Asthma Essay

asthma description essay

Asthma And Its Effects On Asthma

who has been diagnosed with asthma. She has been having trouble controlling her asthma. Here is information on how she can understand asthma and control it and also help prevent asthma flare ups. Asthma is a chronic long term lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Asthma causes periods of wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and coughing. Coughing usually occurs at night or early morning, can occur during the day if allergies flares your asthma. The airways are tubes that carry

As far as asthma goes, triggers for asthma are: allergies, family history (because there is a genetic influence) dust mites, pet dander, dust, cockroaches, pollen, mold, anything like that, pollutions and factory immetions can trigger some allergies. And often your patient will give you a history of GERD and exema (especially when they were a kid). In asthma we have reversible narrowing of the bronchioles. When they narrow they swell, so it gets hyper responsive, the airway tends to remodel

Asthma Describe the Disease: ​ Asthma is a chronic disease of the lungs that affects the airways and causes them to become very swollen and sensitive to the air that you breathe. With this disease you can get what is called an asthma attack, this is where your airways become narrower, making it difficult to breathe. You may notice that someone is having an asthma attack if the person begins wheezing, getting a tight chest/ chest pains, breathing problems, and coughing. There are different types

1. Discuss the pathophysiology of asthma. The pathophysiology of Asthma includes inflammation of the airway. The way in which this works is from an irritant which can include dust, pollen, cedar, or cat hair. When a reaction occurs, the airways become inflamed and narrow. The narrowing occurs because once the inflammatory response is triggered by an irritant, histamines, immunoglobulin E antibodies, and leukotrienes are released. Because of this, mucous production occurs. Since the bronchioles are

Asthma Stepwise Management Of Asthma

Asthma Stepwise Management Asthma is a life-threatening inflammatory ailment of the upper airways that distresses approximately eight to ten percent of the populace, about seven million of the populace distressed with asthma are essentially the children (Arcangelo & Peterson, 2013). Arcangelo and Peterson demarcate asthma as a chronic inflammatory ailment of the airways branded by airways blockage, inflammation, and hyper-responsiveness. The American Academy of Allergy and Immunology {AAAAI},

Pathophysiology Of Chronic Asthma And Acute Asthma

diseases of the respiratory system include; pneumonia, croup, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, and tuberculosis, affected disease location determines the signs and symptoms. Hereditary and environmental factors such as allergens and other irritants can be a contributory factor, especially in children. However, respiratory compromise occur as a result of incomplete airway development among this vulnerable population predisposing them to chronic asthma (Huether & McCance, 2012). The purpose of this paper is

Effects Of Asthma On Children 's Asthma

to other children in physical appearance, academics, athletics, and social interactions (Ball et al., 2015, p.208). The effects of asthma can play a direct role on how the child develops in these areas. Factors that affect asthma are being exposed to triggers and the medication management. The child is dependent on parents’ for initial management education of asthma treatment (Silva-Mendez & Barros, 2013, p.1002). The parents’ beliefs about the adherence of medications have shown to have an influence

Asthma Analysis

Asthma is a heterogeneous disorder characterized by acute episodic exacerbations against a background of chronic persistent inflammation associated with structural changes that may produce persistent symptoms and impaired pulmonary function (Martinez, 2011). Asthma severity and asthma control are different terms but related pathogenesis. Asthma severity describes the underlying disease process in absence of concurrent treatment to determine the initial step of therapy. Asthma control describes the

Essay On Asthma

Introduction – Not double-spaced as required Asthma is one of the most common health problems in the United States that can not only affect patients' lives, at school or work, but also creates a significant burden on society. Diagnosis and management of asthma has traditionally been accomplished by clinical, exam, pulmonary function testing and patients perceived level of symptoms. The key factor in asthma is airway inflammation. Until recently, airway inflammation was very difficult to evaluate

