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example of persuasive essay about selling a product

Product Selling Marketing

gMarketing-process of moving goods and services to customers Marketing activities- product development‚ research‚ communication‚ distribution‚ pricing and service Need – Want – Demand- need is essential (food‚ shelter) want is not (car‚ laptop) demand is desire to have Exchange-a trade of values between two parties Marketing System- network that permits interaction between buyers and sellers Maslow’s hierarchy of need- a diagram showing how people seek to satisfy their needs (from physiological

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example of persuasive essay about selling a product

Persuasive Essay On Selling Organs

cases of mistreatment‚ murder‚ and corruption. Most people fail to acknowledge that such abuses stem directly from the legal bans on selling body parts. Those opposed to a market in organs argue that selling body parts not only threatens the quality of the organ supply but will inevitably exploit people forced by poverty to enter such a market. But the ethical issues about whether people should be allowed to sell parts of the body are not so clear. The usual argument in favor of allowing the sale of

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example of persuasive essay about selling a product

Uses Technology in Selling Product

Uses technology in selling products : Technology plays a major role today in supporting all aspects of the selling function. Benefits include improved relationships with customers and improved processes of finding qualified prospects and turning them into customers. Technology improves the sales communications process and supports effective presentation of products and services. Understand some of the available technologies used in selling functions to make your sales organization more effective.

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Sample of Selling Product Proposal

Showing Enthusiasm for the Product 1Love what you ’re doing when you ’re selling a product . The popular image of a salesperson as someone willing to "sell at all costs" is not the reality across the board in sales. A good salesperson loves sales‚ is motivated by what they ’re selling ‚ and transfers this enthusiasm and belief to the customer. Indeed‚ the customer is given options‚ including the one to walk away‚ in order to avoid such undue pressure. Learn how to listen to customers and to

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example of persuasive essay about selling a product

Essay About Product Launch

Essay about product launch This essay will discuss the way to launch a new product onto the market. There are different aspects which need to be considered such as marketing‚ market research‚ advertising and market segmentation. This essay will show some pros and cons of these methods. When you want to introduce a new product onto the market‚ market research is important. This means to collect and analyse marketing data. There are different ways to get information about consumer preferences

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Selling Insurance Products Through Banks

it means. It’s a combination of the term ‘Bank’ and ‘Insurance’. It means that insurance have started selling there product through banks. It’s a new concept to Indian market but it is very widely used in western and developed countries. It is profitable both to Banks and Insurance companies and has a very bright future to be the most develop and efficient means of distribution of Insurance product in very near future. Insurance company can sell both life and non-life policies through banks. The share

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Persuasive Essay About Freshman

for dinner? Which outfit should be worn today? Do the homework now or later? Choices are what decide the path that is taken. The choices made can change futures. A question to ponder is if kids should start thinking about college at a young age? I say that kids should start thinking about college in their freshman and the three reasons why. To start off‚ some of the classes a person takes in high school may affect that person in college. An example would be if a person studies sports medicine. That

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Persuasive Essay About Recycling

plastic bottles of water you open the door for more things‚ such as using the same plastic from the water bottles‚ can now be used on making parts for computers. If we use this same plan with other materials we will not need to manufacture as many new products as we have in the past. This will

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Direct Selling Using Product of Tropicana

o Becoming more concern about their heath o Preferred organic juices o Chosen rich nutrition than better taste o Concern about price and quality HEALTY CONSCIOUS: Between 18 to up year’s old age; Health professionals and people who are conscious or want to improve their health. o Find solution for health problem o Heart‚ cancer‚ hardening of the arteries and related diseases o Influence by the fact and scientific research o Want to live longer o Don’t care about price o Concern quality

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example of persuasive essay about selling a product

Persuasive Essay About Hunting

most favorite and best pastime of humans is- hunting. People spends a lot of money in hunting and they love it. There are some purists and passionate persons in hunting and they are like totally crazy people. They are not actually crazy‚ but crazy about hunting. Hunting has been a sport now and is legal in various parts of the world. In hunting‚ it is really necessary that the hunters must be able to see to very far and distant places to focus on far objects. This can be achieved by rifle scopes‚

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Persuasive Essay About Obesity

nation for a quick suppression to their hunger. Because we live in a time-is-money society the most efficient means of hunger satisfaction is the almighty drive-through. Corporations spend billions of dollars advertising to enhance sales of their products . With American catching on to the lack of healthy food options in the fast food nation‚ fast food chains began campaigning healthier food such as their salads and fruit cups. However salads may sound healthy but a Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken

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Persuasive Essay About Plumbing

sooner or later. Unfortunately many property owners do not know enough about plumbing to make an informed decision about such a service. There are a few things that every property owner should know about plumbers before they hire one. A person does not have to know how to work on pipes or fixtures to make an informed decision about hiring a service to repair them. When to Hire a Plumber Quite a few people are even confused about when to hire a professional to work on their pipes. The best answer to

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Persuasive Essay About Refugees

What do you think about allowing refugees to our country? Why do you feel that way? I feel that allowing refugees into our country seems all right at first but in the long runs when you really stop and think about it we are only hurting our self. I feel this way because if you think about our recent events with refugees and ISIS its not a good turnout for us because a once well trusted refugee can change within a split second and we give them the advantage by letting them in and it’s our job to prevent

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Persuasive Essay About Australia

The southern ocean is 7.848 million miles2 . I will be traveling to antarctica next and here are some fact about it. It is about 5.405 million miles long. And it is pretty cold there in Antarctica‚ with an approximate population of 4000 in summer and 1000 in winter. Next i will be traveling to the arctic ocean. The arctic ocean is the smallest and the shallowest of

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Persuasive Essay About Immigration

