Essay on Selling Tobacco should be banned for Students in English


Lamentably, notwithstanding, there are still a lot of individuals that utilization tobacco regularly. In case this is you, or you know somebody that is struggling to put down the tobacco, look at these realities about tobacco and your own wellbeing.

Lamentably, notwithstanding, there are still a lot of individuals that make utilization of tobacco on a regular basis.

In case this is you, or you know somebody that is struggling to put down the tobacco, look at these realities about tobacco and your own wellbeing.

Who’s gaining Profit?

People winning in the tobacco field are tobacco organization proprietors since they bring in all the cash. In the event that benefit falls, they should simply promote somewhat harder and benefit will roll.

The ecological tobacco smoke the recycled tobacco smoke inhaled by non-smokers is known as a cancer-causing agent and the most contamination natural toxins numerous individuals pass on account of the recycled smoke it causes numerous passings

Uses of Tobacco Can Lead to Major Illness

Malignant growth is only one of the numerous ailments that tobacco items can bring into your life. In case you’re a smoker, you can possibly get a cellular breakdown in the lungs.

On the off chance that you use biting tobacco or snuff, it can prompt mouth or esophageal malignancy. Alongside these hazardous sicknesses, tobacco use can likewise prompt Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which is known as COPD hypertension and untimely respiratory failures.

Tobacco and the cancer-causing agents that show up with the item can prompt numerous medical issues later on.

Gum Disease is a Real Concept  

Regardless of whether you smoke or utilize the biting sort of tobacco, it can prompt gum illness. Both of these items go in or through the mouth.

That implies that your gums and teeth take the brunt power of the awful from the items. It can likewise prompt stained teeth.

While this one is certifiably not a particular worry for your wellbeing, it can prompt a helpless mental self-view and lessened psychological wellness.

Dry and Spoil Skin

Tobacco can likewise negatively affect your skin. Essentially, it dries you out and advances untimely wrinkles, age spots, and breaks.

Lotion and creams can possibly go so far when you’re emptying such a lot of awful into your body as tobacco items.

How could Nicotine convey its impact?

Smokers can ignitable tobacco items that contain in excess of 7000 synthetic substances. Nicotine is a vital part of tobacco. 100 segments are added to tobacco to upgrade its flavor and the assimilation of nicotine

The cigarettes are an extremely proficient and profoundly designed medication conveyance framework. By breathing in tobacco smoke.

The normal smoker takes in 1-2 milligrams of nicotine for each cigarette. At the point when tobacco is smoked nicotine quickly arrives at the top level in the circulation system and enters the mind.

essay selling tobacco should be banned

Essay on Selling Tobacco should be banned

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This essay examines the ethical and health implications of selling tobacco products and argues that it should be banned. The essay looks at the history of tobacco, its effects on health, and the current regulations in place. It concludes that, for the benefit of society, the sale of tobacco should be stopped.

Selling tobacco should be banned because it is bad for people’s health. Smoking cigarettes can cause many health problems, such as cancer and heart disease. Tobacco smoke can also make asthma worse and cause other lung and breathing problems. It is especially dangerous for children because their bodies are still growing. Tobacco is a very addictive substance. Once someone starts smoking, it is hard for them to stop. This can lead to a lifetime of addiction and health problems. It is also expensive, so it can cause financial problems for people. Selling tobacco is also bad for the environment. Burning tobacco produces chemicals that can pollute the air. It is also the cause of forest fires in many parts of the world. For all of these reasons, selling tobacco should be banned. It is dangerous to people’s health and the environment. We should all work together to make sure that tobacco is not sold anymore.

FAQs Related To Essay on Selling Tobacco should be banned

1. what is the current law on selling tobacco in my country.

In my country, the law surrounding the sale of tobacco products is very strict. The sale of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited, and all sales must take place in establishments that are licenced to sell tobacco products. Furthermore, the display and promotion of tobacco products is also strictly regulated, and any advertisements must adhere to certain regulations.

2. Is it legal to sell tobacco to minors?

It is illegal to sell tobacco to minors in most states in the U.S. Selling tobacco to minors violates state laws, and those found guilty of selling tobacco to minors may be subject to hefty fines and other penalties. Furthermore, most states require retailers to check IDs of anyone purchasing tobacco products, and it is a crime to falsify or misrepresent an individual’s age in order to purchase tobacco.

3. What are the risks associated with smoking?

Smoking is a dangerous habit that has numerous health risks associated with it. The most common risks include an increased risk of lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, stroke, and other respiratory illnesses. Smoking also increases the risk of developing diabetes and other chronic diseases, as well as causing premature aging.

4. What is the legal age to purchase tobacco?

The legal age to purchase tobacco varies from country to country. Generally, the legal age to purchase tobacco is 18 years old, although some countries have a higher age requirement. In the United States, the legal age to purchase tobacco is 21 years old. In other parts of the world, the legal age to purchase tobacco may be as high as 25. Additionally, some countries have banned the sale of tobacco completely. It is important to familiarize yourself with your local laws when it comes to purchasing tobacco to ensure that you remain in compliance.

5. What are the health risks of smoking tobacco?

Smoking tobacco is detrimental to one’s health. Long-term smoking of tobacco can increase the risk of developing a variety of health issues, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, emphysema, and stroke. Smoking also increases the risk of developing various types of cancer, including lung, throat, and mouth cancer. It also increases the risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a condition that can make it difficult to breathe.

6. What are the consequences of selling tobacco to minors?

The consequences of selling tobacco to minors can be severe. Depending on the laws in the area, individuals caught selling tobacco to minors can face fines, imprisonment, and a permanent criminal record. There can also be civil penalties associated with selling tobacco to minors such as lawsuits. In addition, businesses may face additional consequences such as losing their license to sell tobacco or being put on probation.

7. What is the process for banning the sale of tobacco in my country?

The process for banning the sale of tobacco in a country will vary depending on the laws and regulations in the country. Generally, the process involves enacting legislation that makes it illegal to sell tobacco products, as well as to manufacture and distribute them. This legislation typically includes provisions for penalties for violations, as well as provisions for enforcement.

