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10 Great Essay Writing Tips

essay on weather for class 4

Knowing how to write a college essay is a useful skill for anyone who plans to go to college. Most colleges and universities ask you to submit a writing sample with your application. As a student, you’ll also write essays in your courses. Impress your professors with your knowledge and skill by using these great essay writing tips.

Prepare to Answer the Question

Most college essays ask you to answer a question or synthesize information you learned in class. Review notes you have from lectures, read the recommended texts and make sure you understand the topic. You should refer to these sources in your essay.

essay on weather for class 4

Plan Your Essay

Many students see planning as a waste of time, but it actually saves you time. Take a few minutes to think about the topic and what you want to say about it. You can write an outline, draw a chart or use a graphic organizer to arrange your ideas. This gives you a chance to spot problems in your ideas before you spend time writing out the paragraphs.

Choose a Writing Method That Feels Comfortable

You might have to type your essay before turning it in, but that doesn’t mean you have to write it that way. Some people find it easy to write out their ideas by hand. Others prefer typing in a word processor where they can erase and rewrite as needed. Find the one that works best for you and stick with it.

essay on weather for class 4

View It as a Conversation

Writing is a form of communication, so think of your essay as a conversation between you and the reader. Think about your response to the source material and the topic. Decide what you want to tell the reader about the topic. Then, stay focused on your response as you write.

essay on weather for class 4

Provide the Context in the Introduction

If you look at an example of an essay introduction, you’ll see that the best essays give the reader a context. Think of how you introduce two people to each other. You share the details you think they will find most interesting. Do this in your essay by stating what it’s about and then telling readers what the issue is.

essay on weather for class 4

Explain What Needs to be Explained

Sometimes you have to explain concepts or define words to help the reader understand your viewpoint. You also have to explain the reasoning behind your ideas. For example, it’s not enough to write that your greatest achievement is running an ultra marathon. You might need to define ultra marathon and explain why finishing the race is such an accomplishment.

essay on weather for class 4

Answer All the Questions

After you finish writing the first draft of your essay, make sure you’ve answered all the questions you were supposed to answer. For example, essays in compare and contrast format should show the similarities and differences between ideas, objects or events. If you’re writing about a significant achievement, describe what you did and how it affected you.

essay on weather for class 4

Stay Focused as You Write

Writing requires concentration. Find a place where you have few distractions and give yourself time to write without interruptions. Don’t wait until the night before the essay is due to start working on it.

essay on weather for class 4

Read the Essay Aloud to Proofread

When you finish writing your essay, read it aloud. You can do this by yourself or ask someone to listen to you read it. You’ll notice places where the ideas don’t make sense, and your listener can give you feedback about your ideas.

essay on weather for class 4

Avoid Filling the Page with Words

A great essay does more than follow an essay layout. It has something to say. Sometimes students panic and write everything they know about a topic or summarize everything in the source material. Your job as a writer is to show why this information is important.


essay on weather for class 4

Geography Notes

Essay on weather and climate: top 6 essays | climatology | geography.


Here is a compilation of essays on ‘Weather and Climate’ for class 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Weather and Climate’ especially written for school students.

Essay on Weather and Climate

Essay Contents:

Essay # 1. Meaning of Weather and Climate:

Weather is the day-to-day state of atmosphere and pertains to short term changes in conditions of heat, moisture and air movement. Weather results from processes that attempt to equalise the differences in the distribution of net radiant energy from sun. In other words, the instantaneous state of atmosphere can be called as weather. It is usually expressed as fine, fair, foggy, cloudy, rainy, sunny or windy weather.

The process of exchange of heat and moisture between earth and atmosphere over a long period of time (month, season, and year) related to large areas (zone, state, country, continent) results in conditions what we call climate.

It is aggregate of atmospheric conditions involving heat, moisture and air movement. In other words, the totality of weather over a large area is known as climate. It is expressed as marine, continental, arid, semiarid, humid or desert climate.

ADVERTISEMENTS: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Essay # 2. Elements of Weather and Climate :

Weather refers to the sum total of the atmos­pheric conditions in terms of temperature, pressure, wind, moisture, cloudiness, precipitation and visibility of a particular place at any given time. In fact, weather denotes short-term variations of atmospheric condi­tions and it is highly variable.

