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My Best Friend Essay in English – 100-Word, 200-Word, 300-Words, and Long Essay Samples here!

My Best Friend Essay in English: One of the purest things a person can ever desire is a friend. We encounter a lot of people throughout our lives, yet only a small percentage of them have an impact on us. My life has been significantly impacted by the person I regard to be my best friend. In life, we come across various people. Many of them are forgotten, but some have an eternal impact on our lives. We have a lot of friends, but only a select few are truly our best friends. Having a true friend who is honest is consequently something that is always on a man’s mind. In contrast to all other types of partnerships, friendship is one that you choose.

Table of Contents

100 Words Essay on My Best Friend in English

One of life’s greatest blessings that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience is friendship. In the course of our lives, we encounter many people, but only a select few truly impact us. One such person who has been able to positively influence my life is my best friend. We have known each other for a very long time, and our friendship is still growing. She has stuck by me through good times and bad. Most significantly, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have a best friend in my life. My best friend is kind, honest, and has a great sense of humor. She is always there for me whenever I need her, and I know that I can always count on her. We share our joys and sorrows and help each other through difficult times. I am grateful for my best friend and cherish our friendship deeply. She is not just a friend but a part of my family, and I feel blessed to have her in my life.

200 Words Essay on My Best Friend in English

True friends are not always easy to find. If we want to move forward in life and find the proper path, it is crucial for each of us to have a genuine friendship. Most individuals struggle to make and keep true friends in life, but some people are fortunate enough to do so. Finding a true friend is one of life’s greatest accomplishments because good friends are hard to come by in this world. Rishi is a good childhood friend who I am lucky to still have.


I can express all of my emotions to him because he is unique. Each of us is acutely aware of the demands of the other. He is sensitive to my feelings and is always available to help me. There are many similarities between us, such as interests, likes, dislikes, and so on. He is a terrific person because of his positive attributes. Having someone like Rishi as a best friend makes me feel very fortunate. I normally go to him when I need inspiration or strength.

His upbeat demeanor inspires me all the time. He and I are extremely similar in many ways. He never fights with me and always explains what is wrong when I get stuck. He considers my counsel whenever he has a difficult task to complete. We adore being in one other’s presence.

300 Words Essay on My Best Friend in English

A best friend is someone who knows you inside out and still loves you unconditionally. They are a person who is always there for you, no matter what. I am fortunate to have such a friend in my life. My best friend and I have been inseparable for years, and our bond has only grown stronger over time.

We met in our school days, and since then, we have been each other’s confidante. Our friendship has stood the test of time and distance, as we have stayed connected even when we were apart. She has seen me at my best and my worst, and yet, she has never judged me. Instead, she has always been there to support me, offer advice, and make me laugh.

What makes my best friend so special is her kind and caring nature. She has a heart of gold and goes out of her way to help others. Whether it is volunteering at a local charity or simply lending a listening ear, she always puts others before herself. I admire her for her selflessness and her willingness to make a positive difference in the world.

Another thing that I love about my best friend is her sense of humor. She has an infectious laugh that can brighten up even the gloomiest of days. She has a way of making me see the funny side of things, even when I am feeling down. Her humor is a reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed and that laughter truly is the best medicine.

In conclusion, my best friend is a blessing in my life. She is my rock, my confidante, and my partner in crime. I am grateful for her unwavering support, her kindness, and her sense of humor. I know that no matter where life takes us, our friendship will endure, and I feel lucky to have her as my best friend.

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Long Essay on My Best Friend in English

My best friend is more than just a person in my life; she is a part of my family. We have been friends for over a decade, and our bond has only grown stronger with time. She is someone who has seen me at my best and my worst, and yet, she has never once judged me. Instead, she has always been there to offer a helping hand, a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on.

One of the things that I admire most about my best friend is her determination and resilience. She has faced many challenges in her life, from personal struggles to career setbacks, but she has never given up. She is a fighter who always bounces back stronger than before. Her strength and resilience are an inspiration to me, and I am proud to call her my friend.

Another thing that I love about my best friend is her creativity and artistic talent. She has a natural flair for design and a keen eye for detail. She can turn an ordinary space into a work of art, and her creativity knows no bounds. I am constantly amazed by her talent, and I feel lucky to have her in my life.

My best friend is also a great listener. She has a way of making me feel heard and understood, even when I am struggling to articulate my thoughts and feelings. She offers advice and guidance when I need it, but she never tells me what to do. Instead, she helps me to see things from a different perspective and empowers me to make my own decisions.

Despite our differences, my best friend and I share many common interests. We both love to travel, try new foods, and explore new cultures. We enjoy reading and discussing books, watching movies, and going on long walks. We have so many shared experiences and memories that bind us together, and I cherish each and every one of them.

In conclusion, my best friend is an important person in my life. She is someone who has been there for me through thick and thin, and I know that I can always count on her. She is a source of inspiration, creativity, and support, and I am grateful for her presence in my life. Our friendship is a testament to the power of connection, and I am blessed to have her as my best friend.

FAQs on My Best Friend Essay in English

A best friend is someone who is closest to you, who understands you the most, and with whom you share a deep bond of trust, love, and support.

A best friend is important because they offer a sense of belonging, support, and companionship that can help us navigate the challenges of life. They can also help us grow and become better versions of ourselves.

Some of the qualities of a good best friend include trustworthiness, honesty, loyalty, kindness, empathy, and a good sense of humor.

You can maintain a strong friendship with your best friend by communicating openly and honestly, spending quality time together, being supportive, and being there for each other through thick and thin.

On social media, you could have a lot of friends, but they aren’t really friends. They are mostly just casual acquaintances. Individuals who share the same school, college, colony, or place of employment as you but with whom you only infrequently speak because of the lack of a meaningful friendship are acquaintances. A true friend is someone you would turn to for support during difficult times.

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By Gauri Malik

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Essays About Best Friends: 5 Essay Examples and 7 Prompts

If you’re writing an essay and want to put your best friend in the spotlight, check out these essay examples on essays about best friends. 

Best friends are those with whom we have formed a deep and unique bond. What makes them remarkably special is that we chose them unlike with family. For this, some even consider their best friends to be extensions of themselves. 

We all trust our best friends wholeheartedly; that’s why they are the best people to confide in. And many of the lasting memories in our lives are those that we create with them. These memories could be filled with waves of boisterous laughter or even the most piercing pain when your friendship is tested.

Read on and find essay examples and prompts that could motivate you to write about best friends.

5 Essay Examples

1. how friendships change in adulthood by julie beck, 2. diamonds are not this girl’s best friend by courtney carver, 3. how to tell your best friend you’re in love with them – by those who have taken the plunge by sirin kale, 4. my best friend died: a real-life guide to coping by gabrielle applebury, 5. is it normal to not have a best friend by viktor sander, 7 helpful writing prompts on essays about best friends, 1. describe your best friend, 2. hanging out with your best friend , 3. long distance friendship, 4. cutting off toxic best friends, 5. falling in love with your best friend, 6. famous literary friendships, 7. a dog is a man’s best friend.

“Hanging out with a set of lifelong best friends can be annoying, because the years of inside jokes and references often make their communication unintelligible to outsiders. But this sort of shared language is part of what makes friendships last.”

The above essay delves into the evolution of friendship throughout the different stages of our lives, from childhood and teen years to family life and retirement. While we have all deferred a meetup with friends several times to attend to family and work, many people still treat their friendship as stable and continuous, even in long lapses in communication. 

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“My best friend is a magical, rooftop sunrise. My best friend is the ocean. My best friend is a hike in the mountains. My best friend is a peaceful afternoon. My best friend is a really good book. My best friend is laughter. My best friend is seeing the world. My best friend is time with people I love.”

This essay takes on a broader definition of a “best friend,” deriving from Marilyn Monroe’s famous quote: “Diamond are a girl’s best friend.” From having excessive material wants for every occasion, the author realizes that the greatest “friends” in life are not material things but the simple joys that nature and love can bring.

“It was supposed to go the way things do in the movies. Nora would tell her best friend that she loved him, he would feel the same way and then they would kiss – preferably in the rain. So when the 30-year-old arts manager declared her love for her best friend when they were still teenagers, she expected a happy ending.”

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The essay by Srirn Kale treats its readers to compelling stories of best friends ending up in marriage and those parting ways because of unrequited love. But, before taking the bold step of declaring your love for your best friend, a relationship guru advises lovers first to read the signs that signal any reciprocity of these deep feelings. 

“Losing a best friend may be one of the most difficult and heartbreaking experiences you have in your lifetime. If you aren’t sure how to process that your best friend died, know that there are many healthy options when it comes to coping with this type of loss.”

Coping with losing a best friend could lead to depression or even suicidal thoughts, especially if your best friend means the world to you. Some coping tips include journaling your grieving process to understand your emotions and confusion better and doing things that can relive your best friend’s memories. 

“If you are happy with the friends you currently have, there’s no need to try making a best friend for the sake of it. You might have friends but no best friend; that’s perfectly OK. It’s not necessary to have a BFF.” 

Not everyone has a best friend. Some would find this fact hard to believe, but a YouGov survey has shown that 1 in 5 of the US population claims to have no close friends. The essay, therefore, explores the reasons for this friendlessness and gives tips on building a bond with potential best friends, starting with your existing circle of acquaintances.

Check out our top writing prompts to help you celebrate and write about best friends.

Essays About Best Friends: Describe your best friend

Begin this essay by describing what your best friend looks like and what traits you like most about them. Then, given these qualities, would you consider your best friend a role model? Your essay can also answer how similar you and your best friend are and what things you both agree on. But if you have more differences than similarities, write how you deal with them or put them aside.

In this essay, describe your favorite ways to hang out with your best friend. What do you like doing together? Describe what a day spent with your best friend looks like and which part you like most about your dates. If your conversations draw your mutual admiration for each other, then talk about what topics make you talk for hours on end and their perspectives on things that you find fascinating.

Do different time zones make friends grow apart? Or does distance make the heart grow fonder? First, interview two to three people whose best friends moved to a different country or city. Next, learn how frequently they communicate with each other. Finally, compile these stories and make a smooth transition to each one such that the structure highlights the challenges of long-distance friendships and how each set of friends gets by. 

Discarding best friends is a hard decision. But it is also brave if you feel they are dragging you down. For this prompt, you can pose a list of questions readers can ask themselves to grasp the situation better. For example, is your friend doing you more harm than good? Have you set boundaries that they find hard to respect? Then, explain how reflecting on each question can help one determine when it is time to cut some ties loose.

Falling in love with your best friend can only end in two scenarios: a happy ever after or an end of a beautiful relationship. Expanding on our essay prompt above, list down more tips to know when it is best to confront your best friend about your feelings or work hard to quash your emotions for the continuity of the relationship.

