My First Semester In College Essay

my first year in college essay

Show More My first semester of college has been an intersting learning experience. It has been full of ups and downs. I’ve learned a lot since being in college, mostly how to take charge of my life and get my priorities straight. I learned that being successful in college depends on how you prioritize your work and how serious you take it. At first my priorities weren 't where they were supposed to be, and I realized my grades were going to suffer if I did not change. A big part of college is maturing and getting your priorities straight, and that’s one big thing I’ve learned so far. College really makes you grow up fast because you are on your own and your parents aren’t there to be on top of you. In High School , especially cathiloc school, the teachers …show more content… Avoiding the 5 minute rule in the morning also really helped me stop missing class or being really late. I realized going back to bed could isn’t worth the extra 5 minutes because it puts you in a deeper sleep cycle, making it harder for me to get up when my alarm does go off. I have not used any resources on campus, but If I had to use any resources in the future I am always free to use the student wellness center on campus which focuses on the health of students at St. Francis as well as the career center if I was ever to be unsure of my major. Thinking back on freshmen seminar, I found this class to be very helpful. At first I didn 't really see the point in it, I felt as if I knew everything. After being in this class this semester it has taught me so much about college and answered so many questions I didn 't know. I 'm very thankful to have taken this class which took a lot of stress off my first semester. My goals for the spring semester are to not get into the same habbits of waking up late as I did the first

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Time management reflection paper.

I did succeed in making my grades but by the last months of the semester I realize that the stress that came with procrastination wasn’t worth in ad I started working on time management. In high school the words time management are repeated but never really explains. I grew up hating the simple idea of time management, but I have since learned that is means balance. It is easy to think of staying in and doing nothing but studies, but true time management is the balancing the responsibilities you must complete and the things you want to do. This realization has taught me that I can have a “fun” college experience without forgetting the reason I am at a university.…

Personal Narrative: My Challenges As A Writer

Coming into college I faced many challenges as a writer. Being that I was enrolled in a high school that did not care much about my academic performance, I was already led to a disadvantage and predicted not to do so well. I have missed out on an immense amount of useful tools that would have been essential to my writing process. Not knowing how to properly provide information so that I can build my essay filled with academic language led me to optimizing and remaining resilient. In my past writing assignments, it seemed to be that we were learning everything step by step, whereas in college more is expected from me as a writer on my own.…

Procrastination: The Importance Of Being In High School

However, when I got to college, I found that some of my biggest distractions would be basic things such as eating or sleeping. Which is fine and all because food is important but not when you have a paper due the day after and all you’ve managed to do was open up the Word doc. So how do you balance out all the distractions and getting work done? Well, first you have to remind yourself that you’ll hate yourself the next day. Believe me, nothing is worse than going to bed at 2 am and waking up four hours later to get to class because you didn’t want to do the assignment early.…

My First Semester Of College Essay

Thus, college for a first semester Education major is simply a difficult experience because I am required to handle my academic studies, field experience, community service, social life and myself all at once. The positive and negative influences have been created by the constant stress and anxiety I have been suffering from throughout my first semester of college. I find myself becoming more antisocial and cantankerous because I feel as if I have failed myself in my first semester as a “Claflin Visionary.” Throughout school, I was always the student with the highest GPA and grades, which created a perfectionist. My perfectionism increased when I entered high school and I began to battle with it in this semester. Because I wasn’t the top honor student that I perceived to be, I started to become angry and disappointed in myself.…

My Learning Experience: The First Year Of College

The first year of college is always a learning experience for many kids.Mine was a huge eye opener on what it is like to be independent. The transition from high school to college wasn 't exactly the easiest for me. In college you don 't have parents and attendence cordinators making sure your are in class. It 's something that you have to make a prority if you plan to suceed. One of the major things I struggled with was getting up and going to class.…

Reflective Essay: My Success To College

I really struggled this semester but I 've figured it out my first year into something is always really hard for me but I learn what I need and get better at it. I learn and fix and move on and make it all work out for the best, so that I succeed. I may struggle with things but I always figure it out like I did this semester, I made a schedule, I do homework every day, and I actually study for my test. It 's a long process but I got it under control and I 'm learning the most efficient way to manage my schedule and to get my work done. Growing up is hard and growing up and going to college is even harder but I 'm figuring it out just like all the other people my…

Id 106 Reflection

Coming into college, in the first week or two, it was a harder transition to those programs than it should have been, and I feel like an early lesson over the basics could sort any confusion freshmen could have. Overall, I feel like just about every lesson and assignment were beneficial, and without this simple class, I would not know about half the things I can do on campus. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to take such an inciteful class, and I cannot wait to use some of the things I learned inside some of my harder…

How To Write A Reflective Essay About The First Year Of College

As I entered college, I felt as though I could get through college with the same study habits. I quickly learned that college was not as easy as I thought. After almost failing several classes, I change my studying habits, got a planner, set aside time for each class I was taking, and made deadlines for myself. With the goals set in play, I performed better in college. Another educational challenge I had face along with study habits was lack of motivation.…