On the other hand, climate is defined as aggregate weather conditions of any region in long-term perspective. According to Trewartha ‘climate represents a composite of day to day weather conditions, and of the atmospheric ele­ments, within a specified area over a long period of time.’ According to Critchfield ‘climate is more than a statistical average; it is the aggregate of atmospheric conditions involving heat, moisture, and air move­ment. Extremes must always be considered in any climatic description in addition to means, trends, and probabilities.’

According to Koeppen and De Long ‘climate is a summary, a composite of weather condi­tions over a long period of time; truly portrayed, it includes details of variations-extremes, frequencies, sequences-of the weather elements which occur from year to year, particularly in temperature and precipita­tion. Climate is the aggregate of the weather.’

G.F. Taylor has maintained that ‘climate is the integration of weather, and weather is the differentiation of cli­mate. The distinction between weather and climate is, therefore, mainly one of time.’ Temperature, pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness etc. are ele­ments of weather and climate.

ADVERTISEMENTS: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Essay # 3. Importance of Weather and Climate :

Weather and climate are the most pervasive factors of crop environment.

Knowledge of agrometeorology is useful in several aspects of practical agriculture as indicated below:

1. It has practical utility in timing of agricultural operations so as to make the best use of favourable weather conditions and make adjustments for adverse weather.

2. The dangers of crop production due to pest and disease incidence, occurrence of prolonged drought, soil erosion, frost and weather hazards can be minimised.

3. Weather support also provides guidelines for long range or seasonal planning of crops and cultivars most suited to anticipated climatic conditions.

4. Agrometeorological information can be used in land use planning, risk analysis of climatic hazards, production and harvest forecasts and linking similar crop environments for crop adaptability and productivity.

Weather Elements :

Weather is a phase of climate representing atmospheric condition at a given place and at a given instant of time as against climate, representing atmospheric condition for longer period of time over a larger area.

Components of weather and climate or simply weather elements include:

a. Temperature.

b. Solar radiation.

c. Humidity.

e. Pressure.

g. Precipitation.

The influence of weather and climate on crop growth and development and final yield is complicated by complexity of interactions associated with crops and the environment during the crop season.

The influence of weather and climate on crop productivity can be summarised as indicated below:

Weather parameters with favourable influence :

1. Weather and climate are the important factors to determining the success or failure of agriculture.

2. All the agricultural operations from sowing to harvest of crops depend on the mercy of weather.

3. Climate determines suitability of a crop to a particular region while weather plays a major role in the productivity of a crop in the region.

4. The excess or shortage of elements of weather and climate exerts a negative influence on crop growth, development and final yield.

5. The effect of weather and climate is complex as elements of climate operate simultaneously in nature.

6. Due to complexity of environment in which a crop is grown, it is difficult to assign an, optimum value of a climatic element for maximum crop productivity.

Weather parameters with negative influence :

1. Excessive and untimely rains.

2. Scanty rains with prolonged dry spells.

3. Heat and cold waves.

4. Dust-storms, thunderstorms and hailstorms.

5. High winds.

Weather variables having both positive and negative effects on crop productivity :

1. Solar radiation (UV, light and infrared).

2. Temperature (air and soil).

3. Humidity,

5. Precipitation.

Essay # 4. Difference between Weather and Climate:

The differences between weather and climate are:

1. Pertains to the day-to-day state of the atmosphere at a particular place.

2. Refers to specific instant of time and place.

3. It is always changing and differs from time to time.

1. Pertains to the atmosphere over a given region,

2. Refers to a large region and for a long period of time.

3. It is more or less stable and differs from region to region.

Essay # 5. Factors Controlling Weather and Climate :

Geographical factors influencing weather and climate are referred to as climatic controls .

a. Latitude.

b. Altitude.

c. Land and water bodies.

d. Mountains.

e. Topography.

The distance from the equator (latitude), either from south or north, largely creates variation in climate. Based on latitude, the climate has been classified as tropical, subtropical, temperate and polar climates. The height from mean sea level (altitude/elevation) adds to variation in climate.

Temperature and pressure decreases with increasing height from mean sea level. Based on altitude, the climate is described as mountainous and valley/plateau climates. Nearness to large bodies of water also causes variation in climate. The climates are referred to as continental and maritime.

Instruments for Measuring Weather Parameters :

Different instruments are used for measuring weather parameters in observatories and laboratories. Depending on the level of accuracy required and the cost, instruments are used for recording the weather data.