Controlling Asthma

About one in 15 people has asthma and it still continues to grow each day. Asthma is a condition where people experience and struggle breathing issues. The breathing issues affect the human' lungs. Asthma is not curable, but most people able be to control the condition. Controlling asthma could be a struggle or easy lead in a person's life. There is many different things that set off asthma attacks. The definition of asthma is a respiratory condition that has complication located in the lungs where

Treating Asthma

Asthma treatment is consistent with care along a continuum which may change at any time to accommodate the individual’s current symptoms. The clinical based guidelines consist of step by step guidelines with varying treatments arranged by age and organized by the severity and the addition of pharmacological therapies (NAEPP, 2007). The process of treating asthma has been proven most successful with the NAEPP clinical guidelines. The NAEPP guidelines provide a holistic approach to caring for individuals

Asthma Triggers

When asthma strikes, it can be very scary especially when it gets harder and harder to breath every second. Your lung airways may swell because of some inhaled allergens causing you to feel like catching your breath every time. People with asthma knows what can trigger their asthma attack but a big percentage of these people don't really know their own asthma triggers. According to Asthma UK, people who have asthma have their own different triggers. Some people gets asthma attacks because of common

Asthma Relief

Tips for Asthma Relief Asthma health tips are important; people can be diagnosed with asthma symptoms at a very early age. Of course, victims of asthma generally complain about how annoying and sporadic attacks can be while out in the real world. Additionally, most assume that there lungs are perfect enough to not be bothered. However, everyday living--with asthma related symptoms--proves that owning irritated lungs is a common and detrimental experience for the unexpected ones. Asthma and Allergy

Asthma Case

asthmatic takes an inhaler “Albuterol sulfate”, the medication works by reducing the inflammation in the airway paths “bronchi and bronchioles” of the lungs, allowing the patient to breath without constriction or symptoms of asthma. Question #4) Describe how Accolate® helps control asthma. Refer to relevant respiratory anatomy as well as the changes that occur in the airways of an asthmatic. Answer) Like “Albuterol Sulfate”, Accolate is a bronchodilator which helps open the bronchi and bronchioles of the

Asthma Patient

11.0 DISCUSSION ON MEDICAL MANAGEMENT OF THE PATIENT We all know the ABCs of resuscitation, but for asthma patient A doesn’t for patient. Asthma is a respiratory problem not an airway difficulty. Unless the patient arrives in arrest, there is no reason to intubate immediately. The fast action is to start oxygen and bronchodilators. Give both albuterol and ipratropium bromide. Also, stick to nebulizers for patients. a)Oxygen: Asthmatic patients generally do not require a lot of supplemental oxygen

Symptoms Of Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disorder of the lungs in which inflamed airways are prone to constrict. This causes episodes of breathlessness. Wheezing, coughing, and chest tightness that range in severity from mild to life threatening degrees. Asthma causes a variety of symptoms that can worsen at any time, which makes breathing difficult. Asthma cannot be cured, but it can definitely be managed. Some days victims may have symptoms, and other days they won’t. However, not having symptoms of asthma does not

Asthma Pathology a paroxysmal, often allergic disorder of respiration, characterized by bronchospasm, wheezing, and difficulty in expiration, often accompanied by coughing and feeling of constriction in the chest. Also called bronchial asthma. Asthma is a chronic condition, and there is no cure for it. You can consult with your doctor about how to manage it. Knowing as much as you can about the condition, can help you understand how to live with it. Asthma affects people of all ages, more than

The Pathology Of Asthma

nearly 26 million Americans is asthma. This total includes more than 7 million children. Asthma causes millions of lost school and work days every year and is the third leading cause of hospitalization among children. There is no cure for asthma, but the good news is that it can be managed and treated, allowing you to live a normal, healthy life ("Learn About Asthma", 2016). One out of ten children and one out of twenty adults are diagnosed with asthma (Bryan, 2004). Asthma is noted as one of the most

