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I have an assignment due tomorrow and i haven’t started- Tips to get you started

Students from time to time find it hard to meet assignment submission deadlines. You will hear a student say; I have an assignment due tomorrow and I haven’t started.

While sometimes such setbacks are inevitable because of genuine grounds, most of the time, the problem is usually because of mere laziness. However, if you found yourself in such a situation, what should you do?

Read through this article and find out what you can do to solve the setback.

I have an assignment due tomorrow and I haven’t started

If you have an essay due tomorrow and you haven’t started it, you have to make time to complete it. You can also consider asking your professor for more time or hiring an expert essay writer to write it for you. 

Due to procrastination, an emergency, or a tight schedule, I have not attended to the duty, and now the work is due tomorrow.

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Do I fail to do the assignment and get a zero? On the other hand, do I go ahead and stand up to the task today?

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What to do when your assignment is due tomorrow?

Keep calm, focus, and get done with the assignment. To complete work whose deadline is due tomorrow is quite a stressful task. However, in the right state of mental capacity and a willingness to do the duty, doing the assignment in a day is a possibility.

Treat the assignment as a priority and clear your schedule to attend to the assignment. With an assignment due tomorrow, you could sleep on it and get the job done.

What should I do with my essay due tomorrow?

With an assignment due tomorrow, get yourself in order and complete the work today. If there is no extension of the submission date, you do not have any other choice.

Avoid panicking by relaxing yourself first. Exercise some deep breaths, yoga stretches, or music to keep you in the right state of mind. When you are in control and calm, you will focus and complete the task before tomorrow.

Create a plan to guide you to do the assignment decently in a day. The task is overwhelming, but with a plan, researching and writing become easier.

What to do if you can’t finish an assignment on time?

Many genuine reasons can deter somebody from completing an assignment on time. Some of these reasons include sickness or accident, inadequate time, power outage, and unforeseen emergencies. Other reasons are mere procrastination and laziness.

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If you found yourself in such a tight spot due to any of the above reasons, what should you do? The list below provides you with recommendations that can help you solve the problem.

You can go to your lecturer, call him/her, or write an email to explain your situation.

If you make aware of your predicament early enough, chances are the instructor might give you an extension.

2. Hire a professional writer

If you are unable to complete the assignment by yourself within the deadline, hire a seasoned writer. Assignment experts can deliver articles within a short time. Additionally, the experts do quality work.

Also see: Is it wrong to pay essay writing companies to do your work?

3. File a petition

Your reason for failure to finish an assignment within the deadline may be very genuine and understandable. In such a case, reach out to the registrar of your faculty and file a petition.

4. Take responsibility

If you cannot meet the deadline submission date, avoid making excuses. Take responsibility and try your best to solve the issue. Taking responsibility means accepting whatever verdict your lecturer says. You will try your best next time.

I have an essay due tomorrow and I haven’t started

To write a good essay a short time before submission is almost an unmanageable task. A good article serves the reader with a legible thesis, lucid supporting paragraphs, and a polished conclusion.

Chances are, if I completed the essay and submitted it on time, the work will be inadequate. There is a high likelihood I will make grammatical mistakes or structure my sentences poorly. I might even overlook the flow of the essay in between.

I have two options; fail to completely write the essay and hence not submit it, or stand up to the task ahead and write it today.

How do you write an essay the day before it’s due?

Get your writing materials together, plan on the task ahead and start writing. The task might be hard but do not panic. Keep calm and take responsibility.

So, you might ask; with the pressure of completing the essay before the deadline, how do you utilize the little time you have and write the essay? Below are some tips you could employ to help you with such a task.

Make a plan of how your essay should be. Develop an outline of your thesis and your main points. By doing so, you will minimize the time you spend on research.

Clearly understanding the topic will ensure you spend less time researching. You, therefore, consume less time in writing the essay.

If you are a slow writer, hire the services of an essay writer . The writer will deliver the writing faster and more effectively. Such a writer can write a quality essay within a short time. In return, you meet the deadline comfortably.