8. What are the benefits of banning the sale of tobacco?

Banning the sale of tobacco has many benefits. For one, it will reduce the number of people who become addicted to tobacco and the health risks associated with it. It will also reduce the amount of secondhand smoke exposure, which is dangerous to those around the smoker. In addition, it will reduce the cost of healthcare for those with diseases related to tobacco use. Finally, it will help reduce the environmental impact of tobacco production and waste. All in all, banning the sale of tobacco is a great step in the right direction for improving public health and the environment.

9. What are the potential legal implications of selling tobacco?

The potential legal implications of selling tobacco are numerous and can vary greatly, depending on the local, state, and federal laws that apply to the sale of tobacco products. Depending on the jurisdiction, sellers of tobacco products may need to obtain a license, ensure that all tobacco products are labeled and taxed appropriately, and ensure that all sales are made to customers over the age of 18 or 21, depending on the local laws.

10. What are the alternatives to smoking tobacco?

Smoking tobacco is a major health risk, so it is important to consider alternatives to the habit. Quitting smoking entirely is the best option for health, but there are other alternatives that can help those who are trying to reduce or eliminate smoking. These alternatives include switching to e-cigarettes, using nicotine gum or patches, and trying other forms of relaxation, such as yoga or meditation.

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essay selling tobacco should be banned

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essay selling tobacco should be banned


What is tobacco.

Tobacco Damages To Body

Why should tobacco be banned, why tobacco should not be banned.

There is no doubt that tobacco can be harmful to your health, but should it be banned altogether? That’s the question that many people have been asking lately, and there are valid arguments on both sides of the debate. On the one hand, it’s hard to argue with the fact that tobacco can cause cancer and other serious health problems. On the other hand, many people say that banning tobacco would infringe on their rights and that it would be difficult to enforce such a ban. Some people believe that selling and using tobacco should be prohibited altogether. They argue that it is not possible to regulate tobacco use to protect people’s health and that the best solution is to get rid of it. Others, however, believe that the Government should not ban tobacco use. They argue that people have a right to make their own choices about their health and that prohibiting tobacco would infringe on personal freedom. There are arguments for and against banning tobacco. On the one hand, it is clear that smoking is harmful and causes serious health problems. It is also addictive, which makes it hard for people to quit.   Top   Read further to know the details about tobacco  

  Tobacco is a product made from the dried leaves of the tobacco plant. It is smoked, chewed, or sniffed for a variety of reasons. Some people use tobacco for its stimulant effects, while others use it for relaxing results. Tobacco contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the world. It is responsible for an estimated eight  million deaths each year. Tobacco is most commonly used as a recreational drug by smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. People can also chew tobacco. Chewing tobacco is less common in the developed world but is still used by some people. Smoking tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Smoking tobacco causes cancer, heart disease, and respiratory problems. There is no safe level of tobacco use, and even exposure to secondhand smoke is dangerous. If you smoke tobacco, the best thing you can do for your health is quit.   Top  

What is the use and harm of tobacco? 

  There is no positive use of tobacco. It is a dangerous, addictive substance that has been linked to numerous health problems, including cancer. While some people may claim that smoking has some benefits, such as helping them relax or focus, the risks far outweigh any potential positives. Tobacco use is harmful to both the user and those around them, and it is essential to be aware of the dangers before using it. Tobacco causes diseases and disability, and it harms nearly every body organ. For each person who dies because of tobacco use, 30 people live with a severe illness related to tobacco use. The effects of smoking include cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. In addition, it increases the risk of tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and immune system problems, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Nonsmokers and infants are also affected by secondhand smoke each year, with approximately 41,000 deaths. Countless studies have shown the adverse effects of smoking, yet people continue to do it. Lung cancer is a leading cause of death in the United States. It kills more than 150,000 people each year—about 1 out of every five cancer deaths in this country. Cigarette smoking is responsible for about 90% of all lung cancer deaths among men and about 80% among women today.   Top  

  Smoke from cigarettes can harm your body in many ways. For example, nicotine narrows your blood vessels, slowing blood flow and reducing oxygen to your limbs. Carbon monoxide stops your heart from getting the oxygen to pump blood around your body. Tar coats your lungs like soot in a chimney, preventing air from getting in and making breathing difficult. Phenols paralyse and kill the hair-like cells that sweep clean the lining of your airways and protect them against infections. Tiny particles irritate your throat and lungs, leading to a dry cough which makes you produce more mucus and damages lung tissue. Ammonia and formaldehyde irritate eyes, nose and throat cells so that these vital organs can no longer function properly. Smoking tobacco can make yellow-brown stains on your fingers, tongue and teeth. It can also increase your risk of tooth loss and bad breath, make your skin saggy, and give you early wrinkles. Smoking tobacco makes your hair lose its natural shine.   Top  

It is Injurious to health.

  Tobacco is harmful to health, and it is a poison. It contains nicotine, which is a highly poisonous alkaloid. When smoked, the nicotine reaches the brain in about 10 seconds, and its effect on the central nervous system is almost instantaneous. The smoker feels a warm glow at first; this soon gives way to a feeling of exhilaration, lasting perhaps 30 seconds. The smoker then begins to feel dizzy; his pulse quickens, his heart beats faster and harder; his blood pressure rises, and he starts to sweat and feels thirsty. His breathing becomes more rapid, deeper, and more frequent; he may also experience nausea or vomiting. These effects are due to nicotine entering the bloodstream from the lungs and reaching the brain within seconds, producing its stimulating effect on nerve cells.   The initial rush experienced by smokers after inhaling tobacco smoke lasts about five minutes. It then gradually subsides over an hour as the nicotine level in their blood declines with each successive inhalation. Getting high from smoking occurs because nicotine acts on specific nerve cells in your brain called nicotinic receptors.  

People Don’t Smoke passively

  People do not choose to smoke passively, as the opposition claims. There are few non-smoking bars and restaurants in many places. People cannot avoid passive smoking unless they refuse to go out with friends. Often, people who work in smoky workplaces (e.g. bars) have no choice but to do so. Additionally, it is not true that all smokers smoke actively. Many people smoke because they are addicted to nicotine, and they cannot quit even if they want to stop smoking. It is also inaccurate and misleading when the opposition says that passive smoking does not cause disease or death in non-smokers. The evidence shows that passive smokers have a higher risk of getting lung cancer and heart disease than non-smokers, even if they do not smoke themselves.  

