essay on musical instruments

Musical Instrument Essay

Playing musical Instrument as a hobby can be fun. It has a lot of benefits, including memory improvement and stress reducer. Music is an art which should be approached with intensity and great affection .Playing music as a hobby adds fun in life, peace, and fulfillment that lifts the spirit and make everyone involved enjoy. What then can be the benefit of playing a musical instrument as a hobby? Gives a sense of achievement and develops Discipline Playing a musical instrument as a hobby, gives an immense sense of achievement and true satisfaction, in that one can never feel like playing difficult songs or playing it flawlessly. This boosts the ego and enforces sense of self-achievement, which accomplish more in other aspects of life. Playing instrument as a hobby, require regular practice and dedication. Allotting time to practice daily develops discipline in a person. This can be very advantageous to children who, research shows that everything else fails, but music disciplines children-when they are naturally curious and excited about it. Improves memory and foster creativity Playing a musical instrument as a hobby, boost the memory. It makes use of both parts of the brain, thus boosts memory power. Research shows that playing a musical instrument at an early age can improve learning ability and memory by arousing different patterns of the brain development. It is also linked to higher IQ levels and physical growth of certain parts of brain. Many people lose touch with their creative side. Playing a musical instrument as a hobby can foster that creativity, especially when you reach advanced levels. This is because, playing the instruments, positively affects, mental, cognitive, emotional abilities and stimulates the b... ... middle of paper ... ...on free child will be a better subject to learning any time. Using aids. The use of modern aids such as cut outs, models and even life like or scaled replicas are means to a better learning graph. With the use of these modern equipment and ways, a child will surely develop better both mentally and physically. Need for a vivid memory The competitive world of the current day has immense pressure when it comes to any field. In order to make sure that a child shall be able to cope up to this form of competition, one needs to take the special effort required towards a vivid memory for the child. Conclusion Simple approaches and flexible means are the key to effective learning. Monotony and regimentalized fashion of learning is usually not recommended for the growing minds to ensure that the minds remain open and accept more stimuli from the surroundings.

In this essay, the author

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Essay on Musical Instruments

Brass instrument essay.

Each instrument has a different way to blow into them. The trombone is a brass instrument which means that the mouthpiece is a large circular piece of metal that gets smaller to fit into the trombone. When you blow into the mouthpiece you have to say the letter “m” and freeze your lips. Without moving your lips, slightly blow through your lips. For a higher note make your lips tighter and for a lower note you make your lips looser. For the tenor saxophone, it is a woodwind instrument which means it has a reed. A reed is a small thin strip of material which, when you blow on it, vibrates to make sound. To produce noise you have to bend your bottom lip over your bottom front teeth, and using your top front teeth you have to gently bite the top

Informative Essay On Orchestra

In orchestra there are five different instruments, including the harp. First in an orchestra was the harp (3000 bc). Next that was created in an orchestra is a violin (1530’s). After that the next instrument that was created

Essay On Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra

This journal is about the musical piece composed by a man named Benjamin Britten titled The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. This piece was surprisingly interesting to me as it created different feelings of emotions through the instruments volume, sync, and rhythm. I do like various instrumental styles of music, however, I was hesitant about listening to a classical style orchestra. Throughout the piece it seemed the sounds would constantly change, which reminded me of the early black and white cartoons that relied on classical style music to show the emotions they were trying to make the audience feel. For example, I remember a scene from an episode of the old cartoon Popeye, when there was fast paced instrumental music in the background while Popeye was saving Olive Oyl from a dangerous situation and they both were running to get to safety. The xylophone from Bitten’s composition is what made me think of that exact episode of Popeye and Olive Oly running to get to safety.

Physics of Electric Guitars Essay

Inventors have been playing with the idea of electrically powered musical instruments since the 1800s, but "the first attempts at an amplified instrument did not come until the development of electrical amplification by the radio industry in the 1920s."

Essay On Trombone

Has there ever been a time where a thing you sacrificed one item for another activity you loved? I faced this type of situation during my sophomore year of marching band. During that year, I noticed a severe lack of trombones made the ensemble sound imbalanced and learning the trombone would put my skills to better use than on tenor saxophone .Learning the trombone initially seemed daunting because of having to learn a brand new instrument and leave the comfort of my saxophone. As time progressed, I realized that the passion I had for marching band was great enough to attempt the formidable task since the family atmosphere in marching is something an instrument can’t compete with. The road to learning a new instrument wouldn’t be simple, but it would end up teaching me much more than another instrument.