Pick out best friends from novels that formed friendships that touched you the most. They could be Harry, Ron, Hermoine of Harry Potter, Frodo, Sam of the Lord Of The Rings, or even Sherlock and Watson From The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes. First, describe what it is in their friendship that you find most riveting. Then, narrate events that served as the biggest tests to their friendships and how they conquered these challenges. 

What about dogs that some people find more lovable than others? Answer this in your essay by outlining the traits that make a dog the ideal best friend. For one, their loyalty makes us confident that they will not betray us. If you have a dog, write about the qualities that make your dog a reliable and fun companion. Then, narrate events when your dog proved to be your best friend. 

If you’re still stuck, check out our general resource of essay writing topics . 

If you want to ensure that your thoughts flow smoothly in your essay, check out our guide packed full of transition words for essays .

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My Best Friend Essay in English (100, 200, 300, 500 Words)

A best friend is a special and unforgettable person in our lives and will stay longer than other common friends. We share most of the things, conversations, and important talks and support them anytime in our lives.

In this topic, we are discussing the best friend and the memories that we all spent with our friends and best friends. 

We have covered an essay pattern in various paragraphs of around 100 words, 200 words, 300 words, and 500 words, respectively, that helps many of the children or students of class 2 to 12th to understand the short and descriptive essay pattern of the best friend.

Table of Contents

My Best Friend Essay 100 Words

I always thank God that he sent Rahul into my life as my best friend, and I also wish that everyone has a friend like Rahul. Rahul and I met on the first day of school after the summer vacation when we were studying in the 5th standard.

I also remember an incident when our class teacher asked him about his previous school and the place from where he came. He is a good speaker, and he gave an interesting answer to everyone in his introduction in class. 

He is good at studies and also a good athlete. He loves running and singing too, and his handwriting is also very neat and clean. I feel happy to become his friend, and he also loves my company, and we spend most of our time together.

My Best Friend Essay 200 Words

I have had a lot of friends since childhood, but Raghav is one of the kindest and most trustworthy friends for me. I must say that Rohan has been my best friend since childhood. He is a very good person and a true friend because he has a good manner that he never lies to anyone, and hates people who lie to him. He is a kind boy and also a sincere student. We both live in the same building, and our apartments are also in front of each other. 

My parents also met my friend in the school at the parents-teachers meeting, and they also like Raghav and his sincerity. We both have been in the same class from the 3rd standard until now. We are in the 10th standard now, and we both help each other in the preparation for Board exams, which will be held in the month of March. 

He always invites me to his house to play video games with him. Every Sunday, we both enjoy playing video games with popcorn and juice together. Sometimes, our school teachers also wonder about our true friendship and the strong bond between us. He has a set of badminton rackets and a shuttle, and we also play together in the evening near our building. We both love each other’s company.

My Best Friend Essay 300 Words

Everyone has at least a single friend who is more than just a friend to them. Getting a friend is common, but getting a true friend is very rare and a bit special. It is like a big achievement for people to get a trustworthy and lifelong best friend. I also had a best friend in my life too since childhood. His name is Ganaraj, and his mother is Telugu. We are neighbors too and also classmates. We always sit together in school and also spend most of the time together. 

He is a very talented person and always supports me in my studies. We both like mathematics, and also we love to solve maths numerical problems. I like to play games, and we both always play games together and participate in the sports that are held in school. Our favorite sport is Cricket, and we both are good all-rounders on our school cricket team. Our class teacher always suggests and supports us to play cricket even better and also helps in education to achieve success in life.

He is very valuable to me, and I always value his friendship as I value my parents. He is like my family, as a brother from another mother. Whenever I need his help and support, my best friend is there for me to hold me. We both live in the precious moment and create memories that will stay with me forever. Our friendship is a kind of beautiful relationship, and I hope any kind will never break these mistakes. Every Sunday, we go together to a playground near our locality, and we spend most of our time there. My parents also like Ganaraj to be my friend. Everyone is happy with our friendship and has a strong bond that never goes down in any situation.

My Best Friend Essay 500 Words

My best friend’s name is Siddhart Jadhav. We have been friends since class 7th A in Alfred Nobel High School. We both studied in the same school in childhood but not in the same class as our sections are different. Later that time, all the students from all the sections are sorted according to the previous academics’ percentages and grades and separated into four different sections. Due to this separation, I met Siddhart in the 7th A, and we became friends at that time. Later, time goes by, and our friendship bond becomes stronger, and we become best friends with each other and spend most of our time together in school, tuition, and extra classes. We also sit on the same bench in the classroom. 

Our likes and dislikes are also common, and we also love to dance and sing. In every annual gathering and other function that is held in our school, we both participate and give our best performances. We never wanted to win the competitions, our intention was to enjoy the gathering. Some of our school teachers don’t like our togetherness and friendship, but some of them loved and always blessed our strong bonded friendship to stay longer and longer. Siddharth and I always talked in the running classroom, and most of the time, our teacher also punished both of us by standing outside the classroom. We always tried to irritate the lecturer in the chemistry lectures by asking tons of doubts and questions. We eat tiffin boxes sitting on the last benches.

Apart from this naughtiness, Siddharth is very punctual, and he is never late for coming to school and attending classes. He always completes his homework at a given time and being with him, I also start studying very well and completing my homework on time. He keeps his books and copies very clean. His writing is very nice and encourages me to write cleanly and clearly for better understanding. My parents also compliment my friend that being with him, I also become responsible and a good student.

Siddharth and I are both excellent football players and athletes. When we both start playing the football game, the opponent team never wins. Our sports teacher always motivates us and tells us that we will become good football players one day. My parents also know Siddharth very much, and they like his pleasant behavior. Feel free when Siddharth and I stay together, whether for playing games, video games, study, or for going out to have fun with other classmates. Siddharth is my best friend, my first friend. He is the one who offers me help in my studies when I need it, supports me and always shows love to me, defends me, and stands by my side in any situation no matter what. 

In academics, my best friend, Siddharth, is chosen to be awarded the best student of the year in the 10th class. He is one of the brilliant students of our school and also won many of the competitions that were held in school. He is like a well-wisher, and I always enjoyed his company. He, too, feels secure and relieved by spending time with me as well. He is like a problem-solving friend to me. I never wanted to lose him in my life.

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My Best Friend Essay | Essay on My Best Friend for Students and Children in English

February 16, 2023 by Prasanna

My Best Friend Essay –   Given below is a Long and Short Essay on My Best Friend for aspirants of competitive exams, kids and students belonging to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. The My Best Friend essay 100, 150, 200, 250 words in English helps the students with their class assignments, comprehension tasks, and even for competitive examinations.

The world appears to be gloomy in the absence of a true friend. Man, by nature, is a social animal. Therefore, the need for a true and honest friend is always uppermost in the mind of man. True friends, no doubt, are rare in this world. Read the below essay about my best friend.

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Short Essay on My Best Friend 300 Words for Kids and Students in English

Bob is my best friend. He has been my classmate since my early days. He comes from a very good and respectable family. His parents are well-to-do. Bob always stands first in our class. Bob is keenly interested in games and debates. He is a good speaker and always bags prizes. He is one of the most popular boys in the school. Students like him very much because of his fine qualities and good character.

“Best Friends Make the Good Times Better and the Hard Times Easier”.

My Best Friend Essay

Qualities of My Friend Essay in English

He possesses all the positive qualities that make a good human being. He has a soft and polite disposition and his face reflects the goodness of his soul. He is ever ready to come forward to help others.

A friend is the elixir of life and panacea for many ills. A friend is very useful at the time of adversity. Bob testifies the proverb that “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” But there are many in this world who are fair-weather friends.

My best friend is the embodiment of numerous human virtues. He is a quiet and sensitive boy who tries not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Sympathetic to the less fortunate, he is often seen feeding the hungry and nursing the sick. Sincere and true, with a religious bent of mind, he is the best friend one can have. A sea of knowledge, I have learned a lot from him. Service of humanity, devotion to duty, respect for elders and love for young ones are his great qualities.

I consider myself lucky that a person like Bob is my best friend. He is a great source of inspiration and strength to me. Here is about an essay about my best friend.

FAQ’s on Essay on My Best Friend in English

Question.1 Why is it important to have a best friend?

Answer: It is important for everyone to have a best friend as they are our well-wishers with whom one can share everything. In other words, it gets tough to share things with your parents or siblings, but with a best friend, we never hesitate. Additionally, they always support us and boost our confidence.

Question.2 What are the essential qualities of a best friend?

Answer: A best friend should be understanding. One must be able to share anything with them without the fear of being judged. They should be supportive and encouraging of one another. Subsequently, one must always look out for their best friends in times of need.

english essay best friend

English Essay Writing Topic – My Best Friend

My best friend is someone I can always count on, no matter what. They’re the ones I know I can always trust, no matter what. They’re the ones to whom I can always go for a shoulder to cry on or vent my anger. They’re my rock, and I can’t imagine my life without them.

What is a friend?

How can one make more friends?

What is the difference between friends and family, good friends versus bad friends.

A friend is someone you can rely on, someone you can trust. A friend is someone you can confide in and count on for support. Being a friend means one with whom you feel comfortable and are accepted for who you are. A friend is someone you can have fun with, whether you’re going on an adventure or just staying in for a cozy night. When you need a shoulder to cry on or someone who makes you laugh, a friend is there for you.

A friend is someone who will be there for you through thick and thin. So if you’re wondering what a friend is, that’s a start.

There are varying degrees of friendships – from casual acquaintances to close friends. 


Importance Of Friends 

Friends provide us with support, friendship, guidance, criticism, a patient ear and a shoulder to cry on. They make our lives more enjoyable by being there when we need them.

We all need good friends, people we can count on and who are always there for us. Friends are an essential part of our lives, and we should cherish them. We should tell them how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate their friendship.

Whether you realise it or not, your friends play a crucial role in your life. They are the ones who are there for you during the good times and the bad times. These are the people who know you from the inside out and accept you regardless of what you look like.

Friends are important because they help us to be happier and healthier. Studies have shown that people with strong social relationships are more likely to live longer and have a lower risk of developing dementia. Friendships help reduce stress and anxiety and boost our immune system.

So if you ever feel alone in this world, remember that you have friends who care about you and will always be there for you.   Top  

Making friends can be difficult, especially if you are an introvert or have a small social circle. But you can do a few things to make the process easier. 

Here are some tips on how to make more friends:

Making friends takes effort, but it can be an advantageous experience. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to making new friends in no time.   Top  

There are many differences between friends and family, but the most important ones revolve around support and care. 

Friends are typically people you have things in common with and enjoy spending time with, while the family is the group of people you are obligated to remain with.

