My Career Aspirations Essay

essay on career aspirations

What Is My Career Aspirations Essay

one thing, now I know what I want to be successful in. My career aspiration is to become an economical and financial expert. Since I was a little kid, I have always had intrinsic feelings about science and what adults were doing in it. I used to visit my grandfathers’ physics laboratory. It was the most amazing for a five year old to see with instruments that made me admire how sophisticated and intelligent my grandfather must be. He was my inspiration to study science well and get more knowledge

My Career Aspirations : A Case Essay

INTRO AND CAREER ANALYSIS My career aspirations are to become a tax attorney or tax lawyer. I have wanted to be a lawyer ever since second grade when we did a mock trial in the classroom. It was only recently that I narrowed down my concentration to a specialized field in taxation. As a tax attorney, my job will include handling “a variety of tax-related issues for individuals and corporations” (Lawyers: Occupational Outlook Handbook 2015). My job will also include “[helping] clients navigate complex

Career Path : My Dental Aspirations And I Become A Dentist

I still have a vivid memory of seeing my father grasping a side of his face in agony and crying in pain. We had tried everything for weeks to no avail. We ran to the hospital only to find out that the throbbing pain he had been experiencing and that had now become unbearable was actually a massive cyst. Fortunately for us, the oral surgeon who handled the care of my father was a graceful and compassionate individual. Throughout this experience, I was fortunate enough to witness how a caring professional

Essay on Miles Franklin's My Brilliant Career

Miles Franklin's My Brilliant Career Topic: Give a detailed analysis of a key scene or passage from "My Brilliant Career" by Miles Franklin. The focus and essence of My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin is centred on the relationships and interactions of Sybylla Melvyn (the key character of the novel), towards other characters. The ways in which she reacts to different people and why she reacts in a particular manner, are perhaps more crucial and intriguing to the reader, than any distinct

My First Career Aspiration At Age Six Of Being An Avid Traveler

From my first career aspiration at age six of being an ‘explorer’ to my present, more realistic, goal of working for the foreign office. My specific interest in Japan began through literature. Years ago I read one of my favourite authors, David Mitchell, beautifully describe Japanese culture after being enraptured by the country from his time teaching English there. This led me to explore the works of Haruki Murakami and Yukio Mishima which began my continuing enthusiasm for Japan. During my semester

Essay On Becoming A Registered Nurse

centering my career goal as a Registered Nurse. Becoming a Registered Nurse will be a wonderful experience because I will gain many responsibilities and manage long hours of work. However, growing up around upcoming nurses I know at first hand there is much studying and stress involved in this journey. But despite that circumstance as long as I stay focused and overcome the challenges my future career will be successful. For it to happen I have to keep in mind three things: achieve my aspirations, distinguish

Physical Therapist Career Aspirations

Looking back at my career aspirations paper, I would say that my goal of becoming a Physical Therapist is specific and very realistic. I had stated that in order for me to reach the Physical Therapist goal one of the things I had to do this semester and the rest of the year was to excel in all my classes in order to start out with a good GPA building block. So far, I am doing really awesome in all of my classes. At the moment I have five A’s and one B and so academically, I am on the right track

Caree Career Assessment

achieving the first level of needs, one needs to get to the other level of desires. Careers is human effort or specialized skills which one possess and uses to do work. is a platform where people can assess themselves in their future job aspiration and assessment towards the same. The platform has used different levels of assessment from a personality test, interest inventory, skills profile, values assessment, career match methodology among others. The papers seek to reflect on the MyPlan Assessment

Personal Narrative: My Quest For A Medical Career

one’s vocation, I believe, is the most momentous episode in a person’s life. My quest for a medical career stems largely from my unequivocal commitment to a life of continuous learning and selfless service. Equally as important, however, is the indispensable contribution I am bound to provide to the dynamic and evolving medical field by reason of my unique background, experiences, and aspirations. My early educational career was dominated by a system that sought to create employees instead of thinkers

Personal Strengths Analysis

My personal strengths are my communication skills and the variety of work experience that I obtain. I believe through these strengths I have been able to achieve the goals I’ve set out for myself. I have had the opportunity of being a part of a leadership development program called the Jeter's Leaders, where I was able to host an annual social change leadership conference. I was expected to prepare and present an entire workshop about college life in Florida presenting to a group of teenagers and

Key Club Research Paper

grades, go to college and pursue a respectable career. My parents came to America fully aware that they may not achieve their dreams, but they struggle and work tirelessly in order to insure I have a chance to achieve the Dream. There is a tremendous moral duty I have to validate their endless efforts they have made for my success. With this responsibility, there is a great deal of pressure to map out an ideal future. Over the years, my aspirations were ever-changing; I didn’t know what I truly wanted

Why I Want To Pursue Law School?