Music Education Essay

The best teachers can do is to not allow students to see when the students have not meet the expectations they had and when students do not meet their own expectations, the teacher needs to encourage the student to try again and learn from their previous experience;

American Federation of Musicians Essay

Every day millions of Americans turn on their radios, IPods, or some other device which allows them to listen to their favorite musicians and have no idea that there is a union standing guard to ensure the rights of those very musicians. The average American may think their favorite musicians are rolling “dough” and not realize that for the past hundred and fourteen years the American Federation of Musicians, aka AFM, has worked to improve the professional lives of musicians across North America. (American Federation of Musicians, 2010) AFM attracts its members with a mission to unite professional musicians which states, “We can live and work in dignity; Our work will be fulfilling and compensated fairly; We will have a meaningful voice

Music Appreciation Essay

When I was in fifth grade, I was caught between two worlds, playing a woodwind or string instrument. If I played a woodwind instrument I would have to blow in it to make music, but string instruments are played with a bow to make music. After much thought, I decided that the violin was the best instrument for me, because it has a beautiful, unique sound, plus the possibilities are never-ending. I could receive a compliment from a teacher, or even get accepted to the symphony.

Essay on The History of the Guitar

After the Guittern, the guitar’s structure stayed the same and had little changes. One of the slightly improved guitars was called the Ghitarra Battente. The Ghitarra Battente was the first guitarlike instrument to use a saddle, a movable bridge, and led the trend towards metal frets (4). The Ghitarra Battente helped the popularity of the guitar grow tremendously. This instrument somewhat slowed down the development and improvements to the guitar until the 1500s. In the 1500s, the Vinuhela de Mano was introduced to the world. The Vinuhela de Mano is the the largest guitar to date and set the size for the modern guitar. This instrument had several soundholes on the top of the guitar, was played using a pick, and used gut strings. The Vihuela de Mano resembles the modern twelve-stringed guitars. The first publication of music for the guitar was published in 1564 and was called “Tres Libros de Musica en Cifras para Vihuela.” After the Vihuela de Mano, many forms of the guitar emerged that improved the structure of the

I find myself in a constant state of appreciation. I worship hot coffee every morning and recently, every night. I keep in touch with my small group of friends hourly through texting or Skype, usually, and always make time to see them on the weekends. I remind myself to thank my parents for everything they’ve done for me, never taking my life or experiences for granted.

Irianna Research Paper

In Los Angeles California, the year 1900, in an old brick house, there was a girl named Kylie. She was seventeen years old and had dark hair and dark eyes. Kylie was musically gifted and wanted to invent something in that area that would change the world. After several months of working with different materials and constantly making changes, Kylie finally came up with something: a musical instrument.

Music Observation Essay

In my opinion, in a children choir setting both the boys and girls voices sounds very similar. I think that the reason why the boys can sing at the range where the girls do sing is because they haven’t reach their puberty as yet and their larynx and vocal chord is small and thin. I felt that the texture of the choir was really thin and breathy. I can barely hear dynamics at all and it is because children cannot hear themselves well in a choir setting and tend to sing in a louder dynamic. I am so used to hearing 4-part voice (SATB) in a choir setting that sometimes it becomes very difficult to listen to some choirs performing with having the tenor and the bass line. I don’t mind listening to choir singing in unisons with very few movements but

Essay on Music and It's Influence

It is no doubt that music has played a vital role in our society. Everything from loud, head-banging concerts to religious ceremonies have utilized the medium of music because of its awe-inspiring qualities. Music is basically the control of sound. We can control this sound by varying the pitch, tempo, octaves, dynamics and so on. There are thousands of ways that we can use music and to shape it to how we want to hear it. But how much has music influenced the way we think today? Why is it so popular?

Piano Music Essay

The beautiful sound of piano music has captured the hearts of people since the early eighteenth century. Since then, many musicians have dedicated their lives to this instrument. Some players even play piano so well that it may seem that this instrument is easy to play. However, to be able to play the piano well isn’t easy; it takes a lot of skill. To become a good piano player, one must love music very much, have good finger techniques, and body flexibility.

The Music Instrument the Organ Essay

The organ is an instrument that dates back to the third century B.C. The man credited for this invention is Ctesibius of Alexandria who invented an instrument called the hydraulis, which used wind maintained through water pressure to some pipes. Organs are most likely found in churches and are used during the services. Its divine pitch imitates that of a human voice and creates a beautiful sound that many find pleasing. There are three types of organs, non-piped, electronic, and mechanical organs. Non-piped organs are much like accordions and harmonicas. Electronic organs make electronically produced sounds through speakers. Then the mechanical organs are

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Playing an Instrument

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People have different reasons for doing things. Some believe that writing, playing instrument and eating give joy and happiness. When we talk of instrument, different things crop up, such as musical instruments, working instruments, manufacturing instruments etc. In this work, there will be comprehensive details about playing an instrument. We will focus only on playing a musical instrument. For this purpose, we will cover the different aspect of musical instrument.

