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ap lang flamingo prompt


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The Plastic Pink Flamingo AP Prompt

Published by Bertram Gibson Modified over 7 years ago

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The Plastic Pink Flamingo AP Prompt

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ap lang flamingo prompt

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ap lang flamingo prompt

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Essay on Ap Lang Sample

In her essay “The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History”, Jennifer Price carefully examines the beginning and influence of “plastic pink flamingo phenomenon.” Furthermore, she also delineates the bright nature of real flamingos. However, Price’s main purpose is not to introduce the readers of either real or artificial flamingos. In fact, Jennifer Price tries to reveals her view of United States culture by talking about these plastic flamingos. In doing so, Price incorporates certain rhetorical devices, such as strong diction, anecdotes, and listing to reinforce her arguments about the United States culture. Jennifer Price’s use of strong diction clearly reveals how the “plastic pink flamingo phenomenon” reflects popular cultures of America in the 1950s. She uses the word “boldness” very frequently to describe this pink flamingo’s “splash” into the market. She also argues that the flamingo stands out “strikingly” in a desert. Her use of such emphatic words let readers imagine strong, or rather bold nature of American culture in the 1950s; these words give the readers a chance to feel how suddenly the pink plastic flamingo appeared in American culture and how impressive its effects were. Thus, such use of strong diction helped emphasizing Price’s opinion that this new wave of American culture in the 1950s was rather abrupt and forceful. Furthermore, Price incorporates an anecdote in her essay to fortify her point. In the second paragraph, she narrates a story of Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and how he could successfully conjure the riches with flamingo hotels. This story tells us that flamingos in the middle of the desert were very conspicuous, and that this “conspicuousness” attracted the riches to come to this hotel. By accommodating this anecdote, Price implicitly claims that American culture was obsessed at things that really stood out, and that it even liked things that were so striking as to be considered absurd in some ways. With an anecdote, Jennifer Price points out the fact that Americans by then wished to show off and distinguish themselves from all others. Show More

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ap lang flamingo prompt

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Television Terminology and Movies Essays

Journal of Applied Communication Research Vol. 33, No. 2, May 2005, pp. 139–158 Promoting Movies on Television Susan Tyler Eastman, Nancy C. Schwartz & Xiaomei Cai Although many factors affecting a movie’s success lie outside a television network’s control, on-air promotion is produced by the network and can be utilized to varying degrees of effectiveness. This study measured the impact of 10 promotional variables on broadcast movie ratings by analyzing 813 prime-time promos for 137 televised movies…

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ap lang flamingo prompt

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ap lang flamingo prompt

The Plastic Pink Flamingo Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The glass menagerie rhetorical analysis.

This quote begins the plot by creating the exposition. The narrator or speaker does this by explaining the setting of the Younger household, telling the audience which rooms are where and that they have lived in that space for many years. The narrator also gives personification to the objects such as the furniture around the house which makes them feel alive in a way. The time and place is also given which is the period after World War II in Chicago which may explain certain tones and language that the characters may use. Moreover, by telling the audience that many people live in the Younger household, other than themselves, and that they all share rooms or that their son sleeps in the living room, the audience can infer that they are not very

Chris Mccandless Rhetorical Analysis

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Alfred M Green Rhetorical Analysis

In April of 1861, the first month of the Civil War, an African American man named Alfred M. Green delivered a speech in favor of African American men joining the Union army. During this time period, African American men were still not able to enlist in the army. However, Green believed that it was still essential towards the Union army’s victory, and towards their freedom and rights as African American individuals. By using the rhetorical strategies logos, ethos, and pathos, he notifies the audience of what they can accomplish, creates trust and unity, and inspires them by describing the possibility of change for the future.

The Plastic Pink Flamingo A Natural History Summary

In a recent essay by Jennifer Price “The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History,” her use of irony, juxtaposition, and exemplification reveals her views on American culture in saying that it is too preoccupied with image and money rather than appreciating the beauty of the culture itself.

Fenimore Coopers Rhetorical Analysis

Mark Twain, an 18th century humorist, was known for his critical and satirical writing. In one of his most famous essays, “ Fenimore Coopers Literary Offenses” Twain addresses Coopers inability to realistically develop a “situation” and his failure to effectively back up his stories in order for them to be more plausible. To dramatically convey his unimpressed and sarcastic attitude, he applies biting diction, metaphors and hypophora throughout this work .

