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Knowledge is Wealth :

Knowledge is Wealth : (Short Essay)

The most powerful weapon in this world is Knowledge. Great men have conquered and ruled the world with their Knowledge. We would have heard the saying “Pen is Mightier than Sword”. War can break worlds but a wise decision that comes through the knowledge of a person can bring in peace without loss. Knowledge is very important for any person, be it rich or poor. A person is judged by his knowledge, not by his money or appearance. A person who has skill and knowledge wins the race  any day. So it is good to educate ourselves and motivate others to improve their knowledge so that the day to success is not far away.

Knowledge is Wealth (Brief Essay)

Knowledge is Power. One who has the right knowledge and works hard and smart will be successful in any task. Knowledge gives us the ability to think in all the ways. A person with Knowledge can solve a problem easily than with a person without knowledge.

Knowledge is Wealth. If a person  thinks money can rule the world, the person is definitely wrong. To conquer the world, Knowledge is very important. Knowledge is the path of wisdom; Knowledge helps us to differentiate between good and bad; right and wrong; worthy and unworthy. Only when a person is educated, he/she gets the ability to judge a situation. To overcome any problem, Knowledge is significant.

We all would have heard this saying in many places “Give a man a fish, he will eat one day; Teach a man how to fish he will eat every day”. This is a very true saying that applies to everyone’s life. There is no best help than helping a person to enhance knowledge. If we have money, we can make a living. But if we are enriched with knowledge, we can make money ourselves. We can lead a great life if we have the power to tune our life ourselves through the knowledge we gained.

Educating ourselves alone is not enough; emphasizing the importance of knowledge to the society is quite essential. We should think about the goodness of the whole society. We should empower the minds of young students through motivations we give to them. Creating awareness on the importance of knowledge over everything is the need of the hour. The vision of our Former President Abdul Kalam will come to be true only when everyone realizes that Knowledge is the biggest wealth in life.

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Short Paragraph on “Knowledge is Wealth”

essay about knowledge is wealth

Knowledge is wealth as you can overcome many impediments and hazards of life with the help of your true knowledge.

Knowledge is wealth because this can help you learn the biggest lessons of life.

Gain as much knowledge as you can as it’s better to invest time in something which is constructive and beneficial for human welfare. Knowledge gives you power to survive the worst. So knowledge is not only wealth but also power.

I won’t mind to say I envy people with an excellent and profound knowledge base. They are confident, smart and can win over any kind of situation. Their greatest weapon is their knowledge. If they are knowledgeable, they are ready to face any challenge. It’s often said knowledgeable people are hard to convince.


It’s because they don’t follow the blind faith. They like to see and judge things from different perspectives. This is probably the reason why I like to be in the company of knowledgeable people. I get to learn positivity and many new constructive things. Knowledge gives ample opportunities for verification of truth. You can’t compare wealth in monetary term and wealth as knowledge distribution. They are incomparable. Knowledge can buy you the wealth you desire. When you’re knowledgeable, you are confident. Knowledgeable people are welcomed in every sector of life.

Knowledge makes you different from the others. Knowledge helps you to overcome bad influences. In other words, it helps you develop the sense of good and the bad. When you get familiar with numbers of social, political, environmental, relationship factors, when you study science and human nature, you get to know the most common influencing forces that can make or mar the future. When you’ve enough knowledge about a certain aspect, taking decisions gets easier. Knowledgeable decisions are successful most of the times.

If you’re clueless about a problem, the most desirable thing to do is trying to gain knowledge about that trouble creating factor or the situation. That way you will get to know it and find out ways to fight it eventually.

You can decide your own path and future. When you’re well informed, you’re less likely to make mistakes. Knowledge is also the biggest defence system. Because it gives you intimation about the worst and the probable consequences beforehand. Knowledge makes one very proud and develops a superior complex which is very detrimental for growth. On the other hand a real knowledgeable person is very meek and epitome of humility.

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Which Is More Important: Knowledge or Money?

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According to me knowledge it is the technology that rules the world, so the knowledge is more important than the money. The money comes & go and knowledge remains with the person. He can utilizes it in later life and earn money out of it. Therefore a person has to entrust his time to earn knowledge in his growing age rather than spending time on the earning of money. When the nation gives more importance to the education it progress well otherwise it looses its progress and eventually the money and related positions.