My career objectives and aspirations include successfully graduating with honors from North Carolina State University with my bachelor’s degree, attending a prestigious law school specializing in business law and/or international law, and earning a well-paying job to match the skills I learned and developed. In preparation to attend law school and in attending law school, I aim to have the opportunity to shadow or intern a lawyer in the fields of law that I am interested in. While in law school,

Math Benefit Females: Article Summary

begin to choose career fields after high school. Through research, it has been discovered that although female’s have lower ability self-concepts and expectations of success in math, they are still equivalent in their math performance compared to males (Degol, Wang, Zhang, and Allerton, 2018). Yet, males

Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Nursing Assistant

As a thirty six year old adult my focus has shifted towards my career aspirations over time, working for a retail giant for over fourteen years I knew I needed a career change for my family, but most importantly myself. I enrolled in Kaplan College completing the Medical Billing and Coding diploma and Medical Assistant diploma while I maintained high honors and was awarded the Kaplan Presidents Choice award. I then went on to receive my Certified Nursing Assistant Diploma from Red Cross followed

Why I Chose Public Sector

Many will say at an early age they knew exactly what type of career they wanted to pursue. For others such as me; future thoughts, dreams, and decisions were often pushed to the side due to a complex life that surrounded me inside and outside the home. However, those negative feelings did not outweigh the inspiration in wanting to dedicate my life to the public sector. I was raised in a low income neighborhood that experienced nominal capital improvements. The lack of encouragement and opportunities

Pursuing A Career In The Nursing Field

The career of nursing has been an aspiration since childhood. No one had to ask the question, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” in order to help me to decide which career or even educational to take in order for my aspiration to become reality. It was evident that nursing would be the career for me, looking back on one occasion as a child; after applying an entire jar of Vaseline onto my younger brother, my mother was swift in her chastisement of me, but it did not deter me from caring

Nursing Application Essay Examples

The opportunity to challenge myself in UCLA’s School of nursing, in addition to my own personal experiences and traits, supply me with a fierce determination to succeed in my academics, in my nursing career, and in fulfilling my aspirations as a whole. Foremost, I am drawn to nursing from experiencing the lack of quality healthcare available throughout society, often to the people who need it the most. Growing up in rural China, I have witnessed the negative effects of a faulty healthcare system

Personal Narrative: What Parents Should Tell Their Kids About Finding A Career

Career choices are, and still greatly influenced by my parents. The typical theme in the household circled around becoming a doctor, and although it seemed exciting for my 14 year old self; continuing the stream of sciences in highschool slowly diminished my drive to obtain that goal. Whenever I tried to deviate myself from wanting to become a doctor, it made me feel almost selfish. To this day, I still don’t know what I want to be, and if becoming a doctor will make me happy shortterm or longterm

Drones Application

Ever since I was in elementary school, I always had large dreams and aspirations. Growing up, my dream job was to be a “fire truck driver.” My fascination with first responders and emergency management was large; I always wondered what happened when someone placed a 911 call. Whenever I saw an emergency vehicle responding on the street or in the air, I always wondered what steps were needed to put that response into action. My fascination with first responder and emergency management efforts still

Private Pilot Ground School

basics of flight, and because I have aspirations of being a pilot after high school and college in both the military and commercially for a big corporation such as Delta. Being as I just transferred to West Michigan Aviation Academy, and with very basic knowledge of flying, I wanted to take this class to broaden my knowledge and take the prerequisite to the flight class. I feel that this class will have unending use and will help me throughout my career. Secondly, I took this class to

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Essay Service Examples Life Career Goals

Career Aspirations Essay

Ever since I completed my recent four-week internship at BP, I knew for sure that there is no better career path for me other than Engineering.

Electrical Engineering amazes me, especially the way different components work in digital systems. The prospect of vast career opportunities that will become available to me as my further education and career progress is one of the many reasons why I wish to study Electrical Engineering.

Previously, I wanted to go into Aviation. This was in most part due to admiration and inspiration from my Great Grandfather as he was a Pilot in the Army. Whilst I may consider this career path in the future, the hands-on experience and training I gained in my BP internship changed my career aspirations dramatically. It gave me the determination and enthusiasm to pursue Engineering as a career. I hope to see myself in the Oil & Gas industry after studying Electronic & Electrical Engineering. In my spare time, I research career opportunities and like keeping my knowledge up to date on how the industry is moving forward.

essay on career aspirations

I believe my recent school subjects relate closely to the course that I wish to study. Studying Mathematics, Physics, and Computing Science, will all prepare me well for Engineering. I thoroughly enjoy computer programming, especially how it all relates to electronics and our day-to-day life. I sometimes make up my own algorithms to predict something or to work out a certain value. I have participated in a badminton club for my school for two years.

Most of my motivation and inspiration for my chosen career path comes from my Father as he worked in Aberdeen’s Oil & Gas industry for almost seventeen years. We regularly talk about the industry and about what he does, and this intrigues me by hearing about all the different projects that are active in Engineering.