There are some problems that we face that we may not want to share with our family, but we feel comfortable sharing with our best friend. Our best friend knows us inside and out, and they can offer a listening ear and some good advice. Sometimes, it’s helpful to have someone to talk to who understands us and our situation. So, if you’re feeling struggling with something, don’t be afraid to reach out to your best friend. They’ll be there to listen and to help you through whatever you’re going through.   Top  

As the saying goes – “A friend in need is a friend in deed”, a true friend is one who stands by you in difficult times.

Undoubtedly, having good friends is one of the best things in life. They make you laugh, are there for you when you need them, and make live more fun.

However, what about bad friends? Is it worth having them in your life?

Well, that depends. Some bad friends might be annoying, while others can be downright toxic. If you can deal with the annoying ones and still keep them as friends, that’s great. But it might be time to let them go if you’re constantly fighting with someone or they’re just making your life miserable.

How can you tell if someone is a good friend or a bad friend? You can make the distinction by looking for a few key indicators.

A good friend is loyal and supportive, someone you can count on during good times. 

A bad friend is always looking to start drama or is quick to turn on you. They may also be someone who is constantly trying to one-up you or make you feel inferior.

If you’re unsure whether someone is a good or bad friend, ask yourself how you feel after spending time with them. Do you feel good about yourself or feel drained and stressed out? If it’s the latter, then they’re probably not good friends.   Top  

A true friend is someone with whom you share a deep bond and mutual understanding. You can always count on this person, confide in, and will always be there for you.

The importance of making friends cannot be overstated. It helps us to find our place in the world and to feel connected to others. 

Psychologists say that people usually become friends with those on the same social level as them – in other words, people with similar likes, dislikes, and opinions. This is because we feel more comfortable with those who think like us.

But it’s not just about finding someone with similar interests. A good friend is also someone who will be there for you in times of need. Someone you can rely on.

So, if you’re looking for a true friend, look for someone who shares your values and who you can rely on. You will gain more meaning and richness from these people.

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Essay on My Best Friend for Students in English [Easy Words]

January 4, 2021 by Karan

My Best Friend Essay: A good friend is one of the biggest assets and blessings in a person’s life. Best friends should be treasured for an entire lifetime for supporting us, lending a helping hand and comforting us when we needed them the most. Best friends create the best memories together and understand our thoughts emotionally. It is a long lasting relationship that is built on trust, understanding, warmth and unconditional love.

Essay on My Best Friend 200 Words in English

Below we have provided My Best Friend Essay in English, suitable for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are. Best friends are like the best gifts from God. They are the best supports after who are always there for us like family. I still remember the day when I first met my best friend at school. I was in class 2 section B & she was in section D. We met & also got indulged in the fight over the intersection badminton game.

We always carried that hatred for each other, but we became best friends till the end of the session. Although we shared the same class, we are never in the same section. Her name is Aisha Sharma. We share the best bond in this world. She is smart & intelligent. Her positive attitude & always smiling face inspires me a lot. She is my secret keeper & someone which whom I can share everything.

She is very commanding & has all the leadership qualities. She is sincere & punctual in all her works. I am lucky to have her as my best friend. She also cares for me a lot. She is a person who always keeps supporting & motivating me to keep moving instead of all the hurdles. She is like a pillar of my life as my family. I wish a great life ahead for her. I pray to God to keep our bonding strong & lively forever.

10 Lines Essay on My Best Friend

My Best Friend Essay In English 200 Words for Boys/Girls PDF_00.1

My Best Friend Essay In English 200 Words for Boys/Girls PDF

My Best Friend Essay: My best friend in the group is Nick. He has brown eyes and black hair. My best friend is funny and is friendly by nature.

My Best Friend Essay In English 200 Words for Boys/Girls PDF_30.1

Table of Contents

My Best Friend Essay in English 200 Words for Class 3-8

Practicing to write essays helps children to grow their creative writing skills and improve their grammar, spelling and helps them to form proper sentences. It also contributes to the overall personality development of a child. Writing short essays should be encouraged.

Writing an essay helps them to weave their thoughts into words. This way they learn the power of imagination. We have brought a few lines essay which would help students in the age range of 3-7 years old students.

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My Best Friend Essay In English and Hindi 200 Words PDF

CLICK Here! To Download Full PDF

My Best Friend in English 200 Words

The world would become a dull place to live without friends. Friends are the ones who fill our lives with joy and are an inevitable part of our lives. They help us during our crucial times as the saying goes “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

For Class 3 – 8 students, below we have written an essay they can refer to.

I met my best friend at the time of admission for Class 1. At first, we were hesitant to talk with each other but as days passed by, we used to share our lunch and began helping each other in solving homework.

I have a lot of friends in school. My best friend in the group is Nick. He has brown eyes and black hair. My best friend is funny and is friendly by nature. He also loves to help others. He is gentle and respects others.

He is intelligent. We study, eat and play together. He stays near my home. We also play cricket in the evening. My best friend is good at outdoor sports and is the monitor of our class. We attend all the functions together. He visits my home daily. I love the food prepared by his mother.

I wish our friendship stays like this forever. He always helps me to escape from problems. I love him for all his qualities.

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My Best Friend निबंध in English/Hindi 200 words

दोस्तों के बिना रहने के लिए दुनिया एक नीरस जगह बन जाएगी। दोस्त वो होते हैं जो हमारे जीवन को आनंद से भर देते हैं और हमारे जीवन का एक अनिवार्य हिस्सा होते हैं। वे हमारे महत्वपूर्ण समय के दौरान हमारी मदद करते हैं, जैसा कि कहा जाता है “ज़रूरत में एक दोस्त वास्तव में एक दोस्त है।”

कक्षा 2-8 के छात्रों के लिए, हमने नीचे एक निबंध लिखा है जिसका वे उल्लेख कर सकते हैं।

कक्षा 1 में प्रवेश के समय मैं अपने सबसे अच्छे दोस्त से मिला था। पहले तो हम एक-दूसरे से बात करने में झिझकते थे लेकिन जैसे-जैसे दिन बीतते गए, हम अपना दोपहर का भोजन साझा करते थे और होमवर्क हल करने में एक-दूसरे की मदद करने लगे।

स्कूल में मेरे बहुत सारे दोस्त हैं। समूह में मेरा सबसे अच्छा दोस्त निक है। उसकी भूरी आँखें और काले बाल हैं। मेरा सबसे अच्छा दोस्त मजाकिया है और स्वभाव से मिलनसार है। वह दूसरों की मदद करना भी पसंद करता है। वह विनम्र है और दूसरों का सम्मान करता है।

वह बुद्धिमान है। हम साथ पढ़ते हैं, खाते हैं और खेलते हैं। वह मेरे घर के पास रहता है। हम शाम को क्रिकेट भी खेलते हैं। मेरा सबसे अच्छा दोस्त आउटडोर खेलों में अच्छा है और हमारी कक्षा का मॉनिटर है। हम सभी समारोहों में एक साथ शामिल होते हैं। वह रोज मेरे घर आता-जाता है। मुझे उसकी माँ का बनाया हुआ खाना बहुत पसंद है।

काश हमारी दोस्ती हमेशा ऐसी ही बनी रहे। वह हमेशा मुझे समस्याओं से बचने में मदद करता है। मैं उसे उसके सभी गुणों के लिए प्यार करता हूँ।

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My Best Friend Essay In English 200 Words for Boys/Girls PDF- FAQs

What is a true best friend.

A true best friend is the one who is always there during your tough times, helps you to understand your weaknesses, and at the same time is also proud of your achievements and success.

What do we call a best friend?

There are many nicknames people give to their best friends. You can call them any one of these

bosom buddy, close friend, companion, or create a new one.

What does bestie mean?

Bestie is the short form of a best friend.

What are 3 best friends called?

There are a lot of names you can call for 3 best friends. The most common ones are Charlie’s Angels, The Power puff Girls, Takes Three to Spill the Tea, Trio Chat’s Popping’

Why do I look like my best friend?

People unconsciously try to mimic their friends as they spend most of their time with friends. They tend to copy their look, accent, and behaviors.

Sharing is caring!

There are many nicknames people give to their best friends. You can call them any one of these bosom buddy, close friend, companion, or create a new one.

There are a lot of names you can call for 3 best friends. The most common ones are Charlie's Angels, The Power puff Girls, Takes Three to Spill the Tea, Trio Chat's Popping'

My Best Friend Essay In English 200 Words for Boys/Girls PDF_40.1

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My Best Friend Essay for Class 1

My best friend paragraph in english for class 1 students.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed," as the proverb goes. If we don't have any companions to share our joys and sorrows with, the world will become a dull and dismal place. 

Friends are the people who provide delight to our lives and who gradually become an integral part of our existence.

Friendship is a feeling between two people who love, care about each other, and show respect for each other. A good friend is there for you when you are sad and happy. Friendship helps build a life in every way.

When you write an essay about one of your best friends, it sums up the feelings of love, passion, dedication, honesty, and loyalty that you have for that person.

The easy English essay on "My best friend" here provided by Vedantu will assist young children in writing an essay about their best buddy at school. 

My Best Friend

Rahul is the name of my best friend. He has curly hair and is the tallest guy in our class.

He excels in all sports events such as running races, football, and other similar activities. He also encourages me to participate in the sports activities that are held at our school. I also love to play football and my best friend assists me in my preparations for any competition.

Our everyday lunches are spent with our other friends on the playground. We divide and share our food and enjoy our break time.

The food that Rahul particularly enjoys is Chicken Biryani. His favorite color is blue.He had his birthday last week and I gave him a gift on his birthday. We live in the same neighborhood and so often visit each other's houses. We complete our homework and assignments together.

I genuinely pray to God that my dearest friend will always be by my side and that I will always be by his side as well. 

Rahul is a wonderful friend, and I consider myself lucky to have him.

In a country like India, it is important for students to learn both Hindi and English. And when it comes to learning a language like English, then students have to spend a lot of time just practicing their reading and writing skills. Students also have to work on essays. And one of the most common and important topics of essays that students have to work on is my best friend.

Students should begin my best friend paragraph by talking about the importance of friendship and how much the student cares about his or her best friend. It is important to keep the language simple. The main aim here is to convey the message.

My Best Friend Essay and Paragraph - 10 Lines

There are also some points that students can use to easily write my best friend essay in English. We have made a list of those points and that list is mentioned below.

I have a lot of friends in both my school and near my home. But my best friend is Preet.

Preet is a very kind girl who has a round face with black hair and brown eyes.

Preet is very funny and we often go out with our parents together.

Preet is gentle and very well mannered. She also helps me whenever I need her.