Acute Asthma

co-existing relationship between asthma and bacterial infection. Antibiotics are a group of drugs that focus on a various range of infections entailing fungal, viral, bacterial and even protozoan infections. More so, the use of antibiotics drugs in the management of asthma is still disputed. Most physicians have found there selves use antibiotics in the management of asthma in the pediatric population as viral upper respiratory tract infections are closely associated with asthma exacerbations in children

Chronic Asthma

Asthma Asthma is one of the most prevalent respiratory diseases. It is a chronic condition with recurring, exacerbations characterized by bronchial hyper-responsiveness and inflammation leading to airflow obstruction (Cabana, et al., 2014). Over time, the chronic inflammation may cause permanent damage to the airway (Wenzel, 2012). Asthma affects people of all ages but typically begins in childhood (Wenzel, 2012). This paper will explore the pathophysiological mechanisms of chronic asthma and

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Asthma Essay With Conclusions

Info: 2061 words (8 pages) Nursing Essay Published: 11th Feb 2020

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Chronic illnesses are non-communicable diseases which develop gradually over time. They generally cannot be solved instinctively and are barely to be cured ultimately. In most cases, chronic illnesses are more likely to be insidious where the patients have mild or no symptoms.

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asthma description essay

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Asthma Essay

asthma description essay

Asthma Symptoms

As of 2013, 22.6 million people in the United States have asthma (Asthma Data 2015). Asthma is the most significant cause of absences from school in children from the age of five to seventeen (Asthma Data 2015). It is the reason for 13.8 million missed school days every year (Asthma Data 2015). Children are not the only ones affected by asthma (Krames 2010). Adults also have symptoms of this disease (Krames 2010). Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease caused by inflammation of the airways (Crane 2016). While the disease can not be cured, the symptoms can be controlled (Crane 2016). There are a wide variety of symptoms associated with asthma (Asthma 2016). Symptoms include: shortness of breath, coughing, a wheezing sound when inhaling or…

Asthma Speech

What is asthma? Asthma is a day-and-night lung weakness that lights and limits the air travel routes. Asthma reasons repeating times of wheezing (a shrieking sound when you inhale), mid-section snugness, shortness of breath, and hacking. The hacking regularly happens during the evening or at a young hour in the morning. To comprehend asthma, it knows how the flying routes work. The navigation routes are tubes that do air into and of your lungs. Individuals who have asthma have excited aviation…

Managing Asthma

This paper focuses on the treatment and management of asthma, providing background information on the disease, symptoms and diagnosis. A major argument in this paper is patient self-management education are vital in improving the health outcomes of asthmatic patient. Although asthma has no cure and there is different, treatment and management approaches to kept it under control. Emphasis has been put on the medical care and pharmacological approaches in treating and managing asthma. In this…

Reducing Asthma

habits that have been shown to aid in reducing asthma symptoms or preventing the development of asthma altogether. While there is no doubt in the scientific community that healthy eating leads to a more productive lifestyle, most patients underestimate the power of proper nutrition, especially when it comes to asthma treatment. We hope to dispel some of these notions in this chapter. However, to understand how certain food groups positively or negatively affect asthmatics, we must first discuss…

Essay On Asthma

Asthma, sometimes called bronchial asthma, is a disorder that characterized by twitchy airways also known as hyperreactivity and inflammation in the lungs (Marks, Pearce, Strachan, & Asher, n.d.). The airways that carry air to and from the lungs become narrow and swell and produce extra mucus ("Asthma Facts and Figures |," n.d.). Due to the swelling and inflammation, the airways become hypersensitive because of poor air quality, allergens, and strenuous activities, which trigger…

Asthma Occupation

A factor contributing to Asthma is an individual’s occupation. The term ‘Occupational asthma’ can be defined when asthma is triggered because of an individual working environment. Typically, there are jobs, which involve being exposed to specific substances known as respiratory sensitizers, which could potentially causes a sickly response. If exposed for a long duration, it could possibly lead from occupational to chronic Asthma. The main examples that could cause occupational asthma is from a…