Money can create some new money and some new knowledge but without knowledge of how to use it, it is pointless. However, knowledge can create new knowledge and new money without money to do so. You may inherit the money, but if u do not know how to safeguard that money and then grow it with knowledge, it will leave your.

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¥ou will always fear the theft of money, but knowledge can’t be stolen from the heart. Knowledge is more important infact it is critical. One of the biggest issues of today leading man to struggling throughout life is ignorance. Knowledge is when you understand a subject matter so well that you know it inside out, so that there is no confusion left, so that when you act with knowledge and awareness, the end result is PEACE.

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Knowledge will give you power, but character respect. Besides knowledge helps you gain money but money can’t buy you knowledge, plus beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance.

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Which Is More Important: Knowledge or Money?

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Essay On Wealth And Wealth

Socrates, plato, euthyphro, apology and the republic.

In Apology, Socrates is confronted with questioning of why he thinks people slander him the way they do. To answer, Socrates brings up the term of “human wisdom.” This is a type of wisdom that is not godly, and Socrates expresses that he is not wise at all. Human wisdom composes the notion that having great wisdom is having the ability to not think he knows what he does not know. In order to support his claim, Socrates brings up the Oracle story. Here, Chaerephon asked the Oracle if anyone was wiser then Socrates and “Pythian replied that no one was wiser.” In Socrates understanding of how he was most wiser, he told a story about going to three different types of people: politicians, poets, and craftsmen. Out of these three, it was understood that the hierarchy is reversed and the craftsmen are truly wise in their craft but felt this made them speak in other fields, when if fact they knew nothing about. These cases bring up the human wisdom and why Socrates is exploited as very wise, because he does not try to think and speak on something he does not know. The oracle brings up the “form” of what human wisdom is and uses Socrates as an example. In the end, the person who is wisest knows that his wisdom is worthless.

The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living Analysis

Socrates declares that there is no one to teach people about wisdom and virtues. His conversation with Callias explains that no one can teach wisdom and virtue as there is no one that has mastered wisdom and virtue. Human beings are fallible creatures, morality, ethics and virtues are not always primarily considered in the multitude of decisions and actions that are performed every day. Humans are imperfect individuals, bound by no definitive moral code that is enforceable under any circumstance. Humans are creatures of free will and with free will comes evil and righteousness simultaneously. No one can teach a human being to always be righteous, kind, caring and generous. Socrates declares that there is no one capable of teaching all of these virtues because humans are all imperfect individuals but through inner evaluation humans can constantly strive to get closer to perfection.

Essay on wealth inequality in america

"How Economic Inequality Harms Societies." Richard Wilkinson:. TED Talks, July 2011. Web. 26 Feb. 2015.

Socrates Worldview Of Socrates

Therefore, if these things are not exchanged with the help of wisdom then Socrates believes that the aspect of virtue is “…a mere illusion.” (Phaedo 69b). In conclusion, Socrates view on morality is based upon justice, examining how to live, and expanding one’s wisdom.

Knowledge, Knowledge And Self-Knowledge In The Apology By Plato

Socrates was a Greek philosopher who stood for knowledge and virtue. He believed that in order for people to live their best lives, it is necessary for them to do what is right. “It is wicked and shameful to do wrong, to disobey ones superior, be he god or man (Cooper, 29b).” Socrates represents self-knowledge which is evident through his quest for finding someone who was wiser than he was. After his run ins with the likes of the local politicians, craftsmen and poets, Socrates comes to the realization that although these individuals had mastered their craft and were knowledgeable in their field of work, they were clueless in many other important aspects of life. Through this awareness, he accepts the fact that

The Characters Of Socrates And The Greatest Evils

Socrates believes that he is an individual who had the potential to accomplish extraordinary feats due to his unique set of traits. He claims, “If they were of any use, Crito, the many would be able to do the greatest evils, and so they would also be able to do the greatest goods, and that would be fine. But as it is they can do neither, since they cannot make a man either wise or foolish” (Crito, 44d). Only certain people have the capacity to complete enormous feats, and those people are not average citizens of the state. Instead, they must have qualities that set them apart from the rest of the population. Furthermore, “it is reputed at least that Socrates is distinguished from the many human beings in some way” (The Apology, 34e).

