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How do you write a role play essay?

how to write a role play essay

Writing a play, a novel, a poem or a screenplay all involve different specific methods or techniques. But all of them require some imagination and the creation of a tale from either facts or fiction. In all cases, imagining ones self in the story, or actually participating in enacting it are types of role playing.

So, start with a character - they can be like you or like someone you admire, or even someone you despise. Then put them in a situation - it may be very imaginative, or commonplace. Then start to write what you think they would do next... and next... and next... and so on, in a manner consistent with their character.

A conclusion is more satisfying to a reader, but it is not necessary simply for the exercise in creating a role-play scenario.

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how to write a role play essay


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how to write a role play essay

Essay On Role Play

A separate peace foreshadowing analysis.

“Nothing endures, not a tree, not love, not even death by violence” (Knowles 14). John Knowles famous quote in his work A Separate Peace does more than leave a lasting memory. Set in the New England preparatory school Devon, the novel focuses primarily on the relationship between Gene and Phineas. Knowles uses foreshadowing, especially in the first chapters to answer questions about the relationship Gene and Finny have. Those moments answer questions about their bond that are left hanging at the end of the novel.

Evaluate The Key Principles Of Play Essay

Evaluate the key principles of play and their relevance to Forest SchoolThe Encyclopaedia of Children’s health (healthofchildren.com) defines play as" ...activities performed for self amusement that havebehavioural, social and psychomotor rewards. It is child directed, and the rewards come from within the individual child; it is enjoyable and spontaneous" At Forest School unstructured play can provide a sense offreedom in wilder spaces not normally found in day to day play. It can give participants a stronger sense of responsibility and self preservation. They give themselves permission to try things and if they don’t go according to plan they have learned and explored anyway. There is no-one there to judge them or tell them their ideas have failed or were wrong. It was just play. When children play together in this way they have to look out not just for themselves but each other. Their communicationskills are tested and honed. They hopefully learn to listen to the

Arkansas Art Museum Observation

I visited the Arkansas Art Museum on October 20, 2015. The title of the exhibit was called, “Dos Mujeres,” otherwise known in English as Two Women. This artwork was created by Diego Rivera who was from Mexico. This was a piece of art that portrays cubism and was huge; 77 ¾ x 63 ½ to be exact. The painting had one women on the left, sitting down with a book in her and and the other on the right standing up. This artwork was created in 1914 and the medium was oil on canvas. The name of the gallery was called the Winthrop Rockefeller Gallery. This gallery was located towards the back of the museum. I didn’t know which exhibit to choose because there were a variety of beautiful pieces but I chose this one because it was one of my favorites. The

Pros And Cons Of The 14th Amendment

The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified on July 28, 1868. The amendment granted citizenship to everyone who was born or naturalized in the United States, which included former slaves and African Americans who were freed after the Civil War. Also, the amendment allowed African Americans to be treated equally as all other citizens. However, the Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws, and the result of the Plessy v. Ferguson case took away these rights that were guaranteed to African Americans.

Examples Of Social Determinants Of Health

Before we look at the different Social/Psychological Determinants of Health it is important firstly to define what a social determinant of health is. According to the World Health Organization (2017) “The social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age.” These conditions are as a result of a wide range of factors that are ultimately governed by the way in which money, power and specific resources are shared at different levels including those at global, national and local levels. We have all been a part of and will experience different social determinants of health throughout our lives but it is the standard at which we experience these determinants that will ultimately lead onto them affecting our health or ultimately leaving us unaffected.

Cyp 3.9 1.2

Speech, language and communication can be supported through play and activities in a number of different ways, children/young people need the opportunity to express themselves using language. It is important to help them develop language skills and to help them use language effectively. It is essential to listen to what is being said and respond appropriately. It is important to be aware of any additional needs, and if English is a second language.

1.1 Explain The Importance Of Play For Children And Young People

For this extended assignment I am going to focus on play and the importance of play is for children and young people. I am going to focus on children up to age of 6. “Play is a spontaneous and active process in which thinking, feeling and doing can flourish.” (http://www.playwales.org.uk/ ). Play is Important for children and young people’s as it can help children to build their confidence. Also, play helps children to develop their physical, mental, social and emotionally. If children and young people have access to good play provision then it many benefits for them, these may be:

1.1 Explain The Importance Of A Child-Centred Approach To A Play Environment

It is important that we provide a child centred practice, as it promotes a child 's learning and development through play. By having a child centred approach, we should support the children giving them guidance, but to allow the opportunities for them to learn independently, instead of taking over an activity and showing them. It encourages us as practitioners, to encourage children to explore and to make their own

Early Childhood Education Philosophy Paper

Being a pre-service training educator, specific goals and objectives should be set to achieve educator’s own educational philosophy. The Educational philosophy is an individual statement of educators’ guiding principles about the education-related

Tda 3.1 Research Paper

As part of the “Every Child Matters― and childcare act of 2006, the government decided that all children age 3-4 were entitled to 15 hourâ€TMs free part time early yearâ€TMs education per week. Childr aged 3-4 are entitled to this for 38 weeks of the year. Although this a government funded scheme,

