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Essay On Hard Work

500 + words essay on hard work for kids.

Hard work is the most important key to success. If you want to grow and excel in things that you like, then you must do extreme hard work. It is an essential life skill that we all must inculcate. Without hard work, there is no growth or success in life. Hard work helps in accomplishing the task that you have started. There is no shortcut for hard work. It has to be done systematically in order to reach your goal. All successful people do hard work in order to achieve their targets. The result of hard work is more fruitful than getting things done with shortcuts or by luck.  

Success is not measured by how much money you have made but how hard you have worked for it. Success is determined by how comfortable you are with your life. Hard work is not only associated with money but also with your personal life. It is important to work hard to maintain relationships with your loved ones. The person who works hard will always find happiness in life.  In this essay on hard work, you will find about the tips and importance of hard work in our lives. 

Tips For Doing Hard Work 

Hard work is something that depicts the values of our lives. If there is no pain, then there is no gain in things that you do. If you do hard work, you can easily overcome all the issues and problems in your life. There is no work that can be accomplished without hard work. To achieve your goal, you need to work hard in order to reach the heights of success. Some of the tips to do hard work are mentioned below: 

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Benefits Of Hard Work

We must be aware of the fact that hard work contributes to a lot of benefits in life. Some people try to get away with reasons to avoid hard work. To achieve something in life, hard work plays an important role. Some of the importance of hard work in life are mentioned below:

Hard work is the key to success. Inculcating this skill will be beneficial for people to achieve their goals in life. Staying motivated and confident are the best tips for hard work. Working hard makes people stand out from the crowd. They put lots of effort in completing their task in a given time. 

We hope this essay on hard work was useful to you. Check essays for kids to explore more topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Essay On Hard Work

What is an essay on hard work.

It is basically a short write up on hard work which is the key factor for success in life. Without hard work, it is difficult for you to achieve your goals in life.

What are the tips for hard work?

Some of the tips for doing hard work are staying focused, breaking down tasks into smaller activities, managing your time, staying organized and positive.

What are the benefits of doing hard work?

The benefits of doing hard work are improvement in self development, confidence, motivation, building relationships with others, etc.

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Paragraph on Hard Work - Check Samples for 100, 150, 200, 250 Words

Being successful in your career, job, business, etc., needs a lot of hard work. It is impossible to sit and relax, and if you work hard, you will be successful at the end of the day. In simpler words, a person who sits idle gains nothing.

Read through the sample paragraphs on hard work given in the article to learn more about the importance of har work. Furthermore, attempt to write a paragraph on your own.

Table of Contents

Paragraph on hard work in 100 words, paragraph on hard work in 150 words, paragraph on hard work in 200 words, paragraph on hard work in 250 words, frequently asked questions on hard work.

If you have genuinely worked hard, then it will definitely pay off. Being a student, if you have worked hard for your exams and given your best effort. Then you will score higher marks. History has proved that one who works hard will definitely be successful. There might be hurdles and failures in between, but one must not give up and must keep on going. We should emulate great personalities like Edison, who worked day and night for his inventions. The president, prime minister, our teachers, parents, etc., have all worked hard to reach their positions.

Hard work will definitely pay off. History has shown that hard work is an essential part of our lives. Without hard work, there is no success in life. An idle person, who is seen relaxing all the time, can never achieve success. It is impossible to reach the height of success without hard work. People always think of shortcuts, but there is no shortcut in life. Everything depends on hard work and the way you take up things. We have heard the success stories of Edison, Mahatma Gandhi, Isaac Newton, Saina Nehwal, Roger Federer and so on. These people are among the many who have led exemplary lives and have become perfect models of how hard work can bring success. They have also taught the world that challenges and failures are nothing but stepping stones to attaining success and that continuous hard work will definitely pay off at the right time.

