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Cell Phone Addiction, Essay Example

Pages: 4

Words: 1235

This Essay was written by one of our professional writers.

Cell Phone Addiction, Essay Example

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Nowadays, many individuals have become more and more addicted and dependable on phones, specifically smart call phone s. This often happens without these individuals realizing how the excessive and inappropriate use of their cell phones can create several of problems in their social and everyday lives. Because of this, cell phone addiction can easily be denied as an incredibly serious compulsive disorder that has been increasing with newly available technology.            As technology has progressed throughout the years, innovate phones and intriguing apps make it almost impossible and irresistible for individuals to be able to put their phones down in social settings, such as a family dinner. In fact, scientific debates have recently arisen that question whether cell phone addiction, along with gambling, should be added to the new DSM-V addiction list (Choliz, 2010, p. 373). Having said this, it is imperative to make it known that the primary purpose of this research paper cognizant of the actuality that chronic cell phone usage can indeed be a huge problem in society today. This can lead to problems inside one ’ s own family as well as conflicts in the workplace. The result of the excessive cell phone usage creates social, behavioral, and affective problems in the lives of future teenagers all around the world.

Something that must be openly understood is the fact that a teenager ’ s social experience can deeply be affected by the manner in which he or she uses his or her cell phone. For example, for a teenager to be using his or her cell phone during a party makes this certain individual unsocial. This can result in a person only having friends online as opposed to having the real thing of having personal friends to interact with on a daily basis. While this controversy might seem worrisome to many older individuals, people should realize that if a teenager is not able to have a social life, he/she might end up leading a depressed lifestyle. Also, as W.K. Park points out, loneliness is “positively associated with mobile phone addiction” which shows that addicted persons tend to reduce their feelings of loneliness by using mobile devices, such as a cell phone (2005, p. 260).

This kind of behavior would not only affect the teenager, but also the teenager ’ s family members. The fact of the matter is that cell phones have become so addictive nowadays that teenagers do not realize that they are addicted to their cell phones until it is too late and they have already lost the majority of their friends because of the manner in which they have shut everybody out of their lives. It goes without saying that this type of behavior should be stopped immediately because it has a huge impact on the kind of individuals that will grow up to lead the world into a better tomorrow. However, this “ better tomorrow ” will not be able to be made if these teenagers grow up being socially awkward.

A second aspect that must be considered when talking about cell phone addiction is the fact that, due to the fact that cell phones have so many addictive applications on them, teenagers choose to use their cell phones for extended periods of time in order to pass certain levels on a video game. While there is nothing wrong with a teenager playing a simple video game on his or her cell phone, some of these games are extremely violent for young teenagers to be playing. These violent video games are often times difficult for parents to monitor because no teenagers wishes to have his or her parents looking through his or her phone. Without parental supervision, teenagers find it much easier to download violent video games or explicit content unto their phones. This kind of behavior creates grave problems for teenagers, as they lose sense of what is real and what is portrayed in their little phone screen. In order to avoid this type of behavior altogether, it should be considered each child ’ s parents ’ responsibility to monitor what his or her child is watching in his or her cell phone and ensure that nothing inside that cell phone could prove to be detrimental to the teenager ’ s behavior either at home at school.

The reason as to why a cell phone addiction might prove to be increasingly dangerous to some teenagers is because of the fact that some teenagers are not quite ready to know how to keep their social and behavioral life in shape. As a result of this, teenagers often times find it normal to spend unreasonable hours throughout their own respective day looking through their phone and talking to other individuals online. The problem that is brought forth with these kinds of actions is that it is only a matter of time until face-to-face interaction is considered taboo. When society reaches this point, it is a fair statement to say that cell phone addiction will have taken over the majority of society. In order to prevent teenagers from being prone to chronic cell phone addictions is by making sure that the teenager ’ s parents limit the amount of time allowed on the cell phone. Another method that could be used by parents is for them to ask their teenagers to turn in their phones by the end of the night to ensure that their children are getting their necessary sleep and are not spending all of their night on the phone instead.

The result of the excessive cell phone usage creates social, behavioral, and affective problems in the lives of future teenagers all around the world. Despite the fact that there is no definitive manner by which this addiction can be put to a stop once and for all, there are a number of alternatives that could be taken by certain parents in order to ensure that their children do not become prone to the kind of addiction that is often linked to yield unproductive teenagers who do not have much ambition in life. In today ’ s increasingly technological world, it is without a doubt that it would be invariably difficult to put a stop to the kind of addiction that is present in the world today. One way that would help would be for researchers to conduct more studies on cell phone addiction and related addictions through bibliographic databases that refer specifically to Internet, video games, and cell phone addiction ( Carbonell, Guardiola, Beranuy, & Bellés, 2009).

Carbonell, X., Guardiola, E., Beranuy, M., & Bellés, A. (2009). A bibliometric analysis of the scientific literature on Internet, video games, and cell phone addiction . Journal of the Medical Library Association: JMLA, (97) 2, 102-107. Retrieved from http://www.

Choliz, M. (2010). Mobile phone addiction: a point of issue. Addiction (105) 2, 373-374.

Grohol, J. (n.d.). Coping with cell phone addiction. Retrieved from lib/coping-with-cell-phone-addiction/

Hersman, D. (2015). Cell phones: A potentially deadly addiction. Retrieved from potentially_b_7161074.html

Murdock, S. (2015). Our addiction to cell phones is costing lives: Here’s how we can stop it. Retrieved from driving_n_7543464.html

Park, W. K. (2005). Mobile phone addiction. In R. Ling & P.E. Pedersen (Eds.) Mobile Communications , 253-272. London, UK: Springer.

