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Step By Step Guide to Writing an Essay on Film Image

Step By Step Guide to Writing an Essay on Film

By Film Threat Staff | December 29, 2021

Writing an essay about a film sounds like a fun assignment to do. As part of the assignment, you get to watch the movie and write an analytical essay about your impressions. However, you will soon find that you’re staring at an empty sheet of paper or computer screen with no idea what to write, how to start writing your essay, or the essential points that need to be covered and analyzed. As an  essay writing service proves, watching the movie countless times isn’t all there is to write a film analysis essay. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with an essay service :

how do you write a movie in an essay

1. Watch the Movie

This is the obvious starting point, but surprisingly many students skip this step. It doesn’t matter if you’ve watched the movie twice before. If you’re asked to write an essay about it, you need to watch it again. Watching the film again allows you to pay more attention to specific elements to help you write an in-depth analysis about it.  

Watching the movie is crucial because it helps you not specific parts of the movie that can be used as illustrations and examples in your essay. You’re also going to explore and analyze the movie theme within your structured plan. Some of the critical elements that you have to look out for while watching the movie that may be crucial for your essay are:

2. Introduction

Your introduction will contain essential information about the film, such as the title, release date, director’s name, etc. This familiarizes the reader with the movie’s primary background information. In addition, researching the filmmaker may be crucial for your essay because it may help you discover valuable insights for your film analysis.

The introduction should also mention the movie’s central theme and explain why you think it was made that way.

Do not forget to include your thesis statement, which explains your focus on the movie.

3. Write a Summary

According to an  essay writing service  providing students   help with essays , a movie summary comes after the introduction. It includes the film’s basic premise, but it doesn’t have to reveal too many details about the film. It’s a summary, after all. Write the summary like your readers have not heard about the movie before, so you can mention the most basic plots but assume you have minimal time so you won’t be going into great details.

how do you write a movie in an essay

4. Write Your Analysis

This is the central part of the essay in which you analyze the movie critically and state your impressions about the film. Ensure to support your claims with relevant materials from the movie.

There are also several creative elements in a movie that are connected to make the film a whole. You must pay attention to these elements while watching the movie and analyze them in this part of the essay.

In this, you are looking out for the dialogs, character development, completion of scenes, and logical event sequences in the film to analyze.

Ensure you try to understand the logic behind events in the film and the actor’s motives to explain the scenario better.

The responsibility of different parts of the movie, such as plan selection and scenario execution, falls on the director. So, your analysis here focuses on how the director realized the script compared to his other movies. Understanding the director’s style of directing may be crucial to coming up with a conclusion relevant to your analysis and thesis.

The casting of a film is a significant element to consider in your essay. Without a great actor, the scriptwriter and director can’t bring their ideas to life. So, watch the actor’s acting and determine if they portrayed the character effectively and if their acting aligns with the film’s main idea.

A movie’s musical element enhances some of the sceneries or actions in the film and sets the mood. It has a massive impact on the movie, so it’s an essential element to analyze in your essay.

This includes special effects, make-up, costumes, etc., which significantly impact the film. These elements must reflect the film’s atmosphere. It is even more crucial for historical movies since it has to be specific about an era.

Ensure to analyze elements relevant to your thesis statement, so you don’t drift from your main point.

5. Conclusion

In concluding your essay, you have to summarize the primary concepts more convincingly to support your analysis. Finally, you may include a CTA for readers to watch or avoid the movie.

These are the crucial steps to take when writing an essay about a film . Knowing this beforehand prevents you from struggling to start writing after watching the movie.

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how do you write a movie in an essay

It’s really amazing instructions! I have got the great knowledge.

[…] now and then. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to get cinema tickets to do so.  Some…Writing an essay about a film sounds like a fun assignment to do. As part of the assignment, you get…Since a few decades the film and entertainment sector have undergone some drastic transformation. […]

how do you write a movie in an essay

I can’t list the number of essays that don’t follow this format in the least. But then I find most reviews of movies terrible and most people who purport themselves to be writers as people who need to spend more time drafting and editing before publishing.

how do you write a movie in an essay

Thanks for this

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How to Reference a Film in an Essay

Citing movies in essays and papers is different depending on the formatting that your school uses. The four most common writing formats used in United States schools are MLA, AP, Chicago and APA styles. Many teachers and professors will discount points for using the wrong referencing system, so it is important to find out the style formatting required for your essay before choosing a referencing system to use for films. If you have any referencing questions, ask your teacher for help before submitting the essay.

Reference the video in-text differently than you would for printed sources. Since there are no page numbers, you can cite the video by director and title. Write the full name of the director, and italicize the name of the film.