Is it possible to finish an essay in a day?

Yes, it is possible to finish an essay in a day. Completing the task cannot be a problem when having an effective writing plan. Good research and proficient writing skills should be abilities you need to have to write an essay in a day.

Whether in school, at work, failing to meet deadlines is a problem many people have faced. A good example is, I have an assignment due tomorrow and I haven’t started. My advice would be; don’t panic and stand up to the task.

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Tommyinnit remembers he has an essay due tomorrow

i have my college essay due tomorrow

🎦 MIRROR CLIP: Tommyinnit remembers he has an essay due tomorrow

Credit to for the clip. [ Alternative (BETA)]

man I just checked my google class to see if I forgot any homework for tomorrow and then remembered I finished the 1st half of this year, nothing will get me in so much anxiety like school will

I still occasionally wake up thinking I missed a test 7 years after I graduated university. Such a shit feeling.

I woke up in a cold sweat thinking I forgot to drop a class yesterday. I graduated 2 years ago...

That anxiety never goes away. That shits rooted deep. You will have extremely vivid dreams about it, and you'll wake up in a full panic until it dawns on you that you graduated 10 years ago.

Dude I just woke up from a dream where I got a 33% on one of my finals.

Nam flashbacks

I had a dream a week ago that I didn't study for a test and if I did not pass that test that I would be kicked out of school. Woke up really stressed and it took me a couple of minutes to remember that I finished uni three years ago...

i have the opposite feeling that the other commenter had. After I graduated school I've found myself missing the anxiety that I got from university

damn he has 30k subs already.. this kid actually made such a young age too!

And he's still worried about an essay too, what a world we live in.

Man I remember a year when he was at 80k subs and click-baiting technoblade, consistently was on the grind and made such good content. Kinda proud of him!

33k subs worried about an essay lol

Makes over double his teachers salary in a month from that alone lmao

Probably because he's very new to the fame. He was a 1k-2k andy until july/august.

If he's prioritising his education above his stream despite its success, then good on him tbh

You think that's gonna last forever? Education is something you can fall back on, being an online personality is not. It eventually dies out, and by then, unless you were really careful with your money, you might be fucked.

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10-Page Essay Due Tomorrow? Don’t Panic, We are Here to Help

Ten-page essay due tomorrow

Ten-page essay due tomorrow

In most cases, students get late and they pull off an amazing assignment at the last minute. However, when the paper is too large, they may fail to. If you have a 10-page essay due tomorrow, this article explores the options you have.

In this guide, we explore the things to do when you find yourself with such a large paper in the evening or at night on the even of the due date. While not all are applicable, they are the best shot you have at delivery within the deadline.

Get a Brilliant 10-page Essay done!

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What to do When you Have a Ten-page Essay Due Tomorrow? 

Having a 10-page paper or an essay that is due tomorrow can happen to anyone. You should always start it as soon as possible.

If you have a 10-page essay that is due tomorrow, the best solution for you is to get it completed by an expert essay writer who is seasoned to write it within such a short deadline. You can also contact your professor to extend your deadline or consult with your peers for help.

While these options are good, each is appropriate in different situations. Whenever you find yourself in this situation you can follow the following steps to get the best possible ten-page essay in a short time:

1. Get Ready to Write

You have very little time and your mind should be ready to write. 

Most students in these situations are always stressed. Relax a little. Deep breathing can help lower your blood pressure and relax. Turn on some soothing music that can help you feel calm and in control.

Read the assignment’s instructions

A clear understanding of the assignment is key if you want to complete it in a short period. find keywords that will help you realize the goal of your paper. Avoiding asking your instructor questions about an essay that is due the next day.  

Research the topic

With limited time, search for sources that will be more helpful. Use the university library and web pages. These are the easiest ways to gather information on a topic. find the sources that relate best to your topic.

