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College admissions

Unit 4: lesson 3.

Sample essay 2 with admissions feedback


Sample essay 2, feedback from admissions.

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10+ Experience Essay Examples [ Life, Post Graduation, Work ]

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research experience essay

1. Choose an Unforgettable Memory

2. arrange the sequence of events  , 3. devise an engrossing introductory paragraph, 4. craft a rousing statement for your conclusion, more design, free 4+ travel essay examples, free 3+ effective ways and examples to start your essay, how to write a personal narrative with examples, interview summary examples, tips in writing a reflective statement, examples of writing a narrative summary examples, how to give your essay contest entries a winning edge examples, how to outline an essay examples, 10 analogy examples examples, 10 student goals to achieve before graduating college examples, free 9+ high school essay examples, 8+ internship report writing examples, related articles.

experience problems essay

Sample Essays: Significant Experience

experience problems essay

Please select from the following sample application essays:

Essay 1: Princeton | Essay 2: Harvard | Essay 3: Princeton | Essay 4: Brown

Note: The following essays were not edited by EssayEdge Editors. They appear as they were initially reviewed by admissions officers.

Sample Essay 1

Princeton, Athlete (Football)

I have learned a great many things from participating in varsity football. It has changed my entire outlook on and attitude toward life. Before my freshman year at [high-school], I was shy, had low self-esteem and turned away from seemingly impossible challenges. Football has altered all of these qualities. On the first day of freshman practice, the team warmed up with a game of touch football. The players were split up and the game began. However, during the game, I noticed that I didn't run as hard as I could, nor did I try to evade my defender and get open. The fact of the matter is that I really did not want to be thrown the ball. I didn't want to be the one at fault if I dropped the ball and the play didn't succeed. I did not want the responsibility of helping the team because I was too afraid of making a mistake. That aspect of my character led the first years of my high school life. I refrained from asking questions in class, afraid they might be considered too stupid or dumb by my classmates. All the while, I went to practice and everyday, I went home physically and mentally exhausted.

Yet my apprehension prevailed as I continued to fear getting put in the game in case another player was injured. I was still afraid of making mistakes and getting blamed by screaming coaches and angry teammates. Sometimes these fears came true. During my sophomore season, my position at backup guard led me to play in the varsity games on many occasions. On such occasions, I often made mistakes. Most of the time the mistakes were not significant; they rarely changed the outcome of a play. Yet I received a thorough verbal lashing at practice for the mistakes I had made. These occurrences only compounded my fears of playing. However, I did not always make mistakes. Sometimes I made great plays, for which I was congratulated. Now, as I dawn on my senior year of football and am faced with two starting positions, I feel like a changed person.

Over the years, playing football has taught me what it takes to succeed. From months of tough practices, I have gained a hard work ethic. From my coaches and fellow teammates, I have learned to work well with others in a group, as it is necessary to cooperate with teammates on the playing field. But most important, I have also gained self-confidence. If I fail, it doesn't matter if they mock or ridicule me; I'll just try again and do it better. I realize that it is necessary to risk failure in order to gain success. The coaches have always said before games that nothing is impossible; I know that now. Now, I welcome the challenge. Whether I succeed or fail is irrelevant; it is only important that I have tried and tested myself.

The topic of this essay is how the applicant has matured and changed since his freshman year. He focuses on football. One of the strengths of this essay is that it is well organized. The applicant clearly put time into the structure and planning of this essay. He uses the platform of football to discuss and demonstrate his personal growth and development through the high school years. What he could have done better was spend more time describing himself after he made improvements. As it is, he only tells us about his newfound confidence and drive. This essay would have been stronger had he actually shown us, perhaps by including a story or describing an event where his confidence made a difference.

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Sample Essay 2

Harvard, International experience: Living in Switzerland

"Je deteste des Americains," said the old Swiss woman sitting across from me. Her face contorted into a grimace of disgust as she and her friend continued to complain that Americans had no culture, that they never learned another language, and that their inferior customs were spreading throughout Europe like an infectious disease. Each hair on the back of my neck sprang to attention, as I strained to hear the women's inflammatory remarks. I gripped my bag of McDonald's harder with each insulting phrase.

I had been living in Geneva, Switzerland for four years, during which time I had attended an international school consisting of over 96 different nationalities. I had already become fluent in French and had become accustomed to the new culture in which I was living--a culture which I had believed to be rich in tolerance and acceptance. Naturally, the women's remarks hurt. Was I really an "ugly American?" Did I have no appreciation of anything other than McDonald's or Coca-Cola? Had I not been touched by the new world I had been exposed to? Without question, my four years in Switzerland changed my life in countless ways. From the minute I stepped off the plane at Cointrin Airport, the vastly different sights along the clean street, the ubiquitous smells of rich delicious French cuisine, and my feelings of excitement about my new surroundings told me that I definitely was "not in Kansas anymore." My school helped greatly in modifying my attitudes, as for the first time I was with peers from countries which I had only read about. Although it was sometimes difficult trying to find links between my self and my Saudi Arabian, Hungarian, French, Nigerian, or Chilean friends, I soon came to enjoy my new stir fry environment. By the time I left, I was wondering how I ever could survive the boredom of attending a homogeneous institution. This is not to say that, prior to this, I had been closed up in a bland box of a world. I had traveled to India, my father's home, and England, my mother's home, annually: a practice my family and I continue to this day. I had been brought up without specific religious beliefs, but an awareness of my parents' spiritual backgrounds of Judaism and Hinduism. Thus my exposure to these various different nationalities in Switzerland built on my found-ations of cultural awareness, rather than laying the cornerstone for it.

My understanding of my new environment was aided tremendously by my ability to speak French, and was subsequently one of the best gifts I brought back from my four year stay in Switzerland. An entire year of school lessons could not have taught me as much of the language as I learned form speaking with my Swiss friends, shopping in the local stores, or apologizing to my neighbors for hitting my ball into their yard. My proficiency in French earned me a regular spot on a nationally broadcast Swiss radio program, in which a Russian child and I discussed tensions between major world powers. This was a rare opportunity, as, although Stephen and I were peers, the fact that Russian children attended the Soviet Embassy school meant that we were not classmates. Though, even if we had been allowed to speak casually before, I am not certain that our conversation would have reached the depth of discussion we achieved on the show.

America will never again seem the same to me. Geneva gave me enough distance to look at my country through objective eyes. Traveling throughout Europe was like a trip with Gulliver: it gave me the ability to look inside myself and discern my country's faults as well as its numerous strengths. Like the Swiss women's remarks, it hurt me to find that the United States is not the only country in the world with a rich and stimulating environment. With my new perspective, I saw that America was not what it had been. Then I thought for a moment and realized that America had not changed, but I had.

One officer called this, "A good example of a foreign culture essay that works." The only negative comments about this essay came from one officer who found the conclusion to be a bit weak. "I would like to see her elaborate a little more in the last paragraph. This is because in most of her classes, she will be required to support any opinions." Another agreed that she could have kept her final points more personal and specific.

The writing is excellent.

The vocabulary is sophisticated without seeming labored. I do not suspect that the author had a thesaurus at hand! This tells me that she/he would certainly be successful academically, at least in the courses that require strong communication and analytical abilities.

This essay is very well written. The writer demonstrates a refreshing maturity that seems to come from his/her abroad experience. The essay demonstrates a transformation of the student from just an American in a foreign land to someone who embraces the international experience and grew with it.

What I like about this essay is that it shows that the traditional categories of "extracurricular activities" need not be the only way to demonstrate that one has something of interest to bring to the college experience. I think this writer would be a fascinating person to get to know, because she would be able to contribute a fresh perspective to conversations about many of the important ideas that we wrestle with in college. She might well be someone who would be especially adept at bringing together diverse members of the student body because she would not feel intimidated by differences, but would, instead, seek them out and value them highly.

Sample Essay 3

Princeton, Childhood experience: A fishing trip

Reluctantly smearing sunblock over every exposed inch of my fifty-three pound body, I prepared mentally for the arduous task that lay ahead of me. After several miserable fishing ventures which had left my skin red and my hook bare, I felt certain that, at last, my day had arrived. I stood ready to clear the first hurdle of manhood, triumph over fish. At the age of seven, I was confident that my rugged, strapping body could conquer any obstacle. Pity the fish that would become the woeful object of the first demonstration of my male prowess.

