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Do you need to write a persuasive essay but aren’t sure what topic to focus on? Were you thrilled when your teacher said you could write about whatever you wanted but are now overwhelmed by the possibilities? We’re here to help!

Read on for a list of 113 top-notch persuasive essay topics, organized into ten categories. To help get you started, we also discuss what a persuasive essay is, how to choose a great topic, and what tips to keep in mind as you write your persuasive essay.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

In a persuasive essay, you attempt to convince readers to agree with your point of view on an argument. For example, an essay analyzing changes in Italian art during the Renaissance wouldn’t be a persuasive essay, because there’s no argument, but an essay where you argue that Italian art reached its peak during the Renaissance would be a persuasive essay because you’re trying to get your audience to agree with your viewpoint.

Persuasive and argumentative essays both try to convince readers to agree with the author, but the two essay types have key differences. Argumentative essays show a more balanced view of the issue and discuss both sides. Persuasive essays focus more heavily on the side the author agrees with. They also often include more of the author’s opinion than argumentative essays, which tend to use only facts and data to support their argument.

All persuasive essays have the following:

What Makes a Good Persuasive Essay Topic?

Theoretically, you could write a persuasive essay about any subject under the sun, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Certain topics are easier to write a strong persuasive essay on, and below are tips to follow when deciding what you should write about.

It’s a Topic You Care About

Obviously, it’s possible to write an essay about a topic you find completely boring. You’ve probably done it! However, if possible, it’s always better to choose a topic that you care about and are interested in. When this is the case, you’ll find doing the research more enjoyable, writing the essay easier, and your writing will likely be better because you’ll be more passionate about and informed on the topic.

You Have Enough Evidence to Support Your Argument

Just being passionate about a subject isn’t enough to make it a good persuasive essay topic, though. You need to make sure your argument is complex enough to have at least two potential sides to root for, and you need to be able to back up your side with evidence and examples. Even though persuasive essays allow your opinion to feature more than many other essays, you still need concrete evidence to back up your claims, or you’ll end up with a weak essay.

For example, you may passionately believe that mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best ice cream flavor (I agree!), but could you really write an entire essay on this? What would be your reasons for believing mint chocolate chip is the best (besides the fact that it’s delicious)? How would you support your belief? Have enough studies been done on preferred ice cream flavors to support an entire essay? When choosing a persuasive essay idea, you want to find the right balance between something you care about (so you can write well on it) and something the rest of the world cares about (so you can reference evidence to strengthen your position).

It’s a Manageable Topic

Bigger isn’t always better, especially with essay topics. While it may seem like a great idea to choose a huge, complex topic to write about, you’ll likely struggle to sift through all the information and different sides of the issue and winnow them down to one streamlined essay. For example, choosing to write an essay about how WWII impacted American life more than WWI wouldn’t be a great idea because you’d need to analyze all the impacts of both the wars in numerous areas of American life. It’d be a huge undertaking. A better idea would be to choose one impact on American life the wars had (such as changes in female employment) and focus on that. Doing so will make researching and writing your persuasive essay much more feasible.


List of 113 Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Below are over 100 persuasive essay ideas, organized into ten categories. When you find an idea that piques your interest, you’ll choose one side of it to argue for in your essay. For example, if you choose the topic, “should fracking be legal?” you’d decide whether you believe fracking should be legal or illegal, then you’d write an essay arguing all the reasons why your audience should agree with you.





Tips for Writing a Strong Persuasive Essay

After you’ve chosen the perfect topic for your persuasive essay, your work isn’t over. Follow the three tips below to create a top-notch essay.

Do Your Research

Your argument will fall apart if you don’t fully understand the issue you’re discussing or you overlook an important piece of it. Readers won’t be convinced by someone who doesn’t know the subject, and you likely won’t persuade any of them to begin supporting your viewpoint. Before you begin writing a single word of your essay, research your topic thoroughly. Study different sources, learn about the different sides of the argument, ask anyone who’s an expert on the topic what their opinion is, etc. You might be tempted to start writing right away, but by doing your research, you’ll make the writing process much easier when the time comes.

Make Your Thesis Perfect

Your thesis is the most important sentence in your persuasive essay. Just by reading that single sentence, your audience should know exactly what topic you’ll be discussing and where you stand on the issue. You want your thesis to be crystal clear and to accurately set up the rest of your essay. Asking classmates or your teacher to look it over before you begin writing the rest of your essay can be a big help if you’re not entirely confident in your thesis.

Consider the Other Side

You’ll spend most of your essay focusing on your side of the argument since that’s what you want readers to come away believing. However, don’t think that means you can ignore other sides of the issue. In your essay, be sure to discuss the other side’s argument, as well as why you believe this view is weak or untrue. Researching all the different viewpoints and including them in your essay will increase the quality of your writing by making your essay more complete and nuanced.

Summary: Persuasive Essay Ideas

Good persuasive essay topics can be difficult to come up with, but in this guide we’ve created a list of 113 excellent essay topics for you to browse. The best persuasive essay ideas will be those that you are interested in, have enough evidence to support your argument, and aren’t too complicated to be summarized in an essay.

After you’ve chosen your essay topic, keep these three tips in mind when you begin writing:

What's Next?

Need ideas for a research paper topic as well?   Our guide to research paper topics has over 100 topics in ten categories so you can be sure to find the perfect topic for you. 

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150 Best Persuasive Essay Topics to Write Your Paper

easy essay topics persuasive

Are you looking for the best persuasive essay topics to write your paper? You've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll explore the key differences between a persuasive speech and a persuasive essay and give you some persuasive essay topics to get you started. Let's go deeper to find a good persuasive essay idea with paper writing service .

What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a type of academic writing where you use logic and arguments to convince readers of your point of view, using solid evidence such as research, stating facts, examples, and quotes from experts. When writing a persuasive essay, you need to choose a topic that could be controversial or have different opinions on it.

There are three main parts to a persuasive essay:

The introduction: This is where you introduce your topic and give the reader an overview of your argument.

The body: This is where you present your evidence and make a case for your argument. You will need to use strong logical reasoning and convincing arguments.

The conclusion: This is where you tie everything together and summarize your argument.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

There are many different types of essays that students are required to write in school. These include argumentative, expository, compare and contrast, and narrative essays. However, one of the most challenging types of essays to write is a persuasive essay.

persuasive essay

You might also be interested in discovering how to write a persuasive essay

Difference Between a Persuasive Speech and a Persuasive Essay

A persuasive speech and a persuasive essay have different goals. A persuasive speech is given to convince the audience to do something, while a persuasive essay is meant to convince the reader to do something.

The key difference between a persuasive speech and a persuasive essay is that, in a speech, the author has to persuade the audience to do something, while in an essay, the author only has to convince the reader. In other words, in a speech, the goal is to change people’s minds, while in an essay, the goal is to change people’s opinions.

Another difference is that, in a speech, the author has to be more emotional and use more rhetoric than in an essay. This is because in a speech, the author has to engage with the audience and make them feel something, while in an essay, the author can be more dispassionate and objective.

Finally, , in a speech, the author usually has less time to make their point than in an essay. This is because speeches are typically shorter than essays. Consequently, speeches tend to be more focused on one main point or argument than essays.

persuasive essay

Get help from our dissertation service asap.

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Here are the key differences between a persuasive speech and a persuasive essay:

Components of a Persuasive Essay

Here we have compelled an extensive list of good persuasive essay topics divided into popular categories to help you get started with your paper. A good persuasive essay topic should be well-organized and follow a clear and logical structure. As a rule, the length of this essay is between 5-6 paragraphs. What are the components of a persuasive essay? This type of work follows the standard essay structure – that is, a catchy intro; the main body, which includes the main ideas, with arguments to support them; and a logical conclusion. Now, let's look at each of the three components closer:

It is also worth carefully reading the article on how to write an expository essay , in which you can find new and useful information.

Persuasive Essay Topics

When it comes to choosing a topic for your persuasive essay, you should always opt for a topic that you are passionate about. If you don't care about the subject, it will be very difficult to persuade someone else to care about it.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a topic for your persuasive essay.

Following these tips, you can generate brilliant persuasive essays for college and school with ease. Need some extra prompts to get started? In the list below, we have included some of the most relevant and interesting persuasive speech topics—divided into categories:

Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

Persuasive Essay Topics for Elementary Students

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

Good Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

Science Persuasive Essay Topics

Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

Most Controversial Topics

Environmental Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Speech and Essay Topics About Music

Immigration Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Speech Ideas About Medicine

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

Good Persuasive Speech Topics for Arts

To buy persuasive essay just leave a notice to our service and get online essay writer you need. If you are still unsure how to handle persuasive writing assignments, ask for the help of expert writers and forget about the eternal question: "How to do my homework ?" Our professionals will help you ease your academic burden and improve your grades.

Get Pro Writing Help with Persuasive Essay Ideas and Boost Your Grades!

Hopefully , this guide will help you discover good topics for a persuasive speech or persuasive essay ideas and write a top-notch paper. Looking for more advice or professional writing help?

Get Pro Writing Help and Boost Your Grades!

Hopefully this guide will help you discover good topics for a persuasive speech or essay and write a top-notch paper. Looking for more advice or professional writing help?

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170 Best Definition Essay Topics to Get an A+

100 Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays are a bit like argument essays and persuasive speeches , but they tend to be a little kinder and gentler. Argument essays require you to discuss and to attack an alternate view, while persuasive essays are attempts to convince the reader that you have a believable argument. In other words, you are an advocate, not an adversary.

A Persuasive Essay Has 3 Components

Learning how to write a persuasive essay is an essential skill that people use every day in fields from business to law to media and entertainment. English students can begin writing a persuasive essay at any skill level. You're sure to find a sample topic or two from the list of 100 persuasive essays below, sorted by degree of difficulty.

Watch Now: 12 Ideas for Great Persuasive Essay Topics


easy essay topics persuasive

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120+ Good Persuasive Essay Topics From Easy to Unique

Book icon With Persuasive Essay Topics Examples

Writing a persuasive essay helps refine critical thinking skills. As a writer addresses counterarguments and finds evidence to support their position, they develop a strong argument style. Find the perfect persuasive essay prompt with a list of more than 120 ideas.

Easy Persuasive Essay Ideas

Persuasive essays require the writer to convince the reader to see an issue from their side. These topics don’t involve much research, which makes them great for elementary school or as quick persuasive writing assignments for older students.