Pick a few pieces of evidence

Working on a tight deadline will not let you do extensive research. Pick a few pieces of evidence that will help you support your essay arguments.

2. Write your Paper

Begin with the thesis statement.

The thesis statement answers the question of your paper. To write a thesis pose a question about your topic statement and answer it using a declarative statement. 

Write an outline

Outlines are key to making sure that your paper will be organized. Outlines include the subject for each paragraph of your paper and the thesis statement. Include references too to avoid hunting them down later.

Write the body of your paper 

Every paragraph should relate to the thesis. Paragraphs should start with a topic sentence which should be followed by a support sentence. The transition from one paragraph to another should be smooth. 

Write the introduction

Always write the introduction when you know how your arguments flow throughout the essay. Make it informative. It serves as the reader’s roadmap on what is in your essay. 

Cite the sources

Use your assignment guidelines to write the sources you wrote on the outline. APA, MLA, and Chicago are the most used citation methods.

3. Put in the Final Touches

Edit the paper.

Make sure that you have explained your ideas extensively and the word choice is good. Check for any errors whether grammatical, spelling, or mechanical.

Review the guidelines and finish

Make sure that your essay catches all required components. If so, your paper is good and can be submitted. 

Need Help with your Homework or Essays?

Causes for having delayed a paper undone up to today.

Some students are just lazy. They will spend their days doing nothing instead of doing their assignments. They mostly find themselves out of time and can’t beat the deadline set for the submission of the paper. 

Delayed paper causes

Missed class

Students who miss classes may not even be aware whether there is a paper they are supposed to do.

Others may find it hard to complete if what was covered in that class was to guide the students on how to go about the paper.

Homework burden

Students are involved in a lot of units in school. If they have homework in most of these units, they may find it hard to complete all of them hence causing delayed submissions.  

n fact, most students cite too much workload as the reason for seeing essay writing help. Most of our clients who can’t write their college essays cited the homework burden as their main challenge.

If students fall sick their bodies may become weak and reduce their concentration levels and the ability to do a good amount of academic work in a day. This makes it hard for students to complete their assignment papers in time. 

Family Issues

Family issues can also cause delays in paper submissions. Some students are forced to take care of their siblings if their parents are always working. Managing the family and school work is hard and may reduce the time they set aside for schoolwork. 

Poor time management

If a student fails to manage their time well they are likely to delay the submission of the paper. The student will not know what to do at what time and is likely to end up with shoddy work that they feel they can’t submit over the fear of getting low grades. 

Tight Deadlines

Technical papers require a lot of attention. Students may find the set deadlines too soon to complete them. 70% of our student customers admit that they hire college essay writers because of tight deadlines or they forgot the assignment.

Students may have planned their time well but then fail to complete the paper on time due to the extensive research and detailed arguments needed in technical papers to present a solution to a problem.

Why we are the Best to Write your Urgent Paper

Confidential writers.

All the details you share with us remain confidential as per the privacy policy available on our websites. All the personal information used when login into our website and your payment details are kept secret.

hire us to write your paper

Friendly Support team

Our website is user-friendly. Navigation through everything on the website is easy.

The customer service is reliable and available whenever needed. All your queries are solved in a friendly way while maintaining professionalism. 

Cheap Essay writing

Our prices are fair to all our customers. Prices change depending on the type of work, length of the work, and the deadline that our customers set for our work. 

Expert Essay writers

Our writers are professional and experienced to ensure that the work that our clients get is of high quality. All our writers have rich educational backgrounds and are specialized in different fields.

They ensure they provide quality plagiarism-free work. We are here to help even if you can’t write your college essay or any other type of homework.

Brand value

Our brand value speaks for itself. Our satisfied customers leave good reviews concerning the services oared to them. This shows that our customer base is happy.

To prove this, you can go through different customer reviews found on our website. Our social media ratings are good too. Our Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and, Facebook pages have good ratings. 

