A counterargument involves acknowledging standpoints that go against your argument and then re-affirming your argument. This is typically done by stating the opposing side’s argument, and then ultimately presenting your argument as the most logical solution. The counterargument is a standard academic move that is used in argumentative essays because it shows the reader that you are capable of understanding and respecting multiple sides of an argument.

Counterargument in two steps

Respectfully acknowledge evidence or standpoints that differ from your argument.

Refute the stance of opposing arguments, typically utilizing words like “although” or “however.”

In the refutation, you want to show the reader why your position is more correct than the opposing idea.

Where to put a counterargument

Can be placed within the introductory paragraph to create a contrast for the thesis statement.

May consist of a whole paragraph that acknowledges the opposing view and then refutes it.

Why use a counterargument?

Some students worry that using a counterargument will take away from their overall argument, but a counterargument may make an essay more persuasive because it shows that the writer has considered multiple sides of the issue. Barnet and Bedau (2005) propose that critical thinking is enhanced through imagining both sides of an argument. Ultimately, an argument is strengthened through a counterargument.

Examples of the counterargument structure

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How to Write a Counter Argument Paragraph?

Table of Contents

Basically, not everyone will have the same opinion about an essay or research topic. Therefore, while writing an academic paper, you can refute your opponent’s argument or opinion, by raising a strong counterargument with supporting facts. But you can’t just present your counterargument; it has some ethical rules as well. Are you wondering how to write a counterargument paragraph? If yes, then check this blog post. Especially, to help you raise a powerful refutation, here, in this blog post, we have shared everything about counter-argument. Read and follow the counterargument writing steps and tips as presented here.

What is a Counter Argument?

A counterargument is an argument presented to oppose an idea or opinion or viewpoint. It is one of the best ways to implement persuasive writing and speaking strategies. But mostly, writers use counterarguments for refuting and proving their own viewpoints. In simple terms, counterarguments are nothing but contrasting points.

Here is an example of an argument and a counterargument.

Argument: The dog is the best domestic animal for the cow because of its friendly nature.

Counter Argument: The cow is the best domestic animal than the dog because it gives us many dairy products.

Why is the Counter Argument Important?

Only a counterargument strengthens an argument. To prove that your opinion is accurate against your opponent’s viewpoint, a strong denial statement is needed.

When you include the counterpoints in your persuasive essay , a high chance is there for your essay to get credibility. Using counterarguments in an argumentative essay is one of the smart ways of showing your readers that you are capable of understanding the multiple sides of an argument.

How to Begin a CounterArgument?

If you want to present a different point of view on a thesis, you should make it clear to your readers either implicitly or explicitly at the very beginning that your paper is contradictory. Your paper will appear blunt and non-contradictory if you don’t give any clues about your denial.

So, how can you inform your readers that your paper opposes a particular idea? Keep in mind to include introductions whenever you begin a counterargument. You can begin with a phrase, a word, or a sentence that makes a general point. Then, in addition to that, you can also use words like “But,” “Similarly,” and “Accordingly,” to support your viewpoint. Remember, depending on your usage, the counterargument may contain complex sentences at times.

How To Write a CounterArgument?

The counterargument can be written in many different ways. But as said earlier, your reader should be given a signal or any intimation in the beginning that you are refuting an idea. To let your readers know, you can introduce your refutation statement in the form of questions or phrases. Also, you can use any statement to express a writer’s views opposing your views.

Counter Argument

Here are some examples of introducing a counterargument.

Counter Argument Transition Words

Apart from using questions or phrases, you can also use transition words to introduce a refutation statement.

Here are some Counter Argument Transition words that can be used as a replacement for the words that show

Counter Argument Transition Words

Steps to Write a Counter Argument Paragraph

Finding an opposing viewpoint is not enough to create a counterargument. You ought to make your arguments and respond to your adversary’s position. In order to persuasively present your argument, write a counterargument paragraph by following the steps mentioned below.

Tips for Presenting a CounterArgument

Using a simple sentence to refute an opinion is not the best way to construct a counterargument. Your argument should be logical, express valid reasons for your refusal, and be supported by examples, facts, or evidence.

When writing a counterargument, keep the following tips in mind.

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Wrapping Up

We hope this post gives you a complete idea about the counterargument. Follow the steps and tips mentioned here when you write a counterargument. To present your denial statement effectively, you can use either a few sentences or a whole paragraph. Let it be a sentence or a paragraph, clearly express your views accurately by opposing your opponent’s opinions with an example in a fair manner.

In case, you find it difficult to write a counterargument paragraph, quickly reach out to us. At, we have several well-experienced academic writers to assist you in composing a strong counterargument paragraph according to your requirements. Instead of pressurizing yourself too much, simply utilize our online assignment help services at a reasonable cost. By taking our customized assignment packages you can improve your overall academic scores as well.

how to write a counter argument paragraph in an essay

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How To Write A Counter Argument In An Essay

Steps of how to effectively design and write a counter argument.

Has your professor asked you to include a counterargument in your next assignment? Are you puzzled about where to start and what to write? If you wonder how to write a counter argument essay, worry not. Many students struggle to come up with the right standpoints in their papers, so we’ve decided to lend you a hand.

Expressing conflicting positions on a hot topic is a critical skill in the academic world. In short, you need a well-grounded contradicting stance with supporting facts to refute the opponent’s opinion. Keep reading to find out how.