Summary Of The Plastic Pink Flamingo

Price commences her essay with a critical tone and colorful diction to ridicule the flamboyance when pink flamingos “splashed” into the fifties market. She utilizes verbs associated with flamingos such as “flocking” to portray how American culture transformed a prestigious and unique item that represented “wealth” and “pizzaz” into something commercialized. This evolution of the pink flamingo reveals the destructiveness of Americans and our culture that consumes any and everything for the sake of status. Price provides insight on how the plastic

Colored Amazons Rhetorical Analysis

Actions are another source base historians use to determine meaning. What actions mean in the greater societal, or personal struggle gives greater understanding oh how that greater societal structure affected the individual. Kali Gross utilizes this method in her book Colored Amazons. She interprets the meaning behind what black female crime in 19th-century Philadelphia meant in the greater context of black female womanhood. She does so with court documents and newspaper articles concerning these female criminals. Of course, these documents are biased, but Kali contends with that. The fact is what these women did and the language society expressed those crimes through have deep meaning: why specific words were chosen over others and such.

Birds And Bees Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis

In Kurzweil’s The Age of Spiritual Machines, one of his main arguments is that one day, in the near future, artificial intelligence will exceed the intelligence of humans. He predicts this largely on the idea of the intelligence of evolution. It took evolution millions of years to make the human being that we are today and it only took humans a few thousand years to create technology. Since you are considered smarted if you are able to do something faster, humans are smarter then our creator, evolution. Kurzweil predicts the same thing to happen with technology becoming smarter then its creator which would be us. He develops his argument through the use of pathos and karios.

Dan Ariel Rhetorical Analysis

Dan Ariel discusses how people own decision can be influenced by others. For example, he uses the organ donor example to show how some countries in Europe had far better organ donors than other countries in Europe. His argument is based on the fact of how different the two forms were written for getting participants being part of the organ donor program. European countries that have high rate participants of the organ donor program has a written form that mentions to “To check the box below if you don’t want to participate in the organ donor program” So many people don’t check that box various for reasons. One reason, it could be possible people could have misinterpreted and misread the meaning of not checking the box. Otherwise, if they had

Catherine Mingott Rhetorical Analysis

Wharton utilizes Catherine’s physique to express her individuality and tremendous authority along with her bedroom to express her individuality in a pursuit to provide the readers with a physical manifestation of two pieces of her soul.

The Plastic Flamingo: A Natural History

An excerpt taken from Jennifer Price's essay, “The Plastic Flamingo: A Natural History,” evaluates the plastic pink flamingo that became a quirky fixation in the 1950s. Price illustrates the ironic mania of ornamental flamingoes “since Americans had hunted flamingoes to extinction in Florida in the late 1800s” (14), including the rise of “Flamingo motels, restaurants, and lounges” (27) that sprouted across the country, and the sudden popularity boost of the color pink. Price emphasizes on these details in order to inform the reader how Americans can take something such as the flamingo that has been used as a revered symbol of celestial beings, such as “the sun god Ra” (55), inspiration for the Mexican fine arts, and turned into hunting game

Flamingo In America Analysis

In the essay “the plastic pink flamingo: A natural history, Jennifer price reveals the popularity of the flamingo in america as the generation evolves from the bleak events of the past. This iconic 1950’s lawn decorative represented a culture filled with ignorance and vain. Throughout her essay, Jennifer Price uses tone, satire, and symbolism to create an insightful analysis on her view of the American culture as they are too absorbed with material goods and their pride.

Alex Frogs Rhetorical Analysis

Alex is doing a research essay on Frogs. Unfortunately, his paper was not only focus in the animal but he actually reroutes his essay talking about other amphibians make it confusing for the teacher and his class because he got out of context and missed the point from what he was originally asked to do. This is a fictional example of how not focusing in our writing can lead to a poor outcome. Following the writing process can be the best guide to help us succeed when we write our papers. It will help us organize our essay, find ideas and do everything the way we are supposed to.

Analysis Of Rhiannon Puck's Under The Rice Moon

"In a small rattan cage, a cliff swallow huddles with its tiny wings tucked in around its body. For the first time in its life, the little swallow will not fly under the rice moon tonight.” This picture of a confined feathered creature sets the phase for Rhiannon Puck 's short story, "Under the Rice Moon." The little flying creature in the story goes from proprietor to proprietor, shouting out for opportunity in a dialect they can 't get it. The story demonstrates to us that occasionally just the individuals who have lost their opportunity can acknowledge how significant flexibility is.

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