Money-back guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee. In case you receive a poor paper from us, you can get a refund. You can also ask for a revision in case the work provided has some mistakes and has not reached the high level you wanted. 

Why you Should Hire us to Write Your Urgent Essays

Why hire us

Essays delivered fast

We only specialize in essays. Once you place an order you will get it back before the deadline you set or on the deadline date.

If you are having time management problems order essays with us and receive them back on set deadlines.

Plagiarism-free work

The work we provide is unique and well researched.

We are aware that plagiarized work can negatively impact a student’s performance.

This is why all our writers strive to provide plagiarism-free work to all our clients. 

Chance to cover up your flaws

If you are not a good essay writer, you can hire our professional essay writers. They will write the essay for you and you will have better work to show. Your work is well-edited and proofread

You do not have to worry about anything. They add their style and you will have something unique compared to others.

You will be able to concentrate on other constructive activities other than being overwhelmed by the hustle of pinning down words, explaining concepts in your own words, and looking for grammatical errors.

Give your essays to our professional writers and get everything done within your set deadline. You will end up with something better than what you could have come up with on your own. 

Josh Jasen working

Josh Jasen or JJ as we fondly call him, is a senior academic editor at Grade Bees in charge of the writing department. When not managing complex essays and academic writing tasks, Josh is busy advising students on how to pass assignments. In his spare time, he loves playing football or walking with his dog around the park.

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My assignment is due tomorrow and I haven't even started it yet!

i have my college essay due tomorrow

Uh oh…

Well, if it really is due tomorrow, let’s do this and do it quick! You could have anything due tomorrow, so instead of a step-by-step guide let’s focus on some tips and tricks to pull off this craziness. Legions of students before you have done it and legions of students after you will do it so have faith—you can do it 💪.

1. Prioritise

This probably doesn’t need to be said but if it’s due tomorrow then clear your schedule tonight—this is absolutely your top priority right now! Normally we recommend getting plenty of sleep but if you have something due tomorrow, tonight's the night to push your bedtime back a little bit (still no all-nighters though!)

2. Get your head in the game

Okay, no matter how much of a mountain it seems, this has to be done tonight. Don’t let yourself even consider the option of handing it in late—just thinking that will make it even harder to finish in time.

It’s time to get your head in the game and focus on the task ahead. You want to grab some water and make sure you’ve eaten. Then, set yourself up in a clean, bright area, find a supportive chair and grab all of the resources you'll need to do your assignment.

You can check out our video on Study Spaces for everything you need to set up the perfect workspace.

3. Work out exactly what you need to do

To work as efficiently as possible you should first understand exactly what you need to do.

That means you need to think about exactly what ideas or topics you need to cover and what your approach should be. So, read the assignment and marking criteria carefully and identify any keywords. Also highlight any important details, like the word count or page limit, the submission format and any other info that will affect how you approach this task.

This will vary massively depending on the assignment. The point is basically just that you should make sure you know exactly what you need to do before you start. Trust me, it’ll make everything quicker if you do ⏰.

4. Do a brief plan

To make sure we can get this done properly in one night, the next step is to plan your answer. This will make it a lot easier to start writing and, if you have to do any research, you will know exactly what you’re looking for.

So, sketch out a brief plan onto a page. Work out what needs to go into your answer and how it’s going to be structured. It might feel difficult or pointless to plan at this point, but if you can get some of the hard work out of the way here it’ll become much easier to write!

5. Research efficiently

Now, this one is obviously only relevant if you need research for your answer. Gathering research for an essay or report can take time. By using the keywords from the syllabus and assessment notification, you’ll be able to focus on the resources that you actually need. As far as you can, drop your research straight into the plan and you’ll be moving much more efficiently.

Don’t forget to reference as you go! This will save you time and ensure you don’t make any mistakes 😅.

6. Quality over quantity

This is a seriously important tip. When you’re really under pressure, it can be tempting to just smash out as many words as possible so you can hit that word count—don’t do this! It’s just going to give you a whole lot of waffle and even worse marks.