I have excellent problem-solving, numeracy, and team working skills. I recently received an Attainment Award in Mathematics from my school. The Award was to recognize the high level of effort and hard work that I have put in throughout the year. This was a very proud moment for me. Especially as my entire family came to watch me receive my award. I pride myself on having good team working skills and these have been developed further during my internship at BP which naturally made me more confident as a person.

I have recently been undertaking an opportunity with Sparrows with an Engineering Project which requires a team of people to design a new piece of equipment to be utilized offshore. This current project has reinforced my team working skills and helped me prepare for my future career aspirations.

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Career Counseling is a system of scientifically based measures aimed at preparing young people to choose a profession, taking into account personality characteristics and the socio-economic situation in the labor market, to assist young people in professional self-determination and employment. Career Counseling includes: Vocational education – It is a process of familiarization of students and graduates of educational institutions with modern types of labor activity, socio-economic and psychophysiological characteristics of various professions, the need for qualified personnel, the requirements for...

In the words of the Dalai Lama, ‘’the prime purpose of us humans in this life is to help other people, and if you cannot help them, at least do not hurt them’. I have always wanted to be a social service provider for as long as far back as I can remember. To say nothing of, I have been, on numerous occasions, tasked with the responsibility of taking care of countless patients. Also, I have been engaging in environmental...

Abstract This paper will give readers an outline of The Career Counselor’s Handbook by Howard Figler and Richard Nelson Bolles. The paper will flow with the rundown, thoughts are talked about from the book and there is an examination of which methodologies, procedures, and systems are successful in career counseling. Some interesting topics are mentioned in the book, for example, advocating, occupations, approach execution, and workplaces will be evaluated. The rundown and program plan will be utilized to help those...

Early in my academic pursuit, I had an unusual understanding about Life that results are a function of choices, especially as it bothers around the allocation of scarce resources, hence my interest in finance and investment. Owing to the investment knowledge gap that exists around the globe, particularly in Africa, I seek to expand my knowledge on how best available resources can be effectively managed, while considering the attaching risk factors, in order to achieve optimum asset allocation, that would...

My father. I know it’s a little of a cliche’- for which l apologise – but looking back, My father undoubtedly played a major role in sparking my interest in science. He was my tutor throughout most of my primary school year, he study science in his motherland but unpleasantly different factor stopped him from entering the scientific field completely. Instead he would teach me in his spare time . Another person that particularly inspired me further my education in...

I focus on establishing a career as a marine environmental expert. Thus, following returning, I intend to continue my job at the Department of Fisheries. This is a unique public organization to achieve my career goals, to work intimately with both government and development partners. Subsequent to going along with, I need to present my Individual Activity Plan (IAP) to the ministry with subtleties of my procured information and its applied territory. As per the FAO report, Bangladesh is 3rd...

Career Career play most important role in our life. When we all are Teenager we all are worried about Career . We don’t know what is good for us and what is bad for us. Some students take the advice of their parents some take the advice from their elder brother sisters , teachers some go for consultant but the only wh advice us in a worth way is know one is just we.we know that what is good for...

My preferences, what I like and do not like doing, are both innate and conditioned by my experiences. I was born with the desire to have a positive impact on society. I prefer improving the lives of others than increasing my own personal wealth. However, I also want to be intellectually stimulated and I know that greater knowledge will allow me to be more successful. Deci and Ryan’s self-determination theory frames these preferences to be either motivated by my own...

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essay on career aspirations

Essay On Career Aspirations

Annotated bibliography on moneyball.

Osberb, S. (2015, October 17). What Makes Social Entrepreneurs Successful? (S. G. Carmichael, Interviewer) Podcast. Podcast retrieved from

The Pros And Cons Of Disney College Programs

When you Google the Disney College Program, you're going to stumble upon 1 of 2 sites. The first site is going to be all your essentials provided from Disney itself. More or less, you are going to find out this is a paid internship for college students. The program is either in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World, or in Anaheim, California at Disneyland. From either August to January or January to May, you could be living and working in one of six roles. This includes operations, entertainment, lodging, food and beverage, merchandise, or recreation. Living, learning, and earning as the company would say, you will be exposed to everything Disney. You will be living in housing provided by Disney, working and earning at a park or resort, and even taking college level courses taught by a successful Disney employee.

Addams Vs Dubois

With all of the craziness going on in our world today whether it be politically (the ever unraveling Trump saga), socially (raging race or gender problems) or economically (money circulation to everyone or lack thereof), it would be quite easy for someone with a dream to feel discouraged, especially if they were on the “opposed” side of any of the above mentioned issues. But after reading about Jane Addams and W.E.B. Dubois, they prove that as long as you are consistent, passionate and conscientious you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, regardless of your gender, color or political/economic stature.

