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10 Facts About Global Warming

essay on solution of global warming

Global warming describes a change in the world’s overall climate that results in rising temperatures over long-term periods of time and across the planet. Read on to learn 10 facts about global warming, including five effects of global warming.

Carbon Dioxide Leads Among Greenhouse Gases

Scientists agree that the main cause of global warming is greenhouse gas emissions, with carbon dioxide in first place ahead of other gas sources. One big contributor of greenhouse gas emissions is power stations, followed by industrial processes, transportation fuels and agricultural byproducts.

essay on solution of global warming

Animal Flatulence Creates Methane Gas

In addition to carbon dioxide, methane is a significant greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Agricultural byproducts generate about 40 percent of methane emission, followed by 30 percent from fossil fuel retrieval, distribution and production, aCC0rding to the Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research. Through normal digestion, animals such as cows, goats and sheep produce large methane amounts through their flatulence.

essay on solution of global warming

Deforestation Causes Global Warming

Because trees and plants help to regulate the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, deforestation is a major cause of global warming. It reduces the number of trees available to release clean oxygen.

essay on solution of global warming

Ancient Evidence Shows Global Warming Exists

Ancient evidence such as tree rings, coral reefs, ocean sediments and sedimentary rock layers show that current global warming is happening. And it’s occurring about 10 times faster than the average rate of warming during the Ice Age, aCC0rding to NASA.

Warmer Oceans Mean More Tsunamis

Ocean temperatures have risen nearly 20 degrees Fahrenheit since 1955, aCC0rding to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Warmer ocean waters means tsunamis occur more frequently.

essay on solution of global warming

Global Warming Causes Glaciers to Melt

Not including Antarctica and Greenland’s large ice sheets, the world has about 150,000 glaciers that cover about 200,000 square miles of Earth’s surface. In the last 40 years, the glaciers have lost what’s equal to a layer of ice 70 feet thick due to global warming-related causes, aCC0rding to a 2019 New York Times article.

essay on solution of global warming

Fossil Fuels Contribute to Forest Fires

Fossil fuels possibly have created climate change consequences, such as London fog and forest fires in the United States. When fossil fuels are burned for human activities, it can warm Earth’s atmosphere.

essay on solution of global warming

Global Warming Affects Hydroelectricity

Global warming affects hydroelectricity because it changes rivers and ecosystems. When their patterns change, they may not power dams the same ways they did before.

essay on solution of global warming

Polar Bears Are Starving

Scientists warn that polar bears are at an increased risk of starving due to melting sea ice. As the ice melts, it becomes increasingly difficult for polar bears to hunt for seals.

essay on solution of global warming

Global Warming Causes Catastrophic Floods

Global warming contributes to rising sea levels and disasters such as catastrophic floods and flowing debris. Flooding can lead to economic disasters, too.

essay on solution of global warming


essay on solution of global warming

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Causes, Effects and Solutions to Global Warming

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Causes of Global Warming

Natural causes of global warming, human influences on global warming, the effect of global warming.

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Solutions to Stop Global Warming

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Essay on Global Warming Solutions

List of essays on global warming solutions, essay on global warming solutions – short essay (essay 1 – 150 words), essay on global warming solutions (essay 2 – 250 words), essay on global warming solutions – 10 lines on global warming solutions written in english (essay 3 – 300 words), essay on global warming solutions – for school students (class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 standard) (essay 4 – 400 words), essay on global warming solutions – international and local global warming solutions (essay 5 – 500 words), essay on global warming solutions (essay 6 – 600 words), essay on global warming solutions – long essay for college and university students (essay 7 – 750 words), essay on global warming solutions – for ias, ips, upsc and other competitive exams (essay 8 – 1000 words).

Global warming solutions are measures that countries and cities are to put in place to curb the effect of climate change. There has been increased awareness about the rapid changes in weather conditions experienced around the world. These changes have been majorly caused by greenhouse emissions all over the world.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard) and college students. Furthermore, those students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS, Civil Services and UPSC can also increase their knowledge by reading these essays.

Global warming solutions need to be implemented with no second thought as the condition has already started wiping out lives on earth. The government and human welfare teams have released number of global warming solutions on which we should be aware of and make in practice.

Global warming is mainly due to the retaining of harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane etc. which steadily increases the earth’s temperature and adversely affect the existence of living beings. Global warming solutions should be those ways that cut down the root causes of this climate change.

Major global warming solutions include reducing usage of private vehicles, planting more trees, avoiding open waste burning, etc., that minimizes carbon dioxide emission. Practice of reusing plastics, glass, papers etc. or replacing them with degradable materials can lessen garbage. Moreover as a support to global warming solutions, minimizing energy consumption and promoting renewable energy sources like solar power, wind, tidal, etc., saves nature and energy as well for the upcoming generations.


Global warming solutions are important to talk about because environmental degradation is on a high scale than expected and it has caused various effects across the globe. Climatic change and global warming are few areas of concern to be seriously looked into.

Global warming is the phenomenon where the greenhouse gases are released high in the environment and as a result, the temperature increase leads to melting of icebergs, extinction of various species, increase in sea level, etc. It’s high time that we look for some global warming solutions to be applied at our level on a daily basis.

The Solution to Global Warming:

Global warming can be contained and minimized by following the below-listed global warming solutions.

1. Instead of using non-renewable sources of energy available, we can slowly switch to the renewable source of energy.

2. By using environmentally-degradable products rather than using non-degradable, we can maintain a cleaner environment.

3. We should minimize the use of power and fuel.

4. We must opt for energy efficient products that consume less energy.

5. We must make the environment greener by planting more trees.

6. We should use lukewarm or cold water for your daily usage.

7. We should take steps to prevent deforestation. Trees in the forest are the sinks of carbon-dioxide. By avoiding deforestation, more oxygen, in turn, less carbon dioxide can be found in the atmosphere.

8. We must use public transport whenever possible. This can reduce fuel usage and toxic compounds let out in the environment.

9. We should talk to people about the global warming phenomenon and propagate the solutions to prevent global warming.


Thus, by strictly following the global warming solutions, it is easier to control global warming gradually. Let’s gift a cleaner, greener, and safer environment for our next generation.

Global warming solutions are necessary to protect our earth from burning out. The rising atmospheric temperature, pollution, and melting icebergs in the Polar Regions can all be prevented with the help of global warming solutions.

Global warming solutions consist of many little steps that we need to take together. The first and foremost of the best global warming solutions would be to replace the non-renewable sources of energy with the renewable sources. Global warming solutions are going to work only when we switch to the natural ways of living.

Global warming solutions include using solar, wind, and hydro powers to suffice for all our electricity needs. That means, saying no to burning coals, fossil fuels, oil, and other non-replenishing sources of energy.

Global warming solutions are mainly about reducing carbon emissions. This is where the role of recycling comes in. It reduces wastage and helps curb pollution. In other words, in place of using plastic that doesn’t degrade, we should use more things made of cloth, wood, or paper, that are biodegradable.

Global warming solutions are not just the responsibility of the government. We as citizens, share an equal duty to save our environment and doing so is quite easy. Close the tap when the water is not in use. Wasting water is the biggest damage to the earth. When no one is in the room, turn off the lights and fans. Saving electricity saves our earth too.

Global warming solutions can be put into effect by other smart ways too. For instance, opting for carpooling on your way to the office, using stairs in place of elevators, using solar panels at home, preferring eco-friendly appliances, planting more trees, and reusing the old containers would have a great impact on the health of our planet.

Since the causes of global warming are manmade, global warming solution can also be reversed by the actions of men and women residing in our planet.

Global Warming Solution Approaches:

To provide global warming solutions, governments, cities, and individual person must take conscious steps in their everyday life. Below is the list of some of those steps.

Use Renewable Sources of Energy:

This is probably the biggest step in providing solutions to the global warming problem. Due to our consumption coal, oil and natural gas, we emit a gas that destroys our ozone layer and makes the earth warmer by the second. These materials are consumed by the larger percentage of the world making its reduction a daunting challenge.

To provide global warming solutions, the world must switch to renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and air. These sources produce little or no by-products thereby leaving our climate the better for it. The challenge in making this switch, however, is the fact that most of our technology runs on the old system. Hence, it might take a while to build the infrastructure that can accommodate renewable sources of energy.

Improve Fuel Efficiency:

While the best global warming solution would be to totally remove the consumption of fossil fuel from our daily lives. Achieving that would take a long time. Alternatively, we can simply improve fuel consumption technology in vehicles and mechanical apparatus.

Since must of our gas emit on comes burning fuel in vehicles, consuming less fuel would invariably lead to fewer gas emissions. Also, this would reduce the demand for crude oil which is the source of the emission. Consequently, creating fuel-efficient vehicles would have a ripple effect on the greenhouse emission of the world at large.

Invest in Renewable Energy:

Providing a global warming solution is a long-term initiative. Hence, government and private investors must think about the future in their choice of investments. Forward thinking would, therefore, suggest a shift in fossil fuel related investments to invest in renewable energy sources.

