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Benefits of Exercise Essay | Essay on Benefits of Exercise for Students and Children in English

January 19, 2021 by Prasanna

Benefits of Exercise Essay:  Obesity and being unhealthy is found in almost every third of children aged two to fifteen. So it’s more important to address this major issue and to get people fit and active.

Exercise helps in the stimulation muscles development, joints and bones, as well as the lungs and heart. It helps a person maintain a constant healthy weight. Exercise helps young people manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Long and Short Essays on Benefits of Exercise for Students and Kids in English

We are providing students with essay samples on a long essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on the topic of Benefits Of Exercise for reference.

Long Essay on Benefits of Exercise 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Benefits of Exercise is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

We have always heard the word ‘fitness’ and ‘health’. We use it ourselves when we say such phrases like ‘fitness is the key’ and ‘health is wealth’. The word health means the idea of ‘being well’. When a person functions well physically as well as mentally, we call that person healthy and fit.

A healthy lifestyle demands regular exercise, and it is an integral part of being fit. Study after study has shown us the various benefits it can have. Not only does regular exercise help you reduce your risk of developing diseases and manage your weight, but it can also help prevent and treat mental health problems. Exercise is a great way to unwind from the stresses of life and can boost your wellbeing and mood. No matter what one’s age, everyone gets benefitted from regular exercise. To instil healthy habits that may last a lifetime of children, one makes their kids active from an early age. Being active is a huge benefit for older people and seniors.

Exercise helps in the stimulation muscles development, joints and bones, as well as the lungs and heart. It helps children maintain a constant healthy weight. Daily exercise also provides kids with the opportunity to make friends and interact with other people. Exercise helps young people manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Compared with previous generations, sedentary lifestyles, jobs, and long commutes have put us more at risk of the dangers of inactivity and unhealthy. Guidelines recommend us to take as much opportunity as we can to do exercise and be active. Every adult should aim at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity over the course of the week. Strengthening exercises are also very important to do at least two days a week. Activities such as exercising with weights or heavy gardening can be included in strengthening exercises. One should aim to do at least some physical activity every day.

There are a whole host of benefits of being as active as possible and reduces one chance of getting several health conditions. Exercising regularly improves your muscular, bone health, cardiorespiratory fitness. It reduces your risk of hypertension or high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease and some cancers. It reduces depression and anxiety and boosts good mental health with good wellbeing and mood.

Whether you have always been active or you’re just starting, make sure you take slow steps to stay, avoid injury and things like a muscle strain. It’s important to drink enough water to keep you hydrated and to eat the right foods to provide the fuel you need to exercise. But a balanced, wholesome diet is the best plan of action for most people.

A person stays happier, being fit and healthy. A healthy and fit person is less prone to chronic diseases. In any pressure situation, a healthy mind reacts better. The self-confidence of a person is increased. Drastic reduction in risk of heart failure. With the increased immunity power helps the body fight against cancerous cells. The intensity of getting a fracture gets decreased with regular exercise.

Short Essay on Benefits of Exercise 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Benefits of Exercise is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Ahealthy lifestyle demands regular exercise, and it is an integral part of being fit. Study after study has shown us the various benefits it can have. Not only does regular exercise help you reduce your risk of developing diseases and manage your weight, but it can also help prevent and treat mental health problems.

Exercise is a great way to unwind from the stresses of life and can boost your wellbeing and mood. Exercise helps in the stimulation muscles development, joints and bones, as well as the lungs and heart. It helps a person maintain a constant healthy weight. Exercise helps young people manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. A person stays happier, being fit and healthy. A healthy and fit person is less prone to chronic diseases. In any pressure situation, a healthy mind reacts better. The self-confidence of a person is increased. Drastic reduction in risk of heart failure. With the increased immunity power helps the body fight against cancerous cells. The intensity of getting a fracture gets decreased with regular exercise.

10 Lines on Benefits of Exercise in English

FAQ’s on Benefits of Exercise Essay

Question 1. Is it good to exercise every day?