How people learn to play instruments, what benefits people get from playing an instrument, when to buy a musical instrument etc.

There are different types of musical instruments, such as the guitar, keyboard, flute, saxophone etc. Musical instruments are of different types. We have the string instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments etc. Under each of these groups, we then have different instruments. For instance, under string instruments we have the violin, harp and guitar.

These instruments are played in different ways, for instance playing a piano involves buying a preferred type, installing, getting a good teacher to put one through and trying different styles and listening to music, which will give insight into how the instrument must sound when been played.


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In the world today, playing any type of musical instrument have become some lovers’ of music priority. People try to learn how to play a musical instrument at all cost. Then who can play an instrument? What is of paramount is the interest in learning to play.

If the interest is not there then, playing or learning might be a problem.

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When this issue has been established, the next thing is getting a good tutor who can take one through the rudiments of playing such an instrument. There are things that should be put in place in other to learn how to play a musical instrument. One of such things is patience. This is one aspect should be taken seriously. In other, to learn anything in life the issue of patience cannot be taken for granted. You have to be patient. Another issue is the practice.

You have to be repeating or practicing this act almost every time or everyday in other to master it. Learning to play an instrument is not a days or weeks job. This act has to be continuous and consistent for sometime until one is perfect. Another aspect is paying attention to the rudiments or skilled that will be needed in learning the instrument. There should be full concentration. However, people have different motives for learning how to play an instrument of any kind. In the context of our discussion, people desire to play instrument because of what they will get.

These might come in form of financial reason, pleasure or happiness. Why some specific people may want to learn how to play instrument because of the financial benefit that is attached to it, others may what to learn how to play these instrument at leisure or for pleasure. Then what are the benefits of playing an instrument. One of such is that this act teaches discipline because playing an instrument is like trying to learn a new language, which in some cases can be demanding. Therefore, you have to be disciplined in other to learn how to play these instruments.

Another benefit one can get from playing an instrument is can be having a sense of accomplishment. At start, when one starts to learn it might look like a challenge, but when the act is mastered, one can be proud of it. It can also be a means of exercise. Sometimes when we are strained out we can just try our hands on an instrument to cool off and relax. Moreover, there are different problems people may encountered when playing an instrument. For instance in buying a grand piano the issue of quality is vital.

If you want buy any instrument there are some things that are vital and of most important. Quality is one of the things that are vital. In addition, costs and functions are also vital. For example, the work of a lead guitar is different from the bass guitar. There can also be problem caused by the instruments itself such as the bowing of the violin. These can be harmful on the part of the person playing it. In conclusion, playing of any instrument depends on different aspect of life: interest, skills and efforts. This write up has been able to give meaning to the phrase playing an instrument.

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Playing an Instrument

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I believe that everyone should learn to play a musical instrument

Kelsey - brookings, south dakota.

essay on musical instruments

I believe that everyone should learn to play a musical instrument. Music has always been a part of human history. From the beginning there were people […]

I believe that everyone should learn to play a musical instrument. Music has always been a part of human history. From the beginning there were people singing, banging on drums, and blowing on pipes and horns. Feeling and enjoying the rhythm of music is part of being human. Being able to produce the music yourself is something even more fulfilling. There are three different parts of being a musician that I think that everyone should enjoy: playing by yourself, playing in a group, and playing for an audience.

First playing by yourself gives you freedom. When I take out my French horn to practice I can play whatever I want. I can create any rhythm I feel and let my emotions out. In my little practice room it is just myself and my music. The music that the lone player produces is for themselves and no one else. It is a relaxing and rewarding activity that any person living in this stress filled world could use.

Second, being a part of a group of people who also take pleasure in what you love makes playing music even more fun and enjoyable. I love playing with the community bands in my area and meeting people of all ages who have the same interests as me. Putting the harmonies of a band together adds to what a single musician can create. You are able to play more complex and difficult music because you have other musicians and a director to help. A group of people can accomplish something that one person alone cannot.

