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My Best Friend Essay For Class 5 – 10 Lines Essay For Kids

my best friend essay in English for Students and Children’s. We have provided best my best friend essay in simple and easy words about my best friend so that you can give a speech on my best friend in English or a few lines for my best friend for U KG 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th-grade student can read it . So friends, today we are going to write my best friend essay. It has been written in one English language.  I hope you like it for your speeches, exams, quizzes, debates, group discussions, articles, paragraphs, it can be a helpful Essay. You can check what has written below. Which will not only help them prepare their assignments but also learn something new , from my best friend essay?

My Best Friend Essay in English 100 Words

Mr. Anil Gouda is my best friend. My best friend is my age. He is tall, healthy, and fair in color. My best friend lives in Arakhapur. He studies in Class-VI in Government High School, Arakhapur. His father is an army officer. Anil is always stood first in his class and helps me with my difficult subjects like Math and science. My best friend comes to my house to play with me. My best friend is a very good player on the table –tennis, cricket, and football and a much disciplined and well-behaved boy and also he is very simple and smart. We go for a walk together to the town cricket field. My best friend is very sincere, honest, and hard-working. We love each other very much.

My Best Friend Essay in English 200 to 300 Words

I have always had a friend in my life named Ashutosh. There is something special in my life that helps me in every difficult time. He is someone who shows me the right path. Due to a busy routine, they always have time for me.

Whenever we are discharged from school, we go on a picnic together also we celebrate our festivals with our family together. We go to the Ram temple fair together at Sikula Village, and we are very happy. We always participate in the extracurricular activities in both school and both like to play carrom and cricket at home. He grows more than a friend to me because whenever I am in difficult situations he always shows me the right path.

He is very special in my life. I do nothing without him and always in a good mood and do not compromise in the wrong ways. He always does the right things and motivates everyone to do the right thing in the classroom as well. He smiles even under his difficult circumstances and never lets his problems face him.

Performance at School

a good mentor who loves to explain anything and looks after his parents, grandparents, and other family members and always obeys the order of himself and other old people of society. I met him for the first time when I was in class five and now, we both study in class 12 in the same class.

My ultimate friend is very sweet and everyone loves her very much from my parents, my classroom teacher and my neighbors, etc. She is the perfect student in my class. He is very punctual and comes to school at the right time which helps me in all my household chores on time and regularly. He keeps his books and copies very well. His writing is very good, and he inspired me to write well.

My Best Friend Essay in 500 Words


Friendship ennobles life. Fame is the food of the dead. Friendship is a food o living ones. A man can live without fame. Without wealth and without power but none can live without a friend.

Like all I have a number of friends. But only a few of them can be labelled as chums. Among all of my intimate friends, Anil Gouda is the best. I am proud to enjoy  the friendship of such an ideal boy. I have a sincere faithful and understanding friend in Anil.

Anil is of my age

We are classmates. He is a boy of sound health. He is tall and stout. His clothes are costly but never showy. He takes particular care for cleanliness. He always looks smart. His shoes always shine. His hair is never seen unkept. On his lips always hang a bewitching ray of a smile.

Anil is an epitome of virtues is well-behaved, gentle, and kind. He belongs to a rich family. His father is a doctor and mother is a teacher. They are well settled. But Anil is very humble and friendly with us.

My Best Friend Performance at School

Anil is a meritorious student and also a good athlete and Monitor of our school and cricket team with a good singer and has won many medals at various singing competitions. He has a melodious voice and can play the harmonium and he has a good sense of humor. He can make anyone laugh at any time.

Anil has a many-faceted personality and he takes a leading role in different activities of the school. He is always at the head in organizing events, sports, and celebrating National Days. Our teachers admire him and all students in our school find an example in him.

Me and My Best Friend

Anil and I enjoy each other’s company very much. We help each other in doing home works. Anil is never jealous of anybody and never tells a lie. Whenever there is a quarrel Anil solves the dispute amicably.

Stamp collection is Anil hobby. He has a rich collection of stamps of different countries. He has been rewarded by different organizations for his rare collections.

Anil is a quintessence of virtues. He is a model boy for many. I pray to bless him with success and good health. If you want to read about any other subject. You can tell me by commenting in the comment box or going to the contact page. My name is Sibaranjan Gouda and I am the owner or founder of this blog. I hope you find it useful for you. In the best friend essay that you like them please share them with others.

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My Best Friend Essay | Essay on My Best Friend for Students and Children in English

February 16, 2023 by Prasanna

My Best Friend Essay –   Given below is a Long and Short Essay on My Best Friend for aspirants of competitive exams, kids and students belonging to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. The My Best Friend essay 100, 150, 200, 250 words in English helps the students with their class assignments, comprehension tasks, and even for competitive examinations.