Asthma Study

Asthma Study Study design National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute defines asthma as a chronic, lung disease that causes wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and shortness of breath (NIH, 2014). People who have asthma, have inflamed airways (NIH, 2014). It is a condition that has no cure but can be controlled through treatment (NIH, 2014). NIH points out several factors that can trigger or aggravate the symptoms of asthma. These symptoms include allergies (dust, animal hair, cockroaches, mold or…

Stress And Asthma

Many researchers have found a correlation between stress and health causes many diseases such as asthma, hypertension, and heart diseases. This paper will focus on how stress affects the severity of asthma depending on an individual’s socio economic status (SES) and gender. As stated in Stress and asthma by Rosenberg, “Asthma is a major public health problem in the U.S, where approximately 25.7 million children and adults are currently living with asthma” (Rosenberg, 2014). According to…

Pathophysiology Of Asthma

Asthma is characterized by the pathological changes in the submucosal glands, the increase of smooth muscle composition and hardening of the lamina reticularis; due to the recurrent inflammation and overproduction of mucus in the airways (Holgate & Sly, 2014). The inflammatory response is highly associated with the clinical symptoms of wheezing, coughing, short of breath and chest tightness (Cosio, Rosado & Rossi, 2012). The objectives of this essay is to discuss the pathophysiology of asthma,…

Asthma is a complicated disease that affects all age groups and is marked by acute and chronic exacerbations. As one of the most complex respiratory diseases, asthma is associated with a high mortality rate. The purpose of this paper is to explore the pathophysiology of acute and chronic asthma across the lifespan, medications used for treatment and the impact on disease and the use of stepwise approach to treatment can be used to educate patients in various healthcare settings. As airways…

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asthma description essay

Essay Examples on Asthma

Asthma: causes, pathophysiology, and treatment, public health problem, what should we know about asthma disease, asthma its causes and impact on the body, an evaluation of the current trend in acute asthma care, the correlation on how asthma medication and poor oral hygiene lead to xerostomia in elderly patients, feeling stressed about your essay.

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asthma description essay

asthma description essay

Essay On Asthma

Asthma: Improvement management Martine Calice Ms. Sierra Pilar NUR 2235 May 12, 2014 Asthma is a disease of the respiratory system. It causes swelling and narrowing of the air tubes inside the lungs. When this happens there can be coughing, a whistling sound when you breathe (wheezing), chest tightness, and difficulty breathing. The narrowing comes from swelling and muscles spasms of the air tubes. It is a common illness of childhood. Knowing more about the illness can help patient handle it better. It cannot be cured, but medicine can help control it. Asthma often triggered by allergies, viral lung infections, or irritants in the air. Allergic reactions can cause wheezing immediately when exposed to allergens or many hours later. Common triggers for asthma include: Exercise, infection, usually viral pollution, cigarettes smoke, paint fumes. “ An estimated 5.2 million people in the UK have asthma, making its prevalence one of the highest of any country in the world; on average asthma affects people in one of five UK households and is responsible for one hospital admission every 7.5 minutes (Asthma UK 2011)”. Clancy (p. 34). Prevelence of asthma in older adults aged 65 or older is estimated to be 6-10% in the developed world. Children living in urban areas and from low-income families, older adults and obesity patients are considered to be at risks population. “ Older people may have developed asthma in childhood, adolescence or adulthood. The risk factors for developing asthma in adulthood include genetic susceptibility, hormonal changes in some women, exposure to indoor and outdoor pollutants, occupational exposures, excess body weight, rhinitis, medications such as beta blockers, and viral and bacterial infection... ... middle of paper ... ...their asthma more effectively attain physical and mental wellbeing, and lead to fewer hospitalization and fatal episode in this group. “ Self management has been defined as the successful outcome of the person and all appropriate individuals and services working together to support them to deal with the very real implications of living the rest of their life with one or more long-term condition”. (p .56) REFERENCES Carnegie, E., & Jones, A. (2013). Improving the management of asthma in older adults. Nursing Standard, 28 (13), 50-58. Clancy, J., & Blake, D. (2013). Pathophysiology and pharmacological management of asthma from nature-nurture perspective. Primary Health Care, 23 (7), 34-41 Juel, C., & Ulrick, C (2013). Obesity and Asthma: Impact on Severity, Asthma Control, and Response to Therapy. Respiratory Care, 58(5), 867-873.