Third, playing for an audience lets you bring pleasure to others. There are many people who do not play an instrument but still love music. Concerts and recitals are ways to bring music to these people. The final product of putting together the complexities within the song, orchestrating the little details and practicing that then come together into a wonderful piece of music can be a great gift to many people. I love getting a piece of music and after weeks of practice and rehearsal to bring the journey to an end and perform for an audience. The encouragement and thanks from these people show me that music is still important.

In the long run, learning to play a musical instrument brings benefits not only to yourself but other in your community. Music is universal language that can help people learn about themselves and bring people closer together. As such, music can create better understanding within communities and with this comes awareness and compassion for others. The world needs more awareness and cooperation, which ultimately, is why I believe learning to play a musical instrument is an experience everyone should have.

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essay on musical instruments

Musical instrument Essays

Musical instruments in the tanakh analysis.

Chapter 2 “Musical Instruments in the Tanakh” So from dissecting biblical text, it is said that Satan was the first created being to have music placed within him. As mentioned earlier on in this chapter, the first human documented in the Bible to handle a musical instrument was Jubal, yet although he may have been the source of all musical instruments as we know them now, it can be argued that few Christians understand the true spiritual significance of the instruments used in worship. If a true

Essay On Orchestra

group of musicians who using musical instrument to perform a musical. There some of the musical instrument that play in the orchestra such as Violin, Jazz, Trumpet, and others. Basically orchestra will be held at the space in front of the stage in a modern theater. (Your Dictionary ©2017 by LoveToKnow Corp) ii. Types of orchestra Symphony orchestra Symphony orchestra is a music group of 50 to 100 musicians. It was include string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. There are about 80 players

Why Is Harmonica Important

harp) is a handheld portable musical wind instrument. It consists of a small rectangular outer case made of a metal alloy with an inner row of holes called reed chambers. Each chamber has multiple, variable-tuned brass flexible strips or reeds that have loose ends, which vibrate and create sound. The player places his or her mouth over the holes and exhales and inhales air to produce different musical tones. The length and depth of the metal reed determine the various musical notes. Use and Significance

Woodwind Instruments In The Renaissance

essential stage period for all modern music and most musical instruments we use today. Several styles and techniques we see today were discovered during this time. Most importantly, a good number of musical instruments we use today have been developed from sample of instruments that were used during Renaissance (Smith 38). However, woodwind instruments are some of the instruments that were discovered during Renaissance period. The woodwind instruments family is made of a piece of wood, are usually played

High School Instruments: String Instruments

String Instruments There are many stringed instruments but only a few are used in a high school orchestra. These instruments include the violin, viola, cello, and bass. The word 'violin' comes from the Middle Latin word 'vitula' which means stringed instrument. Violins are typically comprised of spruce or maple wood. Violins come in many different sizes. Typically, students will start learning violin at a young age with a 1/32 or 1/16 size violin. As the student ages they will graduate up to a full

Cuban-American Orchestra Observation

As the string instruments moved in harmony, the brass instruments were incorporated with a slow tune. The piece eventually progressed to be more theatrical. The melodies gathered pace and the music became more powerful with the consistent entries of different instruments and melodies. One category of the instrument was pursued by another and eventually all instruments were playing in harmony with each other. The ending was the peak of the

Western Concert Flute History

histories of any instrument used in a music ensemble today. The instrument dates back to at least 37,000 years ago. Over the years, many instruments have been given the designation of being called a flute. Over time, the western concert flute has gone through many changes from the prehistoric age to the modern age. The flute is one of the oldest musical instruments. The oldest instrument that is closely related to the flute was found in the Swabian Alb a place in Germany. This instrument was dated to

Personal Narrative Essay: Playing The Violin At Carnegie Hall

fingers move swiftly across the fingerboard as my bow danced up and down across the strings. It was magical. The violin, an instrument that I once despised, has led me to the point of being able to perform anywhere. Furthermore, without having had the perseverance to continue to play this instrument, I would not have become the person and musician that I am today. The musical notes written on the page before me were ingrained in my memory, allowing me to catch the reflection of their image on the

Essay On Brass Instruments

● Stringed instruments – For more casual and modern genres of music the guitar, ukulele and banjo are good choices for the retiree. These instruments can give strong supporting accompaniment to rock, blues, folk and country jam sessions, sing-alongs and family gatherings. With a bit of instruction on some stringed instruments you can learn basic chords and rhythms in fairly short order and probably pick-up and entertain a gathering sooner than you think. For classical and some other elements of

Hip Hop Genres

study the three genres of music; Musicals, Hip-Hop and Aleatoric Music. I have chosen to research Hip-Hop because I like the genre as a whole and I like listening to some of the songs in the genre. So, I think because of this, it would be interesting to find out more about this genre and say some of my opinions on it. I have chosen Musicals because they are very popular and I enjoy watching and listening to the songs. I’ve never really known what makes a musical song different to just any other song

Does Music Make A Difference In A Child's Life?