Ban on smoking forces to give up on a tobacco

Tobacco Smoking is a nasty habit that can be harmful to your health and the environment. It is also really not good for your lungs or those around you. We believe that smoking should be banned in public places, such as restaurants and bars, to encourage smokers to smoke less or give up entirely. If smoking were banned in public places, it would no longer be a social activity; instead of being able to smoke while hanging out with friends inside, smokers would have to leave them behind and go outside to smoke. This would be particularly unpleasant when it’s cold/wet out—not everyone wants to go out to get their nicotine fix. Smokers who enjoy the social aspect of smoking may be more inclined to quit if they had to leave their friends to smoke.  

Smoking Is Expensive for everyone

  Smoking is expensive, not just for smokers but also for the general public. According to estimates, the costs of treating smoking-related diseases, productivity losses to the EU economy, and premature mortality in the EU amount to €544 billion per year. For this reason, banning tobacco products can be beneficial to everyone. When smokers quit, it reduces healthcare costs and increases productivity, which means more money in everyone’s pockets. A recent study shows that when France banned smoking in restaurants and bars in 2008, there was an increase in revenue from tourism and restaurant sales by 37% due to healthier environments and increased productivity among workers who didn’t have to worry about second-hand smoke. According to the World Health Organization, smoking-related diseases cost the EU economy $544 billion each year. That’s a lot of money, and it doesn’t even include all of the productivity losses that come from smokers dying early or otherwise working less because they’re sick (or just being on their deathbeds). So how do we pay for these costs? Well, we don’t—at least not directly. The prices are passed onto us in higher healthcare costs and lower productivity. In addition to these medical costs, smoking also involves indirect expenses related to lost productivity in terms of absenteeism from work or school due to illness or reduced productivity at work due to smoking-related illness or death.   Top  

Fall in government tax revenue

  According to the European Commission, there are high taxes on tobacco throughout Europe and the world, though the precise percentage of taxation varies between member states. In this way, governments make a lot of money.   According to a report by MPs, an EU-wide ban on smoking in public places could cost the UK hundreds of millions of pounds in lost revenue each year.   The House of Commons Health Committee says that the government must be prepared for the impact of an EU-wide ban on smoking in public places. It has called for investment in resources to help smokers quit and funds for research into new products that may help people give up cigarettes. There is high taxation on tobacco throughout the world, though the precise tax percentage varies between member states. In this way, governments make a lot of money.   In India, the taxes on tobacco products are very high compared to other countries like the US and China. The government has imposed various taxes on cigarettes, bidis and chewing tobacco products. The tariffs vary from state to state and are based on the product’s price, production cost, retail price, etc.   Tobacco is also one of the significant contributors to government revenue as it generates around Rs 20,000 crore in excise duty annually. Tobacco taxes vary widely between member states – ranging from €6 per packet in Ireland to €13 per packet in France.  

Tobacco ban doesn’t make people healthier

  In an immensely informative article by Jacob Grier in Slate, the author finally sorted through the questionable “proof” behind the secondhand smoke myth.    However, as Grier points out, this belief was based on “a few studies with small samples that involved no more than a handful of people.” These studies weren’t conclusive enough to convince anyone that secondhand Tobacco smoke was unhealthy for non-smokers.   Additionally, the health risks associated with smoking have been overrated for decades now. For example, when the Surgeon General’s Office first released its 1964 report on tobacco use and disease, it reported that smoking was linked to lung cancer in men over age 30 who smoked more than 20 cigarettes per day— but also noted that less than 1% of Americans fell into this category. Governments had primarily implemented the bans because early studies believed there to be a correlation between secondhand smoke and heart disease. That connection, however, was never substantiated through large-scale studies. Indeed, when one looks at the evidence from extensive studies that have examined the effects of secondhand smoke, it’s clear that smoking bans don’t make people healthier.  

Many businesses will shut down

  A ban on smoking in public places would be devastating to the UK’s businesses and hurt the economy as a whole.   Tobacco products are big business in the United Kingdom. According to the British Heart Foundation, tobacco accounts for £10 billion worth of sales each year. This means that many companies rely heavily on the sale of tobacco products, which is why they would be devastated by a ban on smoking in public places. Tobacco Smokers tend to spend more money per visit than non-smokers, so pubs and bars would suffer significantly if there were a ban on smoking. This could lead to many bars going out of business altogether. In addition to losing business to smokers, these businesses would also lose all their profits from selling tobacco products. The government implemented the most recent ban on smoking in public places in Scotland in 2006, and it has had a significant impact on the country’s economy. The law prohibits smoking in all enclosed public spaces like restaurants, bars and nightclubs. This means that smokers are not allowed to smoke inside these establishments or within four meters of their entrances. The ban has led to many businesses shutting down because they could no longer make as much money as before. According to their owners, their customers stopped coming after the ban was implemented so that they couldn’t smoke inside or near their establishments.  

Tobacco ban would take public freedom

  There is a possibility that tobacco bans violate freedom of choice. 28% of European adults smoke regularly, yet they cannot freely choose where they would like to smoke.   The tobacco industry has always been controversial and has been accused of targeting minors and promoting smoking to young people. Many countries have banned smoking in public places and areas. This ban affects both smokers and non-smokers alike, as it restricts their right to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to secondhand smoke. While it’s true that smoking is a legal habit, it’s also true that it can have adverse health effects. Many countries have banned smoking in public places like restaurants, bars, and even outdoor areas. But these bans can be seen as an infringement of freedom of choice. The European Union is currently considering legislation that would ban smoking in public places, including bars and restaurants. This infringement of personal freedom because it takes away a person’s ability to choose where they would like to enjoy their cigarette.  

The tobacco ban Would create an Illegal market.

  The tobacco ban would create an illegal market, which would increase small-scale bribery.   The tobacco ban has already caused the price of tobacco to increase, and it is likely that when the ban is implemented, the price will continue to rise. This will make it even more difficult for people to afford a pack of cigarettes and lead to illegal tobacco products markets.   When people can’t afford cigarettes legally, they often turn to black markets to get them at lower prices. This creates an environment where bribes are common because police officers need money to look the other way or ignore law violations.   In addition, many smokers may be tempted by cheaper black market cigarettes if they can no longer afford packs at regular prices. This could lead to increased smoking rates among teens and young adults looking for affordable alternatives when their budgets are tight. It’s no surprise, then, that many people try to stop smoking by simply cutting back on or eliminating their intake. But when you do this without replacing the behaviour with something else, you’re left with a space in your life that needs to be filled—something you can’t do until you break the physical habit and become physically unable to smoke any more.  