Answer: In a well-structured workout program, a weekly day of rest is often advised. As long as you are not getting obsessive about it and not pushing yourself too hard, working out every day is fine.

Question 2.  What happens if you don’t exercise?

Answer:  If one does less exercise or activity will become deconditioned. Your lose bulk and weakens including muscle strain. Your muscle needs breathing especially the large muscles in legs and arms. The more breathless you become, the less activity you do.

Question 3. Which exercise burns the most fat?

Answer: High-Intensity Interval Training is one of the most effective ways to burn body fat. HIIT is an intense aerobic method that includes Tabata-styled or sprinting workout designed to condition the body in less time than steady-state low-intensity cardio.


The Health Benefits of Exercise Essay

Essay on Persuasive Speech Outline

As a general goal, aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

Dumbbells Research Paper

Exercise not only gives us greater strength and fitness but also increase our well-being and keeps us healthy. It might not be so today, but sometime in the future, most of us realize how important it is to take care of their body and keep it in shape.

Exercise Persuasive Speech

*A person being physically active for at least 7 hours a week have a 40% lower risk of dying early than those who were active less than 30 minutes a week. (Division of Nutrition and Obesity, June, 2015)

Essay On Chronic Disease In Australia

Physical activity is defined as an individual not obtaining the recommended 150 minutes per week. engaging in moderate physical activity is very important, if the recommended time that should be spend on excersie per week is not achieved it can increase the risks of chronic diseases such as Heath disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. Physicals inactivity also increases biomedical determinants such as body weight leading to obesity, high blood pressure and blood cholesterol which have a negative effects on an individual's well being. According to AIHW, 2012, 60% of Australians over 15 did not undertake in sufficient physical activity. Getting the required 150 minutes a week or more is a great protective factor which will decrease the ricks of various chronic diseases and also provides other benefits such as reducing body weight and improving mental

Explain What It Means That People Should At Least Exercise Two And Half Hours

According to the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association, they state that people should at least exercise two and a half hours a week. Which means that people would be exercising for 30 minutes a day and five times every week. Some things that can help people exercise are jogging, dancing, biking, swimming, and much more. When people exercise, they should keep a moderate pace to keep people from passing out from overworking themselves too much. A moderate intensity means that you are working in an intermediate zone.

Why The Age Of 18-64 Should Be Contributing In At Least 150 Minutes Of Physical Activity

People from the age of 18-64 should be contributing in at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week. As this would extremely improve your sleep, everyday lifestyle, help your socialising abilities, illuminate your mood and it would make an immense change to your general and overall health.

A Dozen Reasons To Exercise Analysis

Every single person, including kids, should exercise every day for at least thirty minutes to an hour. Therefore, the more you exercise the superior. Exercising may embrace of walking, running, doing a sport, and even going to the gym. However, if a person does not work out at all, that's an immense problem. In fact, people even convey that not exercising is as defective as it is smoking a cigarette. The article, “A Dozen Reasons to Exercise,”(Source 3) by the author, Rosie Alvarado-Martin, essentially gives the audience 12 significant reasons on why people should consider exercising if they want to avoid having a higher chance of having a heart disease. Generally speaking, there are 12 reasons, but I’m only going to give further information

Physical Activity Study

The study was based off the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, which states that a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity exercise per week or 1.25 hours of vigorous aerobic activities is encouraged for additional health benefits. The study looked at the rates of death of following these guidelines and the impact of exercising more than the recommended time.

Exercise 150 Minutes Of Moderate Physical Activity

Experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate physical activity every week for basic health benefits; if weight loss is your goal, you may need more. Your 150 minutes can be spread out through the week as you please. You can spend 21 minutes exercising every day, or work out for almost an hour three times per

Physical Participation Among Older Adults Using Qualitative Research Methods

Studies have reported a decrease in number among adults who participate in physical activity (PA), particularly in developed countries. While there is substantial evidence showing physical inactivity as one of the

The Importance of Exercise and Eating Healthy Essay

Exercise and eating healthy are two of the most important things you need to do to take care of your body properly. Both exercise, and eating healthy, have many advantages and benefits. They help with multiple things needed throughout your life. These things include growing physically, mentally, and if you are religious, spiritually as well. All of this adds up to your body functioning in the highest and best way possible.

