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Qualities Of A Good Friend Essay | What Makes a Good Friend Essay in English

October 18, 2021 by Prasanna

Qualities of a Good Friend Essay: Friendship is important in our lives. It is an emotional and social support system that can help us feel better about ourselves. It also gives us someone to lean on when we need it. But how do we know if we have a good friend? What makes a good friend? What qualities should that person have?

First, you should be able to trust your friend. You should feel confident that they will always be there for you and that they will not betray you or gossip about you behind your back. Second, a good friend must be loyal and devoted. They must want what is best for you even if it does not benefit them in the process. Third, a good friend should not judge or criticize you for who you are or where you come from.

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What Makes a Good Friend?

Friends make our lives better. They make us laugh, show us new things, and always help us out when we need them. It can be hard to tell if you’re a good friend because everyone has their own definition of what makes a good friend. But there are some qualities that everyone agrees on as being important for making a friend into a good friend – those qualities are patience, honesty, and the willingness to listen. However, some people are not looking for friendship that is full of these qualities – instead, they become friends because of common interests.

Qualities of a Good Friend

Following are a few common qualities of good friends:

Mutual respect – The basis for a good friendship is mutual respect. This means the two friends should have enough respect for each other to share their thoughts and feelings. Good friends should also be able to hear and accept criticism from one another without getting angry or shutting down. Friendships can’t be built on lies or secrets because such a relationship will eventually crumble.

Trust – Friends are a knowledgeable support system that can be relied on. They help you feel supported and loved, and they’re the ones who will always have your back. Friends shouldn’t have to worry about being betrayed or taken advantage of – but unfortunately, this is a reality that many people experience every day.

Honesty – Transparency and honesty are essential for true friendships. When we share our thoughts, feelings and opinions with our friends, we come to know them on a more personal level. This leads to more meaningful relationships as well as communication that is open, honest and constructive.

Loyalty – Loyal friends are important in life because they make you feel valued and understood. Loyal friends will give you advice when you need it, they will be there to celebrate the good times with you, and also make an effort to be there for the bad times. Moreover, loyal friends can offer a different perspective of a situation.

Happiness – Friendships are all about reciprocating the good times that you share with each other. The best friends will be able to laugh at your jokes and tell you about their day. A good friend should know how to make you feel happy and fulfilled. They should be someone who will send you a funny meme or text when you’re feeling down. They should be the first person to call when your car breaks down on the side of the road. They should also know how to have a good time with each other, whether it’s watching TV, playing video games or going out dancing together.

Reliable – A good friend is someone who cares about you and will always be there for you. They listen to your problems and help you find a solution. You can rely on them when you need a shoulder to cry on or just some company. This is especially important as the need for emotional support is growing. There are many people in the world who don’t have friends or family to talk to when they’re feeling down, and don’t have time or money for a therapist. Good friends listen to your problems and help you find a solution.

Qualities Of A Good Essay

How Does One Work Towards Becoming A Good Friend?

We meet people in our lives, some of them are friends, some are acquaintances. Some are just passing by. The most important thing in trying to become a good friend is to be a good listener. Listening is not just about turning on your ears when they speak or telling them what you think they want to hear. Listening is about being attentive and taking everything in – their words, their feelings, their likes, their dislikes. That also means that it’s okay for you to share your own thoughts too but do it with the intention of contributing something meaningful and not just for the sake of your ego or need for attention. Other tips to be a better friend include:

Be supportive – Let your friend know that you are there for him or her. It can be difficult to know how to respond when someone you know is having a hard time – such as having to deal with the death of a loved one. In such cases, the best thing that you can do is be supportive.

Only offer advice when asked – Try not to tell your friend what to do, unless you’ve been asked to. Listen to their thoughts and feelings and offer advice if they ask for it. When you’ve been asked to provide your friend with advice, it’s okay to offer options or advice. However, offering advice without being asked can come across as rude and condescending. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what advice you should offer without being prompted.

Listen – Listen to your friend, provide them with your time and attention, and be there for them in any way possible. This is the most important thing when it comes to any type of relationship. Listen to who they are, what they have to say and provide them your inputs and suggestions if needed. However, don’t let yourself get wrapped up in your own thoughts or problems because they come first.

Friends are the people who you spend your time with. They are there for you through thick and thin. They can be your confidant, your advisor, or your sidekick. Friends are there to help you get through life’s tough moments and also share the joyous moments with you.