Theoretical Perspectives Taken To Learning And Development Through Play Essay

In an Early Years setting we allow children to participate in child initiated play. By allowing children to choose which resources they would like to play with let’s them explore their favourite type of activity, and have a sense of independence. Adult initiated play is also important for children as adults will choose resources to play with that may give children more of a challenge, such as participating in playing with a board game. This also gives children a chance to develop on their other skills that they may be falling behind on, or haven't experienced yet giving them more of a

Play is when a child or anyone for that matter can be inventive, creative and be free to do what they want during play. They can do what they think when playing, getting across the way they feel. Play is possibly the one main process which can let your imagination roam freely and forgetting about reality. I will also be discussing theorists and their theories associated with play, evaluating and assessing it 's effect on practice. Children are greatly affected by their play, as it can increase their holistic development and general everyday skills. "Play is so critically important to all children in the development of their physical, social, mental, emotional and creative skills that

Importance Of Play

Despite it being easy to list down various play activities, it is difficult to come up with a set definition for it although it is widely accepted that play should very much be free, unstructured and mostly child-initiated. The purpose of play and the supposed benefits the different types of play aids in the development of a child will be further discussed.

The Importance Of Dramatic Play In Children

A play where children create and act the roles are defined as dramatic play. It is when they play or act the roles out of reality and become someone or anything that different from themselves. Children that are growing up like to play dramatic play and roles and pretend be someone else like superheroes, doctor or anything that they like and dramatize the situations and also will did the action to play along with the roles that they played. At first they will imitate one or two actions but as time passing they will expand their roles by creating several actions relevant to the role they are playing. Also these types of games can be underestimated by some people but remains an important part of the learning process of development

Pretend Play In Child Development

In general, playing is the mutual popular activity among children because playing is fun and flexible, it can be personal, with the presence of others or with the social presence of others (De Kort & Ijsselsteijn, 2008). The researchers and experts believe that the power of play has an important psychological role in children’s development, as reinforced by Sutton-Smith (1993, p. 279) using “play as progress” and “play ethos” by Peter Smith (1988, p. 166) both cited in Pellegrini (1995). Goldstein (2012) stated that pretend play is one of the common types of interactive social play among 2- to 6-years-old children. He also mentioned that as children grow, the nature and function of pretend play will also change from simple imitation to more

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how to write a role play essay

Role Play Method Essay

Role Play Method There are many methods, strategies that can be used by the teacher to apply the lesson in the class to make the student more active to improve their speaking ability and explore their knowledge but the fact is many students still shame to explore themselves because some factors. Role-play is one of the activities to support students’ speaking ability. Through role-play activities, the students learn how to express their ideas, opinions, or feeling to others by using words or sounds of pronunciation. Larsen Freeman (2000:68) explains that role-plays are important in the communicative approach because they give students an opportunity to practice their communication different social contexts and different social roles .A role-play …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that role-plays are an effective method to enhance students' oral skill, improve motivation to learn more in the classroom, and encourage students to explore their knowledge and be critical thinking.
  • Explains that role-play activities can be implemented to enhance students' oral skill. they explain that it helps learners to interact and build relationship among each other.
  • Explains that a role-play method motivates students to learn more in the classroom.
  • Explains that many students in the learning process are afraid to explore their knowledge. role playing method encourages students to be critical thinking. they can be performed from prepared scripts or written using and consolidation knowledge gained from instruction or discussion of the speech act.
  • Concludes that there are so many methods and ways or techniques that can be used in learning process. role playing method is effective to increase students’ oral skill, motivate students, add students think development, encourage students to speak up confidently and make them more participate and active.

Role play can be implemented to enhance students’ oral skill. Role play is simple method where the students willl be devided in small group and give large opprtunity to the students to practise and develop their speaking skill because role play can improve learners’ speaking skills in any situation, and helps learners to interact and build relationship among each other as well as explained by livingstone (1986:6) Role-play as “a classroom activity which give opportunity to the students to practice and develop their speaking ability about aspect behavior in the classroom, the aspect and the other thing that they may actually meet outside the classroom.we must know that the students not have same speaking capability, sometime some students afraid to express their ideas in front of class and it can make them not developing. For the shy learners, role play helps by providing a mask, where learners with difficulty in conversation are liberated. students more excited when learn in group and role play method can be implanted to make students more participate in the class because role play method make student comfort to speak goodly and addition, It is fun and most learners will agree that enjoyment leads to better learning and the students will able increase their oral skill because they get more time to explore their mind and can speak up