Scientist and companies back by financial might can invent breakthrough technology that helps develop or fine-tune renewable energy sources for the future.

The quest to create global warming solutions is a contentious one. First, we must be aware of the effect of our actions on the climate of the world. We must also take coordinated steps to curb this trend.

The world has changed significantly in the past one hundred years and this change can be felt in many aspects of our daily lives, most notably in the climate. That is why scientist and policymakers work tirelessly to promote new global warming solutions.

Once you get into the heart of the matter there are many different aspects to the global warming solutions that are implemented on various levels of society. The positive thing is that there are many institutions and countries that see a need for the implementation of global warming solutions in their surrounding as a mandatory part of their policies and political endeavors.

International Global Warming Solutions:

International organizations and multi-state committees have identified a need for the development of global warming solutions and their implementation on an international level. The fact is that the process of industrialization and rapid urbanization created many ecological changes that we did not expect and over time they created the need to develop global warming solutions among other things.

The international community is developing universal plans that will cut down on carbon emission by making more eco-friendly factories or by planting new forests. The global warming solutions are designed to address many different aspects of how a countries economy and resource management functions with the end goal to create a bigger niche for the development and use of renewable sources of energy.

The directives that regulate such things and the additional funding meant to stimulate the implementation of global warming solutions must be led and controlled by the state because that is the only way we can ensure that the protocols are followed through precisely and we have the wanted effects. Global warming solutions are the only thing that can turn the battle against the global weather catastrophes that have been unraveling due to our bad custodianship of the earth.

Local Global Warming Solutions:

Even though most of the global warming solutions are implemented through government institutions there is still a lot that can be done locally to help with this problem. The thing is there are some things that we do every day that help with the advancement of the global warming issues of today. One of the most predominant contributors is the use of cars in our daily routines and it is no wonder that so many global warming solutions have the reduction of car usage as one of their principal goals.

The other thing we can do to help contain problems of global warming is to be more thoughtful of the energy we use and how we use it, be it in our homes or at work, every atom we can save up means that there is less need to create so much power through the use of fossil fuel and other sources of energy. Terror one of the best global warming solutions is to teach people how to be aware of the things they do daily that contribute to the current state of things and also to give them potential solutions that they can then implement in their routine.

Global warming solutions can never be understated. It is very important that we try to discuss and also follow them so that our health can remain well and good. It is very important that we think seriously and positively about global warming. Our actions and habits must be oriented in such a way that we are able to eventually solve the menace and make our environment a much better place for all of us. It is important that we do our very best to help curb global warming.

We need to be more practical every day so that we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, especially emissions of carbon and also slow down the rate at which global warming is taking place. The major reason behind global warming that has been on a rise is the emission of greenhouse gases that has unlimited sources, especially the sources that are man-made. If we want to be able to reduce or limit pollution through global warming, there is a need for us to put a limit to technological needs that are unnecessary.

Different Solutions to Global Warming:

It is advisable that we try to do everything possible to reduce the harmful effects of global warming.

1. Using Renewable Sources:

It is important to go with energy that is renewable, like electricity produced from the solar system, wind and various other sources that are clean.

2. Using Alternatives to Transportation:

It is also advisable that anytime we drive, driving should be done smartly. It is best if we share our means of travelling through taking public transportation means instead of using personal vehicles, releasing harmful gases that can lead to global warming. Alternative transportation means like carpooling, biking, walking and public transit should be encouraged. It is also advisable to choose a vehicle that is efficient which means we should use vehicles that have a mileage that is high with a level of energy consumption that is less.

3. Using Energy-Efficient Lights:

We should also endeavour to become more efficient in energy use in our day to day life by using appliances that are energy efficient. Energy can be saved in the simplest way by choosing to replace light bulbs that are simple with fluorescent bulbs that are compact also known as CFLs. These CFLs usually last about ten times longer than light bulbs and they also consume less energy when compared with the light bulb. The habit of switching of lights and the other electric appliances and devices in the house so as to avoid the unnecessary consumption of energy should be encouraged. This can also help in reducing the heat level in the house.

4. Other Solutions:

Another solution to global warming is to plant more and more trees to make our planet cooler. Recycling of wastes is another global warming solution. Creating awareness and promoting the use of the above methods is another solution to global warming.

There is a need for us to try and control the various effects and impacts of global warming. Any solution for global warming requires a positive action and also meaningful discussion that will lead to habits that are bound to help ease global warming. The temperature of the earth continues to rise every day and we are beginning to really feel the impact of global warming. Reducing the many effects and impacts of global warming is a task that is very difficult and daunting but it is still possible.

A lot of effort is required for us as individuals and also as a society to help get a little bit of control over the menace that is global warming. It is important that we try to totally eliminate all of the activities that might in one way or another inadvertently contribute to global warming.

The overall increase in the temperature of the Earth is what global warming is all about. Over the years, there has been a slow yet steady increase in the overall temperature. There are many reasons for the increase, many of which can be attributed to human activities. Hence the role of humans in containing this problem becomes all the more important.

For many years, the world’s atmosphere has normally fluctuated, switching up from hotter periods to ice ages. Be that as it may, since the last century, the world’s temperature has expanded curiously in a fast manner of around 1.2 to 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. As per various studies, human exercises are colossally adding to this not-ordinary spike in temperatures.

Causes of Global Warming:

The extensive use of petroleum derivatives, for example, coal, oil and flammable gas activated by the beginning of modern era are the principal supporters of a dangerous atmospheric deviation. Power plants, processing plants, and vehicles have been consuming these fossils fuels since the modern age, discharging gigantic measures of primary gasses, especially causing the greenhouse effect. This greenhouse effect leads to the trapping of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere which is further responsible for the increase in the temperature of the earth.

However, we have solutions available to overcome this problem of global warming.

Global Warming Solutions:

There are many global warming solutions available on the date which if adopted by various countries can help control this problem. One of the most fruitful solutions is the use of cleaner fuels such as solar energy and wind energy. We have been using fossil fuels very extensively which has not only led to the increase in temperature but has increased the pollution levels as well. We are yet to tap on the use of cleaner fuels such as solar energy which is abundantly available to us. Similarly, wind energy is clean as well as a renewable form of energy which if tapped to its optimum can do wonders and help us solve our energy-related issues.

Another global warming solution is the use of recycled products . You can help limit chopping down of trees in your neighbourhood to adjust the measure of greenhouse gases in the environment by purchasing reused paper items. Additionally, request or purchase items that require less bundling to eliminate the measure of waste that would end up at landfills and thus cause huge natural contamination. In the event that there is no reusing plant in your general vicinity, make a point to begin one. There is an extensive variety of materials in your neighbourhood that require reusing, for example, paper, plastic, steel, aluminium just to give some examples.

Similarly, less driving is another of the global warming solutions. Insignificant driving is commensurate to fewer outflows. Less driving additionally implies less out-of-take costs. Picking sound exercises, for example, strolling and riding a bike is an incredible method to decrease climatic emanations. When going to work, choose public transportation like rails or network mass transport framework. Carbon impressions can likewise be brought under control by these measures.

When you drive, ensure that the vehicle is working productively. For example, ensuring that your vehicle tire is at in every case is properly inflated can upgrade your gas mileage by over 3%. Every gallon of gas you spare moves you towards achieving your goal of executing global warming solutions.

Another of the important global warming solutions is planting more trees . Trees assume a basic job in keeping up ozone-harming substance balance. In the event that you have the assets to plant a tree, you better get down and begin burrowing to spare the planet. A wealth of trees would viably balance the releases caused by processing plants, vehicles, and other human exercises. As per researchers, one tree can absorb more than one ton of carbon dioxide inside its lifetime.

It is the need of the day to go for global warming solutions. This is probably because if the change of temperature of the Earth is not contained, it would not be far when life would cease to exist of the earth. In order to ensure a sustainable environment for our future generations it is our duty to enact such practices today and have some global warming solutions in place.

We must not forget that already many species have been lost as they could not adapt themselves to the changing environment. Man has his limitation too. Therefore, we must ensure that we are able to contain the environment so as to ensure the survival of mankind as well as other species on the Earth.

Global warming is an environmental concern to every country across the globe mainly due to its adverse consequences. The consequences are severe and threaten the lives of all living things on the surface of the earth and there is need to find the possible solutions and implement them soon so that the ecosystem is preserved. It is important to identify each influence of global warming and then find solutions for each of them so that the problem can be fully handled. Given the fact that global warming is an environmental issue that affects the whole world, it is important that the problem is examined and solved globally and so all governments should come together in the efforts to finding and implementing solutions.

Global warming is as a result of several factors some of which are natural while some are human influences. Natural causes of global warming include the position of the sun. Scientists report that the sun revolves around the earth and it has been noted that the intensity of the sunlight has increased due to the fact that the sun is moving closer to the earth.