Preet is very good at her studies. She often scores the best marks in her class. She is also a very good dancer.

I usually study, play, and dance with Preet.

Preet and I both live near each other. We both live in the same society.

Preet’s parents and my parents are very good friends too. We often have dinner together.

During the break time in school, Preet and I eat together and share our lunch.

On my birthday, Preet always gives me very good gifts. I pray to God to keep all of us safe and healthy.

These are some points that students can use while writing an essay on his or her best friend. It is suggested that students should also look for other similar points to make their essay more interesting and fun to read.

FAQs on My Best Friend Essay for Class 1

1. Why is it important to make points when writing an essay?

It is important for students to make points before writing an essay because those points will help students to make proper and correct paragraphs. Points also help students to keep track of everything that they have mentioned in the essay. It helps in avoiding any repetition or errors.

2. Why is it important to have a best friend?

It is important to have a best friend because a friend will always be there for you. People with best friends often don’t feel lonely and have a partner to help them to solve any problem. You can eat, play, study, talk, and have fun with your best friend.

3. I want to write an essay. Can Vedantu help me?

At Vedantu, we are always ready to help our students solve their academic problems and get good marks. This is why if you need help in writing an essay, then you can rely on us without going through any hassle. We provide students with English grammar, writing, and creative writing classes. One can enroll in those classes to develop proper English writing skills. You can also post your questions on the Vedantu platform. Our in-house academic experts will solve all your queries as soon as possible. You can also contact us directly if you need any other help or if you face any other problem.

4. What are the most important characteristics of a best friend?

Everyone needs a best friend because they are our confidantes with whom we can share everything. Best friends always encourage us and support us.

A best friend should be considerate of others' feelings. A person must feel comfortable sharing anything with them without fear of being judged. 

They ought to be supportive and encouraging of one another in their endeavors. One must therefore always keep an eye out for their closest friends when they are in trouble.

5. What is an essay for class 1 and how to write it well?

Writing an essay for Class 1 is an opportunity for young learners to express themselves through the medium of pen and paper. It also assists them in discovering their knowledge and writing abilities on a certain topic.

In this order, the three most important points to include in your essay introduction are:

An opening hook, which is something that catches the reader's attention right away.

Background information is important and relevant to the reader's requirements.

A brief conclusion of your key topic.

6. What are the tips to write a perfect paragraph for mature writing?

The opening line of your first paragraph sets the stage for what follows. Even in fiction, the first paragraph develops or extends an idea from the previous paragraph. Every successful paragraph opens with a central topic that the rest of the paragraph aims to support.

Support with mid-sentences. These sentences support your main point or prior paragraph. These sentences are where you persuade your reader to believe or visualize what you want them to see.

The next paragraph can build on that notion, but before moving on, each paragraph should summarize the information supplied.

When to break up a paragraph. A new topic requires a paragraph break. A single sentence may be fine in some cases, as long as it supports your main point and does not overwhelm your readers.

Make transitions. Adding “in addition” or “moreover” can assist readers to follow your ideas and grasp their connections, providing for a more enjoyable reading experience.

7. How many types of essays are there?

An essay is a well-organized piece of writing that is intended to inform or persuade the reader. There are many various forms of essays, but they are typically divided into four categories: 

Argumentative essays

Expository essays

Narrative essays

Descriptive essays. 

The most common type of essay is Argumentative essay.

When it comes to argumentative and expository essays, they are concerned with delivering information and making clear points, but narrative and descriptive essays are concerned with exercising creativity and writing in an entertaining way. 

Argumentative essays are the most prevalent sort of essay written usually at the university level.

8. How is a narrative essay different from a descriptive essay?

The primary difference between a narrative essay and a descriptive essay is that a narrative essay is intended to tell a whole story, whereas a descriptive essay is intended to express an intense description of a certain place, item, or concept.

In contrast to other types of essays, narrative and descriptive essays allow you to express yourself more personally and artistically than other types of essays, and the same writing abilities may be applied to both.

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Essay on My Best Friend for Children and Students

Sri Chaitanya AITS

Essay on My Best Friend: My best friend is someone who always stays by my side and never turns his back on me. We study in the same class and share almost same opinion on most of the issues. My best friend always supports me in studies and gives me emotional support also. Whenever I feel low or get upset, he comes for my help. Fortunately, our houses are also not very far from each other and we manage to meet for evening walk or post dinner walk. Gradually our relationship has become more evolved and deep. I think that we will stay best friends for the rest of our lives.

Long and Short Essay on My Best Friend in English

We have provided below short and long essay on My Best Friend in English.

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The essays have been written in simple yet effective English to let you easily memorize it and present it when needed.

After going through the essay you will know what is a best friend, how important is a best friend, how does a best friend helps us in life and in studies etc.

These My Best Friend essay will be extremely helpful in your school/college events for essay writing, debate or speech giving.

My Best Friend Essay 1 (100 words)

My best friend is Archana from the school time. We are good friends from the childhood and still continue. She is a smart girl having fair complexion and dimpled cheeks. She is a pretty girl, I like so much her. I still remember that we were met in our kindergarten class and became great friends forever. She is very entertaining, jolly and helpful in nature. She understands me a lot and become always ready to help me in my all bad or happy conditions. We are classmates and become together every time. We go to the school everyday together and play sports daily in the nearby ground of our house.

My Best Friend Essay 2 (150 words)

It is very tough for everyone to be involved in the true friendship however if one get it become very lucky in a big crowd. It is a divine and most precious gift of the life. Getting true friend is rare and counted as a big achievement of the life. I am as lucky as I have a good friend from my childhood. His name is Naveen and he is still with me. He is very valuable for me and I value his friendship a lot. Really, he is my best and true friend.

We both are in class 7 and studying well. My best friend is very lovely in nature and loved by everyone such as my parents, my class teacher, my neighbours, etc. He is one of the ideal students of my class. He is very punctual and come to the school at right time. He always completes his home task timely and regularly as well as helps me too. He keeps his books and copies very clean. His writing is very nice and he promotes me to write well too.

Get the most Important Questions of Physics , Chemistry , Maths and Biology

My Best Friend Essay 3 (200 words)

My best friend is someone special whom I can share my all feelings. He is Raghav. He lives with me as my neighbour in the same colony. We met each other in the nursery class on the very first day. We sit together in the classroom and share everything very happily without any problem. We know each other very well as well as understand each other’s need. He is leadership in nature, tall, fair in complexion, good looking and smart. She is very good in studies and behaves well with everyone. He does his class work and homework very attentively. He is favourite student of class teacher as he is very punctual and follows all the etiquettes.

We share our Tiffin in the lunch time. He respects my feelings and helps me always. Many things of us like hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc are similar. We love to listen music, watching cartoons and playing carom at home. We take care of each other in the school and playground. We share school copies and help each other whenever one of us remain absent in the school. We love drawing sceneries and arts in our spare time. We go at tour and picnic with our parents together in every winter and summer vacation.

My Best Friend Essay 4 (250 words)

The name of my best friend is Jyoti. She is my good friend and cares for me a lot. She behaves me well and helps always. I met her in class 6 and became best friend. She is my true friend because she understands me very well and cares for my every need. I like her very much. I never had any friend like her ever before. She comes to my home and I too go to her home. Our parents respects us very much and like our friendship. She is so precious for me and I never want to lose her. Whenever I get absent in the classroom, she helps me in doing all the left home works and class works.

She is much similar to me in many aspects. She never argues me and describes me well anything which I get stuck. She is an open minded girl and never feels bad for my misbehave. She is very entertaining in nature and makes me laugh through her interesting jokes and talks in the spare time. She is very cute and attractive, attracts everyone through her smile and nice way of talk. She promotes me always to do better in the classroom and exams. We are good in sports and academic activities. She takes my opinions in her every tough work to do in the right way. We manage to share things in our difficult times. We always perform better in the class tests and main exams.

My Best Friend Essay 5 (300 words)

I have lots of friends from my childhood but Rushi is my best friend forever. She lives in the apartment adjacent to my house with her parents. She is a nice girl and helping in nature. True friendship is very necessary to all of us to go ahead and get right track in the life. Getting best and true friends in the life is very tough task however some luckiest one get it. She is the first person among my all friends whom I can share my all feeling. She is very good in nature and helps everyone. She is a class monitor and loved by all teachers of the class. She performed well the sports and academic activities. She has good personality and love to help needy people.

She is very friendly in nature to everyone and meets warmly. She thinks positively and motivates us all time. She talks very politely and never quarrels to me and others. She never tells lie and has good manners. She is very funny person and loves to tell us funny stories and jokes whenever we become sad. She is a compassionate friend and always cares for me. She has ability to do anything hard in her life and I always appreciate her for each small and big achievements. She is a popular student of the school because she is good in academic, sports and other extra activities.

She always gets high score in the class tests and main exams. She explains any subjective matter in very easy way during exam time. She has good observation power and skill. She catches everything very fast whenever teacher explains in the classroom. She plays football very well and has taken part in many school level and district level competitions and won prizes too.

My Best Friend Essay 6 (400 words)

I have a best friend ever in my life named Ashutosh. He is someone special in my life who helps me in my every difficulty. He is someone who showed me right path. He always has time for me even in his busy schedule. He is my neighbour that’s why we become together even after school time. We go together at picnic whenever we get vacation from school. We enjoy our festival holidays together and with each other’s family. We go to see Ramlila fair in the Ramlila ground together and enjoy a lot. We always take part in every extracurricular activities of the school. We love to play cricket and carom at home. He is more than a mentor for me because he always gives me right decisions whenever I become in difficulty.

He is so special for me in my life; I never do anything without him. He always become in a good mood and never compromise with wrong ways. He always does right things and motivates every one of us in the classroom to do the same. He always has smiling face even in his difficult times and never let his difficulties to come on his face. He is a good counsellor and loves to explain anything. He cares for his parents, grandparents and other family members. He obeys them always and other old people of the society. I met him first time when I was in the fifth grade and now we are in 8 th standard in the same section.

He is very tall and looks different from my other classmates. Once I was very upset because of money problem. I could not buy all necessary books in the class 6. He asked me, what happened and I told him my story. He said that, for this small problem you are so worry and not happy for some days. He laughed and told me that don’t worry we can share all books in the school as well as at home. You don’t need to buy even any single book for whole year. After that he made me laugh through his jokes and stories. I never forget that moment he helped me and always become ready to help him too. He is so practical and never mixes the personal and professional life. He helps me always whenever I get difficulties in solving my Maths homework. Our likes and dislikes never match however we are best friends.

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How to Write an Essay About My Best Friend

Crafting your best friend’s essay might seem to be an easy task. Said that it can turn into Herculean labor, especially if you are a beginner. Also, there are not enough guidelines available on the internet, which makes it difficult for students to structure an essay.

english essay best friend

What Is A Best Friend Essay?