Engaging me deeply was my naive eagerness to traverse the chasm dividing boy from man. In fact, so completely absorbed was I in my thoughts that the lengthy journey to our favorite fishing spot seemed fleeting. The sudden break in the droning of the engine snapped me to reality. Abruptly jarred back into the world, I fumbled for my fishing pole. Dangling the humble rods end over the edge of the boat, I released the bail on the reel and plunked the cheap plastic lure into the water. Once I had let out enough line and set the rod in a holder, I sat back to wait for an attack on the lure. The low hum of the motor at trolling speed only added to my anxiety, like the instrumental accompaniment to a horror film. And then it hit. A sharp tug on the line pulled me to my feet faster than an electric shock. I bounded to the pole, and when I reached it, I yanked it out of the holder with all of my might. My nervous energy was so potent that when I tugged on the rod, I nearly plunged headlong over the side of the boat and into the fishs domain. Although adrenaline streamed through my veins, after five minutes both my unvanquishable strength and my superhuman will were waning steadily. Just when I was fully prepared to surrender to the fish and, with that gesture, succumb to a life of discontentment, pain, and sorrow, the fish performed a miraculous feat. Shocked and instantly revived, I watched as the mahi-mahi leapt from the oceans surface. The mahi-mahis skin gleamed with radiant hues of blue, green, and yellow in a breathtaking spray of surf. Brilliant sunlight beamed upon the spectacle, giving life to a scene which exploded into a furious spectrum of color. The exotic fish tumbled majestically back to the sea amidst a blast of foam. With this incredible display, the fish was transformed from a pitiful victim to a brilliant specimen of life. I cared no longer for any transcendent ritual I must perform, but rather, I longed only for the possession of such a proud creature. I hungered to touch such a wonder and share the fantastic bond that a hunter must feel for his kill. I needed to have that fish at any cost.

The fight lasted for only ten minutes; nevertheless, it was a ten minutes which I will never forget. When my fish neared the boat, I felt more energized than I had when the fish first struck. At my fathers command, I netted the fish and hauled it into the bottom of the boat. I was nearly bursting with exhilaration. Released from the net, the fish dropped to the bottom of the boat with a hollow thud, and my jaw dropped with it. I stared in complete horror at the violently thrashing fish which was now at my feet. Within minutes, all of the fishs vibrance, color and life had vanished. Instead, came blood. Lots of blood. It sprayed from its mouth. It sprayed from its gills. Shortly, the boat was coated with the red life blood of the mahi-mahi. It now lay twitching helplessly while it gasped and choked for oxygen in the dry air. I felt sickened, disgusted, and utterly lost in heart-wrenching pity. As I watched the color drain from the fish, leaving it a morbid pale-yellow, I realized that I was responsible for the transformation of a creature of brilliance and life into a pitiful, dying beast.

Despite my brothers cheers and praises, I rode back to shore in bitter silence. I could not help thinking about the vast difference between the magnificent creature which I saw jump in the sea and the pathetic beast which I saw gasping for life in the bloody pit of the boat. What struck me most forcefully on that day, though, was the realization that I was no mere bystander to this desecration. I was the sole cause. Had I not dropped the hook into the water, the fish undoubtedly would still be alive. I, alone, had killed this fish.

In retrospect, I am relieved that I reacted in such a way to my passage from boyhood to manhood. Although my views about many things, hunting and fishing included, have changed considerably since that day, I still retain a powerful conscience which actively molds my personality. One cannot dispute the frightening potential of the human race to induce the permanent extinction of every life form on the planet. As the ability to change the world on a global scale is arguably limited to one breed of life, so, too, is the force which impedes instinctual and conscious action, the human conscience. My own sense of strong moral principle reaches far beyond simply averting Armageddon, however. I often find myself unable to disregard this force of moral and social responsibility in whatever I do. Part of my keen social conscience is demonstrated in the effort I have made to be a positive intellectual leader among my classmates and in the community. Realizing how lucky I am to have been born with a high aptitude for learning, I feel sorry that others who also work very hard cannot achieve like I have nor be rewarded with success as I have been. In a leadership role, I hope to constructively guide my peers to find their own success and see the fruition of their own goals. By serving as class president for three consecutive years, as founder, member, and chairman of the peer counseling society, and as a peer tutor, I have enabled others to reach their goals, while finding personal gratification at the same time. I am fortunate in that I have been given the opportunity to optimize the usefulness of my personal virtues in helping others; I can only hope to continue heeding my conscience in work as a research chemist, or whatever I may do in the future. It is my right and my obligation, for I firmly maintain that the charge of a humanitarian conscience is one which each person must eternally bear for the good of humankind and all the world.

"A good example of how a talented writer can make a standard topic appealing" was the general consensus. One officer did think, though, that the writer got "overzealous" with his language and could have avoided some of the more corpulent sentences like, "Engaging me deeply was my naive eagerness to traverse the chasm dividing boy from man," by writing with a simpler, more natural voice.

I really enjoyed this essay. It starts with a wonderful, humorous touch, but describes vividly and movingly the young boy's first experience with death and with personal responsibility.

In reading this essay, I get a strong impression of the kind of person this young man must be, someone full of good humor, but great sensitivity as well. His easy way with the language convinces me that he would be an excellent student, and a welcome addition to the class.

This was a nicely written piece. This student took time to think about this experience and was able to articulate his memories of his fishing adventure rather well. This could have been another bland essay but the writer took you on the adventure with him, from boyhood to manhood.

I like the way he took his fishing adventure and transitioned to his life today and how and what he learned from it.

What I liked most about the essay was that the writer told of an experience in his childhood and was able to take that experience and make the connection to his life and goals of today.

Sample Essay 4

Brown, Achievement: Martial arts competition

A faint twinge of excitement floated through my body that night. A hint of anticipation of the coming day could not be suppressed; yet to be overcome with anxiety would not do at all. I arduously forced those pernicious thoughts from seeping in and overcoming my body and mind. I still wonder that I slept at all that night. But I did. I slept soundly and comfortably as those nervous deliberations crept into my defenseless, unsuspecting mind, pilfering my calm composure. When I awoke refreshed, I found my mind swarming with jumbled exhilaration. The adrenaline was flowing already.

After a quick breakfast, I pulled some of my gear together and headed out. The car ride of two hours seemed only a few moments as I struggled to reinstate order in my chaotic consciousness and focus my mind on the day before me. My thoughts drifted to the indistinct shadows of my memory.

My opponent's name was John Doe. There were other competitors at the tournament, but they had never posed any threat to my title. For as long as I had competed in this tournament, I had easily taken the black belt championship in my division. John, however, was the most phenomenal martial artist I had ever had the honor of witnessing at my young age of thirteen. And he was in my division. Although he was the same rank, age, size, and weight as I, he surpassed me in almost every aspect of our training. His feet were lightning, and his hands were virtually invisible in their agile swiftness. He wielded the power of a bear while appearing no larger than I. His form and techniques were executed with near perfection. Although I had never defeated his flawlessness before, victory did not seem unattainable. For even though he was extraordinary, he was not much more talented than I. I am not saying that he was not skilled or even that he was not more skilled than I, for he most certainly was, but just not much more than I. I still had one hope, however little, of vanquishing this incredible adversary, for John had one weakness: he was lazy. He didn't enjoy practicing long hours or working hard. He didn't have to. Nevertheless, I had found my passage to triumph.

My mind raced even farther back to all my other failures. I must admit that my record was not very impressive. Never before had I completed anything. I played soccer. I quit. I was a Cub Scout. I quit. I played trumpet. I quit. Karate was all I had left. The championship meant so much because I had never persevered with anything else. In the last months, I had trained with unearthly stamina and determination. I had focused all my energies into practicing for this sole aspiration. Every day of the week I trained. Every evening, I could be found kicking, blocking, and punching at an imaginary opponent in my room. Hours of constant drilling had improved my techniques and speed. All my techniques were ingrained to the point where they were instinctive. Days and weeks passed too swiftly. . . .

I was abruptly jolted back into the present. The car was pulling into the parking lot. The tournament had too quickly arrived, and I still did not feel prepared for the trial which I was to confront. I stepped out of the car into the bright morning sun, and with my equipment bag in hand, walked into the towering building.

The day was a blur. After warming up and stretching, I sat down on the cold wooden floor, closed my eyes, and focused. I cleared my mind of every thought, every worry, and every insecurity. When I opened my eyes, every sense and nerve had become sharp and attentive, every motion finely tuned and deliberate. The preliminary rounds were quiet and painless, and the championship fight was suddenly before me. I could see that John looked as calm and as confident as ever. Adrenaline raced through my body as I stepped into the ring. We bowed to each other and to the instructor, and the match began.

I apologize, but I do not recall most of the fight. I do faintly remember that when time ran out the score was tied, and we were forced to go into Sudden Death: whoever scored the next point would win. That, however, I do recall. I was tired. The grueling two points that I had won already had not been enough. I needed one more before I could taste triumph. I was determined to win, though I had little energy remaining. John appeared unfazed, but I couldn't allow him to discourage me. I focused my entire being, my entire consciousness, on overcoming this invincible nemesis. I charged. All my strenuous training, every molecule in my body, every last drop of desire was directed, concentrated on that single purpose as I exploded through his defenses and drove a solitary fist to its mark. I was not aware that I would never fight John again, but I would not have cared. Never before had I held this prize in my hands, but through pure, salty sweat and vicious determination, the achievement that I had desired so dearly and which meant so much to me was mine at last. This was the first time that I had ever really made a notable accomplishment in anything. This one experience, this one instant, changed me forever. That day I found self-confidence and discovered that perseverance yields its own sweet fruit. That day a sense of invincibility permeated the air. Mountains were nothing. The sun wasn't so bright and brilliant anymore. For a moment, I was the best.

