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The Beginner's Guide to Writing an Essay | Steps & Examples

An academic essay is a focused piece of writing that develops an idea or argument using evidence, analysis, and interpretation.

There are many types of essays you might write as a student. The content and length of an essay depends on your level, subject of study, and course requirements. However, most essays at university level are argumentative — they aim to persuade the reader of a particular position or perspective on a topic.

The essay writing process consists of three main stages:

Table of contents

Essay writing process, preparation for writing an essay, writing the introduction, writing the main body, writing the conclusion, essay checklist, lecture slides, frequently asked questions about writing an essay.

The writing process of preparation, writing, and revisions applies to every essay or paper, but the time and effort spent on each stage depends on the type of essay .

For example, if you’ve been assigned a five-paragraph expository essay for a high school class, you’ll probably spend the most time on the writing stage; for a college-level argumentative essay , on the other hand, you’ll need to spend more time researching your topic and developing an original argument before you start writing.

Before you start writing, you should make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to say and how you’re going to say it. There are a few key steps you can follow to make sure you’re prepared:

Once you’ve got a clear idea of what you want to discuss, in what order, and what evidence you’ll use, you’re ready to start writing.

What can proofreading do for your paper?

Scribbr editors not only correct grammar and spelling mistakes, but also strengthen your writing by making sure your paper is free of vague language, redundant words, and awkward phrasing.

how long is my essay in time

See editing example

The introduction sets the tone for your essay. It should grab the reader’s interest and inform them of what to expect. The introduction generally comprises 10–20% of the text.

1. Hook your reader

The first sentence of the introduction should pique your reader’s interest and curiosity. This sentence is sometimes called the hook. It might be an intriguing question, a surprising fact, or a bold statement emphasizing the relevance of the topic.

Let’s say we’re writing an essay about the development of Braille (the raised-dot reading and writing system used by visually impaired people). Our hook can make a strong statement about the topic:

The invention of Braille was a major turning point in the history of disability.

2. Provide background on your topic

Next, it’s important to give context that will help your reader understand your argument. This might involve providing background information, giving an overview of important academic work or debates on the topic, and explaining difficult terms. Don’t provide too much detail in the introduction—you can elaborate in the body of your essay.

3. Present the thesis statement

Next, you should formulate your thesis statement— the central argument you’re going to make. The thesis statement provides focus and signals your position on the topic. It is usually one or two sentences long. The thesis statement for our essay on Braille could look like this:

As the first writing system designed for blind people’s needs, Braille was a groundbreaking new accessibility tool. It not only provided practical benefits, but also helped change the cultural status of blindness.

4. Map the structure

In longer essays, you can end the introduction by briefly describing what will be covered in each part of the essay. This guides the reader through your structure and gives a preview of how your argument will develop.

The invention of Braille marked a major turning point in the history of disability. The writing system of raised dots used by blind and visually impaired people was developed by Louis Braille in nineteenth-century France. In a society that did not value disabled people in general, blindness was particularly stigmatized, and lack of access to reading and writing was a significant barrier to social participation. The idea of tactile reading was not entirely new, but existing methods based on sighted systems were difficult to learn and use. As the first writing system designed for blind people’s needs, Braille was a groundbreaking new accessibility tool. It not only provided practical benefits, but also helped change the cultural status of blindness. This essay begins by discussing the situation of blind people in nineteenth-century Europe. It then describes the invention of Braille and the gradual process of its acceptance within blind education. Subsequently, it explores the wide-ranging effects of this invention on blind people’s social and cultural lives.

Write your essay introduction

The body of your essay is where you make arguments supporting your thesis, provide evidence, and develop your ideas. Its purpose is to present, interpret, and analyze the information and sources you have gathered to support your argument.

Length of the body text

The length of the body depends on the type of essay. On average, the body comprises 60–80% of your essay. For a high school essay, this could be just three paragraphs, but for a graduate school essay of 6,000 words, the body could take up 8–10 pages.

Paragraph structure

To give your essay a clear structure , it is important to organize it into paragraphs . Each paragraph should be centered around one main point or idea.

That idea is introduced in a  topic sentence . The topic sentence should generally lead on from the previous paragraph and introduce the point to be made in this paragraph. Transition words can be used to create clear connections between sentences.

After the topic sentence, present evidence such as data, examples, or quotes from relevant sources. Be sure to interpret and explain the evidence, and show how it helps develop your overall argument.

Lack of access to reading and writing put blind people at a serious disadvantage in nineteenth-century society. Text was one of the primary methods through which people engaged with culture, communicated with others, and accessed information; without a well-developed reading system that did not rely on sight, blind people were excluded from social participation (Weygand, 2009). While disabled people in general suffered from discrimination, blindness was widely viewed as the worst disability, and it was commonly believed that blind people were incapable of pursuing a profession or improving themselves through culture (Weygand, 2009). This demonstrates the importance of reading and writing to social status at the time: without access to text, it was considered impossible to fully participate in society. Blind people were excluded from the sighted world, but also entirely dependent on sighted people for information and education.

See the full essay example

The conclusion is the final paragraph of an essay. It should generally take up no more than 10–15% of the text . A strong essay conclusion :

A great conclusion should finish with a memorable or impactful sentence that leaves the reader with a strong final impression.

What not to include in a conclusion

To make your essay’s conclusion as strong as possible, there are a few things you should avoid. The most common mistakes are:

Braille paved the way for dramatic cultural changes in the way blind people were treated and the opportunities available to them. Louis Braille’s innovation was to reimagine existing reading systems from a blind perspective, and the success of this invention required sighted teachers to adapt to their students’ reality instead of the other way around. In this sense, Braille helped drive broader social changes in the status of blindness. New accessibility tools provide practical advantages to those who need them, but they can also change the perspectives and attitudes of those who do not.

Write your essay conclusion

Checklist: Essay

My essay follows the requirements of the assignment (topic and length ).

My introduction sparks the reader’s interest and provides any necessary background information on the topic.

My introduction contains a thesis statement that states the focus and position of the essay.

I use paragraphs to structure the essay.

I use topic sentences to introduce each paragraph.

Each paragraph has a single focus and a clear connection to the thesis statement.

I make clear transitions between paragraphs and ideas.

My conclusion doesn’t just repeat my points, but draws connections between arguments.

I don’t introduce new arguments or evidence in the conclusion.

I have given an in-text citation for every quote or piece of information I got from another source.

I have included a reference page at the end of my essay, listing full details of all my sources.

My citations and references are correctly formatted according to the required citation style .

My essay has an interesting and informative title.

I have followed all formatting guidelines (e.g. font, page numbers, line spacing).

Your essay meets all the most important requirements. Our editors can give it a final check to help you submit with confidence.

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An essay is a focused piece of writing that explains, argues, describes, or narrates.

In high school, you may have to write many different types of essays to develop your writing skills.

Academic essays at college level are usually argumentative : you develop a clear thesis about your topic and make a case for your position using evidence, analysis and interpretation.

The structure of an essay is divided into an introduction that presents your topic and thesis statement , a body containing your in-depth analysis and arguments, and a conclusion wrapping up your ideas.

The structure of the body is flexible, but you should always spend some time thinking about how you can organize your essay to best serve your ideas.

Your essay introduction should include three main things, in this order:

The length of each part depends on the length and complexity of your essay .

A thesis statement is a sentence that sums up the central point of your paper or essay . Everything else you write should relate to this key idea.

The thesis statement is essential in any academic essay or research paper for two main reasons:

Without a clear thesis statement, an essay can end up rambling and unfocused, leaving your reader unsure of exactly what you want to say.

A topic sentence is a sentence that expresses the main point of a paragraph . Everything else in the paragraph should relate to the topic sentence.

At college level, you must properly cite your sources in all essays , research papers , and other academic texts (except exams and in-class exercises).

Add a citation whenever you quote , paraphrase , or summarize information or ideas from a source. You should also give full source details in a bibliography or reference list at the end of your text.

The exact format of your citations depends on which citation style you are instructed to use. The most common styles are APA , MLA , and Chicago .

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convert words to time .

How long will it take to read a speech or presentation?

Enter the word count into the tool below (or paste in text) to see how many minutes it will take you to read. Estimates number of minutes based on a slow, average, or fast paced reading speed.

Number of words

Reading speed

how long is my essay in time

Common conversions (average speed)

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Speech time calculator

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Special utilities, was this tool useful to you help us grow.

Time management

Contributed by: Kaitie Christensen and Nathan Lachner

Working backwards to reach your goal

An essay should express continued thought and/or research on a particular subject. It is harder to collect and research information when it is all done at the last minute. Time management is integral to academic writing, especially with longer essays. Utilize these tips to make the writing process as smooth as possible.

Assess the work that needs to be done

Plan your execution

Consider time for revision

Once you familiarize yourself with the assignment, you can work backwards from your due date to create a plan. This may feel overwhelming at first, but taking it a step at a time can help you feel confident and in control.


Backplanning emphasizes working backwards from the day the assignment is due to the first day you begin in order to work through all the steps of the writing assignment. Know your own preferences and set a schedule for yourself so that the writing process can be as smooth and productive as possible.  The stages below may give you an idea for how to begin breaking up the steps of the assignment.

You can do this step by yourself, with a friend, or with a consultant at the Writing & Speaking Center!

You may choose to have a break between editing and re-reading in order to clear your mind after you have walked away.

You may choose to complete one step of the writing process per day, break your paper up into pieces or allot time for feedback (such as the Writing & Speaking Center). Whatever you choose to do, pace yourself and remember to schedule breaks such as weekends to give yourself a chance to walk away from the assignment and to relax!

Do you wonder how long it takes to deliver your speech?

This website helps you convert the number of words into the time it takes to deliver your speech, online and for free. This tool is useful when preparing a speech or a presentation. The number of minutes you will take is dependent on the number of words and your speed of speech, or reading speed.

Note: This calculator provides an indication only.

Enter details below

The overview below provides an indication of the minutes for a speech (based on an average reading speed of 130 words per minute):

Shinyessays logo

Convert Your Words Into Minutes Here | Pro Tool

Check out a helpful online instrument that accurately predicts the duration of your speech. We offer precise time indicators for your texts and much more. You are free to order writing and editing services, as well as adjust your report to required terms with our professional help.

Words to Minutes

Words converted to minutes online | expert help.

Shinyessays.com represents a convenient tool to estimate your speech. Use it to count the time you will spend on a performance. Got unexpected results? Our experts are willing to rewrite the text in accordance with your terms. Have nothing to check? A skilled author will compose a brilliant presentation. Our Converter is absolutely free since we sincerely appreciate our customers and visitors. This online calculator is rather helpful for educational, business, and personal needs. Now you can be sure about the duration of the speech.

An inability to estimate the time for your performance results in negative consequences. Awkward pauses, an unfinished lecture, a chaotic fast story often overshadow the value of your thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes all you need is an exact “words-to-minutes” converter and a couple of expert advice. You can always get them here.

How it works

You do not need to guess and make calculations on your own. Simply put your speech in the program window and get a precise result. Our specialists also give recommendations on improvement of your text. If you need to cut or add it, go to our live chat and order rewriting services. Importantly: bear in mind the speed you talk.

how long is my essay in time

Speech editing and rewriting services | Why us?

Shinyessays.com is always a good idea when it deals with speeches and presentations. Our agency is helpful at any stage of their preparation:

Advantages of our agency speak for themselves

We provide free offers

It is about our online instruments. You can use the above converter for free. In addition, you may count on discounts and bonuses.

A wide range of related services

A convenient online calculator is not an end in itself for our agency. We are ready to get the job done. Editors and proofreaders can add or cut your text so that it fits the time given for your presentation.

Perfect speech writing

Our specialists are good at all types of presentations. We consider all the details of this assignment. It basically deals with the type of content. A well-structured text, powerful phrases, and a proper vocabulary will make your speech remarkable.

Helpful recommendations

One can order a list of advice on an oral presentation from our specialists. Our experts know how to make your speech sound better. Of course, content matters a lot. Yet, the way you present information is equally important. It is about confidence and winning listeners’ attention.

how long is my essay in time

Speech writing experts: professionalism & talent

Three minutes of the presentation is equal approximately to three hundred and sixty written words. Speechwriters of Shinyessays.com select the best phrases to make your report effective and captivating. A well-considered vocabulary in combination with a proper tempo is a key to your brilliant performance.

Principles of our work

A matter of accurate calculations

It happens that students fail with oral presentations. And it is not about their knowledge and skills. The thing is that they simply do not pay enough attention to timing. Sometimes one cannot estimate the time for speech precisely. At best, you could read a text once and determine the length of the presentation by eye.