Learning to play an instrument at a young age can greatly influence the growth of your brain. One way it changes is your brain develops an enhanced ability to interpret and integrate sensory information such as hearing, vision, and touch. The brain is also better at learning new languages. Learning to play a musical instrument at a young age can help your brain develop and connect different areas within. The communication

The Piano: The Importance Of The Piano

The piano is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard. Widely used in Western music for solo performance, ensemble use, chamber music, and accompaniment, the piano is also very popular as an aid to composing and rehearsal. Although not portable and often expensive, the piano 's versatility and ubiquity have made it one of the most familiar musical instruments.Piano originated on Europe in the eighteenth century, Italian Bartolommeo Cristofori invented a instrument which similar to modern

Cithara Research Paper

mathematicians this world, as well as architecture and pottery. Although these inventions and inventors were and are such great gifts to the world, none beats the brilliant inventions of their musical instruments. One of these instruments was called a cithara, which is an advanced relative of the popular lyre. This instrument is famous because it is fabled to be invented by Apollo, the god of the sun and music. The cithara was played on occasions of ceremony, such as public games or festivals. The cithara

Black Mam Guitar Marketing Strategy

brand of guitar. Guitar is a basic musical instrument which is very melodious to every tune of music. There are many types of guitars in the world but in our brand, BLACK MAMBA GUITAR, we are introducing only two types of guitars. Musical instruments and accessories historically have been sold through small, local, “mom and pop” stores. Today’s marketplace is much more sophisticated. Our stores and websites compete against other large and small musical instrument retailers, online music retailers

The School Concert: The Mysterious Maestro

Introduction The orchestra concert that I had watched and enjoyed was the school concert, which has performed at 25th October 2014, 12:30 pm. The concert was conducted at PERTRONAS Twin Tower (KLCC), MPO hall, which also known as Malaysian Phiharmonic Orchestra. The school concert has conducted for nearly 1 hour, which ends around 1:30 pm. The title for this concert was “The Mysterious Maestro”. There were total of twelve pieces that have performed by the orchestra. The first piece was named “Overture

Pythagoras Music Influence

Imagine living in a world full of silence, no symphony or rhythm in the world. Well, that’s exactly how Pythagoras felt, in 582 B.C he was the first man ever to take interest to study regarding to acoustics, according to Suffolk County Community College. The first song ever created was called Hurrian Hymn no.6. originally made by the Syrians about 3400 years ago. Music, a wonderful form of art, is a magnificent way to express yourself, a hobby for a multitude people, and most importantly supports

Essay On Mariachi Music

word for a wooden stage used by musical group performances. Before European conquest, natives used rattles, drums, flutes, and conch horns for religious occasions. When the Spanish arrived, they brought along violins, guitars, harps, brass horns, woodwind instruments, and colonial dancing, which eventually blended with the music of the natives. With these new additions, indigenous peoples and mestizos began to play European instruments along with their own musical inventions. This new combination

Mariachi Research Paper

Mariachi is a musical style that dates back to 19th century Western Mexico. From the 19th to 20th century, it moved from rural areas into cities such as Guadalajara and Mexico City, along with the Mexican government's cultural promotion gradually re-labeled it as Son style, mariachi becoming the word for the urban term. The name Mariachi was given to the 3 or more-piece secular music groups native to the western states of Jalisco, Colima Nayarit, Mitchoacan and Guerrero. The musicians would dress

What Does Music Mean To Me

being pushed back. Whenever I went to school there would always be music playing from the radio or a CD playing different types of songs constantly playing. When I grew older I became interested in music and started playing guitar and viola. Both instruments showed dramatic improvement in subjects I wasn’t doing so well in. Being in an orchestra also introduced me to new people who had the same interest as me. It also helped me become more

Disadvantages Of Music In Schools

40,000 years ago with discoveries of flutes made from bird bones in a cave in Germany (BBC, 2012). For generations, music has evolved and has played a crucial role in this humanity. It is strongly believed that listening to music or playing musical instruments has multiple cognitive benefits on children and has a direct correlation with their academic performance. Following the financial crisis in 2008, many schools have had no choice but to curtail their investment on music education, and this

Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Introduction, discussion of experience.