The benefits of physical exercise in humans far outweighs the harmful effects associated with exercise. A prescription of physical activity has been known to delay the onset or prevention of many chronic diseases. An improvement in heart function, lower blood pressure and improve functional capacity is noticed after just a few weeks of exercising. Physical activity will also result in an increase of lean muscle mass, promote weight maintenance, increased flexibility, and a generally stronger more fit individual. Conversely, exercise when preformed strenuously or obsessively can counteract such positive effects, bringing up some issues like oxidative stresses, injuries, and

Essay on Health Related Exercise Programme

Health Related Exercise Programme The objective of every training lesson is to improve my performance. Each session needs to be well planned to improve my fitness. The sport, which I have decided to improve for health and fitness, is Netball the

The Importance of Physical Activity Essay

Physical Activity is undeniably good for everyone, not only does it keep you fit and healthy but when started at a young age, it can set up good habits for life. Sometimes however, people do not take care of their physical wellbeing, resulting in obesity and other eating disorders which can be detrimental to their health.

The Health Benefits of Exercise Essay example

Do you need some motivation to get off the couch and begin exercising? Maybe you have started to work out and then stopped your work out routine so many times that you cannot keep track of the number of programs you have tried. Well you are not alone. In fact, by statistics that would make you an average American. All the same, working out for the sake of health and well-being is becoming increasingly important as we continue to learn the effects of inactivity. There are many benefits that arrive from the presence of exercise in your daily routine. Improve strength, improved cardiovascular fitness, and an improved immune system are just three of the MANY benefits that come from exercise and activity. I will tell you a little bit more

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Essay about Exercise – Benefits

Is exercise beneficial? How is it good for you? And what is exercise? Essays like the one below will help you discover the answers to these questions.


Works Cited

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Do you want to live a good life feeling great with improved mental psyche and energy levels void of some chronic diseases coupled with sound sleep all in one package? Look no further; regular exercising will offer this all-inclusive package of benefits. Many people just know very little about goodness of exercise; regrettably, they do not know how good it can get over time.

The good news is that, exercise delivers results regardless of sex, occupation, physical ability, or age. Exercise results are yours for taking; once you put the input, the output is almost certain.

Unfortunately, people will always find excuses for not exercising and even some will quote myths associated with exercise for them to stay out. Many exercise activities are not strenuous and require very little efforts; for instance, dancing for fun. The truth is; exercise is good because it will help you have good moods, manage chronic diseases, and manage weight giving you good shape.

Goodness of Exercise

Exercise helps in improving one’s mood and mind status. Mood is a state of mind. Physical activity triggers the body to release chemicals known as endorphins. These chemicals enable one to be happy and peaceful. The contemporary society is set in a way that people can work without involving a lot of physical exercise.

Moreover, many people are being forced by circumstances to take jobs that they do not like. Chances that such people will slump into stress, depression, low self-esteem, and insomnia are high.

However, exercising improves all these by improving one’s mood. For instance, during exercise, individuals set goals and by beating the timeline to accomplish these set goals, make one feel good and this improves his or her self-confidence and self-esteem. It is logical that a confident and self-esteemed person will have good moods. Human body is made up of active cells and they need to be kept active; exercise offers these.

As Mayo Clinic Staff posit, “As you exercise, your body gets fitter and stronger, and thus, your mind starts seeing everything, including yourself in a better light” (Para 4). Have you ever heard of people claiming the only thing they do when stressed up is exercise? These few individuals have discovered the secret to let go of in-built pressure. Brain is made up of muscles and exercise is good for brain muscles just as food is good for the body.