In this essay, the author

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Air Pollution a Major Factor in Asthma Predictability Index Among Children

Asthma is the most common pediatric chronic disease. Hindrance in asthma diagnosis is widespread resulting in unsatisfactory management in asthma. About 80 % of pediatric asthma patients have symptom onset before age six , most of them before age three . However, only about 1/3 of children with at least one episode of asthmatic symptoms by age three will have asthma at age six and over, Asthma is under-diagnosed in 18 75 % of asthmatic children . This city is […]

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Abstract The chapter outlines the impact of smoking aspects for a developing country whose economy is dependent on tobacco growing. On the environmental front, other than the pollution of the air by tobacco smoke; large tracts of forests are destroyed, and heavy losses are incurred due to perennial veld fires that would destroy properties, flora and  fauna, and in some instances human lives, when smoldering cigarette stubs are recklessly thrown away after smoking. Public health bill is shooting up in […]

About Asthma Disease

Asthma is a condition which causes difficulty breathing. People with asthma become very sensitive to irritants such as smoke and allergens, which prompts the hallmarks of asthma to appear. It is characterized by inflammation, narrowing of the airways and over production of mucus. It is chronic and very common, affecting over twenty-five million Americans each year. It can cause a variety of symptoms, from wheezing to chest pressure. Although it is chronic and has the potential to be deadly, with […]

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A Chronic Inflammatory Disease Asthma

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways which occurs in genetically predisposed individuals. Asthma is a reactive airway disease. This common disease has an epidemic progression in western countries (Wenzel, 2003). Environmental factors are likely to be the cause of the progression of this disease. Asthma can be triggered by various stimuli and can result in either a bacterial or viral infection. Asthma occurs when inflammation constricts the airways when the lungs are reacting to physical activities, respiratory […]

Asthma in Elementary School Children

The first time I saw the illness Asthma portrayed in a movie was in the 1985 film, The Goonies. In this movie the lead character, Mikey, suffers from asthma. Throughout the movie he is shown using his inhaler multiple times, but at the end of the movie, he throws his inhaler away because supposedly he no longer needs it. But for the millions of kids who saw that movie and suffered from Asthma, their reality was a different movie. Asthma […]

The Center for Disease Control reports that more than 24 million Americans have asthma, affecting 1 in 12 children and 1 in 14 adults. (Most Recent Asthma). “Asthma is a disease that is lifelong and causes wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing (“Vital Signs”, 2011). Asthma has become an illness that many people consider ‘normal’ because once you have asthma, there is no way to cure it. Rather, there are hundreds of ways to control it and make it a […]

Asthma Pathology Profile

The symptoms of asthma include chest pain, tightness of the chest, shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing. These symptoms are caused by the constriction of the airways and excess mucus production. Asthma symptoms vary in each person; some may experience symptoms only while exercising, while others experience symptoms every day (Mayo Clinic Staff). Therefore, in some people asthma is a major problem that seriously impacts their life, while in others it is just a minor problem. A physician will commonly […]

BAFungal Diseases in Patients with Asthma

SAFS can be a troublesome asthma. Patients are often adult male or females, with a mean age at diagnosis of ~50 years. Their pulmonary function measured by FEV1 or peak flow varies from 20-120% predicted, depending on how well their disease is controlled. Presentation: Many have significant nasal symptoms with runny nose, sneezing and hay fever- like symptoms. They do not produce plugs of sputum, like ABPA patients do, although CT scans may show some mucous in airways. ABPA is […]

What is Asthma?