The Chosen By Chaim Pottok Character Analysis

In the novel The Chosen, Chaim Potok constantly reaches out to the reader by using his words to make the them feel as if they were a character in the story. The way Potok communicates his thoughts is incredible. He uses several different ways to connect with the readers. Ways that he connects includes the way that he makes you believe that his stories are true, he presents a believable plot, he makes the characters come to life, and he gives the reader a vivid mental picture of the setting.

Gilman Scholarship

There is an old Moorish proverb that reads, “He who does not travel, does not know the value of man.” That quote resonates deep within me because I have a yearning to use my education to empower those in need. In order to do so, I need to see and experience the world outside of the one I am accustomed to. Curiosity is one of the traits that define the person that I am; because of this trait I always ask questions about the world around me and the people I meet. This is one of the driving forces behind my desire to venture outside of the United States to learn a new language and culture. As a recipient of the Gilman Scholarship, I aim to study the French language in Paris, France through the four-week Intensive French program offered by Florida

St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolf Analysis

The stories have a major impact on my life in unexpected ways. When asked to consider what story affected me the most during my semester in Composition II, I would have to say Karen Russell’s “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves”. Like so many stories I read this semester, the first time I read the story my understanding of the message was completely different from the subsequent times. I believe a mark of a talented writer is for their stories to spur discussion. Russell describes various stages the wolf girls’ transition through during their stay at St. Lucy’s Home for Girls. I found in reading stages one, two and four they closely resemble my own transition in my college career.

USMMA Personal Statement

The college that I chose is the Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) asleep known as Kings Point. The United States Merchant Marine Academy is one of five U.S. academies it is highly regarded for the transportation industry and has some branches in the military. The Academy offers studies in International law and customs, personal management, marine navigation, and marine engineering along with the various other jobs and majors that account in running a large ship.

Argumentative Essay On Chilean Education

Through the ages, education has been an issue in Chile. Even though, it has improved in quality and many Chileans have access to it, there is a huge gap that needs to be filled, and problems related to motivation among both teachers and students.

Personal Narrative: Costa Rica

I am from Colombia, the land where the flowers blossom all year around in so many colors and shapes that allow us to export them, where the cities are surround by mountains, where the majority of the children have experienced the taste of mango directly from the tree, It is a country no far different from Costa Rica, but with a disadvantage, we are not using properly our natural sources, we are tearing apart our forests just to get some extra cash, we are not developing a real awareness about the damage we are causing. The whole planet earth suffer for the devastation is taking place with our tropics, That is why I am choosing Costa Rica, because there is so much to learn from them, and I want to comprehend how such a small country has managed

Personal Narrative: How HSLC Changed My Life

Leadership is a quality that seems to be fading upon this new generation. There are many young adults that have capability to thrive and become a leader of their community. I grew up in a small town of with a population of 10,000 where people would try to be the change in the world. Leadership isn't a skill that you can learn, it's a skill gained only through experiences. I attended the High School Leadership Conference held at OU as a junior. While attending the conference, I heard from former attendee's of HSLC saying that "HSLC changed my life" "HSLC made me become a better person." I thought to myself, "These people are weird, they're crazy to think a weekend long conference will affect me so much." See, this is where I was wrong. HSLC changed my life for the good. I became open to people, I started putting other people in front of me, and most importantly I grew a heart. During my tenure at Siloam Springs High School in Siloam Springs. I was a member to many clubs: HOSA, Spanish Club, FBLA, Beta Club, and FACS. All these clubs were excellent opportunities to earn volunteering hours and to promote yourself into helping the community.

Growing Up In Colorado

Growing up in Colorado is the root of my passion for the outdoors and environment. My parents made sure my siblings and I were outdoors as much as possible, going on hikes every weekend, camping in the summer and skiing in the winter. My excitement for the outdoors lead me to declare a major in environmental science the moment I was given the opportunity by the University of Denver. With this major, I find it crucial to find a specific passion of the environment whether that be the ocean, coastal areas, mountains, plains, deserts, or any countless others. Studying in Colorado is an environmental jackpot in terms of the countless environments there are to study, specifically the Great Plains backing up the Rocky Mountains, the third longest mountain range in the world. However, Colorado is lacking the coastal and ocean environments that

Benefits Of Student Exchange Essay

Many people plan to see the world or to travel at some point in their life and have new experiences but few ever get the opertunity to do so either due to work, school or simple problems in everyday life. The few that do however get the chance to travel abroad and see the world might not be able to do so until they are very old or have retired. Because of this I propose a program that would allow students to see the world while they are still in school, realitively unbrudened by things such as work or worry of money, bills or insurence. The program I have in mind is known as the student exchange program. The student exchange program allows for a student to leave their country of residence and take up residence in another country all while still going to school and studying within the country. With this program in mind I believe that it could be benificial for students to not only see the world but also learn about culture, gain unique opertunities and learn independence.

