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This column includes items posted previously on Frank Barnako's blog,

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- For the second time this week, the Associated Press has a formed a media partnership that puts the 160-year-old news distribution company in the spotlight.

Tuesday it was a deal with , pointing news searchers to AP stories. Wednesday's deal is with Technorati , the blog search service. It includes the 440 Associated Press members that subscribe to the Hosted Custom News Web product.

AP stories on those sites will show a module featuring "Top Five Most Blogged About" articles. If you click on a story, you'll be taken to a search page listing blogs that are writing about the story. "Blogger voices will now be heard in several hundred local online news organizations," said Technorati's chairman, Peter Hirshberg. "I believe that this is a deep validation of the power of citizen media."

Get past that "citizen media" cliché and sense the new energy in this old geezer. In the past three years, AP killed its all-news radio network, birthed a Web-friendly online video news service and created a youth-oriented news feed called ASAP .

This is the handiwork of Tom Curley, the former president and publisher of USA Today. He championed this new Internet thing, and nurtured the start up of, where I once worked. In 2003 he relocated from Roslyn, Va., to New York to become CEO of the AP.

Movielink an option in Microsoft Vista

Microsoft's MSFT, +1.97% release of a second beta version of its next operating system, Vista, is turning up news nuggets. One is that the bundled Media Center module features several entertainment services including XM Radio XMSR , Napster NAPS, and Movielink.

The CEO of Movielink talked about his business at a recent FilmAngels event in San Jose, Calif. James Ramo told Scott Kirsner, a tech writer and conference organizer , that the service is delivering 100,000 movie downloads a month. Prices range from 99 cents for oldies to $4.99 for new releases.

Ramo said most customers of the service, owned by five studios, are between 21 and 54 years old. "Younger users may already be used to illegal downloading," so renting a movie online is not daunting, Kirsner wrote on his blog, .

New releases account for 60% of the business but only 10% of the offerings. Ramo said he'd like to offer every movie Hollywood ever made, but that the cost of rights clearance might not justify what could be tiny "long tail" demand.

Rove seen blocking dot-xxx domain

Some 30 e-mails have been released showing interest by the U.S. Department of Commerce in creation of a domain for adult Web sites. reports they show the hand of Karl Rove working with conservatives to oppose creation of an adult domain. EWeek says a "" campaign followed a meeting between Rove and James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family. Here are the e-mails.

The backer of the " .xxx" domain is not giving up. Stuart Lawley, the chairman and president of ICM Registry Inc., says the documents are evidence the U.S. government illegally worked against him. He has asked ICANN, the Internet's governing body, to reconsider his application.

Lawley has been pushing for the domain since March 2004. With an estimated 500,000 adult sites as possible new registrants for the domain, which ICM would manage, there's a potential gold mine here. Lawley says the wholesale price of a dot-xxx domain would be $60, and Internet registries could be expected mark up that price. But ICM would get $60 per. You do the math.

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Beloved Below are your assignments for this unit. Please follow the main AP page for more details.  

ap lit essay on beloved

Home — Essay Samples — Literature — Books — Beloved

ap lit essay on beloved

Essays on Beloved

The real meaning of ‘beloved’, the meaning of shades in toni morrison’s beloved, imprisoned by the past: seth in beloved, individual impacts of slavery in beloved, symbolism in toni morrison’s beloved: trees, colors, water, naming and renaming, the effects of trauma on its vistims in "beloved", seth’s limbo: overcoming the past in beloved, the role of memory in the beloved, the symbol of tobacco tin box in beloved, naming, self-ownership, and identity in beloved, analysis of toni morrison's use of trees in beloved, the black community in beloved by toni morrison, the use of animal imagery in the novel beloved by toni morrison, the unsung heroes: morrison's examination of a mother's identity in beloved, the symbolism of the red color in beloved, powerful female characters in the bluest eye and beloved, the phrase "a hot thing" in "beloved" as a catachresis, role of sixo in beloved, the shifting prose style in beloved, inescapable hauntings in caleb williams and beloved, beloved as an enigma in toni morrison’s novel, the acts of writing in morrison’s novel beloved, interpretive potentials in the novel beloved, the use of anecdote, repetition, and personification in morrison’s and douglass’ works, the power of language in the woman warrior and beloved, feeling stressed about your essay.