Why you should write an essay about your best friend, how to get the best essay about my friend, how to start writing a college essay about my best friend, what to include in an essay about my best friend, how to finish an essay about your best friend, my best friend-example essay.

Writing an essay about best friend requires you to talk about the particular traits of the individual. The best friend is the one with whom you are closely attached and share your problems with this particular person. A good friend is the one who always supports you in difficult situations.

It would help if you wrote an essay about your best friend because this particular person always provides you with assistance. In difficult times you receive the much-needed guidance and help from the person. Besides, you enjoy your best moments and successes with your friend, who keeps you in a relaxed state of mind.





When you are writing about friendship, it is always a good idea to first list down the essential traits of an individual. It will help you in structuring a rough draft quickly. Although you will have to revise your draft multiple times as you come up with new ideas. In the initial part of the essay, you can discuss the background and situation which brought your friendship closer.

Think About Who Your Best Friend Really Is

Writing about best friend requires you to think about the traits which make this individual special. There are multiple people present in your surroundings with whom you have good relationships. The best friend has to be the person who stands for you in difficult times and supports you in personal and professional life.

Create a Writing Plan

It is always a good practice to develop a plan when you are writing about my best friends essay. You need to schedule a place and time for your writing task. It will keep you motivated in completing the essay assignment before the deadline. Set small targets like writing 500 words daily and hold yourself accountable when you fail to achieve your writing goals.

Physical Traits

When you are writing a friendship paragraph, you need to describe your best friend physical traits of the person like clean clothes, height, figure, and hair. It will enable the reader in understanding the components which make this person unique to you. For example, the neatness of the person’s clothes and good hygiene indicates that the person always remains clean. It also protects the person from common illnesses like flu and fever.

The essay on a friend can be a bit tricky for people. The personality traits of the person describe whether the person can be trusted with important information. You need to discuss the exact personality attributes of the person, which helps you in getting the relevant support on time. For instance, the sympathetic nature and trustworthiness of the person make the person unique as you can share all your problems with your best friend openly. There are certain qualities that need to be there in a person to be a good friend like straightforwardness and sincerity.

How You Met

The essay writing about my best friend requires you to discuss how you met with your best friend for the very first time. For example, you can say that you met with a person whom you consider to be your best friend during the college classroom. You took some standard courses, just like your best friend. With time, you developed an understanding with your classmate. Also, you can highlight the exact moments of your life in which your best friend has supported (or rescued) you.

Close Bonding You Share with Your Friend

Following my best friend essay example templates can help you in properly structuring your essay. You can discuss the bonding and coordination present between you and your friend, which makes your friendship special. For example, you can explain the trouble moments in which your friend has provided you with relevant assistance which has further strengthened your friendship. The essay about best friends allows you to express your thoughts. Also, you can experiment with different ideas to present your arguments logically.

Why You Treasure Your Friend

When you are writing my friend essay, you can discuss the reasons why you treasure your friendship with that particular person. For example, you can say that your friend always supports you in difficult times, which makes this person valuable for you. Highlight the events or occasions in which this person has helped you.

When you are concluding essays on friends, you need to summarize the main points of the article. This paragraph about friendship has to be brief and to the point. You do not need to go into specific details. Discuss the things that have been discussed before. There is no need to introduce new ideas.

Proofread 2 Times

Read your article aloud and go through each paragraph of the essays about best friends at least multiple times. Check for any grammatical and typography errors that may be present in the essay. Also, you can ask your family member or friend to review the essay and provide you with feedback. It will help you in modifying the essay as per all the requirements.

Ask Friend to Proofread

Always seek help from your friend and ask the person to proofread your paragraph about your best friend. The points highlighted by the friend will help you in adding a new angle in your essay. Also, your essay will become more synchronized as each paragraph will be linked with the other. Also, you will be able to review the essay from the other person’s perspective.

best friend essay

A good friend is a valuable asset to an individual. Only a few people in the world are fortunate to have friends that are compatible, loyal, honest, and helpful. In the presence of our friends, we always learn something new like expressing ourselves in joyful and sorrowful moments. A friend is someone whom you can trust to a certain level. If you cannot trust the person, then that individual cannot be considered as a best friend. A true friend supports you in difficult times and guides you in every aspect of your life.

A good friend is the one with whom you enjoy spending your time. With time a healthy level of trust is established between the two persons. A strong understanding is necessary for a strong mutual friendship. An individual is most likely to build strong and close relationships with the person with whom the person has developed a healthy level of understanding.

My first friend is my long-time classmate Daniel who always supports me in difficult times. For instance, whenever I face difficulty in completing the assignment, my best friend helps me in completing the tasks in different subjects like Mathematics, English, Physics, and many others. I take assistance from him to comprehend the concepts which beat me during the class lectures. Also, I seek advice from my friend in my personal life for buying necessary clothes, shoes, and shaving accessories. The valuable advice which I receive from my friend helps me in taking decisions.

The qualities which my best friend possesses include openness to accept new ideas, sympathetic, trustworthy, honest, and loyal. These attributes make my best friend an asset to me. In any difficult situation, I always take the advice of my best friend, Daniel. For instance, I take the advice of my best friend in personal matters like selecting a future career plan. With the advice of my best friend, I was able to explore my passion for sports. With the constant support guidance and encouragement, I received from my friend; I was able to become the captain of my basketball team. Also, I have received academic excellence in my college as I have received multiple educational awards, honors, and excellences with the guidance of my best friend. A good friend always guides you in difficult circumstances and situations. Also, you have a healthy level of trust and understanding with the person whom you consider as your best friend. I feel fortunate that I have a perfect and loyal friend in the shape of Daniel, who is always there to help me.

A good friend is the one who provides support in difficult times and with whom the person feels comfortable. I like being with my best friend Daniel, who always helps me in difficult times. We have a long-established harmonious relationship for the last ten years. Through this time, we have developed a healthy level of understanding between us. I always seek help from my best friend.

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english essay best friend

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My Best Friend Essay For Class 1

In this article, we shall look into “My best friend essay for Class 1” which will help young kids to write an essay about their best friend at school. We bring you a 10 line essay on my best friend for Class 1 that children can refer to while writing their own essay.

As the famous adage goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. The world will become a boring and dark place if we do not have any friends to share our joys and sorrows with. Here we have given a sample of ‘My Best Friend’ essay for Class 1.

Friends are the ones who fill our lives with joy and they gradually tend to become an important part of our world. Happy are those people who have close friends to share their joys, happiness and sorrows with and they are the ones who help us in times of need.

Looking back, every human being has his/her own circles of friends with whom he/she wants to share his/her thoughts, views and take their advice while making a decision.

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My Best Friend Essay For Class 1

My Best Friend Essay In English For Class 1

Short Essay on My Best Friend for Class 1

I have a best friend who lives next door to me. Her name is Anita, and we go to the same school, play together and take part in competitions. Our families too have a close connection. Anita is kind-hearted and loves to help others. I have learned many good things from her. She loves pets and has a dog at their place. Her dog’s name is Bruno, and we spend a lot of time playing with him. Anita is a well-behaved girl. She speaks politely and loves to make new friends. We both have a lot of common friends at school and in our neighbourhood.

Anita and my family usually plan vacations and spend time together. She is excellent in sports and good at dancing as well. She loves trees a lot. We planted two trees together last week.

This is a Short Essay on My Best Friend for Class 1.

We hope your child can get some ideas from the above-mentioned “My Best Friend” essay for Class 1 and draft an essay in his/her own words. For young kids, writing an essay is always an enjoyable experience as it helps them to express their thoughts in black and white and also improves their English writing skills.

The above sample “My best friend essay in English for Class 1” is a simple attempt to help young learners to be prompt in expressing their thoughts in words. To explore various other essay topics , you may also want to download our learning app- Disney BYJU’S Early Learn and learn more.

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english essay best friend

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How to Write a My Best Friend Essay

How to write a my best friend essay

Definition: What Is a My Best Friend Essay?

Write about what you know is sage advice often given to fledgling writers. And what do many of our young students know more about than their trusty sidekick, who is a constant presence through thick and thin?

A My Best Friend Essay is precisely what it sounds like; an essay the student writes that is focused on their closest pal’s endearing attributes (and otherwise).

However, the My Best Friend Essay is more than just a chance for students to wax lyrical about their BFFs. It is an authentic opportunity for students to hone their composition skills and exercise their creative flair. 

All this while talking about one of their best mate – not bad!

Visual Writing Prompts

STRUCTURING a My Best Friend Essay

This is an essay. It says so right there in the title! Just how complex the structure of a student’s essay is will depend on essential factors such as age and ability. However, the 5-paragraph essay structure is a perfect framework for this type of composition.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the 5-paragraph essay is that it is easily modified to differentiate between lower or higher ability students by simply adjusting the number of paragraphs. The essay will still contain the same essential elements of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, regardless of how long it is.

The 5-paragraph (or hamburger) essay is a craft in itself and much too broad a topic to go into at length. Check out our complete guide here if you want more detail on this handy essay template.

Briefly though, in essence, the 5-paragraph essay comprises three parts:


My Best Friend Essay | Fun writing tasks | How to Write a My Best Friend Essay | literacyideas.com

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My Best Friend Essay Story

While we are teaching a short essay on my best friend’, it can also be approached from another angle, i.e., as a nonfiction story.

While the clearcut essay format may be eminently suitable for younger students, you may wish to revisit this genre with older students, this time emphasising storytelling.

In this creative nonfiction approach, students can merge the essay format with storytelling elements such as character, setting, central conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. 

Constructing their best friend composition in this manner allows students to work on structuring a nonfiction text. Simultaneously, it offers them a chance to develop their creative flair.

My Best Friend in 10 Lines

Another approach particularly well-suited to younger students is the my best friend essay 10 lines format.

This helps younger students get writing by giving them a clear target to aim for, which makes planning easy.

However, you can still introduce the three elements of the 5-paragraph essay here. As students list the points they want to make in their 10 lines, they can be encouraged to group these into introduction, body, and conclusion sections. 

For example, a plan might look like this:

A ‘My Best Friend in 10 Lines’ Plan


Line 1: My friend’s name.

Line 2: What she looks like.

Line 3: Where she is from/her family.

Line 4: What friendship means to me.

Line 5: How we met.

Line 6: The kindest thing she has ever done.

Line 7: The funniest thing she has ever done.

Line 8: My absolute favorite thing about her.

Line 9: Restate why she is my best friend.

Line 10: How I see our future together.

To complete their 10-line ode to their friend, the student simply builds proper sentences around each of these (or similar) ideas.