Instead of waffling, stick to your answer plan, use your research and fall back on the ideas in our lessons . It will get you a much better result for not that much extra work ✅.

7. Do your final read over tomorrow morning

Once you’ve finally pulled off that answer, it’s time to go to bed. You’re probably going to be too tired, too stressed and too wrapped up in your answer to be able to give it a proper check and edit.

So, just get some sleep now, set the alarm 30mins earlier tomorrow and read over it again with fresh eyes and a clear mind. You should be able to pick up any little mistakes and make the whole thing read a lot better and generally end up with a stronger answer!

Even though this isn’t ideal, you can still pull it off! The secret is to be as efficient as possible. So, keep calm, find out exactly what you need to do, plan, research properly and don’t waffle.

Oh and next time, don’t leave your assignments to the last minute 😅. Instead, watch our lesson on Planning an Assignment and use the downloadable planner so you aren’t in this sticky situation again.

For more study tips, tricks and advice, keep reading the student blog or follow Atomi on Instagram . See you there 👋.

Try Atomi for free and receive regular updates from our blog.

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What to Do When Your Paper Is Due…Tomorrow

i have my college essay due tomorrow

You said you wouldn’t do it. You swore you’d get all of your work done on time and never wait until the last minute to start something important. It’s far too easy to put that paper off until whoops it’s due tomorrow and you have one paragraph done out of ten pages. All is not lost, however. You can and will survive this unfortunate event by keeping a few things in mind.

What kind of paper are you writing?

There are different levels of panic and the difference between them is determined by the type and length of your paper. A ten-page reflection paper on your favorite movie is going to be easier than ten pages on the racial history leading up to Melville’s Benito Cereno.

Recognizing the type of paper you’re writing will help you keep the end goal in mind—to inform your professor of your opinion, to convince him of something or to present a literary analysis that doesn’t read like you just pulled it from nowhere in desperation.

Do you know where you’re going with your paper?

Never underestimate the power of the outline. A bubble map may seem like a silly thing to do, but in reality even a few bullet points can work to keep you on track and ensure that you stick to your thesis while you write.

The most important thing to do when writing in a time crunch is to get as much written as possible first. On the rare (I swear it’s rare) occasion that I procrastinate to this extent, I find a good time to buckle down and write straight through to the end of my paper while glancing at my outline for guidance. What emerges is usually a mess, but at least it’s a step towards a completed paper.

Have you found the perfect writing spot?

The key to getting your paper done and hopefully also grabbing a few hours’ shuteye is to avoid distracting yourself. Do this by finding a spot that will encourage you to get your work done.

i have my college essay due tomorrow

Was There a Purpose for That Roommate Questionnaire?

i have my college essay due tomorrow

The Teacher I Hated Changed my College Journey

i have my college essay due tomorrow

Don’t Let the Fear of “No” Keep You from Playing the Game

You might want to try a new study space like the top floor of the library, or somewhere without Wi-Fi, where the only thing you can do is write. I know I’ll get bored while working so I always buy a huge bag of candy from the school convenience store to snack on when I get fidgety. A ton of sugar in a time of crisis can only help, right?

Are you prepared to go hard?

You’re going to be in a very weird mood while writing your paper the night before it’s due; the combination of panic and the onset of exhaustion may send you spiraling into despair , which will lead to frequent study breaks. You do not have time for this. You’ve already procrastinated enough and now it’s time to get off Tumblr and write that essay.

Your mission is to stay awake and stay on task, so do whatever it takes. Have a 60-second dance party to wake up your body. Work next to a friend who will glare at you in stony silence until you close Facebook. Maybe even go so far as to install an application like SelfControl which will block certain websites for a set period of time. Or use my method and reach for a gummy worm whenever you find your finger twitching towards YouTube. All that matters is that you keep going.

That being said, can you recognize when it’s time to quit?