The Gospel Of Wealth Essay

Carnegie came from humble beginnings, but through his extraordinary vision he would become the richest man on the planet and would display idealized influence and inspirational motivation through his philanthropic endeavors, inspiring the nation’s richest to give to charities through the use of foundations. Carnegie was born in Scotland and moved to U.S with his family in 1848 when he was 12 years old. His father attempted to start a weaving business in America, but failed, leaving Carnegie to work in a mill for $1.20 a week (Goldin, 1988, p. 13). Carnegie would go to on to build a fortune worth almost $450 million by making investments and building a technologically advanced steel making process at a time when the U.S was using steel

Wealth Inequality In America Essay

Wealth inequality in the United States is at an all-time high with the top 1% being as wealthy as the bottom 50% combined. All is not copacetic. Due to the recent presidential election, there is a divide between the nation’s two major parties and even a divide inside each party. There are school shootings happening all around the country and there is more money in politics than there should be. Despite all of the bad things going on, there is always hope for the United States. There is always hope for the United States of America because, throughout the course of history, it has been able to endure every single hardship thrown its way due to its strong foundation, the US Constitution.

Essay about Plato’s Five Dialogues and Applications of Today’s Society

Socrates put one’s quest for wisdom and the instruction of others above everything else in life. A simple man both in the way he talked and the wealth he owned, he believed that simplicity in whatever one did was the best way of acquiring knowledge and passing it unto others. He is famous for saying that “the unexplained life is not worth living.” He endeavored therefore to break down the arguments of those who talked with a flowery language and boasted of being experts in given subjects (Rhees 30). His aim was to show that the person making a claim on wisdom and knowledge was in fact a confused one whose clarity about a given subject was far from what they claimed. Socrates, in all his simplicity never advanced any theories of his own

Plato's Apology Essay

Socrates claims to be most all virtuous. “I tell you that virtue is not given by money, but as from virtue come money and every other good of man…”. Funny that Socrates also claims to be “in rags”.

Essay about Why the Rich are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer

The report of Robert Reich: “Why the Rich are getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer,” is an eye opener and a warning for society regarding unemployment that it will be facing and is currently facing due to a lack of technology and education. It clearly articulates that the jobs of routine producers and in-person servers have vanished totally as modern techniques have replaced them. The author has stated that the only people whose jobs are on the rise are symbol analysts. As stated in the report, symbol analysts are the real problem solvers. Their skills are highly in demand worldwide because they are the ones who first analyze the problem and then solve it. The Hart Report, on the other hand, also states the same problem of unemployment

Unequal Distribution of Wealth Essay

The way money is distributed within the United States is unbalanced, with the majority of the wealthy owning the bulk of the country’s wealth. Wealth can be defined as a person’s assets and monetary gains. This unequal distribution has caused numerous economic and geographical problems, such as how resources are divided among countries, how developed or industrialized a country is in relation to wealth distribution and the wide spread of disease and lack of medical attention due to an absence of money. In this paper I will address the negative and positive aspects associated with wealth distribution. I will explain how resource distribution contributes to an area’s economic growth. I will also discuss varying ways to measure wealth

Socrates' Pursuit of Wisdom Essay

In order to do this, he goes about Athens questioning those he believes to be wiser than him, including politicians, poets, and craftsmen. Upon this questioning, he discovers that even those perceived as the wisest actually know far less than one would expect. Even the craftsmen, who have much practical wisdom in their respective fields, see their success as merely a tribute to their vast knowledge of many subjects. This, Socrates claims, is not true wisdom. Human wisdom can be described as the acknowledgement and acceptance that one does not know everything, nor is one capable of knowing everything. This, however, does not mean that people should sit idly by, never pursuing wisdom, for it is still vital to the attainment of a good life, which should be the ultimate goal of mankind.