Essay About My Future Goals

When I graduate high school, I plan on having future goals that I plan on achieving. My first goal is to go to college and get a degree. I plan on attending Purdue NorthWest majoring in engineering and minoring in business. This is my number one future goal that I need to accomplish because to be able to have a nice life, I need to go to college to support my future family. My next future goal would be get a starting job to be able to support my future family. With the internship that I would get at Purdue NorthWest, they would be able to help my find I job that I would like to do. This job would be able to help me get money so that I can start a family. My final future goal would be to go back to college to get my Masters Degree in engineering. As technology advances into the future, I would need to go back to college to update myself with the new technology. After graduating, I could go into a higher engineering field and get more for my work.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a growing opportunity that many people around the world of all different ages take. In 2012, over 760 thousand international students studied abroad in the United States alone. The positive reasons for studying abroad are numerous, but there are also negative ones too. Studying abroad brings with itself a lot of preparation and responsibility. Also many people see acculturating oneself and making new friends in a new place can be challenging. In the following I will talk about why one might want to study abroad. Challenges involved with living abroad.

Studying Abroad Is Better Than Studying In Kuwait Essay

No one can deny that studying abroad is extraordinarily useful for students. Studying abroad helps students to achieve a higher level of education in plenty of fields that might not be available in their country. It also helps them to learn a plethora of material and gain experience in their life. Further, students who study abroad think the experience is beneficial for their career path and success in the future [e.g., Dwyer, 2008; Orahood, Kruze, & Pearson, 2008]. They also become more responsible. However, there are various student prefer to study in Kuwait by reason of it is their country and they don’t aspire to leave their families and travel to study abroad. Also, employers report that they believe students who study abroad have strong interpersonal skills, a significant qualification for a potential job candidate [Doorbar, 2003]. Therefore, experience, knowledge and responsibility are three logical reasons why studying abroad is higher quality than studying in Kuwait.

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essay on career aspirations

Career Aspiration Essay

In the long-term career choice, my career aspiration will be focused on what my career serves me. I am looking to grow and contribute more than I am today in my next position. If I follow that I know I will be successful financially, personally, and professionally. My first job after college I would love to work as Investment banker or IT support specialist as it would be a good fit for me because it will help me professionally as I will be able to learn more skills and as I learn more, I will be satisfy personally. My strength is the flexibility to adapt to change, hardworking and ability to work in as individual as well as in team. I am also eager to learn new things in my field or in general. Learning new things keeps me busy and I love

In this essay, the author

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What are Your Career Goals and Aspirations? Essay Sample

Everyone on this Earth has their career goal and their aspirations. Some aspire to become successful business people, others also to become doctors, and others engineers. However, to attain these career goals, one has to face life with its challenges and learn from them. A career goal to start with is a well-defined statement explaining the profession that an individual intends to pursue throughout his or her career (Mcdonald, et al, 2011).

It is important for every employee or job seeker to define their career goals clearly as this helps them to come up with effective action plans. A job seeker or an employee who does not have a career goal will always work to attain his employer’s goal. The main aim of this essay, however, is to discuss career goals and aspirations. The essay will begin by defining what a career goal is, it will later stress the importance of a career goal and lastly, it will discuss what aspirations are and a conclusion shall vindicate the discussion.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines aspiration as a strong desire to achieve something high or great. While cooperating finance institute has defined a career goal as a well-defined statement explaining the profession that an individual intends to pursue throughout his career. It is important for every employee or job seeker to define their career goals clearly. This helps them to come up with effective action plans. states that "setting specific, measurable goals can provide a path to improve your career and achieve certain accomplishments. You can use goal setting when given a certain task or project, or to personally advance in some way. You can set goals towards promotions, creativity, education, and many other various ways to improve your life and career.” Setting goals or targets is indeed vital as it helps you stay on course, as it makes you not divert from what you need to do as opposed to what you want to do at a particular time. People who do not set goals do not do well in life as their lives are always disorganized. There are two types of goals; long and short-term goals.

Short-term goals to start with, are more immediate goals that one can set for themselves to achieve their larger and long-term goals. These are mostly considered milestones to achieving long-term goals. For example, when the United Nation set Vision 2030 which was the long-term goal, many countries set their own small goals so as to be able to realize vision 2030. Short-term goals usually exist in a short time frame, anywhere from days or months to one or two years. Other examples of short-term goals may include completing small tasks or projects, gaining experience, or taking classes. On this verge, one uses what they accomplished in the short term to complete their long-term goals.

Long-term goals on the other hand are usually large goals that one wants to achieve over a long period of time. To achieve this, one needs several short-term goals. Long-term goals might include getting a job in a certain career that one has been always dreaming of, being promoted to a certain level, or completing a lengthy, complicated project.

Once you know what you want out of your career and what you need to do to get it, you won’t waste time on some unnecessary tasks in your personal and working hours. This will help you focus your time and energy on things that will draw you closer to your vision. Further, this will create in you some form of appreciating heart for the value of your precious time.  Furthermore, if you are for instance a worker in Zambia who are unhappy with their level of work-life balance, setting goals will help you identify the steps you need to take to obtain that balance and gain greater control of your time.