According to the American Lung Association, asthma is a lung disease that makes it harder for air to transport in and out of your lungs. When someone has asthma, their lungs are inflamed most of the time, which makes them more tactful to their environment and which most likely triggers the asthma. Things that trigger asthma could include cold weather, dust, chemicals and smoke. In the event of an asthma attack, the insides of your airway swell even more than […]

The Anatomy of the Respiratory System and Asthma

The respiratory system consists of organs that oversee inhaling of oxygen, exchanging gases, and exhaling of carbon dioxide. There are two different types of respiration, external and internal. External is considered the first round of gas exchange, it is between the lungs and pulmonary capillaries; this is where blood becomes oxygenated and is ready to spread through the body (Sullivan & Childress, p.75). Internal respiration or the second gas exchange, involves the systemic capillaries and body cells; tissues are relieved […]

Childhood Asthma

What is asthma? Asthma is a condition in which a persons airway become inflamed and narrow. Sometimes the airway can get filled with mucus due to environmental factors. Some people have different sensitivities which results in different reactions. When the airway becomes inflamed and narrow it makes it difficult for the person to breathe. There are two kinds of asthma: allergic and non allergic. Non allergic asthma can be induced by environmental factors or high intensity activity. Non allergic asthma […]

Asthma is a Chronic Disease

Asthma is a chronic disease involving your airways, where air comes in and out of lungs. With Asthma your airways become swollen and narrow, displaying inflammation and production of extra mucus. Becoming an obstruction on the airway and can even become life-threatening. When symptoms are triggered swelling and tightness enhances becoming a problem for breathing, displaying wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Asthma itself cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be restrained. Asthma symptoms can differ from person to […]

Holistic Medicine for Asthma

Holistic Medicine is a treatment that assists the body mentally and physically. Many doubt the advantages and are uncertain of some of these alternative medicines. However, there are many studies done that show that there are some these treatments do assist these illnesses. Asthma, a condition where the airways increase in size, get narrowed, swell up and produce extra mucus, would lead to breathing difficulties. As a person who currently has this condition, an alternative medicine would be a better […]

Asthma Inflammation

Asthma is known to be a chronic disease of the airways that makes breathing difficult for humans. Asthma causes swelling of the airways. Also, this results in the airways that carry the air from the nose and mouth to the lungs to become narrow and causing the individual to have trouble breathing. Although there is no cure for Asthma, it can be maintained with the proper treatment. It is stated in statistics that one out of thirteen people is diagnosed […]

The History of Asthma Treatments

Have you ever tried to breathe through a straw? You would find it extremely difficult, this is a reality for individuals who suffer from Asthma. Asthma is a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and produce extra mucus. This can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath (Asthma, Mayo Clinic (2018)). Asthma symptoms vary from person to person. You may have infrequent asthma attacks, have symptoms only at certain times such as when exercising […]

The Physiology of Asthma

Asthma is an inflammatory disease which makes breathing and some physical activities challenging and in some cases, impossible. The Greek meaning of “asthma is short of breath. However, this classifies any short-winded patient as asthmatic. This definition was refined in the 19th century by Henry Hyde Salter, who was also asthmatic. He narrowed down the definition in his scholarly article, “On Asthma and its Treatment, to “paroxysmal dyspnoea of a peculiar character with intervals of healthy respiration between attacks. This […]

Asthma in the United States

Twenty-six million people in the United States are living with the illness known as asthma. Asthma is a condition that makes it harder to move air in and out of the lungs. There can be two types of asthma: allergic and nonallergic. Asthma has no cure. Most people who have asthma are can manage the disease. They can live normal, mostly active lives and sleep through the night without interruption from asthma. Asthma symptoms can vary from person to person. […]