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September 1987, Toni Morrison

Novel, Magical Realism, Historical Fiction

Sethe, Paul D Garner, Baby Suggs, Denver, Beloved

1. House, E. B. (1990). Toni Morrison's Ghost: The Beloved is Not Beloved. Studies in American Fiction, 18(1), 17-26. 2. Rody, C. (1995). Toni Morrison's Beloved: History," Rememory," and a" Clamor for a Kiss". American Literary History, 7(1), 92-119. 3. Wyatt, J. (1993). Giving body to the word: The maternal symbolic in Toni Morrison's Beloved. pmla, 108(3), 474-488. 4. Pesch, J. (1993). Beloved: Toni Morrison's Post-Apocalyptic Novel. Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée, 395-408. 5. Campbell, J. (1996). Images of the real: Reading history and psychoanalysis in Toni Morrison's beloved. Women: a cultural review, 7(2), 136-149. 6. Heinert, J. L. J. (2012). Narrative conventions and race in the novels of Toni Morrison. Routledge. 7. Smalley, M. (2018). The Unchurched Preacher and the Circulated Sermon: Literary Preaching in Toni Morrison’s Beloved. MELUS, 43(2), 29-52. 8. Mayfield, S. (2012). Motherhood in Toni Morrison’s Beloved: A Psychological Reading. Journal of Scientific Psychology, 1-10.

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ap lit essay on beloved

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Ap lit question 3 (open): a nine.

In our world today, the fear of people who do not look, act, or talk like us is crippling. We, as a whole, do not easily accept or assimilate those who have been otherized into our communities. Throughout various works of literature, though, it is evident that characters whose origins are unusual or mysterious are able to fully participate in the societies in which they appear. Toni Morrison’s Beloved presents one such situation. When the spirit of Sethe’s late baby materializes at her doorstep, the lives of Sethe, Denver, Paul D, and Beloved are changed forever. Because of Beloved’s unusual origins, she has trouble formulating a meaningful self-identity, the family is polarized because of her unexpected arrival, and the novel as a whole is able to better communicate the message that humans have a distinct and deep ability to adapt to new environments.

Beloved has not always been an outsider, but nonetheless has difficulty coming to terms with her foreign origins. She had been a third party observer as a ghost entity in the upstairs portion of Sethe’s house, but when she rises out of the river and comes to actually reside in the house, she does not know where she belongs. She is not able to work because of her low threshold for mental stimulation, and she relies heavily on Sethe to care for her and to be told who she is. There is a significant aspect of the story that Beloved is missing: the opinions of the other people in the house about her. Because she has not had the chance to truly connect with Denver, Paul D, and Baby Sugs, she has no reference point for how she is thought of in their minds. It is almost impossible for her to truly live in tandem with her ”family” because she does not even know her own values, mannerisms, and life outlooks.

Not only does Beloved lack a self-worth component of life because of her mysterious origin, but she also is a polarizing factor in the familiar setting she has: her home. At first, her sister Denver is willing to do anything for her, and it seems as though the two have developed an allyship. However, as Beloved demands more and more attention from Sethe, Denver becomes enraged. Denver does not understand why a foreign person, seemingly without any ties to the family, could be cared about so much by Sethe. Sethe therefore feels a duty to protect Beloved because she caused her pain in the past. Paul D is somewhere in between the two opinions of Beloved, because he wants to support Sethe’s dedication, but he also needs nurturing of his own. Neither Denver nor Paul D truly understand Beloved, since she came from an unknown place and just began living with them. In these ways, Beloved tears apart the family, and her presence negatively affects her relationship to the other characters.

