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What is Conclusion of Technology ? In simple words.

conclusion of essay on technology

It’s Sunday morning and children are playing in the park, the smell of fresh bread is mesmerizing you, Adults are talking and laughing, No one’s using phones and everyone is having a quality time.

No, It’s not a dream. It was the life before social media and 4G technology .

Conclusion of technology in human life

Technology has impacted almost every sphere of human life. Our lives aren’t the same as our ancestors and the next generations won’t have the same lives as us.

Advancements in technology have made life much easier, the world is connected like never before, Research and development is on it’s peak too but something is missing !

What  is it ??

It’s peace, satisfaction and happiness. Anyone born a decade ago could remember the time before social media and the 4G revolution, when everything used to be slow and peaceful.

People ate without taking pictures of it, Children used to play in the grounds, everyone wasn’t busy with their mobile phones all the time, there were no new controversies everyday, When It wasn’t all about showing off, how much you have. It was a period of real happiness and joy.

Everything was not perfect in that time period too, Development was slow, there were problems of poverty and discrimination but most of the people were more satisfied and happier than they are now.

Technology increased competition, it increased unemployment rates, People are becoming meaner than ever, Now it’s all about how rich and physically beautiful you are, and the real happiness is lost somewhere behind.

At this rate we won’t be human anymore, we would have turned into senseless robots who know nothing but greed and lust.

Conclusion of technology - Something missing

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Conclusion of Technology in education 

Education is one the few spheres of human life where technology has made more positive impacts than the negative ones.

Historically, education was more of oral and hereditary type where parents used to teach children about the works they did and the children to their children and so on. But after the print revolution, it was printed books that took the charge of education.

With time, Print technology advanced and the costs of books and education got cheaper making it accessible to more people.

Now, Education is seeing another revolution and it’s digital. Printed books are slowly transforming into digital media and this form of education is better than books because it emphasizes more on visual knowledge than the traditional textual knowledge.

With digital technology, students can learn with their own pace and it allows them to explore things that they could never find in books.

Read more about – Impacts of technology in education ( Classrooms )

There are challenges for digital technology in education too, like it makes students more prone to cheating, It allows them to do less labour.

But the advantages that the technology in education has, surely overshadows it’s disadvantages. Digital technology is indeed the future of education.

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What is conclusion of technology - A double edged sword

There’s been too much debate on the conclusion about technology , but now let’s end this ……..

What can we conclude from all these debates and discussion on Technology?

Technology essay conclusion paragraph 

Technology is a double edged sword that must be wielded properly if we don’t want ourselves cut. The advantages that technology has are immense. All that knowledge, production capabilities, connectivity etc are results of technology but if we use it recklessly for short term gains then it surely will lead to our own destruction.

Conclusion of Technology

Technology has been one of the best things that have ever happened to human civilization. Most of the things we see around us like: The health and educational services, Information and communication technology, Automobile – housing and even the present society in which we live in, all are the direct or indirect products of technology.

Technology is the one that took us to the heights of space and to the depths of  oceans. It helped us to understand our past and to build our future. It is the single biggest reason that human civilization became what it is today.

But many times we hear arguments like: Technology is destroying earth and its habitants, and it can be dangerous for very existence of the human race.

These arguments aren’t totally wrong! Technology indeed has many dangerous side effects. But technology itself is not the problem here. The real damage is done from overuse of technology by some people, industries and countries for their own selfish interests.

The solution to these problems is Sustainable development with mutual cooperation. If trust can be established between everyone and the use of technology is administered then It can take us to unimaginable heights.

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Kate Billingsley


Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Technology is a tool that can be used to solve real-world problems. The field of Science, Technology, and Society (STS) “seeks to promote cross-disciplinary integration, civic engagement, and critical thinking” of concepts in the worlds of science and technology ( Harvard University, n.d.). As an aspect of everyday life, technology is continuously evolving to ensure that humanity can be productive, efficient, and follow the path of globalization . STS is a concept that encompasses countless fields of study. “Scientists, engineers, and medical professionals swim (as they must) in the details of their technical work: experiments, inventions, treatments and cures. “promotes cross-disciplinary integration, civic engagement, and critical thinking” It’s an intense and necessary focus” ( Stanford University , n.d.). On the opposite side of the spectrum is STS, which “draws attention to the water: the social, political, legal, economic, and cultural environment that shapes research and invention, supports or inhibits it — and is in turn shaped by evolving science and technology” ( Stanford University , n.d.). Technology is a crucial part of life that is constantly developing to fit the changing needs of society and aiding humanity in simplifying the demands of everyday life.

