14 Memories You Have Growing Up in Arizona

N ot unlike feral baby animals, kids from Arizona have to learn a few life lessons the hard way — most of these involving sharp natural objects, viciously toxic desert critters, and irradiated swimming holes. Here are some memories that Arizonans can look back on and wonder how we got out of the inferno intact.

1. Watching “Wallace and Ladmo” was a ritualistic household activity.

Or at least you heard about it all the time from your parents. One of the longest-running shows in the history of television, almost every Arizonan child has a fond memory of appearing on the kids’ program and getting their very own Ladmo bag.

2. You checked your bedsheets for scorpions every night after your bath.

You learned to sound the alarm to your parents only if the bug was an inch long or shorter.

3. You built an inch-thick layer of summer foot calluses from going barefoot on 130-degree asphalt.

You would hang out and play on the bubbling hot blacktop and limp home in pain.

4. You remember every stretch of the exactly six-hour drive to the beach.

Either Rocky Point or San Diego, depending on your parents’ style. There was desert, desert, desert, and more desert, and then…voila! The Pacific Ocean emerged, glittering in all its glory. Your car probably overheated on the way home, but we can gloss over that part.

5. You hung out at Slide Rock before anyone knew it was full of some gross toxin.

You have never paid the $20-per-car fee to get in, you had no idea it was a historic apple farm until you were an adult, and you’re sure it’s never been thoroughly cleaned up. But your childhood weekend swimming trips on that stretch of Oak Creek totally explain you and your friends’ indestructible foot fungus.

6. You hoped and prayed for one snow day a year.

Knowing it would only require an inch of accumulation or some report of black ice to cancel school.

7. You played in the sprinkler, the Slip ‘N Slide, or with Willy Water Bug on the AstroTurf lawn.

Until you were finally allowed to go to the public pool.

8. You lost a dog to a rattlesnake bite, a javelina goring, or a black widow nip.

Arizona kids’ Old Yeller stories are just a little more badass than people who grew up somewhere else.

9. Every June you and your family kept the tradition of frying eggs on the sidewalk.

And if you were a jerk, maybe you crisped a few unlucky ants with a magnifying glass too.

10. You got Rodeo Days off from school.

But due to state priorities maybe not Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

11. You kept a horny toad or tarantula as a pet in a loosely covered aquarium from which they continually escaped.

Sure, maybe they weren’t the snuggliest critters to cuddle up with, and maybe they didn’t do cool tricks, but by golly, they were loyal when you caught them.

12. The first car you learned to drive was a stick shift, and you practiced on dirt roads and/or in an abandoned strip mall parking lot.

Luckily, we have the wide open, overbuilt spaces for that.

13. It was always freezing on Halloween, but at least that meant the end of summer.

“Freezing” means it got down into the 50s.

14. You went along with your family to Bashas or Smiths.

childhood memories with sister essay

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What Is a Personal Essay (Personal Statement)?

Glossary of grammatical and rhetorical terms.

A personal essay is a short work of autobiographical nonfiction characterized by a sense of intimacy and a conversational manner. Also called a personal statement . 

A type of creative nonfiction , the personal essay is "all over the map," according to Annie Dillard. "There's nothing you can't do with it. No subject matter is forbidden, no structure is prescribed. You get to make up your own form every time." ("To Fashion a Text," 1998) .

Examples of Personal Essays


Theresa Werner, "Personal Essay."  Encyclopedia of the Essay , ed. by Tracy Chevalier. Fitzroy Dearborn, 1997

E.B. White , Foreword to  Essays of E.B. White . Harper and Row, 1977

Cristina Kirklighter,  Traversing the Democratic Borders of the Essay . SUNY Press, 2002

Nancy Sommers, "Between the Drafts."  College Composition and Communication , February 1992

Richard F. Nordquist, "Voices of the Modern Essay." Dissertation University of Georgia, 1991

childhood memories with sister essay

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My Childhood Memory Essay

Personal narrative: my family trip to disney world.