The world appears to be gloomy in the absence of a true friend. Man, by nature, is a social animal. Therefore, the need for a true and honest friend is always uppermost in the mind of man. True friends, no doubt, are rare in this world. Read the below essay about my best friend.

You can also find more  Essay Writing  articles on events, persons, sports, technology and many more.

Short Essay on My Best Friend 300 Words for Kids and Students in English

Bob is my best friend. He has been my classmate since my early days. He comes from a very good and respectable family. His parents are well-to-do. Bob always stands first in our class. Bob is keenly interested in games and debates. He is a good speaker and always bags prizes. He is one of the most popular boys in the school. Students like him very much because of his fine qualities and good character.

“Best Friends Make the Good Times Better and the Hard Times Easier”.

My Best Friend Essay

Qualities of My Friend Essay in English

He possesses all the positive qualities that make a good human being. He has a soft and polite disposition and his face reflects the goodness of his soul. He is ever ready to come forward to help others.

A friend is the elixir of life and panacea for many ills. A friend is very useful at the time of adversity. Bob testifies the proverb that “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” But there are many in this world who are fair-weather friends.

My best friend is the embodiment of numerous human virtues. He is a quiet and sensitive boy who tries not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Sympathetic to the less fortunate, he is often seen feeding the hungry and nursing the sick. Sincere and true, with a religious bent of mind, he is the best friend one can have. A sea of knowledge, I have learned a lot from him. Service of humanity, devotion to duty, respect for elders and love for young ones are his great qualities.

I consider myself lucky that a person like Bob is my best friend. He is a great source of inspiration and strength to me. Here is about an essay about my best friend.

FAQ’s on Essay on My Best Friend in English

Question.1 Why is it important to have a best friend?

Answer: It is important for everyone to have a best friend as they are our well-wishers with whom one can share everything. In other words, it gets tough to share things with your parents or siblings, but with a best friend, we never hesitate. Additionally, they always support us and boost our confidence.

Question.2 What are the essential qualities of a best friend?

Answer: A best friend should be understanding. One must be able to share anything with them without the fear of being judged. They should be supportive and encouraging of one another. Subsequently, one must always look out for their best friends in times of need.

Student Essays


Essay on My Best Friend | Best Ever Written Essays & Paragraphs

Welcome here dear students! The topic My best friend essay, speech or short paragraph with additional lines and sentences for kids, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8th Class students with charts and info graph, has been written for you here.

Best Selected Essays on My Best Friend For Children & Students | Quotes, Images & Info-graphics

Essay Contents

Writing an essay about one of your best friend, sums up the feelings of love, passion, dedication, sincerity and loyalty. The best friend is definitely a priceless gift. The following essays, Paragraphs & Speeches on topic my best friend are a worth read, in praise of your best friend.

1. Short Essay On My Best Friend For  3rd,4th & 5th Class Students

In this life, we are known to many in this world. We play and interact with a lot of people in our life but only a few become our true friends. True is that friendship is a true gift. Those people are really lucky who have got true, sincere and best friends in their lives.

I study in class 3rd. My school is very near to my home. There are a lot of friends of mine in my class but my most true and best friend is Rajesh. He is one of the best and fine students in our class. He sits beside me. He has been my good friend since my childhood.

Not only he is my best friend but also he is my good neighbor as well. His family has a good relationship with my family as well. Therefore, we both come to school together and also leave together. Rajesh has some best qualities that make him my best friend. Firstly, he is a sincere, loyal and true person. Secondly, he is a very hardworking and genius student in my class.

We both are the most intelligent boys in my class. Rajesh is very good at Mathematics and Science. whereas, I am good at English and Biology. Apart from studies, Rajesh is a good squash player. In fact, he is the champion in Squash of my school. He has won many prizes in sports for my school. Whereas, I have won prizes in annual debates, tabloids and speech contests in our school.

In fact, behind my success, there is an active hand of my true friend Rajesh. He is always concerned about my success and helps me from the core of his heart

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A true friend like Rajesh is the best ever asset of my life. Indeed, a true and sincere friend is priceless in this world. The best friends are indeed the best gifts of God. I always pray for the long life of our friendship

My Best friend essay, speech and short paragraph

2. My Best Friend Essay For Class 6th, 7th & 8th

In this life, we make relations with many people. Many people come and go in our lives. Few people stay for little time whereas a few more than little. Man’s nature is very complex. Only a few people one may like and become their friend. Those people are really lucky who are surrounded by best friends.

