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The Analysis of Character of Bruce Wayne, the Batman

In order to understand the characteristic of Bruce Wayne, we’d have to think about his childhood life. When he was kid, he accidently fell into a deep dark well. He was attacked by a swarm of bats in the dark. Since that, he had a deep fear of the bats. Once Bruce’s parents took him for a movie, and Bruce was feared by the bats on the movie. His parents took him into the back alley through the emergency exit, and a armed mugger shot and killed his parents right in front of him. The fear of bats leads him to lose his parents. As a boy, he realized he has to learn to control his fear and be able to deal with his feeling in a peaceful way. This indicates that Bruce is in the ego stage and this is where Bruce starts the fixation. Freud describes that the ego “as an agency which intervenes in the conflict between anti-social, endogenous, sexual impulses or wishes which originate in the id, and the demands of reality which impinge in the organism from the outside” (Freud 1927: 304). Ego is the conscious mind that helps build ID more practical and longer-term thinking. When we have an intense fear of something or a phobia, the most common response is to move away from that. People always avoid things that making you the most anxious. But, in some cases, the counter phobic reaction leads the person toward the things they fear the most. It can be a challenge for people to address it.

The counter phobic reaction makes perfect sense for Bruce Wayne. This phobia that he thrives on encouraging him to become the Batman. Animal phobias are actually very common in children. Freud said that the animal phobias reflect the fear of father that are projected on to the animals. And Bruce’s father play a extremely important role in Bruce’s psychology. His father was a doctor, he built the huge corporation and he was well respected by everyone. One of the deepest fears of Bruce is that he is letting down his father. When Bruce shows in public, he acts like a professional business leader. He takes over his father’s corporation and operate it as well as when his father was alive. He shows us that he is conscious of his behavior. This shows that he is in the super-ego stage. Super-ego houses Bruce’s understanding of morality and motivates him to work harder to get closer to his desire with the conscious mind. By understanding the childhood drama of seeing his parent murdered in front of him, it helps us to realize what he becomes is reflected from the early experience from the drama. The key is how he manages it and forms it into his new identity. After you lose important people in your life, there are many different ways you can handle it. Many people decide to take out the advocacy position and Bruce take that to the same direction by being Batman. The death of his parents leads his unconscious mind to look for justice, which can keep the city safe. By becoming Batman, he has to split his consciousness.

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When he is moving on to the new Identity, he has to withdraw his other identity and he has to deal with many causes. One example is that he always appears to his family and friends as a playboy and it has become a part of his daytime life. A playboy helps him to hide his real identity as a crime fighter. This represents the ID, because it satisfies him with basic wants and needs immediate gratification. However, this caused a really unstable relationship with his girlfriend, Rachel. Rachel thought all he did was spending money, enjoying life and he did not inherit his father. According to Freud theory, Bruce is currently in repression. Fraud suggests that we often get what we want in our dreams because they often originate from repressed drives. Bruce has to force the conscious mind into the unconscious memories, so that he could forget about the death of his parents.

Bruce Wayne himself even thinks that he wasn’t an interesting character. He is wealthy and powerful, but he does not handle well in relationship. With the identity of batmen, he becomes obsessed. Bruce Wayne does not seem to like Being Bruce Wayne, he spends more time being Batman. According to the psychoanalytical model, the Batman represents the Id, because it’s the unconscious part of the his psyche which is almost non-human and the character itself is impulsive and instinctual. Batman is the psychological defense of Bruce Wayne. Freud describes the defense mechanism as things we do unconsciously which help us cope with anxiety and reality. Bruce uses the defense mechanism as the Batman, because this makes him forget the tragic of his parents. Only in the split identity, he tends to find the turn meaning of his life and what he does the best. In traumatic experience, when crimes, accidents occurred, people can begin to split off aspect of themselves even more than other people. And dealing those memories can lead people to dissociate just like the Batman.

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Batman: Analysis of Superhero

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Batman is one of the most well-known superhero, who saved a city called, Gotham City, without any superpowers. He is known to be the hero who changes looks and has different sides of his story.

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Christopher Nolan was the first to make the well-known hero, fight in Gotham City. There are some differences throughout the story and the character from the comics to the films. Through Batman Begins, Batman: Year-One, along with other sources, we are able to see how Christopher Nolan takes the character of Batman, with all of his history, and transforms him into a new character in Batman Begins.

Batman was the brainchild of Bob Kane and Bill Finger and was first sketched with wings and red tights. In 2008 the batman we see today was made. Bruce Wayne, Batman, is known to be the men who dresses up at night in a bat custom and fight villains such as, Catwoman, Joker, and lastly Scarecrow. In Batman: Year One we notice how the villain is Catwoman.

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However in Batman Begins we are able to see the difference whereas the villain is Scarecrow. Then in The Dark Knight we see Joker as the villain. Through these differences we know that Batman has different version to his story.

There are different ways to tell the story of Batman. We are able to see a more rookie side of batman in Batman: Year One and Batman Begins, they are both trying to figure out the ropes of things. In Batman Begins, we see Bruce Wayne start off by chasing a bad villain as a starting point of his story. However in Batman: Year One, we see Bruce go out on the streets trying to stop crime and as he sees it on the streets, for example when he saw the prostitute being yelled at, he stopped the guy that was yelling at her. In Begins, we also find out that Bruce’s fear of bats has been haunting him since he was a child and because it’s always frightened him, he wanted criminals to share the fear. While in Year One, his reason to become a bat isn’t as emphasized as it is in Batman Begins, it’s just Bruce being startled by a bat coming through a window as an adult.