Persuasive Essay Topics About School

Students are experts on school – especially when it comes to their opinions about school. These persuasive topics about school are great for expressing views about dress codes, bullying, and school schedules.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Food

It’s easy to form an opinion on food but not as easy to convince others to agree with it. Try these persuasive prompts that range from junk food to healthy eating.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals

People care a lot about animals. Whether it comes to their favorite animals or where animals should be allowed to go, they’ve got something to say. See if these topics interest you enough to write a persuasive essay.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Sports and Activities

What’s the best sport? Is it more fun to play or watch an activity? Sports is another area in which people have strong opinions. Check out these sports-themed persuasive writing prompts for your next essay.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Entertainment

The world of movies, books, and music is an engaging place to be. But what’s the best – and worst – of the entertainment world? Some possible essay topics include:

Challenging Persuasive Essay Ideas

Forming an argument about a more complex issue can be challenging. It involves backing up your stance with evidence while expressing yourself in a convincing way. The following persuasive essay prompts pose questions about politics, education, health, and more.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Social Issues

You probably hear arguments about modern social issues every day. Examine crime and punishment, the consequences of social media, overpopulation policies, and more with these topics on social issues.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Education

Writing about issues in one’s school is less complex than writing about the educational system as a whole. See if these persuasive prompts about education inspire you to write about free college, grading systems, school choice, and online learning, among others.

Persuasive Essay Topics About History and Government

Perfect for social studies papers, these persuasive topics ask students to consider government policies in the past and present. Some questions may not be as straightforward as they seem.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Science and Technology

The ever-changing world of science and technology brings lots of practical and ethical questions. See what you think about animal testing, genetic engineering, and climate change with these thought-provoking persuasive prompts.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Health and Nutrition

Public health is an important issue in any society. But how much should the government be involved? Express your opinion with the following prompts:

Unique Persuasive Essay Ideas

If none of the above topics appeal to you, see if these prompts would make an interesting persuasive essay. Remember to choose an issue you care about and one that you can back up with additional information.

Writing a Convincing Argument

Choosing an easy, challenging, or unique topic is the easy part. When you’re ready to build an argument, you’ll need to gather evidence, consider counterarguments, and draft your essay. Check out a template for a basic argumentative or persuasive essay , complete with a sample outline PDF.

Persuasive Essay Writing

Persuasive Essay Topics

Cathy A.

Easy and Unique Persuasive Essay Topics with Tips

15 min read

Published on: Jan 4, 2023

Last updated on: Jan 30, 2023

persuasive essay topics

On This Page On This Page

You're staring at a blank screen, trying to come up with a topic for your persuasive essay. You know you need to pick something interesting, but you're unsure where to start. 

It's hard to get motivated when it feels like everything has already been said on the topic you're considering. You are wondering how can you make your essay stand out.

The good news is that  is here to help. 

We have compiled a list of potential persuasive essay topics to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you are looking for something controversial, humorous, or informative – we have it all. 

Take a look at our list of persuasive essay topics below to get started.

Unique Persuasive Essay Topics for Students

Writing a persuasive essay can be quite an interesting task for students. It allows them to showcase their research and analytic skills and present their thoughts orderly. 

Choosing the right topic is key to making the writing process more enjoyable. 

Here are some great ideas that you can use for your essay: 

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School 

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 6 

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 7

Order essay

Paper Due? Why Suffer? That's our Job!

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School 

Persuasive Essay Topics for College 

Persuasive Essay Topics for University 

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics from Different Fields 

When choosing essay topics, there is no shortage of interesting persuasive essay topics from different fields available.

Here are some examples of interesting persuasive essay topics from different fields:

Arts & Culture 




Government and Politics 





Social Media

Here are a few social media persuasive essay topics. Take a look at them.

Tough Essay Due? Hire Tough Writers!

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics 

Fun Persuasive Essay Topics 

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics 

How to Choose a Good Persuasive Essay Topic? 

Choosing a writing topic for your persuasive essay writing is essential. 

The right topic will let you draft an exceptional and well-written essay. Selecting a persuasive essay topic might sound easy, but it can be challenging. 

You cannot randomly start writing a persuasive essay about any topic and expect your essay to be brilliant. 

To select the best topic for your essay, take these essential steps:

1. Know your Interests -   You can only draft an effective essay if you are writing about something that interests you. When you write something you are passionate about, the enthusiasm helps to persuade the readers.

2. Narrow Down Ideas - Make a rough list of the topic of your interest. Then, analyze all the issues and identify topics you think you can present well.

3. Pick your Stance - Now that you know the information is sufficient on a topic, decide your stance. Pick a side to support with evidence and logic. 

4. Controversy is the Best Policy - People love to read about controversial stuff. It is more likely that the readers will go through the entire essay to ease their curiosity. 

After passing your ideas through these filters, you will have a strong and arguable topic to draft an essay on.

Tips for Writing a Compelling Persuasive Essay 

Whether you are in school, college, or university, crafting an effective persuasive essay can be difficult.

Fortunately, with a few tips and tricks, you can create a compelling, persuasive essay that will make your readers take notice. 

Here are six tips to help you write a compelling, persuasive essay:

1. Choose Your Topic Carefully

You need to select a relevant and interesting topic for your audience. Make sure you feel passionate about it and can present it logically and convincingly.

2. Do Extensive Research

Before beginning your essay, research your topic as much as possible. So you can present both sides of the argument in an informed, balanced way.

3. Identify Your Audience

 Before writing your persuasive essay, consider who will be reading it and their interests. 

This will help you write in a language that resonates with them and ensure that your arguments suit their understanding.

4. Use Logical Arguments

It is important to provide logical and compelling arguments to be persuasive. Make sure you use facts, statistics, and other evidence to make your points more convincing.

5. Structure Your Essay Well

An effective persuasive essay should be well-organized. Divide it into an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. 

Pay attention to the structure of your essay, as it can help you make your points more effectively.

Learn how to make a perfect persuasive essay outline with the help of our blog. 

6. Make It Engaging

An engaging, persuasive essay will capture your audience’s attention from beginning to end. 

Use various techniques to make your essay interesting and engaging, such as using examples, analogies, and persuasive language.

We hope you are inspired by our comprehensive list of topics. Pick up a topic that entices you and start working on it. By following these amazing tips and tricks, you can surely compose an essay that will wow your professor.

Still not sure how to draft a perfect essay? Well, leave it to us. Our essay writing service helps you craft your argument in the most effective way possible to get the desired results.

 Don't let yourself get overwhelmed with the process! Trust our professional persuasive essay writer . 

Let’s persuasive essay writing service guide you on your journey and take your writing to the next level. 

Take the stress out of writing persuasive essays and get the results you need with our expert essay writer .

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i choose a good persuasive essay topic.

When selecting a persuasive essay topic, consider an issue that is interesting to you and has two or more opposing viewpoints. Research various resources about the topic to gain a better perspective

What strategies can I use for writing a persuasive essay?

When writing a persuasive essay, establish facts from reliable sources to support your argument. Be concise but thorough, and use persuasive language to strengthen your argument.

How can I make my persuasive essay stand out?

To make your persuasive essay stand out, use vivid language and strong, specific evidence to support each point. Make sure all sources are current and relevant to the argument being made. With these elements, your persuasive essay will stand out from the rest!

Cathy A. (Literature, Marketing)

For more than five years now, Cathy has been one of our most hardworking authors on the platform. With a Masters degree in mass communication, she knows the ins and outs of professional writing. Clients often leave her glowing reviews for being an amazing writer who takes her work very seriously.

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persuasive essay topics

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easy essay topics persuasive

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75 Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas


The persuasive essay is one type of writing that you will likely come across in your academic career. A persuasive essay, if you're unfamiliar, is one in which you have to make an argument. You need to choose a side and prove why you're correct by using hard evidence and convincing language. The idea is that you want to convince the reader that your argument is the right one, so you'll definitely want to pick a topic that you're passionate about and something that you'll get excited about researching and writing. This exercise is designed so that you can clearly articulate your opinion and understand why it's important to have evidence to back up your claim.

Your teacher or instructor will probably have specific guidelines on what your essay should entail, but you might have a little bit of free reign on what kinds of topics you can explore and argue about in your essay. With so many things to argue about and for, it might be a little overwhelming to come up with a topic on your own. When you feel like you're stuck on brainstorming ideas, take a look at the following list of 75 persuasive essay topics. You may find something you can use, or something you can adapt for the specific guidelines of your paper. Happy writing!

Educational persuasive essay topics

There are so many things that can be discussed when it comes to education. In our country (and globally), there are many different opinions on how education should be handled and what tactics teachers or academic administrators should use. Here are a few topics on education (which could be expanded or changed to fit your teacher's guidelines) that might be of interest to you.

Political persuasive essay topics

They say that you should never talk about politics or religion because it's not polite. But in a persuasive essay, that rule is completely extinguished. Politics and religion are hotbed subjects for a reason—because so many people have radically different ideas of how a society and a country should operate. What side of these political persuasive topics are you on? Take a stab at one of these and the paper will likely fly out onto the keyboard.

Crime and legal persuasive essay topics

Crime in any society is an unfortunate inevitability. Why does crime happen and what should be done about it? These are just a few of the things to explore in these crime/legal persuasive essay topics.

Health persuasive essay topics

Health is something that we all have to worry about. Whether it's our own health or the health of a loved one, there are many things to think about and research on. What's your opinion on the healthcare system in our country? Should we treat drug addiction like a disease? How should we handle end-of-life care? Try out one of these essay topics to research and gain insight on some of the biggest challenges and questions that our society faces when it comes to health.

Women's and gender persuasive essay topics

Are there inherent differences between men and women or is that just a societal myth? Women have gained a lot more rights over the last 100 years in America, but some say they still have a long way to go before they achieve equal rights. How do you feel about this and other women's and gender issues? Explore the following fascinating topics.

Miscellaneous persuasive essay topics

Of course, there are more categories of essay topics than what are listed above. Here are some additional essay topics if you haven't found one yet that captures your interest.

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What Makes a Good Research Question?

Our Helpful Reference Guide for Primary and Secondary Sources

Our Helpful Reference Guide for Primary and Secondary Sources

Need an academic editor before submitting your work?

Need an academic editor before submitting your work?

227 Amazing College Persuasive Essay Topics [Free Ideas]

easy essay topics persuasive

Ever wondered what a persuasive essay is? Are you struggling to differentiate it from an argumentative one? Do you think it’s impossible to find original persuasive speech topics for college students?

If you have answered yes to any question, you’ve come to the right place. Our team can help you!

A persuasive essay is a piece of academic writing that convinces readers to accept the author’s position and agree with their ideas. Through clear arguments and examples, the writer demonstrates the legitimacy of their point of view.

Below, we have provided a list of the most interesting and unique college persuasive essay topics. So, don’t waste any more of your time searching for the right title. Use our ideas and create an outstanding persuasive essay!

👉 How to Choose a Persuasive Essay Topic for College?

The main secret of the successful persuasive essay is a compelling topic. Therefore, when choosing the right persuasive topic, follow these few simple pieces of advice:

Finding an original topic for a persuasive essay is tricky.