The closer the sun is to the earth, the higher the temperatures on the earth’s surface and therefore global warming occurs. Another natural cause of global warming is volcanic eruptions because of the gases e.g. carbon dioxide that is released to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas whose increased concentration in the atmosphere causes an increased temperature on earth.

Onto the human influences of global warming, they are due to industrialization and modernization. Human activities have destroyed the ecosystem and have transformed the nature of earth negatively. One of the human influences of global warming is industrialization.

Through industries, there is release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which cause a rise in earth’s temperatures when they accumulate. In the industrial revolution, there is the use of fossil fuels. The use of fuel by vehicles and machines cause the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through combustion of those fossil fuels to produce energy. Carbon dioxide is a major contributor of global warming.

Deforestation is another human activity that influences global warming. Deforestation is the cutting down of trees by humans for use in making paper, for wood and house constructions. Trees are of great importance in the environment because they replenish air by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen but upon deforestation, there will be an increased accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which cause global warming.

Solutions to Global Warming:

Consequences of global warming are adverse and solutions have been sought to curb the problem. When finding solutions to global warming, it is important that governments of all countries and citizens take the responsibility of ensuring that there is decreased human influences that cause global warming. Human influences contribute to accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and they should be reduced if global warming is to be reduced. Starting with industrial emission of gases, the government has to employ strict policies on releasing untreated gases to the atmosphere.

The use of fossil fuels can be replaced with the use of biofuels. Fossil fuels emit a lot of greenhouses when used in machines and vehicles and re even more expensive compared to biofuels. Biofuels are less costly and they reduce greenhouse gases in the environment therefore help in reducing global warming. There are other forms of energy that do not contribute to greenhouse gases emissions e.g., electricity using electric machines and vehicles will greatly help in reducing global warming.

Due to the effects of deforestation on the environment and global warming, afforestation has been made a policy in most countries. Planting of more trees in the environment reduces global warming and adverse climatic changes. Also, tree prevent erosion of soil and preserve the ecosystem as required. It is important that humans are educated on the importance of trees to the environment so that they can reduce cutting them down and whenever they cut down a tree, they should take the responsibility of planting others.

Recycling policy is another global warming solution. Environmental pollution occurs due to deposition of plastic bags, paper and bottles. The main cause of deforestation is to manufacture paper, which if recycled, there will be less need for people to cut trees and therefore the environment will be conserved and global warming will be reduced. Also, recycling will reduce the gases emitted when people are burning wastes thus reducing global warming because carbon dioxide is usually the product of combustion and a major cause of global warming.

How to Implement the Solutions of Global Warming:

Finding global warming solutions is one thing but implementing them is another. The effective way to implement most of the solutions to global warming is through policies. Policies are made and the government is involved in implementing those policies. Also, the policies should be accompanied by consequences in order to maximize adherence. The consequences should be severe so that people can follow the policies strictly.

Through the government, the authorities will determine the effectiveness of the policies depending on how they are implemented. Strict policies on human influences like industrialization are made then they are circulated for all the involved parties to read and understand. The policies are the given time so that people make adjustments to suit the policies. After that period, the government then follows up to check if the policies are being followed and if not, consequences are implemented on the non-adherent parties.

Implementation of global warming solutions can be done through public awareness. On World Environment Day, there are protest that are done to demonstrate public awareness on environmental issues and global warming is one of them. If the public is aware, they will participate in control and prevention.

In conclusion, global warming is a major environmental concern that results in severe consequences. Efforts toward reduction of global warming should be everyone’s responsibility because it affects us all.

Climate Change , Global Warming

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essay on solution of global warming

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Essay on Global Warming Solutions for Kids and Students

Sri Chaitanya AITS

Global warming solutions are very necessary to be discussed and followed by everyone for the wellness of our environment and health. It should be discussed among people especially schools students because they are the future and can easily understand and solve the problems related to global warming .

Essay on Global Warming Solutions

We have provided below some essays on Global warming solutions under different word limits for the school students. They can choose any global warming solutions essay as per their need:

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Global Warming Solutions Essay 1 (100 words)

There are many effective global warming solutions which may reduce the effect of global warming if followed seriously by the people all over the world. We should reduce the emission of heat trapping green house gases released from various sources in order to reduce green house effect and thus global warming. We should reduce our dependency over technological and electricity needs. We should use energy efficiency technologies (less energy use), use greening transportation means more efficient mass transportation systems, promote the use of renewable means natural source of energy (solar, wind, geothermal, etc) and reduces our use of fossil fuels especially carbon-intensive coals to reduce climate change and thus global warming.

Global Warming Solutions Essay 2 (150 words)

We should think positively and seriously about the global warming and make our habits action oriented in order to surely solve this huge environmental problem. We should be more practical on daily basis to reduce green house gas emissions especially carbon emissions and slow the pace of global warming. Our positive habits help us and our future generations to get healthier and safer life on the earth. In order to address the problems of global warming we should reduce the amount of heat-trapping green house gas emissions. We are following bad habits unknowingly on daily basis which is creating big threat of global warming. Our increasing demands of technologies, electricity, transportation, etc are stimulating negative climate changes and putting our lives at danger.

It is not a work, it is our responsibility to think about it and do best to solve. We just need to understand the side effects of everything what we use in our home or offices on daily basis and follow right step in the right direction.

Global Warming Solutions Essay 3 (200 words)

Main reason of the ever increasing global warming is the unlimited source of emission of green house gases especially from man-made sources. In order to limit or reduce the global warming pollution we should limit our unnecessary technological needs. We should raise our voice together against global warming and do every possible effort to reduce its harming effects. We should go with the clean and renewable energy use means electricity produced by the wind, solar system and other clean sources. Whenever we drive, we should smartly drive our cars and other means of transportation. We should share our traveling by personal means of transportation instead of driving alone. We should go for alternatives means of transportation means use public transit, walking, biking, carpooling, etc instead of personal means.

We should choose an efficient vehicle means vehicles having high-mileage (hybrids and plug-in hybrids) with less energy use. We should be more energy-efficient in our daily life and buy energy-efficient appliances. We can be so by replacing our simple light bulbs with the compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) because they last 10 times longer and use less energy than the common bulbs. We should switch off all the lights and other electric devices in our home to avoid unnecessary use and reduce the level of heat.

Global Warming Solutions Essay 4 (250 words)

We need to control the effects of global warming which require a meaningful discussion and positive action oriented habits. Earth’s surface temperature is rising day by day continuously without taking rest. It is very tough to reduce the effects of global warming however not impossible. Our regular and get together effort may make it possible to get control over global warming. Threats of global warming such as melting of glaciers, climate change, rising sea level, droughts, deadly storm events, epidemic diseases, lost endangered species, etc are increasing. We should use energy efficient products means the products which use less energy such as fluorescent bulbs instead of common bulbs.

Use of nuclear energy may reduce the level of carbon emission and thus global warming to great extent. We should reduce the burning of fossil fuels (wood or coal) by reducing our dependence over fossil fuels in order to reduce carbon emissions. We never forget to switch off the bulbs, fans, and other electric devices whenever leave the room because such devices generate heat and cause global warming. Deforestation should be stopped on urgent basis in order to improve the absorption of green house gases from the atmosphere and reduce the effect of global warming. We should promote more new plantation among common public. We should explore the renewable sources of energy and use public transportation instead of personal. There is need of more research and development in order to create low carbon technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

Global Warming Solutions Essay 5 (300 words)

Reducing the level of heat-trapping green house gas emissions in the atmosphere is the big step towards reducing the global warming. Use of energy-efficient products by properly understanding that which practice generates more carbon. We should make our choices climate-friendly which help us to save money and energy. Following all the measures set to tackle global warming very strictly may help us to get control over it. Making our homes air tight may help us in reducing our need of cooling in summer or heating in winter which ultimately reduce heat generation and absorption by the atmosphere thus control global warming.

We should generally avoid eating things which take more time and heat to cook such as chicken, eat, and beef. Other individual means to contribute in the reduction of global warming is the use public transport instead of personal transport or carpooling method is also good. Use of programmable thermostat is also nice option to reduce heating and cooling emissions by 15% percent. Everyone should use power strips whether at home or office or home entertainment centres. Upgrading of the refrigerators and air conditioners is also necessary after every five or six years. Use of an electricity monitor in the home or office is also best method to track and reduce electricity use.

Changing light bulbs taking more energy than the bulbs taking less energy is good for reducing global warming. Other options are washing clothes using normal tap water instead of hot water. The habit of reusing and recycling things is very good option to combat with pollution and global warming. Policy maker should make new, effective and strict policies towards global warming so that everyone can follow strictly. Another effective method is the use of word of mouth technique to create awareness among common public about solutions of global warming.

Global Warming Solutions Essay 6 (400 words)

It is very challenging task for us to control global warming however not impossible. Awareness programmes in the field of reducing global warming may help a lot to the people. Control over this big threat is possible but need more effort from the end of every person living on this planet. It needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the safer levels which can be possible through some changes in the personal lifestyle. It may reduce the carbon impact which is considered as the one of the dangerous green house gases.