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Essay on Cell Phone Addiction

Essay On Cell Phone Addiction

The article is an essay on cell phone addiction. The amount of phone time we’re spending has been steadily increasing, and this trend is not slowing down soon. In fact, the average American spends 11 hours per day on their cell phone.

Cell phone addiction refers to the compulsive use of mobile devices, such as smartphones, despite the negative consequences it may have on an individual’s life.

This addiction can manifest in various ways, including an obsession with checking social media, constant texting, and difficulty in disconnecting from the device.

The constant connectivity provided by smartphones has made them an integral part of our daily lives. However, this dependence on mobile devices has led to an increase in cell phone addiction, with many people finding it hard to put down their phones even for a short period.

This addiction can have a negative impact on an individual’s mental and physical well-being, as well as their relationships and social interactions.

One of the main causes of cell phone addiction is the constant availability of information and communication on these devices.

Social media, instant messaging, and email have made it easy to stay connected with friends and family, but they have also made it difficult to disconnect from the virtual world. The fear of missing out (FOMO) on important events or information can lead to an obsession with checking the phone.

Another cause of cell phone addiction is the use of mobile devices as a coping mechanism. Many people use their phones as a distraction from stress or other negative emotions, leading to a cycle of addiction.

Cell phone addiction can have serious consequences, including sleep deprivation, decreased productivity, and increased stress levels. It can also lead to social isolation, as people may become more focused on their virtual interactions than their real-life relationships.

To overcome cell phone addiction, it is important to be aware of the problem and to set limits on the use of mobile devices.

This can include scheduling specific times of the day to check social media or email and setting boundaries with friends and family to limit the expectation of constant communication.

Finding healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress and other negative emotions can help to reduce the urge to use the phone as a distraction.

In conclusion, cell phone addiction is a growing problem that can have negative consequences on an individual’s physical and mental well-being, as well as their relationships and social interactions.

It is important to be aware of the problem and to set limits on the use of mobile devices in order to overcome this addiction.

Cell Phone Distraction Essay

This essay is about (cell phone essay) the human dependency on cell phones, how it has become a tool for social incompetence, and solutions to this issue. Current statistics show that addiction is becoming more prominent.

One in five teens has a cell phone addiction. Regarding social life, the impact of cell phones on communication is detrimental. Children will become emotionally isolated and with attention deficit disorder because of being constantly connected to their phones rather than society.

Studies show that cell phones are more addictive than heroin and cocaine. They are an escape, a way to relieve stress, but they can become so socially isolated that they hinder social interactions.

People are so addicted to their phones that they have anxiety attacks when they cannot reach the device. Separation anxiety causes this.

The idea of being alone and unable to connect to their devices will make people feel uncomfortable, this can lead to depression and other various forms of mental illness.

In order to stop this addiction, we must explore the reasons that have caused its rise. The biggest cause is the fact that cell phones are so easily accessible. We give them to children at a very young age, making it easier for them to grow dependent on them.

The constant need to be in contact with others and to receive information on your phone is something that has become a new social norm. The first step in curing this addiction is to simply realize what effects it is having on our lives.

The effects are both emotional and physical. We are constantly stressed out because of the constant need to be in contact with everyone. We are becoming less social and less human. The second step is to create an awareness of the harmful effects of cell phone addiction.

We must rebuild our social skills, our relationship with others, and ourselves. We must enjoy being alone and then ultimately enjoy being social.

In order to be socially effective, we must conquer our cell phones. We realize one cannot live without them. We must become mobile without our phones, but we can’t do this if social interaction is of the utmost importance.

The third step is to restore trust and honesty in a society that so depends on cell phones. Although cell phones are necessary, they are not always beneficial. We cannot be completely honest with our phones, for we must not allow them to control our lives.

The fourth step is to stop trying to connect so much with everyone. We must stop being in contact with everyone at all times. This will allow us to be in contact with only the people, and it will allow others to see that we are not just phone numbers.

This will improve our relationships with people, as we are more than just a number. The fifth step is to see how our addiction has affected others. We will become more and more aware of how cell phones have affected society and we will work to fix it.

Essay About Cell Phone Addiction

People have become addicted to their cell phones. Most of the time, a person’s addiction starts off innocently enough, but once it picks up momentum and becomes problem things quickly get out of hand. Cell phone addiction, or cell phone obsession is becoming one of the biggest problems in society today. Some people will even sacrifice relationships or their education for their cell phone, or just to use it for a short period.

This is a problem that affects everyone; from celebrities to grade school children. The things people will do to satisfy their urge for their cell phones are sickening. People will even steal their friend’s cell phones so that they can use them for a few minutes.

Many people will argue that this addiction is in their “nature.” They believe people are genetically programmed to want something like a cell phone. But, to a degree that it is not healthy or necessary.

The human brain was not made to multitask. When one person learns something, they focus on it and forget the rest of the world.

Cell phones have more of a negative impact on people than anything else. The people who invest an obscene amount of time into this “possession” are being deprived of much-needed human interaction. Many people even believe that they need the hours they would spend on their cell phones, to have an actual life.

A person not having time for anything else in his or her life is very sad. One of the first signs that a person is becoming addicted to their phone is if they have no real life.

Cell phones have made people so dependent on them that they will sacrifice almost anything else to use them.

When people do not have their phones with them, they will either go without sleep so that they can be sure to finish a text before going to sleep or cut back on eating. Either way, the result is not good for their physical and mental health.

People who are addicted to their cell phones will perform tasks for them without even knowing what they are doing. They might even do something that someone reminds them of an important event from a text message.

A person who is addicted cannot stop using their phone. They do not understand that they are going through an addiction, and by stopping what they are doing they will become irritable and angry……. We hope you have enjoyed reading this cell phone addiction essay. If you have any specific comments or suggestions, write them in the box below.

Thank you for your support!