At some point during the night, you’ll be so tired that writing more will actually lower your grade. It’s time to stop, do one last read-through, end with a strong conclusion (because that’s your last chance to leave your professor with a good impression) and go to sleep.

You have done the best you can do in the time you had left, and it’s time to snuggle up to sweet dreams of never procrastinating again.

i have my college essay due tomorrow

About Dakota Connell-Ledwon

A Floridian learning to survive in the tundra that is the Midwest. Sophomore English major at the University of Notre Dame. Goal in life is to be a cross between Jane Goodall and Walt Disney.

i have my college essay due tomorrow

Do You Actually Care, Or Do You Want to Look Like You Do?

Top Ten Inspirational Quotes from Your Favorite Sports TV Shows

i have my college essay due tomorrow

I lived with my three best friends. Here’s how it went.

i have my college essay due tomorrow

21 Things to Do in Williamsburg When You’re Under 21

i have my college essay due tomorrow

The Beauty and Pain of Living Alone

i have my college essay due tomorrow

5 Must-watch On-air Shows and 5 Recommendations in Case You Can’t Wait

i have my college essay due tomorrow

Top 10 Colleges for Walks that Radiate Main Character Energy

i have my college essay due tomorrow

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants

i have my college essay due tomorrow

Top 10 Date Ideas in Gainesville

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Essay Due Tomorrow - Don’t Worry,  We Can Help You

You might wonder the approach to use when you are supposed to write a 10-page paper in one night, and you haven’t started. This is quite an unpleasant situation to be in, since there is limited time to complete the work, and the task at hand is equally not a piece of cake. If you have an essay due tomorrow and you haven’t started, there is no reason to worry because we have you covered.

Writing a 10-page essay due tomorrow that is devoid of grammatical errors and poor sentences is not an easy task. The chances, in this instance, are high that you will miss out on some mistakes or even the flow of the essay because of your hasty approach and unsettled mind. This could cost you marks when it comes to the evaluation part. This dilemma faces students now and then, but our service has been on top of these tasks for a while now, and testimonials on the site can confirm that.

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We also offer unlimited revisions to tasks that are sent back to us by clients who have not been entirely satisfied with the work they see. Sure, there are many places where various essays you can buy online and don’t waste your time.

Customers Value Our Services

We have successfully handled orders from customers hailing from different parts of the world, and their testimonials are proof that we offer quality and reliable services when it comes to academic writing. We complete and deliver papers within a 6-hour duration, and we like to ensure that the work is free from errors so that it stands out and earns the student good marks.

Over 98% of our customers give us positive feedback on the nature of our services. What’s more is that our customer figures keep on growing steadily because of the quality of the services that we offer to them.

What We Offer

We have an extensive background in the field of academic writing , and we offer an array of writing services that are related to academics. These services include:

Pursuing a college degree requires a level of commitment, effort and hard work on the part of the student. However, it is also highly significant to acknowledge that it is not easy to attend all classes or to personally work on all assignments that are handed over by the course instructor. In some scenarios, you might not be in a position to work on your academic essay due to some unavoidable circumstances. Nonetheless, that does not mean that you should fail to hand in your essay. You can seek help at any time, and our writers will work on your essay to ensure that you do not fail to make your submission.

Let`s get started!

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Really struggling with an essay and it's due tomorrow! I just don't get it.

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1. Get in the zone

I don’t know about you, but I have a dozen little rituals I have to perform before I sit down to do a big slog of work. In general, I make it a rule to work in the library or university, because I find working at home, with all its possibilities of making and drinking tea, drifting off to watch TV, or being drawn into long conversations with my housemates, too distracting.

You should also read…

But when I’m really up against the clock, or even about to start what I know will be an all-nighter, I prefer to be in my room, with easy access to vital things like coffee, food and the shower. (N.B. There is nothing like a shower for waking yourself up in the middle of a miserable work-session. Just don’t do what I did one particularly inauspicious Wednesday at 4am: fall asleep sitting down in it with a foot covering the plug, and wake half an hour later under a jet of now-freezing water to find that you have transformed your bathroom into a giant soapy sea).