When you have a career goal, you will definitely find it easier to communicate your desire and direction with friends and family. Moreover, this could mean that there would less friction at the dinner table and more opportunity to find out how your loved ones can help you reach your goals. For example, if one has set a goal of getting a job at a particular company that he or she loves, he or she will be able to find out on the internet and ask around to find if anyone in his or her network has a connection there. Or if one’s aim is to start studying with a course that will empower them to make an elusive career change, then he or she should feel motivated to tell others who may have advice on education institutions or contacts for work experience opportunities.

It is vital for someone also to have aspirations in life. Just as career goals are important so are aspirations. These two as earlier stated, help someone realize his or her potential.  Young people are mostly the ones who fall prey to these two as they still have to choose what to do in life (Jeffrey and McDowell, 2004: 131). Some end up on the wrong side of the road if their aspiration and their goals are not met.

In the nutshell, it is important for each and everyone to understand that in life things happen, negative and positive. Therefore, if one only desire positive thing to happen, then they might end up being frustrated and fail to attain their set goals. 


Jeffrey C and McDowell L (2004) ‘Youth in a comparative perspective’, Youth and Society 36(2):131–142.

Mcdonald, Paula, Pini, Barbara, Bailey, Janis and Price, Robin, Young people's aspirations for education, work, family and leisure, Work, Employment & Society. VL - 25, 68, 2011.

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essay on career aspirations

Career Goals Essay Examples

The hopes and challenges in achieving career goals, building of my personal leadership plan, my desire to continue learning computer engineering.

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Believe in Myself to Achieve Your Goals

Law – a career i want to pursue, a journey to achieve my career goals, planning of my career path, what is my foremost dream in life, my ambitions to be a financial advisor, the main steps of my career plan in marketing, my personal goals and success plan, my career plan to succeed in marketing, my goal to pursue a masters degree in human resource management program, my further career goals: nurse and science tutor, an overview of my business career plan, my motivation for pursuing a career in the film industry, my personal objectives and my career goals, my dedication towards management and marketing to become a successful businessman, my goal to succeed as a doctor, why i chose the clinical psychology psyd program, it passion: the reasons of why i chose it industry, paving the way to my future career trajectory, analysis of the three types of goals in my life, i choose the medical career to help people, career research and career goal: college admission paper, my goal of studying and working in domestic marketing, being good at something doesn't mean you should make it your job, my career and education plans to become a chef, the pursuit of a degree as a special education teacher, bringing the meaning in life: why i want to be a social worker, a personal story on the veterinary career goals, feeling stressed about your essay.

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essay on career aspirations

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Career Aspirations Essay | Essay on Career Aspirations for Students and Children in English

January 21, 2021 by Prasanna

Career Aspirations Essay: Career aspirations are goals that one has set for themselves to reach a certain point in their professional life. To achieve this vision, one should accomplish the different small missions that lead to their goals.

Career aspirations vary from person to person. A person’s career aspiration is closely integrated into their dreams and happiness. A person needs to aspire and inspire humanity to evolve.

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Long and Short Essays on Career Aspirations for Students and Kids in English

We provide students with essay samples of long career aspirations essays of 500 words and short essay of 150 words on the same topic for reference.

Long Essay on Career Aspirations 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Career Aspirations is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Career is defined as what course a person chooses for their life and how they progress in it. A career often also is the profession or occupation is a person’s life. Career management, that is, the active, purposeful, and effective management of a career, is closely related to career aspirations. Once the designated career aspiration is achieved, it is important to manage our careers in the right way to maintain the success achieved.

It is natural for a person to develop career aspirations with time. Everyone wants to be in a secure position in their life. To establish status, gain responsibilities, financial credits, and authority are some of the main objectives of a person’s career aspirations. A sense of independence and freedom engulfs a person when they meet their career goals. The detours that come in the path of our career aspirations helps us gain new experiences and meet people with different outlooks to learn from.

Gaining expertise and comprehensive growth develop once we have met our career aspirations. It is crucial to also plan a backup plan in case one is not able to achieve their goals. There is no time to feel bad or hate oneself for not being able to meet their career aspirations; one should immediately start working on their backup plan.

There are a few career objectives that tag along with everyone’s career aspirations. Enhancing skills, attain the power of knowledge, social interactions, self-awareness ad well as awareness about society, knowing our capabilities, and taking credits for it, are some of the career objectives that should be kept in mind while trying to perceive career aspirations.