According to Oberdan (2010), science and technology share identical goals. “At first glance, they seem to provide a deep and thorough going division between the two but, as the discussion progresses, it will become clear that there are, indeed, areas of overlap, too” (Oberdan, 25). Philosophers believe that for a claim to be considered knowledge, it must first be justified, like a hypothesis, and true.  Italian astronomer, physicist, and engineer, Galileo Galilei , was incredibly familiar with the obstacles involved with proving something to be a fact or a theory within the scientific world. Galileo was condemned by the Roman Catholic church for his beliefs that contradicted existing church doctrine (Coyne, 2013). Galileo’s discoveries, although denounced by the church were incredibly innovative and progressive for their time, and are still seen as the basis for modern astronomy today. Nearly 300 years later, Galileo was eventually forgiven by the church, and to this day he is seen as one of the most well known and influential astronomers of all time. Many new innovations and ideas often receive push back before becoming revolutionary and universal practices.


Flash forward to modern time where we can see that innovation is happening even more around us. Look no further than what could be considered the culmination of modern technological innovation: the mobile phone. Cell phone technology has developed exponentially since the invention of the first mobile phone in 1973 ( Seward , 2013). Although there was a period for roughly 20 years in which cell phones were seen as unnecessary and somewhat impractical, as society’s needs changed and developed in the late 1990s, there was a large spike in consumer purchases of mobile phones. Now, cell phones are an entity that can be seen virtually anywhere, which is in large part due to their practicality. Cell phones, specifically smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone , have changed the way society uses technology. Smartphone technology has eliminated the need for people to have a separate cell phone, MP3 player, GPS, mobile video gaming systems, and more. Consumers may fail to realize how many aspects of modern technological advancement are involved in the use of their mobile phones. Cell phones use wifi to browse the internet, use google, access social media, and more. Although these technologies are beneficial, they also allow consumers locations to be traced and phone conversations to be recorded. Modern cell phone technologies collect data on consumers, and many people are unsure how this information is being used. Additionally, mobile phones come equipped with virus protection which brings the field of cybersecurity into smartphone usage. The technological advances that have been made in the market for mobile phones have been targeted towards the changing needs of consumers and society. As proven by the rise in cell phones, with advancements in the field of STS comes new unforeseen obstacles and ethical dilemmas.

​Technology is changing the way we live in this world. Innovations in the scientific world are becoming increasingly more advanced to help conserve earth’s resources and aid in the reduction of pollutants . Transportation is a field that has changed greatly in recent years due to modernization in science and technology, as well as an increased awareness of environmental concerns. The transportation industry continues to be a large producer of pollution

Tesla Model 3 Monaco

due to emissions from cars, trains, and other modes of transportation. As a result, cars have changed a great deal in recent years. A frontrunner in creating environmentally friendly luxury cars is Tesla, lead by CEO Elon Musk. Although nearly every brand of car has an electric option that either runs completely gas free, or uses significantly less fuel than standard cars, Tesla has taken this one step further and created a zero emissions vehicle. However, some believe that Tesla has taken their innovations in the transportation market a bit too far, specifically with their release of driverless cars.

“The recent reset of expectations on driverless cars is a leading indicator for other types of AI-enabled systems as well,” says David A. Mindell,  professor of aeronautics and astronautics, and the Dibner Professor of the History of Engineering and Manufacturing at MIT. “These technologies hold great promise, but it takes time to understand the optimal combination of people and machines. And the timing of adoption is crucial for understanding the impact on workers” ( Dizikes , 2019).

As the earth becomes more and more polluted, consumers are seeking to find new ways to cut down on their negative impacts on the earth. Eco-friendly cars are a simple yet effective way in which consumers can cut back on their pollution within their everyday lives.