Finally, by having a character like Beloved live closely with others who all have definitive origins, the novel’s message of the human’s ability to adapt to new environments is furthered. For example, Beloved herself learns quickly what is expected of her in the household ─ obedience, helping with jobs around the house, and loyalty. She has to learn how a whole new world operates around her, which is a challenge. Denver, likewise, is forced to mature faster than she wants because her mother no longer has unlimited time and dedication for her. She adapts to a more independent lifestyle and gets a job. Sethe adapts to having another child to take care of and attempts to atone for her past mistakes by treating Beloved well. Even Paul D, who leaves Sethe, shows an important aspect of this message of adaptation: sometimes, the only way to adapt is to leave the environment all together and just adopt a new one. None of these character developments would have occurred had Beloved not shown up.

While it would be much easier to ignore those who are different from us so as to surround ourselves with only people who are similar to us, there is more personal growth with unfamiliar situations. Beloved shows that while this beautiful, child-like, and enigmatic character is inserted into the lives of Sethe, Denver, and Paul D, the enigma becomes her own person and works out an identity, each person in the house forms his or her own opinions on the situation, and the greater message of adaptability is clearly evident. It is our own challenge to respect those with differing origins in order to grow and develop as human beings.

Here’s the prompt:

ap lit essay on beloved

Here’s what the AP scorers had to say about the essay:

ap lit essay on beloved

More examples in response to this question available here .

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2019-2020 Beloved Essay Choices & Literary Criticism: Due Thursday, October 3rd

12AP Literature & Composition

Fall 2019-2020

Choose one of the following prompts as your final response to Toni Morrison’s Beloved . The essay and the reading of the accompanying literary criticism will be due on Thursday, October 3rd. Your essay should result in a 4-6-page paper utilizing textual evidence in line with proper MLA format. Please do not submit a paper that results in simple summary. Your task is to make some critical argument via textual evidence and sophisticated reasoning. I encourage you to use at least one of the pieces of literary criticism in your essay. Please note that you are required to read all three, even if you choose not to use any in your essay. On Thursday, October 3rd, I will ask you to respond to a handful of questions stemming from the three pieces of literary criticism. The essays are accessible via the links at the end of this post.

Essay Choices:

Required Literary Criticism:

1 – “To Be Loved-Amy Denver and Human Need-Bridges to Understanding in Toni Morrison’s Beloved”

2- “The Ghost of Slavery- Historical Recovery in Toni Morrison’s Beloved”

3- “A Love Supreme- Jazzthetic Strategies in Toni Morrison’s Beloved”

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Toni Morrison

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Central Idea Essay: Who Is Beloved?

Considering that the novel bears her name, Beloved is clearly a character of central importance in Beloved . Yet she is also a mysterious figure whose presence is never fully explained. The dominant interpretation is that Beloved is the ghost of Sethe’s dead daughter, reincarnated in the form of a young woman to exact revenge on her mother for killing her. This is the interpretation that the characters in the novel accept. Denver is the first to arrive at this conclusion, and eventually, Sethe comes to understand Beloved’s appearance as her second chance at caring for her daughter.

Several details support this interpretation. First, Beloved appears shortly after Paul D banishes the ghost from 124, and the name she gives herself references the one-word inscription on her tombstone. She’s also about the same age as Sethe’s daughter would have been, had she lived. Finally, Beloved arrives at 124 thirsty and with a scratchy throat, and at one point tries to strangle Sethe. Both of these references to the throat allude to the fact that Sethe slit her daughter’s throat. All of these details support the hypothesis that Beloved is the incarnated ghost of Sethe’s dead daughter.

Yet there is another interpretation that the novel makes possible, an interpretation that the characters in the book never entertain. The key to this alternative interpretation appears in Chapter 22, which features a stream-of-conscious section of narrative where Beloved speaks from her own perspective. This section is difficult to understand, and it poses a challenge for readers specifically because the details Beloved recounts do not relate in any obvious way to the interpretation that she is the ghost of Sethe’s daughter. Instead, many of the details she describes seem obscurely related to being trapped in an African slave ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean to America. That passage references dim, crowded, and abysmal conditions that resemble those of a slave ship’s hold.