Regardless, friendship is a complicated process. It takes more than just being there for somebody. It’s about being there for the right reasons, at the right time, and in the right way. The best friends are those who are accountable so that they can support their friend through tough times.

FAQ’s on Qualities of a Good Friend

Question 1. What is a good friend?

Answer: A good friend is someone that you can talk to about anything, someone you know will be there for you no matter what happens. A good friend is honest with you, even when it hurts, and will always have your back. A good friend will put up with you but won’t put up with your excuses.

Question 2. Why are good friends important?

Answer: Friends are an important part of any person’s life. Friends are there to listen, share your happiness as well as sorrow, and be honest with you. A good friend is someone who is understanding and supportive. They are also honest with you about what you need to do to improve yourself or your situation.

Question 3. What are the qualities of a good friend?

Answer: A good friend is someone who is supportive and understanding, and someone who is honest and willing to tell you the truth.


Quality Of A Good Friend Essay

essay good friend qualities

Quality Of A Good Friend Essay Tips

Friends are the pearls of our lives. The word friend bears its great meaning only to those who can understand the greatness of its meaning. Friendship needs to be cherished and built up for many years with much care. Friends come and go but with the precious few, we shall live our lives happily. At iWriteEssays.com we will give you some tips on qualities of a good friend that you can use in your essay. They include:

Reliable – a good friend is one that you can rely on for anything. All your friends should be able to trust you to show up for any of their important events and to do any task that they have assigned you to or that you have agreed on. 

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Qualities of a good friend

essay good friend qualities

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There are many ways to value quality of true friend. Personally, I highly value three qualities of my true friend. True friend is a kind of person who difficultly to find in your whole life. He or she is a person who cries or has fun with you. The three qualities that I would like to a true friend has such as trust worthy, dependable, and unselfish.…

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Qualities that I look for in a friend are, someone who can be completely honest and true with me, no matter how much the truth may hurt, but lies hurt more. Someone who can be there, not just be there for the good times, like life is a party and then walk away on the bad times. I want someone who thinks like me and is comfortable so they should not hold back their crazy side. Someone who understands my most insane idea and agrees with it. A friend who can help me reach my goals, not pull me to the bottom. Someone who can walk into your house and make him or herself at home, eat all the food in your fridge. Someone who can surprise me, go on crazy adventures and share each other’s dreams. Someone who will not let you fall. A true friend is the one that is still there when the rest of the world walks out. But most importantly i want trust in the friendship. No matter what happens they will be…

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What type of qualities do you find good in a friend? Friends should hang out and do what they both find fun. When things get hard for friends, they should always think of a positive solution to fix the problem that they have. The Amigo Brothers would hang out together by practising together to become a boxing lightweight champion because they both liked boxing but When they had to fight each other they chose their friendship instead of one of them winning. The best three qualities that I find great in a friend are being funny,smart, and honest.…

Virtue and Friendship

Many qualities are necessary for a good friendship, including honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty and unconditional acceptance. A friendship should make both people in the relationship happy; both people should have fun when they spend time together. To be perfectly frank, that's a tall order. Human beings can clash very easily, which is why it's hard for some people to maintain many friendships. It's possible that friendship can exist between two people at one stage of life, but life changes and personal growth may make friendship impossible at another stage. It can be hard to meet the people who would make the perfect friend.…

Writing Prompts

Friends are important, but everyone has a different opinion of what makes a good friend. Explain (e) what you believe makes a good friend.…

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A genuine friendship should have people who both are willing to stand up for each other whether good or bad. In this friendship it should not be necessarily about whom the better friend is or who does the most in the friendship. It should be about the good times they shared, the times they were there for each other when no one else was, or the days when no one said a word but it was almost as if they were telling a whole story. A genuine friendship needs to have loyalty, support, trust, and of course, love. It also needs to have knowledge, knowledge that when someone has left nothing has changed. Friendship is also being five hundred trillion miles away from each other and being able to resume the same friendship with no hesitation.…

Process Analysis Essay: Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

First, dependability is part of being a good friend. A good friend is dependable and you can trust them. She makes you feel safe and secure. Your friend will not share your secrets with others. She sticks with you in good times and in bad. When you ask for advice, a good friend points you toward the right direction. Privately, she points out your mistakes and also helps you overcome them. A good friend always tells you the truth, even if it’s…