There is a simple rule: 2 words = 1 second.

But there are exceptions. We have created an online tool that gives the most accurate results. In comparison with analogous instruments, it takes into account many nuances of the text.

Our online converter helps to set approximate time for your speech. The exact parameter can be calculated on the basis of the following factors.

Style of reading (speaking)

The first question is about the way you are going to present a report. You could read it or learn by heart and, thus, simply tell everything you remember.

Obviously, the speed of reading is faster than the speed of speech. If you prefer a “calm and measured” style, it will take you more than 2 words per second to pronounce.

On the contrary, in the case of fast speed, timing can be reduced.

The combination of styles is possible too. Say, you need to slow down talking about highlights. Fast dynamics or urgent messages are usually described quickly. Our specialists take all these nuances into account too.

Accents and pauses

Short intervals in speech emphasize certain words. One needs to make logical pauses following syntax rules (commas, points, exclamation points, hyphens, etc.). Do not forget about the number of paragraphs.

Words and sentences

Long academic or technical terms are difficult to pronounce. In this case, the speed of speech slows down.

Short phrases are easy to read, yet they need to sound separate. Thus, such texts imply more pauses due to a greater number of points.

Numbers should be turned into words

Reading silently, we rarely pronounce all the sounds. An oral presentation is quite another matter. Consider, for instance, “year 2020.” In fact, it is “year twenty-twenty.”

You see, seventeen signs instead of eight. Meantime, some programs still can take one figure as one letter. Our specialists pay attention to these nuances to get accurate calculations.

Time for setting the mood

What if your speech must be emotional? Our specialists add time for expressing feelings in this case. As a rule, a phrase describing sadness sounds longer than the same amount of sounds revealing excitement.

Your listeners can ask something. Thus, you need time for answers. Experts of Shinyessays.com know it from their experience. If the format of the presentation implies a dialogue or a conversation, they add time for a short discussion.

So, how to determine the exact time of the speech?

Firstly, one can use our Free Online Calculator. Yet, to get absolute accuracy, you can order speech writing services pointing out “count precise time for an oral presentation.”

I’ve already calculated the time for my speech. Are there any pitfalls?

It happens that reality does not meet expectations. Underestimation of time for speech could lead to unforeseen issues. A student might present only a half of his/her project, start a panic, and forget about valuable conclusions and insights.

The thing is reading silently, we omit some letters and sounds. Words sound much faster in our imagination. This fact is explained by some features of the brain. For instance, people often notice the first and last signs. They perceive a “silhouette” of the word, in a way.

“Brian abliities are amzaing…Spleling deosn't mtater if you are graet at redaing.”

What you get ordering our services

Confidence is the most important benefit you get from cooperation with our agency. You feel calm when you know that everything is ok with your text.

One does not need to worry about its length, mistakes in words, and the quality of the content, in general. Thus, you save life forces for the performance itself.

Situations when our Words-To-Minutes instrument is especially helpful

High school reports

Clients often order speeches for such purposes. The thing is students are restricted by short time frames for presentations of their projects. Meantime, they need to put maximum valuable thoughts and findings in these, say, 10 minutes.

Academic presentations

Presentations for colleges and universities are longer than speeches for high schools. They require more sophisticated intellectual work and better public speaking skills. You have an excellent opportunity to make them impeccable with our help.

Audio or video content for personal or business websites

As a rule, blog and social media platforms have restrictions on the length of clips or podcasts. Make sure you fit their policy. The most convenient way to check a text for a YouTube channel is to use our Converter.

The same can be said about audio advertisements on radio and TV. Determine how much time they really take as every minute costs a lot.

Texts for stand up comedy shows

Why not? If you want to try yourself in these performances, calculate the time, first. As a rule, this genre implies short texts. A too long story makes people bored. Every single minute matters, thus, make sure your speech is concise enough.

Speech for public performances

It could be a graduation speech, a project presentation beyond high school or college, words for official meetings, etc. Learn the length of your speech in minutes and make sure it fits the format of the event.

Anyway, our Words-To-Minutes Converter is a better alternative to:

Words per minute | FAQ on statistics

How many words per minute does an average person speak? Interestingly, this question appeared more complicated than we had thought. In fact, this figure depends on many factors.

Objective factors:

Subjective factors:

how long is my essay in time

As you see, an average North American student speaks about 130 words a minute.

How many words per minute should one speak?

It depends on your purpose. On average, 120 words per minute are enough to express thoughts clearly.

Facts say that commentators are the fastest speakers. The pace of presentations is in turn, is the slowest one.

how long is my essay in time

Is there a link between a language and a speed of speech?

Obviously, yes. It depends on the traits of the language and culture. Melodiousness, peculiarities of words and sentences influence the tempo. The way people got used to communicate with each other also matters.

By the way, Japanese is considered the fastest language. These guys can speak up to 360 words per minute.

How much does it take to pronounce 1000 words?

One thousand words take about three pages. If you decide to read them, it will be approximately a nine-minute presentation.

How much information can you present in 5 minutes?

Five minutes are enough to say six hundred words.

If you had only 3 minutes, how long would your speech be?

If you are competent in the topic, your speech will be at least three hundred and sixty words.

How long should a speech last?

It's all relative. We can claim from our experience that it can be from 3 minutes to 25 minutes. Interestingly, this time is spent not only for a speech itself. One needs to take into account answering the questions, as well as additional explanations and descriptions of slides.

A good speech boils down to a balance between informativeness and an engaging story. A too long presentation exhausts both a lecturer and a listener. A too brief text, in turn, leaves a feeling of unfinished conclusions. It looks like you have nothing to say on the topic.

Shinyessays.com makes your speech optimal with regard to rich content and a way of its presenting. Use our helpful tool to calculate time or order our writing services. In any case, all our offers are beneficial.

Place your order — make the first step to your hassle-free life!

how long is my essay in time

Words To Minutes Converter by Edubirdie Check your time for free

Step 1. Choose Your Score of Reading

Step 2. Input number of Words or Time

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Trim your speech with words to minutes converter by edubirdie

Public speaking is not about how confident you are. And it is not about how strong your text is. It's a presentation that matters. The ability to polish your talk to wow audience is the key to a successful presentation. Being able to hold the people on the edge of the seats listening to you is not an easy thing to achieve. The golden rule here is a to have a balance, converting words to minutes.

What benefits does Words to Minutes Converter offer?

How long is my speech? Have you ever asked yourself this question while preparing for a presentation? Professional speech writers know the right answer so you will know it too. The length of the presentation and the time you need for it, influence the results you get. If you have a 3 min speech, but a 2 min introduction, you'll definitely fail. The problem is that most speakers can't imagine the time needed for a talk, considering the speed, which they are going to talk.

That's why Edubirdie presents a brand new feature for those who want to transform their public speaking experience from the worst nightmare to a well-deserved success and receive a complete speech.

Our free converting tool counts phrases and trims your article to perfectly fit it into your time limit. Speech time calculator determines the ideal amount of material, recommending you to add or remove a number of sentences according to your average speaking rate, phrases, and minutes automatically. So, less than in 60 seconds you can find out what is your recommended words per minute speech count.

Now, you don't have to sit in front of a computer all day long, deleting and adding sentences one by one, trying to find out perfect words to speech formula. Edubirdie words per minute calculator will do it for you.

Please, do not spend your precious hours polishing the length of your article. Leave it for our speech time calculator and get a cup of coffee instead. Calm down and relax! The last thing you need to do is calculating your words to minutes proportion. Now, you have a speech writing helper . Try our essay time calculator and focus on quality instead of quantity, making your presentation interesting and memorable.

And remember, no matter whether you're a student or a business owner the quality of your presentation mainly depends on how smartly you deliver information to the audience.

Teacher gave you an assignment and you don’t know how many pages make 1,000 words? Use this tool to convert words to pages!

Did you forget to switch off CapsLock before starting to type text? Our free tool will help convert uppercase to lowercase and much more.

If you need to rewrite your text or find synonyms to particular words, you should definitely use this tool. It helps generate plagiarism-free content and make a text unique.

No matter what type of essay you need, we’ll get it written, so let’s get started.

how long is my essay in time

FAQ: How long will it take to complete my essay?

how long is my essay in time

The time it takes to complete an essay purchased from a writing service will depend on several factors, such as the length of the essay, the complexity of the topic, the academic level, and the deadline.

Most writing services will offer a range of turnaround times, from a few hours to several weeks. If you need an essay written quickly, you can typically expect to pay more for rush orders.

It's important to communicate your deadline clearly to the writing service and to ensure that they can meet your expectations before you make a purchase. You should also factor in time for revisions, editing, and proofreading, which can take several days depending on the length and complexity of the essay.

In general, it's a good idea to plan ahead and give the writing service as much time as possible to complete your essay, as this will give you more time to review the work and request revisions if needed.

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Every word has a number of characters in it. The word "Four", has 4 letters. Every word of 4 letters takes about the same time to pronounce. By counting every words length and adding extra breaks for special characters such as the comma(,) and point(.) we calculate a time.


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How Long is an Essay?

10 August, 2021

12 minutes read

Author:  Donna Moores

Making sure that you stick to the recommended amount of words is important for your academic performance. Even the slightest deviation from requirements might reduce your grade. But why let such a nuisance spoil your mark when you can just know what word count for each specific essay type is? So, how long is an essay? This question seems to be the talk of the town among students. As all students know from experience, the higher the academic level and the more specific the study area is, the stricter the course requirements are and the longer the essay should be. In the following guide, we will discuss how essay length varies depending on the academic level and what to do to find out what a proper essay length should be.

How Long is an Essay?

Essay Length Tips

Try to stick to the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 rule indicates that an essay should have the following structure: 80% of the text should be covered in the main body, and only 20% – in the introduction and conclusion. If you want to make sure that your text is easy to comprehend – make use of this rule. Structuring the paper in such a way makes sure that the reader does not lose the key idea of your essay.

Cover a single topic sentence in one body paragraph

Another valuable tip covers the composition of body paragraphs. Namely, keep in mind that each paragraph should reveal only one topic sentence, one point, and one argument. It is inappropriate to discuss two points in the same body paragraph since the whole essay loses its coherence this way. If you feel like you have some extra points to add, it is always better to create a new paragraph for this purpose.

Take spacing into account

Spacing plays an important role in assuring you follow the word count. For instance, a single-spaced page contains 550 words, while a double-spaced page contains 275 words respectively. So, according to the spacing you choose, you can always keep track of your word count. But to make sure you are as accurate as possible, you can always check the number of words right in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Five – this is the minimum required number of paragraphs

A basic paper structure requires five paragraphs, where three paragraphs belong to the main body part, and the other two cover introduction and conclusion. Keeping the outlined structure in mind always proves helpful, especially when it comes to sticking to a suggested word count.

Different Essay Length for Different Academic Levels

As a rule, a middle schooler is expected to write way less than a university student. Although the essay length often depends on the assignment type rather than academic level, the difference still exists. Below we will discuss what a recommended essay length for school and university essays is.

How Long is a Middle School Essay?

Middle school is where essay writing skills are being tested professionally. How long should a college essay be? Normally, essays length for middle school students varies between 500 and 1000 words. A typical middle school essay follows a well-known essay structure: introduction, body paragraphs, and summary (five paragraphs). Main body is usually the most informative part of a school essay and takes 80% of the word count. So if your teacher asks you to deliver a 1000-word essay, keep in mind that they expect you to write 800 words of main body text. But how long is a 500 word essay, for example? Well, this wordcount equals a page and a half. Based on this length, you can count the number of pages required for your essay.

How Long is a High School Essay?

There are several things that you, as a high schooler, might want to keep in mind. First of all, the essay structure remains exactly how it was in middle school. The only difference is that your tutor will expect a more profound analysis as well as a bigger essay length. Students need to show a more professional attitude to the topic and write approximately 2000 words for each essay.

How Long is a University (Undergraduate level) Essay

Apparently, the essay length will gradually extend as soon as you enter higher academic levels. At the university stage, students are challenged with complex subjects and are asked to reflect on the knowledge they gained during the course. Usually, Bachelor students write 5-10 page papers.

University essays imply demonstrating not only the knowledge and skills obtained during the course but also showing your writing skills. Students usually get long time frames to write such papers as they require research and extensive analysis.

If you are an undergraduate student, you may expect your professor to assign a couple of 1500 -word essays that explore a particular topic.

How Long is a University (Graduate level) Essay

A graduate level essay is similar to an undergraduate one. Although it often depends on the topic, university, and course, there are a lot of similarities between university essays for students of all academic levels. For a graduate-level student, the word count is somewhere between 3000 and 6000 words. However, courses that also imply other kinds of assignments, such as lab reports or practical exercises, might have looser essay length requirements.