Additional discussion of the possible identity of Beloved can be found it the in-depth analysis for the character.

daylight comes through the cracks and I can see his locked eyes I am not big small rats do not wait for us to sleep someone is thrashing but there is no room to do it in . . . we are all trying to leave our bodies behind

These details describe experiences that Sethe’s daughter never had in her two years of life, which begs the question: Whose experiences are they?

In response to this question of Beloved’s identity, some critics have claimed that Beloved is not the ghost of Sethe’s daughter at all, but rather the ghost of Sethe’s mother, who had been captured somewhere in Africa and brought to the United States on a slave ship. According to this interpretation, Beloved’s role in the novel results from a double misrecognition. On the one hand, Sethe yearns for her murdered daughter, and she convinces herself that Beloved is that child. On the other hand, Beloved yearns for the parents she lost when she was captured, and she convinces herself that Sethe is her mother.

Though compelling, the claim that Beloved is really Sethe’s mother and not her daughter is not completely satisfying, since it does not address any of the evidence that clearly links Beloved to Sethe’s murdered child. Perhaps it would be more accurate to interpret Beloved not as a singular individual, but rather as a composite identity. That is, Beloved is a dual spirit that represents both Sethe’s mother and her daughter.

Beloved (SparkNotes Literature Guide)

Ace your assignments with our guide to Beloved ! 

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ap lit essay on beloved

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Why is Beloved Beloved?

Toni morrison's 1993 nobel prize speech, revelation 6 - the four horsemen.

Chokecherry tree

ap lit essay on beloved

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Middle Passage scene from Amistad

Slavery and article

Cptv middle passage.

Slave Ship Plan

ap lit essay on beloved

Beloved Essay Task

ap lit essay on beloved

Critical Article on the Aural in Beloved

ap lit essay on beloved

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A Deep Analysis of Beloved Novel

“A Deep Analysis of Beloved Novel”

Author: Toni Morrison

Publication Date: September 1987               

Literary Period: After the Civil War

Genre: Fiction                                       

Subgrenre: Magic Realism

Setting: 1873 with flashbacks to the early 1850s  in Cincinnati, Ohio with flashbacks to their plantation in Kentucky. The characters live in a tiny house known as 124 on the edge of town.

Plot Summary: Sethe(former slave), her teenage daughter Denver(who was named after the white woman who helped free Sethe. Amy Denver.), and her mother-in-law, Baby Suggs live in house 124 that has been shunned by the rest of the town because 15 years before the story takes place, Sethe murdered one of her children by slitting it’s throat to keep it from slave catchers. The house is also haunted by the child that Sethe murdered but they don’t pay much attention to it. After some time Baby Suggs dies 8 years before the start of the book and Denver feels lonely. A man named Paul D, who was enslaved at Sweet Home with Sethe, shows up to 124 and comes back into her life. He talks about everything that happened at Sweet Home such as Sethe’s husband(Halle) and all of the bad things that happened there. Sethe begins to open up to Paul D and after they sleep together, they begin to like each other.

Denver is upset about Paul D coming back into Sethe’s life. A strange woman comes up to 124 and introduces herself as Beloved Sethe is taken aback because the name carved on her child’s grave is also Beloved. The woman seems to know things about Sethe that nobody else knows. Sethe begins to believe that this woman might be the baby she killed so she lets her stay in the house. Denver is excited that Beloved is staying so that she will have an older sister to talk to. Beloved begins haunting Sethe and wanting everything she has, even Paul D. Beloved seduces Paul D and they end up sleeping together . An old family friend comes to the house and ends up telling Paul D that Sethe murdered her baby and went to jail for it. Because of this news, Paul D and Sethe split up. After Paul D leaves, Beloved begins tearing Sethe and Denver’s lives apart. Sethe ends up getting fired from her job as a cook because of Beloved and they spend all of their time together. And now they don’t have money and therefore they have no food.