It needs to eliminate the burning of fossil fuels, oil, coal, natural gases, etc. It is quiet daunting challenge however possible within the reach of human beings. Reducing the dependence over use of fossil fuels may solve the problems to a great level. Practice of using alternatives such as plant-derived plastics, wind power, biodiesel, etc should be done. Control over the transportation is another big hand towards the reduction of global warming because means of transportation alone contribute to the high level emission of greenhouse gas. According to the statistics, it is noted that burning of single gallon of gasoline creates around 20 pounds of the carbon dioxide gas. CO2).

Airplanes are the fastest growing source of emitting greenhouse gases on daily basis which is very tough to control. In order to effectively control the release of greenhouse gases we just buy less stuff and try to reuse and recycle things. Good and efficient driving is also a best trick to reduce the release of harmful gases causing earth’s surface temperature to rise. Use of more efficient electric devices, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other appliances may reduce the warming effect. Following good habits like turn off the lights, TV, fans or other electric devices when not in use may also cut the level of green house gases.

Cutting of trees and deforestation should be stopped on urgent basis because plants are the main source of refreshing air and consuming CO2 from the atmosphere. New tree plantation should be promoted among the public with the complete description so that they may understand better. According to the statistic, it is noted that around 33 million acres of the forests are cutting down per year. It is very simple to imagine the condition of atmosphere in the absence of plants or continuously reducing the number of plants on such a fast rate. People should buy energy-efficient electric gadgets to reduce the use of energy and prevent the greenhouse gas emissions and thus global warming.

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Global Warming Solutions Essay | Essay on Global Warming Solutions for Students and Children in English

February 12, 2021 by Prasanna

Global Warming Solutions Essay: The upsurge in the Earth’s atmosphere’s average temperature is generally because of the greenhouse effect caused by the increased level of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other gaseous pollutants is global warming.

The adverse effects of global warming, starting from the melting of polar ice caps to causing drastic climatic changes, can cost life on Earth. Therefore, it is necessary to come up with solutions to reduce global warming.

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Long and Short Essays on Global Warming Solutions for Students and Kids in English

We provide students with essay samples of long global warming solutions essays of 500 words and short essay of 150 words on the same topic for reference.

Long Essay on Global Warming Solutions 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Global Warming Solutions is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Global warming is an alarming cause of the gradual increase in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere that needs to be controlled immediately. Rising pollution aided by several factors like deforestation, industrialization, and more has severely contributed to this phenomenon. The gases mainly responsible for global warming are carbon dioxide, CFCs, ozone, Sulphur oxides etc. Global warming is not only affecting the climate of Earth adversely but is also responsible for ozone layer depletion.

To control global warming, at first, we need to stop deforestation and promote afforestation. Planting trees to several tropical rain forests around the globe and at the same time protecting the already existing tropical rain forests is the first step towards cooling Earth. This is the most cost-effective way to prevent global warming and needs to be immediately tended to.

Minimizing the burning of coal and petroleum and controlling the release of harmful gases will significantly impact global warming. We should opt for environment-friendly alternatives such as compressed natural gas (CNG) instead of petroleum. Industrial coal emissions should be stopped or minimized to cut down the supply of the increasing harmful gases that contribute to global warming. Thus, improvements to energy efficiency and vehicle fuel economy are impactful solutions to global warming.

An increase in wind and solar power is a handy alternative to high electricity consumption. Electricity is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gases emission that significantly contributes to global warming. Lowering electricity consumption can also be achieved by monitoring the thermostat, improving insulation, and improving airtightness in our homes. Developing and deploying new low-carbon and zero-carbon technologies will cause a reduction in global emissions. Current researches on battery technologies and ways of harnessing energy from natural sources like bacteria and algae can emerge to be very impactful. Renewable energy sources like bioenergy, wind, solar, and geothermal energy lying around us have the potential to meet the rising call for energy without harming the environment. Renewable technologies can be developed and used to make energy usage cost-effective and reduce air pollution.

A thriving global compact on climate change must include financial assistance from economically developed countries to the under-developed countries to transition to low-carbon development pathways and adapt to the impacts of climate change and global warming, thus ensuring sustainable development.

It is vital to advocate for a healthy planet and educate people on global warming causes and effects. The primary steps for such an advocation would be to limit the number of carbon companies allowed to emit, provide resources to prevent emissions and leaks from industrial equipment, and subsidize efficient industrial technologies. Lastly, individuals need to act more sustainably. Every individual has their contribution to making in reducing global warming. The wise use of transportation, conservation of electricity at home, planting trees and plants at home or nearby gardens are some of the fundamental steps that should be taken by all to control global warming immediately and to save Earth and life on it.

Short Essay on Global Warming Solutions 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Global Warming Solutions is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Global warming is a rising concern for life on Earth. The gradual increase in Earth’s temperature has several adverse effects on our planet and is lethal for all living organisms. Hence, it is necessary to find solutions to global warming. Firstly, we need to abandon coal and petroleum and encourage promoting renewable sources like windmill, solar energy, geothermal energy, and bioenergy. It is the primary step to minimize global warming. Planting more trees and plants naturally filters the air and removes toxic gases. The deployment of zero-carbon technologies is an excellent advancement to reduce global warming.

Educating people about the adverse effects of global warming and advocating for solutions to decrease global warming is a fundamental solution that can need to be implemented with urgency. It is wise to take measures before the situation gets out of hand because the rate at which Earth’s temperature increases is alarming and concerning.

10 Lines on Global Warming Solutions in English

FAQ’s on Global Warming Solutions Essay

Question 1. What is Global warming?

Answer:  The elevation of the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants in the atmosphere is global warming.

Question 2. Why do we need solutions for global warming?

Answer:  Global warming causes melting of polar ice caps, increased water level of oceans and drastic climatic changes that will be lethal to all living organisms. It is also responsible for ozone layer depletion.

Question 3.  What are the solutions that we can accomplish independently to decrease global warming?

Answer: Planting trees, using alternatives for transportations, control on electricity consumption and using zero-carbon essentials are some ways in which every individual can contribute to decreasing global warming.

Question 4. By what percentage does ozone affect global warming?

Answer:  Stratospheric ozone has 11% effect on global warming.


Solutions to Global Warming Essay

The effects of global warming on the united states.

Global warming is a topic that everyone is familiar with, but not everyone really understands how they can help to prevent it. Global warming is defined as the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of Earth’s climate system. Scientists have been studying global warming for over a century now, and most believe that greenhouse gasses are the cause and humans are the number one greenhouse gas contributor to our atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses however are produced by big industries, regulating these gasses might mean less and more costly production for these big companies. Most people believe that our economy will suffer from cutting down on fossil fuel usage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because of this the United States

Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

The majority of climate change is caused by human actions. Burning of fossil fuels is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. One way to combat your contribution to the greenhouse effect and climate change is to make eco-friendly swaps in your everyday life. There are many benefits to “going green”. Most of these changes are quick and simple, such as changing your light bulbs. Some positives of making your home eco-friendly involve saving money and increasing its value. These changes not only are beneficial to the environment but they can be economically beneficial to you too. A lot of people who are extremely passionate about the environment want to avoid the negatives that could arise if humanity continues on the path of destruction that has been created by pollution and other manmade harms.

Climate Change and Public Policy Essay examples

Indeed, if we accept the danger of global warming to be a real and present one, then the question of how to address it must be given serious consideration. Research conducted from as early as the 1950s through the present has afforded us a solid understanding of its causes. In the most basic sense, the problem lies in the burning of carbon-based fossil fuels such as carbon and oil which leads to the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2). Gases such as CO2 are referred to as greenhouse gases (GHGs) which accumulate in the atmosphere. GHGs can

Chasing Ice Discussion Questions

Another problem is transportation; cars, planes, trucks, and other vehicles emit various greenhouse gases when in use, or when idling. I would create more solar-powered cars, and if possible, wind-cars, or other cars that run using renewable sources. I would also increase the prices of gas, to discourage people from buying it. However, this would be very, very expensive, and the fuel companies would not agree with the

The Carbon Cycle

Daily activities that contribute to the increase of CO2 is consuming electricity, transportation, building, etc. We could start conserving more energy ourselves, such as using hybrid cars and using solar power. Finding other ways to get our energy in a more earth friendly would help.