Other requirements apply for those who are about to write their final dissertation or a master thesis. These are assignments that ask you to write 100,000 words or even more. For this type of assignment, you will be given a couple of months to research and write a paper.

How long is each part of an essay?

The length of each essay part usually depends on the general word count for the entire paper. How long is a 1000 word essay then? If the suggested essay length equals 1000 words, then you need to devote roughly 80% of the word count to the main body part, 10% for introduction, and 10% for a conclusion. However, if you are about to prepare a 10-page paper, this does not mean that final remarks and introduction should be proportionally big. Instead, it is always a plus when you keep your introduction short and up to the point. The same concerns the conclusion part. Always make sure you use only the most relevant information and avoid pouring water just to make the text look massive.

How to Manage Essay Word Count

Trying to achieve the suggested essay length might sometimes turn out to be quite a challenge. Here are some tips to make it easier for you:

Create an outline

Creating an outline before starting to write a final draft can do you good. First of all, having a clear plan indicates how many words you should write for each essay part. This approach will prevent you from extra editing work as well as give your text a transparent structure and message. You will get an idea of how to use the space that you have and avoid adding unnecessary information throughout the text.

Review the extant literature

To write better papers, it is always recommended to acknowledge the topic you’re working on. The reason why a lot of essays get poor grades is hidden in the insufficient topic understanding, so make sure you do solid research.

Make use of examples

Using examples in the text always proves to be a good idea. First, this approach enriches the text and gives it a lively tone. Additionally, referring to examples helps a lot when it comes to extending the word count. If you need to write 100 more words but have no idea of  what to add – add examples! Also, you may include some facts, data, or basically any evidence.

Revise your paper

Revising proves helpful when it comes to reducing the essay length. If you wrote 1500 words instead of 1000 – simply review the text and search for the information which sounds extra. Once you take a fresh look at your essay, you will certainly find entire sentences that do not fit in or just don’t make a lot of sense.

Can I go under the suggested length?

Going under a suggested length isn’t a crime as long as you’re close to the suggested word count. In other words, it is fine to write 900 words if the suggested length is 1000, but writing less than 900 words might affect your grade. Nonetheless, we suggest that you try to get as close to the required word count as possible – your tutor will appreciate it. If you are struggling to extend your text, here is what you can do:

Can I go over the suggested length?

As a rule, no one expects you to fit into exactly 500, 1000, or 2000 words. The standard acceptable deviation usually equals 10% of the text. This means that if the paper’s instructions ask you to write 2000 words, it will be fine if you go up to 2200 words.

However, this rule might not hold true in some cases, which is why we advise you to consult your professor on this matter.

We also recommend all students make the word count as close to the required one as possible. Exceeding the standard length always equals more time spent on evaluating the assignment, so try to compress your essay by using the following techniques:

What if there are no length guidelines?

It might be the case that your paper does not provide any writing instructions at all. In this case, you can manage the situation in several ways:

Simply search for the requirements online

If no strategy seems to work – just google it. You will easily find social media posts and forum answers on how to write a specific kind of essay. Besides, you can visit your chair’s website and look for essay length requirements there. It sometimes happens that professors don’t indicate any word count because the information about it is available on the website.

Make conclusions based on the paper description

Take a look at your essay instructions. If they say that you should write a paper with three brief body paragraphs, it means that each paragraph should equal 150-200 words. If the paper asks you to develop your ideas in well-developed paragraphs, you will certainly need to write at least 400 words for each.

If you aren’t sure – contact the administration

If you couldn’t find the information regarding world limits but still feel like it is important to stick to rules, get in touch with the admissions office. They might not tell you exactly how long your paper should be; but they will tell you what an average, acceptable word count is.

How Can Handmadewriting Help You?

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Best Essay Writing Services

Best Essay Writing Services 2023

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A life lesson in Romeo and Juliet taught by death

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Nursing Research Paper Topics

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How Long Does It Take to Write a 1000 Word Essay?

How long does it take to write an essay?

How long does it take to research an essay?

If you’re writing an opinion piece on something you already have some knowledge about, you may not have to do any research at all. It may just be a matter of organizing your existing thoughts into a coherent essay. If you need to find out about a topic before you begin to write, you can easily get information on certain topics, whilst others will be more obscure and therefore more difficult to research. Clearly, the easier it is to find information, the faster you can write.

How good are your reading comprehension skills?

Some of us can just skim a piece and pick up all the salient points. Others will have to read with more attention, and even re-read a piece several times to extract the information we need. Having good reading and comprehension skills makes writing much faster since you’re able to “get” the facts faster and organize them better. Now you know why you had to do so many reading comprehension tests at school.

How well did you plan?

Throwing yourself headlong at a 1,000-word essay and writing till you reach the word count may seem like the easy option, but it isn’t. Planning your essay so that it begins with an introduction, highlights the most important points you want to make and then wraps everything up into a conclusion actually saves you time. Sometimes, essay instructions will tell you how to structure the piece, so read them carefully and extract any information you can use to guide your essay’s structure.

How fast do you type?

Have you ever gotten lost halfway through a sentence? You know what you wanted to say, but halfway through, the thought slips away from you. The faster you can type , the more easily you can capture thoughts before your mind moves onto the next thing and you forget what you were trying to say. Typing skills are essential in the modern world. Consider using typing games to improve your speed.

How long does it take me to write a 1,000-word essay?

Faster isn’t always better. The more in-depth your report is meant to be, the longer you should spend on it. I can usually research and write a fairly technical magazine article of 1,000 words in three hours, but do remember that I’m a professional writer. I’m fast because I write all day, every day.

The longest I’ve ever spent on a 1,000-word article was 12 hours. It was absolutely brutal! The information I needed to gather was very technical, hard to find, and even more difficult to understand, and you can’t write something until you really understand the subject matter. I also had to contact experts for their opinions, but I couldn’t even ask about their opinions until I could target them with the right questions. As a result, I actually had to write most of the article before slotting in the expert comment.

The quickest I’ve ever written a 1,000-word article is one hour. In this case, I already knew the subject matter well and didn’t have to back up every fact in the essay with references.

Reviewing your work also matters

If you’re writing for grades and want a good one, you need a really good essay. Don’t start writing it the day before you have to hand it in. Try and get your first draft down at least a day or two before you have to submit your work. Then return to it and do your editing. Read your essay aloud to yourself, since this will help you pick up any careless errors you wouldn’t otherwise spot. Check to see if your information flows logically from one point to the next and make sure that you’ve presented your information clearly.

Remember, teachers get tired. They have to read the same kind of essay over and over again when they grade. If they struggle to understand what you’re saying, you might not get as good a grade as you would if you stuck to using short sentences and relatively simple language.

Your reviewing process shouldn’t take all that long. If you don’t have to make a lot of changes, you should be able to do your final edit in under half an hour.

Take your time. Whatever you do, don’t rush. You might want your essay to be written quickly, but if it’s an important essay, taking your time will give you a better finished product. Budget your time conservatively. It’s better to find that you’ve still got time left over than to run out of time and end up dashing things off with a looming deadline.

Below are some basic guidelines if you need a rough estimate on how long it will take to write an essay. It’s important to remember that there are a plethora of mitigating factors that can increase or decrease the time it takes to write. The below numbers are using an estimate that it takes about 3 hours 20 minutes to write a 1000 word essay:

How long does it take to write a 100 word essay? It takes about 20 minutes to write a 100 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 200 word essay? It takes about 40 minutes to write a 200 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 250 word essay? It takes about 50 minutes to write a 250 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 300 word essay? It takes about 1 hour to write a 300 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 400 word essay? It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to write a 400 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 500 word essay? It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to write a 500 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 600 word essay? It takes about 2 hours to write a 600 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 700 word essay? It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to write a 700 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 800 word essay? It takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes to write a 800 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 900 word essay? It takes about 3 hours to write a 900 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 1,000 word essay? It takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes to write a 1,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 1,250 word essay? It takes about 4 hours and 10 minutes to write a 1,250 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 1,500 word essay? It takes about 5 hours to write a 1,500 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 1,750 word essay? It takes about 5 hours and 50 minutes to write a 1,750 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 2,000 word essay? It takes about 6 hours and 40 minutes to write a 2,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 2,500 word essay? It takes about 8 hours and 20 minutes to write a 2,500 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 3,000 word essay? It takes about 10 hours to write a 3,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 3,500 word essay? It takes about 11 hours and 40 minutes to write a 3,500 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 4,000 word essay? It takes about 13 hours and 20 minutes to write a 4,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 4,500 word essay? It takes about 15 hours to write a 4,500 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 5,000 word essay? It takes about 16 hours and 40 minutes to write a 5,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 6,000 word essay? It takes about 20 hours to write a 6,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 7,000 word essay? It takes about 23 hours and 20 minutes to write a 7,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 7,500 word essay? It takes about 25 hours to write a 7,500 word essay.

How long does it take to write an 8,000 word essay? It takes about 26 hours and 40 minutes to write an 8,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 9,000 word essay? It takes about 30 hours to write a 9,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 10,000 word essay? It takes about 33 hours and 20 minutes to write a 10,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 12,500 word essay? It takes about 41 hours and 40 minutes to write a 12,500 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 15,000 word essay? It takes about 50 hours to write a 15,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 20,000 word essay? It takes about 66 hours and 40 minutes to write a 20,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 25,000 word essay? It takes about 83 hours and 20 minutes to write a 25,000 word essay.

How long does it take to write a 50,000 word essay? It takes about 166 hours and 40 minutes to write a 50,000 word essay.

(Image courtesy of Miguel )

This isn’t accurate. I wrote my 1000 word essay in an hour, not three hours. You should change the times you have listed to reflect how long it actually takes to write. Obviously you don’t know since the mes you listed are not the same as what I can do!

Did you even read the article? The writer says that it’s based on what she writes and is just a general approximation. How long it takes you or anybody else to write an essay will obviously be different because you’re not the same as everybody else. Nobody writes at the same speed so how long it takes you to write an essay will be different for every person.

Someone doesn’t understand the meaning of “rough estimate”

Well then you must be superhuman or some shit I don’t care, I came here for a question not your butthurt comments. Also, if your so good at writing I wouldn’t have found 2 typos in 2 sentences 🙂


If you already have all the research done and know what you want to say, then a 1000 word essay shouldn’t take more than an hour to write. In fact, it probably can be done in 30 minutes or less. The time-consuming part of an essay is the research and how long that takes depends on how much you have to do. But the actual writing of the essay shouldn’t take too long at all.

But research is part of the writing process. If a person writes a book, they don’t only count the time it took them at the typewriter writing. They count all the time it took to research the book as well. Trying to separate the two doesn’t make sense.

I think an important thing to point out here is that there’s a huge difference between writing a 1000 word essay and writing a good 1000 word essay. You can write an essay in hardly any time at all if you don’t do the proper research and don’t spend time editing what you wrote. If you’re going to write a good essay, it’s going to take more time. You should always give yourself more time than you think you’re going to need to get it done.

This applies to all writing. Writing and writing something something well will have a huge time discrepancy even if both writings are the same length. Just because you are able to finish something quickly doesn’t mean that’s the best way to do it.

Exactly! Actually, it can take hours or days to come up with the right line – or it can come in seconds. There’s no real counting in terms of the creative process.

Days to come up with the right line? 😀

It does. Sometimes, no matter how hard you look at something, you won’t be satisfied with it. It may take you days to figure it out. And then, one fine day, you suddenly stand up right in the middle of breakfast and then run upstairs and then type out the right line. Source: personal experience

I just spent 8 hours on a 500-word monologue… This comment made me feel better.

Wow, your advice is excellent it motivated me to do a lot better in my essay.

In my opinion, hours that are presented here a partially true. It may take about an hor to write 300 word essay but editing also takes some time. So on averege, I count the time to write the piece itself + time edit everything.

Research, first draft writing, editing, and rewriting are all part of the writing process. I think the time it takes to do all of them should be counted in the time it takes.

It takes way too long! Teachers should not be allowed to assign essays more than 250 words. They always complain they don’t have enough time and work too hard. It’s only because they make their students do too much work!!

This comment just makes you look lazy. 250 words is nothing. Any topic that needs to be explored will take many more words than this. If you don’t want to write, just admit it and don’t try to project that on others.

If you do your research, use annotations for resources and understand to whom and what you have to transfer than the fewer words the better. Remember that you are demonstrating deep knowledge of the topic by making it accessible to the audience without them doing the research. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Contrary to what academia self-righteously preach, its imperative for any writing and explanation of thought to be simplified. If you cant explain it in short time/short essay you don’t understand it enough.