Christopher Nolan was able to put Batman in a much more realistic world. He made it feel like Batman could exist in our world, including his villains too. Scarecrow was just an evil psychologist who developed a drug that made people scared when looking at something. Batman Begins may have been the least realistic out of the bunch, with a secret tribe of ninjas invading Gotham, but it still felt real. Nolan was able to make the movie feel like an action movie not like a superhero movie and that was something I enjoyed about him. Another thing I liked about his work was that he wanted to base the movie on a comic book hero not make a comic book movie. Thats why is felt like it could be a reality.

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Batman: Analysis of Superhero

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Batman Character Analysis

character analysis essay batman

Show More When we think of Batman, the words “hope”, “justice”, and “incorruptibility” come to mind. He is The Dark Knight, a bat vigilante who fights to keep the fictional streets of Gotham safe. He is arguably one of the greatest superheroes ever created. He fights crime and faces some of the most insane villains in comic book history. What makes him stand out from the rest is that, as Wikipedia states, “unlike most superheroes, Batman does not possess any superpowers; rather, he relies on his genius intellect, physical prowess, martial arts abilities, detective skills, science and technology, vast wealth, intimidation, and indomitable will.” As you can see, sometimes it can be easy to forget that this Caped Crusader is just like you can me, human. …show more content… Three of the common symptoms of PTSD, is; isolation, flashbacks, and guilt. For example, after the traumatic event, Bruce Wayne leaves the country and heads to China. He leaves behind his loving butler and life to train with his mentor Ra’s al Ghul for over 10 years. His escape from Gotham is also an escape from the daily reminders of his family’s passing. Although he heads to China to mentally and physically become stronger, the haunting flashbacks continually haunt and cloud his mind. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, mostly known as the DSM-5, “the traumatic event can be re-experienced in various ways. Commonly, the individual has recurrent, involuntary, and intrusive recollections of the event.” As we can see in numerous films and comics, Batman constantly goes back to that night and blames himself for not taking action. His uncontrollable flashbacks and nightmares take a toll on his well-being. He lives life believing he has failed his family. In the show Batman: The Animated Series, we see Batman fighting off one of his well-known villains, Scarecrow, who is known for evoking fear in his victims with fear inducing toxins. In the episode “Nothing to Fear”, as Scarecrow exposed Batman to these toxins he asks what all of Gotham wonders “What hidden terror keeps the Batman awake at night?” …show more content… His disorders seem to overlap, but what stands out the most about this particular one is the simple fact that he lives as Bruce Wayne, taking on the role of a billionaire, philanthropic, playboy by day. At night, he switches his identity and become the crime fighting Batman whom Gotham is dependent on. DID is explained as a disorder characterized by the “presence of two or more distinct personality states” that is “associated with overwhelming experiences, traumatic events, and/or abuse occurring in childhood” (DSM-5). People who suffer from DID may also experience impulsivity, self-destructive behavior, or inflict self-harm upon themselves. Clinical psychologist, Jared DeFife from Emory University says that, “in his consciousness by becoming Batman he is really withdrawn from his identity and he’s taken on sort of a new identity and with that identity he’s become obsessed. You could almost say with vengeance.” He becomes dependent on his alter-ego. Although he lives a successful life, outside of the suit he can’t seem to do without his dark half. “Bruce Wayne doesn’t like being Bruce Wayne. He spends more of his time being Batman and it’s only in that sort of split off identity where he really tends to find himself in what he wants but then there are ways in which he obsesses over it and it comes at a great cost,” Dr. DeFife continues. His double identity

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If you have not seen I would highly suggest watching this film. The rest of this film will be an analysis of different dynamics of the Dark Knight. Batman (Christian Bale) is hoping to hand on his fighting obligations to D.A Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) yet when Batman’s cards are on the table the convoluted mastermind who goes by the designation of the Joker (Heath Ledger), forces the masked vigilante to contravene everything he ever stood for. Director Chris Nolan considered the…

Joker Interrogation Scene Analysis

Even you’d like to be. To them, you’re a freak. Like me.” Joker reminds Batman that he’s different from the traditional police force, since he has his own unique way of upholding justice. What Joker said to Batman is technically true, both Batman and Joker are classified as outcasts in the society, they both believe the world is imperfect and that’s what drives them to do what they do. Here we see Joker is happily revealing his opinion on Batman’s relationship with the Gotham City along his mindset to Batman.…

Heroism In Batman

Parts of Batman’s character bleed into Bruce Wayne, and parts of Wayne’s character merge into Batman. The hero and the villain do not differ as much as society seems to believe. Each has their own transgressions that can be argued as “appalling” traits. Like evil Batman’s blood lust or Wayne’s damage psyche. Furthermore, Gal argues that “despite their difference in status, the hero and the villain are dependent on each other and share a notoriety that is often envied” (Gal 201).…

Bat Of The Dark Knight Film Analysis

Take The Dark Knight—the immensely popular superhero movie directed by Christopher Nolan. In theory, very few audience members could identify with a billionaire with multiple personalities who dresses as a bat and beats criminals to a pulp on a nightly basis. However, the Batman of The Dark Knight is easy to sympathize with, because he faces the same general experiences that most people do. At some point or another, everyone must deal with the death of a loved one—just as Batman does. Many people can say that they have fallen in love—just as Batman does.…