Save The Earth, Buy Less By Jared Blumenfeld

First of all, in order to reduce the global warming, we need to reduce the pollution. There are many things an individual can do to reduce the impact on the environment. For example, instead of throwing bottles, we can recycle them. The plastic manufacturing process results in the creation of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, which is thought to contribute significantly to the global warming effect. Since the process for recycling plastic water bottles requires less energy and fossil fuels, it also results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling plastic water bottles also help to decrease the amount of pollution in the air and water sources. Moreover, recycling paper also helps reduce the global warming. For example, if we recycle paper, it helps preserve forests, because it

Climate Change Is Here-And Worse Than We Thought: Article Analysis

One change that has to be made in industries is to burn less fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gases. According to James E. Hansen, in the article, “Climate Change is Here - And Worse Than We Thought” he says, “ We can solve the challenge of climate change with a gradually rising fee on carbon

Global Warming In Florida

Some small, day-to-day things you can do to help are finding alternatives to driving as much as possible, make energy efficiency a dominant factor when choosing appliances, turn lights off when not using them, recycle, use less water when cleaning yourself or your home, eat locally produced food, and more. Cars release high levels of carbon dioxide, so doing things like walking to work, carpooling, and riding on public transportation instead of driving yourself everywhere. The more energy you use, the more carbon you’re putting into the atmosphere so using energy efficient appliances, saving water, recycling, turning lights off when you don’t need them, and eating locally produced foods will reduce your carbon footprint. It takes a great deal of energy to ship foods from long distances; keep lights and household appliances running; and clean, distribute, and pump water through our homes. Some large things you can do are stop deforestation, get our elected leaders involved and fight misinformation. Deforestation is said to account for 10 percent of the world's “heat-trapping emissions” (Union)

Compare And Contrast The Primary Sources Of Fuels In The United States

The main reasons for Global Warming is pollution. One of the main reason are pollution is fuels like fossil fuel. To stop Global Warming the United States and other countries are not using fossil fuels and other fuels that cause pollution. Those fuels are bad for peoples' health. Also, another way is to get more job in the industries, try to stop air pollution by carpooling. ( The best thing to reduce emission is not to waste energy. People can use less heat. People use less gas. People need to take a shorter shower because they do not want to use too much hot water because the hot water heater is one largest electricity. Do not keep the refrigeration open too long. People need to use electric heat and not gas heat. People need to wait until the dishwasher is full. (C2ES,

Geoengineering and The Global Climate Crisis

At this point in time our possible solutions to the global warming are few; our technologies aren’t advanced enough to take the brunt of energy production and wean away from fossil fuel, and we have been too passive for too long regarding our CO2 emissions that’s it’s not feasible to either use cap and trade, or a flat out reduction of CO2. At our current rate of growth, energy from alternative energy sources will be around 8% of the total energy usage by 2025 (Butler 3). This is not nearly enough to be used as a feasible solution to combat our rising CO2 production, and by the time this is feasible, sever climate changes may have

Renewable Energy In The United States

Environmentalists believe a reduction in CO₂ will slow down the global warming process and improve our overall health. Global warming is an overall increase in temperature to the earth's atmosphere caused by greenhouse gases, which traps the Earth’s core heat. However, global warming is not a new issue, the rise in temperature was first discovered in the late 1800s. As of 2015, the Earth's atmosphere has risen 2 degrees higher than the average temperature. Temperatures are said to raise another 15 degrees, over the next 100 years. Global warming alters wildlife, weather, heath, and the ocean. Thousands of people are affected every year, Environmentalists want to stop the effects of global warming which can be altered by an increase use renewable

The Effects Of Global Warming (8 Marks)

One way in which the effects of global warming can be reduced is through activism. Many people choose to become activists against global warming, in an attempt to convince people to stop taking actions which may increase the likelihood of damage to the environment through global warming. Often, this activism is against corporations or other large scale greenhouse gas emitters, but there are some who protest simply to increase awareness of climate change, in the hopes that others will change how they act. I believe this method, when performed on a large scale and with the attention of the media, can help the most, as campaigning to convince large scale greenhouse gas emitters is more likely to have

Climate change is a worldwide issue. Not only is firm action and leadership critical in the United States, but also international efforts need to work toward reducing emissions. Strong public demand for climate change is crucial to enact effective global warming solutions for the future. Unless immediate action is taken, climate change will continue to escalate and continue to affect the entire planet. Ways nations and individuals can help repair the earth's atmosphere is reduce air pollution, use green energy, stop deforestation. Reducing air pollution could have a dramatic effect on climate change. Humans could impact this reduction by simple things such as conserving

Solutions to the Global Climate Change Essay

The increase in CO2 emission is primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are carbon-based fuels from fossil carbon deposits, including coal, oil, and natural gas. The burning of fossil fuels is a big part of life because it powers automobiles, heats and cools homes, and generates electricity. This combustion of fossil fuels is about 90% of the total emission in the world (Greenhouse gases, Climate change, and energy). When this fuel is burned, it pollutes the atmosphere and increases the global warming process. What makes CO2 dangerous is the fact that it is nonrenewable and it warms the earth faster. CO2 emissions should be lowered because when the earth is warmed up this and other greenhouse gases increase the rate at which the polar ice caps melt, resulting in increasing sea levels and flooding. To help reduce these CO2 emissions replacing a regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb can save 300 pounds of carbon dioxide a year (Al Gore, reduce your impact at home, 1), moving a thermostat down 2° in winter and up 2° in summer could save about 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year (Al Gore, reduce your impact at home, 3). Another great way to reduce CO2 emission is by switching to energy efficient appliances which can save 175 million pounds of carbon dioxide. These are one of many fantastic ways to help save the environment and drastically reduce the amount of CO2 being put into the atmosphere(Al Gore, reduce your

Global Warming

Greenhouse gases come from such mainstays of modern life as electrical power plants, automobiles, and heavy industry. Growing consumption of fuel by less efficient cars and light trucks suggests that motor vehicles may soon overtake industry as the largest source of gases suspected of causing global warming by effectively creating a greenhouse around the Earth. Many people do not want to decrease their standard of living by reducing their consumption of fossil fuels. These people do not realize that if they reduce their consumption, there will be a reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases. If this does not happen and global warming continues, the long-term effects may be catastrophic.

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The Problem of Global Warming and Ways of Its Solution

Introduction and explanation of the problem, the likely solution to global warming, gas offsetting/mitigation, geoengineering, regenerative organic farming.

Global warming is the rise in the usual temperature on earth in the near-surface of air. This global warming is believed to have been caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gases. Cline (p.87) argues that greenhouse gases have been believed to have been responsible for the mid-twentieth century temperature increase. The other natural causes like solar variation and volcanoes have also contributed to global warming. This was concluded by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changes. Most studies have shown that global warming will still rise during the twenty-first century. This is due to the un-estimated greenhouse gas emissions.

The outcomes of greenhouse were exposed within 1824 through Joseph Fourier in addition to being examined by Svante Arrhenius during 1896. Greenhouse gases entailed the incorporation, as well as discharge of infrared waves via atmospheric gases, moreover warmed the planet near to the ground atmosphere plus surface. The greenhouse gases are comprised of water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide as well as ozone. Even human activities are also believed to have contributed to global warming. Most human activities have caused temperatures to rise hence causing global warming. Industrial human activities increase the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which leads to rising radioactivity.

Fossil fuel burning is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases. Deforestation has also increased temperature. The combination of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases has caused the temperature on the earth to rise each day because their emission is also increased. The climate changes experienced in recent years have been due to global warming and increasing emissions by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Variation in solar output has been recommended to have caused climatic changes. Sun is also believed to have caused the increase in global temperature.

Global warming has been the most challenging problem facing a good number of countries today. It is now known to be a global environmental problem. All countries should work hard to ensure that the health and well-being of the economy are protected now and in the future. Low (p.30) affirms that people should be advised to apply the current technology and other possible solutions available to reduce the gases emitted. By doing so, heat-trapping gases will decrease hence reducing atmospheric temperatures.

Gases such as carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced for us to solve the global warming problem. People should stop reliance on fossil fuels and use other available energy that can be renewed. If people can avoid the use of fossils then the greenhouse gas emission will be reduced. This will lead to a positive effect because it will reduce the atmospheric temperature. People should also look for some other kind of energy that can substitute the use of fossil fuel and satisfy their energy needs.

Quick industrialization has increased the need and use of fossil fuels. Countries should look for other sources of energy such as wind energy, solar energy, Boi, nuclear so as to reduce the use of fossil fuel. This form of energy exists but it is only that most countries have been reluctant to implement their use. If this other energy is put into use, the emission of gases such as carbon and greenhouse gases will be reduced.

Since the emissions of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide cannot be eliminated absolutely, people should look for a possible solution that will be long-lasting and that this solution will help to improve the economy. The problem of gas emission should be handled with much concern because if these gases are not controlled they will keep on increasing (Simms, p.6).

The United Nations in 1998 proposed a framework that was going to tackle the problem of global warming and environmental-climate changes. This framework is known as the “Kyoto Protocol.” It was aimed at reducing the causes of global warming.

The ‘Kyoto Protocol’ is based on the principle that people must buy a right to pollute the environment. People are required to offset the gases that they emit to the environment. A company that produces carbon dioxide is required to invest in a green project of the same amount as the pollution caused. The same applies to all countries for the amount of carbon dioxide to be controlled. All countries are required to plant green plants equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the same country. The offset principle is believed to be the best solution for reducing climatic change and global warming. This is because it ensures that every carbon dioxide gas that is emitted has an offset and therefore it will be easy to control the level of carbon dioxide. When doing offsetting it does not necessarily require that the project be undertaken in the same country. The project can be undertaken in another country hence offsetting the carbon globally.