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Essay on Mobile Addiction | Mobile Addiction Essay for Students and Children in English

February 12, 2021 by Prasanna

Essay on Mobile Addiction: The mobile phone has become the central part of every human being’s life. Everyone these days is pinned to their cell phones. While we may dismiss this as an expected behaviour in the current times, but the truth is it has profound behavioural and social impacts. Mobile addiction is a real quandary and a matter of great concern. It affects our health, connections as well as work.

You can also find more  Essay Writing  articles on events, persons, sports, technology and many more.

Long and Short Essays on Mobile Addiction for Students and Kids in English

We provide children and students with essay samples on a long essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on the topic “Mobile Addiction” for reference.

Short Essay on Mobile Addiction 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Mobile Addiction is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Mobile phones give us the liberty to connect with anyone around the world spontaneously. They empower us to find any information we require and are a great source of entertainment. While this device was designed to empower us, sadly, it’s turning out to subjugate us. Almost every mobile user is suffering from the addiction of mobile these days.

Everyone these days is pinned to his or her cell phone. While we may deny this as a common behaviour in the present times, the truth is that it has great communicative and behavioural consequences in people. This is because its effects are dangerous. Mobile addiction causes several problems such as weakened vision, headache, sleep disorders, depression, stress, aggressive behaviour, social isolation, financial situations, ruined relationships and no or low professional growth. We must limit the use of mobile to take control of our lives. It might be difficult at first, but family and friends’ support can help overcome mobile phones’ addiction.

The mobile phone is one of the most significant discoveries of the 20th century. According to recent statistics, over 50 crore Indians are using smartphones. While it is true that the advancement of technology has led to many conveniences in our world, it has also brought many other critical issues to us. Mobile phone addiction is one of the instances where technology has affected people’s lives adversely. With the recent burst of iPhones, Androids, and other similar smart gadgets like the tablets, the cell phone addiction issue has risen to an alarming rate.

Mobile phones enable us to coddle in online shopping, online games, and many more. They connect us with people worldwide. We can also click pictures, watch movies, surf the internet, listen to music, and enjoy different other activities. It is difficult not to get addicted to this substation of entertainment. However, it is necessary not to fall victim to it as its consequences could be damaging. Mobile phones are designed for our convenience and our benefit. We must limit the use of mobile phones or instead it may take charge of our lives. If we feel, we are getting addicted to our mobile phone; we need to look for methods and ideas to get rid of it. We should also consider it as our duty to help our near ones, to get rid of this mobile addiction.

Long Essay on Mobile Addiction 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Mobile Addiction is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.


Addiction is a chronic disease and is one of the most intractable health disorders faced around the world. Mobile addiction is a thriving concern. It is very easy to get addicted to cell phones but difficult to subdue them. A lot of people globally are addicted to their mobile phones. The mobile addicts behaviour pattern is more or less the same as the others. Here are some certain signs and symptoms that clearly show that a person is addicted to his/ her mobile phone.

Symptoms of Mobile Addiction 

Nearly everyone worldwide has a cell phone, so how can we tell if someone is experiencing mobile phone addiction syndrome from someone who is not?

Like most diseases and illnesses, one can deduce if someone is undergoing the exhibited symptoms’ syndrome. Research has revealed that using mobile phones have killed 6,000 people each year. Besides that, here are some other effects of cell phone addictions that can affect us.

1. Back and Neck Problem: This is a common problem that all phone addicts deal with. Most people arched down when they used their phones. Looking down at the mobile phone for an extended period causes them to have back and neck pain issues. According to studies, 45% of the youngsters from the age of 16 to 24 years suffer from back pain due to the over usage of mobile phones. Besides that, the endless swapping of phones and texting can make our fingers stiff.

2. Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: Another common effect that we usually hear from experts is mental and emotional health problems. When we spend too much time on our phone, we neglect other elements of our life, and as a result, our life gets out of balance. Staring the mobile screen for too long can also make us feel anxious and stressed.

3. Health Issue: Spending too much time with our mobile phone can also give us less time to exercise or even walk around. Mobile phone usage has considerably displaced many of our physical activities in life. A Poll conducted on a group of schoolchildren found that those who employ long hours using their phones were less fit than those who spent less time on their phones.

Mobile phones are highly portable machines that can extend a treasure of benefits, like helping us stay connected and catering data at our fingertips. But there’s a darker side to smartphone usage. The average time consumed on smartphones is increasing, and evidence reveals that smartphone addiction is connected to severe health issues.

Essay on Mobile Addiction 800 words in English

A mobile phone is expected to make things easier for us. It serves us in connecting with our near and dear ones almost immediately. Communicating with our families and peers living in distant countries has become remarkably simple with mobile phones’ introduction.

Mobile phone addiction is increasing by the day. People have become delusional as they have designed a new world for themselves with their mobile phones making it their pivotal component in their lives. It is deplorable to observe how mobile obsession is robbing people of their real lives.

An average Indian consumes 1800 hours a year on his mobile phone. That is approximately one-third of his waking hours. The impact of obsession with smartphones, internet, and television is that less than 30 percent of people meet family and friends multiple times a month.

Overcoming mobile phone addiction

With other types of obsessions or addictions, one cannot overwhelm mobile addiction unless they do not want to give up on it sincerely. The obsession of mobile phones is one of the consequences on how technology has affected people’s lives. With the current outburst of iPhones, Androids, and other related smart gadgets like the tablets, the cell phone addiction issue has risen to an alarming rate. Once, you are determined, to get over mobile addiction, we can do so by following the below-mentioned tips:

By limiting the use of the mobile phone and setting the number of hours, we aim to consume on our mobile each day and assigning a fixed amount of time for each activity such as texting, social media, gaming or watching videos will help us to overcome the addiction of mobile phones.