Comparison Of Two Heroes: Bruce Wayne Vs. Superman

Superman can always be seen face off against one of the world smartest villain Lex Luther. Yet Batman main rival is a psycho know as the Joker who kill other just for the fun of it. While Superman use his super strength Batman relies on his gadget and his high intelligence to get by. Finally, even know they both face many dangers their will always allow them to come out on top. Batman and Superman might have many different, but one thing we can all agree on is that they are both hero.…

Batman Evolution

Even though he is claimed as the crime-fighting superhero, many directors tried vigorously to return the character to his dark roots, starting with the creation of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, spewing into the The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, directed by Christopher Nolan which shows the life of Batman eight years after the incident with the Joker, played by Heath Ledger. Christian Bale is forced to return to his city of Gotham to fight the terrorist known as Bane, with the help of not Robin, but Selina. The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Rises shows the difference of the other Batman movies. It shows the dark side that Batman has to him, as well as the hope that he has to save the people and the city that he loves. Batman is named one of the best, according to critics.…

Dark Knight Rationale

The action scenes are to die for due to how realistic they were and the sound that accompanies them will have you at the end of your seats wanting form more. The main plot is how the Joker can ridicule everyone that steps on his way specially Batman which he tries to uncover on multiple occasions. It amazes me the psychology used by the Joker to keep me on the edge of my seat and constantly asking myself how he really got those scars. It was unfortunate to see how the co-star took his life due to the toll the role had on him, however it was a masterpiece from beginning to end. The Dark Knight is tremendous blockbuster entertainment: everything you could hope for and then some.…

The Joker Short Story

It’s just inevitable, you go after me, we fight, and then we do it all over again.” the Joker says, laughing. “Next time, Joker. I will get you, I will kill you.” The Joker chuckles and leans over Batman and says “Face it Bats you’d be lost without me.” The Joker limps away and opens the door showing the bodies outside of the Oval Office. He looks back one last time at Batman and laughs maniacally and says “You have a little blood on your face.” He leaves knowing that he won this time around. The Joker feels proud of himself but there is another feeling, an odd feeling, something he’s never felt before.…

Film Analysis Of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight

Which hurt the film in trying to show how important these decisions were. Lastly, for those who like the seemingly invincible Batman from the comics or other adaptations will find that Batman is beaten to easily by things such as dogs, car crashes and falling from heights. Whereas, any other time he comes out of situations that seem impossible to survive only to fall victim to the former, leads the view to question Batman…

Beowulf And Batman Comparison Essay

He demonstrates his heroic qualities when he defeats a strong monster named Grendel with just his bare hands and saves the Danes from more pain and heartache. Another example of a hero is Batman. Batman’s strength shines through when he defeats Bane, a strong villain that killed and harmed many people throughout Gotham City. Beowulf and Batman have many similarities and differences, like their in characteristics which include bravery, strength, the way they believe is the most honorable way to fight and intelligence, in the type of evil that they try to get rid of which include both vengeful and psychotic evil, and in what they must overcome to defeat their enemy. All heroes must overcome obstacles to defeat their enemies, as it is never going to be easy to overtake someone that is powerful enough…

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character analysis essay batman

Character Analysis Of Batman

Batman tv series: an unexpected cultural revolution.

According to Gould, the 1960s television show Batman was an unexpected cultural revolution because for children watching television in the 60s, the Batman TV series was a joyfully relaxing exercise for them. Also, this became a comedy classic and it was a cultural phenomenon in the 1960s. The Batman TV series was famous because this series has humor and a colorful cast of villains. As well, Batman have some aspect of popular culture, that he represents the reflection of society making him a superhero. In addition, Batman in the society wants to do justice on a bad attitude committed. He saw justice like fight a war on crime, and the goal was that the city does not belong to do criminal things and corruption. In fact, Batman has the ability

A Critical Analysis Of Superman's Song

Superman’s Song, written as a eulogy, expresses more than respect for a fallen Superhero; it voices Robert’s grief, thereby creating pathos, at the passing of a great man: “And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man like him.” Roberts expresses not only his own “despair” but the “world's” despair of having lost Superman. Honest men are rare. Rarer yet are men of virtue, men of integrity, and men of compassion. Superman was such a man. He had the “strength” to “smash through any bank,” but would not. His morals remained intact. Instead, he strove to help those around him and worked selflessly to fight against the evils. It would be almost impossible to find someone that selfless today. Everyone is so indulged in getting the best for themselves, and wanting to see themselves on the top, that they tend not be compassionate in the way Superman was. Therefore grief and sorrow are depicted over the fact that the world would never see another Superman, especially with all the good men going into hiding.