The way in which energy is generated has changed greatly to benefit consumers and the environment. Energy production has followed a rather linear path over time, and is a prime example of how new innovations stem from old technologies. In the early 1800s, the steam engine acted as the main form of creating energy. It wasn’t until the mid-late 1800s that the combustion engine was invented. This invention was beneficial because it was more efficient than its predecessor, and became a form of energy that was streamlined to be used in countless applications. As time has progressed, this linear path of innovation has continued. As new energy creating technologies have emerged, machinery that was once seen as efficient and effective have been phased out. Today, largely due to the increased demand for clean energy sources, the linear path has split and consumers are faced with numerous options for clean, environmentally friendly energy sources. Over time, scientists and engineers have come to realize that these forms of energy pollute and damage the earth. Solar power, a modern form of clean energy, was once seen as an expensive and impractical way of turning the sun’s energy into usable energy. Now, it is common to see newly built homes with solar panels already built in. Since technology develops to fit the needs of society, scientists have worked to improve solar panels to make them cheaper and easier to access. A total of 173,000 terawatts (trillions of watts) of solar energy strikes the Earth continuously, which is more than 10,000 times of the world’s total energy use ( Chandler , 2011). This information may seem staggering, but is crucial in understanding the importance, as well as the large influence that modern forms of energy can have on society.

Technology has become a crucial part of our society. Without technological advancements, so much of our everyday lives would be drastically different. As technology develops, it strives to fulfill the changing needs of society. Technology progresses as society evolves. That being said, progress comes at a price. This price is different for each person, and varies based on how much people value technological and scientific advancements in their own lives. Thomas Parke Hughes’s Networks of Power “compared how electric power systems developed in America, England, and Germany, showing that they required not only electrical but social ‘engineering’ to create the necessary legal frameworks, financing, standards, political support, and organizational designs” ( Stanford University ). In other words, the scientific invention and production of a new technology does not ensure its success. Technology’s success is highly dependent on society’s acceptance or rejection of a product, as well as whether or not any path dependence is involved. Changing technologies benefit consumers in countless aspects of their lives including in the workforce, in communications, in the use of natural resources, and so much more. These innovations across numerous different markets aid society by making it easier to complete certain tasks. Innovation will never end; rather, it will continue to develop at increasing rates as science and technological fields becomes more and more cutting edge.

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Chandler, D. (2011). Shining brightly: Vast amounts of solar energy radiate to the Earth constantly, but tapping that energy cost-effectively remains a challenge.  MIT News. 

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“Tesla Model 3 Monaco”  is licensed under  CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

To the extent possible under law, Kate Billingsley has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Science, Technology, & Society: A Student-Led Exploration , except where otherwise noted.

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conclusion of essay on technology

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Modern Technology Essays

by Raluca (Calgary, Canada)

conclusion of essay on technology

Old People Modern Technology

Some old people today struggle with the use of modern technologies such as smartphones and computers. What is the cause of this? What are some possible solutions? Often, we find elderly people get frustrated with their lack of technological fluency - this stems from a multitude of reasons. This essay will focus on two main causes of this problem including the rapid development of technology and the limited access to modern technologies that elderly people might face. In addition, this essay will also provide a few examples of simple solutions that may solve these problems if implemented: these include programmes that can be hosted by school students or government subsidies. With rapid technological developments that are ever-present in virtually every society, people are in a constant attempt to keep updated with the current trends and technologies. Unfortunately, a generation has been left out of the digital revolution. This can be attributed to the difficulties they face when accessing modern technology. This does not, however, solely stem from their inability to discern between different features on modern technologies; rather, a lack of accessible information for the elderly regarding technology is the main cause of this issue. Since their access to tools that can guide them through technological processes is inhibited (they may require prior knowledge such as using softwares, for example, Google), elderly people may get discouraged and choose to renounce technology. However, this can be solved with a few simple solutions that directly target these problematic causes. Introducing a variety of programmes and volunteering schemes may tackle these issues. Through free online or in-person programmes, elderly people can be guided through the complexities of technology and can access assistance along their journey to better understand technology. For instance, high-school students can reach out to old-age homes to provide free seminars that focus on a single topic - for example, how to use Facebook to connect with friends and families across the globe. These not only help with assisting elderly people with technology, but they also bolster relationships between two generations. Alternatively, government subsidies can be implemented to help provide modern technology to those that are low on savings and lack financial stability. This will encourage more old people to pick up their smartphones and experiment! Through proper guidance and assistance, anyone can develop crucial skills in foreign areas, even if it is as intimidating as modern technology. To conclude, constant advancements in technology can leave old people behind on all the exciting new features and benefits it has to offer. This essay briefly elaborated on how limited accessibility to technology and a lack of guidance and information on the basics are responsible for this issue. Furthermore, this essay suggested possible solutions that can be implemented by various groups of society - students, governments, or educational institutes - that will minimise the impact of this issue.