It has been proven in history that someone who has truly worked hard will definitely reach the height of success. They might cross the hurdles and face failures but will reach the height. A person who sits back and relaxes throughout the day, thinking of being rich one day, will never be successful. To achieve your dreams, you need to work hard and be determined and focused on your path. A man is like steel; if you use it, then it shines; and if you let it rest, then it rusts. If you have truly worked hard, then it will definitely pay off, and you will definitely enjoy your success. And if you live with your dreams, then you will end up dreaming only. To achieve your goal, you need to be determined and loyal to your work. If you are studying, then you need to be dedicated towards your studies and work hard for higher scores. If you are into a job, then you must be dedicated towards your work. History has proved that hard work definitely pays off.  So, understanding that hard work is the ultimate key to success would be your first step in achieving your goal.

Hard work will undoubtedly pay off. Hard work is a necessary component of our lives, as history has shown. There is no such thing as success in life without hard work. An unproductive individual who is always seen relaxing will never succeed. It is impossible to achieve success without putting in a lot of effort. People are always looking for shortcuts, but there are none in life. Everything hinges on your ability to work hard and how you approach problems. To reach your goals, you must work hard, be determined, and stay focused on your goals. A man is like steel; if it is utilised, it shines; if it is not used, it rusts. If you have truly worked hard, it will certainly pay off, and you will undoubtedly enjoy your success; however, if you live your dreams, you will end up only dreaming. You must be determined and dedicated to your work in order to achieve your goal. If you are studying, you must be committed to your academics and work hard to achieve higher grades; if you are working, you must be committed to your job. Hard labour pays off in the end, as history has shown. We have all heard about the efforts successful people have put in to make a life. A perfect example of this would be A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the Former President of India. He was known to sell newspapers as a child. Look at what he is today. He is called the Missile Man of India. Many like him have become living examples of how even the worst situations can lead you to the best of situations.

Why is hard work important in our lives?

Hard work is essential in someone’s life to reach the height of success. The path to success is definitely difficult, but if you have worked really hard, then you can reach the height of success.

How is hard work beneficial to students?

Not many understand the value of hard work as a student. Working hard can help students score higher grades, which in turn, would benefit their higher studies. Above all this, reaping the fruits of success for all the efforts you have put in would encourage you to set goals and confidently work towards achieving them.

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essay on hard work for class 7

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essay on hard work for class 7

Free Hard Work Essays and Papers

essay on hard work for class 7

Hard Work Pays Off

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work,” a quote by Colin Powell. When someone wants something big in life, they do their best to go and get it. It is not by sitting down and fantasizing about it, but actually going out into the world and putting it into action. People look at others’ achievements, telling themselves that those people are successful because they were determined to do it. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers: The Story Of Success

Persuasive essay on Hard Work

Hard work is challenging work. But why does it have to be challenging work? Because challenging work, when intelligently chosen, pays off. It’s the work that people of lesser character will avoid. And if you infer that I’m saying people who avoid challenging work have a character flaw, you’re right… and a serious one at that. If you avoid challenging work, you avoid doing what it takes to succeed. To keep your muscles strong or your mind sharp, you need to challenge them. To do only what’s easy will

Achieving Greatness Takes Hard Work

In the article, “What it takes to Be Great,” Geoffrey Colvin makes the argument “you will achieve greatness only through an enormous amount of hard work over many years. And not just any hard work, but work of a particular type that’s demanding and painful.” He explains that anyone can become great and no one is born with a gift for a specific profession. Colvin uses many examples to support his statement such as Tiger Woods, a golf champion, Winston Churchill, a great orator, and Michael Jordan

Social Work: A Hard Career

told me that so many times growing up, that it became a personal goal to do something I love. When I finally chose my major, there were several individuals who had attempted to talk me out of studying Social Work. Yet, I knew it was the right path for me. I heard countless reasons to why Social Work was a difficult career. However, the idea of the difference I could possibly make was too important to me. It

Charles Dickens' Hard Times and David Lodge's Nice Work

Charles Dickens' Hard Times and David Lodge's Nice Work ----“Fact, fact, fact, everywhere in the material aspect of the town; fact, fact, fact everywhere in the immaterial.” – Charles Dickens In the early 1851, London staged the Great Exhibition to show the world, the achievements and inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Many people believed that this showed how much better, safer and healthier Britain was than its neighbours in Europe. People living in mansions amid lawns and fountains