  • explanatory
  • comparative
  • Explains that play is the work of childhood, and that many preschools are turning away from play and towards academics. early childhood educators need to focus on all areas for a child's well-being.
  • Explains that children are not just playing, but building social skills. with the decline of play, educators are noticing that there are "ramifications for child well-being".
  • Analyzes how the trend started when preschools switched to a more academic approach to match what children would experience during formal schooling. parents valued play, while kindergarten teachers valued self-control, ability to pay attention and sharing.
  • Explains that language isn't intentionally taught, but picked up as the child grows up. early educators can help facilitate this language development by introducing and teaching children new words and phrases.
  • Explains that play is important for children's well-being, but it can also be a vehicle to learn literacy skills.
  • Opines that early educators need to fill their room with literacy experiences for children to interact with. these include interactive read aloud, interactive writing, and meaningful print located around the room.
  • Explains that interactive read alouds help children experience patterns in text, success of "reading" the story, and the joy of being part of the group.
  • Argues that literacy and play don't have to be separate, and should be saturated with literacy experiences. early educators should make academics accessible to children during this time.
  • Cites stantine, joseph l., diamant-cohen, betsy, and einarsdottir, johanna. play and literacy: a collaborative action research project in preschool
  • Explains fehr, karla k., and sandra w. russ' assessment of pretend play in preschool-aged children.
  • Explains that pretend play and creativity in preschool-age children: associations and brief intervention.
  • Explains the impact of children's perception of an activity as play versus not play on emotional well-being.
  • Describes kane, nazneen, and crossref. the play-learning binary: u.s. parents’ perceptions on preschool play in a neoliberal age.
  • States lifter, karin, et al., "overview of play: its uses and importance in early intervention/early childhood special education."
  • Explains rajapaksha's article, "promoting oral language skills in preschool children through sociodramatic play in the classroom."
  • Cites roskos, kathleen a., and christie, james f. (gaining ground in understanding the play-literacy relationship).
  • Summarizes wright's article on promoting english language learners' oral-language skills in the classroom instruction time to improve their literacy and academic achievement.
  • Explains that ells need time to develop oral english proficiency, teachers need to use authentic formative assessments throughout the year due to standardized tests failing to capture their oral ability, and they need english proficiency before they can benefit from interaction with native english speakers.
  • Explains the importance of bringing ells into classroom discussions and encouraging students to interact in the class. asking higher-order questions and short probes that encourage critical thinking can assist this process.
  • Opines that small group discussions are a way to assist the oral language development of students in classrooms. the smaller the group, the more likely they are to add to the conversation.
  • Opines that ells need some english proficiency before they can benefit from interaction with native english speakers. teachers should respect the whole process, as students move through the new language process at different paces.
  • Analyzes how terry doyle addresses the issue of improving undergraduate education by creating a learner-centered environment. the primary focus of the book is to reach the college and university faculty.
  • Explains that in order to achieve success in a student-centered classroom, the student must first understand their new learning roles and understand the new responsibilities they will be facing.
  • Opines that students learn best when there is a direct connection between how they are learning and what they're learning. doyle offers many examples to guide the instructor to present the material and transform the student.
  • Explains that each skill plays an important role in the success of the learner-centered classroom.
  • Opines that working with peers is a quality skill for any student and that speaking to others is one of the most important professional and personal skills students must have to be successful.
  • Explains that having students teach each other is a way to promote deeper learning of the content. teaching to others promotes independence and confidence.
  • Opines that college is not the end of the journey. students need to be reminded constantly that their learning will continue into their careers and life.
  • Opines that there are many areas for potential failure in the learner-centered classroom. doyle states that student resistance is the biggest obstacle to overcome.
  • Opines that most students have never experienced this type of learning. they aren't familiar with taking the risks necessary to take on this learning, and it's hard to let go of this old habit.
  • Explains that political agendas are at work in many areas of higher education. one of the drawbacks to a successful learning college is the lack of resources.
  • Opines that the lack of support hinders learning in a learner-centered environment. instructors are battling an unwilling student that doesn't understand and respect the change, and an equally unwilling administration.
  • Recommends doyle's book as an excellent guide for faculty trying to implement the learner-centered environment. doyle offers additional resources in the appendices, such as guides for research papers and reports.
  • Explains that the researcher will select eight participants with known executive functioning deficits from a group of students recommended by 4th and 5th grade teachers.
  • Explains that the researcher will modify individual lessons and deliver a second 10-week cycle of the ef class to two new sets of students.
  • Describes the organization and study skills group that allows children to work on important executive functioning in a safe setting where they can be supported and reinforced.
  • Explains that your child will learn time management, organizing/planning, task initiation, flexibility, transitioning, problem solving, sustained attention, emotional control, and goal directed persistence.
  • Opines that all children can benefit from learning and practicing these skills. we sometimes use games, art, music, and books along with discussion.
  • Explains that the study skills/early risers club is time limited and will meet once per week for 30 minutes from 8:05-8:35am in room 101.
  • Asks parents to sign the permission slip and return it to their child's teacher as soon as possible.
  • Describes executive functioning as a set of mental processes that help link past experience with present action.
  • Explains the key components of executive functioning that are important to define. response inhibition is the capacity to think before you act. metacognition monitors or controls cognition.
  • Explains that two of the programs diamond and lee, 2011 listed were intriguing systems for further research.