Today we face many issues that affect our way of life‚ but the one that I am most passionate about is immigration.People have different takes on the subject but I believe that the current take on immigration is flawed due to many reasons such as deportation splitting up families‚ the complicated path to citizenship‚ and the fact that we’re judging immigrants when at some point almost everyone in this country was an immigrant. I personally believe that we need to rethink the way we take on issues

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Persuasive Essay About Volunteering

fundamental difference here‚ between the mandatory work schemes which have been introduced in recent years such as the Help to Work scheme and Workfare and volunteering. These schemes were produced purely out of a very different intention which is just about taking up the slack and the attempt to save the funding as much as possible by replacing the paid workers with volunteers. As the established consultants in the business of volunteer management has said: “Increasing the number of volunteers in organizations

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Persuasive Essay About Zoos

such as zoos and marine parks give false information because of not wanting to shut down the business. About 70% of elephants were taken from the wild for European zoos. Imagine how much has been taken for the United States.On the other hand‚ watching documentaries is a much better solution than going to their natural habitat. For instance‚ it is way cheaper to watch videos online and learn more about the animals

Persuasive Essay About Diabetes

to grow in America‚ it is more than likely that you either are‚ or someday will‚ care for someone with diabetes. There is no need to panic‚ although there are a few things that you’ll want to be especially attentive to: • Take time to learn more about diabetes now‚ but be careful of what sources you use for your education. A study done by the Pew Internet and American Life Project in 2007 found that 80% of Americans

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Persuasive essay about abortions

rapist is too painful for her to deal with. Pro-choice defenders take sympathies to this woman while she then gets called a murderer by pro-life supporters. Abortions sometimes results in the woman being harassed because of the choice she has made about her own body. Sometime situations like this turns into harassment which can be considered to be part of anti-abortion violence. These “pro-life supporters” stalk‚ threaten‚ and even sometimes kill women who have chosen to have an abortion and even

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Persuasive Essay About Adoption

Many reasons come to mind when talking about adoption. The possibility that couples‚ single heterosexual‚ or gay and lesbian couples could not conceive‚ because of issues with infertility‚ or having a miscarriage. Having to adopt could be the means of completing a family one waited so long have. Some might want to adopt to help those children who live in countries that are less fortunate and need homes and families themselves. Many singles and celebrities have done a good cause when adopting children

Premium Family Adoption Marriage

Example of a Persuasive Letter to Sell Something

How to Write High-response Sales Letters

How to draft sales promotion letters, how to expand customer base.

Many of the letters you write in business are designed to influence the ideas or behaviors of others. Persuasive letters to sell something should have a unique formula, immediately grabbing a reader’s attention, creating interest and offering information on how to obtain what you're offering. Focus on your key sales message rather than overusing information. Write with a friendly, informed tone that avoids jargon and overbearing language.

Header to Attract the Eye

A well-written sales letter has no effect if it doesn't reach the right people. Find out the names and titles of those in charge of purchasing decisions. Though the Internet is a good resource for your research, call the company or residence to confirm spelling and other contacts. If your letter isn't addressed to a specific person or if a person’s gender is unclear, address it generically.

For example: “Purchasing Director Edwards” or “The Homeowner at 526 Jefferson Lane” might work without gender-specific information. If you're using mail-merge technology, check all salutation information as technical mishaps can happen in that area.

Appealing Introduction

The introduction is your first real opportunity to draw in the reader. Attention-grabbing techniques include asking a question, offering a powerful statistic or sharing a brief anecdote.

For instance: “Did you know that most of today's businesses could not operate without computer virus protection software? While most companies focus on purchasing technology systems or operating software, without antivirus protection all of their activities are at risk of a malicious attack 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fortunately, there are many security options in the software market. That’s where we come in.”

Succinct and Useful Body

Increase the reader’s interest in what you're selling in the body of your persuasive letter. Briefly introduce your business, provide details about your service or product and explain why your offer is a good potential fit for the reader’s needs. Use clear, powerful language that avoids jargon at all costs.

As an example: “The Synch Group is dedicated to providing first-rate computer protection options to companies and residences throughout the West Houston area. We specialize in software that's tailored to meet your needs. You may choose from a range of options including standard antivirus protection, Internet security, VPN privacy protection and mobile security. We are confident that we can meet your unique needs and we've enclosed a coupon for 15% off your initial purchase.”

Closing and Call to Action

Encourage the reader to take immediate action at the conclusion of your letter, but keep it to just one ultimate message, says Hubspot . Include information on how you'll make it easy to take next steps. For instance: “The Synch Group also offers free one-on-one consultations. We look forward to discussing specific ways our company can support your business. Please use the enclosed contact information to schedule a session at our service center.” After you sign off, you may add a PS line to repeat your main point or to make a special offer or guarantee. For example: “PS: Bring this letter to your consultation we will add a 5% discount to your coupon.”

Keep in mind that sales is often a numbers game. Though you will want to be targeted with your approach, Rocket Print & Mail advises that you do not get discouraged and be consistent with your mailings. They also offer some persuasive selling examples, including persuasive letters to customers to buy a product, if you would like to check out further reading.

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E-tailing: Selling Retail Goods and Services Analytical Essay

E-tailing is the use of an electronic medium like the internet to sell retail goods and services. This method has improved the commercial industry as the goods are sold at minimal costs because the channels involved in the marketing process are minimized. Its growth has fastened the shopping and personalization behavior of the consumers. This form of shopping has influenced the behavior of the consumers, the organization and that of the advertising market target.

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The consumer behavior is the reaction and adoption of electronic retailing by the buyers. It is influenced by the quality of the products, the advertising means, the prices and the products diversity. The mode of communication to the consumers is the internet as it enables the buyers compare and contrasts the various items.