First Semester Of College Research Paper

If students don’t know how to manage their stress they can’t be successful in school. High school doesn 't teach students how to manage their stress when they get overwhelmed with homework and classes because the teachers became soft on the students and didn’t follow through with what they said, for instance, some teachers say they won’t take late work, but students learn that there is always a way to slide by that rule. . In high school the teachers are so lenient and forgiving, so when students get to college they expect the same from their college professors, and that is not the case. You would think that the higher the grade in highschool you go the more it would be like college; the difficulty level would rise.…

Standardized Testing: The Failure Of Student Education

In the book, The Transition to College Writing written by Keith Hjortshoj, Hjortshoj explains how college professors think students are ready for college, stating “college teachers tend to assume that [students] are already familiar with…expectations or that [students] will make the necessary adjustments on [their] own” (Hjortshoj, 9). However, I was not familiar to the expectations for college as I was ill prepared in high school. And personally, I had a rough time adjusting to think critically once I started college. I was so used to using the “copy and paste” mentality throughout high school, that it took a lot of practice before I could think critically in…

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my first year in college essay

First Year Of College Essay

The first year of college is an emotional rollercoaster. Students pack their belongings and prepare to move to a new town, environment, and take the first step towards adulthood. Bright eyed and anxious to start this new chapter of their lives, first year students often become overly confident and optimistic in their ability to handle challenges and obstacles they will encounter during their first year of college, especially the students who excelled in high school. Students who thrived academically in high school often struggle a great deal their first year of college because of bad study habits, time management, and dealing with a larger load of stress. Specifically, high school students, most of the time, can get away with studying a few …show more content…

In this essay, the author

Students are expected to be full time students, get involved on campus, and maintain a social life all on their own. Parents and teachers are not there with you to make sure you’re leaving enough time for your studies. Unlike high school where teachers’ structure assignments and classes fill the day, in college, students have less in class time, more outside of class work, and a lot of freedom and flexibility. College professors expect students to study the material on their own, outside of class. In college. it is easy to get side tracked with campus events, parties, and hanging out with friends. This often causes students to get behind in classes. Without time management, this will make college nearly impossible. College freshman are not use to having the freedom to whatever they want at all times. With that being said, it is common for first year students to struggle tremendously when it comes to managing their free time …show more content…

Students must learn to be independent and figure things out on their own. Transitioning from high school to college can becoming a shock for first time students if they do not learn to study on a collegiate level, manage their free time, and deal with stress in a healthy way. During the first year, students find that making an A in high school is much easier than making an A in college. With effort and mistakes along the way, these struggling college freshmen will learn the ropes and find out what it takes to thrive academically in

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my first year in college essay

My First Semester Experience Essay Examples

Personal narrative: my educational journey to onondaga community college.

Since earning my diploma at West Genesee High School, I continued my education journey to Onondaga Community College. Here I had some ups and downs like any other student their first semester at a new school. Trying to adjust from high school classes to college class. During my first semester I struggled with Calculus, I tried college hour with my professor, and the tutoring center that is offered on campus. I ending up not doing very well in the class, and took it the next semester. Which improved my skills, and my grade tremendously. Taking the same course with two different professors I knowest that each professor has different approach to the course, and how they help their students. Once I got use to the change from high school and college

Personal Narrative: A Child Before Temple University

In the years since I entered school, to the moment that my cap left my hand, I had grown into an entirely new version of myself. The freedom of college in combination with the guidance of so many teachers had led me to turn every negative aspect of myself into something new. With the pride I had gained in being part of something bigger, I became diligent and wholly interested in my studies. I had met so many interesting people who helped me break from my shell, and in doing so I had met some of the greatest friends I have ever had. However, in the scale of my life, these events are of little importance to me in everyday life. Instead,

Personal Narrative: My Experience At Neosho County Community College

So far my first semester here at Neosho County Community College has been good. I have experienced lots of things these past six months. And there are lots of things the incoming freshman should know, but the three major things that I experienced were, procrastination, Grades and, dorm problems. I have faced those three problems a lot just in my first semester of college and those are also problems freshman all over the world face.

My Writing Experience Essay

Within every subject at school, reading, writing, and chemistry posed a big challenge for me during my high school years. I excel in most subjects, but these three were the hardest to get. The key solution to my problem was to put my mind to it and do very best that I can. This wasn’t easy and I couldn’t do it by myself, there were several factors that allowed me to overcome the difficulties and excel in all subjects. At the reading I was horrible, I couldn’t understand anything I read “What’s the purpose behind reading?” I ask myself. Well, turns out reading had a different meaning than what I thought. Reading was never interesting for me. Reading a book was so boring that most of the time I would start watching television and pretend the

Honors College Application Essay Examples

I am ready to board the ship, and set sail – pointing towards a bright future of being an ECU pirate. Being admitted into the Honors College at ECU would be the catalyst to a successful future. As a high school senior, I am considering many universities and believe that being apart of the ECU community would allow me to reach my full potential. Growing up I have always set high standards for myself academically and extracurricularly. I participate in many clubs at my school including BETA club and National Honor Society. Not only do these clubs recognize academic excellence, they also provide many opportunities for community service. Blood drives, food drives and Operation Christmas Child are only a few of the projects that we participate in throughout the year. I am