  • Explains that the researcher will use teacher and parent behavior rating inventory of executive functioning (brief) reports, as well as the number of homework assignments assigned and completed in the week prior to the start of the ef class.
  • Explains that education is an important weapon for each and every individual in this world. learning is a process of change in humans' personality.
  • Explains that there are three types of learning theories: behaviourism, cognitivism, and humanism.
  • Explains kolb's theory of experiential learning, which is divided into three stages: concrete experience (feeling) and reflective observation (watching, review or feedback).
  • Explains that the american academy of family physicians states that memory is a fleeting thing as we get older.
  • Explains how a teacher should prepare and plan well before the lesson and think deep on how to engage the learners during the teaching.
  • Explains that an assessment is an evaluation on students' understanding. a teacher can evaluate a student on what they have taught in their lesson.
  • Explains that assessment can be exercised in all stages throughout the learning process. formative assessment is an ongoing assessment and immediately assesses students' understanding.
  • Explains that a good test must have validity, reliability, sufficiency, and fairness. the four types of validity are usually identified by davies (1968).
  • Explains that a major proportion of class time is taken up by teachers talking in front of the classroom. this clearly emphasizes the importance of teacher talk in language classrooms.
  • Argues that teachers control patterns of communication, take the floor, hand over a turn, direct the discussion, and switch topics in language classrooms.
  • Analyzes how teacher talk has been criticized for restricting learners' opportunities of language production and classroom participation. long (1983) and swain (1985) argued that input alone is insufficient for developing production skills.
  • Argues that clt methodology emphasizes the importance of learners’ production and verbal participations in language classrooms.
  • Explains that most teachers devote two-thirds of class time to teacher talk, which is unconsciously. in iran, students have to study english as a compulsory school subject for seven years, yet the education they receive doesn't seem effective.
  • Explains that while iranian language schools claim to be advocates of clt methodology, there is a gap between theory and practice.
  • Explains that the amount of time teachers should spend talking in front of the classroom is a controversial issue in teaching trend.
  • Compares a study conducted by enright in two bilingual kindergarten classes similar in context to those in legarreta's study, where the teachers were speaking noticeably less.
  • Opines that the primary motto in many iranian language schools has been minimizing teacher talk and maximizing learners’ verbal participations.
  • Concludes that teachers should contemplate whether too much teacher talk fulfills the predermined goals of a course or not; if it doesn't, they should probably listen more and talk less.
  • Proposes a reflective model of teacher education that incorporates teachers more actively into the educational process. critical reflection on interactional processes would raise teachers' awareness about classroom processes and enable deeper understanding of variables related to teaching.
  • Explains wallace's distinction between "craft" and "applied science" models of teacher education, which have received criticism.
  • Explains that pedagogy has been a topic of debate in schools around the world in the past few centuries as education has spread further.
  • Explains that many schools possess different attributes that give the school its identity and each trait is important for the development of a young scholar.
  • Explains that the focus of a school is on creative and original solutions to their academic challenges.
  • Explains that pedagogical approach without a plan or method to allow through and teach is useless. the structure of the school relies on the commitment and aspirations of students.
  • Opines that a strong pedagogical model is useless without proper execution, leaving students with incomplete education and less chance of success.
  • Explains that the interactionist perspective focuses on the primary role of sociocultural interaction in children's development of language knowledge.
  • Explains the role of linguistic scaffolding in a child's acquisition of language by supporting their speech, questioning, expansion, repetition, or combination of these.
  • Explains that the zone of proximal development is the difference between what a child can accomplish alone and what they can achieve with an adult's mediation or assistance.
  • Explains that eye contact and shared reference facilitate language development among young children. eye contact is established between an adult and a child and involves jointly focusing on an object or event.
  • Explains verbal mapping employs language that fits the situation, providing symbols for a child's subsequent representation of that event.
  • Explains that the cognitive developmental perspective emphasizes that language is acquired as maturation occurs and cognitive competencies develop. it encourages teachers to pay close attention to a child’s stage of cognitive development and use that knowledge to plan learning activities.
  • Explains that oral language is fundamental requirement for literacy development and a strong indicator of future academic success.
  • Explains that oral language skills play a significant role in the development of literacy skills. the learning environment should provide explicit modelling, age appropriate and authentic classroom experiences for developing and encouraging language.
  • Explains that oral language development is critical for literacy, learning, and building relationships. talk time in the classroom provides the necessary practise students need to develop socially and build self-efficacy.
  • Explains how halliday categorised language into seven different functions, each with its own purpose, enabling teachers to provide flexible and tailored learning programs to address all students developing oral language abilities.
  • Explains that encouraging talk in the classroom is fundamental for oral development. it allows students to contribute to their own learning by socially engaging, building vocabulary, and self awareness, while analysing and evaluating peer responses.
  • Recommends that educators identify language milestones and understand the structure of language to build confident and expressive speakers. failure to do so will result in less competent students with limited future academic successes.
  • Explains that speaking is a natural ability given to most reluctant individuals.
  • Explains that oral communication is essential to living successfully in today's society. it allows an individual to express emotions, ideas, and feelings.
  • Explains the various benefits of oral communication, such as its benefits in career development, ethical behavior, and strong relationships.
  • Explains that oral communication provides our society with various institutions, such as theatre, entertainment, politics, education, and culture.
  • Opines that oral communication is one of the most significant aspects of our lives, and our constant interaction with others will continue as long as we live.
  • Explains that oral communication competency is most important for business students in the workplace.