Websites are designed to meet the needs of the customers and market the products. The websites are a very important tool for e-commerce. This is because, the customers do not have to walk while doing their shopping but, they shop at a place of their convenience. The costs are reduced and they are able to choose from the variety of the items advertised. There is increased flexibility and the consumers are empowered because the shopping process is made easy for them.

The communication process involved in the web designing process is made in such a way that the final product reaching the consumer is desirable. A web page is designed with the contents that the firms intend to sell to their customers. They incorporate all the details of the product that the buyer is interested in like the price, quality and the durability.

They also include the image of the product, other related products, the category list and the product reviews. The product description and the pricing will determine the immediate response of the buyer. The payment methods should also be included and how the product will be delivered to the buyer. When all this information is included in the marketing and selling websites, the customer can be able to purchase the product with ease.

The organizational behavior and structure is affected by the adoption of e-tailing. The adoption of retailing over the internet, affects the organizational structure since the idea is perceived differently. Many workers may oppose the idea because it reduces the costs of the company meaning that people are at a risk of loosing their jobs.

The behavior of the organization towards the e-tailing could be communicated using the internet mailing. This is the selling of messages with an aim of passing an idea from the buyers to the sellers and vice versa (March, 2004, p. 4).

The company might pass the marketing and selling information either directly or using the existing hierarchies. The communication process involves the composition of the intended information by the marketing department. The products being marketed or sold are described and their images are also portrayed. This circulates to the departments involved so that they can make the necessary amendments to ensure that the final product is attractive to the customers.

The organization considers that it is competing with other firms producing the same products and thus, they try to come up with a unique and a very attractive strategy. This is because the message they pass to their customers will determine their buying behavior. The information may then be placed on the company’s web page and a description of how to contact them incase of any enquires.

E-tailing changes the behavior of an organization because it interferes with the hierarchical structures. For those who manage to catch the attention of their customers through well designed web pages with clear explanations, they are able to improve their marketing, advertising and selling methods. This will make them realize increased sales and profits.

The advertising market is also affected by the adoption of e-tailing. Those people who are engaged in sales are affected because their work is reduced and this limits their sources of income. The web marketing is different from traditional marketing and the advertising industry may decide either to incorporate the traditional methods with the modern designs or to start a new market with new designs.

The advertisers may not want to do away with their sales people and they may choose to use them and the webs as marketing channels. People could be used to advertise the online purchases while other may chose to use the media.

The communication channels in the advertising market could be designed in a way that the involved organization desires. The information concerning the products being marketed is designed in a way that the buyers will understand.

They are designed in a way that they attract both the traditional and the modern markets and to meet the needs of all the groups regardless of their background, race, color or nationality. The contacts of the salespersons are then included in the webpage so that interested customers may contact them. These people are the best to use when selling the goods even over the internet because they have adequate marketing skills.

The marketing environment is also critical because the buyers will not want a very noisy environment and this may put them off making them seek to purchase from other firms. The people in the marketing department should be available to receive the enquiries of the customers at all times, meaning that this is a market, which should work around the clock.

The communication channel is very important to the advertising market in the adoption and implementation of e-tailing because, it is the market which determines the success of this method of advertising and selling (Ancher, 2002, par. 6-7).

E-tailing has become a very useful mode of buying and selling in our society. With the use of the internet, we have been able to develop a market where the needs of the customers are put first. We have taken the products to our buyers making it very convenient for them to shop and we have offered them a great flexibility in their shopping patterns.

Since already everyone can access the internet, we need to utilize this resource so that we can improve our buying and selling methods. It is a great opportunity because the firms are giving the buyers a chance to air their views on any modifications on the products. The buyers are in a position to bargain while still in their houses.

This is for all of us, we should use these opportunities and we should take our time to visit these websites so that we can discover the variety of products offered to us. The firms should take this as a chance to cut down their cut down their expenses and the costs associated with the use of middle men. It is also a great boost to the advertising industry since they have gone international and they attract and sell to customers from all over the world. Who would have thought that shopping could become so easy?

Reference List

Anchor, N. (2002). E-tailing: an analysis of web impacts on the retail market. Journal of business strategies . Web.

March, L. (2004). Determinants affecting organizations, intent of adopting e-tailing: a study based on innovative theories . New York: Association of Computing Machinery.

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Selling is convincing. 11 Persuasive Writing Techniques


Some people are very good at convincing.

Surely you know someone like that, (or maybe it’s you), that kind of person who almost always gets what he wants.

Persuasion is not innate in everyone, but it can be learnt.

In order to sell, you have to persuade, but you have to do it properly so that people don’t run away from you.

And how do you persuade them?

With arguments.

But with arguments designed for the specific person we want to convince to do something.

Experienced salespeople are experts in persuading and they study the person in front of them before choosing the arguments with which they are going to convince them.

But you don’t have salespeople who are on the road visiting clients, so you have to convince your potential customers with the words you write on your website and social media accounts.

With the copy on your website and with your marketing emails you can convince your visitors and subscribers to do what you want: buy your notebooks, hire you as a coach or do your course online.

Telemarketing and aggressive direct sales no longer work.

People don’t want to be disturbed at their front door or to be called on the phone to hear a pushy monologue on why should they change their telephone carrier.

Do you also wonder how many of these calls are really attended?

99% of people have neither the time nor the desire to listen to this type of shoddy salesmanship, especially because they always seem to call at the most inconvenient moment.

Telemarketing should be history, along with passive gymnastics machines.

Nowadays people want to feel they choose freely , without being harassed, that’s why Inbound marketing and persuasive writing or copywriting are working so well.

Inbound marketing are those marketing techniques that aim to attract, persuade and convert potential customers into real customers.

It’s a matter of subtly attracting by offering valuable content and convincing with arguments, without being a pain.

There are lots of blogs and books to learn how to write with intention, as I call it.