Personal Narrative: My First Week Of EOF

Throughout the first week of EOF I’ve learned about many things, but most importantly be grateful for the opportunity getting a higher education beyond a high school degree, that majority of people like me can 't afford. Transition from high school into college is a huge difference because you are now in your own, and even though there are people on campus to help you, you have to take responsibility for your own self. One might be tough but being away from home is hard, since mom is not around to cook those delicious meals, do your laundry, remind you to do your work, take care of you when sick, as well as other things. I’ve learned that transition from high school into a college setting takes time, but it is all about getting used to a new

Why I Chose College Admissions

When I graduated High School, I was focused and ready for a fresh start at a new University. Unfortunately, just a few weeks prior to my departure for school, unexpected family financial problems arose. Once this happened, I knew I was not going to be able to attend a four year university right away. I decided to move out, and attend a community college. Once school began, I realized it was a completely different environment than where I was supposed to go. My initial goal was to make the most out of the unfortunate situation, and focus on getting the best grades possible so I could transfer with ease. However, my priorities soon shifted from school, to hanging out with friends and experiencing everything new that the town had to offer. This approach quickly led to declining grades, and a melancholy feeling because of the situation I had put myself in.

Peer Mentor Reflection

The overall semester definitely had its up’s and downs . As a Peer Mentor I have learned to appreciate my hardwork much more and also learned that speaking up a lot is key to key action to many things. One of my goals for the semester as a Peer Mentor was to get to know my peer mentees on a friendship level or maybe as acquaintances. That goal actually came true in a way because I only made three acquaintances only. Another goal I had throughout the semester was to go outside of my comfort zone a little, I really didn 't like to talk in front of the class. However, as a Peer Mentor I had to do that more than twice which really develop outside of my comfort zone. Sgo that growth in getting out of my comfort zone was amazing and helped me

Obstacles In College

School had always been something I was good at. All through my academic career, up until my sophomore year of college, school never stressed me out too bad. Trying to be a successful student, employee, friend, and family member can be very overwhelming. Once I entered college I was faced with many obstacles that challenged me to balance all the roles in my life. During my fall semester of my sophomore year in college I experienced the most difficult time ever. I expired burnout, before I knew what burnout was. At the time I did not notice that I was burned out. I thought everybody was experiencing this level of stress; I thought it was the norm for college students. I was taking fifteen credits of required classes to start my core classes in my junior year. The classes I was taking all demanded me to do extensive reading,

Usc's Smooth Transition Analysis

My semester here at USC has been a smooth transition however I have overcame challenges. Being an only child I 've become comfortable with doing things on my own and not being open to working with others. Not realizing this would hinder my way of learning I was not always one to study in groups but deciding to try it out this semester proved to produce tremendous outcomes! Through my first semester here at USC I found that I benefit more from studying in groups and that I retain the information a lot better than if I were to study alone.

Hrm 531 Week 2 Individual Assignment

The transmutation from the fall semester to the spring, was quite strenuous, no longer was I a part time student. I was taking 16 credits and this meant adjusting to the course load. The first couple of weeks were a hassle and I felt that there were not enough days in the week to complete the assignments.

Personal Narrative: Marvine Rodriguez

I have learned that i am not as familiar with the computer programs as i thought. I am also feeling

Personal Narrative: Becoming A Forensic Pathologist

I started my first year of college with my life planned out. I had a ridiculous notion that everything was going to be a piece of cake. I was going to join different clubs, do lots of research, make the dean’s list, make my parents proud and attend as many parties as I could. However, now when I look back, I realized that I was too comfortable in my life. I thought I was ready to overcome every obstacle that was thrust upon me but I was sadly mistaken. College was a culture shock. I concluded that college is an entirely different universe, then high school. My GPA dropped for the first time in my life from a 3.7 in high school to a 2.8. The decline in my GPA made me realize that my journey to becoming a doctor is not always going to be easy. It made me hunger to go to medical school even more, to overcome the academic and emotional hurdles, and has made every little accomplishment even sweeter.

Tutoring Experience Analysis

Upon entering college, I believed that I was ready to undertake the rigors of this new burgeoning experience. As I began to settle into life in college I became uneasy and uncomfortable. I found my workload to be extremely overwhelming and my brimming schedule did not afford me the opportunity to seek assistance when I needed it. I was unable to attend tutoring and study sessions because they overlapped with classes of equal importance. This soon translated into a decrease in my grades. This became a very trying time for me as an individual. As someone who excelled in high school found this to be quite depressing. I allowed this sensation of abjection and anxiety to negatively impact me which caused me further academic struggles. Prior to

Cosmetology: A Career Analysis

The 2016-2017 school year is one I both looked forward to and dread. I perceive it will bring many new beginning and ends of things I have been enjoying for many years. First, I plan on completing my high school education in the fall of 2016. As you can probably imagine, the idea of finally finishing the four year adventure is very exciting and a chapter I will be happy to end. However, with the end of high school comes the beginning of college.