Denver realizes that she has to do something or they will all starve so she decides to leave the house(which she hasn’t done in years) and go ask for help.  The townspeople give Denver food and offer her a job. Beloved is now pregnant so Denver uses the money she gets to buy necessities for her. Once the neighbors figure out that Beloved is invading and haunting Sethe’s life, they decide to perform an exorcism because Beloved was going crazy and hurting Sethe. Meanwhile, Denver’s boss(who is white) came to pick her up from work. Sethe saw the white man and freaked out thinking it was a slave catcher coming to take her baby so she chased after him with an ice pick. Nobody knew exactly what happened but after everything was over, Beloved was gone. After some time, things calm down and Paul D comes back to 124 where him and Sethe make up. Beloved is still gone and nobody knows where she is. And the residents of 124 have forgotten about her.

Name: Sethe

Short Description

Proud and Independent woman. In order to keep her baby from having to endure the physical, mental, and sexual pain of being a slave, she murders her child. Sethe is haunted by her past.

Denver – Protagonist

Sethe’s youngest child. She has stayed inside all her life so she has hasn’t grown emotionally or socially. After going into the town to recieve help, she begins to become more independent.

Beloved – Antagonist

Nobody knows exactly who or what she is. Her identity is a mystery. She represents Sethe’s past as a slave. Beloved becomes parasitic to Sethe.

Paul D – Protagonist

Lived as a slave at Sweet Home with Sethe. Becomes Sethe’s lover. Begins to question is identity.

Sethe’s mother-in-law. Was an inspirational and spiritual mentor.

Key Themes and their Significance

 Destruction of identity: The novel shows how slavery can destroy self-esteem and identity. Sethe has committed murder because slavery ruined her morality. People who were slaves were treated as property rather than humans with basic rights. Many slaves didn’t feel human after many years of living on a plantation. Paul D spends much of his time wondering whether or not he’s valued as a person.

Importance of community: When Denver needs help with he family, she goes out into the community and asks for help. With no questions asked they begin to help her, even though her mother was shut out because of the crime she committed. The community then helped Denver get a job so she was able to take care and provide for her family.

Significant Literary Elements & How They are Used

Symbolism: In the novel, Morrison uses Beloved as a symbol of Sethe’s past. Beloved is a constant reminder of the pain and suffering Sethe went through before she was free. From being invasive to stealing her sense of self-identity, Beloved has symbolized the hard times of being a slave. Paul D carries around a tin tobacco box. This is a symbol of his privacy and secrecy.

Irony: In the novel, Toni Morrison uses irony in Sweet Home. Sweet Home was Sethe and Paul D’s plantation that they worked on. It was not a sweet place to live nor was it enjoyable.

Theme Statements

Family shows that in the novel, being together was the most important. After Baby Suggs died, Sethe and Denver were alone until Paul D came along. They had to be there for each other and support one another when the rest of the town hated them.

The past shows that Sethe was affected for the rest of her life because of what she did to save her baby.  She is haunted by her past and feels guilty because of her crime. Sethe can not overcome the past and forgive herself for what she did.

Power shows that Beloved had control over Sethe while she was at 124. When Beloved was staying at the home, she took up everything Sethe has including her time and her relationship with Paul D.

Overall Theme Statement: In Beloved, Toni Morrison uses family to show that being together and being supportive of your family is the most important thing in life. Morrison utilizes the past to reveal that Sethe was haunted by her decisions she made with her child. The author employs power to argue that Beloved had too much freedom and power when living with Sethe and Denver and she took advantage of them while staying in their home.