What Is A Counterargument In An Essay – The Definition

Counter arguments should clear any doubts readers might have about your positions. Moreover, the purpose of an opposing argument is to offer a reason to disagree with the thesis statement. Whether you include it in the introduction or dedicate an entire paragraph to it, your counter argument shows that you’re aware that various views exist.

Addressing claims against your main standpoints makes you savvier, and your paper well-structured and substantiated. Since your  argument essay outline will urge your readers to agree with your claim, it’s advisable to mention a reason to believe differently.

Why Are Counterarguments Important

By incorporating a contradicting standpoint in your assignment, you demonstrate that:  

How To Start A Counterargument

This segment will alert readers that a different stand from the thesis follows. So how to write a counterargument paragraph? The beginning of the denial section should explicitly or implicitly tell whoever’s reading to prepare for a contradiction. Omitting hints about the rebuttal in the paper will make it look one-sided and blunt.

So, how do you start the segment containing the counter argument? When you write your argumentative essay , ensure you include relevant starters and transitions. These may be a single word, a phrase, or an entire sentence supporting the overall statement.  

Counter Argument Starters

Let’s discuss the possible phrases you can use to introduce the counter argument. Here are a few starters that inform whoever’s reading to expect a change of direction:

Another approach that arouses interest is to use a rhetorical question. For instance, try the following starting phrases:

Similarly, you may take an indirect stance and present the counterviews of others to express your opinion. For example, say this:

Transition Words

Choosing the right counter argument starter is just a part of the equation. A coherently written assignment requires you to use transitions that make the argument flow smooth. Even the best custom essay writing service will fail its purpose if it lacks linking phrases.

Coordinating transitions ease the reading process by linking ideas into a cohesive whole. These phrases show that two things are alike or that you add extra information along the same lines. Here are a few relevant examples:

Why Include A Counterargument In An Argumentative Essay?

Including a counter argument in your essay will make your written piece more convincing. Though you may think this approach will weaken your position or undermine your claim, this isn’t true. On the contrary, by doing so, you respectfully acknowledge evidence or standpoints that differ from your argument.

Some students believe a counter argument will lead the readers away from the main claim. However, any top-notch argumentative essay writer service will include it because it demonstrates the issue was elaborated from multiple perspectives. Finally, you enhance critical thinking by presenting both sides of the problem.

Example Of Counter Argument Paragraph

Below, we share a relevant example of an argument on a specific topic with guidance on avoiding writing an irrelevant counter argument.

The argument:

Many students prefer to smoke on college campuses. They often argue that authorities can’t ban smoking on campus if it isn’t illegal.

Ineffective counter argument:

However, the college management is the ultimate decision-maker and can prohibit whatever they deem harmful on campus.

This counter argument is useless because even if the college management has the right to impose bans, it can’t disregard students’ requirements on all grounds.

So, how to write an argumentative essay with a relevant counter argument? Check the suggestion below.

Effective counter argument:

Yet, second-hand smoke can harm people in the vicinity that suffer from conditions like asthma, thus putting them at risk of health deterioration.

This example will achieve its primary purpose – discuss the other perspective openly. You may disagree with this view but demonstrate you’re aware that some people might take a different standpoint. And they have every right to because no issue is one-sided. In the second example, the reader can see how students smoking on campus might harm those around.

How To Respond To A Counterargument: The Refutation

Among other things, you must address the counterviews in your written piece with a rebuttal . Stating and refuting the contradicting idea is critical if you want to give credence to your standpoint . No matter how and where you incorporate the rebuttal, do it objectively by maintaining a formal and scholarly tone.

The best approach is to oppose the counter opinion logically by considering these questions:

Responding to these questions and taking a specific route will refine your stance and clarify the issues considered. Moreover, if you suddenly agree with the counter opinion, revise your statement and main points to reflect your new thinking.

Common Mistakes And Fallacies To Avoid While Writing Opposing Arguments

Keep these things in mind when you write argumentative essays, and avoid them as much as possible:

Bottom Line

When writing your work, you might decide to include a sentence or a whole segment that presents a denial statement. Whatever your choice, use a specific layout to express your views clearly and accurately. It is important to remember that for urgent essay writing , the need for incorporating counterargument examples is even more critical to ensure a well-substantiated and persuasive written piece. Therefore, it is essential to consider both sides of the argument when constructing your response.

Hopefully, this post helps you understand what is a counterargument and how to write a counterargument. Provided you follow the tips outlined above, it won’t take long to polish your work. If you have any concerns about your writing assignment, always ask your teacher for support.

Do Synthesis Essays Need A Counter Argument?

Yes, ensure you include a counter argument and oppose it to justify your viewpoint. It’s best to place it in the first body segment of your synthesis essay. By doing so, you show your capacity to appreciate different opinions than yours.

Does An Argumentative Essay Need A Counter Argument?

Yes, argumentative papers should contain a well-presented contradicting idea than the one expressed in the thesis. Taking a single standpoint doesn’t add value to your work because readers with a different opinion will see it as biased and unfair.

Where Does The Counterargument Go In An Essay?

One idea is to write it in the introduction to create a contrast for the main claim. Alternatively, you may explain the contradictory opinion in one section that acknowledges the idea and then discredit it. It is often better to place it before your opinion to end the paper on a positive note that supports your perspective.

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