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my first year in college essay

My First Year College Experience

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My First Year College Experience  Essay

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my first year in college essay


Essay on What makes a first year college student successful?

Going To College Research Paper

When a high school student moves on to college it can be a big move. A teenager who once was dependent on their parent is now independent on their own. Moving on campus not being in parents’ house can be difficult and hard. College life is hard because the parents who use of motivate and keep their child focus on school work is not there. College life can

Student Success: Tools For College Success

The first year of college can be very difficult when a student has not planned ahead for a greater chance to succeed. It is often regarded with anticipation and a fear of failing. These feelings can be easily diminished by implementing the right tools that are at the disposal of students. Having the right foundation is crucial and is a key component to a successful first year of college. This will greatly increase the probability that students will return the next year to further pursue a degree in their chosen studies. Some avenues for students to explore are studying before testing for developmental courses, getting to know your staff, learning about different financial sources available, familiarizing

Personal Essay On Entering College

My entire life I have worked hard and committed to being the best that I can be. I have I have many actions that fit into excelling, stretching, and serving. To begin with, my high school GPA was a 3.7, which qualified me to graduate with honors. I received honors through hard work and dedication. Schoolwork always came before leisure. I would not accept any grade lower than an A. Because of me excelling in school, I was able to get accepted into many colleges early. I was the first of my friends to apply and get accepted into college, and this is where my stretching and serving comes in. I helped many of my friends with the college application process. It has always been my passion to help others. I have always stretched to help others in

African American Students and Equal Education

Another major predicament that plays a large role in the amount of African Americans that do not receive a higher education is once they get to college, they do not have a typical or enjoyable experience once there. In today’s society, it is hard to imagine that there is still racism and segregation in schools and colleges today but the reality is, it still does very much exist. This is especially true when black students attend predominantly white universities. Even though most colleges promote themselves by talking about how diverse their

Freshman Year College Student Research Paper

Freshman year students are moving out, figuring out to be adult and trying to understand what career path they want. Since most colleges require freshmen to live in the dorms for their first year, getting to know their roommate and hall is really important. Their roommate could make or break the experience of living in the dorms and getting along since, they will be living with each other for about nine months. Their roommate could be their first friend that they make and miss homeless. Since homesick is common first year of college, finding friends and getting involved will make their campus a home for them. Another things are that college is way harder than high school, finding your study areas and time is important. The average studying done by a college student is fifteen hours per week but does not included class time (Nelson). According to Randall S. Hansen, there are 25 tips to survive and thrive first year of college, which are “go to all orientations, get organized, go to class, meet your professors, get to know your academic advisor, seek balance, keep track of your money and more.” These are good thing to live by the first year and through rest of college life. Freshman are knowing their responsibilities, how to have a successful year, and now needing a plan to incorporate all of

Does Joining A Minority Organization Affect The Social, Mental, And Psychological Being Of Minority Students On Predominantly

In today’s society, Predominately white institutions and campus climate can contribute and play a key role to the success and achievement of minority students. In the twenty-first century, African American (black) students will continue to enroll in predominantly white institutions (PWIs) at greater rates than black students enrolling at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs); yet, if this current trend continues, over half of black students at PWIs will fail to persist and graduate (Allen, 1992). Individual’s

College Success Research Paper

6 Receiving parental encouragement has a great deal of importance for college success in a student. A student may have emotional distress caused by being overwhelmed with what is on their academic plate. For instance a science major can get stressed out when they realize how much work and material they have to learn enhances. Parental guardians are an extraordinary resource for these emotional times, they exude with guidance, structure, compassion, support, encouragement, and most importantly there unconditional love. Parents went through the trial and tribulation times as well, so they are educated on the life of a college student. Parental encouragement is most needed to help their young college student to change the outcome, overcome and exceed, to let them know they are not alone.

College Success Essay

     It seems in the society we live in today, having a college degree is a necessity. Years ago it was the norm for people to just go right into a full time job after high school, if they even finished high school; they did this to support their families. In today’s society a person has a difficult time getting a decent job without a college degree. During an adults working life, bachelor degree graduates will earn about $2.1 million and a high school graduate can expect to earn an average of $1.2 million (Day and Newburger, 2002). This is quite a difference and it puts a college education in

Kennesaw State University Graduation Analysis

College life is an exciting time for young adults coming out of high school. The students find themselves with so many new experiences to face; many of these changes, from new found freedom to the unexpected responsibilities, are frequently underestimated by the newly promoted freshman.

Attending College Is A Major Accomplishment For Many Students.