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Role Playing Essay Examples

how to write a role play essay

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how to write a role play essay

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Essay Service Examples Psychology Play

Role Play And Reflective Essay On General Practice

  • Topics: Play
  • Words: 1097
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In this essay I am going to be reflecting on the role play when I was a General practitioner and meeting a patient who is 55 years old , self-employed and has type 1 diabetes . I will be demonstrating the working skills with one-to-one client. It will also look at the effective communication, listening and good technique of asking questions when working with the individual letting them express what is wrong with them . Gibbs (1998) reflective cycle will be applied as it gives a clear layout for the reflective which includes the six main stages; description of the event, feelings, evaluation, analysis conclusion and action plan. Baird and winter (2005) states the reasons why the reflective is so important in practice. This is because when the professional reflects, they will gain more knowledge on what they have done, which will also help to be able to cope in a new situation and develop self-esteem and satisfaction as well as the values of professionalizing practice.

In the role play I was a General practice meeting with a 55-year-old man, self-employed who has Type 1 diabetes complaining of feeling more and more tired and his sleeping pattern is very poor. According to NHS Choice (2011) a General practice they have role and responsibility to the patients which, are to be able to give advice on treatment and educate on the disease to help with preventable. They also put the patients first and give quality of practice and care; Good Medical Practice, (2013). Their responsibility is to check for the long-term health issues and help the patients by the way in which they can manage their condition long-term, while with the other medical health professionals. However, as a General practitioner they look at the whole person physical, mental, social, spiritual, cultural and economic aspects. All the General practice they follow the NHS code of practice (2003) which is the document that all the staff need to agree on. This is used to treat all the patents with respect and care to everyone regardless of their ethnicity. It also helps to avoiding the harassment and maintaining confidentiality and respecting patient rights to accept or reject the advice from the General practice.

I was meeting a 55-year-old man, self-employed who has been Type 1 diabetes, so he has been feeling more tired and his sleeping pattern is poor over the past four months. His wife has insisted for he should see the doctor as he is becoming forgetful when taking his medication and he has also gained some weight. As a Type 1 diabetes patients requires a life time insulin treatment to live long and when it is not well managed, and the levels of glucose are high it is a life threatening; Clark (2004).

Looking at the medical history he his hypertensive and he smokes and his Habc1 from the recent blood test it has increased from 8 to 9.5 %. When he came, I check his blood pressure which was 145/85 mm/Hg which was higher for his age. When I was communicating with the patient, I have made sure that I have made the eye – contact and sate on a relax position for they to feel free to express how they are feeling. reference

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how to write a role play essay

During my role play as General practice, I was feeling nerves because I was afraid of getting things wrong. However according to reference being nerves is normal especially it Is the first time. However, I was always being involved in working with the elderly in a care home, so I have used my communication skills and my listening skills which help me to be able to find a way in which I can encourage the patient in managing their diabetes. On the one- to – one some of the working skills where to effectively communicate and active listening so that I can give enough feedback and empathy. This was so important as I will need to speak slowly and clearly that the patients have understood the ways in which they can take their medication. For example some of the guidance in managing his diabetes was to have a food diary so he can keep track of the food and the one which one he need to cut down more off. I have also explained to him that having the reading of higher blood sugar for a long time can lead to the development of complication such as diabetes ketoacids. I referred him for the therapy to help with managing his diabetes and also encourage him to try and avoid food which ae higher in sugar and to keep a food diary with him so he can keep track of the food which he has eaten. (Reference. I was able to maintain the confidentiality to the patients using the NMC Code of conduct (2008). I have used the some of the theory such as converging https://www.simplypsychology.org/learning-kolb.html

The General Medical Council (2013) suggested some of the ethical and values that we came across on the role play. These are having the confidentiality for the patien. This is very important as the professional I don’t have to share the information of my patients with anyone. However, confidentiality can only be broken when the patient and other people around at risk of harm. The other ethical that I have came across was the informed consent to the patient. Informed consent is giving the patient choice to make decision about their treatment of care. when a person is giving consent to have their family involve in their care, they can decide to say no after they have agree with it. It is very important for the individual values to be understood as it helps the professional to improve patients centred care.

One of the strengths that I had in role play was that I managed to prepare myself with the real-life scenario and the second strength was that I was able to meet up and communicate effectively with my peers during role play. However, during the role paly I had some weakness which fear of was getting thigs wrong. In future, I will be aiming to be more prepared and practice more of the professional role with the patients.

To conclude, this experience of having the role play has taught me a lot that it’s not always easier that I would met the patients you will have much confident. I have made sure that I am engage in the patients to be able to help him. It’s also shows me the effective relationships that patients and health care professional allow information to be covered.

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Introduction Garry Landreth has been quoted as saying, “In play therapy toys are viewed as the child’s words and play as the child’s language – a language of activity. Play therapy, then, is to children what psychotherapy is to adults.” (Landreth & Bratton, 1999). This is the very basis of play therapy, describing a therapy modality in which kids can use play and toys to work through traumas and disruptions in functioning. Play therapy is especially crucial because oftentimes children...

Part 1 Humanity is ever changing and over the past few centuries, we have gone through some dramatic transformations that have shaped our society as we know it. In his book, A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future, Daniel Pink highlights this point as he relates humanity’s most recent changes to “a three-act drama.” “Act I, the Industrial Age” led by the production of factories and assembly lines, was followed by “Act II the Informational Age”...