The first morning we woke up and went to the bus stop. The bus picked us up and took us to Epcot. There was a big shiny ball that you could go inside. We all got in line, but because we had fast passes we could pass everyone. We got on this car thingy and it started flying around the room. Then there was questions we had to answer on the wall. It was so cool, my sister loved it. When we were done with that we all rode the Test Track. You got to make your own car

Childhood Studies Essay

The key features of childhood studies include respecting the rights of children. These rights are set out by the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children (or UNCRC). The UNCRC is made up of 54 legally binding accounts covering key elements concerning children. The UNCRC divided these 54 accounts into categories of the 3 P’s those being Participation, this enabling a child to participate in decisions made in their best interest. Protection, a right to be protected from any kind of abuse or exploitation. Provision, to provide a child with healthy food, safe housing and suitable education.

Family Memory Essay

Of all the memories that I have with my family on vacation, the memory that is worth telling is the time I went to Atlanta, Georgia. I was about four or five years old and was still attending Preschool. I remember it as if it was yesterday. It was spring break and my family decided to rent a van out and travel down to see my aunt Cherie. There was my mother, grandmother, my aunt and her two daughters Yasmine and Imani and I. We left early in the morning on Good Friday so we could beat some of the traffic. I slept for about the first three hours of the ride and I wo being surrounded by trees and the open road. Everyone in the car is talking making jokes as my aunt was driving. As we are getting more than halfway there, my mother starts to feel nauseous and told my aunt to pull the car over.

Reminiscing With Young Children Essay

Karen Salmon and Elaine Reese analyze The Benefits of Reminiscing With Young Children (2016) in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science. Though it is common knowledge that speaking to one’s child is a significant factor in the child’s future success and intelligence, Salmon and Reese argue that not all talk is created equal. According to them, there are significant benefits to specifically talking about the past in an elaborate and emotion-rich way. Benefits include increased emotional intelligence, increased autobiographical capacity, and overall memory benefits, which are accessible regardless of socioeconomic status, history of maltreatment or psychopathology.

Childhood Essay

1.1 – Explain the factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development

Disney World: My Three Times In The Disney World

    It was our last day at the park and it started off great. My three older siblings, my parents and I went on all the rides we could get on together, but since I was tiny and my siblings wanted to get on roller coasters we decided to split up. My siblings would go with my dad to do more adventurous things while my mom and I would hit up the smaller kids zone. We would then meet up right in front of the castle for the fireworks.

Childhood Memories Essay

As the United States slipped into the Great Depression in the early 1930s, President Hoover's most generous response was to lend government funds to__________________

Personal Narrative On A Disney World

It was amazing, we didn't go on the many rides but the ride that I remember most was going on space mountain. It was so fun, we got whipped around corners so fast it felt like we were gonna fall off the track, and the ride was pitch dark besides the little lights placed to make it look like you're in a tunnel. Most of the time we walked around, and we watched the parade. On the second day we went to animal kingdom, it was so cool. In animal kingdom there are different sections that are different countries so it was kinda confusing but still fun. I liked how every country had different food related to that country. We went on the safari and I got lot of photos of the animals. The funnest part of animal kingdom was going on mount everest. I had never been on a roller coaster that big, I was really scared but once it started going it was so much fun. Bailey on the other hand hated the ride, at one part it goes backwards really fast and she couldn't breathe, so after that ride she was scared of roller coasters for a while, but she got over it eventually. On the third day my grandpa wasn't feeling good so he stayed at the hotel and had to miss the best park, epcot. When we first got to epcot we went to the coral reef restaurant, It was so good. It was also really cool that you got to watch the fish and sharks while you ate. Even though there went any seats available near the aquarium, it was still really good. Our waiter was very nice too, we offered to make us a smoothie that wasn't even on the menu, which were so good I can't even describe it. After we went to go on the rides at epcot so me and bailey went on mission earth, which was a ride that you had to go to the moon in a spaceship but you got to steer the ship. After we got off the ride my grandma felt sick and we had to go back to the hotel sadly. Unfortunately the fourth day was our last day, so we just hung around in the hotel till we