PES 114 Analysis

Having a good assortment of good friends is a vital part of a person’s life in general. Friends should be somebody that you can speak comfortably with, and trust with nearly anything that you tell them. True friends are hard to come by, some will call themselves your friends but when something huge comes about they may turn and run. In other situations, people just change and if you want to be yourself without changing and making…

Honesty Friendship

In a friendship relationship honesty is the most important trait one should have. Although many traits such as respectfulness, trustworthiness and caring are also important to have one believes that honesty is the number one trait. Honesty means telling the truth, having good intentions and being sincere.…

How to Deal with Peer Pressure

Besides, we must choose our friends wisely because true friendship is not easy to come by. It requires support, trust and understanding. We should avoid choosing a friend who treat us bad and don't try to be a hero and think that we can change his or her bad attitude.…

Beware of the 3 Types of Friends…

Anyone who has spent time with friends will notice that each one has a special personality all of their own. Friends, have different traits that make up their personalities. A sense of humor, great advice, and honesty are all things that come to mind when you think about a friend. Friends are important to have because they are a backbone when things get tough in life and are always there to love and support. However, anyone who has spent time with friends will notice that each one has a special personality with respect to their honesty, loyalty, and care. There are three major types of friends, which are acquaintances, social friends, and best friends.…

Articles: Outline, Topic Sentence and Closing Statement

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “To have a friend you must be a friend.” After taking some time to ponder this quote, I agree whole heartily with Emerson. I believe that a person in search of a friend must display the different qualities that they want out of the relationship. My friendship with my best friend Mellissa did not occur over night, I had to display that I was honest and trust worthy in order to call her my friend. From the beginning of the relationship, I was completely straightforward with her. I never gave her any false information or any reason to question my motives. In turn, she was completely honest with me. Loyalty is also important in maintaining a relationship. When my friend was going through some tough family trouble, I always made sure that she knew that I was there for her. But most important, the relationship lasted so long because I respected her. I never judge her religious beliefs or any view that she stand for. One might observe that in life friends are not a given, they are earned.…

The "friend" definition essay

Friend is a noun, friendly is an adjective, befriend is a verb. There are many `interpretations of the word “friend” but which one do you use the most? What qualities do you think make up a good friend. I consider a friend as the following; comrade, partner, supporter, pal, buddy, mate, amigo, and recently broski. Every type of person no matter who they are or where there from has some type of friend. It’s in human nature to have a friend, and there’s a need to have a good friend or a close friend because only a good friend will truly know when you’re in trouble, in need of affection, or when you’re not yourself. The most important qualities or characteristics that I value in a close friend are trust, reliability, and the friend who strives to make me an all-around better person.…

Roles in Life

A friend is expected to be loyal. A friend should be kind and helpful to another person. He should hold the person's secrets in his heart not sharing them with others. He is expected to stand by his friend.…

Division-Classification Essay

Third, there are real friends and real friends are difficult to acquire, and even harder to keep. Friendships are hard work. Not many people are up to the challenge of creating lasting relationships with people that will last a lifetime. Many friends come and go throughout one's life, used as they are needed, and disposed of after their time is expired. So what qualities does a true friend possess? Real friends are very hard to come by. Most relationships will not…

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Essay on A Good Friend in English for Children and Students

Sri Chaitanya AITS

Essay on A Good Friend in English for Children and Students: A true Friend is the greatest gift of our life which is hard to find and once you get never let him go. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ this famous quote is completely accomplishes the meaning of true friendship as true friends are always stand by you when you are in need. Friends who prove the closest, dearest, loyal, faithful and the best companion are called true friends.

Long and Short Essay on A Good Friend in English

Five different essays are given in this section on the topic of ‘A good friend’. All good friend essays are in simple English language and useful for essay writing competition for students in schools and colleges. You can select any essay on a good friend as per your need and interest:

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Short Essay on a good friend – Essay 1 (200 words)

A true friend is the person who is believed to be the closest and dearest one for any boy or girl. Without any friend life is just meaningless and dull. To find a good and best friend is just like to win the half of the world.

A good friend‘s company always matters a lot in the success of a person. A child learns good or bad habits from his or her friend but if one gets good company as friend he is the luckiest person in word. Never lose those friends who were always besides you in your bad time.

We can’t live our life alone we need a friend on every stage of it. Any relation can be stronger if it adds friendship in to this for example a father or a mother can be the first friend of their child who helps them in growing with best upbringing for the better way of life. Friendship is the relation where friends listen and try to understand each other’s problems. Thus we can say that this relation is about good listeners. Therebefore there is nothing can be hidden among true friends and friends never lies to their best buddies. This is the greatness of true friendship.