The aim of this essay is to outline current literature relating to typical communication and play development from birth to 5 years. Communication refers to the act of exchanging verbal and non-verbal information (Prelock & Hutchins, 2018). Means of communication include language, a socially shared code using arbitrary symbols of represent concepts, and speech, the acoustic representation of language (Owens, Metz & Ferinella, 2015). Play can be defined as behaviours that are enjoyable, intrinsically motivated, process orientated, freely chosen, non-literal,...

The aim of this essay is to discuss a quote from Whitebread(2012), “Play is spontaneous, self-motivated and controlled by the child. Play is not created by adults but by children themselves” from The importance of play, A report on the value of children’s play with a series of policy recommendations, London. TIE/University of Cambridge. This will also include a reflection on the role of the adult, the impact of digital technologies and gender differences in Childrens play. To look at...

Nature Play Children have the most wonderful natural sense of wonder and the most effective way for young children to learn about themselves and the world around them is through play (Wilson, 2018). Children play instinctively with natural elements; they are natural experts and combining nature and play in the lives of young children has many benefits (Lester & Maudsley, 2007). Nature play provides children with a connection to the natural world and the freedom to the purposefully engage and...

Play is commonly understood as an activity performed by children for the purpose of self-amusement, despite the fact that the term play is far more didactic than just an activity, and cannot be conceptualised by a single idea. Children require prospects for unstructured and structured play, in order to advance the development of social and creative skills. Play is an essential medium that enables children to develop new skills. The freedom enabled by play allows limitless experimentation of the objects...

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 31 states the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights [OHCHR] | Convention on the Rights of the Child, 2019). Play is one of the critical aspects of children lives and as described by Froebel...

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how to write a role play essay

How do you write a role play essay?

how to write a role play essay


Essay on Role Play Reflection

Role-play reflection My role-play interview was with Lorna a young aboriginal mother with three children. She was referred to us to enrol in parenting classes as a condition to keep her children. Lorna and her family travelled a lot as her husband was a musician. They moved from place to place and never really formed any lasting relationships. Lorna even though she did not seek to participate in these parenting classes, seemed to doubt her own parenting skills based on her own childhood experiences. She has two aunties that help her with the children. Skills Used Going into this interview my main aim was to gather as much information as I possibly could. I also wanted to develop a good relationship with the client and gain her confidence. First impressions have lasting impacts on a relationship (Compton et al, 2005). The interview was only 10 minutes long so it is hard to get enough information in that time frame without appearing to rush the client. The first couple of minutes I introduced myself and explained my role to the client. It is important to make the purpose of the interview clear to avoid any misunderstanding from the client. If this is not done it may lead in both the worker and the client having different expectations from the meeting (Compton et al, 2005). Lorna being an involuntary client role clarification is especially important when it comes to the worker’s dual social control and helper role. It is important to inform the client what is negotiable and what is not (O’Conner et al, 2008). I made it clear to Lorna that she was required to enrol in parenting classes and it was not negotiable. I however mentioned this to her in a tone that made her feel like she was not being forced. I then informed her about confidentiality and made sure she understood what it meant. As this was my first ever interview I was quite nervous, however I tried to appear confident so that my client could not tell. As Lorna is an Aboriginal client my aim was to be culturally sensitive and try and interpret her responses and body language based on that. I took care not to ask questions that may seem too confrontational to her, as this was our first interview. I made a note of the responses that may need further examination but I did not want to go into too much detail, especially with only 10 minutes to gather as much information as possible. I made it a point to get as much information about the children and how she is coping with them because that is the reason why we are involved. I took care not to show any kind of reaction when she mentioned things that concerned me as a social worker. She mentioned having many people come in and out of the house and how she sometimes shouts at the kids because they did not listen to her. These are areas given more time I should have tried to get more details on. During the interview I paraphrased many of her responses. This was just to make sure I was on the same page with the client and I was not misinterpreting she was saying. This was also to assure her that I was actually listening to what she was saying. I asked mostly ended questions. Some of the questions I asked the client where how she felt about the constant moving and what she planned t do now that the children where starting school. During the interview I also made a few encouraging noises to try and encourage the client to talk more without disrupting her. The feedback I got from my group regarding my micro skills was good. I was told I was able to make the client feel calm and comfortable. She started off agitated and uneasy, according to the class “I absorbed the situation and did not let the client’s state throw me off. I listened and responded in a calming way”. The other feedback I got was that I did not make assumptions based on the client’s culture and during conversation I was able to move between the client and her children in a cohesive way”. I was told I had gathered quite a lot of information in the short Show More

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how to write a role play essay

Pedagogical Practice

develop new ways of thinking and understanding. Children should be allowed to make decisions and make choices about their own learning in learning contexts. Educators play an important role in providing such opportunities to children by reflecting on their experiences in pedagogical practice. There is a great impact of reflection on pedagogical practice where educators think critically from wide range of viewpoints about ethics, philosophy and build new understandings. According to Schon (1995)…