The admissions officers admired this essay for its passion and sincerity. In fact, most of the noted drawbacks were based on the writer being too passionate. "Kind of a tempest in a teapot, don't you think?" wrote one. Other suggestions for improvement were "purely editorial" such as the overuse of adjectives and adverbs, using a passive voice, and making contradictory statements. "For example, he says, 'I slept soundly and comfortably as those nervous deliberations crept into my defenseless, unsuspecting mind, pilfering my calm composure.' How could he sleep soundly and comfortably if the nervous deliberations were pilfering his calm composure? There are a few other examples like that that I won't go into here. I would just suggest that the author look carefully to be sure his ideas stay consistent and support one another."

What I like about this essay from the point of view of an admission officer is that I am convinced that the change in attitude described by the author is real. I do believe that he will carry with him forever the hard-won knowledge that he can attain his goals, that perseverance and hard work will eventually allow him to succeed in any endeavor. This is an important quality to bring to the college experience. Especially when considering applications to prestigious institutions, the admission committee will want to feel sure that the applicants understand the need for hard work and perseverance. Many times the strongest-looking applicants are students for whom academic success has come so easily that the challenges of college come as a shock. I always like hearing stories like this, of students who know what it means to struggle and finally succeed

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experience problems essay

Motivation Through Failure: My Life Experience

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Motivation Through Failure: My Life Experience Essay

While the first paragraph is strong and descriptive, there still are certain improvements that can be made. For example, it would be appropriate to start the first paragraph with a hook sentence. This may be a quote or another sentence that attracts the reader by generally alluding to the thesis ... statement. The writer has provided adequate context by giving an introduction to the class. However, the thesis statement regarding the experience being a wake up call is not descriptive enough and the writer should elaborate on what changes were adopted as a result. Word choice is very appropriate and the writer’s expression is clear. There are also no major problems in sentence construction. The evidence presented is descriptive but more detail must be incorporated to achieve a higher grade. Moreover, the organization of the essay also needs work. This can be done by adding subheadings and by making sure that only one point is elaborated on in each paragraph. Show more

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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experience problems essay


experience problems essay

Challenges In Life Essay

Horace adversity.

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My Obstacles As A Writer Analysis

In life, there will be many obstacles. Obstacles can take control you or you can use them to strengthen yourself. One of my obstacles is being a good writer. Writing has never been my strongest, I have difficulty in making a perfect sentence. Composition for me has been difficult and easy. This class has helped me learn my weakness and strengths. The comments that are left in my essays help me know what to fix for the next essay and gives me a clear idea on what to work on. I think my weakness is not knowing the grammar rules not knowing how to proofread my essays and English being my second language.

Speech About Challenges In Life

In our life, there are periods of challenges that we must face, but the real challenge is how we grow and learn from overcoming them. Being naive children, we believed that life was simplistic and effortless. Well, we were wrong, we can only yearn for life to be easy. Growing up, we continue to face countless hurdles that only get bigger and bigger. My life, in particular, has been filled with numerous up and downs. It felt like I was in an endless roller coaster going up and down. Some believe that life is filled with obstacles and experiences that will help us pave the path to our own successes. But is that really accurate? There are some points in life when I’ve felt that I would never conquer a problem. From trying to learn to walk, to making big decisions that would affect the outcome of life. There are always complications and doubts that block our path. What job am I to choose? What university do I apply for? These thoughts will soon turn into a bitter reality. A reality that we will have to face. I would do anything to go back in time when I thought learning division was complicated as untying a series of knots. Sadly, this is the harsh reality, but even in this reality, we see even ourselves getting through a barrier. Life isn’t a game where you only have one try. Even when we stumble a thousand times, we can still manage to get back up, and it’s that thing about life that leaves me in awe. Life is a series of failures and lessons. Sometimes, even failures are

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Life's Problems Essay

College admissions essay: the challenges that changed my life.

To start, I have gone through a lot of troubles that has changed me both physically and mentally. On the other hand, the hardship that has influenced me the most happened in elementary school. I was a small, timid 3rd grader, terrified to talk or even make new friends. Additionally, I was struggling on every subject, and receiving grades from Cs to Fs. My teachers tried to put me in special classes, yet they did little to no use to help me move forward. Eventually,

How Can An Obstacle Be Turned Into Something Good

I believe that any obstacle or disadvantage can be turned into something good. I believe that this is a very important topic because there can always be a positive outcome of any obstacle or disadvantage.This is very important because you will not be able to succeed in life if you do not know how to problem solving.So can any obstacle or disadvantage be turned into something good?Yes because if you really want to succeed you will find a way to get around the obstacle or disadvantage.

Teenagers Preparing For The Real World Book Report

Problems are apart of life, you cannot avoid them. You will face a different problem everyday, and how you react to your problems will separate you from others. We all learn how to deal with our problems in our own way. If you learn how to cope with your emotions, it will help you significantly with dealing with your problems. You should always keep your problems in perspective, they could be much worse. Just because your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you does not make it the end of the world, you’re still living in a nice home, breathing, and healthy; Some people would die just to have a life like that. Problems are all around us, you live and you learn. Helping others can help solve your problems, by keeping yours in perspective.

Horace Adversity Analysis

Hardships have the power to make a break a person, as Roman poet, Horace, once said, “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant”. Everyone has or will have to face adversity at some point in their lives, it is a universal truth. Although misfortunes usually have a negative connotation, depending on the struggle and how one deals with it, it is likely the person will come out of misfortune better prepared for the world. Contrastly, if a person never experienced any hardships, they would lack a sophisticated understanding of the world and lack the ability to handle difficult situations. Adversity gives people strength they can not obtain with success.

Michael Jordan Obstacles

Why do difficult challenges exist? There seems to be no point in hardships, they just cause pain and sorrow. But after a hardship, everything seems brighter, you are grateful for everything and your eyes are opened to a completely different perspective. Hardships are challenging but after overcoming hardships, you will be satisfied with excellent results.

Overcoming Obstacles: The Struggles Of African Americans

I do believe that any obstacle or disadvantage can turn into something good. I know this because people learn from their mistakes. Some people give up or lose hope when they are encountering an obstacle. Anything can be make up by thinking or a wise decision.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Everyone faces struggles in their life. Some allow those struggles to help build them as a person, others let those struggles tear them down. For me, I allowed my struggles to help me develop academically and personally. Without struggle there is no progress.

Why Do Frederick Douglass Have Struggles

Everyone has struggles. Many teenagers struggle with self-esteem, stress, bullying, body image, drinking, and smoking. Many adults struggle with marriage, jobs, money, drinking, smoking, health problems, and stress. There is not one person that has an easy life with no struggles because it is impossible. Having struggles teaches us life lessons.

Lazy Eye Obstacles

Obstacles change our way of thought and affect our emotions. A person’s values change as well as their character and they develop an understanding on their situation. Through the hardships of any situation, there is some way or another a solution only in the presence of desire.

Success In Kim's Convenience By Ins Choi

situations in order to live a successful life. Hardships is something we all face and it’s

When we face challenges in life that are far beyond our own power, it 's an opportunity to build on our

The Hero's Journey Book Report

Everyone has trials and tribulations in life, and we all face different ones. One story that really spoke to me is the one where the man who moves the rock from the middle of the road finds the bag of gold. The problems in life aren’t going away, so trying to avoid the pitfalls in life is just going to cause more issues. It is important to solve the trials we are faced with instead of running away.

Experience in Problem Solving Essay


Problem solving is a process that people go through to determine, analyze and solve problems. Problem solving requires some creative, analytical, and mental skills in order to solve a problem. Logical or analytical thinking skills include, comparing, ordering, selecting and evaluating which provide an agenda for problem solving that helps to decide on the best alternative solution, identify the problem, gather formation, choose the cause and identify the best possible solutions for implementation and finally review.

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At the beginning of the new semester, the lecturer gave us a topic to discuss on drugs affecting the youth. The assignment was to be submitted by a certain deadline and the best one was to take a price. No student had an idea on how to go about it. I came up with an idea of forming a group to discuss the issue that is the problems that affect youth who are using drugs.

Each member in our group gave various ideas and solutions on the matter, what is more, each point was carefully written down. Some of the ideas such as punishing the victim involved in drugs or jailing them were not an appropriate solution for such victims. Some of the obstacles that hindered the ability of solving problems effectively were lack of relevant information, Ignorance and assumptions.

The students tried to come up with solutions that were all not applicable in this case. Therefore, I came up with an idea that every student should identify the problem, search for information about drug abuse, choose the cause, identify the possible and the best solution which can be applied.

On the next group discussion, every member had some points to support their facts, which we were discussing in detail and recording important points; the aspect that made this discussion enjoyable is that every member was able to contribute his or her thoughts that improved social interaction, sharing of values and culture from different members; self esteem was raised for the members who felt inferior and a lot of knowledge was exchanged.

In the group discussion, members were able to contribute their ideas with confidence because every member was free to give his or her own opinion. As I presented our work, it scored the high marks and was rated the best one.

The members were very happy with the approach I used to tackle the problem we were facing for finding solutions and they were thankful a lot. During the semester, we used the group work in our academics and other activities that improved our skills, social interactions, and grades making everyone happy about it.

This also helped me in my college entrance exam. The group work discussion method improved our social skills and I would recommend it for people who find it difficult to follow the process of problem solving and search for assistant from people who are experienced in this area.

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IvyPanda . 2019. "Experience in Problem Solving." May 2, 2019. https://ivypanda.com/essays/experience-in-problem-solving-essay/.