Superman Hero

A red cape rushes past, catching the wind within its grasp. It waves to those passing by on a warm afternoon. It is a beacon of hope… donned by a three-foot-seven-inch little boy. One may ask, “Why is he dressed like this?” The answer is quite simple: Superman is this little boy’s hero. “‘Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!’” His role model is someone to be in awe of, but, ultimately, Superman is flesh and bone. The other heroes children dress up as: firefighters, police officers, or princesses are still human. These men and women are people that should be admired. But, is there a way for all of humanity to take a step towards greatness? Arthur C. Clarke, the author

Comparing Superman And Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

With Odysseus’s sharp intellect, he was able to conquer Troy by fooling the Trojans to let him and his men inside the gates by tricking them into thinking that they had left Troy, but they were really inside the wooden horse that they had given to the Trojans as a “peace offering”. On the other hand, Superman is more than just a muscle head; he is able to think faster than a supercomputer. Superman is able to come up with plans in the heat of the moment that help him and his superhero friends save the world. Superman and Odysseus do have a lot more in common than you think.

Batman Compare And Contrast

For my compare and contrast paragraph I chose Batman vs Superman. Batman and Superman are alike in a lot of ways but there some differences. There are both alike because they are both super heroes, both from DC, and both are good at what they do. Batman in different from Superman is that Batman can’t fly and Superman can fly because his powers. Another thing is that Batman fights in Gotham the most crime ridden city. Batman also wears black because so no can see him plus he wants to dress like bat. Superman different from Batman because Superman can shoot lasers from his eyes and breaths out ice. Superman also wears blue and red and fights in Metropolis city.

Masculinity In The Dark Knight

Alfred warning Wayne to maintain his father’s reputation and Rachel stating that Wayne’s father would have been very proud are only two examples of an abundance of utterances in which the movie emphasizes Wayne’s patrilineal descent. Furthermore, the treatment of the naked male body further underpins the investment of the trilogy in the patriarchy. In accordance with Laura Mulvey’s of the male gaze, Wayne/ Batman is the active male protagonist throughout the Dark Knight franchise. One can argue that there are instances in Batman Begins where the means of cinematography highlight Wayne’s body in an objectified manner. However, emphasis on the male body is only given in scenes which highlight the body in (violent) action. Shots of Wayne’s body in the trilogy and Bane’s body in The Dark Knight Rises always highlight scars and bruises as proof of the active role of men in patriarchal ideology. Moreover, The Dark Knight Rises provides an example of gender as “a performance with clearly punitive consequences” (Butler 522). In the cinematic world of Nolan’s Batman, soon-to-be Commissioner Foley tries to avoid fighting to stop anarchy in Gotham after Bane has declared martial law. When he finally joins the re-established police forces, his character gets killed by the anarchist

Compare And Contrast Superman And Beowulf

Throughout the years, Beowulf has been compared to many modern day super heroes. However, the super hero that Beowulf is most easily compared to is Superman. Although there are multiple differences amongst these two characters, there are a few similarities as well. Such similarities exist in appearances, as well as supernatural qualities. Moreover, Beowulf and Superman are both portrayed as heroes for their time. Both Beowulf and Superman travel far and wide to defeat villains, save people, and encourage others. Their appearances are similar as well. Superman and Beowulf are dry, muscular, and strong. In fact, most people during their time would have considered them handsome.

Compare And Contrast Batman And Beowulf

Beowulf is a classic Anglo Saxon poem about heroism. In fact one scholar notes, “Legends and superheros present us with something very local in its ethics. It's not messianic. It's far more tangible” (Rhys Ifans). Beowulf is considered a legend in the English Literature world. Batman is considered a superhero in the DC Comic industry. However, even though they’re from different times and put in different situations, they have as much in common as they have different, especially in courage, smartness and the willing to fight evil.

The Hero's Journey In The Dark Knight

Harvey Dent, white knight, saviour and “hero” of the infamous Gotham. Batman on the other hand, is the Dark Knight and the troubled hero who chose his identity over the people. Many believe that the movie the Dark Knight, communicates to viewers the superficial perspective of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. However, Batman transcends that perspective of true heroism and what it means to be a hero. The underlying message in which the movie argues is that the whole concept of heroism is simply a myth created in Hollywood.

Gender Stereotypes In Batman

Throughout the decades men have dominated the comic-book industry. They played a very important role in perpetuating stereotypes. The male writers, publishers, editors, and creators wrote for the their target audience, which was primarily young boys. The 90s was a period of time where society obsessed over male strength, which in turn led the idea of how fragile a woman is compared to a man. Batman and Batgirl are both human superheroes; they do not have any special healing factor or any other kind of superpowers. All his enemies constantly give Batman brutal beatings, but he always walks away from the fight (see appendix 1). He suffers no long-term effects because men must have strength; suffering is a sign of weakness, and men can never be weak—society demands that. Complementary to this, in Batman: The Killing Joke, Batgirl is shot by the Joker and is paralyzed for life (see appendix 2). The juxtaposition of Batman’s invincibility

The Dark Knight Psychological Analysis

To help Batman therapist would bond with Bruce Wayne on the grounds that that is Batman's essential personality. Besides, therapist would offer Bruce some assistance with recovering missing bits of their past. When Bruce reviews the moments of his adolescence that lead him to wind up Batman; the therapist would at last offer him some assistance with merging the distinctive sub-identities into a solitary, coordinated identity or a combination. At the point when the two identities blends together, advance therapy is expected to keep up the complete personality and to show social and coping skills that may counteract later separations. In the wake of watching Batman conduct in the movie, we can find that Batman have posttraumatic stress disorder and dissociative identity disorder. He was determined to have posttraumatic stress disorder in light of the fact that he showed the accompanying side effects; bad dreams and flashbacks, evasion, diminished responsiveness, and blame from his parents

