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linking phrases for essays

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8/13/2019 Linking Phrases for Essays

Linking phrases foressays


Currently, presently

To begin with

There are differing explanations/opinions as to why.

It is first necessary to explain

In the following essay will be examined.

Supporting your argument

In addition,


This is further shown by the fact that.

This is further illustrated by.

This idea is supported by

Another possibility is that

At the same time it is true to say

In addition

In any case

In other words

It should also be emphasized that

It should also be noted that

Mention should also be made of

Related to these arguments is the critique that

The corollary of this is that

The key point to note is that

The same can be said of

The same is true of

There were other factors which arguably counted for more.

This in turn means that.


Another important distinction between x and y is that

I would like to distinguish between x and y.

On the other hand

The big difference between x and y is that

The essential difference is that

The essential point on which I differ is that

There is however an important difference between x and y.

There are some respects in which x differs from y.

This difference clearly cannot be explained by

We must here make a distinction.

Giving Examples and Exemplifying

A classic illustration often cited is

Another example of this may be given.

In the x case this was perhaps the most obvious.

More detailed studies show that

Only in one respect does the advantage seem to be with

Or let us take another example.

That x happened illustrates the point that

The evidence of x is even more obvious in the case of

The origins of x can be traced back to

This was by no means unique.

This was typified by

To take yet another illustration

Typical of x was

Discussing and Explaining your example

A general explanation remains difficult to find/elusive.

As a result

How are we to explain x?

If one looks at x in historical perspective, one finds that/ it is clear that

Moreover it is at least arguable that

Partly for this reason it was inevitable that

The first thing we notice is the

The main reason it happened was that

The reality was at best that

The reasons for x cannot be traced to either y or z.

The tendency of x is not necessarily a disadvantage.

This achievement was primarily due to

This applies especially to

This in turn means that

This is the key to the problem.

This means that

This takes us to the heart of the matter

This was one of the most important reasons why

Two questions especially interest me. The first of these is

Two types of x need to be distinguished: The one is The other kind is

Yet the important point to note is that

Presenting a contrasting point in a new sentence or paragraph

In contrast to this,..

Whilst. , ..


A further point/reason is that

In addition to these points, it could be argued that

In spite of this

At the same time it could be argued that

For one thing it could be argued that

Indeed, it might be argued that

It is interesting to speculate on what would happen if

It is tempting to pose another question.

It may well be asked how

It might be argued that

Nor is it entirely fanciful to suggest that

Of course it could be argued that

Still, there is no denying that

This is not to say that there are not

Though it may seem a stretch to compare x with y

How can we explain x?

More controversial is the question as to whether

One way to answer this question is to try to see if

The crucial question may therefore be

The question remains

What are the arguments on the other side?

What sort of picture do these considerations allow us to construct?

Why for example did x happen?

All things considered then

Events show us that

Hence the paradox that

How can we account for?

If one considers x it becomes clear that

In any case it seems clear that

In general, however

In the final analysis this may be the best explanation of all.

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that

It seems clear that

It seems not implausible to link x with y

Judged by this criteria

Judged by this measure

More generally it seems hard to deny that

Nothing can detract from the central fact that

The most popular explanation remains that

To put it simply

What is really remarkable is that

to introduce a final point in a paragraph or essay

Despite arguments/evidence to the contrary, I would argue that.

On balance, it can be argued that.

As a result.

Further questions that could be addressed concern whether..

This raises the further areas of investigation such as

Important Note: Replace I with one and it

The impersonal it

An objective or neutral tone is good news in academic writing. The impersonal

it can be used in order to take the focus off yourself (recommended!).

For example, a phrase such as I would argue that could be replaced by It canbe argued that

Recommendation: Learn a few of the following phrases to use at sentence and

paragraph beginnings.

It can be argued that It is important to

recognize that

It is only to be expected

It is also worth notingthat

It is likely that It is possible that

It is anticipated that It is not clear whether It is significant that

It is assumed that It is not surprising then,

It is sometimes suggested

It is clear that It is not surprising to find

It is unlikely that

It is difficult to see It is not unreasonable to

suggest that

It is worth pointing out

It is essential, therefore,

It is not, however, simply

a matter of

It may seem surprising to

It is evident that It is noteworthy that It seems that

It is for this reason that It is now clear that It would seem clear that

It is important to note

It is often argued that

If you want to create an objective or neutral tone, then avoid using the pronoun

I. Using the pronoun one is a possibility.


one could envisage one might expect one need only turn to

onecould argue that one might ask The question one seeks toanswer is

one could seriously

onemust remember

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100+ Useful Phrases for Writing Essays (PDF)

Are you looking for the right words and phrases for writing essays in high school, polytechnic or university?