We can also get engaged in dancing, painting, playing indoor and outdoor games, doing household chores, reading books, and many other activities. This will reduce our urge to check our mobile phone constantly. Spending time with our parents, helping our spouse with work, indulging in different fun activities or going out to new places can also help you to get rid of this addiction.

If the addiction of mobile becomes incapable of coping with, it is time to solicit professional guidance. Many therapists specialise in mobile addiction therapy, and they offer individual and group therapy to help get rid of this addiction.

Mobile Addiction amongst Teens

A mobile phone serves as an escapism from the obstacles and problems of practical life. People of every age group undergo mobile addiction. Nonetheless, teenagers are most prone to acquire this addiction. Teenagers are in that stage of their life where they are learning and traversing new things. They have various questions, and their mobile phones have almost all their answers. Children these days have a lot of things to ask and share but are often reluctant to discuss or speak about the same with their teachers or parents.

Most parents these days are so engaged in their work that they don’t have the time to speak or monitor their kids. And secondly, there are many things where they get embarrassed to ask, and for this reason, the mobile phone becomes their source of guidance. They also make friends online and adequately share their feelings with them.

Teens addicted to mobile phones are very dangerous. They cannot focus on their studies, as this addiction hinders their capability to focus and reduces their ability to understand things. Those addicted to mobile phones also have a greater chance of acquiring habits such as drinking, smoking, and taking drugs. They also become socially incompetent as they are always on their mobile phone. Therefore their future remains at stake. Parents must make sure that they do not give smartphones to their teenage kids. Teens need to focus on their education and traverse their interest in different beneficial activities. They should adequately explore the world and not by wasting their valuable time on a mobile phone.

Mobile Addiction Essay Conclusion

Mobile addiction can destroy our life if it is not stopped on time. As much as we ignore it, mobile addiction has grown into a big problem today. It is hindering our professional life and personal relations. Mobile phones are creating more impairment than being beneficial. People undergoing this mobile addiction problem must try to get rid of it and revert to the real world. Getting rid of this addiction might be challenging, but it is not impossible. With the support from the loved ones and some effort from oneself, we can overcome this problem over time, and if that does not help, we shouldn’t hesitate to solicit professional advice.

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cell phone addiction essay outline

Effects of Cell Phones and Social Media Addiction on Society

Table of contents

Business and finance, education and creativity, entertainment, social relations.

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cell phone addiction essay outline

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Technology Addiction Essay Examples

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Technology , Addiction , Family , Health , Children , Media , Students , Life

Words: 1800

Published: 12/21/2021


ATTENTION GAINER: As I speak, there will be people amongst us who would be checking their phones and if not checking they would be thinking of the one email that needs to be sent or that one application you heard about. Today’s generation is more dependent on technology than any of the generations that existed or have existed before us. We can hardly imagine life without the gadgets around us. Let me prove my point with the following example. SIGNIFICANCE (SOURCE): A Phoenix-based CEO of The J Brand Group, Jenn Hoffman, while giving an interview over breakfast to a WebMD writer, Jennifer Soong, was interrupted by her Blackberry Pearl several times to send out emails. She does not keep her phone out of sight even for a moment to the extent that even in the bathroom she carries her phone with her. THESIS: We have lost empathy and respect for the person speaking to us because of the technology disruptions around us. People physically around us have little value to us, and those connected with technology are given precedence over anything else. This goes to show that we as individuals are addicted to technology and similar to any other addiction this could have detrimental effects in the long run. PREVIEW: Today, I will bring to notice how we are addicted to technology and the effect it is having upon us as individuals and hampering our personal lives and what two institutes have the greatest role in creating technology addiction. Moreover, I would not leave you hanging mid-air. Consequently, I will also present ways to avoid being overly-dependent upon technology and prioritize the time we have.

We often overlook technology addiction because it is more about convenience than anything else. Little do we realize that this technology addiction can have serious health problems for those who have been victimized by their gadgets. Undoubtedly, technology has brought with it numerous benefits for us as a society and individuals. Business today is flourishing because of the advancements in technology and various opportunities have opened up for technology progress. But on the other hand, it is not all good news; the effects on our health are not given importance mainly because they cannot be seen in the short-term. Some years from now these health problems will come into notice, and it will be too late by then to reverse the effects. In a 2015 BBC News article, writer Zoe Kleinman discusses what one doctor of a technology addiction team of Nightingale Hospital has to say on the subject. People complain of feeling tired when they go to bed and waking up with the same feeling. When a person’s brain is unable to sleep at night, it is then that there should be a concern because it points towards technology addiction. People are in front of screens most part of the day while they are awake. The height of dependency on technology is such that our mobile phone or any other screen is the first thing we look at when we wake up and the last thing before we finally fall asleep. It is then no surprise to feel fatigued and tired even after sleeping for a good eight hours a night. Even after we feel such uneasiness and anxiety why do we continue using technology? The answer is simple; we are stuck in a vicious cycle. Without a smartphone, laptop, or tablet we will be disconnected from the world. There is a vast amount of information available on a simple click, and cutting ourselves from this will be considered an unwise move by society today. Any confusion can be cleared within a matter of seconds and who would be willing to let go of such comfort and convenience. This takes us to another point of information overload that can be another cause of anxiety and tiredness and out of the scope of this paper. Apart from the mental impact that technology has on us, it also becomes a cause of physical health problems. Children today prefer playing games in front of screens rather than outdoors and in parks where they are meant to be played. Parents find it easier to hand their children an iPad or a game controller rather than chauffeur them to a park down the road. Parents have become busy with their lives that handing their child with some sort of technology has become the easy way out. In an article for Daily Mail UK in 2013, Victoria Woollaston, highlights what a clinical psychologist Dr. Jay Watts has to say about children being in front of screens for a time more than required. Children become distressed when parents taken away their technology and gadgets, and this should concern parents. It goes to show that their child has become addicted to this sort of a lifestyle, and it is time for parents to change behavior and lifestyle. Playgrounds have become virtual, and this will greatly hamper the physical development of children. Physical exercise is essential for children in their growth years as it helps build muscle and strength. If this is taken away from the children, then various health problems will arise later in life. One of the most common problems that have come to notice due to a lack of physical activity is obesity amongst children which eventually leads to diabetes.