Rich vs. Poor Essay

         Rich is characterized as having a lot of money or possessions: valuable, meaningful, or significant. Poor is characterized as deficient in amount or indicating poverty.  Yet, when we look at a man or woman, do we judge them by their wealth or by the “richness” or “poorness” in their character?

An Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher who lived from 470 BC to 399 BC. Today he is credited with many influential philosophical ideas and quotes, but one in particular “An unexamined life is not worth living”. What Socrates means by this quote is that a life without the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge is no life at all. Socrates reflects on this idea to his audience of jurors during his trial. The men of Athens felt threatened by Socrates, believing him spreading his philosophical ideas would disrupt their way of life and order in the city of Athens. During his trial Socrates pleads his ignorance about the world around him and that all he wishes to do is to explore his thought and attempt to gain as much knowledge as he can. Throughout his life Socrates has gained a number of enemies and critics just for being a curious person. He understands this and preaches it to his jurors at the trial explaining to them that he would venture around the city conversing with professionals of a certain craft, not for the purpose of exposing their ignorance of the world around them but to learn for himself along with attempting to teach them to think critically and on their own. Socrates uses the craftsmen as an example in his defense. He explains that he approaches the craftsmen to become more knowledgeable about their profession and that they would be wiser than he was about the subject, he goes on to say “the good craftsmen seemed to me to have the

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Essay Sample On Knowledge Is Power


Recently, the importance of knowledge has been a major topic of discussion. This is because of many questions and beliefs that people have in regard to knowledge. Some people believe that knowledge is less important in human life compared to wealth, health, and others while some people hold that knowledge is the most important thing one can ever have. However, the most argued issue regarding knowledge is the fact that knowledge is power. Many people believe that knowledge is power but others don’t agree with this fact. It is for this reason that I will be explaining in this essay why knowledge is power.

Knowledge refers to skills, acts, and information gained through experience or education; the practical or theoretical comprehension of a subject (Kaur 7). Knowledge is power, therefore, means that an individual has education and absolute control of his life by using that knowledge. A person with knowledge can handle the things in life with ease. This is because knowledge is a powerful tool offering power to the individuals who fight for their rights and compete with the world. The difference between man and an animal has been created by knowledge (Kaur 8). Even though people cannot be contrasted with animals in physical power, people have been the most powerful creatures in the world simply because of the power of knowledge.

Kaur asserts that in physical power, people are weaker compared to animals (13). However, people obtain power from knowledge and are not relying on physical strength. People are extremely sharp and sensible creatures in the world for the reason that they have the capability to change the world with their experiments, knowledge, and research. Knowledge offers power to people to be aware of how to control natural forces and use them for their own benefit. Therefore, obtaining knowledge is the most crucial part of human life. This is because human beings are able to distinguish between right and wrong, good or bad through knowledge (Kaur 14).

According to Black, knowledge helps people with their future planning and steers them to the correct path (76). Knowledge also helps people to overcome their weaknesses, and errors, in addition to facing challenges in life with confidence and having control over them as soon as possible. Individuals are made powerful by knowledge by being given mental and moral improvements in life. Knowledge is a very significant tool used to obtain positive changes in the community and nation. I can therefore assert that knowledge is the cornerstone to success and happiness. Thus, people should obtain knowledge and work with honesty and protect their communities from evil. This is the reason that knowledge keeps peace in society by keeping individuals away from fights and other social ills (Black 77).         

In general, it is apparent that knowledge is power. This is because it helps to differentiate human beings from animals. Knowledge also helps people to deal with and overcome daily life challenges. Knowledge is the source of peace- both peace of mind and society. It is, therefore, important to ensure that everybody has the knowledge for the better interest of the social world at large.

Works Cited

Black, Jeremy. The power of knowledge: How information and technology made the modern world . New Haven: Yale University Press, 2014. Print.

Kaur, Satvinder. Knowledge is power: A general-knowledge quiz book . United States: Xlibris Corporation, 2009. Print.

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Comparison: Having Knowledge And Having Money

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Debate on Knowledge Is Power, Money Is Not!

essay about knowledge is wealth

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    Wealth is to have money, to have knowledge, or to have a family. There are people who do not have money, do not have much knowledge, or do not have a family.

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