IvyPanda . (2019) 'Experience in Problem Solving'. 2 May.

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Best 50 problem solution essay topics on web.

August 14, 2019

Problem Solution Essay Topics

The problem and solution essay topics you find online have been used over and over again by most students. Every problem solution essay topics list has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. Chances are, your classmates will pick some of these topics as well. Do you want your research paper to have the same topic as the essays of three of your classmates? Probably not! We have a solution: our list of the best 50 problem solution essay topics in 2022. They’re updated frequently, and you can use them for free!

Don’t Know How To Write A Problem Solution Essay?

But before we get to the problem solution essay topics for college students, let’s discuss this type of assignment. In most cases, students don’t know how to write a problem solution essay. As its name suggests, the problems solution essay is a writing assignment where you need to find a problem relevant to modern society and then figure out ways to solve it. You need to use your critical thinking to find the best solutions and then explain academically why your solutions are the best. Remember, you need to be very accurate in your writing and support your statements with references. You may be able to write about just one solution if it is complex enough. However, for most issues, we recommend three solutions because this number works best with our proposed problem solution essay structure.

The Simple Problem Solution Essay Structure

The simple way to organize your problem solution essay ideas is by using the five-paragraph essay structure. Here is how it looks like:

Now you see why we’ve advised you to find not just one solution to the problem, but three. If you have a more complex topic, like a breathing problem solution, you can write more than three body paragraphs. After all, there are at least five effective solutions to this problem that we can think of. And remember, always start your writing with a problem solution essay outline. You can create it in just 10 minutes by doing some research, and it will most surely prove to be invaluable. It will keep you organized and on topic – that’s guaranteed. Now that you know how to write a problem solution essay, it’s time to talk about topics.

Why Do You Need Our Problem Solution Essay Topics?

We know you’ve received a lot of different advice about writing problem solution essays. We agree, reading at least one good problem solution essay example is very important. It shows you how to organize your writing, how to present your problem and your solutions, and how to support your statements. However, we feel that good problem solution essay topics are even more important. Think of it this way: no matter how well you write, if the topic is boring, your audience will eventually get bored. It’s just a matter of time. But when you come up with amazing, captivating, and breathtaking topics for problem solution essay, your writing instantly becomes much more interesting.

Most people, including your professor, want to learn new things. They’re not interested in solutions for a simple cold problem. But they most surely are interested in solutions to the greenhouse effect – or in solutions to the obesity issue. And rest assured – there are plenty of topics even more interesting than these. Bottom line, if you want to impress from the moment you read the introduction and the thesis statement, your problem needs to pique the interest of your professor instantly. And you will get bonus points as a reward – guaranteed!

Get Free Problem And Solution Essay Topics Right Here

Remember that for each problem, you need to find at least three solutions and discuss them. You can discuss more than three if the problem is complex. However, you should avoid presenting just one solution. In most cases, this will make your professor think that you didn’t care to spend much time writing the essay. You may get penalized for this, so be aware.

And now, here are the 50 problem and solution essay topics 2022 you have been waiting for:

Problem Solution Speech Topics

Problem Solution Essay Topics For College

Education Problem Solution Essay Topics

Best Relationship Topics

Social Problems Topics

College Life Topics

Crime Issues

Economic Problem Solution Topics

Health Issues

Use Our Great Topics Today

The problem solution essay topics you choose for your academic papers are very important. You will write essays faster if you choose smart topics. You will get bonus points if the topics are interesting. You will not have to do extensive research if you pick a topic you know something about. Pick any topic on our problem solution essay topics list and use it for free . We are just happy to help!

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experience problems essay

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Personal Essay Topics

David Schaffer / Getty Images

A personal essay is an essay about your life, thoughts, or experiences. This type of essay will give readers a glimpse into your most intimate life experiences and life lessons. There are many reasons you may need to write a personal essay , from a simple class assignment to a college application requirement . You can use the list below for inspiration. Consider each statement a starting point, and write about a memorable moment that the prompt brings to mind.

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experience problems essay

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Personal Experience Essays

How has your life changed during the covid-19 pandemic 🔥 trending.

The unplanned and rapid changes to learning and teaching in the online system instigated by COVID-19 impacted my life. Prasath et al. (2021) support that students’…

What does Black Lives Matter mean to you 🔥 trending

Introduction Black lives matter is both a word and a widely used hashtag that draws attention to the racism, inequality, and injustices that black people are…

Singer and Timmerman

Whenever people think about assisting others, two distinct ways appear to be more common for the course. First, they believe in supporting the other people through…

Future Career in Project Management

The career in project management prepares student on the setting as well as achieving rational goals. To afford this, Kerzner & Kerzner (2017) argues that students…

Organizational Behavior Proposal Essay

There is a significant connection between diversity and innovation. Diversity drives creative thinking which in turn leads to innovation. Therefore, to nurture innovative thinking in my…

Response Reflective Essay

From the reading, it is evidenced that the big difference between educators and teachers is professionalism involved. I agree with the writer that educators leave a…

Learning Style Preference

My self-assessment on learning style preference indicated the following results  Linguistic 42%, Logical-Mathematical 25%, Visual-Spatial 17%, Intrapersonal 44%, Interpersonal 50%, musical 69%, Bodily-Kinetic 17% and Naturalistic…

The Differences between Oversea Student and Australian People on Internet…

Overview of the problem Technological advancement has improved the level of information access. In the past, people could not access most of the information far from…

The Solution Revolution

How Business, Government, and Social Enterprises Are Teaming Up to Solve Society’s Toughest Problems Wavemakers  Wavemakers can be described as organization trading for profit or nonprofit…

Literacy in the U.S.

Introduction Literacy skills are all the skills required to achieve reading and writing. Factors such as the knowledge of print, sounds of language, the relationship between…

Personal and Professional Development Report

Key career development objective To improve my communication skills, primarily the effectiveness of information conveyance, and improve my negotiation skills. Identification Personal and academic experience In…

My Leadership Style and Practices

Seven Habits Profile The following figure shows the results of my ‘Seven Habits Profile.’ Figure 1: Seven habits profile The figure shows that I am outstanding…

Learning and Development 

Leadership and management skills can be taught among employees. Although personal traits can be associated with management or leadership, they can be further improved through training…

King Arthur Literature analysis

This study examines different characters in “King Arthur” change in terms of behaviors and traits in the course of the myth. This is examined to explicate…

The Concepts Of Coaching, Mentorship And Their Differences

Abstract The paper will highly rely on the coaching, mentoring and teaching fields which will include responsibilities of each. Also, there will be the discussion on…

Leadership Effectiveness Application

Introduction The success of every organization is dependent on the effectiveness of its management. Exceptional managers possess various sets of skills that enable them to navigate…

Religious Beliefs and Practices

Religion is a structured collection of, thoughts, beliefs, rituals, value system, convictions, taboos, and cultures. Religion gives explanation about origin of humanity, and defines the guidelines…

Reflective Essay Meeting With the School Psychologist

I scheduled my meeting with a school psychologist of k-12 public school in the town where I visited for two days. The aim was to learn…

Effective communication

With the urge to better my writing skills in professional, personal and academic situations I have identified three aspects of my writing skills that I ought…

Response Based on Documentary 13th on Netflix

First, I would like to express gratitude to the director of the movie 13th, Ava DuVernay for enlightening viewers on the actual history. It is a…

Where to find quality Personal Experience paper examples?

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How do you use the Personal Experience essay examples?

We provide interesting ideas and credible information in our samples and publish them for general use.

Can I download a Personal Experience essay sample?

Visiting EssayWriter, you may download as many samples as you need to rely on while writing.

Is there a fee for sample use?

We only ask for a fee for customized essays; our samples are free and showcase our qualifications.

In addition to complicated and controversial topics, you may notice personal experience essay examples in our database. Yes, that is right. We created our templates on various subjects to demonstrate all the possible ways to express your personal opinions. You may read them all, agree, or disagree, but use them as a perfect guideline.

Personal Experience Essay Examples: Easy or Challenging Writing?

Your teachers asked you to write a personal experience paper. Perhaps, your first reaction is that it is a piece of cake. However, what can be simpler than writing about your life experience? Unlike research papers, you don’t have to search for the newest and most credible sources. Moreover, there is no need to have any background knowledge of any subject, except for developed writing skills.

These kinds of tasks are rather thought-provoking and require the description of the individual experience. The challenge of such assignments is the inability to copycat someone’s thoughts. Be careful not to provide too many emotions. Remember about the conclusion in your essay about personal experience.

Personal Experience Essays: We Can Give a Good Lesson

Our samples are rather persuasive and may serve as free guidance for successive writing. So, how can we assist?

Good Ideas Appear after Reading Exiting Papers

Look at our personal experience essay samples, read some, and you will surely get inspiration. Watch the possible ways of thought expression and pay attention to catchy phrases. Maybe, they will serve as a push for persuasive writing.

Invest Meaning in Topic and Don’t Forget about Structure

The leading thoughts must be hidden in the topic. Each of our sample essays on personal experience has a heading that makes you read the full version of the text. Try to do the same, but remember about proper structure. Outline before writing and stick to it to get a logical text with concluding thoughts.