Work and Study from Home Essay

Around the world, many adults are working from home, and more children are beginning to study from home because technology has become cheaper and more accessible. Do you think this is a positive or negative development? The world is getting change. It is irrefutable that technology makes a huge contribution to happen this. Working remotely or the environment of education are only a few examples of these changes. However, we try to get used to these changes these days. In my opinion, there are several drawbacks and benefits, also. First of all, in terms of education has some drawbacks. The last generation is observed as computer-tending individuals. They like a waste of their time surfing on social media, chatting, or playing a game, so computer-based education ease up distracts them. Education means not only learning some subjects but also improving your social life skills such as communication skills, team works, or do's&don't's rule. Physically education is more effective to obtain these skills. In addition to this, there is nothing to replace with a teacher for a successful education life. Teacher and class-based education should be the main task and it can be combined with online sessions additional courses or exercises. However, working from home have some benefits for employee and employer. It saves money and time, so it can be suggested for possible work-field. For example, some people commute from far away places, which means that employees have to spend extra time to arrive at their job and extra money for travel. Besides this, people consume water, electricity by working offices, this makes benefits for the employer. Furthermore, employers can hire more qualified employees around the world thanks to working at home. ın terms of the worker, they catch a chance to living wherever they want, maybe it decreases in some places' density because of the job opportunity. In conclusion, worldwide computer spreading has some advantages and disadvantages. From the point of view of adults, it is beneficial for saving money and time. While, for the youth, it would be better traditional education mixed with new technologic facilities.

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conclusion of essay on technology

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conclusion of essay on technology

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conclusion of essay on technology

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Essay on Technology

List of essays on technology, essay on technology – for school students (class 7, 8, 9 and 10 standard) (essay 1 – 600+ words), essay on technology – for college and university students (essay 2 – 750 words), essay on technology – long essay for competitive exams like ias, ips, upsc and civil services (essay 3 – 1000 words).

Technology can be said to be basically application of information for the building and development of devices and equipment that can be used in a lot of different ways.

Today, technology is now a very integral part of the day-to-day life for each and every one of us. Even though technology has gone a very long way in making life more convenient for every one of us, technology has also brought along a variety of negative effects that we cannot overlook.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard), college and university students. Furthermore, those students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS, Civil Services and UPSC can also increase their knowledge by reading these essays.


Technology is basically the way we execute the discoveries of science and blend it with our own needs. Technology is a general term used to refer to the different tools, machines and equipment we use in everyday life. These tools and equipment have been invented by man to make the tasks faster, easier and more comfortable.

Advancements of Technology:

Since the invention of the wheel to the use of microchips in computers and mobiles, technology has come a long way. The man has reached the moon and explored the outer space just because of the advancement in the aeronautics field. Even in primitive occupations such as agriculture, there have been so many technological advancements with modern tools such as traction engine and steam tractor technology which has helped us make progress.

Prominent Examples:

Although there have been countless examples where technology has changed our lives, there are some which are considered as revolutions for mankind. The technology used in the field of robotics in one such fine example. Nowadays robots are being used by people and industries all over the world for various purposes. They are also used in places which are otherwise considered harmful for humans thereby protecting us. One such area is the cleaning and managing of radioactive waste.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another field which is a classic example of the technological advancements man has achieved. Who could have imagined that a machine would be capable of thinking like us? That is what AI has been successful in doing. It is an intelligent machine capable of behaving like us. It can do activities such as problem-solving, planning, learning and even reasoning. Today AI is used in all major areas such as warfare, security, healthcare and communication. On top of this, it is far more efficient than us and has a lower rate of error.