The first year of college should be restructured with various factors in mind. To begin, students should learn in a joint surrounding and should be the norm (Tinto, 1999). Disconnect can occur when students matriculate alone . Secondly, academic advising should be a crucial part of a student’s first year. It should reflect the best professional expertise (Tinto, 1999). Third, important concepts within the freshman seminar should be integrated the first year and should connect learning practices that occur frequently (Tinto, 1999). Fourth, the first year of college should be accepted as a

Incoming College Student Success Research Paper

Transitioning from high school to college is a very important stage in a young adults life. It is an exciting, nerve racking, and sometimes frightening experience leaving home for the first time and essentially living on your own. Not having your immediate family around you for months at a time definitely affects students differently. Some students embrace the opportunity and strive while others do not make it past the first semester. However, research shows there are factors that increase the likelihood of becoming the student that strives rather than the student that does poorly. Factors

Freshman Year And Beyond: Article Analysis

With the switch from high school to college, students will be changed for the better or worse. An article titled “Your First Year of College: 25 Strategies and Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive Your Freshman Year and Beyond” written by Randall S. Hansen, a retired professor, explains that college does not need to be complex as most make it out to be. In college, the first week is essential to all students “It is during this time that you make critical decisions that will have an effect on the rest of your life.” (Hansen 1). Many kids drop out of college early due to their participation in the party scene. Students who are dedicated to their education receive the true college experience. Hansen explains that scholars should relax and participate

My First Year College Experience

The first year of college comes with many changes and challenges. These changes can include the food in the cafeteria, study habits, time management skills, and much more. Every student has to find their own way to handle the first year and determine what works best for them. For many the most essential change is living away from home. Campus life provides opportunities to become a part of a unique, diversified community. With these opportunities come challenges, such as having a roommate, being away from one’s parents, and determining self-limits.

Stress Among College Students Essay examples

College is a time of extreme stress due to societal and parental pressures. College students have expectations they have to live up to in order to fulfill and satisfy the needs of both their parents and society. Stress is expressed through a variety of symptoms that can be hazardous to student’s physical and mental health. With such high expectations to do well during college, students may become sleep deprived, which impairs mental capacity, but sleep deprivation is only one of a vast array of symptoms. Stress is present in all aspects of life and there are multiple causes of stress, especially, during the college period which may present itself through many symptoms, but with stress, there are also various coping methods to help students

Essay about How to Succeed as a Student

Life as a university student can be tough, but to make sure you get your money and times worth out of it you need to know how to be a successful student. Being a successful student requires a combination of attending your classes, doing your homework, and monitoring your level of stress. This may not sound too hard, but once you are in the moment and need to juggle all of these things along with all of the other responsibilities and challenges life entails it may begin to seem like a much more difficult task.

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First Year of College Experience

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Senior year of high school is one of the most important years of a student’s life. Students often spend senior year enjoying every second that is left of high school. More importantly, for those students who are planning to go to college, it is spent preparing for one of the first major decisions in life. That decision is where one should/want to go to college and what to study and focus on while there. The transition from high school to college can be a scary one, but it can also be an exciting one if you know what to expect going into freshman year.

College, with its different aspects, is a very beneficial investment that will help individuals advance in their careers and personal lives.

College is the next step in the education journey following high school, and the years spent in college are very beneficial. There are various reasons a person should go on to college, one reason being the benefits received from it.

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People who go to college and have a degree have many more job opportunities compared to someone who only has a high school diploma. Medical Professionals, Lawyers, Teachers, and Chemists all had to have a college degree in order to peruse that field of work. A person who is hosting a job interview will most likely pick the individual who has a higher education level. They also have a better chance at making a higher salary each year. It is shown that people who go to college can make up to 17,500 more dollars per year than high school graduates (Osborn, 2016).

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In addition, college is an opportunity to focus on one specific job career and get the education needed to pursue that interest. In high school you must take many different classes that focus on a range of subjects. You must take gen eds in college as well, but then you get to focus strictly on a major that is interesting to you and that is not something high school can offer. It is better to find a job that is interesting rather than finding any kind of job that will hire due to the lack of education levels one has. Lastly, going to college can help one realize their goals in life and understand that having a rewarding career is going to require hard work and dedication. The four years of college not only prepares an individual for a future job career, but it helps one prepare for life in general.

High school and college are very different atmospheres when focusing on the professors, workload, schedules, and environment in general. College is a more laid-back environment compared to high school. You do not have a specific time you eat lunch, the professors do not care whether you show up, and you are responsible for remembering when assignments are due. At the beginning of the semester, professors will hand out a syllabus and tell you that your assignments will be posted online. Following that point, professors rarely remind students of when things are due, they just have to keep up with due dates and know. The workload in college is a lot more than high school, but you do not have the same classes every day of the week. College students are given more assignments that are due in shorter amounts of time compared to high school students. Most of the time, classes are spread out throughout the day and there will be time to work on assignments. There are even times when students will only have classes three or four days a week. Time management is very important throughout college years, because it is easy to get behind and difficult to get caught back up.

College can be highly stressful and scary at times throughout the semester, especially towards the end. One fear that I have about college is getting all my assignments done correctly and on time. As the semester progresses, so does the workload placed on students. The last month of the semester is when the most assignments are given out, and the preparation for finals begins. Another fear that I have is getting into the nursing program my Sophomore year. I want to keep my grades up and do well on the TEAS Test so that my chances of getting accepted are higher. My greatest fear is not getting accepted and getting to study and learn about nursing like I want to. College comes with many fears and uncertainties, but it is how one embraces them and overcomes them that is really important.