Personal Narrative-Disney World And Seaworld

Heather and Sara sat behind my Grandparents. Papaw was driving with Grandma in the passenger seat, Sierra and I sat in the third row of seats. I remember just how cramped it was we had suitcases on the floorboard in front of us. I had my CD player and headphones, not the small ones either. The children had each brought a pillow and a blanket. I remember how Sierra had eaten leftover chili before we left early that morning, long before the sun broke the horizon. She made the car smell like rotten eggs the whole way to Florida. We had to keep rolling

My First Memory- Personal Narrative Essay

My First Memory- Personal Narrative I’ve had many memories during my lifetime, many good, and some bad. My

Personal Narrative

That morning we all got free food and then Buffet at the hotel they had amazing Bagels waffles blueberry muffins all types of muffins yogurt eggs bacon sausage it was all amazing. After we ate a large stomach couldn't hold any more we decided that we will go to the pool we waited about 15 minutes but couldn't wait the half hour. We swim around for about an hour then we took the elevator back to the hotel. We packed up our stuff. We went to leave and drove 4 hours then we stopped at a McDonald's and I had a chicken sandwich it was Incredible. Finally we reached Mall of America after hours of driving and seen all the cool sites. When we went to the mall we didn't really talk that much we went straight to the amusement park. There were so many roller coasters first me and my mom went on a Timmy Turner roller coaster. This roller coaster you would spend while you're on it was so much fun. It was a spiny ride and a roller coaster all in one. Then and Crystal went on some kind of the right thing. Then me and my mom went on the roller coaster that was for SpongeBob. And this roller coaster there is a straight down drop the adrenaline rush was amazing. Then we saw a Lego store that had gigantic helicopters people and the

Personal Narrative: My First Vacation To Florida

On the third day, we got up and went and ate breakfast a small cafe after that we left and made our way to an adventure land. As soon as we got there it was packed full of people. My parents paid for our tickets and My brother and me went to the amusement park side first the first thing we went on was the go-cart track.

When I was a young child I would love to hear my parents tell me that we were going on a trip. I would be full of excitement, because I knew that we would be going to a place that I had never seen before. My parents, my brother, and I would pack our luggage and venture out in our small gray minivan. Three of my most cherished memories in our minivan are when we went to Disney World, the beach, and the mountains.

Personal Narrative Story-A Short Story : Bike Disaster

Later that day, my sister and I went to the track at Memorial Park. My sister was teaching me how to bike. In the beginning, I was not happy and really wanted my dad to teach me instead of my sister. I was whining a lot whenever I passed my dad, but he always ignored me. Eventually, I gave up and allowed my sister to teach me how to bike. When I was finally able to ride the bike, my sister and I rode on the track together. We were talking to each other while paying attention to the road because

My Memories Of My Early Childhood Essay

My earliest memory I remember as a child is around the age of two years old. My Mother would put me in the playpen but I refused to stay. I was able to climb out of it. I remembered my Mother’s face expression that let me know that I better not climb out of the playpen again. This was one of my earliest memories of her setting her boundaries. When I got older, my Mother told me about the situation. She needed to clean and/or cook so she had to put me in the playpen. At the age of two years old, I just wanted to explore and didn’t want to stay in the playpen. This set the tone between us moving forward.

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childhood memories with sister essay

My Little Memory

Me and my little sister have many memories together, some bad, some good, and some that are so embarrassing we agree to never bring them up. One memory that really stands out in my mind is the day my sister shot her first deer. It was an odd day, we did not argue once, and that is very unusual, due to our major differences. My little sister and I may look alike, but we are defiantly complete opposites. I wake up every day and coat my face with pounds of makeup, while she wakes up last minute and runs out of the door. I am more outspoken but nice and she is sensitive and mean. Not only do these differences make us argue, but we rarely spend time doing the same thing. When she first asked me to go hunting with her my first thought was “ew no, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