Importance of Technology:

Technology has its own importance in our lives. Without technological advancements, our lives would not have been simpler and faster. The modernisation that the world is witnessing today has all been possible because of the technological developments in different fields. Moreover, it has helped in reducing the risks people had to undertake in many sectors such as mining. With new tools available, the tasks are less risky and are more efficient as well.

Drawbacks of Technology:

Although technological advancements are important for us, it is also true that we seem to be over-dependent on them nowadays.

The drawbacks of technology can be seen in the following ways:

1. The use of mobiles was meant to be able to keep in touch in difficult times. But now we see kids too much involved in the different applications on mobiles and killing their valuable time.

2. Many crimes have been reported through the misuse of digital technology.

3. Also, it has been seen that many people lack the basic education required to ensure the proper use of the technology available today. In fact, most of them use it for the sake of fashion and hence end up misusing it.

4. People have been so dependent on technology that they no more want to do any kind of manual activity. Even for small works that can be done manually, people prefer to do it through technology. This has resulted in making humans mentally as well as physically dormant.


Technology is surely a boon for mankind. It is all the more important for the economic growth of a country. Modern technologies have in fact succeeded in reducing the human effort and the risk in doing a lot many things. But, still, it is for us to see how best we make use of the technology available to us.

While on one hand we can make use of technological advancements of nuclear energy to generate electricity and help many villages lighten us, at the hand the same nuclear energy can be used to create bombs which can cause mammoth destruction. Similarly, robots and other technological advancements have served as a good servant to us but the moment it becomes the master it can wipe off humanity from the Earth.

Technology can be said to be basically application of information for the building and development of devices and equipment that can be used in a lot of different ways. Today, technology is now a very integral part of the day-to-day life for each and every one of us. Even though technology has gone a very long way in making life more convenient for every one of us, technology has also brought along a variety of negative effects that we cannot overlook. Discussed here are some of the many ways in which our lives has been impacted by technology and how we can find the right balance for us to be able to overcome the different negative effects of technology.

Invention of Technology:

Technology is as old as life itself. At every point of our civilisation as humans, we have always had different forms of technology so it would not be possible to point out the exact invention of technology.

Advantages of Technology:

All of the things that we make use of daily including internet connection, lamps, cars, air conditioners, phones, laptops, bikes, refrigerators and even gas stoves are all products of technology. Technology has made our life easier and smoother. We can get everything just by a single click of our fingers.

Addiction to Technology:

It is fine if we technology to improve our life and how we live our lives. The problem however lies with addiction to the various technological devices that we use in making our lives better and this addiction can be very disastrous. Today, we have gone so deep into the use of technology that every one of us is busy glued to various technologies and devices today. A very good example is our cell phones, no matter where you go, you will find people busy focused on their phones even when it is not safe for them to do so like while walking on the road, driving a car, or even operating a heavy machinery at work.

Some people are addicted to televisions and they cannot afford to miss an episode of their favourite programmes even when they have more important things to do at that time. Another one is that a lot of people cannot go the shortest distance without using a car, even when it is healthy to walk a few times. As a result of this, we live in a generation where a lot of us are not fit and many are suffering from obesity as a result of their apparent lack of physical exercise.

Negative Effects of Technology:

Addiction to technology has a lot of negative effects on us both mentally and physically.

Some of them are discussed below:

i. As a result of using technology, there has been an increase that is drastic in the pollution of our environment and this has led to a variety of different health problems, global warming and the depletion of our various natural resources.

ii. Because of the abundance of entertainment provided by technology in our homes, people are not seeing any reason why they should go out and enjoy nature. Today, most people especially kids would rather stay indoors than go outside and get involved in different outdoor activities. As a result of this, different health problems like stress; sleeping habits that are poor and obesity are now very rampant.

iii. Today while being too taken to technology, a lot of young people have developed social isolation which usually results in a lack of the much needed social skills to survive in life. Using technology to the extreme mixed with a life that is socially isolated can end up in depression.

Finding the Right Balance between Nature and Technology:

It is usually hard for a lot of people to find the right balance between nature and technology. There are some people that have become so addicted to technology and the way of life that technology brings that such people have totally forgotten how life is with nature. Also there are some people that have refused to accept technology and are stuck with old ways which makes them to live a life that is not up to standard.

