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Online Education

expository essay example about online learning

Considering how important it is to study, it turns out that one should approach choosing their future area of studies with full responsibility. Chances are that what you study in your college or university will later become your profession. This is why educational systems of some countries such as the United States allows young people to take a “gap year”: a period of time between graduating from high school and entering a higher educational institution. This time can be used for anything a young person wants, but supposedly he or she will spend it earning money to pay for education, or trying to figure out which way of life seems most appealing.

But even if you made a mistake and realized that the field of studies you chose is not for you, you can always take a turn and walk another road. Anyone who wants to study has the full ability to do so, regardless of their age or previous educational background. There are different online schools specializing in teaching specific disciplines. Whether you want to change your profession, or you are disappointed in what you currently study and feel like trying something new, there is always an option for you. Let us take a closer look at online studying, and why it can be an attractive choice.

There are plenty of websites offering educational services. The most popular are probably Udemy and Coursera , but there are also others such as Khan Academy, Skillshare , and edX . Your choice will probably depend on the region you live in, because some of these services may or may not support your native language. Also, some of these services can offer significant discounts, which will most likely affect your choice as well.

Not focusing on the differences between these online platforms, let us find the advantages they possess. When you choose to study online, you will most likely receive access to video materials–as it is the only way you can watch and listen to your instructor. Depending on the complexity of a course, it may be divided into modules that contain educational material, presented in a logical order. Some courses may be designed for novices, while others will focus on advanced learners, so you might want to pay attention to a course’s description before paying for it. You mostly study through watching educational videos and completing assignments given to you by the instructor in PDF documents or otherwise. These assignments can be checked either by your instructor, or by the community, but completing them is your responsibility fully–meaning that no one will control you. Upon finishing a course, you will receive a digital certificate confirming that you have successfully listened to a course of lectures on a certain discipline.

Obviously, one of the main advantages of such a method of education is that you can study at your own pace. Basically, all you need in order to master a new field of knowledge is your laptop with Internet access, and perhaps additional materials or software–depending on the discipline you are studying. You can watch videos whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, and do the assignments as you find it suitable. Udemy, Coursera , and other similar services often host highly skilled professionals, so you can be sure you are paying for real knowledge. You get a lifetime access to all the materials, and even if you did not get some part of the material, you can always return to it later, rewatch the video, and address the community for additional assistance.

The not-so-positive aspect of online education is that it may take a long time for you to get feedback. Sometimes, your assignments will be checked by your teacher, but most likely you will have to address your fellow students for feedback and assistance ( Udemy ). Although instructors are encouraged to interact with their students as often as possible, let us not forget that one teacher may have thousands of students all over the world. Naturally, it is impossible for him or her to check all of the assignments. And although you can still count on help from other students, this fact can still be disappointing.

Also, let us not forget that in some countries, a digital certificate is not a legitimate proof of your skills. A person with a diploma from a college or university will often have a preference over a student with a certificate from an online educational service. This is especially true for such professions as nurses, pharmaceutical technicians, mechanics, and other specialists whose skills cannot be obtained via watching a video, or whose jobs are highly demanding ( Best Colleges ). In other cases, although it is skill that matters, formal education is still more attractive for potential employers. There are companies that care about what you can do rather than what college you graduated from, but it can take you time to find them.

Overall, it can be said that online education is a reasonable choice for people who want to study, and who know what they need. Although there are some disadvantages to such a method of studying–difficulties with assignment checks, for instance, or prejudice against online certificates–it is still a great option for anyone who wants to know more. Studying at one’s own pace, flexibility, and the high quality of educational materials–this is what makes online studying platforms popular across the world.

Works Cited

“Assignments: Apply Your Knowledge and Improve the Skills You’ve Learned With Udemy!” Udemy , support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000340668-Assignments-Apply-Your-Knowledge-and-Improve-the-Skills-You-ve-Learned-With-Udemy-.

“Online Certificate and Diplomas – A Complete Guide.” Best Colleges , 27 June 2018, www.bestcolleges.com/features/online-certificate-programs/.

