260 Interesting Math Topics for Essays & Research Papers

Mathematics is the science of numbers and shapes. Writing about it can give you a fresh perspective and help to clarify difficult concepts. You can even use mathematical writing as a tool in problem-solving.

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In this article, you will find plenty of interesting math topics. Besides, you will learn about branches of mathematics that you can choose from. And if the thought of letters and numbers makes your head swim, try our custom writing service . Our professionals will craft a paper for you in no time!

And now, let’s proceed to math essay topics and tips.

🔝 Top 10 Interesting Math Topics

✅ branches of mathematics, ✨ fun math topics.

🔍 References

What exactly is mathematics ? First and foremost, it is very old. Ancient Greeks and Persians were already utilizing mathematical tools. Nowadays, we consider it an interdisciplinary language.

Biologists, linguists, and sociologists alike use math in their work. And not only that, we all deal with it in our daily lives. For instance, it manifests in the measurement of time. We often need it to calculate how much our groceries cost and how much paint we need to buy to cover a wall.

Albert Einstein quote.

Simply put, mathematics is a universal instrument for problem-solving. We can divide pure math into three branches: geometry, arithmetic, and algebra. Let’s take a closer look:

It’s true that most high school students don’t like math. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun and compelling subject. In the following section, you will find plenty of enthralling mathematical topics for your paper.

If you’re struggling to start working on your essay, we have some fun and cool math topics to offer. They will definitely engage you and make the writing process enjoyable. Besides, fun math topics can show everyone that even math can be entertaining or even a bit silly.

🏫 Math Essay Topics for High School

When writing a math paper, you want to demonstrate that you understand a concept. It can be helpful if you need to prepare for an exam. Choose a topic from this section and decide what you want to discuss.

🎓 College Math Topics for a Paper

Sometimes you need more than just formulas to explain a complex idea. That’s why knowing how to express yourself is crucial. It is especially true for college-level mathematics. Consider the following ideas for your next research project:

Three main types of geometry.

🤔 Advanced Topics in Math to Write a Paper on

Once you have passed the trials of basic math, you can move on to the advanced section. This area includes topology, combinatorics, logic, and computational mathematics. Check out the list below for enticing topics to write about:

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📚 Math Research Topics for a Paper

Choosing the right topic is crucial for a successful research paper in math. It should be hard enough to be compelling, but not exceeding your level of competence. If possible, stick to your area of knowledge. This way your task will become more manageable. Here are some ideas:

Mathematical writing should be well-structured, precise, and easy readable

✏️ Math Education Research Topics

For many teachers, the hardest part is to keep the students interested. When it comes to math, it can be especially challenging. It’s crucial to make complicated concepts easy to understand. That’s why we need research on math education.

E. T. Bell quote.

🧮 Algebra Topics for a Paper

The elegance of algebra stems from its simplicity. It gives us the ability to express complex problems in short equations. The world was changed forever when Einstein wrote down the simple formula E=mc². Now, if your algebra seminar requires you to write a paper, look no further! Here are some brilliant prompts:

📏 Geometry Topics for a Research Paper

Shapes and space are the two staples of geometry. Since its appearance in ancient times, it has evolved into a major field of study. Geometry’s most recent addition, topology, explores what happens to an object if you stretch, shrink, and fold it. Things can get pretty crazy from here! The following list contains 25 interesting geometry topics:

The role of study of non-Euclidean geometry

➗ Calculus Topics to Write a Paper on

You can describe calculus as a more complicated algebra. It’s a study of change over time that provides useful insights into everyday problems. Applied calculus is required in a variety of fields such as sociology, engineering, or business. Consult this list of compelling topics on a calculus paper:

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Calculus was developed by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz.

💵 Business Math Topics to Write About

You don’t have to own a company to appreciate business math. Its topics range from credits and loans to insurance, taxes, and investment. Even if you’re not a mathematician, you can use it to handle your finances. Sounds interesting? Then have a look at the following list:

With all these ideas, you are perfectly equipped for your next math paper. Good luck!