Squinting my eyes to the over bearing light, I sat up in my bed. I could hear the raspy morning voice of my sister telling me to hurry up. The cold wood floor sent chills all over my body as I started to get dressed and it slowed me down. I wanted to get back into my warm pajamas and crawl into my flannel sheets and sleep the day away but to my dismay I left to gather our stuff. Getting out the deer blind, that was covered in spiders and their webs, put us a little behind schedule. When we finally got over the hill and to the spot we had scouted out the day before, we started to set up. We chose a spot that was like a valley, where four hills surrounded a strip of flat land. The hills made a good barrier from the direct cold wind and we only felt a …show more content…

The stillness of it all made it seem like a picture, like the earth was frozen in time. We were both zoned out taking in the surrounding. A small fox came out of a mound in the grown up grass and started running around in front of us occasionally pouncing down on what seemed to be a rat, each time he would come up with an empty mouth and keep on his way. Crows were perched high on tree limbs cawing to the others around, it sounded like a warning call, like something you hear in a scary movie. Suddenly it all seemed to stop, I heard my sister gasp and she jolted her legs to the side. I started to speak, but was interrupted by her telling me to move out of the way. Pulling her gun up she locked in on a deer running down the hill. We could hear each hoof hit the ground and we knew she could not get a good shot with it running. Panicking, I started to whistle, and to our disbelief, it stopped. Once again time was still. I did not move my eyes from the deer that was now about 100 yards away from us. My ears started to ring and I felt a knock in my chest. My sister jumped up and started to unload the gun; that is when I realized she had taken the shot. Unzipping us from the blind she started hopping around, it was like someone had just given her a million bucks. When we got over to the deer the excitement only grew, the deer was

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My Childhood Experience with My Sister

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When I was just turned four on my birthday I remember receiving my first ever teddy bear which was no doubt the most favourite and precious toy I had as a child. I remember waking up to my mother beside my bed with the biggest smile on her face,

“Wake up, wake up” she said “come and see the big surprise in the kitchen”. Slowly getting out of bed, she held my hand and led me out the door where I was greeted with an enormous bear hug from my dad standing in the most colorful balloon -filled living room ever.

“Happy Birthday Lalyn” my parents both sang, the past few days before that I knew they were planning the celebration, and just like every mischievous toddler, I spent a whole week searching the house high and low for ballon packets or presents that may have been hidden, hoping that no one had forgotten about me. I sure wasn’t disappointed.

My mother sat next to me cradling my baby sister, Hallena, or as I called her ‘little chubby cheeks’.


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Hallena was born just a few days before my birthday, and in some ways it felt like I also had the gift of a little sister to play with. I noticed one hand behind my mum’s back and thought, finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for. I closed my eyes tightly as the gift was placed in my hands. ‘Hmm, something soft and fluffy’, I opened my eyes, looked down and saw the most adorable little teddy bear ever.

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It was a simple brown bear with a little green bow tie, black buttoned nose and shiny brown bead eyes. I couldn’t recall exactly how he got his name, but we always called him Byron Bear. I loved the little bear instantly and it turned out I wasn’t the only one. Whenever Hallena couldn’t sleep I would try putting Byron near her in her cot, and just like magic, she’d sleep like a rock. From then on I would let her sleep with the bear every night, and he was mine during the day. Byron was important to both of us at that age, he was even there when Hallena was in the hospital.

It wasn’t until a few weeks after my sister was born before we noticed a few things were off. She started to have trouble breathing and had noticeably weak muscles and could barely move on her own. Doctors explained she had some kind of complication that I never really understood. Not only was it hard for my parents to explain medical terms to a four year old but it was heartbreaking for my family to take it in. It got to the point where she had to stay in hospital full time, we moved to a special home for families with sick children, which was closer to her hospital. Byron was always there to beside her at night, her favourite little friend. I had practically given her full ownership of the bear since I knew she needed him the most. Mum and I could swear we saw a little curl of a smile forming on her lips whenever she sees him and for her that would have been .

