Conjugation verb payer in French

Model : marcher / balayer

Auxiliary : avoir

Other forms: se payer / ne pas payer / ne pas se payer

The regular verbs of the 1st group follow this conjugation model (verbs ending in -er). Verbs ending in -ayer follow at the same time this model (il balaye) and the model of balayer (il balaie)

The verb has several variants of conjugation, which may correspond to different meanings. Please use the menu to select one or all variants.

  • il/elle paye
  • nous payons
  • ils/elles payent
  • il/elle paie
  • ils/elles paient
  • il/elle payait
  • nous payions
  • vous payiez
  • ils/elles payaient
  • il/elle payera
  • nous payerons
  • vous payerez
  • ils/elles payeront
  • il/elle paiera
  • nous paierons
  • vous paierez
  • ils/elles paieront

Passé simple

  • il/elle paya
  • nous payâmes
  • vous payâtes
  • ils/elles payèrent

Passé composé

  • il/elle a payé
  • nous avons payé
  • vous avez payé
  • ils/elles ont payé


  • j' avais payé
  • tu avais payé
  • il/elle avait payé
  • nous avions payé
  • vous aviez payé
  • ils/elles avaient payé

Passé antérieur

  • j' eus payé
  • tu eus payé
  • il/elle eut payé
  • nous eûmes payé
  • vous eûtes payé
  • ils/elles eurent payé

Futur antérieur

  • j' aurai payé
  • tu auras payé
  • il/elle aura payé
  • nous aurons payé
  • vous aurez payé
  • ils/elles auront payé
  • que je paye
  • que tu payes
  • qu' il/elle paye
  • que nous payions
  • que vous payiez
  • qu' ils/elles payent
  • que je paie
  • que tu paies
  • qu' il/elle paie
  • qu' ils/elles paient
  • que je payasse
  • que tu payasses
  • qu' il/elle payât
  • que nous payassions
  • que vous payassiez
  • qu' ils/elles payassent
  • que j' eusse payé
  • que tu eusses payé
  • qu' il/elle eût payé
  • que nous eussions payé
  • que vous eussiez payé
  • qu' ils/elles eussent payé
  • que j' aie payé
  • que tu aies payé
  • qu' il/elle ait payé
  • que nous ayons payé
  • que vous ayez payé
  • qu' ils/elles aient payé


Passé première forme

Passé deuxième forme

How to Conjugate the French Verb "Payer" (to Pay)

Tim Robberts / Getty Images

When you want to say "to pay" in French, you'll use the verb  payer . This is different than  acheter , which means "to buy," though studying both is not a bad idea because they're both useful for expanding your French shopping vocabulary .

You will also need to know how to conjugate these verbs. This lesson will walk you through the basic conjugations for  payer  so you can say things such as "I will pay" and "we paid" in French.

The Basic Conjugations of  Payer

Payer  is an  optional stem-changing verb , which is common for words that end in - ayer . This means that in the present singular and all future tenses the  y  changes to an  i  in the verb's stem of  pay- . However, this is optional, so you will notice two conjugations for each case where the stem may change.

Use the chart to study and memorize the most basic conjugations of  payer . You will match the subject pronoun to the appropriate tense for your sentence. For instance, "I am paying" is  je paie  or  je paye  and "we paid" is  nous payions .

Practicing these conjugations in context will help you commit them to memory. Luckily, there are  many common expressions with  payer , so you can use those include those in your studies.

The Present Participle of Payer

There is no stem change when you form the  present participle  of  payer . Instead, the - ant  ending is added to the verb stem to produce  payant.

Payer  in the Compound Past Tense

In French, one of the most common compound past tenses is known as the  passé composé . Rather than use the subject pronoun alone, you'll form it with the  auxiliary verb   avoir  and the  past participle   payé .

When constructing this, you'll conjugate  avoir   into the present tense that matches the subject, then attach the past participle. For example, "I paid" is  j'ai payé  and "we paid" is  nous avons payé .

More Simple Conjugations of  Payer

The conjugations above will be used most often, though there are a few more forms that you may need or encounter. Again, you'll notice the optional stem change in the subjunctive and conditional moods, so pay attention to those changes.

You might not use these forms of  payer  often, though they can be useful. The subjunctive , for instance, says that the action may or may not happen. In a similar fashion, the conditional  says that the action is dependent on another action. The other two— the passé simple  and  imperfect subjunctive —are used less often, though it is a good idea to at least be able to recognize them as a form of  payer .

You might also find it useful to use the imperative forms of payer . These are reserved for short commands and requests and there's no need to include the subject pronoun. Rather than nous payons , you can simplify it to payons .

conjugate tu payer

conjugate tu payer

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Payer – to pay

French verb conjugations.

  Payer is a stem-changing verb (y to i).


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conjugate tu payer

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Verb conjugation of "payer" in French

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French Conjugation Chart


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Payer Conjugation - Conjugate Payer in French

Payer is a French regular er verb meaning to pay . Payer appears on the 100 Most Used French Verbs Poster as the 15th most used regular er verb.

Payer Conjugation: Present Tense

Payer passé composé.

The passé composé of Payer is formed by combining the auxiliary verb avoir with the past participle payé.

Payer Participe Présent

The participe présent of Payer is payant.

Regular vs. Irregular Verbs

A verb is called a regular verb when its conjugation follows a typical pattern. A verb which does not follow these patterns exactly is called an irregular verb . In French, the 3 regular patterns are for verbs ending in er, re, and ir.

French Regular Verb Conjugation Chart

Looking for more verbs like Payer? Check out our French Conjugation Chart , the 100 Most Used French Verbs Poster!

conjugate tu payer

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conjugate tu payer

Conjugation French verb payer

Translation payer, indicatif (indicative), présent (present), passé composé (present perfect), imparfait (imperfect), plus-que-parfait (pluperfect), passé simple (simple past), passé antérieur (past perfect), futur simple (future), futur antérieur (past future), conditionnel (conditional), passé (perfect), subjonctif (subjunctive), passé (past), impératif (imperative), infinitif (infinitive), participe (participle), gérondif (gerund), synonyms for the verb payer.



Conjugation | Rules | Exercise | Spelling | Forum | Number | Video

French verb conjugation for payer

First group verb Conjugated with avoir English translation: to pay payer for a woman | 2 nd form | passive form | Without ? | ne pas payer | Print verb | Export to Word



Verbs in -ayer have two ways to be conjugated : 1/ either they keep the y eveywhere : je paye... 2/ either they replace the y with a i in front of a silent e so in front of terminations e, es, ent, erai, erais : je paie. Remark the i to the two first plural persons to indicative imperfect and subjonctive present

Fréquent - Intransitif - Transitif

Shape of sentence

Similar verbs.

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Conjugation of verb "payer" in French

Conjugation of the verb payer Verb paye / payai / payé       pay , remit , treat

Passé Simple

Futur Simple

Subjonctif Présent

Subjonctif Imparfait

Conditionnel Présent

Passé Composé


Passé Antérieur

Futur Antérieur

Subjonctif Passé

Subjonctif Plus-que-parfait

Conditionnel Passé

In this section you can decline nouns and adjectives, conjugate verbs in all modes and tenses in 7 languages - English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. Learn the rules of conjugation and declension and see translations in context.

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payer – to pay

French verb conjugation tables.

conjugate tu payer

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Payer = To pay

French verb conjugation tables with examples and audio.

conjugate tu payer

Payer (to pay) is a semi-regular French verb .

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