Finding the right balance means living both forms of life moderately without going overboard in any one. Doing this will go a very long way in living a life that is both easy (through technological advancements) and healthy (through nature), it is important that we find the right balance between nature and technology.

Technology can be said to be very addictive as a result of its convenience and the easy comfort sources accompanied with entertainment that it offers. It is however important that one tries to find a balance between nature and technology and not get too much of technology. If one can do this, it is sure that one’s life will change for a better and one would be able to live a life that is happy and free of stress and depression.

What is technology?

We live in a world driven by technology — hardly anyone would argue with you if you said this. Technology, literally meaning the “science of craft”, refers to the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used to produce goods or services or for accomplishing objectives such as scientific investigation. Technology can be embedded in machines enabling them to be used by people even without a detailed knowledge of their inner workings.

Technological growth is closely linked to the expansion of scientific research and knowledge. In the last 50 years, thanks to the exponential increases in computing power and microchip design and manufacture, there has been unprecedented innovation and technological growth in nearly every field of human endeavour from health and transport to industrial production and education.

Technology in Daily Life:

It is automotive technology that drives today’s electric and hybrid cars, and which will drive tomorrow’s driverless cars, hover-taxis and space cabs.

It is technology that drives the ubiquitous mobile phones that you will now find in the hands of even the poorest of the world’s poor. It is technology that creates hybrid seeds that resist inhospitable climatic conditions and difficult terrain, giving high yields in shorter times.

It is advancing medical technology that makes remote surgery, minimally invasive surgery and life-saving cures using stem cell transplants. Technology puts spacecrafts on asteroids and distant planets and lets us see new worlds. Technology splits atoms, revealing their secrets, and gives us ways to exploit them to create energy, quantum storage for data, and virtual reality games.

Technological growth: good or bad?

There are people who strongly oppose technology and claim that it spells the death of ‘humanity’, and that we are approaching the day when machines will rule everything. They refer to fans of technology as ‘techies’ or sometimes ‘geeks’. On the other hand, proponents of technology call these people Luddites, a derogatory name for someone who is opposed to industrialisation, automation, computerisation and new technologies in general.

Is this true? Is technology really a curse disguised as a blessing? Many believe that the convergence of biotechnology and AI might be the most consequential development of all.

When Technologies Converge:

In the last five decades, two areas in particular have grown faster than the rest, powered by research and advances in computing power. One is artificial intelligence, or AI; the other is biotechnology. Huge benefits have emerged from each of them for human beings in general, such as self-driving cars — which will dramatically reduce the death rate from road accidents — and robotic surgery, which enables precise, highly efficient and targeted surgical interventions.

Yet, visionaries like Yuval Noah Harari, author of the best-selling Homo sapiens and Deus , are now warning that the convergence of biotechnology and AI will irreversibly and unpredictably change both the quality of human life and its challenges in the next few decades. A good example of this is the facial recognition technology that is now present in all photo management programs. The AI in the software is capable of not only spotting the faces in every photograph but also recognising the person by name.

This technology has now expanded so that photo apps can recognise cats, dogs, beaches, mountains and cars too. Computers with AI are already correctly identifying human emotions through observing facial expressions and body movements. Some robots are able to mimic human emotions. This is called affective computing, sometimes called artificial emotional intelligence, and refers to the study and development of systems and devices that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human affects.

How could this be a negative?

When Computers become Human-Like:

The ability to read human emotions is just a step away from predicting human emotions. For example, if a computer attached to a video camera could identify which products a consumer is showing greater interest in or which ones he is really keen to buy, various tactics could be used to influence her to buy it.

Activists worry that computers that can understand and anticipate human wishes and desires by scanning their irises and analysing their micro-expressions could also be programmed to exploit and manipulate them.

Another very real fear is that humanoid computers with human-like skin, speech, and expressions could jeopardise and dehumanise relationship and create emotional vacuums.

Machines that do Human Jobs:

An enduring fear of Luddites has always been that computers will rob humans of their livelihood by taking their jobs and doing them more efficiently at lower cost. However, in reality the exact opposite has happened. As computerised machines began taking over mechanical and repetitive human activities, new jobs for people opened up that needs thinking and analytical skills and judgement, or human interpersonal skills. A good example is the worldwide proliferation of call centres.