More on Planning a My Best Friend Composition

As we can see in the sample plan above, the planning process is relatively straightforward when the 5-paragraph essay structure serves as a framework. However, for students of a higher ability, we may want to take things up a notch.

A good, old-fashioned brainstorming session is an excellent starting point for the student. They can list things such as their favorite memories and their friend’s best features.

While younger students may inevitably write something of a hagiography (a biography of a saint!), older students may want to present a more realistic portrait of their ever-present amigo.

Likewise, if the student is undertaking their composition in a narrative nonfiction form, they’ll need to map out the narrative arc of their story at the planning stage.

As with any story, the conflict will serve as the engine of the narrative. However, this conflict does not have to take the form of a problem between the writer and the best friend. After all, this text is more likely to be something of a love letter than a letter of complaint. Instead, the conflict is more likely to take the form of a problem or a challenge faced by the writer and their pal together.

Whether or not the student’s text will take a full-blown story form, true-to-life anecdotes will bring life to the student’s writing. The planning process is the perfect time to dump these onto paper, even if they don’t all make it into the final draft.

How to Start a MY Best Friend Essay

As with most text types, fiction or nonfiction, the writer will want to grab the reader’s attention from the outset. An effective way of doing this is by using a hook.

How to Hook The Reader

The student writer has many methods available to grasp the reader’s attention. While some of these will only be suitable for more advanced students, most of them can be adapted with a bit of effort for our younger writers.

Technically known as, In Medias Res , this technique involves opening the story in the middle of a moment of dramatic tension with the exposition filled in later. This type of wizardry is probably best reserved for the more skilled student writer.

The promise of a big payoff can undoubtedly catch a reader’s eye and draw them in, but the student-writer must be sure to follow through later in the text. For less experienced students, you may want to offer a writing prompt to help out here. For example, 

My best friend Jack is truly one of a kind, but just how special he is wasn’t clear to me until the day a fire broke out in our school.

Students can quickly adapt prompts such as this by changing the event mentioned to their own personal circumstances.

Another way to grasp the reader’s interest is to create a sense of intimacy right from the start. This can be achieved by addressing the reader directly in a conversational tone. Students should use informal language and approach writing their text as if they were speaking to a close friend – this is perfect for this writing style.

Another way to create interest (and a sense of intimacy) is to open up with an interesting anecdote about the friend. Students can select an interesting or humorous story to use as a carrot to entice the reader in. The student could substitute an exciting or amusing fact in shorter pieces for a full-blown anecdote.

Quotes are a great way to garner attention. There are many online repositories of inspirational quotes on every topic under the sun where students can find a golden nugget of friendship-based wisdom to open their masterpieces. They must simply type in keywords such as ‘famous’, ‘quotes’, and ‘friendship’ to uncover a smorgasbord of well-articulated wisdom for students to choose from. However, students should ensure the sentiment expressed in their selected quote ties into the type of friendship described in their work.

Working the Body

As we stated earlier in this article, the 5-paragraph essay structure, or the narrative writing arc, lays out a suitable template for the student-writer to work their way through the body of their text. However, it’s worth pointing out five areas where a little attention can significantly impact.

The devil’s in the details. The more specific the student is in their writing, the more effectively they will communicate with the reader.

Encourage students to be as precise as possible in their descriptions. A thesaurus is an excellent tool to help students find just the right word for the job.

Often, emergent writers rely on the same couple of simple sentence structures in their writing. This soon makes the writing monotonous for the reader; if they continue to read, it is only with effort that they will finish the student’s work.

Variety is not only the spice of life but also the spice of good writing. Encourage students to vary their sentence structures and alternate between long and short sentences to diversify the rhythm of their writing and evoke interest on the reader’s part.

Weaving dialogue into a my best friend essay text is a great way to bring colour and variety to a student’s writing. It also allows the student to practice punctuating dialogue – an essential skill!

Students will need to learn to listen carefully if they are to be able to write how people actually speak. Encouraging them to read their dialogue aloud is an effective way to check if it rings true.

Though this is undoubtedly a nonfiction text, it has firm roots in creative writing too. Students should incorporate some of the literary techniques and devices that we’d more commonly associate with poetry and fiction writing to add colour, creativity, and imagination to their writing.

For example, for younger students, physical descriptions of their BFF provide the perfect opportunity to introduce similes and hyperbole. Don’t be afraid to get comical here; writing should be fun, after all. 

Does their friend have a big nose? How big? As big as an elephant’s trunk, perhaps?

Just make sure students avoid being too mean or poking fun at areas too sensitive for their friends.

It is easy to differentiate different abilities by challenging stronger students to use more complex literary devices in their work. Zoomorphism anyone?

Emergent writers often display a bias towards only using the sense of sight in their descriptions. To bring their writing up a notch, encourage your students to employ all five senses in their writing.

By evoking the sense of hearing, smell, taste, and touch in their work, students will help their writing to come alive in the reader’s imagination.


In a regular 5-paragraph essay, the concluding paragraph is usually the time to summarize the main arguments and drive home the thesis statement one more time. Obviously, things are a little bit different in a “my best friend essay.”

Of course, students can take the opportunity to revisit and restate the main reasons why their best friend holds the best-friend-championship belt. Still, there is a more artistic way to use their composition’s final paragraph.

Ask students to think about their friendship and where they see it in five, ten, twenty, or even forty years.

Undoubtedly, for younger students, in particular, this may be a bit of a challenge, but it can be a fun thought experiment too. Students can pose themselves questions to help, such as:

Taking a tentative step into the possibilities of the future can make for an impactful ending indeed.


My Best Friend Essay | Slide2 | How to Write a My Best Friend Essay | literacyideas.com

So that should get you well on your way to creating an excellent my best friend essay that will not only get you some great grades but also score you some brownie points.


Fun Writing Tasks

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Fully EDITABLE and works as with all DIGITAL PLATFORMS such as Google Classroom, or you can PRINT them for traditional writing tasks.


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How to Start an Essay with Strong Hooks and Leads

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The content for this page has been written by Shane Mac Donnchaidh.  A former principal of an international school and English university lecturer with 15 years of teaching and administration experience. Shane’s latest Book, The Complete Guide to Nonfiction Writing , can be found here.  Editing and support for this article have been provided by the literacyideas team.

Spectacular Slovakia travel guide: Live your own story of Slovakia.

Spectacular Slovakia travel guide: Live your own story of Slovakia.

Unordinary best friend.

english essay best friend

By Lucia Svoradová

Ms. Svoradová won second place in the A category in the LEAF Academy Essay Competition . She chose the topic "My best friend." She studies at the Gymnázium Boženy Slančíkovej Timravy grammar school in Lučenec, central Slovakia.

When I say that my relationship with my best friend is unusual, I mean it. My best friend doesn´t go to school. Everything that he learns is my responsibility. He doesn´t speak my language which makes communication challenging. My best friend has the mind of a 3-year old and the strength of at least 2 grown men. Before we met he was told that his opinion on things doesn´t matter and he should obey anyone and everyone he meets. That he can either agree on taking the role of mute doormat or be punished both physically and emotionally. Yet almost everyone we met normalized his experience since he was starving for love and respect, not for food. At that point, people don´t call it horse abuse. They call it training. They call it horsemanship. They call it tough love. I want to speak for my Didi today because he doesn´t have his own voice. None of the horses I know do.

For as long as I can remember I always wanted my own horse and I had high expectations of it. I went to my first riding school when I was 7 and it stuck with me ever since. I loved horses maybe even more than anything else and I still do. But I was always presented with love for horses as being tough and built on hierarchy and respect. Respect that didn’t go both ways. The idea was rooted in me and I was convinced that horses are meant to be ridden with force and treated as beasts otherwise they´ll be dangerous. I kept this belief system for a long time. After all, I never came across any different approaches to horse training. Everyone around me, high-ranked horse riders, trainers, and peers followed what our ancestors did for thousands of years. It wasn´t until my parents decided to buy me Didi that I started doing some deeper research on my own. Didi was brought to me to be a “horse-teacher”. This is what we equestrians call a mature, experienced horse that can pass knowledge to its rider. This plan, however, didn´t go as expected. The more I learned about force-free training the more I saw how poor his mental health was. He was only ever admired for his exotic appearance brought from Spain, never for his personality which he later stopped showing. He fell into learned hopelessness, which is a state of mind where horses stop trying to meet their needs because they know they´ll be rejected and punished. I decided to take him, a full-grown horse, and start over. Unteach him the toxic habits of shutting down and show him how to voice his needs. At that point, our dedicated roles reversed. I became his teacher.

However, it wasn´t easy at all. Even though I was patient and I spent every evening researching force-free training methods I still didn´t have any experience or support system to rely on. Especially the support system was important in our early days. But back then no one trusted our process. And to be fair I now don´t blame them. Since my top priority back then was to get him out of learned helplessness and that was by showing him the option to say no. Which in their belief system horses aren‘t supposed to have. I showed him that when he says no to me, to work, to petting, he won´t be punished as before. So naturally, once he learned to say no he applied it to everything. It was a frustrating but necessary phase to go through. Now I know that every force-free trainer went through this phase when changing their methods. But I didn´t know that back then. Neither did the people around me and they all lost hope in Didi. So just like that, I was losing hope in myself, and the training methods but most importantly I was losing hope in Didi too. I don´t recall why I didn´t stop force-free training. It may be because somewhere deep inside of me, I still believed in my friendship with Didi. So I continued and it began to appear that we slowly gained trust in each other and our bond strengthened.

But it wasn´t just my lack of trust in myself that kept us from faster growth. People were cruel. They were just as uneducated as I had been when I held a whip in my fist ready to assert my fragile dominance. They saw one side of Didi´s journey and assumed that that was the whole picture. They had the same mindset as I once had and that is the part of the whole situation that hurts the most.

That I would´ve agreed with them if it hadn´t been for finding research in training with positive reinforcement. I´d agree that Didi belongs in a slaughterhouse and that he´s worthless just because he dares to reject their command. It sounds unbelievable now that I write it down. That someone would say such a thing to a living being even though that is the reality of the equestrian industry right now. Force-free training is still incredibly rare in the world. But I and Didi are building a community of gentle trainers and slowly but surely we´re walking toward a better future for horses. It took months to get where we are right now and our journey is still far from the end.

From all the benefits I gained through the past year, I want to mention one specifically. Along with helping Didi with standing up for himself, meeting his needs, and saying no to uncomfortable situations, I also learned the same things myself. I found parts of me in Didi and he found parts of him in me. Even though our trail was full of struggles. Even though we are from two completely different worlds and our meeting was more or less accidental, we are meant for each other, and that for me is the true definition of a best friend.