Good news to those battling with chronic diseases as hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis among others; exercise is the way out. Research indicates that regular exercise combats these diseases. According to Hawk, “exercise is the silver bullet for improved health” (Para. 1). In combating heart diseases, exercise strengthens heart muscles, increases High Density Lipoproteins (HDLs), and reduces Low Density Lipoproteins (LDLs). These lipoproteins are cholesterol derivatives and scientists term HDL as ‘good’ cholesterol and LDL as ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Reduction of LDL with subsequent increase of HDL promotes smooth blood flow and replenishes heart functions. In Type II diabetes, the body is insensitive to insulin probably due to weight gain amongst other causes. Exercise helps in shedding weight and this makes the body insulin sensitive. Consequently, this insulin breaks down sugar molecules in the body thus lowering blood sugar levels eventually combating diabetes type II.

Nowadays, poor feeding habits and little or no exercise makes people as young as fifteen to suffer from osteoporosis. However, exercise offers reprieve to this nightmare by strengthening bone tissue formation and maintenance. Finally, research indicates that exercise improves immune system response and this helps to keep minor infections at bay.

Finally, exercise helps in keeping body shape. No one likes obesity or out of shape body. Unfortunately, many people love talking how they hate their over weight bodies without doing anything about it; lip service. Exercise is the way to attaining that elusive figure you have always craved for, over the years.

It is natural that, during physical exercise, the body burns thousands of calories. Body weight results from excess energy, which is converted to fat and stored in different body parts. As one exercises, metabolism rate increases leading to breakdown of fats making your body slimmer and healthy.

Research indicates that, “To lose one pound of fat, you must burn approximately 3500 calories over and above what you already burn doing daily activities” (Buemann & Tremblay 193). These researchers make it clear that normal daily activities are not sufficient to burn the required calories in the body; therefore, exercise is the way out. Fortunately, you do not need to check into a gym to manage weight loss; far from it, 20 to 30 minute walk every day or cycling for fun is enough to keep weight gain under control.

Unfortunately, many people complain that exercise is not good because it is not fun. This is true and it does not apply to exercise alone; it applies to anything that someone does. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, it can never be fun. However, the claims that exercise is not fun are only excuses; not reasons. The fact is, there are many exercise programs, and out of them, every one can find a program that excites him or her. Exercise can be done in a group or individually.

Moreover, most of practices that people do for fun qualify as exercises. For instance, taking a stroll in the neighborhood in the evening is enough to relax one’s mind. Teenagers are fond of cycling for fun; however, even though they do not know it, cycling is a great lot of exercise.

So, what is the way out of these excuses? Identify an exercise that excites you; an exercise that you will do without much hustle. For instance, decide to engage in flexibility training exercises like yoga and sit-ups or even join a dancing group. By doing something that excites you, fun will be inevitable. However, remember to do whatever you are doing on purpose with discipline. Discipline is the key to any successful story you will ever hear.

Exercise is all-inclusive package that will enable you live almost a stress-free life, full of energy with improved self esteem and sound sleep not forgetting how you will be able to combat some diseases like hypertension and diabetes type II. During exercise, the body releases endorphins that restore peace and felicity.

Moreover, nothing equals the thrill that one gets by accomplishing set goals and exercise offers this opportunity to set both short and long-term goals and accomplish them. Again, exercise prompts the body to produce more ‘good’ cholesterol and eliminate the ‘bad’ one thus improving blood flow thus keeping hypertension at bay.

Any good doctor will tell you exercise is as essential as sleep or feeding. Finally, exercise enables you to maintain body shape by shedding those extra pounds. Unfortunately, many people complain that exercise is not fun; however, this is just an excuse, not a reason. There are many exercise programs to choose from, every one can get a program that excites him or her, and as the excitement sets in, fun follows. Anyway, who does not want to live a peaceful and happy life? Not even you, start exercising and start today.

Buemann, Baines & Tremblay, Albert. “Effects of Exercise Training On Abdominal Obesity and Related Metabolic Complications”. Sports Medicine. 2007, 21(1): 191-212.

Hawk, Patricia. “Here’s why Exercise is good for You.” 2009.

