Essay about Internet Privacy and Security

Com176 outline and thesis statement

The Internet crimes can often overlap between fraud and other crimes. Because of these overlapping crimes it is important the there is communication and cooperation between our own agencies and international agencies.

Britons Are More Likely To Be Defrauded Than Any Other Crime

With 1 in every 10 adults in England and Wales defrauded in the past year, Britons are more likely to be robbed online than on the streets according to the recent report of the Office of the National Statistics (ONS).

The Australian Competition And Commission V Vassallo

The Australian Competition and Commission v Vassallo (2009) case depicts the affects of cyber crime on individuals involved. Advances in technology have enabled new ways to commit fraud online. Criminals are using new and complex techniques to commit fraud which often result in financial loss towards individuals. The two respondents in the case, Leanne Rita Vassallo and Aaron David Smith had sold medical eBooks through the internet. The eBooks claimed to provide medical cures and treatments for various health problems such as Lyme disease, asthma, herpes and prostate cancer. However, expert evidence concluded that the cures offered no therapeutic treatments. The two respondents had profited financially from the fraudulent eBooks and had sold the eBooks to more than 60, 000 customers worldwide. The online fraud was operated through several websites which were able to be accessed internationally. Despite rapid advancements in technology, legislation has proved to be effective in regulating cyber crime.

Internet Privacy

The concern about privacy on the Internet is increasingly becoming an issue of international dispute. ?Citizens are becoming concerned that the most intimate details of their daily lives are being monitored, searched and recorded.? ( 81% of Net users are concerned about threats to their privacy while online. The greatest threat to privacy comes from the construction of e-commerce alone, and not from state agents. E-commerce is structured on the copy and trade of intimate personal information and therefore, a threat to privacy on the Internet.

Internet Conspiracy Timberg

This negative relationship has to be resolved for future use of the internet and the sack of individual’s and business’s personal privacy. This article really went into detail explaining the defenselessness of the internet and the dangers that it has had in the past and still has today. Going forward, I believe that the Internet should be better secured to keep its users protected in the future. Technology advances every day and with technology advancements, negligent users also advance and internet users need get and stay protected. Technology is the future and the future cannot be vulnerable for destruction, a strong security system is needed. The government should get more involved in internet access, as Timberg stated in his article, to provide protection from its dangers. If government assistance is applied in the correct areas of need, the internet will be a safer place for its

Military Intelligence Paper

At the same time, no one wants to be a victim of invasion. These two facts make the internet a balancing act between convenience and security. This is not a personal problem. Business owners and government have the same concerns. The internet streamlines governmental programs and offices from the tax collector to the highway patrol. In the near future these programs will remain a target for cyber-attacks hindering the life of U.S. citizens. Terrorist continue to target the western world for their beliefs and will increase their targeting of these cyber systems in the

A Report On The Fbi Reports Web Fraud Claims Rose

Home-based business and work-at-home opportunity scams rank very high on the list of the top types of Internet fraud.

Privacy, The State Of Being Away From Public Attention

Throughout time, privacy and security have been two heavily debated topics. There has always been a struggle to find middle ground between a private environment and a secure environment, but the dawn of technology and the Internet has made this struggle even more difficult. The Internet has drastically decreased the expectation of privacy of any and all individuals that have ever used it. Technology in general can pose a threat to an individual’s physical and virtual security. The Internet has also brought forth a sense of anonymity to those looking to conceal their true identities, some of which plan to commit horrific crimes. Privacy and security go hand in hand, however security is by far the most important.

Essay on Social Harm Can Help Us to Explore the Complexities of

The agencies employed by governments to police the web in order to protect the vulnerable have seen an increase in child pornography and online fraud. The speed at which information can be distributed and the number of people that can be reached attracts those that are intent on causing harm. The term “cybercrime” is becoming more widely used. The financial gains that can be made and the anonymity the internet can provide, make the virtual world of cyberspace a haven for criminals. Although the internet has huge benefits for information gathering and social networking, in the wrong hands it can cause harm to the vulnerable and criminals are able to vanish into the underground with the use of false identities that are hard to track online.