Source for Writing Professional Essays

When writing personal experience essays, it is impossible to refer to scientific literature. But you may use interesting quotations that you have managed to find in our unique texts.

Watch How We Do It

Many students want to master academic writing skills. Look through our personal experience narrative essay examples and admire the writing style, understanding of the subject, and qualitative content of each project.

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Describe Your Work Experience Essay

experience problems essay

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Ac essay instructions and template.

• Life experiences that may have heightened your level of self-awareness, impacted your decision to apply to the program, and influenced your career goals.…

Why I Chose to Become a Mental Health Counselor

Approximately 25 percent of North Americans suffer from diagnosable mental health issues each year. With the increasing awareness of the related social, political and economic impacts of these problems, there is a greater need for professional mental health counselors. Additionally, health care insurance providers, driving the demand for more qualified professionals, recognize most mental health counseling. After earning a master's degree in mental health counseling, most people choose to get licensed or certified in a specialty such as:…

Goal Statement for Capella University

I would like to pursue counseling as my career and become a successful leader in the field. I have always had a passion to assist people in emotional distress. As a qualified professional in the counseling field, I would be able to identify their problems as well as offer them the most appropriate solutions that may help them deal with their situations. However, working as a professional counselor requires that I possess the relevant skills and knowledge that would enable me to offer quality services in which I think that I can obtain the skills at Capella University. As a professional clinical counselor, I would have to deal with clients with different problems, so my role would entail listening to their problems, preventing further damage/harm as well as relieving them from the psychologically based dysfunctions (emotional, nervous, mental and behavioral dysfunctions). In addition, I would have to create conducive environment for them, which promote their personal development and well-being. Consequently, I would therefore have to provide both vocational and educational planning for the patients. To achieve this effectively, I would require training that would enable me to administer and interpret various psychological personality tests as well as the standardized tests of memory, functioning, and intelligence. A clinical graduate degree in counseling at Capella University would enable me to get the necessary licensure that will grant me the authority to practice legitimately. My interest in counseling developed early when I was still in high school, where I offered fellow students advice on their personal problems; with time, my reputation as a great advisor grew and most students and roommates at the school often consulted me for advice. This interest developed further when I had an opportunity to offer…

Psychotherapy Matrix

Directions: Review Module 36 of Psychology and Your Life. Select three approaches to summarize. Include examples of the types of psychological disorders appropriate for each therapy.…

Essay On Internship Experience

When I started my internship at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC), which lies in the foothills of snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania, I developed my clinical hands-on experience. I helped diagnose and manage a wide variety of acute and chronic medical conditions, from the very common to unusual and complicated cases. I embraced every opportunity not only for patient care, but also the development of my clinical problem solving skills as well as presentation. As days went by, learning became easier. while discussing cases with my colleagues, residents and attending, I came to understand that it is impractical to know everything in medicine, but that built my confidence to improve my basic steps in the management of…

What Experience Do You Have That You Believe Will Make You a Successful Post University Student

My passion for pursuing a career as a Clinical Psychologist specializing in behavioral development was not determined in a matter of weeks or even months. Rather, it developed and solidified over the last year of being unemployed. I questioned my own diagnosis, I discovered a passion for the inner workings of the human mind, as well as a strong desire to help people. In addition to my counseling experiences, my empathy for and understanding of others strengthens my ability to persevere in the psychology field. My commitment in counseling encouraged me at the age of 58 to enhance my educational skills, not just being a leader having good motivational interviewing skills is an important force in reaching others.Learning to overcome obstacles early in life has been a valuable experience for me. With my life experience and counseling knowledge, Given the opportunity to study hard with Post University, With my determination I will be a successful Clinical Psychologist.…

Becoming A Mental Health Counselor

This paper looks at the steps I will take in becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. In order to be considered for licensure, I must complete my education at a school that has a licensure qualifying program. After I have completed my master degree at Long Islands University Brooklyn, I must prove and complete the following requirements; education, experience, examination, and complete training in the identification and reporting of child abuse. Only after completing all that can I be granted my license to practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Several things in my life have led to the path of becoming a Mental Health Counselor. After becoming licensed and working for a while I would like to go back and get a Doctorate program…

Professional Positions for Counseling Graduates

Graduates with a Master’s degree in Counseling can look forward to an array of job opportunities within the field. The demand for skilled professionals in this field is vastly growing due in part to the ever-changing needs of the community. The economy and loss of jobs has caused a major constraint on individuals and their families to the point that support from counseling professionals are highly needed. There are different areas that Counseling graduates are able to meet the needs of our community. The following is a brief summary of those positions and the settings in which counselors may work in.…

Hrm/531 Week 4 Individual Assignment

Explain why you have chosen the particular business area you are applying to and how your skills and previous experience make you suitable for this role. (300 words max)…

Mkt/421 Week 3 Individual Assignment

My course modules have equipped me with well-developed skills and knowledge in the areas of problem solving, critical thinking and data analysis. My summer internship at a market research firm has helped me gain valuable knowledge in the area of consumer research especially in the analysis and interpretation of research data. I possess strong verbal and written communication skills shaped by the many projects and presentations undertaken during my high school and degree years. I work well under pressure and love a challenge.…

Psychopharmacology: Medicine and Mental Health

Ingersoll, R. E. (2000). Teaching a psychopharmacology course to counselors: Justification, structure, and methods. Counselor Education & Supervision, 40, 58-69.…

Psy 302 Case Manager Answers

PSYC 340 – Intro Clinical/ Counseling Psyc: Your Paper # 1 is due this coming Monday, April 11th. Don’t forget, Achieve opens on Sundays 1:00 to 6:00. Work in a first draft during these days, then you might want to come and work with a tutor who could help you to be focus on editing and proofreading your final paper. Let me know if you need additional support to complete this assignment. Your overall grade in this class is 162/199 81.4%…

Texas A & M University Application Essay Sample

This program will offer me the ability to challenge young people to think about their values and attitude while helping them to manage their behavior. I am confident that I have the intellectual capacity to excel in my academic endeavors. I know that my desire to acquire scientific and counseling knowledge must be matched with a determination to follow through. Although there are many reasons that I chose Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi, the main attributes that caught my attention were the high academic reputation, highly recommended staff and faculty, and the safe and secure environment. Also, it is an equal opportunity educational institution that would allow me to achieve my goals and graduate in a field that I know would help everyone that I may encounter, including myself. Attending this program will better prepare me to work in social service agencies, community mental health centers, private practices, and many different educational settings. I am about to embark on a new path to take another step in my academic journey and begin my career as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. It is my goal to make every one of my dreams become reality. I believe that the best indication of my aptness for the field is my voracious desire to willingly continue to build upon my knowledge base. The Clinical Mental Health…

Personal Narrative: My Work Experience

I am seeking employment with IMCA because I feel my interests as well as my qualifications would fit perfect in your work environment. Also, I have always been motivated by the challenge of meeting tough deadlines in my last job. I know that the work at IMCA is fast-paced and deadline-driven. I am more than up for a…

Personal Narrative Essay: My First Job

Everyone has a had a “first” job because, you have to start somewhere right? I thought was going to be an awesome experience instead it turned into a nightmare. It was my junior year at South Fort Myers High School. My parents were pushing me to get a job so, i could save for my first vehicle. As rumors go around I hear Shrimp Shack the seafood restaurant is hiring for season. I apply and I land the job for hostess and food runner. Happiest 17 year old in town! Making money should be exciting right? Yeah not so much for myself on this crazy train.…

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The Definitive Guide to Writing a Problem Solution Essay

06 February, 2021

13 minutes read

Author:  Josh Carlyle

In this article, we cover the basics of problem solution essay writing. We will explain what a problem and solution essay is in academic and straightforward terms. We shall also cover the four essential components that make this essay coherent. With these four components in mind, we will offer guidance on the outline structure and provide some general writing tips on research and problem solving, as well as some topics and essay samples.

Problem Solution Essay

What is a Problem Solution Essay?

A problem solution essay is a staple of humanities and social science subjects. These essays cover a pressing issue, examine how it causes problems, and offer solutions to these problems. The topic for problem solution essay papers can be incredibly diverse. The problem could be local, regional, or global. It could affect a wide range of people or be part of the discourse on an arcane and obscure aspect of computing.

problem solution essay

If you are wondering how to write a problem solution essay, look no further than its name. The core of a problem solution essay is in the title. In this type of essay, a problem is presented, and a solution is offered. Doing this well requires presenting the issue in an audience-appropriate way and then offering solutions that thoroughly negate any critiques of those solutions. 

4 Components of a Problem Solution Essay

In a problem and solution essay, the following aspects must be included:  

These components are the essence of the structure required in a problem solution essay. The actual structure you will work with will require a finer granulation of sections. For instance, in the solution section, the critiques will also need to have a review applied, demonstrating their lack of applicability or irrelevance. 

Problem Solution Essay Outline

The best guide for a problem solution essay outline is the four components mentioned above. Cover the situation, the problem, the solution, and then evaluate both or all sides of the story. 

To drill down further into the outline, you should have an introduction that will set out your paper’s structure. Then you should present the situation. Keep this section free from emotive language. Use it to ensure the reader has all the facts, and imagine that you want everyone reading the paper to be on a level playing field in terms of knowledge and framing of the problem.