Mayo Clinic Staff. “Exercise: 7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity.” 2010. Web. https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/in-depth/exercise/art-20048389

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Benefits of Exercise

Exercise improves physical health. Physically active individuals have a much better health outlook than their sedentary peers. Even modest regular physical activity has a positive influence on people's health and vitality. A minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of moderate activity a day most days of the week will benefit health and assist with weight loss. A formal workout is not necessary to have these benefits; a brisk walk will suffice (although a more vigorous workout will suffice that much more).

Exercise reduces risks for serious illness. Exercise reduces people's chances of developing and dying of illnesses such as heart disease. It does this by lowering illness risk factors such as triglyceride and overall cholesterol levels, while improving the level of HDL (the "good" cholesterol which is thought to reduce the risk of heart disease). Weight-bearing exercise and strength training activities help to maintain or increase bone mass, reducing a person's risk for osteoarthritis and associated bone fractures. Regular exercise also lowers resting blood pressure rates for hours after an exercise session is over. In addition, moderate exercise may significantly reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes. Arthritics who exercise often experience more strength and flexibility in their affected joints as well as a reduced pain levels. Furthermore, exercise may delay or prevent the development of arthritis in other joints. Regular walking of over a mile a day has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke significantly. Exercise even appears to reduce the risk of developing some cancers, especially cancers of the breast and colon.

Exercise increases energy and vitality feelings. Sedentary individuals often complain of being too tired to work out. Ironically, exercise improves people's capacity for work so that people who exercise on a regular basis actually have more energy and greater strength and endurance for daily activities than do their sedentary peers. The feeling of increased energy, and vitality is one of the first things people tend to notice a few weeks after beginning to working out on a regular basis.

Exercise helps people perform activities of daily life more easily. Physically fit people are stronger, healthier and more energetic than sedentary people. They are able to solve problems more readily, deal with stress more effectively, think faster and remember things more efficiently. Overall, activities of daily life become less of a chore for active people.

Exercise helps people to lose and maintain weight. An exercise session burns calories and elevates metabolic rate both during exercise and then for hours after exercise is completed. It helps to preserve and build lean muscle mass. It works to suppress appetite. All of these benefits work together to make exercise vital for maintaining weight loss.

Exercise improves mood. Exercise helps people to relax, improves sleep and reduces muscular tension. That glow of relaxation after a workout is restorative. Research shows that one of the best things a person can do when depressed is to force themselves to exercise. The mood elevation effect is immediate.

Exercise improves self-confidence. One of the reasons many individuals do not attempt an exercise program is because they feel they are not very athletic or coordinated. Once an exercise program is begun, however, these same individuals discover that they are indeed able to work out successfully: gaining muscle tone and strength, improving their stamina, and improving how they feel emotionally. These revelations are very empowering. It is this increased sense of self confidence and improved sense of well-being that eventually becomes the sustaining force that helps people to continue their exercise program.

Exercise provides socialization opportunities. Exercising outside the home, whether in the great outdoors, at a gym or recreation center, in an exercise class, sport group, walking or running club, etc., all lead to encounters with other people who also enjoy working out. New acquaintances and friendships develop readily in such contexts. Over time, having the pleasure of one's exercise group's company becomes another reason to exercise.

Family relationships can benefit from exercise too. On days when the weather is nice the entire family may enjoy a walk or the couple a bike ride with the children in child seats behind the parents. If the family is involved in that very active phase of rearing young children, a parent's exercise break between work and child responsibilities will likely help them to be a calmer, more able parent.

Additional Resources

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Importance of Exercise Essay

500+ words essay on the importance of exercise.

We all know that exercise is extremely important in our daily lives, but we may not know why or what exercise can do. It’s important to remember that we have evolved from nomadic ancestors who spent all their time moving around in search of food and shelter, travelling large distances on a daily basis. Our bodies are designed and have evolved to be regularly active. Over time, people may come across problems if they sit down all day at a desk or in front of the TV and minimise the amount of exercise they do. Exercise is a bodily movement performed in order to develop or maintain physical fitness and good health overall. Exercise leads to the physical exertion of sufficient intensity, duration and frequency to achieve or maintain vigour and health. This essay on the importance of exercise will help students become familiar with the several benefits of doing exercise regularly. They must go through this essay so as to get an idea of how to write essays on similar topics.