Hard Work: The Truth Behind Hard Work

The Truth Behind Hard Work Is there anyone in this world that you look up to? Do you think that you would consider them a hard worker? Is she/he intelligent, strong, resilient or confident in their abilities? On the other hand, do you think that they are stressed, tired, and just don’t want to work another day in their lives? Due to Mainstream society and how it has indoctrinated our belief that hard workers are the people that are well known for their contributions, chances are the answer is the

Hard Work: Hard Work, My Job And Family Work

strived to be a hard-working individual when it comes to school, my job, and family work. I always try to work quickly and efficiently, and make my work the best that it can be. Perfectionism is a major part of my life and that is one of the driving forces behind my hard work. Sometimes the drive to be perfect can limit my results, but I try my hardest to keep it from restricting me. I always give one hundred percent when it comes to completing various tasks, and find pride in being a hard-worker. When

Getting Back into the Game

playing it gave me a rush I had never felt before. Also knowing that this sport took a lot of hard work and dedication gave me a sense of satisfaction, because I knew that I put everything I had into it. Putting a lot of dedication and hard work into something may prove to be useful in the future. When I had my baby, being involved in sports at all seemed impossible. Then one day, my friend Cory from work was telling me that her daughter wanted to play soccer. She then said that she was going

Janie’s Perfect Marriage in Their Eyes Were Watching God

company for the two of them, but little else. Jason worked hard as a farmer. His idea of fun was a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work. He saw himself as a provider and a worker, not as a dancer or an entertainer. Janie was not a good match for him. She saw his house and sixty acres as “a stump in the middle of the woods.” Janie didn’t value working as much as Killicks does. She doesn’t value her independence enough to work as hard as he does for it. Further, Killicks was happy just with the

many examples of when hard work doesn’t always ensure success. Through out the four chapters of the novel Jody goes through many difficult times. He is helped through these times by Billy Buck-the cow hand, Carl Tifflin-his father, and his mother Ruth Tifflin. The book teaches people a good lesson on many different themes a few are, respect you elders, The chapter “The Gift” proves the point that hard work doesn’t always ensure success. This chapter is filled with hard time for Jody. Jody received

Booker T Washington

Washington was a man beyond words. His perseverance and will to work were well known throughout the United States. He rose from slavery, delivering speech after speech expressing his views on how to uplift America's view of the Negro. He felt that knowledge was power, not just knowledge of "books", but knowledge of agricultural and industrial trades. He felt that the Negro would rise to be an equal in American society through hard work. Washington founded a school on these principles, and it became

Charles Dickens' Great Expectations

Gargery. Joe and Pip form a very close relationship. However, neither Joe nor Pip embrace a father-son relationship. Since Joe and Pip do not sustain a father-son relationship, but rather stay as two good friends, Joe’s values of honesty and hard work are not communicated to Pip. However, the failure of Joe’s values to be communicated to Pip, do not reflect poorly on Pip, but rather, show the impossibility to expect that that should happen. Joe does not adopt a role as father for Pip. We

Jurgis and his bride with a wedding feast. This problem was happily solved and he eventually worked at various positions in the town. Jurgis, someone who believes in the value of hard work, was naïve in thinking that anything can be accomplished through the application of it. Jurgis was forced to send his family to work in order to survive. He was horrified to discover how the meat packers, where he worked, took advantage of their employees. The workers at the plant had no benefits, worked long hours

Free Admissions Essay - From Farming to Medicine

morning, he usually returns at around 7:00 p.m. I never really questioned his schedule when I was a child, but as I entered high school I wondered how my dad could work so hard every day of the week and still enjoy what he does. He works long hours, becomes filthy from dirt, oil, and mud, and worst of all, can watch all his hard work go to waste if one day of bad weather wipes out our crop. There have been many years when our raisins were rained on, our cherries were hailed on and our apples were