Essay on What Makes a Good Friend – Essay 2 (300 words)


A true friendship is the most beautiful blessing from god which is needed to be treated and nourished like any priceless thing in world. A good friend is someone difficult to find with no expectations and no demands. A true friendship has the quality of different shades with lots of sentiments sometimes they get happy, sometime they get emotional and some time they fight with each other but that doesn’t affects their true friendship.

What makes a Good Friend?

True friends are always caring, loving, loyal, passionate, a little bit critic and most importantly trustworthy towards their friends. These qualities make a friend as a good friend. However the person who cheats you, talks behind your back and laughs at you can never be your true friend. Friendship is the relation where friends listen and try to understand each other’s problems. Thus we can say that this relation is about good listeners. To have a good friend is always like getting a real pearl.

Is Friendship Matters with Status?

Friendship has never bounded by people’s financial status. A king can be a true friend of a poor beggar and a poor labour can be a good friend of a rich industrialist. Lord Krishna was in unconditional true lovable friendship with poor Sudama. Friendship of Krishna and Sudama is a milestone for all of us. Therefore they were like soul mates. Their friendship was on that level where if one get hurt other feels the pain.

To follow the simple rules of friendship is not easy for all it require a kind of faith trust and loyalty towards their friends. It is purely blessed relationship we get in our life and needs to maintain with some dignity. A friend might be of our age or of different age group but it doesn’t affect the quality of true friendship.

Essay on True Friendship and what is a True Friend – Essay 3 (400 words)

A good friend is the only relation which we earn in life. To find a one who is loving, caring, helpful, honest, loyal, and most important compatible is the biggest achievement of us which we get in form of true friend. Since childhood we always learn some things new and exciting in the company of our good friends. A fun time spent with friends is a kind of some happiness that can’t be express. Whether you make group study or enjoying in someone’s birthday party it is always fun with friends.

True Friend – the Secret Holder and Best Companion Ever

True Friends are the closest one with whom we can share each and every secrets of us. We trust them and feel safe in their company. True friendship is there where we don’t need to say our problems in words, true friends already understand the emotional expressions of their loving ones. Some of friends always remain the best friend for whole life and can never be replaced by any other person or relation. Therefore this is the value of true friendship.

A true friend is one who always being there for helping you in different circumstances whether good or bad. Friendship is the relation which is not limited to any particular age group. A person always needs a true friend in every stage of life.

This fast running world has always creates different circumstances in one’s life but with the help and guidance of a true friend you can easily overcome from those situations. After parents true friends are the real well-wishers of us who can even slap us when we are wrong.

Bonding between two friends is just hilarious as whether they live near or far their connection never breaks due to any misunderstanding or any communication gap. They feel close to each other when they require. May be you have a list of many friends but the important part is how much true friends you have, this is the real gain in life. Thinking of that time which was spent with friends always makes you feel happy and emotional.

True friends proves best companion too with whom we enjoy and learn a lot in life that is priceless happiness which cannot be express. A trustworthy relation is always believed to be among friends. True friends are real achievement in life’s journey. Good friend is just not a friend who is good enough but it is someone who is believed as quality friend. You should always value to your true friend and never let them go.

Essay on Qualities of a Good Friend – Essay 4 (500 words)

A true friend is found with full of qualities and makes their friend either him or her luckiest person in the world. After family a child always search a friend to play with or to share their secrets. Childhood friend are the first company for the people with whom they start learning the new fresh chapter of life. A Friend can change a person’s life completely. Whereas one side a good friend helps their friend in getting heights of success on the other side a bad company can destroy their friend’s life completely. It is our duty to find good one as our true and best friend.

Qualities of a Good Friend

True friends come with various qualities which makes them someone special in one’s life. Here we are pointing some qualities of a true friend and also its impact on friendship:

This life is full of ups and downs and on each stage you need someone who can understand and support you with no any expectation. Those special persons called true friend. Friendship can be between two boys, two girls, one boy and also one girl or any two persons of different age group etc. True Friends has always its special place in one’s life whether they meet once in a week, month or a year. True friendship always done by heart not by mind and thus it is something special.