I disagree, I feel 250 words is way too less to explain any topic. In my opinion, the maximum word count for an essay should be 1500.

It should take long enough that you get all the points you want across in the writing, but not too long as to bore the reader. Writing should be engaging, not boring.

Nice philosophy, but completely unhelpful if you have a paper due tomorrow and limited amount of time to write. The real world doesn’t work that way.

If someone has an essay due tomorrow and they waste time reading this, then they are a bit of an idiot for giving themselves even less time to work with. If they’re leaving work to the last minute like that, then the only thing they should be doing is jumping right in and writing (or planning the essay, but that should be done much sooner).

This is so arbitrary and will depend on the individual. It’s like asking the question, “how long does it take to write a book?” For some, it will only take a couple of months while for others it will take a lifetime. it also depends on the type of writing you’re doing. Some writing is easy and quick and other writing is difficult and requires huge amounts of research.

The uphill task of writing an essay is doing thorough research. Once you have completed the research, you can deliver a 1000 word paper per hour

I completely agree with you on that one. I recently worked on a 4000 word essay, and while the research did take me three hours to conduct, I completed the essay itself in a bit less than four hours and scored a total of 32/34 points.

So happy to read that! That’s because I just realised, that that is what I needed to read. I’ve got two months to write six 2500 word essays. I’ve been procrastinating because I’m simply in fear of doing a bad job. I’ve done lots of research; made lots of notes; collected citations and written nothing. It’s time. I can do this!

I’m writing a 1600 word essay right now as I type this lol

Then show me after you have finished.

Im writing a 2500 word essay, almost done, I can’t even imagine writing a 10000 word essay in university, that sounds EXTREMELY painful 🙁

I found these estimations quite accurate, thank you.

I’m writing a narrative for my English class right this moment and the word requirements are 800-1000. I’ve only been working for two hours and I’m at 1,157. I’m nowhere near done…

your word requirements are 800-1000 and u have 1157? You’ve been done for a while I would say

Wow i have to write a 1 500 word essay in 4 days and I have about 1050 words left Dono how long thats gonna take me 😂😭😭😭

I am writing a dissertation and those estimations made me positive because just 41 hour to write 12,000 essay seems nothing. But at the moment I just finished literature review(though the hardest part yet) without editing I am already at over 35 hours of work. And that’s not even a half! But I am aiming for a good grade though…

I’ve found these estimates incredibly accurate in my years in college. I’m about to graduate next week and have one more 3500 word paper to write. We’ll see if the estimates hold true. However, the estimates (for me at least) don’t include the time it takes to edit so I usually add a little time depending on how long the essay/paper has to be.

Wow, these tips are helpful, Thank You to the creator of this website. These tips helped me a lot in my essay for school.

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How to write a 3,000 word essay in a day

Laura Brown

by Laura Brown in Study Tips

Updated 7 March 2023

So you've left your 3,000 word essay until the last minute? Not ideal, but don't stress. You can make it happen by following our steps.

stressed student with laptop, hourglass and alarm clock

Credit: Prostock-studio, mialapi, Olga_Shestakova – Shutterstock

We know. You had every intention of getting your essay done before the deadline, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Writing 3,000 words can take anywhere between six and 24 hours depending on the topic. But, with our tips, you can easily get the essay done within a day.

Get your head down and you could meet the deadline, and even produce an essay you're proud of. Best of all, you can adapt our tips for a 2,000 word essay, a 4,000 word essay, or whatever length – all in a day!

Take a deep breath. Remain calm. Here's how to write an essay fast.

How to write an essay quickly

"Fail to prepare? Prepare to fail". We've all had it said to us, whether it be from a lecturer or a well-meaning parent.

If you're reading this guide, we suspect you haven't entirely embraced that mantra. But, there are a few things you can do the morning before deadline day that will make your day of frantic essay-writing run smoothly. 3,000 word essay, here we come.

Eat a good breakfast

Fuel your body and mind with a healthy breakfast, like porridge . Its slow-release energy means you won't have a mid-morning slump over your laptop – something you can't afford right now!

Not into porridge? It's far from the only brain food that will help you write an essay. Check out our list of the best foods for brain fuel to see what else will get you off to the best start (and keep that flying start going).

Although you might be tempted to mainline coffee into your veins, try to avoid too much caffeine early on . Caffeine is basically the opposite of slow-release energy, and you'll find yourself crashing after a few hours.

Pick your workstation and equipment

Choose a quiet area where you won't be disturbed. You'll know whether you work better in the library or at home, but don't choose somewhere you've never been before. Make sure you'll be comfortable and able to focus for as long as possible.

Be organised and bring two pens, a bottle of water, your notes and some snacks to use as mini-rewards . These will keep you going without having to take your eyes off the screen (apparently dark chocolate is a great option for concentration!).

Get rid of social media and other distractions

iphone turning off

Credit: PIMPAN - Shutterstock

Procrastination is a student's worst enemy (besides a hangover ). Turn off your phone (or place it face down on silent) and resist the urge to check social media.

Don't trust yourself? Temporarily deactivate your accounts or get a friend to change your passwords for 24 hours.

Plan a schedule and set yourself time management goals

Time management is pretty important when you have to write an essay in a day.

Assign yourself chunks of time to reach certain milestones. This breaks down the big daunting task and provides extra motivation every time you tick off one of the relatively easy mini-tasks.

Let's say it's 9am and your essay is due first thing tomorrow morning. If you're wondering how to write essays faster, here's a feasible 14-hour timeline that you can follow (remember this is just a brief summary of each stage – we go into more detail below ):

Remember to schedule in a few short 10-minute breaks (one every 45–60 minutes or so should do the trick). Giving your brain a rest is key to keeping your overall productivity levels up, and stretching or doing some brief exercises will also help.

Choosing a question and planning your essay

girl thinking and studying

Choosing an essay question and how to answer it

Time: 9am – 9.30am

If you've been given a choice of essay questions, choose the one you have the most knowledge about, or have strong opinions on.

After all, this isn't the time to learn a new topic from scratch. No matter how much easier the question seems, 24 hours isn't long enough to learn anything in detail.

What's more, questions that seem easy at first glance are often the hardest of all.

The very fact that they're short and worded in a very straightforward way means you're probably expected to construct a much more original and complex essay to respond to it.

Deciding how to answer the question

Next, decide on your approach . How are you going to tackle the question? It's your essay and, as long as you keep relating your arguments to the question, you can take it in any direction you choose.

It helps to come up with a quick answer in your head. This gives you a general idea of what to write about and means you won't need to keep rereading the question.

This will help you understand the question better and avoid you having to keep referring back to it later on (when you should be concentrating on writing the body of your essay).

If you're finding it difficult to work out your argument, write down all the ideas that come to mind. From this, you'll see a theme start to emerge.

Planning your essay

Time:  9.30am – 11am

Once you've decided on your approach to answering the question, you should be able to form a pretty solid plan for the body of the essay.

Write out three to five key points that you want to make in your overall argument. Underneath each one, use bullet points to list all the information, supporting arguments (and, better still, any rebuttals you have to popular counter-arguments) or quotes you already have for each point.

Start with the most obvious or all-encompassing argument . This will allow you to progressively go into more detail on each of the smaller arguments – one of the keys to a good essay.

Once you've done this, actually writing the essay should just be a case of bulking out each point and filling in the gaps.

This method is perfect for writing against the clock . It will keep you on track with the essay, and avoid you from feeling confused about what to write next.

And yes, we realise we haven't got around to finding quotes and references yet. But stick with us, there's a good reason for this.

How to write an essay introduction quickly

Time: 11am – 11.45am

Writing all 3,000 words in one go is not easy, so anything you can do to break up the workload is a positive step.

As your intro is unlikely to need many (if any) quotes, it's a good place to start. As soon as you've planned your essay, you'll be able to get a sense of achievement by writing the introduction.

This way, when you sit down after lunch to tackle the main body of the essay, you'll have already knocked a couple of hundred words off the word count.

Don't worry too much about making it sound amazing at this point. Just get stuck into introducing your argument and telling the reader how you'll support it. You can go back and improve it later on when you're at the editing stage.

Create a mini-outline in your introduction so you signpost exactly what it is you're planning to argue.

And don't use the introduction as a space to throw in random references to things that are vaguely relevant, especially if you're just doing it to hit the minimum number of references required. When in doubt, leave it out.

How to find sources for your essay

cat using laptop

Time: 11.45am – 1pm

Now it's time to gather the all-important information and quotes to support your arguments.

It's important to limit the time you spend on this to avoid getting distracted by irrelevant info. However, the essay will be easier to write if you're well-informed on the topic, so don't scrimp on the research either.

Choose the keywords you're searching for wisely, and copy and paste any key ideas and quotes you find into a separate 'Research' document.

If you're using reference books rather than online resources, give yourself an extra 10 minutes to get anything that looks useful from the library. And, although it sounds obvious, remember to use the index.

Where to look for quotes online

Google Scholar is a great place to find direct quotes without spending time going through endless paragraphs.

Of course, your best bet will be any references that you've picked up in your lecture notes . Even if you haven't noted down the names, look through the lecture slides (if your lecturer is kind enough to put them online) and see if they contain any gems.

Go straight to the source and check to see whether the lecturer has published a list of advised reading on your module's online platform .

While you gather quotes, keep a note of your sources and format them for your bibliography.

This helps you avoid any risk of accidental plagiarism, but compiling your list of citations as you work saves having to do them all at the end (the last thing you want after writing 3,000 words).

Extra referencing tips

Say you're reading a text by Author A, which includes references to quotes by Authors B, C and D. Rather than referencing the text by Author A, use the quotes from Authors B, C and D and use the bibliography from Author A to find the references to use for B, C and D.

Aside from being how you're supposed to reference anyway, it has the added benefit of adding three sources to your bibliography instead of just the one.

Also, if you're using Microsoft Word (2007 or later) to write your essay, make use of the automatic referencing system .

Simply enter the details of sources as you go along, and it will automatically create a perfect bibliography or works cited page at the end. This tool is amazing and could save you a lot of extra work typing out your references and bibliography.

Writing your essay

Time: 1.45pm – 6pm

You've had your brain-fuelling lunch , and now it's time to write the 3,000 word essay. With your detailed plan, it should just be a case of expanding on the points you've already listed.

If you struggle to word your ideas in an eloquent way, focus first on getting all of your content down.

You can refine the wording at the editing stage , and it's much easier to think about style once you've typed up everything you want to say first.

While your essay plan should see you through, there's nothing to say that more ideas won't occur to you as you go along.

Unless they absolutely have to be included, jot them down on a notepad. They could come in handy if you need to make up the word count later.

How to reach the word count

Use the research you gathered earlier to support the key ideas you set out in your outline, but don't ramble for the sake of it. Try to be concise and have faith that the strength of your arguments will take you to around 2,500(ish) words.

Imagine your essay is a bit like a kebab stick: the meat is your essential argument and you surround each chunk with vegetables (quotes and remarks) to make the full kebab... We can't wait for dinner at 6pm.

If you're struggling to reach the word limit, don't panic .

Pick out a single point in your argument that hasn't been fully built upon yet, and head back to your research. There will almost certainly be an additional quote or two that you could throw in to make your point even clearer.

Of course, if you're using a lot of quotes from other sources, make sure you paraphrase your main arguments to give the essay your own voice and make it clear which words are yours and which are someone else's. Plagiarism is serious and all your hard work could be completely discounted if you don't cite properly!

Your conclusion shouldn't take too long at all. You're basically summarising the arguments you've spent the last few hours detailing, and explaining how they all tie together to support your overall response to the essay question.

Editing your essay to perfection

girl reading essay

Credit: Atanas Bezov - Shutterstock

Time: 6.45pm – 10.30pm

We've allowed 3 hours and 45 minutes for editing your essay, which might sound a bit excessive. For some of you, it will be.

If you're blessed with the ability to write immaculately and at speed, you may not need this long to edit your essay.

Although, as we touched on earlier, not everyone can get their ideas written down and do it eloquently all in one go. If this is you, then take the time to refine what you've produced and make sure it gets full marks for written communication .

However long you're taking, you should still check that your essay flows nicely.

Are your paragraphs linked? Does it all make sense? Do a quick spell check and make sure you have time for potential printer issues (if your uni still requires you to provide a paper copy). We've all been there.

A lot of students overlook the importance of spelling and grammar. It differs from uni to uni, subject to subject and tutor to tutor, but generally your writing style, spelling and grammar can account for up to 10% – 20% of your grade .