In the problem section, you must explain why there is a particular issue. At this point in your essay, ensure that you do not leave the door open to other causes of the problem. Find ways to make the problem something that the reader cares about and wants to solve, but beware of assuming the reader is on your side simply because you’ve said some things and made some points. 

Once the situation has been explained, and the problem elucidated, present your solution. It  should use evidence, and you should be able to explain how it directly relates to the question.  Don’t use ad hominem attacks or go polemic. Unravel the problem with your solution. Take it to step by step and keep your writing composed.

In the evaluation section, you should find your argument’s weaknesses and the views that find fault with your solution.

How To Find Solutions to Your Problems

You can find solutions to your problems by researching them; someone will have asked the question before, or one very similar to it. You can talk to your peers and even conduct polls on social media to gauge the public’s position on various solutions. 

Another way of finding solutions include flipping your perspective. Take the position of the other side and see the world through their gaze. By putting yourself in the opponent’s shoes, you can see weaknesses in your ideas and perhaps adjust them to take on more relevance to more people or factor in an aspect that you had overlooked.

Ultimately, the best way to find solutions is to read and read some more. Try looking in your library if you prefer books to the internet, but don’t leave Google out of it. Using the search engine correctly, you can dig up all kinds of books, papers, and presentations that will be very useful in your studies.

Problem Solution Essay Topics

The list of problem solution essay topics is very long. As mentioned earlier, the problem can be a local issue, affecting a specific demographic or being universal. Regardless of the topic you choose, there are another million waiting for an answer.

To start you off, the climate crisis is an excellent area for debate. 

Other problem solution essay ideas might include social media’s effect on dopamine levels, gerrymandering in electoral districts, or the working week’s length. 

Problem Solution Essay Examples

Reading previous papers is a fantastic method to improve your grades. Study essays that get top marks and some of the ones which get lower marks. The difference will be apparent in their vocabulary, logic, and evidence. Read a few problem solution essay sample papers but don’t plagiarize them; always cite your sources. Here are a few examples to help you get started: 



Writing Tips for a Problem Solution Essay

An essay is a complex task to complete. That’s why it’s useful to break down the whole into several steps. 

Step one is to conduct some thorough research and planning. If you have free choice over the problem at hand, then start by brainstorming some groups you belong to and decide whether they’re officially mandated ones like a sports team or a club, or broader, like your sex, gender, nationality, or language grouping.

After this, jot down some issues in the groups. Are you struggling to manage the payment plan for your sports hall? Has there been an instance of bullying or shaming in your school? With the topic in mind, move onto research. 

When researching your topic, it’s always useful to remember that there is nothing new under the sun. It is almost definite that similar problems have arisen before, and most solutions already exist.

Then, conduct and compose a literature review on the topic. A literature review is an excellent addition to your essay as a standalone section. It helps to situate your issue within the world and builds relations to other similar problems. 

You may think you have nothing to say about the problem or find it hard to justify your opinion. Well, in the problem solution essay, your voice matters. Always try to back up what you’re saying through evidence and try not to stray into writing a polemic. Yet, passion and emotion are useful tools for framing the problem. Just try not to make these responses the whole essay.

As far as solving problems goes, you can use some general mechanics to come up with solutions. The following paragraphs will present some of these logical mechanics; feel free to use them in your writing:

One could surmise that the problem and solution essay is an incredibly relevant style of writing. By dissecting an issue and coming up with solutions, you learn a skill that is useful in many careers and practices. But writing one effectively requires both passion and perseverance; writing about topics that move us, though letting the fire burn too brightly, can put readers off or lead them to ignore their blind spots. 

Follow the structures set out above and make sure to proofread your essays before submission. Finding a good editor is always a positive step; they can help to rephrase your words so that your argument comes across more fluently. 

Writing drafts is good practice, although not always possible due to time constraints. Ideally, you should work through two drafts before submitting a final piece; if the essay makes up a small part of your overall grade, adjust the drafting process accordingly. 

Write a Problem Solution Essay with HandmadeWriting

Problem solution writing has been speaking truth to power for millennia. HandmadeWriting loves seeking solutions as much as it loves a simple academic essay or lab report. It’s hard to become a good essay writer without getting critical at times. That’s why we pride ourselves on producing some of the most compelling content around. So be the next one to enjoy our writing and get an A+ for it.

Best Essay Writing Services

Best Essay Writing Services 2023

Student life can often be quite challenging because students have to deal with challenging college essay writing assignments. To facilitate the learning process, many services help you complete written work and get high scores. Now we will tell you about the best services that you can turn to and get high-quality papers. Essay Writing Service […]

A life lesson in Romeo and Juliet taught by death

A life lesson in Romeo and Juliet taught by death

Due to human nature, we draw conclusions only when life gives us a lesson since the experience of others is not so effective and powerful. Therefore, when analyzing and sorting out common problems we face, we may trace a parallel with well-known book characters or real historical figures. Moreover, we often compare our situations with […]

Nursing Research Paper Topics

Nursing Research Paper Topics

Selecting an academic paper topic is a crucial step in the writing process. The variety of nursing research topics makes it challenging to find the appropriate paper theme. But if you choose a sound nursing research paper subject, it will contribute to a flawless thesis statement, using relevant resources, a smooth writing process, and impressive […]

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10 Essay Writing Problems and their Easy Solutions

Essay Writing Problems and solutions

Essay Writing Problems and solutions

Though writing skills are crucial in every student’s life and life after school, the majority of them are unable to fully develop those skills after completion. Below are some of the common essay writing problems for most students, and their solutions.

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Common Essay Writing Problems for students and their solutions

experience problems essay

While writing is necessary for college and professional life, there are a number of challenges that students face.

Here, we explore the common essay writing problems that students have in college and universities and evaluate ways to get through them successfully.

Let’s delve into each in detail.

1. Inadequate development of cognitive and analytical skills

The development of cognitive and analytical skills is crucial in writing. Students have to develop such skills to improve their writing abilities that will enable them to understand and think better.

Writing requires high school students to read and understand their writing prompts, and develop their writing based on those prompts. This understanding also shows the importance of college writing since it involves evaluation.

An easy way to solve such essay writing problems related to skill, you have to learn argumentative methods and practice them. You have to develop arguments that are well organized. This requires analytical and cognitive skills, and it is seldom implemented in the high school curriculum.

2. Inadequate writing mechanics and word stock

Understanding the writing process and structure is also important. What this means is that students should understand the language in which they are writing, for example, English.

Written English is made of complex sentences, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and so on. It has punctuation and other elements that make it communicative or understandable.

An essay way to overcome this problem is by learning basic writing mechanisms. For a student to effectively learn how to write, he or she must understand such mechanisms. This will also enable them to proofread and correct errors.

3. Inadequate or lack of feedback on students’ writing

High school teachers may give writing assignments to their students and fail to provide their feedback after going through student’s works. It is not enough for the teachers to give grades to their students’ writing tasks.

It is important for teachers to provide comprehensive feedback to their students so that they can identify areas they have made writing errors or the sections they need to improve on.

To solve this problem easily, as your teacher for marking feedback on your previous essay. Feedback is crucial in ensuring that students improve their skills with time. It is important to note that positive feedback promotes better writing skills than negative feedback.

4. Lack of reading exercises

Most students fail to write well because they lack any reading practice; they simply do not read. If you cannot read, definitely you will not have the content to write in college or anywhere. Lack of such content leads to poorly done essays and papers.

To solve this problem, you need to emphasize reading exercises. For high school students to be good writers, they should also be good readers.

In addition, teachers should encourage their students to read well-written works such as published essays, nonfiction works, or newspaper editorials, to know the qualities of good works. It boosts their skills and vocabulary.

5. Writing strong introductions and conclusions

Many students write poor introductions and conclusions for their essays and papers. Introductions are conclusions are very important in college essays. Introductions contain the introductory points of the essay and the thesis.

Conclusions, on the other hand, provide a summary of the essay. Most college students fail to observe this and end up messing their essays.

6. Inability to structure coherent arguments

Another common problem is the inability to structure coherent arguments. College students get bad grades because of their inability to use structured arguments that are coherent.

Such arguments persuade the reader concerning the position of the essay. A good example is when writing argumentative essays like animal testing essays, death penalty essays, and related topics. For such, you have to create strong arguments. Check our guide on how to write animal testing essays and learn to do it.

To solve this essay writing problem of structure coherent arguments, you need to research how to write essays. College students should carry out adequate research, identify main issues and themes, and come up with viable arguments that are backed by evidence.

7. Plagiarism

This is a major challenge for college students. Students may write their essays and fail to cite the sources of information. This results in plagiarism and its penalty is very stiff.

To easily solve the essay writing problem of plagiarism, you need to research, then write, and not copy from other sources. Also, cite and reference your work well. Students should learn how to appropriately cite the sources of information. If students adhere to the guidelines, they can be excellent writers.

8. Awkward constructions, trite expressions, and clichés

Many students find themselves making sentence constructions that are not readily understandable. Their message may lose its meaning due to the way it is constructed, the expressions and words used, and its length.