The aforementioned examples prove that technology addiction can cause serious health issues, and it is mostly lack of awareness that leads to this addiction creating a direct impact on our health. But the lack of awareness can be attributed to two of the most prominent institutions of society; 1) schools and 2) media.

According to Andrew Hough of the Telegraph in 2011, researcher’s found four in five students had panic attacks and severe withdrawal when they were asked to disconnect from their technology. Schools must not allow cell phones in class and condition students to survive without technology if the need arises. Moreover, research should be more focused on books from the library rather than one click of the internet. Some students during the research confessed to technology cravings as being of the same intensity as cravings for cocaine. By allowing cellphones in schools, the students are being taught the technology is part of life rather than just viewing it as a luxury it has been over-used and become a cause for concern today. The media incorporates all modes of communication be it through mobile applications or television channels. It has contributed significantly to causing technology addiction. There are game applications today that require complete dedication from the player; thus, causing technology addiction. According to Mara Tyler, in an article if a person feels isolated, forgets to eat or drink, and faces poor performance at school or work due to their gaming habit these are signs he may be addicted to technology. These games mentally involve a person so much that they disconnect from the wider world. The worst part is that these games are often advertised as being the “in-thing”, and those who are not familiar may be the crowd that is sidelined.

Now that we are aware of what technology addiction is and how it is being caused we can more closely examine how this can be cured and overcome. Technology addiction has more drawbacks than benefits; therefore, there is a need to find a sustainable solution to help minimize or eliminate this problem.

The best way to help get rid of this addiction is to start at your home. Children should have only a limited amount of time in front of the screen and parents should make a conscious effort to indulge their younger ones in physical activities. Moreover, children learn from what they see; therefore, minimal use of technology such as laptops and cell phones in front of children will help train the children to learn how to survive without technology as well. Parents need to turn off their notifications from social media for instance so that they are not tempted to check their phones constantly as suggested by an article published in The Guardian written by Emma Sexton. It may not be easy to disconnect from all the technology around us all of a sudden. Therefore, this needs to be done in phases. On weekends or on vacations one could disconnect from technology that is not vital for their survival over the weekend or on the vacation. Whenever one feels the urge to check their phone, they could distract by doing something more productive and healthy such as taking a walk outside. Barry Moltz from the Shafron Moltz Group has identified the above as possible ways to cure technology addiction one step at a time.

REVIEW: Today you have learned how technology addiction is affecting our physical health and personal lives and what have been the contributing factors towards this addiction. And possible cures to overcome this addiction have also been highlighted. RESTATE THESIS: Technology addiction has disconnected us from people around us and is simultaneously affecting our health in a negative manner. People have less personal interaction, and this is changing individualistic behavior in society. THE BACK TO ATTENTION GAINER: We may be present amongst a crowd and still not know the purpose of our presence in that crowd. People need to make the most of the time they have, and that can definitely not be through a generation that is overly concerned about what goes on in the virtual world.

Andrew Hough. "Student 'addiction' to Technology 'similar to Drug Cravings,' Study Finds." The Telegraph. 8 Apr. 2011. Web. <>. Barry Moltz. "Technology Is Making You Sick. Here's the Cure." OPEN Forum. 2012. Web. 30 Jan. 2016. <>. Emma Sexton. "How to Cure Your Technology Addiction Yet Hold onto Your " Web. 30 Jan. 2016. <>. Jennifer SoongWebMD. "When Technology Addiction Takes Over Your Life." WebMD. WebMD. Web. 30 Jan. 2016. <>. Mara Tyler. "Video Game & Technology Addiction." Healthline. 14 July 2014. Web. 30 Jan. 2016. <>. Victoria Woollaston. "The Five Signs Your Child Is Addicted to Their IPad - and How to Give Them a 'digital Detox' Read More: Http:// Follow Us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook." Daily Mail UK. 30 Oct. 2013. Web. 30 Jan. 2016. Zoe Kleinman. "Are We Addicted to Technology? - BBC News." BBC News. 31 Aug. 2015. Web. 30 Jan. 2016. <>.

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cell phone addiction

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One study (Hogan et al., 2012) states that cell phones are becoming a necessity this modern day, to the point where every teenager and adult must have at least one. Individuals are rapidly depending to these devices for communication purposes.…

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If that means better for the good or better for the worse, who knows, but hopefully it is better for the good. Right now 51% of adults and 65% of teens admit that they have used their smartphones while have another conversation with another person. (Are Smartphones Taking Over Our Lives?) When our smartphones become more important than having a conversation with another human, than that is when they become a bad thing. Even though smartphones are one of the most amazing things that are available today, they can also be abusive.…

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Technology has made many advancements through the past few years. Cellphones particularly have become more advanced and popular. These electronic devices have granted access to an endless amount of resources you can use to simplify your everyday life. However, the technological upgrades in cellphones have also provoked an addiction to the excessive use of this electronic. The cellphone addiction has become very common among many people especially the younger generations. This addiction compared to other addictions might seem harmless however, its side affects can be very serious and shouldn’t be overlooked. Throughout, my research I have discovered how a cellphone addiction negatively effects your physical, social, and mental health. Effectively demonstrating how dangerous a cellphone addiction can be to the individuals who suffer it.