Not every friend may become your best friend. The best friend is one who understands you truly. Who becomes your partner in your good time as well in your bad time. A good friend is not a just fair-weather friend. This sort of friendship is really a great ever gift one may have.

I am lucky enough to have a best friend of life. Nikkil is my best friend of mine. I call him ‘Niki’ in love. He truly loves me and understands me fully. He is my class fellow. He has been my best friend since my childhood days. We both come to our school together. There many similarities between me and Nikki. For instance, he is very true and committed to studies.

He has always a genuine heart towards our class-fellows who are not good at studies. We both help our class fellows in studies. In our free time from school, I love spending time with Nikki. We both are working over a mission of teaching younger and poor students from our community.

For that purpose, we spend our free time teaching those kids. It gives a sense of pleasure and purpose of social service. Apart from being good at studies at school, we both feel pleasure in participating in various extracurricular activities at school.

We take part in speech contests, debates, tabloids, singing and dancing competitions, and sports events. In fact, Nikki is quite good at Volleyball. He is the caption of our School’s Volleyball team. I feel great pride in telling you that Nikki has won Volleyball finals in annual inter-schools sports events. He has received many prizes and medals in this regard

In every summer vacation, our families always plan for a weekly tour. We visit several places around our country. In these family trips, it is always a great pleasure for me to be with Nikki all around. In fact, our families know about our true attachment as sincere friends and always praise us for that.

I am very much happy and thankful to God for blessing me a true and sincere friend Nikki. I always pray for stability and long long life of our friendship

3. 10 Lines & More Sentences on My Best Friend

1.  I have many friends at my school but the name of my best friend is Pooja.

2.  She is my class fellow and we both sit together in the class.

3.  The father of Pooja is also the best friend of my father.

4.  We both celebrate birthday events, Eid and other events together.

5.  I love Pooja because she takes care of me and guides me in my studies.

6.  Pooja is an intelligent and position holder girl at my school.

7.  She always takes keen interest and active part in various functions at school.

8.  All of my school teachers respect Pooja and Praise her for her hard work and intelligence.

9.  In my free time, I visit Pooja’s house where we both enjoy, sing and dance together.

10.  I am very much inspired by her and I have always wanted to be like her in my life.

11. I like Pooja because of her good qualities of love, respect, and hard work.

12. I always pray God to bless everyone the best friend like Pooja

10 Lines Essay on My Best Friend for Kids, UKg, Class 1 Students

4. 20 Lines on My Best Friend Essay for 1 & 2 Class Students

20 Lines and more sentences Essay and Speech on my best friend for Kids, class 1 & 2 students with quotes and info graphs

1. A true is the real gift of God that only a fortunate man can have.

2.  I am blessed that I have one sweet and sincere friend from my childhood.

3.  Rakesh is my best every friend from child days

4.  He is my class fellow and lives near my house.

5.  The father of Rakesh of Doctor who is also the best friend of my father.

6.  I do celebrate my Eid days and my birthday party with Rakesh.

7.  Rakesh is a sincere friend who has always guided me in my studies.

8.  Rakesh loves me very much and he can do anything to protect me.

9.  In summer vacations, every year, our families got on a trip to enjoy

10.  We both enjoy a lot on summer vacation with our families.

11. Anjali is the younger sister of Rakesh. She is also the best friend of my younger sister.

12. With the help of Rakesh, I have always won prizes and medals in my school functions.

13. We both study very seriously to make our parents proud of us.

14. The ambition of Rakesh is to become a flying Pilot.

15. I am also passionate about becoming the best doctor.

16. I like Rakesh because he is a smart, genius and true man with all others.

17. We both study in the same school and even sit on the same batch.

18. Rakesh is the best cricketer and a fiery stage speaker.

19. He always comes first in speech, tabloids, and other competitions.

20. All the teachers of my school praise Rakesh for his hard work, sincerity, and loyalty.

21. I am much thankful to God for giving me the gift of best friend in the guise of Rakesh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a best friend essay and can I write it?

A best friend essay is the composition of real feelings, love and respect for your friend. It is the collection of thoughts, feelings and experiences about friendship that you share with people.

2. What is a true best friend?

The true best friend is one who is sincere, loyal and respectful to you. He is always ready to help you, give sacrifice for you and loves you from the depth of heart. He is your true real friend.

3. Why your best friend is important?

The best friend is important in many ways. He stands by you in the difficult times. He is always ready to help you, to make you happy, healthy and well established. The life without having true best friends is full of dangerous and difficulties.

4. What should I say in my best friend paragraph?

In order to write a good paragraph on my best friend, you should be real, authentic and straightforward in your feelings for your best friend. You should appreciate your best friend, his loyalty and sincerity to you while you were in danger.