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Online Learning Essay

expository essay example about online learning

Online Learning: The Benefits Of Online And Mobile Learning

technology we have today for learning. It has moved on from the traditional classroom and whiteboard style to online learning with the supplementation of the mobile phone. There are various benefits of online and mobile learning however there are benefits that the traditional method of learning that technology cannot overcome. Online learning is the process of studying without having to physically attending classes or lectures and mobile learning is to help online learning more efficient by quickly

Traditional Learning: The Benefits Of Online Learning

The demand of learning is growing larger and larger because of the development of the economic. With the enlarging needs of learning, online learning appears to give not only students but also teachers a chance to perform better in learning. Online learning provides more free time and space to both two parties while traditional learning strictly demands both parties participate in the same time and at the same place. What’s more, online learning may enhance the students’ comprehensive ability, especially

Is Online Learning As Good

Is Online Learning as Good as Face-to-Face Learning? Technological advancement has brought up new ways of doing things. Traditionally, the manufacturing industry had to employ hundreds of workers to ensure that work was done in the right manner. They had to lift heavy machinery or use forklifts to ensure the heavy machineries were fixed in the correct place. Technological advancement brought about the principle of robotics. Companies are happy in the modern times to use robotics in manufacturing

Online Vs. Traditional Learning

Online Versus Traditional Learning Today 's generation relies so much on technology that it has now been incorporated into the schools curriculum. What we once knew and have learned by using school books, is now being taught strictly electronic communication. Although the online environment learning can be utilized to enhance classroom lessons, doesn 't mean it should come a main source of teaching. Schools around the nation has remove the use of textbooks and worksheet from the classroom it is

Advantages of Online Learning

The online era is beginning to change the way we deliver the message to the students. As brokers of information, we have to seek new mediums to reach our students or consumers. Online learning is becoming more popular to reach students to help increase their reading and comprehension of what they read. As a history teacher, it becomes frustrating to assign homework that the students do not do, because they can't. The use of technology has the ability to allow teachers to teach the student,

Online Learning vs. Traditional Classroom Learning

through online learning, rather than in a traditional classroom. As, a student is making that choice it is critical that they choose the best learning environment that allows them to meets their individual needs. When students are selecting the best learning environment there are various consideration that should be made before a decision is made. Education ourselves about the benefits and disadvantages allows us to narrow our selection between online learning and traditional classroom learning. Regardless

Online Learning Environment Analysis

Online courses provide an opportunity to create a highly social learning environment that enables students and teachers to participate and interact. Learning in a group is an important way to help students gain experience and share diverse perspectives in critical thinking and deeper understanding of the learned material. Students in an online learning environment must be responsible for their own learning. Cultivate the spirit of innovation and releasing students' creativity are the important goals

The Effectiveness Of Online Language Learning

The Effectiveness of Online Language Learning: One Student 's Personal Perspective The traditional classroom is quickly becoming obsolete as teachers struggle to keep up with the competition of technology. Educators are expected to bring and use innovative ideas to the classroom so that students are more engaged and prepared to succeed in the 21st century. With the advancement of technology, rural school districts can easily access subjects and courses that are not readily available at their districts

The Importance Of Interactivity In Online Learning

Interactivity in our lives is very important especially in the learning process between learners and instructors and the learning content. Interaction can be used in different teaching environments like formal and informal education. The learner can interact with the teacher in order to get some knowledge. (Bernard et al., 2009; Ke, 2013) As a student, the interaction is really the crucial element for their fundamental knowledge and emotional development in traditional teaching methods. (Song and

Online Learning Course Analysis

Receiving an education via an online course is one that has begun with many challenges. I have come from having no knowledge of researching information to feel like I have journeyed a long way finding the confidence to research pertinent and quality resources. Through this particular unit I have been given the implements to develop a sound knowledge of online group collaborations and the programs to allow the communication to take place. Learning about how to obtain credible resources has been invaluable

Disadvantages Of Online Learning

Online learning has become more popular in our education system in the past few years. Just take a look at yourself, we have all preferred taking this English class online over the traditional way of sitting in the classroom. Online learning has many advantages over the traditional way, yet there many students who would argue that we learn more by physically sitting in the class and interacting with each other. In my opinion, each student is different, and they each need to choose their classes

Online Learning Log Analysis

requirements and also to treat the Discuss forum with seriousness because it is apart of our academic learning. I always copy and paste assignment instructions into Google Doc to begin my thinking, research, writing and proofreading. Making time to read and do the assignments is another great tip I am going to use. Planning out a specific time and place for me to adhere to my online learning schedule is how I will apply this and make myself be aware of my time being used with the thought of

Online Learning Vs Traditional Learning

Learning is an endless process, it is never too late to pursue more knowledge. Education has always been a controversial topic around the world because it can be applied to people in different age groups. As human’s achievement in technology has greatly improved, the access to education becomes much easier as well. Many people believed that the traditional style of education, which is a face-to-face learning, can provide the most beneficial result in terms of learning. Students attending school regularly