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When people think of addictions, usually, drugs and chemical substances come to mind. A frequent trend observed in today’s age is not being able to go anywhere without one’s digital device and being addicted to that device, especially one’s cell phone. Adopting a cell phone separation anxiety, is a type of behavioral addiction that is seen more and more today. On average, people are spending about three hours on their phones each day. Alter states, “‘Behavioral addictions are really widespread now...risen with the adoption of newer more addictive social networking platforms, tablets and smartphones’” (Dreifus). As new technologies that cater to people’s wants increase, addiction to these technologies will increase as well. People become so attached to their phones that they will perhaps get distracted from their current situation. In the article “Hooked On Our Smartphones”, the author Jane E. Brody talked about how sometimes commuters or drivers put themselves in a dangerous position when they pay more attention to their phone instead of what surrounds them. The almost

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With 87 percent of American adults owning a cell phone (Jerpi, 2013), it becomes obvious that cell phones have become a staple device in today’s society. Although cell phones offer convenience, they arguably come with negative affects. Cell Phones have become one of the fastest emerging technologies (Campbell, 2006). With 87 percent of American adults and teenagers owning a cell phone (Jerpi, 2013), it becomes obvious that cell phones have become a staple device in today’s society. Since the release of the first cell phone, they have immensely evolved and some would say, have become an essential to everyday life. Although cell phones offer convenience, they arguably come with negative and impactful effects on our social

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Thesis: The usage of cell phones in modern day society has caused quite the problem for citizens in this generation by being a major distraction, causing addictions, and has sadly became the main resource of communication.

Cell Phone Addiction By Anna Almendrala

Believing that addictions to cell phones are becoming increasingly realistic, he surveyed 164 college undergrads and discovered that “cell-phones [had] become inextricably woven into our daily lives — an almost invisible driver of modern life.” This information shows that as more and more people are becoming avid users of cell phones, the harder it is growing to put them down. In the future, researchers like Roberts are developing machines to see whether or not an “addiction” to cell phones is a diagnosable condition. Researchers in the U.K. studied 1,529 teenaged students and categorized around 153 as “problematic users" of cell phones. All of this leads to the ultimate conclusion, which is that cell phones can be an addiction. The author clearly proves her point by showing how research has backed up her opinion, and she believes that this sort of addiction can be diagnosable in the future

Why Half Of Teens Think They Are Addicted?

Cell phones are used every single day by millions of people across the world. But do we use them more than we should? Many people think that our generation is addicted to technology and cell phones, and I agree with them; everyone is addicted. Kelly Wallace, wrote a Times article “Half of Teens Think They’re Addicted to Their Smartphones” and said that “Most adults, teens, and children use their phones for sometimes 24 hours a day”. Thousands of teens and children fail in school or lose sleep daily because they are always on their phones nonstop. I think that I'm not as addicted to using my cell phone as some of the people that I have met, although I usually use it every day to text family and friends rather than using it for social media

Too Much Of A Good Thing Analysis

Phones is something almost everyone has nowadays. Even small kids use phones to play with instead of actually playing in real life and it has come to the point where we use our smartphones way too much and we are obsessed with them. Dr.James Roberts, a professor of marketing at Baylor University and author of “Too Much of a Good Thing” believe that if you get irritable, anxious or just uncomfortable when you are not having your phone around you, there are some big red flags. The author goes on to say that there is only a small percentage of society that is obsessed or addicted to their phones, but that almost everyone overuse their phones on a daily basis and the problem is getting bigger and bigger.

Iphone Addiction Symptoms

John claims that more and more people, especially teens, are addicted to smartphones, and that such thing has led to a lot of physical and psychological effects among this people. People who are addicted to their phone can lose their mind when they are awy from their phones.

The Negative Effects Of Zombies

campuses, a growing number of students fill the time between classes texting and talking on their smartphone or they are using their phone to listen to music, play a game, check their bank savings, or to use any number of other applications and features their phone provides.”(292) Phones have basically taken over, and these are some of the ways and reasons why people are addicted to their phones.

Effects of Technology on Social Relationships Essay

As much as I regret to admit it, I’m attached to my phone. I’m constantly reaching into my pocket to check the time, make sure I haven’t gotten a new update, or to send a message. I do this even when I’m not talking to anyone! It’s become an addiction, having to make sure I’m not missing anything, and I'm not the only one who has this problem. Seventy-five percent of the world population has a cell phone, and that number will only increase. With the creation of new technology portions of life have become easier. Technology has changed the way we go through life. It’s made talking to people easier, as well as keeping up with the lives of others. However, the effects have affected the aspects of our lives that don’t include technology.

Technology has become a great benefit to us but many people have taken it too far. According to researcher and surveys taken all over the world shows that a large number of people may have become addicted to their technological devices and are not able to make it through a day without their cell phones or other technological devices. Many have concerns that people would rather use these devices than to have a face to face conversation. The addictions of technological devices are on the rise. Although these devices were meant to make our lives easier there have been many problems to arise ranging from health risk, relationship problems, classroom, church, and work interferences. Statistics show that cell

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cell phone addiction essay outline

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cell phone addiction essay outline

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cell phone addiction essay outline

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cell phone addiction essay outline


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cell phone addiction essay outline

Persuasive Speech On Cell Phones

Modern technology in ayn rand's anthem.

Anthem (by Ayn Rand) is a satire written in first person diary form. It's in a futuristic dystopia near the mountains. There is no individualism whatsoever. You can't show any preference towards anything or anyone. Your world is white. You live with 99 of your brethren, and are never alone. For that is a transgression. Everything is white and the latest technology available to you is a candle. But wait, are you lost yet? I thought that this book took place in the future. Well you're absolutely right the people who started this society burned all of the technology and started over. This is on of the main problems that troubled Equality. You don't have electricity, or a cell phone, or even a microwave or refrigerator. What does this say about modern technology? What does it do for them? What does technology do for us today? How could of all our technology wreck their so-called "utopia". Well in this essay we will discuss three reasons how all of modern technology would destroy their perfect world. The first point being about social media and communication, next talking about how many machines only requiring

Is Technology Killing Our Friendships Analysis

Do you have a smartphone? Do you get on it everyday? In “Is Technology killing our friendships”, by Lauren Tarshis, she talks about how Technology is killing our friendships. One in 4 teens are on their phone constantly. Technology is killing our friendship.