4. Is it good to have a best friend?

Yes, its good a trillion times!. In fact, the life without true best friend is extremely pathetic and boring.

5. Can you have two best friends?

Of course! You must have as many best, real and sincere friends as you can. But, mind that, one true and sincere friend, is worthy than all untrue fake friends.

6. What are the benefits of having a best friend?

There are many! In fact, you life become beneficial only when you have true best friends. You become successful, goals oriented, cooperative, kind, caring and meaningful in your life.

7. What can destroy a friendship?

There are many factors that can destroy a true friendship. The most common factor is the loss of trust. The trust, respect and sincerity are the foundation stones of a real friendship. With the loss of these, the true friendship dies.

8. Why are best friends so special?

The best friends are special and they should be special in our lives. Because, they give us what that we need in our life.

9. How do you show your best friend you love them?

In order to show your love and respect to the best friend, you should not tell him instantly, rather you should help him, support him when he needs.

In this way you should realize your worth and sincerity to your best friend. Only by this way you can make your friend feel that you care for her.

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Essay on My Best Friend for Children and Students

Sri Chaitanya AITS

Essay on My Best Friend: My best friend is someone who always stays by my side and never turns his back on me. We study in the same class and share almost same opinion on most of the issues. My best friend always supports me in studies and gives me emotional support also. Whenever I feel low or get upset, he comes for my help. Fortunately, our houses are also not very far from each other and we manage to meet for evening walk or post dinner walk. Gradually our relationship has become more evolved and deep. I think that we will stay best friends for the rest of our lives.

Long and Short Essay on My Best Friend in English

We have provided below short and long essay on My Best Friend in English.

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The essays have been written in simple yet effective English to let you easily memorize it and present it when needed.

After going through the essay you will know what is a best friend, how important is a best friend, how does a best friend helps us in life and in studies etc.

These My Best Friend essay will be extremely helpful in your school/college events for essay writing, debate or speech giving.

My Best Friend Essay 1 (100 words)

My best friend is Archana from the school time. We are good friends from the childhood and still continue. She is a smart girl having fair complexion and dimpled cheeks. She is a pretty girl, I like so much her. I still remember that we were met in our kindergarten class and became great friends forever. She is very entertaining, jolly and helpful in nature. She understands me a lot and become always ready to help me in my all bad or happy conditions. We are classmates and become together every time. We go to the school everyday together and play sports daily in the nearby ground of our house.

My Best Friend Essay 2 (150 words)

It is very tough for everyone to be involved in the true friendship however if one get it become very lucky in a big crowd. It is a divine and most precious gift of the life. Getting true friend is rare and counted as a big achievement of the life. I am as lucky as I have a good friend from my childhood. His name is Naveen and he is still with me. He is very valuable for me and I value his friendship a lot. Really, he is my best and true friend.

We both are in class 7 and studying well. My best friend is very lovely in nature and loved by everyone such as my parents, my class teacher, my neighbours, etc. He is one of the ideal students of my class. He is very punctual and come to the school at right time. He always completes his home task timely and regularly as well as helps me too. He keeps his books and copies very clean. His writing is very nice and he promotes me to write well too.

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My Best Friend Essay 3 (200 words)

My best friend is someone special whom I can share my all feelings. He is Raghav. He lives with me as my neighbour in the same colony. We met each other in the nursery class on the very first day. We sit together in the classroom and share everything very happily without any problem. We know each other very well as well as understand each other’s need. He is leadership in nature, tall, fair in complexion, good looking and smart. She is very good in studies and behaves well with everyone. He does his class work and homework very attentively. He is favourite student of class teacher as he is very punctual and follows all the etiquettes.

We share our Tiffin in the lunch time. He respects my feelings and helps me always. Many things of us like hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc are similar. We love to listen music, watching cartoons and playing carom at home. We take care of each other in the school and playground. We share school copies and help each other whenever one of us remain absent in the school. We love drawing sceneries and arts in our spare time. We go at tour and picnic with our parents together in every winter and summer vacation.

My Best Friend Essay 4 (250 words)

The name of my best friend is Jyoti. She is my good friend and cares for me a lot. She behaves me well and helps always. I met her in class 6 and became best friend. She is my true friend because she understands me very well and cares for my every need. I like her very much. I never had any friend like her ever before. She comes to my home and I too go to her home. Our parents respects us very much and like our friendship. She is so precious for me and I never want to lose her. Whenever I get absent in the classroom, she helps me in doing all the left home works and class works.