Journal Entry Options

Dynamic Character: Denver- In the novel, Denver started out as a normal girl who went to school everyday. Until a boy asked her about her mother killing her baby. After that, she was taken out of school and never left 124. She stopped growing emotionally and did not know how to act out in public. When Paul D arrives, Denver immediately shuts down and block him out. She believes that her father is still alive and will not think of Paul D as a father figure or have any respect for him. Denver holds on to the hope that her father may still be alive because she misses being around people. After Paul D leaves, Denver becomes more loving toward Sethe. She then becomes protective over Beloved and treats her like a sister until she realizes that Beloved is parasitic to her and her mother. Denver comes to the conclusion that Beloved is evil and Sethe needs protection from her rather than Beloved being protected. Denver then decides to go out into the community and get a job to hold the family together. After Beloved disappears, Denver is finally at peace and picks up another job to help take care of her mother. Denver learned that family is the most important aspect of life. She realized to help take care of her family, she will have to learn to stand up for herself and be responsible. Throughout the novel, Denver became a strong, independent woman who is willing to do what it takes to help out her family.

Quotation Significance

“I was talking about time. It’s so hard for me to believe in it. Some things go. Pass on. Some things just stay. I used to think it was my rememory. You know. Some things you forget. Other things you never do. But it’s not. Places, places are still there. If a house burns down, it’s gone, but the place”the picture of it”stays, and not just in my rememory, but out there, in the world. What I remember is a picture floating around out there outside my head. I mean, even if I don’t think it, even if I die, the picture of what I did, or knew, or saw is still out there. Right in the place where it happened.” (pg. 43).  This passage is significant because it is the first time that Sethe uses the word rememory. Re is used as an emphasis on a memory replayed or recalled. This shows that Sethe thinks about her past as a slave quite often. It is important in developing the story line because it gives insight to Sethe’s traumatic past as a slave.

Minor Characters: Amy Denver- Amy is a white girl who helped Sethe escape slavery. To thank her, Sethe named her daughter after Amy Denver. Amy was a servant and had things in common with Sethe such as their limited freedom. Amy Denver advances the theme Destruction of Identity because she was also treated poorly and had no self-identity. This makes slavery in the novel seem more diverse.

Stamp Paid- Stamp is a man who had given his wife up to his master’s son as a form of payment for his services. Because he gave up his wife, he became free. Stamp Paid now helps other slaves escape to freedom to live a productive life. He helps further the theme of Destruction of Identity because he takes slaves who have been treated as only animals and property and helps them find their purpose in life. As a former slave himself who lost his sense of identity, he can relate and help many other people.

Cite this page

A Deep Analysis Of Beloved Novel. (2019, Dec 10). Retrieved from

"A Deep Analysis Of Beloved Novel." , 10 Dec 2019, (2019). A Deep Analysis Of Beloved Novel . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 3 Mar. 2023]

"A Deep Analysis Of Beloved Novel.", Dec 10, 2019. Accessed March 3, 2023.

"A Deep Analysis Of Beloved Novel," , 10-Dec-2019. [Online]. Available: . [Accessed: 3-Mar-2023] (2019). A Deep Analysis Of Beloved Novel . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 3-Mar-2023]

A Deep Analysis Of Beloved Novel. (2019, Dec 10). Retrieved March 3, 2023 , from

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    literature analysis essay english literature 13 december 2016 beloved essay in her novel beloved, toni morrison uses disjointed plot structure to emphasize

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    Here is an awesome essay about Toni Morrison. There are spoilers in here, so maybe save this for after you've read the novel. It's more powerful then

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    The author, Toni Morrison attempts to communicate the meaning of some indescribable emotions and actions with catachresis, a literary device where a writer uses

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    When the spirit of Sethe's late baby materializes at her doorstep, the lives of Sethe, Denver, Paul D, and Beloved are changed forever. Because

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    analysis focuses on the pivotal moment in Beloved when “Denver sees what.

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    Choose one character from Beloved and discuss the ways in which he or she achieves the goal of

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    Title: Beloved Author: Toni Morrison Publication Date: September 1987 Literary Period: After the Civil War Genre: Fiction Subgrenre: Magic