Cite the source using the following formatting in your “Works Cited” page: Tile of film (italicized). Dir. Director's last name, director's first initial. Distributor, year. Format (DVD, videocassette, online film).

Reference additional information between the title and distributor of the film. You should cite anyone you reference in the film, including actors, producers, or any other relevant members of the film crew. Abbreviate "Prod" for producer, and "Perf" for performers.

Cite the video in-text like you would for any other reference. Use the name of the movie and the year of publication for all video sources. Place the reference in quotation marks at the end of the sentence where the information is referenced. Before citing the source, introduce the source in-text with the name of the video and director.

Use the following information for the references page: Last name of the director or producer and initial of the first name, the year the film was released, the title of the film and the location of the studio followed by the name of the studio. The reference should look like this: Director's last name, director's first initial. (Director). (Year). Title [Film]. Location: Studio

Place a period after each fact. Italicize the name of the movie. Place a colon between the studio location and name of the studio. Place the word "director" and the year in parenthesis. Place the film format in brackets.

Reference the film in-text by placing the director of the movie in parentheses followed by the year the movie was released. Italicize the name of the movie when referencing it in the the essay.

Cite the movie in the references section using the tile of the movie, the format, the director, the year released into theaters, the location where the movie was filmed, the producer of the movie and the release date of the video copy.

Reference the citation like this: Name of film (italicized). Format. Directed by Director's first name and last name. Year of theatrical release; Location of the studio City, State abbreviation: Film distributor, home viewing release year.

Cite the film in essay by the title of the film only. Place quotation marks around the title, rather than italicizing the title. Capitalize the first and last word in the title, as well as all principle words. Capitalize verbs and prepositions if they contain more than three letters.

Cite the name of the director or name of an actor in a film if you reference them specifically in the text. Introduce the director or actor in a relevant way; like, "as evidenced by the work 'Director' did in the film 'Film.'"

Cite the film at the end of the essay. Place the title of the film in quotation marks. Place the name of the director using first name, last name. Write the year the film was released followed by the distributor. Separate all facts by semi colons. The citation should look like this: "Name of Film;" Name of Director; Year of release; Distributor.

Brenda Priddy has more than 10 years of crafting and design experience, as well as more than six years of professional writing experience. Her work appears in online publications such as Donna Rae at Home, Five Minutes for Going Green and Daily Mayo. Priddy also writes for Archstone Business Solutions and holds an Associate of Arts in English from McLennan Community College.

Stage and Cinema

Arts Reviews

Extras/Film: How To Cite A Movie In an Essay

by Aveline MacQuoid on September 28, 2022

in Extras , Film

How To Cite A Movie In an Essay

Films tend to be rich material for writing an article. Even if your assignment isn’t devoted to a film or TV show, you can cite a movie to make your document more vivid. The movie is an artistic piece that is so well-loved among the public, foremost thanks to the comprehensive material they cover. Mentioning them brings extra information into a research paper.

how do you write a movie in an essay

Many students have difficulty referring to a film. No wonder, as this kind of reference requires setting a specific format. Let’s explore the inherent features of movie citation for not anymore to avoid mentioning a film in your papers.

Why To Cite a Movie

What is actually a citation? What do we mean when talking about it? A citation includes a specially defined method to make a reference. Once you have an information piece you include in your writing, you should refer to it. This will demonstrate to your readers that the data, description, definition, or quote comes not out of your head but from a different channel.

Besides the ethical part, citation also provides the necessary details to locate and find the source you cite. References are generally given on a References list, which is a separate page. Learning correct citing is crucial for completing an assignment that would meet all the requirements.

Citing Movies in Different Formats

Citation of a movie is sometimes more complex than a referral to books or articles. On top of that, these citations differ depending on the  academic styles  used. Various styles demand different options. Generally, no mention of the film format is needed, but you may specify it.

We’ll show you what is correct motion picture citing in academic work. It’s not that difficult if you know the algorithm. Though, the data you may need to include cannot always be easily available. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and force searching, ask . This is a trusted service for providing reliable academic support for students. 

How to Cite a Movie in APA

In the author section, introduce the director. For the publisher, use the film-making production company. The movie title is italicized and followed by the words “Motion picture” in square brackets. If you mention the picture in the text, add the director’s name and the production date. The timestamp is put when referring to a certain scene. 

This is how it shall look like:

Quefféléan, A. Decraene, F.-X.(Producers), & Iosseliani, O. (Director). (1989).  Et la lumière fut  [Motion picture]. France: CNC.