Long Essay on a Good Friend: Trustworthy and Loyal Person – Essay 5 (600 words)

Friends are the medium by with a person can live life with more happiness, excitement and enjoyment. Good friends comes with definition of loyalty and trustworthy. A true friend never let his or her friend alone during their tough time. This bonding creates a pure relation of true friendship.

Childhood friends always remembered for whole life of a person. They actually denotes to true friendship. With a friend a life becomes easy on every stage of it and results always in better way. It is quite obvious that definitely there would some issues or fight between friends but it makes their relation more strong. To have a good friend is always like getting a real pearl.

Good Friend a Person Who is Loyal and Trustworthy

Friends are those who become the part of their friend’s happiness and true friend are those who always support them in their bad or tough time too. Quality of loyalty makes a friend as true friend. However loyalty is a vital virtue for any friendship. A loyal friend always helps in need, care each other’s feelings and shares secrets without any question. Loyalty enhances the purity of a friendship.

Two persons of any age group can be friend, they like to spend time with each other also share their secrets, sadness, emotions, happiness, and expectations from life. Loyalty is must in this kind of friendship as without trust you can’t be able to express your feeling with anyone. Loyalty and trust matter from both sides in a relation of true friendship. A friend needed to trustworthy for this healthy relationship of friendship. Thus this relation is difficult to express or describe only people who involve in true friendship can feel the fragrance of it.

A type of friendship relies on the behaviour and a mutual understanding between two or more persons. A surrounding of some close or good friend helps in making the life easy and meaningful also helps in handling Challenges comes in every stage of life’s journey. Only the presence of your good buddy in you bad time gives you a moral support and helps a lot in overcoming that tough situation. A friend always needed either you are happy or you are sad. No matters they are far or near a good friend is one who never let his or her friend alone in their bad time.

Good friends are always honest and loyal to their friends they never backbite or betrayal their friend. People who praise someone on their face and say bad behind their back not counted as true friend. Definition of good friends is one who is honest, loyal, and trustworthy for his or her friend. Good friend is hard to find but when you get its god’s blessing. Loyalty and trust needed in every relationship along with friendship. A person who is not loyal is not eligible for becoming even a friend. Good friends are the secret holders of each other. Therefore they have blind faith on their true friends. Friends share their secrets to each other only based on the trust they have between them.

True friendship is like a result of any worship or we can say when God wants to help someone he sends a person as a true friend of him or her. True friends are those who understand without even saying what your friend needs, this is the quality of a good friend. Never let your true friend go from your life, it is a kind of pure and divine relation which we earn from life.

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essay good friend qualities

Friendship Essay: What Makes A Good Friend?

A friend is someone difficult to find. A friend is someone you can always count on when times are tough. The dictionary's definition of a good friend is a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. A good friend is there when you are struggling. For example, when a boy breaks your heart a good friend walks you through it and offers a shoulder to cry on. According to Bree Neff, a good friend is someone who is trustworthy, doesn't talk behind your back, listens to your problems, gives good advice and tries to lend humor along with his or her support. There are also bad friends, those who pretend to care and then turn around gossiping and starting drama. Good and bad friends are all around you, involved in your everyday life. To find good friends you should look for such traits as being kind, trustworthy, loyal and dependable. A good friend must be kind because being kind is when they look out for you no matter what! If they hear girls talking about you, they are the friends that stop them. Friends look out for you even when you are arguing. A friend understands that you may not always get along but you should always try and be there for them and look out for them. Although this can be difficult at times, it proves how kind and loving you are. Another part of being kind is listening to one and another. Sometimes we don't care about what are friends have to say, but listening is really important. Listening shows that you value their friendship . Some friends only talk about themselves and never listen to your problems; that is not a good friend. Listening to each other helps you learn about the person as it shows character and tells that person you can count on them. In addition, being a ... ... middle of paper ... ...in trouble. They are someone that will be there when you just need someone to talk. You can rely on them to show you they care, and be there till the end. A good friend may not have all these traits. If someone is a gossip, you shouldn't get too close with him or her. If they are known for betrayal and being dishonest you should think about it and probably take one step away from them. According to the site “Being Friends,” friends should listen to each other, not put each other down to hurt one another, understand each others feelings, disagree without hurting each other, and be dependable and trustworthy. When finding friends you should look out for the good and the bad. See which traits are most important to you and make sure your friends have more good than bad traits. This will create compatible friends for you who hopefully remain with you for a lifetime!