To be able to move forward towards our career aspiration, one should continue to work hard dedicatedly and try not to be distracted. It is important not to let any negativity interrupt one’s career aspirations. It is often difficult to always stay motivated and not succumb to any evil. Still, some daily yoga and meditation helps one focus on themselves and their goals and is helpful. Healthy competition exists in every field of work, which is beneficial. In a competitive environment, one learns to work more smartly and tend to build self-confidence with each small step towards their goal. It is important to grow in a healthy and hearty companionship and wise not to be surrounded by jealousy.

Many people do not get the opportunity to fulfill their career goals. Even though they aspire and have big dreams, due to financial inability or contradicting circumstances, be it professional or personal, career aspirations are hard to achieve. Commitment to one’s aspiration is the key to making use of most of our creativity and dedication. There is no lack of talent or dreams among people, but they often lack the courage and self-confidence to walk bravely in the path of their aspirations. Thus, to achieve and pursue one’s career aspiration, they need to believe in themselves and have the boldness to move forward and face obstacles. No career aspiration is smaller or less significant than another. Every dream is precious and unique and demands to be chased.

Short Essay on Career Aspirations 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Career Aspirations is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Every person chooses a path that they wish to walk on and reach a certain point in their life. There is a lot of knowledge to gather from our struggles that we face in the path that leads towards our career aspirations. It is convenient to stay committed and motivated to one’s specific career aspirations to attend them.

Some of the benefits of career aspirations are time management, peace of mind, self-confidence, easier social communication, being responsible, learning to focus, and be patient, and executing confidence in the right places. It is important to utilize our strengths and weaknesses to judge ourselves before setting a career goal. Hard work aids the path towards our goals.

On reaching our career aspirations, it not only provides one with security and financial support but also with self-satisfaction and independence that one had been striving for. It is important to harbor a career aspiration as that is what gives us a driving force to keep moving forward in life.

10 Lines on Career Aspirations in English

FAQ’s on Career Aspirations Essay

Question 1. How to set career aspirations?

Answer:  One is supposed to identify their desires and set small steps towards their main goal. The small steps patiently achieved ultimately helps one reach one’s career aspirations.

Question 2.  What is an example of a career aspiration?

Answer:  An example of a career aspiration is to be a social worker to help others achieve a better quality of life.

Question 3.  Why should one have career aspirations?

Answer:  Career aspirations are the main driving force that keeps people working and hungry for an achievement, which makes like much more meaningful otherwise void.

Career Aspirations Essay

"What are your career aspirations and how will the internship module help you to achieve them?" Introduction My name is Praveen Divakaran B.Tech Degree in Electrical & Electronics form Saintgits College of Engineering (2009). PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Two years of work experience as a Sales Engineer for Gulf Services and Industrial Supplies Co.LLC in Water Equipment’s Division – Oman. Employer Profile: Gulf Services and Industrial Supplies Co. LLC is a part of Arabi WLL Group, one of the prominent business houses in Kuwait. GSIS is one of the leading trading houses in Oman deals with different kinds of Industrial products and Machineries across the Sultanate of Oman. SKILLS: * Strong interpersonal and communication …show more content… employers offering training and development. "challenge of work" is a key factor influencing their choice of job. Be the boss of the company someday. Move up fast in the company, taking courses if possible, to further your knowledge of your particular job area, or a job "above" this one. Increasing knowledge in your particular area is what many employers are looking for, to keep up with current trends, changes, etc, in your ideas. to take the skills and experience that you are gaining in your current position to help you build a successful future career. your current role as a stepping stone to your future career aspirations completing your master's degree in BusinessAdministration, provide information about your progress in the degree program and how the completion of this degree will qualify you to achieve your career goals. Why an MBA The MBA is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. It is a degree designed to give you the ability to develop your career to its fullest potential, at an accelerated pace. What will you get out of an MBA? Aside from a powerful life experience, the MBA degree should supply three main value propositions: Skills, Networks, and Brand. Skills These include the "hard skills" of economics, finance, marketing, operations, management, and accounting, as well as the "soft skills " of leadership, teamwork, ethics, and communication that are so critical for effective management. MBA students acquire these Show More

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Writing Tips for a Career Goals Essay

Jennifer Finetti Aug 3, 2022

Writing Tips for a Career Goals Essay

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For your college scholarship essay, you may be asked about your career goals. The scholarship committee wants to see how investing in your education will help your career. Do you have a definitive plan? Will a college education fit into that plan? These are the answers they want to see.

In this guide, we will provide some scholarship essay examples about career goals to jumpstart your essay writing.

Writing tips for career goals scholarship essays

Here are some quick tips for writing career goal scholarship essays:

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Writing tips for college students

Example 1: Scholarship essay about career goals (100 words)

In a 100-word scholarship essay, you need to quickly make your point. There is not enough room for a lengthy intro or backstory. Use concise, comprehensive statements to deliver the most information in the fewest words.