Words 974 - Pages 4

how to write a role play essay

Essay on Mechanic: Question and Literature Circles

plan shows the logistics for using literature circles during classroom teaching. Also included here are student handouts. One describes the students’ roles in literature circles, clarifying the job of each participant; the sentence starters provide discussion prompts for students who are unsure how to start talking about a text; and the reflection sheet helps students prepare for the literature circle beforehand and to evaluate their experience in the group after the discussion. Literature…

Words 1125 - Pages 5

Clinical Practice In Social Work

Clinical practice plays an essential role in the development and training of a social work student. This practice sets the foundation for the growth of professional clinical skills. Working in the field helps to connect course learning by defining the term “clinical social work”, and promoting application of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral theories. In addition to connecting classroom learning, clinical learning “is done while experiencing different learning tasks designed to create change…

Words 200 - Pages 1

Autumn on the Seine, Argenteuil by Claude Monet Essay

Impressionism Movement was beginning. Monet played the important role of one of the founders of the Impressionism Movement with his works like Autumn on the Seine, Argenteuil. Autumn on the Seine, Argenteuil is from a series of paintings that Monet did while in Argenteuil. In the artwork Autumn on the Seine, Argenteuil, the lighting used throughout the painting, brushstroke techniques, perspective, and color all play an important role in the piece, as well as in the Impressionism…

Words 966 - Pages 4

Essay about Supporting Through Play

Supporting Children Through Play Introduction: My practice: E is 4 years old and is frequently drawn to creative activities. She enjoys role play area and getting involved in imaginative play. I observed E engage in role play along with a small group of children and assessed her growing abilities to direct her own play, to make decisions about materials and props, and to assert her own ideas and opinions about what she wants to play. (My observation notes are included in Appendix 1.) As part of our…

Words 1034 - Pages 5

Week 4 Assignment Essay

Week 4 Learning Team Reflection Week 4 Learning Team Reflection Diversity in work teams is essential; to be able to maintain this they would need to provide many different aspects ranging from gender, race, and experiences that can be utilized in the team’s task. The individual abilities of each team member must complement each other in order to achieve maximum team effectiveness. Team members’ personalities are equally as important. There are many different steps that can be taken to make…

Words 494 - Pages 2

hamlet essay

course, nothing happens in Hamlet, as anyone who has read the play will know. The play is a study in Hamlet's hesitation, his inability to act, his inability to "force the moment to its crisis." Most of the significant action in the play takes place before the play begins, or takes place off stage (such as the suicide of Ophelia) or occurs in the final scene, when Hamlet avenges the death of his father. Perhaps the only occasion in the play when anything of any kind actually "happens" is when Hamlet…

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Examples Of Pathetic Fallacy In Macbeth

Individuals are commonly told to dress according to the weather. Nature plays a significant role in one's life as well as in literature. Authors frequently use pathetic fallacy to contribute to emphasize a certain aspect or theme. A reoccurring device William Shakespeare uses in Macbeth is pathetic fallacy. Shakespeare's use of pathetic fallacy foreshadows important events, mirrors society and develops the mood thus contributing to the tragic plot of Macbeth. Shakespeare aids readers in foreshadowing…

Words 768 - Pages 4

Essay on Grammar and Reflection Questions

Christian Service Hours Reflection Project (100 Points) The spring semester deadline for all service hours is Thursday, May 10th. Reflection Project (and Presentations) Due: (2nd semester) Friday, May 11, 2012 period 1 and Monday, May 14, 2012 Project Guidelines: Choice one, or a combination, of the following formats: essay (1” border, 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced, 2 pages in length, plus cover page), art project (e.g., drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, photography)…

Words 517 - Pages 3

Macbeth: Universe and Macbeth Essay

exhibits elements that reflect the greatest Christian tragedy of all: the Fall of Man. In the Genesis story, it is the weakness of Adam, persuaded by his wife (who has in turn been seduced by the devil) which leads him to the proud assumption that he can "play God." But both stories offer room for hope: Christ will come to save mankind precisely because mankind has made the wrong choice through his own free will. In Christian terms, although Macbeth has acted tyrannically, criminally, and sinfully, he is…

Words 971 - Pages 4


Reflection Paper On Role Play

Oral history of oral history rough draft.

(After beginning the interview and gathering information I decided to switch up my questions, and narrow them down to be more specific to her personally from what I had in my oral proposal)

Evidence Based Interventions

Reflect on what you have learned in this course and discuss how it might influence your work as a professional

Godface Play Review Essay

Godface, the latest work by Matriark Theatre showing at 107 Projects in Redfern, is a trippy, music-driven political satire about a young girl’s rise and fall in the election campaign of an unfamiliar, dangerous city.

Reflection On Self Evaluation

Initially, I was so nervous about the whole process like the role-play and not to mention the video recording was a nerve-racking, but as we progress I got the confidence and the courage that I can do this. I had to force myself to do a better job and not to let down my colleagues in each practice session. Each session, I encourage and push myself into my limitation and at the end it was successful. I believe all the hard work paid off that I put into this class. I gained the ability to demonstrate active attending behaviors, as well as to listen to and understand non-verbal behaviors.