Planning for College

was not very strong and both of my parents worked hard just to make ends meet. I knew I could not put the financial burden on my parents to put me through college. How was I hoing to come up with enough money for four years of college? I took college preparatory courses during my first three years of high school. My grades were not bad, but far from being good enough to receive an academic scholarship. I knew what I had to do. I had to work hard at one of the sports I played and try to receive an

Hero Of Animal Farm

During the great struggle that had occurred in this great fable (or novel), many of animals had done a great deed of work. The animals had formed a rebellion (Soon later to be called the Battle of Cowshed) against their heartless and cruel human enemies. With the great knowledge of the pigs and the effort of the rest of the other animals, they had overthrown the humans and replenished the farm into a sufficient stable farm suitable for the animals. They had taken very good care of their farm. Yet

Black America and the American Nightmare

then push it up the mountain again. In the words of Camus, "there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor." The "American Dream" is still alive for white Americans. They still dream of large houses, big paychecks, and hard work leading to a comfortable retirement. However, like an animal battling to fight extinction, the "American Dream" is on its last breath in black America . . . " Uh, you know that stuff we told you about apple pie and equal opportunity, spacious

Comments on Society in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

Comments on Society in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman Often times when we read literature, we can derive certain ideas or messages that the author of the work is trying to illustrate. After reading the play Death Of A Salesman by Arthur Miller, it is evident that he is trying to comment on our society . These comments on society being expressed are demonstrated in several examples throughout the play. I think the idea that Miller is trying to get across to the audience is that, today's

Life as a White Man in The Autobiography of An Ex-Colored Man

bristle at first, but would eventually concur. For it's hard to argue with poverty. At the time the novel was published (1912), America held very few opportunities for the Negro population. Some of the more successful black men, men with money and street savvy, were often porters for the railroads. In other words the best a young black man might hope for was a position serving whites on trains. Our protagonist--while not adverse to hard work, as evidenced by his cigar rolling apprenticeship in Jacksonville--is

Jimmy Carter

With his father’s help and a lot of hard work Jimmy was appointed to the Naval academy in 1943. At the time America was in the Second World War. Jimmy was very busy training and was a good student at the naval academy. He was known to be a very disciplined and serious officer. Some of his shipmates described him as helpful and friendly but knew him to be very serious and not one to play around. All throughout his life Jimmy was know to be very serious and a hard worker. After a few years serving

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Short Essay on Hard Work is the Key to Success

Table of Contents

Question on Hard Work

What is hard work, why hard work is the key to success, have you read these.


Hardwork is the Key to Success

Joseph - inman, south carolina.

essay on hard work for class 7

I believe that hard work is the key to success. To succeed in life one must endure the challenges life presents and work to overcome these […]

I believe that hard work is the key to success. To succeed in life one must endure the challenges life presents and work to overcome these challenges to be the best possible person that one can be. We must not only use hard work to impress those around us but also to achieve goals that we set for ourselves. If we as individuals do not work hard to succeed, then we do not receive the same satisfaction as we would if we put in hour upon hour or even year upon year of work to achieve our goals. I believe for one to be successful, he must be willing to work hard to succeed in any aspect of life.

Hours of hard work and training are the key to success. Michael Phelps, known as the greatest Olympian of all time is the epitome of hard work. Phelps started swimming at the age of seven. Every time Phelps competes his times drop and new world records are set. This is not just a coincidence but a result of hours of hard work and dedication. Phelps trains 365 days a year with two sessions on over forty percent of those days. When all other swimmers are in bed or packing up to go home, Phelps is still in the pool mastering the art of swimming. This kind of dedication and training is why Michael Phelps is not only the greatest swimmer but also the greatest Olympian of all time.

I can also testify to the idea of hard work leading to success in my own life. As a junior I was named a starter on my high school football team. After a coaching change I came out of spring practice as a second team linebacker. I spent my whole summer training harder than everyone else. I had my old coach train me twice a week; while everyone else was still asleep I was up conditioning and lifting weights. I dedicated my summer to becoming the best football player I could be, training twice a day six days a week. In the last preseason game against Byrnes High School, I got my starting position back. This was an amazing accomplishment for me and taught me that if I work hard I will be rewarded.