In this post I give you the keys to write more persuasive texts in order to get closer to your potential customers and convince them that your product or service is what they need without sounding like a huckster.

Let’s crack on, shall we?

Free Copywriting Guide

Get attention

If you don’t have that person’s attention, you’re not going to be able to convince her to keep reading and not go somewhere else.

In this post , I talked about ways to get the attention of the reptilian brain, which is the part of our brain that takes the decisions , so I recommend you to read it when you finish this post.

I don’t think it’s necessary to tell you the number of websites that swarm around and the dozens of emails that we all receive every day.

The first thing you have to think about is: How am I going to make this potential customer dedicate her precious attention to me?

The answer is with a title and an introduction that anticipates something interesting for that person.

And what might interest her?

Basically two things: How to solve a problem or how to feel better.

Now you can tell me “okay, but I sell bags and bags don’t solve any problem”.

Yes and no (I hate this expression but here it fits).

At first sight, it might seem that we don’t need a bag to survive but we might want a bag to feel better because with that bag we will belong to the group of people who dress well according to our taste.

With objects like this the most important thing is to have great images, so to attract attention you will choose stylish photos with people whom your ideal customer wants to look s like.

For example, a sexy girl, or an intellectual woman, a hip guy, etc …

However, to sell a service, an online course or software you will need to attract attention with words too.

Already on your website’ header or in the subject of your email you are going to tell that potential customer what she will take away if she keeps reading.

Let’s see an example.


Xebia is a software development company. Immediately after landing on their website they tell us, using large typography, the main benefit we can take from them.

Let’s see, raise your hand if you want to be a digital winner.

With this great introduction they are already calling out our attention to continue reading so we can find out how they can help us to become a digital winner.

Amplification is a typical practice in persuasive writing.

It consists in raising a problem (in a positive or negative way) and empathise with the reader about that problem so the potential customer puts all his interest in knowing more about what we have to offer.

In the previous example, we have raised a pain point in a positive way, “Do you want to be a digital winner?”

Then you can use agitation to “stick your finger in the sore” of that problem and get the reader’s full attention.

It’s not about being a sadist but of showing empathy towards the reader and his problem.

Let’s see a completely different example to illustrate this point and make it clearer.


In this example of (it’s a client of mine), we’re agitating the problem.

We have put ourselves in the shoes of the person who wants to learn Spanish for one of those reasons but he is afraid to fail because he thinks it’ll be very difficult and boring since he relates learning a language with his high school years.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and empathize with him, feel with him and tell him not to worry anymore, because you are going to help him.

This is where you have to present your product or service as a solution to that problem.

Be honest in explaining how you can help your potential customer and don’t use sleazy sales techniques.

Don’t promise benefits you’re not sure you can deliver.

Avoid phrases such as “ Incredible results ” “ Best in the market “.

And focus on describing your solution in honest and concrete words.

Let’s see this with an example.


We present our solution and how it is different from others that already exist. “ My lessons are focused on conversation.”

“You’ll realize that Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn.”

I didn’t just add the above statement out of the blue, but I did some research and found that Latin languages (especially Spanish) are among the least difficult.

The human search for a WHY takes place even when we buy something. We all need a why.

No one is going to do what you want them to do if you don’t tell them why they should do it.

It’s like when your child, if you have one (otherwise you can picture yourself being 14), asks you for money.

– “Mom, can I have 20 €?”

Your immediate reaction will be:

– What for?

And depending on whether she tells you it’s to buy cigarettes or a book she needs for school, you may decide to give it to her or not.

Your customer wants to know why he should give you his money.

This is where you have to talk about the benefits of your product or service.

You need to describe in as much detail as possible how that person’s life will improve if they buy that product or if they hire you.

Remember, the benefits of your product are those advantages the customer gets.

Start by thinking about the features of your product and turn them into benefits.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Feature: “ Platform with beta technology “.

Benefit: “ You’ll save 20% of time doing your accounting .”

Feature: “ Support via WhatsApp “

Benefit: “ You’ll never get stuck, we’ll resolve your doubts at any time.”

Conversion copywriter contact

Resolve objections

Before they buy anything, people are going to have objections and doubts.

Your job, if you want to be persuasive, is to take away all those objections with more arguments.

Objection: “ It’s expensive.”

Argument: “ Quality is important. Nowadays nothing lasts a long time and in the end, we end up spending more money by having to buy the same object more often because it breaks”.

Sit down to think about possible doubts and objections your customer may have and raise them in your texts even before the person reading comes up with them.

As an example, I’m going to tell you about a flaw that I have and that I can’t change no matter how much I want to.

In order to change it, I would need to be born again.

Let me explain.

I offer content creation and copywriting services in Spanish and English. I’m bilingual but not native English.

However, I have turned this “defect” into a virtue.

On my website, I tell my potential clients that I write in international English so that everyone, no matter where they can from, understands it.

In addition, the fact that I have lived in several countries, travelled a lot and speak several languages makes it easier for me to communicate with international people.

This is an advantage for businesses that want to sell in different countries and in markets where people use international English and not native English.

And it works, because it’s true.

Reflect on your flaws and turn them into advantages.

Social proof

I often talk about this point in my posts when I explain how to sell more over the Internet.

Using powerful testimonials can make a huge difference.

Having other people recommend your product or service will end up convincing your potential customer.

Because people tend to trust something when a lot of people say it’s good.

Why should we risk buying a product that nobody says anything about?

Make sure you add at least 3 or 4 testimonials to all your sales copy.

If you are designing an email marketing strategy with a sequence of emails, introduce testimonials in some of them, but not in all because it can be too much.

There are some tested email sequences that work, one of those emails always includes social proof.

This post explains the basics to create a sales sequence.