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17 Prompts for Writing in Mathematics—and Why It Even Matters

Writing in mathematics was something I did once a year. You read that right: once.

In Texas, there are state-mandated writing samples that need to be collected across the content areas for students who are emergent bilinguals. At the small schools I taught at, these writing samples were completed by all students so as to not stigmatize those students who they were required for.

So, once a year, I would think up some sort of writing prompt relevant to mathematics, have my students respond to it for 5-10 minutes, collect the writing samples, and dutifully hand them in. Check. That. Box.

Y’all, I didn’t even know what I was missing.

Then, one year I sat down and read the writing samples before I turned them in. Like, really read them.

It was incredible to see what my students knew, what they didn’t know (but I thought they knew), and how they expressed themselves in writing.

That was a turning point for me. I saw how writing in mathematics allowed my students to make sense of their own thinking and provided me with incredible insights into what my learners did and didn’t know.

This blog post explores:

Let’s jump in!

Writing in Mathematics: Why It Matters

Writing engages all learners.

Writing is a way to engage all learners in mathematical thinking at the same time. An entire class of students cannot talk about mathematics at the same time, but they can write about mathematics at the same time (Tuttle, 2005). This is an incredibly powerful way to engage and assess all learners’ thinking.

Writing Helps Us Make Sense

Have you ever been overwhelmed with all of the things you need to do? Thoughts just swim through your mind, jumping from one Oh, I can’t forget to do that! to the next. What do you do to help you manage these thoughts? Many of us write them down . Making a list often helps us get ahold of what needs doing and focus on our next steps. Writing has this kind of power.

Tuttle (2005) explains how writing helps us parse through and make sense of our thoughts:

“Students need to untangle what is in their own minds first, get it on paper, and then share their thinking with others.” (p. 29)

Writing helps us capture the multitude of related ideas we have in our heads, bring them together in a coherent story, and realize what gaps we have in our learning or what parts of an idea are still unclear to us.

Writing Helps Us Learn

Related to the previous point, writing helps us learn. Writing about mathematics requires a different sort of thinking than other mathematical verbs such as graphing, solving, and representing.

Tuttle (2005) explains it this way:

“Written explanations in mathematics are about what is being done and why it works. The type of thinking involved in justifying a strategy or explaining an answer is quite different from that needed to merely solve an equation. The process of writing about a mathematics problem will itself often lead to a solution. ” (p. 27)

Writing provides students with opportunities to need and use relevant mathematical vocabulary that otherwise might be the sole domain of the teacher. Writing helps us consolidate our learning, as we practice using new words to describe new ideas.

As NCTM describes in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (2000):

“Writing in mathematics can also help students consolidate their thinking because it requires them to reflect on their work and clarify their thoughts about the ideas developed in the lesson.” (p. 61)

I love this language from NCTM, as well, as they encourage us to nurture written communication:

Reflection and communication are intertwined processes in mathematics learning.

We cannot truly learn something without somehow communicating about it. Writing is a great way to reflect on, communicate, and learn mathematics.

Student Writing Provides Incredible Insights to the Reader/Teacher

Student writing is not just for the students’ benefit. Remember my big aha when I finally read my students’ state-mandated writing samples? I couldn’t believe all that I learned from those excerpts.

Student writing is incredibly informative for the reader. It helps us understand the why (and not just the how ) of our students’ thinking. Students may be performing certain mathematical computations correctly, but they might have underlying conceptions that are partly false. Writing brings students’ understandings (in their incomplete, real, and still emerging form) to the surface, allowing us to know a lot more about what our students think.

17 Prompts for Writing in Mathematics

Here are 17 prompts for writing in mathematics sorted by the type of thinking, with examples interspersed throughout. I’ve included a PDF download of these 17 prompts later in this post. Be sure to download that for easy reference!