Offsetting also enables countries to undertake a project in a place where it is cheaper. This helps in the economic development of the countries because companies continue with their business activity as usual hence economic growth and expansion. Even if a company is emitting carbon dioxide it will be able to carry out its activities as it can invest in a project that will offset the gases. Offsetting projects include reforestation, solar energy, aforestation, wind energy, bio-fuel, and hydro-energy.

Even individuals are encouraged to carry out mitigating measures to reduce the world’s global warming. People are encouraged to plant more trees to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide. They are also advised to use alternative fuels apart from fossil.

However, there is no one way or technology that can mitigate global warming absolutely. Various measures should be implemented to reduce global warming.

Geoengineering is another alternative for reducing global warming. It involves intentional alteration of the natural environment of the Earth on a big scale to fit human needs. Thomas (p.1221) emphasizes that greenhouse gas remediation can be done to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere it is usually done through gas confiscation techniques. They involve carbon dioxide air capturing. This process helps to the amount of radioactive forcing. Solar radiation management helps to increase global dimming thus reducing global warming.

It involves the planned measures that are aimed at curbing the exposure of natural and human systems against real or anticipated climate changes impact. It also involves the modification of systems to reduce the impact of climate change on these systems. Climate change results in various effects that can affect humans and even the natural environment. Various measures have been put into use for the adaptation of global warming. This includes air conditioning equipment, artificial snowmaking, and other infrastructural projects. This involves the desertion of settlement areas that are near the sea. People can also be involved in agricultural projects such as water conservation projects.

The adaption of the global seems to be inevitable because greenhouse gases are most likely to go up each day. Adaptation can help to reduce the undesirable effect of climate change if put into use. Though this measure usually involves a large amount of money and it requires the use of the current technology, infrastructures, access to resources, and education.

Regenerative organic farming helps to transform agriculture into the global solution to global warming. This is by encouraging farmer to change the method of farming that lead to global warming (Hastenrath, p.489). Farmers should be involved in crops that are environmentally friendly to help reduce global warming. This will also help to reduce food shortage and reducing the increasing amount of carbon dioxide.

Global warming is a worldwide problem. The atmospheric temperatures are on the increase day in day out. It affects almost all countries due to the use of fossils which results in greenhouse gases and the emission of carbon dioxide. Global warming if not controlled can lead to adverse effects. It thus requires that all countries work together to reduce the number of gases emitted into the atmosphere. People should be involved in tree planting which will help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

They should also reduce the use of fossils and look for other sources of energy such as wind energy, solar, biogas, and hydro-energy. Most of the global warming has been attributed to human activities. Most activities by humans are the ones that have contributed to global warming which involves the use of fossil fuel. If the amount of greenhouse gases is left to increase there will be a rise in the atmospheric temperatures hence increased adverse effects. But if the emissions are reduced and kept under control it will help reduce the risk of adverse effects of global warming. Simms (p.8) stresses that tree planting and agricultural activities will play a major role in mitigating the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and also reduce greenhouse gas imitations. Tree planting can also be achieved by using the offsetting principle. The principle will involve companies to plants trees. Fuel prices can be increased so as to discourage people from using fossil fuels and reduce the amount of fuel used.

Appel, Adrianne. Global Warming May Dry Up Africa’s Rivers, Study Suggests. National Geographic News 2006.

Cline, William R. Global warming and agriculture: impact estimates by country Washington D.C: Peterson Institute, 2007 pp. 84-98.

Croze, Harvey. Africa for Kids: Exploring a Vibrant Continent, 19 Activities . Chicago Review Press, 2006.

Hastenrath, Climate dynamics of the tropics. Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Dordrecht, 1991 pp 488 -496.

Low, Pak S. Climate Change and Africa . London: Cambridge University Press, 2005 pp 29-50.

Kerr, Richard A. Global Warming: How Urgent Is Climate Change? Science 318 no. 5854 (2007): pp 1230 – 1231.

Ojoo-Massawa, Emily. Understanding and Responding to Climate Change . Kenyan Ministry of Environment and Mineral resources. Web.

Simms, Andrew, et al. Africa: up in smoke? New Economics Foundation, International Institute for Environment and Development. London: Oxfam, 2005 pp 4-10.

Thomas, David S., Knight, Melanie and Wigg, Giles F. S. Remobilization of southern African desert dune systems by twenty-first century global warming. Nature 435 (2005): 1218-1221.

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essay on solution of global warming

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essay on solution of global warming

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essay on solution of global warming

Essay on Global Warming

' src=

Essay on Global Warming-

Being able to write an essay is an integral part of mastering any language. Essays form an integral part of many academic and scholastic exams like SAT , and UPSC amongst many others. It is a crucial evaluative part of English proficiency tests as well like IELTS , TOEFL , etc. Major essays are meant to emphasize issues of concern that can have significant consequences on the world. In this blog, we seek to explore the skills needed and learn how to write an essay on global warming.

essay on solution of global warming

This Blog Includes:

What is climate change, what is global warming, what are the causes of global warming, solutions for global warming, effects of global warming, essay on global warming in 100 – 150 words, essay on global warming in 250 words, essay on global warming in 500 words, essay on global warming upsc, climate change and global warming essay, tips to write an essay.

Since the industrial and scientific revolutions, Earth’s resources have been gradually depleted. Furthermore, the start of the world’s population’s exponential expansion is particularly hard on the environment. Simply put, as the population’s need for consumption grows, so does the use of natural resources, as well as the waste generated by that consumption.

Climate change has been one of the most significant long-term consequences of this. Climate change is more than just the rise or fall of global temperatures; it also affects rain cycles, wind patterns, cyclone frequencies, sea levels, and other factors. It has an impact on all major life groupings on the planet.

Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past century, primarily due to the greenhouse gases released by people burning fossil fuels. The greenhouse gases consist of methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, carbon dioxide, water vapour, and chlorofluorocarbons. The weather prediction has been becoming more complex with every passing year, with seasons more indistinguishable, and the general temperatures hotter. The number of hurricanes, cyclones, droughts, floods, etc., has risen steadily since the onset of the 21st century. The supervillain behind all these changes is Global Warming. The name is quite self-explanatory; it means the rise in the temperature of the Earth.

According to recent studies, many scientists believe the following are the primary four causes of global warming:

Extreme global warming is causing natural disasters , which can be seen all around us. One of the causes of global warming is the extreme release of greenhouse gases that become trapped on the earth’s surface, causing the temperature to rise. Similarly, volcanoes contribute to global warming by spewing excessive CO2 into the atmosphere.

The increase in population is one of the major causes of Global Warming. This increase in population also leads to increased air pollution . Automobiles emit a lot of CO2, which remains in the atmosphere. This increase in population is also causing deforestation, which contributes to global warming.

The earth’s surface emits energy into the atmosphere in the form of heat, keeping the balance with the incoming energy. Global warming depletes the ozone layer, bringing about the end of the world. There is a clear indication that increased global warming will result in the extinction of all life on Earth’s surface.

Of course, industries and multinational conglomerates emit more carbon than the average citizen. Nonetheless, activism and community effort are the only viable ways to slow the worsening effects of global warming. Furthermore, at the state or government level, world leaders must develop concrete plans and step-by-step programmes to ensure that no further harm is done to the environment in general.

Although we are almost too late to slow the rate of global warming, finding the right solution is critical. Everyone, from individuals to governments, must work together to find a solution to Global Warming. Some of the factors to consider are pollution control, population growth, and the use of natural resources.

One very important contribution you can make is to reduce your use of plastic. Plastic is the primary cause of global warming, and recycling it takes years. Another factor to consider is deforestation, which will aid in the control of global warming. More tree planting should be encouraged to green the environment. Certain rules should also govern industrialization. Building industries in green zones that affect plants and species should be prohibited.

Global warming is a real problem that many people want to disprove to gain political advantage. However, as global citizens, we must ensure that only the truth is presented in the media.

This decade has seen a significant impact from global warming. The two most common phenomena observed are glacier retreat and arctic shrinkage. Glaciers are rapidly melting. These are clear manifestations of climate change.

Another significant effect of global warming is the rise in sea level. Flooding is occurring in low-lying areas as a result of sea-level rise. Many countries have experienced extreme weather conditions. Every year, we have unusually heavy rain, extreme heat and cold, wildfires, and other natural disasters.

Similarly, as global warming continues, marine life is being severely impacted. This is causing the extinction of marine species as well as other problems. Furthermore, changes are expected in coral reefs, which will face extinction in the coming years. These effects will intensify in the coming years, effectively halting species expansion. Furthermore, humans will eventually feel the negative effects of Global Warming.