In order to obtain powerful testimonials, you can send your customers a short questionnaire with this kind of questions:

– Why did you decide to hire us?

– What objections did you have before hiring us?

– What is it like before and after working with me?

– What would you highlight about this product?

With these questions, you help those people who find expressing themselves difficult to write great testimonials for your business.

Comparing your product or service with your competition can be a very persuasive argument.

You can’t use your competitor’s name but you can suggest what others do and what you do differently.

Here it’s necessary to be very subtle, it isn’t a question of underestimating what others do, but of underlining what you do differently and better.

For example, you can emphasize the fact that you are the only company in your sector that offers customer service over the phone or that your shoes are manufactured in Europe and not in poor countries with very low wages.

Contrast will help you express your Unique Value Proposition , or what makes you different from other products or services.


So far we’ve convinced the emotional part of the brain, which is the part that makes the decisions. But if there is still any doubt we can convince the logical part of the brain with data.

Choose graphs and statistics that add tangible data to your arguments.

For example:

“Did you know that 70% of people who work with their computers suffer back pain due to bad postures?”

Do your research and find statistics, graphs and data that will help you convince your potential customers.

People are often absent-minded, we forget things.

That’s why repetition works very well when selling.

You should remind your potential customer, by choosing different words, what is that you offer and the strongest arguments you have put forward to answer the important WHY.

Repeat your offer several times throughout the text if it’s long, and especially at the end.

Do you know the popular technique of the PS?

Check next time you receive a well-written marketing email and more often than not you will find the offer repeated in the PS with different words.

Surely this has happened to you before.

You’re talking to a potential customer and he’s almost convinced but suddenly he says “Let me think about it”.

And 99% of the times he won’t come back.

Sometimes introducing urgency can do the job because it also brings into play the fear of losing an opportunity.

To play with the feeling of urgency you can introduce a limited offer or shortage of units (limited stock, only X units left).

But don’t overdo it with phrases like “ If you don’t buy now, in 5 days everything will be sold “.

You have to be more subtle and say something like “ I can’t guarantee that there will be units left in a few days”.

You can be even more subtle when you introduce the urgency factor helping the potential customer to imagine already enjoying the advantages of your service.

Let’s look at an example.


This is a text I wrote for a company that offers courses online on Nutrigenomics .

On the home page I talked about how important genetics will be in the prevention of diseases in the future and how prominent this science is becoming, so experts in this field will be in high demand.

I introduced the urgency factor with phrases like this:

“Be ahead of the crowd and learn Nutrigenomics now.”

This is a good example of how you can use urgency without using limited price or stock offers.

Call to Action

No matter how convinced a person is to do what you want him to do, (buy a product, make an appointment, subscribe to a newsletter), if you don’t guide him exactly where you want him to go, your efforts of persuasion will have been of no use.

The call to action (CTA) is that button that we want the customer to click to take him to the shopping cart or contact form.

Here you can be creative and use different phrases instead of the typical “Subscribe now” or “I want the free guide”.

You can say:


Persuasive writing is a technique that can be mastered over time and by practising a lot.

Read and study all the sales copy you find and decide if you like it and why.

This is another way to learn, but you also have to practice writing yourself.

If you have any doubts when writing your copy I’m here to answer them.

example of persuasive essay about selling a product

Sobre   Elena de Francisco

Siento un placer inmensurable aplastando textos zombis que no dan resultados y transformándolos en textos llenos de vida que provocan muchas ventas.

About   Elena de Francisco

I find real pleasure in crushing zombie copy that doesn’t provoke any emotion and turning it into vivid words that convert prospects into smiley paying customers.


Actually I love this post.. I would like to learn how to tap big ideas from my subconscious mind. Thanks

Elena de Francisco

Hello Celestial,

Thank you for your nice comment. Big Ideas don’t come out of the blue. Or not completely. They come after having done a thorough research on your buyer persona, your product and the market. They come from listening to what people really want and how they express it. It’s a process and not always easy. Sometimes a good idea may come after reading a book or watching a film that has nothing to do with the product, but you connect ideas. Very often is about connecting ideas more than creating new ones. Practice will also make things easier. Stay curious and ideas will come. A big hug, Elena

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Matt Sheeks

by Matthew Sheeks | Apr 25, 2019 | Content Marketing , Conversion Rate Optimization , Copywriting | 1 comment

How To Write Persuasively to Clearly Demonstrate The Benefits of Your Products Or Service

Whether you’re a low-level marketing manager or novelist of 30 years, the writing process can be agonizing, especially when you’re writing about something you are passionate about.

Copywriting for marketing is no different. It’s hard. Not only are there very specific things that work and very specific things that don’t work, the things we learned in school are often completely antithetical to what works in the marketing field.

That being said, good copywriting is more about unlearning than learning. Unlearning how to write in a hoity-toity academic style, best suited for scholarly articles that no one ever reads. Unlearning how to talk about yourself like you’re trying to get someone to hire you for a job. Unlearning how to make things flowery, poetic, and over the top.

The good news, though, is that it’s not out of anybody’s reach. There are some very specific techniques and stylistic methods to making your writing more successful and convert visitors to your website.  That’s why we wanted to include persuasive copywriting as a foundational piece in our online small business marketing course, Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics to Grow Any Small Business .

If you follow these tips, your writing will get better. And not only will it get better, you’ll see more conversions on your website and a greater ROI for your company. Plus, you’ll feel less like a sleazy salesman looking to quick make a quick buck.

example of persuasive essay about selling a product

Before You Write

What you do before you sit down to the computer is equally – if not more – important than your writing. Any serious writer will tell you that the research process for their project is what really makes or breaks the quality of the work. Copywriting is no different, except instead of doing research on a historical event or a person, you’re doing research on your own product and your customer.