The commercial scenario of tobacco cultivation and trade

Tobacco cultivation and trade is an essential part of the commercial scenario of many countries, especially in developing countries. It employs many people involved in the cultivation and production process.   Tobacco cultivation and trade have a significant impact on a country’s economy because it helps boost the overall economic growth.   Tobacco cultivation is one of the most lucrative businesses that any country can get involved in, as it has many benefits. It not only helps to improve the financial situation but also improves the standard of living for those engaged in this field of work. It has helped them reduce poverty and made them self-sufficient in terms of their economy. The tobacco industry had come a long way since its humble beginnings in the late 1400s, when Spanish settlers brought tobacco seeds to the country. Since then, the industry has become a significant source of income for farmers who grow tobacco and sell it to companies that manufacture cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and snuff. Today, tobacco is cultivated in many countries worldwide, including India, China, Brazil, Indonesia, and Zimbabwe. About 700 million people are employed by the tobacco industry worldwide.   The major tobacco-producing countries include China (34%), India (18%), Brazil (13%), Turkey (7%) and the USA (6%). Tobacco is a primary U.S. industry, which contributes significantly to the economy and generates billions in tax revenue for our government. In 1998, consumers spent an estimated $59.3 billion on tobacco products, chiefly cigarettes ($55.7 billion). This spending supports thousands of businesses that manufacture, transport, market, and sell these products and some 90,000 farms that grow tobacco leaves. Tobacco products are also an important source of tax revenue for Federal, State, and local governments.   Top  

  Although there are arguments for both sides of the debate, the evidence does seem to favour those who advocate for this sort of ban. The most valid arguments seem to suggest that banning tobacco would be good from a public health perspective and even from an economic perspective. Though smoking can be harmful to your health, denying it altogether might be pushing things too far from an individual rights standpoint. And even if you disagree with banning tobacco altogether or think that it is impossible to enforce such a prohibition, you would have to admit that further regulation on the sale and use of tobacco is worthy of consideration.   Top   Recommended Read

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Why Tobacco Products and Cigarettes Should Be Banned

Introduction, reasons for banning tobacco products and cigarettes, annotated bibliography.

Petkantchin argues that tobacco is a dangerous substance because it kills many people across the globe (2). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cigarettes and tobacco kill over six million people annually (Leicester and Levell 4). Incidentally, over 60,000 deaths are caused by passive (or secondhand smoke). Individuals whose die prematurely due to tobacco use affect the welfare of their children and family members. In 2010, Bhutan became the first country to illegalize the use of tobacco (Hopkins et al. 279). Some countries such as the United States have implemented harsh penalties to control the sale and use of tobacco products. For instance, tobacco should not be sold to children (Hopkins et al. 279). However, some people believe that cigarettes support the economy of many countries. These issues have led to numerous debates aimed at outlawing the sale of tobacco products. This discussion therefore gives concrete reasons to support the ban of cigarettes and tobacco products.

There are various reasons that explain why tobacco products should be banned. To begin with, the number of premature deaths caused by these products cannot be underestimated (Leicester and Levell 9). As indicated earlier, over 500,000 citizens in the United States die every year because of the continued use of tobacco products (Leicester and Levell 9). Such deaths are caused by various diseases and conditions associated with tobacco use. This happens to be the case because “smoking is a risk factor for diseases such as high blood pressure, lung cancer, stroke, and heart attack” (Petkantchin 3). According to many healthcare professionals, more people will be dying in the future unless adequate measures are put in place.

The number of accidents associated with smoking has increased within the last five decades (Petkantchin 3). Leicester and Levell observed that many drivers are distracted whenever they are smoking (17). This undeniable fact shows clearly that cigarettes are dangerous for drivers. Similar studies conducted in the United Kingdom have indicated that over 50 percent of drivers who smoke have increased chances of causing accidents (Petkantchin 4). The decision to ban the use of cigarettes can play a significant role towards dealing with these challenges.

A study conducted in the United States indicated clearly that many forest fires were caused by cigarettes. According to the NFPA, smoking has been responsible for over 90,000 fires recorded in the United States every single year (Petkantchin 2). The agency indicates that “over 90 percent of wildfires in the nation are caused by smokers” (Seo et al. 348). Statistics have revealed that most of the domestic fires recorded in the country are caused by cigarettes. Such fires are responsible for over 1,000 deaths in the country every year. These facts show conclusively that smokers have increased chances of causing fires compared to non-smokers.

The most outstanding reason why the government should be on the frontline to criminalize the use of tobacco products is that of passive smokers. As mentioned earlier, nonsmokers have increased chances of developing health complications associated with tobacco products. It is undeniable that many innocent lives are lost daily because of other people’s actions (Seo et al. 349). Individuals who smoke affect the health outcomes of their neighbors and relatives (Hopkins et al. 280). At the same time, the government has done very little to support these members of the community. This fact should be used by the American government to illegalize various tobacco products.

The health of pregnant women dictates the outcomes of their unborn babies. Pregnant females who smoke threaten the health of their unborn children. The malpractice can result in unhealthy babies with reduced immunity. Such children tend to develop a wide range of health complications. Many health specialists advise pregnant women to avoid cigarettes because they have the potential to affect their children’s health. This health problem should therefore encourage more women to avoid cigarettes by all means. Similarly, stringent measures should be considered to ensure pregnant women do not have access to cigarettes (Leicester and Levell 4). Laws illegalizing the use of cigarettes will play a critical role towards dealing with this health concern.

The health implications of smoking have been analyzed by many scholars and health professionals. According to them, smoke is associated with numerous health issues or problems. Before dying, many people who use tobacco products wrestle with a wide range of health problems and complications for prolonged periods. For instance, smoking has been associated with tuberculosis and rheumatoid arthritis (Hopkins et al. 283). Tobacco use has been observed to affect the human immune system. More often than not, individuals who quit smoking continue to fight different health challenges for a very long time. Some of them incur numerous expenses and eventually die (Bakhturidze et al. 6). These health concerns should encourage more governments across the globe to consider the importance of banning such products. By so doing, more people in the society will lead better lives and record the best health outcomes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American government spends over 300 billion dollars annually in order to address various health issues associated with smoking (Bakhturidze et al. 6). This economic cost is expensive and makes it impossible for the government to focus on other health concerns affecting the population. The statistics also indicated that over 170 billion dollars is used to provide direct medical support to smokers (Leicester and Levell 13). This is the case because such smokers encounter a wide range of health problems. A similar amount is used by the government to prevent premature deaths and support the diverse needs of many passive smokers. Similarly, many states across the United States spend a lot of money to address the needs of many passive and direct smokers (Wilson et al. 5).