She is much similar to me in many aspects. She never argues me and describes me well anything which I get stuck. She is an open minded girl and never feels bad for my misbehave. She is very entertaining in nature and makes me laugh through her interesting jokes and talks in the spare time. She is very cute and attractive, attracts everyone through her smile and nice way of talk. She promotes me always to do better in the classroom and exams. We are good in sports and academic activities. She takes my opinions in her every tough work to do in the right way. We manage to share things in our difficult times. We always perform better in the class tests and main exams.

My Best Friend Essay 5 (300 words)

I have lots of friends from my childhood but Rushi is my best friend forever. She lives in the apartment adjacent to my house with her parents. She is a nice girl and helping in nature. True friendship is very necessary to all of us to go ahead and get right track in the life. Getting best and true friends in the life is very tough task however some luckiest one get it. She is the first person among my all friends whom I can share my all feeling. She is very good in nature and helps everyone. She is a class monitor and loved by all teachers of the class. She performed well the sports and academic activities. She has good personality and love to help needy people.

She is very friendly in nature to everyone and meets warmly. She thinks positively and motivates us all time. She talks very politely and never quarrels to me and others. She never tells lie and has good manners. She is very funny person and loves to tell us funny stories and jokes whenever we become sad. She is a compassionate friend and always cares for me. She has ability to do anything hard in her life and I always appreciate her for each small and big achievements. She is a popular student of the school because she is good in academic, sports and other extra activities.

She always gets high score in the class tests and main exams. She explains any subjective matter in very easy way during exam time. She has good observation power and skill. She catches everything very fast whenever teacher explains in the classroom. She plays football very well and has taken part in many school level and district level competitions and won prizes too.

My Best Friend Essay 6 (400 words)

I have a best friend ever in my life named Ashutosh. He is someone special in my life who helps me in my every difficulty. He is someone who showed me right path. He always has time for me even in his busy schedule. He is my neighbour that’s why we become together even after school time. We go together at picnic whenever we get vacation from school. We enjoy our festival holidays together and with each other’s family. We go to see Ramlila fair in the Ramlila ground together and enjoy a lot. We always take part in every extracurricular activities of the school. We love to play cricket and carom at home. He is more than a mentor for me because he always gives me right decisions whenever I become in difficulty.

He is so special for me in my life; I never do anything without him. He always become in a good mood and never compromise with wrong ways. He always does right things and motivates every one of us in the classroom to do the same. He always has smiling face even in his difficult times and never let his difficulties to come on his face. He is a good counsellor and loves to explain anything. He cares for his parents, grandparents and other family members. He obeys them always and other old people of the society. I met him first time when I was in the fifth grade and now we are in 8 th standard in the same section.

He is very tall and looks different from my other classmates. Once I was very upset because of money problem. I could not buy all necessary books in the class 6. He asked me, what happened and I told him my story. He said that, for this small problem you are so worry and not happy for some days. He laughed and told me that don’t worry we can share all books in the school as well as at home. You don’t need to buy even any single book for whole year. After that he made me laugh through his jokes and stories. I never forget that moment he helped me and always become ready to help him too. He is so practical and never mixes the personal and professional life. He helps me always whenever I get difficulties in solving my Maths homework. Our likes and dislikes never match however we are best friends.

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How to Write a My Best Friend Essay

How to write a my best friend essay

Definition: What Is a My Best Friend Essay?

Write about what you know is sage advice often given to fledgling writers. And what do many of our young students know more about than their trusty sidekick, who is a constant presence through thick and thin?

A My Best Friend Essay is precisely what it sounds like; an essay the student writes that is focused on their closest pal’s endearing attributes (and otherwise).

However, the My Best Friend Essay is more than just a chance for students to wax lyrical about their BFFs. It is an authentic opportunity for students to hone their composition skills and exercise their creative flair. 

All this while talking about one of their best mate – not bad!

Visual Writing Prompts

STRUCTURING a My Best Friend Essay

This is an essay. It says so right there in the title! Just how complex the structure of a student’s essay is will depend on essential factors such as age and ability. However, the 5-paragraph essay structure is a perfect framework for this type of composition.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the 5-paragraph essay is that it is easily modified to differentiate between lower or higher ability students by simply adjusting the number of paragraphs. The essay will still contain the same essential elements of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, regardless of how long it is.

The 5-paragraph (or hamburger) essay is a craft in itself and much too broad a topic to go into at length. Check out our complete guide here if you want more detail on this handy essay template.

Briefly though, in essence, the 5-paragraph essay comprises three parts:


My Best Friend Essay | Fun writing tasks | How to Write a My Best Friend Essay |

Our FUN TEN-MINUTE DAILY WRITING TASKS will teach your students the fundamentals of creative writing across all text types. 52 INDEPENDENT TASKS are perfect for DISTANCE LEARNING.