According to Conversion Rate Experts , you shouldn’t start writing until:

Now, sometimes it’s not realistic to have bought your own product. People selling $100,000 yachts can’t be expected to purchase their own product, especially on a salesperson’s salary.

But you do need to know your product intimately and how to sell it in person before you ever write about it. Your website is, for all intents and purposes, “a robot sales person,” and it won’t be any better of a sales person than you are. If you can’t sell it, your website won’t sell it either.

Become Your Customer

If you can, buy your own product. Beyond that, go through the entire buying process your customer would go through. Shop around for products like yours. Send your product back. Call technical services. Spend your own money if you can. Is it worth it? What are some of the problems that you find in the process? Can those be fixed? What objections do you have to your own process? This knowledge will become integral to you writing about your product at a later stage.

Now use your own product. Take it out, unpackage it, put it together, use it at your own home and in your own life. What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses? What are the things that it offers that competitor products don’t? This is the experience that your customer will have. And if you’re gonna’ write about your own product, you need to know what that experience is like.

Ask your current customers directly about their experience. Ask them what areas of weakness you have on your website. Inquire about the aspects of your product that make buying difficult for them. Find out what their objections to purchasing were. You can do this in a couple ways:

A VOC aggregator is someone that’s heard the customer voice so many times they know the answer to their questions. These are the people talking directly to your customers. They can be a sales person, a technical support worker, or a repair person. They should have the opportunity to let you know what the customers are concerned about in their journey to purchasing your product.

The process that a buyer goes through before they purchase your product is called the “buyer’s journey”. During the buyer’s journey, your prospective customer is going to think about a great many things, including:

Writing persuasive copy is about answering these questions before the customer does. You want to make the experience of your customer on your website as delightful and informative as possible. By knowing your product and your customer intimately, you’re going to be infinitely farther along than other marketers that don’t do this work on the front end.

Enchanting Marketing calls this entire process “writing with your ears”.

1950s and ‘60s copywriter Eugene Schwartz said that the ability to listen is one of the greatest assets a writer could have. Instead of trying to create his own copy, Schwartz stole marketing messages from his customers and his prospects instead of inventing them himself. He essentially fed people’s words back to them so they would be more likely to make a purchase. And it worked.

By listening to his customers, he was able to write some of the most effective copy of his time.

As You Write

Now comes the writing process. What you do before you write is very important. But the techniques you use while you write are equally as important. Bad copy on the website can quickly turn a prospective customer away. It can make you look unprofessional – or worse, insincere.

But there’s good news here: most good copywriting techniques simply boil down to writing in the way you would actually talk to someone.

Use A Structure

When people talk about a product that they like, they generally follow a specific format:

This is also true for spiritual or philosophical transformations.

Here’s a couple of ways this could be expressed in real life.

I was really struggling to get good sleep at night now that I have my baby. A friend told me about CBD oil over coffee one day. Though I was a little hesitant, I gave it a try. I’ve had some of the best sleep of my life using it! Even better than I had before my baby! You should check it out. It’s easy. You just search for it on Google.

I was really depressed about some of the things I’d done in my previous marriage. It was really affecting my life. A friend of mine invited me to church. At first, I didn’t go because I was skeptical. But finally I attended one week and all that pain came out at the service. I started going more regularly and, though I certainly don’t have it all figured out, it’s really helped me to get out of the rut that I was in. It seems like you’re struggling with the same thing, so I thought that maybe you could come with me some weekend.

Every argument follows this same structure. And the good news is that your copy is little different. It should simply follow the same general structure as if you were telling it to someone over coffee.

There are multiple structures that different copywriters have suggested.

We here at White Hat Matt use the PASTOR format, so we’ll focus specifically on that structure in this post.  This method was popularized by Ray Edwards and that’s where we learned about it.  Thanks Ray!

P is for Problem

What is the problem your customer is having? Are they losing money because of a subpar software solution? Are they getting made fun of because of their acne? Are they spending way too much money on their Internet service only to have it crash on them every weekend because of overuse? Your copy needs to address the problem of the customer.

A is for Amplify

What’s going to happen to the customer if they don’t buy your product or service? Will they continue to lose money? Will they continue to experience social ostracization and feelings of negative self-worth? Will they continue to be frustrated by their internet’s sub-par performance? Amplify what’s really at stake here if they don’t accept what you have to offer.

S is for Solution

How does your product or service solve their problem? What benefits are they going to get by using your product, both practical and emotional? This is not the place to talk about the specifics of your product. Instead, talk about its benefits. What’s in it for the customer?

T is for Testimonial

Who has already experienced these benefits from your product? What did they say about it? What evidence is there that your product works and will work for your prospective customer? People don’t like risk. And the risk of making a purchase is less if others have gone before them and had a good experience!

O is for Offer

What exactly are you offering? Are you offering them a free trial of the product? Are you offering them a 10% discount for their first buy? This is where you get down to the nitty gritty of what it is you’re offering.

R is for Response

What are you asking your prospective customer to do? What action do you want them to take? Do you want them to fill out an email opt-in form? Are you wanting them to call you so you can talk more about their needs or desires? Do you want them to add your product to their shopping cart? Be specific about what you want your customer to do.

There are other copywriting methods than the PASTOR format, but they all boil down to the same thing: problem, solution, proof, and action.

Whichever structure you choose, it’s important that you follow it and address every section. If you do, you’ll be writing like a customer thinks. And thinking like your customers is the most important thing in the writing process.

Write Like A Human

Karl from Conversion Rate Experts says that “the act of writing turns many a genius into a moron.” What he means by this is that as soon as people sit down to write, they stop writing like they talk and start writing like they think they should. (source: How to Beat Most Professional Copywriters )

Good writing should sound human.

Your writing should sound the same way you actually speak in real life, just more polished.