But back to the rituals. Before I do any serious, or seriously rushed, work, I’ve got to do a number of things to ‘get in the zone’. This might sound like elaborate procrastination  — which, in reality, it most definitely is — but if I don’t do these little things, I find my concentration is poor, and my mind constantly wanders. First, my room has to be absolutely, books-in-alphabetical-order, spotless — mess is incredibly distracting, and when I’m working I want to use all the space on my desk. Plus, while you’re tidying you get to watch videos of cats falling over on YouTube. Next, I have to have a strong coffee (which I never drink more than a few sips of before remembering that I hate coffee and it gives me a headache — but it smells nice and is somehow a very reassuring thing to sit next to). Third, classical music doesn’t work for me; while I’m working, and especially at night, I find it keeps the mind sharp to blare out tragic noughties techno music. In particular, the songs of the ultimately unsuccessful Australian band Pendulum played at approximately a million decibels are so unpleasant they keep one constantly skittish with adrenaline, hammering out a thousand questionable words an hour while simultaneously imagining you’re in a warehouse rave. Finally, and most embarrassingly, I have a pair of leggings called my essay leggings that I like to wear while I’m working. They’re very comfy (and holey) and haven’t been replaced since my first year of university, because they’re somehow magically conducive to getting lots done in very little time. Now, the line between preparing oneself for work and procrastination is always thin, and one I continually find myself on the wrong side of. Your rituals might look very different to mine, and perhaps take a little less time. But if you need to do certain things to change your mindset from play to work, I’d advise you do them.

2. Work out exactly what you’ve got to do

Now that you’re sitting comfortably at your desk in your spotless room, work out exactly what you’ve got to do — and how long you’ve got to do it. Make a list of your tasks in order of priority, what they involve, the date they’re due in and how long you realistically think they’ll take. Your list might look something like this:

Red clock.

Now, for some of these tasks it will be absolutely essential that you hand the work in on or before the deadline . For any task that counts towards your coursework , or an exam, you’ll usually lose marks if they’re late — in my university, we would lose 5 marks out of 100 if an essay was handed in one minute after 12pm on the day of the deadline, and a further 10 if it was more than a day late. For these tasks, you absolutely can’t mess about — they should sit right at the top of your list of things to do, and be the first thing you get out of the way — and the ones you put most effort into getting right. But, even though it won’t make you very popular with your teachers, sometimes you’ve got to accept that you can’t do everything you’re expected to in a small amount of time. When I’ve got a big deadline coming up, I jettison everything else: I tell people I can’t make other commitments, even if that annoys them, and if I haven’t got time, I simply don’t do less important pieces of work. On the list above, for example, I might decide that only the pieces of coursework were really important, and that I wasn’t going to bother handing in the lab report or the Maths problems. Of course, all this is advice for an emergency situation: if you’ve got the time to do everything you need to, then deciding that you won’t is probably not the best strategic move and will mean you have to endure hours of unnecessary telling-off.


Make a timetable detailing exactly when you’re going to do each of the things on your list. Make sure you plan enough time for each task rather than being overly optimistic — you’re going to stick to this timetable no matter what . Think about the times of day when you work best, and how tired you’re going to be at various stages of the day/night/week you’re mapping out — the morning of your deadline, for example, when your eyes are itchy with tiredness and your brain about as much use as its equivalent weight in mincemeat, is probably not the best time to be proof-reading or tackling difficult Algebra problems. I study English and consequently write lots of essays, and I find that I can read and take notes at pretty much any time of day, but planning and writing are tasks I can only really do well first thing in the morning. Once you’ve made your plan, sit back and take a deep breath — it might be a rush, and you might not see sunlight for the next week, but it is possible to do everything you need to in the time you’ve got. All you need to do (and this is the important bit) is make sure you stick religiously to your timetable. Here’s how:

 4. Let things be less-than-perfect

Not every work of art can be perfect; sometimes you really must wrap it up and move on.