✨ 12 Best Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

🔑 Essential College Persuasive Essay Topics

We bet, every college student at least once had an assignment to write a persuasive essay. Haven’t you had yet? The best is yet to come! Thus, you have to be prepared to face all the challenges of a persuasive essay composing.

Searching for interesting persuasive essay topics is a complicated issue. However, you don’t have to worry about it. Our team of experts gathered the most popular and effective ideas in one place.

Don’t stress out about the topic:

Take a look at our list of persuasive essay topics for college students. We divided our ideas into sections so that you can find the most appropriate one. So, you can easily navigate throughout our page for a more effective search.

🎓 College Persuasive Essay Ideas on Education

Parents should participate in their children's studying for numerous reasons.

📜 College Persuasive Essay Topics on History

Enlightenment took over the period of the 17th and 18th centuries.

⚖ College Persuasive Essay Ideas on Politics

Why is socialism becoming so popular in democratic states?

👍 College Persuasive Essay Topics on Sociology

Present studies aim to fill a gap in the literature on gender role attitudes and family dynamics.

💰 College Persuasive Essay Ideas on Economics

As an example or evidence for this persuasive topic, talk about the COVID-19 crisis.

💡 Interesting College Persuasive Essay Topics

Are you already impressed with a diversity of topics our team collected for you? But don’t think that’s all we have to offer for you. Since our mission is to help you, we have more persuasive essay ideas for college to share.

Below, you can find more fascinating ideas for your assignments. For your convenience, we divided persuasive essay topics for college into several sections. Investigate our ideas and don’t hesitate to use them.

🚌 Transportation Persuasive Essay Topics

Transportation plays a vital role in tourism.

🌿 Environmental Persuasive Essay Topics

Tropical forests are responsible for around 34 percent of photosynthesis occurring on land.

⚙ Technology Persuasive Essay Ideas

😃 Easy College Persuasive Topics

Do you think that persuasive essays have to cover only serious or global issues? Do you feel as if you have to be overwhelmed with the complexity of the subject? You are mistaken. A paper won’t become less successful if it explores even everyday life topics.

That’s why:

We prepared the next section of the article for you. Here you can find simple persuasive essay ideas for college students. Select a fascinating topic and compose an outstanding essay.

🎶 Persuasive Essay Ideas for College about Music

Research suggests music can influence us a lot. It can impact illness, depression, spending, productivity, and our perception of the world.

🌍 Persuasive Topics for College on Traveling

Give some useful tips to persuade your reader to travel more.

✌ Persuasive Essay Ideas for College about Lifestyle

📺 Persuasive Topics for College about Media

Dr. Pamela Rutledge says about the media's influence on society.

🏫 Persuasive Essay Ideas for College on Teens

Persuade the parents to keep track of kids’ social networking activity.

📚 Persuasive Topics for College on Literature

🖐 25 More Topics to Persuade College Students

Here you can find a pleasant bonus from our team—25 more ideas to write about. You can use them not only for essays but also as persuasive speech topics for college.

So, take the benefit of our list of topics. Show an outstanding academic performance in the college.

College Persuasive Essay Topics: Family

Support your position by providing strong arguments.

College Persuasive Essay Topics: Health

College Persuasive Essay Topics: Medicine

College Persuasive Essay Topics: Sports

College Persuasive Essay Topics: Religion

Select a persuasive topic on a touchy subject with care.

Thank you for visiting our page! We hope the information was useful to you. Don’t forget to leave your comments and share the article with other students.

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50 Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

What is it that makes these EASY persuasive speech topics?

I have several pages on this site devoted to persuasive speeches, but this one is all about crafting your statement as efficiently as possible.

An EASY topic is one that...

Technically, then, an easy persuasive speech topic for one individual may not be so easy for another.

The list I have put together for you here, however, is of topics with broad appeal, subjects about which most of us have a strong opinion and PLENTY to say!

In each case, I have stated merely the topic itself - it is up to you to decide whether you will try to persuade your audience to be FOR or AGAINST the claimed idea.

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics - 1-12 Related to Schools

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics - 13-27 Related to Family Life

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics - 28-36 Funny/Light Hearted Ideas

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics - 37-50 Miscellaneous Ideas

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The Role of Marriage in Society

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Using a Cell Phone Whilst Driving

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200 Persuasive Essay Topics

Writing any type of essay that relies on emotions or personal opinions to prove a point or convince a reader of an argument is called a persuasive essay.

Persuasive essays are often assigned in high school and college-level courses as a way for students to practice their writing and critical thinking skills. In addition, learning to write persuasive essays effectively improves students’ ability to communicate effectively with others.

Even for students who already have strong writing skills and understand how to communicate their arguments concisely, the process of writing a persuasive essay is not without its challenges. This is especially true when trying to come up with a topic to write about.

Luckily there are many different topics that students can choose from when writing a persuasive essay. The following will not only cover 200 persuasive essay topics you can write about but also provide helpful insight into how to organize and structure your thoughts into a coherent essay that will earn you a passing grade.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Unlike other types of similar essays, such as argumentative, a persuasive essay will not require an intense amount of research. Furthermore, instead of an aggressive tone to prove a point, persuasive essays rely on a casual tone that entices the reader to agree with the author’s point of view.


To start, you’ll need to develop a topic that can be introduced within the first paragraph of the essay. For example, if you’re writing about how smoking should be illegal, one of your first sentences could be something such as:

“Since the Surgeon General’s warning was declared over forty years ago, it is clear that smoking cigarettes has proven to cause serious health problems.”

You might give some facts about smoking that provide background information to the reader and then follow it up with the main argument and a thesis. An example thesis for a smoking-related persuasive essay could be:

“Cigarette smoking has proven to cause many serious health issues in both the short term and over time. As a result, many countries have banned the sale of cigarettes altogether, which is something that should be considered in the United States.”

Once you have written out your introduction that covers background info, the main argument, and a thesis, you must begin to organize no less than three main points that you can use to back up a stance on the topic.

As with most essays, the persuasive essay will require at least three body paragraphs that support the opinion stated in your thesis. Each body paragraph should contain:

It is best to start the first body paragraph with your least crucial supporting factor to your thesis. Your second-most important fact should be covered in the second paragraph, with your most essential supporting point covered in the final body paragraph.

Organizing the body of your persuasive essay this way will entice the reader to keep reading and provide an easy-to-follow set of facts that support your thesis.

The final part of the persuasive essay will require a strong conclusion paragraph in which you summarize your position and present a strong argument for your reader.

This is where you should include all of the facts from each body paragraph in a cohesive summary before providing a closing statement to strengthen your main point further.

Try to avoid bringing up new facts that weren’t previously mentioned in the intro or body paragraphs since it will weaken the overall strength of your argument.

For example, you might write something like, “While smoking cigarettes is clearly bad for one’s health, many argue that they are still a personal choice.” This statement acknowledges the fact that some people argue with your thesis but introduces a whole new set of ideas that the reader may be unfamiliar with.

Helpful Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

Remember that a persuasive essay is supposed to use a calm tone to help the reader understand your point of view. This means that you should focus on appealing to them in one or more of the following ways:

Don’t forget that the substance of your persuasive essay isn’t necessarily what will persuade the reader. Often, it’s your delivery of arguments that will have the most impact on them. Be sure to use appealing “hook” statements that capture the reader’s attention and keep them engaged throughout the essay, such as:

The final tip is to use recent and relevant examples rather than outdated or generic information.

For example, saying something such as, “I feel the best way to stop violence is by having stricter gun laws” may not be as effective as “Parents of children who died in the Sandy Hook tragedy and many others believe that America’s gun laws should be reformed.”

The newer statement only focuses on a tiny part of a larger argument, but it is more likely to be relevant and compelling to readers.

200 Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

Now that you are prepared to write your persuasive essay, check out the list of 200 persuasive essay topics you can use for your next writing assignment. Each topic is written in a neutral tone so that you can easily adapt them to fit any audience or situation.

Persuade Your Way to a Better Grade!

With this list of 200 persuasive essay topics, you’ll be on your way to creating a piece of writing that not only motivates your reader to your opinion but also gets you the grade you need to pass your course and earn your degree.

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Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

When given a task to come up with a persuasive speech , it is most often up to a student to pick the topic. Choosing the right topic for a persuasive speech is sometimes not such an easy thing to do as it may seem. The infinite choice often gets a student confused. Problem solution essay topics may help to clear things out.

In any case, it is always a better idea to work with a topic that is particularly close to you and that you have a genuine interest in, as opposed to just picking a random topic. Discussing something that you are familiar is not only more fun but also a lot easier.

To aid the student, we have compiled this long list of topics in a broad range of categories. The topics in our list vary greatly in their subjects but are equally engaging and exciting. We have included both classic persuasive speech topics done by millions of students and other people throughout the years – such as termination of pregnancy, firearm control, same-sex matrimony, public smoking, etc., as well as some of the more original that remain relatively uninvestigated – for now.

persuasive speech topics

Here we go:


Is it better to adopt a pet from an animal nursery or to buy one at a pet store?

Do some pets pose a danger to the community?

Should the owner get rid of a pet that has done harm to someone else’s health?

Should more kinds of animals be tamed and turned into household pets?

Is battery farming ethical?

Is factory farming too cruel to be legal?

Why is adopting a kitten better than buying one?

Is it a good idea to breed pets for sale?

How having a pet makes our lives better?

What makes a dog a perfect pet?

How having a pet affects a child?

How can one benefit from having a snake as a pet?

Why is it better to neuter your pet?

The amazing advantages of having your own horse

How having a cat benefits you?

Why is it important to safeguard dolphin populations?

Why we should not adopt forest animals?

How come some animals face the threat of extinction and what should we do about it?


Should the familiarity with manual transmission be obligatory for getting a driver’s license?

What courses should one take before one can get a driver’s license?

How effective and safe are booster seats for kids?

If one should use the phone while driving, should one at least call hands-free?

At what age should people be allowed to drive?

What makes texting while driving unsafe?

How effective is it when the police chase cars?

What makes cars made in Japan stand out?

Why one should not drive sports cars in everyday life?

Is it justified to charge people money for passing driving tests?

How to optimize the street traffic to ensure the safety of bicycle drivers?


How advertising can mess with our minds?

How can advertising be regulated to make it more ethical?

Why should a business understand its target group(s)?


Is it justified to detain people without any proper procedures if they are suspected of terrorism?

Is burning flags a valid form of protest?

Should silent prayers at schools be outlawed?

How should the government control and manage the turnover of alcohol and other narcotic substances?

Why should school students be given the right to refuse from prayers?


Is it fair to tax imported goods extra?

Why is it important to buy locally manufactured or grown goods?

How free trade agreements affect the national employees?

Can a trade deficit have a dramatic effect on home economy?

Why is it possible and necessary to increase the income of workers?

Why is it necessary to test and re-certify school workers for their pedagogical skills on a regular basis?