Mathematical Noticing & Inferring

Given a mathematical representation such as the table shown at right:

essay questions about math

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What Math Teachers Can Learn from the Reading Wars

What Math Teachers Can Learn from the Reading Wars

' src=

What students think as well as how they think can at times be amusing, but also somewaht disconcerting.

' src=

If you have a more science mind and find it difficult to describe what you did, then don’t wait and check our AI text generator! talktowalle.com

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Math Essay | Essay on Math for Students and Children in English

January 13, 2021 by Prasanna

Math Essay: Mathematics is generally defined as the science that deals with numbers. It involves operations among numbers, and it also helps you to calculate the product price, how many discounted prizes here, and If you good in maths so you can calculate very fast. Mathematicians and scientists rely on mathematics principles in their real-life to experiments with new things every day. Many students say that ” I hate mathematics ” and maths is a useless subject, but it is wrong because without mathematics your life is tough to survive. Math has its applications in every field.

You can also find more  Essay Writing  articles on events, persons, sports, technology and many more.

Long and Short Essays on Math for Students and Kids in English

We are presenting students with essay samples on an extended essay of 500 words and a short of 150 words on the topic of math for reference.

Long Essay on Math 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Math is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Mathematics is one of the common subjects that we study since our childhood. It is generally used in our daily life. Every person needs to learn some basics of it. Even counting money also includes math. Every work is linked with math in some way or the other. A person who does math is called a Mathematician.

Mathematics can be divided into two parts. The first is Pure mathematics, and the second is Applied mathematics. In Pure mathematics, we need to study the basic concept and structures of mathematics. But, on the other side, Applied mathematics involves the application of mathematics to solve problems that arise in various areas,(e.g.), science, engineering, and so on.

One couldn’t imagine the world without math. Math makes our life systematic, and every invention involves math. No matter what action a person is doing, he should know some basic maths. Every profession involves maths. Our present-day world runs on computers, and even computer runs with the help of maths. Every development that happens requires math.

Mathematics has a wide range of applications in our daily life. Maths generally deals with numbers. There are various topics in math, such as trigonometry; integration; differentiation, etc. All the subjects such as physics; chemistry; economy; commerce involve maths in some way or the other. Math is also used to find the relation between two numbers, and math is considered to be one of the most challenging subjects to learn. Math includes various numbers, and many symbols are used to show the relation between two different numbers.

Math is complicated to learn, and one needs to focus and concentrate more. Math is logical sometimes, and the logic needs to be derived out. Maths make our life easier and more straightforward. Math is considered to be challenging because it consists of many formulas that have to be learned, and many symbols and each symbol generally has its significance.

Some of the advantages of Math in our daily life

Short Essay on Math 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Math is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Maths is generally defined as the science of numbers and the operations performed among them. It deals with both alphabets along with numbers and involves addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison, etc. It is used in every field. Maths consists of finding a relation between numbers, calculating the distance between two places, counting money, calculating profit and loss.

It is of two types pure and applied. Pure math deals with the basic structure and concept of maths, whereas applied mathematics deals with how maths is used it involves the application of maths in our daily life. All the subjects include maths, and hence maths is considered to be one of the primary and joint issues which need to be learned by everyone. One couldn’t imagine their life using maths. It has made our experience easy and straightforward. It has prevented chaos in our daily life. Hence learning maths is mandatory for everyone.

10 Lines on Math in English

FAQ’s on Math Essay

Question 1. What is Mathematics in simple words?

Answer: Mathematics is the study of shapes, patterns, numbers, and more. It involves a comparison between two numbers and calculating the distance between two places.

Question 2. Do we need mathematics every day?

Answer: Yes, we need mathematics every day, from buying a product to sell anything you want. Maths is present in our daily life, and no matter what work we do, maths is involved, and the application of maths is current in our everyday life.

Question 3. Who was the No.1 Mathematicians in the world?

Answer: Isaac Newton, who was a profound mathematician, is considered to be one of the best mathematicians in the world.