These EDITABLE Journals are purpose-built for DIGITAL DEVICES on platforms such as Google Classroom, SeeSaw and Office 365. Alternatively, you can print them out and use them as a traditional writing activity.

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My Best Friend Essay Story

While we are teaching a short essay on my best friend’, it can also be approached from another angle, i.e., as a nonfiction story.

While the clearcut essay format may be eminently suitable for younger students, you may wish to revisit this genre with older students, this time emphasising storytelling.

In this creative nonfiction approach, students can merge the essay format with storytelling elements such as character, setting, central conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. 

Constructing their best friend composition in this manner allows students to work on structuring a nonfiction text. Simultaneously, it offers them a chance to develop their creative flair.

My Best Friend in 10 Lines

Another approach particularly well-suited to younger students is the my best friend essay 10 lines format.

This helps younger students get writing by giving them a clear target to aim for, which makes planning easy.

However, you can still introduce the three elements of the 5-paragraph essay here. As students list the points they want to make in their 10 lines, they can be encouraged to group these into introduction, body, and conclusion sections. 

For example, a plan might look like this:

A ‘My Best Friend in 10 Lines’ Plan


Line 1: My friend’s name.

Line 2: What she looks like.

Line 3: Where she is from/her family.

Line 4: What friendship means to me.

Line 5: How we met.

Line 6: The kindest thing she has ever done.

Line 7: The funniest thing she has ever done.

Line 8: My absolute favorite thing about her.

Line 9: Restate why she is my best friend.

Line 10: How I see our future together.

To complete their 10-line ode to their friend, the student simply builds proper sentences around each of these (or similar) ideas.

More on Planning a My Best Friend Composition

As we can see in the sample plan above, the planning process is relatively straightforward when the 5-paragraph essay structure serves as a framework. However, for students of a higher ability, we may want to take things up a notch.

A good, old-fashioned brainstorming session is an excellent starting point for the student. They can list things such as their favorite memories and their friend’s best features.

While younger students may inevitably write something of a hagiography (a biography of a saint!), older students may want to present a more realistic portrait of their ever-present amigo.

Likewise, if the student is undertaking their composition in a narrative nonfiction form, they’ll need to map out the narrative arc of their story at the planning stage.

As with any story, the conflict will serve as the engine of the narrative. However, this conflict does not have to take the form of a problem between the writer and the best friend. After all, this text is more likely to be something of a love letter than a letter of complaint. Instead, the conflict is more likely to take the form of a problem or a challenge faced by the writer and their pal together.

Whether or not the student’s text will take a full-blown story form, true-to-life anecdotes will bring life to the student’s writing. The planning process is the perfect time to dump these onto paper, even if they don’t all make it into the final draft.

How to Start a MY Best Friend Essay

As with most text types, fiction or nonfiction, the writer will want to grab the reader’s attention from the outset. An effective way of doing this is by using a hook.

How to Hook The Reader

The student writer has many methods available to grasp the reader’s attention. While some of these will only be suitable for more advanced students, most of them can be adapted with a bit of effort for our younger writers.

Technically known as, In Medias Res , this technique involves opening the story in the middle of a moment of dramatic tension with the exposition filled in later. This type of wizardry is probably best reserved for the more skilled student writer.

The promise of a big payoff can undoubtedly catch a reader’s eye and draw them in, but the student-writer must be sure to follow through later in the text. For less experienced students, you may want to offer a writing prompt to help out here. For example, 

My best friend Jack is truly one of a kind, but just how special he is wasn’t clear to me until the day a fire broke out in our school.

Students can quickly adapt prompts such as this by changing the event mentioned to their own personal circumstances.

Another way to grasp the reader’s interest is to create a sense of intimacy right from the start. This can be achieved by addressing the reader directly in a conversational tone. Students should use informal language and approach writing their text as if they were speaking to a close friend – this is perfect for this writing style.

Another way to create interest (and a sense of intimacy) is to open up with an interesting anecdote about the friend. Students can select an interesting or humorous story to use as a carrot to entice the reader in. The student could substitute an exciting or amusing fact in shorter pieces for a full-blown anecdote.

Quotes are a great way to garner attention. There are many online repositories of inspirational quotes on every topic under the sun where students can find a golden nugget of friendship-based wisdom to open their masterpieces. They must simply type in keywords such as ‘famous’, ‘quotes’, and ‘friendship’ to uncover a smorgasbord of well-articulated wisdom for students to choose from. However, students should ensure the sentiment expressed in their selected quote ties into the type of friendship described in their work.