Summary Of Email Phising

Email phishing, one scheme of internet scamming, is a problematic issue in society as it causes millions of people to fall victim to identity theft and financial exploit. Acts such as this could not be more apparent at The University of Alabama during its 2013-2014 school term, when an email headlined “New Year Upgrading” surfaced its way into the inboxes of UA students. In his article “University OIT warns of phishing scams” for The Crimson White, author Josh Sigler cautions students of The University of Alabama to be wary of false advertisement and to refrain from providing personal information, if uncertain. Sigler attests why UA students should be as alert as possible of online scams by appointing advice from a specialist, unveiling past

Internet Privacy : The Positive Impact Of The Internet

Internet privacy is the security of a user’s personal data that is stored or published on the internet. The internet is an important part of every individual’s daily life. In today’s society, the internet is used by many different people for many reasons. It can be used for research, communication, and purchasing items. Without the internet, many things that are completed during the course of a day would be impossible or take time to complete. As people use the internet, everything is stored in a database that tracks and keeps any personal information that is entered by users. As users continue to use the internet to complete important tasks such as purchasing items and paying bills, their privacy and security become at risk. Although the internet can be seen to have a positive impact on society, it does have a negative impact. Since the internet can be accessed by anybody it can cause a lot of damage. Examples of internet risk include identity thieves, phasing, and scams. Due to things such as online shopping, banking and other e-commerce options, personal information is stored in the internet enabling many cybercrimes to occur. Cybercrimes are very similar to any regular crime; the crime just happens to take place on websites for criminals to hack and steal user’s information for their own personal benefit. Cybercriminals tend to attack users based on their emails, social media accounts, and web history because the most history about an individual is stored in those sites.

Internet Security Why Bother?

Internet technology has bestowed upon society a new norm, one that brought about both social and economic benefits. Communication and informal relationships reached higher heights with persons connecting with distant and ‘long lost’ family and friends, through email and social media. Businesses themselves have also benefited from this technology. They saw their demographic expand overnight from local, to regional and international clientele. However in parallel to an increase in users using their fingers to communicate and do business online, so were Internet security threats on the rise. Internet users and governments face increased risks of being targets of cyber-attacks. The digital age have introduced a new type of criminal called, ‘cybercriminals’. A cybercriminal is a person or a group who focus on virtual theft of financial information, business espionage and accessing government information. The result of these activities has an open question: How are cybercriminals getting access to sensitive and private data? The answer is simple: Internet Security, lack of, unawareness and not following basic security protocols. Although companies are selling customers personal information to advertisers, internet users must be conscious of a website’s security when entering personal information online, because too many users fall victim to scams resulting in financial loss and identity theft. The significance of this research paper is educate

E Mail And Web Site Scams

This paper is going to discuss a real-life example of an E-Mail and Web Site Scam. Identifying the elements of the offense of E-Mail and Web Site Scams and how the suspect met the elements of the offenses. The appropriate state statutes that are applied, the hardware or software components that were used in committing the crime. What protocols would be used for collecting evidence to prove E-Mail and Web Site Scams. Examples of evidence that would be collected and examples of how they would be packaged, transported, and documented. Explain how forensic examination of the evidence is carried out and what information should be provided to the forensic examiner to assist in his or her analysis. Explain an exception to the Fourth Amendment search warrant requirement that was or may be applicable to E-Mail and Web Site Scams case. Explain how the suspect committed the crime. Explain what their trick or gimmick was when committing this crime. Offer a realistic sentencing recommendation for an offender that commits this type of crime.

The Pros And Cons Of Cyber Crime

Perhaps the most outstanding form of cyber crime is identity theft, in which wrongdoers use the web to steal personal information from other users. One of the most frequent ways this is done is through phishing. This method entices people to fake websites (that appear to be legitimate), where they are asked to enter information about themselves. This includes inputting information, such as usernames and passwords, mobile numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, and other information criminals can use to gain another person's identity. "Many people in developing countries are getting attracted towards because of high unemployment and low wages". (Kshetri, 2010)