Finally, ensure that all the points you wanted to explore are on paper (or screen) and explained fully. Are all of your facts correct? Make things wordier (or more concise, depending on your circumstance) in order to hit your word limit.

Time to get started

While starting essays a day before the deadline is far from recommended and unlikely to get you the best grades , this guide should at least prevent tears in the library (been there) and the need for any extensions.

Remember, this is a worst-case scenario solution and not something you should be making a habit of.

Exams coming up? You may want to bookmark  how to revise in one day too...

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How to get a first class degree

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This is genuinely brilliant I have been in this situation a few times and this is exactly the best process I wish I had seen this as an undergraduate. I think actual writing time is a bit optimistic in truth it would be an all-nighter and I have always worked better with less food. A belly full of porridge would send me back to bed but I'm a hefty bloke and missing a meal wont kill me.

Anyway, back to the dissertation, 14000 words to go, still have 5 weeks though.

me reading this, is me procrastinating my assignment that was due 3 days

Jake Alexander Murray

This is one excellent article! I've referred back to this specific website (article) over for the past 2 years and it works wonderfully! Thank you for updating it!

For one of my finals, we actually have to write a 3500 words essay in 24 hours... We will get the topic at 10am on a Tuesday, and have to hand it back at 10am the day after... so, it's not a bug, it's a feature

some great tips

Here goes nothing! 3000 words in a day (and maybe handing it in a day late if I cant finish in time and copping the 5% deduction).

This is bullshit. I have a 10,000 word essay due tomorrow. I fucked up by leaving it to the last minute, but the time required to research the content spans a couple of weeks.

I am a medical student, and I have to write an essay about cancer. God knows how I even got into medical school.

Literally a God send! Just written out my plan for my essay on the political implications of the Italian Renaissance- Really don't want to start but I have a plan now and feel more motivated. Kind of.

Jake Butler

You can do it!!!

But I have only 6hours left to complete my essay, and it must be a very long one. What should I do? I got the outline, but seems not provide plenty information to write. God...I'm panic, procrastinated and stressed. ;|

Honestly, I can't get anything done without the thought that it needs to be in!

Did most essays last year within the last week and passed with flying colours... The one I took my time over and worked on for over a month I had to re-submit because I failed first time.

With the flood in Cumbria this year it's been easier to stretch myself out a little rather than drag myself through 16 hour periods of writing each day as we were given extentions. Hopefully, these ones will be graded even higher because although there's still pressure, I am able to re-write them in a more academic style (yay thesaurus!!!)

I'm doing this now. I'm so scared I wanna cry.

Doing this right now have 1 more week to do 10000 words. Done most of the prep, with kids, work etc...goodness knows how it's going to get done...but it will. Hard part will be editing

deadline in a couple days, going to bash it out tomorrow using this, fingers crossed it works!!

16,000 words 6 days. 3 night shifts. Urgh. Thanks for this though!

Will use this guide twice until friday! then no lectures till 21st, Challenge accepted!

I thrive on pressure and find it easier to write and concentrate within the last 24hrs before submission. Remember " Anything is Possible"! You can do it. MSc essay completed within 2 days fully researched and handed in with 10 minutes to go. Received a Merit grade! Push yourself!

could have started earlier and got a distinction* / 1st class

Doing this right now... the feeling of freedom once you've finished the essay though... and then instantly forgetting half the stuff you wrote about!

I do that all the time LOL

Yes this guide is Awesome! thanks.


Oh, and thanks, this is really helpful >:)

Challenge accepted.

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how long is my essay in time

How To Write A High-Quality Essay Fast

09 Jul 2021

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📑7 Steps On How To Write A Perfect Essay In An Hour

✍️How To Write Every College Fast

Do you want to know how to write an essay in an hour? The first thing you need to know is that this is possible. You will need to write fast but use good sentences and words. This may sound obvious, but you can make it. 

Below, we will guide you through the whole process, and we will help you write any type of essay as soon as possible. Make sure to check tips on writing 500 words essay to speed the whole process even more and get over with it as soon as you can. Writing a paper of any kind is no easy task, so you will need to use these steps and know how to do it. 

This is the best way to write an essay in no time. After you are done reading this, start and make sure you will consider the main points with each sentence. Without further ado, let’s begin.

7 Steps On How To Write A Perfect Essay In An Hour

Wondering how to write an essay quickly? There are 7 steps you will need to implement in order to get the job done. These are essential steps for writing an essay quickly and something that professional writers have been using for a long time. See, to write an essay fast, you must adapt, and you must make progress every single second. Luckily for you, we know how you can do it, and now we will share the specifics with you. Keep in mind that if you are not interested in writing, you can always buy college papers which is an even faster option.

The first thing you need to know here and the one that each essay writing service or paper writing service use, is to plan the whole process. You need to consider how and what you need to write. You need to know how long each step will take so you can adapt even more.  Fast essay writing is only possible if you start with this step. 

If you skip it, you will use more time than needed, and you can’t complete essays in time! Your paper can still be fine and well written if you write fast. But you need to calculate how much time you can devote to each section as well.

Need help with an essay?

Get your paper written by a professional writer

If you want to write essays faster, you need to read more. There have been countless studies and research where people discovered that those who read could write better and can complete more essays in less time. This even applies to argumentative essay, so don’t forget that. 

Basically, when you read, you will learn new words, see new sentences, and understand the topic much better. All of this makes writing more appealing and easier for you. To write a good essay fast, you need to read fast as well.

These can be a lot of help. With notes, you can get important facts and details in no time, and you can add these to your paper. It has been one of the best essay writing tips and one that makes any writing so much easier and better. You can make notes in any form you like but using a PC is the best method if possible.  You can see a quick note and add it to your research paper immediately. If you don’t have notes, using cheap essay writing may be a better option! Now you can see how and why this is one of the main points here.

Now you will need to write a thesis statement. It is just one sentence that has a huge role in all of this. To write an essay fast, you will need to start with this. It should reflect the main goal of your paper, and it will guide you through the process. Try to keep things simple in this case. You will complete your paper fast, and you won’t have to worry about complicated and additional steps. All essays have this, and each college essay can be determined by a simple thesis statement.

Once you have the previous step completed, you can move to this one. You will have to start writing, and you will need to make the whole writing process easier and more appealing. Keep things simple. This is the main reason why we told you the same thing earlier. If you don’t want to buy research papers, you will need to implement this step. It is mandatory.

Sadly, there is no way around it. You will need to write as fast as you can. This also means that your writing process must not be delayed, there is no room for special elements of the paper, and there is no way you can spend a lot of time on each sentence. Writing a paper in this way means that you will be focused on the essential elements only.

Stuck with finding the right title?

Get plenty of fresh and catchy topic ideas and pick the perfect one with PapersOwl Title Generator.

Now when you know how to write, you still need to know one thing more. You must proofread the paper. It is a huge part of each writing process and something that you can do at home or at school. If possible, get help from your friend or family member. By doing this, you won’t develop your writing skills, but you will complete the paper on time. This is a huge deal in this particular case scenario.

How To Write Every College Fast

If you have to complete a narrative essay or any other kind, you will need to use these tips. Here we will refer to how you can write each section of your paper in no time. If this sounds impossible to you, use a writing service or get some sort of help. There is no way around this, so you can imagine how all of this is important. One trick you can use is to check essay examples before you start. These should give you specifics and details you can use later on, and you can use them for all kinds of writing you have to complete. Writing an essay is complicated and will take a lot of things to understand. 

In writing, a thesis statement has the main role. You will need to start with the one that is broad but not extremely. If it is too broad, you won’t have the time to explain it. A thesis statement is just one sentence that can make a massive difference. Try to keep it simple and interesting. This will reflect on how you can complete the rest of the paper. Try to check the examples online and change the one you like the most and obviously the one that matches your needs the most. 

Build your thesis statement

This is AI-powered online tool that lets you create a thesis statement about any topic you need.

In the introduction, you will need to start with the hook. This is just one sentence that must catch the attention of a reader. It can be a fact, an anecdote, an interesting case, or anything similar. The goal is to help your readers want to continue reading the whole paper. You can see some of the examples online, and you will understand how these work. Just don’t try to make it too long, and try to keep things simple. Then, you will provide a brief summary of what you are going to say in the paper.

When it comes to body paragraphs, writing is much easier. It is focused on one paragraph at a time. You will use the same structure for any paper you need to complete. It applies to any essay, and you can see that each essay has this as the main requirement. One paragraph must be dedicated to one fact or one claim. Once you are done, move to the next one, and don’t mix the two. You will need 3 paragraphs, and you can try to start with the most important and go your way down.

How to complete the conclusion? You will need to know that this part of the structure can make a massive difference. But you also need to keep things simple and straightforward. It must tell the final verdict or the final word of the paper, and you must make it short and direct. Don’t add anything new in the conclusion, and always try to prove your point. It can be positive or negative about the paper.

The Final Word

Now when you know all about the structure and the specifics, you are good to go. Keep in mind that you can do it in no time, and you can do it professionally. But, you will need a lot of attention, and you will need to know all the main elements that can make this possible. Reading does help and also help from your family or friends. Yes, we all believe that these tasks require a lot of time, and you are right. But you can do it in less time if you know what you are doing and use our help.

Was this article helpful?

Thanks for your feedback.

Article author picture

Dr. Karlyna PhD

I am a proficient writer from the United States with over five years of experience in academic writing. I comfortably complete given assignments within stipulated deadlines and at the same time deliver high-quality work, which follows the guidelines provided.

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how long is my essay in time

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How Long Is an Essay? The Ultimate Essay Length Guide

It’s safe to say that most students struggle with the word limit within an essay. Sometimes, it’s hard to find ideas for a text and meet the word requirement for every part of the paper. With so many factors influencing essay length, it’s easy to get confused.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for $13.00 $10.40/page

The picture enumerates the factors influencing essay length.

Luckily, our custom-writing team has your back. In this article, our custom-writing experts will answer all your questions regarding essay length. We will also help you write papers with an ideal number of words!

📜 Is Essay Length Important?

📏 essay parts: recommended length.

🔍 References

Often, the phrase “word limit” causes panic among students. After all, if an essay is too long or too short, your grade will be lowered. However, in reality, there’s nothing to worry about. When it comes to words, limitations are beneficial for both the students and the professors.

Let’s see what exactly it means.

Many people believe that the longer an essay is, the better. However, according to Frontiers, research shows that it’s a bias that couldn’t be further from the truth. A perfect-length paper is one that allows students to express their ideas and showcase their knowledge fully while keeping it clean and simple.

What Influences Essay Length

Various factors determine the length of an essay. Here are the most important ones:

Let’s start with the essentials. Usually, assignment length is given as a number of words rather than pages. Unless your supervisor or instructor mentions any specific limitations, it’s acceptable to be 10% below or above the word limit.

It’s also worth knowing the 80/20 rule . According to it, the body should constitute 80% of the text, while the intro and the conclusion take up the remaining 20%.

Keep reading to learn more about the recommended length of each essay part. The main numbers are shown in the table below:

How Long Should an Introduction Be?

An introduction is the first section and the face of your essay. For that reason, it needs to be compelling and well-thought-out. Usually, it consists of 3 to 5 sentences or 50 to 80 words .

An introduction must have a hook, some background information, and a thesis statement. While the attention grabber and the thesis are usually brief, you may need 2 to 3 sentences for the background. To avoid going overboard, try to stay on topic and don’t add any filler.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

How Long Is a Body Paragraph in an Essay?

The length of a body paragraph may vary. Sometimes, it can be limited to a single sentence. In other cases, it may take up a whole page. Usually, it’s recommended to have between 80 and 200 words (5-8 sentences) per body paragraph.

Since the paper’s body contains the most information, it’s necessary to explain and support your ideas properly. That’s why it’s no big deal if your body paragraphs go slightly over the word limit.

How Many Body Paragraphs Should Be in an Essay?

Like the word count, the number of paragraphs is determined by the type of paper and its topic. The minimum is 1. Generally, however, the body consists of 3-5 paragraphs , 1 for each argument.

To improve your paper’s structure, ensure that there are as many paragraphs as there are points in your thesis statement. Each one should have a purpose and support your arguments. If there’s any fluff, it’s better to get rid of it.

How Long Should a Conclusion Be?

Like the introduction, the conclusion consists of 50-80 words . It’s essential to keep it simple and only mention the central ideas. A weak concluding sentence may affect the reader’s understanding of the topic and spoil the overall impression of your paper.

Just $13.00 $10.40/page , and you can get an custom-written academic paper according to your instructions

🤔 How to Make Essays Shorter or Longer: Best Tips

Undoubtedly the essay’s content is more important than the number of words you use. But there are times when students go more than 10-15% below or over the limit. Is there a solution to this problem?