The English Essay Competition is organised by LEAF Academy , an international boarding high school in Bratislava. The competition is open to all Slovak students from primary and secondary schools who are passionate about writing in the English language.

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Essay on Friendship

List of essays on friendship, essay on friendship – short essay for kids (essay 1 – 150 words), essay on friendship – 10 lines on friendship written in english (essay 2 – 250 words), essay on friendship – for school students (class 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7) (essay 3 – 300 words), essay on friendship – for students (essay 4 – 400 words), essay on friendship (essay 5 – 500 words), essay on friendship – introduction, benefits and qualities (essay 6 – 600 words), essay on friendship – essay on true friendship (essay 7 – 750 words), essay on friendship – importance, types, examples and conclusion (essay 8 – 1000 words).

Friendship is a divine relationship, which is defined by neither blood nor any other similarity. Who is in this world does not have a friend?

A friend, with whom you just love to spend your time, can share your joys and sorrows. Most importantly you need not fake yourself and just be what you are. That is what friendship is all about. It is one of the most beautiful of the relations in the world. Students of today need to understand the values of friendship and therefore we have composed different long essays for students as well as short essays.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Standard).


Friendship is considered as one of the treasures that anyone can possess. God has given us the liberty to choose friends because they are for our lifetime. It is quite normal for our parents and siblings to love us because they are our own blood but a friend is someone who is initially a stranger and then takes his/her place above all the other relations. Friendship is nothing but pure love without any expectations.

Role of a Friend:

True friends share and support each other even during the toughest of times. A true friend is one who feels happy for our success, who feel sad for our failures, fight with us for silly things and hugs us the next second, gets angry on us when we do any mistakes. Friendship is all about having true friends who can understand us without the need for us to speak.


Friendship is very essential for a happy life. Even a two-minute chat with a friend will make us forget our worries. That is the strength of friendship.

Friendship is a divine relationship, which is defined by neither blood nor any other similarity. Friends are those you can choose for yourself in spite of the difference you both have from each other. A good friend in need will do wonders in your life, whenever you are in need of self-realization, upbringing your confidence and more.

Friendship serves you best not only in your happiest moments but also when you feel low in emotions. A life without a good friend is not at all complete and an emptiness will be felt all the time you think of sharing your emotion that can’t be told to anyone else.

Honesty and Patience in Friendship:

To maintain and keep going with a good deep friendship, honesty is the most important factor. You should choose a person who can be cent percent honest with you in all perspective like emotions, decision making, etc. Trustworthy friendship will help you to take better decisions and choose a better path for your future well-being.

Tolerance and patience with each other are another important characteristics of long-lasting friendship. Accepting the differences, friends should be able to be with each other in all situations. As a friend, the person should lead the other to success by being a motivation and criticize the person if they choose the wrong path.

Friendship will give you sweet and happy memories that can be cherished for a lifetime and if you succeed in maintaining that precious relation, then you are the luckiest person in this world. Love and care for each other will cherish the relationship and helps the person to appreciate each thing done without any fail.

Of all the different relations which we indulge in, friendship is considered to be the purest of them all. Friendship is the true confluence of souls with like minded attitude that aids in seamless conversation and the best of times. It is believed that a person who doesn’t have any friend lives one of the toughest lives.

The Desire to Belong:

Each one of us have been so programmed that we need a companion even if it’s not romantic, someone just to tag along. There are several definitions of friendship and it is upon you as to how you believe your relation to be. Friendship can happen when you are simply sharing a bowl of food with a person day after day. It can be expressed in the way you silently care for someone even when they may not be aware of your existence.

The Little Moments that Matter:

It is giving up the little things you love dearly for the sake of someone you cherish a great deal. Friendship often refers to the little moments of senseless laugh you two share when the rest of the world starts to look bleak. It is to know what your friend needs and being there for them even when the rest of the world has turned their back towards them.

Friendship is the kind of relation which sometimes even exceeds the realms of love because it is all about giving without even once bothering to sense what you shall get back. Every time spent is special because when you are with friends, you don’t feel the blues!

The Bottom-Line:

Of course the definition of friendship is going to vary a great deal from one person to another. But, remember one thing, when you are friends with someone, be prepared to put your heart on the line for their happiness because friendship often manifests into love, even if it is not romantic, it always is true!

Friendship is the most valuable as well as precious gifts of life. Friendship is one of the most valued relationship. People who have good friends enjoy the most in their live. True friendship is based on loyalty & support. A good friend is a person who will stand with you when times are tough. A friend is someone special on whom you can rely on to celebrate a special moment. Friendship is like a life asset and it can lead us to success. It all depends on our choice how we choose our friends.

The quality of friendship is essential for happiness. The benefits of healthy friendship remains long-life. In addition, having a strong friend circle also improves our self-confidence. Due to the strong relationship, we get much emotional support during our bad times. True friendship is a feeling of love & care.

Real friendship cannot be built within limited boundaries like caste or creed. It gives us a feeling that someone really needs us & we are not alone. This is true that man cannot live alone. True friends are needed in every stage of life to survive. A true friend can be an old person or a child. But it is generally believed that we make friend with people who are of the same age as ours. Same age group can give you the freedom to share anything.

The selection of a true friend is also a challenging task. We have to carefully make our friend selection. Friends might come & go. They will make you laugh & cry. Wrong selection can create various problems for you. In the modern world, many youngsters become a social nuisance. The reason behind it is wrong & bad friendships.

But if we successfully choose the right person as a friend then our life becomes easier. It doesn’t matter who you are, what type of clothes you wear. The most important thing is trust because the relation of friendship stands on the pillars of trust.

Friendship is a relation which can make or break us in every stage of life. But in other words, friendship is an asset which is really precious. Obviously, it is also not so easy to maintain friendships. It demands your time as well as efforts. Last but not the least, it is hard to find true friendship but once you succeed in this task you will have a wonderful time. In exchange for that a friend will only need your valuable time and trust.

The idea of friendship is either heartwarming or gives cold feet depending on individuals and the types of friendships. In the current world, friendships have had different definitions based on the morality and civilization of the society. Ideally, friendship is defined as the state of mutual trust between individuals or parties. Trust is an important component of friendship because it determines the reliability and longevity of the friendship. Trust is built through honest communications between the individuals and interested parties.

Once trust has been established, mutual understanding and support being to form the resulting in a friendship. This friendship can be broken through lack of trust. Trust can be breached through deceit and/ or some people, it differs with the frequencies. There are people who will break friendships after only one episode of dishonesty whereas some people give second chances and even more chances. Friendship types determine the longevity and the causes of breakups. The importance of friendship in the lives of individuals is the reason why friendships are formed in the first place.

Types of Friendships:

According to Aristotle’s Nichomachean ethics, there are three types of friendships. The friendships are based on three factors i.e. utility, pleasure and goodness. The first type of friendship is based on utility and has been described as a friendship whereby both parties gain from each other.

This type of friendship is dependent on the benefits and that is what keeps the friendship going. This type of friendships do not last long because it dissolves as soon as the benefits are outsourced or when other sources are found outside the friendship. The friendship was invented for trade purposes because when two people with opposite things that depend on each other re put together, trade is maximized.

The second type of friendship is based on pleasure. This is described as friendship in which two individuals are drawn to each other based on desires of pleasure and is characterized by passionate feelings and feelings of belonging. This type of friendship can ether last long or is short-lived depending on the presence of the attraction between the two parties.

The third type of friendship is based on goodness. In this friendship, the goodness of people draw them to each other and they usually have the same virtues. The friendship involves loving each other and expecting goodness. It takes long to develop this kind of friendship but it usually lasts longest and is actually the best kind of friendship to be in. the importance of such a friendship is the social support and love.

In conclusion, friendships are important in the lives of individuals. Trust builds and sustains friendships. The different types of friendships are important because they provide benefits and social support. Friendships provide a feeling of belonging and dependence. The durability of friendships is dependent on the basis of its formation and the intention during the formation. Friendships that last long are not based on materialistic gain, instead, they are based on pure emotion.

Friendship is an emotion of care, mutual trust, and fondness among two persons. A friend might be a work-mate, buddy, fellow student or any individual with whom we feel an attachment.

In friendship, people have a mutual exchange of sentiments and faith too. Usually, the friendship nurtures more amongst those people who belong to a similar age as they possess the same passions, interests, sentiments, and opinions. During the school days, kids who belong to the similar age group have a common dream about their future and this makes them all of them get closer in friendship.

In the same way, employees working in business organizations also make friends as they are working together for attaining the organizational objectives. It does not matter that to which age group you belong, friendship can happen at any time of your life.

Benefits of Friendship:

Sometimes friendship is essential in our life. Below are a few benefits of friendship.

1. It’s impossible to live your life alone always but friendship fills that gap quickly with the friend’s company.

2. You can easily pass the rigidities of life with the friendship as in your distress period your friends are always there to help you.

3. Friendship teaches you how to remain happy in life.

4. In case of any confusion or problem, your friendship will always benefit you with good opinions.

True and Dishonest Friendship:

True friendship is very rare in today’s times. There are so many persons who support only those people who are in power so that they can fulfil their selfish motives below the name of friendship. They stay with friends till the time their selfish requirements are achieved. Dishonest friends leave people as soon as their power gets vanished. You can find these types of self-seeking friends all around the world who are quite hurtful than enemies.

Finding a true friendship is very difficult. A true friend helps the other friend who is in need. It does not matter to him that his friend is right or wrong but he will always support his friend at the time of his difficulty.

Carefulness in the Selection of Friendship:

You must be very careful while choosing friends. You should nurture your friendship with that person who does not leave you in your bad times easily. Once you get emotionally attached to the wrong person you cannot finish your friendship so soon. True friendship continues till the time of your last breaths and does not change with the passing time.

Friendship with a bad person also affects your own thoughts and habits. Therefore, a bad person should not be chosen in any type of circumstances. We must do friendship with full attention and carefulness.

Best Qualities of Good Friendship:

Good friendship provides people an enormous love to each other.

The below are the important qualities of good friendship:

1. Good friendship is always faithful, honest, and truthful.

2. People pay attention and take note of others thoughts in good friendship.

3. Persons quickly forget and let off the mistakes of the other friend. In fact, they accept their friend in the way they are actually.

4. You are not judged on the basis of your success, money or power in it.

5. Friends do not feel shy to provide us with valuable opinions for our welfare.

6. People always share their joyful times with their good friends and also stay ready to help their friends in the time of need.

7. True friends also support others in their professional as well as personal life. They encourage their friends in the area of their interest.

Friendship is established over the sacrifice, love, faith, and concern of mutual benefit. True Friendship is a support and a blessing for everybody. All those males and females who have true and genuine friends are very lucky really.