The global musical performance integrates numerous musical instruments, singers, music groups, and musical directions. The ability to play an instrument makes a person a part of this worldwide art expression to inspire people across cultures. As viewed by the Playing for Change organization, “the true measure of any movement is what it gives back to the people” ( Playing for Change: About us, 2020). Playing an instrument provides inspiration and hope for a better future, where people are happy and responsive to each other. Other benefits include improving social life, making the players creative, and giving a sense of achievement.

People who play an instrument learn some new ways to express their feelings and emotions by creating images and translating a unique vision. Musical instruments make people more creative since the players become the main composers and put their stamps on the pieces of music. The type of an instrument and music does not matter if the player aims to touch the hearts of people. For example, a well-known song “Over the Rainbow” was played by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole, who used ukulele and translated a special message. In Hawaii, the energy is called mana, and it is all around people – in the sky, Earth, ocean, and inside every person (Montagne, 2011). Kamakawiwo’ole shares his mana through playing the ukulele, and the message is understood not only in his country but all over the world. In response to such melodies, other musicians create touching compositions as if echoing and multiplying inspiration.

Across human populations of different cultures, musical behavior is universal, which provides the basis for global connections. Even those cultures that have only traditional songs include some awareness of rhythm and melody. By listening to the music instruments played by various cultures, others can learn about their life, family values, and a broader special context (Aleshinskaya, 2016). For example, special instruments are used to accompany weddings or funerals as a means of cultural expression. In this way, playing instruments becomes a method of understanding cultures and creating a global, integrated world.

The improvement of social skills and relationships is another benefit of playing an instrument. It should also be stressed that people who play a musical instrument gather in groups to play together or share experiences. Lifelong friendships result from building social skills and characters while being engaged in musical activities. Musicians receive benefits of working in a team as they develop empathy, sympathy, and good citizenships skills. For example, the performance of a song requires each team member to wait for his or her turn to start their part, adjusting their sounds and movements to fit the overall goal of the performance. The sense of achievement is another advantage that is related to many ways that music provides to help people improve. When a sound is produced, or new movements are learned, the pride of accomplishment appears.

Playing a musical instrument makes a person more sociable, because while performing music, the performer learns to find contact with the audience, feel the nuances of intonation and emotions and guess the tone and pace of the composition. Playing a musical instrument teaches discipline, fosters patience, willpower, and perseverance, and gives a special vision of the world around. Music teaches not only to listen to but also to hear, not only to look, but also to see, and by seeing and hearing, to feel (Aleshinskaya, 2016). Consequently, the happiness of a person depends on what kind of eyes he or she sees and what emotions he or she experiences from it.

Speaking of the relation of playing an instrument to the art expression, one should state that it helps in relaxing and thinking more clearly. While putting thoughts in words or creating original sounds, a person broadens his or her horizons, becoming more open to change. At the same time, listening to the music, mainly, how other people play various instruments is useful to learn to express art through personal vision. These learning skills can be applied, furthermore, not only in the art expression area but also in the academic performance of students. In addition, there is a direct correlation between playing an instrument and cognitive functioning in adults. According to the recent study by Mansens et al. (2018), letter fluency, attention, and learning in general are positively impacted by making music. The authors suggest that playing instruments at least once every two weeks can serve as the protection from cognitive decline, while further research is needed.

To conclude, playing instruments is inextricably related to the social and cultural context of people. From a global perspective, it helps to understand various cultures by learning their traditions, values, and views. From a personal point, playing an instrument is an important way to express one’s feelings and emotions and understand those of others. In addition, musical instruments improve learning skills that can be applied not only in the art expression area but also in academic performance. Those adults who are engaged in playing an instrument are less likely to develop dementia.

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Mansens, D., Deeg, D. J. H., & Comijs, H. C. (2018). The association between singing and/or playing a musical instrument and cognitive functions in older adults. Aging & Mental Health , 22 (8), 970-977.

Montagne, R. (2011). Israel Kamakawiwo’ole: The voice of Hawaii. NPR . Web.

Playing for Change: About us. (2020). Web.

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Learning to play an instrument.