Online Learning Is Good Or Traditional Learning?

fast, is online learning. It is very easy to take online classes via internet. People taking online classes do not go to a college campus, so they do everything from home using technology. Some people think that online learning is not good because it has many drawbacks. For example, online learning involves cheating and lack of class interaction, so they do not want to see it in their education system. On the other hand, other people think that it is very helpful and offers new learning opportunities

Online And On Campus Learning

fingertips. I personally use online banking so I rarely have to step foot into a bank. I love online shopping, I can order anything that I want and have it delivered to my front door. I can even have my groceries shipped to me if I wanted to. So it’s no surprise that online learning has become so popular today. I utilize both, online and on-campus learning, as well as a combination of both. I have found that the convenience of having at least part of my classes online, where I can access them anytime

Education means imparting knowledge to a person. The development of technologies provides for more and more ways to learn. But the traditional education and online learning seem to be more prominent and beneficial. Students may face these four problems when choosing between traditional learning and its online counterpart: flexible scheduling, participation, social interaction, and self-motivation. The key component that every student will consider when weighing the options is time management. Are

Advantages Of Online Learning

Education And Advantages Of Online Learning There are a few issues with the conventional arrangement of training. Above all else, you have to pay a great many dollars for every term to go to a prestigious school. With every one of those spending cuts, occupied classrooms, and course deficiencies, you won't generally find the opportunity to concentrate precisely what you need. It's no big surprise why a large number of understudies from all around the globe settle on online degree projects or take

The Learning Needs Of An Online Learner

Effectively Meeting the Learning Needs of an Online Learner It is well documented that there are many factors for faculty to consider when developing a course of study. A few issues are, socio-economical background, varying ages of students, cultural variances, educational experience, student preparedness, and preferred learning strategies (Prithishkumar & Michael, 2014). The learning process results from instructional activity a student receives within an educational setting and, there are also

Online Learning Style Analysis

After completing the learning style quiz, it concludes that I am a visualized learner. Therefore, I would have to agree with these results based on this last semester of college being all online. For that purpose, I have adjusted to an all online learning experience, which was not an easy task. For example, one of the most beneficial learning methods that I have relied as an online student would have to be the availability of watching videos to help expand my learning. Did your results surprise

Disadvantages Of Online Learning: What Is E-Learning?

What is E-learning? E-learning is also called as electronic learning, & in other words we can also say that “learning using a computer to deliver knowledge, ideas, skills, or business training. It involves various tools for its delivery like the internet, intranet , CD’S , DVD’s . These means are best for delivery because it overcome& most importantly attendance. Internet and its growth to e-learning. There was a rapid growth in the year 1990’s .During that time it has served as a catalyst which

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expository essay example about online learning

Cause And Effect Of Online Learning Essay

The pros and cons of objectivism.

As educators we encourage independent thinking and when it comes to online learning, one will need to be able to think independently as sometimes the course will be asynchronous.

Nt1310 Unit 1 Data Sheet Analysis

online learning: Online learning is used in huge amounts throughout the internet for a wide veriety of subjects which all aid in the distribution of information to anyone with access to their web based services.

Argumentative Essay About Being A Nurse

I have always thought about working in the medical field, but where was the question. I started looking at the field of nursing. My mom works as a nurse so it was obvious that I start there. From my research I found out all of the great things about being a nurse. This research answered my question. Nursing offers endless opportunities to anyone and it is one of the only fields that will always be in demand.

Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Police Officer

Studying online isn’t just more affordable, but also much more convenient than having to attend classrooms at a campus. In addition to not having to purchase as many books as with a campus based eduction, you can also save a lot of money in travel costs. You will still benefit from expert instruction as most of your instructors will have had real-world

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Education

The rapid development of technology has made teaching outside the traditional classroom possible for teachers consequently providing learners with a broad range of access to course materials with 24/HR assists (Li & Irby, 2008, p. 1). Online education is a rapidly growing environment and has turned into a convenient way to participate in higher learning. Although some feel the lack of communication that is involved in online education is an issue, others notice that it is cheaper than going to school the traditional way.

Opposing Argument For Online Education

Since online education can be taken from anywhere and anytime, the students have more time to socialize with their family and friends.