Need of Exercise

The human body is like a complex and delicate machine, which comprises several small parts. A slight malfunction of one part leads to the breakdown of the machine. In a similar way, if such a situation arises in the human body, it also leads to malfunctioning of the body. Exercise is one of the healthy lifestyles which contributes to optimum health and quality of life. People who exercise regularly can reduce their risk of death. By doing exercise, active people increase their life expectancy by two years compared to inactive people. Regular exercise and good physical fitness enhance the quality of life in many ways. Physical fitness and exercise can help us to look good, feel good, and enjoy life. Moreover, exercise provides an enjoyable way to spend leisure time.

Exercise helps a person develop emotional balance and maintain a strong self-image. As people get older, exercise becomes more important. This is because, after the age of 30, the heart’s blood pumping capacity declines at a rate of about 8 per cent each decade. Exercise is also vital for a child’s overall development. Exercising helps to maintain a healthy weight by stoking our metabolism, utilizing and burning the extra calories.

Types of Exercise

There are three broad intensities of exercise:

1) Light exercise – Going for a walk is an example of light exercise. In this, the exerciser is able to talk while exercising.

2) Moderate exercise – Here, the exerciser feels slightly out of breath during the session. Examples could be walking briskly, cycling moderately or walking up a hill.

3) Vigorous exercise – While performing this exercise, the exerciser is panting during the activity. The exerciser feels his/her body being pushed much nearer its limit, compared to the other two intensities. This could include running, cycling fast, and heavy-weight training.

Importance of Exercise

Regular exercise increases our fitness level and physical stamina. It plays a crucial role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It can help with blood lipid abnormalities, diabetes and obesity. Moreover, it can help to reduce blood pressure. Regular exercise substantially reduces the risk of dying of coronary heart disease, and eases the risk of stroke, and colon cancer. People of all age groups benefit from exercising.

Exercise can be effective in improving the mental well-being of human being. It relieves human stress and anxiety. When we come back from work or school, we feel exhausted after a whole day of work. If we can go out to have a walk or jog for at least 30 minutes, it makes us feel happy and relaxed. A number of studies have found that a lifestyle that includes exercise helps alleviate depression. Those who can maintain regular exercise will also reduce their chances of seeing a doctor. Without physical activity, the body’s muscles lose their strength, endurance and ability to function properly. Regular exercise keeps all parts of the body in continuous activity. It improves overall health and fitness, as well as decreases the risk of many chronic diseases. Therefore, physical exercise is very important in our life.

Exercises can play a significant role in keeping the individual, society, community and nation wealthy. If the citizens of a country are healthy, the country is sure to touch heights in every facet of life. The country’s healthy generation can achieve the highest marks in various fields and thereby enable their country to win laurels and glory at the international level. The first step is always the hardest. However, if we can overcome it, and exercise for 21 days continuously, it will be a new beginning for a healthy life.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Importance of exercises Essay

What are the benefits of exercising regularly.

Regular exercise helps in the relaxation of the mind and body and keeps the body fit. It improves flexibility and blood circulation.

Which are some of the easy exercises that can be done at home?

Sit ups, bicycle crunches, squats, lunges and planks are examples of easy exercises which can be done at home without the help of costly equipment.

Is cycling an effective form of exercise?

Cycling is a low impact exercise and acts as a good muscle workout.