Question 4. What are the applications of maths?

Answer: Maths have various applications in our daily life. Maths is present everywhere from counting money to the calculating distance between two places. We could find math applications around.




Our free mathematics essay examples include popular topics such as algorithms, applied mathematics, calculus, knot theory, linear algebra, and more.

The Banach-Tarski paradox

Mathematics is seen by many as a mysterious and often unsettling subject. Answers often hide behind layers and layers of complicated equations, formulas and ciphers, the application of advanced concepts to real life is limited and I often find myself more confused after class than when I first entered. However, the real beauty of Mathematics … Read more

Pascal’s triangle, binomial theorem

What is Pascal’s Triangle? Pascal’s Triangle was named after Blaise Pascal. Pascal’s triangle starts with the number 1 and goes down the scale. When you start with one, add more numbers in a triangular shape, like a pyramid of some sort. All the numbers on the surrounding right and left sides of the triangle are … Read more

My journey of teaching and learning mathematics since embarking on a PGCE Mathematics course

Before I came to study a Post Graduate Certificate (PGCE) Mathematics course at University College London Institute of Education (UCL IOE), I had been working as an Academic Tutor at a behavioural centre, linked to a mainstream secondary school for the past 7 months. Students placed here had either learning difficulties or behaviour issues experienced … Read more

Aircraft – mathematics

Math SL Internal Assessment Lift and Drag Introduction When you look at aircrafts, they look like they shouldn’t be able to leave the ground because of how big they are. I always watched aircrafts, take off and land, over and over. According to Newton’s Third Law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, lift … Read more

The World of Mathematics

Mathematics is often considered a useless discipline because people think they do not use advanced math in their life. It is a misunderstanding. Not using advanced math does not mean it is not vital. If you trade stocks, you will read many stock analysis reports. These reports use mathematical knowledge. Many students in the United … Read more

The history of algebra

We all use algebra. Even if it’s for the simple stuff, we use some form of algebra in our everyday lives. While reading chapters 1-10, I came across the word algebra and became quite curious about the subject for I have never really understood nor cared for it honestly, I just figured it’s the usual … Read more

Mathematics introduction

Mathematics belongs to the science discourse community. The word science means knowledge and comes from the Latin “Scientia”. In university, science is made up of a lot of discourse communities, such as Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. By searching the definition of science in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, science is “knowledge covering general truths of the … Read more

Niels Henrik Abel

For over two centuries, mathematicians had trouble in finding a solution to the quintic equation, that is until Niels Henrik Abel formulated a theory. Abel was a Norwegian mathematician born on August 5, 1802, and his talent and potential in the field of mathematics was already present at a young age, leading him to become … Read more

The narrative of zero

Numbers surround us. They stamp our days, light our evenings, foresee our climate, and keep us on course. They drive business and support human progress. The beginning of the numerals makes disarray between the historical backdrop of mathematics and the historical backdrop of our modern numerals. The narrative of zero alludes to something can be … Read more

Emmy Noether

She was more than a mathematician to the people she met and to the people she inspired. She even has managed to inspire people long after she has passed. Emmy Noether was born on March 23, 1882 in Bavaria Germany. Growing up she wanted to go to college but back then women weren’t allowed to … Read more

Bitopological Approximation Space with Application to Data Reduction in Multivalued Information Systems

Abstract: In this work we generalize Pawlak approximation space to bitopological approximation space. One binary relation can define two subbases of two topological spaces. Membership, equillity and inclusion relations using rough approximations are defined and studied in bitopological aapproximation space. Some new measures that measure the accuracy and the quality of approximations are defined and … Read more

Statistics overview

Statistics is a form of mathematical analysis that uses quantified models, representations and synopses for a given set of experimental data or real life studies. Statistical analysis involves the process of gathering and evaluating data and then summarizing the data into a mathematical form. Statistics is a term used to summarize a process that a … Read more