Again, students may find themselves using trite expressions and clichés. This makes the content appear and sound unprofessional. To solve these problems, practice and look for example samples and study them to see how experts have written them. We offer such expert example essays for free, check them out.

9. Use of Passive voice

Most students find themselves overusing passive voice in their works. A passive voice is a sentence structure in which the subject receives the action instead of performing or initiating the action.

For example, students might write: “The ball was caught by the girl” (passive). It should be: “The girl caught the ball” (active voice).

The best way to solve this problem of writing essays is to practice and learning how to apply different voices in a sentence. Write sentences in both passive and active voice and ask your friend to evaluate you, and soon you will be heading to success in essays.

10. Inadequate practice and poor revision in writing

This essay writing problem comes from a lack of experience and practice. It is said practice makes perfect. This applies to essay writing too. For students to improve in their writing, they have to practice.

This is because writing is a skill and students have to work on the skill to develop and perfect it. Without adequate practice, high school students cannot advance their skills to higher levels.

To easily solve this problem, practice and do more practice. It is important for students to revise their written essays after being returned to them by their teachers. This will give them an opportunity to correct their mistakes.

Revised work gives students an impression of how their work should always be. This encourages them to improve their writing.

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Problems that students have in writing in English

There are some common problems that face most of the students when it comes to writing in English. They include:

1. Agreement

Some students may find themselves shifting writing person styles when writing. If they started with the third person (she, she or it), they shift to the second person (you). They also find themselves changing the tenses or numbers. If they have started by using the singular, they find themselves using the plural later in their work.

2. Combining sentences

Most students writing in English find themselves combining sentences into extremely long sentences. This may result in the awkwardness of the sentence. Others may opt to use extremely short sentences that result in a choppy effect.

3. Generalizations

Students writing in English will often have a tendency to generalize issues. This undercuts their authority as writers. Readers are forced to question the writer’s judgment on the issues he or she is writing about.

Other mistakes English writers make include wrong punctuation, repetition, redundancy, run-on sentences, and use of the subjective mood.

Students’ problem in general academic writing

The common problems students face in academic writing include:

experience problems essay

1. Organization

Students involved in academic writing fail to organize their work in a format that adheres to the academic guidelines.

There should be an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

All the ideas and arguments are to be organized in the body paragraphs. Students may also use informal language, which is unacceptable.

2. Thesis statements and topic sentences

Students also fail to include a thesis statement in their academic writing. This statement appears in the last sentence of the introduction. It should reflect what is to be discussed in the rest of the paper.

Students also fail to include strong topic sentences at the beginning of their body paragraphs (for academic writing), and anywhere within the paragraph in informal essays.

3. Evidence and citation

Some students may also fail to provide evidence in their academic writing. They fail to provide proper citations to the source of information. This is academically wrong and a plagiarism case. This may be one of the problems that force students to look for help or essay writing tips when faced with academic writing tasks.

Problems ESL students face in writing

There are several problems faced by English as a Second Language (ESL) students. The most common problems are:

ESL students lack enough linguistic proficiency to write. This is because writing requires students to know English enough for them to transform their ideas into written text.

ESL students lack the ability to formulate ideas that relate to the English context. It is difficult for them to transform their original ideas into writing. This also creates anxiety because they lack confidence in writing. It is worth checking some of the writing fears and anxieties so as to know how to face them.

ESL students find themselves relying heavily on L1 (their first language) while writing. This results in writing issues because their L1 structure may be different from English. Directly translating from their L1 results to wrong word and sentence formations.

In case you have such problems as discussed above, apply some of the suggested solutions to beat the challenge and get the right grades in your academic writing. If you cannot, worry not, we have comprehensive essay help services that will help you get that grade. All the best!

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Jessica Kasen

Jessica Kasen is experienced in academic writing and academic assistance. She is well versed in academia and has a master’s degree in education. Kasen consults with us in helping students improve their grades. She also oversights the quality of work done by our writers.

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Previous Research Experience

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Research can be said to be the systematic discovery of knowledge. According to Davitz (1985), “Research as an activity is vital in society because of the ever increasing problems, opportunities and challenges that people face in day to day life. ” Also, the need to generate new knowledge, explore new opportunities and the general curiosity motivate people to carry out research. Research is basically a process whereby people carry out activities that are based on applying the intellect in investigation of particular phenomena.

Scientific research is the application of empirical and verifiable methods to understand phenomena around the world in terms of matter and its properties. Research can be undertaken both at the undergraduate level and at the postgraduate level. Undergraduate research is done at the level of bachelor’s degree and it involves coming up with a dissertation on a particular subject. Students choose on a topic that has been studied by other people and try to analyze it by searching for shortages in knowledge in terms of the chosen topic.

Dr. Karlyna PhD

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The concept of Post graduate research entails “embracing well versed and distinct proposal and includes more intense and systematic investigation based upon the work established by other people in a particular area” (William, 1996). I generally do not have first hand field experience, but I believe the learning that I have passed through has prepared me appropriately to carry out research. As an undergraduate student, I did various courses that I believe prepared me on the basic and fundamental aspects of carrying out research.

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As a researcher there are various skills that one should have for him or her to be able to effectively carry out the research. According to Eisenberg and Berkowitz (1994) “six effective skills of a good researcher include ability to define problem under study, seek variety of information, and make use of that information through presentation and evaluation” 1994). I was able to learn these skills through research methods courses that I undertook at the undergraduate level and which I think I can effectively apply in a practical research environment.

Moreover, I believe in the importance of always applying ethical principles when it comes to research environment since it is only through them that a research work gains credibility. The need for credibility in research can be enhanced through appropriate application of ethical principles that I think I have been able to inculcate in my mind. I can therefore say that I fully understand the ethical requirements that are necessary when it comes to science research. Am also versed in the preparation of research proposals that serve as sources of research summaries.

This is so because of the teachings I learnt and the experiences that I learnt in class during my undergraduate level. I also understand the challenges that researchers face when carrying out their research activities. These challenges consist of time constriction, deprived populace and sample assortment, limited resources in terms of funding and lack of objectivity on the part of the researchers”(Sutton, 2006). These are the challenges that are mostly constraining research activities in most academic institutions and the industry.

My knowledge of these challenges is an added factor because am ready to carry out the research with the knowledge of the challenges that I expect to get in the research field. Therefore, am fully prepared to tackle research challenges that may occur on the research environment. In addition to the above, I have done other activities that I think are relevant and that they can come in handy during my research. I have participated in various social activities at the university during my undergraduate level and in the community in general.

These forums include sports, leadership positions and community activities. Through these social activities, I have been able to develop the necessary communication skills and which will come in handy in research during stages like collection of data where I might be needed to interview people. Thus I believe the communication skills I learnt will come in handy during the research process itself. I have also done various short term assignments that included application of numerical skills in carrying out those assignments.

Through these assignments, for example, by working as a stores clerk, I have been able to develop numerical competencies that I can comfortably apply to research areas like data analysis and interpretation. Am therefore in a position to comfortably engage in research activities at the graduate level. I also have the necessary competencies when it comes to writing of reports and general writing. I’m able to write reports coherently, concisely without missing the point or making citation mistakes.

Report writing is part and parcel of research and therefore it is a valuable attribute when it comes to doing research. Therefore with the writing skills that I have gained am sure that I can be able to carry out research more effectively and also write high quality reports that can stand up in the professional, educational and social environment in general. I have been able to access a lot of information on the research process through various literatures that has sharpened my knowledge regarding the research process.

These materials have been a valuable source of information as regarding access to various research samples that have been done by other researchers. With access to a large variety of research materials by other research scientists who have done research in diverse fields, through these I have been able to get the basic requirements of research that can serve as an important foundation for future intensive office or field research.

The general information that I have been able to get from these sources has been valuable and that carrying out research will be just be a practical extension of the vast information that I possess when it comes to research. Conclusion Research is a very crucial aspect in the day to day life of citizens. Scientific research is the most appropriate because of credibility that can be associated with it. The changing world and the increasing complexity of social problems and coming up of new phenomena’s means that more than ever people have to engage in more and more research so as to come up with stand grounds to these issues.

Application of scientific research is becoming more crucial in the economic, social, political and environmental spheres of mankind. Thus there is need for increased attention to scientific by policy makers, higher institutions of learning and even individuals, and this should be done with adherence to ethics that guide research. Therefore, as a person who has been exposed to various theoretical and practical applications in research, and then I think I have the necessary prerequisites to undertake research.