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DISCLOSURE. This post may contain affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you follow a link to purchase a product. This comes at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting this project.

These phrases for writing essays at the high school or tertiary level will take your essay writing skills to another level. The appropriate use of the expressions below can do a lot of good to the quality of your essay.

Here is one outcome I can assure you. That is, if you’re able to appropriately use these words and phrases for writing essays.

In fact, for your WASSCE or NECO/SSCE English Language paper, I will urge you to take these words, sentences and phrases for writing essays very seriously.

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It is aimed at revamping the economy to make it buoyant I call on all seated here to ………………… Let’s rally behind our new leadership In our bid to stamp out corruption All major stakeholders in education There is the urgent need to come up with appropriate policies It will have far-reaching implications/consequences People from all walks of life The solutions to this menace are not far fetched We need to chart a new course in our quest to free ourselves from the shackles of poverty, disease and ignorance On the social front,………. On the economic front, ………………. Pragmatic programmes are needed …………………… In the political sphere, ……………….. Pressing problems It is against the backdrop of this chaotic situation that we assumed office………………. We must shelve our differences We must bury our differences Let’s forge ahead in unity It is high time you took this matter seriously They didn’t hesitate in embracing the idea Myriad (countless) problems I deem it crucial It is kind of you to bestow this honour on me More importantly Render dedicated service Immense benefits/advantages We stand to benefit Exemplary behaviour I cannot but appreciate your kindness Brave the danger Pose a threat to one national security Apprehend the perpetrators of this heinous crime Stamp out the menace of armed robbery Bring the situation under control The armed robbers continue to leave a tall trail of atrocities It could be attributed to Fight the menace of child-trafficking Bring the situation under control Curtail/curb the menace Night patrols should be stepped up It is our collective responsibility to …………… Milk the country’s coffers stone dry It is a big source of worry/headache This gives cause for concern The rumours came in the wake of the arrest of three pastors on the suspicion that …….. The shattered economy A careful analysis of the problem indicates that …… We could cite indiscipline as a major contributory factor to…………… Added to this is ………… The proliferation of small arms is one cause of ……………… This would enhance our capacity to deal decisively with the menace of … They have unleashed a reign of terror on our roads and communities. I went through a harrowing experience The danger is looming large and we need to nip it in the bud Let’s take action before something untoward happens I have been compelled to write and express my disgust at the growing spate of internet fraud among our youth There is no gainsaying the fact that all is not well with our educational system It has yielded no results This current situation clearly negates our efforts to minimize, if not eliminate drug trafficking from our body-politic The nefarious activities of these criminals create panic, fear and insecurity Consequently, it behoves the government to act quickly to forestall disaster We are sending out the wrong signals to prospective investors We need to combat the spate of deviant behaviour in our society Parents must be in the forefront in the fight against teenage pregnancy The NCCE must assume centre-stage in this public awareness creation effort It is an understatement to say that discipline has collapsed in our schools Considering the complex nature of the problem……. All hands need to be on deck Punishment for such behaviour should be more deterrent. The law regarding environmental degradation should be given teeth and be made to bite. The state/government must put in place measures/mechanisms to monitor and evaluate the performance of teachers/police/supervisors, contractors etc. Above all/ Lastly/In a nutshell/To crown it all His health is failing rapidly Reduce drastically Stringent measures are needed to stabilize the situation Worse still Worst of all There is no doubt that the growing rate of unemployment poses a grave danger to social stability We must not, as a people, relent in our efforts to create better opportunities for our young graduates It must be emphasized that Unwholesome goods/Practices This will ginger (motivate) everybody to …………. There is therefore an urgent need for us to …………… I believe you’ll rise to the occasion and prove the skeptics wrong We need to stem the alarming tide of road accidents There should be no delay in instilling a high sense of sanity/ discipline in road users A couple of years back Vehicles plying our roads should be subjected to thorough checks to ascertain their road worthiness Lake transport could be made safer if life jackets, life-rafts and fire extinguishers are available in cases of emergency. That there are serious lapses in the enforcement of safety measures cannot be overemphasized. It is an open secret that ….. The lack of maintenance culture is the bane of our society Many problems continue to bedevil the education sector This can boost tourism Affordable prices Everybody must strive to contribute their quota toward this all-important national effort to eradicate malaria……. Food production has plummeted (fallen) sharply It cannot be denied that The industry boomed/ flourished/ grew The drastic decline in the fortunes of our national football teams could be attributed to Prices have sky – rocketed/ increased sharply Given this deplorable state of affairs, we need to … It has the potential to….. We must remove the bottlenecks which tend to hinder (militate against) the growth of the industry Address (solve) the problem Make a headway It has the tendency to ruin your future You can still live up to your promise I pray for your speedy recovery I do not wish to belabour (flog) this point/issue, except to add that……. Let’s put it behind us and move forward We can then showcase our school as a model of discipline To forestall (prevent) such occurrence in the future It was a traumatic experience It is mind – boggling how such huge sums of money could have disappeared under the very nose of the director This school is not without its fair share of problems We should not gloss over (ignore) these apparent systemic weaknesses A breakthrough can still be achieved Any false move on the part of the defenders could spell the doom of our team Enrolment in tertiary institutions has appreciated (increased) significantly Acute accommodation problems I have my misgivings/doubts about his sincerity There is the need to institute preventive measures, not curative ones. Such viable projects would do our community a world of good The astronomical rental charges/bills, prices are killing our businesses We need to take a second look at this policy due to its obvious failure Government must hold consultations with all major players in this sector Durable solutions can be found if………. in the meantime Let me reiterate (emphasize) my long-held, view/ belief that …… We must join hands to fight this common enemy Of late, there has been public outcry against the ostentatious lifestyle of some of our pastors and ministers. More often than not, …….. Colossal (huge/large) sums of money Your irritating (offensive) behaviour His recent misfortunes/exploits readily come to mind The needless death of the patient is a clear manifestation of sheer incompetence on the part of the hospital authorities Workers’ salaries are grossly inadequate Each time doctors embark on a strike action, they hold the whole nation to ransom She harbours bad feelings against me All is not well with discipline in this school This justifies the need for draconian rules to deal a fatal blow to the practice of occultism She had the foresight to institute a founders’ day on her assumption of office The requisite resources must be provided They only suffered mild injuries This obviously raises a fundamental question: Who is responsible for road maintenance in this country? It is a recipe for disaster It is the contention of this writer that the manager is culpable in this clear case of negligence and dereliction of duty The police too have a case to answer Our roads have become death traps Not too long ago, ………………. It has hitherto (up till now) yielded no fruitful dividends I would like to draw your attention to three negative developments The time has come for all of us to put our shoulders to the wheel and help solve this problem once and for all. Drivers must be held liable for their acts of commission and omission (their actions and inactions) We cannot afford to throw up our arms in despair This behaviour of yours is going a shade too far This is refreshing news There was a loud silence in the room An equally important factor is ………… These conflicts do no augur well for national progress The three regions continue to lag (not lack) behind in terms of development