Is it justified to offer free higher education to all applicants from financially challenged backgrounds?

Should high schools be put in charge for the college admission exams?

How should students caught cyberbullying be prevented or persecuted?

Should community service become an obligatory part of the high school curriculum?

Pros and cons of allowing school students to use their phones in school territory.

Should only honor roll students be allowed into school sports teams?

Why should art classes be enforced in all public schools?

Does it really make studying at a study hall less effective when you listen to music?

Why boys and girls mostly share classrooms these days and how this rule holds up?

Should soda and sweets be present in vending machines and on the menu at buffets in schools?

Is it justified to let gym grades affect the GPA?

Is it justified to shut down schools that underperform on test scores?

Should college admission officers run obligatory psychological tests on all applicants to evaluate them?

Should it be made illegal to drop students out?

Is it a good idea to complement the curriculum with obligatory life skill classes?

Should state schools be run only for taxpayers money?

Should we replace textbooks with laptops or tablets entirely?

How important is it to support education in other countries and why?

Is it effective to force underperforming students to repeat the class?

Should there be quotas for minorities when it comes to college admission?

Is it really necessary for every student to learn a foreign language in the USA?

Should students who are on school sports teams be free from the gym class?

Should computer science be made into a compulsory discipline?

Should the college be concerned about their students’ employment upon graduation?

Should creationism be taught at biology classes alongside evolution theory?

Is it outdated to count the given and received amounts of education in hours at class?

Should commercial advertisement at schools be allowed?

Do students have to ask for permission to go to the restroom?

Is it a good idea to add a handwriting class to the curriculum?

Would it make sense to start school an hour or two later in the morning?

Should students be allowed to leave campus for the lunch break?

Why a study hall is equal if not better than a traditional class today?

Can we justify a student who listens to music in class?

Should school field trips be restricted to our country?

Should there be a certain age before and after which one could not work as a teacher?

How many foreign languages should be taught to a student?

Is the implementation of new technologies at schools sufficient?

Why is music education essential?

Should college fraternities and sororities be expanded into high school?

Should the students' financial backgrounds influence the amount of financial aid that they earn by studying hard?

Is it necessary to add home economics to the compulsory curriculum?

Should more students be encouraged to choose Chinese as the foreign language to study?

The importance of studying Spanish at schools

If SAT scores don't influence the chance for being enrolled in college, then why do they exist?

The pros and cons of private schools as opposed to public schools

Does standardized testing truly contribute to equal opportunities?

Why should students be encouraged to take part in international exchange programs?

Why are some social groups deprived of proper education and why it needs to be fixed?

Is the PARCC test adequate and/or necessary?

How should children be prepared for school before they start it?

From which grade should study hall be introduced?

Should everyone try and go to college?

Why do the students get insufficient financial assistance?

What it takes to make high school education for one student possible?

Does the school year have enough time to fit all the curriculum?

Should anime be studied at schools?

Should higher education be made available for all the population?

Why is homework necessary?

Is the curriculum overloaded?

Is it a good idea to take a year off from studying?

Is the school buffet menu sufficient?

Should schools owe (and provide) the housing for their teachers and other employees?

Do we need more scholarships for minority groups?

Should we give more opportunities for alternative education?

Is education in prisons working?

How we benefit from accelerated learning?

Is education overpriced?

Should private education institutions be forced to offer scholarships of their own?

Is security at schools sufficient?

How can schools attract extra funding?

The ways to confront and prevent various kinds of violence at schools

The benefits of home education

Are training programs for adults adequate?

How many languages should an average student learn?

Should the Oxford comma be made optional?


Are the existing regulations to protect the environment enough?

Should garden owners be allowed to grow exotic plants?

Why is it crucial to decrease the number of cars by enforcing public transportation?

Are we using our natural resources wisely?

The negative effects of pollution today

How making oil from algae will improve the environment?

Is hydraulic fracturing that dangerous?

Disposable diapers are a threat to nature

The positive effects of implementing hybrid cars

How is everyone personally responsible for protecting the nature?

How hazardous are oil spills to marine species?

Why we need to enforce recycling

The negative effects of single-use bags

How harmful is palm oil?

We need to preserve the environmentally sensitive regions

The long-run negative effects of oil drilling

Are fishing restrictions sufficient?

Why is it important to protect the rare species?

Alternative energy sources should be enforced more decisively

The regulation to protect ocean life are insufficient

How nature can benefit from reducing the use of paper?

Why the reckless use of natural resources is dangerous and why they should be conserved


Should women plumbers be paid the same as men plumbers?

Should we legalize euthanasia when doctors lack other options?

Are there better alternatives to death penalty?

Are stereotypes about certain social and other groups of people justified?

Is it necessary to test products on animals and/or humans before launching the mass production?

Should we try and influence our unborn children’s genetics?

Does donating to charities that help the poor improve the situation with poverty?

Why do women still have their genitals artificially deformed and why we should no longer take it

Why eating meat is not unethical

Why we should stop buying and wearing fur clothes


Should parents be entitled to allow their underage children to drink alcohol and smoke?

Should there be parental guidance for music video clips and music television?

How harmful can watching R-Rated movies be for children?

Does it help to restrict teenagers from playing violent video games?

Why parents of child performers and sportspeople should be less pressing

Why family violence is never a good idea

How fairy tales help to raise a good person

The potential harm of playing R-rated video games

How daycare helps children to be social

Why children should listen to their parents

Why children should stay away from chat rooms in the Internet

Why we need to raise awareness about family violence

The harm we do by lying to children about Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Toothfairy, etc.

Why women should not monopolize the pink color


Why should people be banned to wear hats and sunglasses at banks?

Why student loans need to be marked off in most instances

Why casinos at reservations are not as good idea as they seem

Is labeling genetically modified foods really helpful?

Why banning alcohol from being advertised on TV did not help?

Should every kid know how to cook?

Should cooking classes be added to the school curriculum?

Better things to do with unsold food products than throwing them to the garbage

Is adding sugar to food necessary?

How growing our own crops can improve our health and environment

Is there enough fruit and vegetables in our diet?

Genetically engineered food products are the future of humanity

How we underestimate peanuts

The amazing effects of drinking orange juice regularly

Are farmers’ markets that we have enough?

Can we get rid of the disease by switching our diets to exclusively organic food products?

Are the artificial chemicals in our food products that harmful?


Should the Internet be controlled more strictly?

Should there be state-run websites where companies would be obligated to write about all of their job openings?

Is it the responsibility of the state to take care of the homeless?

Should the schools run by religious institutions get the taxpayers’ money?

Barack Obama’s portrait on newer dollar bills

How likely is Puerto Rico to be recognized as the 51 st State?

The imperfections of the US legislative system

Can the state interfere with what people choose to eat and drink?

How inflated is the military budget?

Should the state offer aid to everyone who claims they need it?

Where should we draw the line between local and federal governing?

Why are railroads so ineffective in the USA?

Local authorities neglect the problem of potholes

Are there any valid reasons for practicing eminent domain today?

Why drug-restricting regulations keep failing

Why is the zoning legislation ridiculous in its core

Should parents be informed if their underage daughter chooses to make an abortion?

Should aborted fetuses be utilized for genetic research?

At what age does it become healthy to use contraceptive medical treatment?

The American healthcare system is largely flawed and needs thorough revision

Does free distribution of condoms at schools improve the situation of sex-related problems among children of school age?

Exercise as an easy way to avoid health problems

All restaurants serving potentially allergenic ingredients in their meals should inform their customers thereof properly

How harmful fast food really is?

Why medical research would be rendered ineffective without animal testing

How effective are seat belts to prevent lethal casualties in traffic accidents?

How diabetes may affect your performance at work

The unpleasant consequences of skipping breakfasts

Is healthy fast food possible?

Is sex ed at schools effective?

Why we should consume as little salt as possible

Do we eat too much meat?

Why is the importance of good sleep underestimated?

School kids need to be educated about the prevention of rape and other sexual misconduct

How much soda can one drink without causing any damage to one’s health?

How junk food can be improved not to be junk

What happens if one works for several years without a good vacation

Why is it important to pick the right toothpaste

We consume too much sugar

Do we need more strict regulations regarding the advertisement of drugs?

Can we lower the percentage of suicides by legalizing euthanasia?

The underused potential of electroconvulsive treatment

The effective methods to withstand stress factors

The negative long-term and short-term effects of steroids for farm animals

Pros and cons of donating organs

The dangers of homeopathic treatment

The dangers of anti-vaccination ideology

How sleepwalking can be fatal

The hidden threat of vaporizers

The myth of electronic cigarettes being less harmful than tobacco

Why we should be skeptical about diet pills

What is Red Cross day for?

How donating blood benefits the society and you

The underestimated importance of drinking enough water

How to maintain a healthy diet without overdoing it

How few people can do a CPR

How you endanger others by smoking

Are there any 'easy' tips for staying fit?

Why and how should society confront mass obesity

Why are healthy food products too expensive?

The misused potential of gluten

How little do we know about side effects of popular drugs?

Do doctors get enough wages?

How high heels are bad for one's health

How we endanger ourselves by using tanning beds

Why prescription drugs need to be more accessible

The real and mythical dangers of smoking

Easy steps to keep your teeth healthy

Medical studies are dramatically underfunded

How to develop healthy everyday life habits

How laughing improves your health

Bike helmets save lives and should not be neglected

How having good friends can literally save your life

The deeds of the AA should be more advertised and appreciated

Medical care needs to be more accessible

How contraceptive treatment saves lives

Infectious diseases can be prevented more effectively

The health benefits of dark chocolate

Why positive thinking is good for you

How stomach stapling is being overused

Is it safer to chew tobacco than to smoke it?

Driving without seatbelts should be punished more severely

Do we know enough about food additives?

Until what age should mothers breastfeed their children?

Is binge drinking as great of a menace as it used to be?

Should teenage pregnancy be prevented?

What new factors cause teenage suicide?

Do we know enough about fire safety precautions?

Why people should donate their organs?

How to prolong your life without medical interference?


Did the USA drug their soldiers in Vietnam without their consent?

Do we know enough about the important figures from the African-American history?

What makes Abraham Lincoln a role model for all Presidents?

Why no nation should revise their history?

Why so many people believe that Neil Armstrong did not land on the Moon?


The USA should involve in international processes less

The actual dictatorships supported by the USA government

Should Catalunya be independent from Spain?

How independent can a country be?

Why should every nation seek to be independent in terms of energy sources

Is nuclear disarmament moving too slowly?

The USA should have never invaded Iraq

Is the UN as effective as it is supposed to be?

Whose responsibility is it to enforce human rights in regions where they are violated?


How should drunk drivers be punished adequately?

Should we outlaw using a cellphone while driving?

Should any unauthorized use of music and films be outlawed?