Freshman Seminar classes are beneficial and help students prepare for the hardships of college and what to expect in your intended major. UVA-Wise luckily offers a Freshman Seminar course for freshman interested in the nursing program. The Freshman Seminar class that I am in has taught me all sorts of college life aspects. The SEM assignments have taught me that there are power in numbers, and sometimes it takes a team to achieve certain goals. The tribal challenges taught me how important teamwork is and relying on one another can help get the job done. It also taught me about time management, studying techniques, and essay formats that are useful in college. Learning about effective time management has taught me how important it is to properly manage my time rather than waiting until the last minute to do everything. Properly managing time in college could be the difference in passing or failing a class; furthermore, grades reflect how much time a student has spent on a certain assignment or how long one studies for a test. There were also studying techniques discussed during the Seminar class. One important technique is to learn things little by little rather than trying to cram material and try to learn all the material the night before a test or quiz. Studying should be something one does every night to prevent last minute stress and late- night study sessions. Studying techniques help students prepare for the assignments in each course and can help improve grades dramatically. Lastly, there are many essay formats that professors will use for writing assignments. Any nursing-based course is most likely going to use APA formatting. I had never written anything in APA formatting prior to Freshman Seminar class, and luckily it was discussed in class what that format should look like. Seminar classes prepare students for what to expect and gives advice on how to make college years less stressful.

The SEM course assignments were given to the students in the class as an opportunity to learn and grow as a student. The assignments helped me with decision making, critical thinking, and lifelong learning skills. In the tribal challenges, the classes were divided and we would go against one another. These mini competitions allowed each team to work together and make different decisions that ultimately lead to winning or losing. This applies to life in general, especially nursing and the medical field. Many times in hospitals the decisions that are made for the patients can lead to whether or not they live or are happy with their time in the hospitals. According to a nursing journal article, nurse practitioners often use clinical decision‐making where diagnostic hypotheses are used to look at their physical conditions (White, Nativio, Kobart, & Engberg, 2016) The challenges also involved critical thinking for each of the students. We had to work together to figure out what techniques work best in order to win and how to improve the difficulties of the challenges. The games and competitions that we had provided a fun challenge but also taught me about decisions and how that is affected by critical thinking.

The class assignments also taught me about lifelong learning skills, specifically in preparing for a career in nursing. Lifelong learning skills are focused on the activities throughout life that are meant to improve one’s knowledge. Nursing is a career that teaches an individual something new each and every day. A person must be open to learning new things daily and allowing it to better them in both the workplace but in life in general. A lifelong learner is someone who will be better at their job because they are constantly learning new ways to improve. In the nursing field, learning is not just about knowing the procedures and how to give shots and IVs. It is more than that; it is about learning about the patients and knowing how to care for them and comfort them in times of need. According to Keith Carlson (2016), it is important to be curious. He says to learn, grow, and be a nursing sponge for experience, knowledge, and skill (Carlson, 2016). Being a lifelong learner is a characteristic that each person should have and care about for the benefits regarding their career.

In conclusion, the transformation from high school to college is a major step in one’s life. College is extremely different from high school, and people react differently to that change. There are many benefits, concerns, and uncertainties when it comes to freshman year and what to expect. Freshman Seminar classes help to prepare one for what to expect and provide beneficial learning experiences that will be remembered in years to come. The Nursing Seminar class uses games, speakers, and assignments to help students learn about important aspects in life. I advise incoming freshman to take a seminar class because it has helped me know what to expect and gave me information about my intended major.

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First Year of College Experience

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My First Year College Experience: I’m Glad My Teachers Went with Me

a college student sitting on stairs outside

As I was packing to leave for college and be away from home for the first time, I remember feeling nervous and uncertain about whether I was truly ready for this big step. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a particular journal sitting on my dresser that I had meant to leave behind. For some reason though, I couldn’t, so I swept it into my backpack. That journal ended up giving me the confidence I needed throughout all four years of college.

This journal was not simply a diary or a place for my thoughts. It was where all my past teachers were able to speak to me.

My First Year College Experience

At the end of every school year, my mom would pass this journal around to my teachers. Each teacher wrote a short letter that included words of affirmation, accomplishments in class, and good wishes for my future. My mom would then take a picture of me with each teacher and place that picture beside their letters.

As a child, this yearly tradition was something that simply happened at the end of the school year, almost like a chore. Now that I am out of school, this journal is one of my most treasured possessions.

While it is fun to look over what my teachers wrote about me in elementary school and grimace at my early 90s outfits (Overalls? Really?), the letters that resonate with me the most come from the teachers who knew me when I was a teenager. Their insight and encouragement when I was awkward and still figuring out my life path became the words I would need during similar times of uncertainty in college.

When I got to my senior year of high school, I had the realization of “this is it.” This is the last year I will be collecting these letters. I read the final letters and even flipped through the journal, seeing the faces of my teachers and recalling forgotten moments in class.

My Teacher Journal

I thought that was the end of my journey with my teacher journal. However, then came the moment where I swept it into a backpack to take with me to college. I think deep down I knew I would need it. While encouraging words from friends and family are always welcome, there is something about knowing your teachers stand behind you that gives you a different level of confidence in your ability to learn and succeed.