The Influence Of Super Heroes And Mythological Characters

Super heroes and mythological characters in stories inspire us to be our better selves in various ways. One way super heroes and mythological characters inspire us to be our better selves is to help and save others. In the article “Into the Maze of Doom.” It says, “I cannot flee. I must kill the Minotaur or more young Athenians will die”. (14) This tells me that he was brave and he risked his life to save others. In the article “What’s With These Guys?” Kristen Lewis, it explicitly states, “They risk their lives to protect the innocent and the vulnerable, often against seemingly impossible odds.” (18)

Batman Symbolism In The Dark Knight

“As a man, I 'm flesh and blood, I can be ignored, I can be destroyed; but as a symbol ... as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting” (Batman Begins). Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Although he has no superpowers, his willpower and intelligence combined with his physical prowess, and ingenuity make him an incredibly dangerous opponent. In his secret identity he puts on the mask of Bruce Wayne, billionaire, playboy. In Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Batman combats crime and faces several villains and their plots to wreak havoc and cause chaos. The villains that he faces, eventually come back again trying to cause a great deal of turmoil for Gotham city. Batman’s moral code on not killing is pointless,

Archetypes In Beowulf

Batman is the clear hero in his story because he is the one called upon to save Gotham City and shows many times that he would be willing to give his life for others. Like Beowulf, Batman fights enemies that have been terrorizing the city but the regular citizen can not do anything about it. This is where Batman comes into play, he is called upon by his city to save the people and beat the bad guy. Batman also has no god like powers like Beowulf, Batman fights his enemies with hand to hand combat exactly how Beowulf defeats Grendel. Even though Batman is called on by his city, he has an internal drive like Beowulf. Bruce Wayne, Batman’s civilian name, comes from a well known family and is respected like Beowulf because of his father. In Beowulf, Grendel is the outcast, the person or figure who everybody fears and lives by him/herself. The Dark Knight also has an outcast but in their story the outcast is a human(the Joker) who is willing to kill as many people as it takes to find out Batman’s true identity. Whenever Batman defeats the Joker, he returns back to where he came from and accepts no reward, like how Beowulf defeats Grendel and the Dragon and returns back to his kingdom with his men and keeps no

Comparing Beowulf And Batman

Even when comparing him with another run-of-the-mill hero like Batman, his shortcomings are still fairly obvious. Beowulf and Batman are both archetypal characters that embody the quintessential aspects of the epic hero. They both execute a great deal of strength. Beowulf swims for seven days and nights while simultaneously fighting sea monsters. He also displays robustness fighting Grendel when he rips off Grendel’s arm barehanded. Batman, also regularly and single-handedly, fights gangs of criminals, showing not only strength but endurance. They also have a similar codes of ethics. Batman’s moral code forbids murder unless absolutely necessary. In the comic Hush, he says “They say that when you kill a man you not only take away what he was,

More about Character Analysis Of Batman

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Batman & Joker

The Joker is conventionally viewed as the villain of The Dark Knight, but his actual role is far more complex. The entire film is an examination of the nature of duality, but not necessarily polarity. The duality of The Dark Knight is more problematical: while issues such as good versus evil and life versus death are addressed, the usually clear cut divergences are given unexpected dimensions. The centerpiece of this complexity is the Joker who acts more as a force of amorality than immorality.

The version of duality that is explored in the film is the element that elevates it far above typical comic book fair. While the very basis of comic book plot history is good versus evil in the form of hero versus villain, ultimately the villain that is most threatening to Batman is not the Joker, but the man who begins the film as a figure that even Bruce Wayne admits is more heroic than Batman: Harvey Dent. It is Dent’s actions that leave Batman running through the night with the police hot on his heels.

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Of course, it is the Joker’s actions that lead Dent and Batman to this climax. The Joker is the repository of duality and is at the same time the personification of the rejection of the easy route of polarity. Rather than act merely as a villain, the Joker’s role is ultimately as unknown and mysterious as the dual claims he makes about the origin of his cars. The Joker’s duality can even be extended to suggest that he is both good and evil or neither good nor evil. The Joker is chaos and disorder and anarchy.

Those are words that generally have a negative connotation, but out of chaos and disorder and anarchy arrives something different. That something may be worse, but it may also be better. The point is that nobody can predict the outcome. The Joker himself asserts that he has no plan, likening himself to a dog who would not know what to do with a car if he ever actually caught one. Considering the Joker’s affinity for being less than truthful, that claim may be subject to questioning, but even if he does have a plan, it hardly matters.

After all, he is no more in control of the outcome of his plans than anybody else. The most profound scene in The Dark Knight is one that provides insight into the Joker’s role as a force for amorality. When he’s having his conversation with Harvey Dent in the hospital the Joker observes that a convoy of soldiers dying is ignored because it is all part of the plan, but a Mayor being assassinated is a tragedy that creates chaos for an entire city. He’s right, of course, but what he’s really saying is that society has its priorities completely out of whack.

A convoy of soldiers dying should be more important than the death of one person. The Joker’s tossing off Gotham City into chaos is an act of extreme duality. It is both bad and horrific in the here and now, but ultimately it may potentially serve the greater good by revealing to the city and its citizens just how out of whack their priorities really are. The Joker’s amorality is viewed as psychopathic and sociopathic and villainous, but there is little question that he manages at least one very vital positive outcome. His actions reveal the corruptibility of Harvey Dent.