            Music is a part of humanity that makes us express or feel emotion. People love to listen to music as well as create it. Creating music is usually accomplished by playing a musical instrument. Musical instruments are something that not everyone can afford, and that not everyone can play. When someone thinks of whether or not they should begin to learn a musical instrument, they should think about what investments and sacrifices they will be making, what requirements a musical instrument demands, and compare them with the benefits, potential, and profit.              A musical instrument is delicate, and takes time and skill to make. Because it is so hard to make, an instrument cost a lot of money. That is one investment a starting musician will have to make. Secondly, a person does not simply pick up a musical instrument and start playing like a world famous musician. A starting musician will have to find some way to educate themselves on how to properly play the selected instrument. Since there are not many people who can teach themselves from mere YouTube videos, learning an instrument requires a teacher. Musical teachers are certified, professional musicians, and when they teach you, they pass all that they have learned on to you. Since this is not a simple task, musical teachers also require payment, which is another investment a beginner will have to consider. .              Even after learning everything there is to know about playing the instrument, actually succeeding at playing it requires a lot of time and practice. If the beginner is not a very busy person, this will not be a big problem for them, however, if they have a very tight schedule, they will have to give up something for practice. Practice times need to be within 2-3 days of each other, or progress will slow down drastically. Many instruments require certain parts of the body to be flexible, worked out, and ready. For example instruments in the woodwind and brass categories, where the musicians lips need to be in shape and constantly require exercise.

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1. music and the brain: instruments and intelligence.

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Although learning to play an instrument can be a rigorous and laborious task, the benefits that will come from learning can help you in many aspects of life. ... "There's a lot of evidence," Gaab explains, "that if you play a musical instrument, that you have better reading skills, better math skills, et cetera..." ... How is it possible that learning to play a musical instrument can assist with the ability to develop emotions? ... In a study published last month, Gaab and her team delineated a connection...between learning to play an instrument and improved executive functioning, like ...

2. Real Instruments

essay on musical instruments

Computer programmed music software such as Reason 2.5, Sony Acid Pro 4.0, and Wavelab 4.0 take all the skill and talent it takes to play a traditional instrument and pack it all into one easy to read manual. ... Feel like playing the keys with the proficiency of Rachmaninoff? ... Learning how to read music is also said to boost a child's ability to understand math problems, making he or she a better student. ... It takes many years of people telling you that you can't play for shit, until the day they pay to see you play. ... Clicking on a mouse only makes you a computer user, real m...

3. The Basics of Playing the Clarinet

The ten most common mistakes that people make when learning to play the clarinet are below, the tricks and steps in fixing these problems will follow each one. ... It may be that the reed is too soft and it needs to be moved up a little bit so that the student can play on a harder part of the reed. ... Intonation Problem: A student's instrument is sounding sharp. ... Movement Problem: A student keeps moving his instrument up and down while he is playing. ... Show her that the best place to put her instrument when she is not playing, is across her legs with the key holes facing upward. ...

4. The Musical Delusion: Compulsion of Sheet Music

essay on musical instruments

All they really needed to do was boost up their confidence by picking up a musical instrument and experimenting with the different musical notes it produces. ... The concept of the Grand Staff is the ability to play the treble clef and the base clef by one performer at the same time, creating a melodious and pleasant set of notes. ... Not everyone has to go through a prolonged period of musical education, learning how to read and write sheets after sheets of complicated musical notations, to finally be able to sing or play a song perfectly. ... The academic journal by Aldalalah and Fong Soon F...

5. The Effect on Beginning Band S

essay on musical instruments

The Effect on Beginning Band Students "Learning Musical Notation Before Starting the Instrument A successful band program depends on successful students. ... Her first article states that children should be given the chance to play the instrument in the beginning (2003). She states that children who are given the instruments and are taught a few basic skills will be more successful than those children that are unable to play their instrument. She goes on to state that the musicianship skills are built by learning musical notation and the instrument simultaneously. ... The begi...

6. Influence of music

essay on musical instruments

Thesis: knowing Music or playing an instrument has a lot of positive effects over people. ... Learning how to play a musical instrument whether it is a guitar, piano or anything else, helps in a lot of positive ways. ... For most musicians, playing their instrument is much more than a hobby, it is a passion. ... Learning how to play an instrument can also help kids with their academics. ... But more important than all of its other benefits, playing an instrument is just plain fun. ...

7. Early Childhood - Reflective Learning Stories

essay on musical instruments

However, if no such gene could be proven, but my family and I have the physical makeup conducive to good tennis playing then it could still be argued that ˜it runs in the family', that is, I am predisposed to being good at playing tennis, and nature would again be responsible. ... So, even if I was predisposed to being good at playing tennis (nature), unless I was interested in and supported to play tennis (nurture), then I would not have the opportunity to develop my tennis ability. ... I could do this through hands-on, interactive "activities designed to promote exploration an...

8. Education

essay on musical instruments

Some people may learn to play instruments, while others lern to play sports better than others. ... Suppose you are talking to one of your friends about how to play a song that you heard on the radio. By doing that, you are "learning" how to play the notes and chords of the song on guitar or other musical instruments. ... Each and every person has his own learning process. ... You never really stop learning. ...