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benefits of exercise summary essay

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benefits of exercise summary essay

What Are The Benefits Of Exercise Essay

The overall health of a person is extremely important. A healthy body allows for better brain growth and development and mental health of the individual. Having good health also means that you are increasing the length of your life. There are many ways to get healthy and improve your life, but the most important factor is exercising. According to an article in Time, "It's unbelievable. If there were a drug that could do for human health everything exercise can, it would likely be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed" (Oaklander). Exercising is the key component to achieve the best overall health. There are two types of exercise, but which one would provide the greatest benefits? The two main types of exercises are aerobic and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

During these exercises, a person's bodies require lots of energy. This helps to burn more calories. To make this process faster, the oxygen consumption in the muscles increases. According to most people, the only benefit of aerobic exercise is to burn calories with weight loss. Although it does help with weight loss, the benefits don’t stop there. Some other benefits are that it makes our internal organs and cardiovascular system stronger and healthier. It also balances cholesterol levels, reduces the risk for diabetes, and strengthens the immune system. For people who don't exercise regularly, achieving the recommended amount of exercise can be difficult. It is suggested to ease into the process and gradually work up the recommended amount ("Aerobic..."). One major benefit of aerobic exercise compared to anaerobic exercise is that you don’t necessarily need a gym or a specific facility to do this exercise. Biking or running can be done outside by your house or around the block if you live in a town. If you can't go outside, there are other exercises that you can do inside the …show more content…

Approximately 30 percent of U.S. children and adolescents age 6 to 19 are overweight, and 15 percent are obese". This same article continues by stating that "only twenty percent of Americans get the recommended 150 minutes of strength and cardiovascular physical activity per week" (Mudder). This helps to show that people who are inactive are more likely to be diagnosed with a disease. To help solve this issue, schools can require more than one year of a physical education class. Some students don't do sports in school and therefore are not getting the exercise they need each week. If schools required more than one year of a physical education class, all students would be getting the amount of exercise they need to be healthy. The physical education class wouldn’t have to be strictly sprints and running the entire time. The teachers could split the days into different activities that include cardio and have other days that include some type of

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The Importance of Exercise

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We all know that exercise is important in our daily lives, but we may not know why or what exercise can do for us.

It’s important to remember that we have evolved from nomadic ancestors who spent all their time moving around in search of food and shelter, travelling large distances on a daily basis. Our bodies are designed and have evolved to be regularly active.

In the same way that a sports car is designed to go fast, we are designed to move. If the sports car is taken out once a week for a 3 mile round trip through a town centre then it would probably develop engine problems fairly quickly.

Over time people too develop problems if they sit down all day at a desk or in front of the TV and minimise the amount of exercise they do.

The Benefits of Exercise

There are many benefits of regular exercise and maintaining fitness and these include:, exercise increases energy levels.

Exercise improves both the strength and the efficiency of your cardiovascular system to get the oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.  When your cardiovascular system works better everything seems easier and you have more energy for the fun stuff in life.

Exercise improves muscle strength

Staying active keeps muscles strong and joints, tendons and ligaments flexible, allowing you to move more easily and avoid injury. Strong muscles and ligaments reduce your risk of joint and lower back pain by keeping joints in proper alignment. They also improve coordination and balance.

Exercise can help you to maintain a healthy weight

See our page: Dieting and Weight Loss for more information.

The more you exercise, the more calories you burn.  In addition, the more muscle you develop, the higher your metabolic rate becomes, so you burn more calories even when you’re not exercising.  The result?  You may lose weight and look better physically which will boost your self-esteem .

Exercise improves brain function

Exercise increases blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain. It also encourages the release of the brain chemicals (hormones) that are responsible for the production of cells in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory and learning.  This, in turn, boosts concentration levels and cognitive ability, and helps reduce the risk of cognitive degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

See our pages: Keeping your Mind Healthy and Memory Skills for more information.

There is overwhelming evidence that people who lead active lifestyles are less likely to suffer from illness and more likely to live longer.

Exercise is good for your heart

Exercise reduces LDL cholesterol (the type that clogs your arteries), increases HDL (the good cholesterol) and reduces blood pressure so it lowers the stress on your heart.  Added to this, it also strengthens your heart muscle. Combined with a healthy diet, exercise lowers the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Regular exercise lowers your risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Regular exercise helps to control blood glucose levels, which helps to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.  Additionally exercise helps to prevent obesity, which is a primary factor in the development of type 2 diabetes.