Should an illegal immigrant be able to pass the driving test and get a license?

Should we outlaw driving motorbikes without helmets?

Should elderly people be allowed to drive?

What should be the legal age for driving?

Is it dangerous to keep the possession of deadly weapons legal?

Does forbidding the use of explicit vocabulary on TV in the daytime help its cause?

Is owing exotic pets regulated well enough legally?

Should one be able to sue a fast food joint if they become obese?

Would it help to introduce additional taxation for unhealthy food products?

It to rightful to outlaw public smoking?

Should English remain the only universally official language of the USA?

Why do some groups of people argue that abortion should be illegal and punishable?

Should gambling remain legal?

Do same-sex couples deserve to be granted the same rights as traditional ones?

Should being in a moving car without a fastened seatbelt be punishable more severely?

Is the current voting age justified or should it be lowered?

Should being too loud be considered a crime?

Should bullying be considered a full-scale crime?

Should recycling become mandatory?

Is it a good idea to legalize medicinal marijuana?

At what age should people become eligible for Social Security?

Was it a mistake to legalize abortions?

Is the current immigration legislation wise and fair?

The restriction of smoking in public places violates rights of citizens

Should military (or navy) service be mandatory for all the US citizens?

Why are laws against drunk driving ineffective?

Why same-sex couples should be granted same rights as other couples

Should it be legal for everyone to hunt

Is having death penalty as a practicable punishment justified today?

Should it be completely outlawed to employ the underage at any kinds of work?


In what ways are books better than TV?

The positive impact of the likes of Twilight and Fifty Shades of Gray

Why is reading a good idea

Why media promotes certain beauty standards and how harmful it is

Do younger generations actually degrade due to the influence of the TV?

Should the teenage-oriented media be more careful about the messages they send to their audiences?

Has the Star Wars franchise and lore benefited after being acquired by Disney?

Children would treat TV more critically if Photography was studied at schools

Should age restrictions for TV shows be stricter?

How comic books are useful

How educational are educational TV shows?

Should TV be more education-oriented?

Public broadcasters are critically underfinanced

Violence, nudity and coarse language on TV needs to be regulated more strictly

The Cable TV market is too monopolized

How guitar music is better than synthetic

Lyrics in songs should not be censored

Music is the easiest and the most effective way to lighten up

How music contributes both to the individual and to the society

Music in MP3 format should be free as a promo material, whereas music in better sound quality formats should be for sale


Why is it dangerous to allow political parties to accept financial donations from large corporations?

The importance of every vote

Politicians should at least be fined for using personal abuse rhetoric

Why Bernie Sanders lost the primaries


Survival basics that everybody needs to know

Few simple rules of camping for everyone

How being clean affects your personal and professional life and wellbeing


How much is intelligence pre-determined genetically?

To what extent does our environment influence who we are

Can a “shrink” be trusted?

What is the purpose of love in our lives?

How much does your feeling of happiness depend on your financial state of affairs?


Are long-distance relationships possible via online means?

Are words of love gender-biased?

It is possible to maintain a relationship being far away from one another

How to know the person for real before marrying?


Should religion studies be included in the curriculum of public schools?

Can students from religious backgrounds make their prayers at schools?

Why most religions are not ready to allow women be priests

Why are religious conflicts the fiercest?

Why every religion claims to be peaceful?

Why fundamentalist movements arise

How we decide whether a certain cult is dangerous

Why it is important to allow people practicing their religion or lack thereof


How to confront stress and depression using art

Zeal is the most important factor in mastering anything

Why we should not overthink our lives

Is there any 'simple' time management advice for everyone?

How to benefit from stressful situations

How your looks influences your success

Why personal development is never enough

Confidence is crucial to any undertaking

Being persistent will help you achieve any results


Should obese people be forced to pay for two seats at public transport or entertainment venues?

Would it be effective to restrict the number of children in an American family to a certain number?

Is it justified to obligate residents to clear their adjacent sidewalks from snow?

Will we get rid of drunk driving if we appoint a responsible police officer to every pub?

Is it justified to present senior citizens with free use of public transportation?

Is it a good idea to make a certain period of community service compulsory for every US citizen?

Should we join the rest of the world and adopt the metric system?

How should we deal with people who refuse to stand up for the pledge?

Is it the responsibility of a good municipal government to arrange free Wi-Fi spots all over the city?

What makes urban life better than the countryside one?

Why it is important to stay open-minded at all times

Should an education worker give up on a “hard” kid in favor of the rest of the class?

Internet connection should be free of charge for everyone

Paparazzi and stalkers violate privacy of other people too often

Human life has improved a great deal in past 100 years

Why stereotypes exist?

Why raising awareness about feminism and gender studies is crucial

Is it ethical to aim marketing campaigns to underage audiences?

Should convicts be able to practice their right to vote?

How justified is Social Darwinism?

Why are jails so overcrowded with convicts in the US?

Are the currently running campaigns against poverty effective?

Is it possible to prolong weekends by one day without compromising working efficiency?

Are imposed gender roles a thing of the past?

The implications of traditional "trick or treat" custom

Should the state provide homes to lonely senior citizens for free?

Why are public restrooms so messy and what should be done about it?

Are genetically modified food products really that harmful?

Bullying is a destructive social factor

Society imposes downright dangerous beauty standards

Being polite will get you everywhere

Why buying at Walmart should be avoided

How to bring good to your community right now

Lack of fair-priced residences is a serious problem

The holidays are too short for no good reason

What makes propaganda a hazardous weapon?

How excessive wealth corrupts people

Why elderly people need the opportunity to use public transportation for free?

How public transportation system can be improved

Why everyone should contribute to the community

Why should all the homeless be assisted with finding homes

Cyberbullying is a serious threat

What you achieve by supporting charities

People can and should retire at an older age than they used to

Censorship is suffocating the emerging information society

Foster parenthood should be more advertised and encouraged

The real reasons for equality

How can we help children with single parents

How to tame corruption at a country level

Why it is important to buy local goods

Security alarms are a simple thing that can improve our lives drastically

The importance of alternative penitentiary options

Lawsuits are becoming a circus and profanate the very legislative system

Poverty cannot be dealt with unless we invest more resources into the social system

Working hours in pubs need to be reconsidered

Police should be the last place to come across corruption

The society should show more support to non-working single parents

Female workers still usually have to work at lower wages than their male colleagues, and it is a big problem

Cosmetic surgery is abused as a result of poor regulation

Senior citizens today need more care than ever

Why some companies still maintain the infamous tradition of racial profiling

How can we enforce more respect to people’s privacy

Why the struggle for women equality advances so slowly

Why relations between various ethnic groups still leave much to be desired

Mass media are biased and subjective

Should support crew such as marching bands and mascots be regarded as sportspeople?

Is bike sharing more than just a fresh trend?

Should college team players be treated as professional sportspeople and be rewarded financially?

Are school teams overfinanced?

Why are women sports less interesting to the media?

Why drug tests for professional sportspeople are still not a must?

Is it fair that sportspeople earn such tremendous amounts of money?

Sports is about pushing yourself to the edge, and not about defeating others

Is it justified to reflect ethnical-cultural details in team names and other attributes?

Are cheerleaders as good sportspeople as others?

Why even the most professional team would have no chance with a name like Yellowfaces?

Why sports get so much attention?

Gym classes should be more focused on practical physical skills like swimming

Why professional sports should remain privately financed?

Are the existing safety precautions for athletes sufficient?

Physical training is overrated

Sure, as we know from diagnostic essay page, with such a huge variety of topics to choose from, picking just one may be a challenge. As we already mentioned, the trick is to pick a subject that appeals to you personally. This is one of the surest ways to approach any academic paper because it's going to be way more interesting to research the subject and because writing the actual paper will quite a lot of fun!

Still, figuring out the best topic for your essay is not your only concern as a student. The next step would be crafting a compelling thesis statement. As a rule, essay writers present their thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph. Further on, you will base your paper on this statement, so choose wisely.

> The best tip on constructing a great thesis statement would be to choose something that is not too obvious. This way, you will have a chance to hook your reader and make him/her interested in what you have to say on the topic.

The number of body paragraphs will mostly depend on the length of your paper. Normally, having three major arguments to prove your point is enough for a convincing paper. This, in its turn, will give you three body paragraphs, each starting with its own point. Make sure to use logical transitions between the paragraphs, though - do not just skip from one issue to another.

The last (and usually, the fifth) paragraph of your paper is the conclusion. Here, it is very important to restate your thesis statement. But remember - you should not do it word for word. The main point of a quality conclusion is to summarise everything you have written and prove your thesis statement either right (this is the most common approach) or wrong (it may sometimes happen in argumentative papers).

All in all, you can see that writing a persuasive essay is no brain surgery. Still, it would be hard to argue that the process requires quite a bit of time and concentration. Plus, if you are assigned a persuassive paper topics in one of the minor subjects, it may often be challenging to take some time off the subjects you're majoring in. Fortunately for you, there is always a way out. In this particular case, custom writing is the perfect solution that saves time and effort.

Our company has already helped thousands of overworked students from all over the world with their academic assignments. We deal with a vast variety of essays in social, exact sciences, and humanities. And the best thing is - each paper is assigned to a qualified expert in the area, which is why all custom papers written here meet the high educational writing standards, as well as student's particular requirements.

Writing A Perfect Movie Review

easy essay topics persuasive


150+ Persuasive Speech Topics To Win Your Audience’s Attention

So, guys, your mind is stuck in books and the internet. Right? We knew finding convincing speech topics took work. You spent all day and night searching for one, but you failed. Yes, that’s true, especially when students need to do many things in one go. 

But, thanks to our professional writers , you have nothing to worry about. We will make your day with compelling speech topics to give you a smooth sail in no time. So let’s start working.

Easy Convincing Speech Topics On Politics

Students, these are the most common and easiest compelling speech topics you can use in your assignments. Are you still facing difficulties? We suggest using a college paper writing service to end this lengthy and tiresome work.

Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics

We know by now you have selected a good persuasive speech topic. If it’s still insufficient, use an analytical essay writing service to win your speech and take the top grades home.

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Guys, what about these funny and best-convincing speech topics? We know they are hilarious and make the spoken words of a stand-up comedian. After reading this blog, there’s no need to ask your friends or classmates please write my essay or a speech for my college assignments, etc., 

If you are still unsure, hire an essay writer on the cheap to get your work done on a snap. 

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students

So, here are great compelling speech topics. You ask for it, and we give you one. Choose anyone you like or see fit to your needs and speech requirements.

Ethical Persuasive Speech Topics

Student, do you like the above-mentioned persuasive speech ideas? We know they are superb. Choose and write.

Unique Persuasive Speech Topics

Students after using these topics, you’ll be able to write a successful persuasive speech effortlessly.