Numerical Weather Prediction

You turn on the television, and often the first channel that pops up is the weather. It’s going 24/7 with predictions that go from weekly all the way down to hourly, with conditions that go from humidity to temperature. But what goes on behind the scenes is heavily entrenched in mathematics– meteorology’s backbone is a … Read more

The Mathematics of Our Universe

Abstract In this report, we start by defining key aspects of classical Lagrangian mechanics including the principle of least action and how one can use this to derive the Euler-Lagrange equations. Momentum and Conservation laws shall also be introduced, deriving relations between position, momenta and the Lagrangian of a given system. Following this, we develop … Read more

Teaching of mathematics

INTRODUCTION As mathematics is a compulsory subject upto the secondary level, access to quality mathematics education is the right of every child. Developing children’s abilities for mathematisation is the main goal of mathematics education. In the words of David Wheeler, it is “more useful to know how to mathematise than to know a lot of … Read more

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essay questions about math

essay questions about math

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essay questions about math

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202 Math Research Topics: List To Vary Your Ideas

202 Math Research Topics

Mathematics is an exceptional field of study dealing primarily with numbers. It also deals with structures, formulas, shapes, spaces, and quantities of where they are contained.

Maths encompasses different types of computations that are applied in the real world.

Math requires a lot of analysis. This is why there are different types of maths. They all encompass different subjects and deal with different things. What are the types of maths?

Arithmetic This is perhaps the commonest type or branch of maths. It is one of the oldest and it encompasses basic numbers operations. These are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divisions; in some schools, the short word for it is BODMAS. This is known as the Bracket of Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction. Algebra This is where unknown quantities are represented by alphabets and used along with numbers. The letters these unknown quantities are represented by are usually A, B, X, and Y, and they could also be symbols. Geometry This is considered one of the practical branches of maths as it examines sizes, shapes, figures, and the features of these entities. The most common parts of geometry are lines, points, solids, surfaces, and angles.

There are many other types but the above are the most popular. Others are trigonometry, topology, mathematical analysis, calculus, probability, statistics, and a few others.

As many students find it hard to develop maths research topics on their own, this is a chance for you. It’s okay to be worked up when you can’t find undergraduate math research topics that fit your project, essay or paper choices. This article will provide custom maths education research topics for your use. Before that, how do you structure your math essay or paper?

How to Structure Your Math Essay or Paper

Structuring your essay or paper may require that you’ve been reading critical math journals. Reading them could have made it easy to understand how to structure your paper. However, you don’t have to worry if you haven’t. Structuring your paper as expected is an essential part of writing and you’ll know about it in this section. Before you learn that, how do you choose a topic?

Choosing a Topic to Discuss

One of the difficult yet significant parts of any math essay or paper is choosing your topic. This is because you need to solve a problem or engage in a subject that has got less attention. You also need to understand the background to the subject you want to discuss as you can’t write blindly.

You must also be able to articulate your thoughts well as you must show visible knowledge before you commence the research and writing. How do you go about this? You can consider reading existing research. You can even take notes during classes to see the areas you think more work needs to be done.

After choosing your topic, conduct your research to see if you can investigate the sphere. If you can, you need to structure your research thus:

The Background This includes the discussion on what the essay is about. Depending on what you’re writing about, you need to discuss the primary concepts, including the history of some terms, where essential, in this section. This section is more like general information about the subject you want to discuss with your paper. This helps your readers familiarize themselves with your intended discussion. The Introduction This is where the main ideas behind your essays (and the solutions you hope to proffer) are tended to the readers. This is where you also explain the symbols you’ll use and the principles which are required in your essay. Aside from this, you need to state the basic issues, the solutions you could offer, the laws which are essential to discuss to make your work comprehensible. The Main Body This is where you elaborate on your findings. You need to state the research problem, the formulas, the theories you’ll use in tackling the problem, and many other things. You also need to introduce different sections of maths into the main body which is divided by paragraphs and/or chapters as well as mathematical analysis where needed. Implications This is the last part of your essay or paper. This is where you share the insights of your research with your readers. You offer short explanations of the things you have discussed. If you have treated a subject in applied mathematics, this is where you give summaries of how math is connected to human life and the strategic importance of these to people.