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"My Childhood Experience with My Sister." StudyMoose , 18 Nov 2019, http://studymoose.com/my-childhood-experience-with-my-sister-essay

StudyMoose. (2019). My Childhood Experience with My Sister . [Online]. Available at: http://studymoose.com/my-childhood-experience-with-my-sister-essay [Accessed: 3 Mar. 2023]

"My Childhood Experience with My Sister." StudyMoose, Nov 18, 2019. Accessed March 3, 2023. http://studymoose.com/my-childhood-experience-with-my-sister-essay

"My Childhood Experience with My Sister," StudyMoose , 18-Nov-2019. [Online]. Available: http://studymoose.com/my-childhood-experience-with-my-sister-essay. [Accessed: 3-Mar-2023]

StudyMoose. (2019). My Childhood Experience with My Sister . [Online]. Available at: http://studymoose.com/my-childhood-experience-with-my-sister-essay [Accessed: 3-Mar-2023]

My Childhood Experience with My Sister

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childhood memories with sister essay

My Childhood Has Shaped My Identity Essay

Essay about my cultural identity.

What is my cultural identity? As an American, I am Mexican because of my religion. As an American, I am Mexican because of the food I eat. As an American, I am Mexican because of the music I listen too. I describe myself as mostly Mexican because my family’s cultural identity comes from the culture of Mexico city. I am also an American citizen because I was born in Beloit, Wisconsin in the United States. My family are consider aliens to Americans but I feel like I am the one who is an alien that does not belong on either side of cultures. The rosary, tamales, and music are all key points to my realization of my true cultural identity.

Personal Narrative: How My Identities Shaped My Life

Throughout my life I have come from and created a few identities for myself. Perhaps, the most dominant identities that have been apart of my life are being an athlete and being a family orientated man. In this paper I will write about how my identities have shaped my life.

Personal Narrative: Growing Up As A Kid

Growing up as a kid, I was quite the troublemaker. I would do inappropriate things at inappropriate times and it caused me to get in trouble frequently. It didn’t matter whether or not I was in or out of school, I would continue to do obnoxious things. It could range from saying offensive words, physically hurting someone, or having zero consideration for others. At that time I felt like I didn't really know a lot about the world and it caused me to do things and ask questions later. You could just chalk it up to being a kid, however, I never knew how much it would affect my life going forward. I ruined my credibility, reputation, and relationships with certain friends and teachers through my actions and some of those relationships remain the

How Adoption Changed My Life

Who knew that something so beautiful could be so difficult? Adoption led me to a season of surrender, hurting, and healing, but most importantly, a place of grace and perception.

Personal Narrative: My Family As An Immigrant

My family consist of five people: my mother, father, sister, brother, and me. My dad works as a landscaper. My mom works at Ross dress for less, she works in taking out the merchandise from the boxes and putting them on the hangers, she has been working there for almost 10 years now. My parents immigrated here from Mexico to America a long time ago, before I was born, making them immigrants. My sister is 13 years old and my brother is 15. As for me, I am the oldest of my brother and sister, which means having to take up responsibility at a young age, and growing up early. Some of the responsibilities that i had to do was taking care of my brother and sister while my parents went to work, i’m the one who read all the important paperwork that would come in. I feel that even though i had to grow up early I received a little more trust when it came to going out with friends. Throughout my whole life I have only did one major move and it was from Concord to Antioch( not a huge distance), I moved when I was 6 or 7, and there wasn 't a lot to miss since I was at that stage where moving was the best part, also I barely to understood what was happening most of the time. I started 1st grade when I moved here to Antioch and the classes had already started so I was one of

The Other Wes Moore Character Analysis

The upbringing of a child contains many factors, many of which correlate to where a child grows up. The people, culture, and experiences of someone’s childhood are the greatest determining factor for what kind of person they will become. So how does the nature and nurture of one’s upbringing impact the decisions that they make, and their life in general? Author Wes Moore explores this question in his memoir, The Other Wes Moore, as it relates to two lives in particular. Moore main purpose in this book is to explore the overarching impact that a collection of expectations and decisions, not always one’s own, can have on someone’s life.