What useful words and phrases have you been using in your essays?

Do not forget to share this:

Recommended, is it you and me or you and i (with examples), 40+ examples of parallel structure in sentences (with definition), 15 examples of grammatical forms (with definition), 65 examples of appositive phrases (with definition), 16 causes of crime essay (with solutions), 20 examples of grammatical functions in english, reading comprehension test with answers for high schools, gender equality debate speech essay pdf, wassce 2013 comprehension passage and answers, poor academic performance essay sample (pdf), 2012 waec summary passage and answers (nov/dec), 2011 waec comprehension questions and answers, about the author.

linking phrases for essays pdf

Ralph Nyadzi

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The Ultimate List of Linking Words for Your Essay


Let’s face it: You can’t write an essay (or any other writing piece) without linking words.

Also known as connecting words or transition words, they serve to make your writing flow and help those reading your work follow the flow of your thoughts, ideas , and  arguments .

This post is your guide to linking words and their role in writing. Not only will you learn the types of these words, examples, and reasons to use them, but you’ll also get a massive list of transition words and phrases as well as linking words PDF to download and use whenever necessary.

Table of Contents:

What are Linking Words?

Why use transition words in essays, linking words examples, addition/agreement/similarity, contrast/contradiction/limitation/opposition, comparison/concession/condition, clarification, cause/effect/result, emphasis/example, generalization, illustration, location/place/space, reason/reference, time/sequence, summary/conclusion/restatement.

Linking words are lexical items (words and phrases) we use to connect ideas in writing and get a reader to the next sentence or paragraph.

They aren’t about essay writing only:

Whether you write a fiction book,  marketing content , academic works,  autobiography , or poems, you’ll need to connect ideas. That’s what transition words do:

They link your thoughts and arguments into a chain to show how they relate to each other. Also known as transition words, these phrases often start a sentence or a paragraph. However, you’ll also use them in the middle of sentences to bring ideas together.

The most common places for linking words in essays are:

Essay linking words is an integral part of academic writing. Put it simply, you can’t write a paper without using them; otherwise, your writing won’t make any sense for readers.

Transition words for essay serve to:

Using essay maker and connecting words, each sentence and paragraph must pass readers on to the next one. These connecting words serve as an instrument to guide readers from one thought or point to the next.

Linking words examples are many, and it’s clear why: every piece of writing contains tons of connecting and transition words. Let’s take an essay sample from  Bid4Papers writers  to see the example of linking words in academic writing:


This one was an  essay introduction . 