Stop Googling: Let's Talk By Sherry Turkle

“Studies of conversation both in the laboratory and in natural settings show that when two people are talking, the mere presence of a phone on a table between them or in the periphery of their vision changes both what they talk about and the degree of connection they feel. People keep the conversation on topics where they won’t mind being interrupted. They don’t feel as invested in each other. Even a silent phone disconnects us.”

Dbq Essay On Technology

Technology, especially smartphones, has played a key role in encouraging connectivity between people all over the world. Snapchat, Facebook, and instagram allows us to keep in touch with our friends and family (Document 1). Never before in human history have we had this level of connectedness with others. Smartphones also allow us to have answers to any question we might have, which gives us the opportunity to transcend the boundaries of what we previously believed conversations to be and talk about the real issues; what we make of these facts (Document 6). Having this freedom to develop our conversations gives us the chance to further our connection with people and truly understand more about them.

Power Of Soma In Brave New World

In the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the people of the world state take Soma to keep them pleased. Soma is a very common drug used by mostly everyone, it relaxes the body and keeps everyone happy. Not only does soma make people happy, but it also keeps everyone in the world state oblivious to what's going on around them due to how powerful the relaxant is. In a similar situation, our society's addicted to using technology to distract from real life. Both soma and technology have a distracting quality causing the people not to know the reality of what's going on around them.

When My Kids Unplugged Analysis

With the growing importance of social media in modern life, you see the increase in the popularity of technology across all age groups. Technology gives people a simple and easy way to communicate with others and to gather information. Because social media comes with multiple benefits it is seen only as a positive in modern day. This may not be exactly the case. Through my recent readings, I have found that social media does in fact have significant drawbacks and because of this I feel that people should cut back on their daily routine of technology use and social media.

Impact Of Cell Phones On Society

Provides the significant ideas about how cell phones have an impact on people’s lives directly and how it is able to vanish people’s privacy in the society. Gives some specific examples about how cell phones totally affect the society in terms of changing the way people communicate in a simple way and making people keep in touch with each other. Comes up with a significant point of using cell phones to let people take and share their photos via social networking sites

Persuasive Speech: The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

Transition: Now that I have introduced my topic, I would like to begin by talking about hazards and harms of texting and driving.

Stop Googling By Sherry Turkle Summary

In response to recent studies that connect phone usage with the increase lack of face-to-face conversation, Sherry Turkle explains the risks of constantly being on a phone and solutions to the problems it presents in the New York Times article, Stop Googling. Let’s Talk. Turkle shares that the increase lack of empathy and conversational intimacy in humans has recently been attributed to the increasing use of cell phones. Turkle asks phone users to consider that using the phone even when alone can be damaging, for their time to “[listen] to [themselves]” are occupied by their devices. As a solution Turkle suggests that phone owners should limit their and their children’s cell phone use, by creating “device-free” spaces such as the car, the dinner table, etc., as well as taking advantage of built-in features such as “do not disturb”. Ultimately, the author is attempting to make people aware

Google Making USupid

Is technology really creating a better world for people? With all the different types of technology, it is undoubtedly a part of everyone’s life today. Not only that, but technology could be viewed as consuming the world, dispersing information and so much that not all of it can be processed. Some people argue that technology is completely beneficial to its users, allowing quick access to all sorts of resources, but it is clear Foothill High School should join in the national “Shut Down Your Screen Week” because many teenagers have never been away from their devices for very long and could easily benefit from the forced interaction with real people around, and the psychological benefits of “unplugging” are numerous and attractive.

Persuasive Speech: The Use Of Cell Phones While Driving

Specific purpose: to persuade my audience that the use of cellphone while driving has become a life threatening not only to the driver but also to other motorist and pedestrians.

How Social Media Affects Relationships Essay

During these days, it seems as if nobody can live without checking their social media accounts, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Many people, especially young people, have been consumed with the use of social networking. Nobody can take their eyes off of their phones, and that has resulted in real relationship connections withering. When a family is eating together or watching a movie in the living room to have some family bonding time, children lose attention and instead focus more on what 's going on in social media. When people hang out with their friends, they are still consumed with their phones even though

Argumentative Essay: Does Technology Make You Feel Alone?

Technology is becoming more popular now and it dose not make them feel alone. A lot of people use technology now more than before, and it helps them know more people, and make them more connected. Also, it makes them play with each other, and make them having really fun and good time playing. But a lot of people think technology will make us more alone because technology make people separate from each other. According to Lindsey Craig in her article “Technology -- we all love it and we all use it, but how is it affecting us?” she stated that “Technology is making us more alone, because instead of interacting with our friends in person, we are dependent on using our phones or tablets. We start to compare

Persuasive Essay On Cell Phones

With more than five billion people in the world now owning some kind of mobile phone, it’s hard to imagine a world without these devices. Without your smartphone who would tend to your crops on Hay Day? Who would take care of your Snapstreaks while you’re gone? Who will you argue with about the true shape of our planet? Cell phone users today cling to their devices as if they are a newborn baby. Carrying it around everywhere they go, showing it off to friends and family, doing whatever they can to protect it, and keeping it away from strangers. We have become obsessed with these “magical” hunks of metal. In fact, “50% of cell phone users feel uneasy when they leave phones at home”. This addiction to cell phones has led me to the following question: is it even possible to live without phones anymore? In order to find the answer to this “seemingly impossible” question, I decided to face the treacherous challenge myself so you don’t have to.