Irrespective of whether it is an observatory or a lab. Table 2.1 gives a list or of instruments and weather parameter measured:

Essay # 6. Variation in Climate and Weather :

Climatic parameters are determined, primarily, by geographic factors such as:

1. Latitude.

2. Altitude.

3. Distance from large water bodies.

4. Ocean currents.

5. Intensity of wind.

All the above climatic parameters influence the wind. Three geographic factors—altitude, latitude and longitude are important for crop production. These are embodied in Hopkin Bioclimatic Law. It states that crop production activities (planting to harvest) and specific morphological developments are delayed by 4 days for each 1° latitude, 5° longitude and 12 m (40 ft) of altitude as one move northward and upward, respectively.

Intensity, velocity and direction of wind vary with three geographic factors leading to variation in climate and weather.

Geographic surface features such as large bodies of water and mountain ranges modify the wind characteristics and hence the meteorological parameters. A mountain range in the path of prevailing wind creates moist conditions on the windward side and dry conditions on the leeward side. Air cools adiabatically to the dew point as it rises up the mountains.

The air that is forced upward by the mountain range loses its moisture and becomes a dry mass when it goes over the top. This is called the orographic effect (relief effect), which is different from the usual rainfall without mountains. Topography influences weather and microclimate through variation in temperature and wind.

Water is normally warmer than the surrounding land. When wind blows over a large body of water, it picks up moisture, thus creating a more moderate leeward condition. The leeward side of the body of water is subjected to less temperature fluctuations (relatively stable weather) compared to windward side. Windward side is suitable for drought tolerant crops and leeward side to relatively drought sensitive crops. North facing and south facing slopes may differ in climate and natural vegetation. These sites differ in crops that can be grown.

World climate is not static but is subjected to changes caused by factors such as systematic changes in solar activity, sea level, atmospheric carbon dioxide and continental drift. Continental drift gradually changes the latitudinal position of the land masses and the sea level. Volcanic explosions discharge large amounts of dust and gases into the atmosphere. This may cause a decline in temperature (reverse of greenhouse effect).

Accumulation of greenhouse gases is responsible for global warming (gradual increasing trend in global average temperature largely due to greenhouse effect). In spite of technological advances in modern crop production, crop production is still subject to the vagaries of the weather that are manifested in three main ways— moisture stress, temperature stress and natural disasters.

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essay on weather for class 4

Importance Of Weather Essay

Louisiana geography chapter 2 summary.

Louisiana: The History of an American State discusses how culture and geography relate to each other in Chapter 1 and 2. In Ch. 2,”Louisiana’s Geography”, the writers of the textbook divide the discussion about geography into five different topics. Organized into their own section, the topics include ’location’, ‘waterways’, ‘natural regions’, ‘climate’, and ‘human environment interaction’. For the purposes of understanding the role that geography has in shaping culture, only four of the five sections in Ch. 2 provide enough information relevant to the task of establishing a link between Louisiana’s physical geography and its cultural geography. Of all the five sections on physical geography in Ch. 2, the four sections most important on Louisiana’s

The Weather Makers Chapter Summary

The book “The Weather Makers: The History and Future Impact of Climate Change” written by Tim Flanner pertains to predicting the global warming consequence on earth and species. In chapter 9, the unraveling world, the author talks about global warming and how it can have a long-lasting and far-reaching impact on our lives. He points out the substantial and rapid change of the climate and its connection with the effects of El Nino and La Nina are also uncovered. Climate change can be a major contributor as to where species live and how they interact. The changes can also be observed by the changing migration patterns of these species. Moreover, the unexpected changes in climate can also bring about a shift in the behaviour of species such as insects, butterflies, birds, caterpillars, frogs and possums. The author illustrates an example of how in northern Mexico and southern California the increased temperature has caused the plant on which caterpillars feed to wilt earlier which eventually cause larvae to starve.

Ap Human Geography Module 1 Summary

In my opinion, Learning Module 1 is the most meaningful and important of all learning modules reviewed in this class. The Learning Module 1 is about the basics of physical geography, which includes Chapter 1: Discovering the Earth’s dimensions, Chapter 2: The Earth’s global energy balance, and Chapter 3: Air temperature.