Yes, there is! In this section, we will share the most useful tips to help you stay on point with your paper’s word count.

How to Make Essays Longer

Since having enough words is essential for a good grade, we’ve collected the best tips that can help you lengthen your essay without teachers noticing:

How to Shorten an Essay

Another struggle of academic writing is cutting down the number of words in your essay to meet a set limit. We are here to tell you that it’s not that hard. Writing straightforwardly and keeping your sentences short is a key to concise content. Here are several strategies you may use to tighten a lengthy essay:

Another cool trick is to use our summarizing tool as essay shortener. Try it out!

📑 How Long Is an Essay Depending on Formatting?

As we mentioned earlier, the essay’s length is usually limited by the number of words. But sometimes, a teacher may ask you to write a specific number of pages. This is trickier because the amount of text you can place on the page depends on the formatting. By using the font size and spacing properly, it’s possible to make the paper visually longer or shorter. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

The picture describes how formatting affects essay length.

Essay Spacing: How Does It Affect the Length?

Length of an Essay: Font and Size

What to Do if There Are No Length Guidelines

Sometimes a teacher sets no word limit for a written work. What to do in that case? Well, first, you can ask your professor to confirm if they have simply forgotten to mention it. But if that’s not the case, here are a couple of helpful solutions:

❓ Essay Length for Different Academic Levels FAQ

The length of the elementary school essay is usually short. Usually, a paper needs to have around 3-5 paragraphs, with 4-5 sentences per paragraph. Primary school essays can be 1-2 paragraphs long.

The word limit for a middle school essay is usually between 300 to 1000 words. The most common essay length is 500 words, which is about 5 paragraphs. However, it may differ from school to school.

The length of the high school essay may differ depending on the school and the complexity of the task itself. Usually, however, a paper can be between 300 to 1000 words long.

The length of the undergraduate college essay often falls within the range of 1500 to 2100 words. It translates into roughly 5-7 pages. 5 pages is the most common essay length at this level.

When it comes to the graduate school admission essay, the word limit is usually between 500 and 1000 words. It’s possible to go slightly over or below the set limit; however, it’s best to stick to the requirements as close as possible.

📚 How Long Should an Essay Be: Different Types

Now, let’s talk about different types of essays. How long should they be? Keep reading to learn about the length of college essays, short and extended ones, scholarship essays, and research papers.

How Long Is a College Essay?

When it comes to a college essay, it’s more important to stick to the word limit than with any other paper. Some teachers may refuse to read it unless it meets all the requirements.

The shortest limit for a college essay is about 250 words which is the shortest length of a Common App personal statement. It’s also rare to see a good college essay with over 650 words . So, an average piece usually has between 150 and 650 words ; you can go over or below the limit by 50.

How Long Is a Paragraph in College Essays?

A college essay usually consists of 4-5 paragraphs . One paragraph takes about 1/3 of the page, which is roughly 5 sentences . Each sentence corresponds with one of the following components:

College Essay Length Requirements: Top 5 Schools

To understand the requirements for a college application essay even better, take a look at the table below. It showcases the top 5 schools and their length criteria for personal statements. Keep it in mind when writing your college essay:

How Long Is a Short Essay?

A short essay is usually 500 words long. Using 12pt Times New Roman font with standard margins and double spacing should result in about 2 pages of text.

Extended Essay Length

An extended essay is different from a short or a standard one. It requires extensive research and thorough explanation. That’s why the upper limit for this kind of essay is 4000 words . In this case, a typical essay length is 3500 words or 18 paragraphs .

Scholarship Essay Length

Generally, scholarship papers have a limit of 500 words , which is 1 page in length. Most scholarship programs provide additional requirements that indicate the minimum number of words or pages. If there are no set limitations, you can stick to the limit.

How Long Is a Research Paper?

Typically, a research paper is between 4000 and 6000 words long. Sometimes, there are shorter papers, which have around 2000 words, or in-depth ones with over 10000 words.

⭐ Other Aspects of Essay Length

When it comes to essay length, many different aspects come into play. Here, we’ve gathered all the essential information regarding an essay’s number of pages, paragraphs, words, and references.

How Many Paragraphs Are in an Essay?

Sometimes, it is more convenient to count paragraphs rather than words. Let’s now figure out how many paragraphs are in essays of different lengths. You may also check out the examples to see what such an essay looks like:

How to Count Paragraphs in an Essay Based on Word Count

You can also count the number of body paragraphs for your essay using the formula below:

Number of body paragraphs (average) = (TWC – TWC*0.16)/100

How Many Pages Are in an Essay?

The number of pages in your essay may vary from subject to subject. But it’s still possible to determine the number of pages based on word count. Check out the numbers below to see the conversions with bonus examples:

You can also use a specialized calculator such as Word Counter to determine a number of pages in your essay.

What Does an Essay Look Like when Typed?

You might be wondering: what do essays of different lengths look like when typed? Well, here’s the table where you can find out the metrics for single- and double-spaced papers.

How Many Pages Are in a Handwritten Essay?

In case you need to turn in a handwritten paper, you should check out the table below.

Counting Words in a Handwritten Essay

If you don’t have enough time to count the words in your handwritten essay one by one, here’s what you can do:

How Long Does it Take to Write an Essay?

It is crucial to know how long writing will take you, especially if you are working on an exam essay or just short on time. Note that you need to consider the time for typing and researching necessary to complete a piece. Research time may vary. Usually, it’s 1-2 hours for 200-250 words .

The picture shows the fact about the average speed of writing.

Below, we’ve gathered the average writing time for average and slower writing speed:

And here are the results in pages:

How Many References Does an Essay Need?

Another essential part of any composition is the reference list. Different academic levels require different references. You’ll find out how many of them should be in your paper in the table below!

📝 Essay Examples: Different Length

Finally, we’ve gathered some excellent sample essays of different lengths. Make sure to check them out!

We also recommend you check out our free essay samples sorted by pages:

Now you know all about essay length, word limits, and ways to lengthen or shorten your text. If you know other interesting tricks, make sure to share them in a comment! Good luck with your writing assignments!

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How to Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes

Last Updated: February 18, 2023 References Approved

This article was co-authored by Arash Fayz . Arash Fayz is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of LA Tutors 123, an academic consulting and private tutoring company based in Los Angeles, California. Arash has over 10 years of educational consulting experience, managing the tutoring of students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to score higher on standardized tests and gain admission to their target schools. He has a BA in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles. There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article has 23 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 583,206 times.

If you’re taking your SATs this year, you may be preparing to write a solid essay within the 30 minute time limit. Or you might be trying to improve your writing speed to complete essay exams faster and more efficiently. Writing a five paragraph essay in under 30 minutes can seem daunting, but with the right planning and time management, it is certainly achievable.

Sample Essays

how long is my essay in time

Planning the Essay

Image titled Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes Step 1

Image titled Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes Step 3

Image titled Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes Step 4

Writing the Essay

Image titled Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes Step 5

Image titled Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes Step 6

Image titled Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes Step 7

Image titled Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes Step 8

Editing the Essay

Image titled Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes Step 9

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In order to successfully write an essay in under 30 minutes, you need to plan it out and work efficiently. Take a good 10 minutes to plan out the essay and come up with a thesis statement that will convey your argument and help guide your essay. It may seem like a large chunk of your time, but it will save you from having to rewrite or restructure your essay later on. Then, take 15 minutes to write your introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Use the last 5 minutes to proofread your essay and look for spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Don’t worry about coming up with a title until you’re finished. It will be much easier then. For tips about how to edit an essay you write in under 30 minutes, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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1. Get in the zone

I don’t know about you, but I have a dozen little rituals I have to perform before I sit down to do a big slog of work. In general, I make it a rule to work in the library or university, because I find working at home, with all its possibilities of making and drinking tea, drifting off to watch TV, or being drawn into long conversations with my housemates, too distracting.

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But when I’m really up against the clock, or even about to start what I know will be an all-nighter, I prefer to be in my room, with easy access to vital things like coffee, food and the shower. (N.B. There is nothing like a shower for waking yourself up in the middle of a miserable work-session. Just don’t do what I did one particularly inauspicious Wednesday at 4am: fall asleep sitting down in it with a foot covering the plug, and wake half an hour later under a jet of now-freezing water to find that you have transformed your bathroom into a giant soapy sea).


But back to the rituals. Before I do any serious, or seriously rushed, work, I’ve got to do a number of things to ‘get in the zone’. This might sound like elaborate procrastination  — which, in reality, it most definitely is — but if I don’t do these little things, I find my concentration is poor, and my mind constantly wanders. First, my room has to be absolutely, books-in-alphabetical-order, spotless — mess is incredibly distracting, and when I’m working I want to use all the space on my desk. Plus, while you’re tidying you get to watch videos of cats falling over on YouTube. Next, I have to have a strong coffee (which I never drink more than a few sips of before remembering that I hate coffee and it gives me a headache — but it smells nice and is somehow a very reassuring thing to sit next to). Third, classical music doesn’t work for me; while I’m working, and especially at night, I find it keeps the mind sharp to blare out tragic noughties techno music. In particular, the songs of the ultimately unsuccessful Australian band Pendulum played at approximately a million decibels are so unpleasant they keep one constantly skittish with adrenaline, hammering out a thousand questionable words an hour while simultaneously imagining you’re in a warehouse rave. Finally, and most embarrassingly, I have a pair of leggings called my essay leggings that I like to wear while I’m working. They’re very comfy (and holey) and haven’t been replaced since my first year of university, because they’re somehow magically conducive to getting lots done in very little time. Now, the line between preparing oneself for work and procrastination is always thin, and one I continually find myself on the wrong side of. Your rituals might look very different to mine, and perhaps take a little less time. But if you need to do certain things to change your mindset from play to work, I’d advise you do them.

2. Work out exactly what you’ve got to do

Now that you’re sitting comfortably at your desk in your spotless room, work out exactly what you’ve got to do — and how long you’ve got to do it. Make a list of your tasks in order of priority, what they involve, the date they’re due in and how long you realistically think they’ll take. Your list might look something like this:

Red clock.

Now, for some of these tasks it will be absolutely essential that you hand the work in on or before the deadline . For any task that counts towards your coursework , or an exam, you’ll usually lose marks if they’re late — in my university, we would lose 5 marks out of 100 if an essay was handed in one minute after 12pm on the day of the deadline, and a further 10 if it was more than a day late. For these tasks, you absolutely can’t mess about — they should sit right at the top of your list of things to do, and be the first thing you get out of the way — and the ones you put most effort into getting right. But, even though it won’t make you very popular with your teachers, sometimes you’ve got to accept that you can’t do everything you’re expected to in a small amount of time. When I’ve got a big deadline coming up, I jettison everything else: I tell people I can’t make other commitments, even if that annoys them, and if I haven’t got time, I simply don’t do less important pieces of work. On the list above, for example, I might decide that only the pieces of coursework were really important, and that I wasn’t going to bother handing in the lab report or the Maths problems. Of course, all this is advice for an emergency situation: if you’ve got the time to do everything you need to, then deciding that you won’t is probably not the best strategic move and will mean you have to endure hours of unnecessary telling-off.


Make a timetable detailing exactly when you’re going to do each of the things on your list. Make sure you plan enough time for each task rather than being overly optimistic — you’re going to stick to this timetable no matter what . Think about the times of day when you work best, and how tired you’re going to be at various stages of the day/night/week you’re mapping out — the morning of your deadline, for example, when your eyes are itchy with tiredness and your brain about as much use as its equivalent weight in mincemeat, is probably not the best time to be proof-reading or tackling difficult Algebra problems. I study English and consequently write lots of essays, and I find that I can read and take notes at pretty much any time of day, but planning and writing are tasks I can only really do well first thing in the morning. Once you’ve made your plan, sit back and take a deep breath — it might be a rush, and you might not see sunlight for the next week, but it is possible to do everything you need to in the time you’ve got. All you need to do (and this is the important bit) is make sure you stick religiously to your timetable. Here’s how:

 4. Let things be less-than-perfect

Not every work of art can be perfect; sometimes you really must wrap it up and move on.