When drones were invented many feared that pilots would soon be redundant. However, few people know that it takes almost 30 people to fly one military drone, and an additional 50 people to analyze and make sense of the data being streamed back by the drone.

The US army suffers from a serious shortage of trained, high quality drone pilots; anyone who masters this skill will have a job. But a social scientist warns that in 10 years, it is certain that computers will be flying that drone and humans will be redundant. Equally sure is that some brand new skill requirement will have opened up with advancing technology, calling for new talents.

How Technology will Change Careers:

In the 20th century, a young man was supposed to choose a skill, vocation or profession, master it through education and practice, and then earn a living from it till he or she retired. However, the fast-changing nature of technology is making skills obsolete at a higher rate than ever before. To survive, tomorrow young man must keep re-inventing himself and updating his skills continuously. Life could be difficult if every new skill has a shelf life of only a decade or so.

Or perhaps one could look at it the other way — and say that changing technology will keep human beings on their toes throughout their life.

Technology is the result of human inventiveness. It reflects our evolutionary heritage. We are neither strong like gorillas or tigers, nor fast like cheetahs and hawks, but our brains and thinking powers have given us the greatest edge of any species on the planet. Technology is a result.

Technology is either inherently good or bad; it is how we use it that makes it so. The splitting of a hydrogen atom is technology at work. As history has shown us, technology can equally be used to make a nuclear bomb that kills millions — or generate electricity that lights up a million homes.

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conclusion of essay on technology

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conclusion of essay on technology

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Technology is a systematic knowledge and action‚ usually of industrial processes but applicable to any recurrent activity. Technology is closely related to science and to engineering. Science deals with humans’ understanding of the real world about them—the inherent properties of space‚ matter‚ energy‚ and their interactions. Engineering is the application of objective knowledge to the creation of plans‚ designs‚ and means for achieving desired objectives. Technology deals with the tools and techniques

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We live in the age of technology . We commute by automobiles and airplanes and communicate by emails and mobiles. The media and the Internet provide us the latest information from all over the world. Movies filled with hi-tech special effects entertain us. Air conditioners and room heaters keep our life comfortable despite climatic inconveniences. Technology has changed almost every of our lives. Of course‚ technology may have concerns about the pollution and environmental problems. But overall most

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moreover it makes us available to get information about everything every time. In conclusion ‚ I would like to sum up and summarize again that internet is one of the most important innovations which makes our lives easy because of its several facilities. Email‚ earning money and getting news are very vital opportunities for everybody to make their life easier. nowadays our society has enjoyed the benefits of having modern

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We are now in the modernized and industrialized world‚ an ideal place for technology to develop. Technology has many benefits indeed‚ and those benefits may outweigh the costs. However‚ this depends largely on the effective utilization of each person‚ the way we use technology in daily life. Technology changes the world and makes it a better place for us to live. Many achievements are made to serve our needs. For example‚ in the past‚ weaving fabric was a difficult‚ time-consuming job. Since James

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Modern Technology Technology has increased within the last ten years. It has made communication much easier and more convenient. People communicate on a daily basis‚ and with modern technology ‚ people can communicate much easier and faster. Modern technology has changed the way teen’s deal with one another by increasing communication‚ making communication faster‚ and decreasing the amount of time spent face to face. First‚ modern technology has changed the way teens deal with one another by increasing

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Technology can be defined as science applied to practical purposes. It is easy to think about the advantages of modern technology ‚ but what about its disadvantages? Technology today has made life easier and quicker but also dangerous. Modern technology makes life easier for people. For example‚ microwave ovens cook food easily. Dishwashers wash all dirty dishes and dry them. Moreover TVs‚ personal computers‚ cell phones and the internet have enhanced the welfare and wellbeing of people worldwide

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life or death. So it is with modern technology . The purpose of technology should be reserved for the advancement of civilization. Technology should help us accomplish life ’s tasks faster; with less error and greater accuracy. In most cases it serves its purpose. For instance‚ when researching a cure for a disease like cancer the internet is a great tool. However‚ this same tool makes pornographic material more available than ever. At the end of the day‚ the technology will help you do what you want