This discussion shows conclusively that tobacco products and cigarettes affect the lives of many citizens in the United States and across the globe. More deaths are recorded daily because of tobacco use. The malpractice affects the economies of many governments. The decision can play a positive role towards supporting the health outcomes of many citizens and preventing premature deaths (Bakhturidze et al. 11). The strategy will make it easier for the American government to focus on different health issues affecting its citizens.

Bakhturidze, George et al. “Attitudes Towards Smoking Restrictions and Tobacco Advertisement Bans in Georgia.” BMJ Open, vol. 3, no. 3, 2013, pp. 1-17.

The authors conducted a study to understand the attitudes regarding the idea of banning tobacco advertisements. The results of the study indicated that over 84 percent of the respondents supported such restrictions on tobacco advertisements. The article supports the illegalization of tobacco-related adverts.

Hopkins, David et al. “Smoke-free Policies to Reduce Tobacco Use: A Systematic Review.” American Journal of Preventive Medicine , vol. 38, no. 2, 2010, pp. 275-289.

After examining different studies, the authors observed that the use of smoke-free policies made it easier for communities to reduce the use of tobacco products. The strategy delivered positive results in different working environments and communities. The ideas presented in this article can be embraced to deal with the health issues associated with cigarettes and tobacco use.

Leicester, Andrew and Peter Levell. “Anti-Smoking Policies and Smoker Well-Being: Evidence from Britain.” IFS Working Paper, vol. 1, no. 1, 2013, pp. 1-36.

According to the article, antismoking campaigns can play a positive role towards supporting the needs of many smokers. Positive policy interventions can influence the behaviors of many smokers. Such policies can therefore be embraced to help more people quit smoking. Similar ideas can be used to support the needs of many smokers and eventually address the challenges associated with various tobacco products.

Petkantchin, Valentin. “What if Tobacco were Simply Prohibited.” IEM’s Economic Note, vol. 1, no. 1, 2012, pp. 1-4.

The author begins by acknowledge that many societies and governments have been using various strategies to ban the use of tobacco products. However, attempts to prohibit the use of various tobacco products have been associated with increased consumption of substandard cigarettes. Consequently, the issue has led to more health problems.

Seo, Dong-Chul et al. “The Effect of a Smoke-Free Campus Policy on College Students’ Smoking Behaviors and Attitudes.” Preventive Medicine, vol. 53, no. 1, 2011, pp. 347-352.

After conducting the study, the authors observed that most of the learners exposed to smoke-free learning environments portrayed positive behaviors. Majority of the respondents indicated that smoking was an unhealthy practice that affected many people. That being the case, attempts to implement smoke-free campuses policies can be relevant towards minimizing the level of tobacco use in learning institutions.

Wilson, Lisa et al. “Impact of Tobacco Control Interventions on Smoking Initiation, Cessation, and Prevalence: A Systematic Review.” Journal of Environmental and Public Health, vol. 1, no. 1, 2012, pp. 1-36.

Tobacco control (TC) policies have been on the rise. Such policies have been supported because they have the potential to minimize the use of different products. Such measures have reduced the health issues associated with cigarettes. New measures should be considered in order to control the use of tobacco. However, such initiatives have produced diverse results.

StudyKraken. (2022, August 22). Why Tobacco Products and Cigarettes Should Be Banned. Retrieved from

StudyKraken. (2022, August 22). Why Tobacco Products and Cigarettes Should Be Banned.

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StudyKraken . "Why Tobacco Products and Cigarettes Should Be Banned." August 22, 2022.

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StudyKraken . (2022) 'Why Tobacco Products and Cigarettes Should Be Banned'. 22 August.

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essay selling tobacco should be banned

Banning the use of Tobacco Essay


Tobacco is a product of a species of plant that has nicotine content. Harvested as leaves of that particular plant, tobacco can be used to control pests or even as medicine. It is however widely used as a drug through smoking, snuffing, chewing among others. This paper seeks to support the banning of the use of tobacco. The paper will give reasons in support of the opinion.

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Why the use of Tobacco should be Banned

Tobacco and cardiovascular diseases.

Tobacco like many other drugs has varied side effects that call for the control of its use. These negative impacts are manifested in individuals and ends up costing lives in the long run. One of the reasons why tobacco should be banned is its danger in relation to cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are complications that are associated with the heart and blood vessels in the body such as arteries which carry blood to body parts. Once a cardiovascular disease is induced in a person, it manifests in different ways causing threats to a person’s health and thus life. A significant percentage of heart complications related deaths have, for example, been associated with tobacco smoking with reports ranging this value at about thirty percent. One of the contents of tobacco, carbon monoxide, has for example been identified to have an impact on the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. Consequently, a person who is under the influence of tobacco will suffer from insufficient supply of oxygen to vital body parts that include the “heart, lungs, brain and other vital body organs” (Wvdhhr 1). The nicotine content of tobacco also induces increased “heart beat rate and blood pressure” (Wvdhhr 1) as a result, the blood circulatory system is over worked and exposed to risks of being damaged. This in the long run results in cases such as “heart attacks, high blood pressure, blood clots, strokes, hemorrhages” (Wvdhhr 1) among other disorders. A person who smokes is thus endangered by a number of complications that will negatively hinder the person’s operations and subsequently his or her life due to malfunctioning body parts. These effects can be easily transferred to aspects such as economic instability of the tobacco victim and immediate family members if the victim was the sole bread winner and is put down by such cardiovascular complications. A government’s responsibility over the welfare of its citizens therefore calls for a step to control such cardiovascular complications and subsequent impacts and one of the primary ways to do this is by banning the consumption of tobacco.