If you’re still not happy with something near the end of the time you’ve allotted for it — tough. Finish up and leave it in its imperfect state — if you’re lucky, you might have time at the end to come back to it, but it’s much more important to stick to a schedule which will allow you to get everything done than it is to perfect one part of the task. This means not reading that extra useful-looking article, not toying with the wording in an introduction any longer, and leaving a problem you just can’t solve. Remember — when you’re working on any task, it’s completely normal that that task will feel like the most important one — but it’s important to take a step back and gain some perspective over your whole project. I’m constantly messing up because I find it really hard to leave things alone – – for example, I wasn’t happy with my dissertation last year the day before I handed it in, and decided to stay up all night before the deadline restructuring and rewriting the last 3,000 words before I’d even begun my referencing or conclusion. This meant (as I’m sure you can guess) that the section I rewrote was garbled and full of spelling mistakes, my footnotes and bibliography were a total mess and my conclusion was 5 lines long- not exactly what I’d planned when I decided to begin my noble rewriting mission, and not exactly the formula for a winning dissertation. Polished and finished, if slightly flawed, work will always make a much better impression than something messy and incomplete, even if it’s more carefully thought out — it actively irritates examiners to find silly mistakes or signs of haste in things they’re marking. Take it from me, look at the bigger picture and simply move on .

5. Be selfish

Party balloons.

I’ve got a friend who actively refuses to make any plans other than a quick coffee for about four weeks before any deadline. Sometimes she doesn’t leave her house for days, and while she’s working she lets other people cook for her and tidy up her mess. Last year she didn’t go to her boyfriend’s birthday party because it was the week before a talk she was preparing. Now, this might all sound a bit mad, but my friend always does really, really well at everything she puts her mind to. Basically, in quite an extreme way she’s got her priorities straight — most of the time she’ll do anything for anyone, but when she’s got important work on her plate, she’ll say honestly that she needs to concentrate, and just can’t make other commitments. I, meanwhile, work in the absolute opposite way. I let friends come to visit me the week before a deadline because I don’t want to annoy them by cancelling, and am anxious about work and cranky for the whole time they’re there. I’ll go to the library with someone else but get annoyed when we distract each other. I end up getting so stressed out over all the commitments I’ve made that I can’t concentrate even when I’ve actually got time to work. I’ve come to conclude that my friend’s got it sorted. When you’ve got stuff to do, be selfish. This is one of very few chances you’ll have in your life (apart from, if you’re a girl, maybe your wedding) to be totally unreasonable, self-centred, and rude to everyone around you. Like a mad cross between Professor Snape and Kim Jong Un. Get your mum to make you dinner but refuse to sit and eat it at the table. Cancel plans, leave a mess. Refuse to read someone else’s work or do anyone a favour. Your friends might not like the new crazy you, but you’ll probably annoy them just as much by being irritable and stressed than you will by being selfish — and if you pick the latter course, you might actually get stuff done.

6. Do not entertain the thought that you might not finish

With the energy I’ve spent over the years asking for extensions, making up excuses or writing cringing apology emails to tutors and employers explaining that I just haven’t done things, I could have written novels. Stuff it, I could have written the Iliad . Extensions and the like might feel brilliant in the short term, but they’re not the solution to anything — you’ll still have to do the work one way or another, and you’ll annoy people and complicate your own life in the process of putting it off.

7. Just do the work

This is fairly self-explanatory. Though this article has tried to show that you can make things seem easier and more surmountable by organising, rationalising, and preparing, there are no magic solutions that can make you work miraculously quickly. There’s no substitute for sitting down, closing the door, turning off the internet and just doing your work . It might not be exactly fun, but it’ll feel worth it when you’re done, and then you can sleep and relax properly without feeling guilty or stressed. Got any top tips for getting things done quickly? Let us know in the ‘Comments’ section below!

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Home ➔ Essay Length Questions ➔ How Long Is a Typical Essay?

How Long Is a Typical Essay?

The word count of your essay mostly depends on your educational level, subject, department, course, and tutor’s instructions. This piece of writing is normally shorter than research papers or dissertations. But how long should an essay be exactly?

Generally, the length requirements are indicated in your assignment sheet. It can be words, paragraphs, or pages given as a range (300–500 words) or a particular number (5 pages). If you are not sure about your essay’s length, the number-one tip is to clarify it with your tutor. Also, if you’re not sure how to write an essay , we have a detailed guide on that topic, just follow the link.

We will review all the factors you must consider when it comes to an essay’s length, but here’s a quick answer to questions like, “How many words in an essay or how many paragraphs does an essay have?”

An essay is five paragraphs long on average, which is around 400–700 words.

Essay Length Tips

The tips below relate to academic essays that are given as a writing assignment. Everything that concerns admissions essays will be discussed in the following section.

How long should each essay part be?

If it’s a short essay (400–1000 words), each paragraph usually contains 100–200 words. The introduction and conclusion should be roughly the same in length and shorter than the overall word count of the body section.

According to Jennifer Duncan from The Writing Centre (the University of Toronto at Scarborough), for a 1000-word essay, its introduction and conclusion should be 4–5 sentences each. If your word count must be bigger, the length of these sections can be several paragraphs or even pages.

You might have seen conversion tables that say, “This number of words equals this number of paragraphs.” They all are based on a fixed length for each paragraph and are not very accurate. Yes, an essay that’s 400–800 words long can be converted like that. But, when your paper is bigger than a thousand words, your paragraphs can scale along, which means their number won’t grow exponentially with the overall essay size. For instance, if a 700-word essay comprises five paragraphs, a long essay (2000 words) won’t necessarily have fifteen paragraphs.

How long should a college essay be?

Here, “college essays” imply essays written for admissions. Admissions essays are quite different from the ones you get as homework. Usually, their chief goal is to show to the board that you are a worthy applicant. All the details about such essays should be publicly available on the college’s website in the appropriate section. But, if you don’t know the word count requirement and can’t find it, you still have some options. Below is a quick answer to the “how long is a college essay” question.

An average college essay is about 500 words long.

Admissions essay length tips

What if there are no length guidelines?

Sometimes colleges will not indicate a length limit for their essay prompts. But, don’t worry just yet because there are several ways to deal with this situation.

1. You need to send a sample of your writing.

They might have several options for applicants. Amherst College provides you with a choice: you can either (Option A) write a response to one of the quotations from the list or (Option B) submit a graded paper that best shows your writing skills. The last option implies that you have a set of papers to choose from, so you’re limited by their word count. But usually, there’s a page that contains guidelines for paper samples.

2. You can understand how long it should be from the description.

In its essay prompt guidelines, Wellesley College doesn’t give you a range of words or pages. Instead, it says, “in two well-developed paragraphs.” That means paragraphs can be quite long but within a reasonable limit, which is about 450–500 words. So this is when you’ll need to estimate or even guess a bit.

3. You need to search for the length requirements.

It can happen that essay length guidelines are not on the same page as the prompts. However, once you google, you can find posts on forums and social networks that discuss these essay writing requirements. You can also try searching “long” or “length” within the college site by typing “site:yourcollegewebsite.com” with those words.

4. You must call the admissions office.

If word limit instructions are nowhere to be found, you should call the admissions office. Even if they don’t have an exact number, they can tell you how long an essay should be based on the ones they had received before.

banner logo

Sentence length will vary based on the paper type you’re working on. In narrative essays , you have to tell a story, which means sentences can be very long (up to 50 words). But general advice would be to keep sentences shorter than 25 words. Considering that, a 500-word essay would have somewhere between 20 to 45 sentences.

In short, you do. Unfortunately, the education system is “lazy” in this regard. Even though minimum length requirements force students to stretch their writing by adding fluff and verbose phrases, if those restraints were no more, some students would abuse that and submit essays far too short. Although some educators give a small margin over or under the word count, it’s better to write within the given range.

Your introductions and conclusion are usually smaller than body paragraphs. Hence, they will contain fewer sentences. For a 300-word paper, the first and last paragraphs will be about 3–5 sentences each, and every main paragraph will consist of 5–7 sentences.

The list of references

Here, you may find additional information on the topic:

Was this article helpful?

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What is the best length for an essay?

how long is essay

Most students can’t understand why they need to write an essay, how to write an essay and importantly, they always want to know how long is an essay in college. How long should an essay be, especially since they are written for different purposes? Usually, a n essay is between 500 and 700 words . You can use an essay word counter – they count words and characters for you, but there is also an online editor that detects plagiarism and grammar mistakes too. Generally, essays are shorter than research papers, and your tutor should provide guidelines on the number of words or pages to be expected.

The basic structure of an essay is always the same – it has the same basic format.

What Is an Essay?

Essay writing for students is important so that teachers can gauge whether the student knows their topic and whether they can write cogently. How long is an essay is a debatable question too, but the essay needs to be long enough for the student to:

What Is The Best College Essay Format

For essay format, the Modern Language Association or MLA provides guidelines, from using the right font to using the right line spacing.

The same rules are applied to MLA dissertations and research papers.

Lenght For an Essay in Middle School

Middle school students should be able to produce coherent sentences and essays, have a good command of standard American English, be able to organize their ideas, and write the standard 500-word essay with ease. How long are 500 words? It is one page in single spacing or 2 in double spacing if you use Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font.

Lenght For an Introduction Paragraph for an Essay?

There is no hard and fast rule, and the length of your paper will dictate the intro length. With a 5-page essay, your introduction would be half a page, whereas a paper of 50 pages will have an introduction of a couple of pages.

How long is an essay if you’re writing a college admissions essay? Generally, they’re between 500 – 700 words . The SAT essay is for college admissions. Some colleges require the SAT essay, others do not. An SAT essay length of 400 or 500 words essay will suffice .

How long should an essay be is determined by certain criteria? Are you in school, college, or university? The length will depend on guidelines and the subject of study. Essay lengths might be between 500 and 1000 words for a high school essay, while an undergraduate college essay can be between 1500 words to 5000 words.

With a short essay, you need to be clear on your points. Short essay length has a limited word count and should be a minimum of half-page and not more than one page. Short essays are usually about 400 words max.

How many Pages are 800 Words?

It is important to demonstrate your ability to meet the word requirements. An 800-word essay is about 1 and 3/5 of a page if the essay is typed in single spacing. A double-spaced article will be 3 and 1/5 of a page.

How long is an essay supposed to be in single- or double-line spacing and typed in Times New Roman font?

Parts of an Essay have Different Lengths

With an academic essay, the main body takes up the most space. How long should a paragraph be? A reputable source like Grammarly says 100 to 200 words long. Sentences too should be between 15 to 20 words in academic papers. This makes the text easily readable.

How Long is a College Essay?

Nothing is written in stone about the average college essay length but it needs to have a certain number of paragraphs. Some experts say 3, others say 5.

If you just can’t reach your required number of words for your essay, remember that you can order an essay with the right amount of words, and it can save you time and you can be sure of your results.

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Ukraine Live Updates

how long is my essay in time

Jeorge Colin

74 Episodes

How to Format a College Admissions Essay: Complete Guide -2023

In essay writing, essay format is vital. Without a legitimate essay format, you can't write a fair essay. You could think about the style (MLA, APA) , format, and so forth, to keep the essay coordinated.

An essay writer at https://myperfectwords.com  reliably follows the legitimate essay format and makes the essay extraordinary. For the essay format, you can visit the (space) .  

A lot of guidelines pick how your paper ought to be orchestrated. In essay format, several things are covered like title, essay structure, diagram, end, reference, and so forth assuming you appropriately format the essay, you don't have to contemplate how to do my essay for me.

At the point when you begin formatting the essay, you ought to really attempt to understand how to make a snare statement for an essay, in-text references, legitimate essay structure, and numerous other significant things.

In this article, you ought to attempt to understand how to make a fitting format for an essay.

At the point when you make the cover sheet, you want to remember some center interests.

• Utilize 12 text dimensions and Time New Roman. • Utilize twofold space and not utilize single space. • Write the title of your essay, under the name of the establishment. • Write the name of the establishment. • At the lower part of the paper, write the writer's name, the educator's name, the course number/name, and the due date.  

Here is the development of the principal page of your paper. Investigate it and appropriately write the principal page of your essay.

• Write the essay title as the focal point of the paper. • Under the essay title, write the principal passage of an essay. • Spot the heading at the upper left-hand corner of the paper.

Each essay and examination paper contains three areas introduction, body passages, and an end. At the point when you realize how to write these parts, you can undoubtedly write an essay on any theme.

In the introduction, portray the principal motivation behind your paper. Backing your fundamental idea in the body segments and end, wrap up the whole essay.

If you are as yet jumbled and need help you can also direct myperfectwords  a professional online service.

At the point when you allude to another writer's work, utilize an in-text reference, and show the peruser where you tracked down that information. Utilize the legitimate format for the in-text reference. It is the most effective way of staying away from literary burglary.

Make the reference page where you list all of the alluded sources utilized in the paper.

Rundown all of the sources in the sequential solicitation. To start with, you write the last name of the writer, trailed by his most memorable name. Then, at that point, write the essay title and pass on the information.

There are distinctive referring to styles, so counsel your educator first and afterward write it.