Friendship can simply be defined as a form of mutual relationship or understanding between two people or more who interact and are attached to one another in a manner that is friendly. A friendship is a serious relationship of devotion between two or more people where people involved have a true and sincere feeling of affection, care and love towards each other devoid of any misunderstanding and without demands.

Primarily friendship happens between people that have the same sentiments, feelings and tastes. It is believed that there is no limit or criteria for friendship. All of the different creed, religion, caste, position, sex and age do not matter when it comes to friendship even though friendships can sometimes be damaged by economic disparity and other forms of differentiation. From all of these, it can be concluded that real and true friendship is very possible between people that have a uniform status and are like-minded.

A lot of friends we have in the world today only remain together in times of prosperity and absence of problems but only the faithful, sincere and true friends remain all through the troubles, times of hardships and our bad times. We only discover who our bad and good friends are in the times where we don’t have things going our way.

Most people want to be friends with people with money and we can’t really know if our friends are true when we have money and do not need their help, we only discover our true friends when we need their help in terms of money or any other form of support. A lot of friendships have been jeopardised because of money and the absence or presence of it.

Sometimes, we might face difficulty or crises in our friendships because of self-respect and ego. Friendships can be affected by us or others and we need to try to strike a balance in our friendships. For our friendship to prosper and be true, we need satisfaction, proper understanding and a trustworthy nature. As true friends, we should never exploit our friends but instead do our utmost best to motivate and support them in doing and attaining the very best things in life.

The true meaning of friendship is sometimes lost because of encounters with fake friends who have used and exploited us for their own personal benefits. People like this tend to end the friendship once they get what they want or stab their supposed friends in the back just to get what they think is best for them. Friendship is a very good thing that can help meet our need for companionship and other emotional needs.

In the world we live in today, it is extremely difficult to come across good and loyal friends and this daunting task isn’t made any easier by the lie and deceit of a lot of people in this generation. So, when one finds a very good and loyal important, it is like finding gold and one should do everything to keep friends like that.

The pursuit of true friendship Is not limited to humans, we can as well find good friends in animals; for example, it is a popular belief that dogs make the best friends. It is very important to have good friends as they help us in times and situations where we are down and facing difficulties. Our true friends always do their best to save us when we are in danger and also provide us with timely and good advice. True friends are priceless assets in our lives, they share our pains and sorrow, help provide relief to us in terrible situations and do their best to make us happy.

Friends can both be the good or the bad types. Good friends help push us on the right path in life while on the other hand, bad friends don’t care about us but only care about themselves and can lead us into the wrong path; because of this, we have to be absolutely careful when choosing our friends in this life.

Bad friends can ruin our lives completely so we have to be weary of them and do our best to avoid bag friends totally. We need friends in our life that will be there for us at every point in time and will share all of our feeling with us, both the good and bad. We need friends we can talk to anytime we are feeling lonely, friends that will make us laugh and smile anytime we are feeling sad.

What is friendship? It is the purest form of relationship between two individual with no hidden agenda. As per the dictionary, it is the mutual affection between people. But, is it just a mutual affection? Not always, as in the case of best friends, it is far beyond that. Great friends share each other’s feelings or notions which bring a feeling of prosperity and mental fulfillment.

A friend is a person whom one can know deeply, as and trust for eternity. Rather than having some likeness in the idea of two people associated with the friendship, they have some extraordinary qualities yet they want to be with each other without changing their uniqueness. By and large, friends spur each other without censuring, however at times great friends scrutinize do affect you in a positive manner.

Importance of Friendship:

It is very important to have a friend in life. Each friend is vital and their significance in known to us when certain circumstances emerge which must be supported by our friends. One can never feel lonely in this world on the off chance that he or she is embraced by true friends. Then again, depression wins in the lives of the individuals who don’t have friends regardless of billions of individuals present on the planet. Friends are particularly vital amid times of emergency and hardships. On the off chance that you wind up experiencing a hard time, having a friend to help you through can make the change simpler.

Having friends you can depend on can help your confidence. Then again, an absence of friends can make you feel lonely and without help, which makes you powerless for different issues, for example, sadness and drug abuse. Having no less than one individual you can depend on will formulate your confidence.

Choosing Your Friends Wisely:

Not all friends can instill the positivity in your life. There can be negative effects as well. It is very important to choose your friends with utmost wisdom. Picking the right friend is somewhat troublesome task however it is extremely important. In the event that for instance a couple of our dear friends are engaged with negative behaviour patterns, for example, smoking, drinking and taking drugs, at some point or another we will be attracted to their bad habits as well. This is the reason behind why it is appropriate to settle on an appropriate decision with regards to making friends.

Genuine friendship is truly a gift delighted in by a couple. The individuals who have it ought to express gratitude toward God for having genuine pearls in their lives and the individuals who don’t have a couple of good friends ought to always take a stab at better approaches to anchor great friends. No organization is superior to having a friend close by in the midst of need. You will stay cheerful in your one-room flat on the off chance that you are surrounded by your friends; then again, you can’t discover satisfaction even in your estate in the event that you are far away from others.

Types of Friends:

There is variety everywhere, so why not in friends. We can see different types of friends during our journey of life. For instance, your best friend at school is someone with whom you just get along the most. That friend, especially in the case of girls, may just get annoyed even if you talk to another of your friend more than her. Such is the childish nature of such friendships that at times it is difficult for others to identify whether you are best friends or competitors.

Then there is another category of your siblings. No matter how much you deny, but your siblings or your elder brother and sisters are those friends of yours who stay on with you for your entire life. You have a different set of friendship with them as you find yourself fighting with them most of the times. However, in times of need, you shall see that they are first ones standing behind you, supporting you.

There is another category of friends called professional friends. You come across such friends only when you grow up and choose a profession for yourself. These friends are usually from the same organisation and prove to be helpful during your settling years. Some of them tend to stay on with you even when you change companies.

Friendship Examples from History:

History has always taught us a lot. Examples of true friendship are not far behind. We have some famous example from history which makes us realise the true value of friendship. The topmost of them are the Krishna and Sudama friendship. We all must have read or heard as to how after becoming a king when Krishna met Sudama, his childhood friend, he treated him with honour even though Sudama was a poor person. It teaches us the friendship need not be between equals. It has to be between likeminded people. Next example is of Karna and Duryodhana, again from the Mahabharat era.

Despite knowing the fact that the Pandavas were his brothers, Karna went on to fight alongside Duryodhan as he is his best friend and even laid down his life for him. What more example of true friendship can one find? Again from the same era, Krishna and Arjun are also referred to as the best of the friends. Bhagavad Gita is an example of how a true friend can guide you towards positivity in life and make you follow the path of Dharma. Similarly, there are numerous examples from history which teach us the values of true friendship and the need to nourish such for own good.

Whether you accept or deny it, a friend plays an important role in your life. In fact, it is very important to have a friend. However, at the same time, it is extremely important to choose the friends wisely as they are the ones who can build you or destroy you. Nonetheless, a friend’s company is something which one enjoys all through life and friends should be treated as the best treasure a man can have.

Friendship , Relationship

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My Best Friend Essay For Class 3

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Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on My Best Friend for Class 3

My best friend for class 3 kids – 10 lines, short paragraph on my best friend for class 3, long paragraph on my best friend for class 3, what your 3rd grader will learn from the ‘my best friend’ essay.

Friends, especially best friends, are valuable in our lives, and they make our lives more enjoyable, adventurous, and full of happiness. And so, writing an essay on ‘My Best Friend’ for grade 3 in English can be an ideal topic for your child to begin their creative writing journey with. More than any other friend, best friends are always there for us, no matter what, and we share our emotions, dreams, worries, and virtually everything else with them. This essay for a best friend, therefore, is easy for kids since they can easily express things they love about them. In the process, it also helps improve creative writing, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph formation. Overall, it has a significant impact on the child’s personality and English language development.

To write an essay about your best friend, a 3rd grader should pay attention to some key points to make the essay interesting. These key points are:

To improve their creative writing and English language knowledge, 3rd graders are asked to write essays. Their best friend is the one closest to them – their playmate and someone with whom they share everything. So, they can easily express their thoughts on this essay topic. Here are ten lines on ‘My Best Friend’ for Class 3 kids:

Young kids love their best friends. They want to tell everybody how interesting and great their best friends are. So, it’s exciting for them to write about their best friend. Here is a short essay on ‘My Best Friend’ for class 3 children:

I have many good friends, but I like Rohit the best among them. He is my closest friend with whom I share everything. He lives near my house, and we do everything together. We go to the same school, play together and study together. Rohit is a well-mannered boy who is respectful and talks nicely to everyone. He is good at studying, so he sometimes helps me with my homework. Rohit is also good at sports and plays cricket and football well. My parents like Rohit a lot, and he respects them too. I am lucky to be best friends with a good boy like Rohit.

Once your 3rd grader has learned to form sentences and short compositions, the next step is to write a long essay. Writing long essays requires them to use their creativity and imagination to express themselves. Here is a long paragraph on ‘My Best Friend’:

A best friend is like a treasure. Though I have many friends, Rohit is the one I am closest to. Our houses are near each other, so we have been friends since childhood. He is one year older than me. Still, we are very close. We both go to the same school but different classes. During lunch, we share our lunch and play together. Rohit is a very likeable boy and is very friendly. Everyone praises Rohit as he is polite, helpful, and well-mannered. He is good at studies and comes first in his class. As he is one class ahead of me, he sometimes helps me with my homework and school assignments. My parents also praise Rohit and like him a lot. Rohit has a small dog called Roxy. When I go to his house, we both play with Roxy. His mother cooks delicious food for both of us while his father brings us chocolates and ice creams. Rohit looks like his father, who is tall and thin. His father sometimes plays cricket with us. Rohit is good at playing cricket like his father. We both go to the playground together and play cricket or football with our other friends in the evenings. On holidays we see movies or cartoons together. Sometimes our parents take us to the library or book shop to read comics or storybooks. We both love to read books. Rohit and I also like to dance. When we can’t go out, we spend our time dancing or reading storybooks. Sometimes our other friends also join us, and we all have a great fun time. We both like the same things and share everything. So, we never get bored and always have so much to talk and do together. Having a great friend like Rohit has made my life beautiful.

An essay for grade-3 children needs to be something they feel strongly about and can write well about. In this case, a best friend essay is an interesting topic, which can help young children learn how to form sentences and write long-form essays. So, interesting topics like my best friend are easy for them. As they practice writing essays on their best friend, the 3rd grader also improves their English vocabulary, grammar, and creative writing skills.

Easy and interesting essay topics for a young kid in grade 3 help them take an interest in learning. They can form sentences and paragraphs with fun and engaging topics, thereby improving their language, knowledge and creative writing skill.

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