Benefits Of Online Education Is Better Than Traditional Education

Online education currently has many advantages, and these are very attractive to most students. One of the most important factor to why so many students in the world is taking online courses is because of its flexibility. It is apparent that student can listen to the lectures or use the course materials anytime and anywhere, as long as they have internet connection. They can listen to the course and do exercises at their own pace. For example, one online student indicates that the online course’s unconventional schedule helps her juggling work, school as well as family commitments (“Assessing the Flexibility of Online Learning). In addition, a very compelling reason for

Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

Social Networking Sites (SNSs) are online platforms that users use to create Personal profiles, associates with companion and fuss in different parts. Social networking sites exhibits individual profile and facilitates with various other activities such as sharing information with each other. Social networking sites grab million of people in the globe who are united these websites into their daily life style. Social networking sites will become famous all over the world. The aim of this paper is to understand the various Positive and Negative effects of social networking sites.

Sociological Impact Of The Internet Essay

The Internet is the conclusive innovation of the digital era. This worldwide system of computer systems, to a great extent construct these days in light of stages of remote correspondence, gives omnipresent limit of multimodal, intuitive correspondence in picked time, rising above space. The media has worsen the contorted recognition by harping into unnerving reports on the premise of episodic perception and one-sided analysis. In the event that there is a point in which sociologies, in their differences, ought to add to the full comprehension of the world in which we live. Amongst of the most vociferous reactions of the Internet has dependably been that it adds to depression among its users. This paper will assess the impact of the sociological effect that has been delivered by the internet in our daily lives.

Argumentative Essay About Technology In Education

"Technology is like art. It is a soaring exercise of the human imagination". Like everything in this world that has its good and bad effects on us, technology does too. How we use technology is important in determining what results it would bring us. Nowadays, technology is heavily used for educational purposes. Integrating technology in education can be extremely beneficial. It can be a useful method for the students and their teachers, which improves both their skills. In addition, being active on the Internet when learning can make students and teachers’ academic journey easier. There is a lot of evidence that proves how useful technology is for both students and their instructors. This paper attempts to show that using the Internet allows

Is Classroom Learning Better Than Online Learning

On online learning, students will build the interaction with the instructor through out by text, audio, and video. Indeed, online course offering a good deal of students capability to regulate their own time without being controlled by institutions. (Bejerano, A, 2008) .Which means that students do not need to do some activities and have more flexibility of time. However, considering the fact that online learning distance of students to the student society, it can be easily affected on how the students achieve the goals. In specify, for students who take higher education such as undergraduate, graduate, and master via online learning they definitely separated by physical interaction. Hence, the ability to have an interaction between students to faculty, lecturer, and some association that appeared on campus might not be used as properly and considerately. Moreover, lack of interaction, can make student more anxiety to interact in front of people. Because they do not have the opportunity that regular class has such as to have a discussion each other, presenting their work in front of class, expressing opinion and ideas and asking the question. Indirectly it also resulted on having less confidence and lack of curiosity. (Ni, A. Y,

Persuasive Essay On Online Education

I prefer online learning "its allows for learning in distant or disadvantaged locations, online education is easy to access and provides a convenient way to obtain course materials such as homework, exams, schedules, test scores and more" I say this because some students may need a little more time to understand the material that is getting taught. Another reason is fitting school into students ' schedules. Some people are lucky to go to school and be carefree. On the other hand, some kids have to work and help provide for their families and can 't afford to be at school all day. Well online learning can help with that in a major way.

Advantages Of Face To Face Learning

As the online scene is rapidly prevailing in our everyday life, the traditional form of face to face learning is slowly shifting its practice towards online learning. Online courses are becoming a growing trend with a flexible way of functioning in respect to time, location and accessibility. However, even though it sounds appealing, students need to consider the advantages and features of face to face learning which cannot be found online. Traditional educationis based on and helps develop: communication skills through interaction, discipline and organization, as well as a distinct value that traditional degrees have for future career advancement.

Essay On Digital Learning

Digital learning has various effects on the academic performance of the students and this digital learning can help the students to improve their performance in the classroom. Digital learning really makes the students work easier. Because of this, the students may have an advanced knowledge by easily searching their lesson using this technology. With this digital technology, it gives more information to the students to gain more knowledge about their school works. There are lots of technology that were integrated into the classroom that help the students learn with comfort, and that allows the student to gain and recall more information. With the use of digital learning, it will help the students to be more active engaged in their lesson,

ICT In The Learning Environment

ICT technology has a major impact on educational materials. E-resources include Online-journals, e-books, CD-ROM, DVDs, Online-databases, web libraries, etc.