Surely, it is better for Harvey Dent’s own dark side to surface, as a result of the Joker’s actions, before he gains too much power than after. From this perspective, the Joker must be seen not as a villain, but as a positive force for good. He must also, at the very same time, still be viewed as force for evil. He is both and yet neither. He is the very quintessence of the concept of duality, containing both darkness and light and the mystery of each. If Martians were to visit the earth there are certainly many films that could accurately convey human culture.

The first film to show Martians should be a film that reveals the potential for good and evil of our species. This idea should be pursued to give aliens an understanding of the complexity of our genetic makeup. Schindler’s List is the perfect film for this because while it obviously shows the darkest corners of humanity’s capacity for evil in the person of Amon Goeth and the scenes involving the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto and the concentration camps, it also works to reveal the flip side of that coin in the person of Oskar Schindler himself.

Schindler’s List is worthy of being viewed by aliens precisely because it does not try to hide the depths to which humans have sunk; it also works to let them know that one us can change the world. Another film that Martians should view as insight in humanity is Airplane. Humor, of course, may very well be a peculiarly human trait that is not duplicated anywhere else in the universe, but this idea seems unlikely. It is important to show alien life forms how vital laughter and comedy is to society, and how it has been throughout history.

There are funnier movies, of course, but Airplane contains visual gags, verbal humor, and non-stop bits that perhaps more than any other movie show the full range and extent of the type of humor enjoyed by human beings. While it is true that aliens may not “get” it, showing them this kind of movie is a way to introduce alien species to what may be one of the most identifiable characteristics of our race. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a film that conveys another important element of humanity; our thirst for knowledge and the quest for an understanding of what is beyond our own limited p of intelligence.

While the special effects may serve to induce laughter among actual space travelers, Stanley Kubrick’s monumental film showcases how humanity has been capable of imaging that which we do not know. The film reveals our own internal logic as far as space travel and how it might be carried out, but it suggests that we understand the connection between ancient events and time and space far into the future and far away.

In addition, 2001: A Space Odyssey might, with its limited dialogue and reliance on music and visual effects, be the best choice for reaching an alien intelligence that cannot understand our language. And for that very reason, D. W. Griffith’s Intolerance is also a film that should be used to greet Martians. The lack of dialogue as a result of it being a silent movie is just one reason for its inclusion, but perhaps even more important is the content.

The film tells four different stories from four different time periods and so represents an adequate attempt to let the Martians get a glimpse of human history. Since religion is such an important aspect of humanity, the story of Jesus Christ as told in Intolerance is quite obviously a significant story to show alien visitors. The modern story’s tale of how a man turns to a life of crime because of societal pressures works in much the same way as Schindler’s List to assert the complexity of our species. Each segment of the Intolerance extols the virtues of love and respect and mutual understanding.

Perhaps nothing would be more apt to show aliens visiting this planet than to show them a story made of four different components that suggest that despite our failings and despite the fact that evil actions are committed on a daily basis, the underlying foundation that has kept humans alive on this planet for thousands of years is the capacity to meet our failings directly and work through them to evolve and become ever more civilized. A civilization that can address the concerns of a species from an alien world can be most perfectly realized through the history of cinema.

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How is mise-en-scene utilised to convey meaning within Batman Begins (Christopher Nolan, 2005)? Mise-en-scene refers to the director’s control of what appears in the frame. It includes those aspects of.

The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan is non-stop action thriller that continually did the unexpected. The film is based off of the original Batman comic book but additionally changes.

Batman is often referred to as an emotionless and inhuman character that does not have any significant relationships in his life. On the surface it may seem like that, but.

Superheroes have been around for a time now, since 1934 starting with Mandrake the Magician made by Lee Falk, and then came Superman made by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel..

Is Batman a real super hero, according to a lot of people they would say he is not and when you would ask for a reason why not; they will.

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Batman and the joker : vigilante justice.

The Dark Knight is one of the most realistic superhero movie ever made. The main theme of the movie is good versus evil. This theme is highlighted through the acts of Batman and the Joker. With the help of the district attorney and Jim Gordon, Batman aims to put an end to the remaining criminal organizations that plague the city of Gotham. Definition of superhero. Gotham is relatively peaceful until a criminal known as the Joker puts Gotham in a state of a reign of terror in the city. He is willing to kill people forward his agenda, but Batman fights crime without taking lives. The movie makes the point that vigilante justice is justifiable in certain circumstances and to some extent glorifies it. Batman is a more powerful character because he fights against injustice and corruption in Gotham city. Batman`s parents were murdered before his eyes as a child. Batman has a great deal of wealth. The events and circumstances in Batman`s life lead him to be a leader of vigilante justice in Gotham.