Snow Days Persuasive Essay

Snow days, are they over? Snow days are soon going to be replaced with E-days. E-days are days that you have to stay home because of the harsh weather so instead of staying home and watching tv, you can learn from home. So with that said, I think that E-days are a good idea. This essay will explain to the reader that E-days are a good idea because they save money, 2. the program has worked and is liked, and 3. they help protect scheduled vacations on the calendars.

Ap Human Geography Chapter 1 Study Guide

1. How does the discipline of geography provide a bridge between the social sciences and the physical science?

Argumentative Essay On Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach. A beach full of history and a great ecosystem that is full of life. This essay is going to talk about some of the history that has befallen this landmark and some of the endangered species that have made this seaside their home. This essay is also an argument that Wasaga Beach should be placed on the historic sites and monuments Board of Canada. First off let’s talk about how Wasaga Beach got its name. Wasaga comes from the word “Nottawasaga” which means “Iroquois at the mouth of the river”. The Algonquin Indians would use that phrase to alert their tribe to Iroquois raiding parties.

Essay On Being A Meteorologist

1 Weather is all around us all of the time. We feel it, see it, and sometimes hear it. Think of all of the amazing things that the weather does each day. When you turn on the television to see if you’re able to go fishing this weekend or if you need to take a jacket, the person on the screen will most likely be a meteorologist. A meteorologist is a person who studies the weather and forecasts it. I want to be a meteorologist because I’ve always loved the weather and all that it can do. Working in meteorology has a lot of variety, from from reporting forecasts, to researching weather phenomenons, to storm chasing, to coming up with new ways to keep the public safe.

Essay About Climate Change

There are natural, as well as unnatural causes of climate change. Natural climate change can be divided into two sections, long-term and short term. One of the long term changes is continental drift. Our continents shifted over time and moved over the surface of the Earth over millions of years to what our continents look like today, as seen in Figure 1. (“Causes of Climate Change”, Edgar).

Essay On Hurricanes

Hurricane: “A large tropical storm system with high-powered circular winds. ” ( Hurricanes are known to have changed our lives. Mostly, for worse. Hurricanes cause severe flooding from their high wind speeds. From our hurricane sandy experience, we can see that hurricanes tear down houses and buildings that are very precious to us. They can take down things that are not sheltered and things that are sheltered. They also flood places because of the rainfall that they cause. However, hurricanes can also help us by replenishing inland plant life, bringing rainfall to areas that need it, and provide a global heat balance. (“5 Things Hurricanes Can Do That Are Actually Good.” The Weather Channel). Hurricanes begin as tropical storms over the warm waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Overall, hurricanes have changed lives.

Costa Rica Volcanoes

weather such as hurricanes to happen often but that is not the case. Although it rains from

Danger Of Climate Change Essay

Climate change is the most rising issue of the modern world that is threatening our planet from the last few decades. In the simplest definition, the term climate change refers to the rising of the planet’s temperature, particularly an increase in the average atmospheric temperature. It should be noted that in the last few decades, many scientists and ecologists has discovered the Earth temperature is increasing at an alarming rate and has affected the planet in numerous of way. The constant change in the climate due to various causes is threatening the preservation of the Earth and its human life. It should be noted that the climate change is linked with several of the human activities that are further directed towards the global warming.

How Does Climate Change Affect Biodiversity

Climate change is a reoccurring issue in our world that has been observed and studied extensively. Firstly, what exactly is climate change? Climate change is when the usual weather that is found in an area changes. This can be seen as a change of precipitation in an area or the change in temperature.

Descriptive Essay About The Storm

Lightning crashes overhead as I race back into the house, dripping wet. I was just returning back from an adventure in the woods. The storm was unexpected, even the forecasters had never expected it. Luckily, I managed to make it back inside safely. I peered out the window as I took off my raincoat. The rain pitter pattered against the pavement softly, creating a lulling sound. I shook my head, fiercely trying to concentrate so that I didn’t fall asleep. I still have video games and homework to complete! The rain has always been a thing that could put me to sleep at the drop of a hat, in fact it’s my favorite weather. I swiftly changed my clothes so that I didn’t catch a cold and I sat down on the couch, pulling my homework out from my bookbag. Math equations filled my head but I still couldn’t concentrate. I stared out the window again, the rain luring me in. I sat my homework down and got up to look out the window again. As I gazed out the window a shadow caught my attention, it breezed through the forest and it went by so fast that I didn’t know what it was. A bird perhaps? Maybe. Whatever it is I need to figure it out! It could be something cool! But what about my homework? Well, this shouldn’t take long and besides, math is easy, I’ll be fine. I’ll just finish it when I get home. I jumped into my rain boots and put my raincoat back on. Then I twisted the

The Problems Of Climate Change In The 21st Century

Climate change is a change in global or provincial climate that changes over a time span of many years. Weather can change in just a few hours, But Climate change takes hundreds or even millions of years to change. Climate change is happening all around us. Whether it is the global temperature rise or the melting of the polar ice caps, it is happening.