Working the Body

As we stated earlier in this article, the 5-paragraph essay structure, or the narrative writing arc, lays out a suitable template for the student-writer to work their way through the body of their text. However, it’s worth pointing out five areas where a little attention can significantly impact.

The devil’s in the details. The more specific the student is in their writing, the more effectively they will communicate with the reader.

Encourage students to be as precise as possible in their descriptions. A thesaurus is an excellent tool to help students find just the right word for the job.

Often, emergent writers rely on the same couple of simple sentence structures in their writing. This soon makes the writing monotonous for the reader; if they continue to read, it is only with effort that they will finish the student’s work.

Variety is not only the spice of life but also the spice of good writing. Encourage students to vary their sentence structures and alternate between long and short sentences to diversify the rhythm of their writing and evoke interest on the reader’s part.

Weaving dialogue into a my best friend essay text is a great way to bring colour and variety to a student’s writing. It also allows the student to practice punctuating dialogue – an essential skill!

Students will need to learn to listen carefully if they are to be able to write how people actually speak. Encouraging them to read their dialogue aloud is an effective way to check if it rings true.

Though this is undoubtedly a nonfiction text, it has firm roots in creative writing too. Students should incorporate some of the literary techniques and devices that we’d more commonly associate with poetry and fiction writing to add colour, creativity, and imagination to their writing.

For example, for younger students, physical descriptions of their BFF provide the perfect opportunity to introduce similes and hyperbole. Don’t be afraid to get comical here; writing should be fun, after all. 

Does their friend have a big nose? How big? As big as an elephant’s trunk, perhaps?

Just make sure students avoid being too mean or poking fun at areas too sensitive for their friends.

It is easy to differentiate different abilities by challenging stronger students to use more complex literary devices in their work. Zoomorphism anyone?

Emergent writers often display a bias towards only using the sense of sight in their descriptions. To bring their writing up a notch, encourage your students to employ all five senses in their writing.

By evoking the sense of hearing, smell, taste, and touch in their work, students will help their writing to come alive in the reader’s imagination.


In a regular 5-paragraph essay, the concluding paragraph is usually the time to summarize the main arguments and drive home the thesis statement one more time. Obviously, things are a little bit different in a “my best friend essay.”

Of course, students can take the opportunity to revisit and restate the main reasons why their best friend holds the best-friend-championship belt. Still, there is a more artistic way to use their composition’s final paragraph.

Ask students to think about their friendship and where they see it in five, ten, twenty, or even forty years.

Undoubtedly, for younger students, in particular, this may be a bit of a challenge, but it can be a fun thought experiment too. Students can pose themselves questions to help, such as:

Taking a tentative step into the possibilities of the future can make for an impactful ending indeed.


My Best Friend Essay | Slide2 | How to Write a My Best Friend Essay |

So that should get you well on your way to creating an excellent my best friend essay that will not only get you some great grades but also score you some brownie points.


Fun Writing Tasks

25 FUN and ENGAGING writing tasks your students can complete INDEPENDENTLY with NO PREP REQUIRED that they will absolutely love.

Fully EDITABLE and works as with all DIGITAL PLATFORMS such as Google Classroom, or you can PRINT them for traditional writing tasks.


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How to Start an Essay with Strong Hooks and Leads

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The content for this page has been written by Shane Mac Donnchaidh.  A former principal of an international school and English university lecturer with 15 years of teaching and administration experience. Shane’s latest Book, The Complete Guide to Nonfiction Writing , can be found here.  Editing and support for this article have been provided by the literacyideas team.

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ENGAGING 5+ Essay on My Best Friend Include 10 & 20 Lines!

A comprehensive tutorial on Essay on my best friend that includes 5+ different essays about best friends, generally students find it difficult in writing an essay in English.

The following essay will give you help school students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10th & for senior secondary students, in the same way, you can write a different kind of essay.

Check out simple and quick 10 lines and 20 lines on my best friend. The following descriptive my best friend essay for school kids and children is helpful in their assignments.

Essay on My Best Friend

20 Lines on My Best Friend Essay

True Friendship is a gift for all of us. One must have a good friend, whom you can rely on, in your good or bad times. Friendship is the most sacred and trustworthy relationship in this selfish world.

As we are well aware of the popular proverb “A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed” True friends are very rare, if you have one, you are a lucky one.

Good Friends are required in every phase of life, they make your life fun-filled, true friends are a treasure of our life. In schools, teachers give an assignment to a student on different topics.

Here we describe important lines on my best friend  that will help kids, a school student of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 to prepare his/her assignments.

What are the qualities of a good friend?

It’s easy to become a “Friend” but it is a complexity of things that no one can find a true friend.