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Unlike most, Bruce Wayne suffered from them traumatic experience of seeing both of his parents murdered at a very young age. This event combined with superior intellect would dramatically affect his ability to form relationships and display affection towards others. In The LEGO Batman Movie characters such as Batman, Robin and Alfred have many character interactions where one can identify many psychological concepts and phenomena that relate to social relationships and love. A plethora of concepts jumped out at my when I saw this film including need for affiliation, loneliness, and the hard-to-get effect. Each of these concepts is represented in the movie and demonstrate how we can make cartoon characters seem more human by applying these

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It is easy to empathize with Jack Nicholson’s brilliant Joker as he laments in Tim Burton’s classic 1989 film, Batman, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” The average person may not be villainously inclined, but one can certainly relate to having their best laid plans constantly being thwarted. Though, to be fair, probably very few people would take issue with someone as awesome as the Batman getting in their way. Despite being a mere mortal, Batman and his fellow graphic novel heroes serve as present day gods akin to the ancient Greek gods of Rome. There are a great many things that set Batman apart from his colleagues, however; chief among them are his tragic origin story, the best villains in modern literature, his total lack of superpowers, wealth, and endless interpretations.

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In the scene where Bruce is talking to Alfred after Loss of Rachel presents the notion of a hero who has been put into danger and happened to lose what he did not want to sacrifice for the good of others. He choses to save Rachel but when he attempts to save her, it turns out that Joker has switched the locations of Harvey and Rachel. At this point and time Bruce was challenged and was put to face the chaos that has been caused by Joker(Trickster). This scene also perceives to show unification of the shadow and ego based on the fact that Bruce Wayne was still in the Bat suit while talking as a troubled Bruce Wayne who lost love of his life. Shadow is a primitive half of every single person according to Jung, therefore, seeing Bruce in Batman suit could symbolize the need of courage that Bruce’s shadow has to overcome the chaos that he is facing at the given moment. In addition, Alfred is a Mentor archetype that complements the persona of Bruce and guides the hero on the journey. Mentor is characterized usually as, “older father-type figure who uses personal knowledge of people and the world to help tell stories and offer guidance” (Stein, 23). In this particular scene we see Alfred offering advice on pursuing Joker and put an end to the chaos. He even mentioned the story of “men who want to see the world burn” and said that in order to overcome such men, it is important to expose him “burn the forest down”. The story telling and guidance of Alfred gives Batman a purpose and allows for the threat to be defeated since Alfred is the one that gives pieces of advice. Last concept that deals with Bruce’s personality is Anima. Anima is least talked about when it comes to over masculine and overconfident hero such as Bruce Wayne, however, it does have a profound moment in this scene.“When the anima is strongly constellated, she softens the man's

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Batman is one of the many fictional superheroes which appears in the “American comic books” that is published by the DC comics. The character is a secret identity for Bruce Wayne, the only heir to Wayne Enterprises. Bruce Wayne swore an oath of vengeance when he witnessed the death of his parents;Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne (Diamond, 2015). Bat man combats criminals in Gotham: a fictional city, with assistance from various characters, for example, his butler Alfred and Gordon; Gotham city police commissioner. Unlike many of the superheroes characters, Batman possesses no powers .Bruce Wayne trained himself intellectually and physically .it is from dedication to training he possessed the useful traits of physical prowess, martial arts skills, detective skills and indomitable will to fight for justice. Though his motive is to combat crime and protect people of Gotham city from criminals, the justice system in most of the times views Batman as a villain and vigilante. He can inflict fear to Gotham city criminals thereby bringing calmness to the city. I identify myself with the Batman character through his selfless will for justice, his strong determination to do good

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An epic is a long narrative poem that tells the exploits of an epic hero. Epics are comprised of an epic hero and an epic battle between good and evil. The earliest known epic today is The Epic of Gilgamesh. This tale is about Gilgamesh’s search for eternal life. Although epics have been around for thousands of years, the epic tradition still has an enormous impact on modern writing and film. In fact, Batman, a story about Bruce Wayne trying to conquer all criminals in Gotham, can be seen as modern epic.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns; Themes and Analysis Essay

The main conflicts in the world of The Dark Knight Returns revolve around escalating crime in Gotham city and forces of the authority attempting to control it. The authority should be a moral force and represent justice. The figures that represent the authority should be selfless and work only to promote the integrity of law and order. Authority proves to be contradictory in Miller’s novel as the authoritative figures express qualities of vigilantism and overall moral ambiguity.

Essay Batman: the Dark Knight Film Analysis

Batman: The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan is non-stop action thriller that continually did the unexpected. The film is based off of the original Batman comic book but additionally changes the perception of the everyday world as good to naturally bad. Throughout the movie, Batman stands for honesty and goodness while the Joker is a symbolism of chaos and evil. Both sides are forced to make quick-witted decisions in order to stop the opposing vigilante from doing his desired work. The citizens of Gotham are put in the heart of this circumstance and feel obligated to go against their values to stop the chaos. Numerous people habitually pursue their dreams and values but often become blinded from their

Similarities Between Batman And Bruce Wayman

Batman is an anti representative character with some good and bad traits, I will be discussing these points and specifically Batman’s eagerness to “fight crime” no matter what gets in the way, Batman and Bruce Wayne’s impulsive ways, Bruce Wayne and his money, the history of the Batman comic strip and then lastly Batman’s good side. Along with these points I will be explaining how Bruce became Batman.

Batman as a Man Who May be Suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder

There are many other reasons as to why Bruce Wayne is not just a superhero but rather a person who has a disorder. When he "switches" from Bruce Wayne to Batman, he does not even notice. It is almost as if it is automatic. Nobody realizes that the respectable businessman Bruce Wayne is Batman by night. It appears that he is Batman for many reasons but a major one is that he fears that something terrible will happen to other people just like it happened to him when he was younger. He tries to save others from getting hurt from outlaws and evildoers.