More about Cause And Effect Of Online Learning Essay


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Essays About Online Learning: Top 6 Examples And Prompts

If you are writing essays about online learning, you can start by reading some essay examples and prompts in this article. 

People often regard online learning as kids stuck at home, glued to their devices. However, there is so much more to it than this simplistic concept. Many parents may see it as an “easy way out” for students to slack off on their studies while still passing their classes, but online learning has not reached its full potential yet. 

It has dramatically impacted how education is handled globally, for better or worse. It has forced teachers to take on extra work , while students say it has helped reduce their stress levels. It is undoubtedly a contentious topic. 

If you need help writing an essay about online learning, here are some essay examples you can use for inspiration.

1. Disabled Students Urge Universities To Make Online Learning More Accessible by Lucia Posteraro

2. why are more and more students taking online classes by perry mullins, 3. the benefits of online learning: 7 advantages of online degrees by kelsey miller, 4. why is online learning important by clare scott, 5. is online learning as effective as face-to-face learning by kelli wilkins, 6. i’m a high school student. i don’t want online learning to end. by rory selinger, prompts on essays about online learning, 1. how has online learning affected you, 2. compare and contrast online and in-person classes., 3. what can you learn from an online setup, 4. what is the future of online learning, 5. which is better- online or face-to-face learning, 6. can online learning be sustained long-term.

“Autism may hinder the ability to follow complex conversations, especially with background noise – but Charli’s lectures did not have subtitles. Moreover, extensions for group projects were too short for her extenuating circumstances.’

Posteraro tells the stories of students who want online learning to be more accessible. For example, Charli, a student with autism, was greatly affected by the transition from in-person to online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, online learning has not catered to her special needs, so she urges schools to take action to make online education more inclusive.

“The result of taking online classes is that students who take them become more proficient and comfortable with using computers. Students can learn to connect with one another online and with information in meaningful and useful ways. With that said more and more students are taking online classes because it’s the best way to save money work at your own pace and not have to be stressed about going to class.”

In his essay, Mullins discusses why more students prefer online learning. First, it lessens expenses, as students learn from the comfort of their rooms. Second, it helps students avert the fear of talking to strangers face-to-face, helping them communicate better. 

“It’s clear, then, that learning online helps prepare professionals for this shift toward online work. Below, explore what online courses entail, explore seven key benefits, and get the advice you need to determine if online courses are right for you.”

Miller briefly explains what online learning is, then proceeds to discuss its advantages. These include a self-paced schedule, improved communication, and new technical skills. However, he reminds readers that everyone is different; regardless of the benefits, they should only choose online learning if they believe it will work for them.

“Boil it right down and the answer is simple: change is constant. You must move with it. The true beauty of online learning is that it lends itself perfectly to your lifestyle. By its very nature, it can fit around you. Also, no longer are we taught how to do a job, it’s usually a case of figuring it out for yourself—and that’s where online learning can amplify your skills.”

Scott presents the importance of online learning. Similar to Miller, she mentions self-paced, giving students new skills. However, the most important lesson is that change is constant. Online learning exemplifies this precept, and these skills help us move along.

“While both ways of learning have advantages and disadvantages, what is more effective is based off of the student themselves. Students can weigh the costs and benefits between online learning and face-to-face learning. They can decide for themselves what would be best for them. Online learning can be as effective as face-to-face learning if the student is committed to putting their time and effort to study alone.”

Wilkins questions the notion that online learning is inferior to a face-to-face classes. She begins by listing the benefits of online classes, including comfort and easier schedules, as with Miller and Scott. However, she also mentions its disadvantages, such as the possibility of students being distracted and a lack of bonding between classmates. But, of course, it’s all up to the student in the end: they should decide which type of education they prefer.

“One thing I hope people now realize is that education is not a one-size-fits-all model. While the self-disciplined nature of remote learning is not for everyone, it has allowed students like me to flourish unimpeded by the challenges presented by typical classroom settings.”

A 14-year-old student, Selinger wishes to continue her education online as schools return to physical classes amid the pandemic. She discusses the relief she feels from the lack of peer pressure, judgment, and a rigorous schedule. Controlling your study schedule relieves students of pressure, and Selinger believes this is optimal for success. She believes online learning opens a path to be better rather than to “return to normal.”

Essays about Online Learning: How has online learning affected you?