A couple of ways you can do this is to record yourself speaking your sales pitch. Analyze it, then repeat that in your copy for your website.

Use as many words in your website copy as you do you selling your product face-to-face. This will probably make your website longer than you are comfortable with. But remember, your website is a robot sales person. If it is going to make sales, it needs to have all the information that you would have in a real life sales meeting.

Also, after you’ve written a draft, have someone else read it out loud for you. Where do they get confused? Where did they get it wrong? Where did they get hung up? These might be areas you need to improve.

Brevity is the soul of wit. Shorter sections and sentences are easier for people to read. People shouldn’t have to work hard to understand who you are, what you’re offering, and what you can do for them. It should be easy.

You can do this by using short and broken sentences. Like I’m doing right now. In high school and college, you may have learned academic writing which uses long, complex sentences. Sales copy is different. It has to be easy.

So use short sentences. Break up your copy with segments. Short segments are much less terrifying than a giant block of text. This also makes your content skimmable so that people can read it over quickly to take what they need and move on.

Be Specific

We’ve all been on that website where we’re halfway down the page and we still don’t know exactly what they offer. Don’t be that page! Get right to your unique value proposition with your heading. Be specific about what you’re offering and the benefits your customer will accrue.

Generic statements make you sound like a sleazy salesperson. Use specific statements to boost your credibility.

Keep your sentences simple and to the point and avoid flowery adjectives. Don’t talk about your product being the best at something. Instead, state the facts that prove that it’s the best.

Be Concise, Be Specific… But Write Long

One of the biggest myths in marketing is that nobody will read long copy. People are too busy, you might think, so I’m not gonna write that much on my subject.

That’s true if people don’t really care about what you’re offering. But if someone is going to spend $8000 on a new snowmobile, I promise you, they will read your copy.

Write as much as you would say in a one-on-one meeting with someone . You need to answer all objections that a customer may have about your product.

I had a friend who recently wanted to buy a new laptop. But glossy screens hurt his eyes. He knew that he needed to have a computer that he could fit with a matte screen. If a website did not answer this objection for him, he would certainly not make a purchase from them.

Every customer will have objections and questions just like this. You need to anticipate these objections and specifications and answer them in your website copy.

Write To Your Audience, Not To Yourself

Many business owners are tempted to write what they think would be interesting or convincing, not what their customers would. But remember, you’re not writing for yourself. You’re writing for your customers. Instead of thinking what would make me buy the product, think about what would make them buy the product.

You might want your website to have a flowery, inspiring heading. But with that convince your audience to buy? You might understand big words like rotator cuff and antinominal, but would your audience understand them?

Instead of using the terms you use to describe your business, use the terms that your audience uses to describe your business.

We recently did a website for Mountain Valley Physical Therapy . Mountain Valley Therapy is a company in rural Eastern Oregon that offers physical therapy and other holistic therapy methods, such as pericardial massage and craniosacral therapy.

Consider if Mountain Valley physical therapy wanted to change their name to Mountain Valley Holistic Therapy. This might more accurately describe what they do, but to an audience of highly-conservative Eastern Oregon Oregon clients, this name would be confusing, not well searched for on search engines, and maybe even off-putting. For this reason it’s probably better for Mountain Valley Physical Therapy to keep their current name.

Remember, writing is about what your customers search for and understand. If you’re writing what you think is powerful copy and that conflicts with what your clients want and are searching for, you’re in for a rough wake-up call when your website doesn’t sell.

Write About Your Customer, Not Just About Yourself

Make sure that your copy is about the value that will be provided to your customer, not just all the features of your product.

Neil Patel used the example of the new iPhone 5 copy to showcase this technique. On the sales page, the word iPhone appeared 81 times. “Apple” appeared an additional 26 times. But the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ were even more prevalent. They appeared 110 times.

By writing about your customer, you make them feel at home and cared for on your website. You make them feel like it’s more about what they need than your product. Because it is more about filling their need than it is about your product, right? Only write about your product in regards to what it can do for your customer – not the other way around.

Support Your Claims With Evidence

The trademark of a charlatan is that they say things without any evidence to back it up. Don’t be a charlatan. Back up your claims with solid, specific evidence. If you make a claim, link to the case study that you’re referencing. This will build trust with your customers.

Also, use technical details to show your expertise. Technical details about your product make you more convincing. Showing exact details like names, data, and materials used shows you know what you’re talking about. You might think that these aren’t really all that important. But like Neil Patel says, details sell.

You can also bring people into your product with fascinating stories. Stories are personal and interesting ways of proving your product’s value. Do you have any stories you could tell about your product? What successes have you had in the past? Stories are a human way of bringing your prospective customers into your world and entertaining them a little bit.

Write Clear, Respectful Calls-To-Action

A call-to-action is a call for a customer to take a specific, desired action on your website. This could be a link to another one of your pages. It could be a button bringing them to your Contact Us page, or it could be to download your white paper.

A good call-to-action should be specific. It should be clear about what you’re wanting the customer to do and why they should do it. A good call-to-action should summarize the benefits, present the offer, and justify the price to the customer one more time.

A good call-to-action should also be respectful. It shouldn’t assume that the customer is ready to take that action. Give your website visitors more than one option. “Start today” should be followed closely by a “Read More About Our Product” option. In this way, more people will continue on their buyer’s journey on your page than just the ones ready to make a purchase.

After You Write

Woo hoo! Congratulations. You’ve written your copy. And it’s really, really good!

But this is just the beginning. Once your copy is up and working for you on your website, it needs to be optimized. Optimization simply means being revised based on data. Going back and optimizing your website copy will continue to make your website better and more profitable.

This can be done in multiple ways including:

I’m not going to go into the specifics about all of these in this blog post except to say it’s  important. According to a presentation with Paris Chopra, the founder and CEO of Visual Website Optimizer, a single word change on a website can lead to a 161% increase in conversions.