Exercise enhances your immune system

Exercise improves your body’s ability to pump the oxygen and nutrients around your body that are required to fuel the cells that fight bacteria and viruses.

Staying active reduces the likelihood of developing some degenerative bone diseases

Weight bearing exercise such as running, walking or weight training lowers your risk of both osteoarthritis and osteoporosis – the adage of “ use it or lose it ” really does apply to bones.

Exercise may help to reduce the risk of certain cancers

Being fit may mean that the risks of colon cancer, breast cancer and possibly also lung and endometrial cancers are reduced. Studies by the Seattle Cancer Research Centre have suggested that 35% of all cancer deaths are linked to being overweight and sedentary.

Exercise not only makes you physically fitter but it also improves your mental health and general sense of well-being.

Active people tend to sleep better

Physical activity makes you more tired so you’re more ready to sleep. Good quality sleep helps improve overall wellness and can reduce stress. See our page The Importance of Sleep for more information.

Exercise improves your mood and gives you an improved sense of well-being

Physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins which make you feel better and more relaxed.  These in turn improve your mood and lower your stress levels.

Exercise can help prevent and treat mental illnesses like depression

Physical activity can help you meet people, reduce stress levels , cope with frustration, give you a sense of achievement, and provide some important “me time”, all of which help with depression .

Keeping fit can reduce some of the effects of ageing

Exercise can be fun! 

Getting fit is not just about running on a treadmill for hours in your local gym, it can be a dance class or a new hobby like fencing or mountain biking.  It could be a group or team activity like football or a karate class.

Whatever form of exercise you choose, you’ll almost certainly meet new people and may make new friends.

How Much Should you Exercise?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, current guidelines suggest that to stay healthy, adults between 19 and 64 should try to be active daily and follow these recommendations:

Cardiorespiratory Exercise

Cardiorespiratory exercise, often abbreviated to 'cardio', is any exercise that increases the heartbeat and breathing rate.

Such exercises include walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing and team sports such as football, hockey, basketball etc.

You should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. 

These recommendations can be achieved through 30-60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (five times a week) or 20-60 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise (three times a week) or a combination of both types.

One continuous session combined with multiple shorter sessions (of at least 10 minutes) is also acceptable.

For those starting out, gradual progression of exercise time, frequency and intensity is recommended. You are more likely to stay on track and avoid injury if you start gently.

Even if you can't reach these minimum targets you can still benefit from some activity.

Resistance Exercise

Resistance exercise is concerned with working the bodies muscle groups and building strength.

It is recommended that adults train each major muscle group two or three days each week using a variety of exercises and equipment.

Very light or light intensity resistance training is best for older persons or previously sedentary adults new to exercise

Two to four sets of each exercise will help adults improve strength and power.

For each exercise, 8-12 repetitions improve strength and power, 10-15 repetitions improve strength in middle-age and older persons starting exercise, while 15-20 repetitions improve muscular endurance.

It is recommended that adults should wait at least 48 hours between resistance training sessions.

Moderate vs Vigorous Intensity

There are a number of different ways to classify the intensity of any exercise, some based on heart rate, some on perceived exertion and some on how the exercise affects your metabolic rate.

Generally Speaking...

Moderate-intensity activity  should raise your heart rate, make you breathe faster and make you feel warm enough to start to sweat.

Vigorous intensity exercise will make you breathe hard, increase your heart rate significantly and make you hot enough to sweat profusely.

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans suggests that moderate-intensity activity allows you to talk but not to sing, whereas more vigorous activity results in an inability to say more than a few words without pausing for a breath.

Examples of moderate intensity exercise include:

Examples of vigorous intensity exercise include:

Overall though, any activity that gets you moving, gets your heart rate up and gives you enough pleasure to do it regularly and often is good for you in almost every way.

Have fun, be healthy and feel good!

The Skills You Need Guide to Stress and Stress Management

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