Persuasive Speech Topics For Teens

Students, we know you guys are impressed with these persuasive speeches. We already give you many choices to choose a persuasive topic. The rest is on you to start the writing process.

We’ve done it. Students, you wanted top persuasive speech topics, and we delivered them to your doorstep. Now get ready to impress your class with a compelling presentation that ensures top grades. If you’re still trembling, order now and get the best assignment discount.

Table of Contents

Perfect essay writing is the top platform for writing customized research papers, thesis, and academic essays

easy essay topics persuasive

We'll revise your work until you're 100% satisfied or refund your payment to make up for the trouble.


We are a team of professional writers providing quality-assured essays, research papers, and assignments. We bring the most affordable services for you with multiple revisions. Get plagiarism-free content with Turnitin pass and on-time delivery. We Create Great Content, Value, & Reliability!


The Edvocate

Free and Appropriate Public Education: Everything You Need to Know

How to implement the lifted line poem teaching strategy in your classroom, simple & easy plastic surgery essay topics, research questions about plagiarism, pizza essay topic ideas & examples, simple & easy piano essay topics, simple & easy physical therapy essay topics, good essay topics on photosynthesis, good essay topics on photoshop, photography essay topics, 100+ persuasive essay topics.

easy essay topics persuasive

Are you a student looking for persuasive essay topics? If so, we have you covered. Below you will find a list of the best persuasive essay topics.

Persuasive Essay Topics About School

Persuasive Essay Topics About Food

Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals

Persuasive Essay Topics About Sports and Activities

Persuasive Essay Topics About Entertainment

Persuasive Essay Topics About Social Issues

Persuasive Essay Topics About Education

Persuasive Essay Topics About History and Government

Persuasive Essay Topics About Science and Technology

Persuasive Essay Topics About Health and Nutrition

Unique Persuasive Essay Ideas

23 Ways to Improve Students Reading Comprehension ...

100+ argumentative essay topics.

' src=

Matthew Lynch

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easy essay topics persuasive

Accountability in the Classroom: How to Write an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

pass or fail

15 Welcome Songs for Your Classroom

easy essay topics persuasive

The Edvocate’s List of 20 Must-Follow K-12 Teacher Twitter Feeds

easy essay topics persuasive

20 Strategies to Teach Students How to Adapt to a New Routine

easy essay topics persuasive

The Art of Asking Questions to Facilitate Inquiry Learning

easy essay topics persuasive

5 Ways Gifted Students Learn Differently


185 Excellent Persuasive Essay Topics – Simple & Exclusive

Table of Contents

What are Persuasive Essay Topics?

If this blog interests you, perhaps you might get to write a persuasive essay as a part of your syllabus. Besides, it’s a type of writing that you might come across in your academic life, so let’s understand it.

In short, a persuasive essay is a writing type, where you might create an argument and convince your audience. Moreover, you might need to select a side and gather the proper evidence to justify your statement. Also, it might prove beneficial if you use persuasive language and strong evidence to prove your argument.

Persuasive Essay Topics

How to use Persuasive Essay Topics?

How to Write Persuasive Essay Topics?

Persuasive Essay Topics

Basic persuasive essay topics.

Simple Persuasive Essay Topics

High-Quality Persuasive Essay Topics

High-Scoring Topics for Persuasive Essay

Good-Scoring Persuasive Essay Topics

Most Convincing Persuasive Essay Topics

Read here: Few Fresh and Creative Argumentative Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics for the Experts

Persuasive Essay Topics you don’t want to Miss

Lucrative Persuasive Essay Topics  

List of Persuasive Essay Topics

Trending Topics List of Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay topics for exam

Persuasive essay topics for Academics

Action Needed

If you have reached here, possibly the blog has inculcated an interest in you. So, just follow your professor’s guidelines, enjoy your liberty and choose your preferred persuasive essay topics. However, if you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to call our research paper helper , who will guide you in every possible way.

easy essay topics persuasive

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Big Data Research Topics

150 Outstanding Big Data Research Topics for Every Student to Explore

Social Issues Topics

198 Captivating Social Issues Topics for Essay or Research Paper

Geology Research Topic

146 Best Geology Research Topics for Academic Writing

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Top 140 Bioethics Topics To Consider For Writing a Research Paper

160 excellent business essay topics and ideas to focus on, how to write a reflective essay, different types of essay formats- mla, apa, and chicago, apa vs. mla: learn the major differences between the citation styles, top 152 cybercrime research topics for students to consider, an understanding of the language features and structural features, 150+ fabulous criminology dissertation ideas for you to consider, 153 fantastic narrative essay topics for you to explore and consider, 100 motivational quotes for students to succeed in academic life, get help instantly.

Raise Your Grades with Great Assignment Help

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics: 285 Simple Ideas for 2023

A persuasive speech on any topic is a performance designed to convince people about something and prove your point. Choosing a suitable topic is crucial for your speech’s success.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for $13.00 $10.40/page

The picture shows the main qualities of a good persuasive speech topic.

Do you need some help with finding easy topics for a persuasive speech? Then check these fantastic and easy ideas from team. You will also find here some useful tips and answers to frequent questions.

🔝 Top 12 Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

Start your search for a speech topic with these interesting ideas:

📙 52 Easy Speech Topics with Prompts

Here you will find easy topics in many different fields, including relationships and environment. You can choose to agree or disagree with any of these statements. Choose an idea and captivate your audience with persuasive arguments:

💬 Easy Speech Topics for Various Fields

Want more persuasive speech topic issues? We have some—just keep reading!

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

A humorous speech captivates the listeners and lightens up the mood. Do you want to escape your study routine? You’ve come to the right section. Check out these fun ideas:

Video Game Persuasive Speech Topics

Video games have long escaped being a nerdy hobby. With the advent of mobile games, almost everyone plays. If you enjoy the virtual worlds, remember: it’s dangerous to go alone. Take one of our persuasive topics with you.

Simple Persuasive Speech Topics about Music

There’s no doubt that music has a considerable influence on human behavior. Movies use it to stir emotions and companies to promote their products. Even politicians play music in their rallies. Choose one of these simple speech topics and convince your listeners of music’s powerful magic.

Motivational Persuasive Speech Topics

Who doesn’t need a little pumping up sometimes? Motivational speeches are not only great for boosting your peers but also yourself. Find here an inspiring and easy topic to write a speech about:

Persuasive Speech Topics about Animals

Here are some topics on the important issues surrounding animals. Feel free to use them for your speech.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

Agriculture Persuasive Speech Topics

Now, let’s look at some speech topics for students that are related to farming and sustainability. We hope that you find them useful.

LGBT Persuasive Speech Topics

The LGBT subject is one of the most important and controversial and topics of today. It has drawn many speculation and arguments over the past decade. Here are some ideas of topics you may use for your persuasive speech.

Simple Speech Topics: Discover Extra 18 Ideas

Below you’ll find some bonus topics from various fields:

✔️ Persuasive Speech: Our Experts’ Recommendations

Remember the tips that will help you develop great topics and write the persuasive speech of your dream:

Using a speech topic generator would be a great idea in case you decide to have a brainstorming session. Keep in mind that any great persuasive speech should include 3 components: ethos, pathos , and logos .

Just $13.00 $10.40/page , and you can get an custom-written academic paper according to your instructions

Of all topics persuasive speech writing can be devoted to, the ones mentioned above are the most winning. With these topics, speech writing is easy! Pick the one you like best, and you’ll write a splendid speech.

Further reading:

✏️ Persuasive Speech FAQ

The choice of a persuasive speech topic depends on multiple factors, e.g.:

1. Your audience (its age, interests, how knowledgeable it is) 2. The specific task you get 3. Your personal interests

There is a long list of exciting topics; make sure that you choose the one that meets your criteria.

For a persuasive speech, it’s a nice idea to choose a controversial issue. This will give you space for rhetorical questions, persuasion strategies, exciting examples, etc. A great topic is a key to a successful presentation, so choose it carefully.

Any successful presentation has some components of persuasion in it. A great speaker always uses some communicative strategies to achieve their objectives, namely, to impress and influence the audience. Structure your speech, include exciting examples, and be passionate about what you are saying.

The easiest problems to speak about are those that we are passionate about. It is much easier to interest the audience if you feel personally involved. Thus, easy topics for presentations are different for every person. Think about your hobbies, things you find intriguing, etc.

🔍 References

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348 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas for 2023

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217 Motivational & Inspirational Essay Topics

217 Motivational & Inspirational Essay Topics

Sometimes you just wish there was a marketplace with vendors shouting, “Topics for argument essays! Who wants inspirational topics to write about?” Well, you are lucky enough: you’ll find plenty of inspiring things here! Coming up with some argument essay topics is quite easy! In this article, you’ll find some...

260 Controversial Debate Topics and Questions for Discussion

260 Controversial Debate Topics and Questions for Discussion

Are you searching for original, thought-provoking, and really controversial debate topics? Here they are! Selecting any of these 25 controversial topics for debate from, you can guarantee a heated dispute in class or exciting polemics with your friends. But first, let’s figure it out, what is debate and how you should pick up great...

Memorable Event in School Essay: Writing Tips + Ideas

Memorable Event in School Essay: Writing Tips + Ideas

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205 Essay Topics for Grade 8, 9, 10, 12 + Writing Tips [2023]

205 Essay Topics for Grade 8, 9, 10, 12 + Writing Tips [2023]

We came up with this guide to make school essay writing easy for you. Need some creative writing topics for grade 8? Or recommendations for the 11th-grade expository paper? We’ve got you! Helpful tips and essay topics for grades 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12— our team has advice for everyone. Here, you’ll find: 205 great essay ideas; tips on how to write argumentative and persuasive papers. In fact, our recommendations will be...

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151 Transportation Essay Topics & Writing Tips

Have you ever thought about the importance of transportation? Every day we see cars, trucks, planes, and ships and never wonder what exactly they are doing. In fact, these vehicles not only transport people from one place to another. They also form a vast system that plays a vital role...

easy essay topics persuasive

Jeorge Colin

74 Episodes

50+ Topics for Persuasive Speech & Scholarship Essays 2022

Speech is a way to express one’s thoughts and feelings by delivering ideas to other people. Students choose many topics sometimes of their choice and other times they get assigned by their instructors. While choosing speech topics, you must make sure that they are persuasive and are capable of inspiring the audience. Moreover, speech topics are not general essays. 

They must influence change in the listeners and public at large. It is not an easy task to deliver a persuasive speech so you must ensure strong and convincing delivery. Here, we are going to mention over 50 speech topics that are persuasive and can help you get good results. You can also take help from an essay writer to get a guide on what topics you might use for speech. In this way, you can get an idea of how to work on persuasive speech.