The Pros And Cons Of Sibling Rivalry

The term “sibling” refers to children who are related by blood and growing up as a family. It is quite common, though strange, that whenever the word sibling comes up, the word rivalry seems sure to follow, despite the fact that there are many strong sibling relationships between brothers and sisters, who like and enjoy each other’s company. Sibling rivalry has existed since times immemorial.

Developmental Autobiography

I was born in Dallas, Texas, in December of 1994. My parents were unmarried teenagers at the time of my birth and they married each other when I was eight years old. I lived with my mother, grandparents, and uncle until my parents married as an only child and I was collectively raised by all of my family members. I lived in Garland, Texas, for the most part of my infancy and childhood years and then I moved to McKinney, Texas, around the age of eight or nine. Throughout the rest of my childhood I lived in the same city and attended school there throughout the rest of my adolescent years.

Bootcamp Bro: A Short Story

My older brother has and always will be my best friend. Ten years is a large age difference but there was never a situation where he made me feel at all inferior to him. He comforts me when I’m down. He watches over me and is always there to keep me out of trouble. He stands up for me. He takes the fall for me and never asks for anything in return. I can’t recall a time where he wasn’t there for me… Even when he was two thousand miles away for three months

Personal Developmental Autobiography

For my Personal Developmental Autobiography, I choose to talk about my journey through the adolescence developmental stage. The Adolescence Developmental Stage is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. During this stage so many things happen. Puberty has already happened or is about to happen. Being interested in the opposite sex and going on dates happen. Some teenagers are having sex. Some teenagers start working during this time. Some teenagers later in adolescences start college application and prepare for graduations. I believe that the adolescence stage covers so much and is a huge transition. I decided to talk about several important changes

Being The Oldest Child Research Paper

Being the oldest is not a lot of fun since your parents expect more from you than the other siblings, for example, my parents expect me to be more responsible when it comes to school work, grades, chores, etc. Additionally, I’m expected to be a good role model by getting good grades and being a good and behaved child and help my little brothers with their homework and also finish mine on time. Furthermore, I get yelled at for the stupidest things just because of younger siblings or even younger cousins, for example, at my cousin 16th birthday party, she had an Akhand Path and all the kids were gathered in a room since they didn’t want to sit there for a long period of time. Moreover, since I also went there after a little while, I was supposed to keep all the little

Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up In My Life

Life for me growing up was super difficult. A lot of my childhood was pure traumatic. Also, it was a struggle for me and my family, money wise and food wise. Also, our house was very small. We even lost our father and I also became a teen mom.

Essay On Identity Development During Adolescence

Adolescence is a developmental transition between childhood and adulthood and also a period of prominent change for teenagers when physical changes are happening at an accelerated rate. Adolescence is not just marked by physical changes but also cognitive, social, emotional and interpersonal changes as well. The development of a strong and stable sense of self known as identity development is widely considered to be one of the crucial tasks of adolescence. Identity development of an adolescent is influenced by external factors, such as their environment, culture, religion, school and the media.

Self Identity Essay

Self-identity is defined as the recognition of one's potential and qualities as an individual, especially in relation to social context. In other words, self-understanding. Finding self-identity is more more difficult for some people than others. In the autobiography Black, White, and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self by Rebecca Walker, the author reflects on her identity as a mixed raced individual which is illustrated through Walker’s reflections. People define themselves in many different ways. For instance, some define themselves by their talents, hobbies, race, religion, color, gender, culture, sexual orientation, and/or age. What is your identity?

Importance Of Perseverance In My Life

Being born and raised in a third world country, me and my family didn’t always have everything we wanted nor the opportunity to change our circumstances. Nevertheless, we had each other and we were more than content. My mother had me in her early 20’s and had to work overseas to help provide for our family. My early childhood I was raised by my grandfather and cousins in Manila, Philippines. I later moved in with my mom and step father to America at the age of seven. Exposure to the American culture at a young age I was able to adjust to a memorable childhood, nevertheless, I had to work twice as hard as the other children because English was not my first language. At age eight, I had a preview of hard work, but it did not stop there.