No doubt, success is the reward for hard work. Every successful person in history has worked hard to gain fame or fortune, however we must, also work hard to be successful in our own eyes. We must learn to work hard to satisfy our conscience whether our goals are starting on our high school sports team or being the owner of our own business. No matter what our goals are, we must be willing to sacrifice our time, body, and mind to work as hard as we can to be the best that we can be. I believe with all my heart and through my personal experiences that hard work is the key to success.

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Essay On Hardwork – 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay For Kids

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Key Points to Remember When Writing An Essay On Hard Work For Lower Primary Classes

10 lines on hard work for kids, a paragraph on hard work for children, short essay on hard work in english for kids, essay on the importance of hard work for children, what will your child learn from an essay on hard work.

Children are taught from the beginning that hard work is key to success. But many people get lured by shortcuts or depend on luck for achieving success. However, blind reliance on luck without hard work is futile. Thus hard work is a crucial value that every child should learn. Therefore, teachers and parents ask children to write an essay on hard work for classes 1, 2 and 3 kids. Kids from a very early age should understand the importance of hard work, and essay writing is a very effective method to teach this to kids. While learning these important values, essay writing also helps a kid learn small and simple sentence construction and enhances vocabulary.

To make kids understand the importance of hard work, teachers ask them to write an essay about hard work. Below are key points to remember when writing an essay on hard work for lower primary classes.

Essay writing for lower primary kids can be challenging; therefore, teachers and parents initially ask kids to write a few lines on various topics. Below is an essay in 10 lines to guide kids to write an essay for classes 1 & 2 on the subject of hard work.

Kids of lower primary classes face problems in sentence construction. Therefore, teachers and parents start by giving small paragraphs to make them learn to draft simple sentences on evergreen topics like hard work. Given below is a short paragraph on hard work for kids for your reference.

My grandfather says, if you want to achieve something in life, you need to fix a goal and work hard towards it. Hard work is the only road toward success. One should not wait for things to happen because things happen when you try for them. He told me if I work hard in life, I can do great things, and people around me will respect me. For instance, I can score well in my studies if I work hard. His words have motivated me to work hard toward my dreams. Now, I understand the value of hard work and will always live by this virtue.

Teachers and parents should make kids understand the value of hard work from an early age, and making kids of classes 1, 2 & 3 write a short essay on the topic of hard work can help them achieve the same. Given below is a short essay on hard work for your reference.

No one can question the value of hard work in one’s life. If we see the life of successful people, the most common thing we will find is their hard work toward their ambition. Hard work can be defined as an effort and endurance shown to achieve a particular goal, purpose, or dream in life. Any objective or passion in an individual’s life needs inspiration, motivation, discipline, and dedication. These are the guiding forces behind focused hard work. I have decided to become an army officer, and I have understood that I need to do a lot of hard work to achieve my dream in life. My father once told me that luck only favours those who work hard in life, and hard work may change fate sometimes. I will give my 100 per cent in life, and failures cannot pull me down as I now understand that hard work is the key to success.

Hard work is crucial for achieving anything in life; kids need to understand this fact early. Below is a long essay for the kids and parents looking forward to writing an essay for class 3 on the topic of hard work.

My parents often ask me to work hard to do better in life. But, I couldn’t understand the gravity of this virtue until I heard my teacher explaining its importance once in class. She told us nothing could be achieved without putting the right amount of hard work into it. You can’t do maths until you practice your calculations and equations. You cannot learn singing or dancing until you repetitively perform the rhythm and moves. She gave many examples. She also took names of many great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Edison, and Narendra Modi to emphasise the importance of hard work. Her words of wisdom were great to hear. She made us understand:

What Is Hard Work?

Hard work, in simple words, is what you do and how you do to achieve your goal. It is a process of doing regular, habitual, and diligent work/ practice to complete/master a task or achieve an aim. It sometimes involves a person’s physical and emotional involvement to reach a destination/dream/goal, etc. Like a student must study hard to do well in studies.