Benefits Of Outdoor Essay

Playing outdoor has a multitude of benefits. It allows children to feel at one with the natural world. They can explore and use their imagination. It keeps them active and enhances their physical development.

More about Importance Of Weather Essay

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Paragraph on Weather For Children & Students

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Paragraph on Weather:   Weather can be defined as the condition of the atmosphere at a certain time and place. It can be hot, cold, wet, or dry. Weather is always changing, and it is affected by many factors, such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, and precipitation.

There are many different types of weather conditions, including but not limited to thunderstorms, blizzards, ice storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. The study of weather is called meteorology. Meteorologists use instruments to measure various aspects of the weather formation.

Weather Formation 

The Earth’s atmosphere is made up of different layers, and each layer has its own characteristics. The lowermost layer is the troposphere, which is where all weather takes place. The troposphere is heated by the sun, and this heat causes the air to rise. As the air rises, it cools off and condenses, forming clouds.

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Paragraph on Weather

The clouds form because the water vapour in the air condenses into tiny droplets. The droplets join together to form a larger droplet, which eventually becomes a raindrop or snowflake. Thus the rainfall happens.

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There are grave impacts of climate change on weather patterns of today. Climate change can cause the Earth’s atmosphere to warm, and this can lead to changes in weather patterns. For example, warmer air can hold more moisture, which can lead to more frequent and intense precipitation events, such as heavy rains and snowstorms. Warmer temperatures can also cause ice to melt and sea levels to rise. These effects can impact transportation, infrastructure, and human populations.

There are ways that we can save our natural weather. We need to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change. We can also take measures to adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as building levees to protect coastal communities from flooding or creating drought-resistant crops. It is important that we work together to address the challenge of climate change, so that we can protect our planet and its weather patterns

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essay on weather for class 4

Weather Essay

Have you ever woken up from a great night’s sleep, looked outside your window only to find dark, enormous clouds looming the sky? While some people feel indifferent towards the weather and proceed with their morning routines, others are immediately deterred from doing anything that involves crawling out of the comfort of their bed. It is completely natural for a person’s emotions and behavior to be influenced by the weather. I personally believe that certain factors such as the temperature and the amount of sunlight, can significantly alter the way a person is feeling. It has the ability to influence not only your thoughts, but the way in which you behave throughout the day. Weather is the everyday condition of the air at a specific location. It has been a topic of great intrigue for many people throughout history, and the ancient civilizations considered weather to be “the works of the Gods” from above. Regardless if it is warm or cold, sunny or cloudy, calm or windy, these are all different ways in which the weather can behave. It is constantly surrounding us in our day-to-day lives and has a great effect on the way we are, the clothes that we wear, the food that we consume, and where we live. There are even Meteorologists, who are scientists that specifically focus their study on the earth’s atmosphere and its climate trends, making predictions about the weather. In other words, weather has a greater impact on us than we are actually aware of, and serves a key component in our everyday lives. There are some people who argue that weather does not in fact, affect our mood in any way. They claim that studies on this issue are focusing their attention on an inordinat2e amount of people who truly have a disease known... ... middle of paper ... ...nd Mood” 156). Moisture is another element that has the significant ability to change the way we feel throughout the day. On rainy days where the humidity is high, people tend to be more tired or stressed. People frequently get headaches in this humid weather. They are easily irritated, and they are more likely to make unnecessary complaints. Weather is a significant aspect of our everyday life that we must face each day. Whether you’re greeted by the bright rays of the morning sun , or dark, nimbus clouds looming over a grey sky, they both have the ability to influence our moods and behavior. Although some people continue to argue that the weather has no relation whatsoever to the way we feel, it is evident that there are factors such as sunlight and temperature, that have the power to significantly altar your emotions and actions over the course of the day.

In this essay, the author

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Many different elements, such as temperature and wind, combine to create Earth's weather.