The Influence Of Dark Knight Returns On Cultural Consciousness, Politics, And The Nature Of The Comic Publishing Industry Essay

Another work by Crutcher emphasizes that ‘Many Lives of the Batman’ and ‘Batman Unmasked’ are bought in three areas: popular culture studies, popular culture as it relates to marketing and consumerism, and the nature of the comic publishing industry. Most writers have examined the impact of Dark Knight Returns on cultural consciousness, politics, and so on. This antihero construction sparks centuries old dialogues on ethics, the kind of business that comprises the bulk of Batman. “The complexities and graphics in the novel and comic of Batman have been defined as his duality with his villains” (Crutcher 66). Due to popularity and the existence of Batman, people began using the Batman symbol as paraphernalia on personal belongings such as clothing, equipment, and supplies.

Essay On Batman A Vigilante

In the world of superheroes, there are numerous that believe they are heroes, while in actuality, they are merely vigilantes. This is demonstrated throughout the world of superheroes, but it is not as prominently demonstrated as in Batman. Batman presents himself as a hero, while he is only an over imaginative vigilante. He is more a vigilante than a hero since he has the ability to stop crime, but doesn’t, he only does deeds for his own benefit, and he helps the law but isn’t part of it. These are only a few ways Batman is a vigilante, rather than a hero. These are mainly based upon the idea of him trying to right his own past.

The Dark Knight Essay

Batman's a whole other story. The filmmakers have worked out the mask problems from the previous film; Bale fills the suit with grace and danger. His voice is disguised as well - it's now a bass-heavy synthesized whisper. The character seems more than ever an extension of his high-tech toys (like the neat-o Bat-scooter that pops out of the Batmobile at one point, ecstatically rearing up like the Lone Ranger's Silver). He represents a citizen's darkest urges, though, and it eats at him. He's Dirty Harry crossed with Hamlet.

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Superman has powers like flying, x-rays, and heat vision. With his power Superman faces responsibilities and difficulties in calm and adequate ways. The opposite of Batman is that he is more aggressive and very impulsive in the moment to attack. They are very easily distinguished either in a comic book or a movie for their customs in different colors. Batman outfit is gray with black and a mask which anyone could determine the evil and dark he represents by the outside. Superman is in a brightest outfit representing America and the kind a hero they will choose definitely to fight crime. Frank Miller only wanted to bring Batman a little bit different with other perceptions including his principal rival Superman to make the story interesting and give the opportunity for many readers to notice wrong actions from our comic heroes.

Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory Analyzes Modern Day Texts

From the time of the Victorian Era, theorists have analyzed the mind and how it works. Many consider Sigmund Freud the father of psychology. According to Freudian theory, humans are controlled by three personalities throughout life; the id, ego, and super ego. However, we are not born with all three. Instead, “we are born with our id” (“Structural Model”). At the age of three, the second part of the unconscious mind, the ego, is developed. Later, when the child is five, or ending his or her phallic stage of development, the super ego structure is developed (“Structural Development”). Using psychoanalytic theory, we are able to analyze many modern day texts. Throughout the novels Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (hereafter referred to as B:

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Batman is one of the most complex and interesting characters in fiction created in the last 100 years. Created by Bob Kane and Bill finger in Detective Comics Issue 27 in 1939 Batman is seen as the worlds second Super-Hero debuting just a year after Superman who had debuted in Action Comics Issue one the previous year which Kick started off what is known as the Golden Age of Comics. Since then Batman has been in movies whether its the Tim Burton films of the late eighties to the early nineties or Christopher Nolan,s “Dark Knight” trilogy and the Upcoming “Superman V. Batman Dawn of Justice”. He is also in cartoons including the “Super Friends” or “Batman the animated series” being the starting the basis of what is known as the dc animated universe. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

In the story “Batman Year One” we pick up on Bruce Wayne as he returns to Gotham after training for many years to become Batman in the time since he has left the police department of Gotham city has become corrupt and in ties with criminal organizations Bruce Wayne despises the fact that his city has become corrupt so he decides to take action as Batman to clean up The Gotham City police department. Uncovering corruption along with Detective James Gordon and Deputy District Harvey Dent they expose corrupt officials and clean up the Gotham city police department the leading for more change to come to come to Gotham city. Batman is a symbol that we can fight the system but at the same time work with it to make it more honest. The thing that defines Batman the most though morally is his stance on guns Batman hates guns his parents were murdered in an act of Gun violence in the earliest interpretation of the character Batman used a gun after some careful oversight Bob Kane revised the characters origins and his use of firearms to where he hated using Guns in the 70 years since Batman was created he has only used a firearm once in regular continuity and that was to stop the Mad God Darkseid in the story-line “Final Crisis” as a last resort to stop his evil conquest of Earth. This is an anti gun character.In the story the …show more content…

At the end of the “Dark Knight Rises” Batman hands off his legacy to the character John Blake and let 's him be Batman which is imparting the lesson anybody can be a hero no matter how hard it

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    Batman is one of the many fictional superheroes which appears in the “American comic books” that is published by the DC comics. The character is a secret identity for Bruce Wayne, the only heir to Wayne Enterprises. Bruce Wayne swore an oath of vengeance when he witnessed the death of his parents;Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne (Diamond, 2015).

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