By adhering to this structure, you would have crafted the best rated and high-quality maths paper. Furthermore, remember you always have an option to get help with dissertations and save your time. Since it is sometimes challenging to choose cool maths topics to research on your own, these are some for you:

Research Topics in Math

Math is a broad subject. There is a study of the history of math as well as its influence in education, amongst many other sub-sections. If you’d like to create stunning research, you may choose to discuss any of these research topics in math to fulfill one of your academic requirements:

Undergraduate Math Research Topics

As an undergraduate, you may also have a difficult time wrapping your head around math research topics. You may need to offer both practical and theoretical assessments while writing your paper or essay. The following are undergraduate math research topics:

Math Research Topics for High School Students

As a high school student writing a research paper, one way to get high grades is to write what you know. If you know any math research paper topics for high school, they are the topics you should pick. You can consider:

Interesting Math Research Topics

Writing a mathematical essay may seem complex to you if you can’t find simple topics to write about. There are many easy topics which are also general in maths. If you want to choose a relaxing topic for your math essay or paper, you can write about the following:

Cool Math Topics to Research

As a student of any level, you may love to create math topics that are not exactly complex. These are topics that lean on the history of maths, math education research topics, and others. Consider these math research topics for college students for your next essay or paper:

Math Research Topics for Middle School

It’s okay to be worried about math topics for your research as a middle school student. There are still different unique topics that are rebranded from existing ones. You can find some of the right math research paper topics for you here:

Applied Math Research Topics

Applied math is a branch which deals with the application of mathematical methods in real life. These are manifested by applications in finance, physics, engineering, biology, medicine, and others. Through specialized knowledge, applied math is made possible. These are some topics for you in this area:

Math Research Topics for College Students

As college students, you are at a critical level. You need maths topics for your essays and paper. You may also need them to prepare for your exams. These are some math research topics for you:

Get Math Paper Research Help

Do you need professional research paper help? We offer affordable and cheap research paper assistance for students across all levels. If you need help with research papers, you can easily buy dissertation online from our team of academicians.

Our academicians are experts at college research paper writing service online. For a cheap price, they have written the best rated submissions in schools in the US and Europe. With high quality writing, you can hire them and get your paper before your deadline.

Architecture Thesis Topics

Make PhD experience your own

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Top 100 Math Essay Topics for Students

Sep 2, 2021 | 0 comments

essay questions about math

Sep 2, 2021 | Topics | 0 comments

Math is a science that deals with the logic of numbers, quantities, arrangements, and shapes. Although math doesn’t deal much with words, students in high schools and colleges are sometimes required to write essays. Students often wonder why they have to write math essays. Still, essentially this allows them an opportunity to discover how mathematics intersects into their lives and others around us. Many people struggle coming up with topics which is why we want to help you find your inspiration! As you scroll down, you will find some interesting math essay topics . These ideas are not only engaging but illuminating too! We took our time to gather the best possible essays for students so that they don’t end up in a stressful situation at school. Topics from popular and unpopular mathematics are also included below-you can be confident of your success if you choose one here!

Top Math Essay Topics

Get Help from the Experts with your Math Essay Topics  Paper

We know that you want to ace your math essay, but it can be challenging coming up with a topic. You need help from an expert! Let us provide the perfect solution for all of your math-related problems. We have professional writers who are experienced in writing high school and college-level essays on any subject imaginable. Our company is dedicated to providing every customer with excellent service and superior quality work at affordable prices. Place your order now and get started working towards success today! What topics would you like our experts to write about?  

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    Math Essay: Mathematics is generally defined as the science that deals with numbers. It involves operations among numbers, and it also helps you to calculate the product price, how many discounted prizes here, and If you good in maths so you can calculate very fast.

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