Now, why not take a step further and look for essay linking words in  essay conclusions ?


Types and List of Linking Words to Use in Essays

Below you’ll find the ultimate list of transition words for essays by categories. Choose the role you need a word to play (reason, contrast, emphasis, restatement, etc.) and consider the corresponding table of transitions.

If you need the whole transition words list in one place, jump to the next category of this post to find the downloadable linking words pdf.

And now, for connecting words categories:

These words serve to add info to what you’ve previously stated, demonstrate the commonality between arguments, and support your thoughts.

Linking words for contrast is your instrument to show how things are different and provide counterarguments. They work best in  persuasive  and  critical  essays.

These lexical items will help you if you need to provide conditions to your statements, show how things are different/similar, or accept a point with reservation.

These words will help you with  personal  or  narrative essays: They are linking words in opinion writing that indicates you’re going to explore ideas in more detail.

Expository essays will win with these words too.

Cause and effect connecting words do what their name says exactly: demonstrating a cause of some point and providing the result of what has been done or started.

These words are for putting forward your point more forcefully, providing examples.

Perfect transition words for hypothesis essays , generalization lexical items serve to make a general statement you’ll then specify and prove in detail.

These words and phrases are for you to provide examples in essays.

Use these words to provide order and reference or clarify spatial relationships between your points or ideas.

These transitional words will help you demonstrate relationships between ideas and provide reasons for what and why has started or occurred.

Use these words in your essay when you need to indicate the time and order of what you say.

Restatement words will help you express an alternative to what you previously stated. They work for all essay types, including  rhetorical precis  and  dialectic essays .

Use summary and conclusion transitional phrases to sum up your points and come up with the final paragraph of your writing.

The Ultimate List of Connecting Words: Download

And now, for the most interesting and practical part:

Below you can find the linking words worksheet that gathers all the most commonly used transitional words in essays. Feel free to download this linking words PDF and refer to it every time you write an essay and experience writer’s block:


Do you need more guides and worksheets like this to assist you with academic writing? Please share your ideas in the comments, and our writers will be happy to help!

Our Writing Guides

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paper cover thumbnail


Profile image of aaa bbb

The main linking words and phrases are grouped below according to the similarity of their meaning to the three basic connectives and, or, but. Some can be used to link paragraphs and others can only be used to link ideas within a paragraph. etc.

Related Papers

Nick Nicholas

linking phrases for essays pdf

Susan Nacey

This paper presents a corpus-based cross-linguistic examination of one aspect of the overt expression of causality, comparing and contrasting the uses of six conjuncts of result in two languages. The actual lexemes in the study are English so, therefore, and thus, together with Norwegian så, derfor, and således. Using data from the English-Norwegian Parallel Corpus, profiles for each of the six conjuncts are first developed on the basis of semantic, syntactic, and discourse features. The three pairs of expressions are then contrasted cross-linguistically in order to discover how these words differ from one another in their usage. The semantic analysis is based upon the idea of a scale of speaker involvement which has been developed by several researchers who have contrasted causal connectives in Dutch, French, and German. Bernd Kortmann’s scale of informativeness (1991) also provides the framework for an examination of the variation in interpretation of the six lexemes. The syntactic analysis primarily involves an examination of sentence positioning, and the discourse analysis looks into both overall frequency as well as distribution in the categories of fiction and non-fiction. The translations of the six conjuncts are then examined to discover what happens to them in the translation process.

Juan José Prat Ferrer

Nestor Andres

Dianne Fitzpatrick

Nastya Pashchenko

salwa salwen

Loading Preview

Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above.


Bigra Shehzada

Pablo Seitz

Mohamed Tohamy


Degand, Liesbeth, Cornillie, Bert, Pietrandrea, Paola (eds.), Discourse Markers and Modal Particles. Categorization and description.

Maria Josep Cuenca

Maria Josep Cuenca , Maria-Josep Marín Jordà

Kbank kasikorn


Steve Nicolle

oscar loureda

Deise Dutra

tsehaye mekurianew

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Sonny Aditana

Sílvia Gabarró-López

Monograph Thesis

Tomás Mateus

Dialogue and Discourse, 8 - 2, . 149 - 166.

fadhil abbas

International Journal of Arabic-English Studies (IJAES)

Najib Jarad , Sane Yagi

Grazielle Costa

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development

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Clara Mancini

Baltic Journal of English Language, Literature and Culture

Monta Farneste , Vineta Apse

Vineta Apse

Dialogue & Discourse

Linking Words And Phrases In English (List With Examples)

In this study guide, you will learn how to use linking words in English. You will discover the meaning of common linking words and learn how to use them in a sentence. Examples are provided to show you the sentence position and use of common linking words in English. Check out the exercises at the end to test your understanding!

linking phrases for essays pdf

What are linking words?