Tobacco and cancers

Another reason why tobacco should be banned is because of its effect in causing a number of cancers in the body. Cancer is characterized by an induced growth of malignant cells in a person’s body. These cancerous growths also have an effect of malfunctioning of specified body organs despite the level of pain that might be associated with it. Tobacco smoking has been identified to; for example, cause about “ninety percent of laryngeal cancer and lung cancer and a significant percentage of oral, esophageal and stomach cancers” (Tobacco 1). Once the cancerous cells start to grow in the body parts, they impair the parts and might even spread causing wounds in the body with subsequent dangers such as death. Lung cancer will, for example, be characterized with growth of foreign cells in the lungs and a corresponding damage of the normal cells. As a result, the normal functionality of the lungs such as the absorption of oxygen into the body and the elimination of carbon dioxide from the body will be impaired. Respiratory processes that require oxygen and are necessary for cellular activities of the body will therefore be compromised. Stomach cancer may also impair digestive processes and subsequent poor supply of nutrients to the body. The other cancers such as oral or esophageal may also be associated with a level of pain that can even discourage an individual from eating. As a result, there will be poor nutritional habit in a victim of these cancers due to insufficient supply of nutrients to the body cells and subsequent insufficient energy generated by the body. Tobacco therefore with respect to its induced cancers affects the functionality of body organs and the overall health of an individual. These complications have been associated with significant percentage of premature deaths among tobacco users (Tobacco 1).

Tobacco and Addiction

Another reason for alarm over the use of tobacco is the threat of addiction that it poses to its users. Like in cases of other drugs, and induced by its nicotine content, tobacco compels its users into addiction which makes them to even overlook the side effects that the drug has in their lives. Following the addiction, individual addicts together with help that they receive from social society is not sufficient to help them out of the drug. The only viable control is thus an authoritative step to ban the drug (Dugdale 1).

The use of tobacco is identifiably unhealthy following its risks to the user’s health that is then spread to other members of the society through social and economic costs. Since the drug is addictive, individual users can not easily and willingly stop the consumption the drug. The significant control measure therefore lies in banning usage of the drug.

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IvyPanda. (2019, May 7). Banning the use of Tobacco.

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essay selling tobacco should be banned

Argumentative Essay On Why Tobacco Should Be Banned

The evolution of sex in tobacco advertising.

The evolution of advertisements appealing to consumers with sex in the tobacco has changed dramatically. Originally sex in tobacco advertisements contained lots of words, fully clothed women, and mostly revolved around a woman saying something sexy. As the future progresses you see women being the figurehead of the advertisements, however the models are still fully clothed with just saying a slogan. Then the evolution of advertisements took a sexual turn showing very thin and attractive women in sexual poses with less clothes. Which resulted with insecurities of women trying to obtain the ideal image of a model. The introduction of electronic cigarettes came at the perfect time for a success business. Tobacco advertisements were being regulated

The Pros And Cons Of Tobacco

That have enforced the same idea of banishments of tobacco Ads. Those that oppose the ban believed

Should Smoking Cigarettes Be Made Illegal In Canada

Banning cigarettes, in many countries, has been a controversial topic. However, it is important to note that many Canadians believe that smoking should be made illegal in Canada. According to Health Canada, cigarette smoke kills over 37,000 Canadians each year, which is more than the number of all murders, alcohol-related deaths, car accidents and suicides. The inquiry has also shown that, in 2002, about 17% of deaths were due to smoking (20% in males and 12% in females). Smoking cigarettes is detrimental in various ways. For example, cigarette smoking increases an individual’s probability of developing lung cancer, which can also lead to other fatal illnesses. Cigarettes are a waste of

The Positive And Negative Effects Of Tobacco

According to the bulletin of the World Health Organization there are almost 1 billion male and 250 million female smokers worldwide and every day an estimated 82 000 to 99 000 young people start smoking; many are children under the age of 10 and most reside in low- or middle-income countries, if this trend continues, then tobacco could kill a billion people around the world in this century. Aside from death, smoking tobacco gives of a great number of negative effects in the global community, such as it exacerbates poverty, contributes to world hunger and reduces economic productivity.

Cigarette Smoking: Case Study

1. Prohibit work to tobacco smoke and in public places (stations, restaurants, etc.). This is first of all to protect the people present against passive smoking. Moreover, the fact that the places and times when it is possible to smoke become scarce led some smokers to quit, or at least to reduce their consumption. And non-trivialization of cigarette smoking exerts a preventive effect, especially with regard to young people who lack adult role models who smoke .... Finally, we must remember that where tobacco smoke was banned in cafes and restaurants (some US and Australian states), there was no reduction in turnover of Coffee.

White Burley Tobacco Research Paper

In medieval time’s tobacco was initially created mainly for pipe-smoking and chewing purposes. Cigarettes had been around in crude form since the primary 1600’s, whereas cigars had failed to have a leading influence until the primary eighteen hundred’s and failed to become wide common among the U.S. persons till the battle. With the unfolding of crude tobacco, sales surged in no time with the introduction of the White Burley tobacco leaf and so the invention of the first wise cigarette-making machine, sponsored by tobacco baron President Buck Duke, among the late eighteen hundred 's.

The Dangers Of Smokeless Tobacco Harmful

Tobacco in the United States has become a big money maker, as the use of tobacco has blown up so has tobacco related deaths. Tobacco comes in forms ranging from smoking to smokeless. Those who are generally just against tobacco may view smokeless tobacco as a harmful substance due to its ability to cause a variety of oral cancers, leading to a significant portion of oral deaths, and a nicotine dependence development. Those who may agree that tobacco use is not safe but also look at the smoking tobacco vs smokeless tobacco can see just how smokeless is a lifesaver and can benefit public health. Smokeless can reduced risk of oral cancer and other cancers compared to smoking, has a significantly lower death toll than smoking does, and the possibility of slowly quitting tobacco. While

Tobacco In The 20th Century

Tobacco, as it is often smoked today, is largely derived from the Nicotiana tabacum plant, a broad-leafed herb native to the Americas. Pipes, Snuff, and chewing tobacco were the most common forms of tools people used for tobacco in the twentieth century. Smoking cigarettes wasn’t popular until the nineteenth century. An invention was made before cigarettes became popular, in 1884 there was this machine made called “Bonsack rolling machine” it gave a taste to tobacco and also made it easier to inhale. In 1964, the United States Surgeon General’s had a report on smoking declaring cigarettes is a major source of health hazards, promoting a decline in U.S. cigarette consumption. In 1994 only about one in four Americans over the age of sixteen was

Persuasive Speech On Smoking

Firstly those who believe that smoking should be banned say that cigarettes can affect smokers deeply in the long run. “Over 50,000 studies of the health effects of tobacco in dozens of countries have detailed its dangers. Worldwide, tobacco use causes about 90% of lung cancer deaths, 30% of all cancers, 20-25% of coronary heart diseases and stroke deaths, and more than 80% of chronic bronchitis and emphysema”. (Jordan 1).