Bronchial Asthma

Introduction This is an obstructive condition in which widely spread narrowing of the respiratory airways can change severity over short period of time, either spontaneously or under treatment, and it isn’t a cardiovascular disease. The symptoms of this disease are wheeze ,chest tightness, cough and shortness of breath, often worse at night . Classically asthma has 3 characteristics: Our writers can help you with any type of essay. For any subject Get your price How it works Need a custom […]

About Childhood Asthma

Childhood asthma research analysis is going to explain or clarify the history, symptoms, and diagnosis, Etiology, Pathophysiology etc. As it stated the definition of “Asthma is health disease that makes it hard to breathe. It affects the airway or bronchial tubes in the lungs to come sore and swollen. “Asthma is the most common chronic lung disease of childhood that affects, 6.6 million children in the United States(Guibert, 2014). Childhood asthma develops during childhood period, between 2 to 7 years […]

Pathophysiology and Etiology of the Asthma

Asthma, a chronic disease process, affects approximately 18 million people in the United States. While asthma can be reversible, failure to control symptoms and provide adequate and timely treatment can lead to a decrease in respiratory function, which ultimately increases the risk of death (Durham, Fowler, Smith, & Sterrett, 2017). Accurate and timely nursing care can help patients manage their symptoms and increase their quality of life while decreasing hospitalizations and related costs (Keep, Reiffer, & Bahl, 2016). Disease Condition […]

Factors into the Development of Asthma

Asthma is a type of chronic inflammatory disorder. More specifically, it is a disorder of the airways, where there is increased responsiveness to stimuli (cellular components, allergens, and irritants). In those who have this chronic condition, inflammation can cause wheezing, chest tightness, loss of breath, and coughing. These specific episodes occur because of the airflow obstruction seen in the constriction of muscles. In most cases, narrowing of the airways is reversible. However, there can be irreversible airflow obstruction in those […]

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Asthma Disease

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Asthma is a lung disease that can be treated. It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory system that results in relapsing symptoms. In simpler terms, asthma is the narrowing of the airways in the lungs that causes wheezing, coughing, and gasping for breath. It is a very unpredictable disease and can differ greatly from one person to the next. Some people have very mild symptoms every once and a while where as for others it is a daily struggle to breath.

Asthma can occur at any age but most commonly begins with in the first five years of life. Approximately 7% of Americans suffer from asthma, which is roughly 18 million people, 4.8 million of which are children.

Asthma is the leading cause for hospitalization among children and is the most common long-term childhood disease. “African-Americans are four times as likely as whites to be hospitalized and three times as likely to die from asthma.” This is partially because asthma is more sever in urban inner cities.

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Although many cases of asthma have been identified in the United States, many cases are likely to go undiagnosed.

There are eight main signs or symptoms that help identify asthma trouble. The four most common are recurrent wheezing, shortness of breath, feelings of tightness in the chest, and a cough that lasts over a week. Two symptoms are more prominent in children than in adults. They are blue nails and lips, sudden anxiety and apprehension. The last two symptoms to watch out for are when breathing out takes longer than breathing in and when breathing is faster than normal.

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These symptoms usually occur in episodes and are often called asthma attacks. “When an asthma attack occurs, three major changes take place in the lungs. Cells in the air tubes make more mucus than normal. Cells in the airways get inflamed causing air tubes to swell. The muscles around the air tubes tighten. These changes cause the air tubes to narrow which makes it hard to breath.”

Asthma attacks are caused by something that bothers the lungs. These are most often called “triggers.” There are two main types of triggers, allergic and non-allergic. Allergic triggers, also known as allergens, are substances that cause no problems in some people but in others, stimulate an allergic reaction causing an asthma attack. Examples of allergens are molds, pollen, dust mites, cockroaches, and animal dander (flakes from skin, hair or feathers). They trigger asthma symptoms by entering the lungs as we breath. The other main type of triggers are non-allergic. They stimulate receptors in the respiratory tract causing muscles to tighten, resulting in an asthmatic episode. They are also called irritants. Examples of irritants are tobacco smoke, perfume, paint and hairspray, cleaning products, exercise, a chest infection, certain medications and changes in the weather.