Essay On Internet Privacy

In today’s world, Privacy and Security comes hand in hand with internet. Technology allows us free speech and freedom of information over the internet, by imposing strict laws and policies regulating the privacy and security of our information. According to Richard Clarke, free expression over the internet and its privacy are two sides of the same coin (Privacy and security(n.d.)). Writing blogs, uploading posts, comments or pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, networking or sharing links on Linkedin are all considered as our free expression and its security is our right. Individual right to

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internet privacy essay 200 words

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internet privacy essay 200 words

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internet privacy essay 200 words

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internet privacy essay 200 words

Speech on Internet Privacy

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Speech on Internet Privacy

It is rightly said that today’s era is a digital era. We may not realize it now, but the internet has become a new necessity in our lives. It has witnessed a boom like never before. In today’s time, the internet is as important to us as food, water, air is. Having said that, internet or internet privacy does have a dark side about which we must be aware of. Internet users must be well-versed in the methods for safeguarding their data on the internet. In this blog, we have brought to you a speech on internet privacy that you can refer to for your English homework, assignments, and exams.

Table of contents

What is internet privacy, speech on internet privacy: sample 1 (200-300 words), speech on internet privacy: sample 2 (400-500 words), relatable links.

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Before actually skipping onto the speech on internet privacy, let us first discuss what is meant by internet privacy. The amount of privacy protection an individual has while connected to the Internet is defined as online privacy or internet privacy. It discusses the level of internet security accessible for personal and financial information, conversations, and preferences. Internet users frequently try to enhance their online privacy by using anti-virus software, creating strong passwords, disabling tracking, evaluating site security, and selecting for tougher privacy settings. Online privacy threats vary from phishing schemes to viruses, and issues with website security can lead to identity theft. Internet privacy is a complicated topic that encompasses how your personal information is utilized, gathered, shared, and kept on your own devices and when connected to the Internet. Personal information about your habits, purchasing, and location can be gathered and shared with third parties via your phone, GPS, and other devices. Users of the internet and mobile devices have the right to know how their information will be used and to examine online privacy policies.

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Good morning everyone! I am Aryaman and today I stand before you to present an insightful and informative speech on Internet Privacy. Privacy, whether offline or online, is definitely our right, which should be demanded and expected no matter what the cost, but one might wonder why there is so much concern centered around internet privacy. Most of our lives have become virtual in the pandemic era, and all activities that were previously done offline are now done online. Be it our bank details, legal discussions with CA , or our professional work-related details, there is no guarantee that privacy on the internet is guarded.

In the year 1997, the Consumer Internet Privacy Protection Act was passed by the government as per which the consumer information shared on the internet should be safeguarded at any cost, but still, it is a matter of utmost concern and importance because the internet offers various communication tools which are frequently used and there too, the information being shared can be tracked by someone who knows how to do it and also technology has grown at a steadfast level that even our old messages that are deleted can be easily retrieved because of availability of countless apps. Certain websites use cookies that record data while we sign up or log in and, even if we are anonymous, it is relatively easy in this technologically advanced era to know our true identity, personal details, and Internet Service Provider details as well.

As a result, whatever web-based email services we use, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail, we must be familiar with the privacy policies of those services before signing up or logging in to protect our privacy, and we must not hesitate to take action against heinous cybercrimes if we become aware of any kind of cyber abuse.

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Good morning everyone! I am Aryaman and today I stand before you to present an insightful and informative speech on Internet Privacy. We can define internet privacy as safeguarding our personal, financial, and other important information when we are online. However, after decoding the definition, one must ask, “Is internet privacy a reality or a myth?”Let us further explore this problem and crack the code. Due to the pandemic, most of our lives have now taken a virtual turn and most of our tasks, be it our work meetings, binge-watching our favorite web series, chatting with friends, online business transactions, and banking transactions, are all done online.

In real life, we only disclose information that we believe is not confidential, but in the online world, simple information such as email IDs and passwords can be traced by a skilled individual, and technology has advanced to the point where the internet and mobile phones are available to children, making them just as vulnerable as adults. After understanding the gravity of the situation, we must explore the ways in which we can ensure our online privacy. To begin with, there are a plethora of software applications that ensure online privacy, such as anti-viruses and anti-malware, and it is critical that these software applications are updated to their most recent version to avoid any sort of privacy problem. Second of all, internet history must be cleared on a regular basis. Online investments and banking transactions must be done through reliable sources only. Thirdly, online shopping must be done on reliable websites only which have credibility and authenticity, and we must avoid giving our information to those websites which don’t seem to be genuine and authentic. Also, we must keep a strong password for our email IDs and for other accounts as well.