Argumentative Essay On Second Hand Smoking

Many reports have been issued based on the evidence regarding the devastating health affecs of smoking and the expose of second hand smoke. Unfortunatly, cigarette smoking has reportedly caused about 480,000 deaths anually in the United States with an account of 41,000 deaths due to second hand smoking. It is indicated that America has the greatest heath issues from smoking. Neverless, it has been declining due to the rise on taxes and the promotions to cut down tabacco use advetisement. Smoking can be very addictive but there are many ways to help stop that I’ll get to soon.

Ban On Tobacco Advertisement Analysis

In the article “Ban on tobacco ads by the government of India” (page 2,3), the arguments in favor of a ban on tobacco advertising provide some of the following points: Precedents in other countries who have imposed bans on tobacco advertising show that laws enforcing the bans were upheld by the courts in Belgium and France. They point out that in these countries freedom of choice is respected but when a product can be dangerous or a detriment to public health the state has the right to ban advertising. This has already been done for other products like firearms and pharmaceutical products. Statistics are given showing the number of deaths that are caused by tobacco and that the health care cost outweigh the economic benefits of production and

Explain Why Smoking Should Be Banned In Public Places

I think smoking should be banned from public places because not only does it affect the smoker but it also affect anyone that is close by if a child lives in a home with a smoker it can cause the child to develop asthma, lung disease, heart disease, etc. Smoking should be banned in public places for many reason many people do not like the smell of smoke nor want the smell of the smoke to get into their clothes. Smoking also affects the environment. For an example if someone is outside smoking outside near a restaurant and a family wants to sit outside and eat it can affect the family that is eating also if they have kids with them. Usually people look for places where no smokers are so thats why smoking should be banned from all public places.

Cigarette Advertising Strategy

Cigarette advertising has been an enormous industry in the United States from the 1920s until the current day. There have been changes in the allowable content and even the media that could and can be used to place tobacco manufacturer’s products in front of the consuming public. Due to public and health care professional’s pressure, the United States government passed legislation in 1969 that would curtail the ability for tobacco manufacturer’s to advertise their product on television and radio and made health effect warnings required on cigarette packaging. Did effective advertising strategies for cigarette manufactures create an environment where cigarette consumption could continue at a profitable level for those companies even after television and radio advertisements were banned in the early 1970s?

Smoking Informative Speech

Smoking has been a long time habit round the world. However, in the past, smoking cigarette was very popular and known to be a cool recreational drug, and was widely accepted by the community across the world. Today smoking has been less widely accepted and more restricted because of the many health risks that are linked to smoking cigarette. These days, people are well educated and more knowledgeable about the health risks of smoking. Therefore, smoking popularity has been in sharp a decline in the past decade. Smoking cigarette is more than just an addiction; it is one of highest cause of death in the world than any other causes.

Cause And Effect Essay About Smoking

Smoking has become a social habit nowadays. When people around are smoking, the person practically feel like he/she should be doing the same. And this is increasing day by day in our country. Smoking tribulates almost every organ of the body. It is the leading cause of more than 443,00 deaths each year. Secondly smoking approximately result in 3,000 lung cancer deaths of non-smokers which is given off by the end of the burning cigarette and by the smokers exhalation.

More about Argumentative Essay On Why Tobacco Should Be Banned

Should Smoking Be Illegal?

Should smoking be banned? What are the pros and cons of banning cigarettes in public places? If you’re writing an argumentative essay or persuasive speech on why smoking should be banned, check out this sample.

Smoking Should Be Banned: Essay Introduction

Reasons why smoking should be banned, why smoking should not be banned: essay arguments, why smoking should be banned essay conclusion.

Smoking involves an act of burning a substance for the purpose of taking in its smoke into the lungs. These substances are commonly tobacco or cannabis. Combustion releases the active substances in them like nicotine, which are absorbed through the lungs.

A widespread technique through which this is done is via smoking manufactured cigarettes or hand-rolling the tobacco ready for smoking. Almost 1 billion people in the majority of all human societies practice smoking. Complications directly associated with smoking claim the lives of half of all the persons who have been involved in smoking tobacco or marijuana for a long time.

Smoking is an addiction because tobacco contains nicotine, which is very addictive. The nicotine, therefore, makes it difficult for a smoker to quit. A person will, therefore, become used to nicotine such that he/she has to smoke so as to feel normal. I, therefore, think that smoking should be banned because of some reason.

One reason why smoking should be banned is that it has got several health effects. It harms almost every organ of the body. Cigarette smoking causes 87% of lung cancer deaths and is also responsible for many other cancer and health problems.

Apart from this, Infant deaths that occur in pregnant women are attributed to smoking. Similarly, people who stay near smokers become secondary smokers where they may breathe in the smoke and get the same health problems as smokers do. Although not widely smoked, cannabis also has health problems, and the symptoms of withdrawal include depression, insomnia, frustration, anger, anxiety, difficulty in concentration, and restlessness.

Apart from causing emphysema, smoking also affects the digestive organs as well as the blood circulatory systems, especially heart arteries. Women have a higher risk of heart attack than men, which exacerbates with time as one continues to smoke. The mouth is also affected by smoking, whereby the teeth will become discolored, the lips will blacken and will always stay dry and also causes bad breath.

Cigarette and tobacco products are very expensive. People who smoke are therefore forced to spend their money on these products which badly waste their income which they would have otherwise spent on other things. I, therefore, think that smoking should be forbidden in order to reduce the costs of treating diseases related to smoking as well as the number of deaths caused by smoking-related illnesses.

However, tobacco and cigarette manufacturing nations will lose a lot if smoking was to be banned. I, therefore, think that it should not be banned. Some nations largely depend on exporting cigarettes and tobacco products to get revenue.

This revenue normally boosts the economy of such nations. If smoking was to be banned, it means that they will incur great losses since tobacco companies are multi-billion organizations. Apart from these, millions of people will be rendered jobless as a result of the ban.