Prevention is the best way to reduce your asthma symptoms and your need for medications. Controlling your exposure to the things that trigger your attacks is one of the best methods of prevention. First, you must know what triggers cause you to have asthmatic episodes. One of the best ways to figure this out is to keep an asthma diary. Every time you have an attack, write down where you are, what you were doing and possible triggers that could have caused the attack. Many triggers are present in the home and since the majority of people spend one-third of their day in their homes, this is a great place to start the control process. Removing as many asthma triggers as possible from your home is important in controlling your asthma. One tip for allergy proofing your home is to encase your pillows and mattresses in mite-proof covers.

This will prevent dust mites from forming in your bed and reduce the chance of an asthmatic episode occurring during the night. It is a good idea to keep pets outside and out of places like the bedroom. This will prevent their dander from floating around the house and lessen the chance it will enter your lungs. When cleaning, use a bleach solution to kill mold and mildew in the bathroom. If you have outdoor allergies, it is a good idea to drive with the windows up and use the air conditioning during pollen season. If you must work outside, wear a dust mask to keep unwanted particles out of your lungs. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, it is very important for people with asthma to avoid second hand smoke. You should speak with your doctor about an Asthma Management Plan that is designed just for you. An Asthma Management Plan lays out your personal treatment goals and a schedule of your daily medications.

When prevention is not enough to keep your allergies from triggering your asthma, medications to help manage your asthmatic episodes may be necessary. There are two main types of medications used to treat asthma: relievers and preventers. Bronchodilators, referred to as relievers, fight airway constriction. They relax the muscles that surround the air tubes and allow you to breath more easily. They work so fast that you notice the effect almost immediately. “However, physicians realize that bronchodilators do only half the job.” They do little to treat the underlying inflammation. Anti-inflammatory agents, or preventers work to prevent and reverse airway inflammation and they reduce airway sensitivity. This helps keep the airway from becoming constricted. However, they work much slower than relievers and must be taken regularly if they are going to be effective. When used on a regular basis they help to control the symptoms of asthma.

These medications come in one of two forms, inhalers and tablets. “The most commonly used asthma inhaler is the aerosol spray inhaler. But there are dozens of other types of inhalers available.” If you do not want the hassle of dealing with an inhaler, you can choose to take a tablet. People with very severe asthma can choose to take a steroid tablet. However, they often have powerful side effects and must be used long-term. There is a tablet called theophylline that is very helpful when taken as an add-on treatment to inhalers. Studies show that inhaled medication works more effectively than tablets. Whatever form of medications you and your doctor decide is best for you; remember that their goal is to maintain “normal” lung functions. Medications are meant to allow you to continue living your life at normal activity levels.

“Asthma is classified into a number of categories based on severity of symptoms: intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent, and severe persistent.” These classifications help doctors determine which treatments to prescribe. Patients with intermittent or situational asthma only have symptoms present when they are exposed to certain triggers. You can avoid an asthma attack by simply avoiding those triggers that cause your symptoms. People with intermittent asthma usually do not need long-term medication. Patients with mild persistent asthma have symptoms more than twice a week but less than every day of the week. If you have this type of asthma, you need long-term preventive medication.

The third type of asthma is moderate persistent asthma. Patients who suffer from moderate persistent asthma have daily symptoms and need long-term preventive medication. However, they will need to use it more frequently than someone with mild persistent asthma. The final type of asthma is the hardest to control. It is severe persistent asthma. Symptoms occur on a continual basis and require the use of long-term controller medications multiple times a day.

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Asthma Disease

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