Sample Essays on Global Warming

Here are some sample essays on Global Warming:

Global Warming is caused by the increase of carbon dioxide levels in the earth’s atmosphere and is a result of human activities that have been causing harm to our environment for the past few centuries now. Global Warming is something that can’t be ignored and steps have to be taken to tackle the situation globally. The average temperature is constantly rising by 1.5 degrees Celsius over the last few years. The best method to prevent future damage to the earth, cutting down more forests should be banned and Afforestation should be encouraged. Start by planting trees near your homes and offices, participate in events, and teach the importance of planting trees. It is impossible to undo the damage but it is possible to stop further harm.

Over a long period, it is observed that the rising temperatures of the earth. This affected wildlife, animals, humans, and every living organism on earth. Glaciers have been melting, and many countries have started water shortages, flooding, and erosion and all this is because of global warming. No one can be blamed for global warming except for humans. Human activities such as gases released from power plants, transportation, and deforestation have increased gases such as carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere. The main question is how can we control the current situation and build a better world for future generations. It starts with little steps by every individual. Start using cloth bags made from sustainable materials for all shopping purposes, instead of using high-watt lights use energy-efficient bulbs, switch off the electricity, don’t waste water, abolish deforestation and encourage planting more trees. Shift the use of energy from petroleum or other fossil fuels to wind and solar energy. Instead of throwing out the old clothes donate them to someone so that it is recycled. Donate old books, don’t waste paper.  Above all, spread awareness about global warming. Every little thing a person does towards saving the earth will contribute in big or small amounts. We must learn that 1% effort is better than no effort. Pledge to take care of mother nature and speak up about global warming.

Global warming isn’t a prediction, it is happening! A person denying it or unaware of it is in the most simple terms complicit. Do we have another planet to live on? Unfortunately, we have been bestowed with this one planet only that can sustain life yet over the years we have turned a blind eye to the plight it is in. Global warming is not an abstract concept but a global phenomenon occurring ever so slowly even at this moment.

Global Warming is a phenomenon that is occurring every minute resulting in a gradual increase in the Earth’s overall climate. Brought about by greenhouse gases that trap the solar radiation in the atmosphere, global warming can change the entire map of the earth, displacing areas, flooding many countries, and destroying multiple lifeforms. Extreme weather is a direct consequence of global warming but it is not an exhaustive consequence. There are virtually limitless effects of global warming which are all harmful to life on earth.

The sea level is increasing by 0.12 inches per year worldwide. This is happening because of the melting of polar ice caps because of global warming. This has increased the frequency of floods in many lowland areas and has caused damage to coral reefs. The Arctic is one of the worst-hit areas affected by global warming. Air quality has been adversely affected and the acidity of the seawater has also increased causing severe damage to marine life forms. Severe natural disasters are brought about by global warming which has had dire effects on life and property.

As long as mankind produces greenhouse gases, global warming will continue to accelerate. The consequences are felt at a much smaller scale which will increase to become drastic shortly. The power to save the day lies in the hands of humans, the need is to seize the day. Energy consumption should be reduced on an individual basis. Fuel-efficient cars and other electronics should be encouraged to reduce the wastage of energy sources. This will also improve air quality and reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Global warming is an evil that can only be defeated when fought together.

It is better late than never. If we all take steps today, we will have a much brighter future tomorrow. Global warming is the bane of our existence and various policies have come up worldwide to fight it but that is not enough. The actual difference is made when we work at an individual level to fight it. Understanding its import now is crucial before it becomes an irrevocable mistake. Exterminating global warming is of utmost importance and each one of us is as responsible for it as the next.  

Always hear about global warming everywhere, but do we know what it is? The evil of the worst form, global warming is a phenomenon that can affect life more fatally. Global warming refers to the increase in the earth’s temperature as a result of various human activities. The planet is gradually getting hotter and threatening the existence of lifeforms on it. Despite being relentlessly studied and researched, global warming for the majority of the population remains an abstract concept of science. It is this concept that over the years has culminated in making global warming a stark reality and not a concept covered in books.

Global warming is not caused by one sole reason that can be curbed. There are multifarious factors that cause global warming most of which are a part of an individual’s daily existence. Burning of fuels for cooking, in vehicles, and for other conventional uses, a large amount of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, and methane amongst many others is produced which accelerates global warming. Rampant deforestation also results in global warming as lesser green cover results in an increased presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is a greenhouse gas. 

Finding a solution to global warming is of immediate importance. Global warming is a phenomenon that has to be fought unitedly. Planting more trees can be the first step that can be taken toward warding off the severe consequences of global warming. Increasing the green cover will result in regulating the carbon cycle. There should be a shift from using nonrenewable energy to renewable energy such as wind or solar energy which causes less pollution and thereby hinder the acceleration of global warming. Reducing energy needs at an individual level and not wasting energy in any form is the most important step to be taken against global warming.

The warning bells are tolling to awaken us from the deep slumber of complacency we have slipped into. Humans can fight against nature and it is high time we acknowledged that. With all our scientific progress and technological inventions, fighting off the negative effects of global warming is implausible. We have to remember that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but borrow it from our future generations and the responsibility lies on our shoulders to bequeath them a healthy planet for life to exist. 

One good action in a day to combat the heat.

Global Warming and Climate Change are two sides of the same coin. Both are interrelated with each other and are two issues of major concern worldwide. Greenhouse gases released such as carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere cause Global Warming which leads to climate change. Black holes have started to form in the ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays. Human activities have created climate change and global warming. Industrial waste and fumes are the major contributors to global warming. Another factor affecting is the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and also one of the reasons for climate change.  Global warming has resulted in shrinking mountain glaciers in Antarctica, Greenland, and the Arctic and causing climate change. Switching from the use of fossil fuels to energy sources like wind and solar. When buying any electronic appliance buy the best quality with energy savings stars. Don’t waste water and encourage rainwater harvesting in your community. 

Writing an effective essay needs skills that few people possess and even fewer know how to implement. While writing an essay can be an assiduous task that can be unnerving at times, some key pointers can be inculcated to draft a successful essay. These involve focusing on the structure of the essay, planning it out well, and emphasizing crucial details. Mentioned below are some pointers that can help you write better structure and more thoughtful essays that will get across to your readers:

essay on solution of global warming

Both natural and man-made factors contribute to global warming. The natural one also contains methane gas, volcanic eruptions, and greenhouse gases. Deforestation, mining, livestock raising, burning fossil fuels, and other man-made causes are next.

The government and the general public can work together to stop global warming. Trees must be planted more often, and deforestation must be prohibited. Auto usage needs to be curbed, and recycling needs to be promoted.

Switching to renewable energy sources, adopting sustainable farming, transportation, and energy methods, and conserving water and other natural resources.

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This was really a good essay on global warming… There has been used many unic words..and I really liked it!!!Seriously I had been looking for a essay about Global warming just like this…

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I want to learn how to write essay writing so I joined this page.This page is very useful for everyone.

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It is not good , to have global warming in our earth .So we all have to afforestation program on all the world.

thank you so much

Very educative , helpful and it is really going to strength my English knowledge to structure my essay in future

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Global warming is the increase in 𝓽𝓱𝓮 ᴀᴠᴇʀᴀɢᴇ ᴛᴇᴍᴘᴇʀᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs ᴏғ ᴇᴀʀᴛʜ🌎 ᴀᴛᴍᴏsᴘʜᴇʀᴇ

essay on solution of global warming

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Essay Service Examples Environment Global Warming

Solution of Global Warming Essay

The modern world faced the problem of global warming which is considered to be the growth of Earth’s average temperature within oceans and air. It is necessary to underline the fact that this climate change has started to develop since the 20th century and is still in a progressive state of continuation. The true causes of the greenhouse effect are still open to discussion; it should be stressed that there are some debates among the scientists arguing whether human activities or natural processes are the reasons for the global warming threat. By Climate Change Intergovernmental Panel, human activities are the central causes for the increase of greenhouse gas through the burning of fossil fuel, and deforestation. Nevertheless, according to some sources, the real effects of the natural changes are produced by the nature itself through some gases releases. So, the paper will investigate the key supporting argument as to the causes for global warming spreading based on natural and human processes analysis.

Following contemporary scientific analysis, the true causes for global warming are considered to be contradictory enough; it is necessary to underline the fact that human activities produce the most vivid effects on the changes in natural processes. The ecosystem, consisting of several living organisms, is under the threat of harmful influence produced through numerous human activities in a modern industrialized era. Climatologists state, that the beginning of global warming can be referred to as the nineteenth century, though in that period the problem was not considerably stressed in the society. They managed to investigate that human activities contributed to the enhancement of the greenhouse effect. It is necessary to underline the fact that the greenhouse effect impacts the Earth’s surface warming through several complex processes, such as gases, sunlight, and atmosphere practices (Horner, 2007).

The analysis of global warming effects should be based on the fossil fuels burning covering oil, coal, and natural gas; this human activity involves the land clearing introducing and causing some changes in the natural processes. The burning is the result of automobiles’ effects, as well as electric power plants and factories providing energy for office buildings and houses. Carbon dioxide, created as a result of fossil fuel burning, has the chemical formula of a greenhouse effect CO2, slowing the heat escape into space. The plants sponge CO2 from the air in the process of photosynthesis, as it is necessary for their food production. Speaking about land clearing, it is necessary to underline the fact it influences the CO2 buildup through reduction of the gas rate at which it is completely removed from the atmosphere, or through dead vegetation decomposition (Langdon, 2003).