Elements of Weather

Many different elements combine to create weather. Temperature is one of the basic elements of weather. Temperature is how warm or cold it is outside.

Wind , or the movement of air across Earth’s surface, is a second element of weather. Winds may be gentle or powerful.

A third element of weather is humidity, or the amount of moisture in the air. Warm air can hold more moisture than cold air can.

Precipitation is a fourth element of weather. Precipitation may come in many forms, including rain , hail, sleet, and snow . The form precipitation takes depends on other weather conditions, such as temperature.

A fifth element of weather is atmospheric pressure. This is the weight of air above a given area. Changes in pressure help people to predict approaching storms. A storm is a disturbance in the atmosphere—for example, a thunderstorm or a hurricane .


Meteorology is the scientific study of weather. People who study and predict weather are called meteorologists.

Scientists use several instruments to gather information about weather. Wind vanes show the…

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Weather Essay Examples

Essays on Weather

Weather is described as the way the atmosphere is behaving over a short period of time (Bally, 2017). Weather is something that can change minute to minute or day to day. Though often used interchangeably, “climate” has a much different meaning than “weather.” Climate is the change of weather over a relatively long period of time. Different locations on the earth will have different types of climates; this means that the weather in these locations will vary in comparison to other locations. Understanding weather and climate will help in understanding more complicated topics that are involved in the atmosphere such as rainstorms, droughts, tornadoes, or hurricanes. The study of these topics, or of the atmosphere and the processes involved in it, is called “meteorology” (Bally, 2017).

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History of Meteorology

Scientists who study meteorology are called meteorologists. Meteorology comes from the Greek word “meteoros” which means “high in the sky.” The history of meteorology stems from 340 BCE with Greek philosopher Aristotle who wrote the work “Meteorology,” in which he described what he had observed about weather and climate. Aristotle used intuition and simple qualitative observation to draw conclusions about the weather. Aristotle did not believe in the importance of real scientific experimentation, so as a result some of his findings were incorrect (Hayton, 2013).

However, this changed in the 17th and 18th century when other scientists began to look more in-depth about climate and weather. Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli invented the barometer in 1643 which was used to measure air pressure. The barometer is still used today and is actually a very important component in the forecasting weather system (Golan 2006).

Daniel Fahrenheit’s Work and Today’s Science

By 1714 the thermometer was invented by Daniel Fahrenheit, who discovered a way to measure the temperature of weather by using mercury. Using both Evangelista Torricelli and Daniel Fahrenheit’s work, American inventor Samuel Morse created a way to quickly send the data of both air pressure and temperature using a weather map. These maps displayed information through isobars, lines that track air pressure, and isotherms, lines that track temperature. This invention allowed meteorologists to be able to study large-scale geographical weather and climate (Golan, 2006).

Today, meteorology is much more complex and is based on both qualitative and quantitative research. However, this modern-day meteorology took years to develop and was not until the 20th century that there was real-time numerical forecasting (Bally, 2004).

Predicting the weather today is a complicated process that requires different groups of scientists to work together. Research meteorologists examine many different aspects of meteorology that help in predicting weather including climate modeling, remote sensing, air quality, atmospheric physics, and climate change. Forecasters will then take the information that the research meteorologists have gathered and use it to assess the current state of the atmosphere and predict how it will change. Forecasters get the information from a variety of measuring tools such as ships, buoys, aircraft, weather stations, radar, weather balloons, and satellites (Bally, 2004). All of the data that is gathered using these devices are transported through computers to national and regional weather centers. This allows for easy communication between meteorologists and forecasters which in turn gives us accurate and constant weather updates (Golan, 2006).

Radars and Data Processing

One of the most important tools that forecasters use is the radar. Radars send out radio waves into the atmosphere in horizontal lines which bounce off of particles in the atmosphere and return to the dish. A computer then processes this data and it can interpret the dimensions of the clouds, amount of precipitation, and the speed and direction at which the clouds are moving (Gabella, 2017). Currently, the latest technology of radars is the dual-polarization radar which sends both horizontal and vertical lines into the atmosphere to get even more accurate results. While a normal radar can predict rainfall, the dual-polarization radar can predict rain, snow, sleet, and hail (Gabella, 2017). This technology is particularly helpful because it gives forecasters the information that they need to help keep the community safe.