We must be well-versed in Internet privacy laws, and if we encounter any type of online privacy issue, we must report it immediately so that the problem does not worsen. After attaining a crystal clear understanding of internet privacy, we must continually educate ourselves about this problem and be aware and prevent ourselves from having any sort of online privacy problem. In the end, I would like to say my heartiest thanks to the audience for listening to my speech on internet privacy with patience.

How did you all find the speech? Do let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section. Also, feel free to reach our experts at Leverage Edu , to seek guidance at every step of your study abroad education journey.

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internet privacy essay 200 words

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internet privacy essay 200 words

Internet Privacy Essay

Slowly technology has been disintegrating many aspects of our society, the internet especially. Although the internet has its positive effects such as its wealth of resources it has led to the loss of privacy. For example social networking sites give their users easy access to share information about themselves however, due to the explosion of technology it has made hacking easier to online predators. The government has attempted to help people regain their privacy online by passing the Consumer Internet Privacy Protection Act of 1997, although this law has been difficult to enforce due to the fast advances in technology and the web. In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, a society described to be constantly watched “Big Brother is watching you” (Orwell 4) , where there is no such thing as privacy or freedom of speech and the government is in control of everything. Orwell in this novel foresees the advancements of technology to be harmful to our future society, if we continue to let our privacy be taken away from us it will make us one step closer to living in a society where the government/large corporations control all. The internet, provided by many devices nowadays “provides everybody with identical technical capacities… publishing his or her personal views on a worldwide scale - and all of this at a minimum cost and effort, without any spatial restrictions” (Geser 9). “Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious” (Orwell), the internet is easily accessed by many people worldwide and can be easily hacked to find out important private information about anyone. Social networks especially, whose privacy systems have failed to protect their users from their ac... ... middle of paper ... ...e tools that enable Internet advertisers to track consumers, using "cookies" and location data to pinpoint targets for government hacking and to bolster surveillance” (Perlroth). Due to the internet being an easy way to access information companies have developed techniques to track consumers and target advertising to their certain interest.These technique though used by companies are now being used by the government for tracking. One of the techniques used to track involve cookies which are a small text file placed by a web server. However, their use has attracted criticism from some privacy experts that claim that cookies serve as a passage for online predators to monitor a person's internet activity. Due to this claim if you have had problems with viruses or have had your account hacked you are recommended to not just erase your history but cookies as well.

In this essay, the author

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1 Minute Speech on Internet Privacy In English

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Home — Essay Samples — Information Science and Technology — Internet — The Importance of Internet Privacy

internet privacy essay 200 words

The Importance of Internet Privacy

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The Importance of Internet Privacy Essay

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internet privacy essay 200 words

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Internet Privacy Article, Essay , Speech

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What is Internet  Privacy ?

Internet privacy is the privacy and security level of personal data published via the internet. In other words we can call it as online privacy. Internet privacy is cause for concern because nowadays most of the work of purchases ,communication,  gaming , business are done online. In real life, we do not share our personal info with a stranger. We choose what to reveal while dealing with a stranger in any way. In the same way, it is important to consider one’s privacy while dealing businesses online. There are real people working behind inanimate computers or android devices. And that must be considered or checked for sure when a person is working on computer. nowadays since internet is affordable and the children learn to handle it very soon, that makes it more than an important reason for taking internet privacy  as a  prime matter.

Types of Cracking Internet  Privacy

Malware using short definitions , phishing is an internet hacking activity used to secure user data ,including username, password, etc.pharming is used to redirect a legitimate website visitor to a different IP  address using hacking.  Spyware is an offline app that obtains data without a user’s consent. When computer is online, those datas are sent to spy ware sources. Internet  privacy threats may be minimized by one’s knowledge and careful examination of online sites before disclosing any personal information.