In this essay, you can write about your experience of online learning. Whether you have had online coursework from school or college or taken an online course for your own interests, we’ve all had some experience learning online. Discuss how you benefited from online learning and the challenges you faced. For a compelling essay, conduct interviews to back up your experience by showing others who felt the same way.

Create an exciting comparative essay between online and in-person learning. You can compare and contrast the experiences and show the positives and negatives of each. Start by making a list or Venn diagram, and organize your essay. Include the structure, advantages, and disadvantages of each method of learning. 

Online learning can teach you some skills to succeed in the real world. In this essay, write about the unique skills you can gain from online learning. Perhaps you learn valuable IT skills, virtual note-taking, and basic administrative skills. Then, look into how these skills can benefit you in future studies or when trying to step into a new career path. 

We have barely scratched the surface of technology. In this essay, look to the future and imagine how online education will look. Then, research up-and-coming online learning technologies and see what will come next. Will the development of more online learning technology benefit students? Look into this exciting topic for an engaging discussion.

For this topic, writing an excellent argumentative essay is easy. First, from research and your own experience, list the benefits and downsides of each type of learning and determine which is more effective. Then, you can use Google and the essay examples above to support your argument.  

Online learning is most commonly used for students who are ill or during situations such as a global pandemic. It is meant to be temporary; however, can schools stick to a completely-online method of instruction? Include some advantages and disadvantages of online learning in your essay.

Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

If you’re still stuck, check out our general resource of essay writing topics .

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Online learning is a self-explanatory term that describe the learning takes place online. Which means, a teacher or instructor creates learning content and share it with a group of students that can access it using a device connected to the Internet. Exams are also applied online using an online exam software. Content can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Time and space don’t matter too much in online learning. Students don’t need to be in the same physical place to take the same instruction.

The main difference between traditional and online learning is that, while traditional learning requires a person to be at a certain place at a specific time and date, online learning doesn’t. You spend less money and time and still get great results. It’s not a wonder why millions of student from all around the world had interest in online degree programs or take at least one college course through an online platform. Online learning is considered to be the greatest revolution of our century.


Proficient in: Advantages Of Online Learning

“ Rhizman is absolutely amazing at what he does . I highly recommend him if you need an assignment done ”

It made an amazing transformation in the educational system and opened great opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something new.

Applying online learning instead of traditional learning is more valid for several reasons. Firstly that online learning is flexible and convenience, it can be done from your office or home at your own place. Secondly the unlimited access to your courses, in which the material will be easy to access and resources will be opened internationally. Also online learning, in case of crisis is a saver.

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Rather than missing important class sessions, students in online courses can always attend by participating in discussion boards or chat sessions, turning in their work on time. “Online learning is the future of education, and we should embrace it”.

Flexibility and convenience of online learning give students the opportunity to plan study time around the rest of their day, instead of the other way around. Students can study and work at their convenience. Course material is always accessible online, making special library trips is unnecessary. All of these benefits help students balance work and family commitments and responsibilities with their education which can be a real challenge. On the other hand going back to school with an online career training program gives students the flexibility to study on the schedule that fits their lives. Online programs hold the biggest appeal for non-traditional students, those who are going back to school after years away. They’re typically older and they have work and/or family responsibilities that keep them busy and limit their opportunities to attend class. Therefore, flexibility itself has an enormous impact on the way that students are learning so its alluring nature has complete validity. Providing an individual with the option of how they learn is integral to their success. Flexibility is a huge requirement for them, which is why online learning fits the majority of people so well.

The word “MOOCs” which stands for Massive Open Online Courses, are free online courses available to any individual who would like to enroll, it offers a wide range of courses in many different subjects for individuals to be able to develop their knowledge and education in an affordable and easy manner. 8% of companies currently use MOOCs, but that number is expected to almost double in the next year. These types of free and easily accessible courses promote learning and mean more resources for your business for less money. (Source: Doyen Marketing.) This unlimited access to the courses, where the material will be easy to access and resources will be opened internationally. For example Treehouse is creating the “classroom from the future” with this superb eLearning platform. With gorgeous visuals and remarkably clear sound, Treehouse can help users learn new skills in coding and app development. Treehouse has raised the bar in online learning with high quality, studio produced video lessons hosted by talented in-house trainers. Expanded access to online learning can be accessed anywhere at any time. Ability to modify course materials can be narrowed down to topics that are relevant to course. Enhancement of course material such as texts, images and videos can be used to support different learning styles. In addition to the rapid dissemination of information, textbooks can be put forward quicker online than publishing a textbook.