The standard essay format is given beneath:

• Utilize twofold line separating. • Times New Roman textual style is utilized. • Utilize 1-inch page edges. • The text dimension is 12 utilized. • In the page header, write the writer's last name, title, and so on • Use page numbers and remember them for the page header. • The headings and subheadings of various levels rely on the formatting style and text dimension.

Before long, you really ought to understand how to format an essay. Assuming you actually have any disarray, you find support from the essay writing service site. Their accomplished writers help you, and you can undoubtedly format your essay.

On the off chance that you don't have time, you can tell everyone of your requirements to them, and they write your essay according to your necessities and finish time.

You can essentially say to them, write my essay. Regardless your essay point is, they will help you and make your writing stage basic.

how long is my essay in time


How does a bank collapse in 48 hours? A timeline of the Silicon Valley Bank fall

Here's what we know about Silicon Valley Bank's downfall, and what might come next.

This week, the go-to bank for US tech startups came rapidly unglued, leaving its high-powered customers and investors in limbo.

Silicon Valley Bank, facing a sudden bank run and capital crisis, collapsed Friday morning and was taken over by federal regulators.

It was the largest failure of a US bank since Washington Mutual in 2008.

Here's what we know about the bank's downfall, and what might come next.

What is SVB?

Founded in 1983, SVB specialized in banking for tech startups. It provided financing for almost half of US venture-backed technology and health care companies.

While relatively unknown outside of Silicon Valley, SVB was among the top 20 American commercial banks, with $209 billion in total assets at the end of last year, according to the FDIC.

Why did it fail?

In short, SVB encountered a classic run on the bank.

The longer version is a bit more complicated.

Several forces collided to take down the banker.

First, there was the Federal Reserve, which began raising interest rates a year ago to tame inflation. The Fed moved aggressively, and higher borrowing costs sapped the momentum of tech stocks that had benefited SVB.

Higher interest rates also eroded the value of long-term bonds that SVB and other banks gobbled up during the era of ultra-low, near-zero interest rates. SVB's $21 billion bond portfolio was yielding an average of 1.79% - the current 10-year Treasury yield is about 3.9%.

At the same time, venture capital began drying up, forcing startups to draw down funds held by SVB. So the bank was sitting on a mountain of unrealized losses in bonds just as the pace of customer withdrawals was escalating.

The panic takes root...

On Wednesday, SVB announced it had sold a bunch of securities at a loss, and that it would also sell $2.25 billion in new shares to shore up its balance sheet. That triggered a panic among key venture capital firms, who reportedly advised companies to withdraw their money from the bank.

The bank's stock began plummeting Thursday morning and by the afternoon it was dragging other bank shares down with it as investors began to fear a repeat of the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

By Friday morning, trading in SVB shares was halted and it had abandoned efforts to quickly raise capital or find a buyer. California regulators intervened, shutting the bank down and placing it in receivership under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Contagion fears subside

Despite initial panic on Wall Street, analysts said SVB's collapse is unlikely to set off the kind of domino effect that gripped the banking industry during the financial crisis.

"The system is as well-capitalized and liquid as it has ever been," Moody's chief economist Mark Zandi said. "The banks that are now in trouble are much too small to be a meaningful threat to the broader system."

No later than Monday morning, all insured depositors will have full access to their insured deposits, according to the FDIC. It will pay uninsured depositors an "advance dividend within the next week."

What's next?

So, while a broader contagion is unlikely, smaller banks that are disproportionately tied to cash-strapped industries like tech and crypto may be in for a rough ride, according to Ed Moya, senior market analyst at Oanda.

"Everyone on Wall Street knew that the Fed's rate-hiking campaign would eventually break something, and right now that is taking down small banks," Moya said on Friday.

The FDIC typically sells a failed bank's assets to other banks, using the proceeds to repay depositors whose funds weren't insured.

A buyer could still emerge for SVB, though it's far from guaranteed.

The-CNN-Wire ™ & © 2023 Cable News Network, Inc., a Warner Bros. Discovery Company. All rights reserved.

U.s. & World

how long is my essay in time

Biden administration lets Ukrainians who fled war stay in US

how long is my essay in time

US repels migrants as asylum app frustration grows in Mexico

how long is my essay in time

Failure of 2 US banks sparks concern among customers

how long is my essay in time

Kobe's imprints to be TCL Chinese Theatre's 1st permanent display

Top stories.

how long is my essay in time

Rolling up the champagne carpet: Oscars cleanup now underway

how long is my essay in time

La Cañada High School closes campus due to chemical leak at pool

how long is my essay in time

4-year-old girl fatally shot by her 3-year-old sister at Texas home

how long is my essay in time

Did you see the historic flyover in Hollywood on Oscar Sunday?

SoCal to see cloudy conditions, cooler temperatures Monday

Mother arrested after newborn was found in OC trash can due in court

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You can still buy digital Wii U and 3DS games, but not for long

Merge, then splurge

If you buy something from a Polygon link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement .

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A New Nintendo 3DS with the Super Smash Bros. game on display.

There isn’t much time left to buy games and digital content for Nintendo’s 3DS/2DS and Wii U. Nintendo will close the digital storefronts for both platforms on March 27 , which means that you need to act quickly if you want new digital games at their retail prices, and to pick up some Virtual Console titles.

If you haven’t used either console in a while, or if you’re buying a used model right as they’re about to slip further into obscurity (I fully support this decision), it can be confusing to know exactly how to give Nintendo your money in exchange for digital games.

Can’t I just use a credit card?

No, you can no longer add your credit card to these systems to buy a game. That functionality was removed in May 2022. Slightly later in the year, Nintendo made it so you can’t redeem eShop gift cards via these consoles. As of now, you have two options for adding funds to purchase eShop games for 3DS and Wii U. One is through My Nintendo Store , the Nintendo website where you can redeem an eShop gift card to put funds on your account, or purchase the exact game that you want with said funds, or with a credit card.

Alternatively, you can redeem an eShop gift card or digitally add funds through your Nintendo Switch via its eShop. This assumes that your old Nintendo Network ID and your Nintendo Account have been merged (more on the merging process below).

$45 Nintendo eShop gift card

Prices taken at time of publishing.

OK, funds are added. Time to downlo—

Wait. There’s one more hurdle that you might have to jump over, unless you’ve done it already. That is the merging of your Nintendo Network ID with a Nintendo Account, the latter of which is what Nintendo introduced in 2017 with the Switch and continues to use (both the 3DS family of systems and the Wii U use NNID accounts). Your shared eShop balance, if you have a balance, will show up on these consoles once you’ve merged them onto a singular Nintendo Account.

How can I buy digital 3DS games?

This one’s easy. Once you have your accounts merged and are armed with some eShop funds, you can buy games directly through your 3DS or 2DS console. However, I suggest shopping on the My Nintendo Store website , which is much faster to navigate and checkout through. You can easily search for 3DS games there — many of which are heavily discounted ahead of the eShop store’s closure.

How can I buy digital Wii U games?

This one’s a little tougher. Wii U games and all Virtual Console games purchasable through the Wii U eShop aren’t available through your browser on the My Nintendo Store. That’s too bad! To load up on games, you’ll need to do that directly through the Wii U’s endearing, yet very sluggish interface.

A black Wii U GamePad and console sit on top of a glossy surface.

What happens to my eShop balance after March 27?

Assuming you’ve merged accounts, the remaining balance on either device will be available for use on Switch digital games. If you don’t merge your accounts before the closure, you’ll likely lose your funds.

Can I redownload games that I’ve purchased?

Yes, and for the foreseeable future, according to Nintendo’s support article detailing the closure. Similarly, Nintendo says that the ability to play games online will persist past the eShop closure.

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Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun holding a white flower and looking at it wistfully

The Glory part 2’s brutal ending takes no prisoners

Indiana Jones Lego set close-up on box of Lego Indy jumping to save Lego Marion

Indiana Jones returns to Lego in a brand new Raiders of the Lost Ark set

Ben Barnes has some big scars on his face and wears a hood in Shadow and Bone.

Give Ben Barnes his rom-com already!

A group of STALKERs gather around a campfire with a guitar to sing through the night near Chornobyl.

STALKER 2 team says it was hacked by pro-Russian group, is being blackmailed

A person wearing a Ghostface mask stands on a crowded New York City subway car in a still from Scream 6

Scream 6’s box office scared up a series high fit for its meta twist

A white-haired anime man (Gojo Satoru) sporting a black blindfold and holding up his right hand while smiling

TMNT’s Donatello is a real Jujutsu Kaisen fan

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how long is my essay in time

From Colombia or Haiti, migrants' long road ends in Canada

For exhausted migrants, a small stretch of snow-covered road is the last step in a long journey to a new life in Canada. Some drag heavy suitcases, others carry all their worldly belongings in small plastic bags.

In a hurry to get into their new country, Haitians, Venezuelans, Colombians and Turks hasten their pace as they step out of a car with their heads down to finally cross the last border of their journey: one separating Canada and the United States, between New York state and Montreal.

"Stop! Passing here is illegal, if you do you will be arrested," a Canadian police officer repeats to migrants who arrive in clusters throughout the day and night at what is known as the Roxham Road crossing point.

Among the latest ones to arrive under a heavy snowfall, some don't have winter coats or boots, only light clothes and sneakers. Mothers carrying children or stuffed animals struggle to push strollers through the deep snow.

Only the children are smiling, looking fascinated to see snow for the first time.

A small backpack flung over his shoulder, Makenzy Dorgeville says he is very happy to have finally arrived in Canada after fleeing violence in Haiti and spending years on the road. He describes his trip as an obstacle course, listing 10 countries he crossed in South and Central America to eventually get here.

The 40-year-old with a slight build knows that even if his asylum bid is rejected, Canada does not deport Haitians.

As they cross the border, NGO volunteers give migrants coats, gloves and hats as well as words of encouragement. "We just want them to know that there's people who support the journey that they're going through in their search to find a place to live in safety," says Bridges Not Borders volunteer Frances Ravensbergen.

After being checked and registered by police, the migrants are taken to the nearest official border post to file an asylum claim -- between 50 and 60 percent of applications are approved.

- Growing insecurity -

After a few months, generally they obtain a work permit and children go to school. Migrants become eligible for health care and other social benefits and are put up in refugee centers or hotels paid for by the government while their application is being processed.

Since pandemic restrictions were lifted and the borders reopened, migratory flows have intensified all over the world.

Roxham Road is now a known crossing point and social media are full of videos explaining how to get there, how much it costs to get from the nearest bus station in Plattsburgh, New York to the border.

In 2022, nearly 40,000 people arrived in Canada by this route, twice as many as in 2017, which was the previous record year, according to Canadian immigration data. And they've been undeterred even by the bone-chilling cold of Canadian winters, with more than 5,000 arriving in January alone.

This irregular migration is somewhat new for Canada, which is difficult to reach due to its relative geographic isolation and very strict visa policy.

"It is, among other things, the speed of the system in Canada that attracts people here, compared to the United States. On the American side, it can take five to six years or more compared to about two years in Canada," explains Stephanie Valois, president of the Quebec Association of Immigration Lawyers, referring to how long it takes to process an asylum request.

Calls are growing to close Roxham Road, but she notes that to "seek safety people are ready for anything" and that Canada has a responsibility. "Asylum seekers cross the Darien, so it's not the border that will stop them," she says.

That notorious patch of jungle between Colombia and Panama "is very difficult physically with mountains, lots of mud, and then criminal groups who arrest migrants and rob them," she says.

"The people who have been through there are left shaken. My clients tell me horror stories, the women have been raped, the men beaten, they have lost everything and many die," says the lawyer, who has dedicated her life to defending asylum seekers.

- 'If you fall, you're going to die' -

That part of the trip remains traumatizing for Eli, a Haitian migrant who recently arrived and spoke with AFP in Montreal (at her request AFP is not using her real name).

"The jungle is the worst," confides the young woman with long braids and large hoop earrings, who rarely loses her smile. "I saw a lot of bodies, dead people on the road. One night, we had to sleep next to corpses," continued the 29-year-old woman who came to Canada with her two-year-old daughter.

The narrow road, the cliffs, the wild animals, "you know that if you fall, you're going to die," she adds.

The influx of asylum seekers, particularly via Roxham Road, is expected to be a topic of discussion between President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the American leader's March 23-34 visit to Ottawa.

In Canada, which is unaccustomed to this type of talk, anti-migrant rhetoric is growing.

More and more voices are calling for the renegotiation of a Canada-US treaty which stipulates that migrants who wish to apply for asylum must do so in the first country in which they land after leaving home.


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  28. From Colombia or Haiti, migrants' long road ends in Canada

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