I’m a sophomore at Texas Tech University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Companion Animal Science. After graduation, I hope to attend Texas A&M to become a veterinarian serving rescue organizations and animal shelters. I was born and raised in the south, where it is common for people to abandon animals in rural areas. Those animals then go into a rescue – emaciated, frightened, and confused. I want to work with rescues to provide affordable veterinary medicine to the animals they save. This scholarship would help me continue my education and potentially save thousands of abandoned animals in the future.

Word count: 99

Example 2: Scholarship essay about career goals (250 words)

With a 250-word scholarship essay, you have a little more room to discuss the details of your career goals. You can explain situations from your past that inspired your career pursuits. You could use one paragraph to talk about your short-term goals and another to talk about your long-term goals. Just make sure the big picture ties into the scholarship.

My name is Patrick Holden and I am a freshman at the University of Michigan, majoring in English and minoring in linguistics. I plan to become an English teacher, but this wasn’t always what I had in mind.  When thinking about my future, I always saw myself in some sort of corporate office, perhaps as an executive assistant or a loan officer at a bank. My father works in the finance office for a car dealership and my mother works at a call center. I assumed I would follow a similar, albeit boring, path in life. In my junior year of high school, everything changed. My English teacher inspired me in ways I could have never imagined. She got me to love writing, literature, etymology, and everything about the English language. She made me want to be a better student in all of my classes, and she helped me see the value of education. I decided then that I wanted to inspire other students just as she did for me. My parents are unfortunately not able to contribute much toward my college expenses. I have earned a tuition scholarship based on my ACT score, but I still need additional funding for books and supplies. English majors have particularly high book costs because we have to purchase multiple books for each class. With the help of this scholarship, I could afford to continue my degree and become an English teacher.

Word count: 240

essay on career aspirations

Example 3: Scholarship essay about career goals (500 words)

With 500 words or more to play around with, you have plenty of space to talk about your career goals. Maintain the same theme throughout the scholarship essay. Each paragraph should connect to the next, and they should all work together to describe your career plan. Avoid making disconnected statements for the sake of word count. In the end, the scholarship committee should have a clear view of your educational plans and professional aspirations.

Internet marketing has gone from an optional method of advertisement to a vital step in business outreach. Even small businesses in remote towns look to the internet to attract customers and spread the word about their services. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing with an emphasis on Digital Marketing. With this training, I will be able to enter a profession that will only grow year by year. When I was younger, I found print advertisements to be fascinating. I loved reading the newspaper with my father just to see the full-page ads in between stories. When I got older though, those ads became less appealing because they were not adaptive. They seemed dated, static and ill-fit for changes in society. That’s when I discovered internet marketing. It was still in its infancy when I was in middle school, but by the time I graduated high school, it had become a staple in business development. I loved the way internet marketers had to constantly adjust to fit Google’s algorithms, new mobile devices, and new audiences. I knew this was the career for me. Originally, I planned to focus solely on business marketing because there were not many digital marketing degrees available. Over the last two years though, several schools throughout the country have developed internet marketing courses that explain fundamental methods of search engine optimization, website analytics, and more. These are the foundations I will build my career around. The best part about internet marketing is that there is always something new to learn. I can use my creative mind and exploratory nature to try new advertising methods that help businesses succeed. Every time they do well, I do well. This is the kind of job fulfillment most people can only dream of, but my educational plan and job prospects will allow me to achieve it. I have picked up some freelance jobs online to supplement my studies and help pay for my education. It is difficult to maintain a steady stream of income in freelance because I spend so much time on my school work. This scholarship could offset some of the costs and reduce my workload as a whole. While I will still work throughout the semester and full-time in the summers, having extra financial aid would greatly reduce my stress in college. I look forward to a future where I can use my marketing skills to help business owners achieve their career goals. I plan to spend the first few years after graduation working for a successful, long-standing digital marketing company. After I have enough on-the-job training to feel confident in my abilities, I will open my own internet marketing company in Chicago, where my family lives. I have a clear picture of where I will be in the next 10 years, and I know this degree is going to help me get there.

Word count: 481

Jennifer Finetti

Jennifer Finetti

As a parent who recently helped her own kids embark on their college journeys, Jennifer approaches the transition from high school to college from a unique perspective. She truly enjoys engaging with students – helping them to build the confidence, knowledge, and insight needed to pursue their educational and career goals, while also empowering them with the strategies and skills needed to access scholarships and financial aid that can help limit college costs. She understands the importance of ensuring access to the edtech tools and resources that can make this process easier and more equitable - this drive to support underserved populations is what drew her to ScholarshipOwl. Jennifer has coached students from around the world, as well as in-person with local students in her own community. Her areas of focus include career exploration, major selection, college search and selection, college application assistance, financial aid and scholarship consultation, essay review and feedback, and more. She works with students who are at the top of their class, as well as those who are struggling. She firmly believes that all students, regardless of their circumstances, can succeed if they stay focused and work hard in school. Jennifer earned her MA in Counseling Psychology from National University, and her BA in Psychology from University of California, Santa Cruz.

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