Our Town Play Review Essay

In this critique I will be analyzing the different aspects that go into producing a play such as, lighting, set, costumes, space, props, actors, etc., and how each served its own significance in the production of “Our Town”. Specifically, I want to focus your attention to the theme, set, costumes, and lighting of the play. Additionally, I further elaborate on the play, by including a brief summation of my opinion on the play and the effects that it had on me, at the conclusion.

The Acting Game: A Short Story

Sticking to the wall, she keeps her eyes on the ceiling to try and find any hidden security cameras like he had shown her before. Once she decides that it’s all clear, she makes her move; feet discreetly moving her down the hall. Teeth bite into her bottom lip as the nervousness racks her petite frame while her brain is swimming in a swamp of thoughts.

Small Group Expectations Paper

As I mentioned previously, I expected more out of it but I was able to learn an abundance of techniques on how to work with others. I also learned about my flaws and strengths when working in a group. As for professor Glumac, I would suggest using Blackboard. The constant printing and “turning in” process was very high school to me and paperless trails just work best, in my opinion. Also, often times the lectures were a bit of bore, staying awake was troubling most times. Since the class was three hours long, I feel as though more media could have been incorporated to fill the time instead of reading or stretching out presentations. This is a great class for those who want to work with people in the future, I would it suggest to those seeking any classes that relates to communication but for me it was not that

The Role Of Acting In The Play Relationships

Acting in a play called “Relationships” would be my most recent community service activity. My character in the production experienced addiction to prescription pills, miscarriages, and a disconnection in her marriage. In high school my experience in theater involved background roles that labeled me as an extra. Obtaining a leading role forced me live outside of my comfort zone. In the past, the feeling of eyes watching my every action gave me anxiety. Regardless of any butterflies I might have had, stage fright did not affect me. I was able to deliver my lines and executed the emotions for each scene. I also overcame my fear of singing a solo. Anxiety, a lack of confidence, and stage fright would typically stunt my progress in performing alone.

Play Vs Hollywood Research Paper

You probably think plays and books are basically the same thing when telling the same story, but you’re wrong. Plays lack information that books have and books lack sensory that plays have. Some people think it’s all the same, while others agree with me, it’s more different than the same.

English 1101 Reflection

This course was something different for me. It was about slasher films, so I loved it from the beginning. What I wasn’t a big fan of, though, was the focus on communication. I hate being forced to talk or mingle or whatever because I’m bad at it. It’s why I sit in the back of the class two seats away from anyone. It’s just how I am. However, this course forced me to mingle because every single assignment was to be done with a partner. It also didn’t help that the whole reason that course was here was to make us better multimodal communicators. That was nothing new, however, as I had already suffered through English 1101 the previous semester. That being said, I was a terrible oral communicator, but now I am merely bad. It’s a step up. Two steps up in my book.

Engage In A Play Essay

The findings shown (figure 4.5 and 4.6) suggest that although the children were verbally interacting with one another, the interpretation of ideas and ability to collaborate them has not been achieved, thus, not creating a shared goal between one another. It can be seen in both figures (4.5 and 4.6) that Child A entered the play context and tried to change the focus of the play. Through the first observation shown in figure 4.5, Child A entered play with his own idea and is verbally unaccepted into the play by his peers. Child A did not engage with the shared goals of the existing play context, which resulted in a negative response from the participants, as they already established a shared goal between themselves.

Eight Year: Course Analysis

My first sense of improvement was with our Discussion Board assignments. At the beginning of the course, it would take hours to come up with something and then I still didn’t feel my posting

Kelsey Theatre Reflection Paper

The summer of 2015 was spent on doing a play at Kelsey theater and going on vacation with family to Canada, India, Germany and Italy. The theater act was memorable because I had one of my longest lead role which required me to depict emotional ups and down, humor, exasperation and frustration all at the same time. Getting into the character was proving difficult as the personality that I was impersonating was totally different from mine. I spent hours trying to perfect the emotion and dialogues. I recorded myself, watching and improving while taking inputs from others. The play helped me see things from someone else’s point of view. The vacations after this event was a welcome change where I experienced the cultural diaspora, regional food

Defining Play Essay

Defining play can be very difficult. The term play can be used to illustrate a wide range of behaviors and activities, and can be perceived as both essential and insignificant to the child at the same time. Santrock (2012, p.437) suggests a definition of play as "a pleasurable activity that is engaged in for its own sake." However, this is argued by Kernan (2007, p.5) who states that none of the potential definitions are broad enough to encompass all of the meanings associated with play. Despite the lack of such universal definition, Rennie (2003, p.22) claims, that "we can recognize play across barriers of language, of culture, even of species", which conveys its importance in the life and development of children, as it is

Reflection Paper On Acting

Graduating from the Acting program courses is bittersweet and as it draws to a close there are a few things I want to reflect on regarding Acting in general as well as people who have made this experience worth every minute. This semester was a major growth spurt in terms of Acting, and I’ve worked to improve my confidence level and volume especially while working in “The Audition”. However, I still have some trouble really dropping myself into a moment or character without getting somewhat distracted or out of focus. I think in the long run this will get easier the more experience I have, and it mostly just requires more practice. I aim to keep in mind that an actor’s work is never done, and just like a person of any other profession, there’s always room for improvement.

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