A real friend is one who always helps us in time of need and necessity and guides us to the right path in life.

essay on my best friend in english

The qualities of a good friend are one who is loyal, honourable and faithful. And one who loves regularity, honesty, hard work, good habits and sweet nature.

My best friend topic has written in simple language that is easily understood by school students, and a few lines about friendship qualities that illustrates the qualities of true friendship the qualities every best friend should possess.

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He pinpoints our faults and weakness well in time. Friendship is a deeper degree of politeness. It is a higher degree of reciprocation in matters deeper than those involved in ordinary social intercourse.

It would promote and strengthen the feeling of equality, harmony, and avoidance of such acts on either side that would make the other feel small and inferior.

A Sanskrit verse says, ‘Sixfold are the characteristics of the friend, he gives and receives presents, confides and is entrusted with secrets, entertain and is entertained at the feast.’

MUST-SEE: My Best Friend Essay in Hindi

10 Qualities of a Good Friend

Following are the qualities of a good friend essay that one should possess. Summarize the important qualities you look for in a friend.

Essay on My Best Friend for Class 9, & 10th

The following essay, in about 300 words, is about my best friend for class 10, the friend I like most, with whom I can share everything.

Based on the outline – His name and how he became my friend? His manners and character, how he attends to his studies, his behaviour and the reason for liking him.

His name & how he became my friend

Amit Sharma is my best friend, and I can share everything with him. He studied with me in class 10th. He became my friend last year. I gave him my exercise book to complete his pending task. So he became my friend.

His Manners and Character

His manners are fine, he is a good boy. His clothes are always neat and tidy. His hair was always in order, he parted his hair beautifully. They are well-brushed. His shoes are well-polished.

His manners of talking are quite decent. He does not waste his time in unnecessary talks. His character is good. He is always regular in his work, he is never late. He does not speak ill of others.

How he attends his studies etc .

He listens to his teachers attentively. In the classroom, he is never careless. His homework is systematic and complete.

His behaviour in class is very decent; he never makes a noise in class. He does not quarrel with other boys in the absence of the teachers. He talks gently with others, he is sweet to everyone.

He is never abusive and harsh towards his class fellows. In the interval, he does not run here and there. He is very helpful in nature, and always supports his juniors.

His behaviour

He is gentle towards his brothers and sisters. He is obedient to his teachers. He is respectful of his parents and elders. He is kind and sympathetic towards his friends. He is never harsh towards anybody.

Reason for my liking him

I am proud of my friend, I like him very much on the account of his good nature. Everybody praises him for honesty, sincerity, regularity and noble character. Really he is an ideal boy in our school. The principal and the teachers have a good opinion of him.

Essay on my best friend in English 400 words

True friends are very rare. In this selfish world to have a genuine friend on whom you rely in thick and thin is a great boon.

Friends you can have in as large a number as you like, but most of them desert you when you fall upon evil days and need them.

They are false friends or fair-weather friends. Prosperity brings them, and adversity makes them leave. At the time of trial, they are found wanting.

I am fortunate in having Sanjeev as my friend. He is just sixteen. He lives next door to me. Unlike me, he comes from a rich and noble family. His father is a well-known doctor.

His mother is an educated, very kind-natured and noble lady. She is an embodiment of piety and humility; she is very sweet-tongued.

Sanjeev is tall for his age. He has a strong and wiry body. He has a dark complexion and big dark eyes which impart him a rare charm. He wears a simple dress and looks very smart.

We study in the same class, our tastes are alike. Both of us are interested in studies. He, of course, excels at me. Both of us play hockey. He is the secretary and I am the captain of the team. He is a good swimmer.

He has all the virtues that a Young-man should possess, Vices he has none. He is very diligent and intelligent. He always goes to school well-prepared.

He is always punctual. He never misses doing his home-task. He writes fairly well & good handwriting. His notebooks are well-written and neat.

He does everything well. He is always prepared to help those who seek help. He is in the good books of all his teachers. The headmaster has a very high opinion of him.

It is expected that he will top the list of successful candidates in the matriculation examination in the District, if not in the province. And I will not be found trailing far behind.

One thing that makes his character is humility. He helps the weak boys in their studies. He is always helpful and smiling in nature. He is very dutiful.

Whatever task is assigned to him, he does it with grace and to the best of his ability. He is a good speaker, all love him for his charming qualities.

Best Friendship Quotes

Here, I have assimilated the top collection of my best friend essay quotes & saying .

Best Friendship Quotes

Our extensive effort is to provide students, with the best content that will serve their needs. I hope you guys enjoy reading Essay on my best friend . Do share it and also suggest a new topic in the comment section below, if you want me to write about it.

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