Previous Research Experience. (2016, Nov 08). Retrieved from http://studymoose.com/previous-research-experience-essay

"Previous Research Experience." StudyMoose , 8 Nov 2016, http://studymoose.com/previous-research-experience-essay

StudyMoose. (2016). Previous Research Experience . [Online]. Available at: http://studymoose.com/previous-research-experience-essay [Accessed: 7 Mar. 2023]

"Previous Research Experience." StudyMoose, Nov 08, 2016. Accessed March 7, 2023. http://studymoose.com/previous-research-experience-essay

"Previous Research Experience," StudyMoose , 08-Nov-2016. [Online]. Available: http://studymoose.com/previous-research-experience-essay. [Accessed: 7-Mar-2023]

StudyMoose. (2016). Previous Research Experience . [Online]. Available at: http://studymoose.com/previous-research-experience-essay [Accessed: 7-Mar-2023]

Previous Research Experience

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Leadership Experience Essay Example

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Education , Team , Leader , Information , Skills , Teamwork , Teaching , Leadership

Published: 03/05/2020


There are diverse theories on leadership which aim to enhance awareness and develop skills of leaders. I affirm that through a knowledge of these leadership concepts and through practical applications, potential and current leaders’ competencies, skills, and abilities are aptly improved. My leadership experience evolved when I was elected as the project team leader in high school. I was the team leader for the well-known project called “Satellite Navigation” and managed nearly 30 people. This position was awarded due to excellent academic performance and manifestation of leadership traits. These characteristics and traits include possessing exemplary interpersonal and communication skills; conflict resolution skills; problem-solving skills, and decision-making skills. Likewise, I was noted to assume a positive perspective in life and had evidently shown charisma, genuine interest to integrate the personal, academic, and professional advancement of the members of my team. Consistent with the theory of group development, I realized that there are phases that affect interaction among team members. At the onset, after being selected as the team leader, I recognized the need to delegate tasks and responsibilities according to the members’ skills. To enable me to do this effectively, I actively encouraged each of the members to present their respective biographical backgrounds, including contact information. The information that were shared were instrumental in discerning the roles and tasks that each member should comply. We confirmed that there is a need for regular and open communication through various medium: either through the use of social networking sites, through mobile phones; or regular scheduled meetings. In addition, with relevant information at hand, I communicated the objectives of the project to enhance the members’ awareness on the goals that we must achieve. In the process, I solicited their inputs and comments to enable us to design strategies that would assist in accomplishing the project’s objectives. I also recognized that with appropriate planning and strategies formulation, our team is on the right track to perform the needed tasks within the stipulated time frame. It is at this point that I realized the need to regularly monitor the progress of each member to determine the level of completion at various phases. I used motivational techniques to influence them to use defined strategies at an efficient and effective manner. For instance, I regularly commended and acknowledged those who submitted the completed and delegated tasks way ahead of schedule. Likewise, we used quality time to meet at a common vacant period to discuss relevant concerns which posed as bottlenecks that could jeopardize the progress of the project at any point in time. It is during this phase when my conflict resolution and problem solving skills were appropriately tested. When there was a member who misbehaved and I confronted him to resolve issues that were bothering him. When everything was duly resolved, the output was submitted for review of the senior professor. After evaluation, the professor noted some areas which require revisions. I had selected two best members out of 30 for final corrections, as advised by the senior professor. The final corrections were made and the project was accepted by the senior professor. The project had been selected as the best project among the state level high school competition on technical project. It was an exhilarating and rewarding experience for the whole team. I appreciated and commended my members for the cohesive and successful team work. The team was awarded best students award with my leadership at the helm.

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Problem Solution Essay

Nova A.

Problem-Solution Essay - Writing Guide, Topics, & Sample

10 min read

Published on: Dec 7, 2019

Last updated on: Jan 25, 2023

Problem-Solution Essay

On This Page On This Page

Are you looking for help to write and submit a great problem-solution essay? Unfortunately, many students confuse these essays with argumentative and persuasive essays and fail to write an engaging and convincing essay.

These essays are different from the other kinds of essays and have their own conventions and style. A detailed  essay writing guide  will help you know about each essay’s different kinds and writing processes.

The problem-solution essay is one of the most difficult types to get right. It's not just about explaining your point but also providing convincing arguments and evidence for it.

You can learn all about this type with us because we cover every important detail in this blog. So you know how exactly to write it effectively.

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What is a Problem-Solution Essay?

A problem-solution essay is a kind of persuasive writing. It presents a problem, describes it in detail, and proposes a solution for it. A great essay must be convincing and have strong evidence and arguments to prove that the given solution is the best.

This essay differs from both argumentative and persuasive essays as it does not focus on arguments only. Instead, it is somewhat like a  cause and effect essay  as it discusses different causes as problems and their effects as consequences.

Like it, a problem-solution essay focuses on describing the problem and its consequences also. As a writer, it is your job to investigate the problem in-depth and develop a fruitful solution.

Usually, these are short essays and are parts of subject exams and IELTS exams. The essay could give a single solution or present multiple solutions to solve the discussed problem.

Basic Elements of a Problem-Solution Essay

A problem-solution essay has the following features or elements.

The complete description of these features is as follows.

Since this kind of essay is written to propose a solution to a problem, it is important to discuss and explain the problem first. The problem should be well-defined and detailed and should be written to educate the reader about its existence.

Sometimes the readers do not know what the writer is talking about and miss the mark completely. To avoid any such situation, assume that your readers know nothing about it and explain it in detail.

After the writer has explained the problem, the writer presents the solution to the problem. When choosing the problem, make sure that it could solve through reasonable and doable solutions.

It should not be too broad or too narrow. Instead, choose the problem that you know you could tackle and offer reasonable solutions for.

The main argument should be strong enough to convince the readers about the solution that the writer has proposed. Moreover, it should be reasonable and could be implemented in real life.

Besides, the writer should make sure that they add strong evidence to prove that their proposed solution is better than others and offers greater benefits.

There is a difference between arguing and presenting a solution. As a writer, you must know the difference between these two and make sure that your essay stays within the defined conventions. Writing a problem-solution type of essay is like having an argument without actually arguing.

To answer the possible problem solution essay questions and concerns that may come in the readers’ minds, discuss the expected and possible objections. Doing this will show the reader that you have explored every possible solution and possibility before proposing the solution.

Before finalizing the essay, go through it and make sure that you have added all of these elements.

Problem Solution Essay Structure

The structure of this essay is usually the same as the structure of any other essay. Generally, it has three paragraphs that state and explain three problems and their solutions in detail. Below is the sample problem-solution essay structure.


Main Body Paragraphs

Paragraph 1 - Problem or the Cause

Paragraph 2 - Solution to the First Problem

The other two problems and solutions will be added in the same pattern.

How to Write a Problem-Solution Essay?

A good and commendable problem-solution essay proposes a reasonable and easy-to-implement solution to the discussed problem. Make sure that your essay stays focused and close to the main topic.

You must avoid adding any vague details and stick to the main essay topic only. Below are the steps to write a good and impressive problem-solution essay.

This could be anything. To begin with, think of the issues and problems that bother you. These issues could be anything, and you may be a part of some groups that are already facing some issues. Make a list of the issues or problems these groups or your community are facing.

It is not important how big or small a problem is, but it must be significant enough to affect the people.

For a solution to be great, it should be easy to understand and implement. Good and fully functional solutions could be implemented easily, solve the problem effectively, and are cost-effective.

Finding a solution could be tough. Think about all the possible solutions and write them down. Below are some common ways to solve a problem.

Besides, you can add other solutions or options also. 

An outline is an important part of any writing process. It helps in maintaining the focus and sticking to the main essay topic only. Many times, a student loses focus and has to work on the essay all over again.

With a well-made outline, they can avoid it and stay focused throughout the entire writing process.

When outlining, divide the researched details into paragraphs. Make an order in which you will add and discuss those details and stick to it.

The introduction is important, and without a strong and engaging introduction, you cannot write a good and ‘A-worthy’ essay. Describe the problem, its impact, and the reason it needs the solution.

In case of a new or uncommon problem, explain it in detail, and if it is a common problem, then explain its consequences. No matter what, you will have to convince the readers about the importance of the problem.

The thesis statement is added at the end of the introduction. It should be clear and inform the readers about the main topic and theme of the essay. It should be brief, and instead of giving away all the details, it should entice the readers to read the essay. 

Here are some tips for writing an engaging and convincing thesis statement.

For a strong thesis statement, keep it brief and focused on the main theme or topic.

This is the central part of an essay and takes up the major part of the work. Usually, an essay includes three paragraphs. In the case of a problem-solution essay, the three paragraphs will include three problems and their solutions.

When working on each solution, take care of the following things.

When presenting the solution, make sure that your solution is;

When discussing the solution, you must discuss the possible objections against it and ways to counter them. Give arguments and evidence in your support and make your arguments and solution convincing.

The conclusion is the last part of an essay, but it is as important as an introduction. Unfortunately, many students mistakenly think that since it is the last part, it is less important. It is wrong, and they often fail to earn a good grade because the ending is lousy and careless.

Here are some tips for writing a strong and excellent conclusion for your problem-solution essay.

A good conclusion will not open new arguments but will provide closure to the entire essay. So make sure that you keep it brief, use it to tie the knots, and give the final word about the pros of your solution.

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Problem-Solution Essay Example

We know that writing this kind of essay could be a challenge. Below is a sample essay to help you understand better.

Problem Solution Essay Example College | PDF Example

List of Problem-Solution Essay Topics

When choosing a topic for your problem-solution essay, it is better to go with a topic that you are passionate about. Usually, the students choose social issues and things that happen around them. Below, we have given some helpful essay topic ideas which you use to write your essay.

These are some good problem-solution topics that you can tweak to use as your own. Other than essays, you can also use such topics for your research paper. Since a research paper is based on original research work, these topics will make a great paper topic.

All of these topics are unique, and you can use them to practice for your test. 

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