10 Tips to Prepare Your Academic English for University

What you will learn:

Discourse markers (‘linkers’) are words or phrases that we use to make links between words in a sentence. These discourse markers are used in both spoken and written English.

Here we will focus on discourse markers in writing and formal spoken English – commonly known as ‘linking words’. Linkers are a way of making connections between ideas and sentences.

Formal and informal linkers

Informal linking words are used in spoken English. You can link your ideas with words and phrases like: I mean , honestly , after all , besides and in any case . It is useful to learn which linking words are most appropriate in formal and informal situations. In an email, you might choose linking words such as so , but , and because . These should already be familiar.

In an essay, you are more likely to choose formal linkers, such as therefore , however , consequently, on the contrary and moreover . There are some linking words that are so formal that you may choose not to use them at all in your writing. Examples include: thus , hence and nonetheless .

Linking words and sentence position

Many linking words are used at the beginning of a sentence, while others can be used in the middle or at the end. Words and phrases connected with sequencing and structure appear at the start of a sentence. Examples include: first , secondly , finally and in conclusion . Adverbs, which express the writer’s opinion, also occur at the start of a sentence, for example evidently and obviously .

Linking words can be used between clauses, in the middle of the sentence. Examples include: words that contrast ideas ( however , although), show consequence ( therefore, as a result), and phrases that add more information ( moreover, furthermore) . A few linking words can be placed at the end of the sentence. Look at the following example: Learning a second language is motivating. It can be very difficult, however .


The use of punctuation with some linking words and phrases is important. Some grammar books provide you with specific rules about punctuation and clauses in a sentence. The most important reason for using punctuation in a sentence is so the reader can understand your intended meaning.

Punctuation, particularly commas , should help the reader to identify clauses in your writing and lead to a clearer understanding of the text. Look at these two example sentences – which is easier to understand?

A: To conclude the cars of the future are likely to be more environmentally friendly however this change may take many years to implement and moreover will require the support of the general public.

B: To conclude, the cars of the future are likely to be more environmentally friendly, however, this change may take many years to implement and, moreover, will require the support of the general public.

Linking words are very important in written texts. Without them, your writing may be disconnected and difficult to read. In English examinations, students are often graded on their ability to write cohesive sentences. Therefore, learning how to use linking words correctly is an important skill in learning English as a second language. The examples below will help you to understand the meaning of linking words in written texts and to improve your own linking skills!  

Linking words: meanings and uses

Conjunctions are a familiar group of linking words, which join two clauses in a sentence, such as but , because or however.  In fact, linking words have many different functions in a sentence and range from single words to phrases of up to four words. The categories below show the most common types of linking words.

Sequencing First, secondly, subsequently, finally

Words like first , second and finally appear at the start of a sentence. They help the reader to navigate their way through the text. They are used in essays but also in instructions, for example recipes.

Adding information In addition, also, furthermore, what is more

These linking words are used to give additional information or to strengthen our argument.

Comparison Similarly, equally, likewise

We use these linking words to add further examples or to make connections between ideas.

linking phrases for essays pdf

Giving examples For example, for instance, e.g., such as

Use these linking words to give examples.

Consequence Consequently, therefore, as a result, hence

These linking words can be used to describe how one idea logically follows another.

Generalisation On the whole, generally, in general

These linking words are usually positioned at the start of a sentence. They are used before a general statement.

Summing up To sum up, in summary, to summarise, to conclude, in conclusion

These types of phrases are commonly used to start the final section of an essay. They are also used in formal spoken English, for example a speech or the TV news, to signal to the listener that the speech is coming to an end.

Contrasting However, on the other hand, conversely, in contrast, rather, while, whereas

These linking words are used to introduce an idea or argument that contrasts with what has been said before. In an essay, they are useful for introducing, for example, the disadvantages in an advantages and disadvantages essay. The use of rather in this context is very formal.

Stating fact In fact, as a matter of fact, actually

These types of linking words can be used to signal to the reader that the writer’s meaning is different to what the reader expects.

Concession Although, despite, in spite of, even though

These linking words are used to show that we acknowledge another person’s opinion, even if we may not agree with it.  

A-Z List of common linking words with examples

The list below includes all the commonly used linking words in written English. Example sentences are also provided to help you understand them in context.  

Additionally Additionally , students should complete at least 3 hours of homework per week.  

As a result In recent years, few students have studied languages at school. As a result , the number of people taking language courses at degree level has decreased.  

But It is important to adjust your mirrors, but do not do this while driving your car.

Consequently John did not study hard for his exams. Consequently , his grades was disappointing.