In this essay, the author

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Essay Service Examples Sociology Friendship

3 Qualities Of A True Friendship: Care, Support, Loyalty

A friend is someone difficult to find. A friend is someone you can always count on when times are tough. For example, a good friend is there when you are at the lowest times in your life. Friends, who pretend to care and then turn around gossiping are the start of the drama. As opposed to a friend that will support you in beneficial decisions, these toxic people cause others to lose assurance and trust in new friendships that they have recently forged.

First, an important quality for a friend is to be caring. In friends, you look for a lot of things. Some people may want adventurous friends and others might want calm friends to match their style. Caring requires personal insight, self-discipline, and unconditional positive regard for a friend. Although there are many forms of friendship, certain characteristics are present in many types of bonds between friends. For example, characteristics like affection, kindness, love, empathy, sympathy, honesty, loyalty, generosity, forgiveness, and the ability to not judge others. These characteristics grow a healthy and trustful bond between you and your friend or partner. One reason a best friend should be caring is because Affection in a friendship is a priority. Affection can be shown by looks, words, or gestures. It conveys love and allows new connections to take place. For example, when you get broken up with or cheated on by a boy you feel sad. Best friends will always be there to comfort you and to make sure you are happy. If a friend was caring, then a friend would help and support you in the decisions you make and help you get out of situations that are tough to get out yourself. All in all, a caring friend is a good friend to have.

essay good friend qualities

Second, an important quality for a friend is to be supportive. Fader states, “a good friend will have your very best interests and heart and will be there to help you when you have a problem.” A best friend should be supportive because the love they give in tough situations is helpful to have. Having love as strength is not about the capacity to love. As such, it is about being involved in a loving and supportive relationship. To illustrate, a supportive friend should always give the correct advice when you need it. It wouldn’t matter if it was about a boy or an emotional problem they should always be supportive and give the right advice. If a friend was supportive, then he or she would sit with you for hours and stick with you when you needed it. Clearly, a supportive friend would want you to take a stand, and help others make a stand.

Finally, another important quality for a friend is to be loyal. Everyone considers loyalty to be defined as respect, honesty, love and the ability to wait as long as the other needs when they need space and time. When you have certain tasks and responsibilities you become devoted to completing them. You become devoted to performing at your very best and you make sure the least amount of mistakes are made. “Real friends don’t let life interrupt them,” Loyal friends are something that we all wish we had more of. You know the friends I’m talking about, the ones who show you complete devotion and will always back you up without question. Real friends don’t let anyone break them apart cause at the end of the day they have each other. Also, having someone watching your back all the time is a complete upgrade, These friends can shoot down rumors about you and prevent them from spreading, which saves you a lot of trouble and frustration. To summarize these reasons loyal friends should always be gaining your trust not losing it. As one can see, a loyal friend will always stay with you no matter what.

As one can plainly see, having a real friend is the best thing that could possibly happen to one. If more people had these qualities, then friendships would start to blossom and people would trust more. It’s too bad that not a lot of real friends exist in this small world.

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Friendship can be described as a bond of mutual affection between two people. These people could form this connection through a variety of different ways. According to Aristotle, there are three types of friendships. These are utility friendships, pleasure friendships, and goodness friendships. Utility friendships focus on the self-interest of one, or both, of the individuals. Their main goal is not to become a lifelong partner, rather to benefit from the relationship. This could be through manipulation or flattery, but...

There are so many precious things that we are interested in in daily life and friendship is also no exception. It can be considered the most valuable thing that anyone can have in their life. Living life without having the experience of friendship is like living without a soul. Human interaction is essential for survival in our society, but developing friendships is crucial to the success of any person. That is why is friendship important and why we should appreciate...

I believe that no one can survive life without true friends. Friendship is one of the greatest blessings anyone can have. Friends are the ones I go to when things get tough, and also the first people I go to when I have good news. They are the ones I have the most fun with, like going on spontaneous adventures or even just doing the simplest things. The definition of friendship is “A state of mutual trust and support”. Friends...

Do you ever get hit by life’s big questions like “What is love?” “What is the aim of this life? “These thoughts often fill our minds, some choose to think over it some get an answer while others let these thoughts pass away. I chose to think over a similar theme and to see what I would find out. This article focuses on the question “What is Friendship?” Friendship seems easy enough. You meet people, hang out with them, and...

In both the books that have been studied, which are “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville and “On the road” by Jack Kerouac the theme of friendship and trust emerges. In the book “Moby Dick” Captain Ahab and Ishmael and their friends go on a journey in the ocean to find a white sperm whale named “Moby Dick”. This whale had eaten Captain Ahab’s leg before and thus he wanted to get revenge by killing the whale and teaching it a...