Many students consider it difficult to write a persuasive speech due to lack of good writing and research skills. Such students can get an essay writing service from different websites in order to get a customized essay. This essay will help them to get good scores in school or college. If you want to develop a good speech, try to focus on good research and writing skills. Provide supporting evidence to every claim or argument which you raise in the speech. 

The success of a speech also depends upon the selection of a good topic. Some persuasive speech topics are as follows: 

Speech Topics for Students

All these topics are excellent and can be used to write persuasive speeches. They can be written from so many angles and are a good pitch for influencing people and changing their perspectives. You can always play around with these topics as they are easy and manageable. However, if I am running out of time, I would definitely ask expert writers available online to write my essay. 

You can also get help from your family and friends. It is an easy way to turn in your assignments on time. The writing will not be confined to the topics given above but any topics assigned by your instructor will be catered to. You just have to reach out and communicate so that your work is done in due time.

Looking at each website and trying to find the best prompt for your essay can take a lot of time. Most of the time, the colleges and universities require you to write the scholarship winning essay which should be unique, as it will help you win a scholarship even in a competitive institution.

Therefore, a scholarship winning essay must be the one which would create a lasting impression on the award granting committee. As an essay writer, it is also advisable to use different prompts for different scholarship essays. You should never use the same prompt for all the scholarship essays. 

Following are some of the scholarship essay winning prompts to help you in this regard:

Winning a scholarship is a dream for almost every student and it can be turned into reality by cracking the prompt of the essay in the right way. Aforementioned prompts would surely help you write an effective essay. Good luck with writing one.

easy essay topics persuasive

55 Rare Topics For Persuasive Essays

Jessica Nita

Table of Contents

A persuasive essay is a type of writing where your primary purpose is to convince the reader that your opinion is correct.

It can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines; in fact, persuasive writing can be used in any writing format, be it a college persuasive essay, an article, a promotional copy or a personal letter.

Topics For Persuasive Essays

As you will see from our presentation, the choice of persuasive essay topics largely depends on the format of writing – as well as the writer’s maturity.

One thing remains unchanged, though, and it is the educational value of this type of essay.

It helps students build a set of strong skills, such as the capacity of forming and grounding one’s opinion, engage in debates and provide logical reasoning supporting their stance.

Persuasive essay topics: where to start?

When you are tasked with writing a persuasive essay, and if you have a free choice of the subject, we insist that you should pick a topic that you are well-versed in, and preferably passionate about.

In the very least, this should be something you can relate to. If you have a specific topic to write on, make sure you carry out elaborate research to make strong and informed points.

The structure of a persuasive essay could be roughly outlined as follows:

The secret behind the thesis

A persuasive essay should begin with a thesis, where the reader is immediately told what your article is about. In the thesis, you explain your position on the question you have chosen to rewrite.

It is the main purpose of your entire essay, and you will devote the whole text to convincing the reader that you are right.

To awaken the reader’s interest, you can write your thesis as an exclamation or question that you repeat or answer at the end of your article.

Supporting arguments for your thesis

Now you have explained your position, you should prove that you are right! You do this by listing your arguments, or reasons why you think you are doing.

Arguments can be divided into two main groups:

(1) Emotional arguments – based on your own feelings and thoughts. Feeling arguments are very personal and strong. The aim of the emotional argument is to awaken the reader’s feelings. In other words, the reader should preferably start crying out of your emotional argument…

(2) Factual arguments – based on pure facts. The factual arguments are objective, clear and at the same time very convincing to the reader, especially if you can refer to where you got your facts from. To convince the reader in the best way, your essay must include both emotional and factual arguments. The emotional argument causes your opinion to sound passionate, while the factual arguments give concrete reasons why you feel like you are doing to the reader.

To convince the reader in the best way, use both types of arguments!

An argument in response to counter-argument

A really good debater doesn’t just think of themselves, but also of his opponents! You do this by taking counter-arguments, or reasons why you should not think that you do yourself.

This makes your persuasive essay look very thought out, which also makes it more reliable. The purpose of including opponents’ opinions, for you as an author, is to clearly show that they are not correct.

In order to succeed in this, you must choose the opponent’s best argument and disassemble it and defeat it using your own arguments.

The golden rule states that factual arguments must be answered with factual arguments, and in the same way, an emotional argument must be answered with an emotional argument.

How to craft a persuasive essay conclusion?

In the end, the reader should get an overview. Summarize the most important and above all, repeat your strongest argument! The last part of your discussion article should contain a convincing answer to your thesis. Sometimes it can be effective to reason about the consequences if you do not do what you think.

The purpose of this is to give the argument a proper final clamp and convince the reader once and for all. The best effect is achieved by ending strongly and confidently; for that reason, you need to think about being brief.

Just as with the number of arguments you have in the article, the conclusion becomes more powerful if it is short and clear.

Persuasive essay topics for kids

Persuasive essay topics middle school

Persuasive essay topics for high school

Persuasive essay topics 5th grade

Persuasive speech topics for college

Persuasive speech topics for college students

Interesting persuasive essay topics

Easy persuasive essay topics

Funny persuasive essay topics

Controversial persuasive essay topics

Best persuasive essay topics

Chose the best topic from the list but have a hard time moving away from blank paper? We can help you out! Few clicks and your perfect essay is on the way to you, while you sit back and relax.

1 Star

How To Create A Best Abortion Argumentative Essay?

easy essay topics persuasive

How human activities can have an impact on natural disasters?

easy essay topics persuasive

What Makes A Good Leader: Essay Hints

Easy persuasive speech topics: examples

90 persuasive topic suggestions + resources for writing persuasive speeches

By:  Susan Dugdale  | Last modified: 08-05-2022

Let's be right up front about this.

'Easy' and 'persuasive' are seldom paired when it comes to speech topics! Therefore examples of easy persuasive speech topics are a bit of a rarity, and finding them can be tricky.

However all is not completely lost. They can, and do, come together, but only if you work at it.  Let me show you how. 

What's on this page

90 potentially easy persuasive speech topics.

easy essay topics persuasive

The myth of 'easy' and an 'easy' speech

That word 'easy' is very tempting. It seductively implies something you can fling together, without a lot of effort, at short notice. 

Image: a tiger-budgie. Text: Easy and persuasive are seldom paired when it comes to speech topics. That makes easy persuasive speech topics a bit of a rarity. Just like this tiger-budgie.

An 'easy' speech is not going to take a lot of work to plan, research, to write, or to practice. Everything needed to prepare it will be done without hassle, because it's, 'easy'. The entire process will flow smoothly from start to finish without fuss.

When you present the speech the audience will be spell-bound, riveted by your outstanding choice of subject and its treatment. In short, they will be amazed.

Return to Top

What a successful persuasive speech usually takes

To give a successful persuasive speech means being able to use a compelling mix of reasoning and emotional appeal to convince whoever you are talking to that your point of view is right. Generally doing that well takes thought and effort.

You have to have chosen a subject your audience will be genuinely interested in and use just the right combination of logical reasoning and emotional appeal to engage and hold them from the first words you say till your last. That in turn means thinking your speech through carefully, step by step, and then doing whatever is needed to make it work.

Those things include:

You see? Easy and persuasive don't seem to have a lot in common.

However, there is a way through.

How a persuasive speech topic becomes easy

You'll be glad to know there are exceptions. 

A persuasive topic becomes 'easy' if:

Difficulties miraculously melt away when you are totally engrossed! 

Below are 90 possible persuasive topics chosen for their broad appeal, and because they are subjects people generally feel strongly about. 

Read them through, making a note of any that jump out and that you think you may be able to use. These will be the ones you'll find much 'easier' than the others because you're already interested! 

Easy persuasive speech topics 1-10

Easy persuasive speech topic examples 11- 20

Persuasive speech topic ideas 21- 30

Topic suggestions for persuasive speeches 31- 40

Ideas for easy persuasive speeches 41- 50 

Examples of easy persuasive speech topics 51 - 60

Speech topics for easy persuasive speeches 61 - 70

Persuasive speech topic suggestions 71 - 80

Easy topics for persuasive speeches 81 - 90

Yellow banner. Text: You're most welcome to use this content in your online learning program. Please make it a do follow link.

More persuasive speech resources

Persuasive speech topics.

Image: one lonely piece of chocolate cake on a plate. Text: Fun persuasive speech topics - Having you cake and eating it too is fair.

For assistance with planning and writing

speaking out loud 

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40 Persuasive Essay Topics From Beginner To Advanced In 2023

Persuasive Essay Topics - NutMegEducation

Oh, are you assigned persuasive essay topics? Well, this is your perfect chance to learn how to influence people by explaining your point of view.

Whether you are in college or school, you need a perfect guide to write a persuasive essay. So your essay must be very logical and factual so that you can stand out from others.

So in this article, I will guide you through how to write persuasive essays and some topics of persuasive essays.

Also at the end of this article, I have shared some strategies to write a perfect persuasive essay. So stay tuned till last!

But before we go deep into the persuasive topics, let us first understand what exactly persuasive essays are.

Table of Contents

How To Write a Persuasive Essay? (Step By Step)

Topics for persuasive essays, strategies for writing persuasive essays: , smart tips to write persuasive essays:, conclusion: persuasive essay topics (2023) , what are persuasive essays.

Persuasive essays are essays that use logic and reasoning to persuade readers of your point of view. You must present solid evidence for your ideas, such as research, facts, examples, expert quotes, and logical justifications.

Persuasive essay writing entails using reasons and logic to demonstrate that your POV or idea is more valid than another. You should back them up with evidence and facts.

 Persuasive Essay Topics - Guide

The writer of a persuasive essay comforts the reader from their point of view on a certain issue.

Persuasive essay writing is widely used in marketing initiatives to persuade you to buy something. However, it is not confined to marketing; it is utilized in a variety of contexts.

Now the question you have is how to write persuasive essays. What should be the format for writing a persuasive essay?

Well, let’s find the solution. Here are the steps to writing persuasive essays.

The structure of the essay is the most crucial part when writing an essay. You need to put a strong introduction in which you will give a perfect idea of what you are going to talk about. Also, a well-organized body section and conclusion are going to engage your audience.

Step #1: The Introduction.

A well-written introduction always catches the reader’s attention very quickly. Also, it gives proper ideas and information about the topic. 

So firstly you need to brief about the topic in the first paragraph then in the next paragraph, you can include the short summary of ideas you are going to discuss in the body section.

You need to clear the argument statement in the introductory part only. This clears the thinking aspect of the readers. The statement you will give in the introductory section must be your thesis which is effective to present your argument.

To formulate your statement, you can consider questions like what is the topic I am going to persuade the audience to accept? And also how exactly I need to convince the reader that this argument is valid and necessary.

The introduction part should be covered in two paragraphs. The introduction should not exceed more than 2 paragraphs, as it may lose the interest of the reader and may sound too wordy.