During storms, thunderstorms and in case of crisis like what’s happening nowadays with the spreading of COVID -19 (corona virus) around the world, online learning is a saver. Colleges may cancel classes to avoid putting commuting students at risk of dangerous driving conditions or the risk of crowding. Rather than miss important class sessions. Let’s take an example like India, whose online learning has grown faster than traditional educational institutions in the country. The country faces a major education crisis, with more than half of the country’s population having received a limited education—namely, only up to 4th grade. Many times, people in the country don’t have the means to attend schools, either because of monetary aspects or geographical factors. E-Learning has made way for a large scale of development over the past few years, allowing people in even the remotest parts of the country to have access to schools and higher education, provided that they have a decent internet connection. The birth of the eLearning sector in India mainly happened due to the prevailing economic conditions. People are often forced to go to work in order to make ends meet, and that puts their education on a back seat. Through online learning, people can have access to whatever they want to learn about while being able to work to support themselves and their families. Students in online courses can always attend by participating in discussion boards or chat sessions, turning in their work on time, and watching lectures or reading materials. Many students also find substantial savings on fuel costs with no commute for classes. Our country United Arab Emeriti get advantage of the online learning system to save students during the corona crisis and commit to the health isolation.

I believe online learning is the future of the education and the reason why this industry has become so popular over the last few years is the convenience it offers to those who are interested in it. Traditionally, if a person wanted to learn something or get a degree, they would have to go to a university, a college, or any institution that can teach you giving you a certification at the end. With online learning, on the other hand, people don’t have to wake up every morning just to attend a few lectures. People are now able to learn from the comfort of their own homes, and according to their preferred timings. Thought I know that there are numerous important drawbacks to E-Learning which often tend to get downplayed in online discussions. These disadvantages of E-Learning could be addressed as that online student feedback is limited, eLearning can cause social Isolation, and it requires strong self-motivation and time management skills, and Lack of communicational skill development in online students. Above all, cheating prevention during online assessments is complicated.

But researchers have demonstrated successful examples of peer feedback systems in online learning, which could be a potential solution to the problem of limited student feedback in e-learning. Additionally, this disadvantage of E-Learning is sometimes solved through video chats with professors, which function similarly to the professor’s office hours during on-campus training.

IBM saved $200 million by adopting a virtual training program for its employees. ELearning is important for universities, but it can be even more of a money saver for large and small businesses. ELearning produces an 18% increase in employee engagement in the workplace. This leads to greater employee retention, a better work culture, and more collaborative employees. While North America holds 53% of the total shares in eLearning worldwide. The United States is a big player in the eLearning market and exemplifies what the future of eLearning could look like. And 70% of professionals use their personal device(s) for business, and that number is expected to increase by 2018. A new age of BYOD (bring your own device) is upon us where professional eLearning can be completed outside the office. Whatever the case, even the most old school of print material has become, in many ways, a jumping off point for further web-based research.

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expository essay example about online learning

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expository essay example about online learning

Impact of Online Classes on Students Essay

Background study

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Introduction to Online Education

Online learning is one of the new innovative study methods that have been introduced in the pedagogy field. In the last few years, there has been a great shift in the training methods. students can now learn remotely using the internet and computers. Online learning comes in many forms and has been developing with the introduction of new technologies. Most of the universities, high schools and other institutions in the world have all instituted this form of learning and the student population in the online class is increasing fast. There has been a lot of research on the impacts of online education as compared to the ordinary classroom education. If the goal is to draw a conclusion of online education, considerable differences between the online learning environment and classroom environment should be acknowledged. In the former, teachers and students don’t meet physically as opposed to the latter, where they interact face to face. In this essay, the challenges and impact of the online classes on students, teachers and institutions involved were examined.

Thesis Statement about Online Classes

Thus, the thesis statement about online classes will be as follows: Online learning has positive impact on the learners, teachers and the institution offering these courses.

Online learning or E learning is a term used to describe various learning environments that are conducted and supported by the use of computers and the internet. There are a number of definitions and terminologies that are used to describe online learning. These include: E learning, distance learning, computer learning among others (Anon, 2001). Distant learning is one of the terminologies used in E learning and encompasses all learning methods that are used to train students that are geographically away from the training school. Online learning on the other hand is used to describe all the learning methods that are supported by the internet (Moore et al ., 2011). Another terminology that is used is E learning which has been described by most authors as a learning method that is supported by the use of computers, web enabled communication and the use of new technological tools that enhance communication (Spector, 2008). Other terminologies that are used to describe this form of online learning are virtual learning, collaborative learning, web based learning and computer supported collaborative learning (Conrad, 2006).