While the weather is a complicated topic that requires a team of scientists to interpret data, there are also some very fun and fascinating facts that many people find enjoyable. While many people love warm weather and want to live in California to catch some rays, they actually would be mistaken on where they want to live. The city of Yuma, Arizona is actually the sunniest place in the world catching over 4,000 hours of sunshine per year! In contrast, Mawsyram, India is considered to be the wettest place on the planet because it receives an average of 11 meters of rainfall every year (National Geographic Kids, 2017).

Animals and Weather

Some of the craziest facts about weather come from the reactions that animals have towards it. For example, did you know you could tell the weather by counting cricket chirps? Simply count the number of chirps that happen in 14 seconds and then add 40. This will give you a very close approximation of the weather outside! It has also been recorded that frogs get louder just before it rains.

This is because frogs and toads need to stay moist, and storms bring about nice humid air for them to hang out and croak in for a while. Even crazier than predicting rainfall, dogs are able to predict tornados! Dogs are able to use their senses to detect changes in the barometric pressure which shifts just before a tornado. Dogs can also smell the presence of rain in the air the same way many humans can. Animals are amazing and natural forecasters (National Geographic Kids, 2017).

Overall weather is an amazing concept that requires multiple different scientists to work together. Weather is something that students should be educated about in school in order to help them become more aware of what is happening in our atmosphere. Students are the future of the country so it is important that they are keeping the planet safe and knowing when and how to keep themselves safe in harsh weather conditions.


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Descriptive Essay On Weather

Descriptive essay about a tornado.

Dark storm clouds stretch across the vast sky. Winds howl north to south, east to west. Thunder and lightning fighting over one another, splitting and pounding the atmosphere.

Analyzing Paul Crenshaw's 'Storm Country'

Back in 2012 we had a Derecho which was a damaging wind storm which some people called it a mini tornado in Waynesboro. I was outside at a racetrack when this happened and it seemed like time stood still. Everyone was rushing to their cars to go home and running around looking for somewhere to take cover. All I can remember was the adrenaline rush to get into a safe and sturdy place to wait out this storm. My mawmaw told me to get under the concession stand shelf, but all I wanted was to peek up and watch as this wind picked up every little thing it could. Trees were down, power was out, and destruction was left behind for some houses. The ending quote Crenshaw wrote, “I realized they watched from the window to see the terrible beauty of the storm…”( 2004, pg.206), made me relate back to that night because all I wanted to do was sit and watch as this storm

Descriptive Story Of A Tornado

Dustin was at home he wanted to see where Jimmy was. Dustin looked at his phone it started ringing. The words read, TORNADO WARNING GET IN YOUR HOUSES,AND TAKE COVER NOW. Dustin’s heart started pounding.”MOM,There’s a tornado.” then he remembered his mom said she would be working late. Dustin grabbed his coat,and put on his shoes and went out the door. It was very windy,and the rain was deafening. He could barely see ten steps in front of him. It looked like the air was polluted. The streets were flooded with water as he could barely walk.Dustin managed to see the alley,he tried to walk to the alley but the water was weighing him down. It was like a river,Dustin tried to stand up but then the water surged and he was rushed downhill with

Dialectical Journal For Oganda

There was bright lightening. They looked up, frightened. Above them black furious clouds started to gather. They began to run. Then the thunder roared, and the rain came down in torrents. <<

Personal Narrative: Riding Along The Oregon Trail

Evening had arrived and everything had been packed away ready for its next use. It had also brought the grim warning of a storm. The sky was brimming with a dark shade of grey and black, making the mood eerily mysterious. A storm was brewing; it was about to blow, just like a volcano about to erupt. Then, “Boom!”. A lightning strike crackled across the sky, one after another. After three lightning strikes a downpour of rain fell from the sky.

9/11 Short Stories

The day was dark. I could feel a storm approaching. The gentle sunlight glistening through the clouds, now covered by a heavy mist. Drop. Drop. Drop. The coldness of the water tinged my face. And the earth shook, as a large boom erupted from the sky followed by a light crackle. By now, I was soaked, like that night. I continued walking through the deserted streets when a large flash erupted from the sky. Oh, great lightning, today was getting better and better. A woman and her young child was running towards their car to seek shelter. The walk was a long and dreadful one, I found myself looking at the place I left 15 years ago. The house was still dark and foreboding as ever, the shutters hanging off its hinges and the roof in a state of disrepair.