How to Cite a Movie in MLA

Works Cited section in MLA style shall contain the director, title, production company, and the year the picture was released. When it comes to earlier and later releases, indicate the very version you are referring to. Adding the original release date is optional and becomes important if you need to show the historical perspective.

how do you write a movie in an essay

If there are numerous authors, put the picture title first, followed by the director’s name. Other contributors may also be mentioned if this information is relevant to your study. A costume director, photography director or soundtrack writer may be specified with their positions and names.

It may be that you watched a picture online. This applies both to video-sharing hubs and  streaming services . You should then show it in your article by adding the resource name coupled with its URL address. No further info is needed in such a case.

How to Cite a Movie in Chicago Style

Here, any contributor whose mention is important for your study comes first. This includes actors, composers, producers, dialogue writers, etc. In Chicago format, positions shall be omitted. The motion picture title goes after in italics, followed by naming a means containing a copy of the picture (DCD, Laser Disc, or VHS). You shall introduce the movie’s directors after the wording “Directed by”.

See the sample:

Romer, Dan.  Luca . Directed by Enrico Casarosa. Screenplay by Jesse Andrews, Mike Jones. Performances by Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Emma Berman. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 2021.

How to Increase the Quality of Your Essay

If your task is to create a powerful and convincing study on motion pictures, you should consider what picture to choose. This is probably the first thing you should narrow down to. Specialized resources dedicated to cinematography may help you here. 

how do you write a movie in an essay

If your assignment is to write about cowboys, you should look for westerns. If you need to demonstrate the gamblers’ universe , pictures of casinos are obviously what you have to search for. Divorce melodramas filmed in Italy, seashore pictures, or Audrey Hepburn’s best scenes are examples of further categories you may want to explore.

After you define what to tell about, master the basic terms and definitions. Do an outline, and read the works of others to understand what similar essays look like.

Mind that referencing is crucial for an academic assignment. Remember, the data you need to include differs across formats.

Final Thoughts

Citation in research works or essays is required for referencing. Details of the cited artworks shall be arranged in an order required by different academic styles. The procedure for making referrals is not the strength of a wide number of students, frankly speaking.

However, the art of making citations can be mastered. You should carefully read what data is needed for a certain format. Collect this data from designated websites or hard copies of picture releases and organize them in a way to meet the requirements. Check with the samples, edit the mistakes you may have made, and – here you go!

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How to Write an Essay about a Movie

Movies are a visual art-form. but they start with a script. and they can inspire great essays.

An assignment to write about a favourite film might seem challenging to students. They realize that teachers evaluate writing skills and the personality with the help of this task. It is not a simple review or sharing impressions with friends. You cannot simply put Five stars or Like , and say a couple phrases. An essay about the movie should be written in accordance with your college rules and professor’s requirements. Experts from the custom writing website specializing in custom writing online help,  academic paper services, and college essay assistance, know how to cope with it brilliantly.

Professional authors from often get orders to compose essays or any other research papers in English for pupils. They have already written thousands of successful texts. So this post is an experience-based guide on how to write a perfect essay about a film.

What you need to know is everything starting from the film choice and to the description of your personal impressions speaks of your inner world and intellectual level. Thus, take this task seriously and follow these recommendations.

Movie essay : Tips for successful writing

Obviously, the best way to present an awesome essay is to write about your favorite film. Remember your first impressions and feelings, watch it once again, and take notes. By doing so, you can fix all the valuable thoughts on the movie.

And then comes the most challenging part. You need to express your considerations within frames of the educational standards. Professional paper writers from have selected some good ideas on what to write.

Sometimes the reality is more exciting and spectacular than fantasy. Herein lies the value of documentary films. For instance, Hacksaw Ridge reveals the true story of Desmond Doss. He was a brave and kind combat medic who rejected weapon despite the cruelty of the war. However, it did not prevent him from doing heroic deeds.

The movie can also be built on a novel, like in the case of The Best of Me . The writer Nicholas Sparks had created a touching romantic story which inspired Michael Hoffman to make a film.

2.  Share your reflections on the movie

You do not have to repeat the plot of the movie in your essay. Your goal is to demonstrate what you think about certain events and characters. Pay attention to details and try to read between the lines. Analyze the scenario, acting, music, special effects, etc.

Say, you have chosen Interstellar . It is a superb film about unlimited human capabilities. Show your admiration of breathtaking fantastic views and unexpected twists. What do you think about music by Hans Zimmer ? His soundtracks give goosebumps. You can also tell about a catchy phrase that you have heard in the movie, something like: “ We are here to become the memories for our children .” Explain how you understand these words.

One more hint for your essay on Interstellar . Try to reflect on its main idea — Love as a dimension, time, and space. Its energy can change the course of events and history, agreed?