The process in which tobacco and cigarette products reach consumers is very complex, and it involves a chain process with several people involved in it. Banning smoking, therefore, means these people will lose their jobs for which most of them may be depending upon for their livelihoods.

In conclusion, the ban on smoking is a very hard step to be undertaken, especially when the number of worldwide users is in billions. Although it places a large burden on nations in treating diseases associated with smoking, it may take a very long time before a ban can work. Attempts by some nations to do this have often been met with failures.

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Cigarettes Should be Illegal – Argumentative Essay

essay selling tobacco should be banned

One of the biggest and most challenging health concerns in our society is smoking. Smoking is not a new activity. This practice has been around for ages in different forms. Smoking is presently the foremost cause of death in the world, due to its damaging and addicting substances, such as nicotine and tobacco. Even though millions die from it each year, smoking is the single most avoidable cause of death as well. Without smoking, a great amount of money and lives will be saved. Bans on items like tobacco are difficult to implement, and usually, do not stop all activity. Illegal selling of cigarettes is likely to follow a ban, if not imposed correctly. Cigarette smoking is the source of several health issues, it also includes lethal cancers.  The habit-forming nature makes it a tough task to stay away from once it has been experienced. This is made particularly testing when smoking is attempted at a young age. Evolving and impressionable minds often form addictions faster.

Currently, a cigarette manufacturing machine can use up to 3.7 miles of paper an hour. Tobacco crop uses additional important nutrients than many other harvests, degrading the soil. Probably the most influence of a cigarette on the environment is the making of them. The land used to grow tobacco crops could be put to healthier use by planting more trees or food production. Huge quantities of pesticides, fertilizer and herbicides are used on tobacco crops. Cigarette butts also do a lot of damage as actually they are often made from a form of plastic. The polymer acetate filters consist of thousands of strands that can take up to 15-25 years to dissolve. The dregs from tobacco in the butts also discharge pollutants into the atmosphere. Trillions of butts are discarded each year. These cigarette butts then make their way inside the stomachs of birds and fishes. It is awful to know that some of the fishes that we have consumed may have been tainted by cigarette butts.

Main reasons why cigarette smoking should be banned Pollution Cigarettes add to pollutions every day as people smoke them and release toxins into the air. Our air is already wanting in good quality. This is only increasing the problem. Global warming has become the main problem because of the solid inflow of toxins into our air. We also want plants to help filter our air and produce purified clean air to breathe. The air around us is also needed by plants to breathe. Crops grown by farmers in contaminated air, do not give the top nourishment for our bodies. Polluted air and soil is the root cause of these issues.

Cancer Cancer is the usual result for those that smoke for many long years. Probabilities of escaping cancer are better instantly after giving up the habit. However, the damage to the lungs can be substantial. There are many losses that turn around advanced lung cancer. The lungs of these patients are frequently studied to understand how much damage has happened. They are mostly found to be totally black in colour, like the inside of a fireplace. The smoking of cigarettes can also lead to cancers of the mouth and throat. The smoke that constantly passes down the lungs harms the delicate tissues of the respiratory tract. There is, therefore, no purpose to permit the usage of a product that is killing people.

The rise of cancer is in many forms. Lung cancer can even happen after the habit of smoking ends. It takes time for the cells to heal themselves once they have been mutilated. Smokers very often regret the decision to try cigarettes when cancer is the diagnosis. Others may be angry after being exposed to unprotected second-hand smoke.

Children Children are at great danger from cigarette smoking. Those children whose Parents smokes regularly are susceptible to this poison, every day. Young kids that are still growing can be especially vulnerable to the bad effects of cigarette smoke. Children can also without difficulty become hooked when they live in the home with a smoker.

Children that are wide open to cigarette smoke before they are even born can have many problems right away. Pregnant women, who smoke cigarettes, put their newborn babies at danger for prematurity and low birth weight. Pregnant women smoking during and after pregnancy are at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Smoking can expose a baby to harmful substances like nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. Children with smoking parents are often ignorant of the concerns until they start school and learn about the dangers.

The recent laws forbid smoking in the car with children. This is a gigantic step towards shielding children from grown-ups with bad habits. Children that are open to cigarette smoke at an early stage in their life, often suffer from respiratory problems. This can include chronic disease like asthma. The pollutants from smoke settle down into the hair, clothes, and furniture of smokers. Even if a smoker selects to smoke only outside and away from children, the toxins from the cigarettes still make their way to children in the home.

Smoking is a nauseating habit that puts people’s lives at risk. The health concerns have been identified for many years, yet the habit-forming nature of cigarettes has stayed put. It may benefit to ban cigarettes since some people do not have the willpower to fight the problem on their own. A ban holds people responsible for their actions when it comes to illegal substances. Nicotine may not damage cognitive skills in the same way that drugs and alcohol do. However, they do affect vast long-term health matters. Smokers also suffer publicly, socially and not just physically. Cigarette smoking culminates to governing the lives of those who become addicted. Many residential complexes do not want smokers, as the cleaning is difficult when they move out. It is very difficult to totally eliminate the smell as the smell penetrates the walls and carpets deeply.

Unfortunately, smokers are at danger of losing their lives from huge health concerns. Smaller illnesses, like asthma, can also be challenging on the person. Lung cancer is often terminal and can lead to a heart-breaking loss for family and friends. Many people may try to support smoker mend, without any positive result. A ban on smoking may assist to curb pollution, keep children safe and healthy, and leave fewer people lonely. Any kind of addiction can inflict destruction in the lives of the addicts and those close to them.


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    Despite having all these negative effects, tobacco is of great economic importance as it creates employment for the citizens. The negative effects of tobacco smoking supersede its positive contributions. Therefore, tobacco smoking should be banned. . References Eaton, L. (2003). United Kingdom finally bans tobacco advertising.

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    Smoking Should Be Banned: Essay Introduction Smoking involves an act of burning a substance for the purpose of taking in its smoke into the lungs. These substances are commonly tobacco or cannabis. Combustion releases the active substances in them like nicotine, which are absorbed through the lungs.

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    Bans on items like tobacco are difficult to implement, and usually, do not stop all activity. Illegal selling of cigarettes is likely to follow a ban, if not imposed correctly. Cigarette smoking is the source of several health issues, it also includes lethal cancers.