The first time I ever opened the journal in college was in the first week of classes. I was overwhelmed, alone, and doubting myself every which way I turned. Classes seemed hard, making friends even harder, and being on my own downright impossible.

The journal sat patiently waiting on my bookshelf. I remember reading each and every letter, even the one from my Spanish teacher, in Spanish of course. Their words gave me a surge of confidence. The voices of my teachers throughout the years, telling me in one symphonious voice: We believe in you .

‘We Believe in You’

I needed them in that moment to remind me why I should believe in myself. In this journal, I get to see the girl I was and compare her to the woman I have become. I think about how these teachers saw this potential in me that I had not yet seen myself.

Parents, if you’re looking for a meaningful graduation gift for your teenager, this might just be the ticket. One day—and that day will come sooner than you expect—your kids may need their teachers again. The first year college experience can be a difficult rite of passage, even for kids who are excited to go away to college. A journal filled with their encouraging words may be just what they need to get through a rough patch. They will be glad to always have their teachers’ words on their bookshelves, filled with proof of their own potential and ability to grow.

Lindsey Fischer is a freelance writer and a graduate of the Masters of Arts in Creative Writing program from Ohio University.

Dangers of College: An ER Doctor on Real “College Readiness”

"Time well spent and full of useful information!" — Susan M. 

my first year in college essay

Tufts Blogs

Inside admissions, tufts admissions team, what i learned my freshman year of college.

my first year in college essay

You know how people always tell you to enjoy your time in college because in a blink of an eye it will all be over? In many ways, this statement is true. After all, we only have four years where it is socially "acceptable" to alternate between pasta and cereal for dinner every night and go wherever you want in your pajamas. But, if I personally take a moment to reflect on what was essentially my first year of college, I cannot say that I felt the year go by quickly. In fact, it felt like quite the opposite. To me, freshmen year of college seemed like one of the longest years of my life. 

my first year in college essay

Perhaps, this is due to the plethora of "firsts" I encountered. Coming to college was the first time I was living away from home for more than 3 weeks, the first time I had a class schedule that wasn't simply a Monday-Friday 9am-3pm week, the first time I got sick without having my mom to nurture me back to health, as well as the first time I was meeting so many new faces in such a short span of time (can you say o v e r w h e l m i n g?). Moreover, there were many times where I felt like I was captain of a boat called the "S.S. Struggle." From realizing I forgot my ID only after I walked all the way downhill to Dewick (the dining hall that was furthest away from my dorm), the constant battles I faced (and lost) against the laundry machines to ordering pizzas at 2 am as I frantically crammed for an EC5 exam, freshmen year was no walk in the park.

my first year in college essay

 But despite the difficulties I had, I wouldn't change my freshmen year at Tufts with all its ups and downs. When I first arrived here, I was worried about finding friends that would be able to fill the empty space in my heart that was a result of leaving my tight knit family back in New York. Yet, in just a couple of months, I formed friendships with incredible, caring, and inspiring people with whom I could share the good, bad, strange, awkward, and ridiculously silly moments. I found people who made me roll onto my stomach from laughing so hard, people I could stay up late with discussing our fears, people who snuggle with me after a long day of exams to watch a New Girl marathon or "The Emperor's New Groove." In such a short amount of time, I discovered a family amongst the tiled walls of Houston Hall.

my first year in college essay

So, while freshmen year had its challenges, the people I met helped me get through them all and made each and every struggle worth it. Nevertheless, there are still some things that I wish I had known that would've made my first year even the slightest bit easier. So, being the kind and thoughtful (dare I say modest?) sophomore I am, I'll share some with you:

-  Appreciate the beautiful fall weather while it lasts: Before you know it, Tufts is covered in a never ending blanket of snow and walking to class can be brutal. Grab some friends, grab some lunch and enjoy a picnic outside on the Prez lawn while you can still see the grass blades.

my first year in college essay

   -Make time for yourself:  In college, you are constantly around people. It's a wonderful thing to always have friends just a door away but it is so important to learn how to be alone. It is okay to have a "Parks and Recreation" Netflix binge. It is also okay to stay in and study for a Bio exam while the rest of your friends go out. Find a balance. Go on a bike ride, spend some time alone in a cafe, get waffles and treat yo' self. Being around people all the time can be emotionally draining.

my first year in college essay

-On that note, just a quick PSA: IT IS OKAY TO CRY IN COLLEGE! In fact, you should definitely cry. If you are feeling stressed out about the three exams you have in one day, go ahead and cry. If you made it to the dining hall and they ran out of the cheesy eggs you had been waiting for all week, you go ahead and cry to your heart's content about it. I promise you, you will feel better letting those emotions out.

my first year in college essay

Looking back at it, I am quite content my freshmen year didn't simply pass me by. As I begin the adventure that is my sophomore year, I feel many things.