Conversely People who have no savings often have trouble when applying for bank loans. Conversely , those who already have savings find it much easier to get credit.

Equally Studying languages face-to-face has a positive impact on learning. Equally , online learning can allow students to progress quickly.

Firstly, secondly, etc. Firstly , we’d like to say a warm welcome to all our new undergrads. Secondly , we’d like to remind you that students should attend all lectures on time for the duration of the semester.

For example You should wear suitable clothing for this trip. For example , a waterproof coat and a warm hat.  

For instance You can substitute some ingredients in this recipe. For instance , honey can be used instead of sugar.

Furthermore In my opinion, the government should provide adequate guidance on physical exercise. Furthermore , I believe it has a duty to advise the public on health and diet.

Generally (speaking) Generally , working from home is less stressful and more productive than working in a noisy office.

Hence Mark had inherited a lot of money from his grandmother; hence the large house.  

However Sports facilities, such as gyms and swimming pools, help people to keep fit. However , people also need motivation to help them improve their health.

In addition As a community, we should do more to improve our wellbeing. In addition , the government should start a new advertising campaign to promote health and fitness nationwide.

In conclusion In conclusion , the advantages of tourism outweigh the disadvantages.

linking phrases for essays pdf

In contrast Working from home can save time and money. In contrast , commuting long distances to work every day can be time-consuming and expensive.  

In fact We didn’t enjoy the film. In fact , it was pretty terrible!

In general In general , working from home is more convenient than travelling to the office.

In particular Young children are influenced by the people around them, in particular their parents.  

In spite of this Tony was not offered a place at his chosen university. In spite of this , he achieved a first class degree and went on to have a successful career.

Likewise Squirrels feed on hard grains and nuts, using their sharp front cutting teeth to break up their food. Likewise , rats are able to gnaw through hard materials.

Moreover Children from less affluent households were reported to read less. Moreover , children who did not have books in the house were found to be much more likely to have a low reading age.

Nevertheless You should try to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and reduce your fat intake. Nevertheless , any changes you can make to your diet will have a positive effect.  

Nonetheless The disadvantages of living in a city include noise and pollution. Nonetheless , the majority of people still choose to live in urban areas.

On the contrary On the contrary , many students chose universities that showed a good standard of teaching rather than a high ranking.

On the other hand Tourism can have a positive effect on the wealth of a country. On the other hand , it can also have a negative impact on the environment.

On the whole On the whole , most students prefer informal tutorial groups to large group lectures.  

Rather Rob wasn’t successful in the interview, rather he was given some advice on improving his application.

So I really love Spanish culture, so I’m looking forward to my trip to Madrid next month.

Such as Stringed instruments, such as the violin and the cello, are among the most difficult to learn.

Therefore Sue broke her leg. Therefore , she was unable to attend work for a month.

Thus The availability of high-sugar and high-fat foods has had an impact on people’s health; thus , the rate of obesity is increasing.

To conclude To conclude , a child’s home background has a dramatic effect on their educational achievement.

linking phrases for essays pdf

To summarise To summarise , consumer habits are changing: there has been a marked increase in the amount of clothing and technology sold online during the pandemic.

To sum up To sum up , learning a new skill, like a language, can be challenging, but it is also rewarding.

Similarly Similarly , increasing the price of fuel and raising parking charges may discourage people from driving into city centres.

Still Digital technology has made working from home easier. Still , many people prefer the social contact of going to their workplace.

What is more Too much screen time may affect children’s activity levels. What is more , extended time spent using electronic devices may have a negative impact on their eyesight.

Whereas Boys tend to develop physical skills, such as jumping, at a young age, whereas girls tend to develop fine motor skills.

While While men still make up the largest proportion of students on science courses, the number of women is steadily increasing.

Yet The penalties for breaking the law are high, yet some people continue to commit crimes.  

Linking words: exercises


linking phrases for essays pdf

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linking phrases for essays pdf

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Connectives and linking phrases (b2).

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Linking Words for Essay Writing: Useful Paragraph Phrases

Linking Words for Essay Writing: Useful Paragraph Phrases

Importance of Linking Words in Essay Writing

Importance of Linking Words in Essay Writing

An essay is an important piece of writing when a student is seeking college admission. It needs to have a clear flow so that the readability is perfect. Rightly so, the sentences you construct need to flow and lead to each other seamlessly.

Linking or transition words come in handy to make your essay have comprehensible sentences.  The words act as the ideal connectors and bridges that eliminate sentence isolation.

linking phrases for essays pdf

Factually, both writing and speaking need linking words that will help the audience form a clear relationship between ideas. Listeners and readers are able to comprehend responses when the right linking words are in place.

What are Linking Words in Essay Writing?