Visual Website Optimizer re-wrote copy for one company with the keywords that people were searching for on search engines. As a result, this company got 150% more leads, $15,000 in additional sales inquiries, and an increase in annual sales of $500,000. This is not small potatoes.

Bottom line, after you’re done writing, use analytics to drive further insights and make changes. Use search tools to figure out the keywords that people are actually looking for. And use surveys to gain insight into what your customers want and are having trouble with on your website.

Does all this sound just a little bit too daunting for you? That’s OK. You can hire someone to do this for you. You can learn more about White Hat Matt’s copywriting services on our copywriting page or hire someone locally in your area.

But whoever you hire, make sure you hire someone who knows what they’re doing. If you’re going to hire out your copywriting, make sure it’s someone who is getting wins with their copy in a professional setting.

Writing clearly and persuasively and thoroughly demonstrating the benefits of your product or service is something that anyone can do. With a little bit of learning, and a lot of unlearning, you, too, can be on your way to writing copy that works for your website.

Additional Reading/Listening

We recommend you start by picking up a free copy of How to Write Copy That Sells , by Ray Edwards. This may only be available for free for a limited time; if you find this link has gone down, just try searching for the book on Amazon.

Otherwise, please check out:

Ray Edwards – How to Write Copy that Sells (on the Smart Passive Income Podcast)

Conversion Rate Experts – How to Beat Most Professional Copywriters

Conversion Rate Experts – Making Websites Win (Available in Hardcover or Kindle Format)

Neha Kapoor

There is a saying about writing that, ‘No writer likes writing, they like ‘having written”. Thanks for sharing this article and reminding me about mixing the technical aspects of writing with creativity.

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Many entrepreneurs test the waters of a market by starting a sideline business. What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling items on Internet auctions, such as eBay?

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Etsy is a great e-commerce site that gives you an opportunity to make a part-time or full-time income doing what you love. If you are a crafty person who enjoys creating and selling crafts for profit, Etsy is certainly a great place to get started, but learning some Etsy Shop tips can give you a jump start on Etsy sales and make the difference of having a successful shop or going out of business. Unlike craft fairs, Etsy doesn't require a big financial investment or a major time commitment. You can open and run a Shop with as few as 1 item and work at your own pace. However, craft fairs certainly have one major advantage over an Etsy Store - your booth is visible to hundreds of potential customers. And although there are always plenty of people looking for handmade items

Mct2 Task3 Essay example

This document provides outline of the instructional guide for audience of ebay and etsy web sites which enable users to sell their own goods online. The audience of the guide is mostly non-technical users who need detailed instructions to achieve the task.

Ebay Vs Amazon Essay

Questioning the types of business models Amazon and Ebay’s have employed and how they have evolved over time, the driving factors of change, and finally the future outlook of each firm help distinguish the trails both firms made to become the two leaders in the market of ecommerce. They are imperative in making a comparison between the two because despite being direct competitors in the same market, Amazon and Ebay’s business models are distinctly different. Both companies have altered business strategies over

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Some approaches you can use are investors, Use an existing service like eBay, buy some open source online shop software, you can or have a personal acquaintance to build a website and shopping cart, use a fully hosted e Commerce Solution such as eCorner, select the correct legal entity to operate the business, build data collection and management processes that anticipate later uses for the data, become a social networker, allow customers easy access to contact you, personalize and segment your e-mail messages, try podcasting, and create a comprehensive FAQ and feedback page.

Etsy Website Analysis

In order to be successful in this marketplace, you need to know how to market and sell your goods. No matter what you are selling, the first step is to set up an Etsy shop. If you have questions about what can and can't be sold, or have questions about setting up an Etsy shop, you can refer to the Seller Handbook on the site itself, for information on making a shop, adding billing information, adjusting

Six Figure Yearly Research Paper

In closing, Six Figure Yearly is one of the best systems I've found for making money online. Simply because you'll get results from the time you begin using them.

The Great Gatsby Research Paper

I just recently read your article in Making Money magazine about how you started your small business on eBay and how it brought you extra income. I was fascinated by how easy and simple you turned your used items into someone else's treasure. I am a young inspiring entrepreneur trying to start my own business. The whole concept of selling things online really intrigued me. I have a few items I would love to get rid of but have no idea where to start. I would love to know more about the process of how one could start selling on eBay. How can I become successful as a beginner?

How Does Sell On Etsy? Essay

Are you a crafter who has wondered how to sell on Etsy? Most people in the crafting world have heard of Etsy, but not everyone knows how to sell on an online marketplace like Etsy. Selling successfully on Etsy takes a little practice and know-how. A common mistake that almost every "newbie" makes is to think that just because you set up a shop on Etsy, the customers are going to come flocking! That is far from the case. Learning how to sell on Etsy takes some trial and error and a good understanding of how internet marketplaces for crafts and arts work.

Ebay Financial Analysis

There are many major competitors for EBay. Of the many companies that are in the same industry which are at the top of the Hoovers in depth list is Amazon, Google,,, HSN and the list goes on. The industry that these companies are in is a multibillion dollar industry. All these companies know that the consumer is their main concern. The consumer will always have a these companies doing all they can so that they stay on top.[6]

E-Commerce Is Bad for People and the Economy

Buying from internet is complex process, because you need experience or knowledge on shopping online. It also need to know what are the security websites that you can shop from them. It is not easy process because it aids credit card and it is hard to have this card, for example if you are teenager may your parents will not allow you to have his card. You also may need post fax to deliver your products and it will take a lot of times, for example two weeks. Buying from internet need internet connection, so if you live in city, town or village where the connection is low you need to go to other place where the connection is high, for example coffee shops.

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