It is fair to say Aristotle’s treatment of friendship (philia) has received relatively little attention, and yet there is little doubt that Aristotle provides in books VIII and IX what remains one of the richest and most enduringly useful accounts of friendship in Western philosophy. Its lasting value is evidenced by the fact that his threefold distinction between the types of friendships – friendships of Goodness, Pleasure, or Utility – is still used in many contemporary works on friendship as...

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10 June, 2010

The qualities of a good friend, 32 comments:.

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Friendship is both excellent and essential. Man cannot survive all alone. He wants someone to contribute to his joys and sorrows. Normally, it is only the community of the similar age, character and background, way of thinking, etc., who can know him and comprehend his problems. you are write best Essay on Friendship in English

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Who would we be without our friends? From an early age, friends teach us the ropes, giving us the building blocks to learn how to give, love and face life’s difficulties. Below are some qualities that a good friend should have: • Telepathy • Honesty • Humor • Empathy • Generosity • Trust • Encouragement • Steadfastness • Read more at https://essaypeer.com

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True friendship is tough to get. True friendship is one of the greatest blessings of life. Friendship Paragraph

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'We are the champions' plus other qualities every good friend should have


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What are the qualities of a good friend?

How to spot a bad friend, the importance of good friends, how to find good friends, the tough part of friendship, the bottom line.

What are the qualities of a good friend? You’ve probably had a lot of amazing — and not so amazing — friends over the years. Knowing what made the great ones stand out from the rest can help you choose the right friends going forward. 

Friendships make life more meaningful and are good for our health . Great friends offer emotional support and make us feel loved and connected. These are critical elements of our mental and social wellbeing . That’s why it’s so important to choose our friends wisely and treat them well. 

However, sometimes finding, or even being, a good friend can get tough. For many people, making friends as an adult already feels harder. We often don't know where friendship will bloom. We have so many casual acquaintances to nurture but only so much time and energy.

Life is busy, and humans are easily distracted. In these moments, though, knowing the qualities of a good friend is even more important. We need support the most when work is stressful or personal problems are weighing us down. 

Whether you have too many best friends to count or are still looking for one or two, here’s everything you need to know about what makes a true friend and how to know which friendships are worth the investment.

Knowing the characteristics of a good friend can help you appreciate your current relationships and make new, meaningful connections.

Not every person you meet will become your new best friend. In fact, approaching meeting new people with an eye toward making a best friend is almost certainly going to create stress and possibly make people uncomfortable. A network of loose social connections is valuable to both your well-being and success, too. These loose friendly connections are what form a community. 

Many people in our lives will move somewhere along the spectrum between acquaintance and best friend. These different relationships are all important. Understanding where someone fits on your spectrum and differentiating what you expect from the relationship is helpful. However, anyone you call a friend should live up to certain standards if you are going to invest yourself in the friendship.

From casual acquaintances to “besties,” here are 11 qualities of a good friend:

1. They live with integrity

A friend with integrity acts in alignment with their values and commitments. They have strong moral principles, know the difference between right and wrong, and will speak or act when their principles are violated. They know themselves and behave and speak in ways that are consistent. Because of this, you can believe in them even when you disagree with them.

2. You can trust them

A close friend is honest and speaks from the heart with good intentions. They tell you what you need to hear in a way that you can hear rather than  gossip behind your back. A quality friend is trustworthy, not only are your secrets safe with them, but so are your vulnerability, fear, and weirdness.

3. “Dependability” is their middle name

Good friends show up, keep promises, do what they say they will do, and stand up for you. You don't have time for fair-weather friends. That doesn't mean a friend will be dependable across all dimensions — they aren't superheroes any more than you are. A friend can make mistakes, but you have to feel you can rely on them in some core way. For example, I have a friend who is always late and overwhelmed, but I know that I can depend on her to listen to me talk and accept me unconditionally.

4. They’re loyal

Blind loyalty is never a good idea. But, if your friends have integrity, they’re likely loyal to the people they care about and who have been with them through ups and downs.

They don’t speak negatively about you, they listen to your side of the story, give you the benefit of the doubt, and they defend you when you deserve it.

5. They have empathy for others

A good friend has that amazing ability to put themselves in your shoes, otherwise known as empathy . They do their best to understand what you’re feeling and react accordingly.