Linking words are the uniformity basis of an essay. When these words are in an essay, they showcase a connection between sentences. As usual, a typical essay consists of different sections and paragraphs.

linking words+examples

If there are no transition words, the sentences will appear incoherent and messy. The use of linking words clearly show the relationship existing between all sections and paragraphs in an essay.

When writing your essay, make use of linking words as a bridge between the concepts you are writing and ideas in your essay. The readers will enjoy a cohesive piece of essay with texts that are flowing smoothly.

The assessment team has a lot of essays to read and you can make their work easy by using your linking words appropriately. If this is not the case, your professor will have to go through a lot of stress in trying to understand your essay.

Basically, if you want to impress your readers and consequently improve your scores, practice the best linking words skills.

Reasons for Using Linking Words in Essay Writing

Only proper usage of linking words will help you come up with a compelling essay. After toiling to conduct research for your essay, improper structure of sentences will make your efforts go to waste. 

using linking words

Good students endeavor and strive to create an appealing and expressive essay. A thorough use of the right linking words will make your presentation and persuasion of ideas flow perfectly.

Linking words are very crucial in any type of essay . If you do not want your texts to appear clucky, transition words ought to be in place.

 Here are more reasons why you need linking words in your essay:

1. Flow of order and sequence

An essay needs flow of texts, ideas and thoughts otherwise it will lose its quality. Therefore, writers need to make huge efforts and use the right linking words that will bring a sequence of order in the essay.

Such words include next, then, firstly, secondly, afterwards, finally and afterwards. Other transition words to use include concurrently, at the same time, earlier, first of all, following this and for now.

A good sequence order in your essay is also enhanced when you use words such as lastly, in the end, in the beginning or once upon a time.

2. Showcasing comparison        

There are essays that will require the writer to show comparison. Linking words play an important role in contrast and argumentative essays .

If you need to bring out comparison clearly, consider the use of words such as similarly, equally, comparable, in the same time and likewise.

 Apart from same as, other words or phrases to use include just like, just as and comparably.

3. Contrasting

a contrasting sentence

Transition words are the best when you want to bring out contrast in a sentence. In most of the cases, place then at the beginning or in the middle of your sentence to create the right contrast.

However, despite this, yet, whereas and alternatively are some of the words you can use.

4. Illustration of examples

There are places in your essay where you will have to give examples. Obviously, most essays will need illustration of evidence with the use of linking words.

Giving examples without these words will make your text to sound blunt.

Linking words such as for instance, in the case of, and for instance will make it easy to introduce your examples.

5. Including additions

You will also need to use linking words when putting additions in your essays. These words will ensure that you have added a txt with the correct meaning to your essay.

Furthermore, also, secondly, in addition and moreover are some of the linking words to use.

6. Introduction of cause and effects

Cause and effects in an essay can help the writer draw a sensible conclusion. In essence, it helps to bring about good connection of the essay when a conclusion is being added. Therefore, the relationship between cause and effect is better shown using the right linking words.

Owing to, thus, since, as a result of and because are some of the transition words you can use. Other words to use include stems from, leads to, results from, for this reason etc.

7. For conclusion purposes

Starting an impressive essay can only be better if the conclusion is attractive. It is good to bring about the conclusion using appropriate linking words that are not common.

You can conclude your essay using words such as finally, in conclusion, summarizing, in summary and briefly. 

As a writer, you need to bear in mind that adjusting and positioning these words is a must if you are to impress your readers.

Conclusion linking words

Dos of Using Linking Words

30 Examples of Linking Words for Essay Writing

Wrapping Up on Linking words on Essay Writing

You can’t overlook the significance of linking words in essay writing. Transition words are important in bringing ideas together so that they appear as a whole in your essay.

All in all, an essay that flows well must incorporate the right transition words to link arguments and actions. The readers will be able to connect an event that took place because of a consequence of a different action.

Essays need to have a flow of ideas with each one building on the other. Yet still, organization of thoughts in essay writing is valuable and this is where linking words play a critical role.

To sum it up, the more your thoughts are in good organization, the smoother your essay will flow. When you use linking words appropriately, your piece will have a logical structure that is appealing to the reader.

Josh Jasen

When not handling complex essays and academic writing tasks, Josh is busy advising students on how to pass assignments. In spare time, he loves playing football or walking with his dog around the park.

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Linking/transition words: Things you need to know...

All assignments are written in formal language.   You need to ensure that you demonstrate your knowledge and understanding alongside your ability to answer the question/solve the problem. 

Below are some ideas to help you to develop your structure and flow.

These words and phrases indicate the direction, order and flow of ideas. Significantly, they strengthen the quality and structure of your work.