3. What can this movie teach us?

A good film always leaves a long-lasting aftertaste. Take Front of the Class , for example. This story shows incredible willpower and encourages you to believe in yourself. The main hero Brad fights Tourette syndrome in order to become a school teacher and help children. He does not betray his dream, notwithstanding his tics and other people’s opinions. After watching this story, you realize that you have no right to give up. It teaches to believe in goodness and motivates to move forward to high achievements.

And one more thing. Do not try to come up with a professional review. The teachers, above all, expect to read your own views and findings.

It happens that a student simply has no time to write all the assignments. In this case, custom writing help from is an excellent idea. One can buy an impeccable paper from expert specialists of this company for cheap. Meantime, the service is always pleasant, and the quality is decent.

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Tell Me Everything About It: How to Write a Film Analysis Essay Correctly

Film Analysis Essay

Writing a film analysis essay should be fun, right? You have a chance to watch a movie and then to write your impressions. Seems easy-peasy!

But, after watching a movie, you find yourself in front of a blank sheet of paper, without knowing where to start, how to organise your essay and what are the essential points you need to cover and analyse.

Knowing how to organise your film analysis essay is half the battle. Therefore, just follow this structure and you’ll be able to start writing without a hitch right away.


The introductory part of a film analysis essay contains some fundamental information about the movie, like the film title, release date, and director’s name. In other words, the reader should get familiar with some background information about the film. It would be good to research the filmmaker because it can reveal significant insights related to the movie which you can use in your analysis.

Also, you should point out the central theme or ideas in the movie, explaining the reason why it was made. Don’t hesitate to say what do you think; it’s quite desirable to express your point of view.

The last thing your introduction should include is your thesis statement and basically, explain what will be your focus.

After presenting the main facts about the film, it’s time to go deeper into analysis and summarise it.

The trick to making it more powerful is always to assume that your professor hasn’t seen the movie. In that way, you won’t leave out some important information. The best way to make sure you’ve covered everything in your summary is to answer great five Ws – who, what, when, where, why, and how, as well.

Likewise, you can discuss anything related to your opinion, structure or style. Just remember that you need to support anything you say with examples or quotes from the film itself. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a viable comment.

This is the core of your essay that involves your critical analysis of the film and impressions about it but supported by claims from the movie or any other relevant material.

Also, films are complex artwork that include many creative elements which are all connected and have their reason of existence. That’s why you should pay attention closely to these elements and analyze them too.

A good script has a logical sequence of events, completion of scenes, characters development, and dialogs. So, these are the elements you should analyze when it comes to the scenario.

After watching the film, try to reproduce the plot mentally and see if you understood the logic of events and the motives of the actors. If it’s difficult to explain or find reasons for some scene, then it isn’t such a great scenario.

The director is responsible for every aspect of the movie process, such as scenario execution, selection of the plans, and even tasks for actors.

In this part of the analysis, you can focus on the fact how the director realized the script or compare this film to his other films. It will help you understand better his way of directing and come up to some conclusions relevant to your thesis and analysis.

Casting is another significant element to take into consideration in your film analysis essay. Actors bring the script and director’s idea into reality.

Therefore, after watching the movie, think if the actors are realistic and if they portray the role of their character effectively? More importantly, consider how their acting corresponds to the main idea of the film and your thesis statement.

This represents an important element of every movie. It sets the mood and enhances some actions or sceneries of the film.

That’s why you should try to evaluate how music reflects the mood of the film or the impact it has on what is happening on the screen. Is it supportive or distracting?

Visual elements, like special effects, costumes, and make-up, also have a considerable role in the overall movie impact. They need to reflect the atmosphere of the film. It is especially important for historical movies because visual elements need to evoke a specific era.

Therefore, pay attention to costumes and special effects and analyse their impact on the film.

However, make sure you analyse only the elements that are related to your thesis statement, that can support it or help you make your point. Otherwise, you risk drifting away from the main argument.


In the end, re-state your thesis and offer a summary of the previously mentioned concepts in a new and more decisive way, making a case for your analysis.

Besides, you can recommend to your reader to watch this film or to avoid it completely.

Final words

Writing essays about films should be exciting and easy activity. Just follow these guidelines on how to structure it, details you need to pay attention to, and what should be the essence of your essay, so you’ll definitely look forward to writing your next film analysis essay and enjoy in the whole process.

Did You Know?

how do you write a movie in an essay

Jacob Dillon is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. Being passionate about what he does, Jacob likes to discuss stirring events as well as express his opinion about technological advancements and evolution of society. Find Jacob on Twitter and Facebook .

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