, departures, and fund-raising were brought on by rising interest rates, which probably indicates a flip in trend.

The second half of 2022 saw a significant slowdown in private equity (PE) activity due to uncertainty and disruption brought on by inflation, rising interest rates, closed debt markets, and geopolitical unrest.

Notwithstanding ongoing inflation, the invasion of Ukraine, and escalating tensions with China, the industry maintained a record-breaking burst of deal activity from 2021 to the first half of 2022. Then, in June, when US central bankers announced the first of a series of three-quarter-point interest rate increases, their counterparts elsewhere did the same. Banks withdrew their funding for leveraged transactions. Deal making fell off a cliff, and exit and fund-raising totals fell along with it.

The first half of the year witnessed an environment of deals that carried over much momentum after PE firms announced transactions valued at US$515b. This was a tale of two markets. However, as the war in Ukraine's macroeconomic effects became apparent, the widening valuation gap and widespread dislocation in the financing markets also became evident. The limited access to PE's traditional sources of financing came to light in the second half of the year. PE firms began to exercise greater caution.

Current valuations will be under pressure due to weak economic growth, challenging political contexts, and constrained credit markets, which will also slow investment and realization activity.

Private markets responded more slowly, but public equities in 2022 immediately reflected these worries.

PE Growth Opportunities - 2023 to 2028

Between 2023 and 2028, the projection period, the global private equity market is predicted to grow significantly.

More generally, businesses will likely use additional inventive funding methods over the next months. Firms can continue operating using levers like seller financing, deferred equity, and over-equitizing transactions with an eye on future balance sheet reorganizations.

Opportunities have risen in the middle market, where deals are much simpler to put together, valuations are typically lower, and companies can write larger equity checks for transactions.

Increased activity in add-on deals was observed in 2022, and this trend is anticipated to last through the first half of 2023. For instance, add-ons have increased from an average of 48% of all PE activity during the past ten years to 60% of all PE activity in 2022.

Note: What is an Add on Deal?

Add on Deals are deals involving small companies with little to no infrastructure or a large company with a robust infrastructure – both with the goal of reaching more customers and geographies.

PE Firms and Public Markets – The Trend Continues in 2023

PE firms will also explore intriguing prospects in the public markets. In recent months, there has already been a flurry of such transactions globally as investors strive to benefit from depressed valuations. The public markets are seen as ripe with prospects to acquire compelling assets at competitive prices in 2021 due to strong IPO markets and increased SPAC activity. The latter continued in 2022, with private deals valued at more than US$262 billion.

Nevertheless, deal activity was lower and made up a much greater portion of the total capital spent.

Private Equity – Top Industries where PE funds are deployed

Between 2022 and 2028, the global private equity market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 10.2%. The primary factors influencing the growth of the private equity market are the available capital in the market and the expanding need for capital diversification. In addition, the number of private equity agreements is predicted to rise due to a renewed interest in startups.

For the first time, investment activity in 2021 exceeded the trillion-dollar threshold, making it a record year for the private equity sector. A total of 24,520 deals were completed, totaling $1.04 trillion in value, about twice as much as the previous year. Moreover, deal volume increased by 41.6% above 2020 during the same time, demonstrating that investors' projections of better deal-making in 2021 were accurate.

Top Industries – Private Equity

Information Technology (IT) remains the top industry of choice when examining the investment strategy from a sector viewpoint, with 63% of investors showing a preference to invest in IT. This is up from 51% in 2021, demonstrating that its appeal is increasing year over year. According to the respondents, Software & Services is by far the most chosen industry group within the sector across geographies, whereas just 17% plan to invest in Hardware.

Healthcare is now the second-largest industry after IT, increasing from 43% in 2021 to 47%. As the sector continues to present prospects, particularly in the Healthcare Technology sector, more investors are becoming interested.

Consumption (35%) and industrial (34%) sectors are contenders for the third sector of preference. Compared to last year (30% and 26%, respectively), both industries are more appealing. However, out of all the industries, the Consumer sector witnessed the biggest increase in deal value in 2021, doubling from $63.3 billion to $180.8 billion. As a result, PE/VC businesses looking to invest in the consumer sector intend to concentrate on the sub-sectors of Consumer Retail (24%) and Consumer Producers (18%) while being circumspect about Consumer Leisure (8%).

Many PE firms are catching up and integrating cutting-edge data and analytics technologies to uncover new growth prospects and maintain their competitiveness, even though they need to be more active in adopting the digital technology revolution.

Top Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms are the investors in charge of raising capital or funds for equity contributions using a variety of tactics from leveraged buyouts, growth capital, venture capita and more. Some of the top Private Equity Firms globally are:

Trends in the Post-MBA Market (2022-23)

Business Schools with the highest percentage of MBA graduates placed at PE firms are Stanford, with 14%, and Harvard, with 15%. Harvard and Stanford can be clearly stated as the center for PE recruitment. Although Harvard observed a positive growth of 1% in recruitment of MBA grads in PE firms, Stanford saw a one percent drop.

Other schools with a positive percentage of PE placements are Wharton (9.7%), LBS (7%), and Booth (7%).

Despite having low placements in PE firms, business schools such as MIT Sloan and Columbia have either maintained the hired percentage or slightly increased the hiring.

UCLA, Yale, Duke Fuqua, and NYU Stern have observed a slight decrease in PE firms' recruitment of MBA grads.      

 *Including PE and Venture Capital

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