Significance Of Hard Work

Hard work is essential to do anything in life, and it teaches us discipline, time management, dedication and determination. It is known that any ambition needs planning, devotion, focus, and hard work. Sometimes, failures bog us down on the road of hard work, but persistent hard work provides us with the experience and power to overcome any obstacle. We become more knowledgeable and confident with time, and success comes.

Hard Work Leads To Success

Have you heard an idle and lazy person become the CEO of a company? Maybe in movies or dramas but in real life, hard work is the reason behind a person’s success. See Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook. When he thought of Facebook, he was a student and worked hard to achieve his dream. He is so successful. Without a doubt, hard work is the key to success. When we work hard, positive results come, giving us happiness and a sense of satisfaction.

The most crucial thing your child will learn from the article on hard work is its importance in life. An essay on the values of hard work provides them with a clear perspective of this most needed virtue.

1. Why It Is Important for Students to Know about Hard Work?

Student life is very crucial for an individual to have a stable future. If they learn the importance of hard work, they can achieve anything with ease in life and be successful.

2. How Does Hard Work Relate To Success?

If a person doesn’t work hard towards his goal or ambition, they cannot achieve success in their life. If a student does not study, they will lag in the journey of knowledge. Similarly, every profession needs hard work and determination to succeed.

Hard work is the only way to achieve any ambition or goal in life, and kids must imbibe this crucial virtue to have a successful and content life.

Short and Long Essay on Importance of Education for Kids Essay on Good Manners for Class 1, 2 and 3 Children How to Write An Essay on Value of Time for Kids

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The Cat And The Rat Story With Moral For Kids

The clever rooster story with moral for kids, teaching concept of zero to preschoolers and kids – importance and activities, leave a reply cancel reply.

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essay on hard work for class 7

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Essay Service Examples Business Hard Work

Hard Work as the Key of Success

Nobody is great without work. Hard work is always the baseline of great goals. Nothing remarkable comes without it. Getting organized is hard work. Setting goals, making plans to achieve them, and staying on track is hard work. So, in this essay I am going to take a look at ‘Work hard until you succeed’ and ‘Hardworking is the key of success’.

There’s no substitute for hard work. Greatness is not handed to anyone; a lot of hard work is needed. In every field, the best people are the ones who devote the most hours to their crafts. If you need to acquire a few really big and exciting goals, you have to learn to fall in love with hard work. Hard work makes the largest difference. Do you want to be bigger, stronger, and faster? You have to buy into this daily work ethic. You have to learn to carry this successful method into the realm of your everyday life. If you will learn to reflect a spirit of brilliance in everything you do, the hard work will become second nature to you. Make a name for yourself by being the best at everything you set your mind to master. Become a daily learner, a day-to-day reader, and educate yourself in the area you want the best. No easy way of accomplishing what no one else has accomplished. One element that will help you achieve your greatest dreams is hard work.

Always work hard if you want real success. It will take hard work on the part of anyone who desires to be the best. How much work will it take? That depends on your final goal, or the greatness of your dream. If you want to be the best, then you have to do more than others do. Any normal person can stay ordinary, but those persons who will work hard, doing a daily work, will become extraordinary and successful people. Ordinary persons do not just wake up one day with large, strong arms or legs; they use hard work to build their muscles. There is no secret here and definitely no short cuts. No one is born looking like Mr. Universe.

Hard work can make impossibilities possible. Life is full of opposition. Life is fight. Try, try, try. Fail. And try again until you are successful and your goals are achieved. It’s hard work. Hard work isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a sequence of continuous efforts in a specific time span, with pure devotion and a clear vision of the goal you want to achieve.

essay on hard work for class 7

There is a well-known maxim “no pain, no gain” hard work never goes wasted. Though it may be later or sooner success comes to your feet. With hard work, one wishes to have the necessary skills. There shall be many obstacles inside the direction of attaining achievement however it only the resilient who would keep going till the fulfillment of their goal. On the way, it’s vital to maintain enhancing the skills that the person has. Focus, the real key to success is hard work. Hold your sights on the target, and just proceed to take the next step towards achieving it. If you aren’t sure which way to do something then do it both ways and see which works better. There is nothing else that carries more results and progress on a consistent basis than the hard work.