More about My Childhood Has Shaped My Identity Essay

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My Childhood Memories Essay

childhood memories with sister essay

My Childhood Memories Of Peppermint

that one familiar smell can bring back so many memories? The smell that can bring me back to my past and fill my heart with joy from the memories. The biggest memory that peppermint brings back for me is my Grandma. My Grandma was an amazing woman, she always wore a certain perfume and still to this day I am not entirely sure what the perfume was but it had some type of peppermint fragrance to it. My Grandmother and I used to do everything together, whenever I walked into the house to sit and visit with her I would smell that hint of peppermint and know she was there even before I saw her smiling face. As a child I would spend a lot of time with my grandparents, walking into the house I would first hear the sound of the TV blaring in the next room because they couldn’t hear well then I would get that sudden smell of peppermint and just smile. I would walk into the next room where my Grandmother was sitting in her hospital bed and sit next to her and…

My Childhood Memories And Definition Of A Mother

What is a Mother? Before I begin discussing my early memories and definition of a mother, I feel it necessary to write a brief social location. I grew up in a rather small bilingual city in the east coast of Canada. As a child, as far as I could understand my parents had sufficient incomes, there was always ample food for my brother and me, and although time allowed to play video games was limited, we had the luxury to own a Nintendo. My family and a large number of French speaking families in…

Personal Narrative Essay: My Memories Of My Childhood

spreading a rich flavor of the sun, cherry, strawberries and grapes in the wind. The dogs were barking incessantly, they knew that we had arrived. As soon as we entered the yard, my grandmother welcomed us with warm hugs and kisses, while my grandfather was waiting humbly for his turn… That's the picture I saw every single Saturday of my life. That's how I will describe my childhood, and that's how I want my future kids to describe their childhood someday. For me, Saturday's had a more…

Personal Narrative: My Memory Of My Childhood

colorful carpet listening to my pre-kindergarten teacher, who just happened to be a friend of the family, reading The Berenstain Bears was one of my first memories of learning to read. She would slowly read word-for-word and demonstration what she was reading, and of course show each picture she came across. Once she finished reading to us, now we sit at our color orientated tables learning the alphabet and numbers. Singing our, a, b, c 's, and our one, two, threes, while subtle music plays in…

My Family: My Childhood Memories Of Divorce

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Personal Narrative: My Early Childhood Memories

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childhood memories with sister essay

Essay on Childhood Memories

Memories are one of the most crucial things we can cherish throughout our lives. They build up our personality as all our knowledge and previous experiences are stored there. Memories can be both good and bad. There are memories either from long ago or from the recent past. In our critical times, we may get some refreshment by recalling our memories. We can run our lives smoothly with the help of these memories. Memories help us in many ways. We can rectify ourselves from past mistakes. Childhood memories are treasured by all of us. They make us smile even in our old age. 

Importance of Childhood Memory:

Childhood memories are very significant in our lives. We can recall the best times of our lives. Childhood memories build up our future and way of thinking. People with good childhood memories are happy people. On the other hand some bad childhood memories also affect the future of an individual. 

The things a person learns during childhood remain as important lessons and memories for life. It applies to things like family and society values, morals, learning the importance of friendships and being respectful to adults. Without learning proper manners, people can become reckless and take unnecessary risks in life. 

Childhood memories are also strongly related to good habits such as proper discipline and cultivating the proper attitude in life. These values, which are very important for success in adult life, cannot be learnt overnight at a later stage. 

A childhood memory definitely does not define anyone but they play a pivotal role in one’s life. It is not necessary that a person with good memories always lives a prosperous life while a person with bad memories always lives a hazardous life. Sometimes, ghastly childhood memories make a man stronger. 

Nevertheless, it can be said that the inner child is kept alive by childhood memories. There is always a child inside every person. It may come out all of a sudden at any stage in life. It may also be expressed every day in the little things that we enjoy doing. 

Our inner child is especially seen when we meet our  childhood friends. Regardless of how grown up we think we are, we go back to kids the moment we are with old friends. Memories also take up the bulk of our conversation when we meet old friends after many years. The trip down memory lane is bittersweet as we long for a time we will not get back but also cherish its joy. 