It should be noted that scientists argued as to greenhouse gases increase providing no clear differences in the temperature fluctuations; according to their theory, global warming may be the result of natural processes. To explain this fact they highlighted the impact of the sun’s emitted energy (Global Warming Causes. 2005).

Nevertheless, pollution is recognized as one of the principal causes of global warming; it is necessary to underline the fact that environmental pollution, as well as air one, produces negative effects on nature’s health. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the air appeared to be the result of modern industrialization and technological progress. According to the report by Schweiger, being the president of the National Wildlife Federation, the problem of global warming is a sharp threat to the modern environment, ‘It is our future that is now uncertain. It is past time to act and solve global warming with the urgency and determination with which Americans have successfully confronted other threats to our security and wildlife.’ (Schweiger, 2007) the problem of land use as the basic human threat to nature can be expressed through the following reasons:

Nowadays a lot of agricultural practices have been introduced for animals’ breeding, cereals growing, as well as vegetables and fruits for human consumption; these practices develop the basic greenhouse gases, such as nitrous oxide and methane;

Land clearance for human activities expansion;

Tropical deforestation covering the firing of forests leading to the release of pollutants, for example, carbon dioxide (Houghton, 2004).

Speaking about natural causes of global warming in more detail, it is necessary to underline the idea that solar output changes lead to climate transformations and instability; according to scientific researches, the change in output even by 1% can become the cause for rapid alterations in the average temperature. Besides, it should be stressed that the changes in the Earth’s orbit characteristics around the sun and also, Earth’s axis tilt, can lead to the alteration of solar energy total amount received by the planet. As a result, the temperature changes as well. To understand the causes for the problem spreading it is necessary to underline the most important and influential anthropogenic greenhouse gases developed in nature and harming the environment; they are the following: methane (CO4), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), nitrous oxide (N2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and fluorocarbons (HFC). One of the most central gases is considered to be carbon dioxide; methane and nitrous oxide are referred to as the less harmful gases. Taking into account the calculations demonstrated by the scientists, the potential threat of the gases influence on the global warming development will be increased within the next one hundred years, disclosing the following figures:

Methane – about 20%;

Carbon Dioxide – 73%;

essay on solution of global warming

Nitrous Oxide – 9%.

Despite the danger of gases impact outlined by the scientists, it is necessary to stress that not all greenhouse air pollutants provide a negative effect on global warming directly. It was proved that in the air they are transformed into other actual gases; thus, CO, carbon monoxide, can be changed into CO2, carbon dioxide, and produce an indirect contribution to climate warming. Besides, there are several precursor gases, being referred to as non-greenhouse gases; they are the following: nitrogen oxides, NOx, carbon monoxide, CO, and VOC, that is volatile organic compounds (Major Findings of climate change. 2006).

The neutralization of the global warming causes and consequences have been analyzed through the analysis of possible ways and methods aimed at global warming emissions reduction. So, the examination of the problem causes demonstrated the most profound impact of carbon dioxide on the development and spreading of the greenhouse effect. It is necessary to stress that the ways of the problem solution are closely connected with the lifestyle of the modern generation. By governmental considerations, the average footprint of carbon reaches about 42000 pounds annually. This figure is predominantly based on the setting and way of life; the first step in the problem solution is connected with switching to green power. It should be stressed that the production of conventional energy leads to air pollution. Per US Energy Department, green power kilowatt requires less than one pound of CO2. It is necessary to underline the fact that green electricity generated from solar energy, wind, and water is much better for the environment (Maslin, 2007).

The second step in the problem solution is based on insulation and sealing of duct system; the scientists explain that this measure influences the reduction of CO2, as well as costs spent for cooling and heating (Global Warming Solutions. 2008).

Then, fuel-efficient car driving can influence the reduction of hazardous gas in the air; this step will reduce the costs by 8000 pounds annually. Besides, it is necessary to replace the old water heater with the new efficient one. It is necessary to stress that heating water uses about 13% of typical energy, and the replacement can lead to CO2 reduction and more than 3000 pounds every year (Schneider, 1990).

People are to be concentrated on the heating temperature controlling; it was found out that the thermostat lowering will result in the energy cutting by 3%, which is very important for environmental protection. Scientists managed to identify the impact of air conditioners on the irrational usage of energy. Thus, they underlined the necessity to change it with the energy-efficient one, which will help to reduce CO2 emissions. It should be stressed that central air conditioning used in every house influences the affection of the released energy on greenhouse effect development. The usage of the new rational technology will help to save about 2000 pounds annually (Pringle, 2001).

The amount of CO2 is closely connected with fuel consumption without taking into account the vehicle; certainly, fuel economy is reached through the usage of sport-utility vehicles or compact family sedans. The fuel waste can be reduced by 33%; a 6% reduction can be reached through the appropriate usage of recommended motor oil.

It is necessary to underline the idea that technological development is an integral part of C2 release as well; so, Consumer Reports found out that letting the computer system sleep will economize the energy released and reduced more than 576 pounds of CO2 every year.

The final step of the global warming solution is connected with refrigerator and washing machine efficient energy release. To benefit the environment one is to use Energy Star qualified technologies reducing the emissions of CO2 by 25%. The purchase of the most efficient model can contribute to the growth of annual savings in energy release.

The paper managed to investigate the seriousness of the global warming problem, as well as its causes and possible solutions. One is to outline the principle idea of the research lies in the disclosure not only of human activities harm, but natural processes’ impact on greenhouse effect through the release of hazardous things in the atmosphere.

The paper managed to outline the key methods of neutralizing the problem based on human lifestyle change. People are to concentrate on the problem’s seriousness and its effects; the basic goal of humanity is to protect the environment we live in through policies and investments into economizing and rationality. The modern generation living in the period of industrialization is to be aware of global warming consequences and take measures to tackle the problem.

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Since the industrial revolution took place, it has been observed that there has been a steady and gradual increase in temperature at the earth’s lower atmosphere and this global warming is the result of a natural process called the greenhouse effect. Visible, shortwave light from the sun travels through the medium of greenhouse gases composed mostly of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. Infrared radiation from the planet’s surface is reflected away from the earth’s surface towards...

Over the last 50 years, human activities have considerably worsened the ecological situation. The Earth suffers from heat-trapping gases that lead to global warming. The rise of temperature increased the sea level that made the Arctic ice melt. As a result, the survival of polar bear population is under the threat of extinction. Global warming caused the disappearance of ocean ice thus limiting the food supply for these animals. Therefore, there is an urgent necessity to prevent global warming from...

Carbon emission is the main cause of deteriorating environmental conditions that have led to global warming. The effects of global warming are so immense that world leaders have organized global meetings to curb environmental concerns. There was the Kyoto Protocol and the recent Copenhagen World Summit that aimed at solving the climatic change challenges. These sorts of meetings are geared towards finding consensus on measures to curb environmental degradation at the global level and the eventual effects of greenhouse gases...

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essay on solution of global warming

A Solution to Global Warming

Human beings are the advanced species on the earth. The ability of our ancestors to think outside of the box is the reason why humans are the most dominant species. Once upon a time humans were same as the wild animals. The daily chore for human from the past was to hunt, eat, and survive. At present, the life of human beings is more convenient with all the inventions like cars and air conditioners. These inventions have made our lives easier but have also helped to cause global warming. The emission of carbon dioxide from these machines in the atmosphere causes global warming. Global warming, defined by Oxford dictionary is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants (“Definition of global….”). There are several creative ideas to stop global warming and some of them have promises, for example, saving money while saving the environment. Planting and protecting the trees is a popular attempt, and it looks great on paper, this solution works well and is beneficial for the people as well as the environment. Global warming is a serious problem with two major effects which are increasing in sea level and degradation of wild lives. Increase in sea level is affecting the entire landmass of the earth. According to NASA, the polar ice cap is melting at the alarming rate of nine percent per decade. Arctic ice thickness has decreased 40 percent since the 1960s (Oskin). The amount of water is more than the land in our planet. If this global warming continues at this pace, soon there will be no ground left on earth. The terrestrial animals will be exterminated from the earth if glo... ... middle of paper ... ...ot limited makes this the best solution for the global warming. In conclusion, global warming is a slow and gradual process that is affecting our lives day by day. Some think of it as a myth but now everybody can see and feel the climate change every year. Human beings are the prime cause of the global warming, so it is our responsibility to minimize it. Many environmentalists and nature protecting organization such as NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Counsil) have done various researches about global warming and have come up with many ideas to prevent it. There are several creative ideas to stop global warming and some of them have promises, for example, saving money while saving the environment. Planting and protecting the trees is a popular attempt, and it looks great on paper, this solution works well and is beneficial for the people as well as the environment.

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