How to Prevent Internet  Privacy ?

Preventive software applications are available and those can be either purchased or downloaded. Examples of such software are antivirus, anti malware, firewalls, etc. and if those are installed  ,they must  be upgraded to latest versions from time to time to protect the computer from latest viruses and other such online phishing- pharming attack. It is to be noted that new computer viruses are invented daily.

Some other preventive measures are given below:

While choosing passwords, include a combination  of special  characters, numerals and letters as they make a strong combination for a password.With more and more of our activities and offices are transferring into online modes, it makes sense to educate all internet users to know about the negative elements hidden behind data usage. Not to forget, all those social networking sites which appear very fun to use. Being a technocrat is not bad unless one is a smart user. Uploading a post in the form of a photo can be fun and seem trendy, but we never know if there are lurkers sitting behind computer and looking for their next targets. Many such cases of stealing identity, editing decent photos into indecent ones and thus using them to blackmail people are becoming very common. therefore one must first be very careful at choosing their online friends. Also there are some websites who do not support choosing audiences. That means uploading anything will be visible publicly.  For example, twitter. So we must choose carefully what to post and what not.In some websites, information related to bank accounts are asked to enter. This applies during online transaction. One must ensure that it is verified or authorized by a secure site or source such as VISA, verisign, etc.

Questions :

About Charmin Patel

Blogger and Digital Marketer by Choice and Chemical Engineer By Chance. Computer and Internet Geek Person Who Loves To Do Something New Every Day.

Paragraph Buzz

Short Paragraph on Internet Privacy (245 Words)

Short paragraph on internet privacy for students of all classes.

The Internet has been so cheap and easy for everyone. Now people can use the internet in their mobile device with a SIM card. But it was not that much easy before. You had to take an internet connection from a valid server. But now everything works wirelessly. It so amazing that the internet has to have an important contribution to modern science . It is helping everyone to learn more and become powerful in the information.

But a thing that has been a reason for the tension is privacy for the internet. It is an open world and anyone can browse whatever she or he wants. In that case, people are building web properties. Suppose you are having a Facebook account, now it is a web-property of you.  You must have to keep it safe so that anyone can’t see your private chats and messages with others.

Not only on Facebook, have we needed to ensure privacy in every sector of the internet . We need to make the internet safe and clean. To do that the most important thing is to keep your device virus-free. Do you know how to keep a computer from phone virus-free? First of all, we need to know which software is good for the device. We should not use any unauthentic software or app. These apps can steal information from our devices. To ensure our privacy, we need to stay away from these unethical apps. Sometimes hackers are also responsible for these.

More Short Paragraphs

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Internet Privacy

Extract of sample "Internet Privacy"

Internet privacy. College: Internet security involves aspects of internet privacy and set up. Such privacy is guarded by terms and policies of information creation, ownership and rights to intellectual property. Internet access uses network set up in various settings such as home, office or work. For work places, internet privacy encloses staff and third parties that may be invited by the firm or allowed to access internet by that firm. Public place internet such as library is accessible through provisions created by such bodies.

Home security on the other hand applies the same rules of circle but whose privacy is more limiting to fewer number of people (Jennings et al 200). Electronic network in privacy is part of a person’s property. The persons in question are subscribed in transactions cognizable to the law to obtain internet access within their scope. Using such property without their permission is intrusive impliedly adds up to trespass. This is because it could expose that person’s (legal or real) information to the public.

Use of the next person’s bandwidth of internet access could lead to legal actions. This is because the person pays for the network access. The violation stretches to network providing firms as which bear the financial loss in the equation. Invasion of one’s internet access is proof of the invading party’s capability to sabotage their security. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, such acts are illegal and could be presented for action by law enforcement. The FBI for example takes into account cyber activity tracked to specific persons through intelligence.

Workplace or home network access is limited to the people subscribed to them and those allowed by such groups. This allocation process by network firms allows for security by creating circles of privacy. Accessing information from firm’s data as well adds up to intrusion.Works cited. Jennings, C., & Fena, L. (2000). The hundredth window: Protecting your privacy and security in the age of the Internet. New York: Free Press.


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