Linking/Transition Words

Transitions link one main idea to another separated by a semi-colon or full-stop.  When the transition word is at the beginning of the sentence, it should be followed by a comma:

Among other functions, they can signal cause and effect or sequencing (see examples in the table below).

Linking words: conjunctions

Linking words within a sentence  are referred to as coordinating conjunctions.  Do not worry about the term: think about the function.

Conciseness / redundant words

Microsoft Word now has an additional feature within the Edito r - it is called conciseness or wordiness.  

Examples:  try to replace phrases with a single words which mean the same.

Need to know more...

Additional resources to help you to improve your confidence and grades:-

Linking/Transition words - Scribbr [Accessed 10 February 2023]

There are many books concerning academic writing, look around Dewey number  808

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    We must shelve our differences We must bury our differences Let's forge ahead in unity It is high time you took this matter seriously They didn't hesitate in embracing the idea Myriad (countless) problems I deem it crucial It is kind of you to bestow this honour on me More importantly Render dedicated service Immense benefits/advantages

  5. PDF Useful Phrases and Linking Words

    Useful Phrases and Linking Words . To add to a point ... Essay-Writing-Useful-Phrases Author: Graeme Prescott Created Date: 7/3/2013 12:18:30 PM ...

  6. PDF Linking Words and Phrases

    We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

  7. PDF L i n k i n g W o r d s

    Transition Words and Phrases y in the first place again moreover not only ... but also to as well as as a matter of fact and together with in like manner also of course ... A complete List English Linking & Connecting Words Keywords: Linking words, Connectin Words, Conjunctions, Transitions Created Date:

  8. The Ultimate List of Linking Words for Your Essay

    Types and List of Linking Words to Use in Essays: Addition/Agreement/Similarity Contrast/Contradiction/Limitation/Opposition Comparison/Concession/Condition Clarification Cause/Effect/Result Emphasis/Example Generalization Illustration Location/Place/Space Reason/Reference Time/Sequence Summary/Conclusion/Restatement


    Download Free PDF LINKING WORDS AND PHRASES aaa bbb The main linking words and phrases are grouped below according to the similarity of their meaning to the three basic connectives and, or, but. Some can be used to link paragraphs and others can only be used to link ideas within a paragraph. etc. Read Full Text Related Papers

  10. Linking Words And Phrases In English (List With Examples)

    Which of these groups of linking words show consequence? a. however, although, but b. therefore, so, as a result c. for example, such as d. to conclude, in summary, to sum up Which of these groups of linking words are used to contrast ideas? a. however, although, but b. therefore, so, as a result c. for example, such as

  11. Linking Words PDF

    Home. Sentence Linking words and phrases connectors Subordinators Although some of these words have already been mentioned as sentence Words & connectors, they can also be used to develop coherence within a phrases paragraph, that is linking one idea / argument to another. Print off this page to keep as a reference of useful linking words and phrases.

  12. PDF Sentence starters, linking words, transitional phrases

    Sentence starters, linking words, transitional phrases To access a large on-line academic writing phrase bank go HERE To download a large PDF academic writing phrase bank go HERE

  13. Connectives and Linking Words (B2)

    Connectives and Linking Phrases (B2) CON004 - Connectives and Linking Words. CON003 - Connectives and Linking Phrases. CON002 - Connectives and Linking Phrases. CON001 - Connectives.

  14. PDF Linking words and phrases

    linking words and phrases are often called connectives. Connectives act like a road map for the reader to indicate the flow and order of your writing and ideas. The use of linking words and phrases makes it easier for the reader to follow your ideas between parts of a sentence, from one sentence to another, and from one paragraph to another.

  15. Linking Words for Essay Writing: Useful Paragraph Phrases

    Other words to use include stems from, leads to, results from, for this reason etc. 7. For conclusion purposes Starting an impressive essay can only be better if the conclusion is attractive. It is good to bring about the conclusion using appropriate linking words that are not common.

  16. PDF Useful Argumentative Essay Words and Phrases

    Below are examples of signposts that are used in argumentative essays. Signposts enable the reader to follow our arguments easily. When pointing out opposing arguments (Cons): ... You may need to adapt certain words and phrases for your own purposes. You may also wish to add your own sentence stems to the list below: Signposting stems for an ...

  17. PDF transitional words and phrases

    Transitional words and phrases are vital devices for essays, papers or other literary compositions. They improve the connections and transitions between sentences and paragraphs. They thus give the text a logical organization and structure. All English transitional words and phrases (sometimes also called 'conjunctive

  18. Linking/transition words

    Linking / transition words and phrases join ideas, sentences and paragraphs together. They should be used within sentences and to move from one idea to another (between sentences). These words and phrases indicate the direction, order and flow of ideas. Significantly, they strengthen the quality and structure of your work.

  19. Useful Linking Words And Phrases For Essays

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