Impacts of Online Classes on Students

Various studies and articles documents the merits, demerits and challenges of online studies. These studies show that online study is far beneficial to the students, teachers and the institution in general and that the current challenges can be overcome through technological advancement and increasing efficiency of the learning process. One of the key advantages of online learning is the ability of students to study at their own comfort. For a long time students had to leave their comfort areas and attend lecturers. This change in environment causes lack of concentration to students. In contrast, E-learning enables the students to choose the best environment for study and this promotes their ability to understand. As a result, students enjoy the learning process as compared to the conventional classroom learning. Another benefit is time and cost saving. Online students are able to study at home and this saves them the travel and accommodation costs. This is in contrast with the classroom environment where learners have to pay for transport and accommodation costs as well as any other costs associated with the learning process. Online study has been found to reduce the workload on the tutors. Most of the online notes and books are availed to the students and this reduces the teacher’s workload. Due to the availability of teaching materials online, tutors are not required to search for materials. Teachers usually prepare lessons and this reduces the task of training students over and over again. Accessibility to learning materials is another benefit of online learning. Students participating in online study have unlimited access to learning materials and this makes them have the ability to study effectively and efficiently. On the other hand, students in the classroom environment have to take notes as the lecture progress and these notes may not be accurate as compared to the materials uploaded on the websites. Unlimited resources are another advantage of online study. Traditionally, learning institutions were limited on the number of students that could study in the classroom environment. The limitations of facilities such as lecture theaters and teachers limited the student enrollment in schools (Burgess & Russell, 2003). However, with the advent of online studies, physical limitations imposed by classrooms, tutors and other resources have been eliminated. Vast number of students can now study in the same institution and be able to access the learning materials online. The use of online media for training enables vast number of students to access materials online and this promotes the learning process. Promoting online study has been found by most of the resechers to open the students to vast resources that are found on the internet. Most of the students in the classroom environment rely on the tutors notes and explanations for them to understand a given concept. However, student using the web to study at most of the time are likely to be exposed to the vast online educational resources that are available. This results to the students gaining a better understanding of the concept as opposed to those in the classroom environment (Berge & Giles, 2008). Online study environment allows tutors to update their notes and other materials much faster as compared to the classroom environment. This ensures that the students receive up to date information on a given study area. One of the main benefits of E-learning to institutions is the ability to provide training to large number of students located at any corner of the world. These students are charged training fees and this increases the money available to the institution. This extra income can be used to develop new educational facilities and these will promote the education further (Gilli et al., 2002). Despite the many advantages that online study has on transforming the learning process, there are some challenges imposed by the method. One of the challenges is the technological limitations of the current computers which affect the quality of the learning materials and the learning process in general. Low download speed and slow internet connectivity affects the availability of learning materials. This problem is however been reduced through the application of new software and hardware elements that have high access speeds. This makes it easier to download leaning materials and applications. As the computing power increases, better and faster computers are being unveiled and these will enable better access to online study facilities. Another disadvantage of online learning as compared to the classroom environment is lack of feedback from the students. In the classroom environment, students listen to the lecture and ask the tutors questions and clarifications of any issues they didn’t understand. In the online environment, the response by the teacher may not be immediate and students who don’t understand a given concept may find it hard to liaise with the teachers. The problem is however been circumvented by the use of simple explanation methods, slideshows and encouraging discussion forums between the teachers and students. In the discussion forums, students who don’t understand a concept can leave a comment or question which will be answered by the tutor later. Like any other form of learning, online studies have a number of benefits, and challenges. It is therefore not logical to discredit online learning due to the negative impacts of this training method. Furthermore, the benefits of e-learning far outweigh the challenges.

Conclusion about Online Education

In culmination, a comparative study between classroom study and online study was carried out. The study was done by examining the findings recorded in books and journals on the applicability online learning to students. The study revealed that, online learning has many benefits as compared to the conventional learning in the classroom environment. Though online learning has several challenges such as lack of feedback from students and lack of the proper technology to effectively conduct online learning, these limitations can be overcome by upgrading the E-Leaning systems and the use of online discussion forums and new web based software’s. In conclusion, online learning is beneficial to the students, tutors and the institution offering these courses. I would therefore recommend that online learning be implemented on all learning institutions and research on how to improve this learning process should be carried out.

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