How Smartphones Affect Society

In Brett Molina's, "Do Smartphones keep us in or out of touch?" the writer explains how smartphones are very powerful. "Most of us can walk and chew gum at the same time. But add a smartphone and beware the zombies" (Brett 9). Most adults, teenagers, and even children own a smartphone, but for what purpose? Despite their usefulness, cell phones are a major distraction. These devices are always in people's pockets. People spend most of their time with the phone. A typical day of a smartphone user is as follows: wakes up and checks their phone. During meals, they are using their smartphone. At school, their face is buried in the cell phone. The constant notification alert noises and vibrations of their smartphone are taking away their attention from writing an essay that they have due tomorrow. Before bed, they are straining their eyes just to get a last glimpse. This is what someone would call smartphone addiction. "A 21-year-old Texas woman was charged in June after her 6-month-old daughter drowned in a bathtub. According to investigators, the mother was on Facebook Messenger while the baby was left unattended" (Brett 9). It is heartbreaking how a mother would just do that to their own child. That mother is a disgrace. People like that should not even have children if they are going to spend most of their time on a smartphone. If they are planning to have children, parents need to put down their phones and focus more on their

More about Persuasive Speech On Cell Phones

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  1. Cell Phone Addiction, Essay Example

    A second aspect that must be considered when talking about cell phone addiction is the fact that, due to the fact that cell phones have so many addictive applications on them, teenagers choose to use their cell phones for extended periods of time in order to pass certain levels on a video game.

  2. Essay on Cell Phone Addiction

    Cell phone addiction refers to the compulsive use of mobile devices, such as smartphones, despite the negative consequences it may have on an individual's life. This addiction can manifest in various ways, including an obsession with checking social media, constant texting, and difficulty in disconnecting from the device.

  3. Cell Phone Addiction and Its Impact on Health

    A child that is addicted to their phone means they are not included in the sports or activities that they just to be involved in and loved. You may or may not know if you are addicted to your phone. Half of the teenagers with phones feel they are addicted to their phones.

  4. Cell Phone Addiction Essay

    Cell Phone Addiction Essay People have been so much more addicted to entertainment and a screen than such things as working hard in school or fixing relationships. Cell phones are owned by as much to 88% of people (Smith 2). Parents see less and fewer signs of abuse of cell-phone use in their teens and can't help them if something is wrong.

  5. Essay on Mobile Addiction

    Mobile addiction causes several problems such as weakened vision, headache, sleep disorders, depression, stress, aggressive behaviour, social isolation, financial situations, ruined relationships and no or low professional growth. We must limit the use of mobile to take control of our lives.

  6. Cell phone addiction outline.docx

    Thesis statement Cell phone addiction can be described as a problematic use of cell devices that results in long-term harm. The essay will discuss the issue of cell phone addiction Body 1. Definition: What is cell phone addiction? o It includes addiction to the various features available in the mobile phones.

  7. Effects of Cell Phones and Social Media Addiction on Society

    So let alone being able to watch a movie on your phone, you now have the capability to make, edit and share them with these amazing cell phone cameras. On average the American citizens spent three hours and 35 minutes a day on their smartphones in 2018 as compared to three hours and 44 minutes on television.

  8. Argumentative Essay On Cell Phone Addiction

    Cell phones is one of the most reason for car accidents. I believe cell phones are addictive because it is causing a distraction, people to be on their phones instead of focusing on their family/lover, and people to depend on their phones too much. Cell phones cause a considerable distraction.

  9. Essay About Technology Addiction

    The aforementioned examples prove that technology addiction can cause serious health issues, and it is mostly lack of awareness that leads to this addiction creating a direct impact on our health. But the lack of awareness can be attributed to two of the most prominent institutions of society; 1) schools and 2) media.

  10. cell phone addiction

    Topic Outline with Thesis Statement Thesis statement: Cellphone Addiction is one of the main problem of the teenagers nowadays so that almost of their grades are failed. I. Effects of Cellphone a. Positive - b. Negative - II. People who addicted to cellphone a. Workers b. Teenagers III. Reasons why did cellphone addiction a.

  11. Mobile Phones: The Negative Effects Of Cell Phone Addiction

    This addiction will cause depression, physical deterioration, a lack of social skills, and other negative effects if the users do not take the right precautions. 84% of cell phones users admit they couldn't go a day without using their phone (Duerson). With this statistic and the …show more content…. With effects like cancer, eyestrain ...

  12. An essay on cell phone addiction.

    Essay on The Negative Affects of Cell Phone Use With 87 percent of American adults owning a cell phone (Jerpi, 2013), it becomes obvious that cell phones have become a staple device in today's society. Although cell phones offer convenience, they arguably come with negative affects.

  13. Cellphone Addiction: Informative Prompt, Outline, and Rubric

    Explain the effects of cell phone addiction. This is an informative essay prompt, two articles, a graph, and outline sheet. Your kids will all learn something about cell phones that they may never thought of before. This comes complete with rubric Total Pages 12 pages Answer Key N/A Teaching Duration N/A Report this Resource to TpT

  14. Cell Phone Addiction Essay Outline

    Cell Phone Addiction Essay Outline | Best Writing Service Do my essay with us and meet all your requirements. We give maximum priority to customer satisfaction and thus, we are completely dedicated to catering to your requirements related to the essay.

  15. Persuasive Speech On Cell Phones

    788 Words4 Pages. Persuade people to use their cell phones at appropriate times. Today our society is built around technology. Almost everyone has their own cell phone or other handheld device. Today I would like to share something I consider A concern to our societies development. Cell phone problems in American social life.