If you’re still not happy with something near the end of the time you’ve allotted for it — tough. Finish up and leave it in its imperfect state — if you’re lucky, you might have time at the end to come back to it, but it’s much more important to stick to a schedule which will allow you to get everything done than it is to perfect one part of the task. This means not reading that extra useful-looking article, not toying with the wording in an introduction any longer, and leaving a problem you just can’t solve. Remember — when you’re working on any task, it’s completely normal that that task will feel like the most important one — but it’s important to take a step back and gain some perspective over your whole project. I’m constantly messing up because I find it really hard to leave things alone – – for example, I wasn’t happy with my dissertation last year the day before I handed it in, and decided to stay up all night before the deadline restructuring and rewriting the last 3,000 words before I’d even begun my referencing or conclusion. This meant (as I’m sure you can guess) that the section I rewrote was garbled and full of spelling mistakes, my footnotes and bibliography were a total mess and my conclusion was 5 lines long- not exactly what I’d planned when I decided to begin my noble rewriting mission, and not exactly the formula for a winning dissertation. Polished and finished, if slightly flawed, work will always make a much better impression than something messy and incomplete, even if it’s more carefully thought out — it actively irritates examiners to find silly mistakes or signs of haste in things they’re marking. Take it from me, look at the bigger picture and simply move on .

5. Be selfish

Party balloons.

I’ve got a friend who actively refuses to make any plans other than a quick coffee for about four weeks before any deadline. Sometimes she doesn’t leave her house for days, and while she’s working she lets other people cook for her and tidy up her mess. Last year she didn’t go to her boyfriend’s birthday party because it was the week before a talk she was preparing. Now, this might all sound a bit mad, but my friend always does really, really well at everything she puts her mind to. Basically, in quite an extreme way she’s got her priorities straight — most of the time she’ll do anything for anyone, but when she’s got important work on her plate, she’ll say honestly that she needs to concentrate, and just can’t make other commitments. I, meanwhile, work in the absolute opposite way. I let friends come to visit me the week before a deadline because I don’t want to annoy them by cancelling, and am anxious about work and cranky for the whole time they’re there. I’ll go to the library with someone else but get annoyed when we distract each other. I end up getting so stressed out over all the commitments I’ve made that I can’t concentrate even when I’ve actually got time to work. I’ve come to conclude that my friend’s got it sorted. When you’ve got stuff to do, be selfish. This is one of very few chances you’ll have in your life (apart from, if you’re a girl, maybe your wedding) to be totally unreasonable, self-centred, and rude to everyone around you. Like a mad cross between Professor Snape and Kim Jong Un. Get your mum to make you dinner but refuse to sit and eat it at the table. Cancel plans, leave a mess. Refuse to read someone else’s work or do anyone a favour. Your friends might not like the new crazy you, but you’ll probably annoy them just as much by being irritable and stressed than you will by being selfish — and if you pick the latter course, you might actually get stuff done.

6. Do not entertain the thought that you might not finish

With the energy I’ve spent over the years asking for extensions, making up excuses or writing cringing apology emails to tutors and employers explaining that I just haven’t done things, I could have written novels. Stuff it, I could have written the Iliad . Extensions and the like might feel brilliant in the short term, but they’re not the solution to anything — you’ll still have to do the work one way or another, and you’ll annoy people and complicate your own life in the process of putting it off.

7. Just do the work

This is fairly self-explanatory. Though this article has tried to show that you can make things seem easier and more surmountable by organising, rationalising, and preparing, there are no magic solutions that can make you work miraculously quickly. There’s no substitute for sitting down, closing the door, turning off the internet and just doing your work . It might not be exactly fun, but it’ll feel worth it when you’re done, and then you can sleep and relax properly without feeling guilty or stressed. Got any top tips for getting things done quickly? Let us know in the ‘Comments’ section below!

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