6. They’re good listeners

Listening skills are essential for a good friend. If someone has the qualities of a good friend, they give you room to speak, ask questions, validate your emotions, and help you find perspective. Some friends are good at helping you see things in a new light.

7. Their confidence is contagious

This is an important trait for any friend. They are comfortable with themselves and comfortable with you. Real confidence will inspire you, draws you out, lends you courage when you don't quite have it , and helps you feel confident to take on the world.

8. Spending time with them makes you feel good

Is this trait number 8? This could easily be #1. Otherwise, what’s the point? A great friend can have down days, but overall they have a positive mindset. Just being with them cheers you up when you feel down. The bottom line is that time with them should be something you look forward to.

9. You wonder how they’re not a professional comedian

Granted, this trait isn't absolutely necessary. But a sense of humor is helpful. A friend doesn't have to be professionally funny, just share a similar sense of humor to help you both find the lighter side when things get tough. They know how to hit your funny bone and appreciate your quirks. Someone who rolls their eyes at your jokes might not feel good to be around.

10. They're non-judgmental

Real friends never make you feel bad for being yourself. With a good friend, you can come to the table as your true self.

11. They’re low-maintenance

No drama here. If you’re busy, they won’t hold it against you. And when you reconnect, it’s like no time has passed at all. 

If your friend has any or all of these qualities, remind them that they’re awesome. That kind of positivity helps keep relationships alive.

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Many red flags can alert you to a bad or fake friend. For the most part, you can look for the opposite of everything we mentioned above. But you should also watch out for these other toxic traits :

1. They constantly “one-up” you

They always make their issues seem more significant than yours. If you tell them about your bad day, they tell you how their day was worse. If you’re proud of an achievement, they’ll mention how they did it better.

This constant competition only invalidates your feelings, and good friends don’t do that.

2. They’re a bad influence

They encourage you to participate in risky behavior or activities that make you uncomfortable. If they don’t respect your boundaries , they’re not worth having in your life.

3. They bully and belittle you

Some “friends” only keep you around to make you feel bad. They want to feel better about themselves, so they take it out on you. Don’t let them.

It’s important to cut toxic people out of your life. This can be scary, but you have to create space for people with the qualities of a good friend to enter your life. 

Maybe you’ve known your toxic friends for a long time. You could be afraid of being alone. Neither are good enough reasons to keep people that don’t treat you well around. 


When you have good friends, your mental health will thank you. They’ll lift you up when times are tough, celebrate your wins, and help you feel whole. These people are out there — you just have to find them. It might take some work, but it is possible.

Making new friends as an adult is difficult. Between work and other obligations, it’s hard to put yourself out there, but it’s worth it. 

Here are some tips for finding more positive and meaningful relationships:

1. Try new activities

Look for things to do that involve strangers. It’s especially a good idea to do things that you love — studies show that we seek friends who are similar to us . Who knows? A new best friend could be waiting for you at your next dance class.


Here are some ideas to consider:

2. Become your own best friend

Don’t depend on others for your happiness. Learn how to make yourself happy. Take yourself out on dates, see a movie by yourself, or plan a cozy night in. When you treat yourself with respect and love, others notice. It comes out as confidence and high self-esteem.


3. Be a good friend to others

Remember, friendship is based on reciprocity. Make sure you embody all of the traits we listed above. Be a good friend to the people who deserve it and cut out those who don’t.

True friendship isn’t always sunshine and roses. You might fight, fall out of touch, or be jealous of each other — all of which can put a strain on an otherwise great relationship.


And sometimes, your friend’s decisions won’t make you happy. You might have to confront them about their poor romantic partner, take their car keys away while they’re drunk, or intervene if they’re behaving recklessly. These things aren’t easy, but they’re necessary if you want to be a good friend. 

You have to trust that your relationship can survive any rough patches through open and honest communication.

Building meaningful relationships takes work. It requires you to be vulnerable with others, be honest about how you feel, and step up for the people who need you. You’ll also have to trust your gut  about cutting negative people from your life.

But remember: the struggle is worth it. Now that you know the qualities of a good friend, you can find people who will support you during hard times and help you feel more fulfilled. This will improve all aspects of your life.

And if you need help, BetterUp is here . We can help build your confidence, set personal relationship goals, and become a better friends. These skills will help you as you search for your people.

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Maggie Wooll

Managing Editor

Learn how to make friends online to expand your circle

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