The price of success is hard work. The importance of hard work is a timeless fact. Rather than fight it, run with it and you will never be disappointed and upset. Your life will reach a whole new level when you stop avoiding and dreading hard work and simply surrender to it. Greatness and extraordinary success aren’t reserved for a preordained few. It is available to you and to everyone. If you are willing to put in the work, your efforts will pay off. If the success was free then everybody would have it. Most of the successful individuals had put in enough productive work before they received success in return. Just by working hard on what you believe in, you can understand its true value. That’s when you start to respect the work itself and when you start to learn important life lessons.

It is a wrong to say that to achieve goals and reputation one should be lucky enough and the smart work is stronger than hard work. It is always not the fact. With consistent hard work and commitment, one can beat the talent and become successful. The luck is always on the side of hard working. It is very old saying God is helping those who are helping themselves. God still favors the hard-working men. The luck is always with the people who struggle day and night for the achievement of their goals.

Hard work is rewarding. There are so many rewards in our lives from the hard work. This makes us goal-oriented, straightforward and successful. The hard-working people are not lazy and lethargic. They are always in the search of doing something unique and beneficial. They are eager to solve the problems and make lives easier.

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You have probably heard this a hundred times, “you have got to work smart not hard to succeed”. There is a lot of confusion on the internet about Smart work and Hard work, what we don’t realise is, both entail the word ‘WORK’ which is of paramount importance and has no substitute. Work is an important step on the ladder of success, but successfully completing work with least cost or efforts is what is called a smart work. How do...

My father was only twenty when he decided to take a leap of faith and agree to the extended invite from his uncle to come to the United States. Once he arrived, his feet hit the ground running. My dad turned to work in order to occupy his time here. The first job my father took on was at a factory owned by the well-known restaurant, at the time, Big Boys. The money from that job was able to sustain...

America was built by several different people coming together for a common goal. The common goal between them was to be free. The United States is viewed as the melting pot. This means we have a variety of different people, races, beliefs, and languages here. With many different types of people perhaps we have more in common to bring us together then what divides us. The Washington Post, a newspaper company, sent interviewers and photographers across America to ask what...

Introduction When simply defined, intelligence refers to the ability of a human being to apply knowledge to the everyday workings of life. Whereas hard work refers to, in simple terms, a great deal of endurance or effort. However, hard work is a term that is truly applicable to everyone, because it is not inborn. Hard work can be developed unlike intelligence, so where intelligence can fail you, hard work never will. This essay is to clarify the difference between hard...

My home is a place of many things, but it all begins with hygiene and health. From the foods we eat to the cleaning the house, clean conditions are at the core of everyday life. At dinner times the food is always cooked and in the meal a lot of vegetables and other types of food with similar nutritious content are always available. In terms of variety, there is always a carbohydrate available, usually with a kind of sauce, and...

Zhang Xin is a self-made female Chinese billionaire who ranks number 5 on the list of the world’s richest self-made billionaires. She grew up with her parents who were poor but worked hard specifically in the fields during the Mao revolution. As a result of this she was exposed to not only hard work and dedication, but also hardship. In addition to the article in the text, I also came across an article published by CNBC in 2017, which featured...

In today’s fast moving generation, output is of importance. Each human development has been made to improve our ability to deliver results in the most productive manner conceivable. We try to produce maximal output with minimal input. The saying ‘hard work gets ahead’, has become a cliché, but it is true to some extent. However, simply working hard does not ensure success in the long-run. Smart work has become fundamental to guarantee achievement, no individual cares about how you get...

Hard work definitely calls out for efficiency, but not effective in accomplishing a task, what I believe lies under Smart work. The logic behind is overcoming the obstacles, managing the efforts and time, and sorting the tasks into small groups to ease up calls for smart work. Only few people can draw the line between smart and hard work, and those are the ones who can break any complicated task into small easy values with own time duration, Segregation and...

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