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modern invention have speed up peoples lives amazingly.motor cars cover s 100 miles in just few time.all this saves time but at a phones also have their dangers‚ according to scientists too much use of mobile phones may transmit harmful radiation into our brains. Our behavior‚ also felt the impact of modern technology . people seem to be in a rush‚ and increasingly impatient. The obsession in saving time results in many people trying to imitate computers in an effort to handle tasks

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Technology The word  technology  refers to the making‚ modification‚ usage‚ and knowledge of tools‚ machines‚ techniques‚ crafts‚ systems‚ and methods of organization‚ in order to solve a problem‚ improve a preexisting solution to a problem‚ achieve a goal‚ handle an applied input/output relation or perform a specific function.  Technology can be viewed as an activity that forms or changes culture.[11] Additionally‚ technology is the application of math‚ science‚ and the arts for the benefit of life

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Department of Education division of city school Mariano Marcos Memorial High School Sta.Ana Manila Research On Modern Technology In partial Fulfillment of the requirements in English III Submitted to: Ms.Gie v. Pascual Submitted by: Pamela Louise Caliwag III-Emerson(6) Table Of Contents I . Title Page…………………………………........... i II. Acknowledgement…………………………….. ii III. Dedication……………………………………….. iii IV. Introduction……………………………………..

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Information technology is playing an increasingly important role in the work and personal lives of citizens. Computers‚ communications‚ digital information‚ software – the constituents of the information age – are everywhere. There is though‚ a considerable number of people that are really concerned about the changes that modern technology implies‚ stating that it embodies potential risks to social values‚ freedoms‚ and relationships and this is what Sherri Turkle also states in her Forbes magazine

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When we look back to the history of human being in recent 200 years‚ we will be surprising what a huge change modern technology has brought us. Trains and planes enable us to travel to everywhere we want. Internet and televisions communicate news to everyone. New technologies provide us a new standard of living‚ and I state that they are creating a single world culture. Modern technology has shortened the distance between cultures‚ and made the world smaller. People can travel or migrate from one

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that modern communication technology has a lot of advantages. However‚ the others claim that modern communication technology never has positives. I totally believe that modern communication technology has a number of strong points such as make new market or make new job force. According to development of communication technology ‚ people feel un-convenience especially old people. The older used to using their generation’s technology but nowadays‚ they fall behind because of new technology . Although

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Samantha Chan 1113 Research Essay 1 2.) Does modern technology always improve the quality of people’s lives? Nowadays‚ usage of technology can be seen as a necessity to almost everyone in the modern society. It is deemed to be able to improve the quality of people’s lives‚ which defines as a person’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the cultural or intellectual conditions that the person lives in. Is the advancement of technology only beneficial and not bring any adverse effects to us?

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Have modern technologies made the world better place? Most past of contemporary people cannot imagine their life without different devices‚ because they have to use it every day. Considering only our cell-phones or smartphones: we call‚ we send text-messages‚ look for necessary (or not) information in the internet‚ make notes‚ etc. We can use computer for a large amount of things‚ from typing a paper or sending a complaint somewhere to creating a music or attending lecture in the different part

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Portfolio №1 Task 2 Opinion Essay Does modern technology make life more convenient? It is clear that we are living in a developing century. It has never stopped advancing until to the present. If we look back at the history of human beings for the last 100 years‚ we make sure what amazing changes have happened. The discovery of modern technology brought about these changes. Beginning with the telegraph‚ and continuing on to and beyond mobile phones and computers‚ they

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Modern Technologies How did I ever survive living in an archaic world without modern technology ? I remember the days of physically moving your body up from the couch over to the TV to change the channel. A time when there were few television networks‚ all of which were local by the way‚ would sign off by airing a taped recording of the American flag proudly waving while the Star Spangled Banner played in the background. Today‚ I absolutely could not imagine living without modern technologies

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with ease‚ leading to the Age of Enlightenment; an example of technology as a cultural force. The use of the term technology has changed significantly over the last 200 years. Before the 20th century‚ the term was uncommon in English‚ and usually referred to the description or study of the useful arts.[1] The term was often connected to technical education‚ as in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (chartered in 1861).[2] " Technology " rose to prominence in the 20th century in connection with

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