I've been learning traditional Chinese music since I was in standard two. ... Basically there are more than 100 different types of instruments but the most famous one is the drum that normally plays an important role in music. ... The instruments involved are basically of variety of drums. ... When these instruments combined to play music, it"ll definitely make people to mourn. ... By knowing some of the instruments that are being played in some events, we can actually predict that what type of occasion is happening and we should respect all the culture of the different races in our count...

My Favorite Musical Instrument: The Guitar Essay

Introduction, construction.

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When one mentions the words musical instrument, then what comes in any person’s mind is sound. Sound may be defined as the mechanical vibrations which are transmitted by an elastic medium or the part of a transmitted signal which is audible. Guitar is one of these instruments and it has been there for along time. We have various types of guitars having different sounds. The most common are the classical, or nylon string, and the folk which has steel string. Each produces a unique sound depending on the materials from which the strings are made and their bodies’ composition, as well as the air between them.

A guitar has six strings tied taught and are placed over a hollow large body to resonate the sounds. The strings have open notes of E 2 , A 2 , D 3 , G 3 , B 3 , and E 4 , with the corresponding frequencies of 82 Hz, 110 Hz, 147 Hz, 196 Hz, 247 Hz, 330 Hz respectively (Zachary, 1991). The frequencies listed are a representation of the root tone of each string. A guitar sounds as it does because of the overlay of various frequencies on individual string, or the overtones which are present. These overtones’ pattern and their strengths make a guitar produce different sound from other stringed instruments. The guitar also has a top plate which is usually made of spruce or a light, springy wood, about 2.5 mm thick. Inside the plate we have a series of braces which strengthen the plate and affect the vibrations of the top plate. The back plate is of much less importance musically for most frequencies. This is because it is normally held against the player’s body.

When the strings are plucked, they produce mechanical vibrations which give sound that is transferred into the guitar’s body. The vibrations produced by a guitar are known as standing waves since the strings are fixed at both ends. These waves do satisfy the relationship that exists between wavelength and frequency that originates from definition of waves where v is the wave’s velocity, f is its frequency and lambda is the wavelength (Arthur, 1990). Due to these vibrations, internal resonance is setup in the air chamber which is made by the body and causes the face plate and back plate to vibrate. These vibrations produce compressions and rarefactions which are high pressure zones and low-pressure zones respectively. Our ear interprets compression waves in the air as sound. At any given point in the air, which is near the source of sound, the molecules move backward and forward resulting in the air pressure varying up and down by small amounts. The principal role of the body is to transmit the bridge’s vibration into the vibration of the air which is around it. Thus, it needs a large surface area to enable it push reasonable amount of air backward and forward. The top plate is made in a manner to allow it to vibrate up and down comparatively easily. The air inside the body is very important for the low range on the instrument. It can vibrate like the air in a bottle when blown across the top. When you sing a note lying between F#2 and A2 (depending on the type of guitar) while you are placing your ear near the sound hole, you will hear the air in the body resonating. This is referred to as the Helmholtz resonance and is as result of the air at the sound hole oscillating, enabled by the springiness nature of the air found inside the body. The effect of this resonance may also be experienced by one playing the A string open and as it is sounds, a piece of cardboard is moved back and forth across the sound hole. It is observed that the resonance stops or shifts to a lower frequency. When you close up the hole, you will notice the loss of bass response in the sound given out. The air inside is coupled to the lowest resonance of the top plate effectively. As a unit they do give a strong resonance at approximately an octave higher than the main air resonance. To some extent the air also couples the movement of the top and back plates. For an electric guitar, pick-ups which employ the principle of magnetic induction in relaying sound are used. The pick-ups are made of small electromagnets which do allow electric current to flow through them. They are situated closely to the strings hence induce north and south poles on the strings. They do convert motion energy into electrical energy. Plucking a string makes it oscillate or move in a wave-line manner which does affect the surrounding o f the pick-up thus causing a change in magnetic field (Neville & Thomas, 1998). These fluctuations in the magnetic field are relayed through the wires which are connecting the pick-up to the output jack. This is then transmitted to the amplifier which then sends them to the speaker which converts from electrical energy to sound energy (George, 1990). In conclusion, musical instruments do have different constructions and designs. However, they share one thing in common which is to produce organized sound pleasant to the ear. Most sources of sound produce different frequencies or several notes at the same time. For a good musical instrument, these notes are mixed at an organized pattern to produce music, and this is clearly experienced in a guitar which is my favorite instrument.

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