Some may be excited about seeing swings, some may act like a child when they see panipuri. The reason behind the facts is we are reminded by our childhood memories every time. The same happens when we enter the children’s play park and are reminded of our favourite rides. It is even more so when we ate ice cream or our favourite ice candy when we were 5 years old.  Hence, childhood memories play a very vital role in our lives. 

My Childhood Memories:

I was born and brought up in a very adorable family. I have grown up with my elder brother with whom I used to play a lot. I remember each and every game we used to play together. Every moment is very precious to me. In the afternoon, we used to play cricket in our nearby ground. The memories of playing in the ground together are mesmerising. 

Another beautiful thing I can remember is flying kites. It used to be one of the most exciting things of my childhood. Even the older members of the family participated with us. We used to fly kites on our terrace. The kite-flying programme would last for the entire day.

Another beautiful thing I can remember is my visit to the zoo with my family. We made one zoo visit every year. They used to be those very simple yet fun-filled family picnic moments. We would carry packed food from home that my mother used to cook. My elder brother would click several photographs of us. When I look at those pictures now, the memories come alive. Today, so many things have changed but my childhood memories are still fresh in my heart. It feels so refreshing to relive them again and again. My childhood memories are very close to my heart and make me smile on my difficult days.

Perhaps the time I remember very fondly was going to swimming classes. I have always loved playing in the water, and swimming in clear pools was always an exciting activity. Even though I loved the water, at first I could not swim as I was not aware of the basics of the sport. Slowly, as I learnt to kick and paddle, it became easier to swim in shallow water. The big test was swimming in deep water as it was a terrifying thought and simultaneously exciting. I still remember the day I decided to let go of my fears and dived into the deep end of the pool. The instant I jumped into the water, the fear was gone, and I swam like a fish to the other end of the pool. That day also taught me a valuable lesson about taking the first step in any daunting task. 


We should all cherish our childhood memories as they can always be our companion, our “bliss of solitude.” Simple things hold grave meaning when they are from their childhood days. The days were free of complexities and full of innocence. Hence, they are so close to heart.

childhood memories with sister essay

FAQs on Childhood Memories Essay

1. How to write a childhood memory essay?

The most important thing you will need to write this essay is about great childhood memories! You will have to look back in time and remember all the good and bad things that happened to you. As you get older, your memories will also change in their context as you change as a person. Like all essays, this should also have a steady narrative of the events from your childhood. You can choose to write only about the best memories you have or choose to write them as they occur. Some of the best things to write are topics such as your friends, your favourite games, and all the vacations you have been on and all the experiences you had in school.

2. How would you describe your childhood memories?

The older you get, the more the bits and pieces of your memory begin to fade or change. The best way to write about your childhood memories is to close your eyes and remember them. Then you have to start writing the events as they occurred without giving them context. Once the essay is written, the stories and events can be arranged as per the requirements of the essay. You can choose to describe your memories in any light you feel.

3. Why are childhood memories important?

Our childhood memories have a significant influence on who we are. People with mostly happy memories tend to be more relaxed with a positive outlook on life. People who have had traumatic memories tend to be more cautious and cynical in life. People can still change with positive or negative experiences in life. However, our childhood influences stay with us for the rest of our lives and can sometimes even come into conflict with the better choices we want to make. Therefore having childhood memories is a good reference to understanding ourselves and why we behave in certain ways.

4. What could be a common childhood memory for everyone?

Everybody remembers their “first-time” experiences in life. It could be things like the first day of school, the first time visiting a zoo, the first time taking a flight in an aeroplane, having a bad experience, etc.

the birth of my little Sister

the birth of my little Sister

Essay by: azzie27

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Submitted: November 12, 2012

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I thought this was very touching. I am an only child and have no siblings, but I think your sister is lucky to have you to look up to.


Author Reply

Thank you so much Criss, i am the lucky one!

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A Vivid Childhood Memory

childhood memories with sister essay

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