Step #2: The Body

The body part is the most important factor in persuasive essays. They should not exceed more than 4 to 5 paragraphs. Body parrots are where you are going to explain your arguments, opinions, ideas, and evidence. 

You can start with the main point of your essay. By this, you can develop a strong point and create a link to make engagement. The first paragraph will cover the arguments and your opinions on that particular topic.

Coming to the next paragraph, you can consider writing the valid points of the argument by mentioning the evidence. You can write about the facts also in the second paragraph of the essay.

In the next part, you need to discuss the ideas and solutions to that argument. This will create a strong trust within the audience and make it engaging.

In the last part, you may explain the effects of your solution and ideas and how they are going to help the audience. 

Make sure that you maintain the proper flow of your essay so that your argument looks like it is building a strong point upon the other.

Step #3: The Conclusion.

The last part of the essay is to write the final summary and verdict on the essay. The conclusion part must be covered in 1 paragraph. 

The basic purpose of the conclusion part is to convince your argument and conclude how you have supported this argument. You can simply conclude the main points of the body section and what you feel about your argument. 

Also, you can provide the border context of an essay and the reason why the argument is raised.

So now, here goes the least of the persuasive topics you can work on. 

Beginner topics:

Intermediate topics: 

Advanced topics:

Tips And Strategies for Writing Persuasive Essays

Now here I am going to share some useful tips and strategies that will definitely help you to write an engaging essay.

The initial step is to choose a topic and pick a side. You can choose the topic that appeals to you at a sentimental and emotional level. In short, you must know the purpose of your persuasive essay.

But before choosing the side, you need to make sure that you have enough evidence that supports your statement on the side you pick.

If you are making an argument or establishing your side, then it is important to know both sides. Then only you can explain your valid point. 

So you need to research your topic thoroughly and identify and study both the topics of the essay. 

You can gather all the information that will help you in making your point valid. With a full understanding of the topic, you will be ready to answer any question related to the topic and counter the opposition.

This is the most important strategy that helps you to understand how an overall essay would look. In simple terms, outlining gives you a clear version of your essay and what you can improve while building the essay. 

You can break down your argument in a concise and logical order that will make your essay writing process easy and clear.

Considering your audience is also a major factor while writing the essay. Whatever you are thinking about the topic may not be persuasive to others. So it is important to think from the audience’s perspective to make your argument convincing.

Once you choose the topic, you need to prepare as much as you can. Examine your opinion and try to find the relevant proofs and evidence that are compelling. 

You can create a mind map. Start with the central issue or the topic. Do full research and jot down all the evidence one by one and cross-check if they make sense to argue or not.

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Writing a persuasive essay might look hard for you. But I am sure with the above guide on persuasive essays, you can definitely write a good essay, and help you to create an impression on the audience as well as your seniors.

I hope I have covered you with all the information about the persuasive essay. Still, if you are in any confusion then let us know in the comment section below.

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easy essay topics persuasive

Home — Blog — Topic Ideas — 140 Persuasive Essay Topics College Style Ideas 

140 Persuasive Essay Topics College Style Ideas 

easy essay topics persuasive

Although a typical persuasive essay has to present arguments , persuasive essay writing has a single objective as it aims to help the readers agree with your particular point of view or an idea that you represent. The tone must be persuasive as you persuade with the facts, your personal experience, and other types of examples. Unlike argumentative writing, you have to persuade and prove why your point is the best or why the target audience must think the same. Since there are obvious challenges, finding persuasive essay topics college style can be quite difficult. Keeping this fact in mind, our experts have prepared a good selection for you to start with! 

Main Components of a Persuasive Speech 

When your task involves the creation of a persuasive speech, it is crucial to focus on the three main elements that are Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. Here is the breakdown: 

How to Choose The Right Persuasive Topic?

Choosing the right persuasive essay topics for college is only possible when you choose something that you know well. It has to inspire you and motivate you to tell a story since you have to persuade and make it clear that there is no other way to approach something differently. Here is what you have to do: 

Making a Plan for a Persuasive Essay

An average persuasive essay plan should have the following structure: 

– Introduction

An inspiring hook. 

Your main thesis statement. 

Three main arguments you will discuss. 

– Body Paragraph 1

Main Argument

Analytical Explanation

– Body Paragraph 2

Statistical Data

– Body Paragraph 3

The Weakest Argument


Comparison and Benefits of Your Argument 

– Conclusion

A Closing Statement

A List of Common Best Themes 2022 

While there are many topics that you can choose from, based on your subject, here are the most popular persuasive essay themes that have been chosen by college students in 2022. As you can see, these differ and represents modern learners from all possible social and educational backgrounds. Notice how each topic reflects a certain thesis or an idea that can be used for a presentation : 

– Racial Intolerance. The Black Lives Matter Movement because possible only because of social media. 

– Gender Problems. Gender issues do not deserve the attention they receive and the problem is artificial. 

– Ecology . Green energy is more harmful than the current alternatives because of the natural resources and their unequal distribution across the world. 

– Bullying. The problem of cyberbullying should be treated as a serious crime. 

– Plagiarism. Heavy academic burdens and urgent deadlines lead to plagiarism issues. 

– Politics. There is not enough empathy in the current political situation in the United States. 

– Sports. Playing sports helps to manage one’s mental state and release stress. 

Major Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students Unique Ideas 

Coming up with convincing persuasive speech topics college is not so easy since you have to provide a thesis statement in your title or an idea that will inspire and persuade others as you make a statement. We have divided several interesting topics for you that can be used for persuasive essay writing. Use these examples and choose the field that interests you the most and pay attention to argumentation : 

– Education. 

Dealing with the subject of education, you can talk about the benefits of online learning or persuade your readers that Waldorf schools are worth it by stating the important points. Here are some good ideas to consider: 

– Telling a Story. 

Telling a story can relate to a personal experience of yours or become storytelling about something important and meaningful to you or to your course. For example: 

– Literature. 

Persuasive topics in literature usually deal with statements that are based on what you have read. It can explore the main argument in a book or talk about the strengths of the particular author. You should persuade your readers that your point of view is accurate as you support it with a thesis statement (reflected in your title) and examples from the actual writing. Here are some literature college persuasive essay topics to brainstorm: 

– Economics. 

The subject of economics is quite challenging when it comes to persuasion since you have to provide the facts and explain why certain methods or a failure have taken place. Here are some helpful topic templates that will help stir your imagination. Make sure that you present several examples or reference an article to support your point! 

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For College Learners 

The secret trick is to create an inspiring topic that will motivate your readers to explore. This way, you can create something unique and interesting enough to make your point meaningful as you do your best to persuade others. As a solution, you can focus on environmental studies, animals, and technology, depending on what inspires you the most. 

– Ecology. 

Unless you are the one like amazing Greta Tunberg, you have to work even harder to persuade the world leaders or your college professor regarding environmental issues and the problems of ecology. It can be something that takes place locally or deal with global issues like Amazon rainforests or something controversial . See these persuasive research paper topics below for inspiration: 

– Animals. 

Even if you are not majoring in Biology or Healthcare, talking about animals is a great idea, especially if you have a pet or would like to explore something that is not widely known. Here are some great ideas to consider: 

– Technology. 

Technology is one of those subjects that can be explored by anyone these days. The true problem is making someone believe your statement. As a rule, you have to stand for what you believe in and persuade others that you are correct even if something is debatable . Here are some examples to start with: 

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics For College

Who said that persuasive essay writing must be overly complex? You can easily talk about music or the peculiarities of traveling. The same relates to talking about the aspects of the modern lifestyle as you persuade your friends and teachers that something is either useful or harmful. Finally, if you are a college athlete, you can discuss sports.

– Music.

Talking about music is always easy since you can discuss your favorite band or a music style. Alternatively, you can talk about the negative impact of a certain culture or discuss why the gothic in music is not always about wearing black eyeliner. Keep things inspiring and show your creativity as you persuade. See these ten topics for inspiration: 

– Travels. 

We all like to travel or at least dream about visiting another country or spending time at the summer camp as we work on our social skills. It also paves the way for great ideas that can be easily discussed for your persuasive assignment. See some topics for persuasive research paper dealing with traveling: 

– Lifestyle. 

Let’s not forget that it’s also possible to persuade others regarding a certain lifestyle. It is a good topic of choice for those who major in Design, Psychology, Entertainment, or Fashion Studies. See these inspiring ideas: 

– Sports. 

Sport is another interesting aspect that should be explored when you have to write a persuasive essay. If you are a college athlete or someone who wants to choose something unique, feel free to check these ten great title samples dealing with sports: 

Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students 

Persuasive writing is what most of us learn when we are still at school. As a high school student , you can talk about those topics that concern you the most or discuss a social problem that you have encountered in the local community. See these ideas for starters: 

20 Additional Persuasive Ideas For College Performances 

It is also possible to deliver a persuasive speech as a college student or even stage a performance that will help others to see your ideas. Here are some great subjects to consider: 

The Time Matters 

The most common challenge with persuasive essay writing is the time it takes to make things good and unique. Even when you have a great idea or create an outline for your persuasive speech, it still takes effort to get your persuasive assignment delivered. Always start with a great topic and ensure that you study the list of ideas that our experts have provided. Your writing must sound inspiring and keep the same idea throughout to maintain the necessary degree of confidence in your tone. Take your time to brainstorm ideas, find an essay on the topic on our website , and never hesitate to ask for help when needed!

easy essay topics persuasive

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easy essay topics persuasive

essay about 911

easy essay topics persuasive

I’m writing a persuasive essay and for the topic I choose this show, though I’m not sure how can I write about this in an essay form. Any tips? I would really appreciate the help!

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What’s the essay question you want to write about?

Well, you need to narrow down your focus a bit. What are you persuading your audience to believe? What is the argument? What about 911 are you saying?

ETA: A "topic" gets you the general ballpark, but good essays are about the actual substance and structure of your argument, and that requires specificity within your chosen topic. If you have a prompt beyond "write a persuasive essay" thinking about how to 911 relates to that might help, but if your brief is to just write a persuasive essay you would need to spend some time figuring out if you have a persuasive argument to be made about the show in the first place.

Maybe focus more on first responders or the fire and rescue industry than on the show. Like you could make an argument for or against 24 hour shifts. You likely need an argument and points / evidence to support it.

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    Step #3: The Conclusion. The last part of the essay is to write the final summary and verdict on the essay. The conclusion part must be covered in 1 paragraph. The basic purpose of the conclusion part is to convince your argument and conclude how you have supported this argument.

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    Here are some literature college persuasive essay topics to brainstorm: Shakespeare is one of the most prominent explorers of the time subject. Emily Dickinson's perception of death is far from being purely negative. English literature is more romantic when compared to American classics.

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    He opened a bike shop 32+ years ago in the lower east side. [OC] [1333 x 2000] flickr. 498. 16. r/911FOX. Join. • 10 days ago.