Oklahoma Drought Short Story

“Mama, cover doors and windows. Everyone go to the bedroom, and put your masks on,” I directed, calmly. When I got to the bedroom, everyone was huddled around each other, with a white cloth on their face. Suddenly, the room became dark. You could hear the heavy breathing of everyone in the room, yet you couldn’t see anyone. The storm felt like it lasted for days, but only really lasted a few minutes. When I got back to the dining room table, I saw a letter on the table from the bank.

Yosemite National Park: A Short Story

Tiny droplets began to fall on the windshield. As we continued to drive through the drizzling rain, my sister tapped on my shoulder and exclaimed, "Look outside, there's lightning!" I quickly turned to the window only to hear a faint boom, I continue to stare out the window, to see a flicker of light. Suddenly the thumps on the car began to grow louder. Jetting through the wet road, shaking against the harsh winds, flashing thunder continuously abrupts the sky. Looking at the weather now, i noticed how the forecast shifted from a light drizzle to a downpour. Rain sliding down the window, window fogging with a covering mist, our vision begins to worsen. The feeling of fear, heart racing and shaking, begins to build up in the car and I could feel the hairs prickling on the back of my

Mr. Neilson's Heroes-Personal Narrative

BANG!!! It was towards the end second period when a huge clap of thunder startled my working students and I. “Ms. Smith” said one of my students eagerly said “are we going to leave school early because of the storm?” “Probably not,” I answered. “it wasn’t bad this morning. It’ll pass soon.” I made sure my voice was steady to hide my uncertainty. The news had said there was going to be a light rainstorm, it was probably just some rogue thunder.

Wrongberight Research Paper

Wrongberight, Virginia is a rural farming community, and its residents depend on accurate weather reports. The locals believe, those profession meteorologists could not predict rain, even if raindrops were falling on their head. On Thursday the local weather guru of Wrongberight, Charlie Jones, age eleven forecast a ten-hour deluge would hit on Friday. It did. In fact it dumps eight addition inches of rain, to the already, saturated farmer’s fields and woodlands from the previous intermittent rainstorm that he also predicted. According to him, that storm on Friday was just a prelude to another storm that will strike Wrongberight, sometime early Saturday night. He also said, that this kind of storm would produce, at least one or two unique

Personal Narrative-It's Memorial Day

Alright Alright, It's memorial day and it is still 1000 degree with no end in sight. This may be the end of the world and we all cook to death... who knows. As I cannot convince any of my buddies to get out of there air conditioning safety bubbles, I sit inside too contemplating what to do. Being inside seemed to be the only option for myself and I wasn't too thrilled. It was time for dinner and as the food was cooking I looked at my phone to see my weather app and the snapchat weather people inform me that there was rain coming. As Zimmerman was just getting hit by rain, people south of me were running from tornados which actually seemed pretty entertaining and better than sitting inside bored.

Act 1 Scene 1: A Narrative Fiction

It had been dark and overcast the entire day, but as night approached the true intensity of the storm erupted into a light show of lightning and a symphony of thunder. The rain didn’t just fall, rather it blew in sideways in ribbons of cold and icy stinging pellets that tried to cut at Mike and Katie’s exposed cheeks. Mike tilted his head into the wind and clutched his coat collar closed with his left hand while pulling Katie close with his right and heading them both toward the bright sterile lights of the emergency room entrance.

Descriptive Essay On Rain

It’s cool and dark outside of the car as we drive, dark clouds hovering over the plains as fat, heavy drops of water fall from the full clouds. The lights of cars and streetlights and cars blur with the flow of water on the side windows, our speed not fast enough to force the drops to flow back along the windows. It’s not until we start on the highway and the water starts to move that I find my objects of interest in front of me in the form of the rain and the memories of my childhood that surface with them.

Weather Descriptive Essay

This just shows how weather can affect people's moods. At first the storm seemed exciting; getting to leave work and school early sounded like a good thing. However, throughout the day, little things happened that made it no longer be so exciting. And eventually, that excitement was gone and it was replaced by

Weather Modernity Essay

For several decades, USPS Fort Worth was subjected to an elevated portion of Interstate Highway I-30 constructed parallel to the building’s Lancaster Street frontage. This portion of the highway was eventually demolished and relocated to an area one block south of the site. By then, the damage to the post office was already done—and extensive.

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