I feel excitement as I decorate my room with pictures and string lights (now my dorm room is literally THE most lit). I feel joy as I find myself back in a place I have already grown to know and love. I feel comfort, knowing that I can call this school  home and the words do not feel foreign coming out of my mouth.

Despite all the learning experiences I had last year, I am quite positive that this year will be filled with just as many new and exciting adventures and opportunities. So stay tuned to hear more about my sophomore year.

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My freshman experience.

                                       So far my time at JU has been a complete learning experience for me. Some of the experiences that I have had here so far, I had in high school so I really didn't get anything new from it. The biggest experience that I have had is my educational freedom, no teachers screaming at you to be in class. I learned that were big men and women now, were not going to be treated like babies anymore. I also learned that your parents are no longer responsible for your actions, if you really screw up one night it's consequences are all on you and nobody else. Unfortunately I had to find that out the hard way.              All together my expectations of college have for the most part been met. I mean most incoming freshman guys come to college expecting partying, lots of drinking, and the curfew less nights with sorority girls. So those expectations were easily met multiple times and it took me until now to truly understand that no college student can succeed in college coming with just those expectations. So by coming to JU I have learned to expect more from myself then anything else.              Since experiencing college for almost a half a semester now, I can honestly say at times I really miss high school. I really miss the demand for me to be in class everyday or else I end up failing for the year. In college, professors could careless if your in class or not. If you come it's great but if you don't it's like it's not my life. The complete control over my academic future has really put a lot of pressure on me, I never before could say forget class today and lets go to the beach. That experience has not been a very pleasant one but as the semester progresses the more and more I wish for the next day of class to begin.              While being at college I have experienced the responsibility issue a lot. I realized that all of the stupid things that I do fall back on nobody but me, no longer are mommy and daddy there to get me out of trouble.

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College, for any first year freshman, is a whole new start facing a variety of new challenges. ... A major issue that a significant amount of freshman are having is to cope with alcohol. ... I am unsure how to write statistics in particular in my own words exactly. ... I myself have seen it personally as an incoming freshman. ... With my last paragraph being sources on what could help incoming freshman treat a problem or avoid the peer pressure, are you expecting actually internet sources or our own opinion on sites, classes, or counselors that would benefit incoming freshman because our own ...

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Walking through the hallways of Eleanor Roosevelt High School freshman year was somewhat intimidating. ... Therefore freshman were at the very bottom of the list, including myself. ... They offered advice and encouragement about high school, in a manner that never once made me feel like an ignorant freshman. ... As I met more people my confidence increased. ... My confidence enables me to approach people I do not know, and I know this a valuable quality I possess that will help me throughout my entire life, along with my experience related to associating with people from a va...

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My very first experiences with writing began with three words: "the new kid". ... My teacher, Mr. ... When I became a freshman in high school, my favorite middle school teacher died of a heart attack. ... When I first started to blog my freshman year of high school, I was unsure what I should post online and what people might think about it, but I found more and more that the Tumblr community is one that doesn't have any preconceived notions of you as a person, which made it easier for me to be myself. ... In a personal narrative, you can write extensively about your own origi...

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Walking through the hallways of Eleanor Roosevelt High School freshman year was somewhat intimidating. ... Therefore freshman were at the very bottom of the list, including myself. ... They offered advice and encouragement about high school, in a manner that never once made me feel like an ignorant freshman. ... As I met more people my confidence increased. ... My confidence enables me to approach people I do not know, and I know this a valuable quality I possess that will help me throughout my entire life, along with my experience related to associating with people from a variety of age g...

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A Heart to Heart about Freshman Year Entering college can be a traumatic experience to incoming freshmen. ... So, for all the incoming freshmen, here are some survival-tips, which is compiled of my experiences as a freshman at Baylor University. ... From personal experience, the last thing you want to know is that you are out of clean clothes to wear, and there is not a change machine in sight. ... I know most of my fellow student body does not look at the names of the buildings. ... It is my prayer to you that college will not be like a series from the movie, Nightmare on Elm Stree...

my first year in college essay

My parents were of different religions, mother is Catholic and father is Jewish. ... My community involvement includes attending C.O.T.S. ... It was a unique and rewarding experience. ... In high school, I played a sport during every season since the fall of my freshman year. ... I have played varsity hockey since I was a freshman, and played varsity football as a junior and senior year. ...

8. Managing Life Experiences

my first year in college essay

They are: my freshman physical science class, the manner in which I came to take calculus in junior year and my experiences with high school swimming. ... The first, my freshman science class, taught me how to handle disorganized lessons. ... From experience, I expected to be told that I could not take one of the courses I had chosen during the previous school year, and I arrived at the school prepared to fight to keep each class. ... Finally, through my experiences on my schools swim team I learned several things. ... All of these experiences have contributed to my ability to relate to and ma...

9. My Ideal University

my first year in college essay

When starting the college search, every person has an idea of where they want to attend, what they want to study, and what they want there college experience to be like. ... Finally, all faculty members will be accomplished musicians so that the students will be able to get the best college experience possible. ... A big question that most freshman have is "Can I have a car on campus my freshman year?" In my ideal university the answer is "Yes." ... I know I was happy with my choice. ...


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